Demon Hunter

Aug 25, 2012 DH struggle...... Take a look! Cheers! Based on my character profile, where do you guys see i need improvements? Vital is a little low. Which piece of equipment should I upgrade? I just found this Bow, so I'm very excited to be back with my DH. Also post patch 1.04 how are my runes and skills? I feel like they are a little outdated. Cheers!RikHawk7 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Advice I see alot of people willing to offer advice on gear. I am currently in act 3 but not very far. I am trying skills still so havent set on those. But I am really interested in advice on my gear and what you guys see that I should be working on. I would like a balance build of sorts. I dont want to die but I like killing fast. Thanks,Oldblood3 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 After 8 Paragon lvl's 1st UNIQUE CROSSBOW!!!! F*** YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After identifying it was the PUS SPITTER!!!! FMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL =*( <---- REAL tears.BdiZzLe10 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 nata slayer 1her 15 pages on the AH, must suck to get that drop lolCaveman0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 [WTS] FULL DH GEAR SET/ FARM ACT3/4 W/ EASE! Equipped on my DH BIN price is 20mil, Need money bad to roll my barbHoney5 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 manticore. worth it or not? i bought an 8.5m manticore with 1056dps. 78cd and a socket. is it good or bad for meRomJayz6 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 S: [MANTI 27M!] 990Dps, 90%Cdmg, Lsteal 1Sock Hi, Looking to sell this Manticore. I understand the rolls aren't stellar, especially the 2nd socket :) Anyhow, looking to sell for a fair price. Detailed stats when servers come back up: [EDIT] Exact stats: 988dps, 1.21 Atk Speed 610-1023 damage 2.8% Lifesteal 163+Dex +88% Cdmg Open Socket 193+Int EDIT: Buyout is 27M nowSeolfor10 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Upgrade advice after 90M sale I recently hit the jackpot and found a ring I sold for 90M, which is far more gold then I've ever had before. Since I've never looked for items in this price range what do you guys think I should upgrade? Or should I maybe wait for some time (despite the inflation) until the economy stabilizes again? :) *Edit: I'm going for a somewhat glass cannon build but I want to be able to take some hits.Baddarn2 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Act 1-4 Inferno Build Can you give me a good build for inferno. High dmg and kiting. thanksKraster1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 PC hand bow 623 dps 281 dex 105 vit 93critdmg Price check. 623 DPS 97-279 Arcane damage 23% damage 281 dex 139 Int 105 Vit 93% crit hit dmg Thanks for the help.Drue2 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Hatred Regen - Seems lagged in 104 I had been able to spam Rapid Fire Withering Fire with hatred regen skills Marked for death - Mortal Enemy and Companion - Bat pre 104. Seems like i can't do it anymore. I'm not sure if the regen is bugged or the way hatred being spent in different. Anyone have the same trouble?Waltron1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Trail of cinders saved my hybrid DH So I along with many were super upset from the MASSIVE DH tank nerf. Didn't feel like I was OP at all. My build was destroyed, thought about giving up. Then realized that trail of cinders gives a few proc loH (though not nearly anything like jagged spikes or gas g's used to), and after also seeing the solid damage it does, I realized I could continue being a hybrid DH. -The loH though minor, is enough to keep me alive by semi kiteing/ moving in and out of enemy mobs. -Plus, it does solid damage, SO ALTHOUGH I CAN NO LONGER TANK FOR A GROUP, I CAN AT LEAST CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING & DISTRACT ENEMIES MOMENTARILY. You have to be a hybrid to work it though. You've gota sacrifice dps gear for enough vit +res to move "through the trenches." So you're rewarded for that with the damage. Although Blizz (whom apparently promotes creativity and build diversity) destroyed 1 key DH build, they replaced it with another. I THINK IT'S GREAT THAT THERE'S AT LEAST 1 OTHER BUILD THEN MERELY BEING A SHOOTING CANNON. :)DeadraHelix2 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS Manticore with LS (super cheap) 986.2 dps 123 dex 179 int Increases attack speed by 10% CD by 77% 2.7 LS OS Current offer: BIN: 10m Add me in game.Ivanovich0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS> Natalya's Sight w/ Dex, vit and OS 840 armor (max armor!) 167 dex 74 int 87 vit 1.3% fear OS Pic: Nat Sight info: Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Troubles with Act IV Inferno I'm having a lot of trouble in act 4! I die too quick and don't do enough damage, are there any basic tips I should know about it? Here's my profile: Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 wts gg the witching hour 117 dex 91 int 45 vit 42 fr 8% atk speed 35% crit damage res 100m buyout 150m this belt is 23k dps more than any 190+ dex belt ive had so fartassili3 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 please post your godly NAT here please post your godly NAT hereKITTANG5 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 problems on act 3 and 4 range mobs? can somebody help me how to encounter with range mobs that usually 1hit my fellow DH? any tips or advice. tnxRomJayz2 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS great DH ring. 60m dex 70 vita 60 all rez 50 cc 3.5 cd 31%Haraken1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 PC: Ring with Dex,Vit,All Res,Crit Dmg,Socket Hey, I would be very happy to get a price check (ingame gold/real money) for a nice ring I found: Unfortunately, I could not find many similar rings in the auction house :-/ Any estimations are welcome! I play on EU-servers, but hope that the difference in prices is not that huge :-) Best regards, TuxTux3 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS Good DH Quiv, leav offer check profile for quiv current offer is 42miDestroy0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Advice for next upgrade Hey folks. Obviously with 1.04 hitting there is a ton more options of gear out there (especially new legendaries). Recently upgraded my bow away from a 1150 dps xbow to the 1350 I have now. However, now I'm stuck as to what my next upgrade should be. Obviously my ring(s) are pretty bad but I feel like they're so expensive for the mediocre damage potential. What do you think my next upgrade should be? (And if you happen to be selling, give me a link and a price. Maybe we can work out a deal!) Thanks for all the help. Edit: Oops, sitting on about 85M gold as a resource poolAlterreality0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Amazing Quiver 285 dex/CC/ATTSD Hunt Break +101 strength +239 Dex +104 Vit +15 attack speed +8 Crit chance +1.4 slow on hit Open Socket - Currently with star gem +46 Start bid 2millLost9 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Price check plz help ;) Legendary xbow 974.7 dps 126 vit Ias 6% 1,4% freeze on hit 44,2% to inflict bleed for 6069-11107 damage over 5 sec chance to root target to the ground 1 socket ------ Btw could use a nice DH build too ;)Max5 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS high dps 2h crossbow, socket, vit, 11% as 1376.8 damage 1.22 speed 244 min damage 360 max damage 34% damage 201 strength 95 vitality attack speed by 11% and an empty socket!! I'll take best off after 2 hours, it is 7:15 cst, ending at 9:15 cstAustinAja9 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Build advice? I'm thinking I should be focus more on CHC and CHD? + any advice in general? EDIT: Some of my gear is kinda lame cause I'm kinda poor...:(Pewwww0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Profile DPS and in-game DPS I think there were server connection issues(server shutdowns) last night(Australia), After these issues just realized my in-game DPS is a lil off to my profile DPS. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing this.HELLRAZR0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 need help please with build i can do act 2 now act 3 i have no hope. I'm only a casual player i usually can only get on 1 to 2 hours every second night. can someone please have a look at my gear and skill set. is there a better way. what gear piece should i up grade next what skill's on that gear should i be looking for. i only got 1 mil to spend at the mounent gold dose take me a while to build. because i cant play as much as i would like any help appreciatedoxey2 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Maticore, dex ias intel crit dmg socketed Looking to sell or trade Maticore for Poison Monk items. 1000.6 dps 29 max dmg 172 - 527 poison dmg 187 Dex 162 Intel 11 attack speed % 71 crit damage empty socket BIN 100m Start bid 50mMysteriouS1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS my Nat set Just view my profile to see the items I know its not the most decent set and i don't want to sell it by pieces but my asking price for the whole set is 80m. If you don't want to buy it or if you think its too high, then just leave my post be. I checked the prices in AH and i think my price is fair even though my headpiece and cloak are both trash. For a faster transaction just add me up in game SsjnesS#6680 - im always onlineSsjnesS19 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 [Video] - Diablo INFERNO Kill 4 Mins! Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Trifecta Amulet with 140 Dex and Vit Full stats 9-18 dmg 100 str 143 dex 58 vit 6% attack speed 54% crit damage 5.5% crit chance Just bids for now, I dont have a bin in mind. C/O 30m seen here. Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 S> 1h Crossbow, OS+86Crit, Dex, LS, Hatred 705.6 DPS OS + 86% Crit Damage 2.8% Life Steal 115 Dex Hatred Regeneration 1.27 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 HI PC on Quiver plz Obsidian Fervor +256 dex +98 int +asi 14% +10 dis +Crit Chance 7% +i sucks but health globe +4897 +1 soc w/gem +46 dex Total dex=302Gintoki9160 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 strongarm vs my rare bracer i dont really noe how to use the dps calculator and im prety lazy anyways can you guys tell me if i shud get a decent strongarm or keep the bracer i have? thanks!Sacrilege0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Help Improve DH PLZ Hello all, Ive been struggling to stay alive in act 3, currently my dps is 181k w/ ss. Any gear changes or decent skill set ups that can help me farm act 3? Thx in advance.IcarusLives1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Insane Quiver!!! 187 Dex 187 Vit 9 Crit 15 IAS 1.20 Hate Regen 6% Multi shot crit 2.2 chance to slow C/O is 25m 40 BIN Aesrizzel#1150Aesrizzel4 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 DH Inferno Solo Farming Build hey i was wondering if anyone could share a DH inferno farming buuild with me :D Thanx :PFr3nchy0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Solid Demon Hunter.... Skill Build It has been a while since I have played..... Post 1.04 patch, what are some of the better builds as a DH? You can see what i use rune and skill wise in my profile. Cheers!RikHawk1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Anyone try a Windforce knockback build? With windforce having up to 50% knockback and stacking immobilize/chill/stun/knockback on other equipment, you could have a 70% chance to keep the enemy away from you, couple with RoV knockback rune and vault/smokescreen for vortex/teleporters, would this be a viable build to never have enemies near you? Has anyone tried a windforce knockback build?jxfuller4 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 PC 1200 dmg manticore 1288 dmg 10 Attack speed 85% Crit Dmg 1 Socket 173 IntWildling0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 S/T Old Nata Set [Legacy] trade for new nata set. or sell check my profile.Boss4 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Please help me raise my DPS ... Hello all, I've hit a wall at 81K without ShSh as was wondering if there was anything I can improve with 13 million in the bank. I would like to hit at least 100K if possible but I'm not sure of what else I need to be looking for (or even if 13M is enough to do anything). Any help is greatly appreciated! My profile: Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Dual Wield vs Quiver the bonus for dual wielding is 15% attack speed. dual wielded weapons alternate dps per shot, so to effectively dual wield, we need two similar dps crossbows. quiver usually comes with 15% attack speed, higher on some uniques, it tops out at 20%. that leaves 1h crossbow behind by 5% attack speed in the worst case, normally equal. quivers can have up to 10% critical chance, 1h crossbow cannot have this stat. 1h crossbow can have 200% critical damage (100% and a socket), quiver cannot have this stat. 1h crossbow can have more dexterity, 350 in the best case, versus 200 on a quiver. Let's take the following (these are the relative dps values for my character): Attack Speed: 244.6 Crit Chance: 457.6 Crit Damage: 39.7 Dex: 19.5 Best Case: 1h Crossbow: (6825(350 dex)+7940(200% crit damage)+3669(15% attack speed)) = 18434 Quiver: (3900(200 dex)+4576(10% crit chance)+4892(20% attack speed)) = 13368 Reasonable Case: 1h Crossbow: (1950(100 dex)+3970(100 crit damage)+3669(15% attack speed)) = 9589 Quiver: (2925(150 dex)+3432(7.5% crit chance)+3669(15%attack speed)) = 10026 That quiver would probably cost you a couple million, that 1h crossbow would cost increasingly insane amounts depending on dps. The quiver could more easily and affordably have other survivability stats. I wish Blizzard would balance this a little better. I would love to dual wield, but it's not affordable, and not really viable taking into account the realistic case of 2h crossbow/bow vs dual 1h crossbow. 2h has way more dps.aepheus3 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 WTS Amulet 274Dex 63CD 8.5CC In no hurry to sell this beast since my monk is enjoying it but post your offers below. C/O: 200MXPWaste6 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Price check on 2 hand crossbow 1520 dps 1.21 attack per sec increases attack speed 10%Victor1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 tank DH I saw a video on youtube with a demon hunter tank this still viable?Mostarz2 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Need help getting over 100K I am currently averaging 60K dps with no ss. I know that crit chance and dmg is key to getting more damage. Will getting a new bow make that big of a difference? Also not sure what other type of gear I need to upgrade. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated!Wildling19 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Specs What is good dmg spec what skills?Alin3 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Thinking of switching to a DH. PLEASE READ! So right now im a barb and its stupid for how much gear you need to farm! i was wondering how much an efficient act 3 farm suit would be? Thanks!ToRealistic11 Aug 25, 2012