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May 9 DH Compendium: Builds, Tactics and Strategies Fellow DHs, I thought it would be good to not only have a current thread containing the most up to date info on the builds and strategies used by veteran Demon Hunters, but also one that will stay current. The goal of this thread is to be: a) an information resource containing the basic theories surrounding DH Sets, weapons, and skills so new players can have an idea of what works, and b) a reference for veteran players. *******************TABLE OF CONTENTS******************* 1. SET THEORY AND MECHANICS 2.4.1 1.1.0 Embodiment of the Marauder (M6) Set Mechanics 1.1.1 M6 Weapon Theory 1.1.2 M6 Skill Theory 1.2.0 Natalya’s Vengeance (N6) Set Mechanics 1.2.1 N6 Weapon Theory 1.2.2 N6 Skill Theory 1.3.0 Unhallowed Essence (UE6) Set Mechanics 1.3.1 UE Weapon Theory 1.4.0 The Shadow's Mantle (S6) Set Mechanics 2. DEMON HUNTER BUILDS 2.1 Embodiment of the Marauder (updated 20 March 2016) 2.2 Natalya’s Vengeance 2.3 Unhallowed Essence (updated 5 January 2016) 2.4 The Shadow's Mantle (updated 23 February 2016) 2.5 DH Greater Rift Support Builds (added 30 January 2016) 2.6 Legacy of Nightmares (added 23 February 2016) 2.7 [2.4.1] Full list of DH Builds and Guides by Philosophios (added 29 February 2016) 2.8 Hybrid Builds 3. ARCHIVE OF TIMELESS DH KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGY, AND MECHANICS. 3.1 Cluster Arrow Damage: An Empirical Analysis. by Shadow 3.2 DiEoxidE & FLIGHT’s Step Video Tutorials! by DiEoxidE and FLIGHT 3.3 How to Buff MfD Grim Reaper from 20% to 200% by VocaloidNyan 3.4 Natural Attack Speed Breakpoints? Posted by Animus716; answered by highq, RedCell, and KirusAlufras 3.5 Strafe and Rapid Fire Tick Frequency Mechanics. by Nubtro 3.6 The Dual-Wielder’s Handbook 2.2. by RedCell 3.7 [Guide] What's the Best Weapon for Me? by KirusAlufras (added 10 Mar 2015) 3.8 DH Rift Guardian Fighting Handbook [2015.5.1]. translated by GhostDragon (added 1 May 2015) 3.9 Offering Sprinter and Speed Racer to Groups by Amatzikahni 4. GENERAL D3 GAME MECHANICS AND CALCULATIONS 4.1 Area Damage Explained by Amiar 4.2 Monster Progression Chart for GR v2 (>^^)> by VocaloidNyan 4.3 ROS Elemental Skill Damage Explained by Druin 4.4 2.3 DH DPS Calculator by Dawg6 (updated 30 Aug 2015) 4.5 N6 CDR Variations [Gear & Passives] by Ojen (added 3 May 2015) 4.6 The Yang of Maths (Multishot 2.3) by Psychologic (added 26 July 2015) 4.7 [Answered] Ball Lighting [et al] Breakpoints answered by Riv (added 19 August 2015) 4.8 Additive/Multiplicative DMG: DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 6 September 2015) 4.9 DH Proc Co-Efficients for 2.3 by Marius (added 9 January 2016) 4.10 CHC Hard Cap: A DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 30 January 2016) 4.11 Math and Strategy behind MfD: UE Perspective by RedCell (added 27 November 2016) 5. DEMON HUNTER FAQs AND OTHER USEFUL LINKS 5.1 Class FAQs 5.2 Item/Set FAQs 5.3 D3 Fan Sites 5.4 Kanai's Cube ListRedCell110 May 9
37m N6M4 hand xbow reroll advice Got this last night: What should I re-roll for an N6M4 build?Vanadin770 37m
4h M6 Multishot GR110+ New Build Guides BUILD GUIDES FOR GR PUSH I have recorded GR110 clears for these 3 variants -- not yet posted. #1 M6 Multishot (Cindercoat): HIGHLIGHTS - Moderate mobility with Trail of Cinders. - Moderate spender:generator ratio -- let's you shoot more multishots. - Cindercoat adds a little extra damage when worn. - Overall the most balanced build variant, best for players who play UE6 Multishot with Endless Walk. #2 M6 Multishot (F&R): HIGHLIGHTS - Creates density with Ess of Johan. - Best build for stutter steppers. - Does well with Multishot:Broadside Physical rune. - Can be converted into infinite vault build. Substitute Vengeance:Dark Heart for Preparation:Focused Mind. #3 M6 Multishot (No-Gen): HIGHLIGHTS - Fires the most multishots compared to the other variants. - Highest uptime of vengeance and wolf companion, makes it strongest at the Rift Guardian. - Fastest deployment of Sentries. - Unique play style -- unlike the other mainstream DH builds, very cooldown focused. - Allows for Nemesis Bracer. #4 M6 Multishot (Speed): HIGHLIGHTS - Goes up to 400% run speed, the build guide is setup for around 360-370% - Incorporates Nemesis Bracers. - Great hatred and discipline resource reduction / regeneration. - Adjustable to suit different paragons and legendary effects.dmkt10 4h
6h Discipline I recently got an Ancient chest that rolled 2 less discipline then my non-ancient one. Is that 2 Discipline really going to make a difference in the long run? Does anyone know the exact damage difference? Thanks!Malystryx8 6h
6h S13 Help S13 is the first time I've run a season toon. I want to get the stash tab but I'm stuck on few things and need advice/help. I can't seem to master the S6 set dungeon as I'm too worried about breaking the impale chain that I run out of time before I can slow enough enemies and kill the required amount before the timer runs out. Is this a solo only achievement or can I get help from someone? Is there an easier one to master? I finally got all the pieces for M6/UE/Nats but the gear is far from ideal. My seasonal paragon is still super low (453) so I'm also struggling to kill Mathael on T13, pretty much 1hits me every time. Should I just slog through these last few weeks to up my paragon or can I get help on this one too? I remember it took me a long time to be able to kill him consistently on T13 non-season. Many times I was reloading game to avoid his bounty or I'd have to lower to t11/t12 to complete it. I'm peeved because I completed the Thrill conquest with lousy random gear (and only average DML/Yangs) and lots of deaths (finished with about 20secs to spare) but didn't get the notice on the achievement at which time I realized I had one LON ring equipped. I'm pretty sure with some tweaks on the random gear I can get this done and if not I might be able to tackle the GR75 by the end of the season. I know I can do the t13 in 5min, and getting the 55 gems and 50 augment won't be hard so it's really just the set dungeon mastery and Malthael that I'm worried about completing so any suggestions are welcome.PMG6 6h
1d Holy Point Shot - need help Hi, guys... I've been playing Demon Hunter for two Seasons now and have tried exhaustly getting a Holy Point Shot for the "meele" build. I've gone as far as creating several Demon Hunters to try and get it around level 29. I've tried reforging rares, spent over 1,000 shards on Kadala, everything. Is there ANY way I can get it for sure? Thanks for any help.vokeios18 1d
1d Grats Dmkt on rank 1 (M6 MS)! Impressive 115 clear! Felt this needed some attention. I think a community Q&A is in order here for such a feat, so I'll start with my set of important questions I'd like to know. 1. What type of toothpaste do you use? I'm usually a Crest pro-health guy and generally go with a "tastier" flavor so that brushing is a little more enjoyable. Would you suggest switching brands or is Crest a safe option here? 2. How do you put on your socks? Do you start with the left foot or the right first? Are you standing or sitting, and is there a more efficient part of the living environment in which to do so (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, patio, etc)?DiEoxidE17 1d
2d [Primal Karlei's Point] What do I Re-roll? I was fortunate enough to forge a Primal Karlei's Point, but I do not know which of its properties to change. So, any insight on the matter would be very much appreciated. I equipped the item on my Seasonal Demon Hunter, but because my online profile has yet to update, I will list the properties as best as I remember them. Cold Damage % Damage Dexterity VitalitySecondary Life after Each KillIs Attack Speed mandatory for this weapon? If so, why? And, is this one better suited to be a "farming" item, or an item I should only equip when pushing higher Greater Rifts? I ask this as a casual Hardcore player. Thanks.HelloKitty1 2d
2d lvl 70 DH, with a full set. DH still needs more dps Demon hunter is still too weak. It takes ages to clear mobs on torment 1. it just took me 45 min to do a single neph rift. This time you cant tell me its my fault. i did EVERYTHING you told me to do. got a set, got level 70, upgraded my gear, put gems in everything.HailFall36 2d
3d Primal I just returned after taking a couple of seasons off. I was able to get to GR70 way easier and quicker this time then last. I only had 2 level 25 gems this season. Do Primal's still have a chance to drop after clearing GR70? Or do I need to clear a higher GR solo now with the overhaul from season 11.Malystryx8 3d
3d Curious About Rockets Basically I wanna know if rockets benefit from set damage bonus. In this case murauder 6pc bonus and rockets from multishot. Are those rockets damage buffed by the set bonus because they're a part of the skill or no?Fatyboomboom11 3d
5d Hellcat clarification? So after watching a video by Wudijo where he stated that the 3 bouncing hellcat is better than the 5 bouncing hellcat due to the fact that it comes to the final bounce faster It got me thinking though since its quite vague in description. How is the damage added or multiplicated? So 5 bounce additive = 1,5+1,5+1,5+1,5+9? or 5 bounce multiplicative = 1,5*1,5*1,5*1,5*9? It can make a pretty significant difference if its multiplicate however if its not 3 bouncing belts seems much better although a cubed or primal will roll with 5 always So anyone?HubbaSnubba2 5d
5d Help with GR 85+ Hello, I know season is ending soon, but even for future reference, what can I do to better my gear for pushing higher GR? Thanks!Narutofreak13 5d
5d Advice for UE DH pushing beyond GR70 I need some advice and gear check. How do I squeeze more damage and at the same time not dying easily ? Should i change my torso and pants gem to diamond ? My best record is about 10 mins on GR70 and that is pretty slow plus my character died several times. thanks for reading.Swordsman8 5d
May 17 DH suddenly doing no damage yikes8 May 17
May 16 2.6.1 (updated) DH DPS Calculator 10/24/2017: Updated for 2.6.1 See my latest post for details. Apparently there is a 25 page limit to forum posts, so I renamed the old post as "archived," and created this new thread. The old one can be found here: 8/26/15 Updated for some of the 2.3 changes. You can check my open issue list on github for more info. Here's a link to the calculator: I started this project a few months ago when I made my first M6 DH. Then I found the existing calculator ( but I had a few ideas of my own (e.g., import profile, show all the underlying calculations). I've already received a number of additional suggestions from the reddit community which I will be incorporating into the tool over time. Here's a link to the reddit thread where I keep the "to-do list" and change log up to date: Github issue list: Update 10/12: I'll write up a more in-depth description of how to use the calculator and put it on the site some time this week. In the mean time, here is a short how-to: 1. Select your Realm and enter your battle tag. 2. Click "Get Hero List" to retrieve the list of Demon Hunters on your account 3. Select your hero from the down and select "Import" This will load all of your items and skills. After importing, the calculator will run a simulation to determine how much damage your character does under a specific scenario (see the box labeled "Situational"). Note: the API does not provide access to paragon points (except dexterity which can be calculated), so you will have to enter them manually. If you do this after hitting "Import" simply click "Simulate" to re-run the simulation. If you do this before hitting "Import" then they are already included in the simulation. Under "Damage Log" you will see each attack your hero makes along with the calculations for each. Click the "Legend" button for an explanation of the various fields used in the calculations. Under "Stat Calculator" you can see the effect of increasing or decreasing a particular stat. Under "Compare Builds" you can store up to three builds to see the difference in damage for each. Under "DPS/Break Point Calculator" you can see where you are with respect to breakpoints (along with how much you need for the next BP or how much extra IAS you have for the current BP). Most fields have a mouse-over tooltip that explains what it means.Dawg6250 May 16
May 16 help with amulet playing on euro server. I have primal hellfire amulet has dex,fire damage,and crit chance would i get better damage by changing one to crit damage and which one to change thankshawkkiwi3 May 16
May 15 SET ME FREE Season 13 Pease someone experienced on Task SET ME FREE tell me where we can start...DragonVN1 May 15
May 15 Implae Damage Bonus on Karleis Point Is it worth is to ditch a ~2900 dagger in favor of a ~2700 dagger if the impale damage bonus goes from +349% to +373% (everything else the same)Prology2 May 15
May 15 I am sorry to ask for advice I am from Asian players to write the Chinese blog of the Demon Hunter and record their feelings for nearly 6 years. I hope to seek loyalty. My Blog URL: http://umberdp.blogspot.hkUmber12 May 15
May 14 How Viable are Sentries? Hi I’m a new player who bought the game last week and have been practically an addict to it ever since. I enjoy running sentries with the engineering passive to get 3 turrets, but am not able to do much damage. I’m just wondering how good sentries are endgameHellFire4 May 14
May 13 Gear Advice for a Homecomer (Fire UE) Hello fellow Demon Hunters! After a long break of almost 2 years i decided to try some D3 again and see if i still have it in me. So i did my homework and farmed the new Versions of Yangs, DML and Wraps of Clarity. I would like to try push GR's with my UE Fire DH and see whats possible. But before grinding a few more PARA-Levels (something i always hated) i would like to know if there is any potential upgrades in terms of gear. Did i miss anything important? Like: LOH instead of IAS on the Yangs? IAS instead of Vit. on the Gloves? Allres Gems instead of Dex.? maybe someone can do a quick gear check, i would rly apreciate it. Here is the D3Planner-Profile for a better overview: Thanks and see you in Tristam!WalterWh1te2 May 13
May 13 Ancient Yang's / Dead Man worth Caldesann? Recently got back into the game and found that both Yang and Dead Mans had their Multishoot damage multiplier increased quite a lot. So now I need to find a new bow and quiver. So far I have these two equipped: Yang have 199% MS and unfortunatly did not roll with discipline (waste a reroll) Dead Man have 192% MS 11 discipline and okish stats. In addition to these I have a Yang with much higher damage (3584) but it only have 166% MS and 10 disc. When I run it through the D3planner though the one I have equipped yield around 9% more damage in general. Even if I go from 3.866.602 dmg to 3.444.664. Bottom line is are these good enough to Caldesann or should I keep looking? Both seem rather subpar to me.SancticuS4 May 13
May 12 Suggestion: Horadric Hamburger for Impale transmog a dagger to the hamburger should throw hamburgers weapon is already hard to find and not even that noticeable compared to other joke weapons like spectrumBurntToast0 May 12
May 12 Preferred set head piece What head set piece would you rather have now?The usual one I'm wearing or one with 5% crit,15% multishot and 896 dex with no stamina?johnisme4 May 12
May 10 M2D2N6 Trying something out, but don't want to invest huge materials into something that is completely worthless for T13 speed bounties. The concept is to go Phys Danetta's, Action Shot with Taskers in cube, and Zoey belt, Enforcer/PE/BotT. Just need a few questions answered, and anyone that has tried this, I would appreciate feedback. 1. Do Danetta's clones count toward the pets of the DR belt? (11 clones + 6 companions=80%dr?) 2. Do lightning sentries trigger Fulminator (says lightning damage, not "on hit") 3. Would D2M6 simply be the same speed for this type of setup on bounties? (High speed sentry and companion damage, with Action Shot, and phys RoV, no M4 skills) 4. Is max APS for sentries/pets 7.5 with Taskers, or can PE push above that, and just limit my toon to 5? Thanks!cknopp5 May 10
May 8 Help my Shadow Impale please? So I've come around full circle in seasons to my first ever class, DH. The last I played it years ago, I had no real understanding of sets and synergy (and I think they were less of a thing back then anyway.) At any rate, I'm able to comfortably farm up to about 80/85. 70 is my 3-4 minute farm, and my push is mid-90s. I don't have a lot of patience for pushing though, so I haven't spent a lot of time fishing or anything like that. I've been focusing on getting my augments and slowly improving my gear. I'm wondering what my focus should be. I know my sheet CDR is below the threshold, but I'm pretty consistently able to activate Vengeance just as it falls off. I know my Endless Walk set both need much better versions, but I'm wondering if I should be putting resources towards that, or getting a dagger with a better affix roll on it or not. I don't need to be bleeding edge, especially with this build that seems to rocket up pretty vastly upon getting a full set of the associated gear, but then plateau pretty solidly. I'm assuming there's a pretty big "easy to learn, difficult to master" skill barrier at higher GRs, and if that's just where I am, I'm cool with that. I'm just wondering where the low-hanging fruit is on improving my gear. Thanks in advance for taking a look!Taus33 May 8
May 8 2.4.1 UE Arsenal\Wind Chill hey having trouble deciding if im going for fire or cold UE this season. its clear that Arsenal works better for rift guardians \ single targets in general.. but i just wanna state some cold advantages and i appreciate if you guys tell me what you think on this issue. 1. there is no need for Thrill of the Hunt passive if you play cold so its giving us extra passive ( the improved Steady Aim sounds right ) 2. might consider using Leech as a second passive instead of Ballistics ? or maybe Single Out ( for single targets \ guardians) ? 3. CHC coming from Wind Chill build can make up for other stats ( on rings for example we can go with AD or CDR \ more focus on CHD ) so im actually confused... besides the obvious advantage against single targets.. Arsenal isn't inferior ? * take it into consideration that Thrill of the Hunt is needed when playing with Arsenal and with Cold its solid to go for Ambush\Steady Aim at the same time. i never played UE with Single Out but as a 5th passive it might actually give the extra advantage for guardians ? anyone tried something similar ? thanks .coh23 May 8
May 6 N6M4 Advice Good morning. I am looking for advice on my N6M4 build. I rarely do this, but I just seem to be struggling with this one build. I think my gear hits all the marks in terms of needs, and most of it is primal. However, I find it takes me almost the full 15 minutes to clear ~100, and I don't think I can push much higher. It seems to take forever to kill elites (killing is the main issue, not survival). Maybe I am just playing the build wrong? My impale build can clear much higher, much faster. Any suggestions on changes to my setup to clear 100+ faster? Thanks. (And I do have ancient shoulders with Vit instead of Regen, but I recently swapped to these when I found them. Since survival is not the issue, I don't see much of a problem using this. I know I can swap the diamonds to emeralds, but then survival might become more of an issue, and I don't think that will boost me that much.) May 6
May 5 GR100 with 2 impale Hey all. Here is my video that i wona share with all of you. Me and my father Mihej playing GR100 :) enyoj May 5
May 5 UE Multishot build - help improving Hey, I'm stuck on around 80-85 Greater Rifts with the build below and I'm not sure why. I have one piece of gear which isn't ancient, almost everything enchanted and don't know how to progress. I spoke to a Demon Hunter with almost 2000 paragon who had the Endless walk set equipped with the Stone of Jordan for the extra discipline. I asked him why and he said, "read what my set does". But I've read everywhere else that the damage boost with Bastions of Will is much better. Any help on what I could do to improve is appreciated, thanks. May 5
May 4 Shadow Mantle Helm Did the Shadow Mantle helm get a new look? Picture link posted below. edit: Added link to picturejdhiatt4 May 4
May 4 MS DH CDR needed for perma-Vengeance I'm reading a guide that claims you need three pieces of gear with 8% CDR (plus 10 paragon points and gem in helm) to reach the CDR needed for permanent uptime of vengeance. Is that correct, or would two 8% pieces and one 7% piece do the trick? What is the actual sheet CDR needed to achieve this goal? I'm currently at 37.99 CDR, but fear I may be the tiniest bit shy of reaching the goal. Unfortunately, I don't currently have gear that would allow me to roll 8% on any piece without giving up a lot of damage. Please advise if "three 8% pieces" is indeed the required minimum for perma-vengeance, or if "two 8's and a 7" will accomplish the goal. Also, I'm at 2.04 attacks per second using WH, or 1.95 attacks/second without WH. What is the ideal breakpoint for attacks/second, or at least the important breakpoints?Frogman4 May 4
May 4 Primal Hellfire with Cold So I crafted a nice primal Hellfire Amulet with Cull the Weak, but it rolled with Cold, Dex, and CHC. Obvious options are to either roll Cold or Dex to CHD. If I keep the Cold, the only builds that use this element are the Impale or N6M4, which would mean giving up on the EW set for both. If I keep the Dex, then it serves no major benefit over the Primal Travelor's Pledge with Dex, CHC, and CHD. I doubt an extra passive would make up for the loss of the EW bonus. I do use the EW set variant of US MS, but I can drop that (and skip the F&R rings) for perhaps a UE MS farming build (thinking of Avarice and Elusive (for defense when fighting RGs or bosses). Any good suggestions? Thanks.Dante004 May 4
May 3 easiest dh set dungeon? Is it UE or what? I'm playing shadow but I looked up the set dungeon on youtube and people were saying it's hard and annoying. I really hate doing set dungeons so I just want an easy one that I can hurry up and get out of the way and forget about.GaiusBaltar20 May 3
May 2 Primal Restraint Got one but it rolled Dex/vit/ASI Rolled off vit for CHC for now, but it's lagging my Ancient on Ancient 627 dex 49 CHD 6 CHC augmented with an 80 Primal 650 dex 7 Attack Speed 6 CHC not augmented i'm at 53/523 right now and 2.23 aps wearing the ancient swap to Primal and it's 53/474/2.34 or 47/523/2.34 if I swap CHC to CHD is it augmentable/wearable (the primal) or should I find another toon to put it on.PMG3 May 2
May 1 Additive/Multiplicative Dmg: DH's Perspective What is Additive/Multiplicative Damage; A DH's Perspective This guide is going to go over what Additive and Multiplicative Bonus damage means, how it affects the demon hunter when gearing, it will also list all of the different damage buffs in their respective categories and go over why people choose specific pieces of gear over others when the bonus damage appears to be less. I'll also include a FAQ answering such questions as: "Why Focus and Restraint and not a ring with Discipline when using UE6?". ____________________________________________________ Current Version = Patch 2.6.1 Table of Contents: Use your Browser's text search function (Ctrl+F) and use the "#.#" associated with the topic to navigate to sections faster. 1.0 Additive Damage ......1.1 Definition ......1.2 Type A Multiplier - D.I.B.S. ......1.3 Type B Multiplier - Monster Debuffs ......1.4 Type C Multiplier - Individual Skill Modifiers 2.0 Multiplicative/Exclusive Damage ......2.1 Definition ......2.2 Type D Multiplier - Elemental Damage ......2.3 Type E Multiplier - Elite and Species Damage ......2.4 Type F, G, H, I… Multipliers - Exclusive Multipliers 3.0 List of Damage Modifiers and their classifications …..Additive: ......3.1 List of Type A Modifiers - D.I.B.S. ......3.2 List of Type B Modifiers - Monster Debuffs ......3.3 List of Type C Modifier - Individual Skill Modifiers ......Multiplicative: ......3.4 List of Type D Modifier - Elemental Damage ......3.5 List of Type E Multiplier - Elite and Species Damage ......3.6 List of Type F, G, H, I… Multipliers - Exclusive Multipliers 4.0 How different Types of Damage Modifiers Interact (Math) ......4.1 How do the same bonuses on different pieces of gear combine? ......4.1.1 Example 1 ......4.2 How do Two of the Same Type of Bonus Interact? ......4.2.1 Example 1 ......4.2.2 Example 2 ......4.3 How are Types: A, B and C Bonuses combined? ......4.3.1 Example 1 ......4.3.2 Example 2 ......4.4 How are Types: D, E, F.... used in an equation? ......4.4.1 Example 1 Type - D ......4.4.2 Example 2 Type - E ......4.4.3 Example 3 Type - F, G, H, I... ......4.5 How does combining all different Types of Bonuses work? ......4.5.1 Using Types A → J.... ......4.6 How are % damage increases/decreases from a bonus calculated? ......4.6.1 Example 1 ......4.6.2 Example 2 ......4.7 How do you compare which setup is better? ......4.7.1 Example 1 5.0 FAQ ......5.1 "Multiplicative overall, Additive within itself" What does that mean? ......5.2 Why Focus and Restraint and not a ring with Discipline when using UE6 ......5.3 If my Additive Damage is already very high should I stack more ......5.4 Why should I get any Additive Damage at all? ......5.5 More information/Other class perspectives 6.0 Conclusions ......6.1 Summary ......6.2 Special Thanks _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 1.0 Additive Damage: 1.1 Definition: The term "Additive Damage" is used to describe bonus damage mods that will be summed together to create a single multiplier that will be used in the damage equation. They are more commonly referred to as: Type A, B and C multipliers. All three of these different Types are what are summed together, hence the term additive. To avoid confusion, I think it's best to refer to a buff by it's Type whenever possible. It's generally less desirable to have to have a lot of Additive Damage mods spread across many pieces of gear, their over all yield typically ends up being less than that of what Multiplicative Damage mods could provide by replacing them. In some instances it is definitely worth stacking these when the value is high enough on a single piece or a spec really benefits from the item's bonus. 1.2 Type A Multiplier - D.I.B.S. : Type A Multipliers are damage modifiers that increase your character's damage, these are also sometimes called D.I.B.S. (Damage Increased By Skill). Example: 1.3 Type B Multiplier - Monster Debuffs: These are damage modifiers that affect each monster on an individual basis and increases damage dealt to them, but they don't directly increase your character's damage. Example: 1.4 Type C Multiplier - Individual Skill Modifiers: Items that increase the damage of an individual skill and have an affix worded similar to: "Increases Strafe Damage by XX%" are referred to as Type C damage mods. Example: "Increases Strafe Damage by 75-100%" _________________________________________________________________ 2.0 Multiplicative/Exclusive Damage: 2.1 Definition: Multiplicative Damage is a term used to describe damage bonuses that are typically not summed with any other bonuses, only within themselves (ie. 15% Fire + 15% Fire = 30% Fire Damage) and will be multiplied against the whole equation individually. These are very powerful bonuses and you should strive to reasonably obtain as many of them as possible. 2.2 Type D Multiplier - Elemental Damage: This category encompasses all of the "(Insert Element) Skills deal XX% more damage" multipliers. These damage modifiers will only affect your damage if you use a skill of the same element listed on the item. If you had 20% Fire Damage and used Multishot - Fire at Will (Lightning Damage), you would not see an increase in damage. If you were to use Multishot - Arsenal instead of Fire at Will you would see a 20% increase in damage Examples: 2.3 Type E Multiplier - Elite and Species Damage: This category is used to describes affixes related to species (Human, Demon, Undead) and "Increases damage against elites by XX%". These damage modifiers will be added together creating it's own category. Examples: 2.4 Type F, G, H, I… Multipliers - Exclusive Multipliers: Any damage modifier that is considered an Exclusive Multiplier will be used as it’s own category and will multiply itself against the entire equation. These are called exclusive because they do not sum together with any other buffs. Examples: _________________________________________________________________ 3.0 List of Damage Modifiers and their classifications: I'm going to be referencing a list created by a community member named Dawg6. This list can be found inside of his damage calculator: Click on "Legend" on the left, near the bottom This is a great tool overall and I highly recommend using it to help optimize, as well as hopping into his thread and giving him a +1 to show appreciation for his hard work. ** If you see any mistakes or have things to add to it, please post them ** Use your Browser's text search function (Ctrl+F) to find the modifier you're looking for faster _________________________________________________________________ Additive Damage Categories: 3.1 List of Type A Modifiers - D.I.B.S. : (S) = Shared Benefits for All Party Members (P) = Personal Benefit Only (P) -Archery damage bonus (8% when using 2H Bow) (S) - Slam Dance -Big Bad Voodoo/Slam Dance active bonus (15% during uptime) (P) -Harrington Waistguard bonus (100-135% during uptime) (P) -Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan bonus (+ while moving, - while stationary) (P) -Scoundrel Hysteria Damage Bonus (P) -Taeguk active gem bonus (S) --5% Increased damage for every Monk with a different active aura, while unity is selected, up to a max of 15% 3.2 List of Type B Modifiers - Monster Debuffs: (S) = Shared Benefits for All Party Members (P) = Personal Benefit Only (S) - Lightening Storm Enemies take 15% more damage from Lightening Skills for 4 seconds (S) - MFD -Calamity Marked for Death bonus (15% while applied) ** Calamity is currently very bugged and breaks MfD, do NOT use calamity ** Video Bug Report: (S) - Gathering Storm - Chilled enemies take 10% more damage from all sources (S) - Enemies take 10% more damage from all sources (S) - Gale Force - Enemies take 15% more damage from Fire Skills for 4 seconds (S) - Flesh is Weak - Marked enemies take 15% more damage for 9 seconds (S) - Bone Chill - Enemies take 33% more damage while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova (S) - Both Jinx and Toad of Hugeness make enemies take 15% more damage (S) - Breaking Wave -Crippling Wave/Breaking Wave active bonus (10% during uptime) (S) -Affected enemies will also take 3% increased damage. (S) - Forbidden Palace -Inner Sanctuary/Forbidden Palace active bonus(30% during uptime) (S) -Gem of Efficacious Toxin rank 25+ bonus (10%) (S) -Haunt of Vaxo Marked for Death bonus (15% during uptime) (S) - Conviction bonus (8 - 16%, depending on rune during uptime) (S) -Marked for Death active skill bonus (15%+ while applied, depending on selected Rune) (S) - Paranoia -Mass Confusion/Paranoia active bonus (20% during uptime) (S) -20-25% more damage to enemies hit by entangling shot (S) -Piranhas active bonus (15% during uptime) (S) - Snow Blast - Enemies take 15% more damage from Cold Skills for 4 seconds (S) - Mutilate -10% increased damage to all sources (S) - Mutilate, 2nd stack -10% increased damage to all sources (S) - Divine Verdict - Blinded enemies take 20% more damage from all sources (S) - Time Warp -Slow Time/Time Warp (15% during uptime) (S) -Strongarm Bracers bonus (20-30% during uptime) (S) - Falter -Enemies take 25% more damage from all sources for 6 seconds 3.3 List of Type C Modifier - Individual Skill Modifiers (S) = Shared Benefits for All Party Members (P) = Personal Benefit Only (P) "+XX% Bola Skill Damage" -Increases Bola's Damage (P) "+XX% Cluster Arrow Damage" -Increases Cluster Arrow's Damage (P) "+XX% Chakram Skill Damage" -Increases Chakram's Damage (P) "+XX% Companion Skill Damage" -Increases each Companion's Damage (P) "+XX% Elemental Arrow Skill Damage" -Increases Elemental Arrow's Damage (P) "+XX% Evasive Fire Skill Damage" -Increases Evasive Fire's Damage (P) "+XX% Entangling Shot Skill Damage" -Increases Evasive Fire's Damage (P) "+XX% Fan of Knives Skill Damage" -Increases Fan of Knives' Damage (P) "+XX% Grenade Skill Damage" -Increases Grenade's Damage (P) "+XX% Hungering Arrow Skill Damage" -Increases Hungering Arrow's Damage (P) "+XX% Impale Skill Damage" -Increases Impale's Damage (P) "+XX% Multishot Skill Damage" -Increases Multishot's Damage (P) "+XX% Rapid Fire Skill Damage" -Increases Rapid Fire's Damage (P) "+XX% Rain of Vengeance Skill Damage" -Increases RoV's Damage, effects Crashing Rain (P) "+XX% Sentry Skill Damage" - Spitfire's rockets only -Rockets fired by the Spitfire Turrets, and only the rockets, will considers this damage modifier as an additive buff (P) "+XX% Spike Trap Skill Damage" -Increases Spike Trap's Damage (P) "+XX% Strafe Skill Damage" -Increases Strafe's Damage (P) "+XX% Vengeance Skill Damage" -Increases Vengeance's Damage (P) - 75 → 100% Sentry Damage (P) - 75 → 100% Strafe Damage (P) - 45 → 60% Rapid Fire Damage (P) - 75 → 100% Strafe Damage All damage modifiers in categories A,B and C will be summed together to make a large single multiplier. _________________________________________________________________ Multiplicative Damage Categories: 3.4 List of Type D Modifier - Elemental Damage: (S) = Shared Benefits for All Party Members (P) = Personal Benefit Only (P) "+XX% Cold Damage" -Increases the Damage of Cold Skills ** ** The Cold Damage on Frostburn's works the same as regular Cold Damage, even thought it looks different in text and can be utilized with Kanai's Cube (P) "+XX% Fire Damage" -Increases the Damage of Fire Skills ** ** The Fire Damage on Magefist's works the same as regular Fire Damage, even thought it looks different in text and can be utilized with Kanai's Cube (P) "+XX% Holy Damage" -Increases the Damage of Holy Skills (P) "+XX% Lightning Damage" -Increases the Damage of Lightning Skills (P) "+XX% Physical Damage" -Increases the Damage of Physical Skills (P) "+XX% Poison Damage" -Increases the Damage of Poison Skills 3.5 List of Type E Multiplier - Elite and Species Damage: (S) = Shared Benefits for All Party Members (P) = Personal Benefit Only (P) “+XX% Damage to Beasts” -Increases damage when fighting Beasts (P) “+XX% Damage to Demons” -Increases damage when fighting Demons (P) “+XX% Damage to Elites” Increases damage when fighting Elites, bosses, champions, or in PVP (P) “+XX% Damage to Humans” -Increases damage when fighting Humans and in PvP (P) “+XX% Damage to Undead” -Increases damage when fighting Undead 3.6 List of Type F, G, H, I… Multipliers - Exclusive Multipliers: (S) = Shared Benefits for All Party Members (P) = Personal Benefit Only (P) "+XX% Sentry Skill Damage" -Increases the damage of attacks launched by a sentry, including the main bolt, chains from CoT and any skills cast by using M4 (P) -Ambush (40% to enemies above 75% health) (P) -Ballistics passive bonus (100% Rocket damage) (P) -Bane of the Powerful active gem bonus (20% while active) (P) Stacked bonus -Additive within itself for every stack but exclusive overall (P) Rank 25 -25% more damage to bosses and rift guardians only, does not work on champions, elites or PvP (P) -Bane of the Trapped bonus (15% + 3%/rank to control impaired) (P) "BoW Generator” -Bastions of Will Generator Bonus (50%) (P) "BoW Spender” -Bastions of Will Spender Bonus (50%) (P) "Critical Hit Damage" -increases damage when a monster is critically hit (P) -Convention of Elements Bonus (150-200% while element is active) (S) - Wolf -Wolf Companion active bonus (15% during uptime) (P) "Companion Bonus IAS" -the Extra 5-7% IAS you roll on a weapon is an exclusive damage multiplier for companions (P) "Companion Bonus APS Damage" -Your weapon’s base APS is multiplicative bonus damage for companions (P) -Cull the Weak passive bonus (20% to chilled/slow) (P) - 2 Piece Bonus -800% more damage for - Action Shot & Trail of Cinders (P) "Dexterity" -Dexterity bonus (1% damage per dex) (P) - 150→200% Multishot Damage (P) -Multishot hits twice when target is below 60% health, rockets from Arsenal also hit twice (P) - 80→100% more damage to all primary skills (P) - Endless Walk 2 Piece Bonus -multiplicative damage increase that scales from 0% → 100% damage (P) -increase the damage of your pets by 15.00% (+0.3% damage per rank) (P) -Grenadier passive bonus (10% to grenade damage) (P) -the bonus is multiplicative overall, but additive within itself. The final bounce is currently bugged and only deals 800% dmg not 800% more dmg for x9 (P) -Both the IAS and the Damage bonus are multiplicative to primary skills only (P) - 300 → 375% more damage to Impale (P) - Legacy of Nightmares 2 Piece Bonus -additive within itself per ancient item, but multiplicative overall (P) -additive within itself per stack, but multiplicative overall (P) -25% more damage while channelling (P) - 4 Piece Bonus - All attacks done by sentries deal 400% increased damage (P) - 6 Piece Bonus -The buffs are additive within themselves and increases by +3000% per Sentry, and has a max of 15,000% with 5 Sentries (P) -Elemental Arrow gains an effect based on the rune: Ball Lightning now travels at 30% speed. All other runes, damage and effect duration increased by 200%. (P) - 250→300% Cluster Arrow Damage (P) - 4 Piece Bonus -Nat's 4 piece bonus (+100% to RoV), effects Crashing Rain (P) - 6 Piece Bonus -Nat's 6 piece bonus to other skills(+3500% damage for 5 seconds after RoV), effects Crashing Rain (S) -anyone standing in the focused area of power will have damage increased by 70-85% (P) - Raven -Ravens activation bonus is an exclusive multiplier (P) - Shadows 2 Piece Bonus -S2 increases damage by 1200% (P) -Simplicity's Strength gem bonus (25% + 0.5 % per level to Primary skills) (P) -Steady Aim passive bonus (20% when no enemies within 10 yards) (P) -additive for every point of hatred you have active, multiplcative overall. The damage scales actively with your current hatred. (P) - 4 Piece Bonus -Unhallowed Essence 4 item set bonus (60% if no enemies within 10 yards) (P) - 6 Piece Bonus -Unhallowed Essence 6 item set bonus(100% per point of discipline) (P) -increases all damage sources by 40% (P) "Weapon Damage" -Average Main Hand Weapon Damage (P) -Each stack is summed additively, gain the first stack immediately, gain 1 stack every 0.5 seconds (P) - 150→200% more damage to multishot (P) -Zei's stone of vengeance gem bonus (4% + 0.08%/rank per 10 yards up to 50 yards). _________________________________________________________________ 4.0 How different Types of Damage Modifiers Interact: 4.1 How do the same bonuses on different pieces of gear combine? 4.1.1 Example 1 Let's say you have 15% Strafe damage on your quiver, boots and helm. These will be combined like this: =1 + (Quiver + Boots + Helm) * 0.01 =1 + (15 + 15 + 15) * 0.01 =1 + 45 * 0.01 =1 + 0.45 =1.45x more damage to Strafe This is the same for all damage buffs regardless of their Type. You always add same bonuses together. 4.2 How do Two of the Same Type of Bonus Interact? 4.2.1 Example 1 In this example we will assume that we are using Hexing Pants and Taeguk, both of which are Type A - DIBS. Hexing Pants = 25% Taeguk = 30% = 1 + (Hexing Pants + Taeguk) * 0.01 = 1 + (25 + 30) * 0.01 = 1 + 55 * 0.01 = 1 + 0.55 = 1.55x more damage 4.2.2 Example 2 Now let's do it again with Marked for Death and Strong Arms, these are considered Type B - Monster Debuffs. Marked for Death = 15% Strong Arms = 30% = 1 + (MFD + Strong Arms) * 0.01 = 1 + (15 + 30) * 0.01 = 1 + 45 * 0.01 = 1.45 If two buffs are within the same Type category they will be summed together to create a single multiplier. 4.3 How are Types: A, B and C Bonuses combined? 4.3.1 Example 1 As mentioned earlier, Types: A, B and C will be combined to create a single multiplier, after their sums have been calculated. To demonstrate this we will use the following stats: Taeguk = 30% More Damage (Type A - DIBS) Marked for Death = 15% More Damage (Type B - Monster Debuff) Helm = 15% Strafe Damage (Type C - Individual Skill Modifiers) our equation will look like: = 1 + ( Type A + Type B + Type C ) * 0.01 = 1 + ( Taeguk + MfD + Strafe ) * 0.01 = 1 + (30 + 15 + 15 ) * 0.01 = 1 + (30 + 15 + 15) * 0.01 = 1 + 60 * 0.01 = 1 + 0.6 = 1.6x more damage To do this we summed together Types A, B and C to create a single multiplier. 4.3.2 Example 2 This time we're going to add in multiples of Type A, B and C Hexing Pants = 25% More Damage (Type A - DIBS) Taeguk = 30% More Damage (Type A - DIBS) Marked for Death = 15% More Damage (Type B - Monster Debuff) Strong Arms = 30% More Damage (Type B - Monster Debuff) Helm = 15% Strafe Damage (Type C - Individual Skill Modifiers) Boots = 15% Strafe Damage (Type C - Individual Skill Modifiers) our equation will look like: = 1 + ( Type A + Type B + Type C) * 0.01 = 1 + ( (Hexing+Taeguk) + (MfD+Strong Arms) + (Helm + Boots) ) * 0.01 = 1 + ( (25+30) + (15+30) + (15 + 15) ) * 0.01 = 1 + (55 + 45 + 30) * 0.01 = 1 + 130 * 0.01 = 1 + 1.3 = 2.3x more damage 4.4 How are Types: D, E, F.... used in an equation? 4.4.1 Example 1 Type - D Type D multipliers, which covers Elemental Damage, will be used as an individual multiplier against the rest of the equation. Let's say we have: Bracers = 20% Lightening Damage Ammy = 20% Lightening Damage = 1 + (Type - D) * 0.01 = 1 + (Bracers + Ammy) * 0.01 = 1 + (20 + 20) * 0.01 = 1 + 40 * 0.01 = 1 + 0.40 = 1.40x for Lightening skills 4.4.2 Example 2 Type - E Type - E multipliers cover Bonus vs Elites and Species Damage, for this example we assume we are using Tyrael's Might and Stone of Jordan Tyrael's Might = 20% Demon Damage Stone of Jordan = 30% Bonus vs Elites Now sum together all bonuses that apply to the monster you're fighting, let's say it's an elite demon: = 1 + (Type - E + Type - E + ...) * 0.01 = 1 + (20 + 30) * 0.01 = 1 + 50 * 0.01 = 1 + 0.50 = 1.50x more damage to Elite Demons only. 4.4.3 Example 3 Type - F, G, H, I... Anything that is considered an Exclusive Multiplier and is currently active as a buff will receive it's own category/letter assignment. These buffs are never summed with any other buff and will always be multiplied as its own value. If we were using Cull the Weak, Bane of the Trapped and Ambush this is what we would get: F = Cull the Weak = 20% More Damage G = Bane of the Trapped = 20% More Damage H = Ambush = 40% More Damage our equation becomes: = (1 + Type F * 0.01) * (1 + Type G * 0.01) * (1 + Type H * 0.01) = (1 + CtW * 0.01) * (1 + BotT * 0.01) * (1 + Ambush * 0.01) = (1 + 20 * 0.01) * (1 + 20 * 0.01) * (1 + 40 * 0.01) = (1 + 0.2) * (1 + 0.2) * (1 + 0.4) = 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.4 = 2.016x more damage 4.5 How does combining all different Types of Bonuses work? 4.5.1 Using Types A → J.... This example is going to use a buff from every single Type Category. Taeguk = 30% More Damage (Type A - DIBS) Marked for Death = 15% More Damage (Type B - Monster Debuff) Helm = 15% Strafe Damage (Type C - Individual Skill Modifiers) Bracers = 20% Lightening Damage (Type D - Elemental) MH and OH = 16% Bonus vs Elites (Type E - BvE) Cull the Weak = 20% More Damage (Type F) Bane of the Trapped = 20% More Damage (Type G) Ambush = 40% More Damage (Type H) Focus = 50% More Damage (Type I) Restraint = 50% More Damage (Type J) ** keeping adding letters for every exclusive multiplier you have in play ** our Equation is: = (1 + ( Type A + Type B + Type C) * 0.01) * (1 + Type D * 0.01) * (1 + Type E * 0.01) * (1 + Type F * 0.01) * (1 + Type G * 0.01) * (1 + Type H * 0.01) * (1 + Type I * 0.01) * (1 + Type J * 0.01) = (1+(30+15+15)*0.01) * (1+20*0.01) * (1+16*0.01) * (1+20*0.01) * (1+20*0.01) * (1+40*0.01) * (1+50*0.01) * (1+50*0.01) = (1+60*0.01) * (1+20*0.01) * (1+16*0.01) * (1+20*0.01) * (1+20*0.01) * (1+40*0.01) * (1+50*0.01) * (1+50*0.01) = (1+0.6) * (1+0.2) * (1+0.16) * (1+0.2) * (1+0.2) * (1+0.4) * (1+0.5) * (1+0.5) = 1.6 * 1.2 * 1.16 * 1.2 * 1.2 * 1.4 * 1.5 * 1.5 = 10.1025792x more damage 4.6 How are % damage increases/decreases from a bonus calculated? To find out what your % damage increase/decrease was for a stat, you must compare your new value versus the old. To do this use this equation: = (1 - Larger Multiplier / Smaller Multiplier) * 100 4.6.1 Example 1 Let's say our Old Multiplier was 1.56 and our New multiplier is 1.78: = (1 - New Multiplier / Old Multiplier) * 100 = (1 - 1.78 / 1.56) * 100 = (1 - 1.1410) * 100 = 14.10% damage increases 4.6.2 Example 2 If your new multiplier is a smaller value than the old, it will just produce a negative percentage showing a decrease. This time our Old Multiplier will be 1.56 and our New multiplier is 1.42: = (1 - Larger Multiplier / Smaller Multiplier) * 100 = (1 - 1.56 / 1.42) * 100 = (1 - 1.0986) * 100 = -9.86% damage decrease 4.7 How do you compare which setup is better? 4.7.1 Example 1 You can find out if the new value is a damage increase or decrease by using the prior equation in 4.6 or you can just find out the new multiplier and pick whichever set up gives you a bigger number. in example 4.6.2 we said our new multiplier was 1.42x damage and the old one was 1.56x damage, when we compare the two: Is the New Multiplier: <, > or == the Old Multiplier? 1.42x Damage < 1.56x Damage Keep your old set up _________________________________________________________________ 5.0 FAQ: 5.1 "Multiplicative overall, Additive within itself" What does that mean? and 5.2 Why Focus and Restraint and not a ring with Discipline when using UE6 "Multiplicative overall, Additive within itself" means that the damage buff is multiplicative to the entire damage equation, but increasing the value of this buff can be considered additive in terms of the damage increase it provides. We'll use Unhallowed Essence's 6 Piece and Discipline as an example to show this: Let's say we currently have the standard 86 discipline: Base Disc = 30 Prep-invigor = 20 Chest = 12 mainhand = 12 off hand = 12 --------------------------- total = 86 When we enable this buff it functions in the overall damage equation as a multiplicative buff like this: =1 + (disc * 100) * 0.01 =1 + (86 * 100) * 0.01 =1 + 8600 * 0.01 =1 + 86 =87x more damage Now lets say we were trying to choose between adding more discipline from the Stone of Jordan or adding in Focus and Restraint. Adding more discipline from the Stone of Jordan seems like it'd be an increase of: =10 discipline * 100 =1000% more damage where it seems like Focus and Restraint are only adding 125% more damage: = Focus * Restraint = (1 + 50 * 0.01) * (1 + 50 * 0.01) =1.5 * 1.5 =2.25 or 125% more damage so what gives? Why focus and restraint over Stone of Jordan? Multiplicative overall, *additive within itself* The 1000% damage increase from stone of jordan isn't truely a 1000% increase, the damage bonus was already active prior, we already had 86 discipline, so we need to add this discipline to our already active amount: =1 + (disc * 100) * 0.01 =1 + (96 * 100) * 0.01 =1 + 9600 * 0.01 =1 + 96 =97x more damage so we went from 87x more dmg, to 97, and if we use our difference equation, from 4.6, we'll see that it's actually a damage increase of: =(1 - New Multiplier / Old Multiplier) * 100 =(1 - 97 / 87) * 100 =11.49% Since increasing discipline is considered additive to the UE6 bonus, adding an extra 10 discipline actually only increased us by 11.49%. Focus and Restraint are providing 125% more damage because they're both multiplicative buffs, and function separately to the UE6 bonus: = UE6 * Focus * Restraint = 87 * 1.5 * 1.5 =195.75x more damage 5.3 If my Additive Damage is already very high should I stack more This depends on the situation and what buffs you have available in certain slots, I would definitely recommend using a damage calculator to figure this out. What you should do in these situation is identify what Additive and Multiplicative bonuses you have available on these slots and then punch in the numbers to see what yields more. If only an additive damage bonus is available, then you should probably take it anyways if it won't hurt you too much defensively (keep in mind CDR/RCR). This goes for passives as well, you should try and use as many multiplicative passives as possible but don't be afraid to use additive bonuses as well. Every bit of damage counts. Calculators: Dawg6's: D3 Planner: *feel free to mention more I can add* 5.4 Why should I get any Additive Damage at all? As much as Additive Damage multipliers may not contribute as much compared to an Exclusive Multipliers, they are definitely still valuable.Exclusive multipliers are not included in the additive category, but the additive category is still an exclusive multiplier in itself if you think of it. It still gets multiplied separately versus the other multiplicative bonuses, so you should always obtain a bit of additive damage. Let's say you had 20% fire damage already, but no bonuses in the additive category at all because you avoided them. Now you are trying to decide between adding an extra 15% fire damage or 15% multishot damage, the two equations would look like: Add an extra 15 fire damage: =1+(20% fire + 15% fire)*0.01) =1.35x more Damage Add an extra 15 multishot damage: =+(20% fire)*0.01) * (1+(15% multishot)*0.01) =1.2 * 1.15 =1.38x more Damage Taking multishot yielded more damage because although it is additive, it still added a new multiplier to the entire equation because there were no other additive bonuses already active. You should always try to have at least one Additive Buff always active. 5.5 More information/Other class perspectives I do recommend reading these threads if you're looking for more info/other class perspectives. I referenced them while building this guide: Monk: (By: Neuron) Wizard: (By: Void) Barb: (By: Jako + Nubtro) _________________________________________________________________ 6.0 Conclusions: 6.1 Summary When trying to maximize damage it is best to know which category each damage bonuses falls into, how they interact with others and try to maximize on multiplicative bonuses the most. Beyond just maximizing Multiplicative bonuses, consider how you are playing: are you in a group, are you playing solo? These may change the priority of which bonuses you want because some are shared between all party members, and some only affect you on an individual basis. 6.2 Special Thanks - Dawg6 for creating and keeping his legend up to date - Lind for finding those original two threads. Without them I wouldn't have completed this guide - Void and Neuron for writing the other two guides - Jako and Nubtro for the Barb guides - and everyone else in this thread that has asked questions/made suggestions Please point out any errors, ask questions, or add information you feel is important. Happy hunting.TastySouP150 May 1
Apr 30 Legacy Sash of Knives I kept one with a 48% dmg increase to fan of knives. Anyone know if it is multiplicative dmg, or worth keeping for 2.4?ck198164 Apr 30
Apr 30 Finally. Gloves. I've been trying to get a set of halfway-workable Fiendish Grips since I was about para 700. Finally, a decent pair dropped for me, but they've got horrific dex. I'm tempted to reroll that, but since it took SO long to get these, I don't want to make any mistakes. Should I bump up the dex or reroll gold find into a resistance? Since I have no idea when these new gloves will get incorporated into blizzard's database, I'll just post an image. Thanks for any suggestions. Apr 30
Apr 30 Weird thorns and Hack behavior So I made a DH thorns build, it's pretty decent actually, goes like this: This site calculates avarage dmg, it says, with perfect gear, that hack's damage should be about 29billions, mine, right now, is about 4.1~5.2billions, gear is crappy, boyarsky's low lvl, etc, not bad at all, made GR60, probably can push 70, but there's a slight problem that is bugging me to no end: freaking hack does not always work. It behaves weirdly, sometimes it does nothing, other times it hits as it should, sometimes it hits harder than it should, it's a mess, and I can't tell the reason nor find a way to fix it. At first I thought it was vengeance, because extra attacks and all that, it wasn't, removed vengeance completely, problem persists; thought it was pet, it shouldn't, but thought anyway, removed it, same thing, even removed pet and vengeance, same thing, tryed other skills like grenade and hungering arrow, and, to my surprise, hungering arrow seldon proccs hack, it's mostrly normal hits for donkey's damage, grenade changes mostly nothing, still hits just the first enemy, when it wants to, all the others just get side effects. So, yeah, any thoughts? Anyone dealt with this before? Was there an obscure patch that nerfed hack for ranged attacks that I'm not aware of? As far as I remember, Hack shouldn't distinguish ranged from magic from melee, I have made many thorns wizz before, never had a problem, so, Thanks in advance, for anything, really.KabalFS11 Apr 30
Apr 30 When your primal DML is missing Discipline... Kadala ALMOST ruined my day by giving me a primal DML WITHOUT discipline! I say almost because at least it had all the correct primaries I wanted. Thank you Myriam for fixing the flaw! I'm hoping for a primal Yang's someday... and I hope it doesn't scare me without discipline!Iria10 Apr 30
Apr 28 Armor vs Resist all Hello all. Just a demon hunter trying to progress his character into the higher torments. I found a pair of depth diggers that rolled Dex, Vit, Armor, and resist all. Obviously I need to re-roll for two sockets, but I wanted some more educated people's opinions on what to reroll. My brother and I think that rerolling the RA for two sockets is better, as the armor is a better defensive stat that is not found on a lot of pieces. What do you guys think? Also feel free to critique and offer suggestions for my DH :DTezzeret3522 Apr 28
Apr 26 How to get primal DML I wondered what are your suggestions on getting a primal DML except reforge legendary. Do you think upping the rares is a good option?Bohemienne22 Apr 26
Apr 25 Traps I'm sure I'm not the only player frustrated that traps have gone unloved on DHs. So, I've taken a look at some of the traps based items (and one neglected item) to see if they can be made more useful and have their interactions with other skills improved to be more enjoyable. Thoughts on if the interactions promote a style of gameplay you'd enjoy? - The Demon's Demise: The blast from Spiked Traps will damage all enemies again after 1 second. Every enemy hit by Spiked Traps returns X hatred and discipline and grants 2% damage reduction for 12 seconds up to 30 stacks. - Trag'Oul's Coils: Spike Traps gain the Impaling Spines and Scatter runes, are deployed twice as fast, and have their time between charges reduced to 3 seconds. - Omryn's Chain: Drop caltrops when using vault. Gain 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds when an enemy is affected by caltrops. - Bombardier's Rucksack: You may have 2 additional Sentries and gain all Sentry runes. Enemies hit by caltrops or spike traps take X% more damage from Spitfire Sentry rockets. - Fletcher's Pride: Spike Traps cast Fan of Knives when they detonate and their damage is increased by X% the number of stacks you gained on Lord Greenstone's Fan on your last cast within the last 60 seconds.Mugsy4 Apr 25
Apr 25 Reroll advice Just got a primal Natalya pants. It came with the ff: Dex Vit All res Life/Kill Gold I'm going to use it for both an N6 build and N6/M4 build There's not much to choose from so I'm thinking rerolling Gold to Pickup radius. I just want to see if there are any other choices I should consider.Alvy3 Apr 25
Apr 23 back afgter some time, impale tips? im back after a longer break after the necro invasion. what should i improve first? whats good and whats garbage :-) Apr 23
Apr 23 M6 cluster grenades So recently I found there are 2 options play style for m6 cluster grenades. 1. you use compass ros/travelers pledge COE and cube unity (or cube coe and wear unity). not sure if use unity or cube it is better or not, cuz unity gives 15% bonus damage against elites and u can roll extra 10% on ur manticore if u have enough area damage on ur other items. This one is basic, you move around dodge some attacks and stand still to deal full damage when coe turns into fire. 2. you use focus/restraint hellfire amulet with an extra passive, and cube unity ( follower must have it too and can not die item too). but without coe. I tried this sets recently, it's actually not bad, cuz u deal 100% full damage every second with focus/restraint and also with an extra passive skill for hellfire amulet. So now I want to know which one of these 2 options is more stronger and deal more damage, I still cant tell.....btw, I am playing in HC, that's why I don't cube coe in the second option. Need some explanation and help please. thanks!!!Sally2 Apr 23
Apr 22 How high can Elemental Arrow go? I've gotten two decent ancient Kridershots this season and also a Primal Augustines. For some fun, just wondering how high can one push Elemental Arrow and what's the best set up? UE? M6?Mugsy19 Apr 22
Apr 21 Critical hit chance or damage If u can only roll one of these 2 stats on a ring, would u go for 6% critical hit chance or 50% critical hit damage? which one is more important and stronger for dh pushing higher grift? need some explanation please and thank youSally20 Apr 21