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3h SWO WOL Lightning Im running a lightning variant and doing very well with it. Only para 1057. I think with several 1000 para I could push this to mid 1teens and compete with the fire builds out there that lead the LB (those have to be bots with 5000+ paras). Currently doing speed runs of GR85 in about 5 min and have pushed to 93, but I have a very jacked up ring situation going on Im trying to fix that should get me to GR 100+ once I have it corrected. Plus I'm only running a few ancients right now and only two level 50 augments. This guy is a work in progress. Q1: I currently have 135% AD. Is that too much for the build since it doesn't have the huge blast radius of fire? The lightning kills the RG much quicker than fire for sure even though it doesn't hit as hard initially. The DOT stacks nicely though from each pillar I drop. Just wondering if this is overkill, and if so, what should I change the AD to? Q2: Does my ring thoughts make since at all, or is there a better option? (see below) Q3: What to do with that 4th passive? Maybe Seize, but not sure how much impact it has on WOL. Currently sitting at 31 ATS / 1.83 Attacks/second. See below Im using a variant of the build. Since it is a very well known build I won't list everything, but I'll highlight the changes I made. If it is not mentioned, it's safe to assume is the same gear/skill as build guides show. Kyoshiro's Soul over Witching Hour. I find the consistent 10 stack of SW gives me more damage on average than then extra CHD (Im already at 547% anyway) from witching. Mantra of Salvation-Perseverance over Agility for the toughness boost. This may change once I have a useful Unity. FUTURE STATE: Unity and OROTZ. Unity to pair with my templar and OROTZ to give more uptime on Epiphany, Air Ally, and Blinding Flash. F+R doesn't match the play style (not to mention a lack of consistent resource gen). COE falls short because it's off cycle 80% of the time. Oculus as the 2nd ring for my templar. Blinding Flash-Faith of the Light + Seph in the cube over DS. This had a few impacts. 1- it provides a 2nd solid essence gen. 2- Faith of the Light gives a nice 29% dmg boost for 3 second. 3- With Air Ally and BF providing all the essence I need I was able to switch to Desert Shroud for more toughness. 4- DS is a pain to use correctly on the console version. Desert Shroud over Insight since I don't need the resource gen anymore. Sixth Sense, Harmony, Beacon (to get a little more uptime on my 3 CD skills), and currently Resolve. I've been playing around with Resolve with several other skills, but haven't found one that really hits the nail on the head yet. If I was HC I would go cheat death, and I still may, but there may be better option. What about Seize? So any thoughts?TheElderQ5 3h
16h SpeedRun Rift which setup is best? 1 : In-geom kyoshiro vengeful 2 : In-geom vengeful incense 3 : vengeful incense kyoshiroElezen1 16h
1d Ulianas Build Maybe in the future increase the damage of the Ulianas build to keep it up closer with the Sunwukos build, especially for soloing gr's.leostud3 1d
1d My WoL Monk is Weaker than my Meteor wiz This is at speed gr 90-95 solo At same para, ancient gears, main stat, and augments my meteor wiz is faster at 90+ speed. Heck i can still using nemesis bracer and aether walker at 90-95 speed (not even use deathwish yet which is more dps) and still able to clear 3-6 minutes avg depends on rift density. At the same situation my monk is slower, like 7-8 minutes avg speed solo 90-92 (not even 95). Did i miss something on my monk? Not to mention i don't even need to worry about dying on my wiz cuz it's super tanky, the meteor hits like a truck and has ex mobilty on gr. note : my wiz and monk are using CoE setup, Aether walker on my wiz and in geom on monk (not using Deathwish and Kyoshiro's blade). my profile does not updated my monk yet (still using db setup), idk why does it take long.Horax10 1d
1d Red Soul Shard gem for farming Hi, all! I'm curious to know your thoughts as to whether a high rank Red Soul Shard could be viable in any of tje farming WoL or LTK builds? I will definitely give it a spin and see the results, looks like fun for farming or speed low gemups :)Mercy8 1d
2d Uliana single target dmg should be buffed Make the Uliana monk do stupid damage the less enemies the SSS jumps to, but without lowering its current dmg to mobs Theres a way to keep the current mob control dmg.... but make the damage spike drastically when dealing with single enemies or very few of them? Like for example... make Uliana do current dmg to mobs... like 20 or more enemies for example. But make the dmg even higher against few of them, the lower the enemy count.. the stronger the blow.Hydde0 2d
2d Looking for monk group Just for fun! Monk power!! :)Omega0 2d
3d KYOSHIRO'S BLADE Damage question I have two Kyshyrosblade with the same damage. One has its secondary increase damage with 3 or fewer enemies by 249% and the other at $220%. There is no difference in damage when comparing the two against one or two enemies. The initial 150% works, but I think that the secondary damage output is stuck at thtat and the 3 or fewer enemies damage does not work. Has anybody else found this? You would definitely know it as 25% difference between my two blades should be noticeable.NightRaven0 3d
3d Preping for s13 Hey guys I'm returning to diablo for season 13! My buddy and I are coming back after taking about a year off. I'm pretty sure I'm going to play zMonk this season for when we duo/group but I'm trying to figure out what is going to be a good solo build or speed build. Any tips are appreciated!Dentwan2 3d
4d Brown > Black Belt Can y'all take a look at my monk, please? Currently comfortable at T10 but I'm a little hesitant to make the jump to black belt territory. Since I'm channeling, I figured that Life per Hit would be good, rather than high crit. Damage doesn't seem a problem, but... I'm not doing black belt levels. I read on a wiki that damage reduction is capped at 50%. Is that right?! If so, I need to rethink a lot of things. Go with bracers or Epiphany? Leaning bracers, though it would be nice to not need generators. This one is non-season, but the set is the same for Season 13.jigoro3 4d
4d Minirea Gen and Sunwoko Hi guys. Been playing my Necro for a while now and back to my favorite class. At least until they fix Inarius- it’s just unplayable after 75-80 GR (trust me I’ve tried) I really like EP with Uliana but it’s just darn squishy at GR’s 80 and above(really need built in DR or reduced CD for Epiphany in this set) . So i switched to WOL SWO for pushing purposes. (No augments, no legendary and clearing about the same GR I was with EP-much better gear- but far easier) I have the standard build and currently using Zies, Esoteric, and Googok(all 80 or above) I’ve notice the Zies starts to fall behind BoS at higher GRs so I’ve been thinking of switching it between either BoS or Minirea. But, I’ve had a hard time testing which is better because my AD is 117% and everything just blows up. My question is, does WOL proc the Minirea enough to make it useful, or should I stick with BoS? It just can’t tell with all the explosion damage going on. I know AD doesn’t proc anything but does the initial cast or the outward blast proc it enough to make it useful ( the outward blast basically hits everything on the screen. I could be 30-40 chances to proc) ? Using a beefy two hander it would be a nice addition to overall damage. Did the Necro hotfiz to minirea mess it up for every class maybe. It certainly didn’t proc much for my EP build hitting 1000’s times every second. Ty in advance. -ElderQTheElderQ0 4d
4d supp bracers +30% dmg Question about bracers +30% dmg when playing support monk. Is bonuses are suming when for example 2 players are wearing them? Or its a single bonus.besty0 4d
6d Necro dying. Since I am of a self-decprecation nature I blame myself when my team dies while playing healer monk. So I'd like to know if there's any reason why some players just refuse to stand on my IS while they die repeatedly?! If they use that gem that gains dmg from a long range, wouldn't it be smarter and, in the end, more dmg if they stayed alive...just asking. I haven't played the game for that long, but do necros gain some sort of bonus if they bite the dust ever so often? My only other conclusion would be: 1) they're bad players 2) Im a bad player 3) we all suck. I'm leaning towards number 3. Thanks.Unisexbrian2 6d
6d Simple Question - Set Names I'm thinking doing a WoL monk for S13. The build guides say to use Sunwuko set. The free set this season kings garb. Are these the same? (I don't want be sorting through the incorrect pieces) And if so, why are there two names?storytime423 6d
6d The GR100 Club! Edit 4: increased from GR80 to 100 because... power creep (Season 12/Era 8) Edit 3: increased to the GR80 club! for 2.4.1 (Season/Era 6) Edit 2: increased to the GR70 club! for 2.4 (Season/Era 5) Edit: increased to the GR60 club! Sounds like a good goal for S4 as well! Hadn't started a club in a while, but have been hoping to join this one for a long time... actually since they announced Greater Rifts and Legendary Gems. Tier 50! I'm sure it will be super-easy to solo soon with R6, but its all about personal progression anyways. Had around 16 keys saved up from helping a DH buddy level keys a few months back and finally got to fish with them today. Hate Taeguk & Gogok, so went with both S2 gems + BotT and after a few epic fails trying to solo a RG without adds, decided to add SoJ and drop RRG. Had a free slot for belt and used String of Ears. So toughness wasn't much of an issue (85m+). Completed quite a few GR50s past the timer just to level gems for my other monks until I found the right rift! I absolutely suck at EP targeting, and it took me nearly the entire RG fight to figure out how to best draw the RG into the skeletons. >_> So if you watch the video, make sure to laugh at my EP targeting and Forbidden Palace placements heh. Did finally pull one off at the end. So I will once again be retiring Davlok after a good day of GR-Mode. Was frustrating but now that I am out of keys and ready to try something new. Time to figure out a good/lazy Raiment DS rotation. Still hope to numlock as much as possible for T6, and will give GR a shot by the end of the season. Hopefully rejoin this club with a Flying Dragon ^_^Davlok427 6d
Feb 17 the flow of eternity has a low droprate? How many tries does it take for you to get it from the cube? 20+ tries for me so far with zero luck :(.Sang46 Feb 17
Feb 17 Speed GR90+ builds? Hi guys, was playing my NS monk to level up some gems up to level 80 and wondering which build is good for GR90? I assume that it's going to be using WoL Sunwoko set, just unsure on which rings and skills, etc, e.g. Focus and Restraint? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.Peregrine191 Feb 17
Feb 17 Monk support Question about monk support Is exploding frozen pump with bonus 500 per cent instead pf flying dragon making an impact on GR,s 105+ or its useless? DMG from exploding pump is counting from our dmg or from weapon dmg hitting player?besty2 Feb 17
Feb 16 Need More Damage This was my first season playing Monk and I'm trying to figure out how to get more damage out of my Toon. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Feb 16
Feb 16 zMonk Meta and correct Gameplay Hello guys, I have played a little bit of zMonk and I have some doubts. My friends have different opinions, and I would like definitive answers. Meta: zMonk, zBarb, Wiz / WD, Necro 1: When the wizard gets stuck, should zmonk leave it and go to the marked point? 2: During the fight against the boss, what should zMonk do to not harm the necro? 3: What do you guys do to make zMonk completely still? With the inna + Leoric crown build I can stay motionless by placing the mouse pointer in a clean spot, but with explosive palm build this does not work and I have to reposition myself often. Thanks for the help, and sorry for my English.ENIAC1 Feb 16
Feb 16 Non-WoL Leaderboard Builds A quick skim of the LBs shows almost all people using WoL. Are other builds still capable of making it into the top half of the LBs? Is WoL just the flavor of the month for everyone now such that no one tries the others, or is it just that much more powerful?Dante002 Feb 16
Feb 13 (PTR) Monk - Wave of Light (Lighting) GR110+ Link to the build - This is one of the strongest PTR build for solo monk, I am only 2300 paragon, with great gear and augment I finished 108 with little effort - and spent only around 30 keys to clear 109. I am not sure if fire is stronger, but one player cleared 116 already with 4800 paragon and perfect gear, with explosive light (fire). But this one clearly keeps up, I copied my build to (w/o augment) and the numbers show: - 585B bell dmg & 723B DoT dmg (lighting) - 802B bell dmg & 992B DoT dmg (lighting) with 3 or fewer enemies hit. while explosive light shows me, - 741B (fire) - 1T (fire) with 3 or fewer enemies) Explosive light has a better direct damage as you can see and it spreads 8 mini bells before the bell hit the ground, which makes it a pretty nice area of effect skill. But for me, pillar of the ancients (lighting) is more fun to play, and if you spam it well enough you can have almost all your mob pack in DoT at the same time, it's a decent AoE spell also. Oculus spawn is really nice because of you'r ability to move. The way I see it, if the fire setup is stronger it has to hit the same enemy twice with one cast. If not, it might be a better AoE spell & even better AD trigger. Well, let's get down to gearing and stats next. There are variations between F/R and CoE + Unity but, F/R brings you 100% damage all the time while CoE brings 200% every 16 seconds, but don't worry about Unity, this build is squishy with bad mob types, bogans, beasts, spear mobs and bad elite affixes especially, but just make sure you have LoH on 1 weapon, physical resistances, around 800k life, diamond gems (all res) and maintain the reduction from Spirit Guard's in big action (60% for 3 seconds). Beacon of Ytar is the passive for your dashing strike, I feel no need to stack CDR on my gear though some of the players roll 1-2 items. I found the sweet spot for spirit cost reduction, that's Topaz on head, and 2 RCR 8% stats on your gear. Area Damage is a huge factor also, I have 137% If I can remember correctly, and remember.. Life per _Kill_ is a good stat along with LoH. I was lucky to find pants that I could roll a secondary stat.smiLey21 Feb 13
Feb 13 Assimilation Stacks Anyone know if Assimilation is still stacking? I don't see it at the bottom of the screen saying how many stacks I have anymore. Unless it doesn't show up anymore.leostud0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Inna set And Base passive So I was wondering something. The first set bonus state that it increase the Mantra base passive and Mystic Ally bonus by 100%. If I select the Mantra of Healing, the LIfe regen will be boosted by 100%. If I take the Sustenance Rune that boost that amount will the new total be boosted by 100% or will be the normal amount + 100% + The Rune?Funinyourgam1 Feb 13
Feb 12 Uliana set needs update Needs 50% damage reduction and built in cdr so we don’t have to roll every stat into it.Midnight0 Feb 12
Feb 11 Need help understanding Shenlong's Spirit (2) Set: The damage of your Spirit Generators is increased by 2% for each point of Spirit you have. When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 200%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit. Assume: 300 Spirits Max Depth Digger cubed full Raiment Set I get 600% from 300 spirits (assuming that is my current spirit level) (x7) I get 200% from "reaching max spirit" (x3) Depth Digger gives 100% generator DPS boost (x2) Raiment set gives 1300% to generators (x14) combining them: x7 x 3 x 2 x 14 = x588 (58,800% Damage boost to spirit generator skills) let me know what I missed. thanks!Astig4 Feb 11
Feb 10 SSS A little question, but is there any reason why Seven-Sided Strike's cooldown only start after SSS ends?TTimhappy1 Feb 10
Feb 8 Sunwuko's Leggings Does the increased vitality and armor (will roll better armor on left piece) beat out not having a secondary resist of the right one for WoL builds? Feb 8
Feb 6 Depressingly low Sunwuko dps, why? I just got back into D3 after a few years of being gone, and I am trying to piece together a Sunwuko set for my monk. I have been watching guides and other videos of people running grifts with this build, and they are critting for billions, while I am critting for like... 300m... if I'm lucky... Now my base damage is approaching 1m and I am only missing 4 pieces to this whole gear set. Is the entire gear set that crucial to be critting that hard, or is there something I'm missing? I feel like with the gear I have, I should be critting for more than 300m honestly. (Yes, ik my cube is 100% wrong, I haven't got anything to drop for it yet)Esketit12 Feb 6
Feb 6 Endurance with Uliana's set Hi! I'm having problems with staying alive in GR 65+ with Uliana's set. People says that the can farm at GR100+ with this build, but I can't do more than 65. It takes only a few direct hits from common mobs to kill me. Can someone look at my profile and tell me what I'm doing wrong?Ariel3 Feb 6
Feb 5 4SWK/6Innas Is this still a common build? I've been away from d3 and my monk for probably year or more now, recently came back trying the necro and other classes. My monk was using this build to good effect back then and used to be my strongest character by a long shot, but I'm noticing my other classes doing far better in comparison now. Always liked that setup since you get all the damage bonuses and pet perks of 6 inna and the huge burst aoe damage of sunwuko.Lynx9 Feb 5
Feb 5 5 set Sunwuko Why top leaderboards only run 5 set sunwuko? What about 6 set bonusPauldislan2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Help with Zmonk Can you please look at my character and tell me what i should fix. Im new to this build but it works at GR 100 runs pretty well. Thanks Feb 5
Feb 4 Innagen vs raiment gen? Any opinions on which set benefits shenlong's more? Looking to create a generator-based build that can run at least GR80 without issues. Obviously the build will need to utilize depth diggers and spirit guards, along with the shenlong's fist weapons. with inna's you get 1800% damage bonus and a bunch of pets, plus mantra passives. With raiment you get a boost to generator damage/attack speed, near unlimited dashing strike, and a 13,000% dashing strike damage bonus / 1300% generator damage bonus. Opinions?Lynx3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Monks cold dmg Why do monks have cold dmg? When it comes to martial arts cold isnt the go to element, in my opinion.... And it always bugged me that monks is so reliant on COE, and of course we have 5 element, one beeing cold which has no place om å monk. Fire yes, lightning yes, holy yes, pysical yes, but cold.... no, maby water but not cold... Any way that my opinion...Helten4 Feb 4
Feb 2 Support monk, weapon and bleed chance Does this increase the healing received via ephipany? For the whole party? Or is it just for increased dmg for the WD? And, does the gem of eff. toxin somehow effect healing? Or is there some other synergy involved with this gem? Thanks.Unisexbrian6 Feb 2
Jan 30 Assimilation Stacks Indicator Anyone else notice that the assimilation stacks indictor on the bottom of the screen isn't showing up?leostud0 Jan 30
Jan 27 Immortal King Chest Looks Damn Good on Monks Man, combine it with an archon pants dyed with black and you look like a devil buddha.diavlo24 Jan 27
Jan 27 Where is Wave of Light and Mystic Ally? I feel silly, but I stopped playing when they implemented the auktion house, and now I'm trying out the game again. I'm a lvl 63 Monk, and I've seen builds use Wave of Light and Mystic Ally, but when I press S for skills, they are nowhere to be found. Checked all the tabs there, and I have no idea how to equip them. What am I missing?Tengil2 Jan 27
Jan 27 Raiment Set Dungeon DPS Hello! I am trying here to do the Raiment Set Dungeon solo alone. I saw from these some advices: I have In-Geom and Nemesis bracers. Its impossible for me to kill all mobs. Also, as I want to master this dungeon, only way to reach the chest for me, is to ignore EVERY mob, and race to the chest. But then, a lot of mobs remain and I cannot finish it on time. In the above video, Quin69 kills most mobs in one shot. Me on the other hand, struggle to kill mobs and elites. How can I increase my DPS, or what can I do?M2evorah5 Jan 27
Jan 27 Where is Wave of Light and Mystic Ally? Getting back into the game after many years, and I have no idea where to find the skills Wave of Light or Mystic Ally. All I get are 4 passive skills to choose from at lvl 63. What am I missing, I used to have them back in the day?Tengil1 Jan 27
Jan 26 4 PC Uliana's + Lions Claw question So the 4 PC bonus says that each attack of SSS is the total damage of the SSS. Normally SSS spreads its 5677% damage over 7 attacks. With Lion Claw, it basically does 2 SSS strikes. Now with the 4 PC bonus, and Lions claw, will it combine the damage of all 14 attacks into each SSS strike or will it do the first 7 strikes, and then another 7 strikes, with each strike at 5677% damage?WhoMe17 Jan 26
Jan 26 Farming Inna's Set Any tips on farming Inna's set? What area in Inferno should I be concentrating on? Thank you!Arthur10 Jan 26
Jan 25 Help with build I want to be able to farm with my monk at higher levels such as Torment IX or X, but I'm having big troubles with my endurance. One or two hits and bum! Instant death. Guys, would you kindly look my profile and suggest me some changes in gear or build?Ariel1 Jan 25
Jan 25 My patch wishlist - Monk edition Hello again everyone! I'm resharing my thoughts and ideas on the future of the game, which of course might not get anywhere but hopefully can be the basis of more good fun discussion. This is the second of three writeups I made going back the past two PTRs. If you're interested in the others, you can find them here: General - WitchDoctor - This one focuses on the Monk class. Please do give feedback and share your own ideas! I'll start with a list of the changes and give explanation below. *edited note: Unchanged set bonuses are noted, otherwise what you see is what you get. If there's a Live effect missing from a piece, it's either been moved or deleted. SSS Sustained Attack: Increase the damage of your SSS by 7% for 7 seconds, stacking up to 7 times. (refreshes on hit) Flow of Eternity: SSS now deals 777% its total damage with each hit, and its cooldown is reduced by 80-85%. LionClaw: Your Seven-Sided Strike now strikes 21 times instead of 7. Binding of the Lost: Each hit with Seven-Sided Strike grants 7% damage reduction for 7 seconds, stacking up to 7 times. (now refreshes on hit) Uliana set 2pc: Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm. Your Spirit costs are reduced by 50%. 4pc: Exploding Palm gains the effect of The Flesh is Weak. You take 50% reduced damage while a nearby enemy is affected by your Exploding Palm. 6pc: Your Exploding Palm deals 1400% more damage. Your other damaging Spirit spenders now also detonate your Exploding Palm. Raiment set 2pc: Your Spirit Generators gain 25% attack speed, deal 100% increased damage, and reduce the cooldown of Dashing Strike by 1 second on hit. 4pc: Dashing Strike gains the effect of all runes, and the cooldown of Epiphany is reduced by 60%. You also take 60% less damage for 4 seconds after using Dashing Strike. 6pc: Dashing Strike increases the damage of your Spirit Generators by 1500% for 6 seconds, and will instantly kill enemies below 10% health. Shenlong set: (now drains 25% of your max Spirit per second instead of flat 65)(otherwise unchanged) SWK set 2pc: Your damage taken is reduced by 60% while Sweeping Wind is active. 4pc: Your Secondary skills also spawn Monkey King decoys with Sweeping Wind. 6pc: (unchanged) Inna set 2pc: (unchanged) 4pc: You gain the base effect of all four Mantras at all times, and take 10% less damage for each. 6pc: You gain the five runed Mystic Allies at all times, and your damage is increased by 250% for each Mystic Ally you have. Lefebvre's Soliloquy: Cyclone Strike reduces your damage taken by 45-60% for 5 seconds. Guardian's Path: Gain 40% Dodge Chance when dual-wielding Fist Weapons, and 40% Attackspeed when wielding a Daibo. Kyoshiro's Soul: Sweeping Wind now gains up to 10 stacks, and lasts forever. Vengeful Wind: Your Sweeping Wind deals 575-625% increased damage. Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies affected by your Cyclone Strike take 250-300% increased damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds. Inna's Reach: Mystic Ally deals 600% increased damage. (moved to Legendary power) Flying Dragon: Generators increase your attackspeed by 100% for 3 seconds. SSS effects are shifted around so a dedicated non-hybrid Inna build can exist, and gave Sustained Attack a new effect. SSS now also has a single CDR-effect source, and its "base" (0% sheet CDR) drops from 5.6 seconds to 4.5 seconds, letting you reach the usual sub-2 seconds in as few as 3 item rolls where that currently takes at least 5. A buff for Uliana's defense scheme, now also splitting it between BotL and the set itself. Now also a full caster build, where SSS is still the best vehicle for your EP but it can have support. It's important to note it won't make EP proc itself, so that it won't bug out and you'll still need Gungdo Gear. The shifts in Uliana's multipliers also make Area Damage and Stricken more effective. I gave more damage and toughness to both Inna and Raiment. Raiment also gets some utility, new mechanics, and a more practical 4pc, in exchange for higher Shenlong drain Along with being able to extract the WoL and LTK helms in the future, a little more toughness should pull SWK out of being forced to make weird choices at high GR levels (such as Generator and Spirit Guards), and back into its classic territory. The 4pc here is again a significant rework. I also matched Lefebvre to Spirit Guards so players can freely pick the better fit. All of these toughness buffs should cut down the Monk class' heavy dependence on Unity ring and bring it more in line with other classes. I think Guardian's Path is a cool concept and hope this change could make it, and Daibos, more viable. I improved support for Sweeping Wind and Mystic Ally. This opens up some fun new builds. Flying Dragon is a really messy variable, so I made it a flat effect. Between this and the other Generator-related changes, it'll be easier to maintain Spirit and thus your damage output, which I believe is a better and more fitting way to buff those builds than raising the ceiling. Thanks for reading!Karmakaze7 Jan 25
Jan 24 [Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack Decided to make this my random Mechanics testing/results thread instead of making a new post everytime and forgetting where it is. I am bad at formatting so, uhh, scroll down. 1. [2.1] Spirit Generator Quick Ref: 2. [2.2] How to Proc BotT/Zei: 3. [2.2] Mainhand/Offhand Testing: 4. [2.2] Dashing Strike Mechanics: 5. Gizzard & LPS Formula for 2.2 (post 28) / 2.3 (post 168) 6. [2.3] Zei test with DS & EP 7. [2.2] Pigsticker Multiplicativeness 8. [2.3] Broken Promises Proc Conditions Testing 9. [2.3] Convention of Elements Snapshot Testing 10. [2.3] Uliana Testing with BP, Madstone, Gungdo, MH/OH, Snapshotting, etc 11. [2.3] Flying Dragon Proc formula 12. [PTR] Essence Burn PTR Testing (DoT refreshing did NOT go live in 2.3) 13. [2.3] Area Damage test with Sunwuko (no workie) 14. [2.3] Mangle vs FoF for Raiment 2pc builds discussion 15. [2.3] Some Static Charge proc Mechanics 16. [2.3] Some FoF Max stack snapshot Mechanics 17. [2.3] Tempest Rush Mechanics 18. [2.4 PTR] New Item testing 19. [2.4] Mystic Ally Mechanics 20. [2.4] Mechanics Summary 21. [2.4] Vengeful Wind Stack damage info 22. [2.4.1] Oculus Ring Dance Steps 23. [2.4.1] Mechanics Summary / Update (SWK buff, Uliana -snapshot 24. [2.4.1] Uliana EP snapshoting in E6/S5 25. [2.4.1] Support Monk Mechanics 26. [2.4.2] Generator Ranking Update 27. [2.4.2] Mechanics Summary / Update (Scarbringer/Gyana, Gen update) 28. [2.4.3] Mechanics Summary / Update (Rabid Strike, Inna Buff) 28. [2.5.0] Mini-Mechanics Summary / Update (Gyana proc fix, Rimeheat Bis!) So if you have a random question related to one of the mechanics listed, let me know. I may (eventually) be bored enough to try and figure it out. I list the patch the mechanics were tested on, so things may have changed with or without "official patch notes".Davlok589 Jan 24
Jan 24 Analyze my build please I'm not sure if I have gear problems, skill arrangement problems (I usually use FoT vice WotHF but was experimenting), high enough PLs, or crap RNG thrown at me but I can't seem to progress in the 100s like my peers are doing. I believe I have decent WoL, CH/CHD/AD/LOH output but that's where I need your advice... Where can I improve? Appreciate the feedback in advance. Thanks!Cerealbawks1 Jan 24
Jan 23 U6/Madstone/Gungdo/MR mechanics Hi, I'm trying to get a better understanding of how U2, U6, Madstone, Gungdo Gear, and Mythic Rhythm works in terms of damage buff. Please correct me if my following understanding is wrong. Let's say my monk is equipped with: - 6pc Uliana Set (U2, U4, U6) - Gungdo Gear - Madstone (in cube) And my monk has the following skills: - Way of the Hundred Fists - Assimilation (WotHF) - Seven-Sided Strike - Sustained Attack (SSS) - Exploding Palm - Impending Doom (EP) - Mythic Rhythm passive (MR) And then I encountered a group of 12 enemies. I executed the following actions: 1. I triple attacked them with WotHF. 2. I noticed 6 (of the 12) enemies have the EP debuff appear above their heads. (The rest were not close enough.) 3. I triple attacked them with WotHF again, but no new monsters got the EP debuff. 4. I launched SSS. Here is how I understand things work behind the scenes, in order: 1. The triple-WotHF gives me a 6 x 5% = 30% damage buff for all subsequent attacks for 5 seconds. 2. The triple-WotHF gives me a MR charge. 3. The triple-WotHF causes U2 to apply EP to the 6 enemies, apparently one at a time. 4. As applying EP is counted as a cast, it will invoke the MR charge. But it will only apply the MR bonus to first EP 'cast'. So only 1 enemy has the MR-charged EP debuff. 5. The second triple-WotHF refreshes the 30% damage buff timer. (As it also hits 6 enemies, the 30% value does not change.) 6. The second triple-WotHF gives me another MR charge. The original enemy with the MR-charged EP debuff will still have it. 7. U2 does not re-apply EP to enemies that already have EP, but it does refresh their EP timers. 8. As there are no new EP being 'cast', the MR charge is not used. 9. As SSS is a spender, it will invoke the MR charge. Note that this MR only buffs the SSS itself, not the EP. 10a. If SSS hits an enemy without EP, Madstone will first apply EP onto that enemy. 10b. If SSS hits an enemy with EP debuff, Madstone will NOT overwrite the EP with a new one. (Someone please confirm this.) 11. Next, SSS delivers its buffed damage to the enemy. (Buff includes 40% from MR, 30% from WotHF, 777% x 7 = 5439% from U4, all multiplicative.) 12. Next, U6 will cause the enemy (hit by SSS) to detonate its EP, triggering an explosion that hits and damages nearby enemies. - The EP explosion damage is buffed by 2100% from U6, 30% from WotHF, 40% from MR (if it was MR-charged), all multiplicative. 13. Next, Gungdo Gear will re-apply EP to all enemies hit by the explosion. - If any enemies already have EP, they will be overwritten. - The re-applied EP is a copy from the original enemy that was hit by SSS. So it can be MR-charged or not depending on who gets hit by SSS. 14. Step 10-13 repeats for all subsequent SSS hits. Any corrections?NukeWpn1 Jan 23
Jan 23 Uliana 2.6.2 buff suggestions Hi, all! I've been wondering, how would you buff Uliana set for next patch, so that it is slightly stronger? I do think it's powerful, and solid choice for pushing, but seeing how WoL is performing, maybe it needs a slight buff as another option for pushing? There would be two viable options: range caster, and melee fighter :DMercy9 Jan 23