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May 16, 2012 Vetting a Hero: the Monk It can be difficult to choose which hero you want to take into battle against the legions of the Burning Hells. To help inform your decision we’ve compiled all of the gameplay and story information you need broken down by class. Barbarian Demon Hunter Witch Doctor Wizard Monks are sacred warriors who channel divine power through sheer force of will. Healing waves, mantras of protection and attacks empowered with holy might are all within their purview. Skilled monks deliver rapid-fire attacks unarmed or with a variety of well-balanced weapons. In combat, they emphasize high maneuverability over staying power, darting in and out of melees and avoiding protracted slugfests. Monks’ attacks are primarily melee-focused. They can eliminate single foes with extreme damage, or deliver short-range area-of-effect assaults with waves of elemental power that emanate from palm strikes or crescent kicks. Videos Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise - Monk story and gameplay pre-launch preview Skill Rune Preview - An example of how skill runes augment an ability like Sweeping Wind Monk Reveal Trailer - The monk class is revealed at BlizzCon 2009 Diablo III Gameplay Preview - Worldwide Invitational 2008 Diablo III first-ever gameplay trailer featuring the barbarian and witch doctor Gameplay Active Skills Passive Skills Skill Progression Skill Calculator Items Images Artwork Screenshots Character Background ... ...Zarhym0 May 16, 2012
6m Monk not regening spirit? Hopefully you all can help me out in case I am missing something. When not in combat, my spirit regen shows 0% both in details and in actuality. That being said, the templar has the regen skill chosen and I am using 'Guardians path' with a 2H, so i should be getting 15% there. But still 0. Now, I switched to air ally to see, and the regen then shows up as passive in the details sheet. Any thoughts? Thanks,Saldarya0 6m
1h Lon SSS?! Can it work? You get the Sweet LoN Bonus Madstone and Lefebusers (OMG THIS WORD) so dont need 2p bonus from U6 setFaux2 1h
1h Inna Generator I watched Rykers Video about the Inna Generator build and was a bit skeptical about the statement that it is alot less squishy than R6 Generator. And that is because i don't know how he is compensating the loss of the 50% damage reduce shoulders. Nevertheless i tried it and to me it was alot squishier than R6. Is there a hidden damage reduce trick i am overlooking? Ok the Allies and Mantras do a bit but it doesnt feel like it is summing up to 50% damage reduction.electrofux29 1h
1h R6 melting in GR60. Help with GearCheck pls! Hi all, ive been enjoying the R6 builds so far but when i attempted to do T13 or GR60, i tend to melt almost instantly. I have vits in almost all my gears and wearing all diamonds. I am aware that my gears are not fully fine tuned and so on but i was hoping GR60 wouldn't be that tough for me. I died like every 10 secs and most of the time couldn't last inside a pool of mobs or elites with fire. Any help on how to improve toughness will be nice. I am working on getting a better shenlong upgrade to boost some sheet dps but aside from getting more ancients, is there anything thing else i can try out to improve survivability? 1h
1h Enchant LPH or Vitality on my WoL Monk Hey All, As the topic says I really need some guidance : ) I have a WoL build I've been having a lot of fun with. It's a work in progress to improve items, but I finally got an ancient Pinto's Bracers and I don't know whether to enchant Life per Hit or Vitality. Here's some profile images of the build Bracers: Build: I want to re-roll one into 20% holy damage since i'm running empowered rune on my WoL. I decided not to go down the fire rune/cindercoat build route. The question is should I re-roll vitality or Life per Hit? My character always maintains large range so the only time I have to worry about taking damage is from targeted range elemental or physical range. I don't mind running around for health globes and popping serenity but none of that matters if I get one shot lol. For some reason my profile says I have 467k health. Guess that's right but in game it shows around 560k. Right now I don't have much or any life per hit. As I mentioned I'm more concerned about getting one shot. I'm clearing greater rift 65+ right now with around 5 minutes left but trying to creep higher. The only question is. With my current health around 500k should I re-roll vitality or LpH on the bracers to get the extra holy damage? I should also mention I know thorn damage is completely useless on my build (as far as I know, because I'm ranged), but unfortunately i'm stuck with it on my current items till I get lucky with better drops.Fukaka3 1h
20h Crippling Wave vs Way of 100 Fists Crippling wave affect all enemies in front of you. But what about Way of hundred fist? The tooltip says "strike enemies" doesn't specify which one.Lloyd0 20h
22h Tired of Mystic Ally AI Anyone else really enjoy Innas?? but cringe every time you look over and see your allys just standing there? I would have thought they could have fixed this by now.. The issue is obviously that they can not reach there target so they just stand there, but if they are spirit like allys why not let them avoid unit collision? Would this not fix it? I mean they are a hefty % of innas damage and ideology but fail to deliver when its dense.Tyriddik5 22h
23h [2.4.2 LoN] One Kick Monk 2.4.3 Edit: Made a guide to use LoN-LTK with the new Rabid Strike. I went extra lazy this patch and just made the guide on Diablofans: Mostly targeted at non-season scrubs like myself who don't really want to play Sunwuko Stack Manager 3 ^_^;Davlok69 23h
1d Thinking of starting a zDPS Monk Hello, I'm a DH converted from CM Wiz / WW Barb and am thinking of starting a zDPS Monk to have a chance to join high GR teams. What is the best zDPS build i should try for and how easy is it to get into GR teams once i have it? I'd hate to take the time and effort to spam looking for groups with no replies. TYPrology2 1d
1d Monk in need of help Hello, I would like to eventually play the 4 man dps monk build, but for the past 200 paragon levels, i've been kind of winging it :). Could anyone tell me what to do to have the best change of getting the gear needed and could anyone maybe link to that build / online guide. im not sure if i should rift or gr or use the kube to have a better chance of getting there. As you might have guessed, i feel like im running around like a headless chicken hoping im doing "it" right :). So thanks for all the help i can get.Levi1 1d
1d Monkey King/Innas Mantra Hybrid questions Hello all, I'm wondering about something because I'm a noob on a lot of things. I have my Monk hybrid with Monkey King (4 piece set bonus) and Innas mantra (6 piece bonus) The first question is concerning the Innas six piece bonus which states that my damage in increased by 100% for each mystic ally I have out. Now keep in mind I have in the The Crudest Boots for my Cube armor slot, which normally only adds one more ally, but for whatever reason I'm seing like 9 ally's which can't be right, I assume I would only benefit off of 6 wouldn't I? The five that I get from Innas, plus one extra from Crudest Boots. Now going back it says I get 100% increased damage for each, however the "Damage" is not showing an increase in my damage that I can see in my details tab, so that confuses me. Here is my second question and the reason I hybrid into Monkey King. For the Monkey King 4 piece bonus I spawn a decoy every second with SW active that explodes for 1000% weapon damage for "each" stack of SW, which normally would be 3 stacks. But in my weapon slop I have vengeful wind which puts my total count of SW to 10 stacks, so is it that the decoy explodes for 10,000% weapon damage? Thank you for answeringOmega5 1d
1d Rate My Uliana Monk, GR 79 Solo Pushing 80 Rate My Uliana Monk, GR 79 Solo Pushing 80 Shoulder, Pants, and Gungdo while decent Ancients versions could benefit more from Secondary resists, and my augments arent really that high (I plan on upgrading them bit by bit). I keep reading here about how Uliana Sucks when I can pretty much speed run anything from Grift 75 and below (dont know what Torment equivalent that is) in under 6 minutes so I dont know about that. Maybe you just dont have good gear? Uliana is very gear and roll dependent, you really have to be patient. Also Torment 13 pretty much 1 shotting elites except those enemies that are agile and not getting the full blunt of the SSS. I also have all a full ancient LTK, R6, and Inna Monk setups but i find that I like the play style of Uliana a bit more fun. While it is very hard to gear and be able to do Grift 75+ onwards, Uliana is still very strong and very rewarding and when you finally get that Ancient Fist of Az, and that madstone, its pretty much GG.abe728016 1d
1d (HC) Sets question On the HC (seasonal) leaderboad, everybody is using either Suwoku or Inna. How about Uliana or Rainment of 100 storms? Are they GR75 able too? I am just an occasional monk, just reached HC GR55 solo yesterday, and I find the struggle upward difficult, looking for tips...Lloyd1 1d
1d WoL /w Rabid Strike? I've been using this, but I can't tell if the mimicked WoL is actually doing any damage... Anyone got any insight into this? Also I am using Tzo helm.Boxxerz4 1d
1d Dashing Strike problem? QoL change needed? Has anyone noticed Dashing Strike has a weird delay/hesitation before actually activating? It almost feels like lag. I'll press the button to use it and there will be a short delay before my character dashes. Sometimes I'll even have to hit the key 2 or 3 times in quick succession before one dash goes off. It only happens during combat though. I have confirmed it's not because I'm getting stunned or anything, before anyone posits that as an explanation. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is it intentional? Really annoying and it can be fairly problematic in dangerous situations in game.rowge18 1d
2d snapshot momentum and assimilation stacks? When you manually apply exploding palm, are any of those skills snapshotted? At Davlok explains it but first he says something and then it seems he contradicts himself. 2d
2d GR83 Done without Calds and Sub 700paragon This season is the Easiest by far, But also its been really fun, currently rank 16 (will change in like an hour LOL) but IM LOVING the new GR's by far the most fun GR has been XDFaux4 2d
2d All Monk clans? Are there any out there that just have Monks as members? It would be a better way to obtain gear if there were clans of all the same type.LifePincher1 2d
2d Hardcore Monk Builds What's up guys I was just wondering if anyone has any decent hardcore monk builds for pushing. I don't wanna be a glass cannon because even the simplest thing like a minor lag spike can kill me. Right now I'm doing suns and I have the dancers cubed but I have a ancient pair I'm sitting on because I don't wanna die and lose them. Anyway if anyone has some suggestions I'd appreciate it, thanks.ExpandDong0 2d
3d How much CDR & RCR for LTK? Not the LoN version, I dont have enough ancient pieces - just the standard SWK LTK using Kyo's Belt. Is there a standard for how much CDR and RCR needed?Exiter2 3d
4d Can someone explain SWK set to me please? The set use one charge of sweeping wind when you use ltk or wol. You get stacks up from kyoshiro belt but only if sweeping wind does not damage anything. When you are using ltk, you will be in melee range, your stacks get used up and you don't get any stacks from the belt. Isn't that countering each other? I'm using ltk and I find myself suddenly find myself out of stacks (even with the fist that increases sweeping wind stack equipped). How do you maintain stacks when you are spamming ltk in melee range?Daniel6 4d
4d Easiest dungeon? Im at the point in this seasons journey that I have to do the set dungeon. Which one is the easiest to do so I can get it out of the way and get back to playing for real?Exiter8 4d
4d Rabid strike + LTK not doing full damage? I didn't get to test this on PTR to see if anything's changed, but here's my set up: SWK 6 pc Scarbringer Vengeful Wind Rivera Dancers Cube: Rabid Strike Gyana While my LTKs will crit for say 4-8 billion, the cloned LTKs are only doing about 118M (almost without variance). When I was using a WoL + Rabid Strike build, I was getting the full power WoL from TKG + Pintos. Is this intended now or a bug?CreationEdge11 4d
4d Monk Build Help S9 There are tons of builds this season to run but i personally dont know which is best out of all. Can you all help and tell me and explain what are the best build is. thx :)nirroJ4 4d
5d Getting 1 shotted by.. nothing? Im running bellwuko, and anything at t10 or g45 and higher I an getting randomly killed by nothing. What I mean by that, is Im running around and blowing up screens of bad guys and Im suddenly dead. the screen says Im killed by a trash mob, sometimes Im killed by an elite but didn't see any effects hit me. Im running epiphany w/desert shroud and now running unity combo and it still happens. Being that monks already get DR + Epiphany + Unity, I shouldnt be getting dropped like this. Ive been sticking with GR50 runs because Im afraid to go higher and die more often from invisible mobs. Is there a new bug?Exiter4 5d
5d Pls help, die all the time. I currently play Inna Generator Monk. Buffed around 168 Mio Toughness, 1,7-2k all res, 700k life. But even on T12 (GR55) I get 1 hit all the time by some mobs or monster affixes. Higher Grifts in group (70+) nearly impossible....die every 30 seconds. When I remember Season 7 played the same build, had less toughness and had no problems....could even stay in explosion and nothing happened. Are some monster affixes/attacks broken atm? (Arcane f.e.)? Bcs I have the feeling even with double toughness it wont be better. Have everything except Flying Dragon and 2nd Unity for Solo. OK for Solo Unity is a great survival buff, but what about group play? Does Flying Dragon increase the survivebility that much? Here my character: Ty in advance for the help.CroDanZ4 5d
6d Need help with my genMonk Hey, my little question is: What do I have to do, to improve my Monk. I never tryed to hit up the score board and so I just tryed to run barely T13. But I was able to hit in the last days time to time the top 500 and that without a big knowledge of the build and his stats priority. Now Iam on a point, where I have to think about what to change next, yea ofcourse my set ring afterwards and maybe the belt, but afterwards? Would be nice to get some help, in which direction I have to walk, to improve the character. ThanksDirDevil5 6d
6d Stacks & WOL It looks like folks are using either in geom or crystal fist as weapon #2 in this build, but wouldnt you want to use vengeful wind? I mean the 6pc bonus is supposed to eat a stack and give a huge damage bonus to WOL, so if I only had 3 stacks, I could only WOL 3 times right? If I had Vengeful wind I could WOL 8-10 times. What am I missing?Exiter11 6d
6d Thorns on secondary All my gear is rolling with thorns on secondary. Anyone else experiencing the same?ZeddLadd3 6d
6d Quick bell drop with inna's set Been playing around with the Inna's set for a couple of days now, you can get some insane damage from multiple Mystics. They put a lot of damage themselves upwards of 1bil+ as you can see when they're running up the steps. The quick bell drop just annihilates anything in range. Probably one of the best sets I've ever made. Plus side if you notice, I'm not consuming any spirit while using the ability. "No Channeling Shrine" 6d
Jan 11 Why "fire skills deal %" on items for builds? Why do all the build recommendations (including SWK LTK) for monk builds suggest "fire skill deal %", when all of them are advising you to use Epiphany (Desert Shroud) which is physical damage? I know that Mangle is fire, and LTK VCK is also fire, but during elite fights (when it really matters) you turn your epiphany on, and everything becomes physical dmg. Am I missing something here?libykim2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Monk - Season 9 What's good for Monk in Season 9?Kanami19 Jan 11
Jan 10 LF a monk(Seasonal) for 75s-90+ I'm top 10 WD(have been top 50 since first day of seasons) incase you're skeptical about my experience. I play often, so you can expect a group. I have a Zbarb, and multiple wiz players on friendslist. If you need to lvl up gems and hit those high paragons and don't have a group hit me up. Breezybombs#1770(caps sensitive) P.S. Please have an understanding of WD and Wiz role and not expect them to keep up with your mobility, know how to group multiple packs for efficient clears.Breezybombs0 Jan 10
Jan 10 When should I change to Diamonds? I'm running a Generator Monk, Paragon 785 currently. My gear is mostly Ancient, and I'm in the process of augmenting it with Caldesan's. I currently top out at around GR 69, although I haven't pushed it too hard since I got my second piece of Legendary Shenlong's. I've been progressing with Emeralds in my Chest and Legs, but I am awfully easy to kill. I'm wondering if I should switch to Diamonds. Is there any rule of thumb, or advice anyone could give me about when that's a good idea.Andy884887 Jan 10
Jan 10 T13 LTK with Sage's for DB farming Easiest to give a d3planner link with my char plugged in, so here: This won't let you carry T13 groups easily like you would if you had the helm, but solo it's generally enough. Without augments you'll have to give more than one kick for some mobs, but I think it's worth it for being able to farm so many DB's and it's still quite fast enough. With higher paragon and augments it should easily be able to oneshot everything. My variant is also generally defensive (blinding speed, guardian's path). It could be more offensive with some other options. What do you guys think? I'm sure someone has already thought of this. I've been using it to farm quite a few DB's while getting a LOT of legendaries and keys.StoleOwnCar3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Epiphany bug is not fixed As title. I am still seeing super low damage WOL when Ephiphany is active.Neogeo5 Jan 10
Jan 9 S9 HC Gen Monk Hi guys, haven't played D3 for a while now. Just wanted to see what the best set is for a gen monk. I may also need some help with gem choices, as I'm not sure the ones I chose are ideal. Feel free to criticize my gear/build/etc. I pushed to solo GR40 tonight (and could have gotten to 45 pretty reliably I think); looking to go further, but I'm kind of out of the loop on all the new stuff. Thanks!dvx1 Jan 9
Jan 9 S9 Dash Strike Grp Survivability Doing 3s and 4s and pushing higher GR with a support monk, support barb and dps WD but I am having one hell of a time actually staying alive outside of Serenity. I'm using All-Resist gems in chest and pants and % Life gem in helm. Any tips or is it just up to the 2 supports to have enough life on hit to keep this squishy build up?Mastashake2 Jan 9
Jan 9 [Mechanics] Davlok's Random Testing Shack Decided to make this my random Mechanics testing/results thread instead of making a new post everytime and forgetting where it is. I am bad at formatting so, uhh, scroll down. 1. [2.1] Spirit Generator Quick Ref: 2. [2.2] How to Proc BotT/Zei: 3. [2.2] Mainhand/Offhand Testing: 4. [2.2] Dashing Strike Mechanics: 5. Gizzard & LPS Formula for 2.2 (post 28) / 2.3 (post 168) 6. [2.3] Zei test with DS & EP 7. [2.2] Pigsticker Multiplicativeness 8. [2.3] Broken Promises Proc Conditions Testing 9. [2.3] Convention of Elements Snapshot Testing 10. [2.3] Uliana Testing with BP, Madstone, Gungdo, MH/OH, Snapshotting, etc 11. [2.3] Flying Dragon Proc formula 12. [PTR] Essence Burn PTR Testing (DoT refreshing did NOT go live in 2.3) 13. [2.3] Area Damage test with Sunwuko (no workie) 14. [2.3] Mangle vs FoF for Raiment 2pc builds discussion 15. [2.3] Some Static Charge proc Mechanics 16. [2.3] Some FoF Max stack snapshot Mechanics 17. [2.3] Tempest Rush Mechanics 18. [2.4 PTR] New Item testing 19. [2.4] Mystic Ally Mechanics 20. [2.4] Mechanics Summary 21. [2.4] Vengeful Wind Stack damage info 22. [2.4.1] Oculus Ring Dance Steps 23. [2.4.1] Mechanics Summary / Update 24. [2.4.1] Uliana EP snapshoting in E6/S5 25. [2.4.1] Support Monk Mechanics 26. [2.4.2] Generator Ranking Update 27. [2.4.2] Mechanics Summary / Update 28. [2.4.3] Mechanics Summary / Update So if you have a random question related to one of the mechanics listed, let me know. I may (eventually) be bored enough to try and figure it out. I list the patch the mechanics were tested on, so things may have changed with or without "official patch notes".Davlok501 Jan 9
Jan 9 [2.1 Mechanics] Spirit Generators: Quick Ref. 7-29-2016 Edit: Patch 2.4.2 has gone Live and I have updated the first post to reflect the 2.4.2 rankings / data. Click the link below to see the most up-to-date info. 9-01-2014 Edit: Patch 2.1 has gone Live and I have updated the first post to reflect the 2.1 rankings / data. ( The original 2.0 post was archived here: ) Spirit Generator Table of Contents: 1. Proc Coefficients 2. Damage Rankings 3. Spirit Generated Rankings 4. Innate Attack Speed 5. Elemental Type Diversity 1. Proc Coefficients. [S-T] = Single Target Only [AoE] = Area of Effect X = number of targets that are hit FIsts of Thunder 2.01: FoT-Unruned/Quickening/Wind Blast [S-T] 1st Hit = 0.86 [down from 1] [S-T] 2nd Hit = 0.86 [down from 1] [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.62)(X) [down from 0.75] 2.01: FoT-Static Charge [S-T] 1st Hit = 0.42 [down from 1] [S-T] 2nd Hit = 0.42 [down from 1] [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.31)(X) [down from 0.75] * - charge has no noticeable proc coefficient 2.01: FoT-Bounding Light [S-T] 1st Hit = 0.85 [down from 1] [S-T] 2nd Hit = 0.85 [down from 1] [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.31)(X) [down from 0.75] [AoE] Chain Lightning = (0.31)(X-1) where 2 ≤ X ≤ 4 [down from 0.75] * - chain lightning requires minimum 2 targets, hits max 3 enemies PTR 2.01: FoT-Thunderclap [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.21)+(0.21)(X) [down from 0.75] [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.21)+(0.21)(X) [down from 0.75] [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.62)(X) [down from 0.75] Deadly Reach 2.01: DR-Unruned/SG/SfB/FS [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.85)(X) [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.85)(X) [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.75)(X) 2.01: DR-PT [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.85)(X) [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.75)(X) [down from 0.85] [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.50)(X) 2.01: DR-Scatted Blows [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.85)(X) [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.85)(X) [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.35)(X) Crippling Wave 2.01: CW-Unruned/M/C/RT/BW [AoE-90] 1st Hit = (0.75)(X) [AoE-180] 2nd Hit = (0.75)(X) [AoE-360] 3rd Hit = (0.50)(X) 2.01: CW-Tsunami [AoE-90] 1st Hit = (0.75)(X) [AoE-180] 2nd Hit = (0.75)(X) [AoE-360] 3rd Hit = (0.35)(X) Way of the Hundred Fists 2.01: WotHF-Unruned/BF/AS/WF [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.75)(X) [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.09)(X)(7) [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.50)(X) 2.01: WotHF-HoL [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.75)(X) [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.09)(X)(10) [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.50)(X) 2.3: WotHF-FoF [AoE] 1st Hit = (0.75)(X) [DoT of 1st] = (0.75)(14) [AoE] 2nd Hit = (0.09)(X)(7) [DoT of 2nd] = (0.09)(14) [AoE] 3rd Hit = (0.50)(X) [DoT of 3rd] = (0.5)(14) [ 2.3 FoF Edit: Looks like FoF was changed sometime after 2.1 from double proccing from DoT application, to actually having each DoT tick have it's own proc coefficient. That means it is no longer .75X+.75X, but .75X+.75*14ticks. Which is -INSANE- for proccing static charge ^_^ FoF's DoT ticks every 12 frames 14 times. The DoT seems to stack to a maximum of (sheet APS)*(9) which can be snapshot. That means additional stacks seem to refresh all stack durations, which is different than it behaved pre-2.3 which had DoTs dropping off after 3s and stacking indefinitely. This max-stacks also would change the damage rankings for those that would perform such snapshots, but am too lazy to update this entire OP to 2.3 :3 ] (2.1 edit: Previously summed the PC for WotHF which was accurate for the old LOH mechanics) edit: see clarified on-hit/on-crit clarification between FoF/HoL here: 2. Damage Rankings (2.1) 2.3 Edit: Note that the following charts are not quite accurate anymore due to the change in FoF DoT Mechanics. But FoF should still be in first by a good margin in similar situations. Damage: Single Target WotHF Fists of Fury 100% WotHF Windforce Flurry 79% FoT All Runes 75% WotHF Hands of Lightning 72% DR Searing Grasp 72% CW Mangle 69% WotHF Blazing Fists 57% WotHF Assimilation 54% WotHF Base 51% CW Breaking Wave 51% DR Foresight 48% DR Scattered Blows 47% CW Base / C / RT / T 42% DR Base / PT / SfB 41% Damage: 4+ targets WotHF Fists of Fury 100% WotHF Windforce Flurry 79% WotHF Hands of Lightning 72% DR Searing Grasp 72% CW Mangle 69% WotHF Assimilation 62% WotHF Blazing Fists 57% WotHF Base 51% CW Breaking Wave 51% DR Foresight 48% DR Scattered Blows 47% FoT Thunderclap 44% CW Base / C / RT / T 42% DR Base / PT / SfB 41% FoT Bounding Light 36% FoT Base / WB / SC / Q 19% * - Bonus Damage from Foresight, Assimilation, Breaking Wave, Bounding Light, Blazing Fists included in rankings. (keep in mind many of these buffs/debuffs also affect other non-generator damage you or your party deals and should be ranked higher overall.) ** - Bonus Damage from Static Charge Rune is NOT included in the above charts. 3. Spirit Generation Rankings (2.1) Single Target Spirit Generation Ranking FoT: Q 100% CW: RT 70% FoT (base) 70% DR (base) 59% WotHF (base) 58% CW (base) 58% 4+ Target Spirit Generation Ranking CW: RT 100% FoT: Q 94% FoT (base) 66% DR (base) 56% WotHF (base) 55% CW (base) 55% 10+ Target Spirit Generation Ranking CW: RT 100% FoT: Q 56% FoT (base) 39% DR (base) 33% WotHF (base) 32% CW (base) 32% 4. Innate Attack Speeds (2.1) All generators have had an innate attack speed bonus for each generator, and it varys between each punch of the 3-hit-combo we should all be familiar with, so an average is listed here. This data is pulled from OBSERVED attack speeds (no frame analysis). They differ slightly vs some other datamined data in the files, so my best guess as to why is to blame latency and the fact a standard attack already seems to have a 3% innate ias boost. Needless to say, in 2.1 most of the generators got a boost to the attack animations of the first two punches, and made them more balanced (on paper.. Everyone still going to use FoF! ^_^) FoT in (2.1) Avg. Bonus attack speed bonus = +35% = Increased from +16% (2.0) DR in (2.1) Avg. Bonus attack speed bonus = +33% = unchanged WotHF in (2.1) Avg. Bonus attack speed bonus = +30% = Increased from +16% (2.0) CW in (2.1) Avg. Bonus attack speed bonus = +30% = Increased from +13% (2.0) Per the patch notes, only the first two hits of FoT/CW/WotHF animations were sped up. (above is average. 1st / 2nd / 3rd Punch speed boost: FoT: 164%, 164% 100% DR: 159% 159% 100% WotHF: 153% 153% 100% CW: 153% 153% 100% 5. Elemental Diversity (2.1) There are 5 primary elements for Monks, sort of ranked for each element (some runes are just too good (FoF) that elemental alignment doesn't matter) Physical [6 Runes] WotHF-Assimilation FoT-Quickening DR-Foresight DR-Piercing Trident CW-Concussion CW-Breaking Wave Lightning [4 Runes] WotHF-Hands of Lightning DR-Scattered Blows FoT-Thunderclap FoT-Static Charge Cold [4 Runes] FoT-Wind Blast WotHF-Windforce Flurry DR-Strike from Beyond Holy [3 Runes] WotHF-Fists of Fury CW-Rising Tide FoT-Bounding Light Fire [3 Runes] WotHF-Blazing Fists CW-Mangle DR-Searing Grasp 9-1-2014 Quick ref guide updated! Thanks for visiting ^_^Davlok442 Jan 9
Jan 9 Kyashiros blade math question First, see screenshot: So, ignoring the ancient wep that would otherwise have a gem, its a sheet 9.4% damage upgrade. Obviously it rolled kind of bad all around, but that isn't my problem (well, it is, but not why im here). I am new to monk and not 100% sure on the mechanics of explosive light, however, it seems to me and the limited testing I was able to do showed the almost 30% loss in dmg from hitting 3 or fewer actually made the ancient weapon worse. I removed one of my rings so I wasnt constantly moving in and out of F&R bonus and the emerald from the non ancient weapon to match the ancient, and the low crits on both weapons was around 6.9b. The highest on the ancient was around 14, and non ancient was 20. Obviously my testing was limited (and im sure flawed) as there isn't an obvious in game method as far as I can tell. Basically, I don't trust my results. My question is for any more experienced math monks: is the ancient weapon actually worse due to the ~30% loss in wol damage? My thought was that since all of that damage is DIBS, and there a metric TON of DIBS WOL damage going on, the overall higher damage of the weapon would outpace the loss. Especially given the 300 more dex. I am absolutely hoping for math to disqualify my awful testing results, but would love to gain some knowledge along the way. Thanks for your time.Stormay2 Jan 9
Jan 8 Are they aware Rabid Strike is buggy ?! I've made 2 threads in bugs reports forum but the amount of threads makes it drown fast. Are these devs blind ? Since PTR start they could have fix it, Davlok brought all informations about this. This is a huge miss for WOL and LTK builds (with SWK). I could be... ok with only 6 new items but these have to at least work properly. Is Twitter the solution to be heard ? The item is currently useless, are they aware ? I feel just really really bitter.Vorn0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Lightning Gungdo Gear build. FUN! This is the monk I have currently built in the PTR HCS and am currently annihilating T4 with relative ease and elite between 3-5 seconds. Yea, though it's PTR I haven't pushed its limits (hate the idea of losing a HC toon no matter what the instance). Here is the build in the Skill Calaculator!Wgfa!aYbbcb Skills Fist of Thunder - Thunderclap (not necessary I jsut like the extra mobbility from the TP) Exploding Palm - Shocking Grasp ( i have used the cold rune for more explosion damage but find this rune spreads better, more trash control) Mystic Ally - Air Ally (for spirit) Dashing Strike - Quicksilver (can never have enough escape in HC) Wave of Light - Pillars of the Ancient -- great aoe spell for mass mobs to trigger Gungdo Gear Seven-sided Strike - Pandemonium (used cold specifically for the long stun duration, the extra TP on lightning rune is nice but i find the 7 second stun extremely effective. Gear Daibo- Intense Torch of the Grand Temple ( allows for WoL spamming nearly half reduced cost. I love flying dragon and would like to try Thunderfury/Fulminator combo as well but WoL starves for mana without this daibo.) Amulet - Money King Garb (preferably with socket) Ring (1)- RORG (need, socket is prefereable) Ring (2) - Band of Rue chambers ( for spirit gen if needed), Stone of jordan (for obvious reasons) ,Wyrdward (who doesn't love a lightning build with an extremely high chance to stun) Helm - Madstone the legendary effect causes 7SS to apply EP on all enemies it hits, great for large mob clears Shoulder - Money King Garb Gloves - Money King Garb Bracers - Gungo Gear - Having the ability for exploding palm to spread with its explosion is the pinnacle of this build. Chest - Inna's set chest or Raiment set chest (I find using Inna's allows for more survivals with full set bonus. Belt - Inna's if you're using Inna's chest (more toughness), Thundergod's Vigor if using Raiment (more damage) Pants - Inna's ( these three pieces are crucial you can substitute. Boots - Illusory Boots would be my first choice but you have the most flexibility with this slot, currently my PTR monk is wearing Ancient Raiment boots. This is mostly preference with no bearing on the build. Gems - Bane of the Trapped/Gogok of Swiftness/Esoteric Alteration (new defense gem) The premise of this build is to clear large groups super fast, currently while running in T4 my monk can clear the trash so fast it can be hard to tell if Gungdo Gear is actually working correctly. It indeed is working as intended. First things to note Madstone(helm), Intense Torch of the Grand Temple(daibo), RoRG, MKG set (shoulder, gloves, ammy) are necessities to streamline this build. The choice between Raiment set and Inna's set is purely choice between group survivability (Inna's and better imo) or Raiment for a bit more dps and survivals just for the monk. The method: (1)Dashing strike in or Teleport with Thunderfist (2)7SS or Exploding Palm to start the wildfire ( i use 7SS for elites/champs or extremely learge grups i don't think a single EP will clear (3) WoL Spam Rinse and Repeat It's not so much ping-pong style where you constantly moving trhoughout the battle because Dashing Strike and TP from Fist of Thunder are more means of mobility to the next group or Dashing Strike for escape, not at all a means of DPS. The damage comes from applying Exploding Palm and letting the Pillar of the Ancients to trigger the Gungdo Gear wave. Here is a picture of some of the after math this build can cause. Jan 8
Jan 8 Non shinlongs Inna build for HC? I want to play hardcore Monk this season. I really don't like the shinlongs fist build with the constant up-and-down spirit. Is there any other type of Innas build that will work?GOLDFARMER6 Jan 8
Jan 7 LTK requirements? I remember running SWK LTK a couple of seasons ago and it was the most fun Ive had in awhile. I want to do it again for this season but am curious about the CDR/RCR, CC/CHD requirements needed for optimal play? Also, has there been any changes to the SWK set or the LTK build with the new patch?Exiter0 Jan 7
Jan 6 Gyana na Kashu Gyana Na Kashu I've only recently started playing Diablo 3 so I am way behind on what's new and what's old etc etc, all I know is I've seen this peice in a wide amount of videos but I can't seem to be able to find it. Is it still in the game? And on Xbox one? I spent roughly 15,000 blood shards and have not seen it yet let alone the items I've found whilst doing rifts :/EliteSigurd4 Jan 6
Jan 6 Most efficient way to get Ancient weapons? Hey...pretty new to D3 - been playing about a week or so... playing the BP build with the help of a friend but going to start farming the COE build But what's the most efficient way to get an ancient weapon? I don't think I've seen many ancients drop and none of my gear is ancient any help would be appreciated.Nargo11 Jan 6
Jan 5 Inna 6 piece set. I made a thread in the bugs forum about the same 6 piece bonus not updating my sheet damage from Tuesday. Meaning server side its still doing 50% per mystic ally. Anyone else notice this. Edit: Link removed.Errole2 Jan 5