Sep 11 lon-ltk bracers I know most the builds recommend strongarm, yet I also see bindings of the lesser gods used on the leader boards. Do bindings have some added benefit even when no mystic ally skill is used?Justice13 Sep 11
Sep 11 Inna 6 Uliana 4 SSS GR100 vid I asked in my other topic whether anyone ran with this setup after the buffs to Uliana, but it didn't seem so. So I did it myself. Keep in mind I have no augments and I'm missing around 40% AD (the latter is a huge issue). I think this'll go up to gr104-105 (or hell maybe even 108 I guess) with some fishing and some slightly better gear, and some augments. Survivability might start being an issue though. GR100 only took about 2-3 tries. My second one should have succeeded but... I filed a bug report already lol. This will be a good season for this spec.StoleOwnCar5 Sep 11
Sep 9 S u g g e s t i o n s In the future I was wondering if it would be at all possible to have the Monks' Blinding Flash and the WD Grasping Dead AOE enlarged, and maybe a primary affix on a piece of armor for the monk to reduce the CD on or removed for Blinding Flash. You know just wondering. It seems almost impossible to find a good legendary Ingeom to equip. I did put one in my Kanai's Cube ( NON- Seas.) since it was beyond shyte! I know there was some other sugg I was going to post, but I can't remember right now so that's it for now.Raine0 Sep 9
Sep 8 Get the 6 bonus and the 4 bonus from another I have the Ring of Royal Grandeur that lowers set item number requirement by 1. I want to wear 4 items from one set and get the 6 item bonus, so I can wear 2 items from another set for its 4 item bonus. Is there some other item I can find to get a 2nd item number bonus?Fumigator3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Mantra of Retribution For some reason I've always liked Mantra of Retribution, my favorite rune is the 10% attack speed but one thing I've always wondered is... Is Mantra of Retribution even worth it? 100-200% weapon damage is taken by enemies when they attack you or when you dodge, has anyone ever actually taken a look to see if this damage from the mantra is even significant? I know it's easy to dismiss several skills from each class as junk obscure skills that absolutely no one uses- mantras are my favorite part of monk so I have a hard time dismissing retribution as one of those junk skills. At face value an offensive mantra like Conviction seems like it would beat the pants off of Retribution..but overall does it? Here's a question: anyone know if mantras are extended to mystics? Come to think of it, but I am not sure if mystics even get attacked- if they do get attacked does retribution mantra extend to mystics also, will enemies take damage from attacking THEM ? What about mantras and followers, do they benefit from them? Does anyone have any opinions on Mantra of Retribution? Has anyone ever found a good use for it, or noticed if the damage it gives is worth while?KandyKane1 Sep 8
Sep 8 stuck at gr 65 any advice on gear hey guys my monk is stuck at Gr 65 I am using sunwuko LTK and I am stuck currently on gr 65 cant seem to go any higher I have no idea on what I should beaiming towards so I can start getting primals please any advice on what I should change would be greatly appreciated please help me if yall can my monks name is doobiez woops forgot to add link to profile Sep 8
Sep 7 Monk Survivability WIll the monk survive the higher gr pushes in the new patch? Also out of curiosity, does the monk class need diamonds in chest and pants more than other dps classes?Justice0 Sep 7
Sep 5 Uliana SSS for a hardcore monk Hello fellow MONKeys. Like many of you I can't wait for 6.2.1 patch and especially Season 12 so I can once more play my all time favorite build, the SSS Uliana Exploding Palm. But, I want to try something diferent this time, play hardcore mode in hopes that I wont get bored so fast playing seasons since progression is slower and requires better defensive tactics. Has anyone played this build in hardcore? How does it perform? Any changes advice for survivability apart from the standard diamond gems in armor, unity ring on follower, etc. PS: I got a new and stable internet connection, 1GBs fibre optic. Thats one reason i decided to try hardcore. Take care and if anyone wants to join me when season 12 starts pls add me. Im gonna play alot. Cheers.AreoHotah2 Sep 5
Sep 4 STUCK AT GR75. Advice?? Stuck at SOLO75. Any advice on how to get more damage output out of innas build/uliana combo.Bustercannon3 Sep 4
Sep 2 New player advice Hello guys, I am new to the game! Can you please inspect my character and give me advice: -what build to use for clearing Rifts and GR -what can I do to get a green set easier -general advice Thank you!antonistheox6 Sep 2
Sep 2 WOL: Lightning vs Fire For single target vs AoE, which one is better? And at what point does Fire is better than lightning? (or Fire is better than lightning in all situations?)imprdl3 Sep 2
Sep 1 Ring options for R6 I'm trying to squeeze as much damage out of this build as possible because it seems a bit low which I'm sure to some degree is because of my relatively low paragon level. But it led me to think about rings and most guides I read suggest SOJ when I'm in a group instead of unity. But what about COE? Which one benefits an R6 build the most if they were to have roughly the same stats?Pwnani4 Sep 1
Sep 1 S11 good gr for grar/para? Hey all, was struggling for ages at start of season and now gear etc is coming together I am making a bit of progress. Just did gr82 and feel I could manage 84/85 in current form. I have no prior experience with monk so wondering if that sounds reasonable for P860?Draghinazzo1 Sep 1
Aug 31 Where will 6R be after patch Debating how much more I want to invest in a 6R build after what I am hearing about the buffs coming to other sets. Frankly, if they are going to put 6R at the bottom I don't want to invest augments and all that. Do you all think 6R will be obsolete compared to the other builds after patch? Let me know what you think.Pwnani14 Aug 31
Aug 31 Need Gear Check to do GR70 Inna's LTK Right now I am stuck at around GR67. I am running Inna's LTK but I am having major issue with it. I don't care to pass GR70 as I only need that rift level for the chance to drop primal gear. My major issue seem to be in running out of spirit really fast. I also get one shot very easily. It like I have no single elemental protection. Anything with elemental damage pretty much down me in one shot. I like this build because it easy to play. So I want to advance with it into GR70 specifically knowing it can surpass that rift level from watching Youtube. I am at a lost as to what to change so that I have better spirit generation with the ability to last longer against elemental damage. Any help from you pro monks player is appreciated.SynN4 Aug 31
Aug 29 cant clear a gr 65 tips please :D I just keep getting one shotted with my seasonal monk tips and advices on the gear are wellcome yes I know I need another unity but the gdam ring is not droppingshadowarrow11 Aug 29
Aug 28 The Patriarch achievement I thought I'd finish up the monk achievements, but it seems like the Patriarch conversations can only be done in campaign mode. I didn't complete the campaign with my monk, so I wondered if there are any shortcuts to ActV? Thanks for any help.Scourge1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Make static charge viable again! Now we have huge buffs in 2.6.1 - uliana and sunwuko seems to dominate other monk sets, but it doesn't mean the gameplay will rock for alot of the monk lovers out there. To be honest I gave up playing R6 generator (mangle) due to low diversity around that set. So why not buff other generators?smiLey1 Aug 28
Aug 28 WOL: Rabid vs. Blade Can anyone confirm my hypothesis that for WOL builds, the best weapon config is going to be: 1. Vengeful Wind + Rabid strike + torch (cubed) rather than 2. Vengeful + Kyoshiro's + torch(cubed) My napkin math tells me that Rabid adds a 2x multiplier + 200% from clones with Bindings of the Lesser God (which they supposedly fixed). The hard part about working out the full multiplier is that I think the 200% only gets added to half of your WOL's (the ones cast by clones). I was able to do a solo 80 with my Pillar version, but that version is setup for being a trash clearer for groups, so I its like comparing apples to oranges. Has anyone tested this (*cough* Davlok *cough*)EigenVector4 Aug 28
Aug 27 what's wrong with my monk? hi everyone. so this season(11) I've tried monk, and maybe I was unlucky with gear but as some seems to do 100+ GR I am very very weak, unable to do like GR30. So here's my monk Jedi I also have another monk. What gear change should I do or maybe what parangon should I prioritize? Thanks Lid.Lidrach3 Aug 27
Aug 27 R6 monk leg gem dilemma Was wondering if swapping out Bane of the Trapped for Gok of Swiftness would be a good move. Unsure what to think so I am looking to get the opinions of those in the community.Pwnani5 Aug 27
Aug 26 [Important] Mythic Rythm I haven't seen any changes in previous patch notes about this passive, but it seems that Uliana's is coming back in 2.6.1 - for solo meta maybe, I don't know. But if it does that passive skill needs to be redesigned. The way it works right now, is that if you're using Uliana EP and apply EP manually (MR buffs applies only if you apply EP this way) , you can't use health pot or gain paragon level without losing the MR buff, so players have been rolling life per sec on their gear in pre-patches, it's a big waste of stat slots, especially when uliana's is not the best defensive set / build out there. Take this into considiration devs, if you haven't already.smiLey6 Aug 26
Aug 25 [2.5] Twelve Kick Monk Why 12? Because you have 10 Mystc Allies + You + Rabid Clone kicking stuff in the face! (note: allies don't actually LTK, but they do kick stuff!) This is just a simple guide for a S10 Inna set + LTK for some quick Torment X-XIII farming and solo gem leveling! (Last 3 seasons I usually resorted to SWK-WoL of some form and avoided SWK-LTK stacks management). Reached GR70 with some excessive dying to Perendi and farmed Torment XIII with a medium level of efficiency at low paragons. Inna is a super flexible base set to use with just about any other skill damage multiplier items (SSS, LTK, WoL, TR), so this build really isn't anything new. I was just surprised how well it worked without equipping Gyana and finally got to use a non-fire rune with Rabid Strike ^_^ As with most early-season builds, your RNG luck with items (particularity your few weapon ancients) will probably dictate what build you go for, but this season has been fairly painless using this. I actually used a Jawbreaker as a welfare In-Geom for the first 400 paragon -_- Gearing: Basic Starter Version (Extra Toughness Recommended Replacement) Inna Helm/Chest/Gloves/Belt/Pants Lefebvre's Soliloqy Bindings of a Lesser God / Nemesis Bracer / Strongarms Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac Traveler's Pledge + Compass Rose -OR- Hellfire + CoE/SoJ Crudest Boots Scarbringer / In-Geom (Crystal Fist) Cube: Rabid Strike, Rivera Dancers, RRG Gems: Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Powerful, Gogok, Enforcer, Boon of the Hoarder (whatever you prefer!) * - My pledge doesn't have a socket, so I'm still only using 2 gems ^_^; Stats Priorities With OrtZ and using Insight, just use whatever your best gear has ^_^ I focused more on RCR than CDR. Build Skills: (Toughness Replacement) LTK: Sweeping Armada - Fun! DS; Radiance - IAS! (Blinding Speed) Annihilation/Transgression - speed! (Agiltiy) Mystic Ally Insight - Spirit + Teleport (Desert Shroud) Implosion/Wall of Wind - For Grouping/Relentless STI - 30%! Bacon of Ytar - protein Relentless Assault - Cold Ally 3s freeze = win (Harmony) NDE (or Harmony) LTK Rune is flexible with whatever you have +% element with. I preferred Sweeping Armada as a large radius melee rune so I could Epiphany teleport. Gameplay Use Epiphany + LTK into combat and activate ally to heal/spirit-up/freeze elites until legendaries drop! If pushing that GR70 for the first time, sub in Crystal Fist, Agility, and some toughness rolls to unlock those primals! Sample T13/T12/T11 Gameplay Video Aug 25
Aug 25 Ptr ep monk Saw someone say in general that it wont go live like it is currently. Is it too good/bad? Ive read accounts between people who say its too much damage and others say its not good enough and dont really know who to take seriously. Anyone got any firsthand exp?Tzutsu2 Aug 25
Aug 25 PTR 2.6.1 SSS Uliana's Monk Hi, wanted to check if Mythic Rhythm bonus is added to the EPs generated from using primary skills? Or is it same as before, where have to punch the air and then apply EP manually to get the MR-buffed EP and let it explode and spread?unhomie1 Aug 25
Aug 24 ZDPS? I have not played monk in forever and was curious if there is a mobile zdps build out there for group play with my friends. I have looked at quite a few builds and started to regear a monk but I feel more squishy than my WD and DH which is wierd. This is probably mostly gear dependent but it bugs me. Im guessing rhimeheart / frostburns etc is no longer the way but is there a fast movement build that can pull for my friends and won't get instajibbed? If not what would you guys suggest for basically trying to farm gr80? Im not looking to push 100 or anything im not that hardcore. Thanks in advance!Tzutsu11 Aug 24
Aug 23 GR91 gear check Hi all! Can somebody please take a look at my seasonal monk and tell me how far I can expect to go with it? Sort of stuck on GR 91. I feel like I can do it with the right rift, but I just burned 10 keys trying and I just seem to keep getting stuck with rifts full of narrow corridors and monsters with knockback. Not sure if I'm doing it wrong, or if it's my gear, or if I just had a run of bad luck with the rift rng. Is burning this many keys this common? I tend to switch around between dualgen and single gen, and have been getting similar results with both.icedagger2 Aug 23
Aug 22 Pushing more out of my monk I've done GR75, but I haven't pushed higher yet as I'm leveling some gems to argument my gear to 65+. (Toon is pewpewpew) Questions I have are, I'm using cripping wave here and there when I run out of energy, is that more of a timing issue I'm having or do I need to something different? -and- Is my gear/setup correct for pushing further? Thank you for any reply's/help!deadkennedys0 Aug 22
Aug 22 Is Fist of Azturasqu Still Out There? Has anyone gotten one recently? I've been after it for some time now, and no matter how much stuff I put through the cube, I can't seem to get one.Aerodyne3 Aug 22
Aug 21 Retro changes and Sunwoko/Ul's Just a couple questions I returned just before 2.6 came out and haven't been through a patch cycle. I know none of the main legendaries is retroactive, but I wanted to verify a couple things before I did them. 1) Kanai's Cubes items are retroactive and will immediately have the new bonus? 2) Set bonuses are completely retroactive and will go into effect immediately? 3) Individual legendaries are NOT, but will be able to be reforged to at least get a decent new one or not? As far as the new builds, for Sunwoko WoL it doesn't seem like any items except the cubed Daibo and set bonuses are changing so assuming it's still solid after they tweak numbers this could be fully built prepatch? The Uliana's LTK/EP setup does have a few items that will change so you will need to reforge or get new drops to get this up at running at a higher level than current builds right? Is one or the other of the above starting to come out significantly on top? Or more fun to play? I know there's still a lot of tweaking just curious.Apocalus2 Aug 21
Aug 20 sup monk speed 82 i will have to gear a sup monk for 82 speeds with 3 wizard. do you have a guide / tipps for a build / gearing / playstyle for me?lib10 Aug 20
Aug 19 Mantra of retubution hey. was wondering if there is anny hope of getting mantra of retrubutin changed? right now its a imitation of torns, only it gets non of the benifits that Thorns items give, and it dosen't compliment torns damage back. or am i wrong? im pretty sure this skill is never used, atlest i havent seen anny builds with it, and by changing it to actual torns dmg, it might open the way for some viable monk torns build. anny thoughts?Helten1 Aug 19
Aug 18 Sunwuko Farm Build Greetings! Roses are red, and my English is bad. So, I'm trying to make Sunwuko/Sage farm build. That's what I have now: Reference build: I need your wise advice: am I going right direction? Reference build is capable to fast farm T13? With my current set up, I can handle with Т8-T10, any further moves leads me to serious dps/toughness problems. Weapons is potatoe (low damage, In-Geom with int), still missing Rivera Dancers and Focus.Oberon5 Aug 18
Aug 18 How good are WoL builds for speed farming? How well can I expect a Wave of Light based build to do at solo speed farming? Like how high can a good WoL farming set go on the GR while trying to run under 5 minutes? I've been trying out an SWK WoL build and have been clearing T12 and up to GR60 with a set of gear I cobbled together from my stash. I'm really liking the playstyle (except for the SWK stack part), and was wondering how high I can expect to go with it. Also, would a LoN version be potentially be better? I'm looking for some way to farm T13 on the quick and easy. That seems doable with my current gear with a few tweaks, but I'm interested in knowing if it can get my gems up to 70 this season without too much of a headache.icedagger13 Aug 18
Aug 18 6p raiment monk is squishy Literally can't take a hit for !@#$ at gr 60 even. This is with guardians path. My hammerdin was so much more tankier, what gives? This is bull%^-*Pwnani7 Aug 18
Aug 17 Even if they tweak the numbers... ... the SWK stack annoyance bonanza is finally coming to an end. This weekend I will raise my glass towards the skies, and let the slowly fading summer sun kiss my cheeks, as I'll utter a toast to blizzard for doing, for once, exactly what I had hoped for.Mousserande0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Return of Uliana Monk? After the new changes on the PTR, would the set be viable again? I assume you wouldn't even need to bother with a Stricken gem and could go with a defensive gem. Gogok and BotP would stay right?Jaybonaut7 Aug 17
Aug 16 Big PTR changes! The redesign of Sunwuko set is quite impressive. It no longer consumes stacks of Sweeping Wind and deals 600% per stack of SW. Vengeful Wind is a BiS item, either cubed or equipped. Also the complimenting legendary items for TR, LTK and WoL are getting significant buffs. Uliana is also getting some big buffs. Fist of Az goes to 400% to 500% and U6 increases EP by 1800%! Uliana 4 goes from double total SSS damage with each hit to 777% total damage with each hit!! Inna 6 Uliana 4 will be very nasty indeed.Khord13 Aug 16
Aug 16 Where does 6p raiment rate I'm working on a 6p raiment monk build with crippling wave to solo push GR's. I was wondering where the 6p Raiment generator build rates for solo pushing vs other Monk builds, would I be better served using another build? Thanks in advance.Pwnani4 Aug 16
Aug 15 reaug' 60-70's as 80's or aug' follower gear? I have all my gear (minus my bracers which i can't get a decent roll on yet) augmented, but most of it is at lvl 60 and 70 range augment. my follower's gear is almost completely unaugmented. which should I focus on first? thanks! :) <3gaygirlgg1 Aug 15
Aug 15 Pushing Past GR81++ Hi everyone, I am trying to get past GR81++ on my seasonal monk and i don't think i have enough DPS at the current moment. I am using a hybrid of inna's/raiment gen monk and i just wanna know if my stats are currently sufficient for GR80++ or what do i need to improve in order to push higher. (if stats are good enough, it just means i am not playing properly, or unlucky). would appreciate any advice from the peeps who are in the high 80s/90s +++ thanks so much! heres a link to my monk OCD Aug 15
Aug 15 Primal Inna's daibo reroll help should I reroll Resource Cost or Life Per Hit? Lower spirit costs is always nice, and so is high Life Per Hit with Cyclone Strike, but neither is that great for the build.gaygirlgg2 Aug 15
Aug 14 Tempest Rush GR 70 Is it possible to clear a GR 70 with sub 700 paragon with a TR build?ifuhad2guess3 Aug 14
Aug 14 IAS vs Health Globe healing Bonus for zdps IAS vs Health Globe healing Bonus for zdps With ring got up from 44% to 51% for IAS but no globe bonus - tradeoff is drop of about 29,000 HG bonus - I presume it's the right thing to do ( plus there is 85 on the new Oculus ring which is a big step from the low 70's )DirectorsCut1 Aug 14
Aug 10 Madstone still in the game? UPDATE: 11:10 PM EST 113 rare spirit stones upgraded. Still no Madstone. I know this sounds like an unusual thing to ask, but is this spirit stone still in the game? I took a long break from the game and I don't know if they changed it or removed it from the game or anything. I farmed up approximately 1200 deaths breath and I upgraded a total of 48 rare spirit stones and I didn't get the madstone for some reason. Can anyone shed some light on this? I was kinda disappointed to spend so much deaths breath and not get any results. I was hoping to use all the deaths breath on some other things, not blow it all on one spirit stone.OrangeJuice12 Aug 10
Aug 10 zDPS Question for GR 80 - 90 I was wondering if anyone can help me about what a great build would be for GR 80-90 with me the zDPS and any 3 random dps classes , if you can make a diablo planner or if there is a guide it would help me out alot :)PuppetMaster1 Aug 10
Aug 10 6P Raiment Monk build question. Just started my 6p Raiment monk build and I have a question regarding the choice of dashing strike or way of a hundred fists. It would seem to me that the 12,500% increase in dmg would be too good to pass up but it requires me to use dashing strike. But a lot of builds I see are using way of a hundred fists instead. What gives?Pwnani3 Aug 10
Aug 10 Monk Helm Reroll Playing a WoL build - have a Tzo Krin's with spirit regen and vit - need a socket, though. I could use the regen, but I'm not sure how much 2.83 spirit per second really translates to across a rift - if it'd even be noticeable spamming WoL. Any opinions?fartnmahboxr1 Aug 10
Aug 9 Hit a wall (Seasonal) Hey everyone I'm looking for some advice as I have no real idea what I should be doing right now to gear up. My goal is to be zdps support/tank, but I just can't get any gear. My highest grift I can solo is low 30s, I just can't get any useful gear to drop at this point. I try to find loot share groups, but my gear is bad and no one wants to take me. I'm kinda all over the place and that is my problem. I feel like after hitting 70 and getting several sets I don't know what to do. Any help would be great.Dave1 Aug 9
Aug 9 Greater Rift 60 ... Stuck I've been trying to hit 70 so i can finally get some primals, but i'm having sustain issues at 60 along with a little bit less dmg than i would like. Id prefer to stay with inna, but if theres something out there thats just out right a better set please let me know <3 Aug 9