Witch Doctor

Jan 16, 2013 Looking for 0 sec dogs WD to team up with Its great news that WD pretty much own the dueling arena, after seeing one of the top 0 sec dogs WD in EU server pretty much owning the famous konggor barb. :D so here i am, in search of the best 0 sec dogs WD i can find. i have a few of them as my friend but searching for more. My WD is pretty good, so we can help each other. and one question, does SOJ works on other players? as in are other players treated as elites? and i have about 150+ hell rings to roll, should i roll vit or int? hmmmmpBeybq1 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 New to WD.. Help a Sista Out Just got to LvL 60. Whats the best/popular build? I'm leaning towards the tanky side, but I have no idea which build is fun/effective, and so on! Thanks!RikHawk16 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 Thorns Doc worth it? Might come back after the patch to try out a thorns WD but is it worth time/money or should I not bother and try something else like 0 Dogs/wall?Vanguardian11 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 Well of sould! FIXED! Check out the PTR patch notes! They listened to us!dcbawden19 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 WD we need to unite rigth now on PTR section! To every WD that lurk on this section please go on the PTR section & write a post in the WD forum. We need love rigth now ! Some topic to support (feel free to add some & discuss): by Zekromancer. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593742209 by me: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592802346 by yoddog http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7592642348 We need to fight to make blizzard listen.papryaka0 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 Possible BIS WD gloves. They are on my WD atm, however for those of you to lazy to click here are the stats 300 INT 68 RES ALL 31% CRIT HIT DAMAGE 9% CRITICAL HIT CHANCE I've not seen a pair similar to these stats on the ah, what are your thoughts?Necrophobia10 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 omg... they did it "secondary souls now hit primary target..." i just shed a tear (of joy) for wd's everywhere. thank you, blizzard. thoughts?SayGa3 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 Haunt and Locust Swarm question. Do Haunt and Locust Swarm spells benefit from critical chance and critical damage? Or is the only way to make them hit harder is by weapon dps and staking intelligence?DeaconKG0 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 16, 2013 Average damage at level 30-35? Hello guys, I want to know the average damage at level 30-35, and what kind of weapon do you suggest? One handed with + intellect or a two handed weapon with high DPS? Thank you for your feedback! Regards, SinceSince6 Jan 16, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 1h or 2h for pvp whats better?Sojubomb0 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Wondering if I could handle MP 3 So I've been running MP 2 for quite a while, and kill things quick enough; however, some packs still give me issues (hulkbeasts demonic terrors) depending on affixes. My question is would my current gear be able to do MP3 comfortably, or should I get some more gear and continue grinding MP2?EoWpimpduck5 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 My 260k buffed dps ww barb gear for your WD Check out my profile, 194k unbuffed dps, gear supports soloing ubers on mp8+. I'd like to trade it for WD gear somewheres in the ballpark of 130-150k dps. My battletag is HandGestures#1375HandGestures0 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Addling toads build I've been running a daemon hunter for a short while and a friend got me onto a stun grenade build which sort of inspired me a bit. I've been testing this against my usual build and seems to work well for better survivability. MP8 desolate sand / oasis has been the test ground for this. Primary: Corpse bomb Secondary: Addling toads 1: garg - big stinker (for gas cloud life return) 2: dogs - leeching beasts 3: locust swarm - devouring swarm (mana gain / spam corpse on larger mobs) 4: spirit walk - honoured guest (bottom out mana recover / escape) Passives Fierce Loyalty (uses my 3250/s life regen to keep pets alive which heal me) Blood ritual (reduce mana use / more regen) Bad medicine (-20% damage from poisoned targets) Works on other usual challenging groups like phase beasts and succubus. Mostly just stand there and take them down. The challenging ones are still herald of pestilence (under ground claw attack). Some ranged enemy. Confuse procs quite a lot and elites attack each other as well as you but bad medicine reduction in damage seemed to make all the difference. Used to use gruesome feast. Wish there was a 4th passive slot :)Shockwave0 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Ghost Bombs! Not just for Ghosts anymore!!! So, I'm pretty much just breezing through Act III, Inferno after not playing for a while, dropping $20 on gold and buying some decent gear with my current build. I've been using this build for, like, ever [...well, since I hit 60, anyway]. I've looked at stuff on WD and everything seems to avoid the Ghost Bomb, but I pretty much annihilate everything [took 3 champ packs and half of the adds running around the Tower of the Accursed in a near-blink of my eye on lunch]. Does anyone have any insight into why people seem to be so anti-GB?androjeans5 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Spirit Doctor In the 1.07 compiled suggestion, JangBahadur listed the following as the base Spirit Doctor build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#egdXUj!bef It seems like it should run like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#egdXUj!bWT!YccYZa Is grave injustice not used because it isn't "spirit blue" enough?Ronin2 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 What's the minimal amount of resist Hey :-) What's the minimal amount of resist you need to do MP4 and 5. Also, which would you rather have? An item with 79 all resist +84 vitality or the same item slot with +331 life regen and 100 more intel than the resist item??hawkeye4 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Build change suggestions? I've been experimenting with different builds on my WD and this one seems to give me the best survivability. While the dps due to the build is low I can comfortably farm MP6 key runs solo. I tried using another build with Pierce the Veil that gave me 140k base dps with up to 203k dps with Gruesome Feast and Soul Harvest while using Rain of Toads to leech life back but I was dying quite a bit and my mana regen was trash. Any suggestions as to what I can change about my build to up the dps and maintain survivability? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Unhallowed-1821/hero/19338604Unhallowed1 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 4 pc zuni - Manajuma vs Skorn cross-junction Hello doctors, Some of you may know that I'm a proc doctor using stun/blind/freeze. Right now, I'm at a cross-junction planning for my future gear. Skorn is shown on my profile, and the Manajuma Knife in my stash has the following stats: 940.3 DPS, 180 Int, 96% CHD, 2.9% LS, one socket. Looking for advise where Acid Cloud remains in my build, and everything else can be changed. Main objective is for stability in MP9-10 game play, including DPS requirements within enrage time limit. Sideline objective is for Dueling (thinking of stacking IAS and use PTV + primaries especially snake in the face). If I can only choose 1 path, I'll prefer MP9-10 game play. Hope to get your advise on the best way to unleash the potential of the following: (1) M knife with Gory mojo + 4 pc Zuni (2) M knife with Zuni mojo + Visage + 3 other Zuni (3) M knife + other mojo + 4 pc Zuni (4) Skorn + 4 pc Zuni (5) Skorn + Visage + 3 pc Zuni Budget 100M for Zuni pox, 50M for any mask, 50M for mojo (or total 200M for these 3 types of gear). Don't have the gold, but saving for the future. Kindly give your advise within the budget constraints. Thanks!!!PaulNg11 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Losing interest. need ideas upgrades/build So I have been using the same build for a long time. Sometimes I switch it up with poison darts, but it's mainly the same thing. I want to upgrade and get a 4pc Zuni, but look at my helm and my mojo. I hate that Zuni Vision won't come with AR and Crit hit. I also, don't like that I can't get max mana, and mana regen, and crit hit on Zuni Skulls. I know I have to upgrade my boots with some AR. I know I need some desperate upgrades like pants and belt. A perfect knife would be just like mine except with CHD as well. I just don't like that you can't find perfect gear for WD, but every other class has perfect weapon choices. Manajuma's is almost perfect, just no mana regen. Suggestions, tips, advice?BlackPanther5 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Carnage build with video Hi there, Carnage is a build that I´ve tested throughly and I´m having a blast with it, it´s an efficient mid mplv exp/leg farming build. Build is viable on mp levels 5-8 and it´s a solo build that shines on areas that are crawling with creeps.MP levels 9-10 need changes to the build and it loses it´s strenght and with it focus. Since then I´ve done mp10 ubers with the build and played in several different parties, build works on a good party, slight mana issues on mp10. A good route is: Core-Tower of the cursed Lv1, platform-CraterLv2-Tower of the damned LV1-Rakki´s crossing-Fields of slaughter-KeepLv2 Keystats/Gear: -Full zuni set -Litany ring vs reflect (optional) -Manaregen -Reduced cost to zombie charger -Around 100k unbuffed dps -10-14 yards pickup radius Carnage: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fXUdjV!ZYT!cYZcYc Skills have a nice synergy and there´s lots of AoE dmg that will keep health globes coming and you buffed. Build has 2 free skill slots, let´s break it down. Bears: 708% AoE dmg, your primary nuke. Horrify: 100% armor for 8 seconds, this is for fighting reflect, the goal is to kill reflect packs during that 8 seconds, while active you can spam bears vs reflect. Spirit walk: Honored guest, hands down the best rune to any mana spending build. Soul Harvest: Good buff and 230% AoE dmg, only use this when you can harvest atleast 4 creeps. Mass confusion: This is a free slot, use whatever you want, I like paranoia cause it locks elites on place and they are easy and fast to takedown + that 20% dmg. Sacrifice: Detonator, 275% AoE dmg x 4 + 20% dps for you, wow. It´s also very nice to get rid of the dogs, elites will run to your bears. Wait for 3-4 dogs and detonate when you can get the most AoE. Circle of Life: Simply a great passive, keeps the bombs coming. Zombie handler: This is a free slot, use whatever you want, I like this one cause +275% dmg, more AoE to detonation, 5% more dps to you and the dogs stay alive and tank for you if needed which is useful on mp8. Grave Injustice: Keeps skill out of cd allowing more aggressive play. Life and manareturns also work well with the build. Gruesome Feast: Mad dmg boost, mana return and the globes are plenty with this setup. So we got: 708% AoE dmg + 230% AoE dmg + 1100 AoE dmg combined with 2+1 constant buffs + 20% from paranoia vs elites and the means to fight reflect. Let´s watch a clip to see how that plays out,thanks to hanno for the clip and doing the run with me, cheers mate. Fire in the hole: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWWR_oxVuCw Clip was recorded with zombie handler, since then I prefer GI. I prefer simple and short and with the video I dunno what else to write, questions and feedback are welcomed. My profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jumbasa-2925/hero/15726227Jumbasa1 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 looking for Upgrade and good build i want some help to upgrade my gear and build so i hope anyone give me new idea:)Mutianlong2 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 1.07 From the datamined patch info - Spirit Vessel Reduces the cooldown of your Horrify, Spirit Walk, and Soul Harvest spells by 2 seconds. In addition, the next time you receive fatal damage, you automatically enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds and heal to 15% of your maximum Life. This effect cannot occur more than twice (previously once) in succession within 90 seconds.Antiskum12 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 0-sec build viable for PvP? I'm wondering what you guys think about this... 0-sec build with Final Gift dogs and bonus to health globes+pick up radius... this could prove to be a quite interesting build, supplemented by Jaunt spirit walk and Spirit Vessel?Raam6 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Favorable builds? How's my gear look? I had a nude WD that I finally got enough cash to get some items I put about 20m into the items I have now. How does it look? Any advice? Needs? That being said, I could use some direction for a fun or efficient build. I will be xp farming act 3 for some quick paragon levels. Where should I start? Thanks for the interest.TeslaTrain3 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Which passive would you work over, and how? Fair to say a few of our passives are pretty redundant. Sure, some are fun for lower level play ie Sycophants, but we've a pretty limited pool to draw from for serious play. So pick one, one only, and give it a rinse. Vision Quest: Mana regen and Life regen increase by 10% per second while moving, up to a maximum of 50%.manvan20 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 possibly the best rounded wd around? 44% crit 900 min all resist 600% chd 59k hp (67k with gem) 204k dps 6% life steal and 400+ loh from pants ... id like to meet another wd who can face tank like me, and or lookin for awesome people to rush high mp with meAaronKallDay113 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 +New "Rate The Witch Doctor Above You" Thread Honestly, I never browse forums. Ever. Okay, sometimes. But the 'rate player above you' thread caught my eye, so I decided to start a new one. Sides that, I have 2 witch doctors, so you get to rate them both. Keep in mind they share gems and hellfire rings! Have fun :)CATACLYSMIC96 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Tanky PEts Build Viable? Well the thing is I want a diverse style of characters. Whats a good build for WD? I have a: DH: Strafe Build Farmer (Built for speed & xp runs) Barb: HOTA (Built for fun packs a punch) Wiz: CM (Built for high MP's w/ perm freeZe) WD: No idea. Thinking a tanky build with pets? Idk can someone point me in the right direction?RikHawk8 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 What should I upgrade What should I upgrade; Have about 50 mil, I know i could upgrade my zuma pox and get one with crit or get a zuma mask with crit; just wondering if there was some better alternatives to upgrade my witch doctor.Trixstor6 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 What is a good Gruesome Feast alternative? I am not using Fierce Loyalty and Bad Medicine since my pets just would not die...so I went back to Pierce the Veil and I used Gruesome Feast,too. But my problem with Gruesome feast is that the effect does not last very long. What do you guys think of my build? I can farm MP0-3 comfortably, MP5 is OK but not as easy. Thanks for the help.theStrobist1 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Witch Doctor Pet Guide part 3 (old) Announcement Major changes to Pet Doctors. Check out the patch notes. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6368188147#2 Pet Buffs Pets with passive life regeneration (most notably Followers, Zombie Dogs, and Gargantuans) have had their life regeneration greatly increased from levels 30-60 Ghom: Pets and Followers should now only take 10% damage from the breath attack Ghom: Pets and Followers should now only take 5% damage from Gas Clouds Monsters: Pets and Followers should now only take 10% damage from a Fast mummy's Poison Death Cloud Monsters: Heralds of Pestilence no longer attack pets and Followers Champions and Rares: Plagued, Frozen, and Mortar monsters will now do only 10% of their damage to pets and Followers Gargantuan: Force Armor, 150% of player life at level 60 (?), base damage increased 4x from 25% to 100%, damage from most runes doubled. Zombie Dogs: Force Armor, +35% of player life, cooldown reduced from 60s to 45s Pet Nerfs (Procs majorly nerfed) Gargantuan can no longer generate procs. Zombie Dogs Rabid Dogs proc coefficient reduced from 1.0 to 0.1 (only 1/10th as effective), Burning Dogs reduced from 1.0 to 0.05 (onlt 1/20th as effective). Force Armor Do not be misled by the example given on the Preview: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6923459/Patch_104_Preview_Witch_Doctor-8_16_2012 ... This is not an accurate example! The example uses really bad armor and resistances, at 45% and 30% damage reduction respectively. The example closely resembles a glass-cannon Witch Doctor which focuses mostly on dps. For them, the zombie dog taking 5.5 hits to die is a pretty good deal. But for someone who focuses strongly on armor and resistances, dogs will take more than 20 hits to die. Example of dog survivability using my stats (check my profile): Damage Reduction from armor: 70.58% Damage Reduction from Resistances: 74.78% Dog base health: 10,000 Max damage dog will take per hit= 10,000 * 0.2942 * 0.2522 = 741 20% damage reduction from Jungle Fortitude = 741 * 0.8 = 593.58 Dog modified health: 10,000 + (35% of player 10,000 health) = 13,500 Dogs will take 13,500/594 = 22 hits to die. Dogs will only take 594 damage per hit with my stats in 1.0.4. They will take more than 20 hits to die, way more than the 5.5 given in the example. I also have 2381 life regeneration, so in theory, their life shouldn't even take a dent until 4 mobs start to attack each dog. Current theory is, there is no change in gear stats priority. Best defensive stats are still to increase your damage reduction by stacking armor/resistances, then stack Life Regeneration. But that is just a theory, please share your findings if you disagree with this theory. __________________________________________ This thread contains useful information about pets, including how to make them survive more than one hit. Yes, pets can survive in Inferno. Feel free to suggest any useful information to be added. TLDR Version: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6246946715#2 Terihlon#1660 wants to test a 4-Witch Doctor CC-fest for Inferno Act 3. If interested, please add him to your friends list. Updates 17th August: Witch Doctor 1.0.4 patch preview. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6923459/Patch_104_Preview_Witch_Doctor-8_16_2012 Table of Contents 1. My Pets Die In 1 Hit. Pets Suck! 2. Basic Information of Pets 3. The CC Build 4. Inferno Mode 1. My Pets Die In 1 hit. Pets Suck! No they do not suck. This is a very common misconception about our pets that happens due to wrong gear, and it is precisely why this guide was created to clear this up. Pets currently need some buffs but they are not as useless as people claim. The reason why your pets are dying is because your gear does not have defensive stats to benefit them. Witch Doctors instinctively stack intelligence to increase their damage. They naturally ignore defensive stats. The problem is our pets scale off our defensive stats like armor and dodge, and because your gear lacks them, that is why they are dying. To make your pets survive better, stack things that will make YOU survive better, like strength (improves armor), dexterity (improved dodge), intelligence (improves resistances), armor, resistances and Life Regeneration. Vitality and Block do not benefit your pets. With proper gear, it is possible for your pets to survive comfortably up to Inferno Act 1. They can survive in Acts 2, 3 and 4 but it will be difficult. Pets currently cannot work against bosses like Belial and Ghom. 2. Basic Information of Pets Approximate Health of Pets at Level 60 Dog = ~11000 life (11355.85 according to data mining sites) Gargantuan = ~31500 life (32445.3 according to data mining sites) Defensive Stat Priority Note: The ideal ratio of Armor to Resistances is 10:1. Don't follow this rule, use it as a guide. E.g. 7500 armor and 750 resistances has the same overall damage reduction as 6000 armor and 926 resistances. 7500 armor and 750 resistance is slightly more efficient, but it is not necessarily easier to aim for than 6000 armor and 926 resistances. 1. Stun/Freeze/Fear/Knock Back Stops an enemy from attacking your pets, thus completely avoiding damage. See the CC Build section below for more information. 2a. Armor/Strength Armor reduces all damage, not just physical damage. Armor is a more efficient stat because it exists in higher numbers than Strength. 2b. Resist All Resist All reduces not just magic damage, even physical damage because there is a Physical Resistance stat. 3. Life Regeneration (Must take Fierce Loyalty Passive) Due to diminishing returns of damage reduction from either armor or resistance, and due to there being a max to how much you can get, it is not possible to stack enough to reduce damage to a manageable amount for your pets. After reaching a certain damage reduction, Life Regeneration will be a more efficient stat to keep your pets alive. 4. Intelligence Increases all resistance by 10% of the Intelligence value. Also increases your damage. 5. Vitality (Must take Fierce Loyalty Passive) Note, vitality DOES NOT increase your pets' health. It does not benefit your pet directly. But, it can indirectly help your pets by using Spirit Walk (Healing Journey), which converts 7% of your Maximum Life into Life Regeneration, which does benefit your pets if you have the Fierce Loyalty Passive. Optional Defensive Stats Individual Resists Outside of Resist All, you can get additional individual resists. Poison, Fire and Electric are more important because champions with Plagued, Desecrated and Electrified affixes do very high aoe damage. Dexterity Dodge completely stops and attack but it is unreliable. It also suffers from heavy diminishing returns. Up to 100 Dexterity, 1 dexterity = 0.1% dodge. But from 100 to 500 Dexterity, 1 dexterity = 0.025% dodge. Offensive Stat Priority 1. Intelligence Intelligence is the main offensive stat. 2. Bleed Bleed is a good offensive stat because it stacks. Due to the proc nature of Witch Doctors that can trigger something as low as 5% into something that happens 80% of the time, something like Bleed chance which can be as high as 33%, will stack to very high amounts. A single bleed tick of 60 damage can stack up to 1000+ damage if lucky. 3. The CC Build Warning: Procs from Witch Doctor spells will be majorly nerfed in patch 1.0.4. This build will no longer be as effective. The CC Build was discovered during brainstorming in the previous thread as people tried to make the Witch Doctor's pets work in Inferno. CC stands for "Crowd Control", which is something that temporarily disables an enemy like stun or freeze. The CC Build thus involves stacking CC stats in order to apply lots of CCs to enemies. The small % chance of CCs like stun and freeze are deceptive, because the Witch Doctor can make it happen like 80% of the time. This is due to the unique fact that the Witch Doctor has pets, and can generate relatively more hits than other classes through them. The Witch Doctor can apply CCs through his spells, his pet attacks, and his pet auras. With the CC build, a single boss can even CCed so much that he barely gets out an attack, resulting in a slow but safe victory. The CC build should also work well in co-op games because ranged classes like the wizard and the demon hunter will enjoy safely killing enemies from a distance while your pets tank and CC them. CCs From Gear Not all gear can have all possible CCs. Most of the item slots can have only one possible CC, with the exception of weapons and off-hands which can have all types. Here are the CCs that you can get from gear. It is not necessary to get all, but the more the better because certain enemies are immune to certain CCs. Amulet - Chance to Blind on Hit (Stat exists but search criteria isn't available) Belt - Chance to Freeze on Hit Boots - Chance to Immobilize on Hit Bracers - Chance to Knockback on Hit Gloves - Chance to Stun on Hit Helm - Chance to Fear on Hit Pants - Chance to Slow on Hit Shoulders - Chance to Chill on Hit Weapon - Bleed Chance + all of the above CCs Off-Hand - Bleed Chance + all of the above CCs Important CCs Stun To stop enemies from moving or attacking your pets, increasing survivability. Freeze Same as Stun, but has a chance to be removed if a frozen enemy is damaged. Fear Makes enemies run away from you. Fear is as good as stun or freeze in stopping enemies from attacking you, only that it makes enemies run away. Blind Causes enemies to miss their attacks on you. More enemies are immune to it and currently there is no search option for amulets for that stat in the AH. Knock Back Makes your enemies fly away from you, briefly delaying their attack while airborne. Optional CCs Chill Slows attack speed and movement speed. Useful to prevent enemies from running away or reaching you, and slows down enemy dps. Immobilize Stops enemies from moving. Useful to stop enemies from running away or reaching you. Slow Slows movement speed. Useful to prevent enemies from running away or reaching you. Abilities to Use Not all spells have the same chance to make a CC happen. Some abilities can make CCs happen more than others. The chance to apply CCs seems to loosely follow the numbers found in the Witch Doctor Life Leech Per Hit, By Skill thread by Karisu. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5271499223 Important Abilities and Runes Gargantuan + Big Stinker Rune (15% area poison damage per second). Best area damage rune for Gargantuan to trigger CCs. Summon Zombie Dogs + Burning Dogs Rune (2% area fire damage per second). Best area damage rune for dogs to trigger CCs. Firebomb + Fire Pit Rune (8% area fire damage per second for 3 seconds). Cheap main attack spell to generate CCs. Plague of Toads + Rain of Toads Rune (130% area poison damage over 2 seconds). Expensive main attack spell to generate CCs. Better in damage and can do damage over obstacles like walls. But costs more mana than Firebomb. Use this instead of Firebomb if you have a lot of mana. Spirit Walk + Healing Journey (7% of Maximum Life converted to Life Regeneration) Almost compulsory ability for all Witch Doctors to escape danger. Combined with Fierce Loyalty passive skill, this is your pets' health pot! It will heal them for a lot. Optional Abilities and Runes Corpse Spiders + Spider Queen Rune (16% area poison damage per second). Good "damage-over-time" aoe to generate CCs, lasts 15 seconds per cast. Horrify + Frightening Aspect (Extra 100% armor for 8 seconds) Good defensive ability that will chase away enemies that get close to you. Also keeps your pets alive longer by increasing their armor for short periods of time. Big Bad Voodoo + Ghost Trance Rune (Heals 2% health per second for 20 seconds). Faster personal attack speed means your main ability will trigger CCs more, and the heals are useful to keep your pets alive. Hex + Hedge Magic (Periodically heals allies.) Good defensive ability that will hex any enemy that gets close to you. Also keeps your pets alive through heals. Recommended Passive Skills Jungle Fortitude (Reduces damage taken by you and pets by 20%). Keeps pets alive longer. Dead pets don't generate CC. Zombie Handler (Extra dog and health of pets increased by 20%). Extra dog is useful to generate extra CC. Also keeps pets alive longer. Fierce Loyalty (Pets benefit 100% from Life Regeneration and Thorns). The only way to heal pets to keep them alive longer. Optional Passive Skills Bad Medicine (Reduces enemy damage by 20% for 3 seconds if you inflict poison damage to them) Keeps pets alive longer. Dead pets don't generate CC. But it is a bit limited because you are forced to use poison damage, and there is no guarantee that you will hit enemies with it before they hit your pets. Due to dogs having only 11000 health, Zombie Handler passive will give your pets roughly the same effective health as Bad Medicine, but Zombie Handler gives you an additional dog for dps and CC. Blood Ritual (1% of Max Life as Life Regeneration) Use in combination with Fierce Loyalty and a very high Life for good pet healing. Pierce the Veil (Damage increased 20%, mana costs increased 30%) The best defense is a good offense, kill your enemies before your pets die. Recommended Follower Level 1 to 45: Templar The Templar's Loyalty skill is the only ability that can reliably heal your pets before you get Fierce Loyalty at level 45. Level 45 to 60: Sorceress Once you get Fierce Loyalty, you can get a much higher Life Regeneration for your pets than what the Templar can give at level 60 (only 155). The Sorceress' Power Armor (+15% armor) is thus more valuable after that point in keeping your pets alive. 4. Inferno Mode This section will attempt to guide you with a CC build in Inferno Mode. For Inferno Mode, enemy damage and defenses are increased, but their damage is increased far more than their defenses. This means that ironically, your damage is the key to your pets survival, where the best defense is a good offense comes to mind. You kill enemies long before they can kill your pets. Keep in mind that Inferno is the hardest difficulty mode and it is not possible to steamroll it unless you have superior gear. You are still expected to die despite your best efforts, but it is not impossible. Ways to Combat Elite Affixes Arcane Enchanted - Surprisingly, pets are nearly immune to arcane sentries and can stand in them. They are considered "environmental damage" which pets take reduced damage from. Move away if one spawns near you. Avenger - Harmless. Desecrator - Desecrator tends to target YOU rather than your pets. Heavy CC may reduce the frequency of desecration on the ground. Move away if one is on your feet. Navigate yourself in such a way that pets won't step on them when attacking elites. Electrified - Difficult because despite being CCed, they will still throw out electric charges. Prepare to move back often to give your pets breathing space while Life Regeneration heals them. Try to push them back through Fear and Knock backs. Use Spirit Walk and Horrify as much as possible. Extra Health - Harmless. Just takes longer to kill them. Fast - Your pets should keep them pinned down and prevent them from reaching you most of the time. Fire Chains - Try to keep them at the edge of your screen through firebombs which will trigger fear and knockback. This will ensure that your pets are always in front of them and won't be in the path of fire chains too much. Frozen - Heavy CC may reduce the frequency of frozen orbs. If they do spawn, time your Horrify and Spirit Walk so that your pets take reduced damage. Health Link - Harmless. They take longer to die, but they die together. Horde - Be prepared to move back to prevent minions from swarming you. Illusionist - Be prepared to move back to prevent illusions from swarming you. Kill illusions off quickly. Invulnerable Minions - These are difficult because they often ignore your pets and aim for you. Be prepared to escape a lot using Spirit Walk and Horrify, while trying your best to kill the main elite. Jailer - Harmless on its own, but can be dangerous with other dangerous affixes like Arcane Enchanted and Desecrator. Save Spirit Walk to escape. Knockback - Harmless. Missile Dampening - Harmless, but be prepared to move in to damage elites, since fire bombs are dampened. Molten - Use fire bombs to keep elites at the edge of the screen so that your pets can pin them there and prevent them from getting molten. Watch out for their explosions once they die. Mortar - Move in to avoid damage, but can be very dangerous when combined with other affixes like Arcane Enchanted. Try to pin them against a wall while you dps down, to prevent them from getting feared or knocked back. Nightmarish - Harmless. Plagued - Heavy CC can reduce the frequency of plague pools. When one spawns, quickly use Horrify to save your pets, and Spirit Walk one screen away so that your pets will respawn next to you. Be prepared to kite a lot to move your pets out of plague pools. Shielding - Not as bad as invulnerable minions but can be annoying. Shielded elites can still be CCed. Focus fire on non-shielded elites to kill them off faster. Teleporter - Harmless on its own but can mess up your attempts to herd all the elites together. Use Horrify, Spirit Walk or Hex to escape if one teleports near to you. Thorns - Harmless because a Pet CC Build naturally has low dps and any reflected damage can be healed by Life Regeneration easily. Vampiric - Harmless on its own but can be problematic if combined with aoe affixes like electrified, desecrator and plague pools, all of which can heal them. Be prepared to kite to prevent pets from taking too much damage. Vortex - Can be very dangerous if combined with Arcane Enchanted. Save Spirit Walk to escape once vortexed. Try to stay far off screen to prevent from getting vortexed. Waller - Can be dangerous if combined with Arcane Enchanted and Desecrator. Also annoying because Fire Bombs cannot pass through walls but Rain of Toads can. Save Spirit Walk to escape dangerous situations. Act 1 Here are the bare minimum numbers that I had to beat the Butcher in Inferno Mode. It is recommended to get higher numbers, but if it is too expensive, it is still possible to beat the Butcher. Entry-Level Numbers Damage: 10,000 Armor: 3200 Dodge: 19% Resistances: 550 Life: 15,000 Life Regen: 500 11% combined chance for Stun and Freeze Abilities Firebomb + Fire Pit Hex + Hedge Magic Summon Zombie Dogs + Burning Dogs Rune Gargantuan + Big Stinker Rune Spirit Walk + Jaunt Horrify + Frightening Aspect Passive Skills Jungle Fortitude Fierce Loyalty Pierce the Veil Follower Sorceress Strategy The main strategy of the CC build is to CC-lock your mobs to death. This build should be effective against 99% of normal mobs, simple Champions and bosses, so they are not an issue. Champion Packs Against Champion Packs with strong aoe combinations like plagued, molten, electrified and frozen, you have to semi-kite them. You cannot CC lock them because your pets cannot survive too much aoe damage from them, and you have to keep moving away in order to force them to move out of dangerous aoe. While you are moving away, the Champions will try to move towards you. During that brief kiting process, your pets are still attacking them, and their damage is pretty good if you have at least 10,000 damage. But you should try to stop and throw a few fire bombs at them to help out your pets. Your pets will still die with this strategy, but you must keep kiting till the cooldown is up to re-summon them. It is possible to kill most champions before the "Out of time" debuff appears, even those with Extra Health modifier. Use Horrify to chase away Champions that reach you, or use them for the huge armor bonus once you know your pets is about to take heavy damage, like frozen orbs materializing or a plague pool is spawned. Use Spirit Walk to escape dangerous situations. Hex will occasionally heal your pets and also hex any Champion that gets near you. Butcher Stay in melee range. By staying in melee range, you will prevent him from doing his hook which is followed up by a hook smash. You may survive it, but your dogs won't. And you need your dogs alive in order to CC lock him. In melee range, he will just do his normal melee attack and a rabbit-hop followed by a smash. Always position him so that he is facing away from his pets, so that when his charge happens, it won't hit any of your pets. If 10,000 damage is not be enough before the entire room fills with fire (soft enrage), you can swap out Hex and Horrify for other damage abilities. In order to compensate for the low suggested stat numbers, you have to be more pro-active in avoiding damage and keeping your pets alive in Inferno. Obviously bigger numbers are better and will make life easier. Act 2 This setup can get you to Kulle. Numbers Damage: 10,000 Bleed: 33.6% for 1471-2618 damage Armor: 6500 Dodge: 22% Resistances: 650 Life: 20,000 Life Regen: 1500 15.5% combined chance for Stun, Freeze, Fear, Knockback Abilities Firebomb + Fire Pit Big Bad Voodoo + Ghost Trance Summon Zombie Dogs + Burning Dogs Rune Gargantuan + Big Stinker Rune Spirit Walk +Healing Journey Horrify + Frightening Aspect Passive Skills Jungle Fortitude Fierce Loyalty Zombie Handler Follower Sorceress Strategy The bees at the start are probably the most difficult mobs in the game due to their bullets which should be avoided. Strategically use Horrify, Spirit Walk and even Big Bad Voodoo to help your pets last a few seconds of those bullets. Zoltun Kulle Zoltun Kulle is as easy as elites, except for his ceiling debris and tornadoes. At the start, use Big Bad Voodoo and position yourself in such a way that both you and your pets are in it. Kill the 2 golems first. You should survive almost anything that Kulle throws at you while Big Bad Voodoo lasts. After Big Bad Voodoo expires, if you see tornadoes, quickly move away. Tornadoes will kill your pets quickly. If Horrify and Spirit Walk are ready, use them to move away faster. Once both golems are dead, pin Kulle against a wall and CC/dps as normal. Move away from tornadoes if they appear. Belial Currently I do not know the strategy to beat Belial with the pet CC build. I had to switch to spamming zombie bears to beat him.Peter485 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 What is the Best Primary Skill for WD? in your opinion.. What is the Best Primary Skill + Rune for WD? and why? im using plague of toad (rain of toads) right now, aoe and i can attack anywhere even with walls, but i think my damage is a bit low because theres no crit damage i also try explosive toads, high damage but short range and slow need helpKalokuh12 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 I could use a review of my WD I don't know, Ive been swapping between my Skorn and a 1000+ gidbinn and a Totd; and I believe I have a pretty decent WD considering the lack of Spirit walk or sacrifice..... Could use feedback on it though? I'm torn between the dmg (I already dont die very often at all up to MP 5-6 soloing,) and switching for the attack speed and adding fetish syco's (I regularly have 5-7 up)Dankman3 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 is there any build possible without loh or ls is there any build possible without loh or ls? i want to use high dps skorn without life steal can it be possible?Insence15 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Can we put Homunculus affixes on a real mojo? Not that Bliz ever reads this forum or actually plays a WD (which means another post in vain). But why in the hell are we the only class that has to farm a friggin' ilvl 57 (which of course requires us to farm hell, which NOBODY effing does) and sacrifice half our paper dps to play what is arguably the best spec for the class? My only rational answer is everybody would do it if it was even remotely accessible. Oh well, this post will just be another one chalked up to sport bltching.SilentMike6918 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 15, 2013 Buff to make wd good for farming I like the class, and am a huge fan of the pets. One thing i would like to see is make the witch doctor able to keep up speed wise with the other classes (mainly barbs) is an alteration to gruesome feast. I know we have spirit walk for movement, which is great, but even with grave injustice on we can not always keep the cooldown on it off. I want to see the passive gruesome feast also get a stack of 5% movement speed per health globe for 10 seconds. This passive would then help for farming, keep damage going with the intelligence boost, and return mana if you are picking up health globes fast enough.JohnnyKenned5 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Mojo and Helm Choice I've been trying to decide whether I want to aim for a Zunimassa's String of Skulls and a Visage of Giyua, or go with Zunimassa's Vision and a Ukhapian Serpent. The visage, of course, nets me mana regen and crit chance, which I can't get with vision. However, the serpent and a crit chance vision seem to allow for solid damage and allow for better survivability with more Vit and life %, etc... I have a decent Zunimassa's string now, but I'm wondering if I wouldn't be better off getting a serpent and going for a more balanced build. Thoughts?Pyrogoat6 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Well of Souls Build? Hey guys, I've heard that well of souls builds are really powerful, and they're especially popular for running ubers, but I'm not sure what people are using outside of WoS. I've tried to putting together a build with WoS and rush of essence in the past, but with a 4 piece zuni's and mana regen on the helm, I have trouble keeping enough mana up to spam acid cloud and spirit barage. Is there a secret to this build? Do i need a certain amount of mana regen before I can use it, or can someone link me a skill calculator build that they use so i can make sure i'm not just running the wrong passives or something? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.DocShock1 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 which 4th piece of Zuni's to get? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/mellojoe-1495/hero/4356198 I'm at a crossroads: I've got my 3 Zuni bonus, and I'd really like that 4th. But, the helm seems stupidly expensive, and I'd lose even MORE allresists. At one point, I was well over 900 All-Res, but in my pursuit of higher DPS, I've lost a little. I'm still at 800, but just barely. My Tal Rasha's helm is fairly nice (5% crit chance, socket, nearly 200 int, plus armor and All-res), and finding a similar Zuni helm seems like it would be way, way, way out of my reach. Either I'm going to lose the All-res or I'm going to lose the Crit Chance. On the other hand, there is the Zuni mojo. I love my Thing of the Deep. Pickup radius is nice, plus over 300 vitality. Replacing that will drop my life by like 14000 or so. OUCH. But, I can probably find a String of Skulls with a bit higher DPS, plus the extra mana-regen for more Bears/Acid Clouds. What do you guys vote for? Helm? Mojo? What would benefit me more?mellojoe4 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 How did you get your set gear? Hey guys, just curious how everyone got their Zuni sets. Not just anything but the good stuff that gets you over 130K DPS. I've got a lot of game hours in and so far this was what has dropped: Zuni chest x1 Zuni boots x1 Zuni helm x2 (crappy ones) Zuni pox 0 Zuni mojo 0 I'm seeing lots of players which under 5-8K elite kills and overall time is fairly low. That said I started in release where drops were worse. It's possible I guess but really wondering if people have done the RMAH or just got lucky and found everything. Or done like me and found other class gear, sold and got their Zuni stuff. A really good Pox has always been out of reach for me. CheersShockwave20 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 194k unbuff DT/ww barb gearset for WD set. I really miss playing my WD so I'd like to trade my barbs gear for a WD set. My barb current has 194k unbuffed sheet dps with over 260k buffed dps and is set up for double nado/permawrath for lots of dps. Hes able to solo mp7-8 without any problems. Add me ingame, my battletag is HandGestures#1375 or you can post here. Thanks. I'd rather not part any equipment out, I'd like to do a straight up gear for gear trade. I'd prefer a zombiebear type gear set.HandGestures3 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 The new Ruby and pet builds Just curious if the number crunchers have put thought into this? I know we won't have a full answer until we see the values of the new Ruby, but I'm curious what people think. Will a pet-heavy build gain more from the Ruby? Or will it be dependent on weapon choice, not skill choice?R2C21 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Stats for inferno Without looking at my build (which I change a lot, so no use in posting), would you say that I should look for better gear if these are my stats: str: 341 dex: 156 int: 1053 vit: 745 dmg: 1639 hp: 22k mana: 843 I do alright until I run into a group of elites or a rare, then it becomes a wipe fest no matter what strategy I employ.Fearravine21 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Looking for 0cd zombie dog gear as title states. please msg me in game Jung#1575 thanks!Jung4 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 locust swarm stacking... can it still be done? I thought this was working at some point by changing int values with sh.ChuckNorris3 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Highest Proc Spell! Hey guys, I have been having some trouble with reflect mobs but I just got some LOH and what not. Is Acid Cloud the highest LOH proc? What should I use to proc LOH a lotCerious6 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 upgrade for casual player Hi all, I am wanting to bump my dps up and be able to tank a little to at least mp5-7, so I was wondering if any one could tell me the best way to do this on a budget of 80 mill. What is my weakest gear to start with...... thanks in advanceKiwiMustang3 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 RoT/Acid Rain Gear advice Well currently im sitting at 110k dmg unbuffed with full buffs on(SH/bbv) I can hit 200k....I'm looking to upgrade some gear and need advice doing so. I have 596-643 resists 37.8khp 1.75 atk per sec 590LoH 2.9% LS Looking at my gear the only choices I see that could increase my dmg just dont seem like its gonna be all that great for the money. Ive been thinking of dropping the gloves im currently wearing and picking up a pair with better cc/cd and int which is a slight upgrade maybe and im also looking to invest in getting a lacuni with cc on....but would it be better to drop the lacuni maybe pick up a high int/cc strongarm and keep the gloves ive got now or no? lol My ideal dmg im trying to hit is 140-150k if possible any suggestions would be great even on other slot sides gloves/bracersKellasik6 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 One Sick offhand So I killed the seigebreaker in Act 3 and he dropped one of the best offhands I have seen for leveling. Echo Claim +6-7 dmg +53 intel 7% MF +44 max mana + 4 mana per second regen +11 exp on monster kill And a socket. Level 25 Required I will probably be using this until I find or buy a legendary one. Any idea on price of it after I find an upgrade? Also topaz in the socket or something else? It's my B-day and this was a GREAT present from diablo!Idahowolfcub5 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Would Lacuni Prowlers be a big upgrade? Is it worth it to spend 80mill+ to get some cc int lacunis?BenjaNoob2 Jan 14, 2013