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Nov 3, 2016 {Builds / Info} 2.3-2.4 RoS Witch Doctors "Witch doctors are spiritual warriors who summon dead souls and crawling creatures to do their bidding. By surrounding themselves with conjured zombies and vermin, witch doctors are free to assault their enemies with exploding skulls, acid poison clouds, and wasting curses. The ability to infect, slow and terrify their enemies gives witch doctors unprecedented control over a battlefield. They can manipulate opposing attacks and movements with debuffs and crowd control spells, rendering enemies easy prey for hungry pets. Witch doctors can also lay down fields of fire and venom that slowly leech life from advancing foes. Although some witch doctors avoid melee combat in favor of augmenting their pets and crippling their enemies from afar, they are also more than capable of slaying weakened foes with their own hands." _____________________________________ As we are aware, gear defines many builds for us in ROS, the exploration of hybrid builds, perfecting a particular build as gear synergies is what makes this game fun. I would say explore your build options, learn from posts here. ______________________________________ Patch Notes to date: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/patch-notes/ ______________________________________ CLANS: {VUDU} Clan Info http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11914351693 _____________________________________ 2.3 Guides/Builds and Info ______________________________________ 2.3 Builds/Guides [GUIDE] How to properly gear a WD http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812?page=1 [GUIDE] 2.3: The Carnpendium http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14527433038 A WD Compendium to the Grin Reaper http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13140803953 Note: please keep checking thread for details as it will be updated. ______________________________________ Jade Build: [GUIDE] All-Inclusive Jade Harvester [2.0.6] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13138914261?page=1 [VUDU] Jade SH, DoT & Area Damage http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12943834736#1 [2.0.5] Soul Harvest Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnWYdMuhMZ4-dGJKenVhcHI3eFFPVjBnT1NFN1o2RFE#gid=25 This is set as a view only, you can download to your own computers. Included: is the original Thread and its discussion: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12879198309#16 _____________________________________ Helltooth Diablo 3 Acid Cloud Helltooth Witch Doctor Greater Rifing Build 2.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO9jfiUx818 Witch Doctor 0CD Firewall Helltooth 2-3 Min Torment 10 Rifts 2.3 Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKHotYhsaWg Witch Doctor Fire and Ice Helltooth Acid Cloud/Firewall Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shv-7QOmVgI Mechanics of Acid Rain and Slow Burn: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18704974965 Summary: They each leave three pools. These pools are the same size, regardless of rune choice. If an enemy is stationary, it receives 10 ticks (9+1) of DoT damage from acid rain. If an enemy is stationary, it receives 19 ticks (18+1) of DoT damage from slow burn. An enemy may stand in two or three pools and it will receive exactly two or three times the DoT damage. Acid rain with three pools hitting a stationary large enemy (per cast): 300% instant + 120%/second * 10 = 1500% weapon damage Slow burn with three pools hitting a stationary large enemy (per cast): 300% instant + 120%/s * 19 = 2580% weapon damage Witch Doctor Zombie Bears Helltooth 65+ Greater Rifts Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9oOMRUFcuM Diablo 3 Death Breath GodMode T7-T9 Wich Doctor Build 2.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXVSe2wCGEY Witch Doctor SPEED Angry Chicken Arachyr T10 Bounty Farming Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTyBJCsmEqM [Guide] Arachyr's Imposin' Eggsplosion [2.3] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18716981842 Diablo 3 Carn/Jeram 2.3 Ptr Witch Doctor Build! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XGRkY3glIg Diablo 3 Gargy Inferno Helltooth Witch Docotor Build PTR 2.3! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZARNJqbMuYY ____________________________________________ 2.3 Info Witch Doctor Kanai's Cube Optimization and Item Combination Guide Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F68dQGKIPTU Season 4 Witch Doctor Guide - Tips and Tricks (FAQ STYLE) https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3i4y9j/season_4_witch_doctor_guide_tips_and_tricks_faq/ Greater rift monster progress changes from 2.2 to 2.3 tested on live: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3imz6b/complete_list_of_monster_progression_in_greater/ Fun Facts about the Cube and Witch Doctors http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18719274122?page=1#4 Diablo 3 Tip's And Tricks for Season 4 and Patch 2.3! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIKe2uqs_Eo Witch Doctor Patch 2.3 Best Way to Farm Starmetal, Dagger of Darts, Scrimshaw Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmhWwx6j8QU Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.3.0 Overview & Dev Inteview! - Party XP Sharing & New Features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeVKlgZkabc Note: Odd interview tbh, take what you want out of it :P http://www.d3planner.com/ This is an experimental replacement for the old equipment editor. It should also be significantly faster when loading or switching between profiles. If you prefer the old editor, please leave feedback in the issue tracker. Diablo 3: How to maximize your damage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPknAzeLZ-k https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ggZOED8E81g-o61cLftiMti-eXZjIttxds5WUlm7D4w/edit#gid=1972568810 Diablo 3: How to Reroll a Weapon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFkBeqq-Pes https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vbzAzLqJEcpo958QIiJTiL10d7eCunAV-qnw8IOLkVo/edit#gid=0 [Guide] Elemental Damage Explained http://bannedofgamers.com/index.php?threads/guide-ros-elemental-skill-damage-explained.1104/ Diablo 3: Area Damage Explained (Patch 2.3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydMEhQaULu4 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uE0OUybeWVAoXxam_LmA6RacICMGBovyyeKxxPYH3p0/edit#gid=578311858 ______________________________________________ Pets/Fetish Info and guides: [VUDU] Pet Damage "This is where we do testing and collaborate with the community to find out the detailed mechanics of Fetishes. Work in progress, and information will be updated as we find relevant gear or discover new characteristics." https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/104qPtGH_AatBybtWErTA9iXyxHskSelqSFQ4L3Zrf_k/edit#gid=1195483230 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072#1 Manajuma's Set explained by Paulng: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12319651853 Locust Damage explained by Wachati http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12372067213 Fetish Guide by MCP http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12091749472 Discussion on Fetish Doctor BiS List: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12504200995 Support WD [Guide] zdps support Tiki WD[/b] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/15699674346 Tiklandian Build for Higher Grifts: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14580978000 WD - Follower Stats - Best In Slot Discussion http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12926712793?page=1#5 ______________________________________________ General information: [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12945954611 Overwhelming Desire Data http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16285108977 How far is a yard on screen? http://i.stack.imgur.com/IKkOB.jpg [RoS FAQ] Reaper of Souls: Frequently Asked Questions http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/82430-ros-faq-reaper-of-souls-frequently-asked Understanding Proc Coefficients: Legendary Property/Proc Mechanics Collection https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12187048616 Proc Coefficient (a.k.a. PC, or Proc Rate) is a game mechanic in Diablo III used to compensate for some skills' ability to hit more than once during its use. All skills have a 0 to 1 Proc Coefficient, which controls the effectiveness of certain 'on hit' affixes, like life on hit, for that particular skill. The coefficient reduces either the effectiveness of the triggered special property (such as the amount of Life regained), or the chances to trigger this effect, if plainly reducing it is not possible. Typically, skills that can only hit one target will have this coefficient equal (or very close) to 1, meaning the affix will trigger ("proc") on (nearly) every hit. Some skills, usually those that deal damage independently from the player's actions, like pets, have a proc coefficient of 0, meaning the skill will never proc the 'on hit' affix. Damage over time and area of effect skills generally have very low proc coeffients, but since they can hit many targets at once, or the same target many times in succession, this is more or less balancing the total chances. A basic attack always has a PC of 1, regardless of the weapon type equipped. The PC only affects special effects, and not the damage done. Area Damage and many other effects also ignore PC. Moreover, each skill's own 'chance on hit' effects, including those that are granted by the skill runes, are generally not affected by the Proc Coefficient. Tested 2.1.1 proc rates: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3witchdoctors/comments/2i25tj/21_witch_doctor_proc_coefficients/ [Video] Diablo Dissection: Explaining Core Attributes, Defense, Damage Modifiers, Elemental Explained by Unexpected70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_PnAgXtXhI _____________________________________________ Witch Doctor (Skill Damage Bonuses) •Acid Cloud: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Spirit Barrage: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Zombie Charger: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Sacrifice: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Firebats: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Fetish Army: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, up to 25% on new Mojo •Gargantuan: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest •Wall of Zombies: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Grasp of the Dead: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Haunt: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Locust Swarm: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Piranhas: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest •Summon Zombie Dogs: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest •Firebomb: +5-15% from Belt, Pants •Plague of Toads: +5-15% from Belt, Pants, Mojo •Corpse Spiders: +5-15% from Belt, Pants, Mojo •Poison Dart: +5-15% from Belt, Pants, Mojo All Classes (Elemental Damage Bonuses) Physical Skills •+15–20% from Doombringer (1H weapon) •Cold Skills: •+10-15% from Frostburn (Gloves) •+15–20% from Azurewrath (1H weapon) •+15–20% from Utar’s Roar (1H Weapon) •Fire Skills: •+15-20% from Magefist (Gloves) •+15-20% from Cindercoat (Chest) •+15–20% from The Burning Axe of Sankis (1H Weapon) •+15–20% from Devastator (1H Weapon) •+15-20% from Maximus (2H Weapon) •Lightning Skills: •+10-15% from Thundergod’s Vigor (Belt) •+10-15% from Odyn Son (1H Weapon) •+ 10-15% from Schaefer’s Hammer (2H Weapon) •Poison Skills: •+15-20% from Swamp Land Waders (Pants) •Holy skills: •+15–20% from Hallowed Barricade (Shield) •+10-15% from Skycutter (1H Weapon) •Any damage type: •+15-20% from Andariel's Visage •+5–15% from rare Amulets •+10-20% from legendary Amulets •+5–15% from rare Bracers •+10-20% from legendary Bracers •+15-20% from Stone Of Jordan (Ring) •+15-20% from Lidless Wall (Shield) _________________________________________ Certain legendaries can only drop from bounty caches; the difficulty level doesn't matter, but they only drop from caches from two acts each (act 4 and one other act). Those are all currently known bounty cache legendaries: •Avarice Band - Act 3 and Act 4 •Boots of Disregard - Act 3 and Act 4 •Burst of Wrath - Act 3 and Act 4 •Cloak of Deception - Act 2 and Act 4 •Coven's Criterion - Act 2 and Act 4 •Death's Bargain - Act 4 and Act 5 •Envious Blade - Act 3 and Act 4 •Gloves of Worship - Act 2 and Act 4 •Golden Gorget of Leoric - Act 1 and Act 4 •Helltrapper - Act 4 and Act 5 •Ilusory Boots - Act 2 and Act 4 •Insatiable Belt - Act 3 and Act 4 •Mad Monarch's Scepter - Act 1 and Act 4 •Pandemonium Loop - Act 4 and Act 5 •Pauldrons of the Skeleton King - Act 1 and Act 4 •Pride's Fall - Act 3 and Act 4 •Ring of Royal Grandeur - Act 1 and Act 4 •Sanguinary Vambraces - Act 1 and Act 4REAPER666356 Nov 3, 2016
1d Where is zoltan kulle end of Season 16? Where do we find him at the end of season 16?drmicrochp0 1d
2d Angry Chicken Arachyr vs Helltooth I'd like to open up a discussion on what your personal preference is regarding when you run a Chicken speed farm build. From my research you can play chicken one of two ways. First: Using the chicken mainly as a means of transportation from elite pack to elite pack while using the benefits from the Helltooth set to do the necessary damage to kill. Example build: https://www.diablofans.com/builds/81476-wd-chicken-speed-t13-grs-patch-2-6-4 Second: Using the chicken explosion as your primary source of damage along with transportation. Any other skills are dedicated to survival or supplemental damage if needed. Example build: https://www.diablofans.com/builds/103823-angry-chicken-gold-db-speed-farm Given that Arachyr is available from the season rewards the second option is easier to get. What is your opinion on which build is better?Zalib3 2d
2d Question on Jade Mechanics Lately I've been playing the Jade set to prepare for the next patch. However something is not quite clear on how the damage mechanics works. Its clear to me that the ring of emptiness is the real damage buff and in order to obtain it a mob needs to be affected by both locust and haunt. Something that i have noticed, however, especially with elites, is the first time you cast soul harvest after the elite has been effected by both casts, it gets huge damage, however, the second time you cast it the damage is little. Coming to the question: after casting soul harvest do I need to refresh haunt and locust on the mob in order to have again huge damage. It looks as if the haunt and locust have expired after the first soul harvest as if it consumes all of it. I personally thought that if a mob has those two spells, the only thing you need to worry about is to continuously cast soul harvest. Playing, however does not look that way. For any of you who might ask, YES i have creeping death as passive. Am I missing something? Is it possible that the locust swarm that comes from Wormwood does not work properly and that I need to physically cast the locust to get the 300% increase damage? Please dont answer me saying that i must use the furnace and not the wormwood in the cube... thats not my question. I only want to know if i really need to refresh the two spells in order to achieve the ring of emptiness bonus. In a youtube video speaking of the jade mechanics in the new patch the youtuber said that after casting 3 or 4 times soul harvest you need to refresh the spells... that looks strange to me if you consider that creeping death makes them almost infinite in time. Is there something in the mechanics that i have not grasped? Thank you for your help.Mephisto5 2d
3d Fetish Sycophants Does the skill work with the elemental properties of Fetish army? Or are they just doing physical damage?Caseydraco2 3d
4d JADE HI MI 2,4 & 6 JADE SET BONUS DONT WORKciberangel3 4d
Feb 16 Best build for Speed Demon conquest I have one final task for Guardian which is my third conquest. Obviously the first conquest was 3xL65 gems (and they are all L70 now), and I was able to ace Boss Mode in 18:30 on the first try with a chicken+HT build, but now I'm looking at the rest. I have a mostly built Wizard and could probably work up to doing 2 GR55's with it, but I wasn't enjoying the class when I was using it, so I'm looking at either Curses or Speed Demon. I tried Curses using the recommended build HT+Acid Rain build. I used the variant with Grin Reaper which someone else mentioned got them to 390+ kills, but after hours of farming and getting just one Cursed Peat event I only barely managed 270 kills (on console) with my acid rains pretty much a constant source of one shots. (I'm thinking that the console spawn rate for Cursed Peat is different from PC because there just seems to be a slow ramp of things to kill, so I decided to move on to Speed Demon. I've been using HT+Manajuma which I used for Boss Mode and while I have no trouble killing, it isn't as instantaneous one-shot as it was when I did this with a WoL monk. I chicken to an elite, cancel with a WoD, the explosion does some damage but doesn't one shot them and then I waste precious seconds kiting my gargs into them to pop them. I'm able to consistently get just under 3 minutes with a good map and even with bad maps I'm rarely over 4 minutes. Is there a better build for this? Arachyr would probably boost the Hex explosion enough to one shot the elites maybe? This doesn't help much, though, when you find 2 or 3 elites near each other as you might not have enough time to recharge the chicken and trigger the explosion again so quickly, whereas your gargs will kill all of the nearby elites while you wait for chicken to reset. Jade has a more predictable sequence to kill, but it takes a small amount of time to either wait for the locusts to propagate or to cast multiple Haunts. Zuni would be similar to HT, you'd have to cancel chicken and cast a mana spender and then kite to kill them. Am I missing a build that is effective for Speed Demon?flarbear11 Feb 16
Feb 15 Idea for Carnevil Mask I think the mask needs one final working or a second variant of the mask made. It needs to allow Fetish Army and Fetish Sycophants to shoot blow darts automatically at enemies. Lastly the mask should come with a good damage increase for our fetish's. I would say that maybe Legendary Ceremonial Knife, Dagger of Darts needs to have fetish damage halfed after the first hit because of the larger increase in damage. Let me know what you all think guysCaseydraco2 Feb 15
Feb 12 Fetish Sycophants Do they have elemental properties or deal just physical damage?Caseydraco0 Feb 12
Feb 12 First Build So this is my second seasonal character and i am playing around with a pet build. Any pointers would be most appreciated. https://www.d3planner.com/461773738SarahC830 Feb 12
Feb 11 weapon reforge need advice as jade harvester Hi, there. As for a jade harvester build, is mana regen necessary? I just got a primal anicent weapon with 1000 vitality and 14 mana regen on it, which one should I get rid of?sparetire1 Feb 11
Feb 10 Looking for Help This should be simple and it probably is. I'm simply trying to run a chicken build on T13 but I'm getting one shot just out of the blue. My gear is not yet all ancient so that may be my problem but when I watch all these YouTubers their health doesn't even move at all and some even boast how tanky the build is. I've tried endless walk, I've tried unity, I've tried unity plus Aqualas and it just feels the same. I'll be fine one second than dead the next. Is it because my build is less than optimized? I just switched over from DH and it seemed like at this point with my impale an M6 build I was still destroying things with much less paragon. Or does anybody have any suggestions?RaDaC2 Feb 10
Feb 6 THEEE WD LoN Build to Play for S16 https://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-class-forums/witch-doctor-the-mbwiru-eikura/237570-theee-wd-lon-build-to-play-for-s16 I run this build for T13 speed runs and bounties and it's surprisingly just as fast as my chicken build with Arachyr. I run this build for GR90+ groups as well with no augments and under 800 paragon. With some tweaks you can adjust the runes and passives for GR pushing. "Speed" builds in general have little to no defensives. For a GR push build you will need more defensives. How to Play: The first thing you want to do is get your 10 stacks from Soul Harvest to proc your damage reduction from your bracers. After that, you just kill things. There's really no rotation. You just use the other skills for more speed but I'm sure you'll figure out a decent rotation that works for you. Zombie Dogs are for more damage reduction. You can either go with Life Link or Leeching Beasts. Both work fine. Zombie Dogs proc your Mojo as well. Enjoy this build! It took me a ton of farming to get certain pieces in Ancient. That's probably the only challenging thing about LoN builds. It's not a "beginner" or "starter" set because the pieces required have to be Ancient unless you just have lucky RNG. You won't see this build perform well until you have at least 8 Ancients equipped but once you do it's pretty amazing.Fullbringer5 Feb 6
Feb 5 Was Spirit Of Arachyr Nerfed? I have 4 parts: 'Hex gains the Toad of Hugeness rune'. According to the wiki, that is supposed to stack with itself. IE: Using the ToH rune means I get TWO toads. 'The Witch Doctor may have more than one toad at a time' But I only summon one Toad of Hugeness, even with the set bonus and the ToH rune selected. Either the set was altered..or maybe the wiki should say 'It will still only summon ONE Toad of Hugeness, but you can summon a second with proper cooldown reduction'Eguzky6 Feb 5
Feb 5 WD Survival In Higher Rifts? I got my Zookeeper WD up so I am doing T9 bounties and GRs and I am getting pounded by most mobs. I take massive damage from fire and poison that almost empties my bowl each time. Any tips on how to make it so my WD can survive doing these runs?Karmafan5 Feb 5
Feb 4 Witch Doctor - Toughness So just finished unlocking T13 and using 5 pieces of Zunimassa and 3 pieces of Helltooth, along with other defense oriented gear that goes well with Soul Harvester, i managed to get up to 492 mill toughness. For me that seems like alot, but now im wondering if i should forgo all my damage and build a supp doctor. Any thoughts? *edit after some upgrades and a change to supp im now hitting 1.5-2 bill toughness in GRs. I cant find any icyviens support builds, anyone have suggestions?ebolamuffins1 Feb 4
Feb 3 Discord Server Open To All Hello fellow Nephalem, Looking for a voice server to hang out with other Nephalem? Look no further than our D3 Community Discord server which now has over 3000 members! There are also channels for other games if you like to use them when you are taking a break from slaying demons,goat men,unicorns, cupcakes...now I am hungry. Open to all regions. Casuals and Elites all welcome. Check it out here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0gpGbECT3PbB3bHQrockon8731 Feb 3
Feb 3 Witch Doctor pets not fighting ... AGAIN For almost 2 minutes ... Once again ... Witch Doctor's pets refusing to attack. PLEASE Blizzard, can you fix this https://youtu.be/1uUCzycIGRkCastiel0 Feb 3
Feb 1 Questions about Jade from a non-WD Hi all, I'm currently at work (for the next couple hours), so I was wondering if I can get some questions answered before I get home and give WD a try next for this season. I intend to give Jade WD a try this season, after pretty much avoiding WDs since the vanilla days of running Skorn on firebats WD. I have 4 questions. 1) Is Jade tanky? By tanky, I mean is it as tanky as say, DH n6m4 or shadow (i.e. 2-300mil toughness) 2) Am I correct to say that the playstyle is as follows: cast locust swarm, and let it spread, then spam haunt to mobs around you, pirahnado mobs together and then harvest and repeat till dead? For elites, between soul harvests, spam haunt on them? 3) Is there a fast speed variant of Jade for low GRs (80-90s)/T13 where I run the wormwood (I think that's what it's called) to get passive locust swarm, and just run from elite to elite (or big mob packs), and just haunt and harvest, and move on to the next pack/mob group? 4) I found a video on YT by Baskenator about Jade running in groups as trash killer. Anyone has any experience in that area? Is it a strong trash killer?unhomie3 Feb 1
Feb 1 Haunt Mechanic Greetings All, Sorry for the noob question but can someone explain how Haunt works? Do I need to keep casting it constantly or will it jump on its own? Do I cast it from far away or do I need to be in the middle of a pack of mobs for it to take effect? Do I need to keep up a steady pace so that it jumps from mob to mob or do I need to keep recasting it? Just not sure how it works. Thanks for nay help, info you can give me.Lamprocles1 Feb 1
Jan 31 Jade and rift bosses 100+ Hi, I'm running jade atm and i'm wondering something. After a harvest on the boss, do i need re-apply locust everytime? it kind of seemd tedious to do that since it cost so much mana... So basicly piran>locust>haunt spam till coe poision comes en then harvest. Or does locus swarm stay active... thanks guys.mickert9 Jan 31
Jan 29 2p Jade RGK; silliest thing I've simulated So, looking at all of the Jade folks on the leaderboards, I just got to thinking about a hypothetical Jade RGK spec. One that would stack nothing but cooldown reduction and attack speed. I started out with the traditional 6 piece Jade. Sprinked in season bonus. Simulated it using Soul Harvest regularly. Was very traditional. Was also very mediocre. Just kind of tolerable. I then realized that most of the DPS was actually just coming from the 2 piece bonus, and adding in harvest actually reduced DPS. So, I started minmaxing around just having 2 piece Jade and eventually came down to this: https://www.d3planner.com/249975992 The DPS is 1.57kT. For reference, a fully glassed out DH RGK with perfect play would do about 2.6kT. So this does over half as much as the DH RGK spec. Which sounds bad but to me it's actually kind of impressive... But wait there's more: https://www.d3planner.com/289050176 If by some means you find a znecro stup--adventurous enough to help you out in your testing, you can use Gruesome Feast to get up to 2.3kT DPS. Which is about 10% shy of DH damage. Also, this simulator can't use Grin Reaper. I'm not sure how Grin Reaper interacts with Jade 2p bonus, but there's potentially a lot of damage on the table. Well this is just a simulation, so potentially a lot of things that could be wrong with it. Still, if you wanna give it a whirl, it's there. The rolls are fairly simple.StoleOwnCar0 Jan 29
Jan 29 I just made a WD zombie dog question I have the rune that changed skill to four and the passive ability that adds one more yet when i summon the dogs it only gives me 4. Is there a hard limit on this or do I need to report a bug? Thanks.StoneRyno2 Jan 29
Jan 28 Please ignor. I found the fix. I'm running the Arachyr 6p set and enjoying it except for what appears to be a triggering problem. With the Arachyr(4) Hex cretes a Toad of Hugeness. Okay, that's good and I can use it. However, I actually select the Angry Chicken rune for speed farming. I'm using the Manajuma's set for the big explosion and the 15 seconds of movement. Here's the different results from the same trigger key press. I get the: 1. Angry Chicken for speed for 15 seconds based on the Manajuma's set. If I trigger it again BEFORE the 15 seconds I get the lovely explosion. If not it just drops off. 2. Angry Chicken that will run then explode much faster than the 15 second requirement without my triggering it a second time. 3. Angry Chicken for only 2 seconds then drops off with NO Toad of Hugeness. 4. Angry Chicken that explodes and turns into the Toad of Hugeness. 5. Toad of Hugeness with no Angry Chicken. 6. A voice telling me not enough time has passed even if I've waited more than the 15 seconds the skill requires. What I seem to be seeing is the game is sometimes triggering the Andry Chicken as the skill rune while other times its triggering it as the Manajuma's set, then other times it's triggering as the Arachyr set. I'd really appreciate some detailed mechanics on what's happening and how I need to deal with this. Frankly, if I had the choice I'd eliminate the Arachyr(4) toad of Hugeness buff if I could.drkenrich0 Jan 28
Jan 26 Recommend build? Looking for simple and tanky WD build if possible. For example, I really LOVE Leapquake and Sunwuko WoL build. they're super tanky and simply deadly. If not, thinking of trying either Arachyr or Jade. Helltooth used to be my favorite, but seem like they aren't doing well?DTJames0 Jan 26
Jan 25 There is apparently a bug for Jade When 2.6.4 launched I took my non-seasonal WD and cleared 102 with ease using Jade. It wasn't even challenging. I had 0 augments as well. I'm playing WD for S16 now. I have the same exact build and nearly the same sheet dmg and can't even clear 80??? I ran the same exact build on my NS, but I'm doing 0 dmg with nearly all ancients. I'm doing dmg in only the millions. I'm 100% sure this is a bug. This really needs to be fixed. I'm not sure how this happened but it's happening for me and other players playing Jade.Fullbringer3 Jan 25
Jan 25 Improving Zunimassa Set. Basically it boils down to one change to Belt of Transcendence since it's a requirement for every zuni set anyways. Summon a Fetish Sycophant when you hit with a Mana spender and also causes your pets to go on a frenzy jumping and attacking your enemies recently affected by your mana spenders. They could use the pull mechanic used on Piranhado, Hurricane, The Ess of Johan amulet to pull the pets.DarkOgre0 Jan 25
Jan 25 Back After a While: Jade WD Question So I just completed a GR87 in about 9 mins so I can def keep going up a little bit. But right now I'm finding myself stuck on what to do next. Should I keep trying to upgrade my gear? I feel like I'm not finding upgrades anymore. Should I look for anything specific based on what I have already? Do cache runs? What level GR's should I be doing for farming? Or should I just do normal t13 rifts? Sorry, I've been away for a while so I'm not sure what to do.RichardGere2 Jan 25
Jan 24 Wrong drop on first solo gr 70 ?!?! i made my seasonal first lvl 70 Gr and with it a surprize.i played a solo gr 70 with a witch doctor and a got my first primal this item Fury of the ancients /Prime Ancient Legendary Shoulders for BRARBARIAN ONLY!!! and a green set glove for demon hunter. is this kinda fair?coz i was hoping for a primal witch doctor item... here is a Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/024281c55902593d91ee275a77352b0cShArP1 Jan 24
Jan 24 Jade Harvester in Groups I've really been enjoying jade since 2.6.1. I've never played it before until now. Does anyone have any recommendations for playing it in groups next season? I'm mainly looking at the 95-100 range with 4 people. I would assume it would be a trash killer? I've only been playing unity not CoE trying to learn how to handle it. I imagine you really need that trash to be constantly dying to stay in spirit walk to stay alive. I know firebats is the standard, but this jade is a lot more fun.z1pper3 Jan 24
Jan 24 Just got to level 70... Hi guys were to go from here on HC(non season) I did a few nephalem rift on normal dificulty thats easy(should i go hard?) i also did one greater rift ,almost died on stock difficult i think it was T13. And what to do with paragon levels?should i spend them or not use them? i realy need a route to go for better equipment, i am scard on HC lol.jeroni5 Jan 24
Jan 23 Noob WD - Firebats with starter set to Jade Wow, just have to say how much of an improvement this change was to power/speed. I was really struggling with SoA starter set and Firebat build to beat GR 70 at around 500 paragon, I thought my gear was pretty well optimized and I was just decimating everything Torment 12-13, but hitting GR70 was challenging, but I made it. I decided to move to Jade after this GR70 clear which took 12 minutes. About 1-2 hours of play later and I'm farming GR70 at half the time, around 6 minutes. My gear is worse on the Jade set, but the power increase is dramatic. On the one hand, it's cool to progress seeing that increase in power, I'm a bit bummed at how much lower the performance was for the Firebat/SoA build... I understand there will always be stronger builds, but the difference seems too substantial. How's Helltooth? Thinking about comparing that, but I believe it will be a step down from the Jade build I'm using now.HoldDaMayo2 Jan 23
Jan 23 How to play Jade ? Great Night guys ! I'm new to WD and i am liking the jade build. But i do have some questions, i did a GR96 and on my 97 even with 5 minutes ahead of the timer the boss just one shotted me. This was quite anoying, so i have a few doubts. 1- After using soul harvers i should use my two DoT skills again ? 2- Its normal to have mana problems ? 3- How do people play this build with CoE and dont get one shotte by rift guardians ?AriesXs5 Jan 23
Jan 22 Does Blizzard not Play Witch Doctor ever? There's like 2 viable builds right now, gargs and jade. The majority of WD abilities' runes aren't worth using. Zuni is garbo, even with the damage update it won't change how clunky it feels. Pets sometimes just stand around doing nothing, and having to wait for them to get in melee range and surround enemies seems inefficient compared to Necro who has long range zappy mages. Soul Harvest lasts 30 seconds and is a pain in the !@# to keep up all the time, while Necro basically has the same ability but with a 60 second duration and larger radius. Zombie dogs do $%^- damage, even gargantuan dog is garbo. Locust Swarm does crap damage as well, even being the most expensive mana spell with a short range. Nobody uses Firebomb or Plague of Toads ever. Why is there a disproportionate amount of itemization options for Firebats compared to other abilities like Zombie Charger or Acid Cloud? Just some annoyances that I know Blizzard won't change, D3 is a dead game anyways.PainReliever7 Jan 22
Jan 22 Hungry bats feedback After trying all the runes for the Firebats ability, I have come to this conclusion : the Hungry Bats rune is underpowered. There's a reason Hungry bats is the least used of all the runes on a very strong skill (diablo somepage lists it as 0.4% of softcore users and 0% hardcore users). Let me simply list the pros and cons of this rune : Pros -Higher damage than Dire Bats -Longer range than stock, vampire, plague and cloud bats (Less than dire bats) -Can hit other targets that aren't in the "Line of damage" -High proc rate for Fetish Sycophants (personal experience, no math involved) -Guided missile, can't be evaded -Faster travel speed than Dire bats Cons -Single target damage (per bat) -Targeting AI sometimes targets breakable objects instead of monsters or just disappear -damage of the bats is calculated per cast instead of per bat( -Less damage than Stock, Vampire, plague and cloud bats -Costs more mana than vampire and dire bats When comparing to the other long-ranged rune, dire bats, it is easy to conclude that at best, -meaning versus a single target, no breakable objects and all bats hit their target- hungry bats deals a little more damage than dire bats (350/300-1=16,67% more damage). However, once those (utopic) conditions aren't met, it falls off quickly. My suggestion would be to either : 1. Buff the targeting AI of the bats to prioritize monsters over breakable objects, and to lessen the amount of bats that just disappear, 2. Make it so the damage is calculated per 350% per bat instead of per cast, or 3. Just straight-up buff the damage percentage of the rune. A word of warning : The proc rate of Fetish sycophants is totally insane with this skill. To those who run a pet build for damage and use other spells as backup : USE THIS RUNE. To any blue who happens to be on the forum : You may want to adjust the proc rate of fetish sycophants to adjust the damage buff on this skill. And to all who agree/disagree with my opinion, please let me know why, there may be some hidden advantage I didn't think of. Thank you for your time :)MrEazus2 Jan 22
Jan 22 Primal The Short Man's Finger roll Hi all, I was lucky enough to drop a primal Short Man's Finger with INT, CHD and Life per Hit. I rerolled Life per Hit and I am not sure if I keep Attack Speed or CHC, what do you guys think? Btw it wasn't the first primal (it was a Scrimshaw). Note: I rerolled Life per Hit because I can only see this being used with speed farm builds, and 99% of them use Gold Wrap so I don't need sustain.Lango2 Jan 22
Jan 22 Need a Direction if possible I am totally in love with the WD class, I started yesterday,now i am at level 51 finished the Campaign on HC normal(non season) I only play solo, i want to solo all there is if possible, What route should i take to gear my WD, from here i am lost at level 51 and this is my first characterjeroni3 Jan 22
Jan 19 Jade (non season) Without the royal ring buff in non season is Jade going to be a top tier build to run with the new changes? Thank-youCoolSnowFry12 Jan 19
Jan 17 Jade Doc question I've never played Witch Doctor, but now Jade Doc seems to be quite powerful, so I think I'm gonna try it in S16. My question, is compared to other builds that I've played and enjoy (Sunwuko WoL and DH MS), how does it perform in terms of: 1. Speedfarm (T13, gems and bounties) 2. Gameplay difficulty 3. Gearing difficultyHerowar11 Jan 17
Jan 17 Jade: Gogok or Pain Enhancer 15% IAS + 15% CDR vs 3% IAS x monsters bleeding I have seldom used PE and thus, no idea how good (or not) compared to Gogok. Anyone care to enlighten? Thanks!Astig1 Jan 17
Jan 17 Mass Hallucination Anyone use this rune? It's pretty fun with max CDR/Grin Reaper to have 5 or 6 of these guys on screen, and they have a cool laugh whenever they spawn. The downside is the damage. Past T3, it just doesn't keep up. I still use it in combination with Hex (Unstable Form) on the Arachyr's set, which is also fun. It would be cool to have MH included with the Helltooth Skills and get a boost, and/Or have it granted with an item. Mass Confusion gains the Mass Hallucination rune and it's damage is increased by 400-500% or something.Parapsycho3 Jan 17
Jan 17 So im guessing this is intentional But i found a setup for the zunimassa set that allows me to forgo a mana spender to get the damage buff of the six piece. Grasp of the Undead with the no mana cost rune and the mojo which removes the cooldown of Grasp. Ive currently got a Deadly Rebirth knife since i dont have a decent harvester blade. It allows me to use a different rune for Spirit Walk and not have to worry about mana as an issue at all.Wandering2 Jan 17
Jan 16 Such an easy fix to Zuni's.... Problem with Zuni- Gargs get thrown back, attack white mobs, must recast, thrown back again, wait for recast to put them back on target etc etc...Or they are blocked by fetish from getting close to target. Necromancer attack skeletons go direct to target regardless of what is on target. Ability is already in game...why cant you just add this to gargs????Cpottz0 Jan 16
Jan 16 Why my Gargantuans are doing nothing? In a GR 85 my gargantuans decided not fight Rime and stayed next to me ... See video: https://youtu.be/qrRhKkk_Sxo Why can't we have the same feature from the Arachyr Set? "The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders" The fix: "Enemies hit by your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Firebats, Zombie Charger, Zombie Dogs, Gargantuan, Grasp of the Dead, Piranhas, or Wall of Death are afflicted by Necrosis, becoming Slowed and taking 1500% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds. The Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan are commanded to move to where you cast your Wall of Death"Castiel6 Jan 16
Jan 14 Gargantuan Runes (Too confusing) I identified that some of Gargantuan (and Zombie Dog) runes have two elements. For instance, if I choose "Big Stinker" rune, the in-game tool tip illustrates: 1) Summon a Gargantuan zombie to fight for you. 2) The Gargantuan attacks for 450% of your weapon damage as Physical. 3) The Gargantuan is surrounded by a poison cloud that deals 135% weapon damage as Poison per second to nearby enemies. Moreover, Garg-Bruiser, ZD-Rabids, ZD-Chilled, and ZD-Burning runes also show two elements (physical + something). It is too confusing whether they benefit from physical or other skill damage boost. Which type of skill damage (amulet) should I use, if I choose one of those runes?Sangyung7 Jan 14
Jan 7 CoE vs Tasker & Theo for Garg Helltooth build I am at a dilemma. I have a GG-rolled primal CoE vs a Tasker & Theo. Taking CoE means I can't use RORG, so I lose my T&T. Can anyone clarify this: 1) We only get 40% atk speed bonus from T&T on our WD pets right? 2) T&T averages out to more damage over time, because our garg isn't always able to make use of the 4 secs of cold dmg CoE at the right moment when fighting elites, right?Fieryeel4 Jan 7
Jan 3 What counts as a pet? For the purposes of TnT and Enforcer, which WD skills count as pets? Which WD skills have runes that can class them as pets? (for example can i use the spirit barrage rune that turns it into a spirit that lingers overhead to make it a pet, or toad of hugeness, or spider queen...) It can be sortof hard to tell on sight what's getting the attack speed bonus and what isn't, so if anyone knows for sure it would be helpful.lightbulb6 Jan 3
Jan 1 Witch Doctor: Act 1 New Player. Equip dagger? So I am new to the Diablo Series. Just bought the game. I am playing as the Witch Doctor. I know the very first part I could attack with my dagger by clicking on the undead but now since I have unlocked a spell "Grasp of the dead" or something like that my Character only holds the dagger but I can't attack with it. I can only select the Blow Dart and the Spell. Is there anyway to equip and attack with the dagger? I can't figure it out. ThanksTheForsaken3 Jan 1
Dec 31 Angry Chicken Illusory Boots Hello, did anyone yet, tested the angry chicken build with illusory boots?.. I just actually noticed the Illusory boots "passive" wont work when you hex yourself. Thats bug or something else ? :)Dryadelder0 Dec 31