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Mar 1 [2.6.1] Builds + Mechanics Hello adventurers! This patch we are not tricked, but treated instead with a huge assortment of balance changes. These balance changes bring most wizard builds into the GR105+ range, with a good choice of builds exceeding GR110+. These estimates are set conservatively at a mere 1400 paragon, which should be attainable if well motivated. I think the wizard is in fairly good position. Wizard now has a variety of builds, and some of the highest pushing solo builds. That said, we're somewhat middle of the pack when it comes to solo speeds, with pretty good Torment farming capability. With the emergence of FB Star pact, Wizard is also a great trash clearer in a group setting. ----- Many Thanks: Dolynick, BDF, sVr, TinneOnnMuin, Dolen, haixinyan, Bluddshed, Wolfcryer, Horrax, Riv, Tougeznut, Vox, StoleOwnCar, Masterjay, Aloc, Apocc, Ged, fuczzang, Lo0Lo0, Malakai, Ravolos, Ryoko, Lexyu, Dropaduski, mcdundee, WorkWorkWork and thanks to anyone who was involved in PTR testing for 2.6.1. Big love for helping make the game better, and for preventing exploits. ----- Build Listings: If you are looking for meta push build links, those are included in the Meta section below, after build descriptions. Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0Lcra47gZI06V8NtDj8JYyp Twitch Home Page (also has the build list with links and other helpful mechanics listings): https://www.twitch.tv/cratic1321 Torment Builds: (TXIII) Frozen Orb - Sage + AW - DB Farm » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94765 (TXIII) Frozen Orb Bounty Build » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95383 (TXIII) Infinite Blast Redux (EB / Woh / In-Geom) » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94755 (TXIII) Vyr MH + Cosmic Strand » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95526 (TXIII) Tal Electrocute MH » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100458 » https://youtu.be/6wMn13WZsh8 » https://www.d3planner.com/381653034 (TXIII) Lightning Meteor » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/97713 (TXIII) Tal Lightning Meteor + Sage's » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95480 Speed Builds: (GR80-95+) DMO Frozen Orb Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/98787 (GR80-95+) DMO EB Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/98381 (GR80-95+) Tal Channel Meteor Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95583 (GR80-95+) Tal Meteor HC Pseudo Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100161 (GR75-90+) Tal Frozen Orb Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95608 (GR75-90+) Tal EB Channel Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/97744 (GR70-85+) Vyr MH In-Geom Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100669 (GR75-90+) Vyr MH Zodiac Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94945 (GR70-85+) Tal Lightning Meteor Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95359 (GR70-85+) Tal AT:SD MH Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95352 (GR70-85+) FB6 / Vyr2 Archon Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95333 Solo Push Builds: (GR112+) FB Meteor Etched Ignite » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95151 (GR110+) Tal Meteor Shower » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95421 (GR108+) Tal Meteor HC Push » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100262 (GR111+) DMO Frozen Orb + OID » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94704 (GR111+) DMO Frozen Orb + AW » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/99704 (GR108+) Tal Frozen Orb » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94799 (GR108+) FB EB Etched Ignite Redux » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94599 (GR114+) AT:SD MH Vyr6 Deathwish » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100379 (GR109+) Vyr MH Chantodo » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94869 (GR108+) Vyr MH - Pig Sticker + OID » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94733 (GR108+) Vyr6 Deathwish Zodiac » https://www.d3planner.com/761408697 » GR107 Clear: https://youtu.be/qgH4cipTwpc (GR106+) Vyr Cold Chantodo » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94899 (GR108+) DMO Channel Twister » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95446 (GR106+) DMO EB Flash » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94856 (GR105+) DMO Orbit Redux » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94577 (GR103+) DMO Orbit Classic by Quin69 » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/69933 (GR105+) FB AT:SD Manald Heal » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95318 (GR104+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95321 Off-Meta Group Builds: AdamADisco's (GR100+) FB Meteor Group Build » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95115 (GR110+) FB Meteor Off-Meta Group Build » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95550 (GR110+) Vyr6 Deathwish CoE RGK Group » https://www.d3planner.com/447528611 "For Fun" Builds: (GR95+) FB Twister » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94543 (GR99+) DMO Twister (Wicked Wind) » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94575 StoleOwnCar's (GR91+) Vyr6 Thorns » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94968 ----- Build Descriptions and Meta build links Wizard Starter Builds: Wizard Leveling Build and Leveling Tips » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/99090 » https://youtu.be/aQl5llg7xTU Bluddshed's Wizard S15 starter video » https://youtu.be/BbW5XcCuYi0 For Season 15, I recommend spending the challenge cache blood shards on source (off-hand) at level 33 to get the Etched Sigil. Other options earlier on include either Heart of Iron or Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers. Use the Etched sigil in combination with your preferred spender until you can gather more gear for your intended nephalem rifting build. Meteor, Arcane orb, and Twister are great choices. Tal Frozen orb with Aether Walker will likely be the easiest farming build to transition into after this point, due to the higher chance of finding an Unstable Scepter while leveling, but there are many other Tal farming builds that can perform well while nephalem rifting, including but not limited to: Lightning Meteor + Aether Walker Explosive Blast / Woh / In-Geom Chain Lightning Manald Heal + Aether Walker Meteor Shower + Aether Walker Nephalem (TXIII) Rifting: (TXIII) Frozen Orb - Sage + AW - DB Farm » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94765 Gathering DBs and collecting gems via Broken Crown will be important for rerolling and acquiring items for your builds in season. Having Aether Walker on this build makes it really fluid, as you don't depend on elite pack kills for mobility and damage. I now use Karini and Avarice band with this build. These allow for higher defense and increased pickup radius, making the build even more fluid, especially as you level up in paragon and get better gear. Focus and Restraint can be placed instead with some skill swaps for a more aggressive build. For groups, Stone of Jordan with Bane of the Powerful is also an option. Check the build out and play around with some of the swaps, as there are many variations that can work well. (TXIII) Infinite Blast Redux (EB / Woh / In-Geom) » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94755 Great build for farming Keys and Gold. It also requires some level of paragon to perform as expected, but can be quite enjoyable. Very fast paced, using In-Geom for damage and movement. (TXIII) Vyr MH + Cosmic Strand » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95526 Archon Manald Heal is often underrated as a nephalem rifting build, but it works quite well in this role. This version uses Cosmic strand to teleport rapidly across levels. Options for Hoarder and Avarice Band in swap. (TXIII) Tal Electrocute MH » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100458 » https://youtu.be/6wMn13WZsh8 » https://www.d3planner.com/381653034 Chain Lightning is easily one of the coolest looking spells in the wizards' arsenal. The chains here allow great reach for larger impact paralysis and Manald Heal proc. This build feels great for rifting, well balanced both offensively and defensively, but will likely be harder to gear out perfectly within the season (which can be a good thing as well). (TXIII) Lightning Meteor » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/97713 Not as efficient of a build, but very fun to play. Uses Ranslor Twisters to pull in density for easy grouping with Meteors sealing the deal. High AS and RCR build. Defense and utility via Hoarder / Goldwrap / Avarice Band. Extra Run speed and mobility via Illusionist and Aether Walker. TXIII Bounties: (TXIII) Frozen Orb Bounty Build » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95383 When taking on bounties, Frozen orb with Aether walker will be better than Archon or Woh based builds that rely on In-Geom procs for movement, IMO. Frozen orb also doesn't rely on archon stacks for offense or defense. GR Speed: A GR speed build in my mind is a build that can push higher than your torment build could if it were ported into GRs, but clears faster than your GR solo push build could at a lower difficulty. For wizard in season 12 this generally means builds that are about GR70-GR95, give or take a few GRs. Unfortunately, the most powerful builds for wizard are hog tied by weapon slots. The weapon slots are required for these huge damage multipliers. Swapping one of them out for say, Aether Walker, one of our only mobility options in non-archon speeds, significantly reduces the damage of the build, and in many cases isn't worth going for. I think a good speed build should be clearing a rift faster than 5 minutes. However, quite a few wizard speed builds will edge into 6 minute territory on the high end (on bad maps). Keep in mind that you can always run most solo push builds at 12 or so GRs below your top push capability, and still clear within 7-9 minutes. These will get you higher gem levels as well. (GR80-95+) Tal Channel Meteor Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95583 Tal Channel Meteor. Slow moving, but super chill, and can tank and power through most any enemy, even at slightly higher GR as compared to other speed builds. There is something to enjoy about summoning those meteors and rejoicing in the craters after their descent. Added Invigorating Gemstone to the build. Makes it really smoothe with having cc immunity. You can of course swap in Powerful if your group takes care of the CC immunity for you, or if you opt to gear with 3+ CC% reduction secondary affixes. (GR80-95+) DMO Frozen Orb Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/98787 Aether walker makes this DMO Frozen orb speed build as comfortable as can be, layered with defense, this build focuses on elites, and involves position for proper explosions from your frozen orbs. A solid choice for paragon and gem leveling. (GR80-95+) DMO EB Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/98381 The bubbles are real! A tanky, up close and personal (but still fairly mobile) build for those who enjoy explosive blast. Like Tal Meteor, a slightly longer clear time for this one, 4-6 minutes, but also similar to Tal meteor, it can push a higher GR speed. (GR70-85+) Vyr MH In-Geom Speed » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100669 (GR75-90+) Vyr MH Zodiac Speed » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94945 Vyr MH is very quick moving, agile, and can pack a punch, but it's damage and defense scales dynamically with rift density, and is also a proc based build, meaning it's clear time ranges can be wider than the other speed builds. It's also one of the more challenging speed builds to play, but feels very rewarding to get right. (GR75-90+) Tal Frozen Orb Speed + AW » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95608 Tal Frozen orb is a very quick moving build that shreds enemies fairly effectively. More consistent than it's counterparts, it unfortunately does not hit as hard as some other builds. However, it makes up for this in movement. If you're looking for a non-archon Aether Walker build with some nostalgic D2 vibes that can still get you very efficient clear times, this is a great pick. GR Solo Push: (GR112+) FB Meteor Etched Ignite » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95151 This Meteor shower build is fairly tanky, and hits pretty dang hard. Magic weapon ignite makes it extremely easy to ignite enemies and elites with the Firebirds' set bonuses. Timing, grouping, positioning, and ensuring you aren't interrupted while channeling are a big part of the strategy in play. A melee build, you have to seek out opportunities within density and whittle down elites. (GR110+) Tal Meteor Shower » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95421 Tal Meteor is arguably one of the easiest wizard builds to gear up, play, and push with. One of the safer options for hardcore as well, Tal meteor shower is a solid setup with quite a bit of freedom when it comes to choosing passives. For example, Elemental Exposure and Unwavering Will are often preferred alternates to Galvanizing Ward and / or Unstable Anomaly as listed on Bluddshed's build. (GR111+) DMO Frozen Orb + OID » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94704 This frozen orb push build includes both Teleport and OID, making it a very tanky, and more mobile build that offers a kiting playstyle that can be quite engaging. This build offers more opportunity to engage and kill elite packs as compared to other DMO FO push builds. The inclusion of nemesis bracer reinforces this. (GR111+) DMO Frozen Orb + AW » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/99704 Fast paced and highly mobile, this Frozen orb push build allows you to position at will. Ranslor/Twister combo helps to pull in density, and the Crown of the Primus supplies some much needed stun capability and other vast utility. This build focuses in on trash clearing, only rarely engaging elites. Thanks to Ryoko and Malakai here. This listing is very similar to the builds they have tested and put out. (GR108+) Tal Frozen Orb » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94799 Tal Frozen Orb is very enjoyable. It offers higher attack speed, higher mobility, as well as the ability to slot both Black Hole and Teleport. The toolkit is high intensity, placing importance on positioning of your character and that of enemies, encouraging a kiting playstyle that is fast and frantic, and hard to pass up. This said, it is much weaker (in the least by 4GR) than DMO. (GR108+) FB EB Etched Ignite Redux » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94599 Explosive blast really shines in this Firebird variant. It's relatively simple to play, but somewhat difficult to master. The build emphasizes standing and channeling, whilst dealing damage to as many high priority targets as possible. Manipulating enemy position, prioritizing elites, and knowing when to tank favorable oculus spawns are a big focus when pushing. (GR108+) DMO Channel Twister » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95446 Twister can still be fairly good, and this build is an example of that. The inclusion of CoE boosts damage quite a bit, but requires skill choices to help balance defense. A neat side effect is that the build no longer requires being a certain distance, making the gameplay a little more fluid. (GR109+) Vyr MH Chantodo » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94869 (GR108+) Vyr MH - Pig Sticker + OID » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94733 (GR106+) Vyr Cold Chantodo » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94899 Vyr6 is more engaging than ever. The stacking mechanic and the challenge of maintaining those stacks on a good rift is fun. The dual melee / ranged components of Vyr MH Chantodo set it apart from any other archon build I've played. You have to position yourself for optimal stacking, but also optimal damage both up close via Chantodos, and far away with MH (though MH does do some damage up close as well). If you're not a fan of the Chantodos MH combo playstyle, I've listed some alternate Vyr6 builds above that are also a lot of fun to play, and still perform well. (GR114+) AT:SD MH Vyr6 Deathwish » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/100379 Deathwish also works with Vyr6. This reverse MH archon style build will keep you engaged and collecting gear throughout an entire season. Damage is dealt outside of archon with AT:SD set to proc paralysis and MH. Full guide attached to the build listing, as well as a GR113 clear. (GR108+) Vyr6 Deathwish Zodiac » https://www.d3planner.com/761408697 » GR107 Clear: https://youtu.be/qgH4cipTwpc Deathwish Vyr6 with Zodiac. Quick resets, ranged build. This off-meta build by Apocc, Masterjay, and aloc. This build is also GR80-95+ speed capable. With this build, we leverage the attack speed from Vyr4 to proc manald heal when outside of archon, while channeling Arcane torrent: static discharge. However, lingering too long outside of archon can result in severe stack loss upon your next rotation, so be careful. The challenge when pushing is that stacks are harder to come by. Staying too long outside archon lowers possible stack count, and killing off density outside of archon also lowers possible stack count. That said, this build shreds RGs. If the rotation and RG are good, you can get some mean sub 1m RG kill times. Reference: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759330501 (GR105+) FB AT:SD Manald Heal » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95318 (GR104+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95321 Manald heal non-archon is just as fun as its always been, and the damage increase to Deathwish helps this build in a big way. FB will be stronger than Tal here by about 1GR. FB is ever so slightly more powerful, and more defensive. The build uses Pain Enhancer to gain higher AS, and proc paralysis and MH more often. Interestingly, the 60%+ Additive Damage from Taeguk is better here than having stricken. It allows faster rift clears, but does generally restrict high end clears to RGs with adds or those which spawn near a power pylon. The build feels very rewarding when played correctly. I feel like I've accomplished what was thought impossible when clearing GR100+ here. (GR103+) DMO Orbit Classic by Quin69 » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/69933 Quin's classic Arcane Orbit has most definitely withstood the test of time. If you're looking for a fun, safe build to play, this is another good build to try, and my go-to when attempting hardcore. Note the build listing hasn't been updated since 2.4, but aside from increases to legendary and set bonuses, nothing has changed. If you're looking for ways to increase damage or potential progression at the cost of defense/utility, reference the swaps as listed on this guide: (GR105+) DMO Orbit Redux » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94577 Group GR Off-Meta: AdamADisco's (GR100+) FB Meteor Group Build » http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95115 AdamADisco's group variation is more defensive, using Karini + Witching hour. This makes it slightly harder to manage resource, but very tanky, and a highly capable build for group speeds. Meant to be used in a 4p group composition with zMonk, pull zBarb, and another DPS (possibly another FB meteor wizard). (GR110+) Vyr6 Deathwish CoE RGK Group » https://www.d3planner.com/447528611 Apocc's companion version of the Vyr6 deathwish build that uses CoE for increased damage vs. the Rift Guardian in a 4p group setting. The idea is you stack stricken when in archon, then attack the RG at range when outside of archon using AT:SD, dealing massive damage. ----- Solo Meta Builds: Meta builds haven't historically been my forte, so I encourage you to perform alternate research on these, however, hopefully this gives you a general idea of the options available. (GR118+) Solo Star Pact Wizard » https://www.diablofans.com/builds/97267 Build by Lexyu. Alternate option for Unstable anomaly instead of Astral Presence. I highly recommend this swap if at ~1500-1900 paragon. I don't recommend playing star pact unless you plan on having at least ~1500 paragon. If below that amount, look into the meteor shower or other builds instead. (GR116+) Vyr6 Frozen Orb with CoE, Strongarms, Absolute Zero. https://www.d3planner.com/189474235 GR120: https://youtu.be/ZCMsUDL7DVI GR121: https://youtu.be/IVbdwm3GgJk An archon variant, this build uses the Vyr6 set to build archon stacks which boost the damage of spells when outside of archon, using the Swami legendary bonus. Careful timing must be made to both position your enemies as needed, and line up your attacks with the CoE rotation. Defense and damage outside of archon is also increased by the Orb of Infinite Depth. The attack speed from Vyr assists in putting out as many Frozen orb attacks as possible within the short 4s CoE window. Rest of the time you'll be increasing stack count via the archon punch (or beam if on the move), or grouping for the next cycle. CDR is pretty strict with this build, and though it scales well with Area damage, it is pretty hard to fit Area damage in the build. Note: d3planner above is a rough guide for affixes and spells, I did not put this build together. Thanks to Lo0Lo0 and Fuczzang. (GR115+) DMO Frozen Orb with CoE, Absoloute Zero, Witching hour, Strongarms, and Illusory boots. https://www.d3planner.com/227217528 Dropping Teleport makes it tough to manage positioning in this build, seeing as you still need to stand still to take advantage of Endless walk on CoE burst phases. Without Shame of Delsere, you also have much lower resource regen. AP management will also be a challenge. A large part of the RNG with this build is elite affixes. Any elite pack with vortex, knockback, Frozen, or waller can really ruin a good pull. Even with these, on the right rift, will push high if played by someone with skill and deep knowledge of the build mechanics. Example d3planner is listed above. Astral Presence is the optional passive slot. This can be swapped out for many options, including Elemental Exposure, or Cold Blooded. (GR114+) FB6 Meteor Shower with Karini, Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers, Deflection, Sparkflint to ignite, and CoE as the second ring, possibly witching hour also for the added CHD. (GR114+) FB6 Meteor Shower with Halo, APDs, Deflection, Sparkflint, CoE. The above builds revolve around fitting in and utilizing CoE, which make them less defensive than Unity, and really difficult to stand still and channel with. Sparkflint makes it much harder to ignite elites, and it can be frustrating when trying to ignite in high density. Even with these, on the right rift, FB6 CoE Meteor will likely be able to clear higher than Unity. Horrax' Build is one example of this configuration, with Ashnagaar's: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95299 Here also is Blatty's GR113 clear at 1400 paragon, with Halo / APDs: https://youtu.be/a1wn1-1lR00 ----- Group Meta Build (Firebirds 4p Star Pact Wizard): A lot of work went into testing out star pact and finding a viable trash clearing build. Thank you to anyone and everyone involved. I had no hand in putting this together. I've posted here the d3planner for star pact wizard, and will link some gameplay. To be clear, the wizard is functioning as the trash clearer, replacing the witch doctor in 4p meta group composition. Lexyu's Dfans Guide w/ links: https://www.diablofans.com/builds/97080 Dropaduski's video guide: https://youtu.be/qmHRraJLSw8 Dfans Link by Rob2628, details the rotation: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/97220 https://www.twitch.tv/rob2628 This GR135 clear by Blackbirdd3 and team. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/212050411 Video repost by Meta new: https://youtu.be/D77yTF2uKAc https://www.twitch.tv/blackbirdd3 And here's an example d3planner. I went ahead and included a few variations based on leaderboard clears. Perfect gearing will be difficult, due to requiring quad rolled gloves and source (no INT on either). There are a few options, which the different d3planner listings attempt to show. https://www.d3planner.com/874361013 Star pact thread and discussion is below. Thanks to mcdundee, Vox, WorkWorkWork and everyone for forming and following the builds. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759528719 ----- Mechanics Shortlist: Not many mechanics changes, however, there are some notable changes and information that has been researched by players. Etched Sigil. An Etched Sigil ICD issue was reported and fixed during the PTR. Sigil AS and ICD breakpoints were retested by Dolynick. These are useful because they could save you time in between etched sigil procs, depending on your build. Click this post for full breakpoint charts and more information on the fix. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759186011 Meteor Shower Cast Rotation. Yes. You will want to manually cast meteor, even on a channeling build. This will bring down more meteors over time, and since we can channel during those impacts, this will bring more damage to the table than just channeling. However, you only want to manually cast meteor about once every 3 seconds. Why 3 seconds? I timed both manually casting meteor shower and using meteor shower in combination with Etched Sigil + Arcane torrent (@ 1.54 APS). Manually casted meteor took 138 to 141 frames to have all 7 meteors impact from the initial time of cast. Channeled + manually cast meteor took 155 to 176 frames to have all 14 meteors impact from the initial time of cast. Since 60 frames is equivalent to 1 second of game time, and 180 frames is 3 seconds, this puts the rotation for manually casting in between our channeled abillity at about once every 3 seconds. Rotation: Channel. Immediately manually cast meteor. Continue holding down your channeling ability. Note that ES will continue to proc every second while holding down channeling. Wait until Meteors from both your initial ES proc and your manual cast finish impacting. Decide if you can stand and continue dpsing, or if you need to move your character (either dodge attacks, grouping, or for oculus) at this point. Rinse and repeat. Note that manually casting a second time (before 3 seconds have passed) will likely decrease your overall damage, as you wouldn't be benefiting from the multipliers of DW + ES as often during your meteor impacts. This is why it is very important to not manually cast too often either. The impact time between the first meteor (out of the set of 7) and the last meteor (of the set of 7) was also notable. Two different tests showed 41 frames, and then 47 frames, meaning it takes up to about 50 frames for all of the meteors from the meteor shower rune to deal their damage once they start landing. This doesn't change the rotation, but it is worth noting, especially if you have to move mid rotation. You might be clipping some of the meteor impacts, and losing the DW + ES multipliers by stopping your channel to reposition. Vyr6 Archon ICD/Breakpoint Mechanics - Beam Stack Rate Snapshotting. The mystery of the slow stacking beam has been somewhat put to rest by our good wizard, TinneOnnMuin. Tinne suggests that the beam stack rate is snapshot when entering archon. Only the stacks from the prior swami holdover and the new stacks from your Fazula count towards lowering your ICD. In a basic sense what this means is that higher AS upon entering archon will grant you faster stacking with the archon beam when inside archon, with 5APS on sheet when entering archon granting the fastest stacking possible. The ELI5 version of this is: If you intend to use Archon beam, you will want 7% attack speed on weapon for Vyr6. With only AS from weapon and paragon, and assuming a 1.4 base AS weapon, such as a wand, you will want to have at least 174 stacks by the end of Archon. This will allow the fastest stacking possible from the archon beam. If you have fewer stacks than this at the end of archon, your overall potential DPS may take a hit. More attack speed from gear, items, and skills will lower this stack amount breakpoint, and may be preferred to limit the amount of rift fishing required for your build. Read more about this here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759209193 Vyr2 Freeze. Per PTR patch notes, the Vyr2 bonus now allows arcane strike and blast to freeze. This increases crowd control and CC of Vyr2 piece based builds. "Fixed an issue with the (2) Set power of Vyr's Amazing Arcana where your Arcane Blast and Arcane Strike would not Freeze enemies unless you had the Slow Time rune chosen". Hydra skill damage multiplier removed from MH proc damage. In 2.6.0 and prior, hydra formula included AS as a damage multiplier, but also included a skill damage multiplier of 255% within the formula. sVr's latest test shows that while the AS still scales as a damage multiplier, the skill damage multiplier was removed in 2.6.1. In a basic sense, this is a fairly significant decrease to MH Hydra proc damage. Read more about his testing and commentary here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20758776120#post-8 Frozen Orb. The base skill damage of the Frozen orb rune was increased to 950% damage as cold. The range on frozen orb was also increased to 40 yards. This allows for a more ranged playstyle, which I think will make the skill more enjoyable for most players. We hardly ever see base skill damage changes, so the increase on frozen orb is quite notable here. Testing from Dolynick on the damage of frozen orb: ... Drop chances increased. Rejoice! Many Legendary and Set items have had their drop chance increased. This means those hard to get items like Furnace and Wand of Woh should be easier to acquire in season. ----- BUFFS BUFFS where are the buffs? Many items and sets had their power increased during the course of the PTR. I won't go over specific values, but will list out here the items and sets that have been changed. Many multipliers from items, such as Unstable scepter and Wand of Woh, are now multiplicative, whereas they were previously additive with that skills' damage % on sheet. This is important because it means your additive % skill damage on items (source, chest, helm, shoulder, boots) are more valuable in 2.6.1 for these builds than they were previously. Deathwish Etched Sigil Nilfur's Boast The Grand Vizier Orb of Infinite Depth Halo of Karini Unstable Scepter Triumvirate Ranslor's Folly Wand of Woh DMO6 FB6 Vyr6 Chantodo's Resolve For information on these latest changes and more, see the 2.6.1 patch notes: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/21115840/ ----- That's it for this patch. Have fun Adventurers!Cratic168 Mar 1
Jan 21 RoS Wizard Tools (updated for v2.6.4) I created this set of tools for my own use and decided that they could be of benefit to others. The tools are designed to remove a lot of the guess work from gearing choices and give you a as accurate an estimate of your wizard's potential in various aspects as possible. What it includes: -Tool to help with calculating the eDPS of various spell combinations -Tool to calculate the APoC and LoH returns of spells and their "spam-ability" -Tool for calculating Mitigation and Sustain -Tool that calculates changes in DPS, Mit & eHP with stat changes. -Tool for calculating Cooldown Reduction and Cost Reduction -Tool for calculating the Firebird 6-piece DoT damage and infinite DoT threshold -Tool for calculating damage within a Tal Rasha 6-piece skill rotation. -Tables for all breakpoints (Yes, they still very much exist in RoS). -Reference page of stats for skills with some notes on behavior (Requires Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet software) Download location: http://www.olynick.net/d3/tools VOD of the Wizard Tools Workshop on April19, 2015: http://www.twitch.tv/vizjereiclan/c/6569262 Let me know what you think. -dolynickdolynick254 Jan 21
2h PTR Chantodo I can’t wait! What do they mean it ticks with AS??? An 80,000% dmg wave wat 5 AS sounds beefy. As it reads, it sounds like the damage would scale up to 400,000%.aloc110 2h
20h Firebird for s17 start? I'm planning on maining a Wizard next season. Just wondering if this Firebird channeling build is still worth using? The one with Deathwish / Etched sigil and Meteor shower should work right? I would eventually build into Vyr's, because I liked what I saw on PTR. This build should work right? https://www.diablofans.com/builds/95105-firebird-channeling-2-6-1TrvAix6 20h
1d LON Hydra Is there a viable LON hydra build? Maybe just for T13-16?JAW0 1d
2d Some Chantodo RGK videos As mcdundee mentioned in the PTR Chantodo topic, we tested out Chantodo RGK a bit, in reasonably high levels. I'm just going to leave some videos and thoughts as to how my build evolved a bit over time. Youtube took its sweet time trimming these. Disclaimer: if you don't like Ar Tonelico music you might want to mute these. I say this because it's not a common music style lol. Anyway: 3p 130: https://youtu.be/j-3jpe7S8IY I was just using the stock standard Chantodo Vyr spec, except I took out Black Hole. Reason being that I saw more value in Diamond Armor's AP cost reduction for single target resets. It worked really well, and it was pretty tanky. No issues with dying. Kill time at 130 was okay. 3p 132: https://youtu.be/eIfF3lL8vec Here I made some swapouts. I got rid of Force Weapon Deflection for Slow Time with Time Warp (IAS messes up bazooka cooldowns). Then I changed my channel skill for Disintegrate: Intensify. I also changed my teleport for Frost Nova: Bone Chill. This is a rather massive amount of additive damage that I can possibly add to the DPS. Unfortunately as you can see in the video, I believe this is more suited for 4p. I was somewhat surprised to see myself die even with double stacks. Still, when my stacks got high enough, you can see that I could live well enough to at least give the trash wizard a decent damage boost. Overall I think in 4p it could definitely live, though, and it does provide a massive damage boost. I was using Ashnagarrs bracer, which did nothing without deflection. Maybe APD would have done better. Disintegration Wave is also terrible for resetting, so you're going to lose a bit off the top end on RG. Hard to say if this is worth it or not. With this spec you have to time your transformations to the bazooka transformations. (which I couldn't do well because I was dead so much) Anyway, finally, just a bonus, 3p 125 with a trash kill necro. https://youtu.be/2YPuz3zPM5o In this video I ran nemesis because I realized that Ashnagarr's wasn't doing anything for me anyway. Worked great on the conduit. My final thoughts are that I think it's definitely a very fun RGK spec, and it has the potential to provide quite a bit of damage to the trash killer as well. Wizard has some very high dps boost skills. It also scouts much better than pretty much any other RGK. A lot of the time I was accidentally revealing pylon spots because I forgot how much mobility I had. Probably still weaker than DH and definitely weaker than Necro, but it's fun to use.StoleOwnCar8 2d
2d Advice on gear K so quick question should i continue to grind for fire birds set? Or try to get all but pants of that tal rasha set. I d also like to know what is Best difficulty setting to be on based on my current equipped. ty ahead of timeAeonixx1871 2d
3d Wizard Intel cap I heard there is an Intel cap, is that true? and how much is the cap if so?kvds5 3d
Apr 13 LoN Electrocute Build - feedback Working on an Electrocute build using LoN (actually equipping the rings atm) Here's what I've theory crafted so far (don't have the pieces yet), looking for feedback Weapons; Fulminator (sword), Shard of Hate (sword)(have this piece as ancient), Thunderfury (sword) Helm; Velvet Camaral (have in cube atm) Shoulders; Pauldrons of Skeleton king or deathwatch mantle Chest: Aquila (wearing but not ancient) Bracers: Ancient Parthans, Nems Gloves; St. Andrews (only decent option?) Waist: Shame of Delsere (offensive), String of Ears (defensive), Thundergods vigor (offensive) Pants: Pox Faulds (unless depth diggers would work??) Boots: Illusory or Fire Walkers Amulet: Hellfire (have ancient with glass cannon) Off-Hand: Myken's Ball of Hate Kanai: Scheafers hammer, ???, Convention of Elements Gems: Simplicity's Strength, Bane of Powerful, Gem of Efficious Toxin (??) Passives: Glass Cannon, Audacity, Power Hungry, Blur, Paralysis (stacking audacity and power hunger for bonus at both close and long range??) Skills: Electrocute (chain lightning), Black Hole (supermassive), Teleport (safe passage (only because I have off hand giving me wormhole atm, wormhole once i get a ball of hate), Storm Armor (shocking aspect), Magic Weapon (electrifty), Familiar (sparkflint) I've got the shard of hate ancient and really like it's bonus thematically (sends out tons of bolts on the ground), not sure if a Thunderfury would be better though. not sure what best stats on each slot would be, ive generally be going with Int, VIT, armor, +lighting %, ??? only have 5 ancients atm (most of which arent the pieces for the build) and running T9 easy, my gems are between 40-50 level). build seems better suited for close range atm so may swap power hungry, suggestions appreciated.Dugahst2 Apr 13
Apr 13 Schaefer's Hammer? Recently came back to D3 after a long hiatus and have been using a primal Schaefer's Hammer for my s16 vyr lightning archon wizard. I'm currently grinding for the build-recommended ancient pig sticker, but I'm just wondering why a Schaefer's Hammer in general isn't a good option here? -25% increase in lightning damage -850% weapon damage as lightning -400% weapon damage as bleed over 5 sec I know I'm probably missing something here, but can someone please educate me on why it's not a good option?Aeternam4 Apr 13
Apr 13 LoN Spectral blade Manald heal This is a build I want to try for the new season. Using Fragment of Destiny wand and The Shame of Delsere belt to attack fast with Spectral Blade - Thrown Blade to proc Manald Heal ring. https://www.d3planner.com/257079818Zeemag2 Apr 13
Apr 10 3 vs 4 APOC I have been farming a better Etched Sigil for a while, and finally got pretty hefty "upgrade", however, it came spectral blade damage, and 3 APOC. I was curious leaving the 3 APOC, and rerolling the spectral blade would result in me losing the Aquila Cuirass buff due to lack of APOC. Running with 4 currently, I never seem to drop below 100% AP.Grastiars2 Apr 10
Apr 9 rate my archon Rate my Archon wiz: https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/yems-6688/hero/51948093yems1 Apr 9
Apr 9 It took 2 years, but you listen You guys and girls at blizzard finally gave me something to work with, now my LON electrocute build will work. thanks for finally buffing LON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzsmC-JcnCU 2 years I sat in a corner waiting for you, now be good and return critical mass. make us powerful wizards for the last few years we have left in this hell. until diablo 4...…………………………………….YORI29 Apr 9
Apr 8 Questions on Etched Sigil Proc Maximizing So I have tried to read as much as I could to better understand the Etched Sigil in regards to the Tal Rasha Meteor build. From what I gather it has an internal cooldown of 1 second or 60 frames. I understand that with attack speed you can not make this go any faster though if you don't have the correct attack speed that when it checks the internal cooldown if it is off then it will wait another full 60 frames before casting essentially wasting a lot of dps. I don't fully understand how to calculate or grasp frame rates with the attack speed I have. I was hoping someone could look at my gear or give me the exact number of attack speed I need to roll to make sure I fall under the best situation for the build. For example if i get X amount of added attack speed it will keep me in the perfect 60 frames to make the etch always perform perfectly. Also what would be the benefits of adding X amount of attack speed to make it to the next breaking point that is good? I hope this makes sense I sent a link to my guy he is obviously not perfect still need to improve my gear just need an idea where to go from here. https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/number1-1841/hero/109473527 DeathWish has 1.4 attacks per second. Paragon adds 10% With paragon and deathwish it shows I have 1.54 attacks per second. With this info should I increase my attack speed and if so how much percent for the maximum benefit?number11 Apr 8
Apr 8 2.6.5 Wizard lazy builds? I love lazy builds, Netflix and chill, which is why I dove Witch Doctors but they are so far away from the power of Wizards. Is there a LON build that is just a few buttons to hit. I tried LON Crusader but that is a button mash fest.GOLDFARMER4 Apr 8
Apr 8 Most powerful wizard What would be the most powerful wizard in this game right now ? Set? Items? Skills? Firebird? Tal rasha? Vyr? Delsere?Lidrach2 Apr 8
Apr 8 Can Chantodo's WoD proc Mirinae? I can't test at the moment. Anyone know? I'm assuming that the WoD has a proc coefficient of zero meaning it can't proc Mirinae :( Might be viable for an RGK with all of that very high attack rate. 5+strikes+1.3blasts/sec+5WoD -> ~11.3 attacks/second. Mirinae's 12,000% dmg wouldn't be too bad.aloc1 Apr 8
Apr 7 Manald Heal support question Hey guys, I have a question on manald heal but this needs testing in a group setting so Im just posting here to see if anyone knows. Manald Heal desc says “Enemies stunned with Paralysis also take 13000-14000% weapon damage as Lightning.” Usually if the desc says “enemy takes more damage”, it’s a debuff on that particular enemy that others also benefit. So I would think that an enemy who is under the affect of Paralysis takes additional damage from other players. 15% of 14000% is 2100% so this is essentially 2100% damage boost to the group (maybe not exactly 2100% due to crowd control resilience). But still seems a huge damage boost. And this is just one skill (electrocute or AT:SD). Could this allow wizard to become a support in group play?jyp5 Apr 7
Apr 7 Proposed DMO changes I suggested some changes to DMO and complimentary items and mechanics in the PTR feed back forum. It can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771316997 Your feedback.BossDogg0 Apr 7
Apr 6 on Switch, need help Switch- anyone have an xtra hellfire amulet or Vyr's Helm I can get?RosieRose1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Chantodo’s Will Builds in PTR Hey Veteran Wizards- I decided to test the new Chantodo’s Will buff (see below) in the PTR. For starters, I just swapped the Chantodo's set into the Vyr's Archon build from IcyVeins. https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-vyr-archon-build-patch-2-6-4-season-16 I'm not much of a theory crafter, what other builds and optimizations should I try? Chantodo’s Will Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing 1000% 4000% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards. Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 1000% 4000% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times Wave of Destruction ticks now scale with attack speed PTR is a blast so far.Loving the legendary drop rate. :)Oppoco0 Apr 6
Apr 4 Attack speed on Met Wiz I am hearing all sorts of conflicting opinions on this. Does attack speed do anything on a Tals Meteor shower wiz? If so what is optimal?Dwic3 Apr 4
Apr 2 How is Vyrs this season? How is the archon build this season? I mean, like the lightning manald heal one, and not reverse archon. For this season, since you can use the swami, what then will take it's place in the cube?unhomie9 Apr 2
Mar 30 Give Archon another ability Archon has 5 skills and 1 open slot. Lets try and be creative and come up with a good 6th skill and try suggesting it to Blizzard. Edit: Or if it's easier, choose another skill from the Wizard class and make it the 6th skill. I personally would like to see Black Hole or Arcane Orb as the 6th skill.AnimalMan12 Mar 30
Mar 26 BIS Bazooka Gear ';..;' Hi, I mainly play zmonk for meta but decided to make bazooka wiz cos it looks really fun.. and I was just wondering what would be the perfect gear for it. Here's what I came up with but let me know if I should change anything, thanks. :) Weapon - Deathwish 2842 dmg, 10% dmg, 24% area dmg, 10% cooldown Offhand - Etched Sigil 485-600 dmg, 10% crit chance, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown, 4 arcane power Helm - The Swami 6% crit chance, 4 arcane power, 15% meteor, socket Amulet - Hellfire Amulet 20% arcane, 100% crit dmg, 10% crit chance, socket Shoulders - Mantle of Channeling 650 int, 650 vit, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown Chest - Aquila Cuirass 650 int, 650 vit, 775 armor Gloves - any 50% crit dmg, 10% crit chance, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown Bracers - Ancient Parthan Defenders 20% arcane, 650 int, 650 vit, 6% crit chance Belt - Fazula's Improbable Chain 650 int, 650 vit, 516 armor, 15% life Pants - Swamp Land Waders 20% arcane, 650 int, 650 vit, 775 armor Boots - Illusory Boots (or Nilfur's Boast) 650 int, 650 vit, 516 armor, 15% meteor Ring1 - Litany of the Undaunted 6% crit chance, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown (or 50% crit dmg instead 6% crit chance) Ring2 - The Wailing Host 6% crit chance, 20% area dmg, 8% cooldown (or 50% crit dmg instead 6% crit chance) --------------------------------------------------------------------- With above gear, you'll have: 60% arcane damage 62.60% cooldown 174% area damage 58% crit hit chance (50% crit dmg on one ring) 430% crit hit damage (50% crit dmg on one ring) 30% meteor damage 8 arcane power (per crit hits)OV3RL0RD3 Mar 26
Mar 21 LoN Explosive Blast Im building a LoN Explosive Blast build. Nothing new maybe, but very functional. GR70 cleared in HC with crappy gear Actual build (cus i have Halo of Karini) Ray Frost - Cold Blood: Procs MoCh keeping arcane power above 90% Explosive Blast - Chain reaction: The dmg dealer Teleport - Safe Pasage (actually open to anything) Familiar - Sparkflint (+10& Inc dmg) Magic Weapon Deflection ( more shields) Storm armor - Power of the storm (reduce AP cost) Passives U. Anomaly / G. Ward / Audacity / Illusionist Final gear ( I only have the pieces with *) Lon Set (CHC/CHD/CDR)** Ammy: Hellfire or any resist ammy with Fire dmg, CHD, CHC, CDR. MH: Wand of Woh ( 3 aditional blasts)* OH: Orb of ID (+40% dmg / -20% received dmg) Head: Dark Mage's Shade (to proc Diamond Skin) Shoulders: Mantle Of Channeling (Channeling ray of frost while exploding)* Chest: Cindercoat (Fire dmg) Legs: Swamp Land Laders (Fire dmg)* Hands: MageFist (Fire dmg)* Waist: String of Ears (Reduce dmg from melee) Wirst: Ashnagarr's blood (Better shields) Feet: Illusory Boots (Keep walking) Cube: The Furnace / Aquila / Halo Of Karini Thinking about to use Halo of Arlyse instead of Karini and change storm armor for Ice Armor - Chilling Aura to proc Bane of Trapped Any advise to improve the build?, I want to see how far i can go. I´ll be happy hitting GR100 :)Tango4 Mar 21
Mar 18 Thorny Vyr Archon Build I think I finally managed to come up with a new build that might actually be more than just another fun farming setup: https://www.diablofans.com/builds/104251-2-6-4-thorny-vyr-archon Let me know what you think down below. This build is still fresh, and I'm sure there will be ways to optimize it further.DeadOfKnight7 Mar 18
Mar 18 Vyr's buff to fix Archon builds Vyr's and Archon have a few problems with the mechanics that make it hard to buff without buffing reverse Archon builds. I propose the following changes that should make the Vyr's set better overall. 1) Add an Archon ability slot 4 to turn Archon form off. 2) The Swami helm changes to Archon gains the effect of all runes and Archon stacks last for 20 seconds after leaving Archon form 3) Vyr's 2pc set bonus changes to Archon lasts until cancelled. 4) Starfire bonus increased to 200% at max range 5) Deathwish affects Archon channel I think this would solve all reverse Archon builds and potentially allow Vyr's to be an effective RGK.Kindran10 Mar 18
Mar 18 manald heal + rimeheart speedfarm? Trying to set up a build that is as ezmode as possible, basically just spams electrocute. I've bene using a lon setup, with rimeheart equipped (and frostburn) and the icy storm armor. Has nayone had any luck with this or just give it up and go fully with MH or RH? Also, does lightning buff MH? does frost buff RH? Help appreciated.Sarnen3 Mar 18
Mar 18 Improvement proposal Orb of Infinite Depth I´m proposing here something that I think will help a lot Woh builds and I don´t think it affects other builds. Right now the special property of the Orb of Infinite Depth can stack up to 40% of increased damage. This bonus is, I think, really poor. When you compare it with other sources of damage like Etched Sigil (150%), Boast of Nilfur (600%/900%), etc, it is simply not in the same league. The damage reduction is competitive though (60%). I think just by increasing this bonus builds based on explosive blast would become competitive again and would compete with other builds like meteors and archon. How much increase that damage? I don´t know, that´s something developers have to figure out, 200%? 400%? Regards,Ole14 Mar 18
Mar 18 Rimeheart + Manald? I am having fun with my channeled Wizard build that focuses on Manald. Then I run into survival problem and try to put Blizzard into rotation. The Frozen happens often so then I think about Rimeheart. Question. When an enemy is Frozen and I see the "stars" from Paralysis, does he take BOTH proc damage? It's a bit hard to tell. lol Or the enemy either takes Rimeheart or Manald damage (because the enemy can only be stunned or frozen)? Question 2: Does Chance for Area apply when the proc damage goes off?Jibikao11 Mar 18
Mar 16 So its been a while... I'm wondering what D3 is like now. I have been away... for a long time, i don't recognize any of my gear, skills, don't even know what buttons to press lol, key binds are a mess, god knows what else. How is the wizard? are there fun but effective builds to play, I think i was playing a DMO set popping bubbles and twisties trying to get some semblance of SnS back. I'm guessing you have your typical fire birds and archon builds still, but is there anything new???? I wanna hear your thoughts, whats D3 wiz life like now :DAmos3 Mar 16
Mar 15 Legs for LON build? For a LON build, are there any pants that are generally used? I have been using swampland waders for the extra elemental damage on my meteors because nothing else seems remotely viable. It feels odd that witch doctor legs are the best in slot I can find.Dreyda6 Mar 15
Mar 15 1 Archon Wizard planner https://www.d3planner.com/524649183 Advantages of this build Farming is easy.(Four-part CDR is required.) Does not require gogok_of_swiftness. The archon status is relatively short. Disadvantages of this build Damage is comparatively weak compared with LoN32. videos GR 141 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYYbN5rFMK0&t=420s GR 143 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozpd08MlWLI GR 145 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RtMcg-lmR0&t=624s If you do not have a good item, 1 acrhon is a good choice. Try it once.Deal0 Mar 15
Mar 15 Armor rating matter? So when picking my gear I have been looking mostly for stats. Int, vitality, damage bonuses etc but I have been ignoring the pure armor rating for the most part. Has anyone seen if there is a real benefit to increasing armor rating? For example, is it worth buying gear with nearly the same stats as my current ones if it increases armor rating by 50%?Fiasco8 Mar 15
Mar 13 Wizard SoS Ok so I’ve got a S16 wizard, P586. No matter what build I try, I cannot do T13 of any kind and I don’t understand why. Here’s my stats: 1290K attack 17.5M Armor 893K regen 457% crit damage 55.5% crit chance 9000int 1.1M life Mainly Vyrs, and Firebird items. I’ve tried many different builds.. meteor, archon, blizzard, nothing changes. I’ve seen others with much lower stats actually damaging creeps but I could spend several minutes to kill the weakest. Any suggestions? I must be doing something wrong or really missing something.HellHaus10 Mar 13
Mar 13 SP survivability Can you play SP without a zmonk and zbarb? Can't find a zbarb anywhere in chat so we just went with a random 4th. I died 10x on the 1st floor, completely unable to stay alive with the standard cookie cutter build. Other than maintain my 4 stacks of tal rasha and not stand in stupid stuff is there anything else I'm missing? Using this build https://www.diablofans.com/builds/101904-tal-star-pact-group-build with pretty decent gear.SilentMike693 Mar 13
Mar 11 Massive damage drop LON Meteor? I've been noticing a strange issue with LON Meteors where my damage will suddenly drop by about 10x. My meteors which normally hit for 3.5T will suddenly only be hitting for 350B. They deal damage equivalent to what they would normally deal while I'm not channeling, except I'm maintaining my channel and I'm not out of arcane power or even close. I'll still be getting stacks/refreshing Taeguk. Releasing my channel and then starting it again seems to fix the issue, but I'm trying to figure out what is causing this to happen in the first place.Dreyda1 Mar 11
Mar 10 Orb of Inf Depths and Mantle of Channeling Orb of Improbable Depths is still MASSIVELY FKING OVERPOWERED while Mantle of Channeling is MASSIVELY FKING UNDERPOWERED. Which player needs more defense? One that needs to stay still to channel Disintegrate or one that is constantly moving? Answer: One that is staying still to channel. Which spell is the most signature Wizardey spell, the stupid game mechanic bull!@#$ dumb looking dumbsounding Explosive Blast or the awe inspiring completely amazeballs Disintegrate? Answer: Disintegrate FIX THESE TWO FING ITEMS BLIZZARD. Mantle of Channeling should provide 80% damage reduction and 40% damage increase while Orb of Infinite Depths should provide only 25% defense for the most stupid dumb Wizard spell which should really be removed from the game because it is so stupid.Shahadem2 Mar 10
Mar 10 Start into the Season an Farm Builds Hey guys, sorry for that topic Name but i really dont know any better one. This is my first season start (Switch, stopped playing on pc in 2013) and I wonder how I should start. I would absolutly love to play a wizzard with 2 Builds (one for speed t13 and one for gf or speed gf around 100). So I choose the Speed Tal Frozen Orb Build from Bluddshed and a Meteor Build for gf (or is there any other speed Build for gf?) But i think headrics gift is for the wizard is a little bit weak and I consider to start with a barb for a more speedy way into the Season and farm shards and gear for wizard, or is it to slow and I would be faster with starting a wizard? Thanks for any help I appreciate that.soxy6 Mar 10
Mar 10 best way to get etched sigil? Anyway to craft this sourcde? or just random luck?Jeff13 Mar 10
Mar 9 Which defense skill and wrists for LoN SP? Guys, I'm coming from Firebird Star Pact, now I'm doing a LoN Star Pact and I have a doubt about the survivability. I'm dying a lot at GR110+ even with a zmonk. I'm actually using Ancient Parthan Defenders with Ice armor (Crystallize rune). Question: Which combination of defense skill and wrists should I use for better survivability? I have pretty ideal Ancient Parthan Defenders and Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer for this. Obs.: I just start doing this, so I'm still gearing up. My profile: https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Rizzini-11961/hero/86513032Rizzini1 Mar 9
Mar 9 Anyone running/testing LoN FO or AO-Spark? I see so many LoN Star Pact Wizzies on the leaderboards but no Frozen Orb or Spark Wizzies. LoN SP might be popular but it just doesn't get me as excited as the other builds. LoN FO or Spark and even DMO Spark seem more exciting. Anyone got setups we can inspect and discuss?BossDogg11 Mar 9
Mar 8 Magical Shield mitigation Pertaining to Galvanizing Ward, Dominance, Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard, Deflection [rune]. Hello, I have thousands of hours of play on a Wizard and I never took a magical shield as a defense route before but I am now since I'm playing my first HC Wizard. I've been trying to find some foundational information on magical shields and have found some but it often conflicts with one another on my specific question I have in mind about them, which is: Does the mitigation/reduction of damage from Armor, [element] resistances, melee/missile/elite Damage Reduction play a role when deducting the "health" from a magical shield just as if it were my actual characters health? -- Edit: quick explanation why I ask is because I wonder if I should bother, say, to enchant Armor to a piece of gear to make the magical shield more robust or if Armor doesn't help at all *because these shields have a completely different calculation method* and, instead, just go +Fire Damage or +Area Damage.McCloud4 Mar 8
Mar 8 HC Primal Grand Vizier In HC I just had a nice Primal Grand Vizier drop. However I cannot see it being better than my Deathwish/Etched Sigil ancient combo for my Firebirds Meteor build. I have the GV cubed already. Is there a way to use this in the Weapon Slot that make it better than Dw/ES? Is there a viable build that uses this staff as the main weapon?Skafloc2 Mar 8
Mar 6 Etched Sigil,proc error! So i have been playing wizard and i just noticed that if you have 50 atk spd paragon points, your procs from Sigil are 2 less than if you remove them! timing around 12 sec with 50 paragon atk spd for 10 meteors and around 10 sec w/o the paragons on atk spd, anyone having the same issue?HerbyX0 Mar 6
Mar 6 LoN Starpact Archon 32/48 variants toughness Has anyone been able to successfully run higher than 120 at around paragon 2700? See character Lenneth. I tried numerous 119s and while the damage is there (about 8 mins to clear), I have issues surviving outside of archon and thus die screwing up the rotation a lot of the times. Followed the build guide and the only thing I can surmise is that I need more paragon to make up the toughness difference, or is there something else I'm missing? Also have trouble generating arcane without the Delsere belt, should I be running forked lighting or surge of power for the electrocute rune? I tried removed Illusory for the belt but doesn't seem ideal as lot of the times you get stuck, but it does make for easier casting/rotation. Thanks.StriDer8 Mar 6
Mar 5 Legacy of nightmare Meteor Shower - Viable? So with the season 16 buff to Legacy of Nightmare I caught myelf thinking, why isn't it a thing? After a bit of experimenting (meaning I spent a sh*t load of time getting raped), I managed to come up with a pretty solid build. While probably not a top tier build, I believe there is a lot of potential for it in around 110 GR or more. So it all starts with the "13 piece set" bonus, in which each item must be at least ancient for it to work. that meant it should take quite a while to assemble it but trust me, it'll be worth it. After the whole set is completed, you'll be sitting on 9750% damage increase, please note that the best you can get out of another set is 8000%, which comes from the tal rasha set. The second part of this buff is that you'll sit at 52% damage reduction (4% for each piece). Along with these buffs, you'll have the relative "freedom" to pick the best-in-slot items that will fit the build better. So after a bit of tinkering (meaning I got my !@# kicked a second sh*t amount of time), I came up with the following build: *Items* Mantle of Channeling: that sweet 25% buff to damage and damage reduction will come in handy since this build will revolve around channeling. Leoric's Crown: I struggled quite a bit to find a suiting headpiece for this set, but the crown seemed very interesting given the toughness it will give coupled with the purple gem. Also the fact that other headpieces seemed weaker (Dark mage's shade falling right behind but also being a possibility). Hellfire Amulet (blur): The damage mitigation comes in handy, but overwhelming desire is a possibility for the damage increase. Although I do prefer the amulet. Magefist: this will be a fire build, and lacking other better possibilities, the magefist provides us with an % increase to fire damage that will very much be welcomed. Cindercoat: Another addition to % fire damage, but with the ''cherry" of reducing the channeling cost of fire skills by up to 30%, which will be important later. Note that this HAS to be equiped for you to get the %fire increase, so it is irreplaceable. Ashnagarr's blood bracer: This one took a bit of thinking, but it seemed a good item coupled with a few passive shields we'll be getting out, we'll talk about that on the skills session. An alternative to it is ancient parthan defenders, but for that check out the kanai's cube session. Litany of the undaunted/wailing host: That's the set bonus we'll be using. String of ears/the witching hour: string of ears provides some extra melee defense, but alternatively, we could pick a witching hour for the extra damage. Whichever you pick depends on whether you need more defense or offense. I didn't manage to get either on ancient yet, but witching hour seems better because we already have so much defense. Deathwish: our second channeling tool, it gives us that up to 325% damage increase while channeling. Pox Faulds: Pants are kind of a dead slot here, with the class not having another extremely useful item. I found pox to be the least bad since we will stay with that 30% audacity increase, so might a well add 550% weapon damage. Anything is good really. Etched Sigil: Our third tool to channelingWill give you up to 150% increase on top of allowing you to cast meteors while channeling. Nilfur's Boast: Our fourth and final tool for meteor, giving that up to 900% extra damage on meteor. *Kanai's Cube* The grand vizier: obvious choice in a meteor build, giving 400% damage increase to meteor a well as 50% reduced cost (will help with off-time casts for extra damage). Aquila's Cuirass: So remember when i said the cindercoat channeling reduction would pay off? there ya go! being always over 90% will allow you to always have that sweet 50% damage reduction. Unity: So this one is tricky. I danced around halo of karini a lot, but realized i could get even more damage reduction, while not being set back with the relative unreliability of karini. Furthermore, I can see halo of arlyze maybe being better if coupled with ancient parthan defenders, but i haven't managed to test it out yet. *stats* So ideally you'll need 20% fire damage increse in magefist, hellfire amulet and chosen bracers; Crit chance over 50%: since etched sigil gives you arcane power in crits, you'll very much want that increased crit chance as well as some help keeping the aquila's cuirass reduction. Cooldown reduction: dismissable since you'll only have AT MOST 2 skills that have CDs, and one will be constantly reset. Having reached those 2 conditions, focusing on a balance between armor, crit damage, area damage and vitality. Being so hard to put together, I haven't figured out a great number for those as of just yet. *Gems* At first i considered esoteric alteration or molten wildebeest's gizzard (because of Ashnagarr) for defense. But soon i realized that's overkill in defense, while leaving ofense behind. So my conclusion was: Taeguk: that armor/damage increase will provide great overall stats, and it's the most mandatory gem here. Bane of the trapped: arguably the best damaging gem, good damage increase a long with a slight cc. Bane of the stricken: yes please, give me the power to wreck me some rift guardians. Flawless topaz for chest, legs and, if rolled, off hand, for the damage increase Flawless amethist for the helm: remember, you got the leoric's crown on, having that 46% life increase will give you some respectful toughness. Flawless emerald on weapon for that nice critical hit damage on top of your already high crit chance. *skills* Teleport (safe passage): damage reduction and great maneuverability coupled with the right passive. Magic weapon (deflection): an interesting option for defense given the ashnagarr's buff, but could be easily swapped if you feel like you have too much damage reduction and maybe want the familiar or even magic weapon's damage increase. Note that we DO NOT USE conduit here because we already have a good couple of ways to keep the arcane power up, that would be excessive. Arcane torrent (flame ward): a damage reduction tool that procs with cindercoat's reduction and benefits from the fire damage increase, even if it's not really our damage dealer. Energy armor: remember when i said halo of karini wasn't better than unity? that's where I explain. See with the halo of karini you are obligated to have storm armor, rendering that 80% damage reduction. With unity however, you get to keep 50% reduction from unity on top of force armor's up to 35% of your life decrease. Another option could be prismatic armor, but i'm still experimenting with the best among all these. Please note that here is where the halo of arlyze would require a frost nova if actually chosen. Diamond skin (Crystal shell): This is your "free spot" right here. You can put whatever you want in this slot. I chose diamond skin because I chose a REALLY safe path with damage reduction, but it all comes down to your creativity really. *I even considered slow time with the crown of the primus at one point, but the % in health fom leoric's crown seemed a better choice. Meteor (meteor shower): Our secret weapon. Benefiting from the possibly 60% increase in fire damage, and the channeling tools, and the meteor tools, this is your go-to spell. *note that star pact is off the question because it would render aquila's passive and hand slots useless. Illusionist: that reset on teleport helps with the lack of CDR while giving you constant damage reduction and maneuverability. Audacity: Like i said, we're staying close to the boss and minions, so that 30% damage increase comes in handy. Galvanizing Ward: a nice 120% health shield due to brace passive. Unwavering will: we'll do a lot of standing around, so having armor, resistance and damage buffs is not bad. So as I said, there are a lot of nuances to this build, it really gives room for creativity and maybe with players that have much more experience that I do doing a few tweaks, this can be even better. So what do you guys think of this build? I'd love to hear some thoughts on it.Thanatos21 Mar 5