Witch Doctor

Aug 3 LoN WD help How does spirit barrage work with the weapon "The Barber"? Can I just stand still and hold down the button so it just countinously cast or is it something I need to just tap so it cancels the cast so the affect on the barber works?WreckinWally6 Aug 3
Aug 3 Gearing advice I finally found a decent sacred harvester and im happy with that, i know i need a better roll on my compass rose (its awful!) What should be my priority after that? Is it worth the time trying to get the traveler's pledge better? or should i focus on a better rolled helm? (check season HC WD for info)Kintana1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Zuni or LoN ? hi guys If I want to play dart and fetish would it be better with zuni or lon ? and why? :)Rydiaa4 Aug 3
Aug 2 How good is the LoN WD? Before I spend an absurd amount of time getting the gear for it, how good it it really compared to UE/Impale DH and Trags Necro?Supson19943 Aug 2
Aug 2 Sun Keeper on Follower for pets? If I put a Sun Keeper on my follower, do my pets gain the bonus? I wanted to use my cube for Furnace and Sun Keeper on Follower for more dmg.UkrGamer1 Aug 2
Jul 31 helltooth set boost this set you fckn mrons ! its way behind zuni and arach sets... what about jade set ??????? do you even know it still exists....???!!!!!!mc281 Jul 31
Jul 31 Not Sure How to Progress... Profile: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ClericAzrael-1640/hero/91617943 Current Paragon: 436 Hey fellow Witch Doctors, I'm pretty stuck around T7 and GR35; I can do a level or two higher but my damage output isn't really high enough to kill stuff very fast and I die sometimes. I'm using a combo of Helltooth/Arachyr/Manajuma sets with an Acid Rain/Pet build; the RoRG helps me to get the 4 piece bonus from Helltooth & Arachyr and I don't feel like I need the 6 from either with my current skillset. Any suggestions for me? At this point, Im just running rifts/GRs to raise my paragon level and get stronger. Side Question: Any idea how I can fix my problem of ALWAYS running out of mana? TIA, --AzClericAzrael4 Jul 31
Jul 31 Primal Ancient Sacred Harvester I kid you not it rolled resource reduction, mana regen, and max mana. Suggestions on the reroll?SilentMike697 Jul 31
Jul 30 Is Soul Harvest slightly buggy? It's been a while since I had played my Witch Doctor, and because of how I thought Soul Harvest used to work (it would only add stacks based upon the amount of enemies you used it against, not adding +1 for each additional enemy upon refresh), I also mistakenly assumed the Necromancer's Bone Armor worked similarly for a few days. So now, after returning to the Witch Doctor, either I was wrong about how it used to work, or it's been reworked to add additional stacks if you aren't already at max upon refresh. Well, that's how it seems to be functioning maybe 75% of the time anyway. However, I'm also using a Sacred Harvester in the cube and I've noticed that quite often, instead of simply refreshing my 10 stacks, it will randomly lower to a completely RANDOM number. I can be at 10, Harvest two enemies and it will drop to 7. Huh? Sometimes even lower, and it's not an issue of it having fallen off and I just don't notice. What's going on with this skill?Nevermore2 Jul 30
Jul 29 Troll's Guide to LoN Spirit Barrage! First, I'll give the disclaimer that I am exclusively a hardcore player, so my opinions of this build will solely be based on my hardcore play, as well as alternatives from various leaderboards. With under 1400 paragon, I've cleared a 108 in group play in hardcore as of the posting of this, with some not-so-optimal pieces. This build is based around an unconfirmed bug that causes phantasm to work as a pet, so therefore a large portion of this builds damage is based around stacking pet damage (i.e. Mask of Jeram, Enforcer Gem) as well as cold damage, because Phantasm is a cold skill rune itself. THIS BUILD DOES NOT CURRENTLY SCALE WITH FIRE!!! Background: This build came about after someone on the Asian server discovered that the Phantasm rune of Spirit Barrage was scaling with pet damage, and over the past three or so weeks, it has become to new Meta for both four man groups and solo WD. After having played firebat witch doctor for a few seasons now, I can tell you this build feels a lot less clunky. You have an enormous amount of freedom of movement. A HUGE bonus to this build is that it causes zero server lag as opposed to its firebats counterpart. There is some confusion as to whether area damage actually works with this build, it does NOT work, so feel free to not stack it on any items, and preferably remove it from your paragon as well, as AD is a key reason server lag is caused in large pulls for group play. Best in slot gear and alternatives, followed by stat priorities. Assuming all pieces are ancient. Helm: Andariel's Visage (Cold damage/AS/Crit chance/Spirit Barrage Damage/Int) Socket is not necessary here. Obviously one stat will lose out. -Alternative: Mask of Jeram (Int/Crit/Spirit Barrage damage) Neck: Hellfire Amulet (Cold damage/Crit Chance/Crit Damage/Socket) With one of the passives that I'll list a little later on. This is an incredibly tedious item to get unless you're very lucky. -Alternative: Eye of Etlich: (Cold damge/Crit change/Crit damage) The secondary on this item makes it useful in solo if a good Hellfire can't be obtained. Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Skeleton King (Int/vit/%Life/Armor) This slot is semi-open as there is no real amazing shoulder, but the flavor text allows for a chance at a second life. Gloves: Frostburn (Int/AS/Crit chance/Crit Damage) This is a must have, provides an incredible amount of damage along with a stun. Chest: Aquila Quirass (Int/Vit/%Life or %Damage reduction from elites) This is also a necessary item, as it is key to your survivability. -Alternative: Tal Rasha Chest for speed runs for the extra attack speed roll. Bracer: Lakumba's Ornament (Cold damage/int/vit/Crit chance) A staple of any WD build. Key to survivability. Belt: The Witching Hour (int/vit/AS/Crit damage) -Alternative: Belt of Transcendence (solo play, offtanking pets) Rings: Litany of the Undaunted and The Wailing Host (AS/Crit chance/Crit Damage followed by weapon damage and int as a substitute for AS) These rings are an absolute necessity as the build will not work without the set bonus they provide. Pants: Swamp Land Waders (Cold damage/int/vit/Armor or All Resistance) The only pants in the game that roll with a elemental skill damage. Boots: Illusory Boots (int/vit/spirit barrage damage/all res) These allow for great mobility with this build, a key contributor to why this build feels smoother than firebats. Main Hand: The Barber (High weapon damage/Attack speed/int/%weapon damage) You'll want to wear this rather than cubing it, as it has the fastest attack speed of any ceremonial knife in the game. Offhand: Gazing Demise: (Int/Crit chance/Spirit barrage damage/high damage/mana regen) This item is irreplaceable as it is what the pet damage is based around. Kanai's Cube; Weapon: Sacred Harvester Armor: Mask of Jeram (assuming andariels), Ancient Parthan Defenders (huge toughness), Belt of Transcendence (assuming Witching Hour and in solo play). Jewelry: Ring of Emptiness (Must have) Let's move onto the skills(rune) 1) Spirit Barrage (The Spirit is Willing[Group]/Phlebotomize[Solo]) 2) Haunt (Poisoned Spirit [Assuming Rush of essence passive]/Draining spirit[No Rush of essence passive] 3) Locust Swarm (Cloud of Insects/Pestilence) 4) Soul Harvest (Languish) 5) Spirit Walk (Severance/Jaunt) 6) Piranhas (Zombie Piranhas[Group]/Piranhado[Solo]) -Zombie Piranhas is used as a wide range area for 15% damage increase while keeping the base 8 second cooldown. -Big Bad Voodoo (Slam Dance) is also used as an alternative After inspecting some top clears on the normal ladder, some players opt to remove Spirit Walk as a whole and replace it with either Zombie Piranhas or Big Bad Voodoo in group play, since Illusory Boots are in the build. Passives: (Five listed because of Hellfire) 1) Creeping Death 2) Rush of Essence 3) Spirit Vessel 4) Confidence Ritual 5) Grave Injustice [Solo]/Gruesome Feast [Group] Gems: Helm (Amethyst) Chest/Legs (Topaz/Ruby[Toughness in solo play] Legendary Gems: Enforcer (see phantasm bug) Bane of the Trapped Bane of the Stricken (Solo)/Pain Enhancer (Group) Pain Enhancer is used over Bane of the Stricken for group play because much like the firebat witch doctor, LoN is used as the "trash killer" and the other DPS is used as the "RG Killer" in most instances. Pain Enhancer allows for a tremendous attack speed bonus. Gameplay: The setup for LoN is similar to that of firebats in group play, you'll want to move onto your zmonk's sanctuary as you set up a new pull. Start casting haunt and locust swarm while your zbarb pulls more elites and trash to you. Once you have a sufficient amount of haunts and locusts out, you'll start to cast spirit barrage. I've found that targeting the elite as best you can will provide you with the best outcome, so aim for their feet, as that's where their actual hitbox is. Targeting trash just leaves you with nothing for the "splash" damage to go to. Although this is not an area damage build, the damage from spirit barrage does behave very similarly to area damage. Illusory Boots allow for freedom of movement throughout the pull, if incoming damage allows for it, try to move to any Occulus rings that may be provided by your zdps group mates. In solo play, you'll want to group monsters as best you can, apply haunts and locusts, and then cast freely, targeting the elite or elites if at all possible as described above. Make use of Occulus rings. Feel free to add any input below, let's start a discussion on this great build. I'm hoping that it's not changed come next patch, as it is a strong, and yet not broken build. LoN is in a good place, and it's allowing for some change to the boring old meta. Personally this is the most fun WD build that I've ever played. Any questions? Feel free to add me and ask away! Troll#12195Troll179 Jul 29
Jul 28 Jade harvester = !@#$ ? Is it actually ? cuz I did a GR80 yday, while I was stuck in 84 with zuni garg firebat (not so disgusting stuff btw)Karuzel14 Jul 28
Jul 28 Shukrani's Triumph still in the game? I have spent thousands upon thousands of shards on mojos and have not found this yet. I do however have about 15 of every other mojo. Just want to see if anyone encountered this recently. I read recently about some items not dropping any more, and the devs had to implement a new patch, so perhaps this item was similarly messed up. Thanks. (And for those who will say it's a worthless item, I wanted to use it for the set dungeon.)Dante006 Jul 28
Jul 27 Does pet damage modifiers effect locust swarm? I'd say I'm pretty new to the game, so please forgive me for dumb questions. I was glancing at the Witchdoctor leaderboards to see what end game looks like. I looked at their skills and what they wore. They wore a bunch of pet damage modifiers, and had no pet skills. They also had locust swarm, so my question is, does locust swarm actually scale with pet damage%s?Ceirios2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Helltooth Build Help Hi can you help me to point out whats wrong with my build? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/kukulogy-6368/hero/59904583 I'm struggling on the group rift t12. I feel like I'm not contributing damage but I can manage to survive thanks to goldwrap and boons. Character details: http://i.imgur.com/jBZzJLy.pngkukulogy5 Jul 27
Jul 26 Helltooth suggestions needed please Love the build, fits my style, but I'm killing way too slow in order to be able to go past 75 GR, 70 I can handle without issues. I know I can improve almost every slot but some help in eyeing the right stats would help tremendously. Even 1 to 1 I cannot kill fast enough, so its not really the lack of Area Damage. Thanks for help. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Gannicus-1922/hero/65083296Gannicus15 Jul 26
Jul 26 Creeping_Death http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Creeping_Death?action=edit&section=1 i dont understand what is damage amplification and how last forever. Lol i just edited this wiki skill, was a old description therexromaniaa4 Jul 26
Jul 26 Reroll on my Primal Barber Did i reroll into the correct stat on my barber? Received my first primal ancient this season! Screamed like a little girl. I didn't make a mistake rerolling vit into attk speed did i? http://imgur.com/RV5rBjXkilluchen2 Jul 26
Jul 25 [-DB-] Got a great WD Sage Build? Come compete in the 1-hour Death Breaths Challenge! You don't really need to use the Sage set, but the competition is to farm as many DBs as you can on any difficulty in any game mode. If you are bored and want to share you DB farming method, please join! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20758255940SaitoHajime0 Jul 25
Jul 23 Helltooth firebat viable? I decided to play a WD for season 11, my first time doing a season. I've never actually tried a WD even tho I have one for non-seasonal play (power leveled it just as a mule) and I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit. I came across a firebat build for season 10 that was using the helltooth set, and seeing as how that's the season 11 set, I thought I'd give it a go. I know I don't have all of the proper gear yet for the build, but I'm wondering if the build itself is viable enough to carry me through the season and to solo a 70 grift, or should I switch up to any of the different Helltooth builds I see people using? Thanks in advance!!Mungadai2 Jul 23
Jul 23 Acid Cloud Is acid cloud considered weapon damage or is that just when you actually hit them with your weapon? #NewtothisSkudoosh1 Jul 23
Jul 23 Bad Medicine + Cloud of Insects If I hit something with Rain of Toads and have Bad Medicine passive, and also put Cloud of Insects rune on it, do the two 25% damage debuffs stack? Thanks in advance.Kinsai4 Jul 23
Jul 22 Witch Doctors DO exist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLyYfH5EQFI Not game related. A break from all the gaming stuff. A graphic video of a witch doctor conjuring a crocodile a bring back a corpse. This reminded me of bigadile! hahahatheStrobist0 Jul 22
Jul 22 Please boost Helltooth damage. Something similar to what you did with the Zunimassa set last season. I am old and many builds are to hard to keep up with for me. They are very busy and there is to much going on all at once. This is the only one I have found that I can play somewhat decently. Regards and thanks for any consideration!Bubba6 Jul 22
Jul 19 SOUL HARVEST STACKS: BUGGED? sum1 else?,Tango2 Jul 19
Jul 18 do soul harvest not stak to teen hey do soul harvest no longe stak to teen ?master1 Jul 18
Jul 18 4 Man barber WD Question. So i've been seeing over the last week a ton of players using Horrify (frightening aspect) with spirit walk (severance or jaunt)..... Now I logged in and i'm seeing everyone on the 4 player board using Sacrifice + Provoke the pact.... Whats going on? Is horrify with spirit walk no longer good? Did sacrifice + provoke the pack just suddenly get buffed or something? Because now I don't see ANYONE using spirit walk + horrify.SubzerorE3 Jul 18
Jul 18 soul harvest not stacking soul harvest will not stack due to hotfixTheFurther5 Jul 18
Jul 18 How to move past t13/grift 60 Survivability doesn't seem to be an issue but I just can't get enough damage out. Can anyone offer some advice? I feel like I'm missing something obvious here.Chubsy4 Jul 18
Jul 18 Need Help Barber WD Gear Pic Inside. The armor in the screenshot below i cant decide which pieces I should use and what to have in my Cube... I am speaking for Group 4 man Barber Witch Doctor. Also please mention what to use in Cube after picking the items. One of the frostburn gloves is pre patch as you can see in the pic. On #4 the pre patch frostburn those can still be reforged, I haven't reforged them at all so the strength for example can become intellect or like crit damage. http://imgur.com/a/H64na Apparently I had another Pre patch frostburn gloves below. #7 Item: http://imgur.com/a/xHdT0SubzerorE3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Tip for higher chance at Tasker and Theo This may seem like a very small chance and you may think it doesn't matter, but the datamined drop rates show that Wizards have a 2.38% drop rate to get Tasker and Theo while Witch Doctoers have only a 2.13% chance. This is because Witch Doctors have more total Legendary and Set gloves that can drop compared to Wizards. Since both Witch Doctors and Wizards use Int, you are better off logging on your wizard, if you have one, and spending your shards on Kadala form there. While this is only a 0.25% increase total, that could make all the difference in the world and finally get you a drop. Source for the data-mined drop rates: http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?858143-Legendary-Drop-Rates-Data-Torment-Dropanimal38 Jul 18
Jul 17 Returning Player seeking advice Hey everyone, I have just come back to the game and bought the reaper of souls expansion. I just did a run through the quests with my old witch doctor which is here. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/svedge-6582/hero/91775285 Can I get some feedback on him and if I should change anything obvious. cheerssvedge9 Jul 17
Jul 14 Zunimassa's Voodoo Hell (Build) Having just finished Story mode with a Necromancer, I was fortunate enough that during my Journey, a Primal 'Last Breath' dropped. Naturally, it caused me to rethink my tried and true build and see if I could take advantage of this advantage! - and this is what I come up with. Gear 5pc Zunimassa's Haunt (minus Head & Hands) + 3pc Helltooth Harness (Head, Hands & Shoulders) + 5x FR Topaz Overwhelming Desire amulet, 20% Cold/Poison, CDR%, -Rng + Zei's Stone of Vengence Ancient Parthan Defenders bracers, 20% Cold/Poison, CHC%, AC Belt of Transcendence, AC, AR RoRG, IAS%, LoH + BotT + Enforcer (Zunimassa's Pox ring, CHC%, CHD%, RDC%) Offhand (Zunimassa's set mojo, VIT, CHC%) Last Breath Ceremonial knife, 10%dmg, VIT, CDR% + FR Emerald Cube W: Gazing Demise mojo A: Tasker & Theo Gauntlets/Mask of Jeram Voodoo mask J: The Short Man's Finger ring Skills - Runes Spirit Barrage - Manitou Piranhas - Piranhado Mass Confusion - Devolution Fetishism Army - Fetish Ambush Spirit Walk - Umbral Shock Gargantuan - Humongoid Passives Zombie Handler Fierce Loyalty Grave Injustice Tribal Rites Companion Eirena (Enchantress) Outfit with: Smoking Thurible Focus, Overwhelming Desire amulet, Pandemonium Loop ring, Band of Hollow Whispers ring, Maloth's Focus staff, Arcane dmg, %Freeze Skills: Forceful Push, Missile Ward, Erosion, Focused Mind Play style here, focuses on CC, which you have a lot at your disposal. Eirena will keep most mobs in front of your minions allowing you to use Spirit walk to position as regularly as your CDR will allow. Umbral shock is chosen, so you can hit'n'run with a decent hit within 11yards and quickly retreat to take advantage of Zei's. In this case, Zei's is tied to Manitou, which is positioned above you at all times and has a 50yard range. It also has a decent targeting system, applying 60x weapon damage as DoT Cold, with a RoF of 4 hps. This ensures nothing escapes it's unleashed dousing over the entire area, making Manitou an effective AoE killer. Manitou will now also apply to the same target twice, or consistently to a single target. Each active cast, also casts Phantasm, thanks to Gazing Demise, to speed the DoT Cold process to a speedy and devastating conclusion. It's not uncommon to see crits in the tens of billions. Bringing all this together, is Mass Confusion, which comes around surprisingly quickly, thanks to Last Breaths 20sec CDR, Tribal Rites further 25% CDR and Grave Injustice, Powered by your minions. Sowing chaos among enemy ranks with the added benefit of summoning Zombie Dogs on kills. Overwhelming Desires additive 35% damage, stacking with BotT Gems near constant uptime and allowing you range as you maintain constant dps. All augmented by Helltooth Harness's Necrosis, which you meet 3 of the requirements for. Along with a 20% increase in damage unilaterally. Helltooth Harness's second bonus, 60%DR stacks with Parthans to provide you with a healthy amount of DR%. For the most part, you will be constantly moving around and avoiding damage spikes, with a clear view of oncoming danger at range. Plenty of CC to power both damage and damage reduction. Finally, in cases where your full compliment of minions are blocked from engaging the enemy. Fetish Ambush allows you to Spirit Walk and flank mobs, casting on the fly and reposition them, causing the enemy to break up and become fully engaged. Your minions are not only your means of attack, they're also integral to your defence. Changing your initiative to multiply your force factor, increases effective control of the engagement and your survivability. Your ability to support them with effective artillery suppression, prolongs their force multiplier, quickly withering enemy forces. Anyway, enjoying this build immensely and probably not anything radically new, but it's uncommon and a different, more tactical approach to the management of minions. With a surprising amount of versatility for few skills and plenty of CC to combat its progressive lack of effectiveness, the higher up GR's you go. I hope you all like it as much, should you decide to put it together. - Cheers!Paladinrja0 Jul 14
Jul 14 Arachyr Chicken or Helltooth Chicken? I'm decently newish to diablo and decided to level a WD as my 2nd character. I've been following this guide: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/arachyr-firebats-witch-doctor-speed-farming-variation as a speed farming build in hopes of eventually farming bounties and legendaries to start the Lon build. I'm missing the Goldwrap, Stone of Jordan, and the Helltooth Amulet, and my gear isn't exactly optimized or ancient, but it takes 3 or so explosions to take down elites on T10 with the ring of emptiness bonus (I'm only Paragon 560 if that makes the difference) Looking online most people seemed to prefer Helltooth Chicken builds, using the chicken just for movement, though I was confused if that was just because it was before the Arachyr buff patch. Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone had any experience and would recommend switching to a helltooth variant for farming on T10 or if I should stick with the Arachyr build and just try to optimize it (Stone of Jordan and Helltooth Passive should help with DPS but I'm unsure how much). I would post my build, but it's just regular pieces with Topaz/Diamond/Emerald and rerolling the awful stats towards crit and poison % dmg Thanks for any inputChubbyPengu2 Jul 14
Jul 13 [VUDU] WD-Main Forum Clan: RECRUITING Come veteran voodoo walkers, chaos is upon us! We've been waiting for your return from a quest for visions. The tribe needs everything you can bring to bearz on these hideous new threats to the realm. Vile upheavals have shredded wisdom and the balance of power. The canyons through damnation melt into eternity, gulping the blood of the innocent. We must heal this wound in creation! Together, send an army of living death to swarm the void... [4.29.2016 Update] VUDU clan is currently OPEN!. We are an all Witch Doctor-mains clan heavily based out of this forum. Active since day 1, over 1.5 years. Survivor of WD clans MOJO, KIBO and parts of HEX. Fun and funky, fresh and functional. We stay that way by keeping activity high: we boot inactive accounts every 30+ days. Guaranteed to always have at least someone on ;) Lots of theorycrafting, lootsharing, group runs, and hijinx. If you'd like to join this madhouse, please post the following: 1) Battletag 2) Main WD's name + Paragon level (500+ req) 3) Time zone + Play frequency 4) Why VUDU Clan? 6) Why WD is best class... Thank you, and good luck witchy ones! Clan Name: FORSAKEN VOODOO Clan Tag: <VUDU> Clan Rules: 0. Witch Doctor main - passion for WD class. {RoS required} 1. Helpful answers - no false game info 2. Threats / harassment = boot city 3. Loot theft / binding loaned items = bootsville 4* Gameplay frequency: 30+ days offline is bad juju...and bootopolis 5. Forum Presence: encouraged, fun, yay! 6. Paragon 500+ now required *Play frequency enforced. Want to keep VUDU lively in the D3 community. Vacations cool, plz let a leader know so we don't boodoo you while you're gone <3 Clan Leaders: Evolution Rookfire rockon87 PaulNG MCP LordAmsa Clan Roster: ~115 / 150 (after pre-patch lull and migration to Omega) Wish we could take you all. May da voodoo be wit yoo.Rookfire755 Jul 13
Jul 13 21 Questions for WD Pets/Skills/Gems There is !@#$tons of questions. IF you are not 100% sure of the answer, please dont reply. Dont want know answers of things people are not 100% sure of. Question 1 - "Physical skills" Item with "Physical skills deal 20% more damage" increases damage on X? X1=Zombie Dogs?, X2=Gargantuan?, X3=Fetish Army?, X4=Fetish Sycophant?, X5=Gargantuan with Humongoid rune? Question 2 - Big Bad Voodoo (BBV) "Increases allies AttackSpeed with 15% for 20sec." When casting BBV, does it boost my pets, does they need to stand in the circle or only me. or would it be benefital is both me and the pets are inside the BBV? Question 3 - Resummon pets when got buffed. Resummon pets when recive buffs create new better version of the pets ? Example, summon pets, then get 10 stacks on "Soul Harvest", would casting new pets create a more powerfull version, or does the pets scale/adjust to things as the buffs are gained/lossed as the game goes along? Question 4 - Convention of Elements(CoE) - Physical When triggering Physical, does my pets do more damage ? Question 5 - Convention of Elements (CoE) - Poison and Physical? "Gem of Efficacious" - If using this uniq gem, then my pets do poison damage on the attacks, do they do more poison damage if poison is triggered on CoE? Question 6 - Convention of Elements (CoE) - Poison and Physical? "Gem of Efficacious" - If using this uniq gem, then my pets do poison damage on the attacks. Do they do more damage both physical when CoE triggers physical and poison damage when CoE triggers poison? Question 7 - "Ring of Emptiness" Ring does more damage when target is effected by your Haunt and Locus Swarm. Does this work with other gear like BoHW and Wormwood? Question 8 - Band of Hollow Whispers (BoHW) and Wyrmwood (WW) There is gear that has the uniq abillity, "The ring occasionally haunt nearby enemies" and "Locus swarm continuously plagues enemies around you" If I have any of these spells selected with some rune, does the spell from the gear get the same kind of rune added to the spells from the items? Question 9 - Wormwood - Your "Locus Swarm" Does using this in cube count as "your spell" Equipping this on my mercenary count as "your spell" if its casted ? Question 10 - Iceblink Using Iceblink Gem, and using Gargantuan with "Humongoid" Rune to make it cold damage. Does it trigger Iceblink and increase Crit chanse with 10% , even from my teammates? Question 11 - Bane of the Trapped Since the gem does not say "You do more damage" Bane of the trapped does that apply so my teamates do more damage if Im the only one using the gem? Question 12 - "Gem of Efficacious"+"Iceblink", Gargantua (Humongoid rune) + Bad Medicine So when Gargantue attacks a target would all of the following apply, and if not why and what would apply. Q11-1 Slowed from cold damage? Q11-2 Teamates get +10%Crit change from "Iceblink" gem? Q11-3 Enemy do 35% less damage from "Bad Medicine" (25%)+"Gem of Efficacious" 10%. Q11-4 Recive 10% extra damage from "Gem of Efficacious" since it is poisoned. Question 13 - "Zei's stone of vengence" Gem. Does this work with my pets, in a way that the further I am away from the target the more damage my pets would do to that target in melee range? Question 14 - "Bane of the Stricken" Does my pet trigger this effect? Question 15 - "Bane of the Stricken" and multiple targets I Recall someone mentioning that if there is several targets then the gem is kind of useless, becase if I get 5 stacks on one enemy and then I hit a new enemy then the new enemy would get 1 stack and the "old enemy" 5 stacks would disspear and have 0 stacks, correct ? Question 16 - Thorns Do my pets have my level of thorn? Question 17 - Thorns + Hack If I use the "Hack" axe in cube would my pets do more damage with each attack? Question 18 - "Halcyon's Ascent" count as Control-Imparing effect (Bane of the trapped)? Question 19 - Haunt (new target)+ Zunimassa's 6 set bonus So Zunimassa set bonus, pets does 2500% more damage if effected by any mana spells. Enemy dies, and my haunt flies to a new target, would that count and recive 2500% extra damage from my pets, or is it only the spells I actually cast myself? Question 20 - How is damage calculated? So There is insane amout of +X% Damage stuff. Is there any formula I can see and figure out how damage is calcualted. Example. Lets say we have 10 gear all with +20% Damage. And our start damage is 100 Version 1: we add all 20+20+20+20+20+20+20+20+20+20= +200% Damage, and if the base damage was 100. 100 x200% = 300 damage Version 2: ((((((((((100x1,2=120)x1,2=144)x1,2=172)x1,2=207)x1,2=248)x1,2=298)x1,2=358)x1,2=429)x1,2=515)x1,2)=619 300 damage or 619 damage, both with "10 gears/skills all with +20% Damage and start damage is 100" So how you do the formula u get differnt end results. And 10 item with all 20% was just an example, it is more likely as follows. Helm gives +100% damage on pets, gloves 50% iAS, Bracers+20% Cold damage, Haunt +20% Damage... and so on. So they are most likely not all "kind's" of +% damage. Question 21 - How is damage reduction calculated? More and less same as Q20, but about damage reduction instead. If I can gather 100% Damage reduction, then I should never take any damage. Since that is not the case, how is damage reduction calculated ?Wolfbane4 Jul 13
Jul 13 Old Builds? I just bought RoS and I haven't played since before it was released. My 'main' is a Witch Doctor and I'm slowly trying to build up my gear after being gone for so long while re-learning how to play the game (so many changes!). My question is, are older build like Zombie Bears and Cloud of Bats (firebats) still viable at all? I noticed that most builds listed out there revolve around sets, which I don't have... I've been running with acid cloud/widowmaker and it seems to be doing OK but wondering what other options I have. TIA, --MonroeClericAzrael0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Disability - Possible WD options? Hey guys, I have a disability with my hands which makes constant moving and rapid button mashing difficult. I am looking for a class and build which I might be able to play successfully - not at a high level, but at a decent level. I was told that Witch Doctor has some builds in which your pets will do most of the tanking and damage for you. Is this the case? If so, what path do I take on the way to this build, one which is pet-focused? Thanks for any help!Goatleaker4 Jul 12
Jul 12 Witch Doctor + Multiple Sets...No one uses? I main a barb and I just started playing so forgive my noob question. It's very popular on the Barb Forums to stack multiple sets for maximum power. Immortal king 6 and Raekor 4 peice set is the top build currently. Now coming from this mind set I've noticed all the top witch doctor builds only utilize 1 complete set. Why is this? Has anyone farted around with 6 peice and 4 piece set bonuses>? I have all the sets collected now and would love to engage in some theory crafting! At a glance looking at helltooth 6 and ZUmanza 4 peice you can become REALLY tanky with all those fetishes summoned.Blivion6 Jul 12
Jul 11 Can't get to GR70 Am I doing something wrong? I'm stuck at the current GR and have played it more than 30 times but the closest I get is completion 10 seconds after timer expires.Gussy4 Jul 11
Jul 10 Helltooth + Stricken Does stricken stack the damage for a single pet at a time per pet or do all the pets attacking the same thing increase all of their damage, IE if you have 3 gargs and 4 dogs are all 7 giving you the stricken buff to each pets damage each hit.Legit1 Jul 10
Jul 10 Med-high Paragon Zuni Helm reroll question Hello, I've picked up a few Primal Zuni pieces in the last few days and I'm thinking of giving it another go (got to GR89 like 400 Paragon ago). Anyway, I looted a Primal Zuni Mask with: Int Armor (775) Life on hit Socket. Obviously, one of these needs to become crit chance. But which one would you pick? Also, would you even consider running a Zuni Helm without Vit? I think the higher in Paragon you go the more valuable armor and LoH becomes. I have the option to run a Primal Lacumba (with Vit) or the current Lacumba (with LoH).Ivan0 Jul 10
Jul 10 Why use Spirit is Willing with Voos Juicer? So basically I was wondering why use Spirit is Willing rune with Spirit Barrage if you're equipting the Voos Juicer on barber witch doctor? I see on leaderboards the top witch doctors use Spirit is Willing rune but not sure why since Voos says that it already grants you Spirit is Willing and Phlebotomize... So why not use a different rune?SubzerorE6 Jul 10
Jul 9 Efficient leveling build? Hey all, just back to D3 after a year or so away, low paragon, not a ton of experience. I'm going to level a WD but want some veterans thoughts on an ultra efficient leveling build(if such exists, or are they all relatively the same for leveling). I'm only like. 13 ATM, but would love some input to put the right pieces in place as I level. Cheers.Mscan2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Any good builds without Soul Harvest? Do any WD builds exist now that can push high solo GR without Soul Harvest? I hate maintaining short duration buffs. It gives me traumatic flashbacks from EQ1 shaman and old WoW shaman/paladin.Whoa2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Spirit Barrage Build, always dieng! Hello, i used my last days to farm the item for the Spirit Barrage Build from icy-viens. First off all i have currently 3 ancient items and my damage is low af.. and the second thing is that i die always at 40+ grifts from any damage, how should that work. i tried already to use Amethyst in my chest and pants but that didnt help at all. How do they survive in all those videos?Ezycod2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Returning WD, need some advice! Sup guys! I am currently planning to return to Diablo 3 since I haven't been online for like the past 3 or 4 years. Reason why I want to return is because I have a few friends from work that started to play D3 again from 0% and I wanted to join them. But there has been A LOT of updates and changes that I'm kinda lost on where to farm or train or whats the new endgame stuff, I'm LOST right now. Like I'm lvl 60 right now, I saw that the cap wen up to 70. I could either keep playing with my WD ( https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Trolino-1504/hero/90874503 ) That is the link to my profile so you guys can see what my last equipment was, well my current one lol. Or I could start from scratch! on a new character and start building my new character and farm, grind for days for I dunno what cuz I don't know what are the new endgame equipment and who drops them.... lol Also, I do NOT have Reaper of Souls or the new Necromancer update either, would it affect me by a lot? or do u guys recommend buying those 2? Any comment or anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot guys!Trolino1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Which Two Sets Should I Keep? I have room enough to keep two sets and their supporting gear, and no more. But I main a Demon Hunter, so I don't know which sets I should keep, which are most fun, or most powerful… Any opinions?StoneOld3 Jul 9
Jul 8 BLIZZARD before season 11 starts dont forget to increase dmg for Helltooth set ! you should also change LON set from 4% to 5-6% dmg reduction ! blizzard do you even play WD....?!mc280 Jul 8
Jul 7 Best WD for Trio I have recently returned to D3 with a couple friends. Was wondering what would be the best WD build to run with for GR's. I am new to the WD class. What build do you all think would work best with a zDPS Monk and an Archon Wizzy? I m currently Paragon 800, and geared up for Fire Bat, but was wondering if this would be better than my Impale DH. Thanks!Chaotic12 Jul 7
Jul 7 homunculus drop !!!!! where did you drop yours???? begining middle or end of act3??? also can you drop it in act4????? thank youspv33516 Jul 7