Witch Doctor

Dec 12 Jade Harvester and Toxin gem Hi all 3rd set bonus - would it work with DOT gems: Toxin and Pain Enchancer? I mean: remove this DOTs and deal damage, based on their 300 sec damage?SilverWF8 Dec 12
Dec 12 Looking for build help as usual I've been working on my Season 8 WD for a couple days, she's here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Thromgrail-1867/hero/82534144 aaand I've been following this build guide here: http://teambrg.com/diablo-3/d3-fresh-level-70-Witch-Doctor-guide/ Anyway, I'm just wondering where to go next. I know my Kanai stuff isn't great right now, though I always like The Furnace. I did find a ring of emptiness, but I'm unsure whether I should go ahead with it without getting a Wormwood staff. If I DO end up with Wormwood, should I cube it? Any other suggestions would be GREAT. Thanks so much! Take care. - TomThromgrail3 Dec 12
Dec 12 Jade Harvester - Creeping Death Blizzard, please consider including this passive in the 3rd set bonus of Jade. It simply doesn't make sense not to. The set doesn't do damage without it. Thanks.fAo0 Dec 12
Dec 12 HELP. Noob here. Please help. Hi, all. As u can see my topic upstairs. I am new for WD class here. Never touch WD before as this season I try WD coz already boring with other class due to Season 1 till Season 7. That's why wanna ask you all as WD experts. What is best LON build for WD class? Which build I mean. I google and see the build, got several one, like LON Carneviel Poison build, Walker Gargantuan build, etc. Which one is as u guys think is the best / powerful for higher GR (due to I got no much time to play all build). And 2nd question: From all 4 set build from set gear. Which build is the most powerful one? And using what build? Would be grateful for the advice u all giving me and if can, pls share any gear BIS that I need (cube also) so I can walk on the right path. Thanks before.ZaveroX3 Dec 12
Dec 11 Its been a really long time Hey guys It has been a really long time since I picked up this game. I put a lot of amazing hours into this game but eventually I just got exhausted. But after about 2 years since I played seriously I really feel like getting back into it. I would like to try and push to p1000 which I dont even think is that much anymore. But I have missed so much. WD has always been my main so I wanted to know what builds should I give a try and what are all the cool kids doing these days lol. WD is always such a good community any advice or at least push in a gentle direction.sdubdubs4 Dec 11
Dec 11 Why Return? I am a casual player. I left Diablo 3 to play WoW Legion. I have Paragon 634 Witch Doctor. I remember I beat GR 69 solo with HT Garg last season. I don't know why I didn't attempt high GRift with my Jade set. I think I have the whole set. I have the whole Arachyr set all pieces and the set with tons of pets... dang what do you call it? I played BeastMaster in WoW and I call my WD's minions, pets. Anyway, I am thinking of returning back some of my playtime for Diablo 3. Can you please give me reasons why I should return? What are the new stuffs? What do I need to farm for aside from higher gear level legendary sets? Pls. let me know. Otherwise, I might come back as Zerg on SC2. Or start Overwatch?MrCute5123 Dec 11
Dec 10 TnT vs. Jeram (Cube Q) Hello All, I am curious if it is generally more beneficial to use a weaker TnT (cubing Jeram) versus a weak Jeram (while cubing TnT). I understand that the Jeram's ancient property is stronger than TnT's for Garg build's but I'm unsure where to draw the line. Can see my items below, thanks. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ghostpos-1230/hero/37251674Ghostpos25 Dec 10
Dec 9 Firebats WD & bleed on support (4player meta) Hi guys, I need some input on PE gem on supp monk and chance to bleed on both supps weapons. Obviously both procs WDs PE gem but so far I am under the impression that my own attacks suffice. However, we havent done much testing. Just to mention one thing I was wondering about: PE gem on monk obviously increases recasting time of sanctuary which can be a disadvantage at times. Does your group utilize this and if so in what combination (gem, weapons)? What are your reason behind it? In what situations does it make a difference? Thx in advance for your feedbackOzelot8 Dec 9
Dec 8 !!!!!!!!WD CANT BREAK DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF Blizzard, did you not think of this at all!?!?!? I can't even solo rift certain levels because I dont have a spender or generator (Pet Build). Either you need to make the WD be able to swing their weapon as a basic attack like the DH or the Wiz or make the damn pets able to attack doors. This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This needs to be fixed ASAP!Asakage25 Dec 8
Dec 7 [VUDU] Pet Damage Expanded the topic to include all the WD Pets. This is not a guide. This is a collaborative resource for WDs to understand more about Pet builds. Updated for Patch 2.3 There is a good simulation website for you to import your gear and build: ... Melee Pet Attack Speed not updated (changes to BBV-IAS and perhaps other IAS buffs). Spreadsheet (feel free to download and modify as you wish): ... Generic Pet Damage Formula: [ Weapon Damage ] x [ 1 + (Intel/100) ] x [ APS ] x [ Tooltip ] x [ Pet Buff + %Element ] x [ % Skill ] x [ % Elite ] x [ Character Buff + Monster Debuff ] x [ Bane Trapped ] x [ Zei's Stone ] x [ CoE ] x [ F&R ] x [ Zuni6 ] x [ % MonsterType ] x [ CR passive ] Where [Weapon Damage] is the sum of all the random "per hit" damage on the weapon, rings, amulet, and mojo. The "per hit" damage range on a weapon is the XXXX-YYYY number just below the huge DPS number. For simplicity, we can take the sum of Averages. +%damage to Demons, Humans, Beasts, Undead, etc are not grouped with [ %Elite ]. Thanks to Darth for alerting the community. [Elite] and [MonsterTypes] are separate multiplier categories. Pet Buff includes Mask of Jeram and Enforcer gem. Topics 1. Pet Concepts & General Pet Mechanics 2. Fetishes - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#2 3. Zombie Dogs - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#3 4. Gargantuan - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#4 5. Effective Gearing, IAS, CHC & CHD Analysis - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#5 6. Known Issues or Unsolved Mysteries - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#6 7. Some Popular Legendary Gems & Items - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#7 -- 7.1 Bane of the Trapped -- 7.2 Gem of Efficacious Toxin -- 7.3 Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver -- 7.4 Wreath of Lightning -- 7.5 Zei's Stone of Vengeance -- 7.6 Pain Enhancer -- 7.7 Strongarm Bracer -- 7.8 Bastions of Will (Focus & Restraint set rings) -- 7.9 Convention of Elements -- 7.10 Broken Promises 8. Everything we know about Pet Attack Speed (by AlCalzone) - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#8 Sample MoJ GR42 video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nch2JoHoFOE ============================================================== 1. Pet Concepts & General Pet Mechanics If you are new to Pets, welcome to the most versatile path for character builds in the whole game! There are some terms you need to get familiar with: 1) Other than Pain Enhancer gem (Bleed proc), Gem of Efficacious Toxin (Poison proc), and Boon of the Hoarder gem (Gold proc), pets do not proc. Patch 2.2, Pets proc Eul-Jang-Do freeze too, thanks to LordofHatred for alerting the community with a video link. Patch 2.3, Pets can now proc Area Damage. 2) Pets have their own characteristics. Their damage, aura, AI, critical hits, Pet Attack Speed all belong to them. In a good way, WD is safe from reflect damage. 3) Pets can benefit from WD character sheet, and can also benefit from Pet buffs. Do not confuse WD & multi-player buffs with Pet buffs. Some skills and items affect WD only, some affect Pets only, and some affect both WD and Pets. 4) To avoid confusion, I have introduced some new terms such as [ Pet APS ] and [ Pet Buff ]. Tasker & Theo and Mask of Jeram are popular items that affect [ Pet APS ] and [ Pet Buff ]. As we currently understand, [ Pet APS ] affects their hit frequency and not their damage numbers, and [ Pet Buff ] has been grouped together with [ %Element ]. 5) Pet damage, and their aura can have normal hits and critical hits. We do not apply their pro-weighted [ CHC&CHD ] into the damage formula because they will either get a normal hit that applies the full damage formula, or a critical hit that multiplies [ 1 + (CHD/100) ] to their damage. 6) Critical hit frequency is essential for Pet builds. 7) Most Pet mechanics follow a similar template. The inconsistencies are recorded in Topic (6). 8) Haunt initial hit or jumps proc and refresh the Zuni6 debuff. Subsequent ticks do not. When going through the whole list of WD skills, the principle to consider is "what counts as a hit". Video proof for Haunt: http://youtu.be/PQEIK2cVGDw 9) Phantasm, Grasp of the Dead, and Piranhas all interact in a similar mechanic to proc Zuni6 debuff. Phantasm has no cooldown, is cheap to cast, refreshes the debuff just like the other 2 skills, tags mobs even as they walk out of the AOE just like the other 2 skills. Do take note of the line of sight requirement for casting these 3 skills. For details, see the illustrations in the section for "Effective AOE of BBV" below. Phantasm video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA0senH92Pg 10) Locust bug has been fixed in Patch 2.2.1. Works similar to Haunt, initial cast and "jump" procs or refreshes Zuni6 debuff, subsequent ticks do not. ... Thanks to Zeturion for alerting the community. The BBV AOE isn't as it seems. Tooltip describes the area of influence and we see the visual on the ground, but we actually need to be able to see the Totem, and windows of full-height walls are not counted. Baseline damage with BBV = 1.87m damage http://imgur.com/vnVV1RR Different sides of full height wall = No effect http://imgur.com/Nndv7s6 Full height wall with window = No effect (Set up BBV) - http://imgur.com/4wIgRtW (Despite clear view of Totem) - http://imgur.com/EMbwqkS Different sides of high-walled corner = No effect http://imgur.com/1OClvIu Opposite sides of pillar = No effect http://imgur.com/urq85ir Full height pillar = No effect http://imgur.com/N9wA13N Low height pillar stump = Positive effect http://imgur.com/PfbrBrQ Different sides of corner of low wall = Positive effect http://imgur.com/LqrrKYo Opposite sides of low obstacle or pothole = Positive effect http://imgur.com/sxan4bV Full height grill or fence = Positive effect http://imgur.com/UTqR9QC ... The 4 Scenarios for WD and Pets when using BBV 1) When WD alone is in BBV - Pets hit with higher damage 2) When WD and Pets are in BBV - Pets no longer hit faster, and with higher damage 3) When Pets are in BBV without the WD - Pets no longer hit faster, no higher damage 4) When WD and Pets are outside BBV - no change in damage or hit frequency. (Based on Patch notes, not frame counted since Patch 2.3) AlCalzone has done excellent work on Pet Attack Speed. Details are here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#8 (Not updated for frame counting since Patch 2.3) ... Edit: 8 Jun'14. We now have confirmation for SH and GF Intel buffs. The basic equation gets affected. The damage is re-calculated based on the buffed Intel value. Although classified as buff to character sheet, this %Intel should be stand-alone and not grouped with any other modifiers or categories. We cannot multiply this change in Intel because the root-equation is not [ X Intel ], it is [ 1 + (Intel/100) ]. Special thanks to Rakimallah for helping in the test and providing the health globes. Video proof - http://youtu.be/etrcTAXKKP8 Base Intel = 7097 So, each 10% Intel buff will add 709.7 Intel to the character sheet. Video log: Timer 00:10 -- 1 GF, Intel 7807 or (7097 x 1.1) Timer 00:16 -- 5 SH, 1 GF, Intel 8516 or (7097 x 1.1) + (7097 x 1.1) Timer 00:26 -- 1 GF expired, remaining 5 SH, Intel 7807 or (7097 x 1.1) Timer 00:34 -- 5 SH, 1 GF, Intel 8516 Timer 00:39 -- 5 SH, 2 GF, Intel 9226 or (7097 x 1.1) + (7097 x 1.2) Timer 00:39 -- 5 SH, 3 GF, Intel 9936 or (7097 x 1.1) + (7097 x 1.3) Timer 00:40 -- 5 SH, 4 GF, Intel 10646 or (7097 x 1.1) + (7097 x 1.4) Timer 00:41 -- 5 SH, 5 GF, Intel 11355 or (7097 x 1.1) + (7097 x 1.5) The stacking of SH & GF is additive. Fully stacked SH & GF, we will get (Intel x 1.6). The rest of the video just shows the fluctuation of Intel changing dynamically in-game. This is the main reason why the Intel and the BBV-APS needs to be re-worked at the basic equation. ... The buff from Mask of Jeram is added on to %Element group. Examples: 1) Sycophants (Physical) - MoJ 80% + 20% Phys on gear = 100% as Physical 2) FA (Head Hunters, Poison) - MoJ 80% + 20% Poison on gear = 100% as Poison 3) FA (Tiki, Fire) - MoJ 80% + 20% Fire on gear = 100% as Fire 4) 8 sycophants & FA (Legion) - MoJ 80% + 40% Physical on gear = all fetishes get 2.2x multiplier as Physical damage 5) 6 sycophant & FA (Tiki) - MoJ 80% + 40% Fire on gear = 6 sycophants get 1.8x multiplier as Physical damage, 5 melee FA get 2.2x multiplier as Fire damage, 2 torchers FA get 2.2x multiplier as Fire damage. Test Set-Up Video proof FA (Tiki & Head Hunters) - http://youtu.be/fFK96x0QIW0 Video proof FA (Legion) - http://youtu.be/hZBqPF8QyWE Mask of Jeram config: Weapon 112-120, APS 1.5312, Intel 5472, CHC 39.5%, CHD 208%, Poison 20%, Fire 20%, Physical 0%, FA 27%, PTV. Non-MoJ config: Weapon 112-120, APS 1.5312, Intel 5483, CHC 38.5%, CHD 208%, Poison 20%, Fire 20%, Physical 0%, FA 27%, PTV. The difference between the masks has a net change of +11 Intel and -1% CHC. FA (HH, Poison) ----- Melee Hit - Melee Crit ------- HH Hit --- HH Crit Non-MoJ -------------- 31k to 33k - 97k to 103k --- 22k to 24k - 71k to 74k MoJ (80%) ----------- 52k to 56k - 163k to 172k -- 38k to 40k - 117k to 124k Gear already has 20% Poison. So take non-MoJ result divide by 1.2, then multiply result by 2. FA (Tiki, Fire) --------- Melee Hit - Melee Crit ------- Tiki Hit --- Tiki Crit Non-MoJ -------------- 31k to 33k - 97k to 103k --- 15k to 16k - 45k to 48k MoJ (80%) ----------- 52k to 56k - 163k to 172k -- 24k to 26k - 76k to 81k Gear already has 20% Fire. So take non-MoJ result divide by 1.2, then multiply result by 2. FA (Legion, Phys) ---- Melee Hit - Melee Crit Non-MoJ --------------- 26k to 28k - 81k to 86k MoJ (80%) ------------ 47k to 50k - 145k to 155k Gear has 0% Physical (notice the melee damage is lower than other 2 FA runes). Apply MoJ directly, multiply by 1.8. There is a possibility that other skill runes or multi-player buffs will stack into this [ Pet Buff + %Element ] group. ... Skills like BBV, PTV, and S:PtP buff the character damage. Effect of Harrington belt can be stacked here also. Due to the 2-component nature of BBV, we need to breakdown BBV into its damage-modifier and APS-modifier before we can add the 30% to the damage portion. Even the APS-modifier of BBV, we need to breakdown into the original weapon base APS and the portion of IAS from gear and Paragon points. The BBV-IAS is added to the gear and Paragon point portion. In line with the SH & GF buff principle, I have re-worked the spreadsheet such that the BBV-IAS loops back to the basic damage equation (concerning APS). This fundamental change is better for calculations, as it allows us to expand the spreadsheet to calculate for other pets or even other skills that may or may not involve APS. Video proof: http://youtu.be/UB2q1bcIpIk Sacrifice - Provoke the Pack adds to the damage portion similar to PTV. ... In multiplayer games, keep adding the damage portion as shown above. If there is stacking of IAS buff, add it to the gear and Paragon point portion and then multiply to the base Weapon APS. The new stacked-IAS APS affects the basic damage equation. Edit: Although Sac:PtP rune has been changed, the stacking of buffs is still applicable. Monster De-buffs Skills like Piranhas, Hex:Jinx, and MC:Paranoia cause the monsters to take more damage. Simply add the de-buffs if the stacking of effects is successful. The game calculates as 1 + (0.15 + 0.2 + 0.2) = 1.55 Effect of multi-player Strongarm Bracers and Piranhas can be stacked here also. Finally, add up all the [ Character Buffs + Monster Debuffs ] in the same multiplier group. Here is the proof: Video - http://youtu.be/zDz3s33H8Ak Config: Weapon = 21 damage, Intel = 5208, Weapon APS = 1.2, IAS (gear & paragon) = 46%, Sheet APS = 1.752, CHC = 31.5%, CHD = 227%, Element = 0%, FA skill = 27%. Sycophant base damage can be seen at Timer 3:17. Sycophant ---------------------- Hit ------- Crit --------- Remarks Unbuffed ---------------------- 3,515 --- 11,495 ----- Calculated Base Damage = 3515.25485 PTV (20%) -------------------- 4,218 --- 13,794 ---- Base x 1.2 add Sac:PtP (15%) --------- 4,746 --- 15,518 ---- Base x 1.35 add Hex:J (20%) ------------ 5,449 --- 17,817 ---- Base x 1.55 add MC:P (20%) ------------ 6,152 --- 20,116 ---- Base x 1.75 The new [ APS ] will affect the whole equation real-time. ... +%damage to Demons, Humans, Beasts, Undead, etc are not grouped with [ %Elite ]. Thanks to Darth for alerting the community. [Elite] and [MonsterTypes] are separate multiplier categories. [MonsterTypes] is a standalone multiplier applied on relevant monsters. Video proof (Patch 2.2) - http://youtu.be/t6QjK9fVfQA Beast -- 4,546,483 to 5,228,455 (15% increase with BoP gem) Demon -- 4,326,633 to 4,975,628 (15% increase with BoP gem) Config: 30% Beast, 10% Demon, 15% Elite (toggled with/without BoP gem) Sever Weapon 2165.94 and Intel 10570 Pig Sticker Weapon 1866.7 and Intel 10520 Ring & Mojo ave damage = 639.5 (adds to respective weapon per hit) CHC 5%, CHD 324%, Haunt 45%, PTV 20%, BotT 28.5%, Quetz x2. Beast Haunt = 2506.2 x 106.2 x [1+(0.05x3.24)] x 1.65 x 1.3 x (40/15) x 1.285 x 2 = 4546482.487 Demon Haunt = 2805.44 x 106.7 x [1+(0.05x3.24)] x 1.65 x 1.1 x (40/15) x 1.285 x 2 = 4326632.591 ... CR with PTV and Pet: Video - http://youtu.be/wKalU2roJ6E CR with Hex and Pet: Video - http://youtu.be/PbSA32qk27A Just completed 2 tests. Confidence Ritual is not grouped with Buff or Debuff. It appears to be a standalone multiplier currently. Unbuffed, Hit = 14617, Crit = 61685 CR only, Hit = 18272, Crit = 77106 (1.25 multiplier) CR & PTV, Hit = 21926, Crit = 92527 (1.25 x 1.2 = 1.5 multiplier) CR & Hex, Hit = 23753, Crit = 100238 (1.25 x 1.3 = 1.625 multiplier) Standalone multipliers are always great, although the 20-yard requirement makes the skill difficult to rely upon. Also, there is no visible debuff on the target, no icon, and nothing on the ground. In the actual game, it will be hard to know if CR is activated. Back to Opening Post - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072?page=1#1PaulNg425 Dec 7
Dec 7 Is SMK useless now? Hi. I couldn't find the answer to this so I was wondering if ppl who are much more knowledgeable than me could clue me in. Ever since the Zuni set got the 2 piece set bonus for the fetishes, I haven't seen any SMK builds floating around, especially for seasons. I know it is still technically useful for BBV but... is there a point to it now other than that? If there is still a use for SMK, can you point me to a build that would make sense for the current game version? Otherwise I don't see why the item would keep its super rare status. Thanks.BadHorsie10 Dec 7
Dec 6 Jade squishiness I've been proccing Spirit Vessel while going in for the initial Soul Harvest stacks. Once I get going it's fine but if I die or fight a rift guardian without adds it's too easy to get one-shot right after reviving. I'm having trouble going beyond GR80 because of this. Is this just how Jade is right now or is there something I'm missing? It's been a while since I played WD.squarcle23 Dec 6
Dec 6 ‘member all the great WDs in VUDU clan ‘member PaulNG and all his theorycrafting ‘member ButteryNugs and his love for Jade ‘member Raki and his 15 WDs all with different crazy builds ‘member Oftrepeater and all he did for Carn builds ‘member Reaper666 keeping all the info organized ‘member Rookifire cleaning house and kicking people Yeah….I ‘memberDoubleTwist25 Dec 6
Dec 6 What can I improve? Been playing for a few weeks now and seems to be going well. However, I have just hit a brick wall and can't seem to figure out how/ what to improve. Any input would be awesome.Calabera7 Dec 6
Dec 6 New to WD - Please critique gear & spells I recently started paying more attention to the WD and I gotta say I enjoy playing it. I've been testing out different set items to see what can get me doing the highest level. I haven't pushed it to max yet, but could comfortably do T7. Any advise/tips would be helpful, thanks.Bothem1 Dec 6
Dec 6 Fetish Sycophants? Hey Everyone, Just a quick question about WD builds. I haven't played in a while, so please bear with me. I noticed that for passive abilities, basically everyone runs Pierce the Veil and Grave Injustice, but while there's some variability in the other two (usually midnight feast), pretty much no one runs Fetish Sycophants, and I was just wondering why that was, since when I used to play a year and half ago or so, they seemed to be pretty good in terms of damage output. Is it just because you need more survivability at higher grifts or something?pikklez7 Dec 6
Dec 6 Best Witch Doctor set in your opinion? I was wondering what everyone's favorite WD set is. Right now, I'm rocking the spider queen one which is cool and all but it doesn't "feel" like the best one or one that will get me far in GR. Helltooth looks cool and jade harvester looks interesting. Don't know much on zumies. Any tips/ideas?GetDeesed29 Dec 6
Dec 5 So Does Cube Roll a Sacred Harvester? I have now rolled over 60 rare ceremonial knives without getting a single Sacred Harvester nor has one dropped for me in game. Am I just wasting materials here?evok9 Dec 5
Dec 4 Staff of Chiroptera I'm surprised that more people aren't interested in the Staff of Chiroptera which makes firebats attack 100% faster and cost 74% less mana. It effectively makes firebats no longer a spender, opening up another skill slot. I get there are some better options depending on what build you want, but it seems slept on.Ravemaster5 Dec 4
Dec 3 Please fix Wall of Zombies The ring of poison and fire wall runes for Wall of Zombies really don't feel voodoo at all. They just seem like generic elemental variants with no flavor. Please bring the zombies back into wall of zombies. One idea could be a wall of burning corpses (for fire wall) or zombies puking out poison onto your enemies (for ring of poison).LordPhilly5 Dec 3
Dec 3 help i need some helpful advice i have helltooth and am having trouble getting past gr77all but a couple of items are ancient ive farmed for hours trying to get items with better rolls and seem unable to do that kadala is of no use im not sure how to put profile in here i just need some friendly advice pleaseM8877E1 Dec 3
Dec 2 Paragon 1500 cant pass GR86 Hello guys i recently started playing with wd and i think i have pretty good gear but i cant seem to pass gr86..i dont die a lot but i think i lack in damage.. Am i missing something critical at my gear or at gameplay?Leontokardos6 Dec 2
Dec 2 where to spend blood shards after full BIS? Do I just try to get ancient gear of each piece? How can I tell which piece is going to give me more survivalbility that is what I am lacking most atm.Bactyrael10 Dec 2
Dec 1 Help making sense of it all So I've been playing D3 again for a month now, some solo, some with friends. I have to admit to being at a loss with all of the math involved, and I used to think I was a smart guy. I play on the xbox one, so my profile isn't here. I'm trying to understand the base damage and multipliers right now. I've watched one of the youtube vids, and tried the google docs spreadsheet, but it lists dexterity and not intelligence. I don't know if there is a good one for WDs right now or not. I've got a HT set now, and The Tormentor with a +270 gem in it. With a stroke of luck today, I got a SH and already had the HP off hand, which is apparently one of the best combos. Every number I look at says it's a big loss in damage going from The Tormentor to SH + HP, but I know they don't tell the whole story. Below are links to my setup. I would greatly appreciate any help in understanding this, and any other tips to obvious mistakes I may have in my setup. I'm not using poison dart (jaunt in it's place) and the paragon is not accurate any more, but it's close enough. I hear a lot of talk about rerolling stuff as well. I don't know if that means using the cube to "reforge a legendary" or using the enchanter to get a better option. # Tormentor http://www.d3planner.com/415514524 # SH + HP http://www.d3planner.com/455833603Captain4 Dec 1
Dec 1 Critique my S8 WD PirateKing If anyone wanna critique my season 8 witch doctor for me that would be awesome. I haven't played diablo 3 since season 3 and now I'm jumping back in with a witch doctor. I don't want to just follow a build per se, I find my current build has a lot of synergy, tear thru t6 with firebats essentially costing nothing as a primary. Still working toward enforcer gem and my rorg, but I'm looking for help with my rolls. Also any advice I guess, the game has definitely evolved. ThxRavemaster0 Dec 1
Dec 1 Arachyr's Cold build concept so I rolled a WD this season, but I've only been a mostly casual Diablo player in recent years. i have all the pieces to my Arachyr set and I was experimenting with a build that's only cold damage, I'm just curious if anyone runs anything similar or has any feedback on how they think it will do later game. I can currently solo GR 20 with extreme ease, and I haven't tested it in group play much yet. any thoughts or feedback is appreciated. Skills- Corpse Spiders-medusa spiders Haunt- resentful spirits Locust Swarm- devouring swarm Hex- hedge magic Piranhas- frozen piranhas Fetish Army- fetish ambush passives- creeping death, grave injustice, spirit vessel, vision quest Kanais- weapon-rimeheart, armor-frostburn, no ring yet key items- arachyr set, ring of emptiness are only required so far. key points- the chance to freeze from Frosburn syncs with literally all the damage in the build, Hex keeps you healthy and provides extra tankiness, when enemies do freeze the constant ticks of damage from haunt, locust swarm, and corpse spiders gives Rimehart a good proc chance for big damage spikes, and the chill effects give good kiting against most mobs I've fought so far. against boss mobs and Rift Guardians only one Haunt and Locust needs to be casted due to creeping death, and the Locust rune keeps your mana super full during longer engagements. spamming piranhas at every opportunity and popping Fetish Army up close for the burst as they are summoned are your big hitters as far as burst, but this build is all about continuous damage and CC while playing from distance. for Gems i will probably run Iceblink, Bane of the Trapped. not sure on a third, im assuming as i level farther i will need at least one defensive ring. any feedback would be great, or even just general thoughts or advice, I really want to see if I can make this build work. anyone with the items I recommend trying it, it's actually quite a lot of fun. cheersEglerion7 Dec 1
Dec 1 Help on new player Hi all, I just started playing D3 back after a long break and find it interesting in playing season 8. However, based on my current gears, which difficulty should I be heading to right now? And legendaries are pretty easy to farm now!RandyC1 Dec 1
Nov 30 wormwood + RoE? can someone tell me if locust swarm from wormwood procs ring of emptiness as of the current patch. thanksLifeisaLemon3 Nov 30
Nov 28 Left Click? Uh oh.. I'm running a HT WD at the moment and love it, but I have a question... Do I need to have Piranha's set to my left click in order for it to be recognized as a primary skill from the HT set? I currently have is set to 1, can I keep it that way or have I been missing out on a ton of damage because of my weak bindings?PkhBasko2 Nov 28
Nov 28 weapon for WD sacred harvester? Any particular spawning place? ThanksIsabella5 Nov 28
Nov 28 What dmg is acceptable for pet build on t13? I'm getting extremely frustrated and can see now the reason I stopped playing for so long. My WD deals 1.8 mil damage with buffs, yet anytime I join t13 because everyone around me is paragon 1000-2000 I get kicked. Solely because I'm paragon 775. How can I get to paragon 1000, when I can't play to get the XP? I can do t13, easily without dying. I keep just soloing GR by myself but it's not getting me near enough XP as I do with a group. It is so discouraging.Arrogantus12 Nov 28
Nov 27 New WD Player asking for guidance. Hi guys, I'm a new Diablo player. I decided to go with WD and so far I'm in love with this class, however, I would like to get some help from the community about how to gear, which builds are best for completing the season journey. I just got the 6 piece Arachyr set, but can't get passed T6 difficulty without getting one-shoted LOL. Anyways, I would appreciate some help/guidance :)Arepa30003 Nov 27
Nov 26 Discord Server Open To All Hello fellow Nephalem, Looking for voice server to hang out with other Nephalem? Look no further than the VUDU Community Discord server. The server started out as a place for our fellow VUDU clan members to hang out but is open to all. There are also channels for other games if you like to use them when you are taking a break from slaying demons,goat men,unicorns, cupcakes...now I am hungry. Casuals and Elites all welcome. Check it out here: https://discordapp.com/invite/0gpGbECT3PbB3bHQrockon876 Nov 26
Nov 26 Zunimasa Ideas I think it would be appropriate for the Devs to look into changing the Zunimasa set. I believe that currently it is pretty bland, changing one of the most powerful WD skills, Fetish Army, into a passive (by making them permanent). This does not make for fun game play for many people. While this set does make the skill much more powerful, it does so at the price of a skill button, which, in Diablo, is extremely important. I propose that instead of making Fetish Army permanent, it makes sycophants permanent. It also should boost the damage of Fetish army. This way it could allow for more synergy with items like Starmetal Kukri, Gidbinn (if you do not want to use the fetish sycophants passive), and Visage of Giyua. In the past, two of the aforementioned items (starmetal Kukri and Visage of Giyua) were useless because if one would already have a army out. The somewhat popular Darts build (Dagger of Darts+Carnevil) would still be viable by making the sycophants be able shoot darts. This change would make the Zunimasa set more fun and viable, allowing for even more diversity of builds.LordPhilly1 Nov 26
Nov 25 New Spirit Barrage Builds 2 New Spirit Barrage builds in 2 flavours , Caster = http://www.diablofans.com/builds/84497-ptr-2-4-3-roe-lon-well-of-souls-gr90 And caster pet hybrid = http://www.diablofans.com/builds/84495-ptr-2-4-3-lon-manitou-gargs-gr90 both are Gr90 + capable , I'll make some videos for them both soon , feedback appreciated .BigDaddyDen47 Nov 25
Nov 25 The barber (broken) Hi guys, somebody can confirm this?, last patch and now this weapon dont work. regardsNightRaven2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Rolling Chitoptera hey, have a question about rolling the staff. so, my ancient staff has got: 1. dam (3901) 2. Int 3. 30k LoH 4. Chance to bleed 5. firebats dam + 59 And I wonder what to roll 1. nothing - it is perfect one:) 2. change LoH on + 10%dam 3. change LoH on AD 4. Change Chance to bleed on +10% dam 5. Change Chance to bleed on AD I last question - if i stay with chance to bleed I do need Pain Enhancer thnx YhtaarusYhtaarus4 Nov 25
Nov 25 Help with Greater Rift Hi guys i come here because i have a big issue, i cant pass from gr73. I try 5 times, 2 times i exit because have low monsters and imposible to make the time always on my side and the other 3 times i get Rakanot and Eskandiel, every time i try to kill or i reach boss always kill me in 1 hit. Always i try to stay in long range and leave the pets on the boss, but every time jump on me and kill me or they drop me arcane on me or kill me with the skill they have. Not easy to search videos for helltooth gargantuan build on gr75, at least for search strategy or what way they fight with boss, i going to leave my profile down there and if any see something wrong or something i need to change or anything i doing wrong please tell me it going to help me alot. I trying to get the stash, i need the last conquest or i get gr75 or i need to kill the bosses on 20 minutes, only this two ways i have. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/co0kies-1878/hero/80934052 Another thing, i know the gargantuan ring dont have a good chd, but at least is something, the Amulet i have doesnt have cc i know that but is the only drop i have, the gloves i have two one this i use and another with int + chd + cc + ad, i change it because they give me same dmg but %14 more armor and i think if i going to go 70+ i going to need more armor.co0kies7 Nov 25
Nov 24 Back after break, need feedback pet build Hi, I been playing D3 since day one of its release. Took a long break and am coming back. I am not a person who chooses the strongest build. Instead, I play a preferred build and style, and see how far I can take it. I came back 2 days ago, and am trying to make a short and tall mans finger, helltooth build work. I am trying a "pets do it all" or almost all, style, where I spend most of my time running around while the 4 pets kill everything. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Odif-1302/hero/57627567 In combat i cast soul harvest, horrify, and wall of death all at the same time, then run around till they off cooldown, then repeat. I am always moving, which means i take less damage. (I laugh at mortar!) This is my first attempt at helltooth, so I only have the rather weak helltooth gear I happened to have in stock. The lack of offensive self cast spells, means i have virtually no leech, so I am using Gizzard for life regen. Enforcer seems obvious, Bane of the trapped seems superior to bane of the stricken, as I read pets dont proc stricken. Not sure what rune to use for the dog, using rabid dogs for superior single target dps. Ideally I would get an ancient dagger that has that "10 stacks of Soul Harvest" but I dont have an ancient one yet, let alone a good one. What I have noticed so far: Rift bosses just MELT! That big dog is crazy good vs rift bosses. I struggle with wide open spaces and lots of little spread out mobs. Only 4 pets, and only 3 with cleave. Ever since I swapped out Tasker and Theo for Aquila Cuirass, my survivability is fine, and I still kill lots faster than my previous LoN dagger of darts build. (I got sick of DoD, sore finger from holding down the darts key.) Anyway, looking for feedback, but remember, this is not for best build, but for best build that uses tall/short mans finger AND lets the pets do the damage while my toon runs around. Thanks.Odif9 Nov 24
Nov 24 2 Firebats WD's in a 4 man? hello, i am trying to understand if lest say 2 Archyrs WD's will clash with each other, meaning haunts and locusts canceling out , like Ulinanas monks a few seasons ago , and if they dont , will ones Locust be enough for second and haunt as well, meaning if one of WD's cast , will it work for the other? thank you.Kondratus7710 Nov 24
Nov 24 Making a ZDPS Support WD Does LS/Cloud of insects and bad medicine stack giving a 50% damage reduction? Also has anyone tried an all Immune build? I haven't tried yet just curious. Immune to knockback and stun effects Immune to lightning Immune to fire Immune to freeze and immobilize effects Immune to control impairing effects Immune to desecrator, molten, plagued monster ground effects. Here it is.... http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ranluf-1225/hero/3984612Ranluf4 Nov 24
Nov 22 LF FB WD for duos (seasons) Support Monk LF gr80, i think 80s? I dunno havn't even tried this toon out yet. finally got all my gear and no one wants to play? looking for group or just FB wd to play with. I posted this in the clan forum too, thought i would try in here also.tachyon0 Nov 22
Nov 22 Best WD Mask Ever!!! No? http://imgur.com/a/ql569 /popcornCotragnus3 Nov 22
Nov 22 Build for T13 rift < 4 minutes as solo? I only have this part left of the season journey but I can't figure out how to do this solo. Any tips on builds? My paragon is at 600ish and I have already augmented my Helltooth set with 3 lvl 50 gems. I've tried Firebat and Garg builds but I'm no way near completing this.Savi1 Nov 22
Nov 22 WD solo build for Belial 45s? In fact, is it even possible for WD to solo belial at 45s? If yes, how?Kilometer2 Nov 22
Nov 22 Arachyr/Helltooth Firebats SOLO/GROUP guides Hey guys! I recently updated/recreated my Firebats guides, as meta has "streamlined" some stuff a bit. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/84100-s8-arachyr-firebats-solo-group-gr90-110 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/84101-s8-helltooth-firebats-solo-group-gr95-110 will be doing a video for solo helltooth firebats soon as well. Overall, in s7 Gr100 solo has been reached with Helltooth Firebats, as it has more toughness. Arachyr however, shines in group, as you can channel longer and recover life faster. Both sets did 110+ in s7 groups, with Arachyr ahead. You can see both SOLO and GROUP setups in the builds, with SOLO setup displayed by defaultAngry51 Nov 22
Nov 21 Heltooth Gargs Mojo Question My legendary Uhkapian Serpent Mojo has the folloing stats 366-438 dmg 641 int CHC 9.5% Garg dmg 15% +136 Max Manna 27 dmg redirected to dogs my enchant was used getting Gargs dmg on it Kadara game me an Ancient with the following 457-555 dmg 846 int CHC 10% Zombie Dogs Dmg 15% manna regen 13 per second +134 max manna On the ancient should I re-roll the Dogs dmg to Garg Dmg and use this Mojo or make another change to it instead. Or should I keep using the Legendary one and try to upgrade the Ancient?Beast3 Nov 21
Nov 21 Grin Reaper + Ring of Emptiness A question about interaction between Grin Reaper and RoE: 1) Do haunt and LS cast by the Mimics proc my own RoE? 2) Do haunt and LS cast by the Mimics proc RoE effect for themselves? Thanks!churinga0 Nov 21
Nov 21 Manajuma Clan Any ideas on how to clear a 75 using Manajuma Helltooth?Razorphilia11 Nov 21
Nov 20 Super Saiyan Chicken? Someone was power leveling me yesterday as a WD and he kept turning into this green glowing chicken and running so fast my minimap couldn't track him at all unless he stopped moving. How did he do that?AltF42 Nov 20