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6h [Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack Decided to make this my random Mechanics testing/results thread instead of making a new post everytime and forgetting where it is. I am bad at formatting so, uhh, scroll down. 1. [2.1] Spirit Generator Quick Ref: 2. [2.2] How to Proc BotT/Zei: 3. [2.2] Mainhand/Offhand Testing: 4. [2.2] Dashing Strike Mechanics: 5. Gizzard & LPS Formula for 2.2 (post 28) / 2.3 (post 168) 6. [2.3] Zei test with DS & EP 7. [2.2] Pigsticker Multiplicativeness 8. [2.3] Broken Promises Proc Conditions Testing 9. [2.3] Convention of Elements Snapshot Testing 10. [2.3] Uliana Testing with BP, Madstone, Gungdo, MH/OH, Snapshotting, etc 11. [2.3] Flying Dragon Proc formula 12. [PTR] Essence Burn PTR Testing (DoT refreshing did NOT go live in 2.3) 13. [2.3] Area Damage test with Sunwuko (no workie) 14. [2.3] Mangle vs FoF for Raiment 2pc builds discussion 15. [2.3] Some Static Charge proc Mechanics 16. [2.3] Some FoF Max stack snapshot Mechanics 17. [2.3] Tempest Rush Mechanics 18. [2.4 PTR] New Item testing 19. [2.4] Mystic Ally Mechanics 20. [2.4] Mechanics Summary 21. [2.4] Vengeful Wind Stack damage info 22. [2.4.1] Oculus Ring Dance Steps 23. [2.4.1] Mechanics Summary / Update (SWK buff, Uliana -snapshot 24. [2.4.1] Uliana EP snapshoting in E6/S5 25. [2.4.1] Support Monk Mechanics 26. [2.4.2] Generator Ranking Update 27. [2.4.2] Mechanics Summary / Update (Scarbringer/Gyana, Gen update) 28. [2.4.3] Mechanics Summary / Update (Rabid Strike, Inna Buff) 28. [2.5.0] Mini-Mechanics Summary / Update (Gyana proc fix, Rimeheat Bis!) So if you have a random question related to one of the mechanics listed, let me know. I may (eventually) be bored enough to try and figure it out. I list the patch the mechanics were tested on, so things may have changed with or without "official patch notes".Davlok623 6h
10h New Season Gambling - After completing the challenge rift, do you think it would be worth it to save the shards until 31 and attempt to gamble for a Flow of Eternity(1 in 8 chance for 2 handers) to make the GR20 easier, or to just gamble for bracers/boots that type of thing? What do you all gamble for as a monk generally?Kidyen12 10h
11h Lightning Monk Help? Hey so I've been trying to make a solid lightning monk that focuses heavily on stunning targets and I'm largely struggling with gear choices, but also a few skills and just wondering what people think (I'm especially torn on weapon choices since there are a lot of really cool on-hit procs) Here's what I got currently; Ideally I'd like to have The Eye of the Storm in my head slot, 2 pieces of Inna to crank up my dodge a bit more, Thundergod's Vigor (will not drop EVER on my monk for god only knows why yet drops all the time on my necro??? lol...) as well as swap one of my weapons for an Odyn Son since it boosts Lightning Damage AND has a proc to chain lightning (I'm aware there's also a lightning damage fist which is tempting but I really want as many on-hit effects as possible to spam lighting everywhere), a Dovu Energy Trap for the extra stun duration and if I can ever find a DEX one Lacuni Bracers for the IAS roll. Essentially I'm going for maximum possible attack speed to proc as many stuns and lightning effects as possible (hence the 2 piece Storms) and because of that Wreath of Lightning and Gogok of Swiftness are non-negotiable. However Bane of the Stricken is where I'm torn, since Trapped would give me a static but immediate power boost + extra CC vs Bane ramping up over time vs tougher enemies. If anyone has thoughts or suggestions I'd like to hear them ^^ I realize this probably isn't the most damaging monk build I can do but that's not the point - the point is to have fun and see how far I can push it.Malachite6 11h
18h Inna 6/Uliana 4 Holy SSS, formal guide Since it might get buried in my other topic full of theories and discussion, I'll post this as a separate topic. Excuse the clutter. I made the rather unorthodox choice of not filling some of the skill slots and one of the passives. Mainly because there's no guaranteed best for those, as I proceed to discuss in the guide. Feel free to leave opinions about that, I'm not sure if it appears "incomplete" without them filled in. There's like three places to post theory discussions at this point if you include this topic lol. edit: And excuse the free video editor splash at the beginning and end. I've taken some steps to edit that out with youtube's video editor, but it's taking a bit to process.StoleOwnCar45 18h
18h Inna SSS Top 10! Check Feedz Inna SSS build. At only 3600+ paragon did GR120. Never tried it until yesterday. It's crazy powerful though very tricky/squishy. Loved that it is a very skill-based build. Hurray for Inna's versatility!Mercy0 18h
23h God monk viable for t13 bountys? At first sorry for my bad English :) I’ve watched many streamers in the week of the PTR and when 2.6.4 came live, but noticed, afaik, nobody tested the infinite dash God monk. I thought it would be the fastest build for doing bountys, but didnt notice anyone mentioning the God Build. Is it because it isnt viable, or just forgotten? Any of you guys tested it? Would love to hear about it. Thanks in advance.RedHat2 23h
1d Inna WoL Gameplay Tips Hi, all! I was looking for some gameplay tips on Inna WoL to maximize damage output. At higher level GRs like 110+ I'm having real issues dealing with elite champs and packs. I do close to no damage at all to them. I mostly gain progress by killing mobs, and occasionally by killing elites if I manage to get hold on Power or Conduit shrines. How do you face enemies in general? Stand on Occulus ring, and try hit 3 or less enemies with each bell, right? Maybe I'm missing something when attacking. Thank you!Mercy1 1d
2d Inna Nerf in NS too much? Hi, all! So, NS leaderboards are slowly shaping up, but it looks like all top level GRs are once again dominated by Sunwuko WoL. Some Uliana EPs here and there, but almost no Inna builds to be seen. Me personally, I definitely noticed the damage buff, at paragon 2300 I managed to do a 110 with some pretty bad gameplay from my part and some bad maps. Before I could barely push pass 100. But still, I'm kinda sad Inna is not present at higher levels. It would have been fun to see different builds competing for top performance. Anyway, I'll still play Inna WoL, it's freaking awesome :DMercy6 2d
2d Raiment Needs Help Okay on the top of my head, the raiment 4 piece bonus is really underwhelming. Current: (4) Set: Dashing Strike spends 75 Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.Proposed: (4) Set: Dashing strike gains all runes and spends 25 Spirit, but refunds a charge when it does. You gain 60% damage reduction for 6 seconds after dashing. SoloPlayer7810 2d
3d LoN LTK vs Sunwuko LTK Which build do you guys think will be stronger after patch set buffs? CheersMercy12 3d
3d Resistance Vs Reduction I have done plenty of searching and cannot find definitive answers. I'm not pushing leaderboards, however I don't see the point in using suboptimally rolled gear. Therefore I have a couple of questions/thoughts: For WOL monk (epiphany variant) is there a priority list of which stacking resist to go for (or is it advisable to get one of each to get roughly the same vs all) Also for WOL, Wouldn't rolling 2nd resist and life gen instead of all res on boots/legs provide better survivability? (Side effect could be then rolling lph on bracers along with the regen and then have AD on 2nd weap or alternatively, just better recovery) Chest - I presume 11% elite damage reduction is better than all res in almost all builds, all of the time? When/if melee/range reduction Vs 2nd resist is better and how many rolls is ideal? This latter one is mainly for my EP monk (melee Vs physical) but also could apply to WOL I guess. Bracers seem the easiest place to pick up these rolls. I'm looking for well thought out/calculated answers - I've already seen a few of "X is better" replies without any supporting evidence. I could plug it all into d3planner but I prefer an interesting conversation and also numbers don't always provide what actually "feels better/stronger/etc" in-game. ThanksKaesar9 3d
4d Life per spirit spent vs life per hit Hi, I need some help re-rolling my tzo krin's gaze. What should I keep 11600 lph or 536 lpss for my SWK wave of light monk? I have the incense torch and cindercoat in cube. Also resource cost reduction from paragon... ThanksDutzaP9 4d
4d Lon Wol new build? What does the 2.6.4 lon wol actually look like? Can't seem to find any suggestions online.Justice5 4d
Jan 11 Inna's support monk survivability I'm an Inna support monk, and in groups I can survive with no problem when fighting elites / bosses in GR 105. The problem is, everybody is moving so fast, and between elites I keep dying :( What can I do? I cast some blind, but I usually die instantly when I'm alone trying to keep up with the others...ScramMaster7 Jan 11
Jan 9 2.6.4 monkeys So guys how this class will look in new patch? Anything more then t13 star (my dh can compete and im not so pig like 90% public monkeys, all other class hate them except pure leechers) or forever-support-icantdealdamagecuztard-ipullonlysoimbestmetapart? Never had one cuz i dont like bold quazis without dps ability. Something change'd? /e dun wanna offend monkey players, playing d3 is enough blame for us; im asking seriousRed9 Jan 9
Jan 5 Please fix Uliana build before Season 16 I am not sure where the suggestions forums are, so I will post my suggestion here. Uliana's build, even with the incoming dmg buff, still feels like the same wonky build that it has always been. My proposal, is to add the impending doom rune to the Uliana 6pc (similar to that of barbs wrath of the wastes 6pc with the 'Dust Devils' rune). This will free up an ability slot as players typically run an exploding palm impending doom rune that goes essentially unpressed (due to the Uliana 2pc). Just freeing up this one ability slot will allow Uliana monks to get more defense or utility. Ultimately making the build feel much better. This is something that can literally be done within a day. Now, it seems that Blizzard is no longer Blizzard and is now Activision fully. Since I understand money matters a lot to Activision, please understand if this fix is pushed thru before Season 16 starts, I will continue to be a customer for any future products you may have. P.S. Also, all the shills or the people that go "you won't be missed" have probably cost you millions. You should not allow those posts and/or insta ban them as that type of shilling only pushes more people away.ElevenXray6 Jan 5
Jan 3 Innas gen build So I've been hearing lots about innas gen build being one of the top builds next season does anyone got any good innas gen builds they wanna share looking to try it if it's actually as good as everyone is sayingsledhead2 Jan 3
Jan 2 Other character builds So maybe I have become a bit spoiled from playing Wave of Light monk. Quick, high damage with all the distance from enemies you want. Problem is im looking for another character build that's as fast and efficient + safe. For bounties Perhaps. But then slapping on in-genom is real fast for the WoL monk as well for that. Just geting bored of it. Any suggestions for different class builds that could match it for comfort, for a lazy bastard like myself? Thanks you guys :)goldie4 Jan 2
Dec 25 Inna WoL 2.6.4 NS Rings Hi, all! So, what rings should we NS players use with Inna WoL: ORotZ, CoE or Unity (+ Compass Rose, and RoRG in Cube, of course)? Thank you! CheersMercy1 Dec 25
Dec 24 Build for Season Public Games I usually get my builds off of Icy Veins, but, every season, I always find while I can make OK progress in solo content, I can never keep up in Public Groups - especially Rifts. Even playing against toons close to my paragon I sometimes find it a struggle to merely pick up deaths breaths and and any unique/set items that drop. This season I'm giving the Monk a good go. I've picked up all 4 sets, have a quantity of crafting mats available and ~ 500 paragon levels. What build should I investigate to do "something" in Public XIII Rifts - where something is: 1. Not die if I get to a group of mobs first. 2. Actually kill some of them before the Daemon Hunter has to come and help me. 3. Keeps me mobile enough to gather mats AND keep up with the peloton?Avicenna1 Dec 24
Dec 24 Is Inna nerf good? I was pissed at first but now I think it might actually be a good thing. No other set, for monk, could compete with inna gen for solo gr pushing. Taking it down a couple notches opens up other build options, hopefully anyway. The nerf is 50% less damage then what it was buffed to on ptr. Original buff was 1500% per ally now 750% when s16 starts. Was a 50% nerf warranted? Will this kill inna gen or will it still dominate?bsundbdmn23 Dec 24
Dec 24 Inna Reach buff? What about a strait up inna reach buff from 120 to 200 pet damage? Pets may be viable then. Thoughts/suggestions?Justice4 Dec 24
Dec 24 Not getting this...... So Blizzard comes out with a great build for the monk in the buff of the Innas set to enable another build to be viable other than the Sunwuko Bell banger build, and then they nerf it to the point where it is less viable than the original Sunwuko build. Why not keep it at 1000% making it not OP, but yet more usable than the previous build and keeping it on par with other classes? What is the point of catastrophic nerf making the build, pretty much useless? I do not understand their approach. They make some great changes, and we all are just eager to play the next season/patch, and then they nerf the cr@p out of it and cause nothing but frustration with the players. I love the monk and was really looking forward to playing the next season, and now I honestly really don't even care about the next patch anymore.NightRaven7 Dec 24
Dec 24 Question regarding unity passive Why do you use the unity passive on a zMonk? If I read it correctly it only buffs my damage. Why would I do that?DJFluTTersHy5 Dec 24
Dec 23 Inna was last chance I have been thinking about it since i saw the nerf of inna post. I think this was Blizzards last chance to maintain any enthusiasm for D3. It was a good place to be for a monk. I had not seen that volume of theory crafting in a long time. People were trying everything , pet builds , multiple elements and skills. Most people miss the point when they say but it was competitive with the sets that were geared toward a skill.... Exactly ... it was across the board viable. The only class were every skill every weapon choice could be viable. Sure one or two would be best for damage but because the flat damage increase ALL were close and all would have walked through lvl 70 .. most would hit 90's fewer 100's but the point is you could enjoy playing how you like and not feel totally gimp. The most telling thing is the complete apathy for the season now ... I was excited to try out a Inna build i was working using on PTR .. honestly i don't have it in me to do the same season for the 5th time. If i were Blizzard i would be worried that people don't even give enough Ships to be angry . Anger would show a passion for the game.. apathy is the killer and the forums are empty with apathy... Don't be fooled Bliz it was a terrible idea to alter what was probably going to be the golden goose for this season.. it's not agreement that is keeping fans from raging ... it's apathy and that should catch your attention.Jitter4 Dec 23
Dec 22 Swoopin wind So I was wondering, is there any way to see your average damage output? Or if you guys could tell me which is better - vengeful wind 3014 damage with 6 stacks or vengeful wind with 2500 damage and 7 stacks.. Been rolling them in cube and every time i get a good one its 6 bloody stacks :)goldie3 Dec 22
Dec 22 Innas vs SWK LTK I don't have any LoN gear yet so I'm using a 6pc of another set. Some people have said that SWK does more damage and Innas is tankier. Which makes sense with the 10 followers with Innas and the higher dmg 6pc on SWK. Any thoughts?SilverBullet7 Dec 22
Dec 21 750% sure I am not playing Inna's Wolfcryer said it best: "I was super hyped for S16... I was looking forward to this season, I was looking forward to not playing Sunwuko's and not being forced just into one build... but Inna's has been crushed. So my dream of playing multiple Inna builds this season is pretty much over... it seems once again that Sunwuko is going to be the best build for T13 and pushing. I do plan of playing a little bit of S16, but with these changes lets how long it could get my attention... it was a pretty great idea to have multiple builds of one set, instead of pigeonholing you into one set, one build, one viable option... and it is a step backwards..."Herowar7 Dec 21
Dec 21 I Dont understand Blizzard with this one I don't get why they decided to give almost every class a new viable build. Monk has been stuck with Sunwuko wave of light for over a year now. we fiannly get a chance to run something different and they not only nerf it but cut its power in half dropping it from play your way to here monks another year of sunwuko wave of Light. I could see a small nerf to it to bring it more inline with the other builds but this was too far . they nerfed the set because it was strong with the seasonal buff. outside season 1 the set will be useless once moreOmegaEvent2 Dec 21
Dec 21 Seven Sided Strike and CDR Does the CD on SSS have breakpoints (like does it go from 4 seconds straight to 3 seconds, for instance) or does it improve with every bit of added CDR? I have 55.81 CDR but I have 2 pieces, each giving me 50% CHD, that I could switch to CDR. Would that be a good idea please? If it matters I have 557 CHD and 41.5 CHC. Thanks for your help and good luck, have fun :)MomPom2 Dec 21
Dec 20 Vengeful Wind - no ancient Rerolled over 30 times already & Wanna puke while playing monk It means 30x50 = 1500 souls farmed & lost counts for time spent just to get this ancient. Mayday, Blizzard. Why make this an impossible routine & chore? I just expected RNG a little bit smarterEatALot0 Dec 20
Dec 19 Inna's Mantra OP as heck Hey all. Doesn't anybody think that innas mantra is going to be the top dps spec in the game when it comes to monk? isn't it a little overpowered in the ptr as of now? It's getting a 1000% increase in damage, while the competitor is only getting 50% increase overall...Thoughts?Mern42 Dec 19
Dec 17 Sunwuko LTK Weapon Stats Hi, all! I've been having a blast playing Sunwuko LTK, it's quite hilarious and surprisingly strong. I've seen some guide, all with varied suggestiones on rings, weapons and skills. After some testing, I personally have more fun with Rabid Strike and Vengeful Wind. What weapon stats should I look for in these? CDR and Area Damage? Thank you! CheersMercy2 Dec 17
Dec 17 MONK DMG NERF OR BUG? Has anyone else noticed this nerf or bug that has happened to Monks using Wave of Light build? Before when I was about Paragon level 900+ I dealt about 2000+ billion in damage but after I leveled up my gems and my Paragon levels and got better gear my damage decreased from 2000+ billion to about 900-1000 billion. I'm utterly confused to why this is and would love an answer does anybody know?DarkAeon883 Dec 17
Dec 16 Current PTR set buffs With the current PTR set buffs would there ever be a SW build that can compete with Inna? Maybe I'm missing something here, but it seems like with the current build, Inna will be outperforming SW in everything.Dreyda12 Dec 16
Dec 15 Inna Sunwuko Shenlong Practical? I recently figured out a monk build on my own but wasn't sure where to find a similar one online. I've been trying out the Inna 6 piece effect with Sunwuko 4 piece effect and Shenlong's Spirit. I found it interesting, but I wasn't sure if it was too impractical or too weak compared to the standard set builds. Can anyone give any suggestions to what items or effects would be better based on what I currently have equipped? One important thing to note is that Sweeping Wind is maintained without Kyoshiro's Soul due to the itemization. Dec 15
Dec 14 Sweeping Wind stacks Can we just address the elephant in the room? I’m so sick and tired of going into the boss fights and dropping my stacks because of stupid in-game animations where screen blacks out like in Malth fight? Is it really that hard to work in the set that your stacks are permanent? Or it least make it last for like a minute. Cuz right now its NOT about skill, its just stupid little thing you need to pay attention to. Very very annoying.Vladi8 Dec 14
Dec 12 Need Advice on "Meditation" Achievement A friend and I grouped tonight and tried to work on the monk's "Meditation" achievement, but even when I cast/recast my mantra, the achievement counter was not incrementing. Is there some subtle trick/requirement for progress on this achievement? Note that I was grouped with another real player and not just casting my mantra on NPC followers. In retrospect, we were both in town (New Tristram) in Adventure Mode if that matters. Any advice would be appreciated!Cobaltus6 Dec 12
Dec 11 Icy Vein's Sunwuko Monk DPS Mechanics Hello there; the purpose of this post is to attempt to describe the mechanics of the Sunwuko Monk's DPS. I do not claim expertise on this subject; I *have* made some observations of the mechanics and I will use this post as something of a sounding board. If you find any issues with the observations that I have made here, please feel free to point them out. Build: Components contributing to Wave of Light: -- 1] Helm: Tzo Krin's Gaze -- Increases Wave of Light damage by 125-150% -- symbol (a), multiplier (2.25 - 2.50) -- 2] Bracers: Pinto's Pride -- Increases Wave of Light damage by 125-150% -- symbol (b), multiplier (2.25 - 2.50) -- 3] Rings: Focus + Restraint -- Increases Wave of Light damage by 50% -- symbol (c), multiplier (1.5) -- 4] Weapon Primary: Kyoshiro's Blade -- Increases Wave of Light damage by 200-250% -- symbol (d), multiplier (3 - 3.5) -- 5] Kanai's Cube: Weapon -- Incense Torch of the Grand Temple -- Increases Wave of Light damage by 550% -- symbol (e), multiplier (6.5) -- 6] Set Bonus (Sunwuko) -- Wave of Light has it's damage increased by 1000% for each stack of Sweeping Wind you have. -- Base sweeping wind max value (3). -- But... when altered from keeping the Offhand weapon 'Vengeful Wind', the maximum stack increases by either 6 or 7 for a maximum possible number of stacks of between 9-10; contributing damage between 9000-10000% -- symbol (f), multiplier (91 - 101) Total multiplier from assumptions above: M = (a)*(b)*(c)*(d)*(e)*(f) M_min = 2.25 * 2.25 * 1.5 * 3 * 6.5 * 91 = 13475.109 M_max = 2.5 * 2.5 * 1.5 * 3.5 * 6.5 * 101 = 21541.406 This means that the total effect of wearing equipment as recommended in Icy Veins is that it provides a multiplier of between: 13475.109 - 21541.406 So... general baseline numbers for character sheet dps compared to the multipliers: Calculation: (Base DPS) * M_min --> (Base DPS) * M_max Sheet Base DPS | Output 100,000 | 1.3475 B - 2.15 B 200,000 | 2.70 B - 4.31 B 300,000 | 4.04 B - 6.46 B 400,000 | 5.39 B - 8.62 B 800,000 | 10.78 B - 17.23 B 1,200,000 | 16.17 B - 25.85 B 1,500,000 | 20.21 B - 32.31 B 2,000,000 | 26.95 B - 43.08 B 3,000,000 | 40.425 B - 64.62 B 4,000,000 | 53.9 B - 86.17 B Now... here's the funny thing... the multipliers that I have included for the Icy Vein's Sunwuko build are by no means inclusive of the other random attributes that are likely to influence your DPS output -- my monk, Caradein, has a maximum Wave of Light damage output of around 140B on a critical hit; which leads me to believe that most of these numbers I have produced here are actually underestimating the total average output DPS for a fully geared Sunwuko monk. I have no idea if this is helpful for anyone; and if you see some factors that I have missed; please feel free to respond to this post.TheGreyWolf9 Dec 11
Dec 8 I6R2 gen monk RGK? Simple question, With all the buffs to Inna and rainment will the I6R2 gen monk build be one of the best RGK builds? It's ptr clear was 5 or 6 Grifts higher than Necro and impale, so I'm hoping Gen monk becomes RGK againKindran6 Dec 8
Dec 7 Which primal Inna pants ….for the zmonk This one is already augmented with vit and changed stat to pick up yd* 650 dex 650 vit 775 armor 210 arcane resistance gold and health pick up by 2yd* VS New drop 650 dex 650 vit 130 all resist monster +120 exp gold and health pick up by 2yd If the new drop is better, what stat should I change? should I change the dex to intel and augment it with intel or vit?happynikon3 Dec 7
Dec 6 LoN LTK I was curious if anyone has seen any LoN LTK test results from the PTR? Outside of GR's, that was one of my favorite builds to play.Kidyen4 Dec 6
Dec 6 Help with Monk hey there, I'm playing with monk Sunwuko built for a while, My profile hasn't been updated here , this is from the game D:2m T:87m and R:7.2 m with this stats I can't do grift lvl 95, I've seen other heroes with less stats than me and they can do higher grift. please helpHoomanchief11 Dec 6
Dec 5 Dropped Items Display and Pickup Watching this YouTube video,, on the Sunwuko build the video talks about the speed variant version. How do you get item drops to display like they are in the video (see ~10 minute mark) and how does he pick up everything so fast? Items, like armor and swords are being picked up like gems. I.e. you pick up one gem and it picks up all gems in the vicinity.BruceLee1 Dec 5
Dec 4 Cube for Uliana set Hey guys! I saw a few guides on how to build for EP Uliana monk and they cubed the for 50% DR for 5 seconds after Cyclone Strike. I was wondering if it isn't better to cube for 60% DR after using a spirit generator since we're using WOTHF for stacking dmg. What do you think? Thanks.Trion4 Dec 4
Dec 4 Monk and massacre bonus - Other classes have great skills/abilities to make this leveling method work at the start of a new season. But I have never seen/read anything about this method for Monks. Any of you ever tried it? Viable? Abilities used? I want to test it a bit before the season starts just to see if its worth it at all -KidyenKidyen3 Dec 4
Dec 1 Ulianna - Snapshotting Is this still a thing? I gave up on Ulianna a long time ago because I was horrible at applying a "good" EP vs. a "bad" EP. It appears Monks will start the the Ulianna set this upcoming season, and I understand at lower levels that whole snapshotting thing isn't anything to worry about. I was just thinking to the future for a fast start to opening weekend, and pushing quickly and efficiently until I can get Inna's. Also to add....Does Ulianna's have a speed farm build, or do i just stick with it until I can get SWK and such? Thanks! KidKidyen4 Dec 1
Nov 30 Exploding Palm range damage The description of the rune Impending Doom is a bit confusing. "Exploding Palm no longer causes the enemy to bleed, but if the enemy dies while affected by Exploding Palm, they explode for 6305% weapon damage as Cold." I'm missing "to all nearby enemies". Is the rune Impending Doom just single target or range damage?joschy2 Nov 30
Nov 29 Can my Inna Monk do more damage? I'm bucking the trend of the 1000 people using the exact same Sunwuko build to get on the leader board. I've been building up my Inna's set literally for years since I'm a semi-casual solo-only player. I'm trying to finish GR93 but I can't do enough damage to complete it in less than 18-20 minutes. My monk is a tank, I don't even need Desert Shroud to stay alive any more so I'm using Inner Fire at the moment. I've used Insight as well, but my spirit gen is at a good level without it. I'm trying to figure out whether there's anything I could change to boost damage - if not, then it's just me not doing something right. Helpful hints appreciated! If I could make it to 94/95 that would be sweet, not expecting Inna to take me much higher. Hoping Blizzard equalizes monk sets in the next patch. More Primals would be nice as Templar had more Primal items than I did until last weekend. Nov 29