Witch Doctor

Sep 11 Sacred Harvester reroll help So I got an almost perfect Ancient Harvester. 1540-1918 Arcane 1000 Int 7% Attack Speed 8% Reduced Cooldown (Which I rerolled to 10% dmg) 122 Max Mana I really need some help pushing with Jade Harvester, I'm currently on Tier 87 Grift solo, and I'm looking at the #4 on NA which is Rayee if i'm not mistaken. Looking at his/her gear it looks like i'm way ahead on gear with the Augmenting for Intelligence, only difference is s/he's running Unity and I'm using CoE (198%) , which should mean that I should be doing more dps (theoretically if i'm not moving a lot to dodge stuff because I'm taking more damage) Anyways, I've been looking at Rayee's gear and as I mentioned that I am more geared, but his/her build is more on Area Damage, his Vile Hive took area damage instead of haunt damage, and his weapon took area damage instead of damage % as well. So I guess my question is, should I reroll my damage 10% to area 24%? and get the vile hive to area damage instead as well? Looking at the gear again, about a total of 165% area damage for his build. Is that a more viable build for Jade Harvester rather than going out pure raw damage? I'm just thinking alot, since our difference is 5 tier levels (Rayee is at 92) with little difference on int level, although 150 paragon difference but I don't think that would help me get to 92 even if I'm at this gear.Ponkie4 Sep 11
Sep 11 Maintenance Mode improvements to Witch Docs If the supposition that Diablo is now in maintenance mode and we shouldn't expect new sets, what small maintenance level changes would you make to the game for next season?DVDMaster4 Sep 11
Sep 9 Viable to run a spam skill in HT Garg build? Been playing a WD for a couple days running HT/Garg- I have the Firebats Staff and Bracer- I didn't get a T&T or Harvester yet- is it viable to cube Coils and use the Chiroptera Staff and drop Piranhado for Firebats? I feel like I'm not burning through my mana pool efficiently and I'm running around refreshing the 2 ground DoTs and waiting for my pets to kill stuff- anyone know of anything to try? My highest clear is GR55 on my WD thus far. Thanks!DoctorDoom8 Sep 9
Sep 9 Helltooth Dungeon failure @ 4:30 I completed the Helltooth Set Dungeon in 4 mins and 30 seconds and it failed me. The target time is 4:30 seconds. It would be helpful if they had Success <= 4:30 instead of Failure => 4:30 in their code. If they did that, then 4:30 would be a success instead of a failure. OK, done rant. Off to try again !Beertruck884 Sep 9
Sep 9 Ring donation. Been searching tiiiime. Can anyone donate a short man's finger to my psn account? Pm for acc. Cheers.Lunny0 Sep 9
Sep 8 spirit barage I was testing thi skill on recent patch with LoN, but unfortunatelly it lacks damage even for T13. None of the sets augument this skill. It will be nice if in future patch some item is added to boost of this very cool skill. Also why this skill is not considered channeling? It should be boosted by shoulders Mantle of channeling IMOvknez10 Sep 8
Sep 8 Jade in 4man speed GR 80 runs Hey guys, I've been doing speed 80's with my jade doc and figured that I have two pretty much "useless" skills in a 4man group: fear and piranhado. So I replaced fear with BBV and it's been working really well. I am making consistent 5-6 minute runs on gr 80 with gen monk or garg wd. BBV is up for about 80% of the elite fights, and also when you get a huge trash mob pull you can use it since the cooldown will be reset after the fight. I couldn't find a skill to replace piranhado since that 15% dmg buff is still better than nothing and occasionally the pull is useful. Often I use it to mark the spot where I want the monk to start gathering mobs, so it's kind of a utility skill in that sense as well. Here's my profile for reference: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/AliRawidDuh-2875/hero/82672971 I've tried to put Paranoia into the build but I just can't find a use for it, that 60 sec cooldown is slightly too much to justify it.AliRawidDuh2 Sep 8
Sep 7 does bane of the stricken gem proc off dots? pretty much title please explain thxUberbunk5 Sep 7
Sep 7 Group & Solo - top rated builds for each As of now, I only have been pursuing a helltooth gargantuan build only Gear is getting good slowly. Solod a 77, grouped an 85. Is helltooth gargoyle the way to go for solo pushing? What is community consensus for group pushing for WD?BITCOIN8 Sep 7
Sep 7 GoD unbreakable grasp + zuni? Hi I was wondering if anyone could confirm on this. Does using unbreakable grasp rune ( removes mana cost) on grasp of the dead make it not proc zunimassa's 6pcs bonus anymore? Thank you.Swrd2 Sep 7
Sep 6 Soul Harvest suddenly does no damage. Hello folks, I've been playing Witch Doctor for a while, mostly with the Jade Harvester build, today all of a sudden, my Soul Harvest skill does absolutely no damage. It used to hit a lot, I one-shot the mobs with it in GR70. I know the mechanics of the skill, I'm using the right gears and items, my Haunt skill is hitting ~20b and I make sure to have DoT on over 20 mobs in the area, and when I use soul harvest, it barely hits even 20m damage, the mob's HP isn't changing at all. I tried wearing 6 pieces (maybe Ring of Royal Grandeur is bugging the effect), still the same thing, absolutely no damage. My current damage is 1,140,229 on the sheet. Has anyone encountered this problem before? P.S I have Haunt, Locust Swarm stacking on mobs and using Quetzalcoatl helmet, everything that should be boosting the damage. Thanks in advance.Exception6 Sep 6
Sep 6 Finally! ancient sacred harvester (reroll?) Okay, I finally got an ancient sacred harvester after 600+ plvls, and I'm going to be that guy. Help me with the re-roll before I ruin it? :) 2658.6 dps 1540-2258 dmg +1423-1789 cold dmg +873 intelligence +19% area dmg +21125 life per hit Ignore durability loss Thanks!Choppermaker3 Sep 6
Sep 6 Hex buff duration Will the Jinxed monsters take extra damage only when they are pigs/chickens (which is like 0,5 seconds in higher grifts), or does the damage amplification last a fixed amount of time?AliRawidDuh0 Sep 6
Sep 6 Helltooth skill set needs desperate tweaking. Folks, before you witch hunt me, know that if you enjoy the garg style...good on you! I'm not asking for nerfs or narrowing of playstyles. I want an expansion. As it currently stands, the "optimized" means of playing Helltooth asks us to do two things: A. Do not attack. B. Do not move. ...See the issue here? For the second season in a row, somehow, a support move is the best scaling move in the entire game (at least within the span of Helltooth moves). The answer is not to nerf garg damage: they should absolutely still remain a viable means of damage and a viable move to be incorporated into pet play style. However, how did this patch hit without ANY sort of tweaking to Zombie Bears, Acid Cloud, Grasp of the Dead, or even Spirit Barrage! Attention devs: This move still does NOT have a damage multiplier. It seems like little to no thought was put in skill tweaking this patch. I mean for god sake. Wizards are using Firebirds for Archon instead of the Archon set itself and Twister is still as powerful as ever. TLDR: I'm not asking for nerfs. I'm about asking for further skill tweaks and buffs that offer far more engaging play styles and options. And for god sake, we're in 2.4.1. GIVE SPIRIT BARRAGE A DAMAGE MULTIPLIER ON ONE OF THE SETS! In my opinion, it should be incorporated into a Jade redesign somehow. I'm open to ideas and suggestions. We can only pray that we aren't subjected to this passive and disengaging playstyle for a 3rd season in a row.RPRNoNsum13 Sep 6
Sep 5 its...... crazy how much stronger helltooth build is over all the others...its strides above the restUberbunk0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Carnevil questions (possible op?) How does pet dart damage factor, it is based on your darts? I know people used to run depth diggers and spined dart, however I cant see much difference, if this only boosts your dart and not pets, swamp landers with 20% poison would be better? Also, I know ring of emptiness doesn't work on pets, but if it boosts your darts damage and carnevil makes pet do damage based on your damage could that be a loophole? If so you would cube worm wood instead of star metal and run leeching beast instead of slam dance. and just use fetish belt instead of skill. thus opening room for other defensive skills like mass confusion. any input would be awesome!! i slapped some items on my HC WD and hit t8 and wrecked, hard to test damage differences when things die so fast, but going up to t13 when im HC isn't exactly smart. More testing will come tomorrow in the mean time, i would love some input!!Boxxerz4 Sep 5
Sep 5 newb wd need help am play solo mostly for damn season stash tab. btw how to clear faster with HT build (solo) , well i'm not so much to play wd, this season I forced myself to play it for stash tab, I really hate waiting pets killing mobs , and most of the time I saw they just fvcking waiting n do nothing , I got all 4 sets n items , but I dunno which build best for 5 mins rift ..Lezard4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Firebats build question Anyone try running harvester plus MOJO and cubing the staff. Use an soj instead of coe as ur other rights groups? Just wondering if there is a thread around this topic out there. Also...any thoughts on jade for groups? I found that bats is the best but was wondering if anyone has pushed in 4 man higher...I've done a 94 in groups but I don't think the build will compare to bats.Thanos3 Sep 5
Sep 5 Is the zdps WD dead? Is the zdps WD dead now? Should i just salvage all those items? Or wait/save my items as it might come back?Armisal4 Sep 5
Sep 5 Clan Forsaken Voodoo looking for fresh blood Post up if interested. If you are already in a clan, you will need to leave that clan before you can be invited to join Forsaken Vudu.Wurger12 Sep 5
Sep 4 About what Grift level? I've been setting up my Firebats build for a couple weeks now, not sure where my stats should be. I'm wondering if I should be able to dps around GR95 at least with my item stats so far. Link to my firebats toon. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Gzip-1810/hero/50819966Gzip13 Sep 4
Sep 4 Ancient Sacred Harvester What do you reckon is the best way (most efficient) to go about getting one (apart from rifting and grifting until one drops)? Upgrade yellows? Reroll using bounty mats? Anything else? ThanksDarkWolf4 Sep 4
Sep 3 What to reroll Manajuma Knife? http://imgur.com/a/k5U1E reroll base damage? reroll INT to AD? I have 13000 intMikeCervelo5 Sep 3
Sep 2 HT Garg Ammy Reroll Query Hi guys, so I have 2 Travellers Pledge: 1. 20% cold, int, CHD 58% 2. int, 83% CHD, +life (yet to be rerolled). Which one do you think would be better? No. 1 has no CHC but has 20% Cold. No. 2 can have good CHC and CHD stats but no Cold. I'm confused which way to go. Thoughts appreciated. ThanksDarkWolf8 Sep 2
Sep 2 FUNKY CHICKEN? ok I started a wd just to play with the hyper speed chickenI see so often but I need advice on how to use it and what gems I need for it Ill use a helltooth build just because I see it used most often and advice you can give me on how to attack with it would help'thankswarmouse3 Sep 2
Sep 2 Question: LoN Garg/Sac vs. HT Garg/Area dmg I'm fascinated with Sacrifice as a skill itself and its mechanic to use Zombie Dogs for a heavy cost. Question: I was curious if 100% up time on Provoke the Pack for 100% damage boost with near all items with cooldown better then Hell Tooth Garg focusing on Area damage? I haven't tested but I am working on getting my items for LoN Sacrifice/Garg build currently. Here are the items below. My idea for a LoN Garg/Sacrifice build. Wep: SACRED HARVESTER; Soul Harvest stacks increased to 10. Off hand: *Legacy* HOMUNCULUS; reduces Zombie dogs/Garg up to 20 seconds raw cooldown Helm: MASK OF JERAM; up to 100% damage for pets Shoulder: HOMING PADS; Gives up to 60% damage reduction when using Town Portal Chest: AQUILA; Damage Reduction by 50% when above at least 90% resource. Glove: TASKER AND THEO; Up to 50% attack speed for pets Bracer: LAKUMBA’S ORNAMENT; Gives damage reduction by 6% per Soul Harvested Pants: SWAMP LAND WADERS; Legendary effect doesn't matter- using for +20% to Fire or Cold. Boots: ILLUSIONARY BOOTS; Run unhindered Belt: VIGILANTE BELT or WITCHING HOUR; 8% cooldown or attack speed and CHD Ammy: HELLFIRE; 1 of the +1 zombie dog, Tribal Rights, or Spirit Vessel. Ring/Ring: LITANY OF NIGHTMARE; 100% damage, 4% damage reduction for EACH ancient legendary item Cube: Humunculus; summon 1 dog per 2 seconds. Leoric Crown; 100% cooldown reduction, Small Man figure; 3 smaller yet more powerful Garg's (Primary Source of Damage) Stats: Focus on COOLDOWN REDUCTION up to 60%. Why? Legacy Homunc you get 45 seconds to 25, Garg from 60 down to 40. From there you will get 25% from passive and 60% from items = Under 15 seconds on Garg for Wrathful Protector if you wanna go fire or Humanoid for Cold. Zombie Dogs down to approx 8-9 seconds with 2 seconds respawn = 100% up time on Provoke the Pack.DragonLily2 Sep 2
Sep 2 zDPS?!?! Working on a zdps and see most the top builds on the leader boards have strongarms on or cubed...what skill other that piranado is proccing these? As it seems none of them are using that but frozen piranahs...is it b/c they are with a pull monk and that is doing it? Thanks in advancep0o9 Sep 2
Sep 2 Simple WD question about rings, please. Do any WD's use focus and restraint any more ?? Assuming I have a short man's finger in the cube, is it worth it to use focus and restraint? Or stick to travelers ammy and compass ring?EGUFF22 Sep 2
Sep 2 Arachyr's set T13 I finished the season Guardian Journey and I have moved back to non-season where I have 1,141 paragon levels. I decided to try my Arachyr's set in T13 rift runs. Before I could easily run T10 bounties and rifts. my DPS is still pretty good for T13 but I get one shotted by everything. :) Can't give up that much DPS for toughness. That set to me is basically dead for gameplay unless they buff it next patch. Sure I could throw 500 paragon points of vitality at the set or if I was paragon 2000 like some people. For the majority of the player base this set is worthless now.Visionhero13 Sep 2
Aug 31 How does HT Sacrifice build work? I don't feel like I'm doing nearly as much damage with this as I should be but my gear is pretty decent. Any tips? I'm also dying a bunch but I think that's more due to lack of support in pubs a lot of the time. This build does seem somewhat squishy without Henri's.Darkinsanity8 Aug 31
Aug 31 SMK build Season 7 Hi guys. I finally found an ancient SMK for my WD and want to know if there are still decent builds out there for the SMK in season 7. At the moment, I'm running the Helltooth build and thought I'd like to switch it up a bit as all my Zuni gear is now ancient whereas I've only got about 3 items in my Helltooth set is.Tombstone5 Aug 31
Aug 30 2 simple questions Like the title says: How does life link on zombie dogs stack with Serpent mojo? And what follower/set up do you guys typically use for helltooth garg. ThanksGbrav132 Aug 30
Aug 30 Will other player haunt skill affect my Jade? Hi, I'm quite new to WD. Any Pro WD out there can help me Qns: In a party, will other WD player haunt skill (say that WD is using HT set ) affect my haunt skill/ so call overwrite my haunt skill on the same monster we are fighting and cause my soul harvest dmg to become lower?BlackOO2 Aug 30
Aug 29 Anybody doing LoN Dog Sac Build? Hi, im working on gearing up for LoN Dog Sac Build I know its not going to push grift at all, but was just wondering if theres anybody who's doing this for fun? i think dmg is going to be pretty good due to LoN- 1300% Swampland Pant- 400% Dog Mojo- 60% Sac dmg. Please do chime in if you are currently doing LoN Dog Sac build I would love to learn/see what skills you are using. *edit-didn't realize RoE ring didn't work with Dog Sac FMLWillie4 Aug 29
Aug 29 Zombie Dog/Garg NEEDS CD reduction = 20 sec Dear Blizzard staff, I would love to see some much needed change to Zombie Dog/Garg cooldown. Ive been asking for this for months if not years since they changed how sacrifice skill (animation and the runes) was change from AOE around body to ground targeting. Also since LoN and HT garg is or was primary build. My focus isn't so much on the skill damage or runes but a little adjustment to cooldown for both of these skills. I understanding that not dying or using "grave injustice" to reset cooldowns is great and all but that uses a passive slot which can be used for much better passives. Why? Mainly for sacrifice builds and garg repositioning for a more active build with pets. *****All im asking for is PLEASE reduce the cooldown of Zombie Dog/Garg down from 45/60 respectively to 20 seconds for BOTH of these skills.*****DragonLily0 Aug 29
Aug 29 [New Set Suggestion] Habit of Horror. a spirit barrage/ horrify themed set. Pieces: Voodoo mask Shoulders Gloves Chest Boots mojo (rolls 75-100% spirit barrage damage) Set Bonuses: 2) You are permanently accompanied by a manitou that attacks nearby enemies for 2000% weapon damage every second. (Benefits from spirit barrage damage) 4) Horrify gains the frightening aspect run, and its effect and duration are increased by 200%. 6) Spirit barrage causes enemies to take 25% more damage from spirit barrage, stacking indefinitely.Zarono8 Aug 29
Aug 29 Which one to roll? Area Dmg or Garg skill? After 3 months of non gear improvement. Got this drop which is a very crucial crossroad. I only have one chance out of this. Please see this: http://i.imgur.com/5lyQD0T.jpg Option 1: - Swap out VIT for 20% Area Dmg - This will make me loose 1% Garg Dmg - Long term planning since Area dmg is much needed Option 2: - Keep the VIT - Perfect the remaining 1% of the Garg Dmg - This will then be a direct improvement of existing gear (CDR +1%, VIT+) Option 3: - Roll out Cooldown Reduction for 20% Area Dmg Currently doing GR87 Advice appreciated. Thanks guyswaisir2 Aug 29
Aug 29 harvester reroll advice please 2883.4 damage 873 Int 907 vita 6% AS [img]http://i.imgur.com/OVeqXHg.jpg[/img] The equipped is what I use for Jade. I have a similar one with LPH instead of vita for HT. I play Jade and HT, mostly Jade. Not sure I should 1. reroll base damage, up to +4% dps 2. reroll vita to 10% damage +7.9% dps 3. reroll AS to 10% damage +1.9% dps dps figures factor in offhand.GAK0 Aug 29
Aug 26 Weapon stat choices Running a pet build with helltooth and will focus on gargantuans when the gear comes. ATM, just damage output I just got a Barber weapon that has built in critdam but the damage stat kinda blows. The sheet dps between the two is about the same. it also has -resource cost. I could reroll -resource to atkspd for a big sheet dps increase. As far as pets are concerned, is there a difference between slow and fast weapons that give same sheet dps?yinston2 Aug 26
Aug 26 Which one choose, what to reroll for a sock? Hello all, Image here : http://mp3.jwar.fr/intitled.jpg (copy / paste link) For a Helltooth Garg build, which would you choose ? If this is the new one, what would you reroll for a socket ? I would go for the INT. Thanks in advance for you advices and help.JWar0 Aug 26
Aug 26 HT Garg/Angry Chicken Hello everyone, I haven't played since season 4 and just started a new WD the other day, a bit late in the season. I was hoping someone could help me clear up a few things: 1) I have been looking at a few build guides for HT Garg and Im unsure of the stat priority for the gear. I have been looking at 2 of them one being J_macc (on diablofans) and the other being Deadset (on icy-veins). It seems to me as though they prioritize a bit different and im just not sure what i should be shooting for on my gear. Any tips? 2) Second, is it viable to just switch a few pieces of gear to run the speed chicken or do i have to have a second set of HT rolled a bit different? Assuming i can keep most of my gear and im running the travelers pledge combo here is what i am thinking of doing: a) for t10-13-> Manajuma's set, hellfire ammy, replace compass rose with avarice band, witching hour for goldwrap, bracers to nem, and bane of the stricken for boon of the horder. b) for bounties-> Manajuma's set, hellfire ammy, compass rose for convection of elements (or keep travelers pledge combo), belt to Krelm's Buff Belt, bane of the stricken to ? c) for speed chicken gem leveling-> Manajuma's set, nem bracers. 3) lastly, I know for augmenting gear you can just use a higher level gem to increase the stat. But say at the start if I needed vit but later wanted to switch it to int, is this possible? Or am I locked into a stat? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks!Drouse2 Aug 26
Aug 26 Hotfix Question Little late to the party here, but, did the ROE nerf hit Xbox as well? I do not see it in the patch notes. Any WDs out there test it to make sure?Sophan0 Aug 26
Aug 26 cold % vs CHC garg ht At exactly 50% CHC, is rolling cold % dmg worth more than 10% CHC on travelers?Godlike1 Aug 26
Aug 26 RoE Nerf Appreciation Thread Go Jade Go.ButteryNub146 Aug 26
Aug 26 Is LON Garg....viable? Relearning game after being away abit.Saydin2 Aug 26
Aug 26 TNT and Helltooth Gargantuan Stat Query So I have tasker and theo with ias , chc, AD, int ie no chd. Being so heavily reliant on AD as this build is, would getting gloves with CHD instead of AD be beneficial do you think? ThanksDarkWolf4 Aug 26
Aug 26 WTB Sacred Harvester I've gotten 4 SMK's this season, without even cubing for them. Haven't found my first Sacred Harvester yet. What am I missing, did they change it to only drop from bounty caches or something? Help me out.CecilPaladin15 Aug 26
Aug 25 maximizing grueome feast upkeep I'm working on a build which would like to have 5 stacks of gruesome feast constantly, is there a way to do that besides play multiplayer? Am I overlooking an item or something?Fourty2DNAD311 Aug 25
Aug 25 HT Garg sacrifice vs HT firebats in group Which one has better DPS overall? Wanted to try the firebat build, but want to have some opinions before fully committed. Thanks!churinga0 Aug 25
Aug 25 Kitty versus serpent - HT doc Is there an overwhelming tilt on the scale to use kitty instead of serpent? Found an ancient serpent that i'm curious to try.. but that initial damage reduction is huge for running pack to pack in GR's! Let me know what you guys think.BetrayalFive4 Aug 25