Demon Hunter

Dec 9 Pet and Rain of Vengeance Master I just started playing Diablo again after a few years. I'm not really critical with any build but I really like it when I can summon all of my pets at once and have 2 additional wolves in the pack. Plus I get to use the complete benefit of Natalya's Vengeance. Any suggestions on how I can improve on this build? or what do you think of this build? (I can survive at Torment VII with this one) Thanks in advance! I'm still on the hunt for items and armours. So far I was just lucky I got these.Xavier5 Dec 9
Dec 8 Taking my DH to next level So far it has been fun playing a vengeance DH build and quite effective up to GR 30 and T6 solo. Here is my current build: I use full Nat set to get the buffs for vengeance but is there a better set that will let me solo much higher levels? Or do I need a new set and new skills for my DH?GhostPants3 Dec 8
Dec 8 What should I reroll on my Yang's? ThanksNoctem10 Dec 8
Dec 8 need tips for T13 under 5 minutes I'm struggling to get through the T13 rifts. It seems like I just don't do enough damage to the elites fast enough. Am I supposed to get a perfect rift where it's completely wide open or something? I've tried changing my nemesis bracers to a little bit more damage when i get a knockback (my enchantress) and I switched over to a witching hour for a bit more damage, but it still seems really slow. Any help would be appreciated.DexterousGek2 Dec 8
Dec 8 Solo Guardian Objective It has been 2 great nights of D3 ROS I was able to complete the last 2 achievements solo with UE set for both Boss Mode and kill Balial TX in 45 sec. Kill Balial in 45 sec. tip: Powerful, Sticken, Zei's. If your have automatically remove all cut scene enable! Disable it and spam the heck out of the space as soon as cut scene appear. Boss mode tip: Powerful, Zei's and Trap. Illusory boots in the Kanai's Cube and Krelm's buff belts for 25% speed bonus when taking damage(or vise versa). the skills are Vault w/ Tumble and bat companion. Passive skills are Tactical Advantage and Hot Pursuit. For the follower, I used Gogok of Swiftness in one of the jew socket to help maintain extra bonus speed. I hope this help some of y'all and good luckDIRTYDOG0 Dec 8
Dec 7 Yangs Reroll Hey guys, Im not really familiar with DHs. Got this ancient bow, it has 10 disc, 6% damage and mid-high dmg range and vit. Not sure what to roll? 12 Disc? 10% dmg? Or 10 CDR? edit: ThanksWalkinTall4 Dec 7
Dec 7 Unhallowed Essence Best Gems Just wondering what the best legendary gems for the Unhallowed Essence multishot build are? I'm guessing Zei's Stone of Vengence but for the other two I can't decide between Bane of the Powerful, Bane of the Stricken, Bane of the Trapped and Gem of Efficacious Toxin.Squizzo2 Dec 7
Dec 7 Gear set upgrades, please help hi i have been grinding for a week now and manage to get a hold of a UE set and i am clearing mobs easily. i know that my gear is no where perfect and i had some help from you guys already. i want to upgrade them as i go along. My question is where do i get them? Which is a better method for obtaining them? -Kadala -kanai's cube (using the set recipe) -farm normal rifts -greater riftsDarkSpawn3 Dec 7
Dec 6 Ancient Dead Man's Legacy I found this nice quiver, but not sure how should I modify it (if at all), beside aug with a legendary gem. Any ideas? I was thinking about increasing the Dis to +12 but I don't think it would matter much if I would compare it to modifying something else. Dec 6
Dec 6 Will you sacrafice cc or chd for break point hi, I am at a point where I am thinking of sacrificing a ring's cc/chd for a ias to reach 3.17 break point. I am comfortably sitting on 3 breakpoint. my cc if I sacrifice it will be 55 and just over 500 for chd. your thoughts?Unrest6 Dec 6
Dec 6 S2M2 Stricken Query I see on YouTube some people counting the number of Bolas on RG and then stopping after a certain number. Is there a particular number of Bolas (stricken stacks) you should fire off for a given greater rift level? Ie 40 Bolas for GR80 (or whatever number). Still a bit confused on how to efficiently apply stacks via Bolas. CheersDarkWolf0 Dec 6
Dec 6 When to go from Rain of Arrows to a UE build? So I'm around 210 Paragon, have my Rain of Arrows basic build and just finished collecting a UE set (4 ancient x 2 non but nothing special) and I have a basic Yangs and the other pieces recommended on I've heard that the damage on UE is more than Rain of Arrows but I'm nervous to transfer over because I'd have to get rid of my Dawn (don't have a spare) and it would mess up my current build to start the new one. Tips would be appreciated!DexterousGek6 Dec 6
Dec 5 Is Multishot, Marauder build good or? yeah started playing a bit ago again and want to ask if my last season marauder build is good or not? thanks :)NeilDylandy20 Dec 5
Dec 5 Which stat should I roll? I found Ancient DAWN Primary 1205-1464 836 Dexterity 978 Vitality Increase attack speed 7% Secondary 11568 Life after each kill Which stat should i roll and to what? I have gift for putting a socket on it. Building LoN Strafe/FoK DH. (Playing on Hardcore mode) Thanks in advance...ruru003 Dec 5
Dec 5 S2M2 SC Lord Greenstones Query Hi all, So I have 2 ancient daggers and was wondering what your thoughts were on them: 1. 2700+ (+10%, AD, 178% FOK) 2. 2500+ (vitality, AD, 200% FOK) Both have had AD rolled on to them, so the query is: go with #1 = higher weapon damage but lower FOK. Or go with #2 = lower weapon damage but higher FOK damage. I'm not sure how weapon damage plays into the over all damage calculation, taking into account FOK modifiers as well. Which weapon do you think is better and why? Thank you!DarkWolf3 Dec 5
Dec 5 Best bows for DH? So I've looted tons of different bows and most have slow attack speeds. I have Manticore, Cluckeye and Liana's among these that go well with my CA build for my DH. What do you recommend for a bow or crossbow based on my build below? I also have tons of legendary gems so can add one once I can get a Ramadhi gift.GhostPants5 Dec 5
Dec 4 Dual wield with daggers? Someone on the ptr cleared 80 with 6p nats and 2 pc shadows, using dagger and hand crossbow. Is it possible or a bug?powaaarf2 Dec 4
Dec 4 How far can Marauders go? I kind of just want to have fun this season and mess around rather than playing super seriously and I know Marauders isn't the best of the sets but I do still enjoy it quite a bit. Any good builds for it around?Darkinsanity4 Dec 4
Dec 4 SOJ Discipline not better than FnR? Hi all, Starting to get back into D3 again and chose DH this season. Just wondering with UE build: The 10 max discipline on SOJ is not overall better damage? I read builds that show FnR. Wouldn't it be max 400% extra damage with this ring alone? Thanks in advanceDVTN2 Dec 4
Dec 4 Will they up damage on Natalya's and Shadow? Natalya's is fun to play and Shadow is too for totally different reasons to the Marauder's and Unhallowed Essence. Natalya's you can pretty much select an element type and make it's RoV and other skills tailored to that element with great mass cleanups at lower levels. While I am confident all-day players may well have got them to level 70, most players are pushing to get them much past 60. The Shadow build with fan of knives is great. The impale fiunction is great too but loses it's impetus around any level above 55 without massive imbuing and mystic re-enhancements. It would be really grea BLIZZARD if you are listening if you upped the damage proportionally of these two sets, because they are fun to play. I can happily play them at T10 and 11 but much above, the term "squishy" really applies to these two at higher levels.Bassdude0 Dec 4
Dec 4 Need help with my build So far I've built a new DH with OK gear here is my build I have most of Nat set with marauder set and also decent weapons but my DPS is still very low.GhostPants10 Dec 4
Dec 4 Rain of Vengeance skill setup Playing a RoV setup and having issues with what skills to put where. I originally had my hatred generator on M1 and Strafe on M2 with RoV on 1 but it's a little awkward having to aim directly on an enemy to get my generator to go off. Now I tried using 1 as my hatred generator and using the numlock trick to have it basically autocast whenever i let off on the strafe for a second with RoV as my M1. What setup do you RoV users have right now and do you use the numlock trick for any of the skills? I'm not pushing Great Rifts or anything, just leveling up and getting gear.DexterousGek4 Dec 4
Dec 4 PSA for S2M2 DHs For awhile I was getting one shotted by white mobs through travelers, vengeance and elusive (4.2 billion toughness) I finally tracked it down to the corrupted angel and it's overhead strike. I can repeatedly make it happen and finally got some video. I will upload tomorrow but this is in the bug forum and GD as well. This is more of a warning for HC players but if you get a great first level and lvl2 has angels...think twice about pushing through it.CyLaNt1 Dec 4
Dec 3 Dead Man's Legacy Help I have two non-ancient Dead Man's Legacy, both with similar stats as far as primary go, but one has 12 disc as secondary with 53% hp for the ability, and the other has no discipline and perfect 60% for the ability. I'm not sure if I should stick with the 12 discipline for the extra dmg, or go with the perfect 60% for multishot double hit.Stuperstrong2 Dec 3
Dec 2 Belial in 45s Dozens of tries but always around 1 minute.. Someone here who likes to help? Dec 2
Dec 2 IAS Explanation please I have read several BP examples and Im retarded I cannot understand it. This is for the UE build BP = 59/(59/2.16 (my ASP) *1.5 (yangs) ? So now what? Im just trying to find out the BP where Im going over board, I do love my IAS but im sacking tons of AD... PLEASE HALP!Warpig4 Dec 2
Dec 2 FOK requires melee weapon? Why does FOK need a melee weapon to do damage? It doesn't say anything about this in the tooltip.yinston4 Dec 2
Dec 1 Proc Chance for Strafe and Vengeance Interested in either the proc coefficients, or a proc ranking of the strafe and Vengeance runes. Anyone know where I might find this information?Vox3 Dec 1
Dec 1 Sub-5min T13 Rift? Hey DH Players, I'm trying to go for the stash tab. Do you think to be able to get that T13 rift requirement done, I should just focus on gearing my UE set? Coincidentally, I'm also more or less able to make a LON Strafe build (no ancient rings, weapons would be Valla's Bequest and K'mar Tenclip - so I guess Dawn has to be in cube vs. something cute like LGF). Think that might work?MaapoXII4 Dec 1
Dec 1 Returning DH, need some help please hello fellow Demon Hunter's i would like to ask for some assistance from you. i have been gone for a long time and want to get back into the game again. the last time i played was in season 5/6 and i have accumulated some gears along the way. i am a total noob in today's game but i am eager to learn knowing that that it'll take some time. i plan on doing a sweep thru out my stash and this is where i need some help. i want to ask if there are any items that is worth keeping before i do a clean sweep thru my inv chest. any advise/help is greatly appreciated and i thank you in advance.DarkSpawn4 Dec 1
Dec 1 GR75? Pish, easy :P Updatd, because...GR75...DONE! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated, becuase...NEW YANG'S !??!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated the title since this turned into some great gearing advice thread. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello DHers! It's been years since I played with any seriousness and never played a Season at all. Really enjoying returning to the game! :D So far all the gear decisions up to this point have been pretty easy. Especially since basically everything is an upgrade. This is my DH thus far: Gearing choices are starting to get gnarly though. Some advice would be appreciated. [ Full Image Gallery ] After about 10ish reforge legendary, my Yang's turned ancient! Sadly it rolled with low base damage; and Holy to boot :(. At first my thought was to roll the socket out and gift a socket back in. I only have 2 gifts and it hardly seems worth it. So I'm not sure what the best thing to do is. Roll the base damage higher? Roll +9 Discipline to +12? Stats ( ) 2,959.0 Damage Per Second +1321-1635 Holy Damage +8% Damage +908 Dexterity Reduces all resource costs by 46% ---------------------------- +9 Maximum Discipline I found a Wraps of Clarity ( ). That secondary legendary affix looks great! However the Lacuni Prowlers are +2.2% damage because of the Attack Speed. I think the damage reduction > 2.2% dps? On the Wraps I think rolling the Vitality to +20% fire is the right thing to do...? Amulet ( ). Those are the best 2 I found. To me looks like the Legendary is better than the Ancient. I have not rolled any stats on either yet, I can't tell if CHD is > 20% fire or 738 Dex :/ With the Non Ancient one I swapped out "Cull of the Weak" for "Steady Aim". I played around with Blood Vengance for a bit, minus a boss fight that passive was a lot of fun! Lastly; Restraint ( ) I can't tell if rolling out +13% life on the non-ancient is a better idea than using the current ancient one. Sorry for all the undecisiveness. Any feedback would be appreciated! OFC I'll continue to fool around with stats and rolls to try to figure out what the best combination is with what I have available. Viva La Demon Hunter! :PKamelJabber37 Dec 1
Nov 30 GR88 down in season as UE :) This past week has been a blast, I had a lot of fun (more than I expected) playing my DH. I normally just get Guardian done and go back to my NS characters or take a break from the game each season. However this season's bugged conquest objective and some lucky drops made me want to see how high I can push since I only focused on pushing as M6 in NS. I play solo 90% of the time because I dislike 4 man meta groups. The only things I did in party were public games for split bounties, boss mode, and some low rift runs with my friends. Without the luxury of easy XP and high rank gems from 4 man meta, I had to spend a lot of time farming for reforging to improve my gear as much as possible, and the feel of progressing kept me going. So there you go, GR85 down as UE at p933. It's just a matter of time bunch of S2/M2, LoN FoK pass me though. /sad Update: 11/19 GR88 cleared after two weeks of grinding for small gear improvements and a bit of paragon.HunterKiller33 Nov 30
Nov 30 How does Shadow Power work? I'm simply wondering how Shadow Power works with the Shadow's Mantle set, since the wings are always up ha. Anyways, once enabled, the movement speed appears to be constant (shadow glide), I am wondering if Gloom (the damage reduction) is also constant? Are the only true "actives" - the ones that take discipline - Night Bane and the original life leech (boosted by Blood Moon)? Thank you for the helpRobotrix2 Nov 30
Nov 30 How do I upgrade my Yang to Ancient? Hi all, I cubed a Yang's bow, how do I make it Ancient? Is it the recipe "Reforge Legendary"? Its not very clear, even after reading the guides. I just don't want to accidentally destroy my bow. Thank you in advance.Trimethicon4 Nov 30
Nov 30 A little help please Hi all I am trying to push to get level 75 GR and am stuck at 71 at the moment any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Nov 30
Nov 30 FINALLY got my Ancient Yang Hi guys. Just got a Yangs to drop finally. But all the stats look really nice (with the exception of a kind of low dex roll) Was wondering what you guys think I should reroll. I got: 1500-1872 damage 10% damage 833 dex 10% cooldown on skills 45% resource cost reduction and +10 max disc OR just click this: what do you guys think I should reroll?Yawn2 Nov 30
Nov 29 Demon Hunting Video I made featuring my fav class on d3. Too bad I had to drop down to t1 to make some of these skills work. Nov 29
Nov 28 Yang's advice Greetings DHers!. I'm a barb main that jumped ship to run UE DH for Season 8 to try something new and get my stash tab a bit easier. It's been a blast so far and I'm loving the MS UE playstyle and power. Sorry that these are so common, but I have a Yang's re-roll question. I recently dropped another Yang's and wanted opinions/advice on options: First off, I'm wondering if it's worth even messing with the new bow or if I should just stick with what I have until something better comes along. The current bow didn't roll any disc so I was forced to roll the secondary and leave the rest alone. Looks like if I re-roll base damage on the new bow I can end up with 3432.7 DPS. I could also re-roll the Vit to IAS (3385 DPS per calculator?) or Area Damage. Character AD with the 20 from current bow is 70%. Not sure how AD compares with all out weapon DPS for this build. Leaving this bow at 10 disc would drop me to 84 total disc from the 86 I have now. The dex roll is pretty low, but so is the current one, and I figure I can take care of that with Augmentation (if either bow is even good enough to bother with augmenting). Seems like rolling base damage would yield the highest "sheet" DPS (vs. rolling Vit to IAS), but I'm not sure if AD would benefit me more. For easier reference here's the profile in question: Any advice would be greatly appreciated!insidious3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Help me get my DH up to par So I've stopped playing for a 1-2 years. I used to have pretty high end gear. Can someone give me some pointers? I'm thinking about deleting all my stuff but I got a lot of sets and things like cindercoats, lacunis, witching hours and lots of quivers and bows. I'm running full marauders with 5 sentries now. Please help me, any help would be greatly appreciated.MarkV12 Nov 28
Nov 28 T 13 Belial in 45s with UE? Is it possible to do this solo? Trying to finish the season and am looking for tips? Anyone done it? If you had to group up- what'd you team with? ThxSup3rM1ke7 Nov 28
Nov 28 UE Multishot DH pushing past GR70 I'm stuck at gr70 and 71. I shouldn't be based on my gear, but maybe I'm wrong. Everything is ancient & augmented. I'm now improving augment levels (I have some augmented at 50, now putting in 65+ augments instead). Gems are 71. I think I'm doing something wrong. Clearing through the mid-60s is dead easy. At 70, I'm using most of my time up. I also tend to switch nems out and put the Wraps of Clarity back in. I can do a 71, but I use all the time. I haven't tried past that -- I'm pretty sure I won't make it. My sheet damage is 2 million and I'm just under 800 paragon. I've seen people post saying they're doing gr75 with less. I stand in the occulus ring circles when they're convenient. I haven't been timing Wolf and Convention of Elements buff though. Should I? Pop a new Wolf when CoE comes around to fire? I've been using Cindercoat instead of Visage of Gunes. I don't like being out of hatred all the time. I may have made poor choices on some of my gear. I don't know. I also don't like leaving mobs at my back, so I don't go hunting elite packs. Maybe that's my problem. But if I leave mobs up, I die more. Comments?Sinnder19 Nov 28
Nov 27 What GR should we go for, do you think? Hi all. I just cleared 75 in 12:22 (taking it slow this season, working weekends as well) with UE and am wondering how much higher I should go for without getting too frustrated. Any guesses based on my gear? Also, my brother is struggling at 73 right now, any hints (apart from getting a HFA and an Ess for his templar?) Nov 27
Nov 26 Season 9 no set GR45 What build will you use for no set conquest? I've tried something with bolas and spike traps but didn't test enough. Chakrams maybe? Tnxpowaaarf7 Nov 26
Nov 25 Unhallowed Essence Set where to farm? Hey guys , im currently searching for the Unhallowed Essence Set but i dont know where i can farm it. Is there any place where i can farm it ?ELPolloLoco10 Nov 25
Nov 25 Best Yang's I've found... Re-Roll? Ancient Yangs 3,375.7 Damage Per Second 1833-2990 Damage Primary 1523-1903 Cold Damage +10 % Damage +833 Dex Reduce Cool Down 8% Reduce all resource cost by 49% Secondary +12 Maximum Discipline I think it's pretty good rolls already- Question is what to re-roll? Could up the Dex, or try to get Damage (not much more to go tho) Or is IAS worth it, or Area D, vs cool Down? I have another one with Vit and area Damage... Any suggestions?Sup3rM1ke1 Nov 25
Nov 24 dh sentry build Should i cube cloak of thr garwulf or visage of gunes?Tusebruto3 Nov 24
Nov 24 UE soj question Is it ever worth dropping focus/restraint to use an soj? SOJ in question: 440 dex 5.5 CHC 30% Elite Damage 10 max disc socketCluch11 Nov 24
Nov 24 GR 75 in Season 8 Hi all! I am going to play DH in Season 8, and my biggest concern is the GR75 conquest, can it be done with UE Multishot (at around paragon 600-700)? ...or will I have to just grind for a LoN FoK setup? This is my 1st season starting as DH and nead all the advice I can get. Thanks in advance :)Kardszy73 Nov 24
Nov 23 S2M2 Help Please Hi guys, So I've started using the S2M2 build (see character "Fokyou"), and have a query regarding rift guardians. I'm trying to beat 74 atm. The problem is the RG is taking ages to kill. I suspect it may be my playstyle. I've been studying some tutorials online - specifically Dunkelvieh's ones. One shotting yellows is fine without a pylon, but I may be stuffing up the RG with respect to Stricken. I'm a bit confused with how exactly to handle this. What I'm doing is Bola-ing until my 20 stacks of FOK comes up then I stop attacking until I'm ready to unleash at 30. Is this the correct way to handle Stricken? I'm currently doing sweet FA to the RG and it takes me about 5 minutes to down them. I don't think 74 should be my limit. I don't yet have any augments, and am missing a lot of ancients, however my weapon is pretty nice I think. Appreciate any feedback on playstyle, or if you are aware of any other tutorials online please link. Feel free to comment on my gear as well. I pretty much know what to gear for, just a matter of getting it, as I've been focusing on my UE up until now. Thanks peoples :)DarkWolf20 Nov 23
Nov 23 Rapid fire build Anyone have a successful rapid fire build?Tusebruto4 Nov 23