Mar 30 Suggestion for Developers for S11 - Uliana's Uliana's Stratagem badly needs reworking. Suggestion: 2p - Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm, and increases the damage of Exploding Palm by 750%. 4p - Cyclone Strike gains the effect of every rune. 6p - Seven-Sided Strike deals quintuple its total damage with each hit, and Seven-Sided Strike detonates Exploding Palm. Rework the Cyclone Strike runes to accommodate this if necessary.Kronos16 Mar 30
Mar 30 Season 10 2.5 Leveling spec 1-70 Hardcore? What is the patch 2.5 skills to choose for leveling. I read all about the Massacre EXP bonuses and I know about Rubies in Helms and Leroics crown. Is there however a patch 2.5 build progression for leveling? Thank youHalt0 Mar 30
Mar 29 R6 Gen why fire? Why does everyone only use Mangle for the Generator and stack Fire Damage? I'm guessing that maybe the slow triggers for the Bane of the Trapped but other than that it's pretty weak. Has anyone tried Holy Damage instead with Fists of Fury? Check my build in profile. Well I did and I'm thinking it could be better honestly. Re-rolled Ammy and Bracers to Holy Damage. Changed Mangle to Fists of Fury. Put Mirinae in for Bane of the Trapped and switched Mantra from Agility to Transgression. Transgression not only adds the 10% attack speed but also damages everything within 60 yards with Holy Damage. This build procs on Everything!!! Smites all over the place! This added to Follower not having Wyrdward but now having Oculus ring. Also switching the Ess of Johan to Overwhelming Desire. I'd like to see someone who can do High Rifts give this a shot, to see if I'm just imagining it being better than Mangle Gen or if it really is. Another thought I've had is switching to Istvan's for the constant attack speed boost and defense.Radelon3 Mar 29
Mar 29 Why my monk die so fast? Hello! I am 952 paragon and trying to do thousand storms build for monk like the tops use but i cant survive seconds in front of elite group in GR 70 I have 12230 dex, all equips ancient and with 4 (lvl 80 caldesan in dex) I hit very well, my monk is very strong, but i cant survive, everything kill me. What I am doing wrong? This is my char: This amount of dex its not enought to do GR 70 with monk DPS? I am thinking to do monk again in next season, if you guys have some tips for me to do a good DPS i'll be gratefulLuciferzinho25 Mar 29
Mar 28 lon ltk in group same build but swap fists to sledge for the stun then u can use fist in cube for survival. also tried a solo 88 with it and succeeded first try WOuld the the extra stun have strongarm and bott gem proc more often?Justice5 Mar 28
Mar 27 Primal Traveller's Advice I obtained a pretty decent TP and I'm looking for some advice on what to re-roll. I'm thinking to keep the physical dmg and re-roll the dex for CHC; however, I'm not sure if I would start hitting diminished returns and only realize a portion of the 10%. If I keep the dex, i can cycle through the the elements, including CHC, if I wanted to since it would be real cheap to do so. Thoughts/suggestions? The link below shows the item along with my stats. I appreciate your advice. Mar 27
Mar 27 reso cost reduce work for raiment dashing? Will it reduce the 75 spirit cost for raiment to lower cast cost if we go for gears with resource reduce stat? >.<Thrysthrelle6 Mar 27
Mar 27 The Primal Holy Beacon Club! Yep, hadn't started a club in a while and now that everyone will be Primal Hunting for the next few year(s), feel free to join this club! Membership Requirements: (1) Monk Item of Primal Rarity of Epic usefulnessDavlok0 Mar 27
Mar 26 Season 10 Season 10 is almost upon us. What build will you use to push greater rifts? Looking for some advice/guidance as I try to break into the leaderboard this season. Any significant changes from season 9? Thanks for the conversation. RezinRezin7 Mar 26
Mar 26 Inna Pet build limit? Hello, I want to play a Inna pet build character in season 10. In s9, what is the limit (GR level) for the Inna pet build? With the 6 piece change to Inna from 100% to 125% I figure that's an increase of 1 or 2 GR that correct? Thanks, WindfootWindfoot11 Mar 26
Mar 25 2.5 Inna 6 + Monkey King 4 Hi. I am looking to get some feedback on my inna pet build with the 10 stack sweeping wind. From my experience it's pretty durable and has decent damage. I've made it to GR 70. I'm not that skilled of a player and I just play for fun not to push. Also if anyone can help me figure out the damage calc for the sweeping wind decoy I'd appreciate it. From what I know buffs stack additively so the sweeping wind decoy at 10 stacks would be something like 10,000 * (1250% (inna's) + 125% (kyoshiro's) + 14% (shoulder) + 15% (chest) + 50% (focus) + 50% (restraint) + 20% (unity) + 32.4% (bane of trapped) ) or 10,000 * 1556.4% or 10,000 * 15.564 or 155,640 WD Let me know if I'm adding this up incorrectly. Here is a link the character. Thanks in advance for any help. Mar 25
Mar 24 Lon-Ltk with more ltk strikes Was testing out the idea of replacing the obsidian cube with coe. So I had a number of items with cdr and rcr on them. So with huge amounts of rcr and cdr coe can be used, however ones total dps takes such a hit that it was not viable. So back to the main lon-ltk build. But, from that tinkering around I use exalted and chant as passives. Replacing determination and Relentless. Crazy as it sounds the passives that add more spirit per second held there own. WIth them I finally went further than solo 88. DId a 90 solo now. It may be my playing style which makes it more viable. One clear observation was faster kills on rgs. So see if it works for you.Justice3 Mar 24
Mar 24 Furnace / Flying Dragon Affect Pets? Does The Furnace or Flying Dragon affect pets (Mystic Allies)? If so, which is better if you can only choose one (for an Inna Pet build)?NukeWpn4 Mar 24
Mar 22 Madstone + Gungdo Gear ? I'm not sure how the application of Exploding Palm works with the combination of Madstone (7 sided strike applies EP) and Gungdo Gear (the EP on death explosion applies EP). So, theoretically, I could only use 7SS without EP in a skill slot and get the effects of 7SS + the base effect of EP; and, if I put EP in a skill slot I would get the rune effect too? Are the damage increase on the Flow of Eternity (+100% 7SS damage) and fist of Az'Turrasq (+250-300% EP on death explosion damage) multiplicative with their respective skills? Thank you, WindfootWindfoot2 Mar 22
Mar 22 Vengeful Wind + Inner Storm Does this combo regen 16 spirit per sec and deal 630% weapon damage at stack 6?Fenlius11 Mar 22
Mar 22 R6 generator testing / discussion Since Davlok's amazing thread hit the bump limit, a place for me to continue posting my test results / others to comment on them. I was going to quote a recap of the previous thread but there are so many good, long posts in there that I wouldn't be able to recap it all without taking up half of this thread already.nand41 Mar 22
Mar 22 Numlock "trick" does not work for me First time im actually playing a monk and the skill spamming is killing me. I read about auto using skills using numlock but i cant get it to work. This might or might not be related to that my keyboard does not have a numblock (logitech edge keyboard) - i bought an additional USB numpad which works fine but it does not autocast. I start the game with numlock enabled (or disabled, doesnt matter), i assigned 1 skill to numlock 1 or 5 or whatever - with numlock enabled i press the key, still holding that key - i disable numlock, and then let go of the key - it will not auto cast. I read that a similar thing for just one skill should work with assigning shift+X and using caps lock - i tried this on my regular keyboard and that will not work either. Is this a windows7 issue/setting ? Or did they fix this recently ?Harakiri15 Mar 22
Mar 22 zDPS GR 70 Clear for Primals Hey Guys, I haven't played a monk for a long time. I almost always play Wiz or WD, but was seriously thinking about maybe doing the zDPS thing S10. These might be some really dumb questions and if so I apologize but: 1. I f I'm doing the zDPS thing, how do you clear GR 70 to unlock Primals? Am I over thinking this? Is it really as simple as run the Inna's Set with a bunch of paragon and an ancient weapon, and then switch everything (skills, gear, gems, etc) to go the zDPS route? 2. What sort of Ancient Gems are recommended for Inna's? Will I need to augment anything in order to hit GR70 with Inna's? 3. On a side note is it still the thing to level an alt monk and gamble for Crudest Boots, Gungo Gear, etc. or did they change the level requirements on some of that stuff?terascque2 Mar 22
Mar 19 Quirky lon-ltk testing 1. One idea was include exploding palm. So replace strong arm with gundo and add the exploding palm skill[ I chose mos to be replaced]. You can keep all out fire damage 4x20ish or split with 2 cold items [ cold gloves and cold on bracers]. Interesting is that my 78 fire boost yeilds 7.1 million fire damage, while 40 cold and 40 fire give 5.6 billion each. Worked great in 82ish gr but survival is an issue with pushing. But loads of fun. 2. Another plan for the standard build was to use Reaper's Wraps that turn health globes into spirit. You lose out on strongarm but gain way more ltk hits. And swap out sti with exalted soul for even more spirit uptime. this may work when just starting out on this build as strongarm are hard to find.Justice8 Mar 19
Mar 18 Uliana's Set Dungeon needs a change Right now it's the most difficult SD in the game just because you need to pray to RNGesus that the skeletons aren't to far from each other when you start anew. I tried more than 20 times to get the mastery and if i don't get a prefect roll, there's no way i can do the 21 monster explosion objective in time. It's luck-based not skill-based, that's what frustates me the most. That needs to change. Either by buffing the monster density or removing spawn areas like rooms or borders behind the fire pits. Really frustrating.TheDarkitect3 Mar 18
Mar 18 Best lightning weapon procs and why TopicSalty12 Mar 18
Mar 17 Kyoshiro's Blade, which one? So I'm sitting on 3 Kyoshiro's Blade right now, trying to figure out which one is better for overall T10~T13 speed farming. Need your guy's help I don't know how the math is applied in this game but for those who do, which one would you consider the best in the case scenario? *Edit* While we're at it, which one of the three stats would you change on this In-Geom? 1. Damage Range - To improve maximum damage output per attack. 2. Primary Stat - To create a multifunctional In-Geom for every class usage. 3. Vit Stat - Speed farming builds don't really need vit so I'm considering on trading that vit stat for something like cooldown/resource reduction.SammichSouls4 Mar 17
Mar 16 How to change skills in slots???? I think I am missing something here. I see monks running skills that are under the same skill tab: ie blinding flash and breath of light at the same time. I cant figure out how to move skills so that I can use something from the same tab as different active skills. Please help.Pete5 Mar 16
Mar 16 Kyoshiro's Soul - New Legendary Belt ... OK - Someone tell me I'm stupid and I don't get this at all, please !! No, I'm serious... I've now watched 2 youtube videos where this belt is mentioned and I've read at least 3 post and in all people don't seem to catch on that this belt actually makes sweeing Wind deal NO DAMAGE at all.... Tell me I'm wrong !!! QFE: " ... What am I not getting ?? Also, why does it roll with 100-125% SW damage if SW deals no damage? Am I really the only one not reading this right ??Taurea15 Mar 16
Mar 16 Are LoN Wave of Light builds worthwhile? I heard some time back ago this build was viable but something changed with the Sunwuko in regards to damage that made it obsolete in comparison, does this still hold true today?SammichSouls2 Mar 16
Mar 15 question about resolve I know resolve generally isn't one of the most sought after defensive passives out there, but I think I may have found a way to make it viable. Just wanted to see if anyone here had any experience or opinions they wanted to share. So basically my lightning monk has about 6 lightning procs that continuously fire off, hitting most baddies on the screen at all times. Does this mean that all of these enemies are being debuffed or does resolve only work when you hit with a generator and spender?Salty2 Mar 15
Mar 14 Best Gem for monk weapon what's the best gem to socket on weapons going higher lvl GRs(like 30+)?Lynkivich1 Mar 14
Mar 13 LoN LTK vs 2.5 Inna LTK I was thinking about the upcoming buff to Inna's set and noticed that LoN is a 1300% damage multiplier and Inna will be a 1250% multiplier plus Inna's lets you use Endless Walk set for a separate multiplier. I was hoping to start a discussion of the advantages of Inna's LTK over LoN LTK and the disadvantages. Pros for Inna: 1) Free set in next season 2) Easier to gear for since it doesn't HAVE to be all ancient (and preferably well rolled) gear 3) Allows use of other set pieces for more multipliers (F&R or EW set) 4) Lots of toughness innate to Inna's set with all the Allies and Mantras 5) Lots of recovery from Inna's set (spirit and health) 6) CC from the Allies Wave attacks and Boulders 7) Any rune available, not just the 2 fire ones Cons for Inna: 1) Less basic damage (1250% vs 1300%) 2) Lower stats on Inna pieces since they are not required to be ancient 3) Less built in damage reduction (54% for LoN vs zero for Inna) 4) You can't have both GNK and In-Geom 5) Less elemental % on gear (LoN can have 100% fire damage) The two builds I was brewing up were: GNK Version Inna Gloves, Chest, Belt, Pants and Daibo, Crudest Boots GNK Nemesis of Binding of the Lesser Gods Traveler's Pledge and Compass Rose Unity (makes up for LoN DR) Lefebvre's Soliloquy Cube Scarbringer, Rivera Dancers and RoRG In-Geom version Inna Gloves, Helm, Chest, Pants and Belt Traveler's Pledge and Compass Rose Unity Lefebvre's Soliloquy Nemesis or Bindings of the Lesser Gods Scarbringer In-Geom Cube Flying Dragon?, Rivera Dancers and RoRG The way I see it the GNK version has a higher damage weapon with the daibo but the No GNK version has the higher damage weapon with the daibo. Interested on anyone else's thoughts.Khord12 Mar 13
Mar 13 LIghtning Monk Hey guys, I'm coming back after a 2 year hiatus and I'm just wondering what I could do to further improve my lightning monk gear and skills wise? Right now I can beat T9 rifts. I'm running the Unity, St. Archew and Windseeker as my cube powers. Also as a side question. Are lightning monks still on the same level of awesomeness before I left or have they been rendered obsolete to other builds? Thanks .Salty5 Mar 13
Mar 13 RiemeKüsu's IstvInna 2.4 Solo Pet Build 78+ Hi guyz :) Some of you might remember that I had a build idea, but didn't share it because of the nerf gun ;) Here ya go: (adjusted version) Playstyle: 1.) Use Cyclone strike 2.) Hit a strike with WotHF - Assimilation to build up as many stacks you can 3.) Hold down Cyclone strike, fire allies as often you can. 4.) Repeat. Don't use Assimilation again with 10+ stacks until your spirit is spent. When you run out of spirit before you can fire allies again, use WotHF - Assimilation. Only use defensive skills when you need them - you will be able to fire off allies more often the lesser you dash, use IS or serenity. IS is a dmg buff of course, but it is 30% additive. Just find your style :) Important: Serenity has no cooldown for 3 (or 4) seconds when you fire it but you have to reload it as soon as it is over. Beautiful synergy with Zodiac, because more of the 1s-cooldown reductions go directly into allies while you don't get hit. This is perfect to gain time for complete healing and fill up your spirit by activating your allies. Note: Cooldown is king - on every item! Made it through 77 easily today. You can switch Enforcer to Pain Enhancer, but there's enough IAS already. Enforcer worked best for me. Glad to read your comments - math guys advice is very welcome ofc ;) Have fun!RiemeKüsu55 Mar 13
Mar 13 Are Wave of Light monks not as good? So recently I tried a Sunwuko WoL build and tried to farm with it, to my surprise it was much slower than the Sunwuko LTK build on speed farming, is that right or perhaps it may just be me? I pretty much used the suggested gear from the Icy Veins monk build done by Deadset and noticed my damage and farm time wasn't nearly as good as most LTK builds I've tried.SammichSouls9 Mar 13
Mar 10 the flow of eternity has a low droprate? How many tries does it take for you to get it from the cube? 20+ tries for me so far with zero luck :(.Sang45 Mar 10
Mar 10 DS: Blinding Speed + Mantra of Salv:Agility ? How does the dodge chance from DS:Blinding Speed (40%) and Mantra of Salvation:Agility (35%) combine? Is it like CDR where (1-.40)x(1-.35) --> 39% damage gets through or is the 40% added to the 35% resulting in only 25% damage getting through? Thank you, WindfootWindfoot4 Mar 10
Mar 9 Support monk with dying issue. Hey guys, I am trying to optimize my support monk (inna). The character is here: I feel like I have satisfied most requisites, but once in a blue moon in group play 95-100, I seem to randomly die (which leads to entire group dying). I am trying to be "invincible" but not sure how to go on about it. My current life in town is slightly above 1.7 M. All resists at 1880s (before activating any mantra). I decided to experiment once by myself going into 95+ alone, and I noticed with really bad pack, I would die eventually. Is this expected without barb's ignore pain when alone? Last death I had in group actually happened right after barb died and IP dropped off. I wonder if other monks have zero issue with dying in 95-100 range even without any other barb support buff. How could I improve my situation? Obviously I am planning on augmenting most of my gear sooner than later and put vit buff. Thanks ahead.Valkyrie5 Mar 9
Mar 9 Is Lon-Ltk now the most used monk build? Seems like it is. Simple to play is a huge motivator to make and use this build, although it takes awhile to get good gear. Other choices seem less spoken of. I used to play Ulianna, Inna pet build, and the r6 gen, but dropped them all for various reasons in favor of lon-ltk. Every now and then I try these 3 builds but they prove less satisfying than lon-ltk. Also in group play friends prefer when I use lon-ltk.Justice10 Mar 9
Mar 9 Kashu roll ? 933 des 118 all res 6chc ltk 100 socket 1.4 to fear on hit 1240 fireball What would you suggest? All I see is perhaps all res to vit, or 1.4 fear to reduce contol impaired. The latter choice seems appropriate.Justice5 Mar 9
Mar 9 Zmonk it me?? New to the support class this season and am still learning. Not in a clan so its either pubs or responding to a lfg in chat. Its hit or miss. I guess most of the time it goes fine, but sometimes its total disaster. I'll get in groups with like 3 wizards and myself and think it will be a cakewalk with them murdering all in sight. Then they're all running in different directions, i'm running in all different directions chasing them. I think i cant be in 3 places at once! i'll just set up where i think is the best. then i seen one die over there...another die there and well, you know the rest. So, my questions are... 1) Is it them or me? 2) Why don't more pull barbs ping the map? it makes the runs go so much smoother IMO if you know where the pull guy wants to pull to than if you have to guess! 3) I have 214k globe, close to 2M life, and 71 cdr. I CAN keep you alive! Am i missing something? Seems to me if you didn't run around like a chicken with its head cut off, i could come drop a sanctuary on you and all would be well. 4 ) I have 17,500 armor. is that enough? I could reroll All Resist off an item to get more (i'm at 2150 to all atm). 5 ) Sometimes when playing without a Zbarb (like in the above scenario) and surrounded by ugliness, like mallet lords, arcane. and illusionists all at the same time, i see my health globe gradually start to go south. Is that because i don't have the benefit of ignore pain? Help me out! I want to be the Zmonk that all the groups are fighting over!Audax5 Mar 9
Mar 9 SWK WoL Speed Build troubles Hi im trying to use the SWK WoL build on my monk and i just cant keep enough spirit to be efficient. Im not sure what im doing wrong...i have all the cube skills except the vengeful All gear and lengendary gems...I have 32.64% RCR and i cant complete a t9 neph rift especially when i encounter a group of elites. If someone could give me any pointers or advice i'd be eternally grateful.Thanks Heres my character based off of this guide : Mar 9
Mar 9 Shenlong Reroll What are your thoughts on the best way to roll this? It turned up with pretty good native rolls 3017.7 DPS 1554-1915 damage 881 Dex 7% Attack Speed 22% Area Damage +14 Spirit Some Life After Kill Thanks!DarkSoul8 Mar 9
Mar 9 How long to finish Ch 1 to 4 of s9 Newbie here, I just wanna ask how long will it take to finish season 9 chapters 1 to 4? will I still make it. I heard it will be ending on the 17th?Chock4 Mar 9
Mar 8 lon-ltk and insta death Are players of lon-ltk ok with those insta-deaths that result from reflect projectile enemies. As this build becomes more popular we may want to lobby for what seems like a lopsided inconvenience. My team players always just laugh when I die in groups from these ... 1-3 times per day. The death is so immediate that it is like someone unplugged my computer. They always tell me to report it as none of them ever die to these, just the monk. Would it be repaired if all classes died to them? I know that blizzard has addressed similar sudden deaths in the past. Two examples come to mind. They made the frozen orbs grow bigger on the screen which allowed us to see them and react by moving away. Also the molten used to be sudden, whereas now you are given some time when viewing the red ring on the ground. Still enjoy this game after all this time ... nice bunch of people in forums and in my friends list. My wonderful son got me totally hooked on this game.Justice22 Mar 8
Mar 8 Inna Support Build Questions I just started playing zmonk and I want to make sure I am playing correctly. I first started with the recommended build from icyveins. This build uses Blinding Flash+Mantra of Healing.Then I started looking at the leader boards and just about no-one uses it. So I switch to Exploding Palm(The Flesh is Weak)+Mantra of Salvation. So I have a couple questions... 1. Is the difference between monks using Blinding Flash vs Exploding Palm just depending on the group? (If you have a zbarb go more offensive and if your the only support go more defense?) 2.Is it worth augmenting gear? 3.Is it true that the Gem of Efficacious Toxin should be left at lvl 25? (Heard lag issues) So far not knowing what I am doing, I have been in random groups and have cleared multiple low 90's with no complaints. Thanks!Neorift5 Mar 8
Mar 8 Inna gen 2.5.0 Hi guys Inna gen is a possibility in this patch ? 90+?Hopeless12 Mar 8
Mar 8 Need tips for returnee player pre ROS Hi guys I just returned from playing. Im rolling a monk. Can you give me tips on farming items. Are the drops now better than pre ROS? how long will it take for me to get good sets?Chock1 Mar 8
Mar 7 KJ, were you at broseph, holler at me.... .....when you see this. ¯\(°_o)/¯Narcolepsy7 Mar 7
Mar 7 Weaponless monk ? Is it possible to make a LON monk with no weapons equipped to beat T6-10 ? The closest thing was Except i'd have to use lon rings and cube Broken Promises... I know, i know, i'm crazy for trying to build something without weapons in a weapon game, but still i wonder..Tornado2 Mar 7
Mar 5 Whatever Happened With Narcolepsy (again)? It just dawned on me that he hasn't been ¯\(°_o)/¯'ing much lately. Last we heard from him, he was due for psychological assessment of some sort, so what are we to make of this? Has he simply gone on another extended and unannounced leave, or has he been tucked away in some mental ward and is driving nurse Ratched crazy, as we speak?Laurelynd17 Mar 5
Mar 5 Inna EP Vs I6U4 SSS ? Hi, with the Inna 2.5 buff, I'm wondering witch Inna build is the most efficient : Inna 6p Exploding palm or Inna 6 + Ulinana 4 with 7 strike. I see that someone finished a GR96 with Inna EP in 2.4.3, but it's a bit triky to play. I'm wondering if I6U4 is good too ... someone have try the 2 build ?SuperFrog15 Mar 5
Mar 4 Looking for Gen monk improvements Hey guys. This is my current gen monk Any suggestions/recommendations on what I can improve? I just did GR 86 with about 2 minutes left and want to reach 90 before the season ends. And yes, I am not happy with my Compass Rose, but I can't find/reforge any better... Trying to get one and a perfect rolled Shenlong's Fist of Legend atm.Shivara0 Mar 4
Mar 4 Is it a good idea to extract Gyana Na Kashu? Hi I'm a new monk here trying a LTK build. I'm wondering if it is wise to extract Gyana Na Kashu and use it as a Kanai's cube effect? I want to use Sunwoko's set but also want to use "The Traveler's Pledge amulet & The Compass Rose" together. Thanks in advance!Atlas2 Mar 4