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Nov 3, 2016 {Builds / Info} 2.3-2.4 RoS Witch Doctors "Witch doctors are spiritual warriors who summon dead souls and crawling creatures to do their bidding. By surrounding themselves with conjured zombies and vermin, witch doctors are free to assault their enemies with exploding skulls, acid poison clouds, and wasting curses. The ability to infect, slow and terrify their enemies gives witch doctors unprecedented control over a battlefield. They can manipulate opposing attacks and movements with debuffs and crowd control spells, rendering enemies easy prey for hungry pets. Witch doctors can also lay down fields of fire and venom that slowly leech life from advancing foes. Although some witch doctors avoid melee combat in favor of augmenting their pets and crippling their enemies from afar, they are also more than capable of slaying weakened foes with their own hands." _____________________________________ As we are aware, gear defines many builds for us in ROS, the exploration of hybrid builds, perfecting a particular build as gear synergies is what makes this game fun. I would say explore your build options, learn from posts here. ______________________________________ Patch Notes to date: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/game/patch-notes/ ______________________________________ CLANS: {VUDU} Clan Info http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11914351693 _____________________________________ 2.3 Guides/Builds and Info ______________________________________ 2.3 Builds/Guides [GUIDE] How to properly gear a WD http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812?page=1 [GUIDE] 2.3: The Carnpendium http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14527433038 A WD Compendium to the Grin Reaper http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13140803953 Note: please keep checking thread for details as it will be updated. ______________________________________ Jade Build: [GUIDE] All-Inclusive Jade Harvester [2.0.6] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13138914261?page=1 [VUDU] Jade SH, DoT & Area Damage http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12943834736#1 [2.0.5] Soul Harvest Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnWYdMuhMZ4-dGJKenVhcHI3eFFPVjBnT1NFN1o2RFE#gid=25 This is set as a view only, you can download to your own computers. Included: is the original Thread and its discussion: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12879198309#16 _____________________________________ Helltooth Diablo 3 Acid Cloud Helltooth Witch Doctor Greater Rifing Build 2.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO9jfiUx818 Witch Doctor 0CD Firewall Helltooth 2-3 Min Torment 10 Rifts 2.3 Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKHotYhsaWg Witch Doctor Fire and Ice Helltooth Acid Cloud/Firewall Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shv-7QOmVgI Mechanics of Acid Rain and Slow Burn: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18704974965 Summary: They each leave three pools. These pools are the same size, regardless of rune choice. If an enemy is stationary, it receives 10 ticks (9+1) of DoT damage from acid rain. If an enemy is stationary, it receives 19 ticks (18+1) of DoT damage from slow burn. An enemy may stand in two or three pools and it will receive exactly two or three times the DoT damage. Acid rain with three pools hitting a stationary large enemy (per cast): 300% instant + 120%/second * 10 = 1500% weapon damage Slow burn with three pools hitting a stationary large enemy (per cast): 300% instant + 120%/s * 19 = 2580% weapon damage Witch Doctor Zombie Bears Helltooth 65+ Greater Rifts Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9oOMRUFcuM Diablo 3 Death Breath GodMode T7-T9 Wich Doctor Build 2.3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXVSe2wCGEY Witch Doctor SPEED Angry Chicken Arachyr T10 Bounty Farming Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTyBJCsmEqM [Guide] Arachyr's Imposin' Eggsplosion [2.3] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18716981842 Diablo 3 Carn/Jeram 2.3 Ptr Witch Doctor Build! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XGRkY3glIg Diablo 3 Gargy Inferno Helltooth Witch Docotor Build PTR 2.3! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZARNJqbMuYY ____________________________________________ 2.3 Info Witch Doctor Kanai's Cube Optimization and Item Combination Guide Patch 2.3 Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F68dQGKIPTU Season 4 Witch Doctor Guide - Tips and Tricks (FAQ STYLE) https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3i4y9j/season_4_witch_doctor_guide_tips_and_tricks_faq/ Greater rift monster progress changes from 2.2 to 2.3 tested on live: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3imz6b/complete_list_of_monster_progression_in_greater/ Fun Facts about the Cube and Witch Doctors http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18719274122?page=1#4 Diablo 3 Tip's And Tricks for Season 4 and Patch 2.3! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIKe2uqs_Eo Witch Doctor Patch 2.3 Best Way to Farm Starmetal, Dagger of Darts, Scrimshaw Diablo 3 RoS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmhWwx6j8QU Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.3.0 Overview & Dev Inteview! - Party XP Sharing & New Features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeVKlgZkabc Note: Odd interview tbh, take what you want out of it :P http://www.d3planner.com/ This is an experimental replacement for the old equipment editor. It should also be significantly faster when loading or switching between profiles. If you prefer the old editor, please leave feedback in the issue tracker. Diablo 3: How to maximize your damage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPknAzeLZ-k https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ggZOED8E81g-o61cLftiMti-eXZjIttxds5WUlm7D4w/edit#gid=1972568810 Diablo 3: How to Reroll a Weapon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFkBeqq-Pes https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vbzAzLqJEcpo958QIiJTiL10d7eCunAV-qnw8IOLkVo/edit#gid=0 [Guide] Elemental Damage Explained http://bannedofgamers.com/index.php?threads/guide-ros-elemental-skill-damage-explained.1104/ Diablo 3: Area Damage Explained (Patch 2.3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydMEhQaULu4 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uE0OUybeWVAoXxam_LmA6RacICMGBovyyeKxxPYH3p0/edit#gid=578311858 ______________________________________________ Pets/Fetish Info and guides: [VUDU] Pet Damage "This is where we do testing and collaborate with the community to find out the detailed mechanics of Fetishes. Work in progress, and information will be updated as we find relevant gear or discover new characteristics." https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/104qPtGH_AatBybtWErTA9iXyxHskSelqSFQ4L3Zrf_k/edit#gid=1195483230 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072#1 Manajuma's Set explained by Paulng: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12319651853 Locust Damage explained by Wachati http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12372067213 Fetish Guide by MCP http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12091749472 Discussion on Fetish Doctor BiS List: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12504200995 Support WD [Guide] zdps support Tiki WD[/b] http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/15699674346 Tiklandian Build for Higher Grifts: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14580978000 WD - Follower Stats - Best In Slot Discussion http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12926712793?page=1#5 ______________________________________________ General information: [TIPS] RoS Followers (lvl.70) complete guide http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12945954611 Overwhelming Desire Data http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16285108977 How far is a yard on screen? http://i.stack.imgur.com/IKkOB.jpg [RoS FAQ] Reaper of Souls: Frequently Asked Questions http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/82430-ros-faq-reaper-of-souls-frequently-asked Understanding Proc Coefficients: Legendary Property/Proc Mechanics Collection https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12187048616 Proc Coefficient (a.k.a. PC, or Proc Rate) is a game mechanic in Diablo III used to compensate for some skills' ability to hit more than once during its use. All skills have a 0 to 1 Proc Coefficient, which controls the effectiveness of certain 'on hit' affixes, like life on hit, for that particular skill. The coefficient reduces either the effectiveness of the triggered special property (such as the amount of Life regained), or the chances to trigger this effect, if plainly reducing it is not possible. Typically, skills that can only hit one target will have this coefficient equal (or very close) to 1, meaning the affix will trigger ("proc") on (nearly) every hit. Some skills, usually those that deal damage independently from the player's actions, like pets, have a proc coefficient of 0, meaning the skill will never proc the 'on hit' affix. Damage over time and area of effect skills generally have very low proc coeffients, but since they can hit many targets at once, or the same target many times in succession, this is more or less balancing the total chances. A basic attack always has a PC of 1, regardless of the weapon type equipped. The PC only affects special effects, and not the damage done. Area Damage and many other effects also ignore PC. Moreover, each skill's own 'chance on hit' effects, including those that are granted by the skill runes, are generally not affected by the Proc Coefficient. Tested 2.1.1 proc rates: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3witchdoctors/comments/2i25tj/21_witch_doctor_proc_coefficients/ [Video] Diablo Dissection: Explaining Core Attributes, Defense, Damage Modifiers, Elemental Explained by Unexpected70 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_PnAgXtXhI _____________________________________________ Witch Doctor (Skill Damage Bonuses) •Acid Cloud: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Spirit Barrage: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Zombie Charger: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Sacrifice: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Firebats: +5-15% from Head, Boots, Mojo •Fetish Army: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, up to 25% on new Mojo •Gargantuan: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest •Wall of Zombies: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Grasp of the Dead: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Haunt: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Locust Swarm: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest, Mojo •Piranhas: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest •Summon Zombie Dogs: +5-15% from Shoulders, Chest •Firebomb: +5-15% from Belt, Pants •Plague of Toads: +5-15% from Belt, Pants, Mojo •Corpse Spiders: +5-15% from Belt, Pants, Mojo •Poison Dart: +5-15% from Belt, Pants, Mojo All Classes (Elemental Damage Bonuses) Physical Skills •+15–20% from Doombringer (1H weapon) •Cold Skills: •+10-15% from Frostburn (Gloves) •+15–20% from Azurewrath (1H weapon) •+15–20% from Utar’s Roar (1H Weapon) •Fire Skills: •+15-20% from Magefist (Gloves) •+15-20% from Cindercoat (Chest) •+15–20% from The Burning Axe of Sankis (1H Weapon) •+15–20% from Devastator (1H Weapon) •+15-20% from Maximus (2H Weapon) •Lightning Skills: •+10-15% from Thundergod’s Vigor (Belt) •+10-15% from Odyn Son (1H Weapon) •+ 10-15% from Schaefer’s Hammer (2H Weapon) •Poison Skills: •+15-20% from Swamp Land Waders (Pants) •Holy skills: •+15–20% from Hallowed Barricade (Shield) •+10-15% from Skycutter (1H Weapon) •Any damage type: •+15-20% from Andariel's Visage •+5–15% from rare Amulets •+10-20% from legendary Amulets •+5–15% from rare Bracers •+10-20% from legendary Bracers •+15-20% from Stone Of Jordan (Ring) •+15-20% from Lidless Wall (Shield) _________________________________________ Certain legendaries can only drop from bounty caches; the difficulty level doesn't matter, but they only drop from caches from two acts each (act 4 and one other act). Those are all currently known bounty cache legendaries: •Avarice Band - Act 3 and Act 4 •Boots of Disregard - Act 3 and Act 4 •Burst of Wrath - Act 3 and Act 4 •Cloak of Deception - Act 2 and Act 4 •Coven's Criterion - Act 2 and Act 4 •Death's Bargain - Act 4 and Act 5 •Envious Blade - Act 3 and Act 4 •Gloves of Worship - Act 2 and Act 4 •Golden Gorget of Leoric - Act 1 and Act 4 •Helltrapper - Act 4 and Act 5 •Ilusory Boots - Act 2 and Act 4 •Insatiable Belt - Act 3 and Act 4 •Mad Monarch's Scepter - Act 1 and Act 4 •Pandemonium Loop - Act 4 and Act 5 •Pauldrons of the Skeleton King - Act 1 and Act 4 •Pride's Fall - Act 3 and Act 4 •Ring of Royal Grandeur - Act 1 and Act 4 •Sanguinary Vambraces - Act 1 and Act 4REAPER666356 Nov 3, 2016
13h New WD player, Need guidance I'm a new player to WD GR scene. I would like some of the more experience players to look at my build and guide me. Should I give the seasonal set to my witch doctor? I have been upto GR 14 or 16 with my current build and its cruising through it easily. That would let me give the set to my other toons who are still not upto par with WD. Barbarian has already 4 set piece from the last season so that leaves only Crusader, which is seasonal this season and I love to play it more than other toons. Thanks, any help would be most welcome. P.S. I'm playing in Asia server and from china so my build will be in Korean server and in Korean, sorry for that. I can post a pic from the game if required. https://kr.battle.net/d3/ko/profile/ZedSharif-21756/hero/68849325ZedSharif1 13h
1d Survivability Problems w/Arachyr in GR 75+ I'm having alot of trouble staying alive in higher level Grifts with the typical firebats build seen on leaderboards. I've found that to stay alive I need to swap pain enchancer out for esoteric alteration, dump my paragon points to vitality, and swap CotE for unity. Wich kills my damage and slows me down alot. Gear and stat wise without the dedensive swaps I'm similar to the last 3 pages if leaderboard, ~14k int, 4-5k vit, 60% crit, 350+crit damage, ~90% Area dmg, unbuffed toughness 21m. I'm keeping 10 stack of harvest, using hex on CD, keeping a few haunts and locust applied. Still without the defensive swaps i just crumble in both solo and group. Is there aome aspect of the playstyle I could be overlooking that helps keep you alive?Pankratios19 1d
1d Haunt Mechanics in GRifts. Help please. Hello, I am new to WD and I would like to understand the best way to use Haunt in builds where it is included. My concern is: Haunt seems to be a single target spell by default. Meanwhile, Ring of Emptiness requires Haunt to be on a group of mobs before I start killing them. Imagine I am in a GRifts and a mob of 15 monsters(elite + whites) attacks me. What is the fastest way to Haunt all of them quickly? Locust Swarm seems to be spreading really quick by the way. And also, is there a way to see if a particular elite is already haunted+swarmed? In order not to waste precious seconds on casting it again "just in case"? Thank you in advance.Cuthalion9 1d
2d What are Pets and what Aren't? Well I've been playing D3 for a couple years now. Swapping between various characters. Recently I've been playing Witch Doctor and was having fun until I got to the point where I'm trying to make progress from GR60 towards GR70. I'm aware of various builds online and so forth. My frustration comes from sets like Helltooth vs Zunimassa. At face value from "within the Game" context... Zunimassa should buff a lot more of the Summons / Things I thought were Pets in the Game. Then after reading various Message Board Posts... I was greatly let down. From what I've read the damage of Zunimassa in terms of Pets appears to apply to the same thing that HT does (Gargs and Dogs). Spider Queen appears up in the air as I've read Message Boards say it is and it isn't. So if possible, does anyone have an Actual List of what are Pets as per the Zunimassa Definition? In terms of Game Design, this seems like something that should be obvious and straight forward so that folks can actually feel confident about builds... Instead I read Message Boards about folks having to spend time in game studying what actually works and what is just plain false. Fetish Sycophants, SB Manitou, Hex Shamans / ToHugeness, BBV aren't Pets? That seem painfully strange to anyone else? Why this grey area? What is 'fun' about this?Zyxy1 2d
2d Zuni for season 13 ? can zuni garg fetish be good on season 13 ? anybody will play it ?Rydiaa1 2d
4d 20% Area Damage vs 50% Crit Damage Hi guys, as a firebat WD I am trying to maximize my damage output. My convention of Elements has 6% Crit Chance, and I get to choose between rolling 20% Area Damage or 50% Crit Damage. I have checked Quin's guide on Area Damage and while this is amazing, I kinda have the feeling that still Crit Damage is better. It feels as if my damage is dropping quite heavily, but I could be wrong. Any input on this as of course it will depend on situation/density etc, but what would you do or prefer?Scampi2 4d
4d Idea for a Zunimassa-build shoulder piece The Zunimassa build lacks a set of shoulders that go well with it, so I feel a new shoulder legendary would help set the build apart from Helltooth. Both seem to be focusing on Gargantuans, causing overlap, so a new legendary effect would help to differentiate the two. ... Kinda similar to the Bone Ringer phylactery, this would let your Fetishes ramp up a huge amount of damage on a target if they swarm it. The extra damage would not apply to your other pets, however, just your Fetishes, so it would be less valuable to Gargantuan-centric builds (and wouldn't get poached by Helltooth). If this wouldn't work, I'm open to other ideas.darkdill4 4d
6d Solo Garg Is awesome. Just cleared a GR 101. I think my favorite build in the game of all time. I realize some folks can't stand it (gargs not targeting, breaking doors, HT being slightly weaker) but to me it's a beautiful play style that when mastered is super fun!Ghostpos9 6d
Feb 16 Questions reguarding Nagel ring Are the lunatic considered pets? They explode for 10,000 weapon damage as elemental. If they are considered pets could COE, set bonus HT or Zuni, and legendary gem be stacked? If anyone has tested please respond!Ranluf5 Feb 16
Feb 13 Some Firebats group playstyle questions Hi all, I've been playing WD for quite some time now and I am able to run GR115 in a group without the feeling of being a complete leecher. However, I still encounter some situations in which I don't know what the best playstyle is. Here are the questions, hopefully the forum can help: 1) Say the WD is in a typical 4p setup with a monk, sup barb and a bk necro. When the monk puts together a group of trash mobs without an elite pack, for example next to a pylon, do you wait to channel until the pylon/elite gets close to the group? Or do you start channeling straight away to kill the trash as fast as possible so the necro shards have less targets and can kill elite faster? If you wait you can apply more area damage to the elite and inflict quite some damage... Really, i have no idea what to do in this situation... 2) I was in a high end group at the Boss, when the barb said to me: "WD, stop attacking the boss". Apparently he was afraid that i would apply some kind of control impaiting effect on the boss, so the boss would be stunned, so he would be immune to the necro. Or something like that, really i had no clue what he was talking about but apparently he got support from the other team members. Anybody to clarify this situation? Thanks alot, I hope above is clear as my English is not great. Also, maybe this information or a guid is available elsewhere, would be great to pass me the link!Scampi6 Feb 13
Feb 10 Why HT and not Zuni I have these 3 pieces primal for zunimassa build and i wonder why should i switch from HT to Zuni. To be more precise why HT is superior choice for Gr pushingYorkipe5 Feb 10
Feb 9 Jeram's Bracer A search for info revealed nothing since 2016. Does the damage of Wall of Death stack for the 3 casts allowed for Jeram's Bracer, and how would this interact with the Helltooth bonuses?Merus2 Feb 9
Feb 7 Soul Harvester. No other choice.... Here's my issue with WD atm. Soul Harvester. It's honestly the only choice for GR pushing. If you check all the top tier builds they all have this weapon because no one can afford to lose the DR it provides. All other Ceremonial knives are obsolete. I use Manajuma's when running T13's or GR 75's etc, but past that there is no other choice. Soul harvester seems perfect for Jade set as it would make sense as soul harvest is required for the damage and the DR from the set. Can we make some other knifes worth while? Like perhaps have spider queens increase the DR while using skills associated with Arachyr set, making it flow with that set. Perhaps Starmetal Kukri, provides say 1.5% more DR for each fetish you have, making it flow well with Zuni set. How about something that flows well with Helltooth set, some other unused ceremonial knife... We have so many Cer. Knives that are unused its depressing. Especially finding an awesome ancient with great stats, but instantly knowing it has zero use... I do enjoy playing all the diff. sets for WD, but it seems all I ever get excited to see when a ceremonial knife drops is if it might possibly be a "better" soul harvester than I already have.Cpottz6 Feb 7
Feb 6 Next season's set? is there any way to know which set will be featured for witch doctors next season (13)? Think I'm going to be giving this class a shot then.Lynx5 Feb 6
Feb 5 Can't Find or Make a good Ancient MOJ..... I have ran 90's GR + for better drops. I have spent well over 30k blood shards and i have got maybe 1 MOJ 150% that was ancient. I have ran so many bounties and spent hundreds of materials at a time to reforge the MOJ and none will go above the 156%..... Am i the only one having this issue? My damage will go much higher when i get my helltooh gauntlets equipped! Curse you D3!!Ranluf5 Feb 5
Feb 4 Witch Doctor Pets Please make the gargantuan self-summon while slotted (like Necromancer skeleton pets do) and make it so they will attack a specific target on command. I feel this would be a great quality of life improvement that will also make Zunimassa and Helltooth more competitive for those who enjoy it. Thank you.Coldcrow10 Feb 4
Feb 4 Firebats Not Doing Damage Just got back into D3 a couple months ago after not playing since its release. Just started a seasonal character hoping to complete the challenges to get the extra tab. Playing a Witch Doctor, and using the Zumi Garg build with firebats(vampire bats). Trying to work on the T10 challenges. But im having a serious problem with firebats. I can stand directly in front of a group of enemies, channel firebats at them, and not do a lick of damage, and therefore no regen.... Is there a glitch with it? Am I doing something wrong? Are there some enemies immune to it? Its really frustrating, and i'm pretty useless. I can't say it happens all of the time, but I can piranado a group, spam firebats and then die immediately after piranado stops. When it works, i can clear maps very quickly. But when this glitch seems to happen, I can't do anything... HELP!Loverman7 Feb 4
Feb 3 Same target Hi guys. Sorry for my bad English. I would like to present an idea. The necromancer has item witch allows him that pets attacks the same target. I an waiting for about 5 years that is were very possible for the wd. Like for zunimasa all pets attack 1 target.Shigon33DT3 Feb 3
Feb 3 Some help with higher-end HT Hi all. I've reached the point in the season where progression has really slowed to a crawl as replacement pieces get fewer and far between. This is the part where my brain shuts down and I'm not able to conceptualize which of my pieces are most in need. Here I am: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Taus-1545/hero/90595607 I'm running the standard HT push build and am only moderately interested in different pieces (I have a very adequate chicken build for rift and bounty farming) so I'm mostly looking for which of these I should be rolling. The pieces all seem pretty good with decent rolls, but only a few have everything that's called for in the build. I use a diamond in the helm because damage output is definitely more the problem than survivability. I feel like the Short Man's Finger is probably the most off from where it should be, but I don't have an awesome RoRG to swap out, and I kind of shudder at the thought of trying to roll not only ancient with good rolls, but a good roll on the affix as well. Currently I think I can clear 90 or 91 when I'm in push mode. 80 or 85 is my solo speed farm while I'm leveling gems for augments. I feel like I should be able to go higher but the damage just isn't really there. Thanks in advance for taking the time to advise. Edit - I know the answer just might be that I need more Paragon, augments, or fishing. I'm okay with that if I get confirmation from a more pro eye than mine. I just want to know if there's something obvious that I'm missing that I should go after first.Taus20 Feb 3
Jan 29 Discord Server Open To All Hello fellow Nephalem, Looking for voice server to hang out with other Nephalem? Look no further than our D3 Community Discord server. There are also channels for other games if you like to use them when you are taking a break from slaying demons,goat men,unicorns, cupcakes...now I am hungry. Open to all regions. Casuals and Elites all welcome. Check it out here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0gpGbECT3PbB3bHQrockon8726 Jan 29
Jan 28 help wd please Blizzard i play wd build with heeltooth set in touwn alone my dps is 5.9 million dps i wonder if it will be possible soon to fix other build then bat build to be able to join 102 gr with out being kick i play wd for long i cant play other build with my hand and i know my dps is huge but my damage are not quite good as fire bat build i know that wd with fire bat build with ex.3,5 million dps will easely be better then me at 5.9 million is a bit confusing i know the dps doenst really count. its the damage the more important it would be great that Blizzard consider raise damage off other build then fire bat to be close to them to be able to play big gr. with build we like being obliged to play firebat only for going in big game with wd anoying . thx for that nice game i play it since it start and i really think it would be fair for all wd to be able to get big game with out being obliged to play firebat even in single game on ladder firebat way better then heeltooth and heeltooth suppose to be stronger in single game but not even close with 1or 2 million dps over them so thx again for that awesome gamebeetlejuice0 Jan 28
Jan 26 Suggestions for Fetish buffs Hi there. I would like to request more viable variety for the WD class. There are alot of the spells that are only used during leveling, then dropped at level 70 because they are not end-game viable due to a lack of multipliers to the skills. I would like to focus on another pet build, as the Witch Doctor is a Pet class. Please can you buff the damage that the "Fetishes"/"Fetish Sycophants" by simply including them into the Passive Skill "Midnight Feast" buff? Along with the above suggestion, if "The Dagger of Darts" was to receive a "Poison Darts damage increased by X%", similar to the "Suwong Diviner" for "Acid Cloud" or even better, have this damage applied in the legendary item power like the "Staff of Chiroptera's" Firebat damage increase. In conjunction with the above two suggestions, the legendary power of the "Carnevil" could also increase those 5 Fetishes Damage by X%. This could create a situation where only the 5 Fetishes are buffed considerably, while leaving the remaining Fetish damage lower. This will ensure that the Gargantuan builds that include "Fetishes"/"Fetish Sycophants" would not get dis-proportionally stronger as a result of these changes. There is also an opportunity by adjusting "The Belt of Transcendence" to also increase the Damage % of the summoned "Fetish Sycophants", similar to the way in which the "Bakuli Jungle Wraps" buff the damage of "Firebats". This damage Buff could be associated to "targets effected by Piranhas or Grasp of the Dead or Haunt", etc? The incorporation of the above suggestions could be done in such a way that the buffs are distributed appropriately between the items, to ensure that neither the Garg or Firebat builds would become dis-proportionately stronger. These changes would allow for Fetish builds to become more viable and increase the enjoyable player options within the Witch Doctor Class. Please consider them for a PTR or Patch soon...Rhinoxx0 Jan 26
Jan 24 Bane of stricken work for your pets? I've heard it both ways, if running a zuni build. Do your pets proc the stricken? I have heard fetish do not, but gargs do? Does anyone have a legit response to this? Wondering if I should bag stricken for bane of powerful or some other gem.Cpottz2 Jan 24
Jan 24 Witch Doctor Compilation Thread DeletedShenanigans10 Jan 24
Jan 21 Need tips Hi this is my arachyr build. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lidrach-11534/hero/95791505 I still don't understand why I should put Sacred harvester as it has like 10 dps how that could be good? I notice in group gr like 60 + it's weak. I prefer doing them alone at 50. I dont understand as my gems are 60 +. This build seems not really good at fast gr but in normal T11or 12 it's ok not in 13. Also mostly all the skills other than firebat are not killing enemies very good in my opinion. I choose firebomb because mana is always droping, but in many build of arachyr people seemed to achieved 111gr with no primary skills. How's possible ? The mana will drop ... I still haven't found mantle of channelling after hours of gaming for obscure reasons. I tried arcstone for fun in cube still prefer ring of emptiness. So maybe few tips. I manage to be parangon 549 mostly solo. In conclusion I feel group GR this build is hard to follow players it's not like a wizard mostly i manage to charge a pack of elite and activate firebats but no made no speed gr there. Any impression ? In campaign or adventure bounties T10 is easy t11 too but t13 is too hard. Maybe some gear? Idk. Thanks.Lidrach2 Jan 21
Jan 19 My thoughts on changing Zunimassa's Presently there is a good deal of overlap between Zunimassa's and Helltooth, as both of them tend to use Gargantuans for most of the destruction. This honestly shouldn't be the case. To that end, I'd like to propose some changes to the Zunimassa set. 1. Greatly increase the 6pc bonus, but only apply it to Fetishes. The problem with the Zunimassa build is that it emphasizes Fetishes so much, but then the 6pc bonus comes along and suddenly that's where your Gargantuans take over for damage. This is what causes the overlap between Zunimassa and Helltooth. By reworking the 6pc bonus to only work for Fetishes, but drastically increase the power (i.e. 5-10 times stronger), this makes the build more unique and swarm-oriented rather than relying on those Gargantuan goons. 2. Rework the Gidbinn Ceremonial Knife to work well with Zunimassa. The Gidbinn right now is a joke. Its effect is pretty much an extra copy of the Fetish Sycophants passive, and is made completely obsolete by the Belt of Transcendence. For that reason, it makes sense to rework the dagger into something completely new, something that would really help out a Fetish-centric build. I've suggested this one before, but I'll put it up again: ... This would add in the fire-breathing and dart-spitting Fetishes (as well as the damage on summon), increasing your number by at least 4, while also adding in the ability to choose your damage type. Very helpful for maximizing your Fetish damage. Optionally, Blizzard could also attach a "Fetish Army deals X% increased damage" effect to The Gidbinn as well, and that would just make it all the sweeter. Then you'd have a reason to go something other than The Furnace in your cube. 3. Add a new set of legendary shoulders that work with Zunimassa. Again, this is from another topic I made, but it's worth bringing it all together. Zunimassa presently lacks a perfect shoulder piece, meaning you'll probably end up going with Aughild's Power (along with the bracers and a RoRG in your cube if you're not using Lakumba's). That's decent, but we can do better, right? Adding in a legendary shoulder piece specifically for Zunimassa would help a lot. Here's how I'd have it: ... This is essentially the same idea as Bone Ringer, but it has a limit due to how quickly it would stack up (and due to how well your Fetishes work with Bane of the Stricken). Still, this would help your Fetishes do their damage without buffing Zombie Dogs or Gargantuans. --- In essence, these changes would help a lot in making Zunimassa builds a lot deadlier and to differentiate it from Helltooth. After all, not all of us always like using Gargantuans.darkdill9 Jan 19
Jan 19 Firebats highest breakpoint Hi, does anyone know what is the highest possible breakpoint with firebats ? ThanksPilorghal1 Jan 19
Jan 18 Do you guys feel robbed? WD was that class that people played, because they wanted to maintain the playstyle of their Diablo2 Necromancer. Years later, oh look hey, its Necromancers. RIP Witchdoctors.PhearBunny5 Jan 18
Jan 18 108+ Group WD Arachyr Firebats DPS tunning Hi all! Need a little bit of help with advanced WD Arachyr Firebats DPS. Yesterday when playing with a group of zBarb, zMonk and RGK Necro, one of them kept telling me that because of the dps he's observing me doing, I may be doing something wrong in my rotation. And he mentioned something strange to me that I will quote right after my rotation here. I need help understanding how I can improve what I'm doing and some base to understand if he's right on what he mentioned. Rotation: 1) Keep Soul Harvest always at 10. Hex cast always on cooldown. 2) Locust Swarm the group that was put together by barb and monk, usually with the elites in the middle. Wait a bit for it to spread out. Meanwhile, Haunt every mob possible, making sure I hit every elite as well. 3) Wait for Convention of elements almost get to fire element. Then get to the middle where most mobs are and start Firebat'ing. 4) If possible without loss of Taeguk's stack, move to Occulus area and keep channeling Firebats. That's about it. Now what he told me. He told me that I have to wait for exactly one element before fire from convention of elements to start channeling because Taeguk has to be at 10 stacks when fire element kicks in. My view: wouldn't it happen anyway during Firebats long period of channeling? Is there anything different that happens if fire starts at 10 stacks of Taeguk or is it just a way to "do it from the start with higher dps to kill faster"? (altough one could argue that waiting could make it go slower, not sure if anyone pulled the theorycrafting part of it to be sure). Thanks a lot to anyone who could provide insight on my rotation (how to improve) and my friend's comments (what's the reality of it?).Sand6 Jan 18
Jan 18 Full pets build with Zunimassa's set Hi, i am trying to play this build: https://www.d3planner.com/818181990 on my quest for the best pet build i can make. Any suggestions on things i could improve? Keep in mind i want 99% of the damage come from pets if possible. I have cleared GR63 with this easily, haven't tried higher but i am confident i can go a little higher based on my GR63 performance. I am finding the build currently too tanky but seems to need more dps. I was thinking about removing Endless walk set and adding a Convention of Elements ring and a Helltooth Amulet with the Bad Medicine passive, and change pain enhancer with gem of efficatious toxin. Or perhaps change esoteric alteration with it. I would do this to get CoE buff to damage + the 35% damage reduction from the poisoned enemies instead of the more clunky bonus EW gives, as i find that in general i don't sit on one place for long, either to avoid damage or to use the mana spender on some enemies. Does that sound good?TemplarGR2 Jan 18
Jan 18 How does the WD's Plague Bats rune work? I posted this on the WD forums 2 days ago, but so far no one has answered, so I thought I try it here: I am a WD newbee, but I enjoy leveling my WD, however, I still haven't figured out how this Plage Bats rune for Firebats works. Does it either work like 1) the Wizards channeling skills (Disintegrate, Ray of Frost, Arcane Torrent) who increase in damage the longer you channel them, or does it work like 2) a DoT/debuff that gets placed on an enemy, which deals damage over time and the longer the DoT lasts, the more damage it deals? Thanks!clueso5 Jan 18
Jan 12 Suggestion for Mana Spender Builds Hi there, I would like to reduce that the Ring of Emptiness is mandatory for every spender build since applying haunt and locust swarm to increase the damage of e.g. firebats or acid cloud feels really clunky. My suggestion is that Ring of Emptiness should only work with haunt and locust swarm and to compensate the damage loss the legendaries related to other skills (like Suwong Diviner for Acid Cloud or Barber for Spirit Barrage) should be buffed accordingly. If the damage of some skills is still subpar, further adjustments to the numbers can be made. Best regards. MarnorMarNor0 Jan 12
Jan 12 help with Jade Just made a Jade class - augmented gear - mostly acients, etc - but finding it challenging on level 100. What could I be doing wrong? Is area damage important for the build - if so how much %? Here is a link to my build. Thanks for the help. https://www.d3planner.com/724636909CoolSnowFry2 Jan 12
Jan 10 Is Zunimass bugged? My first time playing this set and I don't get it. It says Fetish lasts until they die but I swear they die after 60s timer. Is this bugged? The 3% damage reduction from Zunimass sounds good on paper but this set is full of holes. Very low damage and not enough survival. Yes, I do get up to 22 Fetishes (7 from Army and 15 from procs) but half of them block each other in narrow path or single target!!!! They need to seriously make Fetish Set focus on Toki and Poison Dart Fetish so they don't block each other. We already have Grag and Dog for Helltooth.Jibikao8 Jan 10
Jan 6 Grasp of Dead Does not crit. I made a Grasp of dead helltooth hybrid with dogs, garg, deadly rebirth, and wilken's reach. You would think with the 1000 physical damage from grasp of dead and the rain of corpses it would destroy enemies but i do not get any critical hits at all. only when i pull out the dogs and garg i get crits. can anyone else test this to see if they get 0 crit hits as well?Ranluf2 Jan 6
Jan 6 Use this amazing build planner. www.d3planner.com Seriously, it's the second coming of RNGesus. This was posted over on Reddit yesterday and it's ludicrously good. You can import your characters, tweak every stat on your gear individually, save items in a custom stash, and duplicate/save/rename loadouts to test variations. It even includes detailed calculations for the total DPS from your pets and factors in items like Carnevil and the upcoming Zuni 6p (on the PTR version). For example, check this: http://www.d3planner.com/929116805 It's my current Carn build. Click the Skills/Items tab and mouse over FA or FS - BAM! Full damage calculation with all the multipliers broken out. Scroll down to Carnevil for a tooltip giving the damage calculation for the total output from FA and FS darts. Sick! @REAP, this definitely needs to wind up in the sticky. Side note: a top-of-the-line ancient DoD would put me at 3.1m sheet DPS. Le sigh... Edit: should have given major props to the developer. Thanks to muz for pointing this out: ...OftRepeated27 Jan 6
Jan 16 Star Pact Wiz = No Lag, and it dominates! Hi WDs, recently Star Pact Wiz has dominated the LB world wide except for US server. EU seasonal has 141 with plvl-4100 wiz. The current #1 in Asia Server is SP as well. Chinese NS #1 is 141. Someone in Chinese server seasonal cleared 139 with plvl-2450 wiz. This build has higher potential than Firebats, and it Lags Not! If you guys are interested, please take a look. D3P of one of the variants: https://www.d3planner.com/411439317 A brief description of the build on diablofans: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/97080-firebird-star-pact-meteor-for-group-push My post on a Chinese forum: http://bbs.d.163.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=173531275&extra=page%3D1 I'm considering translate my post here, if I have time. You can always ask me questions.WorkWorkWork9 Jan 16
Jan 2 Problems with Oculus Ring on Pets Hey there WD community! I try to make it short... i have a problem with my spawnrate of Oculus Ring when playing my S-HC Zunimassa WD. When my pets kill stuff, i won't get any Oculus RIng effects, just when, somehow, my Follower pulls stuff in with that amulet. ... I allready made a bug report. But so far, no reaction from Blizz, but at least i get some downvotes. I know...it sounds weird, but whenever my pets kill something the chance to spawn that ring goes to 0, it barely appears. I made a video aswell to show it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lunTq70hEk&feature=youtu.be Can please anyone of you check it on your WD? I have tested it with my softcore WD awell and i simply don't get Oculus circles WHEN MY PETS KILL STUFF. When i have a Conduit and I kill stuff, i get the circles how i should do... in the video you will see a 100% buff appearence when i kill stuff with thorns/poison dart. My pets simply do not trigger the effect.... Don't know what to do..... ;(Mortred1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Any bug on sacred haverster drop rate? i've spend more than a lot of mats trying to get one ancient i've already dropped/rolled at least 40 sacred harversters since patch but i've dont get ANY ancient ones.. for real, i'm bad luck or what?????Belmont4 Jan 2
Jan 1 Dealing with Greater rifts 95+ Hey guys - I need a bit of help with this level of grifts. I have done dozens of 94/95s in the last week and found that there is little variation to the 'floors' in these grifts; they are made up always of pandamonium then cave then plague tunnel, not necessarily in that order, and every rift guardian has been Eskandiel or Vesalius. If I manage the grift with 3 minutes to finish, these guardians just wipe the floor with me, and I don't finish the rift in time. I am finding it a bit boring with no change to the grifts. So one question is - is this usual at this level; to have only narrow passage-way rifts, and are those guardians stuck in a default (for me anyway)? {I am playing Helltooth} My second question is - what do I have to do/improve to get beyond grifts 94/95? When I play in a pub game to try and augment gems, the party in invariably made up of necros and wizards. Both of these can move and /or teleport to places that takes me a long time to catch up with, if ever. What do you witch doctors do in this situation? Thanks for listening guys. (my questions refer to my seasonal WD).Snowman4 Jan 1
Dec 28 Questions about poison dart and builds Hi, i am a n00b in D3 and just exploring classes/builds. I wanted to make a Carnevil poison dart build, but wanted to know how the various buffs to the skill interact with themselves. I am aware that a Carnevil build already exists in icy-veins, but i don't understand the mechanics behind it. 1) With Zunimassa set + Carnevil, do the fetish darts benefit from the 6p set bonus? Are they treated as damage from pets or damage from yourself? 2) If they are indeed treated as fetish damage and not your personal damage and thus benefit from the 6p bonus of Zunimassa, will buffing the skill with stuff like depth diggers and simplicity's strength buff the fetish darts, or your personal dart is considered a separate thing and only it will see benefit from those? 3) Let's say i wanted to make a poison dart carnevil build but with Helltooth Harness set instead of Zunimassa. Helltooth has set bonuses for all primary skills, allowing them to apply necrosis and giving them a big damage boost with wall of death. Are those helltooth poison dart buffs applicable to fetish darts from carnevil as well? Do Fetish darts apply necrosis or only yours applies it? 4) I searched diablo wikia and they had some conflicting info, on the poison dart page they said that splinters rune allows fetishes to shoot more darts with carnevil and on carnevil page they say splinters don't influence fetishes... What is true?TemplarGR13 Dec 28
Dec 28 HT v Zuni for pet build? Hi guys, Haven't played my WD in ages but looking to roll a good pet build. I see that there are both HT and Zuni Gargantuan builds that are viable. Wondering which one people are preferring and has higher GR potential. Thanks.Radman22 Dec 28
Dec 25 Challenge Rift WD So, I don't play a Witch Doctor, but that's the class of this week's Challenge Rift. I also don't know anything about Locust Swarm. But it seems that if you attack the training dummies with it, LS will continue to poison the enemies while they continue to respawn. So I got it started and then went to 7/11. I racked up 3735 kills before the game logged me out. Had I known it would do that, I would have moved the mouse. If I had done that, the thing would still be counting kills...lol.StoneOld0 Dec 25
Dec 24 Season 12 help with Tor X (Realm bosses) Hey folks I got by Adria (other thread and thanks for the advice)... Now trying to get by the Soul of Evil and Savage Behemoth. Sadly what worked on Adria does not on them. Current tankier build: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tiltowait-1403/hero/94810707 Anazzesi Edge main hand and Vile Hile off hand if the above shows my Rifts speed build. Hex, Haunt, Soul Harvest, Locusts, Corpse Spiders and Firebats. Switched cube armor to armor of disregard. But 40k life a sec (plus another 80k from firebats channel) doesn't keep up. Switched to Templar for taunt because he cannot die but no Unity ring. Oh I have filled an entire tab with legendary rings...got about 20 Arcstones alone, even have 8 Zunissa's Pox set ring. But Unity must be super-rare. Going on 2 weeks and still hasn't dropped. 5 minutes for a T6 Rift run, 3 hours a night for the past 2 weeks...not counting weekends. Again suggestions welcome. I'm pretty much out of mats for the cube after making 50 legendary rings though but I can certainly farm more if needed.Tiltowait3 Dec 24
Dec 22 How does Plague Bats rune work? I am a WD newbee, but I enjoy leveling my WD, however, I still haven't figured out how this Plage Bats rune for Firebats works. Does it either work like 1) the Wizards channeling skills (Disintegrate, Ray of Frost, Arcane Torrent) who increase in damage the longer you channel them, or does it work like 2) a DoT/debuff that deals damage over time and the longer the DoT lasts, the more damage it deals? Thanks!clueso0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Season 12 help with Torment X Adria Okay I've never gotten this high before and decided to see if I could finish Champion. I've gotten about half of them..but Adria is kicking my WD's tooshie. The best I've done is dropping her by 75%. But if Adria hits me, boom it's faceplant time. I tried kiting but she just t-ports and unleashes her one-shot aoe when I do. The pets do their best but there is no taunt mechanism as far as I can tell. Advice? Running with Sorceress because of her control...plus she has my cast-off gear. Should I switch to the Templar? Respec her Paragon points? Grind some more and hope for an Ancient set? Any help welcome! Oh my build. I've read a few guides but I'm sure this could be improved. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Tiltowait-1403/hero/94810707Tiltowait7 Dec 22
Dec 20 Which one instead of Bane stricken? Hello Folks, I m pushing for solo 100 with Jade. Averagely, I reach to the guardian in between 12-14 mins (depends on map) but even though my bane of stricken 105 levels, I waste a lot of time with Guardian. And Can not get enough damage by bane of trapped. Because only extra control impair effect is my follower that using sultan`s weapon with stunning and slowing. My question is which one would be the best gem instead of stricken ? if i can kill the elites faster maybe i reach guardian earlier and i can take it down. Zei/simplicty or Taeguk looks pretty effectiveFINGOLFIN3 Dec 20
Dec 15 Ideas for a few C-Knife reworks There's a few Ceremonial Knives I'd like to see reworked in the future so that players can produce some new and unique builds. The Gidbinn The Gidbinn was the focus of a D2 quest, but in D3 it's gimmick isn't even a good novelty when the Belt of Transcendence makes it obsolete. As such, The Gidbinn needs to do something new. I think the following would be worthwhile: ... Imagine this in a Zunimassa build, giving you the ability to set your Fetishes to a particular element, and summoning the whole multitude of them into your service. This would definitely see competition with Sacred Harvester or The Furnace (in your cube) given that it'd add at least 4 more Fetishes. Deadly Rebirth Any time I've tried using the ancient-quality copy of this one, the Rain of Corpses rune has proven a letdown. It just doesn't deal nearly enough damage, and the fact that Grasp of the Dead doesn't appear to stack makes it DOA at higher tiers. I only use GotD - Unbreakable Grasp and Wilkin's Reach as a means of utilizing Zunimassa's 6pc bonus (I've tested it, it works). As such, Deadly Rebirth's effect needs to be more than just a novelty. I'd consider the following updated effect: ... Considering you drop a lot of corpses if you spam this with Wilkin's Reach, this would allow for some pretty neat zombie shenanigans. The Spider Queen's Grasp This one doesn't come out as particularly useful due to it being outclassed by GotD - Unbreakable Grasp spam, and even the 2pc bonus from Arachyr will make SQG relatively pointless. I'd rework it to a new effect. ... Sort of a copy of The Tall Man's Finger, but it'd definitely work. Signature spells have never been all too strong, but this could be a start. I'm open to alternative ideas if these wouldn't work out.darkdill1 Dec 15