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3h What's wrong with my build? Hello, I'm fairly new to D3, only bought the game at the end of last year and played a couple of characters through the storyline but nothing much beyond that until I started a monk for season 13. Now, seeing that it's about to end, I was wondering if someone more experienced could have a look at my character and tell me where I've gone wrong? I thought that things were going reasonably well with the set items that came with the season, until I got past the "Slayer" chapter. After finishing that, I tried moving up to Torment 8 and I had my @ss completely handed to me. I can hold my own reasonably well in Torment 7 but in 8, the first bunch of spiderlings that I ran into just shredded me. It didn't feel like I wouldn't be doing any damage but my health simply disappeared before I could land more than a hit or two. Any insights please?Pja2 3h
14h MONK DMG NERF OR BUG? Has anyone else noticed this nerf or bug that has happened to Monks using Wave of Light build? Before when I was about Paragon level 900+ I dealt about 2000+ billion in damage but after I leveled up my gems and my Paragon levels and got better gear my damage decreased from 2000+ billion to about 900-1000 billion. I'm utterly confused to why this is and would love an answer does anybody know?DarkAeon880 14h
1d Legendaries that arent Blizz, Please remove Erleng Shen, Bezaor Stone, and See No Evil from the game, what other class has a class specific item type that has 3 different legendaries that do nothing.. You were pretty good about gettin the Fist Weapons to all have some utility even if there's still Logan's claw and Jawbreaker + fleshrake have very minimal use. Thanks for your time! DarthDarth17 1d
1d R6 DS Spam more damage than R6/Shen's Gen? Since we have the revised Flesh Rake and Crystal Fist is a Dashing Strike spam focused build more damage and thus viable for high GRs? Also, would Rabid Strike be triggered by Dashing Strike with Epiphany active giving 2x strikes per Dash?BossDogg6 1d
3d The #1 Monk in Europe has 2300+ hours in S13 That Monk is faster than light. He has almost 5 times the playtime that would be possible if you played nonstop since the season started. If you do care about cheaters, that would be a good place to start....Nightbird37 3d
4d Monk + intelligence? What happends to a monk if you increase the intelligence? i saw online it says that it +0.1 all attribute resistance is this true?Javs4 4d
4d Can i get a link for bell builds Thanks Id like to make a bell buidKlowN1 4d
5d Kyoshiro's Soul - Where does this item drop? I was trying to look up this item, I can't find any site that shows drop rate, locations, etc...Can this item be crafted?BrownBeefMan13 5d
5d Having fun with this double bell monk build Thought that I would share a fun build I was trying. I'm not someone who tries to climb the LB, so was trying to play around with different build and found something which I think is really fun. Build is in my profile Basic idea is to get perma ephiphany and get double bells from Rabid Strike. Perma ephiphany basically also means excellent mobility as we will be teleporting everywhere, so this build feel quite fast for speed GRs.GuanYu5 5d
May 18 Why Gogok? Hello guys, thank you for the help you have given me regarding the Support Monk. I have a new question that my friends could not answer: Why zMonk is using Gogok instead of esoteric? Okay, Gogok gives you 15% attack speed and additional CDR, that's fine, but at what cost? Even with esoteric I can keep sanc cooldown perfectly without using cyclone, and epiphany all the time with some cyclone uses. Although gogok gives you 15% attack speed, the passive "Seize The Initiative" gives you twice as much, so what's the real point of using gogok? Why are they using it instead of Esoteric? Thx for the help, sry my english.ENIAC8 May 18
May 18 Monks on skipping and fishing in GRs I have now cleared a GR91 which is higher than the in the past a GR87 on my WD. I know that I don't know as much as I need to know to be able to go even higher than GR91. That is why I am turning to may fellow monk players that have way more experience playng a monk than I do. I will first start off by again stating that I have a lot of confidence in my fellow monk players. Next I will show you my seasonal monk before I begin my questions as they are based on my seasonal monk, please keep that in mind when answering my questions. Now I know you will notice that my gear and build is for speed key farming. Now on to the differences. For pushing I use the following. Swap In-Geom for Rabid Strike. Swap Averice Ban (Boon of the Hoarder) for Unity (Stricken) Swap Gold Wrap for The Witching hour. Skills are the following Switch Blinding Flash Faith in the Light for Way of the Hundred Fists Assimilation. Switch LTK Sweeping Armada for LTK Vulture Claw Kick. Switch Mantra of Conviction Annilation to Mantra of Salvation Agility. Switch Dashing Strike Way of the Fallen Star to Dashing Strike Blinding Speed. Switch the passive Momentum to Near Death Experience. 1. Have I reached the full potential of the build considering the gear, paragon and skill selection? 2. Does this mean that in order to go higher I will need to fish for clears? 3. Are groups that you must skip different for each class and each build? Yes I know that some like Juggernaught are universal. 4. Could I go even higher with better gear and better paragon? I am asking these questions so in time I would be able to learn by playing when I have taken a build as far as I can possibly go so I could move on and either play another class or take a bit of a break from playing this game.ShadowAegis2 May 18
May 16 Need help to pass GR75 I'm currently trying to do Seasonal Conquest to pass GR 75 but I can't seems to pass it. Here is my monk character profile Is damage of 1.164.750 enough to pass GR 75? It takes sometime for my character to take down elites and my character life bar drain so fast when attacked & die a lot, and end up behind the GR time. Can anyone give me some suggestion if there anyway I can improve my character with skills or item stats to pass GR 75? thanks zigmazigma2 May 16
May 13 Wave of Light Damage Calculation? Anyone using wave of light? I m using wave of light (blinding light) it give 479% of holy damage on first hit. But i m only getting crit of 1.5m to 1.9m damage. Where as i tested on Breath of heaven (circle of scorn) it give 505% of holy damage on hit But i m getting crit of 5m to 6.9m damage Even my cyclone strike (implosion) is having crit 2m to 3.5m for just 261% of holy damage. The damage different is too big for the skill description. Anyone facing this issue? Please kindly advise on this.Vieri8 May 13
May 10 Uliana's Stratagem Rework Ideas -Fist of Az'Turasq Increases ALL exploding palm damage by 100%, 500% explosion damage makes it way too niche. (slightly increased drop rate would be nice too) -Exploding Palm - Impending Doom No longer causes the target to bleed, it slowly chills the air around the target, increasing cold damage you deal to the target by 5% each second, stacking up to 9 times. *(Optional) Dealing cold damage to the target adds one stack.* Explosion damage is doubled against frozen targets. Stacks reset upon detonation and upon reapplication. (9 stacks = 45%, 2770*2=5540, 5540*2=11,080. This would make up for the lost damage from attack speed and preserve the original play style when running the new Flow of Eternity. -Exploding Palm - Shocking Grasp Each tick strikes an additional enemy within 15 yards (maybe just a chance to strike an additional enemy, but has a proc coefficient) -Seven Sided Strike - Incinerate (change name) after casting SSS, gain 7%, For each time you struck an enemy during SSS, gain an additional .7% attack speed Ideally 15% at 7 and 35% at 28. Duration of the buff, if you can guess, is 7 seconds :P -Lion's Claw SSS now scales with attack speed (2 attacks per second = 14 strikes, 3 = 21). Each strike grants 77 physical resistance for 7 seconds (scales with harmony) -Flow of Eternity SSS Gains the effect of the Fulminating Onslaught rune and deals its total damage with each strike (Lion's Claw would increase overall damage output and thusly each strike as well) Damage type changes to highest percentage bonus damage (Cold, Phys, etc). -Uliana's Stratagem (2 set) Each strike of SSS Applies Exploding Palm (Bring back area damage here) (4 set) Reduces the base cooldown of SSS to 7 seconds (Flow of Eternity brings Sustained attack to 5.6), After SSS gain 60% damage reduction for 7 seconds (5 set) Each strike of SSS increases the damage of SSS and EP by 77% for 7 seconds stacks infinitely, but resets with each cast. Attack speed now grants CDR -Madstone SSS Detonates Exploding Palm (Move area damage nerf here, if it was nerfed, never know these days) Make Uliana's a 5 pc or turn madstone into amulet, ring, or belt buckle, but its sensless to think That Uliana would use a set helm over the madstone, absolutely preposterous. I vote belt and get rid of binding of the lostIEternity9 May 10
May 10 Upgrade for my WoL Monk ';..;' Hey, need some gear advice for my One Punch monk. Here's my profile: Obviously T13 isn't a issue, but which item(s) should upgrade for solo GR push? (I've done GR107 solo so far) Should I try to get new ammy with Fire/CC/CD? or try to get new helm with LPH instead of LPSS or new shoulders/gloves/CoE/Kyoshiro's blade with area dmg? or just get higher level main gems and grind paragon? Thanks in advance. :)OV3RL0RD11 May 10
May 5 My First GR90 Clear I am happy to finally clear a GR90. Yes I know that there are lot of players that have already done much more than that. I done it on my seasonal monk using a LTK Sunwuko build. I have no doubt that there are others that could take the same build and gear and push even higher. How much higher that I am not sure of. But to offer a best guess I would dare say around a GR95-GR100. I say that because of my confidence in my fellow players. I do believe that I can go still higher and will keep trying to go even higher. I also know that I need better gear with better augments. But I am happy with what i have already achieved because I did it entirely solo. Below is a link to my monk so you can look at my build and gear. I have learned a lot and know that I need to learn more about what it takes to clear even higher GRs than GR90 and I will learn what is needed. Next season I will do it with a DH using the strongest build for the set that I choose, which will probably be UE6. Along with gathering pieces for an alternate build that I think could be used with the same set. It might even be able to clear somewhere around mid to high tiered GR. Before I cleared the GR90 I cleared a GR87 on my WD that I will leave a link below. I am just happy to do what I have done and know that I will push even higher and be ablel to achieve it. May 5
May 4 Best way to use K's Blade It says on Kyoshiro's blade that when the initial impact hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage increases even more. Now, I've been taking that to mean that this also applies if the bell hits NO enemies (0 is fewer than 3) but lately I've been coming to think that maybe you have to hit at least one enemy? It seems I'm more successful if I hit enemies with the bell than if I routinely try to drop it in a position where it hits none, but where the projectiles can still hit. Any takes on this?Allerdyne2 May 4
May 3 Zodiac WoL question. So i started playing barb this season and now i have the itch to play good old monk. The question i have for you guys and girl is a simple one. Assuming your using Zodiac and gogok, how much CDR do you need for perma epip? I will say that outside of this question I'm open to any and all suggestions on builds that use WoL, so feel free to list better variants if you have one. Please keep in mind though that i am playing HC, so toughness has to be the kept in mind at all times.Manimal2 May 3
Apr 29 Can my Inna Monk do more damage? I'm bucking the trend of the 1000 people using the exact same Sunwuko build to get on the leader board. I've been building up my Inna's set literally for years since I'm a semi-casual solo-only player. I'm trying to finish GR93 but I can't do enough damage to complete it in less than 18-20 minutes. My monk is a tank, I don't even need Desert Shroud to stay alive any more so I'm using Inner Fire at the moment. I've used Insight as well, but my spirit gen is at a good level without it. I'm trying to figure out whether there's anything I could change to boost damage - if not, then it's just me not doing something right. Helpful hints appreciated! If I could make it to 94/95 that would be sweet, not expecting Inna to take me much higher. Hoping Blizzard equalizes monk sets in the next patch. More Primals would be nice as Templar had more Primal items than I did until last weekend. Apr 29
Apr 26 Dual wield WOL SWK instead of Torch? might this work well?Danutz2327 Apr 26
Apr 25 Inna 6 Bonus + Ally Active Skill flawed? Quin69 says here ( that you should not activate the ally skill ?!?!?! ... Is it (still?) buggy or working as intended? Can somebody clarify?Cybah11 Apr 25
Apr 24 Perfect Sunwuko WoL Gear (for GR110+) Hey, here's the list of perfect Onepunch Monk gear for doing GR110+. Getting all these items would be simply impossible, but if you can get em you'll end up with 56.79% cooldown, 138% area dmg, 31994 life per hit, 10.3% freeze chance. :) Note: basically you want cooldown on every gear(except ammy/rings), area dmg on weapons/shoulders/gloves, and physical resist secondary on all items. () = secondary stats * = best option, ! = second best option (since getting best option on all items would be very very hard) Weapon1: Vengeful Wind * 3126 dmg, 10% dmg, 24% area dmg, 10% cooldown (2.6% freeze) ! 2842 dmg, 1000 dex, 24% area dmg, 10% cooldown Weapon2: Kyoshiro's Blade * 3126 dmg, 10% dmg, 24% area dmg, 10% cooldown (2.6% freeze) ! 2842 dmg, 1000 dex, 24% area dmg, 10% cooldown Helm: Tzo Krin's Gaze * 1000 dex, 6% cc, 11975 life per hit, socket (210 physical resist) ! 1000 dex, 6% cc, 540 life per spirit, socket Shoulders: Sunwuko's Balance * 650 dex, 650 vit, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown (38625 health globe) ! 650 dex, 650 vit, 130 resist all, 8% cooldown Gloves: Sunwuko's Paws * 50% cd, 10% cc, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown (210 physical resist) ! 1000 dex, 50% cd, 10% cc, 8% cooldown Amulet: Sunwuko's Shines * 20% fire, 100% cd, 10% cc (210 physical resist, -7% ranged attacks) ! 1000 dex, 100% cd, 10% cc Chest: Sunwuko's Soul * 650 dex, 650 vit, 15% life (210 physical resist, -7% ranged attacks) ! 650 dex, 650 vit, -11% vs elite Bracers: Pinto's Pride * 20% fire, 650 dex, 11975 life per hit, 6% cc (210% physical resist) ! 20% fire, 650 dex, 650 vit, 6% cc Belt: Kyoshiro's Soul * 650 dex, 650 vit, 130 resist all, 15% life (5.1 freeze) ! 650 dex, 650 vit, 516 armor, 15% life Pants: Sunwuko's Leggings * 650 dex, 650 vit, 775 armor (210 physical resist) ! 650 dex, 650 vit, 130 resist all Boots: The Crudest Boots * 650 dex, 650 vit, 12% movement, 15% WoL (210 physical resist) ! 650 dex, 650 vit, 516 armor Ring1: Unity * 105-210 dmg, 6% cc, 15% elite (210 physical resist) ! 50% cd, 6% cc, 15% elite Ring2: Convention of Elements * 105-210 dmg, 50% cd, 6% cc (210 physical resist) ! 105-210 dmg, 650 dex, 6% cc Let me know if I should make any adjustment and I'll edit the list. p.s. not sure if 15% life or -11% vs elite would be best for chest.. (probably 11% vs elite cos you can get vit from paragon points)OV3RL0RD2 Apr 24
Apr 23 Newish 70 I have a fairly new 70 monk (only 60 paragon) can anyone give me advice about builds, gems etc... Many thanks!!Johnjohn7 Apr 23
Apr 18 Skycutter? I recently got a sky cutter and I dont have any meta weps. It is ancient with good stats. Is it worth it to use till i get a meta wep?awesomevoss2 Apr 18
Apr 17 Looking for some advice to push forward GR88 Hey guys, this is the first season I'm playing and looking for some advice to try to keep pusing forward. Particularly I feel soo squishy, specially compared to this Witch Doctor I mostly play with. Getting one shot left and right, while he can just face tank almost everything. I run the Sunwuko WOL build of course, the icy-veins suggested variance (F/R, Low CDR) If anyone could look into my gear and point me out what should I look to improve from first to last that would be great. Thanks.Sann924 Apr 17
Apr 17 SWK has no choice of SW rune SWK's 6-piece should also buff the dmg of Sweeping Wind, that way we are compelled to use all the runes, not just Inner Storm. I know it's not a set that needs more dmg right now, but it would really open up a lot more variety with the Sweeping Wind rune choice, and it wouldn't be that big of a buff for Inner Storm anyways.Wyrmheart8 Apr 17
Apr 16 Raiment Dungeon I've gone through ALL of the Set Dungeons, mastered everything, using guides online, or stumbling through on my own. Some took a while, like Wrath of the Wastes, but once I finally figured out the secrets, I completed them all...but one. And the Necromancer ones were a joke (once I started using my Devour that was set on Cannibalize that I didn't really need at first in the Trag'Oul's one until I was running out of monsters but hadn't used enough life....). But I can't do Raiment. Like really can't. I'm blaming User Error rather than internet or anything else like that. I have tried MANY builds, from Icy-Veins and DiabloFans and wherever else. I did complete it, just not Mastery. I just can't really seem to get to the chest in time and THEN kill the necessary mobs, without having to go way back out. I've gotten close a few times, to the Chest in 2 minutes, and then the last time I just cried (or not) because I got the chest with like one or two seconds to spare, and then got hit by a projectile about 5 seconds after... So...two questions, is there any secret thing that might not be written down that I don't know about? I'm hitting my Spirit Generator to load up Dash's power, and then dashing through things, getting the pylons while using the Nemesis Bracers. Then when the buff is wearing off, I'm hitting things again with Spirit Generator; usually everytime I get a Pylon I hit them quick then dash around. I just get 3/4s around the outer part, almost to the inner part, and most of the time I see I only have like 20 seconds left, not enough time (not for me at least). I'm only doing the main path, never really going into that one outer section. I swear time disappears...or I'm just using that excuse to not blame the user... And I watch videos and see others do it fair! My other question is a clarification: two or more people can do a Set Dungeon at a time can't they? So I could beg for help in game? Please and thank you for any guidance!! :DWiyth8 Apr 16
Apr 15 Monk Whishlist [changes to reach the Balance] Hey monks! PTR 2.6.2 is comming soon. It is time to discuss builds that needs buff. 1. We have never seen the diversity of monk's builds in the top of Leaderboard 2. My suggestions are based at the Table of world record grift clears for all builds My goal is to give you the simple solution how to reach the balance beetween monk's builds. I'm going to post my opinion about buff SWK LTK, R6, Uliana builds. Lets compare LTK and WOL ... ... SUMMARY * WOL has 2-3 times more damage than LTK, * WOL costs 25% less than LTK, * WOL's damage radius is several times larger than LTK * LTK build requires OBSIDIAN RING OF THE ZODIAC to keep permanent epiphany. When you use WOL you can put CoE and get over 40% total damage burst. ... P.s. I'm ready for the open discussion with you. Feel free to comment and suppost my ideas here or on this topic. Apr 15
Apr 15 frustrated monk Season 13 finally got the Slayer title but seriously struggling, I have yet to get a champion title on any character but this current monk has description.. major issues, I just got the green hand set (Shen something?) and it seems ... weak compared to the legendary staff I was using but haven't been using the set long enough to really get used to it. Honestly do not know how to post a link to my profile, Monk is Shallamar, I could really use some constructive criticism and pointers. Yes I know there will be trolls but I play solo 99% of the time because I do NOT want to be the guy getting killed every couple minutes in a greater or seem to be begging for runs. not high Paragon, and only 1 ancient currently I believe, but I can't even run a greater rift 40 without dying repeatedly. I would appreciate some help, weapon suggestions (preferably spelled out as I don't know all the acronyms0 thanks in advanceValkii4 Apr 15
Apr 13 Buff Harmony Passive Might this be a way for monks to survive higher greater rifts? It used to be 100% then got lowered to 40%. Then the enemies got buffed while harmony remained at 40%, resulting in almost every monk build using diamonds in gear. Also a good portion of our skills and gear are dedicated to survival/toughness.Justice12 Apr 13
Apr 13 WOL max damage + survivability (?) Hello First time poster here, but have been playing the game for years. I've been using the Monk WOL for a while now and again on my seasonal. Now I'm looking to maximise my seasonal WOL Monk damage wise and keeping in mind survivability. At the moment I'm hitting a hard wall at GR85. Damage output is good (400-800BN damage on screen) but can't stay alive. What is the max damage Monks can get anyway? Link: BTW these are the correct ingame stats I have at the moment CHC: 53,5% CHD: 595% Damage: 1.876.000 Thougness: 112.500.000 Recovery: 5.800.000 Looking at my gear, without stating the obvious (get all Ancients and Caldessan's) what should I do to improve my Monk and get a perfect output? I know I'm missing some fire damage % on some items (is the difference that big?) and still need more Reduces Cost Reduction (RCR). And how important is Attack speed really? It seems like it could be sacrificed on certain items. - Head: Suggestions? - Shoulder: Dex/Vit/All Res/RCR? - Hands: Dex/CHC/CHD/Area damage? - Left Ring: CHC/CHD and RCR (no Dex?) - Right Ring: CHC/CHD/Dex (or same like left ring, RCR?) - Hand: Suggestions? - Off hand: Only 3 primary slots, need 4th? (go with Spirit regen/life onhit/RCR)? - Torso: Suggestions? (Life on hit?) - Waist: Suggestions? - Legs: Suggestions? (Life on hit?) - Boots: Keep them or Illusory Boots? better secondary? % WOL damage? - Neck: Fire damage% /CHC/CHD (no Dex?) - Wrist: Suggestions? Fire damage% Any other suggestions are very welcome so I can start getting that perfect gear! Thx guys :)Solar6 Apr 13
Apr 12 Is Raiment Generator bugged? I finished this build and for my surprise i'm doing not even 2 billion hits.. The damage being extremelly low. The 6pc set says: Your Spiriti Generator buffs Dashing Strike damage by 13,000% and your Dashing Strike buffs your Spirit Generator damage by 1300%. When I use my Spirit Generator I do see my Dashing Strike icon glows yellow-ish and the damage really gets buffed, BUT using the Dashing Strike is NOT buffing my Generator damage... Yes i'm sure I have all the set pieces and items on the cube. Have anyone tried this build and find any problems?raiak11 Apr 12
Apr 11 Primal Torch? I had a Primal Torch drop with Dex, Vit and 15% EP drop. I know I'll never actually equip it since you need the extra affixes from dual wielding but what should I roll the 15% EP to? I thought 10% and then use the cube to make it level 1 just for leveling new alternate monks. Any thoughts?Khord0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Best monk weapon? What is the best weapons for monk now, given the shenlong set items are nerfed?LichKing29 Apr 11
Apr 11 Looking for a build to work with Necro. I'm currently playing with a friend and I started with the monk class and he is playing Necro, I was looking at the skills and couldn't really decide what the best way to build would be to work with his Necro, So far he has been using a lot of pets and it is probably going to stay that way know him.Jikilamed2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Strongarms question Hi i know cyclone strike triigers the debuff, but i was wondering do i need to have the strong arms equipped for it to trigger. or can a party member wear them even though i knock enemies back? Been a long time since i played support so wondering.Ascarecrow4 Apr 11
Apr 10 WoL question So recently I got a really good pair of primal spirit guards. so I am switching from the spender variant to the generator. I'm currently stuck at gr 90. Damage out put seems fine, but my survivability is not good, I get one shotted sometimes from range attacks. I'm using FnR since I've seen a lot of the generator variants runs this. Should I switch back to unity and CoE, or switch out Zei's for esoteric? Currently at paragon 730, so that is also likely a big issue. sorry as a console player my account doesnt link my set upShishkabob2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Little Help Here...first WoL attempt... This my first WoL Monk... I'm about to start augmenting... looking for any tips?! RnG has not been my friend this season... other than ammy, any pieces I should avoid augmenting and just keep rolling? Thanks! Apr 10
Apr 4 understanding life on hit vs spirit spent on my WOL monk. at 520 life per spirit spent comes to 39,000 per attack life on hit at 22k , does this count on everyone hit? or per attack? because you get more recovery for life per hit thanks OGCaptCaveMan8 Apr 4
Apr 3 WOL Monk looking for some advice I have come back to D3 for season 13 after not playing since it first came out. Game has come a long way and I am having a blast. I have just finished the season challenges and am up to GR 87. I am hoping for some advice and structure to help me get on the ladder. So far I have been playing solo and just doing a bit of crafting and have picked up almosteverything that I am using Thanks!iAnalog4 Apr 3
Apr 2 Monk bounty build I haven't made 70 yet but just finished act v. I am currently level 57 and am doing bounties. Does anyone have a build that makes bounties quicker? Thanks!Johnjohn3 Apr 2
Apr 1 Come to Heal Achievement Im having a hard time finding any updated info on how to do this.. What would be the most efficient build to get this achievement in patch 2.4.2? A link to a diablofans build would be great! Anyone know of any guides for this? Written or video is both fine. Hope someone has some input... Google was not helpful this time...Zarniwhoop8 Apr 1
Mar 31 Stuck at GR 94 Hey there, So my WOL Monk: is sometimes able to complete GR 94 but trying to do GR 95 I can't do it. What am I doing wrong? I've been using the standard build that most of us are using. Is there something that I'm missing? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as it's getting annoying not being able to progress further. Thanks! Xrocks99XenaRocks4 Mar 31
Mar 30 How does dual wield calculate DPS? I have a 2-handed axe that does 52.2 DPS and gives my character a damage rating of 160. When I replace that 2-handed axe with a 1-handed spear in one hand that does 28.2 DPS, and a 1-handed dagger in the other hand that does 30.8 DPS, my character's damage rating is 115. The spear and dagger together should do 59 DPS, right? So, why is my character's damage rating lower with the dual wield than with the 2-handed axe?Delicieuxz3 Mar 30
Mar 30 Help with what to focus next (SWK WOL) I know I can upgrade virtually everywhere but lately I’ve been focusing on getting ancient weapons and just got both this morning. Can use better kyoshiro’s for sure with lower leg % and dmg range but my non ancient had same crap rolls. VW isn’t perfect by any means but after getting 4-5 crap ancients (6 stacks) this one feels good with LOH and at least some CDR. Did GR 82 in like 5:30 and it was a bad rift overall, haven’t pushed higher Thinking next step and most efficient option is to do some GR’s to level gems/paragon and use kadala to try and get ancient/upgrades at pants, chest, boots, helm, shoulders Any glaring issues that should take priority over what I listed? Is Bane of powerful worth upgrading just for extra uptime? Have stricken of course but haven’t been high enough to need it yet. Thanks in advanceKeystone12 Mar 30
Mar 30 Regarding Lightning WoL ... (Sunwuko build) Does the 785% weapon damage over 3 seconds do 3 "ticks" of damage (ie., one per second) or is it more like a "drain" for enemies caught in it? More importantly, does that 785% weapon damage have a chance to proc a 5% freeze belt thereby turning 5% into 10% or potentially a lot more? I played nearly all of last season as fire WoL, but towards the end of the season I was lucky enough to discover a Primal Sunwuko Amulet which, after rerolling, had lightning damage affix on it. After using Lightning for a while, I really liked it. I tell my clan mates that lighting WoL is to fire WoL as Shadow Impale DH is to Multi-shot DH (I have a lot of DHs in the clan I am in). Thanks ><palatinae3 Mar 30
Mar 29 [Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack Decided to make this my random Mechanics testing/results thread instead of making a new post everytime and forgetting where it is. I am bad at formatting so, uhh, scroll down. 1. [2.1] Spirit Generator Quick Ref: 2. [2.2] How to Proc BotT/Zei: 3. [2.2] Mainhand/Offhand Testing: 4. [2.2] Dashing Strike Mechanics: 5. Gizzard & LPS Formula for 2.2 (post 28) / 2.3 (post 168) 6. [2.3] Zei test with DS & EP 7. [2.2] Pigsticker Multiplicativeness 8. [2.3] Broken Promises Proc Conditions Testing 9. [2.3] Convention of Elements Snapshot Testing 10. [2.3] Uliana Testing with BP, Madstone, Gungdo, MH/OH, Snapshotting, etc 11. [2.3] Flying Dragon Proc formula 12. [PTR] Essence Burn PTR Testing (DoT refreshing did NOT go live in 2.3) 13. [2.3] Area Damage test with Sunwuko (no workie) 14. [2.3] Mangle vs FoF for Raiment 2pc builds discussion 15. [2.3] Some Static Charge proc Mechanics 16. [2.3] Some FoF Max stack snapshot Mechanics 17. [2.3] Tempest Rush Mechanics 18. [2.4 PTR] New Item testing 19. [2.4] Mystic Ally Mechanics 20. [2.4] Mechanics Summary 21. [2.4] Vengeful Wind Stack damage info 22. [2.4.1] Oculus Ring Dance Steps 23. [2.4.1] Mechanics Summary / Update (SWK buff, Uliana -snapshot 24. [2.4.1] Uliana EP snapshoting in E6/S5 25. [2.4.1] Support Monk Mechanics 26. [2.4.2] Generator Ranking Update 27. [2.4.2] Mechanics Summary / Update (Scarbringer/Gyana, Gen update) 28. [2.4.3] Mechanics Summary / Update (Rabid Strike, Inna Buff) 28. [2.5.0] Mini-Mechanics Summary / Update (Gyana proc fix, Rimeheat Bis!) So if you have a random question related to one of the mechanics listed, let me know. I may (eventually) be bored enough to try and figure it out. I list the patch the mechanics were tested on, so things may have changed with or without "official patch notes".Davlok590 Mar 29
Mar 29 I do NOT understand........ what I keep doing wrong, I've watched videos and know what to do, but I NEVER get more than 5 enemies at one time for Unleash your Mystic Allies when there are at least 10 enemies with 10 yards. (0/5). I've removed all of my legendary gems, I have In-Geom, The Crudest Boots and Talisman of Aranoch eq. in the cube. How many times have others done this to actually get Wings Of The Dedicated. I know i'll NEVER get The Wings Of Mastery, I'll probably die before I even get all of the " SETS ". Please no nasty, snide remarks, I feel bad as it is ! :( :( :(Raine7 Mar 29
Mar 27 Question about a couple items I am enjoying the WOL monk but I have a few questions on damage bane of stricken is 25 % damage vs elites bane the powerful is 20% damage & 15% DR and 15% damage vs elites seems powerful is a better choice but I see ppl using stricken? am I missing something? AREA effect... I see ppl , using the +20% area effect, so i'm guessing it helps...but is it better then, CC or damage bonus? witching hour vs Kyoshiros? yes witching hour gives attack speed and damage but with set bonus of 1000 per stack with Kyoshiros why ppl use witching hour? thanks for insite OGCaptCaveMan4 Mar 27