Aug 4, 2012 FS> 859.4 DPS 105dex Open Socket Best offersHujaz1 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Monks nerfed? i'm playing a barb atm but i just wanted to try out the monk until i found out that they got nerfed. were they really nerfed that bad?BeastCleave3 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Price check on a monk fist - No clue Found this rare monk fist 683 dps 242-637 dmg +27 max dmg 137-367 poison dmg 1.55 attacks per second 191 dex 11% attack speed Empty socket Looking on the house, I was about to sell it for around 80k, but when I added in the attack speed, there were only two similar and they were asking tens of millions. So basically, I have no idea. Thanks.Rimripper10 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 off hand for sale! loh chd dex leave offer belowcoco4 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 PC> Potentially Great Shield [AR, Max Crit] +20% chance to block +95 dex +36 cold resist +67 AR +11% life +10% Crit Would like to do a price check on this shield, can anyone enlighten ? :)GosufarT2 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Want to buy End-Game Monk Gear, 500mill+++ Have a high budget. Looking for a good Fist weapon upgrade 800+DPS, +Dex +Crit Damage +Socket will take just those stats if rolls are high, in addition to LoH/LS/LPSS/Vit Also looking for high end gear in any slot, must have 40+LR/60+AR/high dex/VIT and Crit% on pieces available. Most notably I am looking for end game wrists, willing to offer a hefty amount for any of these pieces of gear if anyone is looking to sell.Soundb0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Act3-4 Stats? Hey guys , I would like to know the stats for cleaning act3 or 4 Elite for Farming . Can anyone post his/her stats? Thank you :)Looord6 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS decent fire Trifecta gloves 105 dex 43 fire res 8% ias 24% crt dmg 7.5% cc add acer#1570 for b/oAcer0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 PC > 764.1DPS 1h Swd w Loh 945/Dex145/Vit123 Price check on this item :) many thanks for your inputEmperor1 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 A Pretty Average Monk Stream Hey, I'm at 47k unbuffed DPS Shield Monk. Most monk streams have monks with absurd DPS, i'm just a pretty average monk so come watch if you're interested. I'll answer questions or give my opinion on some things that are asked. Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 help me, am i building my monk wrong? ok i have a monk an he seems to not be what i was expecting... i thought he would be like an assassin but from what i have seen the majority of his skills just make him a better tank and nothing really scales that well. my goal was to be a melee DPS class, should i stick with my monk or go to the barb (he seems to do much more damage but i could be wrong). have any builds for me that will increase my DPS? also i have been reading about spirit regen. per sec. is that any good or should i be going fists/daggers for faster hits = more spirit? also how about life for spirit spent any good?TranquilWalk5 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTB>1 hander LOH 800+ dex 170 DPS 800+ thanks for visiting pls add me if you have jasperized04#6357 my budget is 10M thanksjasperized042 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Please Help Me Unbreak My Monk i feel as though i have been spending a lot of gold building my monk the wrong way. especially seeing as how i am the only monk i know still using a shield. my current unbuffed stats are: 6245 armor 42k dps 32k life 1958 dex 1.43 attack speed 29.5 crit chance 221 crit damage 892 all res and a whopping 58 life on hit my wep is a 1 hand mace, 1040 dps, +112 dex, +86 crit damage and my shield has 16% block chance, 77 vital, adds 129 to my res, and 9.5 crit chance i have 15 mil and was looking to replace my shield with a 900+ dps wep with around 850 loh and some crit. how would that affect my dps and survivability? also, my ammy and neither of my rings add to crit chance, which i will obviously have to do if i ditch my 9.5 crit chance shield. my 1 ring adds to ias, my other adds to crit damage, and my ammy adds to both. what should i mainly look for when shopping for ammys? will the boost in attack speed from duel wielding be enough to ditch the ias boosts from my 1 ring and my amulet? any other advice would be appreciatedKSpang19 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 220+ MF Melee Wizard - LF Act III MF Group Sámpson#1670 - add me if you have the MF and capable of act III and of course interestedSámpson3 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTB PHYS SHOULDERS Looking for ilevel 63 only. Min stats: Dex 160 Vit 140 Phys + All Res 120 Thanks for looking. Aeolus#6120.Aeolus2 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 10m for 1H 300Loh/dex/vit/+OS Looking for sword/dagger/fist only PM me if you have anything similar theredblur#6305theredblur7 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 What is your best monk build? Post it herezZNashOo5 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Dual weapons passive ? Is resolve better than guard path? Not sure what I plan to run for a3, overawe or hard target so if there is a better combo for the passive with these let me know what as worked. Running 35dps with 31 cc and 256 cd with about 800 LoH if that matters.wondersef1 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 New to Monk, Need Build Advice. :) I have Just hit lvl 60 on my new Monk, And lets be honnest, My current Build is absolutely terrible. I Had no clue what i was doing, Just Aiming to get to lvl 60 a-sap. Anyway Now i'm here, my current build will have NO, Zero. survivability in Act 1 inferno. I currently have about 38k Hp. 16k damage. Armor is terrible at 2900ish likewise with resists at 220 -.- I am looking for any advice on priority of stats to get ( vit, dex, resists, so no etc ) and what to aim for. I do know my goal for this monk, is to be a tanky/dodge monk build, but like i have stated i have no clue where to start. If fellow Monk's could possibly Post their builds or advice for me to try out or Any builds along the lines of tanky/dodge I would be very great full for your help ^^ Thanks in Advance! BlackAnubis (:BlackAnubis2 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Having trouble on inferno Hey everybody, recently i've been having a lot of difficulty getting past inferno. With the help of public games ive gotten to act 3 but not because of me my dps is bad and i dont know what to spec if some monk that has experience would like to come in and help me that would be great. Thanksgoldfarb3 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 PC on monk helm please dex/vit/80 AR/+skill Hey guys i found this have no idea what's it worth. I know it's a big drawback with no socket but the all resist is high. Is fist of thunder any good lol? Thanks in advance! 88 Dex 74 Vit 80 All resist 11% Damage to fist of thunder Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Gear Check Halp I can manage to crack down Act II, however Act III is a pain. I imagine I could make it through but taking 5 minutes to kill each elite pack doesn't exactly fill me with joy. I finally managed to get up to about 6 mil in gold and wondered where the next logical step in gear to go would be? Any help would be awesome appreciated. Current Stats (unbuffed): Dex 1254 Vit 705 (HP 27k) Armor 4081 Dmg 19.2k AtkSpd 1.68 Crit 24.5% Crit dmg 154% Res 528 (OWE) LoH 937 (Dual wield w/o shield equipped) My dex is low and there is a very good chance I jumped on the whole Crit Train too early in my progression, any other advice specific to gear would be greatly appreciated. I've managed to not spend more than 500k or so per item in the AH and am frankly horrified of blowing my money on one item, but if that's what it takes! Halp please?logan111 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 S>Fire Monk Gear Set(Crit/LOH) & MF Gear Hi Fellow Monks! I am selling this fine Fire Monk Gear w/ Crit and LOH. Selling as a Set or individually if the offer for each item is generous. =) Here is the Image: Stats: Unbuffed: Buffed: (BOH w/ Blazing Wrath, Blinding Flash w/ Faith inthe light, Mantra of healing w/ Time of need) Gears: +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++ Also, selling the Magic Find gear with fine Stats aswell for farming. +++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++ Selling in RMah or gold! For set, starting Bid is $100. C/O for the set: $130 ingame Seperate Item Bids Min Bid and C/O: Fire Monk Gear (Crit/LOH 1. 2. 3M by Gannicus#1231 3.1M by Gamble1080#1718 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.2M by Nyanevo#1931 9. 10. 10.5 by michaelyeahh #1924 11. 12.1M by Gamble1080#1718 13.1M by Jooheeguard#6630 C/O: MF Gear 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Please Leave your bid and battletag Please, serious buyers only. Thank You so much! Updated with Stats imageK33N3Y3S52 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 PERFECT RESISTS (140) Shoulders Physical Monk SOLLDDMav3rick6 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 S> Helm 99dex, 88vit, 4%life, crit 6, socket Bid at :15mil Buyout: 50milRyce3 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS 2 RADIANT STAR EMERALD 20M each in game nowWiLLiaMMMMM1 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 gfg cold res stacker sacred shield ~ft~ I know this is worth a good bit, will let this go at the right offer. Sacred shield with 25% total block (with +block% added from below) 62 dex 72 intel 58 cold res 60 all res 9% block 8.5% crit chance increase Link to d2jsp trade (if there are bids there as well): general trade forum link: Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Looking for MF partner/team Greetings Elite Monks, I'm rather tired of soloing, I can do them efficiently, but gets dull. So looking for tank to do some act3+ MF runs. What I bring: - 40k DPS wiz normally, can be upped to 50k dps - 240 base MF(no swapping, no nv buff) - fairly well geared, not glass cannon, can facetank one elite in a pinch. - team player, no problem with taking orders or leading Looking for: - monk that can tank Act3 easily - base 150mf(no swapping, no nv buff), preferably 200+ - or established high MF team Please add me if interested, eLINminator#1776 Thanks for reading, have fun! update: upgrades to dps/mfeLINminator3 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 LPSS Overawe Spam Monk?? with high lpss (150 more or less with trand) and quickening is this build viable?? would I need spirit regen??Rogergamer41 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS really good physical resist boots Dex - 280 Int - 84 Vit - 82 Physical Resist - 58 Starting Bid 1mAdonis0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 PC on helm Not for sale currently, but curious what kind of value this has: ilvl 63 413 Armor 163 Dex 116 Vit 44 Arcane Resist 19% Magic Find 6.0% Crit I know, no all resists and no socket, but not a bad A1 drop nonetheless.LogicalOne4 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 Cheap items 10k Bid start! Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 S> Godly PSN monk pants| 260+dex 139vit ++ @ mandox#1617 c/o 10m beathollowmandox22 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTB Shoulders, 150+ dex, All res, poison res looking for shoulder with at least 150 dex that has all res, poison res, some strength, and vital willing to pay up to 1.5 milKSpang0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS Semi-Godly LOH+DEX+ASPD+CC Ammy Its in AH, c/o is 8.5m.TiagoMD31 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS DH 4 Nat pieces - 109k dps w/o SS Main thread: So here i am, finally decided to stop putting effort into this game and letting my Demon Hunter go. As you can see from the picture, my DH features full set Natalya with a decent stats with CC on helm, 200ish Dex on Ring, 300ish Dex on Cloak, Inna combo for belt and pants and a Godly dps glove that you wont see again anytime soon. With this setup, it takes me 15-25mins to do a full run from ToTC to Amozdan without any difficulty. Stat detail: - Crit Chance: 49% - Crit Damage: 457% - Attack per second: 2.26 - Dodge Chance: 39.6% - Damage reduction: 52.93% - All Res: 200ish - Movement speed bonus: 18% DPS is at 109k ( Night Stalker, Steady Aim, Archery ) gives you a nice damage output as well as a great suvivability. Nat set + Night Stalker + high CC ( 49%) is pretty much invincible , trust me u wont even have to use preparation for extra discipline, it never run out :P Taking RM offer, most likely via RMAH but also willing to do paypal. Auction will be going for 3 days. I will also run another thread on jsp just in case this thread get deleted again (-.-). Happy bidding everyone C/o: B/o: 650usd (Negotiable) <<<this is set for quick purchase, i dont overprice anything so please take in account if you are interested. Auction ends on 12pm August 6 ( Sydney time EST UTC +10 ),720,6beHeinrich1 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS> Fist > 109 dex, 83 crit , socket Taking offers, thanks.Ghostboner3 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 PC on spirit stone....... Hi again guys..... Just need a price check on a spirit stone. 358 armor 70 dex 33 physical res 55 all res 15% MF 29.8 lpss deadly reach 10% If junk tell me soon. Appreciate it. :)seansky5 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTB 1hander base crit 50, dex, and OS Title says it all. only got 8mill and would like to get a good 1hander post awayjuN0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS:822dps,400loh,socket(crit) Hi everyone, The item pic: Versatile melee weapon, perfect for Barb and Monk. Stats: DPS: 821.6 Strength: 102 Dexterity: 109 Vitality: 57 Life on Hit: 423 Socket: Critical Hit Damage Increased by 70% Starting bid: 10m Current offer: none Add me in game Sung#6357 Or leave ur btag and offer. Thanks for looking.Sung7 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 WTS Awesome 73 res all armor DEX/VIT Ive been using this for about 2 months now but i think its time for me to pass it on. So Lets start the bidsWanderer0 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2012 S> 246 Dex, 96 Vit, 64 CHD, OS, LRR by 7 I am selling the awesome OH weapon -- or main hand weapon for a Lvl 53- 59 -- seen below: Starting bid will be: 2.5m Buyout will be: 10mValadieX7 Aug 4, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 Question: Health Globes DPS Req So I am getting ready to build my final end-game set, and I wanted to know how much DPS I need to rely solely on health globes. Question 1: What is the drop rate of globes per sec factored by dps? Question 2: What globe bonus should you look to have for sustain? Question 3: What pickup radius should you have to ensure you are not grabbing when you don't need it, and yet able to grab when you do? Thanks!tdzhon0 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 Help Stuck on act 3 Just looking for some help with my monk i am new to the monk and do not know a ton of info about it. I would just like some pointers and some good builds and just to learn what stats are important and what not and if a weapon for example a dagger is better than a spear or mace that kind of stuff. All info will be greatly helpful. TYNats24 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 wts - great arcane glove check this out currently on AH 5.5mil buy our go get it people :)Madsprit6 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 Crafting Emerald - Perfect & Flawless Star First off, this is for the guys who dont have the jewel design and dont wanna pay ridiculous golds to AH. will craft the gems @ cost +3k service fee. I dont have radiant jewel design yet and dont wanna pay crazy golds to AH. hope I will get that design soon through farming. Add me if you are interested Madspirt#1305Madsprit6 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 WTS Crit Chance Shield 20% block 82 STR 86 DEX 80VIT 33 lightning resistance CC 10% 1.1% Chance to blind on hit.Razario0 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 WTS Awesome Monk Shoulders - Dex/Vit/AR Pretty simple. WTS these DH/Monk shoulders. Reserve at 15m Buyout at 25m Feel free to compare to others on the AH. Only similar pair is going for 200m bid but that's just ridiculous. Thanks! Add me in-game: elitekev#1131 Aug 3, 2012
Aug 3, 2012 WTS: GG lightning monk, 41k dps, 1.4k Loh posted in trade forum Aug 3, 2012