Witch Doctor

May 15 Reality check my build please So I have been trying out the SB LoN build, and I must be missing something. With the descriptions I've read and video I've seen, my expectations were set higher than the reality I'm achieving. I acknowledge that I am still learning the style/rotation, so that is a factor. I play 99% solo, and am not really pushing GR's like some do. So I'm grinding my way up to the 80+ mark hopefully, for Despairs. So far, I'm at 77 with the HT Garg setup. With that in mind, I expected SB LoN to be able to jump in at the same level and just paste it. Whoa, was I wrong! So, first lesson was "No, you can't do that without more Ancients". At the time, I was missing 4, little IAS, no Waders...it was a mess. But the build seemed so overpowered, I figured my non-optimal version would just bring it down to HT's level. I now have only 2 slots missing and still struggled with a 70 (only 2-3 minutes to spare). The WD in question: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Spectre-1379/hero/87965132 Specific questions to get it rolling: - Have an Ancient Magefist and Frostburn, Frostburn would lose the IAS that the current one has... Don't see the bit of Int, 100% Damage and 4% DR being worth it yet for where I am at...correct? - Haven't tried what some reccommend: using rubies or emeralds in chest for more mitigation. Does it really make that much of a difference? (For example, was Uber'ing (T13) last night (HFA's for this build...grrrr) and Rakanoth kept OS'ing me, had to flip to HT--would it help there?) - Is my paragon just not high enough? I figured it should be able to smash a 70 with Topazes... - Do I need the augments first? Was trying to push to at least 80, to not have to do them over and over (and over)... - Does the fifth passive make that much of a difference? Best I've turned up in 80 rolls is the current amulet with CoL. Trying to "make lemonade", I figured the dogs would at least provide some more meat shield alongside the fetishes. Working with what I have... - Have a decent Juicer as well, but for all the reasons above, I'm kind of stuck on the Harvester. (Yes, I know about the IAS on Butcher, just haven't found an ancient one, let alone decent.) Any input would help, thanks!Spectre11 May 15
May 15 Focus/Restraint So RNG gods have given me a very nice primal/ancient F/R combo. I normally play Monk, where there are a bunch of ways you can fit these rings in, but I rarely see them in WD builds aside from DoD. Has anyone seen success using them in some form of chicken build since the movement takes away the travellers buff?Vanin2 May 15
May 15 Better ring/ammy https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Fyrepony-1338/hero/88353494 OK, so as I try to push up the GR rating I find when I stop to let the TP/CR spool up to 100 I tend to die in GR 79+. Is their a better way? Or did I just miss the boat some place. I am 100% willing to accept that I am teraBAD. But its always nice to find a reason beyond that for poor performance. Every one here has been super helpful in the past so I am back to ask this question. Why do I get smoted, at higher GR levels specifically 79+Fyrepony2 May 15
May 14 Carnevil LoN ?? Would that work ?? I love the playstyle of poison dart and fetishs really fun to playRydiaa2 May 14
May 13 Carnevil: Damage type does not match PD We can change the damage type of Poison Dart skill. Carnevil makes 5 fetishes shoot at the same target as the WD. Why couldn't they shoot the same damage type as the WD? They always shoot poison darts.FrostElfGuar3 May 13
May 12 What would replace Travelers pledge/CR? Hi all, I am VERY HAPPY with my build, it is coming along great. That said, I notice my playstyle is NON STOP movement, rendering travelers pledge useless. Is there another ring amulet combo that would better suit non stop movement? I don't really need the 50% damage reduction. I am thinking a Hellfire, but do you have a ring suggestion? Or since I have no clue, an amulet as well? I am running 75 fine and am really just looking for third conquest for guardian, but would like to do an 80 this season... Thanks,theNix2 May 12
May 12 Any tips beating GR70 solo? I have not played much past few seasons. Previously my best GR record is 60. I am going to play a bit recently. Right now, the target is to beat GR70 solo with my WD (for unlocking the primal ancient gear). Which set / build can beat GR70 more easily? My Carnevil Zuni gear is the best. (On my https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wakeman-1773/hero/5246985 ) I have an ancient Belt of Transcendence, and some resist element ammy I can switch to if it helps. I also have LoN set. I can combine random ancients for all slot except one of the set rings. However, from my experience, playing like this is slightly weaker than with my Carnevil Zuni set. I also have Jade, Helltooth and Arachyr gear but they are not as good as my Zuni gear. My Arachyr set is on https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Wakeman-1773/hero/64356027 . Should I use my Carnevil Zuni build? Or try other builds? How can I improve my build? What is the fastest way to improve now? (I tried looking for Ubers group but no one seem to play non-season Ubers now. =/ )Wakeman9 May 12
May 12 Seeking advice full info inside. OK, returning player. Been gone since before loot 2.0 Here is my current WD. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Fyrepony-1338/hero/88353494 Arachyr Set 99% ancient (normal boots) Helltooth Set 99% ancient (normal boots) Jade Harvester 100% ancient I think I have all the items for almost all the usual builds. I usually play in a group with friends, I would like to be able to help them get items so farm a Tier 13 normal rifts. Can some one point me at a guide for a better build. or Tell me what I am doing wrong? It seems like it takes a really long time to clear a GR70+ usually only have 8-9 mins left. Maybe my expectations are to high. Just feel like I am really missing something. Note, I tried Firebats and jade builds but they were much slower than my current. Again advice would be great, thank you.Fyrepony9 May 12
May 10 Soul harvest and rift bosses Rift bosses should give 5 stacks of soul harvest at least in SOLO GR. Why? because our survivability is so tied to that stupid buff that pushing any higher gr solo becomes 100% about "can I survive the bosses when my SH drops off. I find it really annoying I don't think it would be a change that would have a negative impact on the game and make life easier. sincerely a HC WD thanks for the read blizzMox11 May 10
May 10 Public Game Hi guys - I'm still learning a few things, even after a few years of playing and last night during a public game with two others; one player with about 1500 para, the other about 550 para and me - 900 para., the game fell apart. The most experienced player decided on grift 86. Now he said I had enough dps (2,800,000), so we all moved in, but the play was bad, and monsters were simply not dying. The experienced player said that I should have been doing a lot more damage, and that I must be doing something wrong. As he left the game, I didn't get to question him about it, but it would be good to know I'm doing something wrong, as I never get much above Tier 80 solo. All tabs are set like everyone else for Helltooth; I press Wall of Death first, then Piranhado, then Soul Harvest or a combo of the three, not necessarily in that order. Might I be doing something wrong?Snowman4 May 10
May 10 Manajuma's Set not working Hi guys - I just had a bit of a melt-down when I tried using the Manajuma's set with my Arachyr firebats build. I checked everything i.e skills- Angry Chicken, that I actually am wearing both pieces. When I press Hex - A.C., the Jinx toad appears. I then changed to my Helltooth build and tried again, and it worked. I changed backk to Arachyr and tried again, but the toad appeared again. Has something changed that I am not aware of.Snowman3 May 10
May 9 LoN Garg turned SB tx3+ top speed farmer WD: Chythlook The only thing ive changed so far is furnace to barber and mojo to gazing demise(no need for RoE on torment or lower levels), Nado then spirit barrage x3 for the 1 shot while gargs pick up the slack if any. The fastest wd farmer just got a little faster and I think has room for a little improvement if I can take gargs out of the build. Lets see what we can come up with...Dareiznogod35 May 9
May 9 Kanai's Cube Question This is probably the dumbest question, but i can find my answer. I was wondering, is it possible for other classes to "CUBE" other classes items and only use the legendary effect of the item even thought that class cant equip it? I've been thinking about this for a while, as a WD, i was running a LoN Barb build with lots of attack speed and then i thought about the monk and how they are able to use the flying dragon legendary item in the cube to have a chance to double their attack speed on hit, then i thought... "why dont i use that for WD?". i havent run with a monk yet to try and get one cause i dont want to waste my time trying to get it and it doesnt work. so is it possible for someone to help me out and explain to me why it doesnt or does work? thank you :)LanceBattle1 May 9
May 9 Zuni/Helltooth build Hi all, I have been playing for a couple of weeks now and have a basic handle on the game and playing a Witch Doctor generally. I have gotten to the point of being able to solo GR 60 in under 10 minutes and am almost ready to move up. However it feels like I should be getting beter DPS. I am currently using a Zuni/Helltooth build https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Mystereon-1372/hero/88101444 I was hoping for some suggestions.Mystereon11 May 9
May 9 Best Blighter strategy with Archyrs FB build? Pray and hope for a good pylon? Quit?NissanZaxima2 May 9
May 6 Jade 4-piece should make Harvest refresh DiabloFans has datamined some info on the new Necromancer sets. Some of them look a little disappointing, but there's a mechanic on the Bone Armor set that caught my eye: ... What a great idea! This allows the Necro to keep himself at 10 stacks of Bone Armor even when fighting a single target Rift Guardian. In fact, it's such a great idea that it made me realize something - the Jade Harvester set needs a "Soul Harvest stacks are now refreshed" mechanic as part of its 4-piece. It would fit in pretty well with the existing bonuses, and you wouldn't even have to add that much text: ... Bone Armor and Soul Harvest are similar in a lot of ways. Both are stacking self-buffs with a time limit, and both require you to position yourself near enemies in order to gain stacks. If Jade is supposed to be the dedicated Soul Harvest set, it should give the Witch Doctor the means to keep that effect up indefinitely. What do you guys think? I realize that Jade probably needs a larger buff in order to compete with Firebats, but at least this would be a step in the right direction.WordMaster2 May 6
May 5 Can pets proc Bane of the Stricken gem? Can pets proc Bane of the Stricken gem? Can the Pets add a stack? And can the pets do extra damage because of the stacks already on a mnonster? Simple questions. I've looked and not found an answer. Thanks in advance.the8thark11 May 5
May 5 Haunt Build help... I am currently trying to do a Soul Harvest/Haunt build in my seasonal WD. (don't view profile as it's not updated to that build-yet) however i need to ask you something about how i have my gear arranged... I have the Travelers Pledge/Compass Rose set and the 'other' ring i have as unity with one equipped on my follower. In my cube i have Ring of Emptiness since i have to use Haunt and Locust Swarm as well. Doing this weeds out Conversion of Elements from being used. I had that instead of 'unity' but opted for more damage reduction. As far as on my body. i have the full (6) piece set with that i have my weapon as https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sacred-harvester. My off-hand is https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/vile-hive so it speads the Locust faster. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/lakumbas-ornament to round it out on my wrists. Weapon on my cube is the perma locus swarm one and the helmet that cuts the time of Haunt/locust in half. After all that - is there anything i'm doing wrong with said gear. IF not - GREAT. just need to grind more levels out of this game. lol. Any suggestions though are appreciated. /If you view my profile its of my Ancient gear, lol/gooddaytodie5 May 5
May 4 Sustain options? Hey guys, I'm running a build with gargantuan, zombie dogs, piranhas and fire bomb as generator and I'm looking for some sustain to keep me alive. I tried soul harvest with siphon but the healing is not enough for such a long cooldown, maybe some of you veterans could help me out? Thanks in advance.Smawds2 May 4
May 4 89 down ! Zuni Garg Just done 89 on new season with zuni garg rank 23 eu. not top solo build this season but its very good and fun as hell! Build link = http://www.diablofans.com/builds/89017-2-5-0-zuni-trillion-gargs-gr-solo-95 SS = https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9UNbRcXgAAhUe0.jpg:largeBigDaddyDen25 May 4
May 4 How to make Sacrifice a useful skill The Zombie Dog is doing the sacrificing, not the WD. The first change would be Sacrifice does Pet Damage. The second change should be associated with a ring; aka long man's finger ring that lumps all the dogs into 1 super dog. This should increase the damage by 3 times for sacrifice. So how could you do what I am saying? 1. Sacrifice damage is changed to do 1000% of your zombie dogs damage. 2. Long Man's Finger Ring would results in a 3x damage buff to sacrifice (3000%). 3. However, if you can have more zombie dogs, then the damage of the 1 super dog would increase to that of the total dogs in order to keep 1 dog out; aka if you can have 5 dogs out, 1 super dog that does 5 dogs worth of damage. This would buff Sacrifice to do 5x damage instead of 3x damage. This means you would see a (5000%) increase for Sacrifice damage. Mix that with 2500% damage pet damage from the Zuni Set, this would be a good use of the skill: Sacrifice. This would not break the WD. Afterall, if DH can have 40,000% damage on Impale for a 6 pc, this is not a broken request. In short, this would allow for Sacrifice to find its way into a Set, besides the LoN sets. It would also make Zombie Dogs useful again and add some value to the homunculus off hand.Proxyminers5 May 4
May 3 20% skills poison locust swarm good for this effect? should you stack it over fire?Jericho3 May 3
May 3 Archyr's GR pushing gameplay help So I spent most season so far with my Zuni/HT Chicken builds to gear up for an Archyrs build to push Greater Rifts. Most of my gear is Ancient, I think the only thing that's not is my Compass Rose and belt. Looking at people at the bottom of the leaderboards gear mine seems quite a bit better. I know there are a bunch of little rolls I can do to maximize it a bit but I feel the main problem is that I just don't understand the playstyle of the build? I can stay up with the timer but I still die like 3-5 times per rift. I try to Dot enemies with haunt as I come up to the mob (aim for the tougher enemies first and then summon hex and do locust swarm. Then when the enemies get on top of me its constantly Spirit Walking and while in spirit walk casting Haunt on what I can then do Hex right when SW ends. Lather, rinse, repeat until the mob is dead. Do you typically re position yourself when you go into spirit walk? Any thing from my explination that I'm missing? Tips on gear would be appreciated too. My profile is up to date except I took the crit chance off my TP and rolled 20% fire damage into it since my CC was a lot higher than my CD. I think my area damage might be relatively weak? Thanks for any tips.NissanZaxima3 May 3
May 3 [Guide] Fetish Psychopaths Build Link to stuck thread at the top of the forum with loads of information and builds, use that as your up to date reference: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11882388427 NOTICE: Patch 2.3+ This guide is out of date. See patch notes for changes. Basic melee build currently should use Zuni 6p and take advantage of the cube. Tiklandian perma fear is gone. It's probable that GR56 or maybe a little higher is the limit of melee fetish builds currently active. TMF dog and SMF gargs are much better off with helltooth. NOTICE: Patch 2.2.0 Fetish sycophants are now summoned based on your highest elemental damage, e.g. poison, and their melee attacks will be in that element, again poison. They are supposed to summon with a green blade for poison, red for fire, blue for cold, and regular metal for physical. Unknown what happens if you have holy, lightning, arcane, etc, but that wouldn't be a good synergy with WD skills. New Zunimassa's Haunt set bonuses: 2p FA lasts until they die, 4p you and your pets gain 2% damage reduction for each fetish summoned, and 6p any enemies hit by a mana spender take 275% more damage from pets. This completely changes the gear choices one must make. For highest levels of Greater Rifts, Tiklandian permanent fear is still very useful because of how much unavoidable damage there is. Carnevil does a lot of damage and is a respectable replacement for a DH in a group scenario. New Fetish belt, the belt of transcendence, allows you to summon one fetish sycophant every time you hit an enemy with a mana spender. This allows the removal of Fetish Sycophants from your passive lineup to be replace by something. Great! NOTICE: Path 2.1.1 While they attempted to address pet leash length and pet toughness, they've still missed some things. The dog leash is shorter than the fetish leash. Fetishes still get wiped out easily by some white enemies and especially certain rift guardians. Continue to be vocal and they continue to listen. NOTICE: Patch 2.1.0 There is now a max of 15 FS fetishes. There is a beautiful counter. There is also a counter for FA fetishes separate from FS Gidbinn fetishes don't count towards those and still follow the same rules as before: max of 3 and 20s life span. Outline: 0. Versions 1. Introduction 2. Build 3. Fetish Damage 4. Fetish Toughness 5. Gear Advice 6. Team play 7. FAQ 8. Videos 9. Build Paths 10. Technical Details =================================================== 0. Versions Version 1.0: March 16th, 2014, Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.3 before RoS is released. Initial Guide Released. Expect additions, changes, and corrections in the coming week(s). Version 1.1: March 18th, 2014. Some changes were made and updates to FAQ. Expected to add Technical Details section in the coming days. Version 2.0: Expected to be written post RoS release. Version 2.0.1: Just added some RoS Example builds. The build is still working! Good luck upgrading to RoS! Version 2.0.4: Late breaking news Patch 2.04 Pets now benefit from crit damage. Version 2.0.4a: Fetish army changes. Version 2.0.5: Big changes to the way Fetish sycophants are summoned. Guide updated appropriately. Version 2.1.0: Big patch. Grifts, etc. Version 2.1.1: Small updates to gear advice Version 2.2.0: April 4th in anticipation of major changes from Patch 2.2 =================================================== 1. Introduction I started playing Diablo 3 before Day 1 during the open beta. I loved the Summoner Necro in Diablo 2 and picked the Witch Doctor because it was the only class that really seemed to fit my play style. Unfortunately, pets sucked, but I happened to like all things Witch Doctor, so I kept at it. Witch Doctor is still the only class I've played in Diablo 3 and so far, it seems I won't stray from that path. I am writing this guide from the perspective of someone who was rocking MP10/T6 farming and could immediately transition to high level Torment and Grift play. Before I even get started, there are too many people to list, but a great many people have helped put this knowledge base together. All I'm doing is cataloging it for general consumption, putting it all in one easy to find and easy to update place. I would like to especially thank the people who called them Fetish Psychos, because I never even thought to "mispronounce" their name. Anyways, on to the reason you're here. Big change for Diablo 3 Patch 2.0/RoS expansion: Fetish now do 180% damage. !@#$ yea Zookeeper, Skellymancer, Fetish General, and the summoner are all back and ready to rock n roll! Problem: Fetishes summoned by fetish army only last 20 seconds until you happen to find two pieces of the new Zunimassa Set https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/zunimassas-string-of-skulls or if you use the https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/starmetal-kukri The answer to this problem is using Fetish Sycophants passive http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/witch-doctor/passive/fetish-sycophants Every time you cast a "Physical realm" spell, you have a chance to summon a fetish for 60 seconds. They are basically the same as Fetishes summoned by Fetish Army (FA). They do the same damage, they benefit from most of the same gear, and they hit like a truck. Some combinations of elite affixes are really dangerous to you. If you run around and don't get hit by those, you don’t die, and your fetishes are still there attacking, doing damage for you. You can then set up shop at a safe distance. This entire build is very minimal as it allows you to adapt to what gear you find. I highly recommend if you find cool new gear, you try it out, even if it means altering your favorite play style. You never know what you'll like. =================================================== 2. BUILD Basics of the build: 1. Medium Attacks Per Second (APS), e.g. 1.65 to 1.8, is fine 2. Rain of Toads or Belt of Transcendence (BoT or FS belt) + Haunt 3. Fetish Sycophants (FS) if you don't have or don't want to use the FS belt If you want more build options given certain types of gear, see section 9. Build Paths. Here it is, the basic build. You fill in the blanks with whatever you want. Yes it's that flexible. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#W!V!b There are many variations on this build, but I think this is an excellent starting point. Can you use other attacks besides Rain of Toads? Yes! When using another attacks, you must reference the "Proc Rate" of the skill. Go to Reaper's stuck thread and search for Proc Rate: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11882388427 Patch 2.2: You can replace rain of toads with a mana spender, e.g. haunt, and the FS Belt; allowing you to drop the FS passive completely. A notable exception is using the http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-dagger-of-darts along with poison dart flaming dart or snake to the face runes. These are better at summoning FS fetishes. Experiment for yourself. What do primaries and fetishes have in common? They don't cost any mana to stand there and spam. So I highly recommend "Pierce the Veil" (PtV) passive for the free 20% damage. See gear section for benefits of not needing mana regen. With loot 2.0, you can't just jump on the Auction House and buy whatever legendaries you want, you have to farm for them, and it's expected you will find them eventually if you keep at it (and play with other WDs). This build is very flexible and you can form it to fit the gear you find before you reach an "end game state". See Reaper's Stuck Thread for a list of guides for build possibilities: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11882388427 Example build with the new FS belt, a tiki-pet build: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#elXUQP!WYe!YZbab This build assume usage of https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tiklandian-visage to permanently lock down enemies. I've left out the final passive, because you can find something good. I've also not picked a rune on fetish army because you need to choose your highest elemental damage, e.g. fire or physical. A poison themed build with the new Zuni 6p. Acid rain will make enemies take the zuni 6p bonus and the other are simply allowing you to spam: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#elRUQP!WYef!YZaabc Aside from the zuni 6p, no assumptions are made on your gear. Jade 2p would work well since you can spam haunt. There are many options. =================================================== 3. FETISH DAMAGE or What do my fetishes benefit from? What stats benefit your Fetish Damage? Thanks to: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo3witchdoctors/comments/209xt3/does_elemental_damage_affect_pets/ Pets damage is dynamically linked to your own. If you cast Soul Harvest on five enemies, they will also do increased damage. Same goes for Gruesome Feast, BBV, Sacrifice Provoke the Pack, etc. See PaulNG's Pet Damage calculator for the full formula. They benefit fully from your APS, crit chance, and crit damage, along with most gems. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13349475072 Most WD skills say "Does 180% Weapon Damage" and that's what they do, but in this case, pets are special as they gain damage based on your attack speed as well. These do not benefit pets: Midnight Feast: Doesn't work on Fetishes D:. Does work on dogs and garg. Area damage: Pets simply don't proc area damage Chance to freeze/stun/etc: They can't proc them. Chance to do [insert special legendary affix]: They also can't do this. Life on hit: Zero. Same as the above, they simply can't proc stuff. Exception: Dogs life on hit run does gain life on hit, but not chance to freeze/etc. Special Case: Big Bad Voodoo: Pets gain movement speed when standing in the BBV ring. Pets gain healing from Ghost Trance when standing in the BBV ring. Pets gain attack speed while standing in the BBV ring. However, for pets to gain DAMAGE from BBV, you need to stand inside the BBV ring of influence. If you stand outside BBV's ring, even if they are standing inside it, they won't do more damage. To maximize your DPS, set it up so you and your pets are standing safely in the BBV aura. The above is true, except for one gargantuan rune. The wrathful protector will snapshot your APS at the time it is summoned, so make sure to drop BBV and stand inside the aura if you use that garg. Side note: If on a team with other Witch Doctors, coordinate your BBV runes because if you all use Slam Dance, they won't stack. It's better to spread the love. =================================================== 4. FETISH TOUGHNESS You have very little control over your fetishes. They are basically at the mercy of getting all damaging elite affixes dropped on them. Good thing is they don't stop attacking as long as they aren't frozen, walled off, jailed, knocked back, err, well they attack. They dynamically gain benefits from all of your toughness. For instance, cast Horrify Frightening Aspect to increase your armor and they too will take less damage. Health Globes heal your pets including health globe bonus. Life on kill: Pets do not seem to gain any life on kill. Pets do not benefit from items that make you immune to a damage type, such as: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/countess-julias-cameo Patch 2.04 Update: Reported change, will update if found to be false. Difference between Fetish Army and Fetish Sycophants. Fetish Sycophants no longer have force armor. This means they are more prone to be one shot or melted by regular white enemies such as Morlu Incinerators or Dark Berserkers. Fetish Army remains the same as before and survive better than FS fetishes. Dogs and Gargs still have force armor. =================================================== 5. GEAR ADVICE In this section, I am going to talk a bit towards gear. The issue is, you're going to find your own gear and you may want to stick with Fetishes or you may not. I suggest adapting to your gear and trying out new builds, even if it doesn't work out and you go back to your favorite play style, at least you learned what you didn't like. Gear Advice thread for patch 2.2+: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17346234812 (Note: Just leaving this here in case people wanted to know how bats work. Bats are no longer the best way to proc FS fetishes, as of Patch 2.0.5 From Nubtro's research, Bats "tick" at about two times your attack speed according to the table here aka APS breakpoints : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8796451628?page=7 /end Note) Patch 2.2: Fetish Sycophants will now gain do highest elemental damage, e.g. poison. So pick an element and go for it! No longer are we forced into physical only builds. Excellent! Patch 2.2: New! Belt of Transcendence: Get rid of the fetish sycophant passive and rain of toads. Allows one to use Haunt and other mana spenders to summon fetishes. Fantastic change! The zuni 6p bonus is huge. A separate 275% more damage for your pets! Losing T&T (or not being able to find one) is not a big deal if you have this set. Most players will reserve the helmet slot for either Mask of Jeram or Tiklandian. Jade 2p can do a lot of damage. With the double haunt and the FS passive, one can keep 15 fetishes up fairly consistently. With the new belt and one haunt, 15 FS should be up 99% of the time. Example setup: Zuni 6p: Gloves, Chest, Pants, Boots, Mojo, and helm along with both rings using this set http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/restraint http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#ebQPUi!VYWe!YbbcaZ Cast spiders once every 5 seconds to keep up the bonus and help manage mana. This is good up to mid 40s in the greater rifts and certainly capable of some flexibility in T6 farming. Healing gear: None. Just put Life on Hit into paragon. This gem is an exception where one might want to get some life regen on gear: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/molten-wildebeests-gizzard =================================================== 6. TEAM PLAY or So many Fetishes, it's just not funny anymore. Problem: Everyone is using the same BBV rune! The same BBV runes don't stack and that sucks! Everyone coordinate to change it! Someone use Slam Dance, someone use Ghost Trance (healing), etc. Unfortunately, Rain Dance doesn't regenerate mana for allies.MCP627 May 3
May 2 My first primal and ?? My first primal, I started this season with the WD, got hung up at GR65 but got a lot of DH gear so created one. I hit 70 almost 2 weeks ago on it, just got my first primal, on the WD no less. Haha! http://imgur.com/a/n6ShR Is there a build that uses the Arcstone?Luciffer5 May 2
Apr 29 Fast farming builds? I've had success with a basic Helltooth + Short Man's Finger build so far, and cleared GR60 with it no problem, but my issue is that it kills things kinda slowly, per se. Sure, my gargs will 2-shot elites and 1shot most regular mobs, but I often find myself standing around waiting for them to kill things. Or watching them stand there and do nothing due to !@#$ty AI. I also tried the Arachyr build, but....it kinda failed miserably. The damage was absolute %^-*. Even on T11 against normal mobs, it took forever to kill anything. Not sure what I was doing wrong. Followed a build and had almost all of the gear and cube effects, but it still took like 20 seconds to kill one elite, and it was just a mess of spamming a bunch of different damage spells. Are there any builds that don't heavily rely on pet damage? Or should I just reroll Wizard if I want to run around spamming AoE spells?Joey29 Apr 29
Apr 28 Should the "finger" rings be set items I was thinking it might be really cool if the short man's finger and the tall mans finger were part of a set that also included a amulet that did something with your fetish army maybe make it into one fetish that is bigger than the baby gargantuans but smaller than the giant zombie dog or maybe just give the effect of every rune witch might be crazy with the head hunter and tiki runes plus the cooldown might get to low and the ambush rune might get exploited I just really think the fetish effect would have to be very strong becuse I want to see a pet class shine for once maybe the amulet could be named the average mans finger or maybe a string of fingers I don't know what the name of the set would be 2 in the set for the two effects we have now 3 in the set for the new effectChinaTownRam9 Apr 28
Apr 28 Paragon level Hello, my witch doctor is level 1 but paragon level is 50. Is this normal? And in season journey i am in chapter 4. Why?erik9872 Apr 28
Apr 28 How to control my minions? So I've been playing a WD this season and having fun although I'm starting to have issues in the torment X rift range (up to 48 or so GR) with my minions not targeting the actual threats and instead just focusing on the little guys who are running around. It's making it very difficult to get that 6 min rift time when I rely on my minions for all of my damage. Any tips on getting them to focus?DexterousGek7 Apr 28
Apr 27 Short Man's Finger The new seasonal WD ring. Anyone here that has tried it yet? I know that Gargantuan is pretty bad on it's own, but how much stronger does it (they) become? Maybe worth using in a pet build with the +50% dmg passive? Oh btw, which is even the best rune for the Gargantuan for dmg?Allor12 Apr 27
Apr 27 Comments on my Zunni Pet Build I've been playing casually so far, my account is at Paragon 520. Just searching for some tips for my WD. I'm currently planning to do GR70 but I have no idea how to adjust my current items and build. My highest solo GR is GR56. It would be great if some of the better WD out here can help. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MadCat-6862/hero/60982213 Thanks in advance!MadCat8 Apr 27
Apr 26 Best gems for Archyrs GR pushing? I have mostly been using BotT, Pain Enhancer, and Esoteric Alteration until this point. I see some people using Taeguk instead of EA. Any suggestions?NissanZaxima3 Apr 26
Apr 26 Anybody playing wiz and wd? Ok, probably a bunch of you are playing both. I guess it's a stupid title but I'm looking for some comparisons from those who have spent a bit of time on both in 2.5. I just came back from almost 2 years off. As your typical baddie does, I just looked at the leaderboards and saw wizards tearing shlt up so I quickly rolled one and in my 50 hours of playing I've geared it out to have an ok Vyr/Tal set that I've been able to grind to gr74 without too much effort. I'd probably be higher but I've spent a lot of time power leveling/gearing my even baddier wife :). I started day 1 of release on WD and lived through all the significant pain that encompassed, but haven't touched it since coming back. For somebody who plays them both, are you having as much fun on the WD? How about easy of play? The older I get the badder I get. The wiz is fun but I'm feeling this calling back to the WD. I'd rather find out if I should skip the trip before I throw a couple days of play at it. I always liked the thought of pets, but as I recall my pets always got in each others' way or just stood around like a bunch of retahds attacking the little bat while the elite pack butt raped me. Jade was fun but 100% garbage against bosses. More of the same or something new and useful? Thanks!SilentMike693 Apr 26
Apr 26 Zuni6 vs Helltooth6 The 6pc damage bonus is: Zuni6 2500% HT6 1500% On face value, Zuni seems to do 1000% more damage….but they seem to reach around the same GR ceiling….can someone kindly explain this to me please?Ryoka4 Apr 26
Apr 25 Stuck on GR 69 Can I get some feedback on my WD. I know everyone will say iakumbas and sacred harvester. I have both and have re rolled the harvester to the point of being out of mats and have not had another drop yet. Any help will be appreciated.Kredian12 Apr 25
Apr 25 Recently started playing WD: Firebats, firebats, firebats, firebats. .... No.Malmström5 Apr 25
Apr 25 Quick amulet help So i just got my travelers pledge but it didnt get a socket. Im just wondering what i should swap out for it. It has: Cold skills deal 20% more 643 int Crit damage 62 percent 10 percent area damage Im assuming cold damage or area damage should be swapped. Area is low and im not really sure how good the cold damage is for the gargs.Thommi2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Stealth nerf to toughness? Been farming T11 for the past week or so, but today, I'm suddenly getting 1shot by everything. Haven't changed my gear or anything. Dafuq is going onJoey2 Apr 25
Apr 24 Question for WDs Hi, I main wizard and have a question for WDs regarding 4m group setups for GR over 105 or so. At that tier most wizards run the CoE hydra RG killer build which commonly uses the slow time rune Time Stretch which gives 10% IAS inside the bubble. It helps wizard hydras reach higher breakpoints, but it also boosts WD AS. There is also another slow time rune option that I've been experimenting with lately called Time Warp, which states "enemies affected by slow time take 15% increased damage." My question is what benefits WD more - 10% IAS or 15% debuff to enemies? I've asked several WDs and have heard different responses. One said they don't want IAS because it causes them to burn mana too fast. I have also heard that enough density and PE bleed procs can cap WD APS, making additional IAS from Stretch Time unnecessary. Wizard can cast separate slow time bubbles in and out of archon form and interestingly, the bubble effects do stack. So theoretically the WD inside 2 stacked bubbles could be getting either 20% IAS with Stretch Time or 30% debuff with Time Warp. At higher tiers I'm trying to focus more on buffing the WD dmg than my own dmg, similar to how the DH gives wolf and MFD. My build also includes the fire twister gale force rune which gives another 15% debuff to enemies hit. When the monk and WD set up I drop Time Warp bubble on the pack and start spamming fire twisters. When the WD CoE cycle hits fire, the combination of debuffs from slow time and fire twister are usually enough that everything dies. I've tested both setups at 106 and I can't decide which is better, so appreciate any feedback. If anyone wants to test with me in-game that'd be great too. Thanks!mcdundee1 Apr 24
Apr 24 The Grin Reaper NOT in current builds?. I found the Grin Reapers Helmet and I must say it's a lot of fun seeing my skeleton doubles casting Piranado. I notice none of the top witch doctors currently using it but I'm here to find out why. If you love pets and you follow a Garg build you can easily equip Theos gloves and cube Jerams helmet you can still equip the Grin Reaper providing you are as using Royal ring of Grandeur in the cube to keep the 6 piece set bonus of your favorite set. Has anyone tried this successfully>? I really want to give it a whirl.Blivion9 Apr 24
Apr 23 Barber dmg bug with Gargs There appears to be a bug when using Barber with Gargs. I managed to clear a grift 76 last night in 11 minutes by switching from Barber to Harvester. When using Zuni you just need to hit with mana spenders which spirit barrage is and combined with barber should explode and do the job. However, it seems that despite the explosions from barber and using gazing demise the dps is incredibly low. The dps from barber is irrelevant, I am stating that spirit barrage and/or barber is NOT properly proccing Zuni 6 piece 2500% dmg set bonus. While many will refute that it is a bug and rather the buff of harvester vs not when using barber I have done extensive testing and found that it on single target spirit barrage works fine. I can also attest that well of souls successfully works on triggering the Zuni 6 pice on a second enemy. However, it would seem the explosion from barber are either A) bugged and is not triggering Zuni 6 piece bonus OR B) barber explosions were nerphed to make the exposions non-applicable to trigger Zuni 6 piece bonus. I think the first, but intentional or not it is unacceptable. Personally I love spirit barrage compared to firebats (hate bats) but I hit a wall at grift 72 and had to make a change. I feel confident that I can push 80 tonight. I find it unacceptable that one ability has night and day affect over another. They are both mana spenders and hit mass mobs for light dmg, all of the dmg comes from gargs so it should not really matter on the mana spender used. Because barber was nerphed, and rightfully so as people were clearing over 110, I feel this deserves a blue post. I am very competitive and it seems unfair that wizards are clearing over 100 or close to and yet you guys nerphed barber, possibly breaking it, but buff Zuni to make it competitive. It also seems like a botched start to the season for the new Zuni set and/or herding folks into firebats BUT it should NOT matter the mana spender used.. Zuni 6 piece does NOT say when hit with firebats, it says when hit with any mana spender for 8 seconds.Poundcake13 Apr 23
Apr 23 Zuni Garry Spirit Barrage instead of Haunt. I was playing HT Garry with Wall of death and Piranhas. Now, i switched to zuni, but instead of Haunt, i choose Spirit Barrage-Well of Souls, mainly cus i have a good Voos Juicer and that gives me mana and life regen. I also cubed barber to add more SB dmg. SB Procs Zuni 3er bonus very fast, hitting several targets/click , and with the barber, the aoe in thight packs is kinda useful too. IS there any good reason to switch to haunt? the WoS fire dmg its a big deal?Tango11 Apr 23
Apr 22 New to the Witch Doctor I have read some things online and that's where I got my current settings. If some of you veterans could take a look at my build and make some suggestions, I would appreciate it. I know I need more Legendary and Set items, but skill suggestions would really help. ThanksDragonflight16 Apr 22
Apr 22 How is MoJ/Enforcer damaged calculated? Gearing up for LoN Spirit Barrage build; using D3Planner, but it doesn't seem MoJ/Enforcer are increasing its damage. So, perhaps D3Planner doesn't account for this? Regardless, how is MoJ/Enforcer calculated? MoJ 100% doubles your Phantasms dmg, and Enforcer is a seperate multiplier from MoJ? Or is it additive? And are the phantasms only increased by this? I recently rolled two other MoJ helms with spirit barrage damage, but less "Pet Dmg" and trying to figure out whats better. Thanks all!Wootytooty5 Apr 22
Apr 21 Pyranhas knockback? Does Wave of Mutilation "knockback" enemys to activate strongarm bracers passive? (and pyranhado and bogadille?) Thx!Alex10 Apr 21
Apr 21 Witch Doctor is the most Frustrating Class As someone who generally plays most every class (except Barb for the moment) Witch doctor should be the most fun but it's most frustrating. There is the obvious "can't control your pets". But honestly for every build the biggest issue is the soul harvest issue. That skill and the harvester and bracers is basically required in any high-GR build since there is basically barely any other toughness items to be found for WDs. But you can't die (because you will have no toughness on respawn) and if you get a rift guardian without consistent minions you are probably done. It's even worse with pets because you can't respawn them in the invulnerability period so if you die, when you respawn you are gonna get one shotted before you have anything out. Zuni is the most irritating in this manner and it's basically why I'm not playing it over helltooth. I feel like WD is so close to being an awesome class with just a couple of simple changes: 1. Allow pets to attack what you click on - just a simple hotkey you can press to push them on one target 2. Allow respawn of pets during invulnerability period during spawn. 3. All soul harvest stacks refresh with a cast of it against an enemy. Bam, WD is a much more fun pushing class at that point. I love farming with it, but pushing high GRs this season is making me feel like I just want to do that on a wizard.Gorgatron1236 Apr 21
Apr 20 Can't do GR70... Join the club. (no hate) Please post here if you are unable to do GR70. This is not a troll thread. as I can not do it myself. really. can't. if you go on and attack me for not being able to do GR70 then it says more about you than me. Let me start this off with my Witch Doctor that CAN NOT do GR70 and has a FULL SET equiped for those who say that any set can do it... https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/gooddaytodie-1440/hero/62947910 EDIT REPLY to thread: Thanks for the links. they help a lot in trying to push that GR70 mark. I never said it was impossible, its very possible, just that i can't do it right now. It's like a player saying T10 is way to hard for them. well yea~ everyone at some point in time is going to say something is a bit to much at the moment. Telkari its like asking you to do GR90 when you just got past GR70. ekk. to-much to-much, lol. Whole reason for the thread even. I don't take it badly when people say "well you don't have the right stuff for it" - i agree. completely. That's the purpose of this thread. getting feedback from you players that CAN do it. Last night i was playing with a GR90 Crusader and he was CRUSHING gr70. while i was like hardly scratching at those monsters, HAHAHA. <Just takes time>gooddaytodie102 Apr 20
Apr 20 Should I Come Back? I have a Paragon 634 Witch Doctor which I played 2 seasons ago. I believe I was able to do up to GR 69 with HT Garg Build. I was not able to upgrade my gems on my Jade Harvester Gear but I remember I only beat GR 50 with Jade. I think I have all the sets including Arachyr but I played them only at below GR50. What are the new stuffs? I left D3 RoS coz of WoW Legion. I got weary of WoW lately after getting the BiS legendary for my toon and after getting the Flying Achievement. Tomb of Sargeras Raid Dungeon is not yet accessible yet. Maybe I should come back to D3. BTW, when would the Necromancer expansion be released? Should I come back now for warm up? What do you think?MrCute5121 Apr 20
Apr 20 Stuck at GRift 61 I am trying to make the first push to get to GRift 70's and I seem stuck at the low 60's. Can someone take a look at my WD build and tell me what I can do to improve? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/crotius-1335/hero/87467948 I know that I want to get the Staff of Chiroptera. I cant see to get the darn thing to drop...Kanai is just not cooperating with me. I seem to have ok survivability (sometimes I switch out Lambuka's ornament with Coils of the first spider). What I seem to lack is enough damage. Honestly, I don't really know how to optimize, and would definitely appreciate pointers to make that better. The other thing I cant seem to figure out is what stats should be priority in what slots. I seem to try to prioritize Intelligence and crit chance/dmg %. TIA for any help!crotius8 Apr 20
Apr 19 Um...rework/replace Zombie Handler...anyone?? Just getting over my Fallout addiction, and reacquainting myself around here. I'm ex-VUDU, and have done my time on these forums. So, I've been checking how the meta changed, blowing up to GR70+ from my previous hard-cap of 63, sifting sash, reading guides...y'know the stuff you do to catch up. Of all the changes I've seen, this kind of leapt out at me: why is ZH still around? With the changes to the Enforcer gem, and GR scaling...I would much rather run JF than this piece of weyune. 15% DR far exceeds 20% life and a dog at higher levels... (In a lot of cases a single hit will equal or faaar exceed 20% life, may as well reduce it by 15% and see if that at least avoids a one-shot...) Even at lower levels, the only time I *might* be tempted to use it (and even then, probably not) would be in a Sacrifice build. It clearly needs a rework or replace. Do any other classes have "dead" passives like this from all the (I will call them) "recent" changes? Just. Wow.Spectre2 Apr 19