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Jan 23 DH Compendium: Builds, Tactics and Strategies Fellow DHs, I thought it would be good to not only have a current thread containing the most up to date info on the builds and strategies used by veteran Demon Hunters, but also one that will stay current. The goal of this thread is to be: a) an information resource containing the basic theories surrounding DH Sets, weapons, and skills so new players can have an idea of what works, and b) a reference for veteran players. *******************TABLE OF CONTENTS******************* 1. SET THEORY AND MECHANICS 2.4.1 1.1.0 Embodiment of the Marauder (M6) Set Mechanics 1.1.1 M6 Weapon Theory 1.1.2 M6 Skill Theory 1.2.0 Natalya’s Vengeance (N6) Set Mechanics 1.2.1 N6 Weapon Theory 1.2.2 N6 Skill Theory 1.3.0 Unhallowed Essence (UE6) Set Mechanics 1.3.1 UE Weapon Theory 1.4.0 The Shadow's Mantle (S6) Set Mechanics 2. DEMON HUNTER BUILDS 2.1 Embodiment of the Marauder (updated 20 March 2016) 2.2 Natalya’s Vengeance 2.3 Unhallowed Essence (updated 5 January 2016) 2.4 The Shadow's Mantle (updated 23 February 2016) 2.5 DH Greater Rift Support Builds (added 30 January 2016) 2.6 Legacy of Nightmares (added 23 February 2016) 2.7 [2.4.1] Full list of DH Builds and Guides by Philosophios (added 29 February 2016) 2.8 Hybrid Builds 3. ARCHIVE OF TIMELESS DH KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGY, AND MECHANICS. 3.1 Cluster Arrow Damage: An Empirical Analysis. by Shadow 3.2 DiEoxidE & FLIGHT’s Step Video Tutorials! by DiEoxidE and FLIGHT 3.3 How to Buff MfD Grim Reaper from 20% to 200% by VocaloidNyan 3.4 Natural Attack Speed Breakpoints? Posted by Animus716; answered by highq, RedCell, and KirusAlufras 3.5 Strafe and Rapid Fire Tick Frequency Mechanics. by Nubtro 3.6 The Dual-Wielder’s Handbook 2.2. by RedCell 3.7 [Guide] What's the Best Weapon for Me? by KirusAlufras (added 10 Mar 2015) 3.8 DH Rift Guardian Fighting Handbook [2015.5.1]. translated by GhostDragon (added 1 May 2015) 3.9 Offering Sprinter and Speed Racer to Groups by Amatzikahni 4. GENERAL D3 GAME MECHANICS AND CALCULATIONS 4.1 Area Damage Explained by Amiar 4.2 Monster Progression Chart for GR v2 (>^^)> by VocaloidNyan 4.3 ROS Elemental Skill Damage Explained by Druin 4.4 2.3 DH DPS Calculator by Dawg6 (updated 30 Aug 2015) 4.5 N6 CDR Variations [Gear & Passives] by Ojen (added 3 May 2015) 4.6 The Yang of Maths (Multishot 2.3) by Psychologic (added 26 July 2015) 4.7 [Answered] Ball Lighting [et al] Breakpoints answered by Riv (added 19 August 2015) 4.8 Additive/Multiplicative DMG: DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 6 September 2015) 4.9 DH Proc Co-Efficients for 2.3 by Marius (added 9 January 2016) 4.10 CHC Hard Cap: A DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 30 January 2016) 4.11 Math and Strategy behind MfD: UE Perspective by RedCell (added 27 November 2016) 5. DEMON HUNTER FAQs AND OTHER USEFUL LINKS 5.1 Class FAQs 5.2 Item/Set FAQs 5.3 D3 Fan Sites 5.4 Kanai's Cube ListRedCell107 Jan 23
16h Chakram - Shuriken Cloud Change it... I feel like this skill rune was just a filler they never got rid of. Like no build...not even a T6 build is going to be useful with this Rune. It should be like Shuriken Nova or something. Make it a nova of tiny Chakrams that deal more damage on crit. OR a Chakram that explodes into a flurry of Missiles or Grenades on crit. What do you think?xSoulxFTWx0 16h
1d Enforcer in N6M4 build question I recently discovered this build, which uses a combination of the Natalya and Marauder sets to buff damage via Crashing Rain, then turrets to distribute damage. The multiple runes that the Marauder's set gives allows for good damage reduction when combined with Zoey's secret, but I'm a little confused as to why most build guides recommend using the Enforcer gem. As far as I can understand, the pets aren't a significant source of damage, and they don't seem to die (though maybe they are and I'm just not seeing it in all the chaos.) Wouldn't that gem slot be better used by something else?Allerdyne3 1d
2d Strafe - For the Love of God, Please Change I originally requested this during the 2.4 PTR & again during the 2.41 PTR, again in 2.5, and now again in 2.6.1, with no reply, or even an explanation as to why Shafe is still configured the way it is. Please remove the 25% movement penalty for using Strafe, unless I choose to use the lightning skill. It really makes no sense that you have to stack other gear that will allow you to move faster, forgoing the extra damage. The Barb doesn't suffer from this. They actually move quicker when WW'img (strafing) and even have a weapon set designed to make them attack & move quicker by 45%. It even helps them generate Fury by plus 10 too. Note: I really don't care anymore how you do it, but just remove the Reduced Movement Speed Penalty from Strafe. Give Drifting Shadow: 25% increase movement speed. As for the Bow that Negates the Penalty, just give it 25% increase too.Rogue777772 2d
2d How many of each type of item? Should I reforge legendary or upgrade rare? With the dagger, it was an easy choice, but what about other types? I recently tried to upgrade rare quivers to get a DML. I'd forge 30 rares, and I was averaging only slightly more than one DML for each batch I'd upgrade. I burned through thousands of mats without getting a single ancient. So maybe rare upgrades isn't the best solution for quivers. Is there an online resource that tells how many of each item there is? I think I'd do well to get a Traveler's Pledge with fire, but if there are fifty possible amulets, I'm going to have the same problem upgrading rares, and maybe I should just do a pile of bounties and reforge a spare that I have.kayakpat8 2d
2d Woohoo first primal of 2018 Dovu energy trap dex vit cdr socket how lucky :)TinyCat19 2d
2d holy point shot good enough? hey guys, i ran bounties all time over the last days just to get an ancient holy point shot with cold damage. so today i got reforged this one and already augmented it. but i am not sure if i should go for another one because of only 8,5% crit. what do you think? thank youtko6 2d
2d cant run t13 anymore I can no longer run t13 as my dh cant generate hatred enough to keep up my shadow dh is now a tank and I run gr 97 like I use to run gr 70's my UE is over 4mill dps and I run gr85's the same way I used to do 70 Its not bragging or anything else its just grinding since the paragon level was made open I have read any number of post about raising the torment to 16 or better and I now agree. With the ability to keep increasing exp bonus thru season's carryover the torment's as they are now are no challengewarmouse12 2d
2d Weakest Class So we have been the weakest class for a long time now, any chance we will get buffed to the same level as others? Just wondering.Invictadeus19 2d
3d Help with shadow impale I need help! Can only run GR70. I am too squishy so I die a lot. How do I get more DPS? any help would be much appreciated!Castiel4 3d
3d Does higher GR level give more/better loot stupid question. But does higher GR level give more legionaries than lower levels? For example is loot at GR 100 better then GR 70?Lirrin8 3d
4d stagnant blade or classic impale? It is different than classic Shadows impale. As it used chakram. Is it better to have like icy veins classical:// Need your impressions. If french spokesman read this feel free to respond in french as it's my native language.Lidrach1 4d
4d I hate The Barracks so much Of all the GR layouts, I hate the one based on The Barracks the most. I'm pretty sure it's The Barracks, but if not, something similar. IMO, the only thing this is good for is if you run into a goblin pack, but that's no help in GR. I'm getting used to my new MS UE build, and I really need a more open field. Having to bust through every door and surprise a mass of mobs every five seconds is a pain. I need to attack them at a distance. And why do these layouts have to be so &#$*@ long???kayakpat4 4d
5d The "Search" box feature Yes, I'm going to talk about it. Someone has to. Blizzard, please buff the search box. Over the years it's been available on the forums, but it's painstakingly clear that no one uses this thing. What's worse is that it's next to a nice looking and invigorating red "NEW TOPIC" button. The letters are even capitalized and written in bold, compared to the search box that only get's one capital letter and written in a "shy" gray color. Sure, the search box is slightly more wide than the new topic button so it has that going for it, but clearly you have to know that no one is using it. I suggest the following buffs: 1. Make the box bigger. 2. No, seriously. Make it bigger. Bedazzle the !@#$ out if it you have to. Some fiery flame animations couldn't hurt either. 3. Each letter typed in the search box is now audible. You should be able to customize the voice you want to hear. I prefer Samuel L Jackson. That'll get the adrenaline going to complete the tedious task. Now, I understand that this may be out of the realm of what you like to do blizzard, so it's only right to include a more familiar approach. ******NEW SET! THE KEYSTROKER EXTRAORDINAIRE****** 1. 2pc bonus. Each topic searched for increases post count by 100. 2. 4pc bonus. Reading the topic searched in it's entirety now grants dislike immunity for 24 hours. 3. 6pc bonus. All time stops while the search box is view-able on your monitor. Must be within 15 yards of said monitor. May require a PTR for testing, as I'm not sure the 6pc bonus is strong enough, but I feel it's better than nerfing the new topic button. I think though with these changes that people will start to realize how strong it actually was and no one will use the new topic button anymore to re-impregnate the forums.DiEoxidE5 5d
6d Best/Current builds for seasonal? Good evening, fellow hunters! I'm getting back into D3, and honestly I'm worried. The pinned guides haven't been updated since 2016, and youtube videos are dated pre-season 10. I would love a build I could use for both the campaign and during the season. Any and all suggestions are welcomed, of course. Thank you for your time and consideration.DimLamp4 6d
Feb 18 FUN SEASON good job dhs!tomatosaucin6 Feb 18
Feb 18 Back to the game, pls help me Hi guys, I haven't played for a long time... Might be around 2-3 years, but im, not sure. So I feel kinda out-of-date... Currently Im playing solo torment X, fine... And grift wise, im at 47, feeling kinda glass-cannon, but it works by playing cautiously. Any relevant tips for a Demon hunter trying to get back into the game? What set/gear should I aim for? Tell me all about the new meta. And hey, too you guys who have stuck with this game, kudos you are true heroes. I wish I had the time, but I had to fall out for other more important life-stuff. Ty in advancesuprime1 Feb 18
Feb 17 General UE MS Build Improvements? Individually, my equipment is really nice. I'm not sure I've done a very good job of integrating everything. Any thoughts on areas where I need some improvement? Or areas that I've improved too much? ThanksVaradia15 Feb 17
Feb 17 Don't hate me >< (rerolled natural Vit into current Dmg)palatinae5 Feb 17
Feb 17 Chakram & Elemental Arrow If you equip Kridershot or Spine of Seething Hatred, then Elemental Arrow and Chakram are buffed by the UE set. And they are also buffed by Depth Diggers. But not through Simplicity Strentgh? Elemental Arrow - Frost Arrow So I did around ~5 billion average damage with CoE ~18 billion damage. The gear wasn't good. No ancient Kridershot. Augustine's Panacea without discipline. And without any legendary gems. And no +dmg on gear for elemental Arrow. So do you guys think it would be possible with almost perfect gear to clear T13 reasonably fast?Gegeforce5 Feb 17
Feb 16 Community Micro DH Streaming! (>^^)> Hi. So I've recently came back to D3 after taking off a few years and been active again on the forums. My play style is what I would call a micro DH, doing everything possible to avoid all damage that blizzard allows through near perma-stutter stepping and positioning without losing efficiency. I build my DH to match said play style and prefer UE6 MS. So I'm sure the initial reaction is "wtf why, like really?" I feel you. I always wanted to stream but never had a PC that could do it until I built a new one a few weeks ago. There's no real reason why or purpose for me doing so other than just me wanting to. My antics are maybe as enjoyable (or hated) live as it is on the forums. On the flip side, I do have extensive knowledge of the class and it's mechanics and would love to answer questions, give feedback and even walk through some of those inquiries and ideas. Would love to answer why imo I think arsenal for UE is overrated for pulling, why imo CoE is overrated for most content, why imo I believe SO is underrated, why imo FB is better for the way GR's are played (before wudijo did a video on it), and why imo I think wolf is kind of a waste of a slot in most cases, etc. You'll also get to see some interesting things inside clan TPA. All comments are welcome, especially those that may help out a first time streamer. I do not have a schedule or anything atm, but I'll usually be on in the evenings daily EST. DISCLAIMER: I do remember how the forums generally work and there are those that require a "resume" before checking something out, so below this is a list of current and past achievements for whatever they are worth. If you are one of those that feel people posting their accomplishments are douche-bags (I kinda feel you on that sometimes), you may want to stop reading here. Here we go: CURRENT - Cleared GR 107 with hexing pants and no stricken gem. Happens to be the highest hexing pants clear, and the 4th highest NS UE6 MS on US server with half the paragons as the other 3. I have not chosen to actually push yet (I hate fishing) so chances are I'm going to stop there. - Average 5 minute GR 98 speed runs. Goal is 100. Kinda it for current. Haven't been back that long lol. PAST - Became the protagonist for ranged play for an extended period of time, specifically during the heavy face tank era. - Created the original stutter stepping guides. - Co-founded first DH clan. GCB Re-branded and later became TPA - DH representative and leader selected by the community for the 5 Kingdoms Challenge. Original threads got deleted cuz well.... a lot of interesting things happened lol. *EDIT* Found the original DH branch thread! - Prevented DH's from having an MVP? :/ - Interviewed by blizz for fresh meat n greet. - Mp 10 Ubers with white weapon just cuz. - Undisputed best build of all universes and time, ever. You're not a true man if you believe otherwise. V2.0 shortly with TastySoup putting in the work for the upgrades. If you have made it this far without vomiting, comment below :)DiEoxidE17 Feb 16
Feb 16 best follower for pushing which follower is best for pushing higher rifts and what is the best gear for itwarmouse1 Feb 16
Feb 15 Strongarm Bracers Mechanics Hi guys just wanted to ask a question on strongarm bracers. Assuming we're in a setting whereby we're in a party of four and the bracers give a 30% increase in damage upon knockback. When I knock back a mob with Strongarm Bracers equipped... a) Do members without Strongarm bracers, get a 30% damage increase on that mob? or must they all have strongarm bracers to get the buff? If they must all have strongarm bracers to get the buff, then...... b) Must the members with strongarm bracers apply the knockback themselves or can they "leech" off one of the member's knockbacks and thus, in this manner, allow the Strongarm Bracers buff to stack accordingly? ie. If member A applies the knockback, can member B get a 30% increase in his dmg too if he has strongarm bracers without applying any knockback? Any answers or comments from a strongarms expert would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)bobdrix8 Feb 15
Feb 15 Question on DH I use bombardier rucksack, why don't they let all 5 sentry's out right at 1st? can put out 3, then have to wait for other 2? if your able to have 5 out, shouldn't you be able to all at once? OGCaptCaveMan2 Feb 15
Feb 15 2.6.1 (updated) DH DPS Calculator 10/24/2017: Updated for 2.6.1 See my latest post for details. Apparently there is a 25 page limit to forum posts, so I renamed the old post as "archived," and created this new thread. The old one can be found here: 8/26/15 Updated for some of the 2.3 changes. You can check my open issue list on github for more info. Here's a link to the calculator: I started this project a few months ago when I made my first M6 DH. Then I found the existing calculator ( but I had a few ideas of my own (e.g., import profile, show all the underlying calculations). I've already received a number of additional suggestions from the reddit community which I will be incorporating into the tool over time. Here's a link to the reddit thread where I keep the "to-do list" and change log up to date: Github issue list: Update 10/12: I'll write up a more in-depth description of how to use the calculator and put it on the site some time this week. In the mean time, here is a short how-to: 1. Select your Realm and enter your battle tag. 2. Click "Get Hero List" to retrieve the list of Demon Hunters on your account 3. Select your hero from the down and select "Import" This will load all of your items and skills. After importing, the calculator will run a simulation to determine how much damage your character does under a specific scenario (see the box labeled "Situational"). Note: the API does not provide access to paragon points (except dexterity which can be calculated), so you will have to enter them manually. If you do this after hitting "Import" simply click "Simulate" to re-run the simulation. If you do this before hitting "Import" then they are already included in the simulation. Under "Damage Log" you will see each attack your hero makes along with the calculations for each. Click the "Legend" button for an explanation of the various fields used in the calculations. Under "Stat Calculator" you can see the effect of increasing or decreasing a particular stat. Under "Compare Builds" you can store up to three builds to see the difference in damage for each. Under "DPS/Break Point Calculator" you can see where you are with respect to breakpoints (along with how much you need for the next BP or how much extra IAS you have for the current BP). Most fields have a mouse-over tooltip that explains what it means.Dawg6249 Feb 15
Feb 15 woot! 109 down with Impale My previous highest DH clear was 103. That was N6M4 on season 12 and I couldn't get past 102 with Impale on season 12. But NS p2700 the 109 was second try. After the first try I added to my templar bleed on weapon and crit chance on all gear as I found his crits trigger PE. I also reduced my area damage by 17 down to 111 replacing it with 6AS because RG takes so long at 109 something like 3 minutes. Played around with replacing gogok with Stricken at 110 (ancient cold quiver with crit impale and cdr). This worked well but a little too squishy even with a change to boar as you lose dodge and heal.GAK6 Feb 15
Feb 15 Which followers do u prefer? UE MS BUILD Scoundrel, enchantress or Templar? Needs opinion...Beibeibei13 Feb 15
Feb 14 Higher GR Trouble. Gear or Playstyle? So I'm in the high 90's Greater Rifts and having some issues. I know you guys are great when it comes to gear suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feb 14
Feb 14 MS-UE - maintaining hatred I'm trying a MS-UE build for the first time and I'm having problems with hatred. I figured that I'd search for this and find reams of solutions, but it seems like I'm the only person with this problem. I see youtube videos where people just lean on the multishot key and hatred never dips. I've followed Rhykker's guide. I've got the full 6 piece set, Yangs, Dead Mans, Clarity, Witching hour, cubed dawn/cindercoat/elusive. Vengeance/Seeth with 100% uptime. I'm kinda not sure what to do with Evasive Fire. Do I just stand around and fire it a bunch if hatred gets low? Again, in the videos I've seen, they don't stop for nuthin.kayakpat3 Feb 14
Feb 13 Ancient Karlei's Point, what to reroll. Recently I found a nice Ancient Karlei's Point laying in my stash. Affixes as follows: 2484.5 dps 1452-1994 damage 1.50 attacks per seconds Primary: ◊+1345-1673 cold damage ◊+978 Dexterity ♦Chance to Deal 22% Area Damage on Hit ♦Increases Damage against Elites by 7.0% Secondary: ♦Ignores Durability loss Impale returns 15 Hatred if it hits an enemy that is already impaled Now I'm split between fiddling with one of the primary affixes or leaving them as they are. I'm assuming that its minimum damage (1452) is not a bad roll to begin with so I'll spare rerolling damage range. I already Rama'd it so it has a socket already. Either I'll give away IDaE% for 10% damage reroll, or I'll leave both as they're because they look really near perfect and think about a crowd control (fear may be to maintain distance) to replace Ignore Durability Loss. Now I never played a Shadow set before and my set is not at its top optimization for sure, but I'd like to hear from other more experienced Demon Hunters in this forum if possible. What would be the most optimal way to get the best out of this dagger? Note: I'm playing EU.naksiloth7 Feb 13
Feb 13 My thoughts on new Yang's and Dead Man's Well, as the season comes to an end I have to say I both like and dislike the new UE bow and quiver. While I like the damage, I do not like the fact that you can no longer reroll the extra MS damage on either now. As hard as it is to get an ancient legendary, a 50% spread on damage is just too much. I've seen plenty of ancients so far, but almost always rolls in the 150 to 175 range for damage. And when it does roll good damage, it inevitably rolls two crap stats and/or no discipline. It almost makes it mandatory to roll a primal for these slots. Good luck on being that lucky. If I'm missing something, other then bounties till your eyes bleed and thanks.... then let me know. The bounty route may be ok for botters, but I have no inclinations to do that.TheDerfman10 Feb 13
Feb 13 What will the gift set be in upcoming season? ???Lane5 Feb 13
Feb 11 Remind me again... What's obsolete? I know that in the last patch, some formerly spectacular items were made obsolete. I know that my Season 11 primal Karlei's Point is sitting there in a box with my 32" 800x600 CRT monitor. What other items became useless? I've got to do a little house cleaning with the season ending and I don't want to keep crap.kayakpat6 Feb 11
Feb 11 I complete my build Fully augmented, proper stats, high rolls, and good secondary stats. At least to me this is what I consider complete. Edit: it's the character Shootsz, appearantly i put the wrong hyper link. Feb 11
Feb 10 2.6.1 Gave me fun gameplay! N6M4 - High GR Feeling fun again with DH on some variation instead of the same old builds. N6M4 gave me something different and fun. Crowd control is excellent. Managed to clear 98 without much augmentation and will try to advance tonight. Is it the only build that do not require Dawn, which I really hate? Have fun!Cameo132 Feb 10
Feb 10 Dawn Transmute My character is Demon Hunter... The Dawn's power is 65% Cooldown in Vengeance but if I transmute Dawn into Kanai's Cube with 55% Vengeance cooldown. Will it be 65% or 55% It's kinda hard to find Dawn and I'm a bit apprehensive to transmute it if the outcome will give me 55% CD instead of 65%.DiamondHeart3 Feb 10
Feb 8 Is Enforcer gem useful? I kind of like the idea of it, but it is of any use in a modern M6 build?StoneCold7 Feb 8
Feb 8 3.6 mill DPS? how? This person based on the profile shows 3.6 mil dps: This person only has only about 9000 DEX and augs. I'm really confused, what am i missing?Growingcow6 Feb 8
Feb 7 Crashing rain and anathema. Hi guys. Maybe a noob question, can't find any topic on it. Can the crashing rain ability (cubed) stack with anathema's damage? Thank you beforehand.alfonsvonpit4 Feb 7
Feb 5 Which amulet is better 16 percent fire dmg 9.5 Crit 67 Crit dmg Vs 737 dex 10 Crit 97 Crit dmg ThanksInvictadeus9 Feb 5
Feb 5 SERIOUS NOOB QUESTION (Maraud/Nat Build) So I have a quick question about the build. One of the gems we use for this certain build is the Zei's stone of vengeance. So for the this certain gem to take effect do the sentrys have to be "far" from the target or it doesn't matter where they are, just as long as my character is the one that's far away from the target?JaySAAN1 Feb 5
Feb 4 Yang's Re-Roll What should I reroll on this pretty nice Yang's? I was thinking to roll off Dex for iAS but not sure if that's a good idea. I have a lv100 gem ready to augment it, though.SevenShadow8 Feb 4
Feb 3 Upgrading rare shields My templar needed a shield so I upgraded some rare shields in the cube with the recipe, on my DH. I was surprised at what showed: The 3rd one rolled strength, charging wolf one. Now I have never upgraded a rare item of any kind and gotten an off class roll. Many off class items drop, but not using the upgrade rare recipe in the cube. Dunno, bug maybe?Blackarrows5 Feb 3
Feb 3 Clearing GR100 - Aggravated So, I have been pondering over this for a whole season. Since the beginning of this season. I have been gearing and gearing and gearing my UE MS build to perfection, to the point where now that I look at my items, I see nothing wrong with anything. I feel like everything is good enough to push a GR100 at least. People in top1000 leaderboards get in there with the same build and worse stats. But, after about a minute in any GR100, regardless of the layout, it feels like my damage falls off entirely.I have been looking over my gear time and time again and I just don’t know what could be the possible cause of this. It’s really depressing, seeing everyone climb and me not being capable of doing so for reasons unknown to me. My dex is around 20,000 (19,700-something), sheet damage is 3.4mil, toughness is, I think, around 62.k (I can’t tell for sure, writing from phone). It would be so nice if someone could check my profile and explain to me what is missing and possibly what I could change. Maybe I’m overlooking it? Tired of this.Six16 Feb 3
Feb 3 Stuck on GR96. Need Advice. Im stuck on GR96 with an Impale build. I think I'll squeak by 96 after a few more tries since I've finished it +9 seconds up to +21 seconds. However I don't see me getting past 97, and would like to get to at least GR100. My profile isn't linked for some reason so I've listed my pertinent data below: DPS 1.36MM 27.8MM Armor (68MM with all my buffs) 7 items with Cald's augment with levels ranging between 70 and 80. ATS 2.10 CHC 48.5% CHD 453% Area Damage 70% CDR 37.99 Cold Damage Increase 60% Impale Increase 15% Resistances range between 1191 to 1422, and spike with the use of the Boar Pet. Running Complete SM set plus, EW, Elusive, Karliels Point (361% Impale), Chain of Shadows, and HPS. Cubes: Dawn, AC, and COE. I substittued AC for Frost Burns (bumping cold increase to 80%) since I'm running the cold variant in GRs up to 92, but need the added defense from AC from 93 on. I also tried equipping a witching hour (bumps DPS to 1.625MM) and cubing the chain of shadows, but the offense from WH didn't out way the defensive lose from AC. Bane of the Trapped 85 Bane of Stricken 85 Esoteric 80. Paragon 1004. Any idea what stats I need to change to get me to GR 100? GR 95 I can complete with about 1.5 minutes left generally, and do all my "speed" runs on 90 with about 7 min to spare.TheElderQ6 Feb 3
Feb 2 N6M4 Gear Help My mistress Kadala gave me a pair of Primal Nats Pants and I want to give the N6M4 build a go...I cobbled together some gear (some with poor earlier choices on rerolls) but could use a helping hand on what I need for her to be a viable alt to my UE main... It's on Alyrna - I gave her a few runs as is and was pretty much a fail as I need to untrain my fingers from UE...and i'm pretty sure my passives are mostly wrong. Be brutal please...I do have some other spare parts in stash, just not entirely sure where I need to go.PMG6 Feb 2
Feb 2 Grim Reaper Just have a quick question on MfD - Grim Reaper: Does it stack? If I mark more than 1 enemy, do the nearby's take 15% for each marked target? Or does it stay at 15%? ThanksSevenShadow3 Feb 2
Feb 1 Marauder killer Hello, I am trying a build with soj (finally). Does it make sense??? Thank youScofield7 Feb 1
Feb 1 unity and cloak of the garwulf sorry, just wanna ask another question. I am playing marauder sets for dh and I am cubing unity. my follower has a unity as well and had also the follower cant die thing, so that means I get 50% damage reduction. here comes my question, if I take off unity and cube rorg, so I wear cloak of the garwulf. which one I get more damage reduction? cuz I thought with cloak of the garwulf u get 2 extra wolf, that means u get 18% more damage reduction cuz with zoel secret 1 companion is 9% damage reduction right? but 1 of my friend told me its same damage reduction with unity. am I missing something here? can somebody do a better explanation please? I honestly thought unity has more damage reductionSally7 Feb 1