Jun 13, 2012 Fresh level 60 monk looking for help! Hello there! I juts hit level 60 and I need some help of where I should farm for some possible gear drops. I can't do act 1 inferno without getting pooped on, so are there any decent areas that I should farm in hell? I've been trying the ice cave but haven't been getting much stuff. Help please?! I only have around 800k gold too so the AH is hard on me :/Kazumoto0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Whats a good Monk build? Just wondering what are some good monk builds primarily for offenseDatDude73212 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 a3Inferno,I have good gear,need Monk help plz Hey guys been researching for weeks can't figure out a3 would love some help, I want to solo but i do run with a 100kdmg demon hunter so if that helps I need help here's my current stats what else do i need to do (i dont know how to post pics yet so here's the dialouge) str 380 1500dex 775 vit -30khp 6300 armor unbuffed or 7500 wit MOE 10k with keen eye my res are at 700 i can def get them to 800 if needed 2.27atk speed i can also get that to 2.5+ if needed Ive tried LOH builds had up 1200 LOH wasn't impressed stil couldnt live I just don't know what else to do anymore I've tried everything Shield/dual wield I know I'm very close to succeeding and I can hustle more the gold needed to get better Just need some help from someone who is cureently 5 stackin seige becuase thats the level i want to be atPooty8 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 A budget guide: How do you play your Monk? It depends on how you wan't to play a monk, but the way I have my monk set up is a tank-like build that allows to absorb as much damage as possible using three different methods; Skills, Resistance, Vitality. Now if you want to be able to solo and not take hours to kill something you still need some dps so keep that in mind. Skills The monk has many skills that allow you to take no damage for short periods of time, and they also have a number of healing abilities. Coupled with the passive Transcendence (Grants life per spirit spent) you can use certain skills to regain life even faster, or gain life for any skill used. A good play strategy is to plan out when to use certain attacks and use your invulnerability whenever you need to allow other cool-downs to end. These are the skills I use: Crippling Wave - Tsunami ("rune" grants increased range and movement speed reduction of Crippling Waves third attack) Serenity - Ascension ("rune" grants increased duration of serenity) Breath of Heaven - Penitent Flame ("rune" grants fear of enemies) Seven Sided Strike - Sustained Attack ("rune" grants reduced cool-down) Sweeping Wind - Inner Storm ("rune" grants spirit regeneration at full effect) Mantra of Evasion - Hard Target ("rune" grants an armor bonus) or Mantra of Healing - Time of Need ("rune" grants a resistance bonus) At the beginning of the fight I use Sweeping Wind and the rune I selected so that I can up my spirit regeneration throughout the fight a bit faster since my gear does not grant any. My method is to tank as much damage as I can without using Breath of Heaven. This and potion can be used when near death. Instead, keep spamming you mantra when you need to gain health and utilize life per spirit spent to heal yourself. When I am near death I use Serenity to be invulnerable and the increased duration allows me to regenerate my spirit and health fully. I use this skill first because is only costs 10 spirit. I then go back to the mantra spamming method of gaining health until I am near death then I use Breath of Heaven to heal fully or a potion. Sometimes I must use both, or a combination of mantra spam and a potion to gain health. Again when near death I then use Seven Sided Strike which doesn't do much damage, but grants hits which regenerate spirit as well you can gain life per second while it is casting and life on hit if your gear grants it. At that point it' is back to spamming mantra for life and kiting until cool-downs end, but with this skill cycle it is only ever 3-5 seconds till you can use serenity again and repeat the cycle. Resistance The monk is quite unique in the fact that it has some very helpful passive abilities that reduce damage quite a bit. The first passive that is important for my play style is Seize the Initiative (Grants 100% of Dexterity as an armor bonus). The reason for this is that it saves on three things, the first being your skin (damage) and it also means you can buy cheap armor with less defense rating and still pump up your armor amount by using Dexterity. This also grants you damage and dodge chance. The second passive is One with everything (Makes all resistances equal to your highest "elemental" resistance). Please not that this only works for; arcane/holy, fire, cold, poison, and lightning. The reason this is important is that using high resistances allows you to take a lot less damage. There is also another reason why this is important for monks, which again has to do with your wallet. If you search the auction house for items that only have an elemental resistance and stack them (For example I stack cold resistance) then you will save a lot of money because a lot of people charge an arm and a leg for All Resist pieces of armor. If you have the coin this is also very useful because you can stack All Resist and Cold Resist (or the elemental resistance of your choice) and gain double the resistance that any other class could have. Vitality This topic is quite short. Vitality helps you not get 1-hit in a lot of situations, but can also be a sacrifice in the Auction House. It depends what you are wiling to pay for gear and how much damage you want to do. I do about 27k damage per second with 700-800+ resistances depending on my mantra, and about 30k health. It depends on how much you are willing to pay for gear and if you want to be health and resist tank or dps resist tank. Life on hit helps a lot and so does health regeneration, but you need to make budget choices in the auction house. I have paid less than 10m for gear and a playtime of 110 hours on my monk.Kronophonix0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 MoE Hard target vs MoH Time of Need I keep seeing people comparing these two abilities and asking which will keep you alive better. It would seem that opinions are fairly split between the two so I thought I would attempt a comparison. I'm going to go ahead and base the discussion around eHP because tools already exist for it, which saves a lot of number crunching and most people agree that its a useful measure in general, though it certainly has some drawbacks (mostly relating dodge and healing) which you are free to argue about below. Note: dodge and damage reduction like resolve or concussion have zero effect on the relative values of res and armor. Each ability has two parts to it, the primary and the rune effect. Let's start with the rune effects since they are very similar and can be directly compared. MoE hard target offers a 20% increase to your base armor while MoH Time of need offers a 20% increase to your base resistances. In the case of armor, any armor gained from STI is counted as base armor. Since nearly everyone uses it I'm going to go ahead and assume it is used in the calculations. Aside from armor and resists, which I will vary, I'm going to use my base stats, which are the following. Str 360 Dex 1444 Int 166 Vit 1115 Dodge 34.4 Armor 4423 (before STI) Res 802 0% bonus life A 20% armor increase is a 13.01% eHP increase. A 20% res increase is a 14.35% eHP increase. The res increase is 10.3% more effective in this case. If you assume higher res, but lower armor, say 3000 base armor and 1000 base resists you get the following, which is about the largest realistic gap you could achieve in favor of resistances. 20% Armor bonus - 11.7% eHP increase 20% Res bonus - 15.21% eHP increase The res increase is 30% more effective in this case. Let's go in the other direction and assume 6000 base armor and 400 resists. 20% Armor bonus - 14.05% eHP increase 20% Res bonus - 11.19% eHP increase The armor is 25.5% more effective in this case. You can change the numbers around in a variety of ways, but in most realistic cases the resistances are worth 1-2% more eHP when using a shield and 2-4% when dual wielding or using a 2 hander. This favors MoH, but by a fairly small margin. Now let's consider the 2nd half of each ability. MoH offers 310 HPS and a protective shield of 930 HP when activated. MoE offers 15% dodge and another 15% dodge for 3 seconds when activated. I'm not going to try to compare the two using eHP because dodge is difficult to value since many of the most dangerous effects ignore it. Likewise HPS would require its own set of assumptions. The real goal of this was to compare armor and resistances. I will note that HPS is a much more common stat than dodge and is available in relatively high values. Chest pieces can spawn with 600 HPS along with 5 other affixes. Regardless of how little you value dodge because it is unreliable, 15% of dodge is far better than 310 HPS. The difference here is more than enough to overcome the slight lead that a 20% resistance bonus has over 20% armor. TL;DR A 20% resistance bonus is slightly more effective than a 20% armor bonus for most people, but 15% dodge is worth so much more than 310 HPS that MoE Hard Target is better regardless.Aemon7 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Monk Inferno Help So I'm on act 2 Inferno right now and I feel with the stats I have I should be doing better than I am doing. I can tank groups of non-elites no problem, but I find elites are giving me an increasing amount of trouble as the act goes on. I'm worried for act 3. I currently have no LoH so I'm debating if that's my issue. I also recently resocketed all gear to vit from dex and bought a few things with more vit than dex so my damage/dex recently dropped but my health improved. Anywho...any advice would be greatly appreciated. Stats: (All buffed) 53.5k health 15.3k dmg 646 all resist 38.5% dodge 884 dex 1382 vit 226 int 150 str My build:!YXU!Zcacba Again, thank you for any helpful responses.MrMatt4 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 PC: Monk shield I play a barb.. so no idea what this shield is worth to a monk. Do you guys prize block % as much as we do? This is probably around 200k? (sorry don't know how to take screenshots in windows 7) Stone Prism 1205 armor 28% block 2794-3704 block amount +67 dex +49 physical resistance +245 armor +8 block %DirtyR0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 What did you guys farm to gear for Act 3? So I've hit that wall again. I geared up and breezed through Act II, and now I've hit another, harder brick wall with Act 3. Butcher runs really don't seem to cut it, and I'm not too keen on Act II farming spots. What did you guys farm to gear up for act 3?lilconny12 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Selling LOH weaps and Andariels Sup guys, I'm in game for BO otherwise i'll close bidding in 4:30 hours. I posted this in trading forum just figured i'd leave it where it matters. Andariel's Starting c/o 9mil BO 14m Weapons Fist: Bid 2m ; BO 4m - sold mace: Bid 2m; BO 3.5m Msg me in game if you want to work somethin out. Maligno#1539Maligno4 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Mantra of Retribution - Anyone use this? I've been going over it in my head and tried it out a bit in-game and this Mantra just never really seems to do anything useful. It reflects a percentage of the damage you take. There are a few problems with this. For one, you have to take damage. No one wants to take damage. The other is that it reflects based on how much damage you take, so your own armor and resist are going to weaken you ability. Now, obviously you're going to take damage, since that's how the game works. But the amount of benefit I got from Retribution was much less than what I got out of Conviction in terms of pure damage. I've even tried a thorns / life regen build that used it and in the end the extra damage from Retribution was so much less than the actual thorns damage from items I just switched to Mantra of Healing to have more regeneration. Anyone else have any thoughts or experiences with this skill to share?MindwormJim1 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 What is this ring worth? Res + LOH + Socket Arctic Band Rare Ring +33 Dexterity +41 Intelligence +26 Cold Resistance +27 Resistance to All Elements Each Hit Adds +68 Life O Empty Socket Required Level: 56 Found it last night, put on AH today for 400k w/ 500k buyout, no bids so I'm guessing it is too high? Is it crap? I really don't know probably why I have such low gold. No idea what things are worth in this game :( Is it good for a monk? Should I hold on to it and build a Cold resist + LOH set or something? I figure it being level 56 makes it not all that great for a 60...?Boomstick2 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Trading Poison OWE items for Lightning I have the following: Shoulders 290ac 73dex,59vit 38psn resist, 55 all resist Belt 218ac 47dex,73vit 34psn resist, 52 all resist health globe/gold pickup inc by 5 Bracers 194ac 123dex, 126int 45psn resist 51 all resist Legs 335ac 73dex, 72vit 33psn resist, 60 all resist 2 sockets Gloves 262ac 64dex, 116vit 44 psn resist 15%ias Amulet 9minimum dmg 42psn resist 431 life on hit socket Ring 19str, 77dex, 37int, 73vit 30 psn resist, 48 all resist 13% mf Ring 20min dmg 82 vit 45 psn resist 223 life on hit socket Shield Lidless Wall 63dex, 71int 24psn resist, 30 all resist 12%IAS 218 + armor Boots Sage Seekers 440ac 104dex 43psn resist, 58 all resist 199 + armor 12%mf 12% run speed looking for good Lightning resist monk gear. If yours is better, I will add.kanersen4 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Any monks have a str/vit/ justice lantern and want to trade for a dex/vit/crit% one? also looking at vit with socket or ias sojubomb #1552Sojubomb2 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Monk In Hell Ok so i see all over the forums that norm-hell is cake so i must be doing something wrong here. Ive tried a bunch of different builds, gemming pure dex or gemming dex/vit but nothing seems to work. im right before you get to the butcher but the rare and elite monsters are %%#%%# me! 1-3 hits im dead. My gear is decent nothing spectacular but is that really the case? I dont know what to do. Is hell and inferno meant for groups or am i doing something wrong???DrGreenfeet6 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Lvl 60 Monk looking for good INF A2,3,4 stats recently leveled my monk to 60, cleared act 1 inferno without major issues. got to act 2 and cant get past the first quest. i have 37k health, 17.4k damage, 63xx armor and 514 resist all. are these good stats or am i undergeared?Mnk5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 To all the monks struggling... Yeah, this is dedicated to all the other classes that told me I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that dropped me from their groups when I was just tryin' to make some gold to get some good gear, and all the monks in the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'? It was all a dream I used to inspect demon hunters in their greens Wizards and their arcane beams up in the limousines Hangin' pictures on my wall Every Life On Hit Dexterity and Resist All I let my mantra rock 'til my spirit popped Fighting bosses and packs, gettin godly drops Way back, when I had no valor stacks Low level gear without the abyssal dye to match Remember Damage Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha You never thought that butcher runs would take it this far Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I fight tight Time to get paid, blow up like my Auction house trade Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat crap blues for dinner Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri Monkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky I'm blowin' up like you thought I would Call the crib, same act III same hood It's all good Uh, and if you don't know, now you know, monks, uh [Chorus:] You know very well who you are Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars You had a goal, but not that many 'cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty [Verse Two:] I made the change from a kiting weaks To up close and personal with the big elites And I'm far from cheap, I trade with my peeps all day Spread love, it's the Diablo way The seige breaker and Azzy keep me pissy Players used to diss me Now they send whispers 'cause they miss me I never thought it could happen, this act 3' stuff I was too used to dying to sand wasps and stuff Now honies play me close like butter played toast From the Skeleton King down to Diablo coast Gems in bags, black smithing for weeks Sold out seats to hear Monk Gyatso speak Livin' life without fear Puttin' all uniques in my gear Dodges, critical hits, avoiding molten pools Considered a fool 'cause I ran butcher till I drooled Stereotypes of a Monk misunderstood And it's still all good Uh...and if you don't know, now you know [Verse Three:] String of ears, Andriel's Visage's When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this 50 inch screen, money green leather sofa Got two rides, a demon hunter is my chauffeur All my auctions sell at least two mils flat No need to worry, Blizzard handles that And my whole crew is loungin' Celebratin' every day, no more gold scroungin Thinkin' back on my one single nephalem stack Now my Monks pimps a chest with three star gems on his back And I love to show it off, of course Smile every time my face is up in The Source We used to fuss when the mages dissed us No heat, wonder why the balancing missed us Butcher days was the worst days Now in all the inferno groups my Monk stays Uh, I like the life I live 'Cause I went from negative to positive And it's all... (It's all good) “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self, so therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.” -Khalil GhabranGyatso7 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 IS having duel wield better than ah 2 handed I mean I have a 2 handed pole arm right now with 826 base dps with the 19% dmg buff so it has around 14k dps alone without any other buffs. It also has 1.11 attacks per second with 17% att speed buff, that and my gloves which have 14% att speed i have 1.36 att per second which is n't necessarily bad but it's no where near up to par against elites on inferno. I mean the maximum attacks per second i can reach if i even remotely come close would be 1.6 tops without sacrificing any real damage, but i looked into it more and i found that any 1 handed weapon can also have dmg % buff on it, but really in theory your basic 1 handed weapon will have like 1.30 or 1.40 att speed against my 1.28 att speed 2 hander. Yeah you will have a higher dmg output from attack speed but what i have now will it be enough? My resistance is crap and my highest breaks 100 so using a passive will be useless unless i can find a decent amulet or something. I know im not even geared for inferno but i feel like i can do act 1 with what i got so far, with 5100 armor and 28k hp with 21k dps with combination strike active with foresight on deadly reach and inner storm to maximize dps for the items i have. Monks have nothing against aoe unless you get resistance, but these numbers im seeing are like 650 all resistance just for an average play through on inferno, its insane for me. I mean who has that much time to farm gold , and armor once youve reached like 5k it doesnt really add up unless you really cake on the armor, like if you want to break 70% dmg reduction you're lookin at like at least 9k armor. So idk any tips would helpAlcadian0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Selling full monk set a3/a4 I'm selling full monk set for progressing in a3 and possibly a4 Here is a screenshot of all the pieces Here is a screenshot of my stats with everything equipped Buyout 20mil for it all or best offer that I feel comfortable selling for. Feel free to contact me in game Azumo#1817Azumo4 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 DPS Drops when I go from 1 to 2 weapons Ay guys So I'm struggling to work out why my Monks DPS is dropping dramatically when I go from using one 1 handed weapon to 2 1 handed weapons. The second weapon I'm using has a base damage of 350 and also has 210 Dex. When I add this weapon to the off hand I lose 2300 DPS? Is this usual or is something going wrong here?FrInX6 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Nice ring P/C expert monks needed Hello fellow monks! I have a ring here and I cant put a price on it. Would be it be desirable for a monk and even better for someone who stacks lightning? 20 - 39 damage 84 dex 47 light res 301 loh regen 106 15 mf Thank you very much for your opinion.Vapala8 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Does anyone use Tempest Rush? Im level 60 now in act 2 inferno and i just dont see why anyone would EVER use tempest rush it just seem ssilly to me and it only does 50% of weopon damage and uses a ton of spiritJohnnyspice11 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Not really a veteran at this game, need help. Okay so I just recently got into Hell difficulty and I'm not really a good money-maker so auction house is kind of out of the question. I just want to know how to survive and die less and actually beat this game. A guy I just met on public said "you're a 55 monk on hell, you need to be socketting health and have 30k health, be more focused on living and less on damage." What should I be doing differently? Now the most health I can get is 10k at the moment, but I had 5k when he was talking to me. My equips are: Helm: 176 Armor, 80 Dex, 24 Vit Torso: 201 Armor, 64 Dex, 3 Square Amethysts Shoulder: 162 Armor, 97 Dex, 40 Vit Wrists: 71 Armor, 49 Str, 42 Dex Hands: 105 Armor, 44 Dex, 11% Atk spd Belt: 141 Armor, 51 Str, 110 Dex Legs: 213 Armor, 62 Dex, 2 Radiant Amethysts Feet: 165 Armor, 28 Str, 148 Dex Neck: 6-12 Dmg, 30 Lightning Resistance, 21% Extra Gold, 24 Thorns, Radiant Amethyst Finger: 62 Dex, 13% Atk Spd Finger: 62 Dex, 13% Atk Spd Hand: 229.3 dps, 1.4 Atks per second, 48-95 arcane, 14% Dmg Off hand: 692 Armor, 21% Block, 60 Dex, 26 Lightning Res, 26 All Element Resis Skills:!YXU!ZZZaccMrFreeloader15 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Life per spirit spent bugged? Just now started noticing some odd things with my life on spirit gains that aren't adding up and I cannot figure out any reason it should be happening. Currently playing in act 4 inferno and here in the past half hour I keep not getting the full heal amount that I should be getting. Anyone else noticing this? For the most part I'm seeing correct amounts out of combat and then when in combat I sometimes (the majority of the time it seems actually) am getting like 1/10th of that, which needless to say is making it somewhat hard to stay alive. Also, you still can't set a desired stat number for life on spirit in the AH and have it work, it just gives you all life on spirit items no matter what minimum value you set.Pazuzoo6 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 WTS godly monk helm lvl 60 stern impunity rare 597 armor 85dex 87vit 49 lit res 4% life 237 armor increse way of the 100th fist dmg 10% taken bidsjujitsu10 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 How to: Diablo on Inferno, without LoH Kill shot: Stats: Build:!YUX!aYbaca Some thoughts: - My gear is very good. I have put a lot of time into figuring out what I need. I did not buy too much from the AH, though. I have had some lucky drops, and my friends helped me out a lot (and vice versa, of course; that's what friends are for, right?). - I am using a fist and a shield, but the fight is definitely doable with two one handers or a two handed weapon, if you know what you are doing. You won't be taking too much damage anyway if you execute the kill like descrobed below. - You need some sort of heal. Life / spirit spent is vastly underrated imho, and it's just beastly. I would definitely recommend taking Transcendence and getting some L/ss on your helmet and weapon. They aren't too expensive (yet). My build - wtf? Fists of Thunder + Thunderclap: very fast spirit generation and great mobility, very good in this fight Sweeping Wind + Inner Storm: more spirit = more heal, and it does decent damage Breath of Heaven + Blazing Wrath: heal and 15% more damage, it's really a no brainer. The heal becomes even better with some life / spirit spent. Serenity + Peaceful Repose: I think you won't find a build without Serenity. It's too good not to take. It saves your butt in every fight. Mystic Ally + Earth Ally: I don't use the Ally when farming because I don't like to have yet another "passive skill" in one of my skillslots. But damn, it's good. Low cost, no cooldown, a taunt, and a HP buff for you. Mantra of Evasion + Hard Target: another no brainer. Really our best choice when it comes to tanking stuff. 15% Dodge is good, but the 20% armor bonus is what makes it really shine. And you can spam it for heals if you have enough l/ss and enough spirit. Phase 1: For me, it was basically tank and spank, run out of the fireballs, step out of the bone prisons, repeat. Nothing too exciting here, just keep your eyes open. If you aren't into tanking, you can just play it Bruce Lee style. Be water, my friend (hit & run). Make sure to keep your Earth Ally up. He will taunt Diablo and take some hits. Also, keep up your Sweeping Wind with three stacks for some more spirit. Make sure to have full spirit when you enter phase 2. Phase 2: Diablo will spawn a clone in your face right away. Summon your Earth Ally (because it's gone after P1), activate your wind, and hit the clone as hard as you possibly can. Keep your finger on Serenity, Mantra of Evasion and a Health Potion. DO NOT TAKE THE HEALING ORB when the clone dies if you don't really need it. You will need it in a bit, in case you screw up. Right after defeating your clone, Diablo will cast his bone prison. Just like in P1, avoid it at all cost. You can't bubble out of it. P2 is a lot more interesting than P1, because Diablo will hit harder, and shoot more Fireballs right into you if you stay in melee range too long. I did it this way: - summon Earth Ally - if Diablo is attacking the Earth Ally, hit him in the back, and run away after 5-6 hits - repeat until the next clone phase, back to step 1 Remember the Healing Orb hint from above? You will absolutely need them if Diablo hits you with his damage over time attack, or you will die. There is no way around this. Hell, he kills my over geared !@# in seconds with it. Also: don't bother using your Sweeping Wind on Diablo in this phase, you won't be able to keep it running. Save it for the clones. Phase 3: Phase 1 - on crack. With a beam. Use the same strategy as in P2. Use your Earth Ally to soak up melee hits and hit him in the back. You need to be very careful, and this phase takes about 300 years (or so it feels, at least) to complete, and you have to concentrate throughout the whole fight, or you will die. Final thoughts: Awesome fight. Awesome game. You just need to be patient and gear up. Monk is not underpowered, you just need to play very carefully and put some thought behind your actions. I have both a Demon Hunter and a Witch Doctor at level 60 with decent gear, too (let's just say I have had a lot of time, waiting for my internship to begin after getting my degree), but I prefer Monk every day of the week. Love it. TLDR: - Diablo down, lol - Life / Spirit spent = aaw-thum - pie > cake - use your Earth AllyHankst4 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 941 Loh 764 Dps Monk Fist Weapon Currently @ $10 bid on RMAH, happy bidding. Marauder's Backhand 764.4 DPS 1.4 Attacks per Second +220 Strength +108 Intelligence +118 Vitality Each hit adds +641 life Each hit adds +300 life (star amethyst) $75 buyout (included for searching purposes)Psyclops5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Inferno Diablo Monk solo 3min Just want to show what a dual wield DPS Monk can do. Video: Stats: Skills:!ZUY!aabcbc I know there was a vid on a 2h Monk doing this in like 90seconds also.bigbill194 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 LF Monk for Inferno Diablo kill I am a gear barbarian looking for a geared monk to do work on Diablo's face. Add me in game if you are interested. Holyhood#1499 Please be geared.Holyhood5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 GEAR CHECK (NEED OPINIONS ON UPGRADES FOR ACT Please not that this is not any amazing gear as I am low on cash and cannot afford the multi-million gold gear. I am just about to move into Act 2 so I need to know what needs upgrading in my build. I currently have 13 million gold but 9 million is most likely going towards a better weapon with IaS, LoH and maybe around 800+ DPS so that leaves me with around 4 million to spend on upgrading current gear (unless of course some of my items sell in AH then it will be more). My current res stack is poison resistance and this is my current gear. So if anyone could help me out on what gear should be upgraded and whats the min stats I should be looking for each I would appreciate it. (My current res all is around 580-600 cant remember as I am not online now and I have around 15k DPS with 29k Life.)Даррен0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Am i doing something wrong? So i need to no why i get 3 shotted in act 2 inferno... act 1 i can farm with out looking and get 5NV and go rofl stomp butcher. act 2.... someone looks at me i die. Build serenity, BoH, SW, MoE(ht) or MoH(time), WoHF and BF PASSIVE one with everything, sieze initative, resolve. Stats 20k damage, 7.2k armor. 670 all resistances, 38k hp, 47% dodge 10% block(i know block is low but its a nice shield for resistances), lph 120. now if i were to change MoE and Moh its more like 6.1k armor and 804 resistances to all and less dodge obviously. EDIT APS was 2.4 changed wep to fist loss of 50 dps (aps on that wep was 1.64) overall drop 2.1. passive loh and socket for loh now at 385 loh. Enchantress as follower i have farmed act 1 inferno atleast 100 times. the most i have made off it is maybe 800k for 1 item... after 140 hours game play found my first legendary last night and its a PoS that wont sell. all gear upgrages on AH cost me 3-5mil per.... i cant afford that.... that much gold will take me a week garunteed. thats extremely disappointing. I made a pervious post and people have stated i need more armor and more resistance... sence then i increased them both by 35% each atleast. why the fu*k can i not progress in the game. i like a game with challaenge but when i have to kite for 10min and then get a debuff saying "im out of time" and the elite encounter has lasted to long and i begin to TAKE DAMAGE OVER TIME is the stupidist thing i have ever heard. the mobs alone 3 hit me saying they land 1. so i gotta take extra damage because i am avoiding them for my CDs cus thats the only way i can kill them. i seriously dont understand, spent numerous hours researching and planing my monk out and its all yielded minimal results for huge investments. I am not a noob by any means, i move out of plague desacrate and i run the pattern of arcane lasers n never get touched unless i get vortexed into one, jailed or frozen or some other bulls*it "you can avoid this damage" trick elite packs have. Majority of the elite packs are anti melee to start... why? 3/5 classes are range.... majority should be anti range? particular specials on elite pakcs should not exist imo. ex... fire chains-fast-molten-jailer/forzen/waller. Someone please give me some guideance or something dont troll this post either it would only show how ignorant and childish people can rly be. I want solutions to my problem... and if it rly boils down to 1.0.3 comming out so i can play the game... thats pathetic.PORK3 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 CRAFTING 6 STAT(affixes) TALON FIST 53 exquisite essence 11 iridescent 15 tome of secret 167k Charging 30k crafting charge Aklad#1990Aklad3 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Inferno dual wield monk Belial solo video Yes yes I know, yet another dual wield monk Belial video. I've analyzed the fight a bit and my character and build. And linked my items towards the end. My goal is to eventually pass inferno mode without a shield. We're not bald pallies.. Your comments and feedback are very welcome: Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 starting inferno needs suggestion here's my monk skill build!XUZ!bYcaac was wondering if this setup would help me get through inferno. also could someone tell me what is a group heal and which heal it is. all of my resistance is at 178 health 21878 armor 3844 damage 4856.32 dexterity 1547 life per second 266 life per kill 447 spirit 150 like to solo mostly but join up with a friend off and on, is why i ask about group heal. my equipment is between level 50 - 54 all rare except for my rare necklace it's 48. I know i need to upgrade to level 60 gear, but i don't have allot of gold like around couple 100k to buy anything on the AH that is at level 60. I use 2 fist weapons alsoSiNmAn9 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Where are the monk's gods ? I went to heaven and there were nothing but angels.warriorscode29 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Inferno Farming Hello all. I am playing a monk and currently in the process of gearing up to transition from A2 to A3 (I've unlocked A3, I just can't survive long there). So in the process of gearing up I had the idea of creating a thread where we could come up with the most efficient farming runs, from A1 through A4. Though I only know runs from A1 and A2, I'll share what I know to get things started Act 1 Farming I select "The Imprisoned Angel - The Cursed Hold" quest (quest 9-2). Once in-game I hit these waypoints in the following order: Cemetery of the Forsaken The Festering Woods Leoric's Mannor Halls of Agony Level 2 The Cemetery of the Forsaken often has a rare monster spawn, so you can pick up a stack quickly here. The Festering Woods has two mini dungeons that each contain a rare monster spawn, so you can pick up two more stacks here. Often I find one or two elite packs as I'm running between these two mini dungeons and typically have 4-5 stacks when I go to Leoric's Mannor. Once here, I back track through the interior and head out front. Sometimes there's a rare spawn inside, but not always. Out front of the Mannor, nearly 100% of the time there is either a rare spawn or an elite pack, sometimes both. By this point I've got a 5 stack of NV and a pretty full pack of blues and some rares. I portal back to town to clear out my inventory and then head to the Halls of Agony Level 2. From there I run all the way to the Butcher. This whole run takes me about 20-25 minutes and I tend to have anywhere from 10-18 rares by the end, with tons of blues as well and a nice chunk of gold I've picked up. Since I'm working on gearing for A3, I'm able to run some MF which may cause more rares to drop and a faster rate of farming this area. I have heard of other A1 farming runs, but in my experience, this one trumps them all. The other runs take longer, or there is more time in between rare spawns and elite packs. Act 2 Farming The only farming areas I know of here is the frequently spawning treasure goblin at the "Road to Alcarnus" waypoint. Other than that I select "The Black Soulstone - The Realm of Shadow" quest (8-2) and run Kulle's archives and then Kulle himself. These runs take longer, probably about 45 minutes for me currently, but I feel like the loot that drops is substantially better. For myself, I'm primarily interested in A2 farming, so what other farming areas are there in A2 that are viable for farming to help gear up for A3? Would I be better off farming A1 to gear up and try to skip A2 farming all together (I think I read or heard this somewhere...)? Additionally, what A2, A3, or A4 farming runs do you have?kungfooe7 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Whats Your Fastest APS? Just got myself a pair of Lacuni Prowlers for 14% asi. With my Lidless wall shield for 13% and my rings 13% and 14%, gloves 14%, and ammy for 14% My APS with my sword is 2.89. 22k base damage 37k with blind up. Curious to see who else has had the pleasure to attack this fast. 2.89 APS is fun to watch and is just fun to listen to when you punch so fast that mobs can't attack because of FoT knock back.ArchangelMD20 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Clearing Stash everything cheap! Just offer page 1: page 2: page 3: page 4: page 5: page 6: Just offer on a numbered item. Nothing lower than 50k! There are 8 items per page. p4htr41ck#1856 3, 5, 7, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18, 29, 47 soldp4htr41ck9 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Seeking Expert Opinions on Monk Stats Please, I'm tring to ask for some real, legitimate, troll-free, and experienced opinions on how we the Monks should be playing this game. Realize that this isn't just for me, but for all the Monk players hitting the Inferno "brick wall" and searching for help. As a Monk player in Inferno, I've got a few questions that I'd like to get answers to from more experienced players. 1) Life On Hit - LoH It seems that this might be one of the most critical stat here. My question is that in order to beat through Inferno Act II-IV, how much of this LoH do I really need? I'm seeing successful builds with anywhere between 1.2k-2k, but in all honesty how much is it necessary to survive? Of course I realize this works in conjuction with your EHP, which brings me to my next question. 2) Raw Life - Vitality I've also seen players claiming that they've done well with simply 30k Life, of course given that they have enough DPS/LoH/DR to sustain that. How much would you experts say is "good enough"? 3) Resistance/Armor - Mantra of Healing vs. Evasion This one might be obvious, but I'd just like to make everything clear. Once again, different builds have had success with different Res/Armor rates, I realize it is hard to set an effective measure on this one, so I'll just come out asking: would 750/5100 (unbuffed) be good enough? 4) Attack Speed It's obvious that this works together with LoH, so how much would this be needed? I'm guessing somewhere around 2.5 or more? 5) DPS Yes this of course varies with different builds, and I'm also aware that even just 12k flat DPS (what I got) can work. But how much DPS would you need to dish out in combination with Attack Speed to make it viable to sacrifice Res/Armor/Life? 6) Block Chance vs/and Dodge Chance My question here is how does these 2 affect the equation in raising EHP? I can't really come up a detailed question because I honestly have no idea how good this thing really is or how it works. 7) Crit Chance/Dmg My question is simple, how important is this to Monks? With DPS Monk or just ones that can cut through Inferno? 8) MDR - aka String of Ears (17%+?) I realize how good this thing is on paper, but how effective is it in reality for Monks? Would the expert Monks please comment on this? 9) Spirit/Life Regen How important are these? I saw players saying with decent Life regen, it could possibly work very well together with LoH, and enough spirit regen can actually boost your survivability. 10) Movement Speed Is this necessary/important in any way? That's all I can bring up off the top of my head, if there's anything else important that I'm missing, please feel free to add in.Nearalias8 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 I refuse to kite, act 2 advice/help I chose a monk because of the high damage output they dish out and the possibility for tanking, which i thought was kind of like a rogue-paladin hybrid ( in terms of WoW ) i know this game isnt WoW, i played d2 before i started playing WoW but im kind of pissed off that monks are only viable after act 1 if they stack LOH and kite for days. I dont want to spend 25million on a decent loh item and i feel like im pretty close to being able to semi tank the elites in act 2, i just need some advice on how i should upgrade my gear considering that i have no plans to go for LoH, and i refuse to kite. Now when i say i refuse to kite, i mean i refuse to hit 3 times with deadly reach > > run > > come back hit twice, burn cooldowns > > run > > repeat.. thats !@#$ing boring and i dont want to play this class that way, if i did i would have rolled a demon hunter Theres nothing wrong with kiting every now and then, when my health is low...running, healing, coming back ect..but doing this for 5-10minutes for every elite pack is simply not fun..people need to remember this is a game, with the primary objective being having fun.. TLDR here's my stats, i just want suggestions on how i can be viable in act 2 without using LoH and without having to kite so damn much... DPS 17114 (Unbuffed) 19681 (Blazing wrath, pretty much effective dps since its 100% up) 2.04 APS...i dont have ias on gloves yet cus its damn expensive..but i might look into that to increase overall dps Health 35600 (Unbuffed) 39000 ( With Earth Ally, i know this might be a bit high, but since im not going the LoH route, i wanted to stack a little more vit while still having good dr) Block Chance 20% blocking 3-4k Dodge Chance 35% (Unbuffed) 43% With evasion up, and 51% for 3 seconds, which i try to spam during a fight Damage Reduction 67% (Unbuffed) 71% with Hard Target... Should i get this a bit higher? Resist to all 610 ..Working on getting this to about 650, ive read a bunch of other peoples posts and 600-650 seems to be working fine for act 2 I also have 700 life gen per second, which helps me kite a bit i guess, but once again, im trying to not kite if i can So please, monks of d3, what do you think i can improve on so that i dont have to endlessly kite elite packs in act 2? Im thinking if i get my dps up to the 20k-22k range unbuffed without sacrificing too much armor and vit i might be fine, what do you all think? Build im running..pretty typical defensive balanced with some DPS!XUZ!Zcbaac Tips on build tweaks would be appreciated too Btw im using a sword and board..with a pretty decent 800dps sword with dex and an awesome shield with dex vit %health and resists...i can link my gear if anyones interestedaageorge102849 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Tons of gold wasted - What am I doing wrong? I am down to 45k gold. Here are my stats right now after listening to advice. Unbuffed: 29, 637 Health (-23,246) 17,078 Damage (+7495) 556 All Resist (-104) 4,925 Armor (+478) 34.2% Dodge (+3.2%) 19% Block (2800-3800 Block) 453 life/hit (+453) tl;dr Here's my gear and stats. Tell me why I suck. I know this is hardly a starter set. I don't know what the hell to look up on the auction house anymore. I don' t know how to get my !@#$ing armor above 4.5k. I don't know what exactly is an upgrade, and what's a good price. I'm down to 450,000 gold. Obviously I'll get to farming, that's not the point, but I've spent quite a lot of gold. I've wasted quite a lot of gold. Vitality Dexterity X Resist All Resist Armor The odds of finding an item like that, with all high rolls, is obviously slim to none. So I'm going to hope someone is very bored, takes the time to look through my gear, and tells me what the %^-* I'm doing wrong, and how to fix it. I have a few pieces lying around to swap in and around to juggle stats, but they're around the same quality. For those too lazy to click and would prefer text.. 52,613 Health (Quite a bit, I know.) 9,583 Damage 660 Resist All 4,447 Armor 31% Dodge 19% Block (2800-3800 Block) 0 Life on Hit I need less Vitality. I need more damage. I need a little more resist. I need more armor. My block is fine, I think. When I look on the AH, unless I'm willing to spend 3million+ Gold, I can't seem to find ANY obvious upgrades. At all. Clearly I must be blind and/or retarded. So I'm going to post my gear, for every single slot, and hope that some kind, bored soul will help me out and tell me which slots suck and why. And what to look for specifically, considering I can only search for 3 terms. Helm 306 Armor 122 Vitality 40 Poison Resist 53 Intelligence 40 Strength[b] +12% Life Socket Shoulders 289 Armor 67 Dexterity 42 Poison Resist 43 All Resist 149 Life/second Neck 140 Vitality 83 Dexterity 14 Poison Resist 71 Intelligence 34 Vitality Socket Chest 274 Armor 99 Vitality 97 Dexterity 24 Poison Resist 41 Intelligence 75 Life/second 34 Vitality Socket 34 Dexterity Socket Hands 220 Armor 132 Vitality 48 Dexterity 33 Poison Resist 35 All Resist Wrists 180 Armor 67 Vitality 64 Dexterity 35 Poison Resist 59 All Resist 79 Strength 76 Intelligence Waist 189 Armor 45 Vitality 4% Life 112 Dexterity 32 Poison Resist 67 Strength 59 Life/second Ring1 75 Vitality 74 Dexterity 30 Poison Resist 34 Vitality Socket Ring2 63 Vitality 58 Dexterity 40 Poison Resist 66 Intelligence 30 Life/second Pants 326 Armor 144 Vitality 52 Dexterity 44 Poison Resist 27 Intelligence 34 Vitality Socket 34 Vitality Socket Boots 272 Armor 104 Vitality 82 Dexterity 44 Poison Resist 78 Intelligence Weapon 779.8 DPS 2.3% Lifesteal 1.4 Attacks/second Shield 1039 Armor 19% Chance to Block (2794-3704) 141 Dexterity 31 Poison Resist 60 All Resist 67 Intelligence 14% CC Reduction After typing it out, I realize every slot is mediocre. But when I'm browsing the AH, it seems any resist upgrades will TANK my dexterity. Which till tank my damage, and will tank my armor. My damage is pretty !@#$ty to begin with. I don't know where to start, and honestly I feel lost.Thorrbo54 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 S> amazing Immortals Forge Gloves for monk!! +36 str +239 dex +crit damage 36% +regen 149 2.9 % chance to stun on hit reduce damage by melee 4% need igg ! offer hereCarny6 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 WTT Lightning Helm for Phys Helm. Mid Tier A2 Title says it all, I cant find a good Phys Res Helm on the AH right now. My helm is good for a monk farming A2 and working on A3. I've been farming A2 for a bit now and haven't found a helm I can use. Here is a pic. Looking to Trade for something with very similar stats, but Phys Res instead of Lightning. If your interested post here or msg me in game. Olat#1780Olat0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 shield monk hi all i notice, shield monk attack speed and stats are bascially much better than 2 hand wielded monk, or duel monk. they can hit 1k resist to all, and 7k armour quite easily compare to the other built, and thier attack is also nearly the same or in fact higher.... any 1 can enlighten me on this, as now i am holding e 900+ dps weapon, and thinking of buying a good shield, and upgrade 1 fist to above 1.1k dpsMINIKONG6 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Question about Inna's Glory When i equip my inna's glory which has 14% increase attack speed, It does not reflect on the character page, nor do i visually notice a difference. Additionally, my damage should increase but that does not increase either. Is that normal or does anyone else notice that? Is it something i am doing wrong?Taae8 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 850 dps 1 hander fantastic stats asking 3mil +12 mini dmg +63 dex +93 vit +2.2% lifesteal + socket with star gem inside <3 (300 life on hit) its a sword and it looks cool please buy it ^_^ i just want 3 million gold for it or 5$ in RMAH i am vargo423#1533 add me im online or msg in forums ill add youvargo4236 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 BARB LFG 90k HP 1300 RESISTANCE 8.5k ARMOR reach me at Lobstur # 1842 or respond to this threadLobstur0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 BARB LFG 90k HP 1300 RESISTANCE 8.5k ARMOR reach me at Lobstur # 1842 or respond to this threadLobstur0 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Question about LOH / hundred fists Heya all, So I have a few questions about comboing these stats and skills, way of the hundred fists and the rune hands of lightning provides 10 hits within a second, does every hit provide your full LOH? I have tried to test this but simply nothing conclusive has come of it. Simply put: 100 LOH + cast WotHF = 1000 hp? Thanks for any help in advance. Caliberscalibers6 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Build/skills question Here is my Monk -!YUX!bZaZba I am pretty comfortable with the skill choices...but then I am just in nightmare. I wanted to see what others thought about it working up through inferno. You thoughts?Camber3 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Anyone have a Shenlong's Endless W. for sale Anyone have a Shenlong's Endless W. for saleDoncolumbia5 Jun 13, 2012