Jul 24, 2012 WTS #1 DAGGER IN WORLD NO BID. B/O 2BIL ACCEPTING PAYPAL OFFERSmesohorny8 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS full Fire Monk gear, swopping to Arcane Morning everyone, My monk is currently clearing act 3, with 800 Rall, 500 LoH, 27.5 unbuffed dps, 32% crit chance I have recently gotten a few great drops and hence i am switching to Arcane. Will be selling entire set for 80 mil, am open for trade for 1 to 1 pieces. if you are interested, please add me iceburnz#6991. You can inspect me, and we can go for a run to see how fast it clears. We can do 1 MF run in act 2 to see how the gear is able to carry.Iceburnz9 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 selling GG vitality LoH + LS+ LPSS weapon probably better for tankish types with the damage a bit low but OP healing stats and vitality. ill be on for a couple hours and seeing what offers i can get. No BiN / buyout price set as of yet. post offers. 698.6 Dps 108 vitality (3780 hit points before life % alters it) 17% life for me made it 4422 812 LoH 3.0% Life steal (damage converted to life) 57.6 Life per spirit spentInnerTurmoil6 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 PC/S> 1H 188DEX / 770LOH / 97CRI DMG 777 DPS, arcane spear 188 dex 770 loh 97 cri dmg any idea wad this would sell?Spartacus9 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS>Very decent Monk LoH Dagger with stats/OS Currently being vended on GAH with open bidding c/o is 22m atm. =) ONLY 15 HOURS LEFT!!!shflabstract1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 wts 945 dps/6 ias/82 crit dmg/socket fist lf offers here. c/o 30msoulzor24 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS FIST 846 dps 5 IAS,99CRIT,open SOCKET!! Hi im selling Fist with 846 DPS, 5 IAS (1.47 attack speed) 99% crit Open socket (could include a 100% crit or 600 LOH) selling this quick! Price BIN 40m...add me!!Tricky2 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Boot-95%perfect roll for Fire Monk current offer 6 mil dudemanZeeros0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS.. More gloves! (Part 1) as low as 15k WTS WTS... you guessed it! MORE GLOVES! Yay! Of course with all the previous auctions, some are pretty good, some are decent, and some are mediocre. But hey, it's for everyone! Seems like you guys like the 15k minimum bid so we'll stick to it! Here it goes: So minimum bid 15k, accepting both gold and cash (paypal only) No BIN yet Bid will end 24 July 12am PDT Current Bid 1. 2. 150k (Heavenlyones #1253) 3. 200k (Zarathea#1763) 4. 15k (NIMBUS #1738) 5. 500k (Raiden#1760) 6. 7. 15k (M4tt24 #1963) 8. 9. 15k (M4tt24#1963) 10. 11. 55k (NIMBUS #1738) 12. 50k (Growingcow #1906) 13. 50k (HuRT #6406) 14. 15k (helloo #6425) 15. 130k (bort #1217) 16. 17. 15k (NIMBUS #1738) 18. 15k (Nimbus#1738) 19. 20. 25k (IronPecker#1606) 21. 130k (NIMBUS #1738) 22. 55k (Gannicus #6645) 23. 24. 35k (NIMBUS #1738) 25. 15k (Khayman #1668) 26. 250k (HuRT #6406) 27. 28. 2.51m (iBleedGreen #6820) 29. 100k (HuRT #6406) 30. 31. 325k (Kalix #1100) 32. 15k (Vinchbr #1798) 33. 325k (Helldart #1121) 34. 500k (helloo #6425) 35. Thank you guys for your time and your support! To avoid any confusion or conflicts, all bids will end at 12am pdt forum time. Anddddd here's part 2 =) Happy bidding people! Congrats to those who won the bids the last time =) I will hold the items for the winners if they are not on when the time ends! *update USD value is based on USD 2.50 per 1 mil goldAaronSSw55 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 (Stream) 100k DPS Wiz + Conviction Monk Group Sup guys, our stream is dedicated to showing and helping other players progress through inferno. We have helped numerous players with builds, strategy, items, and farming techniques. This is more than just Naabski's stream, this is a stream where you can find someone who knows a lot about their class for each of the 5 classes. We try to build a community for players here, and many of the loyal members are always willing to help and run parties together. Every night we stream successful act 3 inferno group runs. We also do many other things during the day such as teach players how to goblin farm, or farm efficiently in act 1 inferno. We also have auction house streams educating players on how to appraise and sell items successfully. Everyone is welcome to join us and we pay a lot of attention to the viewers, and respectfully answer any questions or concerns that may come up. So feel free to join us and have a chat, or just chill out and enjoy the music. You may even learn something. So come check us out! Link to Stream: Link to my Wizard build: Enjoy!!Naabski4 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS AMAZING ALL RES BOOTS!! 75 Strength 177 Dexterity 125 Vitality 35 Cold Res 79 All Res Mezmorised#1132 Pst offers below, or add meTyler1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Desperate help on monk build Can't seem to get past Ghom. I'll admit that I didn't solo my way to him (public game) so I'm just not strong enough, but either way, can't seem to even touch him. Sidenote: How would I make links into clickable links on this forum?MKL10 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Gladiator in WoW! Streaming MONK Inferno! SxyMonk streaming game play on inferno act 3-4 and other fun things! Teaching you tricks and giving you tips! Come hang and ask questions with a multiglad from WoW! I will try to help give you guidance on what will help you most in owning the heck out of inferno! This is my second monk I am gearing up currently so you can see what it's like in the gearing process and I am having fun along the way with my viewers! :D Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 melee better get the edge in pvp fo realsSpankolot0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTB Fist Wep/800+dmg/loh/cd/os 20m budget! Anyone willing to sell a fist weapon with at least the following stats. 800+ DPS 100+ Dex 400+ Loh 40+ Crit Dmg Open Socket My Budget is 20m.... Hoping for some good offers. Thanks in advance. Add me in-game if you have an offer!Natsirk5 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTB items. Im looking to buy any armor that has close to these stats Armor + 200 All resistance=50~70 fire resistance~50~70 Vit~50~200 Life regen=100~200 leave offers ill try to find youParadise3 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Monk as a first toon Hey there, I've read some conflicting information regarding the monk in higher levels of the game, specifically inferno. Basically I'm trying to decide whether I should bother leveling a monk first, or whether I should level it after I hit 60 on another class. If I leveled another first, I would be able to gather money and items and gear up my monk when I hit the higher levels of play. tldr: is the monk a good class to level for a first toon, or is it preferred to chose another class for the first time through?haLs3 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS Amazing LIGHTNING MONK LEGS None like them on the AH/RMAH [Heartless Plate] 208 DEX (with a star and square gem)----124 DEX without sockets 84 VIT 65 ALL resist 39 Lightning resist 2 sockets 395 armor S/O 9m ends in 1 hourJohn13 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS Shoulder: 149 vit, 93dex, 119 LR, 6% life 325 Def 149 Vit 93 Dex 70 AR 47 LR 6% Life Ending on Gold AH in 2 hours for 2mSoloGod1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Act 3/4 Monks, what should I buy next? Alright, I am at the point where I can comfortably toast Act 2, and I do alright in act 3 but frankly die more then I would like to. At this stage though I am a little torn on what specific aspects of my gear would give me the biggest benefit for the money to upgrade. I can see that I need more DPS, but its hard to pick out exactly the best way to get there. I probably have around a 2M budget right now to pick up 1-2 pieces of gear and wouldn't mind a little advice. My build (I am really happy and comfortable with it, probably wouldnt want to change anything but the mantra):!ZXU!aaYccb Stats unbuffed and basic buffs (no follower): Current gear: I would say that shield or gloves is what I was leaning towards, but would really not mind some input from someone more advanced then myself.Pharcyde10 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS Phys monk amulet 106 str 78 dex 61 all resist 50 physical resist 408 Life per second 7.5% crit chance 4419 +health from globes would like 20 milDyom0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Quick question, quick answer. Is anything being done about the Temptest Rush skill having a "rubber band" affect on the player? I'm sure this has been discussed before but I couldn't find anything that answered my question.FUDGEMASTER1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Godly Monk Bracers -Dex Vit Phys/All ResCrit Archer's Insult +71 Dex +129 Vit +31 Physical Resist +70 All Reist 13 % gold find 3.5% Crit Hit Chance buyout: 6 mil things on AH are 10mil +Jonatron0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 LOH vs Life Steal for me? Hello fellow monks, I'm currently sitting at 45k dps with shield, 56k dps dual wield. Have got 1150 LOH. Wondering whether it's feasible to forgo about 500 LOH and get some life steal just to up my dps by about 7k or so? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!Aeolus8 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS AMAZING MONK GLOVES! ttp:// +232 Dexterity +134 Intelligence +31 Fire Resistance +67 Resistance to All Elements Battle Tag: Deathzstarz#1239 If you want to buy it just send me a request and give me an offer. NOTE- PUT "ABOUT YOUR GLOVES" IN THE NOTE WHEN YOU ADD IT SO I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.Deathzstarz5 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 S>840 dps, 272 dex, 71 vit, 56 lpss, 1.08sp/s Dualwielding this weapon and a similar one got me through act3 and 4 very smoothly. The high dex effectively makes it a 1k dps weapon by itself but basically doubles when you dualwield. With 2 of these weapons and average other gear my dps is 35k. In addition the lpss and spirit regeneration are imo the best healing engine in the game. Healing checks like Ghom and Molten/Shielding groups become a joke when you use a lpss build using either 2 weapons or 1 + transcendance. Anyway, I bought a very very good shield (200 dex, 10 crit, 25 block, 80 all res) and have to say farewell to dualwielding for now so this one is up for sale. I know it doesn't have crit dmg or socket which is all the rage nowadays so I don't expect an outrageous amount but the survivability that this weapon provides is much bigger than that of any big LoH weapon and the dps is more than adequate to breeze through all content. Anyway, happy bidding! Will set bin and ending time later after a couple bids. edit: updated stats, they were slightly higher than in original post i made from memoryWittster10 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Nice cold res belt Post here or pm me ingame, Rolfson#1694. Bidding starts at 3m, b/o 12mRolfson13 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Arcane monk vs Fire Monk? Can anyone explain the difference to me? I haven't ever heard of the 2 till I visited the forums. Thanks.Falkor2 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS Arcane Monk Set Selling my arcane monk set to buy gear for my other chars. Gold only. Gear: Monk gloves and shield: Stats: HP: 32,482 DPS: 19,221 RESIST: 818 (with One With Everything passive) ATTACK PER SECOND: 1.91 LIFE PER HIT: 1033 DODGE CHANCE: 44.6% DAMAGE REDUCTION: 61.57% Please post your offers here or add me in-game kentotlao#6248 thanks!kentotlao2 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS FireRes Pants, 79dex, 148Vit,48FR,2 OS. iceburnz#6991Iceburnz1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 6 prop auctions&giveaways all night long!!!!! [US]all night 6 prop auctions & giveaways!! starting @ 25 viewers come hang out you wont be sorry!! Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 BASIC MF swap set for sale All equipment for MF swap set, except for weapon. Helm w/ star topaz; 275 BASE MF w/ quiver. Easy swap set. Cost about 15 mil to get together, WTS for 12 MIL or $30 USD. PST Superhands#1472SuperHands0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Selling Top 5 Psn Monk Pants On The Americas 173 dex 47 int 188 vit 56 psn res 71 all res 2 sockets lowballs are free bumps, thanks in advance i reserve the right to not sell if the price isn't right in b4 no +armor c/o is 200m on d2jsp. Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Fire Ammy: fr,ar,dex,cdam,mf low c/o Stats: ilvl62 +10 Max Damage +41 Str +67 Dex +48 Fire Res +48 All Res +59% Crit Damage +21% Magic Find. The cheapest item with anything close to relatively the same stats on AH is 2mil. (It has roughly same res, less crit damage, no primary stats, 10% more MF). The next cheapest was 9mil. C/o 250k.Cold6 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS Various Weapons! Weapon 1 Rare axe - Duel Bolt Ilvl62 692.4dps +210-443 Lightning Damage 12% damage Each hit adds +244 life Empty Socket Weapon 2 Rare Axe - Clever Trash ilvl 61 544.6dps +128-345 Lightning Damage +225 Dex +104 Vit Increased Attack Speed by 5% Weapon 3 Magic Sword - ilvl 63 758.8 dps +220-516 Poison Damage Ignores Durability loss Weapon 4 Rare Mace - Rugged Bash ilvl63 741.6dps +162-539 Arcane Damage +47 Str +159 Dex +30 Vit Empty Socket Weapon 5 Magic Spear -ilvl63 848.9 dps +182-495 Fire Damage +40% Damage Weapon 6 Magic Mace - ilvl 63 754.0 dps +184-449 Poison Damage +17%Damage Weapon 7 Rare Fist Weapon - Harmony Fang ilvl61 428.4 dps +106-243 Poison Damage +96 Dex +103 Vit 2.60% Damage converted to life Empty Socket Weapon 8 Rare Fist Weapon - Hermit's Razor ilvl 63 684.6dps +152-361 Arcane Damage +34% Damage +145 Vit Gain 57.1 life per spirit spent Weapon 9 Set Fist Weapon - Shenlong's Crashing Hope ilvl 61 517.3 dps +154-326 Lightning Damage +225 Dex +109 Int + Crit chance by 1.0% Gain 17.3 life per spirit spent Weapon 10 Magic Axe 844.3 dps +271-596 Lightning Damage +80 int +46 vit Let me know if you are interested. I will add you in game and link you the weapon you are interested in. Any bids are welcome!Hoodlum6 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 PC on Very Nice Arcane Monk Chest Hey guys I'm looking for a rough estimate of how much I could probably sell this for. I am quitting the game so i'm trying to liquify my assets. I was thinking about 20-35m would be a good range. I just don't know if thats reasonable and if it is it would be cool to know where in that range I would have the easiest time selling it. The chest is here: Thanks, ArtemisArtemis7 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Streaming Best Monk In the World Farming act III Inferno DW No LoH 550 Resist 38k Life Straight DPS 70kjCann4 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Godly Monk Bracers -Dex Vit Phys/All Res Crit Archer's Insult +71 Dex +129 Vit +31 Physical Resist +70 All Reist 13 % gold find 3.5% Crit Hit Chance buyout: 6milJonatron8 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS fire res ammy 43res 109dex 386LoH 44crit 43fire res 109dex 44crit damage 386LoH 133vit with a open socketMrPresident2 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 Selling Insane Gloves! 69 AR Crit Dmg 32% Crit Chance 8% 82 Str 151 Dex 68 Int please bid at the trading forum.Acky1 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS END GAME HIGH TIER ITEMS FOR Monk hello fellow monk players, i wish to sell of this 2 items. Interested player please post your offers here . thanks. No in game PM as im not online. Weapon s/b: 7m Gold only thanksoOPYJuNOo11 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 ****70K DPS UNBUFFED ARCANE MONK FOR SALE**** - AUCTION WILL RUN FOR ANOTHER 24 HOURS. - RMAH ONLY. All trades will be done by RMAH, I will absorb all tax. - Able to clear act 3/4 easily (on farm) - All items are gem included. - 5 RANDOM BUMPERS WILL GET 2,500,000 GOLD EACH. YOU CAN BUMP AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE (continued). See Gear >>><<< c/o 1. SOLD 2. SOLD 3. SOLD 4. 5. $10 gooofish 6. 7. SOLD 8. SOLD 9. SOLD 10. $15 11. $22.23 ON RMAH (ENDING IN 6 HOURS) 12. SOLD 14. $45 roflcake 15. $37.19 ON RMAH (ENDING IN 6 HOURS) 16. SOLD B/O prices 4. $20 5. $30 6. $30 10. $30 11. $40 14. $250 (negotiable) 15. $100 or pm me ashuen#6796ashuen90 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 PC on this fire helm armor 390 +120Dex +58vit +32fire resist +52all resist 18% MF increase dmg to deadly reach by 9% thank you in advance ^^Polarity2 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS 880 DPS Fist 60 crit 200 vit socket 879.4 DPS 120 Strenght 207 Vitality 59 Crit Damage Socket BIN 15mil only on sale for limited timecoolio4 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS Fist 884 DPS 258 Dex 639 LoH 63 Crit 884.7 Dps 369-895 Damage 1.40 Attacks/s 241-597 Lightning Dmg 21% Dmg 64 Str 258 Dex Each Hit adds 639 Life Crit Dmg 61% Currently on the AH starting bid is 46M, bin is 120m GL!confucious775 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 How to beat Treasure Goblins w/o Thunderclap? Personally, I have never been able to kill Goblins with more than 90% success rate without FoT: Thunderclap. I've tried Dashing Strike but the spirit generated from hitting him a few times doesn't do enough to keep using DS. Any tips? Or is Thunderclap the only primary usable for farming?Raiden4 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 70k Dps 2handed Monk Streaming on Playing a 2handed dps/backlash spec Farming Act 3, helping viewers with completing inferno acts and giveaways!Modz0 Jul 24, 2012
Jul 24, 2012 WTS GODLY GLOVES FOR ARCANE MONKS Taking offers, plz no lowballing I know the value of these gloves.. Best of luck to everyoneHardmode6 Jul 24, 2012