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May 9 DH Compendium: Builds, Tactics and Strategies Fellow DHs, I thought it would be good to not only have a current thread containing the most up to date info on the builds and strategies used by veteran Demon Hunters, but also one that will stay current. The goal of this thread is to be: a) an information resource containing the basic theories surrounding DH Sets, weapons, and skills so new players can have an idea of what works, and b) a reference for veteran players. *******************TABLE OF CONTENTS******************* 1. SET THEORY AND MECHANICS 2.4.1 1.1.0 Embodiment of the Marauder (M6) Set Mechanics 1.1.1 M6 Weapon Theory 1.1.2 M6 Skill Theory 1.2.0 Natalya’s Vengeance (N6) Set Mechanics 1.2.1 N6 Weapon Theory 1.2.2 N6 Skill Theory 1.3.0 Unhallowed Essence (UE6) Set Mechanics 1.3.1 UE Weapon Theory 1.4.0 The Shadow's Mantle (S6) Set Mechanics 2. DEMON HUNTER BUILDS 2.1 Embodiment of the Marauder (updated 12 June 2018) 2.2 Natalya’s Vengeance 2.3 Unhallowed Essence (updated 5 January 2016) 2.4 The Shadow's Mantle (updated 23 February 2016) 2.5 DH Greater Rift Support Builds (added 30 January 2016) 2.6 Legacy of Nightmares (added 23 February 2016) 2.7 [2.4.1] Full list of DH Builds and Guides by Philosophios (added 29 February 2016) 2.8 Hybrid Builds 3. ARCHIVE OF TIMELESS DH KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGY, AND MECHANICS. 3.1 Cluster Arrow Damage: An Empirical Analysis. by Shadow 3.2 DiEoxidE & FLIGHT’s Step Video Tutorials! by DiEoxidE and FLIGHT 3.3 How to Buff MfD Grim Reaper from 20% to 200% by VocaloidNyan 3.4 Natural Attack Speed Breakpoints? Posted by Animus716; answered by highq, RedCell, and KirusAlufras 3.5 Strafe and Rapid Fire Tick Frequency Mechanics. by Nubtro 3.6 The Dual-Wielder’s Handbook 2.2. by RedCell 3.7 [Guide] What's the Best Weapon for Me? by KirusAlufras (added 10 Mar 2015) 3.8 DH Rift Guardian Fighting Handbook [2015.5.1]. translated by GhostDragon (added 1 May 2015) 3.9 Offering Sprinter and Speed Racer to Groups by Amatzikahni 4. GENERAL D3 GAME MECHANICS AND CALCULATIONS 4.1 Area Damage Explained by Amiar 4.2 Monster Progression Chart for GR v2 (>^^)> by VocaloidNyan 4.3 ROS Elemental Skill Damage Explained by Druin 4.4 2.3 DH DPS Calculator by Dawg6 (updated 30 Aug 2015) 4.5 N6 CDR Variations [Gear & Passives] by Ojen (added 3 May 2015) 4.6 The Yang of Maths (Multishot 2.3) by Psychologic (added 26 July 2015) 4.7 [Answered] Ball Lighting [et al] Breakpoints answered by Riv (added 19 August 2015) 4.8 Additive/Multiplicative DMG: DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 6 September 2015) 4.9 DH Proc Co-Efficients for 2.3 by Marius (added 9 January 2016) 4.10 CHC Hard Cap: A DH's Perspective by TastySoup (added 30 January 2016) 4.11 Math and Strategy behind MfD: UE Perspective by RedCell (added 27 November 2016) 5. DEMON HUNTER FAQs AND OTHER USEFUL LINKS 5.1 Class FAQs 5.2 Item/Set FAQs 5.3 D3 Fan Sites 5.4 Kanai's Cube ListRedCell110 May 9
1h Which Ancient Yangs Bow #1 +1541-1921 Dam (re-rolled) 8% Dam 962 Dex 998 Vit RCR 41% +12 Max Disc 190% MS Dam Bow #2 +1559-1924 Dam (re-rolled) 6% Dam 887 Dex 6% IAS RCR 46% +12 Max Disc 193% MS Dam Both have sockets of course. Almost thinking Bow#1 for survival and Bow#2 for DPS but not sure how much the IAS even matters.brye2 1h
4h N6M4 advice Hi Guys, I cleared GR95 (highest that I've ever managed) last night with my N6M4 DH but it was only after a couple of failed attempts when I finally got a good rift, which made me wonder about a couple of things: 1) When do people normally start fishing for rifts? Is mid-90s a bit too early? 2) What do you think is missing on my gear? This is my DH: I know I still need to do the augments - I have gems at 90+ waiting to be used but I was hoping to get them to 100 before I do - but other than that, even if not perfect (helmet missing the +Cluster Arrow dmg for example), I don't think my gear is that bad in general. Am I missing anything obvious? 3) How can I improve my play style? Given how squishy DHs are, I tend to be rather slow - I place my sentries in front of me (preferably at the far end of the screen) between myself and the mobs, hit everything with RoV and the sentries until everything is dead and then I move on and repeat. Obviously, this means that if I get a rift with low density of mobs and/or high compartmentalization (e.g. the Ruins of Corvus tileset), the progress is way too slow. Alternatively, if I try to move around and pull mobs with me to increase density, I end up dead more often than not, especially if there are succubi, ice porcupines or similar mobs around. Should I just socket Diamonds instead of Emeralds and try and move faster? Or are there some tricks that I'm unaware of? Thanks!Pja23 4h
8h Imaple S6 question So at the moment I am running Imaple - lightning. since I have a decent amulet. I don't get a good consensus from all of the guides I review so I was wondering if someone could help me out here. How much of the stats do I want to get on my armor for the different bonuses? how much Area Damage? how much Increased Attack Speed? how much Average Damage? I'm just trying to get an idea of how much of each stat I want to get. It seems that first and foremost that I should try to max CHC and CHD for higher grifting then get the other stats when available. Could someone take a look and determine if my amulet is adequate or would i be better getting a perfect CHD roll with dexterity. I figured that the 18% more lightning damage was better than missing the 13% CHD even without a perfect CHD roll with dexterity but I dont know. Here is my build at the moment. To recap - I'm still in the process of replacing my helm and other pieces for more ideal stats. Just curious about the how much of the bonus stats I should aim for. and if my amulet is better off being 10% CHC and 100% CHD or if the lightning and how it is, is better.TKRETT2 8h
10h Stuck at GR85 Can somebody relatively knowledgeable, take a look at my gear? I'm paragon 811, and I'm stuck on GR 85. I'm still trying to get a few needed ancients, but I'm looking for some feedback on what to focus on, and maybe what pieces I should consider augmenting. I'm 100% solo, so needed gear drops are getting rare. I just joined a clan in hopes of running with some pals to improve some drop chances.Tarzan234 10h
12h Anyone have an updated build for UE? With yangs recurve? The builds in the sticky are 2 years old. Thanks!GoosePants8 12h
18h What can we do with Spike Trap? I am still a bit puzzled as to what Spike Trap can be used for in what build. The biggest issues with the revamp is that it has no formal set support and has a long cooldown. As we all know, there are only 5 overall set options DH can use in any damage-oriented endgame build: Natalya's, Shadow, Marauder, Unhallowed, and Legacy of Nightmares. The Unhallowed Essence and Marauder sets do not provide any meaningful bonus to Spike Trap, so those are clearly not an option. This leaves us with 3 sets: Shadow set, Natalya's set, and LoN. Natalya's set has the smallest multiplier of these 3 options and revolves around Rain of Vengeance which is not a spender nor generator and thus cannot be used to "trigger" the explosions. The common Strafe setup would constantly detonate any traps but the damage would be very much weaker than the Crashing Rain proc. The Shadow set has a great 1200% damage bonus provided a melee weapon is used, but then the Spike Trap options of Demon's Demise or Chanon Bolter are lost (since Dawn in cube is pretty much required for any viable build these days). I don't think this set would work well either. That leaves us with LoN, which I think is the best option DH has to use Spike Traps but is the build strong enough? I think the problem lies in the fact that due to the cooldown of the traps, we must also have a different spending option, which defocuses the build. By defocusing, I mean one has to use the Trag'oul Coils and Demon's Demise or Chanon Bolter items to further benefit Spike Trap which then means those slots are taken (i.e. no Wraps of Clarity and no specialized weapon such as Yang's, Manticore, etc.). Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be any good way to deal with the 10 second cooldown of the skill. It takes CDR on nearly every possible slot to reach above 50%, and even then, a 5 second cooldown is still too slow for a rearming time; thus another high-damage skill must be included in the mix (so that Spike Trap takes a supporting character role instead of the central one). If the damage was on par with a 30-stack Fan of Knives, then I would agree that it would have a nice role in higher-end content but unfortunately, it falls far behind that. Does anyone else have comments/ideas regarding this underused skill? TL;DR I would like to explore this skill's options more but I don't know what to do with it.Iria7 18h
2d Anyone who owns the original primal As someone who owns the original primal yang b4 blizzard decided to toss In new yangs with ms buff, why is there no option for people who own the original primal yang to upgrade there weapons with MS buff? I spent months farming the original primal yang only to be screwed over by blizzard. This is just unfair. Why aren't people who already have the original primal yang given the option to upgrade to the ones with ms buff? This is just slap in the face of people who worked their arses off last year to get the original one. My original primal yang is literally rotting in my stash because of the lack of MS buff on it thanks to blizzard. I just don't get why blizz didn't just update all our existing primal yangs by just adding the new MS buff on it? Instead of tossing in new yangs into the game which in my opinion is a slap in the face to people who got the primal yangs before the patch that changed it.TyroneBigums6 2d
4d Amulet, which stat to reroll for socket? The stats on this ammy look pretty good, I'm just missing a socket. 93-190 Damage 19% Physical Damage 998 Dexterity 9% Critical Hit Chance Which of these 4 would you reroll to add a socket for legendary gem? I'm running Multishot build on P127.Strivers6 4d
4d Yang Recurve - reroll or upgrade? Yang Recurve I upgraded a rare through Kanai and got this one my 2nd try: 2390 Dmg 990-1273 Cold Damage 6% Damage 640 Dexteiry 648 Vitality 178% Multishot increase +9 Discipline 41% Reduce resource costs I'm going Multishot build and the weapon alone has helped me increase 6 greater rifts. I'm currently P127 and can do GR30. But I see a lot of problems with the stats, plus it's not an Ancient. Whats your advice in terms of making this weapon better. Should I start over and get a new one, if so, do I use Kanai's options of upgrading a new rare, or rerolling the entire legendary? Or should I reroll a specific stat first? Note I also have (1) Ramalandi's Gift to add a socket but I'm saving it til I'm sure.Strivers3 4d
4d M6 grenades I really wanna know if you push with marauder 6 sets with Hellcat Waistguard belt. Where does the most damage come from? does it come from cluster arrow or grenades? I mean you most likely would roll 15% cluster arrow damage from ur helm boots and quiver right? and most ppl would roll defensive stats in your belt and pants, but I mean if you roll 15% grenades damage on these 2 pieces, will that boost your damage? or should just roll defensive stats?......Sally2 4d
5d First primal, UE Gloves, what to reroll? So I'm running the UE MS speedbuild (and will probably use it for gr pushing aswell) and I just got the primal ancient gloves. I have no idea what to reroll on these stats: 1000 dex 1000 vit 100% crit 100% critdamage Do I keep the vit, or reroll it to area damage or cooldown reduction?Maul11 5d
5d Ancient Yang's Reroll. Hello guys, i just got a decent ancient yang's. Stats are 1492-1810 fire dmg +10% dmg +947 dex +835 vit rcr 49% +12 max disc and MS dmg increased by 200% What should i reroll? Already got enough cdr for perma veg. Thanks in advance!Adirerael3 5d
5d Haven't played since 2015 I played quite a bit of D3 from original launch up until 2015, then stopped due to other commitments. I'm sure there have been quite a few changes since then. Thinking of buying the new Nintendo Switch version to give it a go again since my kids already own a Switch. May be having back surgery so am looking for a time suck while I heal for a few months. Wondering if there is enough new content for me to buy game again and roll a new character from scratch. Probably won't have a whole lot of time after my back heals to continue playing but thought it would be fun to play for a few dedicated months. My other choice for the Switch is Dark Souls Remastered which I've never played before. Any thoughts?Oceanminded7 5d
6d GR90+ Question Sup guys, I haven't played since last year and had a question, I am NS currently and I pushed gr90 last year but can't go higher, I am wondering if it's because of the 4-5 pieces that are not "ancients" that I have equipped. I do have ancients but they are just bad stats that's why I didn't equip them. What do I need to go higher than 90? Any improvements to the gear?TyroneBigums5 6d
Nov 5 M6 Can someone tell me how this makes sense? Going to start off by saying, I don't know how the damage is calculated specifically, so I am going to make an assumption here (of the lowest possibility). I'm just confused by blizzard math here. Assuming the quiver is additive to the 4 piece bonus, that's 500% sentry damage. So a plain sentry should do 1,680% damage. Then with 5 active sentries, that is 15,000% damage. We will also assume that the damage that the sentry does with multishot is equal to multishot damage (this makes sense and doesn't at the same time). We will take Full Broadside. So, each sentry does 151*500% damage with multishot. Add in the two 200% bonuses to multishot. This is 679,500% damage multishot from each sentry. Let's take UI with 90 disc. So, 9,000% * 1.6 (4 piece) * 3 * 3 (quiver and bow) and of course using broadside. The damage comes out to 652,500%. Each sentry, including yourself, should do more damage than that. Yet you have 6 multishots going at once and it is basically the same as using UI. Based on the math, you should be killing over 6x faster assuming the lowest possible damage based on the writing.Arcterious5 Nov 5
Nov 5 which strongarm is better? which strongarm is better? 6% crit & 20% knockback or 5% crit & 29% knockback rest of the stats are similar.Armisal2 Nov 5
Nov 2 My thoughts on new Yang's and Dead Man's Well, as the season comes to an end I have to say I both like and dislike the new UE bow and quiver. While I like the damage, I do not like the fact that you can no longer reroll the extra MS damage on either now. As hard as it is to get an ancient legendary, a 50% spread on damage is just too much. I've seen plenty of ancients so far, but almost always rolls in the 150 to 175 range for damage. And when it does roll good damage, it inevitably rolls two crap stats and/or no discipline. It almost makes it mandatory to roll a primal for these slots. Good luck on being that lucky. If I'm missing something, other then bounties till your eyes bleed and thanks.... then let me know. The bounty route may be ok for botters, but I have no inclinations to do that.TheDerfman19 Nov 2
Nov 2 Trying Shadow impale need advice. Ok I've been a long time fan of UE Multishot , I've decided to expand a bit because I want to be able to complete up to 100 gr or higher. I've collected the pieces for shadow impale and trying it out, I watched a Rhykker video but not sure I am understanding this correctly. I am having some trouble clearing a GR 80 which I think this set should do well with, perhaps I am missing some key things on gear? If anyone can look at my profile/gear on my seasonal character and give some tips on what I can do to improve gear if anything? I know gems aren't right but I am working on leveling up my Gogok so thats why I'm running with Striken at the present time. Edit: been following this build here Nov 2
Nov 2 New to N6M4 Kinda new to N6M4. It's a more awkward and slower build than I'm used to, but I have 3 primals for it, so the game is basically ordering me to play it. Does bonus to Cluster Arrow damage do anything, or is that a wasted stat since your sentries do the damage? Below is the gear I have. Obviously have to level that Enforcer. The good one is on my Inarius Necro. Also have to augment as well. All my augments are on UE pieces RN. Nov 2
Nov 1 Seasonal, T10 under 6 min Could anyone help me beat a nef rift T10 in under 6 min.. I just can not seem to find the Elites fast enough.. and I am not a real good player.. :(taglag5 Nov 1
Nov 1 What all items can we roll +Max Discipline on Can't seem to google anything from 2.3 on to see what items can roll it.PKHustle25 Nov 1
Nov 1 2.6.1 (updated) DH DPS Calculator 07/05/2018: Updated for 2.6.1 (to include API changes that previously broke the tool). See my latest post for details. Apparently there is a 25 page limit to forum posts, so I renamed the old post as "archived," and created this new thread. The old one can be found here: 8/26/15 Updated for some of the 2.3 changes. You can check my open issue list on github for more info. Here's a link to the calculator: I started this project a few months ago when I made my first M6 DH. Then I found the existing calculator ( but I had a few ideas of my own (e.g., import profile, show all the underlying calculations). I've already received a number of additional suggestions from the reddit community which I will be incorporating into the tool over time. Here's a link to the reddit thread where I keep the "to-do list" and change log up to date: Update 10/12: I'll write up a more in-depth description of how to use the calculator and put it on the site some time this week. In the mean time, here is a short how-to: 1. Select your Realm and enter your battle tag. 2. Click "Get Hero List" to retrieve the list of Demon Hunters on your account 3. Select your hero from the down and select "Import" This will load all of your items and skills. After importing, the calculator will run a simulation to determine how much damage your character does under a specific scenario (see the box labeled "Situational"). Note: the API does not provide access to paragon points (except dexterity which can be calculated), so you will have to enter them manually. If you do this after hitting "Import" simply click "Simulate" to re-run the simulation. If you do this before hitting "Import" then they are already included in the simulation. Under "Damage Log" you will see each attack your hero makes along with the calculations for each. Click the "Legend" button for an explanation of the various fields used in the calculations. Under "Stat Calculator" you can see the effect of increasing or decreasing a particular stat. Under "Compare Builds" you can store up to three builds to see the difference in damage for each. Under "DPS/Break Point Calculator" you can see where you are with respect to breakpoints (along with how much you need for the next BP or how much extra IAS you have for the current BP). Most fields have a mouse-over tooltip that explains what it means.Dawg6319 Nov 1
Nov 1 Season 15 - UE - Solo Rifting Been gone since season 7 and it is nice to see a lot of the same names still around. I enjoy reading up on the all the information and trying to remember the finer points. A small group of friends started playing again to absorb all the quality of life changes and gear adjustments over the missed seasons and we've been having a lot of fun! I wanted to make a short topic just sharing my personal opinions on slightly non-meta setups for pushing. I'll preface this with the following statement. I think that Diablo 3 at the high end of rifting ends up being a balance between "FEEL" and "MATH". I love all the calculations and I absolutely try to incorporate every optimization I can into my build - but I also feel that we miss out on things that just FEEL better even though on paper they don't seem that good. In an effort to keep the scope of my post down I will discuss 3 FEELS that I think get overlooked. 1. Single Out - I realize DiEoxidE put a post up with a lot of details and proof for his claim. I read through it nodding along and enjoyed seeing some backup to what I've felt for a long time. This passive is AMAZING. In actual game play you will gain more time from this passive than any other - especially with arsenal. Due to the way packs wither away and you often get stuck with a single annoying blue/yellow or just a high value enemy that escaped your aoe single out gets used more than you might think. In actual game play (for higher rifts) I cannot replace this ability. 2. Area Damage - I have seen comments about how area damage is not ideal for us, but I strongly disagree. On paper it is questionable for sure, but the way a battle often starts is with a clump around a yellow or blues. This area damage really helps chew through the top 40%. When the little guys disappear and you have the big guy left, single out is ready to go and you are at your 60% threshold. I'm definitely aware of the opportunity cost of that area damage, but it just FEELS stronger than having more VIT/RRC/CDR. Nobody argues against it on rings for dex but I'd say quiver gloves shoulders and weapon should have it as well. Hard to get - but well worth it. 3. Smoke Screen Displacement over Vault Tumble - I've used both, a lot. I've played full seasons with tumble or trail. For me, smoke screen performs SO MUCH BETTER. This is another one of those FEEL moments where I can move around the battle field and setup more easily. Fire proc is coming, I hit my last primary shot during cold - fire my first spender while still on cold, get ready for max throughput as I hit wolf/vengeance (on cold) ANDDDDDDDD a succubus shot comes toward me. I hit smoke screen and take nothing -never losing even a quarter second to vault. Happens ALL THE TIME. Our convention timings are everything and I don't miss mine ever because of smoke screen. The displacement rune lets me simulate vault. It is slower but not by much. You can also get trapped but it is rare. Mastery of smoke screen will let you run through explosions while picking up orbs - stay in electrical storms or poison pools - even avoiding the freeze portion of cold explosions at the last second. I find that smoke screen allows us to max damage much better. Bonus Feel - Really high CDR doesn't improve my performance. An extra two seconds on vengeance just doesn't seem to do that much. I realize the comfort of having it up perma (for the DR and damage boost) but in practice I like diamond in helm and (1) 8% source somewhere. (2) isn't terrible but anything beyond that seems like a poor trade for area damage/resource or even vit. I started the season late and for context there are 7 multishot guys above me on the charts so I've got a ways to go - my gear is far from what I want it to be so don't use that against me. Anyways, just thought I'd share my opinions! TLDR - Single Out, Area Damage, Smoke Screen are undervalued. CDR is overvalued.Tredvolt1 Nov 1
Oct 31 which bow to use? I've already added a Ramaladni's Gift to the one I'm using. I'm wondering which stat to change out on the one I think could be better. One I'm using has: 1556-1908 fire 6% damage 975 dex attack speed 5% One I'm considering: 1386-1697 poison 6% damage 826 dex Do I change out the range damage 1386-1697 or do I change out the 6% damage to get a better weapon? If 6% damage, then crit chance?Arkista9 Oct 31
Oct 31 UE6: Ambush vs Single Out Analysis w/ vids. Not your usual comparison in terms of passive picks with UE. For the longest we've put Ambush in a must have category with DML as the idea has always been "get to the DML proc as fast as we can", but how much is it actually doing for us? My focus throughout will be on UE fire as I believe this is the rune in which ambush has the least amount of value and also the most popular rune to the masses. Mathematically, it's not a strong passive. Won't copy/paste all of the math, but you can find some discussion with math in the recent s6 thread at the end. Now lets talk about what's actually happening in battle. Common scenarios are the following: 1. Base MS from arsenal is weak. It's well known that Ambush favors "heavy hitting" power and base MS is far from that. With that said, rockets are where your power is at and they're busy targeting everything but the elites within the pack of trash involved. This means it's rare that rockets are "procing" ambush on elites, thus the majority of your rocket ambush proc is being wasted on trash while your base MS is the one struggling to deal some decent damage above the 75% threshold, and that's not good. 2. Due to scenario 1, you end up with surrounding trash dead with elites remaining. At this time, the remaining elites are under 75% health. Now you have a passive that isn't active during a time period where your rockets can actually hit the elites. You are then forced to drag them with you, to repeat scenario 1 or possibly skip them all together. So why Single Out instead? Easy. It's the "finisher" we never had. - UE MS in general struggles with elites. We've never had a problem clearing trash. Single Out fills this void in which once the surrounding trash is dead, the elites will "unfortunately" be too far apart for AD, but will allow for Single Out, rockets and DML proc to quickly mop up what's left. Fortunately, that mop up is pretty huge progression which is important. It gives us that extra boost in power.....when we actually need it. - Single Out is significantly stronger than Ambush on RG's. Not even a comparison here. With Single Out slotted, you also open up opportunities of slotting Botp for more "during the rift" damage instead of stricken for those that prefer it. Single Out is no stricken by any means on RG, but it's no slouch either. I've recorded 3 back to back videos of under 5 min GR 100's to actually show the above scenarios in action as much as I could. Chose to do 3 so there would be no cherry picking the best rift/mobs etc. Absolutely terrible rift overall and mediocre play on my end Probably the best rift of all the vids. Good displays of said scenarios. Strange rift. Speed pylon was fun. P.S. Ambush has more value with physical UE because it does it's full damage to everything in the area, thus elites within the trash ball always get the ambush proc at full value of the rune.DiEoxidE33 Oct 31
Oct 30 focus/restraint or Stone of Jordan/unity So all the UE multishot builds are suggesting Focus and Restraint but wouldn't a Stone of Jordan with max disc be better? I mean Focus/Restraint is additional 125% damage when both buffs are up but a Stone of Jordan with +10 max disc = 400% to multishot and frees me up to wear a Unity with my follower (equiped with immortal tolken) and cut my incoming damage in half on top of that.Ghoffman18 Oct 30
Oct 30 Natadeur Build Hey Folks. Going to start pushing the Natadeur build. Any recommendations judging my profile? My thoughts are to increase Area Damage. Also curious if anyone has non-gear comments, thanks in advance.Ghostpos13 Oct 30
Oct 29 Hollowed Essence - Stuck at GR 90 - Why? I have over 3M DPS and other great stats but just can't push any higher. Is my build wrong even with high stats or I just not play it right. Hopefully someone can have a look and let me know. I can do GR78 in under 5 minutes but can't get past GR 90 - takes just too long to kill elites etc.CanadaGuyEh13 Oct 29
Oct 28 Natalya's set Dungeon.. ? First time I ever tried to do a season, am very new to The expansion pack. I have finished everything up to Natalya's set dungeon, and I just do not seem to have the gear to keep Vengeance up for 90 sec. What gear do I need to hope for, and find to some how do this. I have tried following some of the Vid, and icy vien's stuff, but don't have the gear they mention or not all of it. I am hoping you can look at my junky seasonal character, and maybe help me out on this. I have dawn, and right now am using dawn stat in the kania Cube. But I do have a dawn in my inventory also. Sorry I am very new, and know very little, but would like to find a way to complete this dungeon, if possible. I just started this character about 5 day's ago, and I guess the season is close to ending, ( have had not help, as far as power leveling, Did it all solo). All was good, and fun until this set dungeon..LOLtaglag20 Oct 28
Oct 27 Stuck on GR20 Stuck on GR20 and can't get let armor pieces. Can't kill enemies fast enough to beat timer. I get killed by purple spinning lasers and green junk on floor.bradhig73 Oct 27
Oct 27 Ancient Yang, what to reroll? So I just got this Yang's: 2.999 dps 1391-1693 cold damage 6% damage 980 dex 910 vit reduces all resource costs by 44% secondary 9 discipline Multishot attacks 50% faster and its damage is increased by 193% Overall a pretty decent bow. I will ofcourse socket it once I find a gift. But what would give me the better boost: Trying to roll 10% damage or try to get a better base damage? Or maybe just do vit to cooldown reduction?Maul7 Oct 27
Oct 27 Reroll help on Bombadier's Rucksack I don't want to screw up this reroll. From what I can read, VIT to Area Damage? Just want to have some peeps' input on it. Build is standard Natalya/Marauder set from Icy Veins. Thanks for the help. Tried to ask on DH Reddit. That place is quiet. Didn't get a response.vRaf1 Oct 27
Oct 25 Primal KP reroll advice needed I got a primal Karlei's Point recently in season. Haven't played Shadow for a long time, reroll advice is welcome. The details as shown in the picture: The %Bleed sound good for Pain Enhancer. Shall I keep it? As I likely stick to UE in season, this KP will be left to non-season. VIT is not a concern as I can assign paragon points to VIT. Shall I keep %Bleed and roll VIT to +10%damage? Any other advice? e.g. roll 2nd stat (Chance to Slow) to Life per Kill?Maskraider17 Oct 25
Oct 23 UE + Gunes + Cindercoat Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this build, or advice to improve it. UE 5 (6 piece bonus with cubed Grandeur ring), equipped Gunes helm for defense (along with cubed Dawn), and Cindercoat in cube for 30 hatred savings on multi-shot arsenal. With Vengeance up, 262 million defense after a vault for 8 seconds. It plays tanky enough and almost never run out of hatred. For rings CoE and Elusive, good offense and defense. Got lucky on hellfire amulet and got Steady Aim passive. 33.5 cooldown reduction on gear allows Vengeance to be always up, barely. Any thoughts on this build? I can do GR80 without much problems but dps isn't high enough yet to go further. It's around 1,650,000 displayed. I used some 50ish gems to get more dex, I'll redo them later.Shuksan36 Oct 23
Oct 22 YANG +22%DMG BUT -35%MS BONUS. WORTH? Got a Yang's that gives me roughly 22% bonus damage, but the multishot passive is 35% less than what I currently have. Don't really know the math in D3, so is it worth?Vandervolk2 Oct 22
Oct 22 New build, items and effects questions. so i got this new build i have been trying to put together for fun, still got other items i wanna switch out and in, but this is the version i'm trying out right now my question is, will the fist in the cube also affect the sentries? my second question is, will my sentries also affect my belt for better surviveability? I know a lot will probably say use this and that instead on other items, but for now i wanna try my own way, so please hold back and just awnser the questions i asked :D Thanks in advance.Dezmo6 Oct 22
Oct 18 Strafe Stinging Steel This particular Skill+Rune variant clearly states: ... Yet why cant we use a dagger with Strafe Stinging Steel?Astig1 Oct 18
Oct 18 N6M4 Fire vs cold So I'm a little curious why just about every DH is running the fire variant of N6M4 on EU server. I heard last season the frostburn's was bugged to give 40% cold damage instead of the 20% advertised. Not sure if this was true or if it is fixed now which could be why people have changed. Did I miss something or have people just got bored of the one and gone to the other?ScaryTurtle17 Oct 18
Oct 15 DH Danetta's Revenge/Spite & dual-wield build When are they going to buff/ redesign Danettas? I've been using them only for speed bounties since 2.0, ain't much for end-game. and there aren't any dual wield hand-cross bows build for DH at this moment, (Natalya doesn't count) tho DH can dual wield, there is not benefit greater or equivalent to have quiver as off-hand. p.s. please also introduce Crusader's Set weapon too.Jonathan5 Oct 15
Oct 14 M6 Multishot What am I looking for gear wise? What are my priorities? Sentry damage or Multishot damage?PhearBunny14 Oct 14
Oct 14 quiver question I have a wojahnni assaulter but I do not know how to use it with which set etc. Also Augustine Panacea same question. Should I cube them? My guess is Augustine with maraudeur...Lidrach1 Oct 14
Oct 14 My Demon Hunter can equip Greatswords I was doing my Gr Blood shard farming when i finished Gr other mobs automaticaly respawned and didn't atack me , i killed them and again they respawned so i left the Gr and i looked in my inv that i got a loot that was supposed to be for barbarian , and i was doing private game, so that was strange, but the stranger thing was that i could actually equpi it then i relogin in to the diablo3 and again i still can equip greatswords blizzard pls fix this bug , i mean i know i cant do anything with greatsword bicase im Demon Hunter i cant eaven basic atacking so yea just a little bug to fix blizzard.zeljo0 Oct 14
Oct 14 Discussion about DH defence Let's put some focus on Demon hunter survivability and additional items, how they can be improved and how it can change the overall playtyle of DHs. The DH has been a strong full dps character which utilize avoidance instead of defence, but as the game changed, the focus has been moved to having a bare minimum of defence and complete damage reduction skills + passives. The reason now that DHs have had a low toughness is the choices given to use a high risk build over a stable balanced build. While having a high risk build will give you enough damage to push forward, a stable build wont push high, but rather make the general playstyle easier and less tedious. For a DH, the usual defencive reduction would be Wraps of clarity (35%), which is virtually on every DH since they have no skill boosting bracers. Dawn either cubed or in offhand for the upkeep on Vengance (50% with dark heart rune, possibly cubed Visage of Gunes), which has become the new go-to item for every DH because they can't use a Furnace, and Vengance gives a lot more boost in damage and defence. And the set bonus or the additional item like Zoey's secret which works in synergy with Marauders set (roughly 60% depending on set, 35% with Shadow's set). This nets a fairly good amount of DR, but as well all know, DH is still the squishiest character out there. The reason behind it is that the DH is locked when it comes to stat choices, meaning that they will choose a offecive stat over a defencive stat on almost every piece. In general, it's very uncommon to see a DH passing the 800k hp line, and the 800 all resi line. DHs will most likely put more points into ASP,CRD,CRC and DEX, and with the need to have Vengance up at all time 36ish % in CDR. This doesn't give a lot of room to put points into defencive stats, and eventually makes the DH weak, even though they have 3 DR items. With this they do have a strong fourth item, namely Elusive ring. Elusive ring is brilliant, it gives the last need DR to counter the low hp,resi lifestyle. And it's connected to a defencive skill which is used by virtually every DH, giving whooping 60% DR. But while the item doesn't have flaws, it does have issues in gear synergy. DH's are prone to use F&R in every build, and while giving a good damage boost, it hurts the builds by taking up two ring slots. The thing is that DHs use CoE to be viable, and being a mobile class, they cant effectivly use Endless walk set to free up a ring slot. So the way I see it is to either mix around with the rings and amulets or the DH itself. A few ideas on how to solve it: 1. Change Elusive ring into an amulet, taking up the slot that Hellfire amulet is currently doing. This would allow for the main damage items and Elusive ring(amulet) to co-exist. Granting the power to take a hit or two, while still keeping the demand to be mobile and move around a lot. 2. Change CoE passive to be put on a amulet aswell, capping it at only being able to have on passive running at the same time, but you can use either the amulet or the ring, freeing up whatever slot you need the most. This change would work for other builds and classes the use F&R combo, and would work in favor of everyone. 3. Raise the overall damage of Demon hunter, but at the same time lock the items to more defencive stats, so a requirement for high offencive stats is lowered. There are probably more ideas into how the class can be improved defencivly, and while these changes wouldn't make the DH into an immortal tank, it can give them the power to survive minor attacks and boss affixes (arrows, vortex, poison ground). It should still promote avoidance, but there are a lot of damage that can not be avoided, and needs to be mitigated, and that's the damage that I want to prevent a bit. To add to this, I dont play DH myself, but I have a lot of friends playing them, so much of this is focused on their complaints and feedback on the class. Comment and discuss on this. What are your thoughts on DH defence?Rashiel4 Oct 14
Oct 13 Primal Ancient Yang's Recurve just dropped. This was the guy: Oct 13
Oct 13 shadow impale set dungeon I just want to check with you people with this build for the set dungeon. my hatred is always too low. I don't understand this set dungeon... Oct 13
Oct 13 DH world record? Hi guys, what is world record for DH builds? Any videos of the clear? Basically looking for a DH solo build tier list similar to the barb forum. barb highest clear vid collections: barb top 5 solo builds: My DH knowledge is strictly UE MS these days. Last time I played something else was pre seasons auto sentry days :P Looking to get back to DH sometime.celtic0821 Oct 13
Oct 12 Wich DH set is the Meta? for this season wich set is the meta? i got the multi shot.Razaghal1 Oct 12
Oct 12 Primal Dead Man Legacy roll? Hello guys, im pretty new to the game playing UE multishot dh and i've got my first primal today. As far as i know i should reroll elemental arrow dmg to MS % right? Sorry for the stupid question, but i dont want to mess things up, thanks. Oct 12