Witch Doctor

Jan 6, 2013 WD's need melee reduction too Title says it all. Let's now understand why? Firstly, why do Barbs and monks get a Melee reduction? Because they both have to go toe to toe to deal damage, as their attacks are short ranged. Now let's look at the Witch Doctor Yes, he can cast skills from a distance. But he can't be effective at a distance, in order to maximise their damage potential, they need to get close. Soul Harvest: Just about the number 1 skill used by WD's, but in order to get 5 stacks, you will need to be IN a group as you cast it. Yes, we have Spirit Walk, but if you use that to get in amongst the monsters, you have wasted your escape tool, unless you run in, pop SH, then run out, but against Teleport/Vortex/Waller/Jailer affixes or natural monster abilities, you really can't do this. Gruesome Feast: Again, even with 20 yards PU bonus, you're are required to be a very short distance from monsters to gather the globes as they appear, waiting until the battle is over to collect them is USELESS, as the extremely short duration means you'll lose the buff before the next attack. Grave injustice: As above, although you get a bonus 8 yards. Even at 28 yards though, you are still required to be standing very close to monsters. Locust Swarm: Spreads quickly, but the first class is basically point blank range. Mass Confusion: Another skill that is centred on the player, about the same range as SH, ie right next to monsters. BBV: Required to stand within a short distance of the totem to be effective. So, while ostensibly, we are a ranged class, a lot of our important skills, those skills needed in order to operate at the most efficient level, require WD's to close in. The monsters in the game are also extremely efficient at closing ranged gaps, leaping Lacuni/burrowers, teleporting Phasebeasts, fast (SO fast) Betrayed/Accursed, narrow corridors and dead-end tunnels all make kiting at range difficult for ALL ranged classes, but we have to get up so close we can smell the stink of their foetid breath. Therefore, WD's need a Melee reduction. OR a total rethink of all the aforementioned skills. But honestly, the damage reduction is much easier to implement.Yxalitis9 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 soul harvest.. why dosent it stack?.... whats wrong with blizard... make it stack so we can use it correctly..Lilamma14 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 WD who quit before 1.04 seeking help well before i quit i tried many bears/glass cannon builds but non seem to fit until i tried tankdoctor which was pretty good but boring , so im thinking of rejoining but not sure of the current build/itemblack2 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 [Build] Proc(ing) Bear Build - For Comments I was originally a 'Proctor' and realized that I wear down mobs in MP7+ too slowly to my liking with just Rain of Toads and Acid Rain. Therefore, I thought of incorporating Zombie Bears into 'Proctor' build for added damage. Below are the gears/skills required and concepts of this build. Equipments Required:- 1) 4 piece Zuni set (including Zuni mojo with mana cost reduction to zombie bears). 2) Visage of Giyua (preferably with native CC and +acid rain CC) 3) A ceremonial knife(for +mana regen) or any other weapon with life-steal to deal with reflect damage mobs when using Zombie Bears. 4) Blackthorne Pants(for life on hit proc when using Rain of Toads/Acid Rain) 5) Gloves with Chance to Stun above 3% 6) Belt with Chance to Freeze above 3% 7) Shoulders with Chance to Chill above 3% 8) Amulet with life on hit. Note:- I chose a one-handed weapon over Skorn because Zombie Bears feels less 'clumsy' with higher attack speeds(<1.4). You can maneuver the Bears more deftly when encountering elites with Vortex, Teleport or Illusion affixes. With mana regeneration from Helm, Off-hand, Vision Quest, Zuni 4 piece(+20/seconds) and Blood Ritual. This build can support 1.3-1.6 attack speed per seconds well within limits. Faster attack speed will also activate LOH and procs from Rain of Toads more frequently. Moreover, extra critical chance from off-hand benefits damage over time+area of effect from Acid Rain. Recommended Minimum Stats for MP7+ with this Build:- 1) Life: 40k+ 2) Armor: 4k+ 3) All Resist: 750+ 4) Attacks per second: 1.3 - 1.6 5) DPS: 90k+ (unbuffed) 6) Life Steal: 2.5%+ 7) Life on Hit: 1000+ Note:- With my current gears/stats, MP10 Siegebreaker is still quite tough to handle. I estimate dps of minimum 140k, armor 4700, all res 850 and life 60k to clear MP10 comfortably. Skills:- 1) Plague of Toads > Rain of Toads 2) Zombie Charger > Zombie Bears 3) Acid Cloud > Acid Rain 4) Spirit Walk > Honored Guest 5) Soul Harvest > Vengeful Spirit or Soul to Waste 6) Gargantuan > Bruiser or Hex > Jinx Note:- Gargantuan dies very frequently in MP9&10, usually after 2 waves of mobs sometimes based on my current gears/stats. It can be substituted by Hex for its shorter cooldown. Passives:- 1) Vision Quest 2) Blood Ritual 3) Bad Medicine/Jungle Fortitude/Gruesome Feast/Spirit Vessel Note:- This build uses all Poison-based attacks, thus making good usage of Bad Medicine passive for damage mitigation. But you can swap out Bad Medicine for: A) Jungle Fortitude as alternative if you are using pets. B) Gruesome Feast if you have some pick up radius gears. C) Spirit Vessel for MP9&10 due to the higher monster hit points. Spirit Walk and Soul Harvest cooldown 2 seconds is very useful as it lets you 'replenish your mana pool' every 13 seconds. When the Spirit Walk cooldown is nearing, start spamming Acid Rain with the Zombie Bears concurrently. When mana is depleted, Spirit Walk(Honored Guest) to refill your mana, rinse and repeat. Moreover, Spirit Vessel gives you a 'free life' every 90 seconds. Concept:- 1) Proc(Freeze/Stun/Chill) using Rain of Toads+Acid Rain to slow enemies movements/attacks that are in front of you. 2) Life on Hit and Life Steal gears to 'tank' almost all kinds of elite fights. Reflect Damage becomes a joke and wallers can be dealt with Rain of Toads. 3) Rain of Toad activates Vision Quest besides proc(ing), enabling you to cast Zombie Bears almost without straining your mana pool. I have roughly 120 mana regen per second using my current setup, excluding mana cost reduction from Blood Ritual. 4) Zombie Bears to deal main damage and you can throw Acid Cloud for 3-prong attack i.e. additional damage and proc(ing) as and when you see deem fit. 5) The Freeze/Stun/Chill proc makes mobs stay longer in the area of effect of Acid Rain. Strategy:- 1) Start by casting Acid Rain on incoming mobs(hoping to proc freeze/stun/chill to slow down incoming mobs). 2) Move into midst of mobs with Spirit Walk to use Soul Harvest then move out. 3) Start using Rain of Toads(left-click) to activate Vision Quest and procs while using Zombie Bears(stutter step right-click) for main damage. 4) Use Acid Rain(middle-click) as and when you like during the fight. 5) You can also opt out Zombie Bears during fights when the tough gets going i.e. just using Rain of Toads/Acid Rain and stay in the distance until you can get closer again to use Zombie Bears. Note:- With 1.51 attacks per second, I find that I hardly run out of mana in MP7+ (unless I start spamming Acid Rain). Fellow witch doctors with better gears can probably use slightly higher attack speeds. I find this build extremely fun, versatile and seems to be rather capable to handle some of the toughest elite fights and therefore like to share with fellow witch doctors. Thanks for reading. Comments are most welcomed :)Choobie16 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Beat Inferno with a "fun" build Today I beat Inferno with a "fun" build I have been using. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#bhUkVT!Zad!acaZZZ First off, let me emphasize that this is a fun build, not one to zerg inferno mp10. When the first info on the classes came out for this game, I said "I'm going to play a pet build on the Witch Doctor!". I started with that, but we all know how bad the pets were originally. So, I switched to the Zombie Bears build for a while. Sure it worked, but I didn't have much fun playing it. So, I decided to switch back to the pets once they started improving them. With the help of my barbarian beating inferno (in less than a month, cause they are OP), I had a little bit of extra gold plus a character that can farm it easily. So, I bought a few upgrades for my WD. Nothing too expensive, nothing over 750,000g. As for the build, you'll see almost everything is geared either towards buffing the pets or keeping me alive. I have no way of creating the dogs, however with the passive skill they come quickly enough. So, all I have to do is get out there and start killing baddies. I let my pets get the aggro and do some damage, while I sit back and spam my spiders and locusts. The locusts are great at AOE. I can't count how many times my pets would form a wall for me, I would run up and spray the locusts and sit back (laughing maniacally) as they spread throughout the entire crowd. THIS is how I envisioned playing a WD to be. As for the gear, the off-hand was probably the most important piece. It gave me some decent Intel, Vit, and Crit chance, but most importantly it gave me +20 to my pickup radius. This is important for the passive skill to create the dogs. One thing that is blatantly obvious about my character is its HP. I easily have double the HP on this character over any other of mine. This is because your Vitality passes onto your pets. The more you have, the more they have. With as much Vitality as I have, it was pretty rare for my dogs to die let alone my Gargantuan! The good thing about this gear was that since it applied to a build that almost no one uses, it was pretty cheap. So: TL:DR - You can have fun, and success, with your own builds as long as you aren't expecting to zerg mp10! (oh yeah, and gear helps many builds)Trollox0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Blizzard teach me to beat RD mobs in high MP It's not another RD QQ thread. I just want to know how can a WD do this? "I am doing around 1mil critical damage, and it one shot myself." a WD said. You may ask players to gear up and L2P, right? With 3% LS, 10k armor, 500AR, the WD still get killed by RD. The better the gears, the damage also becomes higher. 3% LS is the maximum unless using a 2h weapon. You won't want everyone to use 6% LS weapon in case to beat the game as you promoted diversity. Most of the WD have around 3k-4k armor. When we have better gears to reach 5k armor, and pop the 100% armor buff from FA , we can have 10k armor. But does it help much? Doing 1mil AoE critical damage to RD mobs will kill yourself although you have the near end- game gears. So Blizzard, tell me how you play this game?twinsbuster5 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 I feel like I'm taking the wrong approach... Gear wise that is... I feel like I'm focusing too much on DPS rather than a well rounded WD. Is there any WD that can really withstand MP10 Ubers/Elites and such? If so, some advice for gearing up would be appreciated. By the way, my profile doesn't show it but I upp'd my Zuni ring to now include CC ThanksAlcohol8 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Haunt and Acid clound question -About haunt are these two rune skill effect (consuming spirit and draining spirit) can be stack more if I cast it on more than one target? -About acid clound if there are more than 1 Rain WD in party cast acid rain in same place do damage from two poison pool stack? I already know that 1 WD spam acid clound damage poison pool not stack only LOH proc stack. thanks for any answerExia0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Are We The Worst Class? Serious post, not trying to troll or anything. This is just my opinion, so don't take it to fact. Anyway, I have not beaten the entire game yet so I can't speak from all experience but I am currently on act 3 Inferno: Heart of Sin quest. I run with: ~450 resist all, with 1 resist at 520 and one at 600, 2800 armor, 36k HP, 35k dps and 2.2attacks/sec. I use splinters, rain of toads, GotD, Zombie Wall, Horrify and Spirit Walk as my skills. It takes a very long time to down mobs just kiting them around (compared to other 2 ranged classes). My most damaging spell (Zombie Bears) I can't use because if I get close enough to mobs I will die and kiting with it still requires being somewhat close so it is risky. Dire Bats doesn't really compare in damage to bears and is very mana costly, can't see using it without VQ. Our CC spells (GotD, Zombie Wall, Hex, Fear, Confusion, etc...) have reduced duration on elites it seems and the options I feel I am left with is only splinters which is a forced kiting build that takes to long to down mobs. Anyway, do you guys feel we are underpowered compared to the other 4 classes. DHs blow us up in dps as do wizards. Monks and barbs are melee so they are usually forced to be tanky but they can atleast sustain themselves to take hits while they kill the mob. I feel we are forced to very specific builds unless we have ~100mil to buy the gear we need to be able to run a high dps build and stay alive, not saying other classes don't rely on gear but I think we do more so then others. We are the only class that uses our resource(mana) to attack with our primary skills(dart,toads,spiders,firebomb) and since most of us use "Pierce the Veil" lets not forget to tack another 30% to our mana costs. I do think we have good CC spells compared to other classes but that is all that seems better. Our damage is lackluster, our pets aren't even the best (monk pet better), and we seen to be the most "squishy"/death-prone. What do you think?Spounge142 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Gear for a Witch Doctor I just started leveling my witch doctor on normal with monster power 10 and i was just wondering what sort of gear i should be getting type and stats wise if anyone pro can tell me that would be great ok thx.Loa0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Need info on WD 40(Para) gear dps setup I have WD 40(Para) right now and have been working on this class for a bit, i have switched gears alot and have come across and item that i sold for 200 mil. My current dps is 75k which is pretty low from other WD's i have seen. Now that I am in some gold, i would like to create a high dps class, can anybody give me some advice on a great setup for my WD(Item wise)? Thank you!MatcoRoll1 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Finding Homunculus ? Trying to find one. Based on item level 57, been looking in A3 Hell at MP 10 with full mf. Finding legendaries but no homu. Looking in right place ? Sugestions ?Hoya3 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Limited on Funds Help Pretty new to the game very low on funds about 6mil atm what should be my next upgrade for best possible dps increase. Thanks :)Shogun6 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 can i get some feedback on my WD build? anyone else use a similar build? im also looking to break 100k dps, so any suggestions would be appreciated. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/nemonic187-1920/hero/14073491nemonic1874 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Help to get 100k DPS Hi WDs, I stopped playing for a while and I was wondering what could I do to get to 100k DPS? What do you think I should change in my gear to get more DPS? What is the minimun amount ResAll/Armor I should have? Should I sacrifice some Armor/Str for more Int/Vit? Also what do you think: LoH vs Life Regen vs Life Steal, which one is better to get and which one is cheaper to get? Thanks in advance!tomatus8912 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 How do you not deplete mana w/ Zombie Charger I currently have a WD on another account which I thank my good friend for letting me barrow it to play Diablo 3 on. But the question is as stated above; How do you regenerate mana quickly enough to where you can keep Zombie Charger at a constant and/or deplete your mana but regenerate it back within a second or two? Thank You if anyone can give me some advice. :-)Truth15 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 explode dog can freeze? wanted to build 1 sac. dog WD just wondering, if i equip with a freeze weapon does sac, freeze?batang11 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Witch Doctor Main. Which alt? I've recently got my witch doctor to 60, and I'm looking for another class to level when I'm bored grinding Paragon. I'm thinking something refreshing, but I'm open to any class. I generally never play melee, but monk and barb look fun, as well as demon hunter. I have the least interest in wizard because it's another caster. Which class do you witch doctor mains also play?Reicta6 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Gruesome feast issue I have this issue with Gruesome. I just noticed that I don't get the 10% of my max mana, when the globe is picked. Anyone having the same problem? Or, is there a reason why not? ThanxNikorr4 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Back in the Game I took a hiatus at the end of June because the game was so broken. I heard that most of it has been fixed or improved so gameplay is fun again. I haven't gone in to test anything out yet, but what builds are working right now for the WD? I had been running a spirit build when I quit.HiIHaveBoobs2 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Best Weapon For Zombie Bear Spam I've been using a build that relies on gruesome feast to fuel zombie bear... what's the best weapon for this approach?PerfectlyC4 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 What items should I look to upgrade? Doubled my damage since my budget build, now I'm looking to try to hit the 200k dps Mark with some Fine tuning. Aside from upgrading the gems ever so slowly, where should I go from here?Ghost4 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 1h + mojo or 2h? Hey guys. I'm trying to build a zombie bear WD. I was wondering which one would be best for mp10. 1h+mojo offers a lot of stats and would probably out dps a 2hander. But, a skorn would have low attack speed which would mean more mana efficient bears. 6% life steal is another plus. Which one should I opt for if gold isn't an issue?ralph4ever19 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Help please, I'm on a budget. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Arya-1187/hero/8950402 I'm looking for what I should upgrade next. I have 100m. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.Arya2 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Free Proctor Been messing with various builds with cheap gear from the AH. Turns out I basically have shoulders, gloves, pants and ammy to gear a decent Proctor if someone wants. Just ran it through MP6 without issue. Nothing flash, but will give you a feel for the build. Hit us up here or in-game.manvan3 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Full Witch Doctor FT http://i.imgur.com/a0M9b.jpg NOTE: I am Plvl 83 so stats may vary. Radiant Star Emerald & Ruby not included. http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/craptastic-1173/Simplicity/5323961 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Craptastic-1173/hero/5323961 RES: 80M BIN: 100MCraptastic1 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Unity Ring Question for WD The Unity I have equiped is 30-55 dmg 166 int 277 loh 4.5 cc 4 dmg vs elites I upgraded.. So I thought with a 33-65 dmg 168 it 315 loh 4.5 cc 4 dmg vs elites But it says I lose like 800 dmg.. I am confused.. Can anyone shed some light on this?Bricksquad3 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Pets Life Return: LS vs LoH vs Thorns Continued from another post that spun off in this direction. Basically I've found that pets can return life from Life Steal and Life on Hit but had never tested with Thorns. So here's the difference between all 3. Testing was done with a set of gear that all had the same INT, CC, CD with the difference in thorns or not. No life regen etc. The weapon was tricky to match so ended up with same DPS and attack speed with slightly different LS vs. LoH. I used a base of 33K DPS so just know that life steal increases as you go up in DPS. The long and the short of it is run both LoH and LS. If you have life regen and use fierce loyalty add thorns damage where you can as it helps depending on how much you have. The pets to run are Big Stinker and Leeching Beasts for maximum life return. Edit: forgot to mention, on my current gear, my pets are returning about 800-2,800 life per tick and have 2780-3250 life regen per sec so there are times I can stand in a horde of scorpions on act 3 crater and not do anyting and life stays full. Can also stand in Ghom's gas cloud. ******** Make sure yo equip your gear with all your LS / LoH / Thorns before summoning your pets. If you equip after the pets won't proc returns. ******** Inferno MP1 -- Numbers below are per health tick approx. 1/2 second Passives used to test: Fierce Loyalty Jungle Fortitude Tribal Rites How much for each test... DPS 33,957 Thorns 13,712 LS 2.2 (Approx. 757 LoH equivalent) LoH 622 Fierce Loyalty / Thorns (1-5 targets) Attack Is Hit (Thorns) Affects LS LoH LS LoH LS LoH Humongoid 0 0 0 0 - - Restless Giant 0 0 0 0 - - Big Stinker 0 0 0 0 8-87 0 (Poison) Bruiser 0 0 0 0 - - Fierce Loyalty / Thorns (1 Dog to 1 Target) Attack Is Hit (Thorns) Affects LS LoH LS LoH LS LoH Rabid Dogs 0 62 0 62 8-30 0 (Poison) Final Gift 0 0 0 0 - - Life Link 0 0 0 0 - - Burning Dogs 0 0 0 0 2 31 (Fire) Leeching Beasts 89-180 104-188 680-886 684-804 - - Shockwave2 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 WHAT are the BEST LOH skills for each CLASS ive been playing d3 since launch and realized so far the best LOH skill in the game is rain of toads for the witch doctor do anyone know of any others for the witch doctor or even the barbarian or any other classes please post your opinions and ideas and even LOH builds for each class Thank youwrathofwar2 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Life regen 3250/s for your pet tanks I balanced my all resist, armor, high life regen with fierce loyalty for pets vs. using jungle fortitude. Sure a little excessive but the doc can take a beating and pets are very tough. Descecrators or mallot lords are their threats now. The damage they can take from an arcane blender with molten, lightening or whatever else is pretty nice. They take way less damage than the squishy witch doc and regen as fast as they are damaged that keeps them topped. The doc can stand up against the elite packs pretty good too. I also have LS and LoH plus both leeching beasts and big stinker gas cloud (I've tested) procs life return. I can stand in the middle of a scorpian hord or in ghom's gas cloud as an example. Why so much Life Regen.. Well pets survive in mp8+ with having more. By the way if you look at my skill setup I do change them up a lot depending on what I'm doing. mp0 farming I use grave injustice but higher mp levels I'll flip to blood ritual.Shockwave26 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Finally broke 50m, what now? So I finally landed a few sales that got me over 50m gold, and it's burning a whole in my pocket. I'd really like some suggestions as to what to buy next. I currently use WoS for ubers with the mojo I have equipped and bears for key farming with a similar mojo with -bear cost. I also recently landed a near-perfect SoJ with 29% elite damage and -3 second Wall of Zombies, so I wouldn't mind throwing some cash at finishing off a Pile-on set if it's viable. Any suggestions?David5 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Help me be a better WD I really enjoy my build but I lack the right gear to be able to solo higher MP lvls and I need some advice on what upgrades to start looking for. When you check out my toon keep in mind that this is built to farm. I do have a better helm and ring that I use when I'm doing MP5 key runs with friends. But I want to solo MP5 and with what I have that is not happening. $$ wise I don't have much but I plan on running a lot of mp1 hoping to hit the lottery with a legend drop... But that hasn't happened yet.. lol Your tips would be great thanks..Gadzooks22710 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Need an estimate New to the whole WD thing and wanted to know what id be looking at if i wanted to buy a 100k+ dps set for my WD. something thatd be viable for farming.Lexias1 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Any suggestion on improve my wd gear for sac? I build up my wd gear recently so i'm not really sure how the gear build up for my wd...any suggestion on improve it better?Zodiark3 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Blackthorne Pants vs High Vit Rares I keep seeing how jousting mail are defensive pants, but if you just use bears and no LoH skill, a rare with two sockets, high vit (150+) and 70 AR + fire/arcane/physical is good if not better, but come much cheaper the 10-11% life is great if you have lots of vit already stacked, but otherwise rare pants seem like a superior choice in terms of bang for your buck. and you once go beyond 200 vit on the rares, theyre likely to boost your hp either way. right now, I see the following rare pants on AH: 101 int, 154 vit, 79 AR for less than 8m. compared to similar blackthornes, its crazy cheap. thoughts ? again, if you use AC/frogs, no question blackthornes are the best pants hands down.grepman38 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Plague Bats + Pyrogeist I've been using this build for awhile now. I find that both go hand in hand, with alot of DPS output. Spamming bats that leave a dot that gets stronger, with a firebomb that does quick burst dps works well against elites. Was curious if anyone else tried this combo out? Thought?Gunvillain1 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 I need some insight. Alright guys to put it straight i want to try a Witch Doctor but. The first one i leveled i know i only got to level 10 or so but does damage ever pick up? it seems like all the other classes do hella more damage. When do WD get better?Conan8673 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Live Stream!!! 160k dps Zer0 Dog WD stream is up twitch.tv/heyguyslol_1302heyguyslol1 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 4, 2013 Min/Maxing a fire wd for the fun: 300m budget I'm Italian, so don't blame me too much for my bad English ;) When it comes to gaming, I like to min max thing and try outside the box approaches. I have already done that with my monk using a sick zunimassa set over the usual leg ;) http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Banjo-2392/hero/21801170 Lately I found myself stuck in diablo iii. Upgrade something would cost a lot for no reason, since I can main tank with this build up to mp8 ubers or mp10 if I switch to a shield but I found the game too boring. Now, I want to try something new. A witch doctor that will use Only fire dmg and no zunimassa. Here is the set up in my mind: Magefist with 20%fire dmg natalya boots+ring(int and cc affix) to balance the low lvl magefist critical chance one of the two weapons with fire dmg bonus (burning axe or maxmimus) A mitigation mana firebats helm Chest+pants Blackthorme Lacuni cc+ int for the 24%ms The main skill of this build will be, ofc, firebarts. My major doubt here is if I wanna go for the burning axe OR the Maximus. Given a build with spellbomb and firebats, what do you thing will suit the damage better? Attack speed works well with those skills or not? Will I need more then 2 items with firebats mitigation running with a 2h? Or will be axe+mojo better? This build will be done mainly for fun, but I'll like to see him or her running at decent mps without feeling myself too much embarassed ^^ I know firebats isn't a competitive skill, but running with a whopping 45% fire skill bonus is so funny that I must try this out ;) so I would like to have some feedback about firebats tricks at any mps level. Ty in advice!Banjo12 Jan 4, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Zuni / Manajuma set eventual legacy?` I'm looking at prices in the AH for Zuni helms and rings with cc etc. We all know our mana regen could be better in general. And looking at stats like mana on kill for higher MP level you gotta be doing some serious damage to get return on that (10 mana per kill has to be a lot for Acid Clouds and Bear). Same with grave injustice for cooldown, mana and life. It's a great big assumption here but if a set was released with PvP that used crits gain mana instead of mana on kill it'll lay waste to all our invested gold on these things. I'm not sure if I wanna dump all that gold just yet. What do you guys think?Shockwave5 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Tal Rasha's Ammy and my DPS Really confused here. How can it be that a well-rolled Tal's ammy (with AS% + CD) doesn't give me a damage increase over my current ammy? My skorn is all black damage, I would think the +5% magic damage would be huge... does this +damage not get taken into account in the +tooltip damage? (take a look at my profile to see please) Cheersphilnovv2 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Call for 0/1 wall special op. team Who is playing 0 or 1sec cool down WD here? You know that you are the most damaging WDs? Let's get together and do something fun.Luffy47 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 That magical 100dps Hello wd'ers, I am enjoying the heck out of my wd! I am currently sitting at 80k dps and would like to hit 100k in the smartest/cheapest way possible (not sure if profile will update, but i have a nice unity in place of the hellfire). Is my weapon the easiest upgrade? was hoping not, since the socketed mana's are so expensive... thanks for help guys :)Vulindlela20 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Help with LS Weapon purchase I'm looking into picking up a LS weapon but not sure what to do. With my current "farm" setup I use a Sun Keeper (with LoH) and ToTD and sit around 75k dmg. For Ubers I have a Skorn (LoH) that ups me to 120k dmg. I dont know if I'm crazy but when I switch to the skorn it drives me nuts I loose 100 mana and 11 mana regen. Im sure its very negligible but for some reason it drives me crazy and I think Im out of mana way more, and regen way slower. And going from 20 pickup radius to 0 sucks also. So I want to keep the 1h/ToTD combo. I was thinking of selling off the Skorn to pick up a 1h like a manajama (however its spelled) or good rare. Now I'm not sure what to grab as i'm on a budget lets say 10-20 mill. I did some price checking today to see what was affordable. Would a high base dmg say 1000+ with no socket and attack speed, or lower dmg 800 with socket be better? 900 dmg with socket are bloody pricey it seems. Or stick with the Skorn with LoH (even though it drives me partially insane), a LS Skorn seems to be out of my price range at the moment.NeonMonkey4 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Any advice for my build? title says all. The main thing I am questioning atm is my third passive. It's mainly only there for when I solo inferno Diablo. My pets rarely die but with that third passive I can almsot always recast them when they do.Jileti1 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Hit me up in game... 185k DP, will be on for a few hours tonight, willing to help anyone that needs anything. Also looking for some tips from any WDs for suggestions on gear ...Uniden322 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Is 4 set Zuni's worth it? I'm currently using an Andariel's Visage and I'm wondering if it's worth taking an ~8k damage reduction for the mana regen and mana on kills. I plan to use a mempo eventually but need to save up quite a bit for one with crit chance. What's the best course of action here?TeknikEnzo4 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Rate the WD above you! I need help... Please be so kind =]PAPERPLATE2 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Zero Dogs Weapon What do you guys think I should look for in a Zero Dogs Weapon? Attack Speed Crit Hit open socket high attacks per second Do you think Life Steal or life on hit? Since I can get 6202 per dog (3 dogs is 18606 and 4 is 24808 life) is LS or LOH really something i need? Currently sitting at 1.86 APS (which is not fast enough IMO)JonkZ3 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 state of witch doctors? my monk is getting boring... wanting to play witch doctor. but honestly i dont know much about the class. what kind of gear do i need to get to around mp5? what are the top builds? etc etc. and of course like the topic asks, what is the state of witch doctors?FryChikN1 Jan 3, 2013