Witch Doctor

Aug 23 Does mantle of a channeling boost pet damage? Title. Also does Stricken still boost pet damage? Both of them have similar wording to the new roe that doesn't boost pets anymore.R34P3R12 Aug 23
Aug 23 Questions regarding specific WD pet mechanics I recently started a Witch Doctor for the first time in seasons. I'm doing HT Garg spec for now. I have him fairly geared up, enough to complete a 4-man GR78. I have some specific questions with how pets work. I'm not sure if I'm correctly maximizing my dps output. 1) How do pets interact with occulus ring? Do they benefit if I'm standing in it or only if they are? 2) How do WD pets work with AIS from gear? Someone claimed it doesn't make them attack faster, just harder. Is this right? 3) Are there breakpoints I need to worry about for Gargs? I have 50% TnT. I understand the % doesn't matter. Is that always the case? What about with specific attack speed buffs(Transgression etc.)? 4) Does the attack speed buff from the Speed Pylon affect my pets at all? 5) How do the pets decide what to attack? Is it just whatever the closest mob is?Savage8 Aug 23
Aug 23 Remove garg CD Why is it on 60 seconds, it doesn't make any sense. Can't reposition often enough and if you die after a resummon in a GR, might as well just leave game, as you're dead in the water for a full minute. No other class has this kind of punishment. 60 seconds - why, it lasts forever, why would a minute CD make sense in any way, shape or form?decx14 Aug 23
Aug 23 WD Hardcore question If I just used Spirit Walk and its on a cooldown .... will SpiritVessel work or will I just die?Jason1 Aug 23
Aug 22 Diablo 3 Season 7 WD GR87 (video) zero augmen https://youtu.be/Uuvuk_vk5N4 Paragon 836 Enforcer 83 Bane of the Trapped 83 Bane of the Stricken 82 http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Doggys-2178/hero/81368732Doggys2 Aug 22
Aug 22 Gr 45 lon achievement ... what works? Like the title, I was just wondering what anyone might have done to accomplish this? What gear (if any) was essential? What build did you use?drumdrum7 Aug 22
Aug 22 [New Set Suggestion] Mad Mojo Makers Wraps. (a sacrifice/ big bad voodoo themed set) Pieces: Voodoo mask shoulders hands chest legs feet Ceremonial knife (rolls 75-100% sacrifice damage) Set bonus: 2) Each cast of sacrifice reduces the cooldown of Big Bad Voodoo by 5 seconds, this effect is doubled while under the effect of Big Bad Voodoo. 4) Big Bad Voodoo gains the effect of every rune. 6) Sacrifice will now consume up to 500 mana to increase the damage of Sacrifice by up to 5000%. 8) (but wait... there's only 7 pieces in the set? [me: Mwah ha ha... figure it out...]) You may now have an additional 14 zombie dogs.Zarono2 Aug 22
Aug 22 Alternate Weapon to Ancient Sacred Havester? I have reforged 40 times (2000 forgotten souls) for an Ancient Sacred Havester and it only come up once with godly awful stat like: - Low damage - Int - Mana gen - Socket Now that I have completely drain all my forgotten soul and lost faith in RNG god, I need an advice from you experts for an alternate weapon while keep Sacred Havester in cube. Perhaps ? - Pig Sticker - Azurewrath - Utar Roar (Craft Cold Axe) - Other WD knife ? Or is there any other variant of HT Garg ? I have all the gears to run both Jade ROE and HT Garg. I just want to complete GR80 and call off this season. Currently, using a 3100DPS Monster Hunter and cleared GR75.vaansteer5 Aug 22
Aug 22 Helltooth Garg How To Destroy Breakables? Is there any way to do this other than using say a Wall of Death (which requires lining it up first anyway, so you hit it with the outer rim and not the centre)? ThanksDarkWolf9 Aug 22
Aug 21 LoN flaming dots Doctor (need opinion) Here's the set up I'm going for, but have not yet completed/ gotten ancients. So I'd like an opinion: Quetzalcoatl (haunt and locust swarm deal their damage in half the time) Mantle of channeling Cindercoat Magefists Coils of the first spider (firebat bracers) Hwoj wrap (locust swarms slows by 80% belt) Swampland waders (pants that roll elemental damage, not using the affix) Firewalkers (thematic, but optional) The staff of the first Chiroptera (firebat staff) And, of course, the LoN rings Any decent amulet. Cube: Locust swarm mojo (gains pest rune and boost damage 60%) Firebat belt (firebat a do 200% more damage to enemies affected by locust swarm) Band of emptiness (enemies affected by haunt and locust swarm take 400% more damage from you) Gems: Bane of the trapped Bane of the stricken Esoteric alteration Abilities: Locust swarm (fire rune) Haunt (fire rune) Firebats (the one that rapidly summons 2 bars for 750% weapon damage) Pharanahs (for the bonus damage) Open slot, open slot (something movement/ defense related)Zarono5 Aug 21
Aug 20 One small request Please allow Wall of Death to destroy objects (breakable doors, barrels, urns etc). ThanksSightedNZ7 Aug 20
Aug 20 Uh... should I really roll the int off? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/StoleOwnCar-1814/hero/76849872 The dagger... People in chat were telling me to roll the int off for AD... which isn't something I've heard of much. Any other roll advice is fine... Really I'm trying to get a better ring. I've done through 80 4p with this POS, which is pretty high for how long I've been playing, but I could def go higher with a better Rose.StoleOwnCar9 Aug 20
Aug 19 So this is a sheet decrease??? I found a new sacred harvester with these stats: 2957.6 1457-1798 10% damage (enchanted) 901 intel 9% cdr Gifted socket When i did the comparison holding shift to disregard the emerald in my equiped weapon it showed a 2.4% increase. When i compared them side by side without any emeralds it was a .9% decrease. Sure enough once i gifted it and tossed in the emerald it was a sheet decrease. Im not at all mad, i plan to use this knife for jade, but im a little confused...k1llface2 Aug 19
Aug 19 5% pet dmg vs 128 int Isn't 128 int 128% dmg better or is the pet dmg better because it's applied after int is calculated? HalpWinterfell2 Aug 19
Aug 19 gr75 Still cant finish gr75..havent find any sacred harvester yet. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Khorne-1449/hero/23533303Khorne4 Aug 19
Aug 19 New Legendary Item Suggestion Manajuma's Eternal Yolk Legendary Belt Primary + Intelligence + Armor Secondary <> While in Angry Chicken form and for 3 seconds after exploding you are immune to crowd control effects and take 66% less damage. +3 Random Magic Properties "Chief Manajuma created many rituals to harden his tribe, most of which involved heating water."Razorphilia0 Aug 19
Aug 19 I got an easy fix for Pet WD (Suggestion) Spirit Walk - Umbral Shock Redesigned from "Your Physical Body erupts and deal 750% damage as fire to enemies within 10 yards" to "When Spirit Walk ends, your pets appear around your location".DoomBringer9 Aug 19
Aug 19 Witch Doctor Chicken Farm Build Hey guys! I've had a few people in pub games ask me how to play the chicken build after they saw it in action. So I made a quick video showcasing the chicken build and how it works. Included are the skills and passives I run, the useful items you're going to want, and what you should cube. I've recently started making guides so I'm using useful topics as practice. Hope it helps :)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LiEjgAwSH0&feature=youtu.beBoki4 Aug 19
Aug 19 Jade 2pc @WD’s 2pc Jade Set bonus does 120 secs worth of Haunt on an already Haunted monster. Haunt itself does 40000% over 12 secs. Does that mean when you Haunt a haunted monster, it does 40,000% weapon damage? That sounds huge….am I reading it wrong? Sorry if i sound noob...I'm noob to WD.... :>Ryoka5 Aug 19
Aug 19 Sacred harvester vs Furnace Has anyone number crunched to see at what intellect SH out performs Furnace. I tested a bit and I average about 10% more dmg with furnace at 11k intelSwolebro13 Aug 19
Aug 18 Arachyr. i've been watching BigDaddyDens' stream and he touched a bit on the differences between HT and Arachyr when it comes to Firebats damage. as it turns out, it's all a matter of 20% increased damage between the two sets. that's what sets them apart. i do hope that come this next PTR cycle, they'll give this slight buff to Arachyr to make it compete with HT. i think that you should drop the Firebats skill from helltooth altogether.KushiSensei12 Aug 18
Aug 18 Jade vs HT garg Which is more efficient at solo GR 75-80? I threw together Jade yesterday and after getting used to it, running 78 was easy. Does it come down to personal preference?Shooter5 Aug 18
Aug 18 wd first time try season with doctor.. ht is damn damn boring build...I hate waiting my fvcking pets kill ....damn itLezard1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Staff of chiroptera 10% Damage or 24% AD Staff of chiroptera Currently I have rolled 10% Damage on this Should I change it to 24% Area Damage? Anyone know for this build Character named 'Box' is wearing this http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Northstar-1828/hero/79341514 All advice welcome ThanksNorthstar13 Aug 18
Aug 18 Season 7 Paragon 786 GR86 (video) HT build GR86: https://youtu.be/utXFkwh542k Paragon 786 Enforcer 80 Bane of the Trapped 76 Bane of the Stricken 76 http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Doggys-2178/hero/81368732Doggys0 Aug 18
Aug 18 Ring of EMPTINESS Quick question I saw a thread on here with a video that said you had to manually cast Locust swarm to gain the bonus of the ring with Haunt. I can't seem to find it now and I was wondering if this is true, A bug or something that will go live. Considering the combination of Wormwood and the new Vile hive off hand. LS all ready spreads about automatically. So why should it have to be cast manually.VINEUK7 Aug 18
Aug 17 What level in a group grift can I be a good dpser based on my solo grift? I mean, last season I knew that if I could solo dps a 75, with 2 good supporters I could go higher not only because I would have more survivability/density, but because the supports buffed the dpser damage by a lot. This damage buff is not the case anymore, so I want to know: If I can confortably solo a 75, can I be a good dpser for speed 80? Or how much? Don´t wanna waste people´s time joining party as dpser and not being able to clear the riftsTubs0 Aug 17
Aug 17 "The Seconds" Achievement Are there any tricks to getting this achievement as a witch doctor? I can not get Uber Maghda to spawn thralls quickly enough to get the 12 kills.MicroRNA1 Aug 17
Aug 17 Left Mouse Button Skill Activation So I've noticed that if you accidentally click on an enemy or a red destructible item that it activates your left mouse button skill. I previously had zombie dogs on lmb and if I had accidentally clicked on an enemy and dogs were on cool down, then I died, I am in a lot of trouble until it comes off its long cool down. I've since put piranhas on lmb so if I accidentally click on an enemy then at least it has a fairly short cool down. Is there any way to stop this lmb activation from clicking on monsters or destructibles? Thanks a lot.DarkWolf10 Aug 17
Aug 17 Does Tnt gloves works with... the Acid Blobs from SuWong Diviner?Ryoka2 Aug 17
Aug 17 BUG or Intended? WD & Corrupt Growths.. Currently, pets do not attack Corrupt Growth (Even though they have a health bar and count as an enemy?). The majority of our Primary abilities that don't cost mana do not attack them (Corpse Spiders/Toads.. anything that summons a pet) This would not be so much of an issue except, being a "monster" there health greatly increases with Torment.. Please fix this.. Please.. I feel forced into taking Poison Dart/Fire Bomb just so i can clear them without having to waste my mana pool..Luke15 Aug 17
Aug 17 WD speedbuilds are so good... that I can't go back to a non-angry chicken build now! Season starts, get geared up for HT Garg with angry chicken. Let's run some TX for some keys. Cool! Let's run some GR60 to level up these gems. Cool! Now my gems are 60 and anything 1 shots me so I need to switch to proper gear and no angry chicken. Noooooooooo! Ran 1 GR with the normal set of Lakumbas instead of nemesis, Sacred Harvested and US. I almost cried from moving so slowly.Namcap15 Aug 17
Aug 17 Any GR45 build based on RoE? Hi fellow WD experts, I'm going to start another Seasonal Journey in Europe Server for unlocking stash tab if I can finish the Journey in Asian Server. I know almost every WD are complaining the nerf of this ring but 4x multiplier to self casting from a single piece of gear is huge (may be the highest) and attractive to me as a player who do not main WD. However, the work to get the bonus from this ring is quite complicate (at least to me ^^). So any tips and guides ? Thanks in advance :-)WCLee4 Aug 17
Aug 16 Well now I'm just annoyed Finally took the time to play other classes. Currently have a Wizard running T11 speed farms without much optimization and only 1 cald despair. Now I'm running a DH. Only on T1 ATM, but upon inspection, it appears there's a reasonable speed farm build for every set.... Both of these classes seem to have versatility in their builds, which allows you to somewhat pick and choose on certain items. Makes me wonder wtf is going on with WDs!!!! We basically have 2 builds that are viable for GR, and really HT - gargs with Manajuma is the only viable farm build, unless you want to go with LoN - walker, which I don't consider that viable considering you basically have to be geared for efficient speed farming before you can farm for this set. Point is, Manajuma and Arachyr seem like they would have good speed builds if done right. Only problem is, Bliz doesn't seem to give a crap about fixing everything wrong with WDs and instead are focused on nerfing our group capability........ For the all of like 20 people that play group as a WD... Heaven forbid we should be able to play this game solo without being heavily hindered...HELLBOUNDMAN0 Aug 16
Aug 16 DoT Question I am pretty sure that they changed dots to dynamically update with buffs. Does anyone know if they dynamically change with CC, i.e. if you proc broken promise, will the dot damage change dynamically?EigenVector1 Aug 16
Aug 16 HT Attackspeed Breakpoint Is there attackspeed breakpoint for HT Garg build. I new for WD,but when i used DH long time ago(auto sentry),there are breakpoint for attackspeed. Thank you for info,and sorry bad englishLowenhart2 Aug 16
Aug 16 2.4.2 Zunimassa GR93+ Build (With Video) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81716-2-4-2-zunimassa-gr93 https://youtu.be/hpIWK38-zJo The Wormwood on the Cube. In the 5th passive i was using Rush of Essence, because i have a good amulet. There are a lot of possibilities in the items: -use Endless Walk instead of Unity/Helfire -use COE instead of Unity -use Zunimassa's Pox, Tasker and Theo and Cube Mask of Jeram -use Zunimassa's Pox, Mask of Jeram ans Cube Tasker and Theo -use Starmetal Kukri/Big Bad Voodoo instead of Sacred Harvester/Soul Harvest -use Strongarm Bracers instead of lakumba's ornament In the passives lot of possibilities to: Grave Injustice and Midnight Feast are mandatory, all the other 2 or 3 can adapt for more damage or toughness.Doggys12 Aug 16
Aug 16 WD T13 Speed Builds? hello! since the start of ros ive been playing wizard only. but with the recent bs i dont want too anymore and am switching to wd this season. ive tried to google t13 speed builds but with my limited understanding for wd i just dont know which build i should pick. is it http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81921-2-4-2-t13-speed-bountys-turbo-chicken or http://www.diablofans.com/builds/81476-2-4-2-t13-pet-helltooth-speed-build maybe? i want to do lots of bountys and t13 rifts with insane speed without ingeom if possible help appreciated - thanks in advance!Garnest11 Aug 16
Aug 16 Wall of Death info needed plz Hello, Using Jeram's Bracer you can cast 3 times "wall of death" before cooldown begins. Do wall of death damages stack ? All of the different wall of death runes too ? I heard only the fire rune damages were stacking but i am not sure about that. Thanks in advance for your help.JWar8 Aug 16
Aug 16 Season 7 Paragon 632 GR80 (video) HT build GR 84: https://youtu.be/UioX4farY6E GR80: https://youtu.be/6lAf8JmrS34 Paragon 632 Enforcer and Bane of the Trapped 40 Bane of the Powerful 25 Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Doggys-2178/hero/81368732Doggys11 Aug 16
Aug 15 is there a viable solo w/d for season 7 hello not played my w/d much for a while..didn't know about the ring thing so doesnt affect me i would like to still play my w/d i don't play in groups or public's i play solo only i don't look to get on leader-boards ..just looking for a build i can do a 60gr with once geared thank you for any advice oops might help if i mention i would like pets..lots of pets :)UgLyHuMaN3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Doors! I know this has been covered countless times but breakable doors and the HT Garg build is the most annoying thing. I have been blessed this season with receiving the Keeps tiles about 80% of the time I enter a GR. So naturally it sucks to have to sit there and wait for Piranado to be on CD to open it and then wasting it because of that. I dont get why they cant make pets hit breakable objects. Maybe not all but at least doors that show up in maps like Keeps and Ruins of Secheron type maps. Hell with RoE I dare say the best thing about it was that you could break doors again without issue, the 300% bonus was just icing on the cake!Erekan3 Aug 15
Aug 15 RoE NERF FOR HELLTOOTH IS A LITTLE LATE Blizzard clearly did not take play their own PTR. I do not understand why you would nerf the only good thing about patch 2.4.2. Already we were looking at a Greater Rift nerf, no more 108+ anymore. Now we are stuck with using a nerfed wizard (AGAIN) and be maybe not able to even break 100 in GR? What a joke. I thought we were supposed to go up, not down in GR! Not to mention all these players that spent materials, and Cal-Desann on their Helltooth WD gear figuring if Blizzard was going to change it they would have changed it prior to release and not wait 2+ days. This move is totally unfair to your player base, and, quite frankly, kind of pathetic that you didn't nerf the RoE upon 2.4.2 release on Tuesday instead of waiting, even though you ALREADY knew this was how it was going to go, seeing as the PTR has been out for a month. I just don't get it. I spent hard earned mats and bounty materials and its all wasted. This feels like an amateur move, and I am very disappointed that Blizzard doesn't care about their dwindling player base enough to even to release a patch with the proper tweaks in place before the release not after hence wasting everybodies time. Then again the wizard was supposedly nerfed 2 to 3 times and you could never figure that out either! Very disappointed with your product right now, in the future maybe can you not waste everyone's time and at least post a visible message that a nerf is coming so don't waste all your time and materials !!!!ZarDOZZ54 Aug 15
Aug 15 Grin reaper question Do the mimics gain the effect of set items? I cant tell from testing it yet but the wiki firstly says they will do identical dmg as you but then its says they don't gain bonuses from items but not sure if that just means skill bonus like +15% to haunt etc. What I want to know is if they get the 6 piece jade bonus when they soul harvest, I know they have the effect from locust staff in cube but I don't have the gear yet to test the soul harvest. if anyone can check this form me I would greatly appreciate it.DPNZ6 Aug 15
Aug 15 WD only class that need Homing Pads Not sure there is a solution to this "problem" but thought it deserved mention after talking with a friend last night. If you are in a rift and want to TP to town, the only way WD can do so without being interrupted is by making sure all the enemies around you are dead. Monk can use Epiphany DH can use Vengeance Sader can use Champion Barb can use IP (and Berserker) Wiz can use Archon. I suppose one could argue that pets are your means to avoiding attacks, but if you dont have pets on... Perhaps we could get a SW rune that makes us unaffected by control impairing effects for 5 seconds after we come out of it (since that is how long it takes to teleport). Or maybe add a 3 second effect to Jaunt so we can start in SW and still make it to town. Idk, just something I noticed.ButteryNub10 Aug 15
Aug 15 Helltooth Garg vs Malthiel I just got my HC doc clobbered by T10 malthiel like it was nothing. Pets barely did anything, and he just ignored them and kept chasing me around doing that stupid charge that nearly one-shotted me every hit because there are no mobs to use soul harvest on to build any survivabilty. Really all I was doing was running around in circles trying to avoid being one-shotted and it was utter bull!@#$. Is there a worse class/spec to try to fight this cheap bastard with?Murdock3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Convention of Elements and WD Pets? Hello, Anyone know how or if COE works with WD Pets?moofius4 Aug 15
Aug 15 Jade / Zuni together Hello all. Why not try a 6 piece Jade set along with a 4 piece Zuni (using a cubed RoRG) ? Everyone says Jade is fun but squishy. The fetishes would give 3% dmg reduction per, and be physical body blockers. Stand behind your shield wall and conduct your Jade mischief. Ideas ?Runethor3 Aug 15
Aug 15 Critical Hit Chance for Pets is it 1 to 1? Hi All, Thanks in advance, critical hit chance on my damage sheet is 100% transferred to pets? Example would be if I have 66% CHC then my gargs have a 66% CHC. Sorry I tried looking around and couldn't confirm that as of 2.42 it is still 1 to 1, or maybe it's never been.hum4n2 Aug 15
Aug 14 Zunimassa Set Dungeon Why do I keep failing to grip enough enemies to finish? I don't even come close (I do cast Grasp before attacking). My last run I only gripped 115! I hate set dungeons.drumdrum11 Aug 14