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Jul 3 Monk starter build? Hey guys, i see lots of guides for high end builds, and was wondering if anybody had some advice for those of us (ok, just me) that arent at that level yet? My monk just got 70 and i'm curious what skills or legendaries i should really be on the look out for right now as i'm starting to push up the difficulty. Thanks in advance for any and all help.Goose3 Jul 3
Jul 1 Zmonk Advice Hi everyone, I'm new to monk this season and just completed my zmonk build. I'd like you guys to take a peek at my build to see where/what I can reroll or farm for upgrades to make my support more effective. Also, what is the preferred CDR? I'm currently sitting at 69.xx% CDR. Do I need more or is this adequate? Thanks.Wangster19 Jul 1
Jul 1 How Mantra of healing shield work? Does it absorb damage before or after all other damage reductions? You gain aprox. 62000 + 32000 = 94000 damage absorption with its active. If u are hit for 5mil. damage and u absorb only 94000 of it, it would be pretty lame. But if absorption would come after reductions and final damage would be 500k and u absorp 100k, thats strong. Anybody on zmonk use mantra of healing, so does anybody know how it work?sanjuro1 Jul 1
Jul 1 Permanent Epiphany Possible? Between the lvl 70 borns set and cdr in all slots at a max roll with beacon of ytar?Gfreak15 Jul 1
Jul 1 Haunt of Vaxo with BotLG? Do the clones from Haunt of Vaxo get the bonus from BotLG? Also, how much of a damage penalty do they get as a percentage of your damage? I was thinking that if Rabid Strike cloned hits get buffed by the bracers, shouldn't the mooks from Haunt of Vaxo also get the buff?Darktan2 Jul 1
Jun 30 Monk needs a buff no ifs ands or buts Monk needs a buff no ifs ands or buts about it we are so far behind every other class for gr solo is ridiculous everyone is above 130 gr lvl solo we are barely scraping 127. wiz is sitting at 139 thats a 12 lvl difference thats huge in the past we have had maybe a 6 to 5 lvl difference noticeable but acceptable. 12 lvls on the other hand is just down right outrageous. monk is so bad dps wise right now that you cant even think about competing in group play every other class just out damages you. we needs buffs and big ones. its getting tiring always having to zmonk for group play because our damage is garbage compared to the other classes. ill be honest idk why this kinda of post isnt on the front page of monk discussion because this is crazy ive been playing d3 off and since it came out. i have never seen this big of a difference in gr lvls in all this time. i remember when shenlong first got changed and monk was super strong and they were about 10 to 12 gr lvls ahead of everyone else that got nerfed immediately. but wizard has been top of the gr for yrs not just one but multiple and they still havent been nerfed. cant help but think you guys have a vendetta against monk i cant recall a single time we were aloud to be op like wiz. we havent ever been able to be the top gr lvl contenders its sad.yungluke2223 Jun 30
Jun 26 Tempest Rush zMonk meta questions. Hey guys, I have some questions about that support monk with tempest rush (TR) for the 4 man meta. 1. How long is the iceblink slow applied by tempest rush active? So before the meteor drops or at RG, when the necro starts, I apply the chill effect with TR. How long does it last? 2. Does deadly reach interfere with the CD of a necro bk (lancer and throns)? Or can I just spam it all the time. And why I use deadly reach and not the fists/wave as spirit generator? Is it the reason because of the range (see 3)? Is this irrelevant for lancer necros? 3. If I play with a throns necro, I heard I need to stand behind him all the time at RG. Why? Does that mean that I just hit deadly reach with max range and force stand still. Thanks for your advise GruceyGrucey8 Jun 26
Jun 26 zMonk ring roll question regarding LPH vs Vit Got this really good oculus ring, and because it's a really good primal I want to be extra sure before I commit. Basically, should I roll LPH or vit to attack speed? The first thought would be to immediately roll LPH off, but 12k LPH would improve sustained survivability whereas vit would only protect against damage spikes. What do you think would be better?Revolyze4 Jun 26
Jun 24 Sun WoL too Slow... So, hopefully the title captures it all, but a) I'm sure this is a dupe, but I'm frankly exhausted atm and too tired to do due diligence searching, and b) I've got a LoN skeletons necro now and (although that build is SCARY fast sometimes) my previous Sunwuko Wave of Light build (which used to feel borderline overpowered) is now feeling a little ... puny in comparison. I would like recommendations for an upgrade! Keep in mind a few factoids: I am lazy; I like builds that don't require a lot of fancy mechanics. I don't really do seasonal play. In fact, I've never done it and... don't really know how it works. ...and... I am currently paragon 976, iirc (side note: I regularly run bounties with folks in the near 2000 range... question, how tf do you DO that? Do you just play 24-7 and give up a real life?) Thanks in advance for the advice. And if this is (as suspected) a dupe, feel free to just point me to the more perfect answer :Pouroborous4 Jun 24
Jun 20 Way of the Falling Star vs Quicksilver Which one of these dashing strike runes is better in speed builds and why? Thanks.sanjuro10 Jun 20
Jun 19 Squishy S17 Monk Raiment Shenlong Crip Wave Created this build two weeks ago and have been able to complete a T15 run solo, and with great difficulty complete a GR 75. However, I can't seem to proc dashing strike with any consistency and the build seems extremely squishy. Spirit regen is severely impacted going higher that GR 70 with current stats. Can someone give me some pointers on what to correct? Thanks in advance. MoriMoriancum2 Jun 19
Jun 18 idea for a tempest rush buff item? i was wondering how people would feel about an item that increases TR damage the higher movement speed you have. because with how TR is now, a high movement speed means your character's gonna need to run laps around a group of elites and or bosses a few times which is a little silly. in my opinion it makes tailwind (rune) and boon of the hoarder (gem) more of a hindrance than a benefit it could be either a ring, glove, or even pants that could replace yan's hexing pants. for an in slot choice, that isZeigan1 Jun 18
Jun 13 HC Uliana Fist of Az item check Which is better? from testing it seems that the regular fist clears mobs faster, but the ancient crits higher and might have more single target dps. I've been rolling for the ancient forever and i fear it sucks. Ancient Fist of Az 2,562 dps 917 dex gain 540 life per spirit reduces cooldown by 10% (spun) secondary +15 max spirit exploding palm explosion increased by 425% =( Regular Fist of Az 2,079 dps 648 dex reduces cooldown by 10% (spun) secondary 8208 life after kill exploding palm explosion increased by 499% Both have sockets with greens. I'm playing a Uli monk with madstone in hardcore, about to start pushing until she dies so survival is important. I only have 30% crit chance. Let me know any other questions. wish i could post pics but couldn't figure out howdropthemerc0 Jun 13
Jun 12 LoN WoL too squishy? Hello, I'm struggling a bit with LoN WoL. My damage output is solid but I keep dying, having a hard time keeping Epiphany up but even when I do I still die. Could anyone take a look and give me some advice? (obviously need more ancients) Thanks!Dolan6 Jun 12
Jun 11 Bell: LoN, Inna, SWK This is most probably a pretty stupid question, but I don't really understand the impact of the damage multipliers given by LoN, Inna and SWK. Mathematically, the order of damage output (from best to worst) should be: SWK>LoN>Inna. Inna's Set multiplies the damage by 7500% (10 [allies] times 750% enhanced damage); or rather 8700% if you include the effect of Mantra of Conviction. LoN multiplies the damage by 9750% (13 [ancient items] times 750% enhanced damage). SWK multiplies the damage by 10500% (7 [stacks] times 1500% enhanced damage per stack). But actually, the damage output seems to be: LoN>Inna>SWK. That means, the theoretically best set is practically the worst one, which is pretty strange. Therefore, I'm pretty sure my little calculations are somehow wrong. But what exactly am I getting wrong? Edit: Um, OK, I get it, it's all about Rabid Strike which you can't use with SWK. Stupid me.Apfelkuchen3 Jun 11
Jun 8 Monk VS Monk Monk(Diablo 3) and Monk(Hellfire) what are the pros and cons of each and how would you compare them and play them? Me personally I would say that the Hellfire monk wins hands down over the Diablo 3 monk. Although what it really comes down to is the mechanics of the two games. Diablo3 makes leveling way to easy in that they give you everything you need per level up whereas in hellfire you have to do all the work of assigning points yourself into you skills of choice and hunt for your abilities through books hidden in the dungeons. What do you guys think?Jazreth1 Jun 8
Jun 7 Strongest primary for Inna/Shenlong? I've been mucking around between Mangle, Fist of Fury, etc. personally I'm a fan of Fist of Fury because the IAS is just insane and I can attack so fast I can permanently stay in the Shenlong buff. I was just wondering why people use Mangle besides it just hitting harder at 255% it feels like it attacks slower, I'm just trying to find the best combination of damage / survivability mainly so I don't get one shot by some stray mortar shot or heavy physical smash but not hit like a wet paper towel. It's not up to date yet I don't know when it refreshes. I'm currently trying Unity/CoE/Hellfire(Near Death) as jewelry right now since losing that DR while standing still punching things was getting me killed sometimes. I don't really mind not being strictly an "Icy Veins" meta build I usually tweak something here or there from their builds to suit my playstyle.Ivikdor5 Jun 7
May 26 Seasonal Monk Help I was hoping some higher tier seasonal monks could take a look at mine and offer some insight in what I can do to improve...currently I was just able to clear grift solo level 45, would obviously like to hit much higher. I still need to work on maxing out some gems, that much is obvious. Any other thoughts on my build/gear setup would be much appreciated!Bitt2 May 26
May 23 LoN WoL Speed variant Looking for an option for bounties specifically, because I already use Swk + Sage for RRs and it works very well :)Herowar4 May 23
May 23 WoL build question Which have the highest dps without the seasonal buff (LoN) : Sunwuko WoL, LoN WoL, or Inna WoL? If my calculation is correct, Sunwuko is the highest right? Sunwuko multiplier + vengeful wind + pinto + insence torch + tzo + kyoshiro + FnR.Horax9 May 23
May 22 Set Dungeon Hi all, Can someone advise on how to complete the set dungeon? One of the requirements is to unleash my mystics on 10 mobs. How can I do it? I tried switching to rare (yellow) weapons to not overkill everything but i'm still killing everything. Anyone have a particular way of completing this so that the secondary objective doesn't interfere with the primary and vice versa?Wangster7 May 22
May 18 Please Buff LTK After playing LTK for several days, I feel that LTK need some buff to be viable in a high GR. Its GR record is -3~4 lower than WoL based builds. Some suggestions. 1) Rabid Strike The ally summomed from RS does not mimic fireball released by Gyana Kashu. If it can mimic fireball from Kashu, LTK can have broader area on effect. Or, 2) Rivera Buff 250-300% -> 550-600% 3) Scarbringer Buff increase damage to 7 -> 15 enemies first hitSangyung2 May 18
May 16 Playing Myltiple Monks dps heal CIE what do you play as?ClinaNipazi2 May 16
May 15 Monk mimic from Rabid Strike Does this mimic benefit from a 15 mystic ally skill on gear?Justice3 May 15
May 14 Does Vulture Claw Stack? I wonder whether the fire DoT of Vulture Claw (one of runes in Lashing Tail Kick) stacks. I check a previous post that says it stacks, but I want to make it sure. May 14
May 14 Unstable WoL damage Hello everyone. I played WoL for awhile and I find out that the damage of WoL is really unstable from 70b-250b, likely not getting the buff from kyoshiro's blade even when hitting only <3 enemies. I have 200-300 ping and this does not happen when I use 2h weapon, and happen very much when I use kyoshiro/rs combo. Any way to fix this?mikael5 May 14
May 13 Raiment Needs Help Okay on the top of my head, the raiment 4 piece bonus is really underwhelming. Current: (4) Set: Dashing Strike spends 75 Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.Proposed: (4) Set: Dashing strike gains all runes and spends 25 Spirit, but refunds a charge when it does. You gain 60% damage reduction for 6 seconds after dashing. SoloPlayer7814 May 13
May 11 Mystic Ally Collision Has there been any consideration by Blizz to remove the collision for the mystic allies? Even though S17 is focused on non-set builds, there is still great potential for a monk pet build if collision did not exist. S16 Inna + Crudest + Theo's had a chance for a good pet build but most of the Mystic Allies just stand around. This issue has existed for a long time and I know the build (outside the EP version) is not popular, but the option would be cool tldr - remove pet collision, so they dont stand around doing nothing most of the time, or make them act more like Necro's skeleKarig1 May 11
May 8 grow some hair advanced hair , yeah yeahYORI3 May 8
May 6 Odyn Son > Thunderfury? I just tried out my Odyn Son and was completely surprised by the INSANE dmg. The proc crits for up to 5 mil, while Thunderfury only hits for about half of that. Are there any numbers on the dmg, enemies hit or internal cooldown? And does it proc more often when in the mainhand?hysteri417 May 6
May 5 Deleted DeletedSangyung0 May 5
May 4 LON Cyclone 2.6.5 I really want to play this build again in 2.6.5. I realize all the stats in the link are absurd but it's just a general idea. Any thoughts/feedback is welcomed. Edit: This is without soj/unity as well. May 4
Apr 29 Why AD on Inna WOL Hi guys, Why are so many people going for AD on Inna WOL. It has only an aoe of 10 yards which is basically nothing as Inna WOL does not cluster the monsters like Uliana. In most cases my AD procs wont hit anything or at least not much. Am I missing sth? Thanks!Frechdachs11 Apr 29
Apr 29 Please, support Tempest Rush I hope I am not the only one who would love to see either Tempest Rush being buffed or some interesting new unique affixes added for it. It can't compete with WoL and even LTK, and it's a shame it has never been truly viable. What's even worse, it has only 1 rune that provides signiticant damage (Flurry), other runes can't compete in higher GRs despite having very cool effects (especially Electric Field). I love Tempest Rush and have a few suggestions of interesting affixes it could use: 1) An affix that would make it a toggle spell instead of channelling, allowing to include generators in the build; 2) An affix that would pull all the mobs affected by TR, allowing to gather huge packs, thus increasing the overall damage spread which is essential for an AoE skill; 3) An affix that would stop TR from consuming spirit at all (like a couple of items for DH, for example), which would allow to make a much tankier and AS-oriented build; 4) An affix that would count the number of unique enemies hit while you continuously channel TR and proportionally increase its damage; 5) An affix that would enable all the five runes; 6) An affix that would turn TR into a point-and-click skill which would create a mysterious Ally in the pointed area which would stand still or go in a pointed direction channeling TR. Those were some of my ideas. I'd like to point out that Tempest Rush lacks items with unique affixes and it is one of the reasons it falls behind other skills. I just want to see my favorite skill being on par with WoL and LTK, especially considering the fact that TR has never been top tier anyway.Elegiac4 Apr 29
Apr 23 GR 114 - Holy SSS Hi guys, just sharing the video of my GR114 clear with the Holy SSS build. Apr 23
Apr 18 DRUID SUMMONER---- POLAR BEAR! Does anyone else see this cool? I mean, Damn, with me being the #1 Druid Summoner on East in D2 when I quit, I should have some input. No one's entitled, but it would be sweet. Anyone else agree? A Druid Summoner with a Polar Bear in hell? Throw in some Huskies while you're at it! [Edited for language - Forum Moderator]LifePincher3 Apr 18
Apr 15 R6/Shenlong Solution I was able to experience R6 / Shenlong on S16 (Rog Buff). It is a very fun build and very strong. But has a very serious problem in NS, she's very squishy ... Besides suffers a lot with Vortex, knockback, nightmare, grotesques, lacunes and etc etc etc .... in NS it's a real hell. R6 should "give the effect of all runes" to Dashing Strike, and change the Rune "Blinding Speed" to: """Gain 40% increased chance to Dodge and gives CC immunity for 5 seconds after using Dashing Strike""" With these changes this build would be much less frustrating.ENIAC1 Apr 15
Apr 13 Question about Monk I6R2 (Inna Generator) Hi, Mi PJ link: If I wanted to change my main skill with rune of fire for some other skill that has lightning rune, what do you recommend? I suppose the build carries the fire because it is the most damaging, but I would like to try another one with lightning since I got the primal Stone of Jordan with elemental lightning damage. Tnx!DariSh1 Apr 13
Apr 10 Inna SSS Top 10! Check Feedz Inna SSS build. At only 3600+ paragon did GR120. Never tried it until yesterday. It's crazy powerful though very tricky/squishy. Loved that it is a very skill-based build. Hurray for Inna's versatility!Mercy6 Apr 10
Apr 8 LON/WOL Questions Trying this build and have reached GR97 with it, but there are several things I don’t understand. 1. The full purpose of Cyclone Strike. Should I just use this at a distance to activate Lefebvre for defense and complement Zei ? Or should I actually draw monsters in and zap them (nullifying zei)? or both ? 2. How much cdr for full Epiphany up time. Currently at 52.49. I’ve traded off cdr for 111% AD. 3. The braces (BoLG) add 200% damage to my Mystic Allies. Do they really help that much to take up an armor slot ? I realize I need fire pct on pinto bracers and working on that. Also need better swamp land pants. The biggest issue in the GR 97 run was dieing. The cold ball takes me out quickly. My resistances at around 2000. I got the Sledgehammer guy as the guardian and he killed me three times before I got him. Any other advice on gearing/running this build would be appreciated.Obxer5 Apr 8
Apr 7 Which Primal Rabid Strike? Should I use one with 1000 dex and 10% cooldown or 7% attack speed and 10% cooldown? (screenshot from PTR) I'm ~p2600 in S16 atm with 1.88 attack speed, and I lose ~0.5% dmg from one with 7% attack speed. But I gain ~0.1% dmg from one with 7% attack speed at ~p3500 according to PTR. If I use one with 7% attack speed, then I'll have 2.01 / 1.88 attack speed. ThanksOV3RL0RD6 Apr 7
Apr 7 Season 17 LON Build I know LON wave of light is going to be super strong. But what rings would you guys choose besides COE?GOLDFARMER5 Apr 7
Apr 7 Noob Monk question Hey guys, I've finally been toying around with an I6R2 build a bit, and am enjoying it a lot, but I feel like I'm missing something. First off, does the I2 set bonus require me to slot Mystic Ally on my power bar? It seems like it does, at least for me. I've tried running without it and have noticed a significant drop in toughness and a bit of dps decrease as well. I'm also struggling to clear GR110 but feel like I should easily be able to go much higher given my gear and paragon level. It's likely that I don't have the ideal skills setup, was wondering if anyone can help me with this?xxMaverickxx3 Apr 7
Apr 6 Sunwuko Monkey King's Garb Name Origin? Son Goku (Dragon Ball) + Wukong (Chinese Mythology) = Sunwuko. Edit: Thanks for the clarification everyone, i didn't know Wukong full name is Sun Wukong, and it appears that Son Goku was most likely from Sun Wukong.SeuTiBeun5 Apr 6
Apr 2 Best Build for Solo Rifts is... Can anyone help me out? New to monk.CeruleanBlue2 Apr 2
Mar 30 Uliana dropping Mythic Rhythm Hi all! I've seen many top LB Uliana builds dropping Mythic Rhythm for Determination. What do you think is the reason for this, perhaps to avoid snapshotting and make the gameplay more straightforward?Mercy10 Mar 30
Mar 23 Wol monk, spirit trouble Don't got a monk currently on my profile. But I started out with one. Tried both Sunwuko and inna wol. Both of them, I noticed, when not doing farming/speed runs, that I run out of spirit. In higher grifts for example, I simply cannot "spam" wol. Like other classes can. Even with the ring that reduces cooldown. I've seen the top players not having any reduction rolled on their gear. I had trouble in a 70 or 75 grift with others. Running out of spirit at elites, cause they don't just die instantly. So thought about asking here what to do? I use ephipany when it's up. Allies as well when needed. Either my ring bugged out cause I never had fully 100 percent uptime on these to use. Others having the same issue? Or know what to do? Cause in theory, epiphany and/or allies should top you off. Is it a matter of not spamming wol, or something else?TuneOut7 Mar 23
Mar 19 Advice on R6 Hi, all! I wanted to ask you for advice regarding using R6 at paragon 3050ish. How much Vitality should I strive for in order to take advantage of the leeching effect of Simplicity gem, say, 6000 Vitality? How much Dexterity does this build need to be effective at my paragon level? I am able to solo 112 with Inna WoL. Should I be able to reach GR112 with similar quality gear and augments with R6 as well? I'm still learning to use it at lower levels, but I'm just curious as to what potential it has at my paragon. Thank you!Mercy10 Mar 19
Mar 18 Exploding Palm - Essence Burn Does this rune stack?Quiesce1 Mar 18