Nov 7 Amulet advice What would be better with Travelers Pledge in R6 gen "Dex, ChC, ChD" or "AD, ChC, ChD" While rolling for Fire%/ChC/ChD I was able to get a 19%AD with ChC/ChD (98%/10%) So the question is, how much more Important is AD over Dex? I know dex is a damage and armor boost, but I dont actually know the finer details enough with AD and Dex to make a good enough choice.Faux6 Nov 7
Nov 7 Whats with the travelers pledge set? I haven't played my monk since seasons became a thing, so probably a REALLY noob question but...Why is everyone using travelers pledge over F/R? Is it mainly just used for really high grifts so you free up a slot for unity? Monks seem to have really high toughness thanks to the shoulders+bracers, why is unity even needed? I tried using the combo when just farming rifts and cant really keep the damage buff high enough to really even matter, am i just not playing correctly? Another question, why dont gen monks use hunters wrath? Seems really good. Edit: This is purely for gen monk buildAndrameda3 Nov 7
Nov 6 Questions about Group meta (mechanics) The current meta consists of ZDPS Barb, WD (bats), DPS Monk and ZDPS Monk. I try to get into it, but when looking at the specs, there are a few questions that you can probably help me with: 1. ZDPS monks sometimes use the Ulianas set to attach exploding palms. since they dont use the skill (EP) on the skill bar, all those EP are vanilla. As i read, they only use it to make the mobs bleed for the WD, who uses pain enhancer. Q: Why is this needed? When the WD channels firebats, the mobs around him should bleed anyways? 2. Does the Firebat WD need to snapshot the attack speed for his firebats? Or does this work dynamically? 3. The DPS monk needs to snaphot his AS for bane of the stricken. If i understand this right, he needs to wait for buffs of the cubed flying dragon and then drink a potion to snapshot the AS for the internal cooldown of BOTS? 4. Are there any other (other then flying dragon) AS buffs for the DPS monk that he needs to snapshot?haigen2 Nov 6
Nov 6 Need a little help with build I seem to have hit a major flatline on my main HC Toon ( I can push GR43 comfortably, GR44 is a hot-step dance of death. Can't seem to break any higher, and any ancient gear I'm finding is only so-so stat-wise. Is there anything else I can do to help optimize the build aside from paragon farming?Vullunviing6 Nov 6
Nov 5 Does Salvation/Agility work as advertised? The Mantra of Salvation has a rune called Agility. It increases the Dodge Chance by 35%. I do see that under the Details for Defense, it says Dodge Chance 35%, when I invoke that skill. Will it actually allow my Monk to Dodge 35% of all attacks? I seem to recall that Dodge been nerfed.ForeverFree6 Nov 5
Nov 5 Uliana's AD vs CDR Which is better and why exactly It seams like AD would be better since it's an AOE build. Is this the case or am I wrong. The CDR only really seems to lower the epiphany cd. Seven sided strike seems hardly effected. Is having epiphany up that often such a huge deal?SuddenNerf0 Nov 5
Nov 5 Never played Monk, need build suggestion. This season will be the 1st time I've played Monk and am lost on which of the many builds I should play. I solo most of the time unless it's a pub to farm DBS and want to be able to do some progression. I'm currently Uliana but the gear is a giant pita to get proper rolls for. I am wondering what other build is simple enough yet effective. I don't mind a learning curve but I also don't want constant mashing of keys (I am aware of numlock). SWK WoL? SWK LTK? Shen's? Any advice is greatly appreciated.Malachore6 Nov 5
Nov 5 WOL - Crystal Fists vs. Vengeful Wind Why do guides recommend Crystal Fist over Vengeful Wind? Vengeful Wind - Increases the maximum stack count of Sweeping Wind by 6–7. Crystal Fist - Dashing Strike reduces your damage taken by 40–50% for 6 seconds. Sunwuko 4 pc - Every second Sweeping Wind spawns a decoy next to the last enemy you hit that taunts nearby enemies and then explodes for 1000% weapon damage for each stack of Sweeping Wind you have.gwjunkie5 Nov 5
Nov 4 LTK Monk question I seem to be having trouble maintaining SW stacks especially against Guardians. I run out of stacks rather than spirit quicker resulting in being at times very vulnerable. Do you usually alternate presses on LTK and SW to maintain at least 1 SW stack?jtcdgroup3 Nov 4
Nov 3 Lf Zmonk for 2-man Gr 80 I'll be on and off all night with my seasonal WD. PM meJUGGERNAUT0 Nov 3
Nov 3 Viable 80+ non-KB-mashing Monk build? Hey Monk sub-forummers. 5 years and 7 seasons later, I still haven't played a Monk in D3 yet. I last remembered good monk builds needing to mash skills to be effective. Has that changed? Are there any good, cost-effective Monk builds which don't require mashing? Thinking of trying a Monk build this time around, but not inclined to mash my keyboard lol.Avenged5 Nov 3
Nov 3 Lion Claw roll just got this ancient Lion Claw, what should I roll on it? 1476-1811 damage 8% damage 955 dex 997 vit damage % for cdr?Ghoffman1 Nov 3
Nov 2 Question on Innas Kind of a noob question mainly spawning from the fact that I just ran Innas again and it seemed a lot weaker.. I dont have a fist of az yet, just my luck so I was running the pet build so it was easier to see the damage the pets do.. and I gotta say it seemed fairly weak--> My initial thought was maybe the 40% CC resistance per knockback had some affect on Bindings of the Lesser Gods because it says "affected" by cyclone strike... but that would mean that they never worked against RG's and i'm pretty sure they do--.. I also had a friend just now say he felt same way innas felt weaker.. anyway - if anyone has some insight plz lmk tyDarth3 Nov 2
Nov 2 Uliana - why life per second? looking at some uliana builds i see everyone stacking life per second and not usual toughness stuff. why is that, i always thought that stat is crap. also, few more question: 1. cdr stacking is for dashing and epiphany as i understand - how much would be optimal? 2. is it worth rolling sss dmg on gear? how much of overall dmg does it do? 3. f+r or endless walk?Križ12 Nov 2
Nov 1 What did you do on your monk today? RoS v2.0 Looks like the 1.0 "What did you do today" thread has reached its post count, so it's time for 2.0. So to start things off I'll list all my characters and my thoughts moving forward towards what is probably the penultimate content patch of RoS looking forward into the next (and possibly final) Diablo 3 expansion ^_^ Definitely feel Season 3 has lasted a bit too long after an almost perfect Season 2 length, and don't even have motivation to farm until PTR goes online so I can at least pretend to have the goal of preparing for the next patch. 黄包车 Monk - Davlok - No-Sunwuko Still consider my "main" monk, but haven't liked R6 gameplay enough to promote it to Davlok-status. Still hoping the 6pc Sunwuko will bring things full-circle and we can end RoS using a real spender. 扫射镭射 - Muffpunch - Nats/UE Realized I don't like being completely glass cannon above GR50 relying on zWDs, nor did I really enjoy learning the Nats rotation. Slow-balls is kind of fun but less enjoyable than the good old sentry auto-firing. Lazy-gene too stronk. 火 Monk - Davrok - DW-Gong Mode Sriracha Even after getting an Ancient In-Geom, Gong-Mode is my preferred T6 farming method. Could still use a better Sunkeeper and SoJ though! 弓術護腕 Monk - Epee - EP/CS Someday I'll consider adding Innas or F/R to the setup, but plan to coast through the rest of 2.2 without a ruby in helm. 免費譴責 - Warhammer Haven't enjoyed any Crusader builds since the holy shotgun, so hopefully the 2.3 set will be worth gambling for. 废弃物管理 - Boomdynamite - WotW Slowly building up an ancient barb gear set from shared loot. Just need an ancient BK sword pair to magically appear in town. 超級飛踢打睾 Monk - Daviok - Raiment6 Total Raiment time played still lags behind my Crusader who I haven't played in a few patches. Don't expect to practice much more with Raiment, no motivation to swap from DW to FD even though I have a variety of nice ancient FDs to pick from. On a semi-related side note, also submitted some lame 3D art to the Blizzcon art contest. Totally didn't follow the rules, and MS Paint was definitely involved ^_^Davlok134 Nov 1
Oct 31 How to play a gen monk? Hey guys, I'm relatively new to the current gen monk playstyle and I am struggling a lot. I need some advice from more seasoned players on the following questions: How do you keep your character alive? This is like my #1 problem. I avoid big hits to the best of my abilities and I don't really get killed by that a lot. Rather, its when I am surrounded by a bunch of things and my FD is not proc'ing. I'm okay with FD when my AS is super high and I can sustain. But when FD expires I just don't have enough sustain. Perhaps I should get some LoH on weapons? Currently both of my weapons have dex vit AD (rolled) socket. The second one actually related to the first and that is how do you keep FD up? I feel like my FD is only up <50% of the time during the duration of the grift whether solo or in a group. Is it just a purely random effect that I have to cross my fingers and hope for every time? Last question, how do you guys play this build non-stop for a long game session? Every time I play this for 2-3 rifts, I feel my index finger (holding down mangle) completely numb and my right arm extremely tired. Is there a trick to key binding and relaxed play using this build? Thanks in advance! [edit] one more question. When you are in a decent group pushing for GRs (ie, assuming everyone does everything correctly), are you, as a gen monk dps, still supposed to attempt to dodge large attacks/freezing explosion/arcane sentries etc. with repositioning or assume the heal monk+barb will pull you through so that you can continuously stand there and dps?PhatPFighter9 Oct 31
Oct 31 Set Dungeons Hi all! I did not know where to write about but I think but it will be good. The set dungeons are heavy, there's very little time and I think it should be longer. There are many problems with it all classes.... :/Bridget0 Oct 31
Oct 30 Cube reforge : 2nd Weapon or Amulet ? Hi guys, I'm wondering what's the best option when it comes to spend my mats right now : I have one Ancient Shenlong's fist, one non-ancient one, and one Pledge Amulet with crit damage but no crit chance. Should I reforge my 2nd weapon to Ancient or focus on the Amulet first ? I guess it comes down to how dual-wield damage calculation works etc. but I don't really know about that. Thanks in advance !Morgoth2 Oct 30
Oct 29 How to pick the better Gyana na Kashu? I have: 1. LTK 83% fireball 1372% 2. LTK 94% fireball 1312% which one is better and why?Armisal3 Oct 29
Oct 29 Innas? Monk newbie Hi monks, I'm former Wiz... Never played Monk in a way that I would understand what's actually going on as I played just zdps builds. So far it looks like I will have the easiest time gearing full Innas build. Profile after 1 day farming: Is it good? Is it end game? Both group and solo gr75 playable? Before I start investing heavily into the rerolling, I would love you to recommend me whether go Innas or not and wait for other items making other builds possible for me. And in that case what is the build I should go for? Many thanks, RobertRobertVarga0 Oct 29
Oct 28 About SWK LTK monk Hi everyone, there's some build variant for the Suwonko LTK monk I'm trying to test but I need clarification on some info first, help much appreciated! 1. does the fire DoT damage from Vulture Claw Rune proc sweeping wind stacks? as in, does it actually trigger crits? 2. I know the fireball from Gyanna Ka Kashu gets boosted by +fire%, but does it get boosted by Scarbringer or Riverea dancers as well? Also, how important is the +75%-100% Lashing Tail Kick additive damage bonus in the overall damage formula? (because i'm really tempted to drop this helm and cube something else in the cube instead of RoRG).YakumoYukari5 Oct 28
Oct 28 Wave of Light - Pillar or Explosive Light? Yo, If spirit power isn't an issue, which has the highest dps: Pillar of the Ancients or Explosive Light? I see all guides recommending Explosive Light with Cindercoat in cube, but I've noticed I can keep the spam up fine with Pillar if I run The Mind's Eye in cube instead. Is there any hidden reason (proc coeff., multi-hits, other random !@#$ D3 doesn't tell you) to run Explosive Light over Pillar of the Ancients when Explosive Light seems to mathematically do less damage? I'm running the ranged SWK build by the way, if this has any impact.Wrexsoul1 Oct 28
Oct 28 Ancient with no 2ndary resist worth using? Hey all Just got the pants today, but got a lil worried when I saw there was no 2ndary resists to help boost Harmony. The first reroll I did gave me the 130 AR which helps make up for what I lost from the last pants, (which btw had physical resists)but I still lose the 5k+ regen it had. Is the stat boost worth giving the extra AR or regen? Thanks all Also please excuse the yellow ring/Blood Brother, the RNGods has been kind to me in some paces but not so much in others.Taifighter0 Oct 28
Oct 28 Sweeping wind dmg bonus for LTK Sunwuko build Is there any benefit to having a sweeping wind damage bonus on gear? Does this improve LTK damage in any way? Or is this a stat that should always be changed? Thanks in advance.Dante003 Oct 28
Oct 27 help help leveling... captcaveman1508 add me joinCaptCaveMan0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Inna tips The best set (Personal opinion) for monk is innas, i use all 6 of them and the boots that give 1 extra ally. Make sure you get those boots if your using the set. Also the innas weapon gives a lot of mystic ally damage. use reforge or upgrade a legendary to get that. if you do that you can get really powerful.D3GAMER0 Oct 27
Oct 26 the flow of eternity has a low droprate? How many tries does it take for you to get it from the cube? 20+ tries for me so far with zero luck :(.Sang42 Oct 26
Oct 26 S8 build I'm going to try out a monk for season 8. I play mostly solo and mostly casual and never tried monk. what are my best options if i want to get through all of the journey?Ghoffman13 Oct 26
Oct 25 Kyoshiro better to cast WoL in blank area? With Kyoshiro's Blade is it better to cast WoL in a blank area without monster? Since if the initial impact hit 3 or fewer monster it deal more damage...?Elezen1 Oct 25
Oct 25 4 MAN GR 100+ GR Engagement Questions Okay - the noob is back with more DPS Monk questions. Got my first taste of Four Man last night. Dear lord it's like crack !@#$%^- - D3 on steroids . . . FIRST QUESTION: What is the best line to use when engaging the RG? Let's keep this simple and say it's a stationary single target RG. Option 1: Attack with Mangle. That's it. Option 2: Standard rotation. Mangle and then Assimilation to get one stack for an extra 5% damage then back to Mangle. Does that even work? Option 3: Attack with WotHF/Assimilation for the first half of the battle switching to Mangle on CoE Fire only. Why? To stack more stricken?!? Does that even work? At half health go full mangle except for CoE Physical you use Assimilation. Option 4: Something else . . . I have literally been given advice to do all three options from many different people. Can't get a consensus. So hoping some of you pros can chime in - otherwise I am off to test on Ghom and will report back. SECOND QUESTION: Should the DPS Monk kill trash like normal in a GR, or should he hold off (i.e., sit in Inner Sanctuary, spam WotHF just to keep alive and don't dash) and just let the WD do his thing until the WD says it's okay to GO with Mangle? When WD says GO, you dash and switch to Mangle and wreck everything you can. Again, I have heard differing opinions on this. And if we are supposed to hold off, help me understand the mechanics of why that works please! Apologies for noob questions!!kcbandit15 Oct 25
Oct 25 What starter build for Uliana 6pc? Got the dark end of the RNG and haven't found a Flow of Eternity and Gungdo Gear so far, so my Uliana is pretty crappy. What kind of build can i do with just the 6 pieces and a bunch of yellows zero sinergy legendaries?DarkSpell11 Oct 25
Oct 23 Monk U6 in game/Gungdo+Madstone worth? Well let say i apply my EP on the monster then my friend apply hes EP and i use Seven Side Strike... will the Uli Set work ? (Make it explode for each strike? ) or do we need to use madstone...(the helm)? Will gungdo gear become useless if i use madstone? i want to use nemesisElezen3 Oct 23
Oct 23 Essence Burn? I know cold is the stronger rune, but i like the feel of the essence burn, but i have some questions for monks who have the items and tried it out. 1. Does convention of elements increase the 3 sec dot? 2. Does the palm fist 300%dmg increase the 3 sec dot? thanks for any help :)Sortvind1 Oct 23
Oct 22 Best HC monk build? Hey all, I'm trying to get a feel for what are tanky, and viable builds for Monks this season in HC. Would be for pushing solo progression. I'm leaning towards U6, and that is because I hear that ltk builds pop pretty easily. How would builds rank from tankiest to squishiest?SamHarty3 Oct 22
Oct 22 Monk Rimefrost Build 80-100 build This one of more hardiest builds to achieve. please try to note that items need be close to perfect as they can be , its very very defensive as the offensive is very high this build can easy scale 50-60 with unperfect/ancient gear but ancient gear you things just dieSakurarosa1 Oct 22
Oct 21 Is there an updated list of Gen dam I know people have tested this .. Cur the highest single target isDarth6 Oct 21
Oct 21 The GR80 Club! Edit 3: increased to the GR80 club! for 2.4.1 (Season/Era 6) Edit 2: increased to the GR70 club! for 2.4 (Season/Era 5) Edit: increased to the GR60 club! Sounds like a good goal for S4 as well! Hadn't started a club in a while, but have been hoping to join this one for a long time... actually since they announced Greater Rifts and Legendary Gems. Tier 50! I'm sure it will be super-easy to solo soon with R6, but its all about personal progression anyways. Had around 16 keys saved up from helping a DH buddy level keys a few months back and finally got to fish with them today. Hate Taeguk & Gogok, so went with both S2 gems + BotT and after a few epic fails trying to solo a RG without adds, decided to add SoJ and drop RRG. Had a free slot for belt and used String of Ears. So toughness wasn't much of an issue (85m+). Completed quite a few GR50s past the timer just to level gems for my other monks until I found the right rift! I absolutely suck at EP targeting, and it took me nearly the entire RG fight to figure out how to best draw the RG into the skeletons. >_> So if you watch the video, make sure to laugh at my EP targeting and Forbidden Palace placements heh. Did finally pull one off at the end. So I will once again be retiring Davlok after a good day of GR-Mode. Was frustrating but now that I am out of keys and ready to try something new. Time to figure out a good/lazy Raiment DS rotation. Still hope to numlock as much as possible for T6, and will give GR a shot by the end of the season. Hopefully rejoin this club with a Flying Dragon ^_^Davlok410 Oct 21
Oct 19 Monk Support Duo Question Hi all, First time posting. My wife and I just started playing D3 in season 7. So far we have been absolutly loving this game. S7 I played a Wizzy and her a DH. This season we plan on going Duo Monk. We hope to be well accepted into groups this season and we are wondering what support builds would makes most appealing to others. I have very limited knowlege on support Monks and from the looks of it there are many different variations on how to build one. As for DPS Monks those seem to pretty cut and dry for this season. For some back ground info I do know how to use the diablofans website but sadly alot of the builds don't offer up playstyle and reasoning to gear selection. I also have watched through some on Quin69 videos and not able to find much on support monk builds. Honestly if someone could offer up a basline mediocore support build for like GR40-70s, then a progessivly better option for GR70-90s, and then end with an Elite 90s+ option. We thank you all so kindly.BeastMastr871 Oct 19
Oct 19 S8 Uliana MR snapshotting still a must? Thinking of going Monk for S8 and we get Uliana as the gift assuming nothing is changed. In order to progress in high GR is using a snapshot of the passive Mythic Rhythm still required?jtcdgroup3 Oct 19
Oct 18 Zdps monk Hey guys! Would someone who plays/knows a zdps monk mind taking a look at mine and telling me how im doing? Is there anything I need to switch up/change? Thanks in advance! Oct 18
Oct 18 Exploding Palm Proc Coefficient Does anyone know if the Exploding Palm explosion has a proc coefficient? My guess is "no" judging on how easy it is to chain the effect but I'm wondering is anyone has anything better than a guess.caracc0 Oct 18
Oct 17 Uliana monk improvement Hi, I need some advice concerning my Uliana GR monk. This is my first char in the game ever! Any general advice concerning eq and skills are welcome but I also have a issue which is more specific. I want to find some replacement for CoE and mystic rhythm. I don't like waiting for the cold damage to appear and spread one EP for all the rift just to sustain the buff. But it seems like there is no option since there is nothing like that in the guides or other threads. I tried many solutions but there seems to be little room for serious improvment. 1. RoRG, putting Soliloqium on shoulders and trying to find any reasonable buff in Kanai - Death Guards, Skeleton King Paulders, St Archews, Spirit guards for even more damage reduce. Yan hexing pants but they just don't like the seven sided strike - I didn't manage to performe the sss with the 25% bonus. 2. Broken Promises - but for this to work properly I would need to lower my CHC 3. Zodiac - SSS Uliana Monk does not seem to benefit much from the cooldown since the skill is chosen randomly 4 Oculus ring! even that... - I benefited from double (+follower) bonus of damage enhance but I presume it's a little waste of Kanai power The most promising was zodiac but I was little bit disappointed of the small influence on the seven sided strike cooldown. Any propositions are welcome. I know there should be a major breakthorugh since I've seen many U6 monks doing gr 80+. The last thing is that my style of play is rather casual, I don't like all the fancy actions with spreading one EP with mystic rhythm throughout al. the rift. Is it possible not to do it and still proceed to gr 80+? Thanks for any guidance.dizelsky53 Oct 17
Oct 17 U6 for season 8, did it change? I havent been able to play lately and unable to play PTR this time around also, did anything change with U6 to make it more viable? Or is it still the same? Additional, did they even release any info about it yet? Looking through the forums I really havent found much about it.Faux6 Oct 17
Oct 16 Swamp Land Waders reroll? I just used the cube to craft an ancient pair of SWL for a LoN LTK monk and I am wondering should I reroll the Int for Dex or roll Poison Dart for Vit or roll Thorns secondary to a secondary resist? 649 Int 110 All Resist 14% Poison Dart Two Sockets 3422 Thorns Sacrifice legendary affixKhord2 Oct 16
Oct 14 Unity Does the passive Unity count your mystic allies in the effect?Ritzey2 Oct 14
Oct 14 max CDR achieved! -- 81.30 CDR = 81.30 missing 1% cdr from Shoulders perma seren perma epiphany perma pull perma dashCatz19 Oct 14
Oct 13 Got my Extra Stash! Here's how I did Avarice: Phew! I was worried since Seasons ends tomorrow—but finally got it last night! Was stuck on Avarice as my last achievement. Got it on my first try too! Here are my steps: - Leved Boon of the Hoarder gem to 50. This took me about an hour of straight grifts. - Tried on t11 with One Punch Monk spec. - Equipped follower with any and all Gold Find gear. To my understanding, a certain percentage gets calculated into Gold Find percentage - Socketed a Emerald gem to my helm - Ran through Ruins of Corvus, opening all doors, walking across all walls to make sure scarabs groups are all spawned. Didn't kill anything, yet. Walked from way point all the way to Adria's entrance. Didn't equip follower and pet yet either! - Once I reached Adria's entrance I ported back and equipped necessary gear, pet and follower. Equipping Avarice Ring, Boon of the Hoarder and In-geom really helped! - Ran through the entire dungeon, in a linear path with no backtracks. Killing everything. - Ended up with approx 69mil There you have it!Fido1 Oct 13
Oct 13 [2.4.2]LoH LTK variation (solo) 90+ My video was high ping (due to video recording) so I was dying and did stop the game. closed 93 1400 para season closed 95 1600 para non seasonBeginner0k1 Oct 13
Oct 12 D3 planner and Alacrity Does Alacrity passive multiply with all sheet IAS? I cannt seem to figure out the math.Fishy1 Oct 12
Oct 12 Clarification Can Set dungeon be done in a party>? Yes or NAH thank you. Heard it can be done but some says cantUnrest3 Oct 12