Demon Hunter

Aug 19 Question on hellfire amulet Actually what is better 20 fire dmg crit dmg 90 crit chance 9.5 awareness passive or Ancient 908 dex crit hit dmg 100 crit chance 9.5 cull of weak passiveInvictadeus13 Aug 19
Aug 19 Augustine's with Meticulous Bolts Anyone tried wearing Krider with UE, wearing legecy item Meticulous Bolts and cubing Augustine's Panacea? Wondering if the bonuses stack and make lightning balls practically stand still.Shooter5 Aug 19
Aug 19 Questions So, I'm running a strafe farming build and have a couple questions. 1) What's the main stats I should be focusing on as far as my gear goes. 2) Currently running k-mar tenclip(drifting shadow rune) and Dawn (vengeance CD) on cube. Wondering what other crossbow I should use. Calamity (applies marked for death) with MFD runed for grim reaper or enemy. or Valla's Bequest (strafe shot pierce) with companion - bat to provide more hatred when needed. I'm good with either one, but wondering which is the best to use. 3) Should I even bother with vengeance which includes Dawn on cube, or should I do something else. 4) Is strafe going to get anywhere near what multi-shot speed farm build can do? I'm hoping it's at least somewhat comparable because it's really fun.HELLBOUNDMAN2 Aug 19
Aug 19 Back from a 2 years 1/2 + leave. Hello fellow DHs, I'm back from a 2 1/2 year + leave and I've read about the new stuff. Back then, I had very good gear for a Sentry DH. Looks like time have changed tho! :) So, I got my hand on a Dawn and Visage of Gune for the Cube thing. No Ring yet. Got a few pieces of UE set as well but not full set yet. Got my 2 green rings (Restraint and Focus) and i'm still looking for a socket on each. Looks like RNG is not giving a f*** about the sockets :) I'm solo-farming T8 at the moment. Not too hard, and not too easy. I'm still looking for a Yang's. Should I use the Cube trick or keep looking for a drop ? Farming Ancient items right now! :) Plenty of work !DoomGuarD6 Aug 19
Aug 19 ancient hellfire ammy 93-185 damage 979 dex 99% Crit Damage (rolled) Ballistics passive Should I augment or should I keep crafting more until I can get Crit hit/Crit Dam/Dex?Ghoffman5 Aug 19
Aug 19 Ue set dungeon question Can you shoot the same mobs and get credit for more than 1 20 shot hit with multishotDeadfront15 Aug 19
Aug 19 calamity in 2.4.2 question about the calamity .... I have been a big dh player , but for the last 2 season +/- I didn't played dh that much (still the dh is the one with the most hours played :) calamity now only affect one enemy ..... am I crazy , or in the past it was affecting EVERY enemy it useless now , because a) 1 enemy , can we get a 50% like furnace then ?? and b) its impossible to leave it on the enemy you want...everytime you attack it change target... so , am I crazy (well I know I am but am I even crazier then I taught @@)...did the calamity affected every enemy in past patch !! thanks for reading! edit : even if they gave 50% like the furnace.... if you have 3 elites furnace buff apply on all 3 elites at the same time :/Soyeux5 Aug 19
Aug 18 Best group Build for pushing Im searching for the best group build to push with dh as DPS. Yes, i know, noone uses dh in 4mans (not even support anymore...). But i like playing dh and id like to push with friends, or join some publics with the best build possible. If you HAD to use a dps DH in your 4man, what build would you use? Imho UE while having a large radius of aoe, does not really shine in group setups. You dont really have a focused AOE and you dont benefit from any usual buffs, as you dont want to stand in the middle of the fight. What else we got? - M6 clusterarrow? With loaded for Bear for maximum concentrated AOE? - The new N6/M4 hybrid? - any of those FOK builds? - S6? And if any of those builds is superior to UE in a group setting for pushing, what would you think is the difference in grifts approximatly? Because i probably will only infuse one set of armor this season and if the best group setup is only about 2-3 rift levels better than what you could do with UE, id call it a day and infuse UE, as thats the set i prefere while solo playing anyway.Matho14 Aug 18
Aug 18 Demon Hunter Tanks, help! Just started seasonal two nights ago and have found that this season, for fun, I want to play completely melee (or mostly). I went with the old school grenade spam build but instead I am trying a bolas/chakram/spike trap. The damage on three spike traps is insane with 4 pc shadow mantle set. Problem is, what main hand can I use that has good synergy with a cold/freeze build that is also melee? Currently using butchers sickle 's it is the best I have and a shield of westmarch. It's nothing special, but I cleared a gr35 without a follower and some crap gear so that's pretty neat. Im hoping to push 60 with he right set up. I have nothing in my cube as of now. Any advice on what to look for for a melee cold tank build?anurok5 Aug 18
Aug 18 M4 Sentries and EA quiver Augustine's Panacea Hi everyone, I did some quick tests to see if this issue (!Bug) still exists after the patch 2.42 hits, unfortunately M4 Sentries still won't benefit the 1+250% multipliers when using Immolation Arrow and Nether Tentacles rune. However, M4 Sentries does get the AP's multiplier for Frost Arrows and Lightning Bolts rune. Below is some damage numbers observed: ... As now, it seems that M4 Sentries still won't benefit Augustine's Panacea quiver's effect (damage multiplier) when using Immolation Arrows or Nether Tentacles rune. Related threads: (2016/04/27) Related bug reports: (2016/04/28) Aug 18
Aug 18 S2/M2 build question Hey guys I just made this toon haven't augment anything yet but I have some question I need help on my SetOne toon, also I was wondering isn't visage of gunes be better than Garwulf in regards to toughness? I don't know the reason why the top players uses Garwulf and what is more important area damage or fan of knives? Thanks in advanceGardz5171 Aug 18
Aug 18 MAKE NATS GREAT AGAIN We've tried the various builds with UE and M6. The only group viable build i see with UE is slow ball but until they add elemental arrow damage onto a legendary, slow ball simply won't do high enough damage. Marauders is too dependant on cooldown but also needs AD somewhere in there. Nats needs to be redesigned or buffed because no other build can potentially stack damage like nats can.Sprinkles3 Aug 18
Aug 18 Are diamonds better So I am new to DH and finally having fun again. I was looking at the LBs and noticed that none of the players use diamonds for allresist. Dumb question, but why?Greg8 Aug 18
Aug 18 my DML, missing affix? Answered. Ignore this and my embarassment. How can I delete a post? haha -- Please take a look at the Dead Man's Legacy on Character: Baratheon (non-season DH) For the longest time, I thought my quiver was so bad@!@#, even though the "hits twice" affix isn't the greatest at 54%. But then I've been looking around at other people's DML, and it appears I'm missing an affix. I have dex, vit, attack speed, and chc. Then Multishot dmg and Caldessans. But apparently I should have had another affix, which most players choose as cdr. Did I get hosed? Did DML get another affix in the last 2 patches? (This one is probably 6-12 months old). I thought I had that gear slot locked down with my BiS but I guess not.. sigh..Agamemnicon1 Aug 18
Aug 17 Polar stat, Iceblink or Thrill? Hey I'm gearing up a M6 Cluster/Maelstrom champ. I have a simple(or not so) question What is the most efficient item to proc Cull/Trapped. Iceblink - takes up a slot on your rings, but gives you another damage passive + 10% chc, and can use Guardian turret Thrill - Very efficient on slowing everything, but takes up a passive. Also can use Guardian turret. Polar station - Takes up neighter, but very limited AOE What would you use?HubbaSnubba3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Reroll Dead Man's Legacy Please advise on what to reroll on this ancient DML: 901 dexterity 987 vitality 15% attack speed 9.5% criticial hit chance 7% cooldown reduction 75% increased multishot damage 9 disciplineMeltdown5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Ancient' Yang's.....Where Are You I have never been more frustrated than I am this season in getting an ancient weapon. I have reforged a normal yang's 14 times ancient. I have seen at least 10 from upgrading rares. I have seen 6 or 7 drop at least. This is so incredibly frustrating already....anyone else have luck as good as mine this season? :)CaladynusOD33 Aug 17
Aug 17 Zei's alternative is Zei's really better to use than other gems while soloing? I find it hard to keep 50 yards distance when doing solo GRs. Trying to get templar to CC for me but at that distance he seems to just run back to my side and stand there. Would I be better replacing it with something like Pain Enhancer?Ghoffman5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Can't get past 65 Solo :( WHAT AM I DOING WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGShifted12 Aug 17
Aug 17 Perdition hi, can we bloody remove this god forsaken boss already!? there's nothing worse than going for your personal best with record time, then having the boss spawn, and realizing it's this son of a !@#$% i've tried everything possible, stand in melee, vault/run all over the place, but that damned teleport is too punishing considering how unavoidable it is it's practically night and day between this guy and ALL the rest that is all thanks for readingtimoseewho20 Aug 17
Aug 17 I've been out of the Loop for a while Hi Demon Hunters, Now that I've gotten my seasonal stash (with a barb, not that it matters), I'm going back to my nonseasonal first love - the demon hunter. And I'm completely clueless about the relative power levels of the sets. UE seems very very easy and powerful and it's the set I've got the most experience and ancient pieces on, but is it the best for pushing the highest solo GRS? Is it the best for farming T13/GR60s-GR65s? ("best" to me means like speed + ease to play). I have absolutely no clue. Some more context: I'm a hardcore player. I remember a time where people preferred marauder because it was a bit safer for pushing GRs, is that still true if you want to push the limits? Is there some Strafe build (maybe nats, or legacy of nightmares) that is even better than UE at farming T13'ish range stuff? Maybe a better question is - will I benefit significantly - like 5 GRS higher, or like much quicker farming - by switching to another build than UE? Sometimes the set makes a big difference like with barbarians the wastes set is truly garbage compared to everything else.Snuggleform1 Aug 17
Aug 16 Yang re-roll advice stats 3,187 1418-1763 Cold Damage 10% Damage 832 Dexterity 987 Vitality Reduce all resource cost by 46% 4.9% chance to slow on hit Socket Newbie to DH, I'm running Unhallowed Essence set so I'm lacking discipline roll on bow so I'm guessing that's the best choice, any advice would be appreciated though.Nefarious2 Aug 16
Aug 16 Seasonal DH advice please Hi all, I am feeling very T9ish with my setup and am looking to grow. I know one thing I can do is roll the yang's socket to Disc. and use my gift. Just looking for pointers to get things rolling. I know I need hellfire amulet. And I have 3 focus and no restraint. Hey, can I reroll a focus into a restraint? I bet I can... I also need to get some bounty runs going as I know my cube is laughable... So take your best shot at me, I am new to DH and would like to represent properly someday. Not sure where I should be IAS, AD, CHC, CHD, CDR... I haven't played much since I got the full set so yes, I know my gear sux... Just wondering what to go "shopping" for. Thanks,theNix2 Aug 16
Aug 16 Which set should I finish? I'm rocking mostly the Natalya's set, but I also think the marauders is viable if I could get more. Any other recommendations?CThunder0 Aug 16
Aug 16 LoN Passive Sentry Build? I remember back in the day in D3 Vanilla when we had builds which relied on sentries autofire for damage. Back then it was the one of the only builds that could handle the butcher on MP10.. This was before M6 auto fired spenders. Anyway I think this build could be quite powerful again using Impaling Bolt and the LoN setup. The point of this build is to maximise attack speed and let sentries autofire rip things up. The DH role is to support the sentries by using entanglig shot to keep monsters slowed and also FoK to deliver burst damage on lightning CoE rotation. Skills!iURc!aacZbZ Gear options seem quite open really. Cube Greenstone fan for FoK, Cube aquila, Cube CoE Equip Dawn/Equip Bombadier Wear: Taskers/loeric crown (CDR for vengeance)/Thundergod belt etc. What do you think? Should be viable for 85+ GRs. 5 sentries with impaling bolt should deal massive damage in maps where monsters are in a straight line (cave). The DH just keeps monsters snared with entangling and FoK should still be quite powerful at least as powerful as the S6 setup but not as good as the Shimizu setup.Alagos5 Aug 16
Aug 16 Which Ancient Deadman Legacy should I use? My current ancient deadman legacy: 850+ dex 850+ vit 93% bonus to multi-shot Enemy takes double hits at 60%HP and below. Just found a new ancient deadman legacy.: 950+ dex 950+ vit 99% bonus to multi-shot Enemy takes double hits at 52% Hp and below. As you can see, what's stopping me from using the new ancient deadman legacy is because of the 60% and 52% difference from the legendary power. So, should I switch to the new deadman legacy or stick with the current one?Kilometer3 Aug 16
Aug 16 Starter builds PLEASE HELP Hey guys, Coming back after years. I'd like to know what builds I should be using until I get my proper set pieces and what set and build should I be working for medium and long term. Thanks in advanceWhitey631 Aug 16
Aug 16 SoJ+Manald v. F+R Would the 6 part UE set bonus produce more damage with SoJ & Manald than Focus & Restraint?Meltdown21 Aug 16
Aug 16 Wolf compagnion or Mark for death ? hey i wonder why i dont see anyone usign mark for death instead of wolf compagnion ??before the Wolf was double the damage (30% instead of 15%)so no brainer now they are even...mark for death with contagion rune spread everywhere /last longer / good for whole party (wolf too but they need to be in a range) and have no cooldown(on boss its an 100% up time instead of half the time +/-) ! am i missing something ?Soyeux9 Aug 16
Aug 16 Yang reroll advise :-) Sorry to bother you guys but as a WD player I am a noob in the world of the DH's I got myself an ancient Yang Still unrolled (only I punched a hole with a gift.) Whats the best reroll I can do? -9 disp to 12 disp? -Base dam higher? -7% to 10%? - or other? Thanks in advance,Genzaniku4 Aug 16
Aug 16 S2 N5 Sword of ill Will Sitting here at work wondering how this would perform. Anyone tried it?? S2, N5, endless walk, sword of ill Will, spines of hatred. Cube dawn, Aquila or magefist, RORG. Thoughts? Seems powerful with a multiplier of 13 (s2) x 6 (n6)x 2 (endless walk)x ~3 (sword of ill Will with blood vengeance passive) = 468Shooter5 Aug 16
Aug 16 Set Dungeons? Why have them? First of all they are not fun. While I realise some people may like a challenge, it should be optional. But when you make it a season requirement, this forces people like hamsters to run in the wheel blizzard sets up. Its terribly frustrating for people who had taken the trouble to level up and get all this gear and now, they are forced to play in a style dictated to them by Blizzard indirectly through all those ridiculous goals. Doesn't this go against what the Developers were saying to NOT pigeon hole and force anyone to adopt a certain play style? Please just remove these set dungeons and spare us the frustration.STEFMEISTER4 Aug 16
Aug 16 T13 in 5 minutes Hello Demon Hunters, Just wondering if anyone could help me finish the t13 in 5 for the season 7 stash tab. I dont think my WD is gonna make it on this one. Please respond here or hit me up with a request in game k1llface#1568 Thanks!k1llface0 Aug 16
Aug 16 Coldsnap!!!!!!!!!! Fellow DH's You complain about perdition! Atleast Perdition gives you a headsup before he kills you. Coldsnap is broken and should get changed. Coldsnap's charge will Instakill without any headsup. It's so broken I don't know what to say! This is what destroying GR's. It's still god damn fishing for a good rift and a good boss, otherwise you are doomed to fail, no matter what. I don't see whats fun and challenging about this for a gaming perspective. You can't do !@#$ to prevent this insstadeath and I don't see the point. Is blizzard so stupid they Think this is a good mechanic?HubbaSnubba15 Aug 16
Aug 15 Top solo build So im wondering why our top solo build is this gimicky nonset build where u have no regen or life on hit, have to get a rift that has large open map with lots of monsters, keep ur hp super low, gather them up and fan of knives them? I can understand one season of it or has it been more? Idk i didnt play season 4 or 5. But why are demon hunters treated this way? You cant play it in groups, and from the look of it it looks quite tedious to do. Why hasnt blizzard balanced our other full set builds up to this one or even surpassed it? If it wasnt for this build we be so far behind the other classes it would be sad. I mean our highest full set build is maxed out at 90 while every other class is approaching 100 again. Yikes, does blizzard just hate on demon hunters? I dont get it. Its quite discouraging especially because i enjoy playing a demon hunter way over any other class. Ive played them all but a crusader. I guess i could try a crusader they seem to be doing well.Invictadeus0 Aug 15
Aug 15 Ancient Yang's Reroll 1538-1916 poison damage 8% damage 828 dex 22% area damage (rerolled to this from vit) reduces all resource costs by 46% 12 disc socket I'm wondering if 22% area damage makes sense here, attack speed probably isn't a huge dps increase, CDR seems tempting but it doesn't feel like a huge deal to have slight down time between vengeance? Maybe I won't feel that way when trying to push high GR. Looking for insights on what other people would do!twospades7 Aug 15
Aug 15 UE DH for Grift - Why Powerful over Stricken? I just checked the Seasonal DH solo leaderboard, and I noticed that those players who were using UE DH, they were using Powerful gem over the Bane of Stricken gem. I wonder what is the rationale for this decision?Kilometer4 Aug 15
Aug 15 Making Channeled Skills Shine - A Set Idea Numbers may (likely) need tweaking. What do you think? (2 Set): Whenever you spend resources on a channeled skill, your attack speed, movement speed and dodge chance increase by 1% for 2 seconds. This effect can stack up to 50 times. (4 Set): [Set Name] stacks also increase your Armor by 1% and your damage by 10%. You may have up to 75 [Set Name] stacks. (6 Set): "When reaching maximum [Set Name] stacks, your channeled skills shoot Cluster Arrows and cost 75% less Hatred, but you no longer gain [Set Name] stacks by spending resources on a channeled skill and you lose 5 [Set Name] stacks per second until you run out of [Set Name] stacks. Using a Primary skill grants 10 [Set Name] stacks. You may have up to 100 [Set Name] stacks."Childe5 Aug 15
Aug 14 1st Season, 1st DH, How's it looking? What I'm asking is the gear/build looking ok? I'm able to run Torment I without too much hassle.Adimar3 Aug 14
Aug 14 area damage how important is this to a dh I am at currently 95 % and don't see the use for it as dh don't have large scake damage attacks like a wiz or crusader or barbarian I think it would better to swing this to the usual cc cdr or ch ideas?warmouse1 Aug 14
Aug 14 question with Sharpshooter trying s2m2 build and pets keep resetting sharpshooter every 2-3 seconds so how is this viable?Shastabeast3 Aug 14
Aug 14 Alternativ farming build? Hi there, I have my UE setup quite well assembled in S7 but running always the same build gets a bit boring. I tried a few others builds (M6 Cluster and M6 Chakram) but they do quite a bit slower than UE at GR60. I don't have the gear for a LoN setup yet, but from what I have on non-season it seems LoN-Strafe builds do not pack enough punch for GR60/T13. So the question is: are there viable alternatives to UE for quickly farming GR60/T13? I'm aiming at ~3mins for a GR60, that's what I do with UE currently. My other builds are all closer to the 5 min mark, which is quite a bit slower.Shiimiish3 Aug 14
Aug 13 Zoey's Secret + Nagelring? Does the 8.5 damage reduction apply to fallen lunatics summoned with Nagelring?Aetherbound1 Aug 13
Aug 13 Nats and Sin Seekers From my understanding, since Sin Seekers removes the channeling cost from RF, beyond the initial cost, it no longer procs the 2pc for N6. Anyone else thinks Sin Seekers should be reworked to not just remove the channeling cost but also generate hatred like Kridershot and Spines of Seething Hatred does to EA and Chakram? With items like the Channeling shoulders, and Aquila Cuirass, there's buffs to allow a bit of tanking. Strafe is OK but some variety for Nats would be good. Hoping they do this change for the next patch seeing how DH's get Nats as their Haedrig's gift.Mugsy3 Aug 13
Aug 13 augment dex, vit, or both? what is everyones oppinion on this, in the past I've augmented my ancients with main stat only, however would it be better to do a split of the two or continue doing only main stat for my UE DH?Ghoffman4 Aug 13
Aug 13 gear suggestion (i have low survivability) Hello I can do gr60 quiet ok, but I'm almost one shoted and t13 is very hard. Could you tell me what items i should change or get. Or just in general what I should improve. Thank you very much!Felischke2 Aug 13
Aug 13 Reroll Yang's Recurve I managed to roll an ancient Yang's Recurve with these properties 3209.0 dps 1509-1860 fire damage 6% damage 854 dexterity Resource cost -50.3% 11 discipline Calculators and come up with the same answers: rerolling to maximum base damage yields: 3307.8 dps rerolling to 10% damage yields: 3331.0 dps adding 7% IAS: 3434.6 dps This is my first season playing DH and there's probably things I am unaware of about the UE-Multishot build. Should I trade dex for IAS? Reroll dexterity for something closer to 1,000? Try for 12 discipline? Try for 10% damage? Thanks.Meltdown5 Aug 13
Aug 13 Season 7 Barb Looking for some help Hi guys! I'm looking to get the stash from season 7 and I heard you guys were OP, so I thought I would ask for some assistance with the following seasonal objectives: 1) Finish a T13 rift in 5 minutes 2) Kill T13 Ghom in 30 seconds 3) Kill Greed on T13 1 and 2 are the most distressing to me since I don't have anywhere near the dps to complete it in time. 3 I believe I can do, and I have a few puzzle rings; the real reason why I list it is an incentive that I will share some Vault portals with you if you can help out with 1) and 2). I'm on the NA server so drop a line here or send a friend request in game if you are interested, thanks : )Snuggleform0 Aug 13
Aug 13 Natalya's Set Dungeon For my season journey i decided to go for the Natalya's set dungeon master since it supposed to be the easiest one. Now when i try to keep up RoV the timer for the 90 secs keeps resetting every time i hit RoV what is preventing me from getting the timer hit 90secs (the max i got is 6 secs :S) while i can actually maintain RoV as long as i want while surrounded by mobs... Am i missing something? Am i doing something wrong?Azpit4 Aug 13
Aug 13 Legacy of the BoomWolf I've always believed that the PC part of the D3 community is maybe a bit too focused the "perfect set builds" rather than playing the game "organically". This is why I'm posting my current DH build in this section. Yes, this a PS4 DH, and yes it does rely on the LoN "not-set" set, but it makes the best use of what I have found rather than me trying to grind out materials to get a "perfect" Marauders/Natalya/Unhallowed set. I just submitted this build to Play Your Way Thursday. This is the build, we console folks don't have our characters on the servers so I made up an album on flickr of the skills, equipment and paragon. As you can see, Leonine Bow of Hashir, Emimei's Duffle and Cloak of the Garwulf are centerpieces. The Bow and the Duffle provide the Boom, the Cloak provides the Wolf. If I can get my Zoey's Secret belt Ancient, I might use that instead of the Thundergods Vigor belt. Build in action, Torment VI, though I suspect it could handle Torment VII amd maybe Torment VIII as is and higher once I get more ancients and/or an ancient Buriza Do-Kyanon. I've done GR38 in it. I play on Torment VI because I have a RL friend I play D3 with and he's having trouble keeping up with me on Torment VI so I don't dare go up higher. You'll notice I'm not using my spender much. I come from the tradition of Diablo clones on the console where the focus is on using the basic "normal attacks" on basic enemies. Spenders/spells are reserved for large groups, and elite/boss enemies.CronoCloud3 Aug 13