Jul 9 Tail Kick Buff Questions Rivera Dancers and Gyana Na Kashu, my gyana adds 99% to lashing tail kick dmg, my rivera dancers add 291% dmg... If I look at my "Offense" dmg, it only shows 99% added to lashing tail kick when I have both equipped. Im wondering, do these stack? does only one work? whats the deal? Can I even surpass 99% ?David1 Jul 9
Jul 9 F r over rose. U6 getting snubbed Hey. I had finally gained two perfect trifecta vdr f r and NOW im told to use a set that makes zero sense for this build. We are using assmimilate(btw does this still snapshot before sss) and then a spirit using skill. I have been trying for weeks and even with implosion and shoulders or unity in cube or even harmony resolve AND sixth sense w unity my f r comvo is not working to survive. Is ther anyone pushing that have the same objectives to no extra passive feom hf ammy and being.forced to using this setup that is completely removing the sycronization of this set??? Pls guys if anyones getti g higher than 70 with f r perfectly rolled conbo lemme know. I simply completely.object to blizz not thinking things through that dont allow us to use what should be used. Rose is perfect for orbit wiz. But not u6. Cmon...Snis3 Jul 9
Jul 9 Looking for a Monk for Grp GR runs Greetings folks, I am looking for a mature orientated Monk GR (65-70) done as high as 80 for group runs with. I am a R6/IK4 FC barb build. I am retired military so looking for a mature player so not to have to deal with any issues that could arise and have from the younger player base. A monk that can pull the mobs in will work well together with my build. My in game name is Grizzwall. Thank you for your time gents. GrizzGrizzwall0 Jul 9
Jul 8 Why COE for explosive bells build? Being the only useful damage is from fire, why run a ring that only buffs 25% of the time? I am finding it difficult to perfectly time popping my spirit gen ally and spamming the bells on the fire proc. Isn't there some better choice or at least a good strong alternate?VoodooLizard6 Jul 8
Jul 8 Combination strike... Does this skill have any use at all?.... Spirit generators, does sweeping wind count as one? Or must it be something thats 'activated'Magius4 Jul 8
Jul 7 Reroll inna's reach (ancient)... After much farming, I got a new version Inna's reach to drop... I reforged it in the cube until I got the ancient version. I used a ramaladini socket on it already... It's pretty good - so what should I reroll on it? --- the stun on hit to max spirit? --- the damage to max? --- something else? Jul 7
Jul 7 Inna Pet/EP optimization & build strategy I've been working on an Inna's monk, and right now I've been doing one rift level at a time (to keep leveling the blood shards), then doing a little farming at that level. Right now I am doing level 59, will probably be on 61 by end of day. The inna hero is I'm surprised that similar builds have done clears of rifts in the 80s. I could use some help in figuring out what I could do to improve this build, as I don't think I'll get it past 65 as is. I don't really understand what's impeding it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!VoodooLizard10 Jul 7
Jul 7 Is Thorns Monk viable? Oops I cross posted here: Jul 7
Jul 7 LON WOL Just wondering does hexing pants give damage to wol? since when we cast it we stop moving for split second...Magius6 Jul 7
Jul 7 Monk staff transmog idea I was watching a stargate marathon and got to thinking how cool would it be to have a jaffa staff as a transmog in diablo 3. Anyone agree? Disagree? DiscussPIPBOY0 Jul 7
Jul 7 Need help with skills/passives please I have been working on this 2nd monk and going by stats it seems ok but I am having trouble soloing bounties on T10 so I have done something wrong. I like the gear I have but am open to suggestions, leaning more to the skills and passives though if anyone can please help. Also not sure if the Shenlong set is best or the Istvan Paired Blade set would be better Any help appreciatedbelveder6 Jul 7
Jul 7 [2.5 Hopes and Dreams] - Raiment of 1k Storms Since Raiment will most likely be the Season 6 "featured" set (unless we get a new "5th" set), should probably expect it to be modified to become the #1 set again. I'll start with a previous idea I had posted before in another thread. I know removing the 2pc generator damage + attack speed will be unpopular, but I don't expect Blizzard to ever allow 2pc generator builds to ever compete with full 6pc sets, and hopefully allow them to provide a viable generator LoN set viable with more generator support items or expanding the Shenlong set from 2 to 6 pcs to be the default gen-set. Raiment of a Thousand Storms 2pc: Dashing Strike consumes 50 spirit if no charges remain. Gain all Dashing Strike Runes. 4pc: Dashing Strike places an inner sanctuary (30sec duration) at target location and releases a burst of lightning dealing 3000% weapon damage. 6pc: Inner Sanctuaries dropped by Dashing Strike connect with up to two additional inner sanctuaries within 30 yards to form a greater sanctuary. Enemies inside are afflicted by Static Charge and take 500% increased lightning damage. (Lightning damage has a 100% chance to proc SC.) MS Paint Greater Sanctuary formation example: Support Items: Jawbreaker - Gain 1% damage for 10 seconds for each yard traveled. (max 100%) Cryrstal Fist - Your third strike of Fists of Thunder has a 9001% chance to drop a Pillar of the Ancients Won Khim Lau - Fists of Thunder attacks 50% faster and gains the Thunderclap Rune. Thundergod's Vigor - Permanently gain Sweeping Wind: Cyclone, and increase cyclone damage to 950% weapon damage. So I'd imagine the game play being, DS all over the map and when you round up a sizable group of mobs, spend all your spirit drawing DS pentagrams to form as many overlapping greater sanctuaries as possible and then go ham. (with your generators of course!) So the majority of damage will come from static charge, sweeping wind cyclones, and whatever else lightning runes that are worth a skill slot. Maybe even dash around like a madman with Jawbreaker for some of that coveted ping-pong action we have missed for over a year~Davlok57 Jul 7
Jul 7 Is the monk just super op? So i'm new to Diablo 3 and choose monk as main and I'm now level 40 and I have never fallen below half health. Plus with my follower and fire spirit copy of me I literally can just stand in the middle of 30 guys getting pounded and not do anything else and I still won't die or even drop below 75 % health before my guys kill them all. Is that normal for monks?CokeMachine5 Jul 7
Jul 6 Raiment dungeon question So if nemesis mobs don't count toward total anymore (I finished it with pylon kills and the counter reset to the 30 or so mobs I skipped) is it worth it to master the dungeon with nemesis for the in geom bonus or no?malfred0 Jul 6
Jul 6 Monkey King set dungeon Well, apparently I play worse than I thought. I'm having a terrible time with the set dungeon. Is there a specific set of skills required, or perhaps some necessary piece of non-set gear? So far all my attempts have been pretty pitiful, but I really don't understand what I'm doing wrong. This is fairly frustrating, since my husband managed to one-shot Jade Harvester and moved on to chapter 5 in the season. Everything else in the season journal feels like basic "how to play" guidance, so I figured this *should* be reasonably simple...Solitha39 Jul 6
Jul 6 Need help optimising... My inna monk hit GR70, but I think it's the highest I can go with this build. Anything I might have missed out which can help me push dps up further?Magius11 Jul 6
Jul 6 Monk for Season 7... easy to get the stash? I really wanna roll Monk for Season 7 as I haven't played Monk properly since the old 4pc Wuko days. Problem is, I only roll one character per season to get the stash tab so I need to be sure the class I pick is more than viable for the task even if I don't find optimised gear. Usual hurdles: 1. Conquests: GR45 without set items... I see that a modified non-wuko One Punch Monk build can do this just fine. Could be further modified to do Avarice if I wanted to but best I upgrade to the Wuko version for this for more damage. 2. Set dungeon: R6 looks easy enough 3. GR60+ (ideally 64 for 100% gem upgrades to 55 and then grinding my way to rank 65 gems if I don't do the setless 45 or Avarice): It looks like I will need to farm another set for this. I tried out R6 on PTR and it's struggling with T13 efficiently. So is my assessment correct that R6 isn't going to be able to carry one through to the stash tab and that one of the other sets is needed eventually?Mugsy13 Jul 6
Jul 5 Ring I'd like a ring that reduces damage after dashing, kinda like the barb ring for charging. i'm tired of being stuck using unity for solo, and feeling like i can't do group runs unless i'm zmonk. Sometimes i just wanna pug groups and not be support, probably sounds dumb but i'm kinda casual.Mercenary4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Kyoshiro's Soul and SWK Silly Q... I know the belt's leg affix doesn't work when SW is hitting something... but in some vids I've been watching of the hundred punch monk build, I see monsters up close and personal with the player yet stacks don't drop off. Is it because WoL counts as a melee attack and SW reimburses a stack?Mugsy6 Jul 5
Jul 5 Sunwako WoL new patch question? Would it be feasible to put the topaz in the helm for RCR 12.5%. Then roll RCR onto 1 or 2 pieces of gear. Then between that 20-28% RCR, epiphany, activating air ally for the spirit regen, is it feasible to then replace the cinder coat in the cube with magefist and actually have a new best WoL monk build? It seems like at the very least it might be a better Grift farming build with faster elite and RG kills. Thoughts?Pawn2 Jul 5
Jul 5 Blizz nerfed Support ...but forgot one detail So lets nerf the support monk. If the Datamined - 2.4.2 Build 38044 is correct Blizz not only nerfed support monk but almost destroys again Shenlong/Gen build : "Inner Sanctuary Forbidden Palace : Enemies inside Inner Sanctuary have their movement speed reduced by 80%. (removed the 30% increased damage taken)" JUST 30% less damage nothing much for a dps build. Nice going !ZETA5 Jul 5
Jul 5 Returning after many moons, quick advice? Hi, I've been gone for a long time, I got bored with fighting my storage issues. My main monks were Likal and Munkedu in my profile. Any quick advice/changes I should go for to get up and running? Is the Inna set monk the thing now? Anything I should look to add to this set to start GR farming? Including advice for this new "Kanai's Cube" thingy? Thanks guys!VoodooLizard7 Jul 5
Jul 4 monk build undaunted set + all ancient items... what do you guys think ?David1 Jul 4
Jul 4 wondering... it seems the most powerful monk weapon is a daibo, the legendary one. now, whats the point of using fist claws at all? the Demon Claw can't even step.. or is two of thos like one daiboDavid4 Jul 4
Jul 3 Boots for Sunwuko Set??? i think adding boots to the Sunwuko set will greatly improve different game styles and new builds, do you think this is something that will ever be considered?Observer4 Jul 3
Jul 3 help me with my inna Hey guys, my monk can hardly beat GR 65 and cant go higher than 70.. i wonder what should i d oto improve it.. below is the profile... appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Jul 3
Jul 2 Lil Rogue slander sunwuko )New to the game and esp monk so bare with me) Little Rogue and Slander dropped for me in ancient quality last week. I put it on today with Kyo weapon cubed to test normal rifts and just warm up but went to go do something so I forgot about it. Anyway I came back and forgot about it and went into 70gr and blew right on through. More dmg popping up than my Ancient Torch (normal numbers not crits)/Kyo cubed and more than my ancient Kyo blade/Vengeful. I thought I was l just lucky with crits and AD but nope. I did retest and comes out ahead in dmg even on a RG. Soo Im surprised by this. But I wouldnt be surprised if it only got me so far and my Torch or dual wield Kyo/Venge or crystal fist starts shining better. So someone shine some light and tell me if I am wrong and that its only temporary for various reasons. Btw np with spirit in GR set. Just feels more fluid now. I prolly wont get but so far any since I suck at CoE sometimes but its because I dont want to use it and hate using it.BlkDragnking4 Jul 2
Jul 2 What should my friend look for? Hello, I'm not much of a monk player. A friend of mine started playing RoS a few days ago. I helped him a lot on the gearing process, especially since I play DH so I was able to share the rings. What should he look for now to increase his damage? I find that he's currently lacking in that department even though his gear is quite ok. He should normally demolish T10 but that's not the case. I mean he can definitely play T10 but it takes like 5-6 seconds to kill an elite pack, and 10-15 to kill a boss like Greed. His character: Thanks. PS: Is there still the bug with Epiphany and the bell where the very center of the bell does no damage? We tested it and it does seem to do damage but I was wondering if some things aren't applied in this case.Euphytose2 Jul 2
Jul 1 GR20 for Journey Can someone suggest a build to complete the GR20 for the last piece of the Inna's? My mates playing Barb and WD have blasted past it and I'm struggling since the main buff from Innas is locked at the 6 piece set. Super, super frustrating...ArmouredDuck2 Jul 1
Jul 1 MoR & Transgression & Mystic Ally's. Do Mystic Ally's gain an attack speed bonus from the Transgression rune on Mantra of Retribution?Syaoron2 Jul 1
Jul 1 Monk noob here, please explain what I.... Should be looking out for. I put picked monk this season cause inna's sounded like fun. All those mystic Allies running around!! I'm almost done with my season journey and wondering what gear I should be aiming for to assist the set, and what runes I should have activated.nogood6 Jul 1
Jul 1 Question about Gogok I am trying out the Uliana's build as of now but I am curious about something. How important is the having the gogok gem equipped? I was aable to clear a gr78 with bott,bots and esoteric alt. I am fairly new to the build but can someone enlighten me on why it is so important to have gogok in the build. Also, if someone can look at my ns monk and give me a gear check, that would be nice. One more thing, my cdr is 59%.RepDaHardest2 Jul 1
Jun 30 Wyatt's ptr post. Any monks got a view on the Wyatt's proposed changes ? - There are three major problems and three corresponding major changes we are looking to make. PROBLEM #1: Bringing damage support buffers is more effective than bringing a second damage dealer. Why bring damage dealer #2 when you can bring a damage support who increases the damage of damage dealer #1 by 300%? CHANGE #1: We are going to be reviewing the party-based damage buffs provided by all the classes. The degree to which some classes can buff party damage is a huge contributor to the 1 DPS - 3 Support meta. PROBLEM #2: It is too easy to group monsters together. This is bad because: It disproportionately increases the damage of the group compared to adding a 2nd damage dealer. If you have twice as many monsters grouped, not only are you dealing twice as much total damage - you're also scaling Area Damage upwards. On top of this, many of the grouping mechanics encourages stationary combat. If you're chain-pulling monsters to a point, you're fighting in one location for extended periods of time. In addition to being stationary, you’re also casting spells at a single location – it’s more engaging when you have to adjust dynamically to a changing battlefield. The grouping mechanics also act as a soft crowd-control, disabling monsters from attacking players, causing combat to feel stagnant and non-interactive. Grouping increases visual noise, which makes discerning (and hence responding to) monster mechanics difficult. Finally, it can cause server issues. While we are always working on server performance optimizations, we also need to recognize that the current game design rewards players for bringing as many monsters as possible onto the screen at once. CHANGE #2: We are going to make adjustments to crowd control and pull effects to make it harder to perpetually pull monsters onto a single point. PROBLEM #3: Extremely high rates of healing favor standing still to do more damage instead of respecting and avoiding monster mechanics . CHANGE #3: One of the reasons you can ignore most monster mechanics is the amount of healing available. Expect to see a drastic reduction in available healing. Will this affect solo play? Yes - some solo builds will be affected. For the most part we are trying to target the changes so they affect groups more than solo play. Weighing the needs of solo players vs. group players is a never ending and difficult task and in this case we feel that the quality of improvement to group play warrants the changes. It is an ongoing goal to make more builds viable, and the classes closer together in competitiveness. The requests for buffs to particular class sets or legendary items have been heard, we just feel making meaningful changes to group play is more important at this time.lv42616 Jun 30
Jun 30 Nerf... Nerf... and Nerf some more >:'( Monk Active Skills Blinding Flash Skill Rune - Crippling Light The damage reduction applied to blinded enemies has been reduced from 40% to 25% Epiphany Skill Rune - Soothing Mist Healing has been reduced by 60% from 40232 Life per ability to 16093 Life. The heal amount of your health globe healing bonus has been reduced from 10% to 4% Exploding Palm Skill Rune - Flesh is Weak The damage bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15% Inner Sanctuary Skill Rune - Forbidden Palace No longer increased the damage taken by enemies inside Inner Sanctuary Skill Rune - Flesh is Weak The damage bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15% Mantra of Conviction The damage of the passive component of the skill has been reduced from 10% to 8% The damage of the active component of the skill has been reduced from 20% to 16% Skill Rune - Overawe The damage bonus has been reduced from 16% to 12%BONEYARD4 Jun 30
Jun 30 What is a good Vitality number? Hi all, I am P645 and have been sacrificing vitality for some powerful skills. I did a GR66 last night and finished in 10 min. I am wondering how much Vitality is a good number. I am sitting at about 426k and was wondering where others run at. I do Bell monk, should I even worry about Vitality? CHC 40% CD 440% CDR 40% AD 108% Thanks,theNix7 Jun 30
Jun 30 LTK may be coming back next patch! I threw together a random LTK build for submission to the upcomming "Play Your Way Thursday" build feature, that is described here: But the 2.4.2 datamine shows a revamped "Scarbringer" - "Lashing Tail Kick does 1000% more damage to the first 5 enemies hit." (1000% and 5 are not set in stone, or it could be a fist) So SWK + LTK might actually be a thing in Season 7!Davlok39 Jun 30
Jun 30 Quin's God Monk I tried to follow his guide and know i am missing the Fleshrake but why cant i kill anything??Foley8 Jun 30
Jun 29 What older custom build should return And when I mean return, I mean as a proper competitive set I know many vanilla monks fondly miss nirvana I myself really enjoyed TR-IF Devs havent really hit the mark in making a gen set that felt like our vanilla gen builds still off the top of my headBlackglitch15 Jun 29
Jun 28 LTK nerfed. Data mined patch notes show they have already nerfed lashing tail kick. Scarbringer Was: Lashing tail kick deals 1000% more damage to the first 5 target hit. Now: Lashing tail kick deals 300% more damage to the first 5-7 targets hit For some reason they buffed momentum passive From deal 20% more damage after moving 25 feet for 6 seconds To Deal 20% more damage after moving 13 feet for 6 seconds. Maybe there was an interaction?Juls24 Jun 28
Jun 28 GR 69 SWK Monk in HC, just farm ancients/dex? What can I do to push my monk to 75 GRIFT? Right now I'm trying to get Kyoshiro Ancient Fist, but bounties are dull.malfred2 Jun 28
Jun 27 Looking for a Monk Hello I would like to get from 1 to 70 with someone on adventure mode, and I would like to play witch doctor, and was wondering if there were anybody that would like to play monk with me.Slayr1 Jun 27
Jun 26 Beginner Monk need help! So i just started playing diablo 3 again after years, bought the expansion. i farmed a lot of gear but i don't know what a good build is to start with. As you can see in my profile im currently using the inna set i got from the journey. I came to GR50 with it but i want to go higher. any tips, tricks, builds? Thx for the help.Kiriha4 Jun 26
Jun 26 Easiest Season 6 Conquests for Monk? 1) Level three Legendary Gems to 65 2) Complete a Nephalem Rift at Torment X in 2 minutes or less 3) Complete GR75 solo 4) Kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event on Torment X 5) Kill all of the bosses at Torment X within 20 minutes of the start of the game Hi All, I have already achieved #1 but trying to get a second conquest for the additional stash. I suppose either #2, #3 or #4 will be the ones to try (am on swk wol build currently)? #5 probably tough for solo monk unless in group? Happy to hear any suggestions on conquest to try for solo swk wol monk. ThanksStarLight7 Jun 26
Jun 24 Can I get some thoughts? Okay, so I mocked up these builds (it's perfect statted, so unrealistic but the stats aren't the point, just the build itself). Only need to comment on monk builds, as this forum isn't the one for barb builds. Do you guys think they're good as is or would you change some things? I haven't got all the gear to put them to the test fully yet, but I'd like to know if they would work in t10 and higher G-rifts. I'd love some input to broaden my view here. Thanks in advance!Limri11 Jun 24
Jun 24 New to monk, any good inna's builds? I've been maining DH for sometime now and wanted to tryout season 6 version of monk. Is there an end game build equivalent to say Unhallowed Essence for the DH? Is Inna's set good this season as the 4 mystic allies and all mantra's is great for team play. Thx in advanceAracaneM23 Jun 24
Jun 24 need advice for reroll on weapons (WoL SWK) finally got my weapons for my WoL SWK monk, not sure what to reroll on them...they are on my monk "nestea". Im just trying to get some gear before optimizing statsTakonic3 Jun 24
Jun 23 What adjustments to SWK for TX speed runs? Wondering since I'm getting to the point in hardcore where I need to do bounties to reroll specific pieces of gear.malfred5 Jun 23
Jun 23 If monks.... were twelve levels ahead of wizards on the seasonal solo leader board i bet they would get nerfed in the next patch.lv42610 Jun 23
Jun 23 What is a good Vitality number? Hi all,theNix0 Jun 23
Jun 22 GR 75 by the end of the season - gen inna Greetings fellow monks, I love the concept of pulverizing enemies with my fists and have established a clear goal for myself - want to get at least gr 75 by the end of the season. Below is my hero profile, with the gear i would like to achieve my goal with: The highest i got i 70, i think i could manage to get 71. I have 10 gems leveled to 60 and the neccessary ancient items to cube, so i have about 2 levels of "margin" ahead of me. The biggest problem I have is that I dont really know, whether i should go with hundred fist or the crippling wave. I would appreciate it, if someone explained to me in detail, but plain enough so I would understand. Secondly - which stats do i lack right now that is crucial to the build ( i invested a hefty amount of time to get these ancient shenlong fists - dont know though, whether they are good enough, or should i keep farming mats). Am i going in the right direction with a little bit of loh, cdr and area damage? Critique is welcome, i really want to get 75 this time!Silvers8 Jun 22