Witch Doctor

Apr 26 Anybody playing wiz and wd? Ok, probably a bunch of you are playing both. I guess it's a stupid title but I'm looking for some comparisons from those who have spent a bit of time on both in 2.5. I just came back from almost 2 years off. As your typical baddie does, I just looked at the leaderboards and saw wizards tearing shlt up so I quickly rolled one and in my 50 hours of playing I've geared it out to have an ok Vyr/Tal set that I've been able to grind to gr74 without too much effort. I'd probably be higher but I've spent a lot of time power leveling/gearing my even baddier wife :). I started day 1 of release on WD and lived through all the significant pain that encompassed, but haven't touched it since coming back. For somebody who plays them both, are you having as much fun on the WD? How about easy of play? The older I get the badder I get. The wiz is fun but I'm feeling this calling back to the WD. I'd rather find out if I should skip the trip before I throw a couple days of play at it. I always liked the thought of pets, but as I recall my pets always got in each others' way or just stood around like a bunch of retahds attacking the little bat while the elite pack butt raped me. Jade was fun but 100% garbage against bosses. More of the same or something new and useful? Thanks!SilentMike693 Apr 26
Apr 26 Zuni6 vs Helltooth6 The 6pc damage bonus is: Zuni6 2500% HT6 1500% On face value, Zuni seems to do 1000% more damage….but they seem to reach around the same GR ceiling….can someone kindly explain this to me please?Ryoka4 Apr 26
Apr 25 Stuck on GR 69 Can I get some feedback on my WD. I know everyone will say iakumbas and sacred harvester. I have both and have re rolled the harvester to the point of being out of mats and have not had another drop yet. Any help will be appreciated.Kredian12 Apr 25
Apr 25 Recently started playing WD: Firebats, firebats, firebats, firebats. .... No.Malmström5 Apr 25
Apr 25 Quick amulet help So i just got my travelers pledge but it didnt get a socket. Im just wondering what i should swap out for it. It has: Cold skills deal 20% more 643 int Crit damage 62 percent 10 percent area damage Im assuming cold damage or area damage should be swapped. Area is low and im not really sure how good the cold damage is for the gargs.Thommi2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Stealth nerf to toughness? Been farming T11 for the past week or so, but today, I'm suddenly getting 1shot by everything. Haven't changed my gear or anything. Dafuq is going onJoey2 Apr 25
Apr 24 Question for WDs Hi, I main wizard and have a question for WDs regarding 4m group setups for GR over 105 or so. At that tier most wizards run the CoE hydra RG killer build which commonly uses the slow time rune Time Stretch which gives 10% IAS inside the bubble. It helps wizard hydras reach higher breakpoints, but it also boosts WD AS. There is also another slow time rune option that I've been experimenting with lately called Time Warp, which states "enemies affected by slow time take 15% increased damage." My question is what benefits WD more - 10% IAS or 15% debuff to enemies? I've asked several WDs and have heard different responses. One said they don't want IAS because it causes them to burn mana too fast. I have also heard that enough density and PE bleed procs can cap WD APS, making additional IAS from Stretch Time unnecessary. Wizard can cast separate slow time bubbles in and out of archon form and interestingly, the bubble effects do stack. So theoretically the WD inside 2 stacked bubbles could be getting either 20% IAS with Stretch Time or 30% debuff with Time Warp. At higher tiers I'm trying to focus more on buffing the WD dmg than my own dmg, similar to how the DH gives wolf and MFD. My build also includes the fire twister gale force rune which gives another 15% debuff to enemies hit. When the monk and WD set up I drop Time Warp bubble on the pack and start spamming fire twisters. When the WD CoE cycle hits fire, the combination of debuffs from slow time and fire twister are usually enough that everything dies. I've tested both setups at 106 and I can't decide which is better, so appreciate any feedback. If anyone wants to test with me in-game that'd be great too. Thanks!mcdundee1 Apr 24
Apr 24 The Grin Reaper NOT in current builds?. I found the Grin Reapers Helmet and I must say it's a lot of fun seeing my skeleton doubles casting Piranado. I notice none of the top witch doctors currently using it but I'm here to find out why. If you love pets and you follow a Garg build you can easily equip Theos gloves and cube Jerams helmet you can still equip the Grin Reaper providing you are as using Royal ring of Grandeur in the cube to keep the 6 piece set bonus of your favorite set. Has anyone tried this successfully>? I really want to give it a whirl.Blivion9 Apr 24
Apr 23 Barber dmg bug with Gargs There appears to be a bug when using Barber with Gargs. I managed to clear a grift 76 last night in 11 minutes by switching from Barber to Harvester. When using Zuni you just need to hit with mana spenders which spirit barrage is and combined with barber should explode and do the job. However, it seems that despite the explosions from barber and using gazing demise the dps is incredibly low. The dps from barber is irrelevant, I am stating that spirit barrage and/or barber is NOT properly proccing Zuni 6 piece 2500% dmg set bonus. While many will refute that it is a bug and rather the buff of harvester vs not when using barber I have done extensive testing and found that it on single target spirit barrage works fine. I can also attest that well of souls successfully works on triggering the Zuni 6 pice on a second enemy. However, it would seem the explosion from barber are either A) bugged and is not triggering Zuni 6 piece bonus OR B) barber explosions were nerphed to make the exposions non-applicable to trigger Zuni 6 piece bonus. I think the first, but intentional or not it is unacceptable. Personally I love spirit barrage compared to firebats (hate bats) but I hit a wall at grift 72 and had to make a change. I feel confident that I can push 80 tonight. I find it unacceptable that one ability has night and day affect over another. They are both mana spenders and hit mass mobs for light dmg, all of the dmg comes from gargs so it should not really matter on the mana spender used. Because barber was nerphed, and rightfully so as people were clearing over 110, I feel this deserves a blue post. I am very competitive and it seems unfair that wizards are clearing over 100 or close to and yet you guys nerphed barber, possibly breaking it, but buff Zuni to make it competitive. It also seems like a botched start to the season for the new Zuni set and/or herding folks into firebats BUT it should NOT matter the mana spender used.. Zuni 6 piece does NOT say when hit with firebats, it says when hit with any mana spender for 8 seconds.Poundcake13 Apr 23
Apr 23 Zuni Garry Spirit Barrage instead of Haunt. I was playing HT Garry with Wall of death and Piranhas. Now, i switched to zuni, but instead of Haunt, i choose Spirit Barrage-Well of Souls, mainly cus i have a good Voos Juicer and that gives me mana and life regen. I also cubed barber to add more SB dmg. SB Procs Zuni 3er bonus very fast, hitting several targets/click , and with the barber, the aoe in thight packs is kinda useful too. IS there any good reason to switch to haunt? the WoS fire dmg its a big deal?Tango11 Apr 23
Apr 22 New to the Witch Doctor I have read some things online and that's where I got my current settings. If some of you veterans could take a look at my build and make some suggestions, I would appreciate it. I know I need more Legendary and Set items, but skill suggestions would really help. ThanksDragonflight16 Apr 22
Apr 22 How is MoJ/Enforcer damaged calculated? Gearing up for LoN Spirit Barrage build; using D3Planner, but it doesn't seem MoJ/Enforcer are increasing its damage. So, perhaps D3Planner doesn't account for this? Regardless, how is MoJ/Enforcer calculated? MoJ 100% doubles your Phantasms dmg, and Enforcer is a seperate multiplier from MoJ? Or is it additive? And are the phantasms only increased by this? I recently rolled two other MoJ helms with spirit barrage damage, but less "Pet Dmg" and trying to figure out whats better. Thanks all!Wootytooty5 Apr 22
Apr 21 Pyranhas knockback? Does Wave of Mutilation "knockback" enemys to activate strongarm bracers passive? (and pyranhado and bogadille?) Thx!Alex10 Apr 21
Apr 21 Witch Doctor is the most Frustrating Class As someone who generally plays most every class (except Barb for the moment) Witch doctor should be the most fun but it's most frustrating. There is the obvious "can't control your pets". But honestly for every build the biggest issue is the soul harvest issue. That skill and the harvester and bracers is basically required in any high-GR build since there is basically barely any other toughness items to be found for WDs. But you can't die (because you will have no toughness on respawn) and if you get a rift guardian without consistent minions you are probably done. It's even worse with pets because you can't respawn them in the invulnerability period so if you die, when you respawn you are gonna get one shotted before you have anything out. Zuni is the most irritating in this manner and it's basically why I'm not playing it over helltooth. I feel like WD is so close to being an awesome class with just a couple of simple changes: 1. Allow pets to attack what you click on - just a simple hotkey you can press to push them on one target 2. Allow respawn of pets during invulnerability period during spawn. 3. All soul harvest stacks refresh with a cast of it against an enemy. Bam, WD is a much more fun pushing class at that point. I love farming with it, but pushing high GRs this season is making me feel like I just want to do that on a wizard.Gorgatron1236 Apr 21
Apr 20 Can't do GR70... Join the club. (no hate) Please post here if you are unable to do GR70. This is not a troll thread. as I can not do it myself. really. can't. if you go on and attack me for not being able to do GR70 then it says more about you than me. Let me start this off with my Witch Doctor that CAN NOT do GR70 and has a FULL SET equiped for those who say that any set can do it... https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/gooddaytodie-1440/hero/62947910 EDIT REPLY to thread: Thanks for the links. they help a lot in trying to push that GR70 mark. I never said it was impossible, its very possible, just that i can't do it right now. It's like a player saying T10 is way to hard for them. well yea~ everyone at some point in time is going to say something is a bit to much at the moment. Telkari its like asking you to do GR90 when you just got past GR70. ekk. to-much to-much, lol. Whole reason for the thread even. I don't take it badly when people say "well you don't have the right stuff for it" - i agree. completely. That's the purpose of this thread. getting feedback from you players that CAN do it. Last night i was playing with a GR90 Crusader and he was CRUSHING gr70. while i was like hardly scratching at those monsters, HAHAHA. <Just takes time>gooddaytodie102 Apr 20
Apr 20 Should I Come Back? I have a Paragon 634 Witch Doctor which I played 2 seasons ago. I believe I was able to do up to GR 69 with HT Garg Build. I was not able to upgrade my gems on my Jade Harvester Gear but I remember I only beat GR 50 with Jade. I think I have all the sets including Arachyr but I played them only at below GR50. What are the new stuffs? I left D3 RoS coz of WoW Legion. I got weary of WoW lately after getting the BiS legendary for my toon and after getting the Flying Achievement. Tomb of Sargeras Raid Dungeon is not yet accessible yet. Maybe I should come back to D3. BTW, when would the Necromancer expansion be released? Should I come back now for warm up? What do you think?MrCute5121 Apr 20
Apr 20 Stuck at GRift 61 I am trying to make the first push to get to GRift 70's and I seem stuck at the low 60's. Can someone take a look at my WD build and tell me what I can do to improve? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/crotius-1335/hero/87467948 I know that I want to get the Staff of Chiroptera. I cant see to get the darn thing to drop...Kanai is just not cooperating with me. I seem to have ok survivability (sometimes I switch out Lambuka's ornament with Coils of the first spider). What I seem to lack is enough damage. Honestly, I don't really know how to optimize, and would definitely appreciate pointers to make that better. The other thing I cant seem to figure out is what stats should be priority in what slots. I seem to try to prioritize Intelligence and crit chance/dmg %. TIA for any help!crotius8 Apr 20
Apr 19 Um...rework/replace Zombie Handler...anyone?? Just getting over my Fallout addiction, and reacquainting myself around here. I'm ex-VUDU, and have done my time on these forums. So, I've been checking how the meta changed, blowing up to GR70+ from my previous hard-cap of 63, sifting sash, reading guides...y'know the stuff you do to catch up. Of all the changes I've seen, this kind of leapt out at me: why is ZH still around? With the changes to the Enforcer gem, and GR scaling...I would much rather run JF than this piece of weyune. 15% DR far exceeds 20% life and a dog at higher levels... (In a lot of cases a single hit will equal or faaar exceed 20% life, may as well reduce it by 15% and see if that at least avoids a one-shot...) Even at lower levels, the only time I *might* be tempted to use it (and even then, probably not) would be in a Sacrifice build. It clearly needs a rework or replace. Do any other classes have "dead" passives like this from all the (I will call them) "recent" changes? Just. Wow.Spectre2 Apr 19
Apr 19 Math Assistance for Sacred Harveters Math help from the pro WD's. Not a lot of luck this season when it comes to Sacred Harvesters 3 ancients all mediocre. I just need some math verification from someone who knows WD better than I do (former monk main) Sacred Harvester 1 3326.1 DPS 1821-2619 damage 1.5 APS 1554-1934 damage (re-rolled stat natural damage roll was lowest possible) 9% damage 928 int 7% IAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sacred Harvester 2 2757.3 DPS 1616-2323 1.4 APS 1499-1845 damage 845 int 847 vit 23% AD (reroleld stat rolled RCR originally) (caldesann' despare rank 50 first ancient item i got this season) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sacred Harvester 3 2899.7 DPS 1620-2288 damange 1.48 APS 1503-1819 damage 887 int 6% isa 23% Area Damage So heres where i am running into an issue the damage range on SH1 is 12% higher than SH 2 and 3. Area damage is a 20% chance to proc 24% additional damage which would net a 4.8% damage increase. so no attack speed accounted for my math shows SH 1 is better than SH 2 and 3. Can anyone confirm? I know AS is a wasted stat but would a 7% higher base attack speed affect pain enhance stacking? Any help would be appreciated.Mestra9 Apr 19
Apr 19 Channeling Zuni Garg? Hey guys just thought up a little something while at work, this build utilizes the buff from mantle of channeling as a standard garg set giving us a multiplicative 25% damage from mantle of channeling, confidence ritual was already used so in range isn't as bad, plus you could even switch bane of the stricken to pain enhancer although im unsure what the result would be. Away from gaming computer right now just theorycrafting, What do you guys think? Any chance at it being viable http://ptr.d3planner.com/848517590Lottey10 Apr 19
Apr 19 Pets are immortal I've been playing Diablo III for the past few days non stop and couldn't help but notice that Zombie Dogs, Fetishes and the Gargantuan are all taking no damage whatsoever despite me not having any buffs to help them increase health or take less damage. Not even on torment VI where I myself died several times but my pets never gave in even if there was one of those annoying arcane laser things that the elite packs have. Any clue on why this is so?Narmosis10 Apr 19
Apr 19 Coils of the First Spider So I found a Primal Ancient Coils of the First Spider and I wondering how they would compare to Lakumba's? I'd be missing the 5 stacks of Soul Harvest but does the 30% damage reduction and max LpH make up for it?obie19700 Apr 19
Apr 19 HT Angry Chicken Help needed I started this game with WD as my main. I have played on and off again since beta. I came back a few months ago and have been trying all sorts of builds from various classes. Recently, I have been looking for the fastest t13 solo rift farm build. A lot of people recommended this build and a lot said LON LTK monk. I got my monk built and he flies through t13 rifts. I have been building my HT angry chicken build, and while it is not completely optimized gear wise (see Booya character), I can say it is no where near as fast as my monk. This build seems to slow down due to killing power. From what I can tell the builds main dps is from WoD communing and the Gargs doing the majority of the direct dps. Based on this, I can't really see a way to make my dps jump up high enough to where this build is as fast as an LON LTK monk. How do you boost this builds dps significantly? I really want to give WD a try but this slowness has me bummed out.Scar12 Apr 19
Apr 19 2.5 Zuni Pet Build - IAS, Ele Dmg,Fetish Syco Helltooth better than zunPitch6 Apr 19
Apr 19 A Fun HT-Garg./Cold Set-up I had fun with this set-up/build, competed GR-70 with ease. Standard HT-Garg. build/set-up with the following changes: Equip. Off-Hand: Wilkens (No CD for Grasp of the Dead) Cube: Frostburn Gloves --- (Not Taskers) Skills Grasp of the Dead/Unbreakable. (Cold & No mana costs) Gems IceBlink (Is a possibility) Lots of fun spamming GoTD, while pets tore apart the foes.Saydin3 Apr 19
Apr 18 So VERY SLOW Is there a way to perma the speed in spirit walk? This is such a slow character. I'm using Icy Veins - Witch Doctor Gargantuan Build w/ Helltooth but man is it SLOW! Any help is greatly appericated. Thanks, Rich the Slow GuyCinkidd7 Apr 18
Apr 18 How do you kill rift boss if you die? With fb i just ran into a rift guardian that didn't spawn adds, when i died i lost my soul harvest, and just kept getting one shot.Drew2 Apr 18
Apr 17 Is 2 piece Helltooth worth it for Zuni? On my season WD, I see I could get two piece Helltooth for my Zunimassa pet WD. But doing so would require me to sacrifice either short or tall man's finger. Not really sure if it would be worth it...Lightdeity2 Apr 17
Apr 17 Firebats Pain Enhancer in groups Hello, I was looking for some info about Pain Enhancer's attack speed increase, but couldn't find any yet. The gem says: ... I have seen guides advising support monks to either equip Uliana 2p or roll Bleed chance on one of their weapons in order to help the WD out in the group. Does this make any sense if the WD uses Locust Swarm especially with Pestilence anyway? Can multiple bleed effects on the same mob stack this effect? For example: Locust Swarm, Haunt, Exploding Palm, Gem of Efficacious Toxin's poison, and Pain Enhancer's own bleed proc.Sly2 Apr 17
Apr 16 The New Jungle Wrap Belt If you don't mind, can you reply to this post if you are able to get one of these to drop. I crafted around 80 or so legendary belts and haven't seen it. Could be bad RNG I know, but it was bugged on the PTR and wasn't dropping at first. ThanksNightCrawler22 Apr 16
Apr 15 Zuni viable Dmg bumped to 2500...could it be? Fingers crossed.Thanos32 Apr 15
Apr 15 Grin Reaper vs Mask of Jeram for Helltooth? Kind of torn here. I'm trying out a hybrid pet and acid cloud build with Helltooth. I'm using Tasker and Theo as well as both short and tall man's finger-- so the pets are pretty beefed up. Seems like Mask of Jeram would be a great choice but I hear Grin Reaper is extremely strong with Acid Cloud.Lightdeity3 Apr 15
Apr 14 HT garg/sac weapon? What's a decent one hander to use with a garg/sacrifice build? Is sacred harvester the only good choice? Do any CC weapons like TF or Azurewrath proc off sacrifice?Dreyda0 Apr 14
Apr 13 Hit a brick wall on g rift 40 Hello, I wont waste a lot of time with non subject matter. my gear is basically full s10(current season) zunimasa all rerolled into either plague swarm and or acid cloud. I also have full spider set minus chest, full helltooth minus head and near full jade harvester set. I am currently using a mixture of the zunimassa s10 and the spider set. I did this for the bonuses from fetishes for the damage reduction and all of that from the current season gear and then enough to get the two piece bonus from the spider set for the big spider pet that does 4000% damage at whatever u toss a spider jar at. Up until grf 40 I have just demolished everything. Now my current playstyle of run up locust swarm, piranha pool(to lock) and then acid cloud the trapped grouping(slow burn rune) just doesn't seem to be dishing out enough damage. My paragon level is around 130ish or so(spced into life, aoe damage modifier and I don't remember the other two slots which I choose. So any pointers on what I can do to get better in this playstyle or should I just abandon this style and move to another. money is no issue, all crafting mats are no issue. so if I need to change it up let me know. Thanks and also using legendary soul harvester ceremonial knive.Crystlviper8 Apr 13
Apr 13 Am I doing something wrong? I tried to do a 70 solo on my WD using the Firebats setup, I had all my buffs up, 10 stacks of soul harvest, used my hex, had unity on....and I got 3 shot by an elite while channeling my firebats. I thought this build is supposed to be insane when soloing but atm I have better survivability on my Zuni-Garg setup. Sure I hit really hard consistently but I just don't get how people are able to do gr86 and up solo while getting hit for this hard. Edit: Also I dislike how there isn't a buff tracker for Hex with our 4 piece. I find that irritating, sure I use it almost always on CD but I just wish there was a way to track it. That or my game was bugged and I couldn't see it.Abazaba12 Apr 13
Apr 13 PL 388 and still no Short Mans Finger Unfriggingbelievable I have had every other ring under the sun, except the Short Mans Finger and the Tall Mans Finger. Man, I must have really pissed the RNG Gods off at sometime.FrogSkin13 Apr 13
Apr 13 Add Sacrifice to Zuni 6 pc Bonus next season Zuni is a great starter set and I feel it has potential to shine. However, Firebats has been the go to power grind for 3 seasons now. If Sacrifice turned into pet damage instead of your damage and placed as part of the 6 pc bonus to increase bonus damage of 2500% damage, Zuni could rival the current HT/Arachyr firebat build. This would give more options to players who want to be a pet class and not rely on AoE close combat. WD is the current best in slot class for groups in order to take down mobs, but it is just firebats. Making this change will allow for more build options and sets for higher tier rifts.Proxyminers0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Statement about Spirit Barrage Hello Hello, So i need some information about this rune Spirit Barrage Phantasm, since a few days some people with high paragon show its strong (even more than firebats ? who know at the moment) . First i saw the patch note about the ptr with the zunimassa set bonus who was remove with this rune, i mean the set bonus must not apply to these summoned pets. So here is my question why remove that; and allowed Mask of Jeram and Enforcer gem to buff the pets? Is that a bug or not ? What's the official statement about that from the developpers? (i contact the European support and they says its not a bug at the moment apparently or at least not one for now) So my next question is, if finally its a bug and a statement is made by blizzard, can we loose our account for exploiting this fail? And at the end is it possible to know some real base damage or something like that and how they trigger the spirit barrage or all information about that ? (try some plan d3planner but everything is broken) I dont want to loose 3.5K paragon at the end of season just because i try a weird build who seems a bit broken and powerful. So i really hope a developpers or at least a community manager will state on these points. By the way i have look everywhere on reddit, even on chinese site but none cant really say if it's a bug or not, so the real hope is to have a clear position about that. Thanks per advance for the answer, and sorry about my english (french dude here :p)Nourss6 Apr 13
Apr 13 question regarding frostburn gloves does the freeze chance work off of cold gargs? just wondering if they are worth using over the shielding gloves. appreciate the help!thak9 Apr 13
Apr 12 Why no zombie dogs in 2.5 Zuni builds? Didn't find the answer in a search. I don't know much about WD's, but was wondering why zombie dogs are not used in any pet builds I have read up on? Thanks.Vanin3 Apr 12
Apr 12 Firebat - Sequence/Rotation and more.. Just started playing a WD and I'm looking at doing groups with it since my friends need one almost every other day. Now I can easily find the gear/builds from just looking at people on the ladder. But I'm kinda clueless at the proper way to play them. What kind of spell sequence or rotation do you use, when do you wait before firing, how do you survive between sanctuaries, etc.. So is there a proper guide somewhere or can someone give me pointers ?Sigem2 Apr 12
Apr 12 Set conquest help https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Luciffer-1358/hero/86969724 I needed to take a break from the 3 gems to 65 conquest, I have 3 to 57 now so I figured I would work on the 6 set to GR55 conquest for a while. I've done it with Zuni, Helltooth and the Jade set (all with very little trouble) but, the Arachyr's one is kicking my butt. I struggle to even do GR45. I assume it is just play style and getting the timing of skills down but, I do not kill fast enough and die way to easy. Could one of you possibly point out gear flaws, and maybe make recommendations about playstyle and timing that may help. Thanks in advanceLuciffer4 Apr 12
Apr 12 Season 10, General Help I have reached LVL 70 and stuck on if I need to increase the difficulty to a higher Torment LVL or just keep blasting through rifts until I cant go any higher. What is the balance between going higher in rifts and going higher in difficulty?Pathrian1 Apr 12
Apr 12 Need help getting to torment 13+hardcore. What would be the best witch doctor build for torment 13? I was wondering because my current build is all my pets distract the enemy, while I destroy them with spirit barrage and wall of death. I can currently handle torment 4 so any advice would help. Also help with wizard and monk would be great since I want to do the same thing with them.Redassassin0 Apr 12
Apr 12 How does Creeping Death work? I don't know. Seems to me this bad boy falls off when we're off screen. What it's interaction with Wormwood? I've read some stuff stating that it falls off with second cast of locust swarm, meaning Wormwood autocasting it cancels creeping death? Also read it falls off when you're off screen. Is this as intended, or any hope of the devs attending to this. I know this topic has been beaten to death but, I dunno. Someone say something.andygami2 Apr 12
Apr 12 How does Creeping Death effect Damage? I've been searching and can't find a clear cut answer. I can only find how long it extends the duration (5min) for and that its a godsend to Jades builds. =/ Not what I'm looking for. Ok, so to my question. How Does Creeping Death by itself effect Haunt and Locust damage? Default Haunt does 4000% WD over 12 seconds (essentially 333.33% WD per second). So does Creeping Death cause instance 1 or 2? 1. Haunt will be stretched out, now doing 4000% WD over 5min. Effectively lowering it to 13.33% WD per second or 2. Haunt will still do the same DPS, but extended for the duration. Essentially 333.33% per second for 5min.Rizzorian1 Apr 12
Apr 11 Self Leveling https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TheIrishOne-1773/hero/87690170 If you go through the effort to get enough level 25 Gem of Ease gems, you can easily level yourself in about 5 minutes. Yes, someone can power level you, but sometimes you don't want to waste a friend's time. This one is a Witch Doctor. High level Enforcer gem. Level one gear on follower, too. I couldn't find my level one Leoric's ring, but the ring of emptiness really helped for the last 5 levels. All the gear was wearable at level one. :)TheIrishOne0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Best Hardcore Solo Build? I have zuni, helltooth, and arachys sets. My Zuni set is probably the furthest along.. I've gotten to gift 67 with my Zuni set and started to proc so I backed out. What set/ build is the best for clearing grift 70..? Stats, rings, gems, cube, etc?JWNZ2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Helltooth vs Zunni With the changes which do you think is stronger? Thoughts? Thank you, WindfootWindfoot10 Apr 11
Apr 10 Does Ring of Emptiness Affects Pets? Why this ring is not working with pets damage? Bug or intended?Godlike3 Apr 10