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Jan 15 DH Compendium: Builds, Tactics and Strategies Fellow DHs, I thought it would be good to not only have a current thread containing the most up to date info on the builds and strategies used by veteran Demon Hunters, but also one that will stay current. The goal of this thread is to be: a) an information resource containing the basic theories surrounding DH Sets, weapons, and skills so new players can have an idea of what works, and b) a reference for veteran players. *******************TABLE OF CONTENTS******************* 1. SET THEORY AND MECHANICS 2.4.1 1.1.0 Embodiment of the Marauder (M6) Set Mechanics 1.1.1 M6 Weapon Theory 1.1.2 M6 Skill Theory 1.2.0 Natalya’s Vengeance (N6) Set Mechanics 1.2.1 N6 Weapon Theory 1.2.2 N6 Skill Theory 1.3.0 Unhallowed Essence (UE6) Set Mechanics 1.3.1 UE Weapon Theory 1.4.0 The Shadow's Mantle (S6) Set Mechanics 2. DEMON HUNTER BUILDS 2.1 Embodiment of the Marauder (updated 20 March 2016) 2.2 Natalya’s Vengeance 2.3 Unhallowed Essence (updated 5 January 2016) 2.4 The Shadow's Mantle (updated 23 February 2016) 2.5 DH Greater Rift Support Builds (added 30 January 2016) 2.6 Legacy of Nightmares (added 23 February 2016) 2.7 [2.4.1] Full list of DH Builds and Guides by Philosophios (added 29 February 2016) 2.8 Hybrid Builds 3. ARCHIVE OF TIMELESS DH KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGY, AND MECHANICS. 3.1 Cluster Arrow Damage: An Empirical Analysis. by Shadow 3.2 DiEoxidE & FLIGHT’s Step Video Tutorials! by DiEoxidE and FLIGHT 3.3 How to Buff MfD Grim Reaper from 20% to 200% by VocaloidNyan 3.4 Natural Attack Speed Breakpoints? Posted by Animus716; answered by highq, RedCell, and KirusAlufras 3.5 Strafe and Rapid Fire Tick Frequency Mechanics. by Nubtro 3.6 The Dual-Wielder’s Handbook 2.2. by RedCell 3.7 [Guide] What's the Best Weapon for Me? by KirusAlufras (added 10 Mar 2015) 3.8 DH Rift Guardian Fighting Handbook [2015.5.1]. translated by GhostDragon (added 1 May 2015) 3.9 Offering Sprinter and Speed Racer to Groups by Amatzikahni 4. GENERAL D3 GAME MECHANICS AND CALCULATIONS 4.1 Area Damage Explained by Amiar 4.2 Monster Progression Chart for GR v2 (>^^)> by VocaloidNyan 4.3 ROS Elemental Skill Damage Explained by Druin 4.4 2.3 DH DPS Calculator by Dawg6 (updated 30 Aug 2015) 4.5 N6 CDR Variations [Gear & Passives] by Ojen (added 3 May 2015) 4.6 The Yang of Maths (Multishot 2.3) by Psychologic (added 26 July 2015) 4.7 [Answered] Ball Lighting [et al] Breakpoints answered by Riv (added 19 August 2015) 4.8 Additive/Multiplicative DMG: DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 6 September 2015) 4.9 DH Proc Co-Efficients for 2.3 by Marius (added 9 January 2016) 4.10 CHC Hard Cap: A DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 30 January 2016) 5. DEMON HUNTER FAQs AND OTHER USEFUL LINKS 5.1 Class FAQs 5.2 Item/Set FAQs 5.3 D3 Fan Sites 5.4 Kanai's Cube ListRedCell103 Jan 15
38m Make Dawn Baseline? It's just that I have yet to see a DH build that doesn't use Dawn, and that's honestly silly. I actually don't remember ever seeing any other good game having anything quite this strong, save for maybe this one pay-to-win Chinese mobile game. Thoughts? Edit: I know that making Dawn baseline might be make Demon Hunters OP, even though we're not exactly top dog at the moment, but I just wanted to hear a bit of thought from the community, as well as Blizzard themselves. Will Dawn stay this way, and if it will be changed, when? On a personal level, I don't mind Dawn that much, since having that slot locked just means one less thing to have to think about, but from a balancing perspective, this really isn't cool.Epilogue43 38m
8h Just in: Massive Buff to Shadow! Don posted this about 30 minutes ago. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. ... 8h
13h A Few Questions I have been playing the impale DH for most of the season and have placed in the top 200 in the Europe leader boards but along the way I have picked up some really good UE grenade pieces. Should I start Augmenting the EU grenades build with lvl 90 gems (the highest I can go) or because of the patch coming out just level all my gems to lvl 90 for the rest of the season then once the patch comes out and if PTR buffs stay the same I should be able to get my gems to level 100 pretty easily. Maybe I can get some advice on the gear I should keep/augment if I go that way. I know my chest piece is pretty poor and not sure if on the amulet fire/CHD/dex is better then dex/CHD/CHC (I don't have a fire/CHD/CHC amulet). Should i put CDR on my fortress ballista to get to the 38% CDR. here's my profile its the Scaryseason character.ScaryTurtle1 13h
21h How to switch skill sets on skill slots? Hi, I was reading guides through the forum and found out most people equipt two skills from the same skill sets, for example someone would equipt smoke screen and catltrops at the sametime. which are both under the "defensive" skill sets. how is this possible? i mean each of my skill slots r fixed to a set, e.g. my no.3 skill sets r fixed for "Device" , in which all 4 skills sux. how can i change it to another set? there doesnt seem to be a button to do this. thanks!tt636812 21h
1d natalyas set still needs more buffs the damage reduction on the set needs a buff thats for sure and please blizzard buff the 4 set and 6 set bonus just a little bit more because it still can't compete with UE.creep6 1d
1d Shadow Impale and T13 Just a question to get opinions here. I find the more powerful my Impale build gets the less playable the game is. I can only do greater rift 65 and up comfortably now. It sounds like "oh stop complaining" but is there any other build where the game is less playable the more ancients you find and the more you augment them? I love the build, I'd like to just play some T13 rifts (which obviously you can) but I find myself one shotting everything so much that I end up running out of hatred. I don't feel like you should have to walk around the map and get a giant group together before using impale. At that point the gogok becomes worthless because it's not stacked. Maybe you guys have a fix or something I haven't thought of? I appreciate the help.PartyD12 1d
1d Why not? Hello, why the dev didn't make the shadow mantle buff also chakram? It doesn't need a bow, or crossbow to work and it could be cool to have a viable build with it. It's one of my favorite skill and it's useless for now so why not?flèchenoire1 1d
1d Is UE MS going to remain the same? For Season 12? I think that the set and items are being buffed but it seems that the general skill set up/items will remain in the build.Socs1 1d
1d A reflection on Dawn We all know that demon hunter for any viable build is bound to have a 100% vengence uptime. That mean Dawn in the cube or in hand, a diamond on the head and 3 cd reduction items. Vengence can't be avoided as it's a straight 40% buff on all damages plus the extra attacks and the full cc immunity (plus either a huge hatred generation / defense boost). Is it a good design that DH is forced to use this to compete ? I don't really like the fact that DH is forced into one specific item and one specific ability to shine. I know it's hard to imagine DH without the huge buffs granted by vengence but I wonder if just removing Dawn would allow to propose powerful diverse solutions for DH to shine instead of counting on this specific ability that made itself unavoidable. Do you think it's ok to have that vengence requirement and it's part of class identity ? Or do you think Dawn is restricting the class by forcing vengence on it ?Zergor11 1d
3d Patch 2.6.1 will Impale DH beat Necro in Meta Patch 2.6.1 will Impale DH beat Necro in 4 man Meta?SubzerorE18 3d
3d Ancient Yang's Recurve Re-roll advice Hello, i looted an ancient Yang's today: 3224 DPS + 1517 - 1870 Damage + 6% Damage + 942 Dexterity + 956 Vitality 41% Resource Cost Reduction ----- + 9 Max Discipline Have added a socket to the bow, and was thinking about these two options but not sure which one to go for. Would love to hear some opinions. Option 1: Re-roll 6% to 10% Damage, making the bow 3345.7 DPS 1826-2953.5 Damage 1.4 Attacks Per Second 2389.8 Damage per Hit Option 2: Re-roll Vitality to IAS 7%, making the bow 3449.7 DPS 1759.6-2846.1 Damage 1.5 Attacks Per Second 2302.9 Damage per Hit I see a number of the top DH in the leaderboards have IAS 7% on their bows but I am not sure why. Can someone explain it please? Thanks in advance!PhalanX7 3d
3d How to improve my UE Multishot gear? I just started my first seasonal character after a long break from D3. I seem to be stuck in terms of my DPS and I'm not sure what's the best thing to focus on at this point. I've been doing GR 60 for paragon levels and legendaries. Should I start thinking about reforging stuff for ancient gear? Where should I be spending my blood shards? Thanks in advance.ElBurro27 3d
3d Pain enhancer for S6 build I see most are recommending using pain enhancer for S6 and I guess I am trying to figure out the maths of it. Bane of the powerful gives you 38% more damage to elites which effectively is up 100% of the time plus 15% DR. Pain enhancer gives requires 13 enemies to be within 20 yard radius to breakeven with bane of powerful (noting all enemies rather than just elites, but still). Pain enhancer vitually gives you little value in many RG fights. So my question is are most people, using S6, fighting more than 13 enemies more than 50% of the time...if so yes Pain enhancer beats BoP. Surely I am missing something here. Comments anyone?Alagos9 3d
3d Gear advice Would like some advice on my gear. Not necessarily my bow or quiver as they will be replaced next patch(although all advice is welcome) but more for my armor and jewelry. (Working on a better restraint)Arcane1 3d
3d Season 11 Marauder set dungeon glitch? My friend is the DH, I am the Nec. We have succeeded in clearing this dungeon of all monsters WELL within the time limit, but fail at Mastery because there aren't 140 monsters, let alone the 200. Anyone else having this issue?IrishLazz8 3d
3d What will your build be in 2.6.1 ? Spolit for choices now: UE MS UE nades M6 CA nades/rockets M6 MS S6 Impale N6 ROV N6 FOK N6M4 CA/EA/Chakram S2M2 FOK LON FOK etc ? Think I'll have a go with n6m4 cold ca :)TinyCat38 3d
4d Gear Advice Would like some advice on my gear. Not necessarily my bow or quiver as they will be replaced next patch(although all advice is welcome) but more for my armor and jewelry. (Working on a better restraint)Arcane0 4d
4d Help choosing between 2x Quiver. Well gonna ask some pros to tell me what is the best option between 2 quivers i got.. I;m playing multishot build with Yang recurve bow and dead man legacy quiver/ The currently equipped ~~ the one i got . Simply Legendary & Ancient Legendary Dextery 700 vs 979 Vitality 649 vs 828 Attack sp 20% vs 18% Crit chance 9.5% vs 10% Reduce Cd 8% vs 6% Increase Multishot 99% vs 77% Maxim Disc 12 vs 12 And both hit at 56% twice...multishot. What i am concerned is the Increase Multishot damage that the normal one is 99% and the Ancient one is 77% and I can put aswell a gem on an Ancient one and go to +600 Dext in total versus the normal one. Is worth equipping the ancient one over the normal one ??Darkblazer6 4d
4d Demon Hunter Vengence Visual Update PLZ Hey, i would love to see a new visual for vengeance, as most of the DH builds rely on this and its default look is the natalyas set this seems outdated compared to others, you may say well what about archon well archon is a new form not a buff like vengeance is i would like an updated effect a few ideas are as follows; 1. To glow red like it does but with the gear you have as a tmog or equipped when active instead of the default natalyas appearance 2. Create a new aura around the player (similar to COE ring) when active 3. Ground aura that bursts energy or an aura of some sort when active Anyone else have ideas? discuss...PyroskE10 4d
5d New to season 11 Hey, just started in season 11 a few days ago and absolutely loving the game! I'm wanting to complete all the challenges in the season and then next season play from the start.. I've been chasing goblins and doing a few rifts / bounties.. have tried to gamble for a yangs recurve with no luck yet.. Would I be able to finish all the challenges of season 11 with the ue ms set? I'Ve got 4pc of shadow, marudar and Natayla so far.. using this season as practice for smashing out next season!Tripwire3 5d
6d What to upgrade next? (New S11 UE MS Player) Hello, I'm new to D3 this season. I've been following the Icy Veins UE MS build guide as best I can with what gear I have obtained so far. My goal for the season to obtain the extra stash TAB. I'm currently stalling at Champion 'Master a Set Dungeon', but that's a different issue that I think I'll eventually get through (been previously trying it on my Shadow Impale since I was getting better relative gear dropping for it and finding GRs easier with it vs UE MS). I have much more fun playing UE MS, though. 1.) Anyone experienced with UE MS builds with a few spare minutes mind reviewing my gear and giving me any recommendations on where to go next to get the best returns? I'm kind of stuck at this point on what I should focus on next for the best returns. 2.) Did I do OK on enchanting? Is there anything on my current gear that can be switched to give me a small boost until I get better gear? Did I make mistakes?I tried my best to follow the recommendations on Icy Veins but may have messed up along the way. For example, I re-rolled my Yang's Arcane Elemental Damage to Fire Elemental Damage (my profile doesn't appear to be showing that I re-rolled it, but I did) thinking I had to have fire since my main attack was of fire element (I have been reading ele dmg type really only matters to something regarding Wizards?). Do I even need elemental type damage on my weapon? What would happen if I rolled it to something like the +7% Attack Speed? 3.) Would time be well spent on a better Hellfire Amulet (or even switching to my Follower's Ess of Johan and possibly re-rolling a stat on that)? I think the passive rolled OK, but the stats didn't appear to be rolled well so I re-rolled one to CHC. In the meantime, I've just been trying to get appropriate default rolled 6-set Leg/Anc. Leg gear using Blood Shards. I have also been trying to get The Witching Hour belt via Blood Shards.Nyrix1 6d
6d UE set lacks options skills but why ? I never understood why blizzard wants the UE set to only focus one hatred spender and that's it which is multishot. its gets boring after a while doing the same thing over and over again which is why the game gets stale. blizzard please make the sets more flexible and diverse stop making sets empower one or two skills for no reason. rapid fire, cluster arrow, and elemental arrow what's going on with these skills ? do we really have to stack sentry's just to use these skills ? I mean come on man give us more options. I'm happy about buffs for the sets and i'm glad UE got a buff but it just gets stale doing the same thing all the time. the natalyas still needs buffs in terms of both damage and damage reduction by the way.creep11 6d
6d PTR 2.6.1 DH buff % I did a quick estimate based on my understanding of the changes listed in the PTR notes: Unhallowed Essence Multishot (new vs old) +150% (2.5x multiplier) to MS from Yang's +150% (2.5x multiplier) to MS from DML +30% damage per discipline from UE6 bonus -85% MS damage on DML (additive multiplier from 100%->15%) (I'm going to assume +15% on boots/helm and +100% on quiver = 130%) Old multiplier: (1+0.0)*(1+0.0)*(1+86*0.4)*(1+1.30) = 81.42 New multiplier: (1+1.5)*(1+1.5)*(1+86*0.7)*(1+0.45) = 554.625 Relative difference: 6.812x the damage of current "perfect" setup Unhallowed Essence Grenades (new vs old) +30% damage per discipline from UE6 bonus Old multiplier: (1+86*0.4) = 35.4 New multiplier: (1+86*0.7)= 61.2 Relative difference: 1.729x the damage of current "perfect" setup Marauder's Cluster Arrow (new vs old) +300% (4x multiplier) to CA from Manticore +900% per sentry over old values of M6 -65% CA damage on Manticore (additive multiplier from 80%->15%) (I'm going to assume +15% CA on boots/quiver/helm and 80% on Manticore = 125% and 5 sentries) Old multiplier: (1+0.0)*(1+5*12)*(1+1.25) = 135 New multiplier: (1+3.0)*(1+5*21)*(1+0.60) = 678.4 Relative difference: 5.025x the damage of current "perfect" setup Shadow Impale (new vs old) +80% Impale damage from Karlei's Point Old multiplier: (1+0.0) = 1.0 New multiplier: (1+0.8)= 1.8 Relative difference: 1.8x the damage of current "perfect" setup Natalya's (new vs old) +250% damage from N6 bonus Old multiplier: (1+5) = 6 New multiplier: (1+7.5)= 8.5 Relative difference: 1.417x the damage of current "perfect" setup My analysis: UE MS is now really nice and may outperform Grenades now. M6 Cluster will be top GR clearer probably since they were very close to the other top builds but have a large relative multiplier change. The UE Grenades and Shadow Impale builds are buffed by similar amounts so they won't be moving away from each other. I'm not sure if UE Grenades will be above or below the new UE MS, but certainly below the new M6 CA. LoN received ZERO buffs so they will likely be left in the dust - at least behind Impale, Grenades, and CA. Natalya's... they were already the WORST performing and now even worse relatively with a very minor boost. PTR numbers are subject to change and will very likely do so!Edit: fixed an error in calculation.Iria36 6d
Sep 15 Shadow pants nerfed? I've got a pair of ancient shadows pants that could be better. 562 dex 592 vit 130 resist all (rolled) I just upgraded over 200 rare pants and got squat. Out of them, I got 3 ancient shadows pants. A couple even had acceptable dex and vit (over 600), but the third was something totally useless like "increases entagling shot". And the thing is that in each case, that stat can only be re-rolled to other useless (for me) affixes. So I took a look at my existing pants, and looking at what other possibilities were available if I were to reroll the resist all, it's got all those other useless items (increase evasive fire, increase grenades, etc.). It almost appears that that list of items for the third affix in all my pants had Resist All removed. Or am have I just been unlucky today? Is it possible for that affix that can be rerolled to all of the "increases <primary skill> damage by..." to maybe include Resist All and maybe not?kayakpat3 Sep 15
Sep 15 dawn should make vengeance perma perma vengeance is already mandatory, yet it, even if cooled down it just sometimes doesn't activate when hitting the vengeance button, cause massive damage and DR loss and often even death. Just change dawn to grant perma-vengeance to remove this frustrating issue...Alukat5 Sep 15
Sep 15 PTR 2.6.1: Changes for DH From Blizz's site: Embodiment of the Marauder (6) Set Your primary skills, Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, Cluster Arrow, Companions, and Vengeance deal 2100% (up from 1200%) increased damage for every active Sentry. Natalya’s Vengeance (6) Set After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 750% (up from 500%) increased damage and take 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds. Unhallowed Essence (6) Set Your generators, Multishot, and Vengeance deal 70% (up from 40%) increased damage for every point of Discipline you have. Yang’s Recurve Multishot attacks 50% faster and its damage is increased by 125-150%. Dead Man’s Legacy No longer rolls Legendary-strength bonus to Multishot damage as an inherent affix. Can still roll 10-15% as a random affix. Legendary power now also increases Multishot damage, now reads Multishot hits enemies below 50-60% health twice and its damage is increased by 125-150%. UE is getting some serious damage buffs. Full patch notes: Sep 15
Sep 15 2.6.1 Ring question for UE With the extra damage coming in 2.6.1 for the UE set and that damage changing from additive to multiplicative now (correct me if I am wrong on that), is it worth it to work a Stone of Jordan in the build for the extra 10 Discipline?Delauke2 Sep 15
Sep 14 Help me reroll this Yang's Recurve I got this ancient Yang's from the cube formula: 3339.5 DPS 1500-1870 damage range 10% Damage 938 Dex Reduces all Resource Costs by 44.8% (see below) +10 Max Discipline I was unlucky and rolled a 40% base RCR and then rolled 8% RCR on top of that which multiplies into 44.8% (40%+8%x remaining 60% = 44.8%). What should I do with this? I'm pretty happy with the DPS - rerolling the damage range to perfect would get me to roughly 3420 DPS, so I don't think that alternative is worthwhile. Should I reroll the 8% RCR into AD? IAS? Appreciate the input.Blayze6 Sep 14
Sep 13 2.6 (updated) DH DPS Calculator 8/17/2017: Updated for 2.6. See my latest post for details. Apparently there is a 25 page limit to forum posts, so I renamed the old post as "archived," and created this new thread. The old one can be found here: 8/26/15 Updated for some of the 2.3 changes. You can check my open issue list on github for more info. Here's a link to the calculator: I started this project a few months ago when I made my first M6 DH. Then I found the existing calculator ( but I had a few ideas of my own (e.g., import profile, show all the underlying calculations). I've already received a number of additional suggestions from the reddit community which I will be incorporating into the tool over time. Here's a link to the reddit thread where I keep the "to-do list" and change log up to date: Github issue list: Update 10/12: I'll write up a more in-depth description of how to use the calculator and put it on the site some time this week. In the mean time, here is a short how-to: 1. Select your Realm and enter your battle tag. 2. Click "Get Hero List" to retrieve the list of Demon Hunters on your account 3. Select your hero from the down and select "Import" This will load all of your items and skills. After importing, the calculator will run a simulation to determine how much damage your character does under a specific scenario (see the box labeled "Situational"). Note: the API does not provide access to paragon points (except dexterity which can be calculated), so you will have to enter them manually. If you do this after hitting "Import" simply click "Simulate" to re-run the simulation. If you do this before hitting "Import" then they are already included in the simulation. Under "Damage Log" you will see each attack your hero makes along with the calculations for each. Click the "Legend" button for an explanation of the various fields used in the calculations. Under "Stat Calculator" you can see the effect of increasing or decreasing a particular stat. Under "Compare Builds" you can store up to three builds to see the difference in damage for each. Under "DPS/Break Point Calculator" you can see where you are with respect to breakpoints (along with how much you need for the next BP or how much extra IAS you have for the current BP). Most fields have a mouse-over tooltip that explains what it means.Dawg6237 Sep 13
Sep 13 Need to improve SM & problem with stats roll Hello. First thing is I would like to improve my setup. Can I apply Caldesann gems on all items or I need to replace some for better? I know I should look for amulet, wrists with buff to lightings and head with impale buff. For this moment I am 90% sure that I can safely improve the hands, the shoulders and the belt. And is more options I can improve? For now GR82 solo is max what I can do. Second thing is I get primal belt and cant reroll %L to RAE. There is no possibility to choose. This is bug or what? If no, then I stay with acient belt. Same thing with Legs, I cant roll RAE instead of armor. Here is screenshots of legs and belt witch I cant roll stats for RAE. And here is link to my profile P.S. Sorry for grammar.sajner5 Sep 13
Sep 13 Grenades. What to work on. So I am really enjoying DH grenades. Aside from low gems and paragon. What pieces of gear should I focus on? My profile is current and I assume I am on the right track. I need Gogok because I need some more CDR. Not sure where to get it though. Rings? My compass rose is bad. Thanks for any help.Greg4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Help in improving Hi guys, Im new to Diablo III , currently considered myself done a UE Grenade sets but the output damage still makes me have trouble clearing GR 55. Can anyone guide me ? This is my gear. Thanks.Killarangel5 Sep 13
Sep 13 What should I buy from Kadala? I'm not asking for analysis of my character. I was more thinking about in general. Let's say that I need better gloves, helm, 1-H crossbow and quiver. It seems that the most sensible thing to do is to ask for what has the least number of variations. e.g., If there are 14 different possible leg gloves and 21 different possible helms, the chances are better for me to get the gloves that I want than the helm that I want, right? And if all this is true, is there a chart or list or something somewhere that has these numbers?kayakpat2 Sep 13
Sep 12 Is Lord GreenStones Fan inconsistent? Ive been playing around with natalya's set and lord greenstone, i have noticed inconsistent numbers with the the stacking damage on the passive. I don't know if the numbers im looking at are correct when i Fan of Knives, but i end up doing the same damage or on rare occasions more damage with less stacks than i do with max stats. would anyone else happen to be experiencing the same thing i am? any feed back would be appreciatedExiled5 Sep 12
Sep 12 This Has To Be Newb Question Why does my demon hunter sometimes do damage to enemies around me when NOT using any skills. Sometimes I run by things and they just start dying but I cant figure out why?SouljaSlim2 Sep 12
Sep 11 Life Per Hit on Impale To start, I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I'm just curious if anyone knows how Life Per Hit is actually calculated. Say you have 75k LPH, and you are using Impale Ricochet, doesn't that mean that the LPH should be pretty high - - be multiplied per hit? If I am understanding correctly, Impale has a single attack, and using ricochet makes it hit two more enemies, plus HPS makes you throw to more blades which also ricochet, correct? If I'm wrong about that please say so. My math could be wrong, but this sounds like a potential for 5-7 hits?? Is LPH just calculated on the first single hit, or with ALL hits? Is it supposed to be calculated with ALL it says 'Per Hit'? Anyone with more knowledge or insight please enlighten me because I am honestly just curious and don't know.winz4 Sep 11
Sep 11 To those with a DH who cannot finish gr 88 + Apparently the elites are a complete waste of time so I found that the trick to doing these higher gr's is to stop trying to kill elites and only go after all the smaller mobs. Not only do the elites have such super health, but so many smaller mobs are constantly in the way and preventing you from hitting the elites. On top of that, Blizzard has no creativity and can only make elites have, nothing but combinations of these specializations, illusionist, wall, arcane, and shield. With all those factors involved, by the time you can actually kill them, you have wasted more and more time, and fall further and further behind. You will get further and faster, only going after and killing regular mobs. I am using a DH IMPALE and this is my character layout: as of this message I have a paragon level of 1198, a sheet damage of 3,462,156 and here are screenshots of all my gear even with all this I cannot clear gr 87+ when I go after elites. HELM: -> Augmented at Rank 87 SHOULDERS: -> Augmented at Rank 87 CHEST: -> Augmented at Rank 86 GLOVES: -> Augmented at Rank 85 BRACERS: -> Augmented at Rank 87 BELT: -> Augmented at Rank 87 PANTS: -> Augmented at Rank 86 BOOTS: -> Augmented at Rank 87 AMULET: -> Gem is Pain Enhancer with a rank of 90 RINGS: -> Gem is Bane of The Trapped with a rank of 90 -> Gem is Gogok of Swiftness with a rank of 89 DAGGER: -> Augmented at Rank 86 QUIVER: -> Augmented at Rank 87tx300069 Sep 11
Sep 9 Primal Shadow's Mask disappointment So I've been trying for probably half the season with almost all my shards to get a primal Shadow's helm. Not for a specific reason on the helm I just wanted to pick one item at a time. Anyway today I finally got it, I was so friggin happy to see the "looted Shadow's Mask" with the 3 (((. Then I looked at the stats. 1000 dex, 775 armor, 11975 life per hit. Noooo! So my question is would you guys salvage the helm? Try it with the armor and dex or try it with the dex and lph? Last question, if you kept one of the two stats would you roll for crit chance or 15% impale? Thanks so much, appreciate it! (It's on my DodgeThis toon)PartyD2 Sep 9
Sep 9 UE multishot build just completed the UE set but im still having problems with never having enough hatred. multishot costs ALOT. yangs recurve has 40-50% resource cost reduction, will that really help alot? there are no items that increase hatred regeneration or anything. at the moment its kind of unplayable. you can use multishot for about 2 seconds then your hatred is depleted. can't carry on like this.LilNydez16 Sep 9
Sep 8 UE Multishot PTR Impressions I just copied my demon hunter into the PTR.First I had to remake my yangs and DML.After that i allocated 50 points to maximum hatred , and dumped the rest at dex(500 dex bonus), Cindercoat cubed. I have 6 ancient items.In the live server i was able to clear 70 solo.Now on PTR I can clear 85 , but i die way much more.Id like to say the dmg buffs were on point , since blizzard doesnt want demon hunter to be in 4man-meta.for some reason i was ranked 407 on the ptr , i guess not many people play on ptr.There is just one more problem with the MS build , it needs a little more survivability if someone were to push for 90.I hope in the next ptr patch they are going to fix thatPhoebus13 Sep 8
Sep 8 N6/M4. Still viable after nerf? So they nerfed M4 from 400% to 100%. I hoped it would be 200%. With 100%, I do not see it is way greater than just M6 (upgraded from x21 to x24 per sentry). Could someone theorycraft it or just test in PTR? As I see it: N6/M4 you lose: - No cubed Dawn, no Vengeance on the bar => no 40% boost and no cool resource regen for Cluster Arrow non-stop shooting - Have to wear Natalya ring And RoRG - no or almost no space for Endless Walk, CoE, Elusive ring. - Have to wear Natalya Xbow. Fast shooting is not handy as far as resource management goes. Though, Natalya Xbow may have slightly higher dps than Manticore. N6/M4 damage now: x2 from M4, x2 from Bombardment Rucksack (can be x2.2-2.3 if you roll +sentry on other gear at the expense of other), x25 from N6, x5 - as per maximum amount of Sentries. Yet you have to place all of them in close proximity and that takes a lot of time. Pure M6: 5x24 + sentries damage(now greatly reduced though) and you do not have to place all sentries in proximity, its enough if they are somewhere on the map + all other stuff N6/M4 has to abandon...Cuthalion6 Sep 8
Sep 8 Demon Hunter hatred is to low ?? I have Paragon 365 ,to low i Know so from where i rice my hatred regeneration resurse ,you know ,red part from my right bool one discipline one hatred, so hatred is always too low i mention that my Maximum Hatred in Paragon is 50/50. All class are the same ? i mean we can't do full damage because from 1.000.000 damage is going low because the hatred is to low is only Demon Hunter ?JohN11 Sep 8
Sep 8 Set is built around a useless skill. Crap? Hi, what's your attitude to the following: A marauder is a set that supposes to use Sentries. However sentries do not do major part of your damage, they only buff other skills that's it. If now they still contribute significantly, then in 2.6.1 they are going to be 'only for buff' of your a skill of your choice.: Their personal bonus in M4 is reduced greatly while M6 is upgraded even more. Same for Natalya. It incorporates RoV, but will there be a build that relies on damage from this skill? People will only use it once every 9 seconds to renew N6 buff that's it. Each class should have a build that has a general buff - like Crusaders Akkhan or Barb's IK etc - because when a green set forces you to use only one skill it is boring too. Or rather, it's ok when there are a few such sets. But variety is what makes us try and play on. But in case of Sentries, I would like them to do damage along with myself. They can as well remove Sentries and add "Each time you use Smoke-FoK-MforD-orWhatnot, your damage is increased. Why sentries? It looks weird. In case of RoV, I would appreciate if its damage would be at least 30-40% of your total damage output, so that you relied on damage from that skill, tried to increased it etc.Cuthalion2 Sep 8
Sep 8 DH Unhallowed essence grenade build Question on DH Unhallowed essence grenade build. Which is better? 2.608.8122 damage with 33% lightning damage or 2.722.346 with 18% lightning damage. I have a traveler’s pledge amulet with lightning damage (the 2.608 damage when I wear it.) The other no elemental damage and I get 2.722 damage on that one. I don’t know if I should recycle it or keep the top one, game play feels the same. Neither one is ancient—I’m on a bloody quest for one with good stats.Halicon4 Sep 8
Sep 6 Shadow mantle set bonus question So the 6 set bonus says impale does 40k% damage on first enemy hit, does this mean first enemy of the level? Or is it referring to the first hit you make to an enemy, or is it every shot does 40k% more damage but the ricoshet blade dont? Bit confused on the matterJoomzy4 Sep 6
Sep 5 N6 RoV build is back! I have been away from the game for a while and am glad to see N6 builds coming back. There is a YouTube GR 101 clear which in itself is good but not amazing. The player was using Anathema and grenades. What got me thinking was that the poster then said the build can even incorporate Lord greenstone fan for more damage to take it beyond GR 101 and this got me thinking how high can the N6 build go. if this can become a top DH variant I see myself coming back next season and this is a new playstyle. if it keeps being S6 and M6 cluster bombs then I might skip next season.Alagos5 Sep 5
Sep 5 ZDH I would like to know if the nagelring's fallan lunatics are part of the companion from zoeys secret belt..... as well as the cloak of garwulf 2 extra wolves...blueeyedevil2 Sep 5
Sep 4 m4 nerf hi all......just wanna a question about they nerfing m4 sentries damage... I usually play marauder grenades, now they nerfing m4 and buff m6, is it stronger or weaker? ( for marauder grenades build) could someone explain please?Sally3 Sep 4