Demon Hunter

Sep 9, 2012 Nat Gaze(Legacy) for Sale - Dex/Vit/3.5 CC% If Interested - Please add me w/ your btag w/ your offer. Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTB socketed Windforce I'm looking for a socketed Windforce bow with 11% Attack speed increase 45%+ knockback I'd like the dmg range for minimum to be no less than 480 and the maximum to be over 1200 I will pay you AH prices, just tired of camping it and losing bids while at work etc, I'm getting impatient, add me online and we can work out a deal.Untouchable91 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 frostburn, and elemental confusion.. HI, wondering if anyone can help me out with my elemental confusion I use elemental arrow, with the cold rune, and I have frostburns.. so that means I get 30% correct? also then confusing, is my many elements, poison on my bow, holy on belt, SOJ with holy.... did I mess up here??? am I needing cold dmg items instead of poison and holy??? does it even matter.. ? thanks for any clarificationWhiteArrow2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS GFG +274DEX +VIT+ 11%LIFE VILE WARD GFG DEX VILE WARD. - Search in AH for >250 dex, life% and vit. Mine is the only one that shows up. Stats are as follows SHOULDERS 639 armour +274 dex +32 vit +74 all resist +11% life +250 armour +310 life per second Offer away please! BIN updated. c/o 140m from BIN = 200m.IamWay10 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 wts chest 127dex/205vit/64resist/716A/2Socket 127 dex 205 vit 64 resist 356 armor (total 716) 2 socketsAluka1 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 150k (no ss) dps 4 set legacy 4sale Thinking of turning this toon into gold. Like the title says 150k without ss and 180k with zummi boots that come with the set. Im not positive on a number i want for the set but i know how much money i have in it so low balling is just a waste of time Btw want gold only. Dreez#1254 if your flush with gold and interestedDreez0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 INNA'S FAVOR(BELT) WITH +MF FS Inna's Favor 520 Armor Adds 7% Holy Damage +96 Dex +253 Armor +13% Chance of Finding Magical Item. Critical Chance Increased by 1%. Reduce duration of Control Impairing Effects by 14% BIN is 20m Add me ingame or reply here Batman#1332BATMAN1 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 un-Id'd Danetta's for sale!! Any takers? Post bids here :). 20m starts it off!Spy6 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS Depth Diggers = 253 Dex 2 Socs 78 res +253 dex +47 int +78 res to all elem +23% gold finder +20% magic finder socket (empty) socket (empty) see pants on my profile worn by my monk: add 2 radiant emerald on the sockets and that would make it a total of 369 dex!!! offering at 190 M add/message me @ putangina#1978putangina2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Demon Hunter free gem crafting service Love Demon Hunter's and love reading the advice and discussion in this forum. So to do my part to help the community, I'm willing to craft any gem as long as you provide the mats and gold for crafting. By any, I mean anything above Flawless Square. Have trained all gems to max level. If you want to tip that's fine, but totally up to you and not required. Add me as friend and send me a msg whenever I'm on. If you just want to add someone to farm XP etc with that's cool as well.thehazyone4 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 150k (No SS) DH Streaming Act III Farm SF 2012! A little bit about me: I play DH. I kill stuff... No Nats set. I die. Oh yeah... I'm level 36 paragon. ...yeah...Bozosaurus2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Price check. Chest armor 77 str 75 dex 13% mf 8 max disc 10% grenade dmg 2 sockets Cant find anything like it, anyone have a clue?ayl9890 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 What is wrong with this build? Just as the title suggests what is wrong with my build? I am constantly stuck on act3 where I feel as if I am die very often. Up to the point where I quit the act because ill end up losing loads of money in repair. As you will notice I want a build using SS and I rack up some AR to prevent from being one shot killed. So what is wrong with my build?Loco011712 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS Formidable 1h Xbows Ravin Grasp *SOLD* 857.6 DPS fire damage 141 Int 180 Vitality 925 LoH Hatred regen increased by 1.2/sec socket Falcon Ruin 899 DPS holy damage 49 strength 97 Int +10 Disc. Increases damage against elites by 3% socketTezzeret352 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 SALE: Hallowed Shields for Sale! Listed below are the items and their corresponding price. Indicate your your favored item and purchase amount. I will assess all bids and extend the item to the highest bidder in due process. Happy buying! :) Hallowed Defenders 1. Item One - $10M ( Int: 263 Vit: 101 Chance to Block: +27% All Resist: 61 Socket: 1 2. Item Two - $7M ( Int: 68 Vit: 227 Chance to Block: +27% All Resist: 63 Life: +14% 3. Item Three - $11M ( Str: 64 Vit: 239 Chance to Block: +23% All Resist: 62 Socket: 1 4. Item Four - $5.5M ( Dex: 110 Int: 104 Chance to Block: +19% All Resist: 62 Crit chance: 7 5. Item Five - $1.7M ( Dex: 124 Chance to Block: +18% All Resist: 70 Crit Chance: 5Spree3 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Weird question about LoH and demon hunter Does LoH tic with the mark of death grim reaper rune? it does 12% aoe to surrounding enemies. does loh tic on each enemy hit? thinking that wit hball lightning will heal nicely if it doesWoLPHie0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 any interest in an unided nats helm? wondering what it would be worth unided also taking offers.LordBob2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Need advice on bow to use? Apparantly the Manticore is about the only option for a 2h xbow Windforce for 2h bow and Dawn for 1h bow I have a 1061 dmg 81% crit dmg (+100% gem) manticore at the moment.. and have about 30mil to spend. Will a Windforce or 2x Dawns yield me more dmg if I buy? If I equip a Windforce i'd lose like 130% crit dmg.. Any advice people on whats working best now? Thanks much.wLeZeL8 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 ANY TIPS OR EXP SHARING??? Hi Everyone i been casually playing my demon hunter for a while now. I been looking around watching videos on peoples build n wat not. You can see my gear on my profile. Wat other gear is worth lookingh for or buying as im in the process of upgrading my pants, rings, amulets. I am looking for Innas Temp for my pants but other considerations as well i found but what i want is a solid overall build. Any tips from experienced players would be greatly appreciated.ScarletChef0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Selling full DH gear! check profile and add me in game CamSally#1693CamSally3 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 SOLD SB: 50M BIN 75M RadicalFire#1487RadicalFire0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS dex/mf Witching hour 60m (70+ dex) pm me in game Lmagichd#1538Lmagichd1 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 PC MAX Dex/Crit/Disc with MF/Hatred Quiver Hey peeps sorry to bother you, but i really dont know quiver prices well and this one seems hard for me to price with ah so if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Talon Boon Pic: 44 Strength 280 Dexterity 15% Attack Speed 13% Magic Find 0.97 Hatred per Second 10 Max Discipline 8.5% Critical Hit Chance I am mainly looking for PC atm, but if someone wants to make an offer feel free i should be on most of the day. Thanks in advanceFustosus2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Godly Dh Quiver With +Ele Arrow and +Disc SOLD for 45m on the AH. Thanks for the lowballs.masdeath5 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Dual wield x-bow vs 2 hand w/ quiver Any thoughts? I'm about to upgrade weapons and I'm considering going dual-wield. The two x-bows I'm looking at will give a slight stat boost to Dex/Vit/Dmg and about 100 dps more combined than the 2H bow I'm looking at (About 1300 combined vs 1200 for the bow.) The real improvement seems to be in attack speed. Either that or I'm just going to upgrade my 2H bow. Has anyone compared (roughly) comparable dual-wield stats vs 2H w/ quiver? Just want to spend my money wisely.... Thanks.LungButter7 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Accepting Items i am playing a lvl40 demon hunter and my stats are not that good. can anyone help me by giving to me for free items that can help me and she/he does not need? tnxMalkavian2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 S> NATALYA PARTS LEGACY ring- 50M (sold) Cloak- 4M Boots 128 dex- 55M Helm Socketed- 28M Set purchase 80M including gems check profile for more details thanks! !Neutrino9 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 LF Act 3 farming partners Hey guys just looking for a few new people to farm with. I move at a pretty decent speed and only pick up yellows. If any HIGH dps DH's wanna try a run just let me know,thanks. Would be on my WW Barb- Unbuffed 97k DPS,540 Res All, 6k ArmorGuyute0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 SELL 1H CROSS BOW 661.8 damage per sec. 171-617 damage 1.68 attacks per second *129-382 fire damage *+30% damage *112 dexterity *43 intelligence *96 vitality *increase attack speed 5% O empty socket POST OFFERS OR ADD ME IN GAME babyface#6179babyface3 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 56 Paragon DH 140+ elite kill per hour stream Just started streaming for the first time! Here's the link Open to any questions. Hope to see you there! Hewwos out!Hewwos0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTB Manticore 30M I'm looking for 2 versions A. 1200 DPS, 70+base Crit, 1 socket, Preferably w/ dex B. 1000 DPS, 70+base Crit, 2 sockets, Preferably w/ dexBoss4 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS Windforce 1308.9 dps 10 million Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 want to buy dml with multishot crit% and disc trading my dml which is 18 atk speed 10 crit 10 disc 188 dex 180 vit + cash for a multishot crit dml with same stats post or pm me if you have this will add alot more cash if its better basicly 20 atk speedtassili0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS 445 armor 182 dexterity 128 Vitality 77 Resist all +10% to demons +12% movement speed +4% to elites Ignore durability loss. Offers?Xiantic1 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Selling Full DH Set - 177k DPS buffed/LegNats I had posted selling my set earlier but ended up selling just the bow from the set. So reposting now to sell the remaining set with the new bow I got. 177k DPS w/ buffs/100k DPS without. Rolls everything in the game fairly easily, and this is by far the most fun I've had playing the game is with this setup. Fast PLeveling by clearing content so quickly. Taking RM on the following : 1 - The entire set. Min Bid $100. 2 - Just the Nat's Set. Min Bid $50. 3 - Individual Pieces. Can take a look at profile to see items. I'll run the auction through Friday night, and whatever is the best combination of selling is what I'll go with. UPDATE : Current High Offers : $220 on Nats/Bracers/Amulet $45 on Bow $40 on Shoulders Will end Friday evening.FLuE36 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 PC on some DH items, pieces of Nat's legacy I know some of the pieces aren't great, but looking for a price check for them regardless. Thanks in advanced.Toxicz0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WTS DH MANTICORE 2 SOCKETS 150M AND EMERALD manticore for 150m DPS 996.2 672-953 att spd 1.22 Dex ++291 att spd ++11% critical base 81% two open sockets glove for 12m DEX++152 VIT++78 critical chance 8.5% critical damage 29% MF 17% health globe +3411 radiant star emerald for 15m sold add me in gameVenus8 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Some assistance por favor What do I upgrade on my gear next I would appreciate the help thankspuente69690 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 question about RoV which skill rune is recommended with this skill? i tried most of them and they all pretty much suck imoekhL1 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 WTS GG Ammy (Dex, Int, CC, CD, LoH, GF) 110 Dex 131 Int 185 LoH 347 Armor Crit Damage 41% Crit Chance 6% 27% Gold Find Starting bid at 50m or $50 Offers will be updated in the thread below Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 WTS Tyreal's Might 409Arm/175dex/13%Dem/3soc Tyreal's Might Armor: 409 175 Dex 13% Damage to demons 12% movment 3% Increased damage to Elites 80 All resist Ignore Dur 3x Sockets Feel Free to bid :)Errant334 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 FS: full set *Old Nat + 2soc Manticore* sold to legit buyer :) thanxjuju22 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Wts: GG Windforce Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 WTS: amazing pants! 149dex 141vit sockets res Starting bid 2mil! C/O: 6 million! BIN: 13 million!heyjay5 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Price check on windforce a picture can be found here: Thanks!DerekElite3 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 bookmark EU forums to avoid trade spam EU Dh threads are in English and trade threads are not permitted The American boards are for trade spamzoid2 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Looking to upgrade - 30M to spend I was wondering if someone can help me out. I am thinking of upgrading, but don't know which will give me the most bang for my buck. I am thinking of getting Inna's pants or a 1 socket manticore, because these are the ones that are within my price range. I looted an inna's favor already, I have that in my stash. My boots def need an upgrade but getting a 150 dex nats boots would cost me a fortune and not much increase in DPS. I have 77K DPS w/o SS and my am trying to get over 100k. THanks!blackmamba1 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Can someone help me out? Need advice... Hey All, lately when browsing the forums I'm just amazed at people's gear. Right now I'm just farming Act II (black soulstone(can't farm act III yet) I'm really curious at how people acquired items like nats sets...full radiant emeralds and other uber gear...maybe a DH with a lot of experience can help me understand the process....I feel like I've hit a wall where I can't seem to upgrade my gear anymore...every time I search for something with a bit better stats it's over a couple million and currently I only have 2 million to spend altogether, it's getting frustrating... How can I afford to buy some of these higher end items/gems when they are 35 mil on AH? How did you do it? I would love some advice on my profile if you have the time. I'm really struggling. any advice/tips for a DH trying to bring up his game would be greatly appreciatedSchiavo3 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 PC on calamity Hi I was wondering ow much this calamity was worth. DPS - 1021.4 140 Dex 68 % - Crit Dmg 43 % chance for Mark of Death 10 % - ASZuhayr0 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Price check on ammy I have no idea what something like this would go for... so thanks! 125 STR 119 DEX 35 GF 40 MF Melee attackers take 315 damage per hit OSmuffins2 Sep 8, 2012