Feb 18 Wave Of Light/LTK & Bane Of The Trapped I see these gem recommended for each of these builds but I do not know what "control-impairing" mechanic I am employing to proc this gem? Should I be using another gem instead? ThanksHessdalen4 Feb 18
Feb 18 Improve my Build So I heard about Primal Ancients only dropping once you've completed GR70 solo and I'm right on the cusp of doing it. I've tried a few times but I'm usually a good 1 minute or so behind of killing the Grift guardian in time. Any tips for Uliansas?ScaryLarry2 Feb 18
Feb 17 Elite Damage vs Damage Take a look at this monk. Why does he roll his weapons to 8% elite damage when he could have chosen 10% damage?Darkness4 Feb 17
Feb 17 Sunwuko's Tempest Rush GR82+ Build Hey guys! I am not a super great monk by all means, but i like non-meta builds and i really like playing them and optimizing them. So here we go! I've been working on this build for over two weeks, maximizing everything and trying to beat as high GR as possible. I must be TOO MUCH NERD with this, but it's just what i am :DD Check the written guide for details, it's VERY IN-DEPTH And here is the demonstration of speedfarming variant in T11 with Northern Breeze rune: PS: I believe this is highest Tempest Rush clear in the world as well ;) I tried to do 83, but it's pretty damn fishy for my low paragon and lvl75 augments. I believe high paragon players can push this into 90s.Angry15 Feb 17
Feb 17 Inna's set i love inna's set . i use palm (shoking grasp) and i had a great efect, i just tried a diferent skills, i solo 81 already. thet fact is that char become more resistant to all dmg, and its own dmg is great too ... i wonder why ppl is so fixed in other sets.Nephalem55234 Feb 17
Feb 17 R6 - Inna Gen. Damage Difference According to my simple calculation, i wanna show you damage difference between Raiment Generator and Inna Generator builds. If im not mistaken, Damage mantra (forgot name) 8% (16% with Inna set) is an additive bonus (correct me if i'm wrong). Assuming you have 10 base damage; Patch 2.4.3 Inna Generator; 10(base) +100(6 piece) = 110 [40(Fire Ally) + 16(mantra)] = 56% Additive bonus TOTAL = 171,6 damage Raiment Generator; 10(base) + 125(6 piece) = 135 *2 (Depth Diggers, assuming you have fully rolled one or using it on Cube) TOTAL = 270 damage 2.4.3 Damage Difference = Raiment Deals about 57% more damage. Patch 2.5.0 Inna Generator; 10(base) +125(6 piece) = 135 [40(Fire Ally) + 16(mantra)] = 56% Additive bonus TOTAL = 210,6 damage Raiment Generator; 10(base) + 125(6 piece) = 135 *2 (Depth Diggers, assuming you have fully rolled one or using it on Cube) TOTAL = 270 damage 2.5.0 Damage Difference = Raiment Deals about 28% more damage. Conclusion; Raiment will be still moderately strong and probably will be used as top generator build, but for those who have no interest in pushing that high on leaderboards, it will probably be much more preferable due to having significantly more defense.Conlan0 Feb 17
Feb 16 Inna 2.5 PTR buff Inna is getting another buff according to the latest ptr patch notes. It is going from 100% per Mystic Ally to 125% per Mystic Ally. Inna Gen and Inna EP will be even stronger will R6 still be top build? Hopefully Uliana's can get some buffs too.Khord22 Feb 16
Feb 15 SWK Palm Kick Build (GR42) help! Hey fellow monks, Im currently farming GR42 but having found most of the pieces I need for my basic build, following this guide Heres my profile : im fairly confused as to what to look for and what build to transition to to continue pushing GRs higher than 42ish. I can currently clear GR42 in 4 mins, but I die fairly quickly in 45, I seem to lack toughness/recovery, though my damage is fine. Can anybody point me in the right direction for a more high level build to gear forward to ? This is my first season that I play semi-seriously, so any advice is welcome!Extremisss3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Where can I see al the transmogs? Hello , im wondering where can I see al the transmogs of fists/armor (including blitzzcon events) I want to just take a look at them! Thanks!raveN1 Feb 15
Feb 15 Help a new monk get to T6 farming Hi everyone, I am asking you, the experts, where should I improve my gear / build to get up to t6 farming. What items should I spend my blood shards on? What legendary / set item should I look for? Are there other skills I should be using in my skill build. Link to monk: Also add me in game if you'd like to chat. D3 is boring right now being solo every day. Thanks for all the help.Renegade9 Feb 15
Feb 15 Shenlongs fist weapons and Helm? Any clues as to where I can find any 1 of these 3 items? Or do I just need to keep farming? Been looking T5,6 and 7 so far with no luck. Thanx.vanillarum4 Feb 15
Feb 14 Static charge is back!!...I think Messing around on the ptr I made a static charge build with Inna 6 and R2. Gems are esoteric, simplicity's strength and BotT. Endless walk for one ring and ammy and convention of elements for the other ring. Spirit guards for bracers shenlongs for weapons. Cube Flying dragon, The crudest boots and RoRG. Was hoping a player with much better gear and paragon could test it out. When I tested it seemed to be a bit stronger than anything else I had tried including Inna ep, inna fire gen, r6 gen, inna pet. I don't have a LoN LTK build augmented out so I can't compare that accurately. The skills are FoT static charge, WoHF FoF, Epiphany desert shroud, Cyclone strike implosion, dashing strike radiance, BoH infused with light. Alacrity, seize the initiative, harmony and beacon of ytar As far as stat preferences I get cooldown and area dmg wherever possible. Obviously elemental lightning or holy, crit and crit dmg take precedent in their respective available slots. Dex and vit in every slot. I was able to complete an 84 at my low lvl paragon and low aug lvls and low gem lvls. My gear is also no where near optimal. Hopefully some of you guys check it out!! If you are familiar with the static charge build you know how fun it can be!!bsundbdmn7 Feb 14
Feb 14 WOL Pinto's Pride patch 2.4.3 Supposed to be fixed in patch 2.4.3 but old and new Pinto's Pride both still do not register an increase in WOL damage. And playing with and without PP does not feel any different. Anyone has the same issue? Any fix from the Blue?Slime2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Help with LoN LTK toughness in GR please! I can farm T13 pretty well, probably not the fastest but I dont have any toughness issues while using Goldwrap w/Boon of the Hoarder. The problem is when I try to do GR, I loaded up a GR70 today and was dying left and right. I could consistently do GR70s in 8 mins with my SWK LTK monk earlier this season, but I just get waxed in LoN. Advise please?Exiter15 Feb 14
Feb 12 HELP Uliana's Strength Makes FPS DIE!!!! HELP!!! My FPS drops really bad whenever i wear the Uliana's Strength (shoulders) Ive tried several fixes... why is this happening??Critful1 Feb 12
Feb 11 R6 Monk bad for GR pubs? Gear critique? Seasonal Profile: I haven't played monk since D3 vanilla and I've been going through updating 1 toon per season. This season is monk. I usually take a look at top solo and team GR's and pick a build suitable for both. But I usually play team pubs. I can't reliably stay alive beyond GR65 in team or solo. In GR 70+, almost anything can 1shot me, esp arcane lasers and knockbacks when i'm not attacking. Is it an issue with my play style mechanics or my gear? For gameplay, I usually just dash around spamming breath of heaven and my defensives, dashing out of lasers then cycloning, dashing out of lightning, cycloning. Do I need a zDPS monk or support team member to play higher GR's? I can see P400 barbs taking GR70. I've tried combinations of different defensive skills: mantra of salvation, epiphany, serenity, but none seem to help survivability that much. Can someone help me out? Greatly appreciated. Thanks!ixsc20 Feb 11
Feb 11 T6 Is Crushing Me Greetings All, I need a little help. I can role GRifts at Torment 5 easily (unless I get boxed in) but the second I up the difficult to T6 I get crushed. I get swarmed and overwhelmed quite easily. I am spending all of my Bloodshards on weapons at the moment but with little luck. What can I do gear/build wise to help the situation? Thanks PS If I had a anything to put in the cube for jewelry I would, I just dont have anything worthwhile.Hessdalen3 Feb 11
Feb 11 sun wu ko LKT, vs LON LKT vs R6 so i have near complete sets of all 3, my sun wu ko is probably the most optomized (only doing mid 40's currently but i can push further if i wanted to, to at least 50 if not more) for sun wu ko im missing one ring for LON im missing 2 pieces for r6, outside of optomizing/rerolling the gear im missing one of the fist weapon set pieces. ill eventually get all the pieces i have faith in that. that said. what are the pros/cons of each? wich one should i go for if i primarily play solo. currently doing greater 44 rifts in about 4-5 minutes, usually not dying ever...could probably push it further like i said.W01fe16 Feb 11
Feb 10 [LoN LTK] 85 GR and how to push forward ? Hi. As in title I have managed to do 85 GR recently but pushing it forward seems a bit hard so I wonder if any pro-lon-ltk monk could check my build ? Currently I have 42% of CDR and around 27% RCR. What I also observed I get rid of goups pretty easily but killing elites takes a bit too much time.Qlimax6 Feb 10
Feb 9 Possible bug: Monk, Gogok of Swiftness. Hey! I have recently discovered a very irritating bug with this gem when im playing my monk. With no stacks i am sitting on a constant 48% cooldown reduction, and with a full 15 stack Gogok going i am capped at 56% cooldown reduction. That is only an increase of 8% CDR, but the ring describes it should give 1% CDR per stack = 15 stacks = 15% CDR. If this is not the case then the tooltip is VERY VERY VERY misleading. I have a theory about the problem, it may be linked to the Dodge % part of the game, they probably did a "ghetto" rework on the gem and tied the CDR % in to the Dodge %, Since i am running a dodge capped build i gain only 4-5% of the 15%~ dodge , and now only 6% CDR, if this is the cause of this problem it is the dumbest design i have ever seen and just because i am running a dodge build i lose HALF the CDR value? Fix the game.Snusdosan8912 Feb 9
Feb 9 Testing Tempest Rush Using my toon named Xeen for a tr sunwuko build. Any suggestions appreciated as this is a new build for me. What leg gems are the best? Currently using bott, gogok and Taeguk. I know it will not compete with other monk builds but at present is is a fun solid t13 bounty build. ty in advance.Justice3 Feb 9
Feb 9 Fast question about Stricken I am correct as in it only stacks against 1 mob? Does that mob have to die in order for it to be re stacked? Or is there a range? If I hit a mob at the start of a GR and dont kill it, dash away to some other packs/elites and never killing that 1 mob, does my Stricken stack basically become useless until RG? I understand that its more for the RG, but having a few more % on Champions doesnt hurt either.Faux19 Feb 9
Feb 9 Inna's Gen Monk, G 77, Moving forward Hello! I was hoping to get some advice on ways I could move forward. I'm not really gunning for "absolute tops of the leader board", more of trying to see much I can push, but I'm currently stuck at G Rift 77, and am starting to tear my hair out wondering what else I could improve on my current build. I've tried swapping skills/passives around, ring swaps, etc, but I just can't get over the hump other than the foreseeable need to increase Caldessan's on my gears, which will be a problem since I am stuck and I don't get to play with groups much. Thing is, I seem to be taking me too long to clear an elite pack, and I end up wasting too much time. A few tips would be greatly appreciated!Moxitus6 Feb 9
Feb 8 What's up Tusked Bogans? Using anabolic steroids lately? drinking too much energy drinks? or are you the 2.1.2 succubus in disguise? Come on man, these guys are more deadly than many elites!! In season 3, I don't want to be a monk or dh or wz, I want to be a tusked bogan!! .Oaxaca9 Feb 8
Feb 8 Zmonk unity Hi guys i play as a supp monk. In a 4men pt if there is a gen monk who uses unity shud i switch one of my ring for unity? Ty in adv.Shazam2 Feb 8
Feb 8 Zmonk caldessan İ m around 900 para at season atm as zmonk. I can do 95 with 4men pt pretty ez. I don t have any survival issuues atm. Also on lb i don t see zmonks put caldessans on their gear much. I assume i don t need caldessans coz i m doing lower gr than them and also their para lvl much higher than me. I got one shot only from chargers now. I wonder if i put str caldessans on my gear would it be helped me for those chargers?ty in advance(sry for my eng.)Shazam4 Feb 8
Feb 8 Help picking the right Az'Turrasq fist Hey All, Would much appreciate some help with the math here. I don't understand the underlying algorithms to understand which is better. I'm ONLY concerned here with the difference between the base damage (3,014 vs 2,765) and the Exploding Palm on Death damage increase difference (250% vs 300%) Here is a pic of both fists side by side I'm not at all asking this question because of any other stats. Only the base damage and the EP damage increase difference. It seems to me that even though the 2,765 is quite lower, the extra 50% EP damage increase significantly makes up for it. Especially when you think about clustering mobs and working the Area Effect damage. However, someone told me that actually base damage is much more important because it "scales exponentially". I am a bit clueless about all this. So what's better here, the extra 300ish base damage or the extra 50% EP damage increase? Thank you so much all. Seriously have no idea how to answer this for myself. I've stared at the screen trying to spot the highest crit on bosses, but the numbers are impossible to really see.Fukaka3 Feb 8
Feb 7 U6 16% CDR vs. 100% CD I'll likely be testing this myself this weekend , but I've wondered about this as of late. To elaborate. I have 16%cdr on my rings and can change them to 100%CD. Going to try it for myself most likely but wanted to hear some opinions on this.Breemen14 Feb 7
Feb 7 SWK LTK SWEEPIN WIND STACKS Hi. Are there any ways to manage stacks efficiently? I tend to deplete them so fast. I'm still practicing the build though on gr 55, kinda learning the vibe of the build and all.odingits2 Feb 7
Feb 7 Patch 2.5 in PTR Patch notes 2.5, what's the monk communities thoughts about these coming changes Primal Ancient, Armory, etc.??Kanami4 Feb 7
Feb 6 kyoshiro soul problem Since kyoshiro's Soul belt only reprenish sweeping wind stacks when it's not doing damage, i have touble generanting stacks from critical hits when there isn't a lot of minions. I can't maintain stacks up when playing melee wave of light or ltk while using sunwulo set. Is there a solution or my only hope is for blizzard to "fix" kyoshiro's soul for it to work at melee range?Unrestless3 Feb 6
Feb 6 Monk Improvement Can anyone guide me on how to improve my monk? Farming T12/T13 is pretty tough. Group play is worse... Thanks in advanceMole5 Feb 6
Feb 6 Gen monk mech. Can someone explain me gen monk mechanics pls. He have 2 generators. Shud i stack one of them first then dmg with the other? Ty in adv.Shazam2 Feb 6
Feb 5 Slap! Effect Hi everyone. so i recently got a new weapon for my monk. A legendary one called "The Paddle". Just wondering does anyone know what the "Slap!" effect does? The weapon has a lot of effects but on the end of it, it says Slap! I have tried looking for it on the internet even on other forums to get a hint on what it does. Thanks for your input! Smile! :DDeyb3 Feb 5
Feb 5 Hello, help with augment decisions, thx! Hey folks, i think it's time for me to start thinking about augments. Starting with my zDPS Monk. I was reading in another thread that folks suggest never the need to augment or augment vit, possibly int. Well I was following a guide from a YT'er who was making suggestions for "break points". I was able to hit most of them using Uliana + RORG (he was using Leorics Crown): AS: 2.13 IAS: 52% CDR: 62.21% HGB: 181,093 ARM: 14,295 AR: 1,800.5 HP: 1,101,311 As you can see my Armor and AR is pretty darn low. I'm pretty confident I can make up Vit easily enough. With that, I am wearing 3 pcs of Ancient gear. My immediate thought was to take advantage of augments and put 2 lvl 70 Intelligence, and 1 lvl 70 Strength In all honesty, I have no idea how my zpds performs. I don't feel confident joining a group because: 1.) I don't have much experience with zdps and don't want to be a noob with positioning, etc. 2.) I have no idea how well I will survive As far as 1, not too easy to found a group who will let you learn on the job. As far as 2, what I have been doing is running solo GR87 to see how well I survive. Meh, I died twice in my last attempt (I think most of that had to do with just my poor skill rotation) So, thoughts, that :) NOTE: The variation in my profile shows Lefebvre's in the cube instead of Strongarm. This allowed me to put on 2 more ancients with the following delta: CDR: +4.49% -> 66.7% ARM: +417 -> 14,712 AR: +201.5 -> 2,002 HGB: +8,377 -> 189,470 On to my Inna's Gen Monk. This conversation is shorter :) But also more scary because the level legendary gems I want to use for augment o.O Pants: Seems like good to go for augment, except no secondary resist makes me sad. How good is +dmg to crippling wave, should I just roll that to AR and augment? Shoulders: Looks like a green light for augment to me... Helmet: Seems like good to go for augment but that -.5% and -1 max spirit makes me sad. Chest: Can the secondary on chest roll max spirit? If so this one is a no go for augment? Boots: Seems like good to go for augment. +Dmg to crippling wave > MS? Any suggestions on what the best thing to work on for Inna Gen Monk will be appreciated. Not sure if I should Reforge? Convert Set Items? to get Ancients in the slots I'm missing? Focus on Reforging better MH/OH? That darn Travelers Pledge has no socket! Anyway, sorry for the long annoying post. THANK YOU!KamelJabber4 Feb 5
Feb 4 R6 Gen Monk S9 leaderboards IAS over cdr? Hey guys, So let me just start off saying that in the beginning of S9 I had a goal to make it on the leaderboards. I didn't care where I placed lol. Anyways I made it with a GR75 second week in the season with about 700 paragon. I haven't played much lately so my name probably got knocked off. Anyways before I tried the grift, I was looking at the builds and most have switched from using life per hit and Area Dmg to AS. I was thinking probably to proc the FD more frequently and more dmg. Is this a better way to progress faster with this build? I also switched my beacon of ytar passive to exalted soul or guardians path for note toughness. I figured that this variation isn't relying on CDR, but straight dmg. Also, I know that higher paragon plyrs use double generators. Anyways take a look at my seasonal monk and lmk what you think.Slowroll5 Feb 4
Feb 4 Rimeheart Buff? Have been out of serious play for awhile so uncertain on this. Anyone see an FoF/EP Rimeheart build being viable again? Anyone have link to latest Rimeheart mechanics? Thanks!Fitz3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Current best build whats currently the best build is it r6 or uli 6? for high grifts?Icei14 Feb 4
Feb 4 Question for the end game monks Let's say a monk has some decent ancient weapons, 1-2 other pieces of ancient gear, and maybe 1-2 lower level caldesanns. Roughly how much higher could said monk expect to be able to push GRs by maxing out to full ancients and caldesann in all pieces? I'm guessing they could get an additional 10-15 GR levels? So like going from 75ish to high 80s? Just looking for a rough idea. Of course actual results will very on spec and skill. Thanks in advance!Infectious4 Feb 4
Feb 3 GN Kashu Question On this ltk helm I have a choice of 2 helms 90-1375 vs 98-1074 ltk number-fireball in both cases my total ltk damege is over 100 105 vs 113 Any thoughts on the math involved in choosing the optimal helm?Justice8 Feb 3
Feb 3 cycline strike pulling issues Hi, Ive been playing playing a zmonk for a bit, I had a question about the pull effect on cyclone strike implosion it says, pull up to 16 enemies with 34 yards Sometimes it feels like its not working even on lesser mobs. I can hit cyclone strike even 4 times in a row with less than 10 mobs around me and they arent getting sucked in. Ive seen videos where even on very large groups the monsters get pulled in immediately and very tight groupings. If somebody can tell me whats happening or what im doing wrong. thank youIoptic3 Feb 3
Feb 3 GR 70 R6 Monk Issues II am using the R6 build but im running into issues clearing GR70... I can't stay alive. Any suggestions? Only thing I can really think of is Changing out for Unity. But i think i should be able to solo a GR70 without a companion...Calarian2 Feb 3
Feb 3 A pair of primal shenlongs Where can I get some? My local Walmart never stocks them and Amazon is always sold out.Romano1 Feb 3
Feb 2 4man Genmonk(cold)IAS over elite damage? With IAS on gloves and Witching Hour wouldn't it make sense to have Elite damage(assuming you already have %Damage) instead of IAS? I have no problem maintaining Shenlongs with just WH and Gloves IAS. Is there any math behind using IAS? If the only goal for a cold genmonk is the RG kill wouldn't elite+damage be better than IAS+damage?Riffmaker0 Feb 2
Feb 2 AR or stacking single resists 4 Harmony? Should I still be going for All resist on any items I can get them on (minus ammy, gloves, bracers and rings of course) and shoot for single resists as a secondary on everything else? Or is it better to roll armor instead of All Resist as long as that piece has a single resist as secondary?Exiter5 Feb 2
Feb 2 Does Atk Spd effect SSS? Does Atk spd make the SSS skill frames less? As in spd up the skill? If so wouldnt the skill being used faster combined with the amazing CDR it has, get the skill off CD even faster? I have a friend that is really trying to push with U6 this next season (B.c he tired of gen/kick) and was trying to help him on how to gear it. I thought about it for a sec Gloves with CC/CD/CDR/AS, 1 ring with CC/CDR/AR other with CD/CDR/AS If you get enough atk spd to cast the skill 1 extra time every 4-5x that would increase the over all damage buy 20-25%Faux9 Feb 2
Feb 2 How does rabid strike work? I dont quite understand the description of the special...?Exiter7 Feb 2
Feb 1 LoN LTK Evaluation Hello all, I am new to Monk, the forums, and rift pushing in general. In the past, I have played DH mainly and never went above T10. However, I decided to switch to Monk about 3 weeks into the start of this season and will try to top the leaderboards. I currently have full ancient on all of my gear and was wondering if I should start the CD enhancement or if I should farm/reroll for better in gear in certain slots. I have an in geom in bags but it currently is not ancient and I also do not own a Rabid Strike yet (cubed my first one). Let me know your thoughts... ThanksAyeReezy0 Feb 1
Feb 1 Augmenting a zMonk So, just recently starting playing a support monk, enjoying it way more than I thought I might,and had a ton of helpful - but sometimes contradictory - advice from the players I have run with. One area that seems to me to have the widest variance in answers was how to augment the ancient pieces on this build. The advice that made the most sense was to look to make up in the augments what the pieces were weakest in, so need more resists, put intelligence on some, short of armour, put on strength etc. And some godly 3200+ paragon WD player that just vaporised everything said to work out what would give the most benefit and augment that. But he did not say how you work that out. So my questions to the monk gurus - are there rules of thumb for what armour/vit/resists should be relative to each other? Ratios? And is there a way to calculate what will give the most benefit (something like D3 planner?) And, just to share; same WD told me I needed to roll chance to inflict bleed on my main hand weapon to help proc PE. Made sense, so off I trot to Miriam. Well, I can tell you conclusively and without a shadow of doubt that it is freaking impossible to roll chance to inflict bleed in place of damage!spacecadet133 Feb 1
Feb 1 Lon ltk monk gearcheck can you guys help critique my build?GOTEM5 Feb 1