Witch Doctor

Mar 20 Season 10 - WD+1 question I think have convinced a friend to play D3 with me for Season 10. He's decided to play a Witch Doctor. I've casually played all of the classes as a solo player, so was thinking maybe Crusader would be a good fit to help him out. When you play your Witch Doctor what class do you prefer to have with you?Canjomon3 Mar 20
Mar 17 Fetish dmg boosted but... Boosted damage is of no great use if fetishes still can't stack on each other, scatter mindlessly, and wait if there is not enough space. I stopped playing WD because Zuni set is the most funny one, and not very viable. Also a set of 3 - 4 simple commands would make playing with pets better. Attack single target, scatter, to me etc. Each pet command bindable to a key. I would love to see monsters melt at single target assault.Zeturion3 Mar 17
Mar 17 The primal Helltooth Tunic is not perfect. When I went to take a look at the their update of patch 2.5, I was honestly a bit surprised to see, that blizzard calculated the chest´s ideal secondary skill values to be pickup radius and + life to health globes and potions. They are nice stats to have for sure, but most of us would agree, that having damage reduction to ranged and melee is a far better option. Some of you probably also rolled the same stat on it. I.e. my WD has a pretty nice Helltooth Tunic, and I don´t think I would salvage that, for a primal version of it. So, I don´t know, now I am suddenly worried about the primal items we might find lol :d https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Halfsoul-2361/hero/77558976 https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20597130/first-look-patch-250-3-16-2017Halfsoul3 Mar 17
Mar 16 Why Pierce the Veil? quick question guys wrt to Firebat WD for 4P GR... Is it better to do a) poison spirit (20% more dmg) with spirit vessel or b) draining spirit with PTV? Both options give 20% but a) gives an extra life and better mana management? But why do most of the top leaderboard build go with b) ? Thanks in advance!PLucky7 Mar 16
Mar 16 Noob Question Barber not viable next patch? Not much experience with WD since back in 2014 pre season days. So is barber SB build definitely not viable?? OR viable in low GR kinda as tier 2/3 type builds??celtic082 Mar 16
Mar 16 Feedback/suggestion appreciated Hi. As of the moment, I am trying to run the Helltooth Gargantuan Build. I roughly play 1.5 hours per day as I also have some commitment to other things hence, I am unable to play fully. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/cabralar-6926/hero/24221245 Appreciate for any suggestions if there are stats that I need to augment or are there stats that I incorrectly made. I only lack the ancient items for the chest, belt and the wrist. Many thanks for the help.cabralar2 Mar 16
Mar 15 Iceblink Mechanics Question... How long does the chill/crit-hit bonus last? Does it last for the duration of the cold skill used to apply it? (As in an instant cold skill lasting only an instant, and a 10 second dot lasting 10 seconds?) The main concern is for the 10% crit chance bonus. Does the effect fall off if the wearer goes too far from group? Etc etcZbojnik0 Mar 15
Mar 15 Make fetishes great again! Please! Make their melee dmg viable. Also please bring back Carnevil for next season, I miss it so much. Please listen Blizzard!Bubba2 Mar 15
Mar 13 BUG or Intended? WD & Corrupt Growths.. Currently, pets do not attack Corrupt Growth (Even though they have a health bar and count as an enemy?). The majority of our Primary abilities that don't cost mana do not attack them (Corpse Spiders/Toads.. anything that summons a pet) This would not be so much of an issue except, being a "monster" there health greatly increases with Torment.. Please fix this.. Please.. I feel forced into taking Poison Dart/Fire Bomb just so i can clear them without having to waste my mana pool..Luke18 Mar 13
Mar 13 Corrupt Growths - How do you get past.... So if you do bounties in act 4, and have some kind of fetish build, how do you get past the corrupt Growths, because for some reason, pets do not attack them, so I have to use my OWN damage, which we all no does not exist on a WD, so I am stuck behind some stupid growth trying to kill it for 20 seconds, even with 1.7m DPS. Please Blizzard, make our dam pets attack corrupted growths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(Shanikins10 Mar 13
Mar 12 2.5 : Zuni + emptiness What abot using Zuni set with ring of emptiness for DPS x 4 instead of Endles walk with give DPS x 2 ? http://www.d3planner.com/191061054SuperFrog12 Mar 12
Mar 9 T13 under 4mins solo What are the minimum gear requirements? (Assuming you will get the most favorable rift)Disciple14 Mar 9
Mar 9 How do you open doors with Helltooth Pet build? I like the Helltooth pet build the most so far i'd say, sadly, no Arachyr top GRs hype for me :), i just dont like the playstyle . But whats bugging me, how the hell you open "destroyable" doors? Only thing that do direct dmg is Piranhas and thats pretty long CD, not to mention sacrificing its CD just to open faking door annoys me. Its even better when you have it on CD and you stand in front of a door with 7+1 pets of yours and wainting, jesus :S Harvest, Wall of Death, pets.... nothing will open the god damn door or clear the obstacle in corridor. Or am i missing something?Azzagronn19 Mar 9
Mar 8 Skeleton King T13 under 30s Hi! I tried multiple times, but I lack DPS. Best I've done is like 1m12s. I have a few questions : 1 - When does the timer start? When you click on him or when he's up and ready to battle? 2 - What is the best build to do this? Season ends soon and it's the only thing remaining for the stash space! Thank you very much :)DumpSpray2 Mar 8
Mar 8 New Zuni questions Im trying few things on ptr with the reworked zuni and fetishes belt. Most standard choice seems to go with endless walk, rorg in cube and short man finger, kinda same like heltooth build. haunt pois spirit/spwalk/soul harvest/piranhado/fetishes/gargs. Do you guys think there s any sense in try running emptiness since we already spamming haunt? something like helfire ammy+sm finger+zunipox with emptniness in cube. haunt poisoned spirit / spirit walk/soul harvest/fetishes/garg/locust swarm pestilence. what about pure roe build with no gargs? hellfire+roe+zuni and coe in cubeMeDatyLt1 Mar 8
Mar 8 Helltooth v Arachyr Hey guys - I'm trying to seek understanding about the leader board Arach build for season 9. Miss Haggy my WD has pretty good gear, and I've just started augmenting some of it, as I have concentrated on HT build. The HT has a good survivability, but I can't seem to get above Tier 80 solo with it, so I have been trying the Arach build which has great damage output but I die too much. I have used Unity, CoE, changed 1 of the 3 standard gems to Taeguk - still die. With my present build, I can't get beyond Tier 70. The last 10 Grifts I just tried had only two variations of RG - Agnidox (that fire drake) and Blighten. I did ok through the grifts 71, but Blighten (the poison monster) - stopped me from doing the rifts in time. So how is this build supposed to manage against those two RGs? HEEELLLLLPPPP.Snowman2 Mar 8
Mar 6 pets amd storm bracers I see some wearing storm bracers with helltooth build, is nado making this a "knock back" to make them viable? thanks OGCaptCaveMan0 Mar 6
Mar 6 Anarch Haunt question I seem to have some mana issues. How do you use Haunt? Do you actually cast it on a large amount of mobs or just a couple casts?FIMS2 Mar 6
Mar 6 Has anyone tryed zuni 6p + arachyr 4p in ptr? Title, or helltoot combo. I was just wondering if this is viable and solve zuni mitigation. Anyone? Thanks.Reginato2 Mar 6
Mar 6 Season 9 Arach build Hi guys - I've been playing season after season with the WD Helltooth and thought I'd try the arach build as it is all over the leaderboard. I haven't augmented the arach build yet, but have some ok lvls on gems via Helltooth build. My main question is: how are you supposed to survive? Even running around on T13 just sends Missy Haggy (WD) to RIP. I've tried changing from Coils to Mantle of Ch. in Kanai's cube. I gather when solo, to use Unity then change to CoE in pub game - is this true? Anyway - can't get it and die all the time. Can someone explain the game play of this build please. I'll keep smilin'Snowman2 Mar 6
Mar 5 Pets should attack what you click Or have a manual command to force all pets to attack where your mouse cursor is. Some people may dislike this, because they feel that the current petdoctor requires skill to compensate for poor AI( Running off screen to reset attack+position of pets as an example) but by allowing players to have more control over pet attacks could also require skill to use, the difference between a good doctor and a bad doctor rigth now is a matter of how they know how to reset pets and group enemies. Later on it could be how well a person can control their character and pets, positioning and point of attack could matter and be 'skill' in that sense also. It seems only logical to be able to control your pets, you can already summon them. and it's 2016 now people can't say they don't have the ability to implement a control mechanic, they could do this in the 90s.Breezybombs17 Mar 5
Mar 5 Help w/ Tasker + AOE/CSD question. Current Taskers: 931 Int. 902 Vit. As:7% (CS:10%* Rolled) Just got these Taskers: 839 Int. As:7% CS:10% (Resource Costs:6% to be Rolled) Both increase pet speed: 44% Do I want AOE or CSD? Current Overall Stats: CS: +55% CSD: +444% AOE: 83% Also do my pets CS at 55%? if so i'm thinking CSD: 50% would be nice. I read chance of +AoE is better, but really what is % of the chance...20%, 30%, 40% of the time?Saydin3 Mar 5
Mar 4 Does Jade-6th work with Bul Kathos? Hi, Does Jade 6th bonus deals 300 seconds of Bul Kathos Wedding Band effect? Since this effect is a damage over time. Has anyone tested it?Genez6 Mar 4
Mar 4 Going to Try Witch Doctor Next Season Would you fine folks care to answer me some questions so I can get a head start? First is build possibilities. Right now it appears that Arachyr Firebats is the limit pusher build right now. From what I see though it's mostly for multiplayer. I don't really understand the solo version of it (http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/witch-doctor-firebats-angry-chicken-with-arachyr-or-helltooth-sets-patch-2-4-3-season-9) though. Am I looking at using one full set but not the other OR am I supposed to mix the two for some magic synergy? Speaking of builds, people are complaining about lack of options for Zuni (which I'd wager will be the free set next season). Apparently it works as a decent Gargantuan enabler on PTR and there's a Carnevil dart build that's been around for a few seasons. I'm wondering if anyone has played around with mixing in Jade Harvestor. Zuni6/Jade4 seems like it could deal decent damage, but I base that entirely on fiddling with dials on d3planner. Finally I hear that the pet AI is bad blah blah blah collision issues yadda yadda... If one of the top playstyles (Cold Gargantuan) uses the Garg as the main damage dealer how is it useful? Is there anything you as a responsible pet owner should do to stop Stompy, Whompy, and Crush from running 100 yards offscreen to chase a butterfly?caracc5 Mar 4
Mar 3 Soul Harvest Stacks Just a quick suggestion: Since its really annoying to push higher GRs Solo (especially in HC) as a WD, why not just let Rift Bosses give 2-3 Stacks per Soul Harvest use.t4u3r6 Mar 3
Mar 3 Does my dmg of Sacrifice rise? I cant test it... I am trying to make my own LoN build with sacrifice (havent checked guides yet and I prob wont) but on T3 everything dies instant before I can even hit with a dog... so anyways, I can't go higher because I have nothing on lol. My plan was to use the ring in cube wich turns all dogs into 1 big one and dunno if my dmg gets boosted by it. In plus, I am using the passive "dogs do 50% more dmg" over 20% dmg in 20m so that my sacrifice should do 50% more dmg, or am I understanding it wrong and only the "pet dmg" does 50% more but the explosion of my pet does less.. If my theory is wrong, I would swap the passive to the 20y range +20% dmg over the more dmg from dogs Thanks guysOvian2 Mar 3
Mar 3 Doombringer+mojo or Heartslaughter? Which combo is better for a (primarily) pet build? In my (rough) testing, it looks like my pets are hitting harder with the heartslaughter, even though it shows a higher Damage attribute in the char. sheet when i equip doombringer + mojo...Maveric1 Mar 3
Feb 28 Just did a GR level 85, only by luck? I've been creeping my way up to this level of difficulty and I honestly think the only reason I was able to do the GR lvl 85 last night was because I got lucky with a shield shrine at the Rift Guardian and leading up to that.... A nice juicy Conduit shrine that killed 2 elite packs by it. I should be happy but I honestly feel I had to fish for this achievement. Do you guys have a bittersweet feeling as well when you luck out on a new personal best?Blivion2 Feb 28
Feb 28 Newb Questions I am not sure I am playing my WD to fullest potential and to be honest I am not sure I quite understand how some of the spells work. I just figured out that you have to be in and among the mobs to Soul Harvest correctly but does the same go for Hex and Locust Swarm or can I cast them for further away? To get the most out of Haunt I am supposed to cast Locust Swarm first? So Haunt is my long range cannon and Firebats are for when the mobs are close? Thanks!Hessdalen2 Feb 28
Feb 28 question about Helltooth/pets build Theo Trask or Frost Burns? I am using theo, but frost burn has 20% bonus for cold spells my Q, does that 20% apply to my pets attack also? also if you have time, I am new to witch doc, any help/suggestions would be great thanks OGCaptCaveMan1 Feb 28
Feb 27 inexperience WD, Suvival & other newbie issue First off, I am relatively experience in the game, but did not play WD as much. This season will be my 1st serious WD charcter, & I have a moderate target of hitting level 75. Its clear at some point, you will hit survivability issue, just that I wasn't expecting to be so early (low 60s). Pardon my all-over-the-place gear, but feel free to comment, but even with very defensive gearing, I often die which channeling (with all defensive buff up; Soul havest, Hex). The dodging part (not using firebat) is okay, as I have experience with Wiz & Dh. Also, I have issue grouping mobs for effective FB, & FB has a fairly low AOE, & I lost time in GR. Any tips is appreciatedKiadaw2 Feb 27
Feb 27 Lost potential WD has so many interactive/interesting combos at hand,yet only 2 (firebat and garg) are viable. Zuni is already buffed on ptr, but it still lacks something (Zuni limits you on ring choices). Apart from that there is rhenoflayer, Kubrick, dod, barber, last breath and so on.... All the items are there, but where is the problem? The way I see it, this could be solved by buffing the skills themselves. It's a relatively easy way to make things viable. The other way is to buff LON? This is not a rant, would love to hear some solutions tho!HIMYM4 Feb 27
Feb 26 Resource help for 2p/3p Arachyr comp grifting I've done some runs with my arachyr firebats doc lately. It's been doing well, but I seem to be running out of mana a decent amount, and I'm not sure how to fix this. It's especially killing me at the RG fight, but sometimes in the middle of large mobs when there's too much bleeding that didn't quite die, I also run out. The 2p/3p setup uses the poison spirit instead of the one that returns mana, and I guess it's not competitive without it. Either way I'd like to know what I"m doing wrong before we attempt more runs today, so I've used Shadowplay to tape my most recent runs. Here's my 98 2p run (pay attention to that first blue mob and some other engagements): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxiPsAu9j-c Here's the 100 3p attempt (we barely failed this). The RG fight was a pain area...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqoa67nsznE I'm honestly not sure what to do. Am I just supposed to stop attacking after fire to regen until I have enough to run until the next fire? How does the build handle RG engagements? Maybe I'm just using the Rush of Essence passive wrong? I'm confused. Here's my doc: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/StoleOwnCar-1814/hero/54497976StoleOwnCar14 Feb 26
Feb 26 Zuni + heal monk 85+ build. here is a link to my build and on live server with para 1300 me and my healmonk friend clered a 83 in 12 min with a setup where i just quick crafted a zuni set. so i have only 6 aincent items and some auguments on. not optimal. i bet live if i get aincent we do 85+ and i bet PTR we can push past 90 with good gear. so do you like zuni and only play with your friend, well here is the thing :) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/87594-code187s-zuni-2-man-buildCode1875 Feb 26
Feb 24 Helltooth Shoulders Can it be that the Helltooth Mantel (shoulders) almost always drop with CDR? While I have ancient shoulders they only are half good, since they miss either gar or ad dmg. Is a non ancient shoulder with int+vit+ad+garg better then an imperfect ancient?Ryuuji9 Feb 24
Feb 24 Zombie Dog Rabid or Burning Does anyone know which rune has more damage output for zombie dog (I think single target damage is my main goal here). Lets say I'm using tall mans finger with 6 dogs. Which rune would benefit me more? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ham-1685/hero/54458163 Build in question just incase you are wondering why im asking. Thanks!Ham4 Feb 24
Feb 23 The Barber - comeback? With the 2.5 changes the Barber might be relevant again. Has anybody tested the changes?JunoBug6 Feb 23
Feb 23 Witch Doctor set dungeons How about making these damned dungeons not so un-user friendly?!!!!!! Unless your a freak of nature or a damned blizz pro mastery is far from reachable. I don't care what you say. You have specifics to high unless you have some sort of magic wand waved or gods blessings from Blizz u will not master. And to get certain set dungeons without a certain ammy(MARA"S) ,--wink wink. you fail hopelessly. And then to get into Ara's dungeon, while hoping your spider cast web and toad licks it while piranhas rolls at it all at same time typing / dance to make your char dance you will fail this too. How about making it more reachable for everyone. Ever think of that? Not everyones a pro but likes the game enough to log enough hours to rank with pro stats on hours logged. GIVE US A FREAKIN BREAK AND A LIL LESS BULL!!!!!!boogiewoogie5 Feb 23
Feb 22 Firebats breakpoints with staff of chiroptera Has anyone tested how the 100% attack speed increase from staff of chiroptera affects the calculation of firebats breakpoints? Does it simply double your APS, and then that APS is used to determine the breakpoint? Does the 5 APS cap matter at all? Does it get applied to your sheet APS or the doubled APS from the staff?bubbles0 Feb 22
Feb 22 A WD Compendium to the Grin Reaper 06/17/2014 updated aps findings by Myrec 07/23/2014 added damage calculation and bbv info 09/05/2014 added Frostburn Freeze info 05/01/2015 added mimics are pets info --------------------------- So you found this silly Mask at the back of the voodoo shack and are wondering how does it actually work? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-grin-reaper The Grin Reaper is an extremely fun and capable WD mask, properly built TGR can put TIki wielders to shame with Crowd Control or leave Pet builds in the dust with a Creeping Doom of dogs, fetishes, 15 Spider Queens and 8 Lob Blobs :D. JMAC Torment 6 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFqCdQuf-nY Aeternae Torment 6 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy58xESx1w8 Q: How much damage do the mimics do? They do *almost* 100% of the WD damage. This includes buffs (PtV, BBV, GF) and debuffs (MC, Piranhas), +% elite, +% elemental. One exception: +% skill does not transfer to the mimics (so don't bother with the likes of +% Spiders) Damage is calculated based on minimum weapon damage number. For example: A Knife+Mojo combo has a damage range of 1556-2248 The mimics will always use 1556. WD average weapon damage: (1556-2249)/2 = 1902 Mimics weapon damage: 1556 In this case, the mimics do on average about 82% of the WD damage. To maximize mimics damage - look for high minimum damage on both weapon and mojo. Q: What's the deal with DoTs? The Grin Reaper Mimics do not have any of the hard caps on the WD dot's. This means you can have as many Spider Queens, Lob Blobs, Pyrogists, and Phantasm as the Mimics can cast. Exception: each mimic will only have one Manitou and it will go away when the mimic goes away. Haunt: The Mimics will cast haunt once on a single target, the DoT seems to go away when the Mimic goes away. Q: Do the Mimics benefit from Attack Speed? Reported by Myrec Mimics attack speed is determined by your weapon attack speed. They don't benefit from attack speed bonus from gear. Q: Can the mimics cast any attack? They will not cast any of the following attacks - Zombie Dogs Fetish Army Garg Zombie Wall Hex Big Bad Voodoo Locust Swarm Firebats * Q: How are the mimics summoned, what is the best way to have them always up? Mimics have a chance to be summoned per cast, this means the Fire Bats are the best, Rain of Toads is second best and everything else is pretty much the same. More attack speed helps! Yes, you have to attack to summon. Q: Can the Mimics Proc Crowd Control? Yes, they can proc CC from the following attacks - Mass Confusion Snake on the Face (perma stun a rift guardian) Addling Toads Horrify Phlebotomize Q: Can they proc debuffs? They can proc damage debuff from the following attacks, multiple casts will stack - Mass Confusion Piranhas Note: that means you can have three MC and three Piranhas stacked at the same time for a nice big multiplier. Q: Can they proc buffs? No, They can cast Horrify and Soul Harvest but the WD will not get the Armor or Intel boost. They will also not buff mana regen or life per second. Q: Can they proc effects from weapon and items? In general no. The only item that seems to work with them is Frostburn gloves, the mimics can proc the freeze effect using cold attacks or using a cold weapon with any attack (i.e Rain of Toads). Cinkrement confirmed that the following do not proc: strongarm braces, deadly rebirth, spider queens grasp, haunt of vaxo, goldskin Q: Do passives transfer to the Mimics? No, Passives such as Vision Quest, FS, Creeping Death and Bad Medicine do not transfer to the Mimics. Q: What's the deal with Fire Bats? Mimics seem to be able to cast Fire Bats but they will not deal any damage. Maybe a bug? Q: Do mimics benefit from Big Bad Voodoo? Only Slam Dance will boost them, they will actually get boosted twice if summoned after BBV is out for a total of 30%+30%=60% damage boost (as long as the WD stays in the BBV ring). They don't seem to benefit from the attack speed boost. Q: Are mimics considered pets? Yes, mimics are considered temporary pets and benefit from pets buff items such as Enforcer, Zuni 6p and TNT gloves.Wachati238 Feb 22
Feb 21 Best Gems for WD weapons? Hi, I was curious which gems would be best for a witch doctor weapon? I am running a Zuni pet build. I guess its either Ruby or Diamond or Emerald. I was looking online and it looks like pets used to not benefit from crit hit damage but now they do?? I would like this confirmed or not, since my crit chance is sitting at 50% and my pets crit a lot.Ghost6542 Feb 21
Feb 21 A Few Qs regarding WD FB in group GR meta Q1. Does the mana return from 'Draining Spirit' stack based on how many mobs are haunted? Or is it a constant mana regeneration regardless of the number of mobs haunted? (If so, can anyone confirm whether or not the rune that returns life per second also stacks?) Q2. Gruesome Feast.... when it comes to globes being applied to the gruesome feast stacks, is it based on the relative distance between the globe and the WD during the time of it being grabbed by another player? Or is it based on the relative distance between the location of the player who grabbed the globe to the location of the WD during the moment of it being grabbed? Does the WD's pickup radius impact how close this relative distance mentioned above needs to be for the globe to be properly applied? I've also noticed that many times when the Barb picks up globes, I do not seem to get my 10% mana restoration either. The mana restoration tends to occur when I am very close to the globe or if I pick it up myself. Is this simply an oversight on my part due to all the chaos on the screen? Or is this part of the mechanics of GF? Many times, and I mean many times, I've seen globes flying everywhere and yet, ONLY SOMETIMES do I see my mana jump back up. Otherwise I have to wait to spirit walk quickly in a circle myself to get some mana back. On a side note, in the case that the Barb is scouting and pulling mobs from far away, is it recommended for me to gather my own globes? Or does the monk have leeway/time to grab them. The reason I ask is because I'm not too familiar with how intense the zmonk's actions are to do a good job with the healing and support.Zbojnik1 Feb 21
Feb 20 Arachyr FB which skills/runes better for DPS? Which would net me more DPS? Rush of essence with haunt/poisoned spirit Or Pierce the veil with haunt/draining spirit.Carl3 Feb 20
Feb 20 WD Build Critique Hi All - first post but I have been playing since original Diablo. I never got serious about making a build that could really push until 2.4 so I am sure I am missing the finer points. I cleared a GR 78 with this build (barely) but haven't been able to clear a 79. Biggest problem is that I lose my soul harvest stack while fighting the guardian and then survivability drops too low and he just keeps killing me until timer runs out. Other than pushing paragon until I am stronger - I can't think of what else to do. Would appreciate critique of my build and any pointers about what needs improving to push higher. Thanks! MarkParaDroid4 Feb 20
Feb 20 Need help for gr60 my pet wd just doesnt seem to be fast enough currently. besides cans, what am i missing to kill faster?Manitoba107310 Feb 20
Feb 20 tall+ shorts mands rings ? hello there fellow WD's :) i have been testing and lvl up many WD and the 2 rings can drop from 31 and 34 and i have never seen a drop while lvl up. are they verry low drop rate % on them 2 items ? nothing i love more is a tall or a short mands finger while i lvl op the first day in season 10 .11. 12 etc etcCode1870 Feb 20
Feb 19 Looking to push into mid-80s solo My seasonal WD here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cupelix-1806/hero/78849717 My Arachyr set isn't great but I can do GR80 with it. Not very consistently. I have a better HT set that I managed to use to clear GR81 with a little luck. 75s I can do 100% of the time with 5+ mins left on either build. Looking to do the same in the mid-80s. With HT I survive easier but the damage output is too spread out. Arachyr feels really squishy in comparison even with Unity. I feel easily at risk while "setting up". Is it down to better gear? More paragon? l2play? Or am I at a point where I need to start rift fishing to push higher? I feel like I do okay in pub groups with Arachyr. What level should I be able to run in groups? Should I find such a group and build up more paragon?Cupelix1 Feb 19
Feb 18 Want to get rdy for 2.5 I have not played this game in years. I recently watched a video on youtube that showed the armory and that is something I wanted. It was never fun for me to have to manage items the way this game required. Few questions I prefer a pet build, the only viable one from way back was darts/zuni. (from reading posts it seems zuni is ironically the crap set now) I would like to see some of the new pet builds. Looks like something with Helltooth is the way to go now. I think even have a set that I never wore because that set was terrible. I actually never liked the zuni set as much as using my Garg, and dogs, and it seems now there is a way to do that. I am reading up on it but wanted to get some input here also. Did pet AI ever get any better? Another thing, Back when I was heading out of the game there was a hot debate about character creation predetermining parts of RNG. For instance the number of people whom never saw a SMK then Plvled up another WD and got them very quickly. I was curious if anyone remembers if this theory was ever resolved. I know my main WD never got one, and think it was 2 alt WDs then got it. But you never know, could have just been luck Looking at the leaderboards... does anyone remember when WDs would use the Skorn and Bats. It seems that kind of play has been reincarnated with the new spider set. Is that how that set plays? I still preferred pets, but just curious. Lastly what is the rule of thumb now? I am not sure what torment I should be in, looks like that has changed also. Should I do some regular Rifts and shoot for X time to get an idea of where I should be? or is there another way to figure out what is your optimal difficulty level. Speaking of progression... Blood shards should they go towards missing set pcs or is the best possible thing to get just weapons for that elusive best possible roll for biggest bump in power. Sorry the post went on longer than expected, just trying to get my footing. It's a whole lot of new stuff to catch up on.Ry510 Feb 18
Feb 17 Please support taeguk change to mutiplicative for the sake of all channeling builds, please put a thumb up on the suggestion: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20753337910 (and don't bring up firebat ;) )Luffy1 Feb 17