Oct 22, 2012 Selling lightning boots Feel free to add me Vector#1135Vector0 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 S>amulet CC10, CD89. V108, Dex113 check my profile for the amulet on my barbZoO11 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 GG Intel Amulet FS 168 intel 104 vitality 76 resist all 60% crit damage 1 open socket leave offers iggjclipper711 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Heaven Hand 947.5 DSP CHD + AIS + LPSP + Slot 947.5 DPS CHD 65% AIS 6 53 life per spirit spent Has a socket Start bid @ 15mil Goodluck guys :)HeinzHammer9 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 WTS = INNA'S 4 SETS ITEMS 35M sales... inna's 4 sets items just only 35M can nego Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 WTS Skorn - 1377, 297dex, 168crit, OS, 5.6 LS 1377.4 DPS 1126-1629 +259 min +341 max +47% dmg +297 dex +168% crit dmg 5.6% LS Open Socket Looking to change it up to dual wield for something different. Anyone interested? BIN 250mCelani0 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Monk weapons: 1H + Shield vs 2H vs DW Hey guys, so right now i'm using echoing fury and a shield. i was thinking of getting a skorn and trying 2H. I also considered getting another 1H and trying DW. What is the best option of inferno? I'm a lvl 60 monk farming mp2 right nowgngrbredman2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Looking for people to farm Hellfire Ring with Hey guys, not sure if anyone remmebers me but i was a regular on the Monk forums a while back, after a short stint on the WD and DH, im back on the monk. I'll be doing a writeup soon for some new builds ive done with the monk, but currently im looking for people to group with to farm a hellfire ring. (my WD is MP 76, my monk needs to catchup lol). If anyone is interested just hit me up in game , add me Soundb#1770 i also stream now on: (livestream link) for any of those who knew me before/ oh, i do MP5-6Soundb5 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Shenlongs legend 950dps 69 crit + SOCKET Selling for way less then any in the ah... Contact me in game if interested- Phaetill#1997 SOLDPhaetill1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Help me get past MP1 I want to gear up to farm more efficiently. Vile Ward and trifecta gloves are up next on my wish list while i work on a hellfire ring. Any advice on upgrades to get me into efficient farming?Kvothe5 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Would like to gear up and dont waste money! Hello, If anyone here could help me to find some gear, I would really appreciate it. I would like to upgrade my stuff to get to the 100k unbuffed dps mark, so I can farm mp5-7. I also need more armor because now my resist are allright but my armor cant keep up lol. I would like to not change the skills I use, I am used to them and I like it like that, but if you really think I should change something, let me know and explain why! I only have a budget of 20mil, but I need to start somewhere, I'll farm if it is necessary! profile -> ty :D PS: sorry for my bad english, my main language is french :-/Oct04 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 decent fire monk gear blackthornes surcoat - 55m 665 armor 192 vita 50 fire resis 74 AR 227 armor reduced range damage 5% 3 sockets firewalkers 1 mil 224 dex 40 vita 50 fire resis regen life 23 4% melee damage reduced 12 movement depth diggers 13m 191 dex 74 intel =/ 73 AR 23% gold 20% mf add in game or post here thanks!legendary1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 wts>amy [IMG][/IMG] bids are now open for 30mins for both itemsLightSky1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Need advice from pro monks. I stopped playing D3 around the end of June and now I decided to come back to try out the new paragon leveling and MP additions. Anyway my gear is obviously outdated and I can't find a decent guide on new gear and stats to stack. Does anyone have a link with an updated guide or if you have some spare time give my crappy gear a once over and give me a few key pieces to replace. One last thing, monks OP now????? YES?Reb2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Hey Monks...(Lightning Escpecially)I Think... I might just have an amulet for you. (and a ring) "Channeling Badge" + 90 Str +158 Dex + 40 Vit + 46 Lightning Resistance Critical Hit Damage Increased by 86% Critical Hit Chance Increased by 7.5% Duration of Croud Control Effects Reduced by 10% SOLD! And now for the ring! + 31-60 Damage + 46 Lightning Resistance + 47 Resistance to All Elements Each hit adds +434 life Critical hit damage Increased by 27% Current Offer: 1m 750k to a random bumper!NickDaMan27 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Any Monks who can do MP8-10? Hi fellow Monkiez Just tried out the new MP system and could do MP5 solo. Was a bit harder than 1.04 in 4-player so took longer but survivibility was similar - would die once here and there on hard affix elites. Just wondering, are you a monk who has done MP8-10? Did it take AGES? Die much? Would love to see your monk's gear and setup to see HOW THE F can a monk do it. My thoughts is that a tank monk will take a YEAR to finish lvl 10, and there is no hope for high DPS as any feather that hits you will kill you. Yeah, i'm a little sinical :( Happy hunting allDVTN6 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Guess the Max MP level of the monk above you. Like other threads judging gear, this one is similar. If there's one already posted ignore me. Based on the user's profile, guess what the highest MP level the monk above you can handle. Keep it constructive and give tips/suggestions on ability choices and upgrades. I think I'm a solid MP5 to start. But that's a guess, I didn't play on the PTR. I do have a shield that's got some solid stats and I plan on using MoE if I can't handle this overawe build.Orion500 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Any monks using slower weapons(maces, etc)? Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was using slower weapons like maces or spears without echoing fury as an off hand or main hand. I'd like some opinions about if(if people like it or is the speed too slow) since I recently bought one that had gave a really good dps bump. I do notice the speed difference from before since I was using a sword but is it gonna affect my sustainability at all? Thanks!Darcy2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 WTS Skorn 1437.8 dps 282 min dmg 259 max dmg 49% damage 311 dex increase attack speed 5% Crititcal Hit damage increased by 159% 98.4% bleed chance 6212-12169 dmg over 5sec starting bid at 25mil in ahSTX21 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 S> GODLY 250 DEX/VIT/MF/80AR Vile Ward C/O = 250 mil by Tet in game Stats are as follows: +250 Dexterity +61 Vitality +80 Resistance to All Elements +245 Armor Regenerates 245 Life per Second 18% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items I'll start the bidding at 200 million, buyout is 600 million (half AH buyout for 250+ dex, any vit, any mf - also, the one on the AH for 1.2 billion does not have 80 AR). Turalyon#1977 - currently in game.Turalyon7 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 L> for High DPS MONK FOR MP8 Add infamousgray#1290 if u want to farm mp8. I am a barb. check profile.InfamousGray0 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Didn't complete 1.0.4 Inferno? Look here. Plenty of monks completed Inferno before the patch. The high-end guys with the 100K+ DPS are trying to figure out how far they can go or where they should settle in for farming. The mid-tier guys with the 40K-75K DPS are creating "check my gear" posts in the hopes of joining the first group. Most of the guys with the 20K-30K DPS, like me, finished the game with varying degrees of difficulty and have a good idea where they stand now because Blizzard somewhat correctly pegged 1.0.4 Inferno as between MP2 and MP3. But there's a bunch of monks out there who didn't complete Inferno before 1.0.5 went live, didn't play on the PTR, and now aren't sure where they're supposed to go. This post is for them. It's based on my 1.0.4 play, including a final-week run through Act 1 and Act 2, plus my time on the PTR, where I took Act 3 through Ghom on MP4. So here you go: The baseline for 1.0.5 is "No Monster Power," in which mobs have between 60% and 75% of their 1.0.4 life according to various reports and do no more than 75% of their 1.0.4 damage according to Blizzard. I don't have a direct source for the first number, but the second comes from the patch notes. No Monster Power fills Act 1 with level-61 mobs, Act 2 with level-62 mobs, and Acts 3 and 4 with level-63 mobs. By definition, then, these acts are easier than their 1.0.4 counterparts. No surprise there, just stating it for those who don't know. Act 2 in 1.0.4 is slightly weaker than Act 3 in MP0. In the old Act 2, I melted everything and could go an entire run with only 1-3 deaths, all of which would have been easily avoided had I not gotten careless from steamrolling everything. Act 3 in MP0 plays the same way, and you can face-tank Molten/RD melee mobs in MP1 with little fear of the RD affix or the molten ground. I even survived an explosion without taking much damage. To put Act 3 in MP0 in perspective, my 24K DPS monk killed Ghom around the top right pillar on a counter-clockwise kite. By extension, therefore, Act 2 in MP0 should play a lot like Act 1 in 1.0.4. MP1 plays very similarly to Act 2 in 1.0.4. Champ/elite packs will be tougher, in general, but damage is less spiky. I could melt Act 2 in 1.0.4, but I'm finding that many white mobs take just a little longer than one full WothF sequence to kill, and the elites and champs are tougher. That said, I am two-thirds done with Act 1 on MP1 and have died once; I will likely get through it with the same low number of deaths I had in Act 2 on 1.0.4. MP2 is technically a little harder than Act 3 in 1.0.4, but it should feel easier once you get used to it. The major difference is life: assuming a base of 60% of 1.0.4, all mobs in MP2 have roughly 150% of their 1.0.4 life. Damage is slightly lower with the 75% reduction and the 130% boost, but your armor is also weaker. The ground effects on the PTR felt significantly weaker than they did in 1.0.4, even after the fix of a non-scaling bug. MP3 is a bit harder than Act 3 in 1.0.4. You'll have to pay more attention. Champ fights will take significantly longer, and you'll have to do a bit of kiting. MP4 is, no doubt, significantly harder than Act 3 in 1.0.4. If you rolled 1.0.4, you won't notice, but if you found it difficult, like I did with my 22K DPS, you'll find MP4 a very stiff challenge. Ghom's enrage timer becomes a gear check for sure if you can't exceed 24K DPS. (I recall taking him to 25% life on the PTR when he enraged and finally dying when he had 10% life left.) Champs will take longer to wear down as MP climbs, but elites (the yellow mobs) take significantly longer to kill. You will frequently find yourself killing all the blues and staring down a yellow with 50% to 75% of his life, at which point you'll spend about 45-60 seconds chopping him down, depending on your DPS and skills. So: If you struggled to get through Act 1 in 1.0.4, you should turn Monster Power off and start in Act 1 in 1.0.5. If you beat Act 1 handily in 1.0.4 but struggled in Act 2, you can either start at Act 2 on MP0 to dial back the difficulty or just fire up Act 2 in MP1 and pick up where you left off. If you beat Act 2 in 1.0.4 but couldn't get anywhere in Act 3, you should start in Act 3 on MP1 and continue your quest, as it's very similar to Act 2 in 1.0.4. If you rolled Act 2 in 1.0.4 but struggled to get from the Fields of Slaughter across the Bridge of Rakkis in Act 3, you will roll MP1 if you pay attention during the tougher fights, have a little challenge in MP2, and have a big challenge in MP3. Again, if you rolled 1.0.4, this post isn't for you. If you couldn't get past the old Inferno, though, this should help you figure out what you'll find in 1.0.5 and where you should pick up your quest to beat Inferno.Vrkhyz17 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 WTS 43 All resist/70dex/70vit/5.5 CC ring On my monk right now. 70 dex 71 vit 40 arcane resist 43 all ersist regen 237 life per sec cc 5.5JoshOrcullo3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Debating dropping skorn looking for advice Hey, currently i am using a Skorn and I am at about 130k damage unbuffed I would like to replace it with a pair of 1 handers but i am uncertain what route to go. Since i am willing to shell out 100's of mill i don't want to lose damage (paper doll damage isn't important). I also would like to keep my incoming healing (from LS on the skorn) the same as it is currently. My questions are: For those using EF are they as big a problem in higher MP as i have been hearing? Maybe I'm crazy but it seems the ah has flipped on pricing between LS and LoH i am seeing a lot of the higher damage 1 handers with LS going for much more than the 1 handers with LoH. So for those using loh without ls how are you fairing? I have seen a lot of higher damage DW monks going with very high damage main hands without crit. I am no mathematician so i am wondering does crit damage at a certain point (over 400% critical damage on gear) become less valuable than raw weapon damage? I am hesitant about buying a WKL for 400m then Bliz in 2 months buffing certain abilities to the point that they are better than thunderclap and cyclone. I realize that there really is no way anyone can answer this, but does anyone have any thoughts? And is it really good enough that the 23%ish lightning damage makes up for no crit and low damage on the wep? Also My main reason for dropping my skorn is that i would like to go away from my 4 set innas so that i can increase my damage/survive more with those pieces, and i feel that i am constantly out of spirit when i don't have 5 spirit SW. Would increasing my attack speed to say 1.5-1.6 allow me enough spirit regen to drop innas and still be able to use SSS (i really enjoy SSS as both a big burst ability and a full heal/immunity for a few seconds)? Thanks for all those that respond any input is welcome. I am sure i have forgotten some questions, but i already wrote an essay there so ill probably throw some out to peeps that respond as i think of them. TLDR: Using a skorn currently debating on dropping it for 2 1 handers or if it is enough just increasing my attack speed enough so that i wont be spirit starved without 4 set innas. Looking for input before i shell out the doughFustosus6 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Higher-end monk seeking higher-end advice Alright, I'm trying to upgrade to make facetanking a little easier in mp7+ I did manage to get an Echoing Fury w/880dps, 150 dex, ls, and os so I replaced the slow mace with that. I've got about a 250 mil budget. Looking at my gear, I know I need a) Better Inna's Chest - Should I look for poison, armor, more vit, or something else? b) Better Inna's Pants - Pretty much same question as above c) Helm - As a poison monk, should I stick with Andy's but get one with a socket? I'm also considering a high dex/vit/spirit/6crit Radiance. d) Ammy - This seems like it's going to be expensive to upgrade unless I sacrifice dps for ehp e) Belt - Need more vit + armor or life% | Should I look into a witching hour (more dps = more life stolen I guess) or Inna's favor to complete the 4/4? (would have to use the radiance, which isn't bad) I know my one ring is mediocre but I'm going to be using a Hellfire ring soon anyway and a beter nats is too expensive. Any advice/direction would be GREATLY appreciated. Also if you're able to EASILY do mp8+, post and I can just check out your gear. edit: what about a 1300ish dps skorn with ls? How viable is that?manth2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 +Minimum Damage inconsistent? This isn't really a Monk-specific question, but I'm trying to confirm/refute the observation that the +minimum damage on items appears to be inconsistently-applied. In the item budget, it appears you can often get either +x Minimum Damage or +2x Maximum Damage. Now this makes sense *if* the +Minimum Damage stat actually raises both ends of your damage range. For example: +10 Minimum Damage to a 100-200 weapon = 110-210 damage, or a +10 average damage increase. +20 Maximum Damage to a 100-200 weapon = 100-220 damage, or a +10 average damage increase. However, in *some* cases the +minimum damage stat does not appear to operate in this fashion, instead *only* increasing the lower range of the weapon: +10 Minimum Damage to a 100-200 weapon = 110-200 damage, or a +5 average damage increase, for double the item budget cost of +10 Maximum Damage! Worse, some items appear to use the former mechanic, and some the latter. As this can only be confirmed using the character sheet, it can make for very risky item purchases.. you can't know which version of +minimum damage you are getting when you buy the item. Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue? I searched briefly for blue posts on the topic, but couldn't find any. :PToskk2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Nice amulet on AH needs bids 128 strength, 102 dex, 50 vit, 44 arcane resist, 724 LOH, 12% life, 2.6% blind I put this on AH and so far it's only at 4000 gold, 13 hours to goKorichnovui2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Best monk build for mp5 and up! as the title says what does everyone think the best speed build isDLoot5 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 life steal or Life on hit? Hi guys, Need a piece of advise from the pros here. With the current addicted of elites/champ with the infamous Reflect Damage, what would be the best mitigating action against them? Lifesteal or LOH? Please name in specific the amount if each stat should carry as well... I have no trouble wif any other addicted, just the reflect dmg can make me dead in 10.nigel845 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Help me gear up my Monk? 600 Mil to spend. I can't ever decide on what to buy gear-wise, and I'm quite cheap, and always looking for good deals. What pieces of equipment should I get? Thanks. Goal : Farming MP10 easily.Clairvoyance11 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Help with equips I dunno what to do with the rings,,, money is short but soon I'll get more,, any suggestions with the equipments besides de inna and shenlong set...... Thanks for the help and srry about the bad english. Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 WTS One of a KIND Amulet, Come on in... *US server only NOBILITY SACRIFICE DEX - 196 VIT - 256 LIFE % - 8 CRIT DMG - 48% CRIT CHANCE - 7% Helping a buddy to sell the above amulet, serious buyer only, 1 BIL gold set price. Only contact if you are interested in buying. Thanks.DEATHLOCK8 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 selling phsyical gloves if u wanna offer post here or send friend request and the msg w/ ur PRICE.coco1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Looking for a fellow monk to consult with. I'm looking for someone who has spent the vast majority of their Diablo time playing a monk and is geared to show it. I just want an equally geared/knowledgeable monk on my friends list to get a second opinion from on mostly gear upgrades and some things like that. I don't expect to play with this person or message them to the point of annoyance, just during this crucial time where I feel I need some upgrades to have an easier time with higher mlvls (currently on 7) :D .manth3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 What Gear should I upgrade? Basically I want to make my monk better, but I'm not really sure what gear to upgrade? Also should I go with dual wielding because a lot of monk characters seem to dual wield, but I'm concern about survivability with dual wielding. I know I need a better weapon but what stat should I really focus on for a weapon? I was thinking about focusing on critical hit damage, socket, and dex on weapon and ignoring loh, would that be a good idea? or bad idea? Here is my monk: Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Just got back to D3 Help me pls I just came back to D3 I left the game before the Atk Spd nerf and I am having fun playing with friends. But, I do no dmg and am squishy. Just looking for some help/guidance. Where do monks really shine dmg/tank/support? What stats should I buy for? What is a good solid skill set to start from? any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time for anyone willing to help this scrub.Spencjedi2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Need help with a few things. Wanting to hit the magical 100k Dps mark. But also I cannot figure out why I cannot surive on anything above mp4. I have 700resists buffed and 400lps/600loh and some life after each kill. I hae around 30+m for upgrades so cannot go to wild :(ImMarshyyy4 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 How to deal with molten mp5+? I usually die 2-3 times when facing those beasts in mp7. What is the method here?mrthanh4 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 FS: 200d/40v/9cc/45cd/50 phys./250armor glove Great gloves for 1.05 for any physical monks Executioner's Fists 514 armor +205 dexterity +39 vitality +47 physical resistance +220 armor +43% critical hit damage +9% critical hit chance Starting bid: 10mChaos0 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 [WTS][US-SC] Chest, 68d, 66v, 11%l, 3os, 74ar Interested in selling this piece... give me an offer. in game name is shottie#1215.Shottie2 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 WTS AMMY -CRIT CHANCE, CRIT DAMAGE, ALL RES 8.0% Crit chance 93% Crit Damage 50% All res 354 Armor 28 min damage 24% Gold find May post this in other class forums as well, so bids may be higher than people post here.Hickorynut1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 wts nice light resist boots 185 dex 69 vit 50 lightning resist 68 all resist +161 armor 12% movement speed in ah right now or add me in gameblkdynamite1 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Help Upgradin my Monk please? Dnt knw what2do What's the way to go with Monks.. I'm so lost, I've pumped 200+ mill into this Monk.. Nothin to show, I use to use a SS, Sword and Board... at that point I was doin 31k dps... I had 9.7k Armor and 858 resists. But with this... I can't do IM bosses on my own... I don't die, but I hit the enrage and instantly combust... I come here askin yall because trade doesn't help... They just tell me Blizz Made monks weak, Roll a Barb or a Mage... I was told to DW Echo Furys, My issue with that is.. I can't find any with LoH or LS with a Socket... any advice would be greatful please... I'm so lost right now Also. is the Inna set worth it? Mean the 3 peice seems !@#$ty :\ Change to my spec, gear, anythinMassie3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 MOC + Overawe or MOE + Hard Target? My stats are as follows: 49,000 DPS 38,000 HP 835 Resis 760 LOH 5.6% LS 4500 Armor 38.4% Dodge Basically, with the sweeping wind cookie-cutter build, I have lots of extra spirit to spend once I've used blinding flash + sweeping wind. I find myself spamming MOE repeatedly. I can have 5400 armor (900 more) and 47.7%/55% dodge, or 24%/48% more damage. In terms of sheer survivability: With 5.6% life steal, will the extra health I gain through doing 24%/48% more damage offset the loss of 900 armor and a good chunk of dodge?Erratum3 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 22, 2012 Upgrade my armor or upgrade my dps Im trying to attempt act 1 with mp 1 or 2 and i think im surviving okay and all but i think my damage is kind of low for where im at so should i continue working on my resists and armor or ugrade my weapons?samded6 Oct 22, 2012
Oct 21, 2012 WTS Vile Ward Looking for 60mBantis1 Oct 21, 2012
Oct 21, 2012 Infernal machine question. If i open up the infernal machine portal can other people join with me and if they have 5 NV up can they have a chance to get a piece or is it only going to maybe drop to who ever opens the portal?oldman542 Oct 21, 2012
Oct 21, 2012 Amazing Vile's for sale bin 450milMASKOAA1 Oct 21, 2012
Oct 21, 2012 Why do I suck so bad? what should i upgrade to make my monk better?Aegz1 Oct 21, 2012