May 16 Best Solo HC Build? Currently I am running 6PC Inna's and 2PC Rainment. I do fine but towards 50 I am starting to feel the slowdown. Granted I still do not have either of the fists. What is the ideal setup for a mostly solo player to push GR The reason I say solo is because I like the ability to pause the game and think about how I am going to tackle an upcoming ground in order to not die. This is the first time I have made it all the way to a decent level with a HC toon (over p100) so I am playing cautiously Thanks in advanceLyxcrit2 May 16
May 15 Reforge Leg Main stat question I dropped Focus ring with intelligence as a monk. If I reforge at the cube will it be int again or totally random?MechaTengu8 May 15
May 12 Easiest monk set dungeon Hate set dungeons, but have to do at least one to get the stash tab. Which monk set dungeon is the easiest? Anyone cares to share a build on how they mastered it? Thanks.BIOLD019 May 12
May 12 Little help here. thanks What would you guys suggest I do to get past GR65? I cannot for the life of me get past 65. May 12
May 12 Raiment build So I'm currently on GR65 on my Raiment build and I am seeking advice to push into GR70 with him. I got tons of advice here before on my other build so I thought why not ask? :) Here's the build in question: May 12
May 12 Raiment and control resistance Currently i am testing out my standard Raiment build and its working ok. But when i look at the leaderboards i really wonder how these people can get so high without 1% of control resist reduction or Epiphany. I mean i get frozen, knocked back or feared all the time an it often means certain death. What are their strategies to counter this? Fight only whites, fish for ages?electrofux4 May 12
May 12 Value of Life per Spirit Spent? I FINALLY found a primal I can use in one of my builds. I landed a primal Vengeful Wind with Dex, Vit, Life per Spirit Spent (LPSS), and +Exp. I am questioning whether to reroll Vit or LPSS to either RCR (or CDR to keep epiphany up more often) or LPH (or maybe even % dmg). Vit is nice at 1K, and it boost my toughness by 20%! This is especially crucial when my Sweeping Wind stacks inevitably drop and I get easily killed. But I know the build also calls for LPH (and the Vengeful Wind I was using before has LPH, which I might need to replace). With the spirit-intensive Sunwuko LTK build, I can probably burn through 300 spirit in 2 to 3 seconds, which equates to about 160K life regen (at 540 LPSS). Is this worth keeping, and is it equivalent to LPH in more resource-intensive builds? I don't think I have ever seen a build recommend using LPSS. It would be nice to have the life regen option and also an additional benefit (RCR, CDR, etc.) in the place of Vit. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.Dante003 May 12
May 12 Inna-Uliana Build? Was looking through the leaderboard and spotted a few people with this set (6 Inna - 4 Uliana with RRG in cube). I haven't seen anything about this one before. Is there a guide out there?Strata6 May 12
May 12 When your glad you dont have a Hellfire Somethings Countess Julia's is just amazing. May 12
May 10 What next? I know my gear still needs a lot of work as far as upgrades and ideally switching to DW, but other than the obvious upgrades such as needing unity and better weapons/ancient versions of what I have, anything I can immediately improve on to help the climb? Is any elemental buff on bracers worthwhile for mystic ally spam? Also what legendary gems should I be focusing on for the build I currently have going for me? Looked at guides and seen various opinions on legendary gems. Any and all tips appreciated (for record can currently clear T10 without any trouble haven't tried much higher). Link to profile: May 10
May 10 A little buff to dmg I can't be the only one noticing the very wide gap in dmg between monk and practically every other class (except the Barbarian). It is not that we can't pass rifts but when we trudge along having to spend 10-30 more seconds on that elite/champ pack than the other classes. A quick and easy fix would be another 40-50% dmg on spirit generators or a dmg boost% on Simplicity Strength. I'm not by any damn means saying nerf any class, I hate when they nerf crap but bring the 2 melee classes that are hurting in comparison to snuff.Kharnage9 May 10
May 10 GR80 complete! I did it! I made it to GR80 and made it to the leaderboard with my Inna6 Sunwoku 4. Thank you thank you Faux. It was my own personal goal to make it this far on season with a build I was thoroughly enjoying. I know this accomplishment is probably small in the grand scheme of things but I am proud of myself for being able to get this far. :) This is all I wanted to accomplish out of this season. Again, thank you for everyone who helped me. Especially Faux! As of writing this I am 910 GR80 13:40. Very low but I am very happy with my results.Reslin7 May 10
May 10 Life Per Second or All Resist? I've been looking at various gear set ups for Uliana EP, Inna LTK, Inna EP and Inna 7-Seven Side strike. Some stack Regen Life Person second on pants and boots and some stack All Resist. For example, I have two Uliana Boots. Boot 1 - Dex, Vit, All Resist, EP Boot 2 - Dex, Vit, LPS, EP and Secondary Resist. Which is better and why?ockhamdesign1 May 10
May 9 Could use some help getting to GF70 I'm currently able to clear 62, but at 63 I get the rift boss to spawn with an minute left roughly. I'm farming for another unity for my follower, but will that be enough? Should I change out my gems? This is the first season that I pushed my toon pass t10, so some input would be awesome. Thanks guys!deadkennedys1 May 9
May 8 Haunt of Vaxo does it still work? i tried to proc it with cold attracts with stun. nothing happensNoItsMyMain1 May 8
May 8 Mystic Ally not attacking So while playing a "Pet" Monk I notice that a lot of the time my Mystic Ally's do nothing. Most of the time they just stand there. This is very frustrating because if they would do their job and attack I could actually clear a GR. I mean when they are all on the "target" it is impressive. But it seems half of the run they are just standing around the mobs.They should all be able to attack regardless if they are in close quarters. Im sure this issue has been addressed many of times in the past but I can't find anything regarding it. Just curious to hear others opinions and to see if this is a fixable issue.BigBird15 May 8
May 7 [Inna's Reach] MA DMG Increase Question Hey everyone, I'm not a seasoned Diablo player or anything I generally just roll a new character every season reset on Hardcore and play until I die. I've actually got further than I had anticipated this season with the monk and I have a question about Inna's Reach (I just unlocked the full set via the Seasonal Journal). The attribute that buffs the Mystic Ally damage by 90%-110% (or whatever the cap is), does this mean that it buffs the passive damage that the allies do just on their own or does this attribute only come into play when I use one of the activated Mystic Ally skills? Thanks for any clarification!Wolverine1 May 7
May 7 A thanks to Faux! Faux responded to my thread "Stuck at GR75." and responded to my probably pointless quest to hit GR80 with Inna6 Sunwoku 4. It's my personal challenge. Are there better builds? Absolutely but for whatever insane reason I like this setup and have decided to take it as far as it goes. At the moment I just managed to clear GR78 without a single death. I'm two away from my goal. A big thank you for Faux for helping me get there. With the right rifts and improving my augments.. I think I can make it for sure. This post is meant to be a simple thank you to Faux and for those curious about Inna6 and Sunwoku 4 that so far it has gotten me this far and I'm probably by no means the best pilot. It's definitely not one of the top builds but it's been a blast to play thus far. If anyone has any further tips to make my journey to GR80 easier (with this setup) by all means feel free to post and if anyone has made it this far with this setup please don't hesitate to chime in!Reslin1 May 7
May 7 Bug? Was messing around with gear and unless I'm missing something I think I might have encountered a bug. Equipping Inna's helmet to give me the 6pc set bonus (734 dex, 740 vit, spirit regen and socket) puts me at 21.5mil toughness and ~600k life. Swapping to Kekegi's unbreakable spirit (734 dex, 95 resist all, 6% crit chance, socket) brings me to 32mil toughness and ~900k life. I'm losing vitality and yet gaining health. My mystic ally is set to fire, give myself 6pc to have all mystic allies out (meaning I'm gaining earth ally which grants +20% life) and I lose life..... This happens with any helm I equip btw that breaks the 6pc bonus. After moving some equipment around, this seems to only happen while crudest boots are equipped, but only after swapping helms around AFTER they are equipped. If I equip crudest boots then put inna's helm on to grant me 6pc my life is over 1mil, but if I swap helms out then back after equipping crudest boots then it goes down to 600k. tl;dr I think crudest boots are bugging the 6pc bonus allowing you to retain it even after removing a piece that gives you 6pc at least as far as life goes. If anyone else can try and replicate this to test would be appreciated.ICStars772 May 7
May 5 Help with Inna's/LTK I have looked up the builds on Diablo fans and have seen some different variations of builds so I wanted to ask about a few gearing choices I should pursue. Right now I have Innas Diabo with the ltk helm and scarbringer ltk boots and Roth in cube. Switched from cookie cutter swk/wol set and this build is clearing just as fast and even without a socket in diabo. No rabid strike or ingeom so diabo was only choice. Are they similar in power or is rabid much much better? Strong arm or bindings for the bracers slot? I figure since using diabo, the added ally dmg would make more sense but at the same time strong arm with heavy hitting 2h seems appealing. I just put it together so I know all my gear needs optimization but any skill changes I need to make? i may have gone heavy on regen and not need it so can tweak some of that as I play more. Mainly am I missing anything really critical? Edit: IpMan seasonal sc in my profile for referenceKeystone17 May 5
May 5 RiemeKüsu's Inna TR Pet Build (Solo 80+) Hio guyz I did a lot of testing and would like to present you a very freaky build for all the Tempest Rush and Mystic Allies - Lovers. First of all: I really wanted to make the Istvan's blades and the Mystic Allies viable somehow - combined with using Tempest Rush, at least for chilling out ;) Check it out: Playstyle: You TR around, CS a nice bunch of enemies, TR shortly, use WotHF to load up stacks, TR shortly... and activate your allies. :) When on cooldown, you simply TR around and take care that you don't lose your F+R buffs plus the CS buff for the bracers. TR is your main cooldown skill because of Zodiac. Because of perma-Epiphany, you are even able to port via CS or TR when in sight of enemies! It is rather hard to play, but you will get used to it - you should try not to lose the 10 Taeguk stacks and the F+R buffs. And if you do, don't worry - you will have stacked it up within a blink of the eye (?) because of massive IAS via Istvans + Flying Dragon. I already cleared 82 with about 4 minutes spare time, without even using Stricken and with little practice. Not so sure yet if Taeguk should be replaced by Stricken when pushing for the maximum. You are able to stack Stricken very fast because of generally high IAS. Check it out and have fun - I'm glad to read some feedback of you guyz ;) Cheers, RiemeKüsu - EDIT- The Hellfire passive is definitely not set in stone. You can even go with a defensive one, you won't really need +50 spirit. You will move all the time, so +20% dmg through movement could be worth something too.RiemeKüsu2 May 5
May 5 How would you reroll these weapons? I have two pretty good weapons for a LTK build but I have no idea which stats I need for such a build. How would you reroll these weapons? Is it worth it to roll damage on the Scarbringer even though it's just 100 from max? I assume that RCR is pretty good to keep on it. I suppose I could get rid of the Vitality on it, but it's almost max rolled. The Vengeful Wind has almost max damage. The LPSS gives pretty good recovery, but I assume that I should reroll it into 10% damage? Please, any input from experienced players would be welcome.Mortac0 May 5
May 4 How to improve my U6 build Being fully aware the U6 build is heavily gimped this season, I'm still making it a goal to take it as far as humanly possible. That being said, I'd be grateful to any who have some advice for me. I'm currently at GR75 clear and hoping to push into the high 80's with this build before switching over to a different build to take it further. Edit: (my profile might show a Focus/Restraint combo being used as I speed farm for keys and bounties. When pushing GR's I have a Unity/Compass Rose combo both non-ancient.) May 4
May 4 Weak Inna's gen build can't complete Gr60 Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? I just walked into a gr60 and needed my NDE to proc in order to kill a yellow champion and a bunch of white mobs and seconds later i cycloned like 7 white mobs with mantra, and epiphany procd and got near one shotted? bear in mind I was using all my defensive cds when that fatal shot happened which proc'd nde. I don't understand why I am so squishy and I know i need the endless walk set, i'm only missing my ring at the moment but untill then idk what to do and even then I dont think that set bonus alone is going to push me up to gr70 at this point. somebody help me please! its my first seasonal journey as I haven't played since the game came out a while back. Thanks in advanceSecrets8 May 4
May 3 6pc Inna's - where to start? Just got 6pc inna's and loving it so far but not really sure where to start now that I have it. I know there's boots that double mystic allies out or something, and obviously I'm going to need the unity ring, but outside of that not really sure what direction to take for the build. Using gyana na kashu in cube and have rabid strike, but these don't seem to synergize so not quite sure what to put for the weapon slot. Also I've been told TnT doesn't buff the mystic ally activation damage which I'm assuming is also the case for enforcer gem, but is enforcer gem still worth using? If not what to replace with? Not so much looking for specific gear as I am to simply understand what I need for this build so I can make adjustments as I go along. Thanks for any and all replies.ICStars775 May 3
May 3 Can't beat GR70 Hey guys, I haven't played regularly in months(I tend to be on off with this game), but recently started again and heard about primal ancients. I understand they're very rare, but it would be cool to find some. I did my research and found that for them to appear, clearing GR70 is a requirement. The things is that on my monk(Who is my strongest character) I only have up to GR59 unlocked. I jumped right into it and kept dying. I turned it down to 55 and was able to complete it, but had a few deaths. Could you guys please look at my character and tell me what the problem is or if I'm missing some new changes? I'm running an exploding monk build at the moment from ages ago and have found it still useful. Thanks. May 3
May 3 LoN LTK gear + Crystal Fist reroll advice Here's my profile: I'm currently able to clear GR 75. Is there anything I'm getting terribly wrong? I'm new to the game so I screwed up two augments (getting Vit instead of Dex) but I'll be re-doing those soon. I've got Swamp Land Waders and Strongarm Bracers that I'm still trying to reforge to Ancient, and would like to get a 3 socket ancient Cinder Coat. I'm also not happy with my Hellfire Amulet but it'll have to do for now. Specific questions: * What the best enchant option would be for my Crystal Fist: Would it be something like Vit into RCR? * Which of my gear would be suitable to augment (i.e. I'm not going to discard or reroll it in the near future?)poebae1 May 3
May 3 Can someone look at my build... and tell me if I'm doing something wrong? I'm doing kick-!@# but I feel slow. Now I did roll a Turbo Chicken and I know this girl will never be as fast as her but it feels like I'm taking a while moving through a Rift. I am following Monk Inna EP/Mystic Ally Build (Patch 2.5 / Season 10) by Deadset swapping out the helm/boots for Sage's for Death Breath farming and I'm working to upgrade all my gear to Ancients. There is probably another build that is faster but I really love my Mystic Allies for killing, just want to move a bit faster between my kills. Easily doing T10s and never been that good in a season before! Can anyone tell me if she's as fast as I can expect her to be? Or can I tweak her build to be a bit faster? Thanks!SweetChastit2 May 3
May 2 Kashu Fireball That secondary on the Gyana Na Kashu is what causes those abrupt reflect projectile deaths. My lon ltk peaks at 1.8 billion toughness, yes billion lol. Yet I still manage to kill myself from t10 - gr93. The glaring difference between all other deaths is this ... Every other monk death involves gameplay with decent hand/eye reaction time. It's all a fair fight, fun and normal. While reflect projectile death is zero reaction time - sudden and final. Do you think the developers will ever comment on a fix to this? Perhaps they could cap the projectile damage that is thrown back at us? It really is a "quality of life" issue at heart. I always had to explain to friends in group play why I die to these critters. They find it hard to believe. One thought I fell asleep during the game, lol. I do not use lon ltk for this reason. Too much hassle.Justice6 May 2
May 2 Reroll advice primal Traveler's Pledge Hi, just got this amu and need some help because i´m not sure about the value of avg dmg: +105-210 dmg 1000 dex 100 chd Should i roll dex or avg dmg in chc? I´m playing inna gen monk. GreetzErbsi3 May 2
May 2 What is wrong with my Uliana When I am in a group doing T13 the other members just melt everything and it takes me a while to take down an elite pack or rift guardian. Is it my build, my gear or my play style? Or is Uliana just not viable compared to the others? My plan was to focus on the build that fit the first primal ancient I was the Uliana shoulders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MobiusMobius7 May 2
May 2 Hand of Ytar Build GR75+ 2.5 Been messing around with saving a few new monk profiles and came across a ranged LTK build I liked. I've completed several GR77s with Fire Bells, but I decided to see what LTK could do with Innas. Currently completed GR75 and climbing... Anyone play something similar? Suggestions on improving. My Hellfire has STI but isn't ancient. P790 approximately.BigE2 May 2
May 2 GR70 Inna/Mystic Ally build Having trouble passing GR70 with my current build and gear. Any criticism would be appreciated. May 2
May 2 Any wave of light builds? Just curious. I found an ancient incense torch and the WoL bracers. I have next to no experience with monks, except running a heal spec last patch.Gbrav1347 May 2
May 2 innas+tasker? Hey guys, so im wondering why tasker and theo isnt BIS for gloves? u can get the 6 piece bonus without it, and since our pets do most of our dmg, wouldnt tasker be bis, or am i missing something?Azurewrath1 May 2
May 1 Rimeheart build? While playing through a new monk for seasons I happened upon a rimeheart and not entirely sure on how best to use this item. Currently running sweeping wind, fists of thunder, mystic ally, dashing strike, cyclone strike and mantra of salvation. Tries messing around with way of the hundred fists but didn't find enemies being frozen enough to my liking. My main question is should I make a build entirely around freezing like above, or simply have sweeping wind or fists of thunder for a chance to freeze and if I get it great while having everything else be optimized for damage? Also, any weapons/armor pieces I should be looking to compliment rimeheart (it's on cube) and DW/2h? Thanks for any info/advice getting back into game after not playing for a long while.ICStars772 May 1
May 1 Crudest Boots question My question is on where do these drop exactly. Is this an item that is only in Seasonal or can i find this on Normal? Will it fall for my level 70 Monk in Normal or do i need to make a new low level monk and keep trying to farm them up?Pinkanator7 May 1
May 1 20% fire or 25%ias and 100% damage I'm a console player so profile is no option. I'm wondering if the 2r set bonus is better then magefist and cyclone bracers assuming each item in question were as perfect rolls?Drusilla1 May 1
Apr 30 T13 in 5 minutes help I want to know which builds are fast enough. So far my Inna's6/Uliana's4 is the strongest build I have but I don't know if I can modify it to be faster. I trying Monkey King's garb for a LTK build to see if any quicker but unfortunately I'm running out of resource very fast and I seem to be a lot weaker and very glassy at T13. I'm up for all options EXCEPT Raiment as that build doesn't go well for me as I've tried it and I don't know what I'm doing and I'm getting one shotted just for trying...its a bit of a long story on bad gear and don't know what I'm doing combined. Also I don't have ancient Shenlongs to go with it...which is how it is on the leaderboards. I really don't know the Raiment 6th bonus or how it works. But right now I only need the T13 in 5 minutes achievement to get my stash tab and I want it ASAP as I want to focus building my new gaming PC rig. This is the only achievement I struggle with every season as I tend to play a bit slow and farm slowly and gather mats. But when it come to this achievement I feel I have to rush rush and ignore drops and try and beat an invisible having a stop watch next to you is handy when you play as you have no idea on timing. Tips on Monkey Kings LTK or WoL or both. Uliana's a possibility but need ancient weapons to do it. If I had and ancient In-geom I might be able to do it. as I have some weapons ancient and some weapon non-ancient but with only 3 gifts to socket weapons so I need to spend wisely. So hit me with all your builds or even vid links as I like to know what's doable.MaskedReaper9 Apr 30
Apr 29 inna 6 wuko 4 at about 400p, im doing 15b crits any ideas on how to up my dmg in this build?CheezusCrust7 Apr 29
Apr 29 Rift Guardians Past GR75 Alright, so I pushed this build further than I ever thought I could. I'm already at GR75. I can usually get to the rift guardian a bit more than the halfway point but the rift guardian itself eats up almost all my time. Is there anyway I can kill the rift guardians faster? P.S. I don't want to change my setup (This is my inna 6 Sunwoku 4). So advice like pure inna's or innagen isn't what I'm looking for. This set may never make it to GR85 or beyond but I am having fun pushing it. :) So about them rift guardians.. :)Reslin2 Apr 29
Apr 29 What would you do? Primal vs Ancient My primal rolled with Regen Life. Would you use the Primal? I mean that Ancient is darn good. If I reroll Vit off I loose 50k HP (627k vs 577k HP), that honestly doesnt seem to bad for -11% Elite damage. What would you do? Honestly I feel the ancient is better, which makes me sad :( Apr 29
Apr 28 Tempest rush overhaul Do you think blizzard will ever give tempest rush an overhaul so that we might be able to use it as first intended? At least reduse the spirit cost by a ton. What would you guys do to improve TR skills?Helten10 Apr 28
Apr 28 As perfect as a non-ancient fist gets I need re-roll advice for my relentless assault fist. It rolled with perfect dex, damage and AS and I'm wondering what stat (if any) should I roll area damage to? Dankssdmonkey1 Apr 28
Apr 28 scarbring reroll question Hey guys, I have this scarbringer equipped on monk: I was trying to figure out what would be the best enchanting option. Should I reroll weapon damage to max 1940, or should I roll away vit to something like RCR/life per hit? Or is this weapon eventually a salvage for something more optimal down the line? I want to try using LoN LTK for both regular rifts and GR eventually. Thanks.Valkyrie1 Apr 28
Apr 28 Templar or Enchantress for Solo U4/I6 Monk? I have access to both Enchantress and Templar for solo-GRifting. But I can't seem to determine which of the two would be better. I mean I know the pros of both; Templar; -Stuns. -Small Heals. -Freezing legendary dagger+shield -Slow-on-hit. Enchantress; -Reduced melee or ranged damage. -AoE Hex -Disorient -Charms -Various legendary 2h's for follower benefits. Which of the two, and what skill setups are the better choice for my type of Monk?CoolSam4 Apr 28
Apr 28 Hoping to bring some changes for Monk This will be a long post. Sorry in advance for the long read. Please provide feedback if there is anything that I overlooked which would be game breaking and can be exploited and also your opinions on any other changes that could be added. Following are some changes I would like to see for the monk which would provide some slight buffs and changes that could increase Quality of Life where needed and provide some damage where needed. The changes are there to bridge the gaps between lower tier sets to higher ones without just outright increasing the damage multipliers currently provided by sets. While it would be great for all sets in the game to be balanced at the highest levels it is unlikely with the current system. My goal is to at least allow the sets to be able to reach end of you season journey (Guardian) and through all the options offered by those sets. Changes For Monks Set: Raiment of a Thousand Storms (4)set: Dashing Strike gains the effect of every rune. [Added effect] Dashing Strike spends 75 spirit, but refunds 1 charge when it does. Raiment of a Thousand Storms supporting legendary items: Fleshrake: Dashing strike increases the damage of Dashing strike by (75%-100%) for 3 seconds [previously 1 second], stacking up to 10 times. [Previously 5 times] Jawbreaker: When Dashing Strike hits an enemy more than (20yards – 25 yards) away, its charge cost is refunded. [Previously was 30 – 35 yards] The buffs here are intended to make Dashing Strike a possible choice while not buffing the damage to the generator build version which already is the strongest for monks. Dashing strike will not become the most optimum build but will become a viable speed build that could perhaps compete with the SWK LTK or LoN LTK. Set: Monkey King's Garb (4)set: Sweeping Wind gains the effect of every rune and increases its damage by 1000% weapon damage for each stack of Sweeping wind. [previously was a clone spawning at the last damage enemy by Sweeping Wind. Damage was not affected by any multiplier and was practically useless, at least we can get some damage out of it and more utility with spirit regeneration and cc through the freezing rune] Monkey King's Garb supporting legendary items: Kyoshiro's Soul: Sweeping Wind gains 2 stacks every second. [Previously only when no enemy was damaged with Sweeping Wind] Warstaff of General Quang: Tempest Rush gains the effect of each rune. [Previously was only tailwind rune] The buffs here are intended to make Tempest Rush slightly more powerful and become a choice without falling to far behind WoL and LTK. The change to Kyoshiro's Soul is intended to improve stack management for Sweeping Wind. This change bridges the gap between LoN LTK as SWK LTK already has decent damage which is held back by stacks dropping off with single target damage. I am choosing not to buff WoL because buffing WoL will make it the obvious choice since its has the highest damage potential by deleted your screen of all monsters as seen on TX. There should be buffs to WoL damage but they should be found elsewhere. Set: Uliana's Stratagem Possibly add some form of internal damage reduction but is not necessary as the set already has incredible amounts of immunity to damage. Considered gaining all effects of Exploding palm but kind of hard to rework this set bonus without just outright buffing the damage multipliers or allowing the Inna's Mantra set to abuse this with the 6 piece Inna 4 piece Uliana. This set is already reliant on supporting legendary items so the needed buffs should come from there. Uliana's Stratagem supporting legendary items: Binding of the Lost: Each hit of Seven-Sided Strike grants (4.5%-5%) of damage reduction for 7 seconds. [Previously was 3.0%-3.5%,. The increased damage reduction will be necessary for higher levels and will hard to fit Spirit Guards into the build with the new Madstone] Madstone: Seven-Sided Strike gains the effect of each rune. [Previously Seven-Sided Strike applied Exploding palm but is overlaps with Gungdo Gear. The new effect would be buffed by the set 4 piece bonus and would now do a significant amount of damage.] *Gungdo Gear: Exploding Palm's on-death explosion applies Exploding Palm. {perhaps add on Madstone's previous effect but seems unnecessary} The buffs here are intended to make the damage capability of Uliana higher as snapshot mechanics have been reworked and enemy pathing has been reworked from when the set was designed. There will be more damage coming from Seven-Sided Strike allowing more damage output without being entirely reliant on large groups since otherwise single target damage suffers, this change allows one to deal with champions and Bosses/Rift Guardians without large groups. Set: Inna's Mantra This set is probably the most versatile set for the monk and does not need any drastic changes at this time. There may be some changes possible but would be hard to change anything without ruining the set balance. Inna's Mantra supporting legendary items: Not much rework needed, the only thing perhaps is for pet builds to be possible without just increasing damage multiplier on Bindings of the Lesser Gods. Vigilance: Chance on hit to automatically cast Inner Sanctuary [significant increase to proc chance] The Mind's Eye: Inner Sanctuary gain the effect of Safe Haven rune and Temple of Protection. Inner Sanctuary also increases spirit regeneration per second by 15. [Provides the option to select this item for niche builds] Eye of Peshkov: Breath of Heaven gains the effect of every rune. Reduce cooldown of Breath of Heaven by 50%. [ Usable in niche circumstances as it is now will remain practically unused] Rework passives: Gurdian's Path: Just combine the 35% dodge and 15% spirit regeneration regardless of weapon type. Add Class Specific Legendary Gems: only 1 can be equipped at a time for balancing purposes and provides some alternatives to current available gems. Epiphany! {Text for gem:When the monk reaches enlightenment that moment of epiphany brings about greatness}effect of gem: Epiphany gains the effect of every rune. Resonating Mantra {Text for gem: With practice come perfection, as the monk chants their mantra to perfection the soul resonates with the heart.}effect of gem: Currently equipped Mantra gains the effect of every rune.Liev4 Apr 28
Apr 28 im' sorry but mystic ally are retards i currently using inna's MA build, but in space restricted areas they just standing there and not doing anything. anyone else having this problem?lostmojo2 Apr 28
Apr 27 Faster GR build pushing solo.. 600+ paragons Just want to ask fellow monks which build is best to push high GRs.. been able to farm grind the past days for different gears and atm I have all gears for most of the high pushing builds out there.. Though I still have low paragon level.. Been using the inna - ltk build inspired by Bacon.. I am thinking of switching build to push high GRs faster or should I stick to my current as this build is also very promising.. Any inputs/advice will be much appreciated my currentcoldsoul7 Apr 27
Apr 27 Primal Cindercoat! Im so happy :') Apr 27