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8h Uli build great again Please make the Uli SSS build closer in damage power to the Sunwuko build :Dleostud3 8h
5d Surviving GR80+ I started this season extremely late and as a result I lack the paragon levels, but apart getting more paragon levels, what can I change to survive better in higher GRs? My GR is 80 at 3:37, and I can't move up because I get one-shotted by ever damned enemy in rifts above GR 75. Here is the link to my character: Thanks in advance.Drusus7 5d
5d Advice for LTK Monk I am able to clear GR 87 with this build and it is a lot of fun to play. Do you folks have any suggestions to tweak this build into the 90's? I have a hunch that the boots aren't the best and I am working on rerolling them. Mostly I would like to know if some skills or runes are better other that I should be using instead. What I like about this build is it is very easy to play but I still don't think I'm hitting with enough power and it is weak against those doggone arcane spinning light thingies. I will be going along at a good clip until I get ganged up on by the elite/ boss combos. Right now I can kill the rift bosses in about 15 seconds or less. Should I consider swapping out the emeralds for diamonds in the weapon sockets?StudMuffin12 5d
Sep 8 Monk forum sticky builds? What happened to the mods here and all the sticky builds. Especially davloks testing data?celtic084 Sep 8
Sep 6 Zmonk My zmonk is reasonably geared, has the gameplay changed much, or is it still spam mantra, cyclone strike, cast inner sanct, perma epi, etc? Also if you can check my gear/skills and lemme know if any issues? Thanks in advance!Cartman25469 Sep 6
Sep 3 bindings of the lesser gods v. passive ally? I don't know if this question has already been answered somewhere, but I'm wondering about the mechanics of Bindings of the Lesser Gods. my Inna build has ten mystic allies, but no ally skill selected. I don't much care for the active part of the ally skill, don't like things on timers (that's why I don't do the convention of elements thing either) but Inna gives me all the runes, so I don't feel the need to use a skill slot for it. so I'm wondering if my bindings of the lesser gods are actually doing anything- are they? the text says they increase the damage of mystic ally, but I don't actually have mystic ally skill, so does it work? and even if I did, I know the skill has a passive and active function. I'm trying to test this by unequiping the bindings and seeing if my rift times slow down... but if anybody has any specific data on how the bindings shake out in the damage department, that' d be great.SoulFlesh5 Sep 3
Sep 1 Which Sunwuko pants? Hi, I got these two Sunwuko pants and not sure which one to use.. Primal 650 dex, 650 vit, 130 resist (monster kills exp +260, gold and health pickup +2) Ancient 649 dex, 591 vit, 725 armor (205 physical resist, 7093 life after kill) I think ancient one is better because secondary stats, what do you think? p.s. i think best stats pants would be: 650 dex, 650 vit, 775 armor (210 physical resist, 7725 life after kill)OV3RL0RD8 Sep 1
Aug 31 Help with my monk please Hi guys, EU player here! Just a cube I have RoRG but it just doesn't show up on my profile. I just did GRift 86 in approx 9 mins. What would u guys suggest I focus on first gear-wise? Atm, I am rolling Vengful Wind to get it ancient asap. But what about other pieces of equipment? What shall the priorities be? Im a seasoned player so I dont know what to focus on first. Cheers!JackTheDark11 Aug 31
Aug 27 zMonk - Prevent from moving Hi, i tried a zmonk, but sometimes it moves from the spot where I am casting and supporting. Is there a shortcut or trick to prevent it from moving while casting? Thanks ^^GUTS1 Aug 27
Aug 24 Season Solo Grift 20+ Completion (NEWB Help) Hey there fellow slayers. My sons and I just recently started playing D3, as of about a week ago. One of my kiddos picked a Monk as his class and is having a very tough time finishing this challenge to complete all the season events in the required time frame. He can do it but it takes 30 min+ to complete and beat the boss. I happened to choose a barbarian, just because they look gnarly but have no idea what I'm doing. It's almost laughable how quickly my guy runs thru GRIFT 20 at higher torment levels but his monk, which decimates me when we spar, can't complete that particular event. What should he be concentrating on in order to help speed his time? We are at a point in the game where we are no longer finding any gear that enhances our abilities, all the drops anymore, even at higher levels seem to be stale. Looked thru other posts but, seeing as this whole roll thing is new to me I can't make a lot of sense out of what I'm seeing. Thanks in advance and remember.. Be kind please. ;)Davidjett3 Aug 24
Aug 24 Zmonk Advice Hi everyone, I'm new to monk this season and just completed my zmonk build. I'd like you guys to take a peek at my build to see where/what I can reroll or farm for upgrades to make my support more effective. Also, what is the preferred CDR? I'm currently sitting at 69.xx% CDR. Do I need more or is this adequate? Thanks.Wangster18 Aug 24
Aug 22 Advancement advice Pros, Could someone take a look at my build and offer improvement advice? >100 yields a bunch of nope. I do like to distance cast with zei but find myself trying to group for accelerated timer advancement. Diamonds help a bit but i still have trouble. Should I re-augment with diamond effect instead of dex on gear? Do I simply have !@#$ gear in some cases? I'm not looking for glory but believe I should be able to finish 100-105 with relative ease. Thank you in advance!Cerealbawks4 Aug 22
Aug 19 Which WOL Kyroshiro Blade is better (and why) Weapon 1: up to 1940 damage 984 dexterity 5% increase attack speed chance to deal 23% area damage +15 max spirit Weapon 2: up to 1940 damage 912 dexterity reduce cool down by 9% increase spirit regen by 3.0 per second +14 max spirit Grifting with Sunwuko WOL build Icy VeinsStudMuffin6 Aug 19
Aug 18 Fastest Solo Grift Run Times Hey, has anyone tried doing super fast solo grift runs with WoL monk? I was able to do gr80 solo in 1:34, and gr85 solo in 1:50 so far. I'm p2733 and my monk has 4.23mil sheet dps. My Profile: Skills Used:!fXiZ!ZbcYab GR85 in 1:50: I think p4000-p5000+ should be able to do gr90 solo in under 2mins.OV3RL0RD13 Aug 18
Aug 17 Good to go for 110 ? The monk in question. (will use CoE from monk below) Highest i've done for now was with uliana 105 in 12.48min.. not really a fan of pushing with WoL but it's time i guess. Is the gear good enough ? if so, then i'll augment it with 100's.. should bring me to ard 22k dex. I have some additional gear in season.. but yea, its in season and will be available later on How much life should i aim for ? thanks in advanceSuperFoolDk7 Aug 17
Aug 16 WOL suggestions for my seasonal I was hoping some high level monks would offer up some suggestions on what I should be focusing on for my seasonal WOL monk. Which pieces to be gambling for etc. next. Obviously my helm is a priority as it's not ancient, I'm having terribly luck getting one that's ancient with the cube, I've gotten lots of them, but never with the correct stats. I also really hate doing bounties, but I'm doing them none the less. I've been able to complete a 99 GR which brought me to 750ish on the leader boards at the time, but I haven't tried to push again since. I really like the monk, but she feels squishy at the high levels and rift bosses that one shot me seem to cause me a problem with using the witching hour because sometimes it takes an eternity to get your sweeping wind stacks back up. Any constructive help would be so greatly appreciated. I think I have the right idea on most of my gear, but more advice and help never hurts! Thanks in advance!Snyper77220 Aug 16
Aug 15 Weapon suggestion hi guys, EU player here :) Atm im running an epithany / ranged wol monk. Im workin now on getting this 2nd weapon ancient. For the time being...the stats are ok or shall i reroll them? Im curious abot life on hit with ranged toon. And cooldown on 2nd? Cheers!JackTheDark0 Aug 15
Aug 14 Which WoL monk gear is better? Which WoL monk gear is better? perfect non-ancient, or crap ancient? 1. Tzo Krin's Gaze (non-ancient with 150%, or ancient with 130% wave of light dmg) 2. Pinto's Pride (non-ancient with 150%, or ancient with 130% increased dmg) 3. Vengeful Wind (non-ancient with 7 stacks, or ancient with 6 stacks)OV3RL0RD12 Aug 14
Aug 13 WoL with Epiphany? Hi guys, Im not an experienced player so bear with my please. I have a few questions /given i dont to push too hard...1oo would be perfect/ Is wol with epiphany gonna cut it? Is it ok to use kiroshiro belt to take my mind off keeping these stacks ? Maybe later once i get the hang of it i will go another route. Cheers guys :)JackTheDark6 Aug 13
Aug 13 Gearing My Monk Up More? Afternoon you all, I wanted to see if you all think that running bounties from this point on is the best way for me to continue to gear our my WOL Monk. I have a 2nd piece of gear for each item to re-roll. I am talking about my character Knom. Thanks!Isoquant2 Aug 13
Aug 12 End-game SWK stats and soft caps Is there a soft cap to any of the secondary rolls where one begins beating out the other? I've come across some items that sim way differently than I would expect. I'm particularly astounded at how well AD seems to perform in sims and here's one example: SWK gloves: 996dex 10chc 15%AD 8%CDR There are many ways to reroll these and they're pretty much the reason I made this post. After simming CDR->CHD, 15AD->20AD, 15AD->CHD and DEX->CHD, the 15-20AD reroll comes out way, way ahead of the others in high density (hundreds of millions) and marginally loses (a couple million) on bosses and low density. Even after adding 7000-10000dex via paragon, the AD roll still wins. To me at first glance I would think "Quad this, you can't get more chd from paragon" but no matter how much extra dex I put in, AD always wins (is 1000dex really >50chd?) Is there a point where AD begins losing because of the lost top-end potential or is it going to pretty much always be king because of the way SWK plays? Is there such a thing as too much CDR? considering how well AD seems to do, is GG jewellery CHC/AD/CHD or CHC/AD/CDR or CHC/AD/damage range or CHC/CHD/damage range or CHC/CHD/CDR.... P.S. CoE or Obsidian? P.P.S. 10%dmg bad compared to almost every other stat you'd want on a weapon?Amato2 Aug 12
Aug 11 Lightning or Fire Build? Hello, Just came back from years of resting. And build a lightning Monk a week ago. I noticed, most of the Monk now are using fire build (WoL). Should it be the same damage right in any elements? Coz, it will be a waste since all my gear are lightning damage. Thanks ^^GUTS4 Aug 11
Aug 11 WOL MONK INCREASE FIRE DAMAGE OR AREA DAMAGE I have a WOL Monk using a fire rune. Is it better to increase my 20% fire damage to 40% fire damage or increase my area damage? I have a primal amulet. Thanks in advance!Sculler596 Aug 11
Aug 10 Sunwuko amulet ? Hi guys, I just got my first sunwuko piece and it says it it a 6piece set and there is no amulet there in the description??? On the net it also says nothibg about the amu being part of the set? In many builds i can see sunwuko amulet? Could u pls explain to me what seem 2 b the deal with the amulet..?JackTheDark3 Aug 10
Aug 9 WOL question hello monks, looking at other WOL monks I see I play it differently, in part because I cant figure out why everyone and how everyone using "dashing strike" ? can someone explain that pls thanks OGCaptCaveMan4 Aug 9
Aug 7 Main vs off hand During dual wielding, how do you decide which weapon goes to main or off hand?scheller1 Aug 7
Aug 2 Panther's Claw Transmog. I'm farming Eternal Woods for the last 3 days to get the panther's claw transmog and nothing, the freakin' chest refuses to spawn. I never had problems with this chest before, already got the transmog in 3 seasons and it was like, 5 or 6 tries to find the chest but this time is really annoying, already spent at least 15 hours in the last 3 days. What gives with this chest, did they decresed the spawn rate of this chest that it's nearly impossible to find it or what ?!?EdinMG1 Aug 2
Jul 30 Fun build advice - R6 DS Monk Hi folks, Felt like i wanted to play diablo again the last few days and was feeling like to try to push as far as i can with dashing strike build even if i know it's maybe the worst monk build right now. I made a build on d3 planner ( and wanted thoughts and opinions from you. Especially for the weapons, should i use jaw breaker or stay with in geom ? Since in "higher" grift the elite will die too slowly i feel like trying jaw breaker. Thanks for your time. NashkaNashka2 Jul 30
Jul 30 Monk dps group builds? Are there any out there that will legit help the group in 95-105? I´m not looking to be the most efficient but I was wondering if there is one since the regular solo WoL doesn´t seem to work as it´s too squishy. I´m only asking this in the very frequent scenario that I join pubs to do 100´s and there´s already a support monk. I want a build that will be able to help the group, can even be another support build if its effective like something focusing on damage buffs. I didn´t play much monk on the seasons he was a rgk, but I suppose it can still work? I remember tryiing it and, like the swk wol now, dying a lot even with sup monk around. I play frequently with a wizard and we join pubs when we get bored of playing just us two, so being an rgk would fit right in. If anyone can point me to any build that can fare weill in 100´s besides full defensive support/heal and not die 8 times per rift with a support monk healing, plz do.Tubs3 Jul 30
Jul 30 rabid strike Which skills benefit from rabid strikes legendary power?Salaxis4 Jul 30
Jul 27 Inna's Weapon Where can I find an Inna's weapon? Is it a 2 hander from Kadala using blood shards? I'm trying to learn how to play a Monk. And it's been hard for me to assemble that set. I'm low on death's breath so I can't upgrade rares. But just curious, what weapon type is the Inna's weapon?DreamTeam3 Jul 27
Jul 24 Inna build ring question I'm running an Inna Set build with exploding palm. I have 2 Ancient Legendary Rings and can't decide which one to equip. I have a Convention of Elements which I think enhances the weapon damage but I also have a Band of the Rue Chambers which restores spirit by 45%. I'd appreciate your opinions. My other ring is a Compass Rose set with Traveller's Pledge and cubing the Unity ring.StudMuffin1 Jul 24
Jul 24 6 piece Raiment of a Thousand Storms buff Has anyone else been having problems with the 6 piece proc that increases the damage of Dashing Strike not working? It is doing the same exact damage without the proc than it is with the proc...deadofnite0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Need opinion about this build setup Hi all, I play this game to test builds. I was 1 of the first to rock gr 94+ with a COE RUMBLE setup as barbarian, using raekors6 + ik4 (including maul) and waste all fury on physical element. I need ideas about this monk setup tho!fgXS!YZcZab Idea is using 6innas + 2 ulianas to proc EP the setup buff allies damage just to make 1 nearby mob to die, making all the left over explode NOTE that this build use 5cc and BROKEN PROMISE RING 100% critical chance almost permanently up any suggestions and updates about this build would be appreciated. TY guys NOTE: I only did put 1.2kpara, and only lvl 60gems in gear. BUT the items are ancs with perfect stats to balance the low gems.booyazord0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Enchanting Favor AND Unity? I don't have Enchanting Favor to grant my Templar the ability to not die, but I do finally have 2 Unity rings now. My question is, does Enchanting Favor somehow improve how much damage is mitigated with Unity? In other words, consider the following scenario: Without Enchanting Favor My follower gets hit for 100 damage So my follower would take 50 damage and I would take 50 before mitigation stats kicked in. With Enchanting Favor My follower gets hit for 100 damage But if he is immune, does that mean that neither of will take any damage? I've been grifting some and I kept dying and then realized it was my follower who was getting me killed. Yes, I know, this has noob written all over it, but I really don't care. I need to know!Ireneaus8 Jul 24
Jul 19 Build critique pls Inna WoL - am I doing this right? I have not played monk in a long while. Sorry I am not the best at building, and usually make some very obvious mistakes and rely on the community to let me know where/how I am effing up... so thanks in advance! I know my gear isn't the best, still working on it, but I do not think I am missing any pieces for the build at this point I have Incense Torch cubed and Kyo as MH - does the dmg stack? The third cube slot is RoRG not sure why it is empty in my profile link. Jul 19
Jul 16 Primal Kyoshiro blade reroll Hi, As the title reads, I got lucky and found a primal Kyoshiro Blade on my seasonal monk. I already used a ramaldini on it and it has Dex, Vit, Area Damage and +15 max spirit. Looking at the leaderboards, it seems that rerolling Vit to Life per Hit seems the way to go. Thoughts?LSOJJ15 Jul 16
Jul 13 New zmonk help Hi guys, this is my first season back after a few years. I managed to round up this zmonk build. Please take a look, I'm wondering what piece is most in urgent need of a upgrade or reroll. What grift level do you guys think I should be in? Some stats in town: 69% cdr - I can just barely refresh inner sanc on time 1.13m HP 2k resists 81m toughness with spirit guards 72k healing globe Thanks for taking a look!Arc0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Monk issue Can someone look at my monk and help me figure out what I can do to survive more please? I'm trying to do solo 100. I get to the rift guardian with like 1-2 mins to spare and pretty much every rift guardian just 1 shots me over and over and over. Like I can't even cast a WOL before dying.Bilefloat7 Jul 12
Jul 12 LoN Tempest Rush Howdy folks! I've been trying to change some things up with this season with regards to what I use compared to what is popular in the meta just to keep things fresh. One of these ways is coming up with a LoN Tempest Rush build. I realize the relative weakness of LoN now compared to the absurdity in strength of the set bonuses but, as I mentioned before, I want to make things interesting and I love using off-meta stuff. With that prefaced explanation, I ask for the most constructive criticism as possible in order to get this functional and as close to optimized as possible without actually playing it since I do not yet have the requisite gear. I don't normally post here when creating my own builds, but I have had some difficulty acquiring adequate pieces this season to tinker with the LoN build on my own (RNG is RNG). For this reason, I need some outside input from folks who may be more familiar with monks than I and help to discover ways eeking out the most from abilities, gear, and passives. Build: Explanation Behind Specific Abilities and Gear: I am creating this build intentionally without using the popular flurry rune I have been seeing around for other TR builds. The entire start and stop feel to make use of the rune doesn't feel very fluid to me when I picture a melee channeling build in my mind. This said, the best alternative I surmised would be competitive was northern breeze. So, I tailored the build around the use of this rune and holy damage. Also, the build is designed for GR solo pushes, not speed or group runs. I’m sure I could put something together for that, but there is not as much challenge in T13 rifts. I utilize cyclone strike as a way to clump mobs together and get the most bang for buck out of the area damage I want to stack as a part of the build. I use the wall of wind rune as an additional activator for Cesar’s Memento outside of blinding flash. The fear I have with cyclone strike usage is losing the Aquila Cuirass buff. I could use the eye of the storm rune to offset this, but I preferred the additional activator. Instead, I have Lefebvre’s Soliloquy in the cube to cover when AC is lost. If the wall of wind rune is redundant when paired with blinding flash. If the AC buff loss is not an issue, Cesar’s Memento can be cubed in lieu of wearing Strongarm Bracers, but I do not imagine that being the case. I also toyed with the idea of getting rid of AC entirely if I use Lefebvre’s Soliloquy and instead use Shi Mizu’s Haori. It's difficult to make a determination on just how durable the build will be without the pieces (which is part of the reason I was hoping for outside input =)). This portion of the build loadout is still fluid, so I am very open if someone has suggestions to go in a different direction from cyclone strike entirely. I have seen Crudest Boots being very popular with many of the current TR builds, but I am unsure how necessary they will be with the combination of northern breeze rune and slower attack speed of Balance. Also, I get very agitated with freeze/immobilizing effects when playing WW barb (closest equivalency I had with TR monk). I thought the Ice Climbers were an overall better selection than Crudest Boots. Speaking of Balance, I know TR is lacking in damage due to one less multiplier than WoL or LTK. Even though it is additive, I thought having the increased TR damage naturally found on the two-hander would help when paired with the Furnace effect cubed. This is possible when compared to the Sunwuko version because you no longer need Vengeful Wind for the sweeping wind DR found on the set bonus. Admittedly, I am not the best when min/maxing the numbers, so if someone can help me figure out if using a two-hander (i.e. Balance) vs two one-handers, I would be very appreciative. If the one-handers end up being better, I'm sure I could go with something similar to what is used for other builds and Balance cubed (maybe Azurewrath and Sunkeeper?) The momentum passive is flexible. Again, when it comes to the exacting nature of optimization, I lack the know-how; I mostly go off of feel in the rifts. However, I thought momentum may provide more overall damage than seize the initiative if pushing GRs. I also feel lack of damage will hold back this build than survivability, which is why I went with damage over near death experience and resolve. This may not be the correct line of thinking and it would be easy enough to change, but I thought it was still worth mentioning. Any help and/or suggestions with what I listed above (or anything I missed with potential problem points) would be greatly appreciated. Happy rifting everyone and thanks for your time!Averic2 Jul 12
Jul 12 Dam #diffs my details says an attack dam increase is 147% but all gear equipped looks like it should be over 600% or whatever, anyone know why the diff?JohnnyRocket1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Back after 3 or 5 years? Hey everyone, just bought RoS and finished the campaign last night after being gone for at least 3 years. Damn, long time. I play a monk, obviously, and could use some guidance on end-game. Got up to level 70, and now the fun begins. Do I just do bounties and then do Rifts as I get the tokens? Is playing at hard level still suggested? I used a 2-hander (Skorn) while I was playing before for farming. Should I swap out to dual wielding? How much is enough gold? I've got about 40mil from back in the day. i've done a few bounties, should I move up to rifts when possible? Is crafting rares worth it, or just save up/target for legendaries? Thanks! (list format doesn't seem to be working, sorry)frozndevl17 Jul 12
Jul 9 Set Dungeon Hi all, Can someone advise on how to complete the set dungeon? One of the requirements is to unleash my mystics on 10 mobs. How can I do it? I tried switching to rare (yellow) weapons to not overkill everything but i'm still killing everything. Anyone have a particular way of completing this so that the secondary objective doesn't interfere with the primary and vice versa?Wangster3 Jul 9
Jul 4 Cap or bug on WoL buffs? After putting WoL buff on boots (14%) and helmet 143%, not even counting the Kyro's blade and Pinto's, I see the Details list under Offense shows that I am only getting 150% buff when it should be more. It makes me wonder is this a cap or a bug?VykinG7 Jul 4
Jul 1 Unity vs Seize the Initiative I have noticed most ppl use seize the initiative on the wave of light monk. Unity adds 500k to my dps Seize the Initiative gives me IAS for 4 seconds while this does not matter on most game play, when it comes to GR at high lvl, it seems Unity is a better choice am I missing something? i'm new to wave of light OGCaptCaveMan15 Jul 1
Jul 1 WoL stat priority and values Hi there masters of WoL! I made a similar thread in the Crusader section, asking for a list of stats a Codemnsader should prioritize, so I am curious about the same with WoL :) So what are the priority stats and what are the ideal values one should strive for ?Herowar5 Jul 1
Jul 1 Fullbringer's Monk EP Build T13 (No-Gen) Jul 1
Jul 1 WOL Solo Build Variant GR100+ Jul 1
Jun 29 Quick WoL question... Trying to gear a monk for WoL, and I've probably gone at least 10k blood shards without that Tzo helmet. Can I move on to weapons and complete the gear and start doing T13's and just get the helmet eventually as it comes? OR is the helmet and absolute necessity? I've heard it's a pretty squishy build I guess I'm just wondering HOW squishy. Thanks!Cira13 Jun 29