Nov 19 Fist Weapons drops Doing T8 rifts and have yet to see one fist weapon drop. Is it true they are a rare drop?castagere3 Nov 19
Nov 19 Wave of light - Procing Obsidian ring. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Wave of light procs obsidian ring quite well in large groups, but when you click a single mob and just continuously drop bells on them (using explosive rune) it's like obsidian ring does not always proc.SubzerorE1 Nov 19
Nov 18 Dashing Strike rune buff time increase Dashing strike runes of 'Blinding Speed', 'Way of the Falling Star', and 'Radiance', only buff for 4 seconds while the Dashing Strike focused RoaTS set buff and Crystal Fist buff last for 6 seconds. I think the Dashing Strike runes should be increased to synchronize the two categories.c8t00 Nov 18
Nov 18 Sunwuko Builds +Znecro I was just curious as to if people have tried various Sunwuko builds using Reaper's Wraps with a globe spamming Zdps (or DPS) Necromancer. Something like this for WoL maybe? Basically, Reaper's Wraps instead of Spirit Guards, Fire Ally instead of Air Ally, and Blinding Flash-Faith in the Light instead of a generator. Also CoE and SoJ instead of Focus/Restraint. Maybe a LTK build could benefit even more? I haven't tried with anybody. Doesn't seem to be anybody playing Hardcore at this very moment.Fishy2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Wave of Light - Attack speed breakpoints. Ive browed previous threads on here and they seem to be many years old, does anyone know the attack speed breakpoints on wave of light - explosive rune? Trying to determine how much attack speed i want on gear to reach the next breakpoint. I'm currently using the obsidian ring / CoE setup so I figured dropping bells faster maybe reset my cooldowns faster by procing obsidian ring, not to mention more dmg. I mean I know a lot of people I see on leaderboards seem to be stacking CDR... ive been trying to keep my CDR and RCR about even and just thought ya know if I could drop bells faster using attack speed... how much CDR could I really sacrifice to still maintain 100% epiphany uptime while procing obsidian rings with faster bells. With higher RCR im not using mystic ally as much to get spirit... but then if im dropping bells faster i will use mystic ally cause over time ill burn spirit faster... but im trying to just like get an on an even playing field here with RCR/CDR and attack speed.SubzerorE0 Nov 18
Nov 18 Loss of power for no reason Since the beginning of the new season I happen to suffer a loss of power for no reason. I play a sunwuko wave of light monk. I usually play torment XIII and I kill waves of enemies in maximum two cast of wave of light. But sometimes, for no reason, and without that I changed anything in my stuff (I'm sure of it), I suddenly stop being able to kill the enemies at all (even the most invalid, or then in 30 cast of wave of light) and I am literally annihilated by the same enemies that I killed in one cast 5 minutes before. I try to restart my game, sometimes it works and I get my normal power back and sometimes I have to restart it 4 or 5 times, or even wait several hours for my power to return. It's really starting to get on my nerves. Would someone have the same problem or a solution ? Thank you in advance and good game to all :)Eldric3 Nov 18
Nov 17 it melee or ranged? The most common builds for WoL are really confusing to me. Its like they can't decide whether they are designed for melee or max distance. For example, the Icy Veins guide suggests Spirit Guards AND Zei's gem. Aren't those two things more or less mutually exclusive? I can sorta understand having the flexibility to melee in some situations and stay away in others...if doing so wasn't so inefficient...but it is. If you committed to melee, you could drop the non-set helmet, take Unity instead of Royal Grandeur, and have a huge boost in survivability. If you committed to max distance, you could drop all the stuff that only works up close and focus more damage. Am I missing something, or is this just bizarre?OnyxShadow11 Nov 17
Nov 17 Normal Vengeful 7 Stack vs Ancient 6 Stack? Normal Vengeful 7 Stack vs Ancient 6 Stack which one is better..?Elezen3 Nov 17
Nov 17 Looking for advise on WoL toughness So here is my profile: I know I have a looooong way to go to get optimal gear and I just got all the pieces in some form or another for the swk build. I rarely solo so unity is realistically out but from what I have read most are swapping unity for orotz when grouping and leaving coe or maybe a good SoJ or a good rolled rorg and cube coe? I know my coe is very poorly rolled and I have a long way to go, still trying to get some ancient vengeful wind as my next priority. With those things in mind, could I get some advice on what to focus on next as a priority? I know getting ancient on all these pieces will help a ton and a better rolled ancient kyro should help too but I find I am very very squishy when out of epiphany. I have a orotz that I will swap here next and hoping that helps with my up time but should I be looking for LoH on my weapons as a priority before other things? Any help would be appreciated.. and I know the build is waaaaay off still but looking for what to prioritize 1st on upgrades to get most bang for the buck so to speak.Squishor1 Nov 17
Nov 17 U6 Set play style and survivability Hey Guys, Im revisiting U6 again. The last time I played it was a few years back when the set was first introduced. So my questions it how are you guys keeping up with it? I am having trouble surviving though I havent gotten my endless walk set and Lion's claw yet. Damage seems to be there but I am just getting by T10. Should I switch to WoL , does it have better survivability ?cajun2de25 Nov 17
Nov 17 10 sec Ingeom + dashing = not instant? Last time i played in s9 i remember i had a 10 sec ingeom and it made my dashings instant(like channeling) when procced. This season i've got my 10 sec ingeom and dashings are not instant. Getting like a half second CD before i can cast again. CDR i've varied between 25-46% with no instant dashes. Am I missing something?Jay7ona3 Nov 17
Nov 17 Need help to reach my target :D Hello, This morning I done a GR94 with difficulty (mainly due to guardian or survability). My target is to reach GR100 and i need to help to focus what change on my stuff (or skill maybe) now in priority to success. I have unity but i don't play it on my mate (oculus + wyrdward) but i have not another good ring for the moment (maybe take a SOJ with %fire?). I though to target first my weapon as I have only 210%, but it is better to have high damage on weapon and less on that stat or less damage and more %? I have one Kyoshiro's blade that i can reroll in by box. My profil is there : Thanks for your help !Titool0 Nov 17
Nov 17 Binding of the Lost, Bugged? Just curious if anyone else is seeing this issue... The damage reduction debuff from Binding of the Lost isn’t refreshing the stacks, it’s over writing them... Which basically means, you cap out at 1-3 stacks depending on the difficulty level you’re playing at. It is meant to refresh your tota stacks so you can cap at 14 and continue to push. Right? Something about it feels wrong. Just curious. Guess I’ll farm WoL instead. Thanks. AArgos7 Nov 17
Nov 16 Kyroshiro's Blade - Ancient vs non ancient? So I am not a Diablo math guy. And I didn't see any type of breakdown to what is better as far as weapon dmg vs. WoL dmg, so I am hoping some one can help. Currently on my profile you can see my weapon. 2122 dps, ect....but 248% WoL dmg. I also have an ancient version that is close to 3k dps, but only 226% to WoL. What is better? ThanksKidyen2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Near death Experiance Anyone else notice this being bugged. Several times yesterday in grifts I would die and the passive would activate but I would die instantly again. There is supposed to be 2 seconds of immunity.TheRugester0 Nov 16
Nov 16 Sunwuku WoL How is this build in the new season? I've heard it has gotten buffed but how good is it in: 1. Speed clears 2. Higher GR 3. Party playGong7 Nov 16
Nov 15 Uliana set doesn't detonate Exploding Palm I have all 6 parts of Uliana Set, but Seven-Sided Strike doesn't detonate Exploding Palm. Any body knows why? Thanks.Atreus12 Nov 15
Nov 15 Some questions about Kyoshiro's Blade I've been having a great time with Wave of Light since 2.6.1 dropped. Sunwuko's is so much more smooth and enjoyable now with that horrible stack-spending mechanic removed. However, I have some questions about the legendary power on Kyoshiro's Blade. I've been looking around for information, but I can't find any, and I'm hoping some more experienced Monks can help me out. Specifically, I'm confused about this part: "When the initial impact of your wave of light hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by [200-250%]." Does "initial impact" refer only to the bell from the unruned skill, or does it include damage from rune effects too, like the wider radius from Explosive Light? For example, if I hit a large crowd of mobs with the blasts from Explosive Light, but the initial bell only lands on top of 2 mobs, do I still get that larger bonus from Kyoshiro? My sense is that I don't, but between Area Damage and varying density it's difficult to tell for sure. Second, how important is the value of that secondary multiplier? Should I be aiming for as close to 250% as possible, or do other stats on the weapon matter more? I recently started using a new Kyoshiro with Area Damage and slightly higher base DPS, but it's power is lower than my old one (234% vs. 244%). EDIT: I just read a post in Davlok's thread regarding Kyoshiro's Blade mechanics. Thanks for the information!WordMaster1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Question - Uliana, EP and Mythic Rhythm I remember some discussions about how to apply EP in order to get benefit of Mythic Rhythm damage bonus. How exactly it is? Should we apply "manual"(by EP skill not by 3rd hit of generator) EP on a group of mobs, then move to another group of mobs and? 1) can I use now EP applyed by 3rd hit of generator then SSS? 2) again apply manual EP then SSS?Danutz237 Nov 15
Nov 13 Best set-up for speed run bounty? Well since we need to move pretty far something i want to know which one of those setup are the best for t11~13 1 : In-geom kyoshiro vengeful 2 : In-geom vengeful incense 3 : vengeful incense kyoshiroElezen3 Nov 13
Nov 13 ZDPS MONK SKILLS - JUDGEMENT Have been playing zmonk for some time but there is still several critical issues that I could't resolve. I sometimes put the inner in the wrong place which always made the zbarb difficult to pull the mobs over. And I don't know when I should jump into the blue or the yellow elites. I really hope to do better and don't want to let the team down. Hope someone could give me some insights; or at least, some basic guideline to follow, please. Thanks.mmm0 Nov 13
Nov 13 Dashing Strike AoE Increase I find it sort of difficult to hit opponents using Dashing Strike. As a result it is hard to proc F&R damage bonus. Sometimes I will have my cursor right on a target, cast Dashing Strike, and not even hit the enemy. I think the area of effect of Dashing Strike should increase so that it at least always hits an enemy that you have your cursor on.c8t00 Nov 13
Nov 12 RoTS last bonus - not working? ... I have my SG damage increased after casting DS allright, but I definitely DO NOT have any bonus to DS damage after making SG moves - on t10 it hardly damages anything. Since I do not see any topics about it being broken, I think I am missing something. How do I shot web? Thank you in advance.Miafan1 Nov 12
Nov 12 DW vs 2h How can you tell if DWing will out perform using a 2h weapon? Seems like the tooltip only goes off the main hand weapon. Do I just add the dps of both weapons together and go off that or is there other stuff to consider?Carnedge3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Drops question I can solo T8 on my monk. But i still haven't seen an ancient gear drop yet. I like my gear setup now. And before anyone says it suck i mostly solo play the game casually and it blows through greater rifts. Just would like to know if Ancients are really worth farming for please. I just came back to the game this week after a very long break.castagere1 Nov 12
Nov 10 WOL Fire vs Lightning Hey fellow Monks After the changes and buffs in 2.6.1 I've done a lot of GR pushing with my WOL Monk. I hit a wall at GR 97 with the Fire set up finishing a GR 98 in 16m 22. I switched to Lightning and noticed that while the trash clearing is slower the RG kill is a lot quicker.....I managed to finish a GR 98 just under 15m. I'm hoping once augmented pushing a GR 100 should be no problem Maybe the mechanics of stacking Bane of the stricken helped a lot but otherwise they were typical average rifts. Anyone been experimenting with the different elements and noticed much difference? EDIT> My EU profile link (MissMonkey) Nov 10
Nov 10 Did a 102 solo with monk and can't do no better lol did 103 50 times all rifft or bad why???????? why is there so many bad riffts in this game it need to be 20% bad and 80% good i want to play to have fun not to get mad but i guess it's what ever lolEvil7 Nov 10
Nov 10 U4 Potential Ok, so I remember reading that the Rabid Strike clone gets the Binding's damage bonus and I was wondering how lethal 7SS could be without really including EP component. Not sure if the first part still works, but I was thinking the build would be tankier than normal U6 and might even surpass damage wise. I haven't tested it out yet, still trying to get some of the pieces more usable so I ran it through D3planner and it looks like (not really counting Assimilation bonus) about 900bil per cast of 7SS, with setup, that's roughly 2 seconds between casts. 225bil for 7SS, 675bil for Rabid Clone, p800 with 70 enchants I haven't used D3planner much at all so not sure I'm using it correctly, any U6 people think it's viable?Toclmi0 Nov 10
Nov 9 Exploding palm fist Anyone else notice that it seems the drop rate has been nerfed? Both in drops and upgrading rares. Before 2.6.1, I got them to drop all the time and got them all the time from the cube but now nada.TheRugester2 Nov 9
Nov 7 U6 Exploding Palm - Bane of Stricken / Unity I have only been playing since February of this year, and I'm brand new to the Monk class. That's pretty noob compared to most of you I'm sure, so bear with me if I'm missing something. This is the build I am using: I'm trying to find a way to run Uliana next season without being boxed into Unity. Unity is fine for solo, but sucks for group IMO because you have to depend on somebody else to be using it. So I'm looking for alternatives. I really haven't been able to come up with anything other than using either Esoteric Alteration or Molten Wildebeast Gizzard. I seem to have better results with MWG. Maybe it's because U6 EP is melee focused so I encounter a lot of physical damage, which EA doesn't help with. I don't think I could possibly sacrifice Gogok or Bane of the Trapped, so it has to be Bane of the Stricken. I'm paragon 1200 or so with just a couple of ancients and one augment. Without Bane of the Stricken I was able to consistently beat a GR85 in 10 minutes. With Bane of the Stricken the RG did die faster, but the time was slightly longer because my toughness was much lower and so I spent more time retreating throughout the rift and I usually died at least once. Thoughts? Is Stricken absolutely necessary for U6 EP to be effective in higher GR's, especially in a 3-4 man group? I'm afraid that is probably the case, but hoping otherwise. Also, am I overlooking another good option for replacing Unity that will fit into the build? [edit] Forgot to mention I'm playing on Xbox, so that's why you won't be able to see my build in my profile.Rebel72546 Nov 7
Nov 7 Best monk build new season? With raiment being left behind, what will be number one ranked build now?Undertaker6 Nov 7
Nov 7 Raiment gen monk got left behind With the recent buffs to Uliana's and Sunwuko's, the Raiment gen build feels really underwhelming, even with the (small) buff it got this patch. I feel it needs a bit more love to be on pair with the now top monk builds (Inna's is weak in comparison too). Please buff it some more in the near future :)TheDarkitect39 Nov 7
Nov 7 LoN Monk My LoN Monk OneDeep seems to be weakling compared to my others. What happened? Lol is it outdated since it was the best during season 9?Issac1 Nov 7
Nov 6 Is there a guide for SWK WoL for 2.6.1? With the leaderboards locked, I cant even check out possible WoL builds in the top 20 to reflect on. I did a quick look on the net and saw one with Crippling Wave, which doesnt make much sense, since this build uses range for WoL? Can someone point me to an updated build for this?Exiter1 Nov 6
Nov 5 Seven Sided Strike Life on Hit Has anyone noticed that seven sided strike isn't proc'ing life on hit? I'm using uliana and I don't think that I'm getting life on hit from seven sided strike or exploding palm.Splendour7 Nov 5
Nov 5 Come to Heal Achievement Im having a hard time finding any updated info on how to do this.. What would be the most efficient build to get this achievement in patch 2.4.2? A link to a diablofans build would be great! Anyone know of any guides for this? Written or video is both fine. Hope someone has some input... Google was not helpful this time...Zarniwhoop7 Nov 5
Nov 5 Annoying Sunwoku sweeping wind stacks. Am i only one that hates this mechanic? Because its not fun to play with this mechanic. Sweeping wind procs goes off and you trying to stay away from mobs,(belt) dive again and goes off again, again, again and again !!! Even in lower torments eventually sweeping winds proc goes off. This is not something not achievable but just annoying. Theres something wrong about that.. Its nearly the most annoying thing in diablo 3 for me. Anyone else?Dexter15 Nov 5
Nov 5 Attack Speed I remember a long time ago I was told not to use attack speed in my WOL build because it would eat up your spirit. But now I see the witching hour used in the build, has that theory changed? Can you put Attack Speed on gloves or NO?Ludichrist2 Nov 5
Nov 5 Bindings of the Lesser Gods Buff Icon I just finished my Inna's Mantra set tonight and I noticed there's no buff icon for the duration of mystic ally damage. I know they added a similar icon to skeletal mage last patch, monk love blizz?Splendour1 Nov 5
Nov 5 Help please :) Can someone see my monk and give me some tip to be stronger. I am stuck in GR 63 Thanks XDRicardog901 Nov 5
Nov 4 Rework the BAND OF THE RUE CHAMBERS ring... add damage reduction. This ring, as we know, has the legendary power to regenerate a further 50% spirit to the skills that generate spirit. My idea is to add a reduction in damage based on the maximum spirit. By doing an example: The monk has 300 maximum spirit, if we make sure that each spirit point adds a 0.15% reduction in damage we will have 300x0.15 = 45% reduction damage Then, summarizing, the ring with this change would work like this: Your Spirit Generators generate 50% more Spirit and every single point of maximum spirit the monk obtains a reduction of damage of 0.15% It would be an excellent synergic ring for the Raiment of a Thousand Storms set and would be a great general ring for the monkVirgil1 Nov 4
Nov 4 Sage Farming Sunwuko Hello! I have been playing around with the improved Sunwuko set a bit the last few days, and really like playing this build for Death's Breath farming T13. Uses RoRG with Sage's boots and Helm(or gloves). I don't miss or need the extra DPS from Gyana Na Kashu Spirit Stone, and put Rivera Dancers in the cube. Also am able to wear Nemesis Bracers. Survival is not issue with Gold wrap-Avarice Band-Boon of the Hoarder gem. Just gotta be a little careful when first starting a rift, which is the reason I left Mantra of Salvation-Agility. Not even really sure In-Geom is needed at all with all the cooldown and Epiphany Teleport. Anybody else playing around with some Sage's Journey builds?Fishy6 Nov 4
Nov 3 Staff of Kyro Request Hi, In light of the numerous damage buff increases on many items with this patch, I would like to see Staff of Kyro changed from 50% Deadly Reach damage to I dunno like 800% or something. This would allow for new Deadly Reach generator build, and turn a useless item into one which can be used. What do you all think? Thank youSuperCuddles4 Nov 3
Nov 3 Is Wave of Light damage bug still around? Sometimes it looks like when I put the bell on top of a monster, it does no damage. I'm aware that there was a fix for this last year but is it possible that the bug is still lurking around? I'm using the generator SWK build with Explosive Light, so no Epiphany.hong3 Nov 3
Nov 2 LTK element Before patch 2.6.1, I always ran physical with sweeping armada to maintain my stacks. Now that we don't lose them, is there still a benefit to this element, or is fire the only (strongest) way to go now?Dante009 Nov 2
Nov 1 Any other viable builds besides SWK WoL? This has to be the most boring, brain dead build I have ever tried but i'm so torn because it's putting me in the highest GR I have ever been. Is there any build that comes close to its survivability / damage?bushwookie7 Nov 1
Oct 31 (PTR) Monk - Wave of Light (Lighting) GR110+ Link to the build - This is one of the strongest PTR build for solo monk, I am only 2300 paragon, with great gear and augment I finished 108 with little effort - and spent only around 30 keys to clear 109. I am not sure if fire is stronger, but one player cleared 116 already with 4800 paragon and perfect gear, with explosive light (fire). But this one clearly keeps up, I copied my build to (w/o augment) and the numbers show: - 585B bell dmg & 723B DoT dmg (lighting) - 802B bell dmg & 992B DoT dmg (lighting) with 3 or fewer enemies hit. while explosive light shows me, - 741B (fire) - 1T (fire) with 3 or fewer enemies) Explosive light has a better direct damage as you can see and it spreads 8 mini bells before the bell hit the ground, which makes it a pretty nice area of effect skill. But for me, pillar of the ancients (lighting) is more fun to play, and if you spam it well enough you can have almost all your mob pack in DoT at the same time, it's a decent AoE spell also. Oculus spawn is really nice because of you'r ability to move. The way I see it, if the fire setup is stronger it has to hit the same enemy twice with one cast. If not, it might be a better AoE spell & even better AD trigger. Well, let's get down to gearing and stats next. There are variations between F/R and CoE + Unity but, F/R brings you 100% damage all the time while CoE brings 200% every 16 seconds, but don't worry about Unity, this build is squishy with bad mob types, bogans, beasts, spear mobs and bad elite affixes especially, but just make sure you have LoH on 1 weapon, physical resistances, around 800k life, diamond gems (all res) and maintain the reduction from Spirit Guard's in big action (60% for 3 seconds). Beacon of Ytar is the passive for your dashing strike, I feel no need to stack CDR on my gear though some of the players roll 1-2 items. I found the sweet spot for spirit cost reduction, that's Topaz on head, and 2 RCR 8% stats on your gear. Area Damage is a huge factor also, I have 137% If I can remember correctly, and remember.. Life per _Kill_ is a good stat along with LoH. I was lucky to find pants that I could roll a secondary stat.smiLey14 Oct 31
Oct 31 Whats the best monk support build in S12? Hello! Managed to get the whole question in the subject... :) Im going for monk in season 12 and will probably go SWK WoL like many others. But when it comes to healing / support for the monk class, Im completely clueless... Witch build should I go for as a support newbie? I need a build that is efficient, but at the same time not too hard to master :) I have searched the forum, and also had a look at the builds at the diablo's build pages, but I'm still a very confused monk :) Any help would be appreciated :)Zarniwhoop4 Oct 31
Oct 31 Using Furnace and Cubing Torch Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a decent Torch and a pretty good Furnace. Does it make sense to keep a WoL build with the furnace and just cube the Torch power? Or do I scrap WoL and go to LtK with the Furnace?soup5 Oct 31
Oct 31 Bring back Blue Sweeping Wind Cyclone Build Anyone else miss the beautiful blue sweeping wind build from back in the day Stack IAS pop sweeping wind - cyclone watch the screen fill up with like 50 mini blue cyclones it was so pretty to look at, it was fun. I havn't had fun like that on a monk since. :( Anyone else miss that build? Is it true they destroyed it due to "server lag" ?Hellyan5 Oct 31