Jul 25 [-DB-] Got a great Monk Sage Build? Come compete in the 1-hour Death Breaths Challenge! You don't really need to use the Sage set, but the competition is to farm as many DBs as you can on any difficulty in any game mode. If you are bored and want to share you DB farming method, please join! Jul 25
Jul 25 Help Monk Support Hey guys ! I love to play zDPS, always had the soul of a tank so i decided to main monk this season. I started as duo-gen until i managed to clear gr60. I got some stuff (still missing little rogue/slanderer ><) and i checked leaderboards to see if there was some changes in the build as support. I first went for leoric's crown, 4 inna, gogok. But i see that almost all top LB are going for a variation Inna+Uliana, esoteric alteration and i don't understand why. I first read somewhere that it was because of the gem Pain Enhancer but their mate is not even using it. Without Leoric and its bonus and the gogok i fear i won't be able to keep my Epiphany up at all times. I mainly play with a Spirit barage WD and a Rathma Necro (he is still not sure what to main). We just hope to push as high as we can even if we probably won't even come close to rank 1 because of our lack of time. Hope you can help.Kaäl0 Jul 25
Jul 24 Grifts, Inna set... Any suggestion? I'm not sure if you guys can check my monk or not from here, but i will ask anyway. I've played with lots of players and they were just running around on torment X, XI and XII killing everything in their path without a care in the world. Since they told me that they got this strong playing Greater Rifts i asked them to help me gear up a bit to give it a try. I still haven't tried yet, but right now i can easily beat torment I, probably torment II, while III should be a fair match. Anyone can give me hints and tips? I wouldl ike to reach a good enough level too, i'm starting to feel quite useless when we play together.Dorante9978 Jul 24
Jul 24 Need help pushing Decided to go monk this season to zdps because barb zdps got boring for me, was wondering what i need switch out to solo 70 so i get can get primals this is hardcore alsoJamesixchain1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Shenlong Need these stupid weapons ancient! Whats my best bet? Please dont say reforge i hate bounties so much. Topped out at gr 56 with the cache set, nothing ancient paragon 230 something, want to hit that 70 fast as possible and those weapons need to be foundGrindgrizzly3 Jul 24
Jul 23 Kanai and Bindings of the Lesser Gods Why there's no Kanai entry for that legendary item (Bindings of the Lesser Gods) with the related property?hekoone3 Jul 23
Jul 22 Sweeping Wind Stack Counter. Did anyone else lose their stack count on the hot bar with the new patch?Mckain10 Jul 22
Jul 21 Scarbringer reroll Hi, would like some advice on a scarbringer I found, I'm using LON LTK. 1560-1940 holy damage 1000 dex 24% area damage 540 life per spirit spent (i've stacked CDR so my LTK are 32 spirit , so this is 17280 life/kick) What should I reroll, if anything? I'm getting mixed results searching BIS, some say #1 thing on weapon is area damage, some suggest BIS doesn't even have area damage etc. Thank you!FrankWLaughs1 Jul 21
Jul 19 Uliana monk lacking survivability? I currently have a monk with the full set, and pieces to suit the build nicely for a chain bomb / SSS setup. It clears everything extremely well. But the problem is it lacks in survivability of any kind. Any changes I can do to make it less of a glass cannon?Faellin5 Jul 19
Jul 19 Build/Gear Advice for GR62+ I am struggling to go any higher than GR62 with Inna Gen. Damage isn't so much an issue, more getting one-shot by things, then the deaths cause me to run out of time. Anyone have any tips? I'd be open to trying different builds/gear, if anything has better survivability and similar damage. Or do I just need better gear/higher paragon in general? I've not had much luck with ancients so far.PiERiT12 Jul 19
Jul 18 Monk 70 T6 Can anyone point me at a monk build (sans monk sets) that can handle T6 so I can farm some monk sets. As can be seen from my profile my monk is 70+400 but I really only played him pre loot 2.0. I have access to, I think, all current leg gems as well as Restraint/Focus and Compass Rose/Travellers Pledge if they would help.Rommel774 Jul 18
Jul 18 Monk [sug] Dashing Strike Damage skill with Rabid strike changes. Make EDIT, Fleshrake DS damage different, take away +100% damage for 5 hits it should get all runes and every 3rd-4th hit it does 1500% your damage for that one hit. (every 5 seems to much, 3-4 would be better) This way it slows down the build but makes it stronger. The Problem with DS skill as damage is that its to hard to balance due to its speed, if its too strong we will have 1min T13s, but currently it is rather weak. PS: I'd rather see U6 get updated 1st (as every monk player), just thought about this and wanted to share. And felt changing this 1 weapon could fix 1 build quickly.Faux6 Jul 18
Jul 18 Fix Rabid Strike please fix Rabid Strike to work with all items/set damage bonuses, otherwise is just a confusing useless item that was better to not create.Danutz233 Jul 18
Jul 17 s11 solo build ideas? Hey guys, Last season was my first serious season of playing d3. Played mostly monk and really enjoyed it. Ended up only playing for about a month because my friends ended up quitting but I played mostly pet build and ended up pushing to GR 75 solo. I tried generator monk but never really had much success because I was too squishy. Anyways this upcoming season I'm planning to play monk again but am going to focus on solo pushing instead of group play. I'm trying to figure out what builds are going to be best this season (I know it may be to early to tell since the season hasn't started yet). I also noticed that some players ran a different solo build for speed clearing. Is this a popular thing to do? If so what build should I be using for speed clears? Appreciate any feedback, trying to get myself pumped up as I wait for the season to start, thanks!Dentwan8 Jul 17
Jul 17 Lefebvre's Soliloquy Guys I'm farming to build my Zdps monk (regular, not season). I'm trying to get the Lefebvre's Soliloquy shouldres for the past week. I already spent 15k + of Blood Shards and thousands of resources trying to create the Lefebvre's on the cube. My question is: It is possible to get them with a regular character? I'm extremely unlucky? ThanksApache6 Jul 17
Jul 16 3min video with the fastest char in game? Enjoy Jul 16
Jul 16 Dashing Strike Dmg with 6 pcs Raiment Set Hello All, This season I am learning and trying to do a Quinn style God Monk with the 6 pcs Raiment Sets as in patch 2.4.1. But after engaging the spirit generator, the Dashing Strike weapon damage doesn't seems to increase by the 12,500%. I open up the inventory window to observe the damage value, but there isn't any incremental damage shown. Kindly advise if there is a bug or Raiment Set/Dashing Strike has been nerfed, or simply that such my misunderstand is outdated and look at the build damage increase incorrectly. As I was looking at the Quinn's PTR utube on the build, "D3 God Monk [T10 Speed - Patch 2.4.1]", after the WotHF punch, I saw that the DS Damage went from 1.5 million to 4.5 million with the dashing strike as stacks. Please advise and shed some light on this build damage. Thanks all in advanceAnBattle16 Jul 16
Jul 15 KYOSHIRO'S SOUL Probably has been mentioned before but can we please just have this give us 2 stacks a second, including to activate Sweeping Wind itself? It is very frustrating to have to turn Sweeping Wind back on when it falls off, or to have to watch for it when using Sunwuko's. Replace: "Sweeping Wind gains 2 stacks every second it does not deal damage to any enemies." With: "Sweeping Wind gains 2 stacks every second and will stay active at 0 stacks."Stark1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Does Spirit work just like Discipline? Does Spirit work just like Discipline? Discipline adds attack. Does Spirit add anything at all?Michael1 Jul 15
Jul 15 Anyone willing to help? Hi, I am wondering if any other monks on the NA server will group with me to help me attain a laws of seph spirit stone? I've been trying for days and literally ran out of veiled crystal's doing so...Ultima13373 Jul 15
Jul 13 Uliana's EP buff? Does it look like Uliana's EP build will ever get buffed? Its one of my favorite builds to play, and im coming very close to optimizing it, yet it can only handle Grift 75 as of 2.6. I know that the other monk builds are pushing high 90's. does anyone think uliana's is due for a buff, or will it remain the mid-tier build?Soup10 Jul 13
Jul 13 Need some advice on my current monk build Hello all, I just began playing D3 about a week ago, and I was just wondering if I could have some advice in optimizing my current monk build. I'm having loads of fun with SWK LTK, although I'm not sure how viable this build is for the later grifts(currently at 61). I am noticing that I'm getting a bit squishier as I go higher into the tiers, but everything dies so fast. I did try the Inna's build, and while I'm surviving a lot more and mobs die at lightning speeds, rift guardians die a lot slower. So I prefer the former. Right now I'm farming for ancients to boost my damage a bit more, and upgrading my legendary gems so I can augment my items later down the road. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks. Here's the link to my profile: Jul 13
Jul 13 Gen Monk Anyone else notice that gen monk hits a little less now, I was up to solo gr 92 on non season before the season ended and now I can't even solo a 90. Just wondering, could be that I haven't played gen monk in awhile, been playing necro quit a bit.leostud1 Jul 13
Jul 12 Monk leaderboards What's up with monk Leaderboards?? I cleared a GR8 79 and it popped up and said I was rsnk 840, website Said I was rank 400 something, now I'm nowhere on leaderboard in game but people much lower than 79 are.Louisiana1 Jul 12
Jul 12 Level 40 monk Hey just posting build for opinions from experienced players. I am currently level 40 with about 10k life and 850 dps (dont remember exact numbers). I'm in act 2 NM and I don't die that often, but occasionally to elites (I have trouble with illusionists). It's a never defensive build that focuses on staying up versus elites since everything else is so easy in NM.!aYX!bYaZbb Keep in mind that I'm level 40 and thanks guys!TheBoss14 Jul 12
Jul 12 GR 70 build help Hi, I need some help with my build to reach GR 70. Currently I only reach GR 62, can't go any further than that. Below is my profile. if anyone knows how to improve, could you please help? Jul 12
Jul 12 best build to push gr 70? i have full generator and innas set. i feel like im really strong but can only do gr 55. can someone help me?exitforlife3 Jul 12
Jul 12 innas with exploding palm and sss? i like innas with these two skills, how far could this take me? i can clear gr 55 rn and i wanna get to 70.exitforlife2 Jul 12
Jul 11 Inna's Army - an AWESOME force!! I run fast T8 with squeezing through GR 43 as a paragon 70/593 after playing for 6 months. My T8 time runs from about 14:30 down to 6:30. My characters are Crusader (all ancients-11), Wizard (mixed FB, TR, Krelm, and Chantodo), and Monk (all ancients-11 or my Inna's Army). The Crusader takes the longest while the Monk Inna's Army is amazing at less than 1/2 the time. I've tried all the leading skill settings, and have had and tried all the sets for these characters. Have you ever wished you could just get an extra couple of fighters to help beat back the monsters? Inna's Army is amazing!! Why "Army"? Because I get me plus 16 other fighters all doing powerful damage. Plus at high levels it provides very strong defense without having to give up other stats. Here's the character: Inna's 6 set gives 5 Mystic Allys (5 fighters). The Crudest Boots doubles that (+5 fighters) AND doubles the Mystic Ally skill for double the damage. Kanai's Cube Maximus gives a very powerful Demonic Slave (+1 fighter). My Templar (+1 fighter) wears the Nagelring (+4 Fallen Lunatic fighters). Total 14 fighters greatly multiplying my own 505,000 damage. For high level defense I use Sweeping Wind/Fire Storm to create a wide circling and stacking ring of damage. Instead of leading, I follow my army as a protective shield. I add Seven-Sided Strike and Mystic Ally skills for my huge damage needs. It helps that I have 40% Cooldown to get fast recharge of these skills. They are 30 seconds, but at 16 seconds I can alternate them for great effect. Hopefully others will see the logic of this build and get a kick out of running an army for fast clearing and kills. The great thing is that it can compete with much higher Paragon characters and is relatively easy to acquire and set up.drkenrich2 Jul 11
Jul 10 Primal Scarbringer re-roll I found a Primal Scarbringer last night. Stats are 10% damage 1000 dex 24% Area Damage I am pretty sure I need CDR on the weapon. What do I roll off, dex or AD? Is AD a huge deal for LoN LTK? I would just rather not ruin the weapon. Thanks all! KidKidyen5 Jul 10
Jul 9 Stormshied... increasing damage? So I have a stormshield.... when I replaced a demon claw.. the damage went up like 3million... the dexterity is within 30 points. Is there something I don't understand or see on the stormshied? (I've looked and there is no critical hit chance)jynxedmonkey1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Challenge - With Friends Like These Hey Monks - I'm just trying to finish off some very old achievements/challenges and as the title states - WFLT challenge is getting me down:) I've started a new monk and got him to level 15 so I can use cyclone strike. I'm using a bad weapon and not equipping much gear. Should I use up my 1650 paragon points at all or just direct them into vitality and life. Any thoughts/pointers on this old challenge. P.S. Even with the bad weapon; the cyclone strike weakens the enemies, so you can only use it once or maybe twice before they die. Please help.tySnowman1 Jul 9
Jul 7 Pants to support LON LTK I am enjoying a lot LON LTK build. nice gameplay, nice synergy between items on the build... Only the pants are missign here. Will be nice to have some pats that support this build, e.g. "Critical hits have a chance to restore 30 spirit"Danutz232 Jul 7
Jul 6 BREATH OF HEAVEN Can you set the cool down to 6 sec? T-10+ this skill is useless it needs a major buff.GLOCK20C1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Grift 70 push help I recently started playing Diablo 3 again and I am a little confused as to what I should be doing next. My build is a little outdated but I am still able to do grift 62 with it. Would it be easier to work with this build or rebuild an Innas set and push for 70 that way? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)PriapusXII4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Which Two Sets Should I Keep? I have room enough to keep two sets and their supporting gear, and no more. I do like the seven sided strike set, so I'll probably definitely keep that, because I have a pretty good Lion's Claw and that kind of stuff, but I main a Demon Hunter, so I don't know which sets I should keep, which are most fun, or most powerful…Any opinions?StoneOld3 Jul 6
Jul 5 key binding I choose to key 8 as my epiphany so I put my second key bind as such. when I left my cyclone strike on key 3 to my surprise my key 8 still pressed on cyclone strike (say what???). yes I pressed on apply button and yes pressed on accept button in that order please tell me what I did wrong. thanking you in advance .titusiam121 Jul 5
Jul 4 My level 24 build, share your builds/tactics!YX!Zaa.a Here's my 24 Monk's current build. Let me explain to you brahs how I do it... I'll start off a fight by activating Sweeping wind. Attacking will keep this up for the entire duration of the fight so I won't need to refresh. It does great AOE damage. Then I'll use Cyclone strike to pull all enemies in to me. Then I'll pop Blinding Flash so now all enemies are dazed. I'll hit them with a few deadly reaches to generate spirit, and since they're all literally bunched up right around me now I'm hitting like 8 mobs at a time. Then I'll pop a Lashing Tail Kick to finish off everything. This whole combo seriously kills most things in one go and lets me clear out entire rooms full of mobs with ease. My passives give me really strong defense and I usually end fights with full health cause I'm using tons of spirit to heal and you get a ton of mitigation with the armor increase. I'm really enjoying the massive varities of builds you can use, and the fact that there are so many different synergies and builds that WORK. And not just one "great" build.TopTierGamer8 Jul 4
Jul 4 Progression with my Monk. I've been stuck at Grift 47 with my Monk for a very long time, and i dont really feel like i am making any progress into higher difficulty. Please, have a look at my current build, and tell me if there is some things that need change: The build is centered around the Inna's Mantra set. The increased damage from each Mystic Ally is the key. I am also using Wave of Light, along with Incense Torch of the Grand Temple to make it spamable. All of you monks out there, please help me! Diablo gets boring, when no progress is made! :(Rockboy2 Jul 4
Jul 3 Uliana sucks! So I tested full Uliana build with guide like this: It sucks! Super squishy and weak too! I went back to my Inna pet build and can do much better now. Looks like it got nerfed in 2.4 A darn shame because SSS looks cool and awesome but the build is nerfed.GhostPants8 Jul 3
Jul 1 Generator builds Little bored looking for some generator builds.Greentea1012 Jul 1
Jun 30 New to Monk - Suggestions Please I have played Diablo 3 since the start, yet I never made a monk before, well to my surprise (after a few inna pieces dropped while playing my other classes) I decided to make one a few days ago and I am loving it!. I really enjoy pet builds (as you can see by the many WDs I have) and when I started playing the monk with the Mystic Allies I fell in love with it. So please you monk experts, can you give me suggestion on how to improve my monk to do high GRs as an Mystic Ally Centric build. Gear, Gems, Skills, Cube choices, etc. Thank you all in advance. (I do realize some mistakes I have - like RoRG in cube not being effective since i am at 6 inna pcs - also I know my neck is int, still searching for a dex one with good stats - still please make suggestions on what to replace these with) my monk Jun 30
Jun 24 Help With Inna build Need suggestions on my build, I am currently using Istvan's blades with Inna and really is a great pair. BUT my attack speed caps out at 5.00 and 5.00 ps. This is partly because of the pain enhancer gem. My damage gets up to about 5.4m sheet damage. My toughness gets up to about 300+m or so. I have tried the build with shelongs set as well but didn't like it as much. I am not sold on my endless walk set but hard to know what to replace it with. I am open to any idea's and thoughts. I know a few things that would help but those are just grinding out gem levels and getting sockets added to my weapons to roll another stat in. That will help but I feel like I am missing something bigger here. I am stuck around level 68 GR. I can clear a level 65 pretty easy. Thanks in advance!ThePhilip18 Jun 24
Jun 23 Ulianna Are we somday going to get some changes to ulliana? I love the build and is probably my favourite set, but the 2 piece set bonus makes it feel clunky an awkward. It's nice at the beggining, but if you start doing higher gr, those EP's take up the mythic rhythm stack and they also don't proc area damage. In the end, not only is the build squshy but also you cannot really use life per hit unless everything already has EP's. I think maybe it could become an easier to use build, and a bit better with just a new 2 piece set bonus :)MYL29913 Jun 23
Jun 22 ZDPS advice for only Wiz & DHs I tend to run with the same group, typically consisting of either 2 Wiz and 1 DH, or 1 Wiz and 2 DH (or sometimes 3 Wiz). They are all in the P 900 - P 1,200 range. I rarely ever play with zBarb or WD (or any other class). We've typically running GR85 up to the low 90s (relatively quick runs), but we might start going higher. I have generally been using the icy-veins guide incorporating the 2 Uliana's pieces: The only real difference (aside from not having good-enough gear) is using Esoteric instead of Gogok. I find that I don't really need the additional CDR from Gogok, and Esoteric saves me from spikes and general overly-chaotic situations (arcane + poison + cold everywhere). After all, as I read in one of the z build guides, a dead monk is not very useful to the group. Also, I ran my Iceblink up to 50, but I think I read that the 25 cap is only applicable to zBarb's pulling ability. I am looking for advice on how to change the build to better serve these groups. Are there any tweaks or wasted spells/abilities considering the makeup of the parties (e.g., lack of zBarb)? Thanks in advance.Dante006 Jun 22
Jun 22 More oddness Occasionally I get a wild hair and decide to try something different. This time its a spin off of the LoN ltk build as seen in the link below Jun 22
Jun 21 Schafer's hammer + Cube = ? I'm trying out a lightning monk build, which more looks like a spinning top of lightning doom. Though my question is can I cube schaefer's hammer and use it while having one in hand and have the damage stack or will it go off individually and be pointless?(i have both one in hand and one in cube) I mean with my lightning whirlwind, lightning pull and fist attacks I can trigger it no problem, and with wreath of lightning I can run through T7 no problem, just trying to see if there is something I can do to pump up my lightning damageRemusHikaru3 Jun 21
Jun 21 Interaction between Uliana’s, LOH, Stricken? So a fully-geared Uliana monk using seven-sided strike delivers 14 SSS strikes and detonates Exploding Palm 14 times. How does this work with regard to Life on Hit -- does this give the monk that life on hit total ONE time, TWO times (1 for clicking SS and 1 for EP), FOURTEEN times, or TWENTY-EIGHT times? I fear it might be one of the lower numbers, as so many guides recommend Life per Second on gear instead of Life on Hit Does Bane of the Stricken build stacks the same way, or does it work differently? I think I’ve heard that Bane of the Stricken has an internal cooldown of 1/5 of a second…I’m not clear on whether that’s true. When I SSS a Rift Guardian, am I increasing my damage against him by 28 x the BoS value, or what? I can’t really change my behavior based on the answers, but it might satisfy my curiosity.Sailboat1 Jun 21
Jun 20 Inna ally What legendary gems are good with the inna mystic ally buildchuckisback1 Jun 20
Jun 20 Need advice please Here is my HC monk: I'm using a 6 Inna 4 Sunwuko build. I know it's not a FOTM build but I like the style of play and it's really tanky for HC (I swap in Spirit Guards when I'm pushing higher GR but use Nemesis for speed farming). I'm currently speed farming GR65 (5-7 min runs is speed farm for me) using Shenlong's. I was doing 3-5 min runs using the Little Rogue set, Focus/Restraint, with Cyclone Strike Implosion instead of Inner Sanctuary, but was nowhere near as tanky. My problem: I'm stuck on GR71 (I can survive GR72+ easily with this build but was about 30 sec slow on finishing). The Shenlong's set makes it virtually impossible to use Cyclone Strike and Focus/Restraint because you run out of spirit so fast. If I'm wrong and there's a trick to using these together someone please let me know! Is there something I'm missing DPSwise? Or am I just doomed with this build to max out at GR72 or 73 after a few more pieces? I feel like there's a L2P issue too, the elites and GR guardian melt so fast with this build, but the trash is the problem. The Shenlong's dps is very bursty, especially with a build that relies on pushing mystic ally for DPS burst, and not having Cyclone Strike really hurts on trash, so this leaves me with terrible dps on trash, particularly when they are spread out. Any advice you can give me on how to maximize this build would be appreciated. I realize there are better builds, that's not the question :)Bosendorfer10 Jun 20