Jun 15 2 wiz, zmonk, necr speed meta Iv heared thats its the fastest for 110-120, I know what wiz and monk is suppost to do but what is the purpose or nerc in this speedruns. OR is there a guide online somewhere which goes over everything that i mentionted in detailed. Like who should use what runes, gems etc for maximum efficency. And last question how can i find those support since i didnt have much luck in communities yet.Nephcyte4 Jun 15
Jun 14 Need an easy fun set-build Hi Ok I'm a very average player. I like build which are simple not a lot of things to do before it's optimal. I have a lot of characters because I want to test them but I wish to just put efforts on gearing wisely, you better have 1 good build set than 3 average. So I was trying the Vyr Chantodo, Firebird Star Pact and the DMO. I also have Tal Rasha set but I am missing some elements for it. So a lot of wizard but I doubt they are great lol... I'm looking for using the set that will be friendly-user like not hard to play with the less possible rotation things to do. I am not looking for the absolute best when you have high paragon etc. I'm actually struggling getting 900. So which set should I put time trying to gear it properly a Firebird, a Tal Rasha, a Vyr or a Delsere Magnus Opus?. Firebird looks to me as complex... I'm a solo player most of the time. Thank you in advance. My Firebird https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Lidrach-11534/hero/85491343 My DMO https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Lidrach-11534/hero/85491343 My Vyr I'm missing a gem I know. https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/Lidrach-11534/hero/70420387Lidrach8 Jun 14
Jun 13 Which compass rose should I use? Playing Vyrs Chantodo Have two non-ancient compass rose to choose from: #1 Int 5% ias 47% chd 8% cdr Socket #2 Int Vit 6% cc 47% chd Socket I can maintain ~55% cdr even if I choose the compass rose without cdr (before gogok stacks), so that's not a big issue. I'm tempted to choose cc since ias on the ring seems pretty redundant with constant Archon stacks, but figured I'd ask some oppinions. Thanks!irasthmus3 Jun 13
Jun 13 What to roll - Vyr’s Plate I have a Vyr plate with the following stats Intelligent Vitality All Resistance Secondary Reduce range damage by 7% Monster Kills grant Experience Should I roll - All Resistance for 11% reduce damage from elites? - or Experience for Reduce damage from melee by 7%Namfia7 Jun 13
Jun 10 Vyr Chantodo dual element Been having some fun with this setup on PTR: https://www.d3planner.com/309744070 2nd variant with aquila cuirass + teleport: https://www.d3planner.com/634360689 Fire% can be dropped for cooldown on amulet if you don't have perfect cdr everywhere, or as insurance against gogok downtime. Operates similar to the old TalVyr CoE light wiz, but uses both fire and lightning CoE phases via flame blades buff for the first 4 seconds in your archon (which changes your wave of destruction element for the duration). The key is to stop spamming blades 1sec before going into archon at the end of cold, and use your explosive blast and blackhole just before entering to maximize their uptime. If done correctly, you should have perfect double stack overlap and OOID buff during your entire 2 CoE cycles. The build is VERY tanky, and can survive pretty much any mobset. It also allows mobility outside your burst phase to make big pulls or skip low density without sacrificing stacks as much as the standard variant. Haven't seen anyone else using it, so figured I'd share in case anyone else enjoys the playstyle. Have a good weekend everyone! edit: added 2nd variant using aquila cuirass + teleportMajinRyan2 Jun 10
Jun 10 Played Star Pact for the first time I have never played Star Pact before. I was usually an RGK or just did off meta stuff or Rat Runs. I put together the LON Star Pact non Archon build that Lexyu posted on YouTube. Tonight I was able to clear a 4 player 110 with it! It was a lot of fun, and I want to augment for it. With Augments, better gear, learning to play, and getting a good group I could go a lot higher! Eventually I'll get Bazooka Wiz going, but I think for the next couple weeks I'll just run the non Archon one. I can see why people like playing this! I really liked it! I felt so powerful, especially when I got two Meteors in one Arcane rotation. It will be hard to get people to play with me, but I don't care It's worth trying to make groups for it so I can learn the timing better and eventually do Bazooka aka LON 32. One question: sometimes when I press Meteor nothing happens. It doesn't cast. I usually cast Black Hole right before Meteor, is it waiting for Black Hole to finish or something? Like, my Arcane Power stays at full and it doesn't cast sometimes. Thanks.TrvAix9 Jun 10
Jun 9 what to roll on chantodo wand my wand droped today has: https://imgur.com/vnsypsx what to roll int for atack speed or base damage ..... never had such hard nut to crackMortus35 Jun 9
Jun 9 Help on chantodo off-hand Hi all, I'd like advice on two similar chantodo orbs for vyr chantodo build. One has a bit higher damage but 3 APoC and the other 4 APoC. Orb 1: 444-556 damage, 947 int, 10% chc, 8% cdr, 3 APoC, 13 AP secondary Orb 2: 413-521 damage, 949 int, 9% chc, 8% cdr, 4 APoC, 13 AP secondary In single player with karini I really don't need AP (due to power of storm) but as I transition to CoE I guess that the added APoC will play a significant role. Both are already rolled. Thanks for any input.alex3 Jun 9
Jun 8 How powerful is LoN FO Wizard in non-season? I wonder, how powerful is LoN FO Wizard once the S17 theme buff gone? Is it still usable to farm at T16 bounty or Rift?Kilometer8 Jun 8
Jun 8 T16 Split Bounty - LoN Orb or LoN Meteor? To run the T16 split bounties in efficiency way, which build is better? LoN Frozen Orb or LoN Etched Meteor? I have items for both build though.Kilometer7 Jun 8
Jun 8 Now that wizards only have 1 armor set... ever since the buff last season to LoN making it do up near 10,000% increased damage, and with this season removing the ring requirment, now's a good time to take a look at the 3 unused wizard sets (and yes, i know TR still see's some use, but that doesn't make it a good playstyle/set.) and put forward my opinion on how they should be changed and why. (standard disclaimer, this is an opinion post and should not be meant to reflect any degree of mechanical understanding in regards to balance or community desire) Delsire's Magnum Opus: the main issue with this set, in my mind, is that it simply is the only set with no ability to use archon. and while that in itself is not a bad thing (as i'm pretty glad that vyrs can finally become the pure archon slave set it was meant to be) it doesn't give players much to be desired over a generally stronger and more diverse LoN build. how i would change it is pretty simple, in that i would see it's damage become more focused on specific builds, and have it's total damage buff be incomparable to LoN for the things it is meant for (in that, you would always pick it over a LoN alternative to the same build) (Change ideas) 2 set bonus: Slow time now persists around you indefinitely (toggle) (similar to the archon version of slow time, but benefiting form rune(s).) 4 set bonus: take 60% less damage from enemies and projectiles under the effect of slow time. (basically the same as live, but the wording is changed to consider the new 2 set idea) 6 set bonus: Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Explosive Blast, and spectral blades deal 10,000% increased damage, and their damage is dealt to all enemies under the effect of your slow time. (i like round numbers, and with this it wouldn't be broken for rift guardians but would be significantly better vs groups and clusters than any LoN alternative) Tal'Rasha's: the main issue i have with this set is in essence just a watered down version of every other set and build due to it giving a general damage buff instead of focusing on the alternating elemental gameplay. so i would see that ideal brought forward with a series of heavier changes than above. 2 set bonus: you gain the temporal flux, conflagration, cold blooded, and paralysis passives. 4 set bonus: casting an elemental spell reduces all damage taken by 15% for 8 seconds. taking elemental damage from an enemy increases your resistance to that element by an additional 10% for 5 seconds, stacking indefinitely (new stacks do not refresh existing stacks). 6 set bonus: you deal 20,000% increased fire, frost, lightning, and arcane damage. dealing elemental damage reduces it's respective bonus by 2000% for 10 seconds (no more than 1 stack per element may be lost per second). with this change the player would be granted significant power but would still be encouraged to cycle between damage skills (and would also kill archon builds for TR, which is something we don't need anymore) Firebird's Finery:so this set used to be my favorite thing in this game, it was my bread and butter back when the top groups were still concerned with pushing GR50. that said, it has not been treated kindly by the power creep that would see it be made irrelevant for multiple reason. as such the greatest issue i have with it is the stacking mechanic on the 6 set bonus. my intent is to fix this issue without ruining the phoenix style of play that the set was originally modeled after. 2 set bonus: taking fatal damage causes a meteor to fall from the sky and revive you. when this happens you gain 100% damage reduction, reduced by 1% every second afterwards. 4 set bonus: dealing fire damage to enemies ignites them, causing them to take 1000% more fire damage from you until they die. 6 set bonus: ignited enemies deal 40% less damage to you. in addition, your fire spells will increase the severity of the burn by 1000%(additive), stacking up to 20 times(maximum 20,000% increased damage), however, enemies no longer take damage from your non fire spells or archon. 7 set bonus: enemies at maximum ignition will burn for 5000% weapon damage per second, and will spread maximum ignition to nearby unaffected enemies every second. (yeah, a 7 set bonus, fite me.) this concludes my look at wizard sets.TheWalrus2 Jun 8
Jun 5 Archon channeling items Why don't items that say when channeling you gain this benefit apply to archon channeling? Would this be too powerful? I know I've seen many people say how they wish deathwish applied to archon's disintegrate beam. What about the channeling shoulders and taeguk? Would these changes make archon too powerful? It could open up some other builds, maybe manald heal archon.AnimalMan3 Jun 5
Jun 5 It's time for a hydra build Dear Blizzard, It is high time that Hydra got the attention it needs. Here is what I would LOVE to see implemented for a not too distant season: Serpent sparker: 1) Still casts 2 hydras in one cast. 2) Your Hydras deal 100-200%(would need tuning) increased damage for every active hydra. Primordial Soul(boring, never gets used): 1) You may now have every elemental rune variant of hydra active at any given moment. Each cast of hydra will rotate through fire, frost, lightning and arcane runes. Fire defaults to Mammoth hydra. I really don't know or care if a build like this would be the best, but I know that I would play it till the cows came home. It would have some amazing synergy with Tal Rasha and convention of the elements. In my opinion it does not seem outlandish compared to the builds we have today. PLEASE make this happen. This might be presumptuous but I believe I speak for a lot of wizard players in saying that this would be a universally desired build, or some variant, or just a hydra-centric build in general. Sincerely, A long-time Diablo player who remembers spamming LOTS of hydras in diablo 1 and wants something like it in Diablo 3.wowbagger7 Jun 5
Jun 4 Mirror image or Archon ? i have a dream that one day i would read a post with that title : mirror image or archon ? and see over 100 reply This is how good i want mirror image to be ^^ please do something for mirror imageKosmos0 Jun 4
Jun 4 Element for archon I have a 20% lightning amulet on my dh that I wanted to use on my wiz. I was wondering since vyrs set gives all runes to Archon and one of them being lightning, will it benefit from the lightning damage? ThanksSoul8 Jun 4
Jun 4 % of CD Reduction needed Exactly what the title says. What is the target CD Reduction needed in the Vyr/Chantodo setup?Roblinz3 Jun 4
Jun 4 Is Vyr Archon good for bounty? I found that my LoN FO Wizard is getting outclassed in the T16 split bounty, and my Vyr can do GR85 under 5 minutes. I am asking this because I not sure whether I should "despair" my LoN FO Wizard or not as I had already despaired 2 for my Vyr Archon Wizard.Kilometer8 Jun 4
Jun 4 Archon damage We need archon damage buff and defence buff legendary items so that we can make a LoN archon build whereby Archon is the main damage dealer and damage mitigation form so it plays similar to Chandoo's without opposed to having to use macros like the lame bazooka build. For me that is comparable to the difference of feeling between driving an automatic and manual vehicle! What do you guys think?Ancient14 Jun 4
Jun 3 Why Static Discharge best for Vyr Chan? Although I am using Static Discharge because it is trditionally the most used in the build, but is there any solid reason why most players use this skill? I agree that it is a good skill before Guardian, but whenever I face him, my arcane power is insufficient at the point of 17-18 Chanto stacks. It delays the 2nd Archon transform, subsequently decreasing my full damage durations. How about using Ray of Frost - Cold Blooded instead of Static Discharge?Sangyung2 Jun 3
Jun 2 Manald Heal Why no Manald Heal in Vyrs now?Damo10 Jun 2
Jun 1 Q) Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect Shocking Aspect - Critical Hits have a chance to electrocute a "nearby" enemy for 425% weapon damage as Lightning. 1. Does it mean an enemy near "me" or "the critical hit"? 2. What is the exact range (or radius) of a "nearby" enemy? 3. Is this rune effective to make Karini's buff more reliable as it produce additional thunder?Sangyung4 Jun 1
Jun 1 set effect greatly reduces dps? So I've started a seasonal wizard for season 17 and just got my hands on the Firebird's set. One thing stood out most after equipping the set: damage was almost inexistent. I thought it might've been because of any kind of synergy that took place between my other items but the only corelation i could find between the Firebird's set, my old gear and my damage was that whenever i had 2 set items on (unlocking the first buff) damage dropped considerably from a constant 50M dps to arond 3-4M. Also i have to say that the reason behind the 50M dps is an ancient Butcher's Carver, but from what i know that item does not have any special effect that would interact with set effects. Does anyone have an idea as to why this might be happening?Quack5 Jun 1
Jun 1 Teleport responsiveness and other changes Hey guys, Ive been seeing a few things in game and want to know if you have as well. First: Teleport seems a lot less responsive than it used to. Delays between clicking the skill and the actual teleport, occasional non activation, etc. This is something I noticed on the PTR and posted on the bug forum. (Note, 64 bit client only) Second: How about all those ranged mobs! What a fantastic change to greater rifts.Gbrav1364 Jun 1
May 31 Questions about Vyr Chantodo play I know this build is super easy and obvious to leet players, but I ain't one. I am currently struggling with mid GR 80s but I know I should be able to do way higher with my gear. So I have a couple questions: 1. Should black hole be cast right before popping archon? Does it matter? 2. When coming out of archon, should wizards be STANDING STILL and spamming arcane torrent to build chantodos as quickly as possible? I'm seeing and reading conflicting information on this. I do not have the toughness to tank a full chantodo stack. 3. While in archon, is "archon punch" supposed to be the main attack used? I cannot really tell if it's superior to archon blast, which I've been using. 4. When not pushing GR, what's the best gem to use other than Stricken? Is it pain enhancer? Bane of the Powerful? 5. While in archon, does it matter what attack is used while gathering groups? Is it optimum to tag everything with the beam? 6. When GR pushing, is the first archon expected to basically not kill enemies, just build momentum with archon stacks? I may have more questions later. Thanks guys.Lobsterbash37 May 31
May 31 Vyr's Wiz Movement Tips Video/Written Guide Hello Wizard peoples. I wanted to share the main staple movement abilities, mostly involving teleport that I use when running higher GRs for Vyr's Chantodo's Archon in groups and solo. I am hoping my audience will be players new to Wizard / Diablo 3. If advanced players get something out of this, that'd be cool too. I have done a 119 solo so far in season 17 (Edit: Just cleared a 120 solo tonight! yay lol). While I'm not the best in the world, I do know what I'm talking about. This is mainly a video guide, I feel like most of this is better if you see it happening. It's a 9 minute video I did in one take just showing off how I perform movement for top notch damage / speed.. Since this is the forum I made put it into a written guide below. The YouTube video - https://youtu.be/yBnOFnbRXQM The new movement skill I figured out today which kind of sparked the idea of the guide I call the double teleport... 1. Double Teleoprt: If Teleport and Archon are both ready to use, and you want to quickly move across the screen. You can hit Teleport, followed by Archon, followed by Teleport right away. It will be off cooldown and from what I can tell it's slightly faster than two Archon teleoprts in a row. You have to perform it very quick, like super quick. This is a very niche move that is more of just a cool, fun, wacky wizard thing that is fun to do. I don't recommend trying to perform this in a personal best push. Unless you're squirrely like me. 2. Teleport / Force Move: I have force move bound to my mouse scroll up and scroll down. If you don't care about getting Archon stacks and just want to move quickly, for instance bounties, or if you are skipping a bad map... Keep scrolling / holding down forve move while you are teleporting to have continuous movement. Otherwise there is a delay between teleports that will slow you down, and leave you behind a Wiz that is using forve move. 3. Scout and Beam Teleport: When you want to scout while keeping Archon stacks up, this is performed by holding down right click (the beam) while Teleporting continuously around the map. Do not use force move for this one, because it will cancel the beam. This is used for getting more trash to surround your Elite, bringing another Elite into the fight, or helping youur group find Pylons and Elites. I search a couple screens away from my main fight, then compe back and hit the Elite a few times, then search another area, looking around with the intion of coming back to the main fight. I do this in groups and solo. 4. Oculus Ring While Attacking: While holding force stand still and left clicking, you will attack the elite without interuption of walking by accident. When an Oculus Ring spawns, while still holding force stand still and also holding left click, quickly move the mouse to the oculus ring and press Teleport. Keep attacking. side tip - If the elite is out of reach of the melee from the Oculus Ring, I usually use the right click beam to keep getting stacks while my Chantodo's Wave of Destruction barely hits it. 5. GTFO Zodiac: Just before archon is going to end, I prefer to teleoprt away from the fight. Then cast Arcane torrent to get Zodiac procs and Chantodo's Stacks. I pop Archon and instantly Teleport back into the fight. I am aware of the Combustion rune of Archon, which deals 6,000%+ damage when you pop Archon. Honestly I think it's better to be in archon before teleporting back to the fight. Hope I made sense. lol.TrvAix3 May 31
May 30 why all vyr archon going cold % dmg? why all vyr archon going cold % dmg? why not lightning%dmg from ammy/bracer.SpiritedAway3 May 30
May 30 Chantodo Stacks Persist Entering GR - Bug? I just started playing the Vyr's Chantodo build and noticed that if I have Chantodo stacks built up before entering a GR, they persist when I enter the GR. Example: I travel to Fields of Misery and use Arcane Torrent on critters until I have 20 Chantodo's stacks. I then go to town and start a GR. All 20 Chantodo stacks are still present at the start of the GR before I have attacked a single thing. Is this a bug or a feature?KingCheetah3 May 30
May 30 Vyr chant rings confusing. What would u roll? I got a primal CoE last night. I have no idea what to replace, and with what. I know it's dependent on what the rest of my gear looks like, but I will say that I'd rather not put cooldown reduction on this if I can help it. What would you do? It rolled with: Int Crit chance LoHLobsterbash3 May 30
May 29 Chantodo's Will Question If this drops as a level 60, but then hold til I'm 70 and reforge it, will it reforge to a level 70 version or will I have to hope for another drop?AcidZork2 May 29
May 29 INSANE dmg spike? So... For some reason i went from hitting about 90BILLION to 2.5-3 QUADRILLION.. For no apparent reason at all. This lasted hours until i entered a GR 90 with a buddy and my hits went back down to 90B... The same thing happened the other day.. I thought i accidentally got rid of some multiplier and ruined my build. Can anyone explain this? Any similar experience? Is this a bug? Im not even wearing a CoE. Frozen orb Wizseansy5 May 29
May 29 Chantodo’s reroll Have wand with int,max CDR, and max AS should I roll the as off for 10%dmg or leave AS on it ,maybe roll int off for dmg?bodeen1 May 29
May 29 Star pact RGK, anyone? >_> Just some planner math I was doing on a (read: literally humanly unplayable) possible star pact based RGK. Here's the planner: https://ptr.d3planner.com/597248427 The initial idea I started out with was simply either using cold or lightning meteors and then either: - Channeling right when the meteor button is pressed (lightning) or - Channeling right when the meteor drops (cold) And otherwise stacking massive IAS for either variant. I couldn't get d3planner to channel properly for either build, to be honest. For lightning it doesn't have an option to press two buttons at the same time. For cold, I couldn't get it to properly adjust timing for meteor drops. And then I realized that there was no point in going cold anyway, I was way over-regenning the AP used for the meteor for either variant, so why not benefit from regen? I readjusted all of the skills and passives to aid AP regen as much as possible and somehow ended up with a spec that regens the entire ap bar within 5 arcane dynamo casts (which happen fast as hell considering you have that belt on). Obviously the problem is that you need to channel right before each meteor drops. Like literally stop everything you're doing and channel; it needs to be like a hardware/software interrupt. That's why this is human unplayable. But hey everyone's using macros nowadays anyway so whatever, right? I think with something like that set up, it might actually be somewhat comparable to impale DH. Probably a bit worse in practice. Just an idea I felt like posting. I considered Vyrs, too. I'm not sure how it would compare since its swami stacks are additive with the set bonus rather than multiplicative.StoleOwnCar27 May 29
May 29 Sage set build? Is there a decent Sage build for the Wiz? I put together an explosive blast build with the TaI set I remember using a long time ago but it was really weak in t16.DirkaDirka1 May 29
May 28 Chantodo's stacks lost when I enter Archon Vyr's Chantodo's 2K19. Go in a rift, get 20 Chantodo's stacks, go into Archon mode and watch them instantly go down to 0-2. What am I doing wrong?TheDeanAlex2 May 28
May 28 Advice appreciated. Any advice would be appreciated. Feel free to inspect my season wizard Flashockk. Basically a fresh Vyr wizard 680 paragon. Have 1 ancient set piece (chest) and I do have the blood bracer for shields in place of the nemesis bracer that is currently showing. Solo play. Did clear a 90 Grift relatively easily. Been speedrunning 70-80 to level some gems. Can clear T16 rifts relatively fast for mats. What should I work on next? What piece should I target next? Obviously I want to replace more normal legendaries with ancients. Should I go for ancient chantodo wand first? Would farming Grifts for kadala currency be best or t16 rifts for mats to upgrade rare or bounties for reforge legendary? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.Flashock2 May 28
May 28 Access Question Hi, just returned after a 3-4-year absence. First thing I checked and all my previous characters are there, including all the mules I had carrying legendary weapons/armors/etc. Started a new wizard (seasonal), but she can't access/see any of that old stuff. Is that because I started a seasonal character (I didn't check and thought that's what I should pick), or is there some other reason that I'm not aware of? Thanks for any help.SixSixSix4 May 28
May 28 Season 17 Group Wiz Build? Hi this is the first time I will be going into a season as a wizard (previously one tricked DH) I was wondering what wizard builds would be viable when played in a group setting (not sure with chantodo is best for group) Thanks in advance for the help!HellFire3 May 28
May 27 Euphoria challenge Hey, could you please give me some tips on how to do GR 45 solo with random legendary items? What should I focus on? Which tactic, spells would be the best?Lisq3 May 27
May 27 Questions on Gear of my Vyr Chantodo 1. I have an Ancient Chantodos' Will (+Int & +Vit Fixed), should i wash the +10% dmg for +7% atk speed for faster build up of stack & obsedian ring proc? (I presume CDR is not required as I already have 53% CDR) 2. I just got another CoE (192%), also 6% CHC & 50% CHD, but -150 int less than my current ancient CoE (178%). Should I replace it due to its higher CoE%? 3. What items should I replace in my build now in order to improve? (I have been kept washing the Compass Rose, but no luck for about 30 times) (I also know that my Orb & Shoulders are not ancient, I will try get an ancient ASAP.)CaptainNoddy2 May 27
May 27 Star Pact Help Can someone who is familiar with this build take a look at my wizard and tell me what i am doing wrong? 2 man 109 with monk, was able to explode the whole pack. 4 man 122 almost killed things but not quite. I execute Meteor cast, electricute, ray of frost archon. I always have wave of force and dynamo loaded before casting and the meteor always hits on arcane. Is it my paragon, gear, augments, Leg Gems, technique? Thanks a lotVanquish0 May 27
May 26 LON Hydra Is there a viable LON hydra build? Maybe just for T13-16?JAW3 May 26
May 26 How to set up auto cast for archons 1 Hello Fellow Wizards! Could somebody please walk me through how to set up a really great auto cast for the archons 1 ability that we are supposed to spam and how to use it the most effectively? My wrist is already hurting doing it manually. I also have a razer keyboard that can macro stuff but I have no idea if this is the best way to do it / how to do it. Thank you in advance friends!ATrashMan5 May 26
May 25 Vyrs vs Primal Meteor I know Vyrs Chantodo is far away better than Tal Meteor Shower however I’ve obtained a primal ancient deathwish and ancient etched sigil with nothing ancient in Chantodo. Does Tal out perform it at that point?Tawney1 May 25
May 25 Galvanizing Ward vs. Blur? Vyr's Hey I've been running Galvanizing Ward all season (17) and have not had problems staying alive, but as I get closer to finishing my first round of augments, I'm going to be making my first push. With fishing for good maps / mob types. I'm considering Blur might be better. Especially since Lexyu mention to use it for speeds in his new youtube guide. The main reason I'm using Galvanizing Ward is because Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer buffs it - I believe. But is Blur better? ps: I'm 1k paragon and I've done a 112 solo so far, this push would be going higher than that.TrvAix5 May 25
May 25 Shield Indicator Can we please have a energy shield indicator, similar to how POE does theirs. I have no idea how low my character's shield is getting when fighting enemies.AnimalMan8 May 25
May 24 [2.6.5] (S17) Changes + Builds Greetings! The S17 Season of Nightmares is upon us, giving the LoN set bonus by default, and freeing up 2 jewelry slots with LoN builds. With patch 2.6.5 come some fairly nice QoL changes, and a damage increase for the Chantodo's set. I'll first be covering the changes and notable bugs from 2.6.5. I'll then cover season start, and move onto summarizing builds for Wizard. Note: This season I won't be directly linking any builds on this post. This is to make it so that if any edits are required, I have to only edit in one place, rather than two or more. Since the shutdown of diablo fans, the build tool I've been using is D3planner. D3planner links will be included on the spreadsheet below. ----- Quick Links: [2.6.5] Builds, Bugs, Mechanics, Videos, Guide, Links Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TqwYtDPwGh5YpL4pf0I8LyJNGXgD-1vUiuqlK9jy6AE/ Vyr Cold Chantodo's Solo Push Guide (+Deeper look at mechanics with Vyr Chantodo): https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/bn70xo/vyr_cold_chantodo_solo_push_guide/ D3resource (info on difficulties, season journey, season journey tracker): http://d3resource.com/ ----- [2.6.5] Notable Changes Full notes are here, for reference: https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/22976066 QoL changes I am most excited about include: Stash search capability Stash Space (+1 tab! w/ season journey) Marker for RG kill when Nephalem rifting Cheat Death buff display for party members The progress bar for GR is visible to all players in game Changes that pertain to leveling or progressing: Material rebalance for challenge rift cache. This is what I received from the cache on PTR: 15 of each bounty material 475 Blood Shards - Note: adjusted blood shards down, since those were doubled on PTR. 35 Deaths Breath 5.1 Million Gold 370 Reusable Parts 351 Arcane Dust 127 Veiled Crystals Ancient or Primal Puzzle ring now opens a portal to the ancient vault. The ancient vault is filled with goblin packs. This can be especially useful if you find an ancient or primal puzzle ring earlier in the season. New Torment levels: T14, T15, T16 have been added. What this means is that if we are able to farm higher difficultly at the same efficiency with our builds, then we can benefit from the increased reward from gold, legendary drop, and increased key drops. I was keeping an eye on some testing in this regard for the PTR, and early testers found a key drop rate of 3 keys guaranteed + 50% chance for a 4th key on T16. Many thanks for this testing! Also: check out the d3resource as this site contains more information regarding the difficulties: http://d3resource.com/difficulties/ Sage's Set: Now doubles the amount of Death’s Breaths that drop While the Sage's change is important and beneficial to a lot of death's breath farming builds, I feel that for highest efficiency, we will still want to not allocate this set, at least earlier in the season. That said, there are a few builds that are capable of farming death's breath on T16 with Sages. I'll get into those below. Chantodo's Resolve: Damage per stack increased from 1000% to 4000%. Wave of Destruction damage now scales with attack speed. This damage scaling caps out at 5 APS equivalent. Damage scaling cap test by sVr and Rob: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771336971?page=7#post-137 With the Chantodos damage increasing from 1000% per stack to 4000% per stack, and the AS damage scaling capping out at 5 APS, we can expect a total of 20 times increase in damage vs. Chantodos in [2.6.4]. This is an estimated ~19.08 GRs increase over the same Vyr Chantodos build in [2.6.4]: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771336971?page=8#post-152 ----- [2.6.5 PTR] Vyr Chantodo Rune Mismatch Elemental% Damage Bug https://youtu.be/XsYd0oQbECg Vyr Chantodo Rune selection mismatch with max elemental% on gear causes your Chantodo's damage to not benefit from that elemental% damage. The Vyr 2 piece bonus gives all archon runes but doesn't provide the same damage for Chantodo's if you select the wrong rune. Tested Though, no mention of this bug being resolved in the [2.6.5] patch notes. I highly recommend selecting the right rune for your Vyr Chantodo's build. Q: Does this bug still occur for the multi-element Vyr Chantodo's build? ... ----- Season Start: Firebirds is our Haedrig's for S17. Aside from the fact that this set has damage on the 4pc, FB is a fairly slow starter set. This being the case, I recommend starting Legacy of Nightmares Frozen Orb. This starter video will detail why I think LoN FO is the best route to take if you are starting Wizard, as well as detail what to do after 70: https://youtu.be/TcQUx2Sw0V0 As mentioned in the video, I recommend rolling blood shards on Belts at level 20-30 to possibly get Goldwrap and / or Shame of Delsere. As also mentioned in the video, there are a lot of other steps that can be opted for while leveling to gain advantage, including (but not limited to): Take weapon from Vendor or Follower at level 1 Bounty cache on Master difficulty (Magdha or Zoltan Kulle) from level 1 +Avg Dmg rings at about level 10 Opting for kill streaks (if that's your preference, these are hit or miss as far as far as best way to progress, IMO) Level 70 rare weapon with Reduced level requirement Excepting kill streaks, I recommend these, as they are easy ways to help get you to max level quicker. Linked below is the general Wizard leveling walkthrough posted by Venaliter. I think this is a good simple list to follow while leveling, and also conforms with my preferences for the most part: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771546991 There are also some new options available that come with the increased materials count this season from the challenge rift bag. These include: Option for upgrading a rare level 70 weapon at level 1, and cubing it. The possibility of crafting level 70 items for a chance at more ancients (once you get to 70). These I do not recommend. I'll get into why in a minute. I'll also link a video from Filthy Casual that I feel goes over many of the previously mentioned methods and options fairly well, and more in detail. Keep in mind this video also includes methods I don't recommend performing, but are worth knowing about, IMO. https://youtu.be/nGYJlWjcCAk Now that you have a good idea of the possibilities the new materials the cache can provide, understand that I do not recommend upgrading rare at level 1 and / or crafting items at 70 to chance an ancient. Here is why: Upgrading a rare level 70 item at level 1. First consider the low chance at getting a usable legendary wand or ancient wand (I know, ancient wand wouldn't be helpful without -requirement, but you could save it until you reach 70). We have Unstable Scepter (10% chance) and Wand of Woh (10% chance). Plus the potential for an ancient (10% chance). Aether Walker (10% chance) is also a possibility, but it would be very hard to benefit from this item without having Shame of Delsere, and that is also subject to chance (via blood shards). Consider next the amount of veiled crystals we get from level 1. We only get ~125, and the cube recipe costs 50. This would leave us with only ~75 veiled crystals (less chance) to both craft and reroll our level 70 two hander with reduced level requirement. As we know, it can take a lot of rerolls to get a proper -Level requirement weapon with an 24+ affix (as close to 30 as possible). We need as many crystals as possible to increase the chance of crafting a proper weapon. With also considering the low gold amount, you may also have to recraft the two hander, several times over even, if you have not had as good of luck, to the tune of -15 veiled crystals per craft, -3 per reroll. I have experienced and seen other players strike out from rerolling their level 70 weapon with a good (-) level requirement affix at season start. It can happen, and I fear next season will be a prime example of this for many players. In short, I think the resource cost is too great to risk for this low of a chance with the wand pool. Plus, there's still a pretty fair chance we will find the Unstable scepter while leveling. For other classes this method may be more worth going after, but I can't see how it's as worthwhile on wizard. My recommendation is to save the materials that you would spend on an upgrade rare and instead put these towards cubing more items, and ensuring a well rolled reduced level requirement weapon. Crafting level 70 items for extra chances at acquiring an ancient (after hitting level 70). While yes, you increase your short term chance at an ancient legendary, the whole point of skipping the journey is so that we won't have to pursue bounties or other activities that take us away from nephalem rifting and GR farming, for as long as is possible. Remember that any potential ancient can force you to cube the opposite item that your build needs. For example: Aether walker and Unstable scepter. If you find an ancient unstable scepter, you'd likely want to wear it first thing in S17. This would force you to cube the Aether walker, but if you don't have bounty materials, guess what? you have to go bounty farming with a build that is less than adequate for bounties, challenging either a lower Torment level at a quick clear, or higher torment without the mobility from the Aether Walker. Bounty materials aside, the cost of the level 70 item craft is still very expensive, requiring up to 30-50 veiled crystals and 15-20 reusable parts and arcane dust (other normal materials). These are normal materials we could instead be putting towards upgrading rare wands and / or rings, pants to help acquire a Vyr build. The bounty materials we could instead be putting towards more cube uses (both LoN Frozen Orb and Vyr Chantodo will require many cube items). With all the above said, the reason I've presented all of this is so that you, the Wizard player, can make an informed choice. If you want to risk it all, and think the reward justifies that risk, then by all means, have at it! After all, we're only talking about optimizing a very small portion of game time as compares with the season. It'll take at most a few hours play, we're going to get to 70, acquire ancients. It'll be a ton of fun with LoN this time around I think. =) ----- After level 70: I recommend you watch the later portion of my starter video, as it touches upon upgrading rare wands (Aether Walker / Unstable Scepter / Chantodo's Will), blood shards for sources (Triumvirate / Chantodo's Force), and what to do thereafter. Hint: upgrade rare rings for Karini (if not found yet) and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. Blood shards on bracer, belt and helm for Nemesis Bracer, Fazula, and Swami. Not required to get going with Vyr Chantodo's Nephalem build, but very helpful: Avarice Band (Note: Act 3 Bounty Item), Endless Walk set: Traveler's Pledge and Compass Rose. https://youtu.be/TcQUx2Sw0V0?t=417 Hopefully at this point you have acquired enough Vyr pieces either randomly such that if you were to use the reroll set item cube recipe, you could have a 6 piece Vyr set. However, if this is still not the case, dedicate your upgrade rare materials to upgrading rare pants at this time, and thereafter using the reroll set item cube recipe to get the Vyr 6 piece. As mentioned in the video, if you happen to not get your Vyr Chantodo's build configured as quickly, don't fret, because the LoN FO setup is fairly scalable, and will still perform fairly well for acquiring materials at this point in season. ----- Builds: Relinking spreadsheet, this is the same as linked in the Quick Links section near the top of the post. [2.6.5] Builds, Bugs, Mechanics, Videos, Guide, Links Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TqwYtDPwGh5YpL4pf0I8LyJNGXgD-1vUiuqlK9jy6AE/ Aside from the main listings, I have many builds that are either untested or not fully assembled on the spreadsheet under "In testing". I hope test some of these in season, and finish or confirm them, but eh, we'll see. After Vyr Chantodo's is assembled, blast Nephalem rifts and GRs as much as possible. The reason I'm recommending the Vyr Chantodo build for T16 and early GRs as compared to some other build is because no other build came as close to Vyr Chantodo in clearing T16 effectively upon season start. [2.6.5] (TXVI) Vyr Cold Chantodo I love this build because it allows high mobility without having to separately attack (no manual user action other than possibly holding right click for the beam). You often end up right next to the DBs or items that need to be picked up. The Aether Walker allows for increased mobility. Start by using Calamity and channeling AT:SD at the beginning of the rift to stack up chantodos for your first rotation. After 8-10 stacks, enter archon. Note: Optimal rotation will also cast Slow time on the ground before entering archon, however, now that the Chantodo's AS damage scaling is dynamic in nature, this is less of a concern. Once in archon, always apply your slow time, as this will give extra attack speed that helps you hit breakpoints and gives extra damage via the Chantodo's set. Resource in this build is balanced via APoC, +Max AP, Power of the Storm, and Astral Presence. Deflection is placed for extra shielding throughout the rift. There is synergy here with the high attack speed of the build. Hoarder with Avarice band allows for large range of pickup, and with proper Gold% seconday gearing, you can make a decent Gold gain, even with a set based build, while Nephalem rifting no less. NOTE: While Cold is recommended as the best affix (for chill / Trapped Synergy), it is not required that you run this rune and element in early season. If you happen to find a good amulet and bracer of another element, slap those items on and run the other elemental type. Early season any element should work without too much difference. Just make sure your archon rune element matches the element you are using. See the bugs section for more detail. For all of my Vyr Chantodo builds I recommend an autocast to handle the blast attack. While the build can be played without an autocast, I feel it is both more fluid with one, and it saves your hand and wrist much wear and tear by doing so. The archon blast attack helps to stack up Vyr archon stacks and also freezes enemies. Set up archon on the first skill slot so that your blast attack will be spammed whilst inside archon, and outside, your archon skill will be automatically be cast when it comes available. Place teleport on the third skill slot. This is so it will align with your Archon Teleport skill (which cannot be reconfigured). Keeping your mobility skill on a consistent slot is imperative for optimizing muscle memory and reflex. This ensures mobility throughout the rift is as swift and purposeful as possible. Note also the Group alternate I've listed for this d3planner. If you find yourself in a group that is going faster than you are, and therefore placing you often with no enemies with which to reset archon via the Zodiac bonus, run the Diamond Skin Prism as suggested, and place this skill in the fourth slot on autocast too. Even if it takes longer to reset, at least you will be assured you are able to teleport and keep up with the group. [2.6.5] (GR85-GR100+) Vyr Cold Chantodo Low GR This build is designed as a quick adaptation from the T16 Nephalem rifting setup. The main purpose of the build is quick speed GRs of about 2-2.5 minutes time that are good for leveling legendary gems, while also returning a decent amount of XP. The main features of this build are Aether Walker and ST:Time Warp. AT:SD and TP:Calamity are used to both stack Chantodo's quicker and proc Zodiac for quicker archon resets. Aether Walker again here ensures the cooldown for the archon teleport is at the GCD, and also allows continued mobility throughout the rift. Time Warp combined with the passive Cold Blooded allows for more debuff damage. You can cast outside of archon on top of elites, but that isn't required for this build, as you should be clearing quickly regardless. This strategy may be more advantageous for your first cycle though. The main difference is that this build gears with +Pickup Radius secondaries (though doesn't require them if you're just getting going). These make the build more fluid, more efficient at clearing. We also run Bane of the Powerful instead of Hoarder as the third gem. We also swap out Avarice band for Halo of Karini in the cube for the extra toughness. Most noteable are the archon stacks acquired via the on-kill bonus in a speed GR setting. You will notice that your on-hit stacking will suffer a tad, but that your on-kill will thrive, and even be supplemented by your allies killing enemies, if in a group setting. If you are undergeared for attack speed, you can run Stretch time instead, or if you want, run the alternate variant with EB:Flash and Astral Presence. A lot of options for low GR speed, especially solo. Sage's Builds: Depending on cadence: a day to a few days into season, after you've acquired a base of gold, and materials, you can think about putting together a Sage's build and / or a bounty build. For Sage's I'm going to recommend one of the following (depends on preference). [2.6.5] (TXVI) Tal Chantodo Sage Is the strongest Sage build, and the most likely to clear T16 effectively, Unfortunately, this build requires 3 legendary gems to function properly, two of which are there to help increase the base attack speed of the build. This means there is no room for Boon of the Hoarder. Additionally, because there is no room in the build for Avarice Band (toughness issues - Karini is the best option), the build requires +Pickup as secondary on gear (meaning no Gold% secondaries). Interestingly, I opted to use only 3 out of 4 Tal 6 piece activations. This is because I felt there was enough damage with only 3. The build lacks defense and utility more than damage. The setup I run allows a refresh of the 3rd element right before entering archon, so it can at least use the 7-8s of the higher bonus. I preferred Aether Walker with this build more than In-Geom, as even though Aether Walker requires a slightly longer reset as compared to In-Geom, it fares better on Nephalem rifts that are less dense or are very long, and allows for a much more easygoing playstyle. However, if you don't like this aspect, or simply enjoy In-Geom more than Aether Walker, please also check out the inspiration for this build: a composition from EagleHD, as is noted in that video's description. [2.6.5] (TXVI) Tal Frozen Orb Sage Is the most well rounded Sage build, allowing use of both the Hoarder gem and Gold% secondaries. Also can fit in Avarice band for easy pickup, however, cannot clear T16 effectively early season. It simply doesn't have the damage that early on. At best, T15 capable early season, and with paragon or augmentation, T16 capable mid season. Bounty Builds: [2.6.5] Vyr Cold Chantodo Bounty Best build for early season bounties. Can push the highest while still performing excellent. Similar recommendations as to the Nephalem rifting setup, but a few differences on gearing. This build gears higher base attack speed. This is because bounties you are killing and hitting significantly less enemies. This is why I've recommended quad gloves and both rings with attack speed (yes even sacrificing CHD there), as well as the skill Stretch Time, slow time. We are spending a lot of resource to teleport when outside of archon. This is why I've selected the combination of: RoRG + Pride's Fall + MW:Deflection + Galvanizing Ward + ABBs, for both resource and toughness. Pride's Fall is key here in allowing resource to cast Calamity outside of archon. This ensures that even if there are no enemies nearby, you will be able to continue mobility. Minor annoyances with this build include: Having to reset archon when trying to engage enemies. Archon ending can sometimes interrupt town portal and bounty item clicks. [2.6.5] LoN Frozen Orb Bounty Strongest and most convenient build overall for the Wizard with bounties. The biggest issue with this build is that acquiring the full LoN bonus will take quite a while. In addition, to perform well at T16 in group, will likely require paragon and augmentation too. That said, in testing I was able to clear the swiftest with this build. Includes both a defensive variation and a utility variation (doorbuster with frozen storm). If I were running, I'd probably opt for the defensive variation, as even though the doors are annoying, the loss in toughness and resource with the doorbuster variation is more annoying. Having to keep up Triumvirate is less annoying with this build as compared to a Nephalem rifting or speed build, because you don't have to keep it up at times. Letting the bonus drop is okay if you know you're traveling, and it will take awhile to get to your destination. That said you may still have to recast for Shame of Delsere procs every now and again to keep up arcane power. Speed GR: These builds are designed to push the limits, clearing as quick as possible and as high as possible to return the most legendary items and XP in season. One key thing to remember is that if you play the same class in nephalem rifting or bounties, you will have a pool stack (pool's of reflection bonus experience) once you start to reach higher and higher paragons. Being able to use this pool stack up without dying is also a focus of the speed builds. [2.6.5] (GR95-GR110+) Vyr Cold Chantodo GR Speed Similar to the Low GR setup, we are going to use +Pickup secondaries. The difference is this build favors the higher pickup even more, considering we aren't running Aether Walker, and also therefore teleport slower in comparison. One of the biggest damage increases will come from using Black Hole: Absolute Zero. The pull from Black Hole is amazing to both group enemies and keep them crowd controlled while cycling archon. On top of that, the cold rune allows extra Cold elemental % damage that scales with density, and lasts well into archon. Black hole can both stack up Chantodo's and also can proc your Obsidian ring of the Zodiac, so it's a very efficient pick for cycling archon as well. Calamity is chosen for more Chantodo's stacks. We run Furnace for higher damage vs Elites. This allows us to clear higher while still in a speed capacity. Karini provides that layer of toughness, though arguably is required now that we are pushing up to 10 GRs higher than the low GR build. Since we don't need the extra resource, we drop Astral Presence for a damage passive. Considering there is such low total damage increased by skills, or damage debuff here, opting for a passive that provides that would help considerably. This is why I've opted for Cold Blooded. I rarely if ever opt for this bonus, but in this case it makes sense. Low additive pool, plus easy application, plus highest impact when on the move, which this build is doing more often than it's solo push counterpart. The Wave of Destruction Chills. This chill also applies before the damage instance. Thanks to sVr for testing this second point. See here for the Chill Test: https://youtu.be/Ze2WwGYN4HE See here for sVr confirming chill applies before damage instance: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771336971?page=7#post-131 Even though Cold blooded makes the most sense for this build, there are still some really good alternate options. Consider also: Astral Presence (for resource) Unwavering Will (damage and toughness when stationary) Playstyle wise for this GR speed build: Stack up the first rotation in full with the archon strike (punch). After that I typically just use the punch on elite packs that I know are going to take awhile, otherwise I use the archon disintegration wave (beam). The beam is snapshot upon entering archon, but your punch is dynamic, increasing attack rate as your AS hits higher breakpoints. Fastest stacking would be to punch until single stack swami ends, as we typically do on the push build, but that can get a little hard on the hands. What I recommend doing is if you want to optimize, use the punch for the healthy packs of density or elites. Otherwise simply use the beam for lazy playstyle. If you want to be really lazy, just punch the first rotation, then use the beam the rest of the rift. Note that while I recommend INT for the speed variation, you can opt for Life per hit if more recovery is preferred, or if you want to line up your weapon the same as for solo push (we mostly use LoH on weapon instead of INT for Solo push). Ultimately I decided the variant with Teleport was best, providing more toughness and mobility, being the most flexible to any and every rift (better vs less dense rifts), even if it lacked damage in comparison in certain cases. I do list some alternate speed configurations there. One alternate has ST:Time Warp in place of Teleport, still using Karini. This version was stronger vs dense rifts, but lacked mobility vs less or medium density. Also, level transitions were harder to perform without losing stacks. Another alternate allocates CoE instead of Karini, and swaps OID in place of Furnace in the cube. This build ended up being more bursty and more damage vs dense rifts, but overall ended up dying more often than with Karini. While I built this with solo in mind, It should also perform well in an group speed capacity. [2.6.5] (GR128+) Vyr Cold Chantodo Push I'm excited for the return of this push build. One of my favorites, and it has not been viable for a long while. It should be capable of GR 128 at about 1600 paragon, fully aug'd, etc. in season. I highly recommend looking at the guide (also linked in quick links), as it goes into detail with all of the mechanics you will need to learn and gameplay style you will attempt to master. https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/bn70xo/vyr_cold_chantodo_solo_push_guide/ As quoted from the guide I authored: ... [2.6.5] (GR130+) Vyr Fire / Lightning Chantodo + Primus Solo Push GR138: https://youtu.be/gKo15zGilB4 GR136: https://youtu.be/YKjeLFVxgxQ https://www.d3planner.com/891116093 This multi-element variation of the Chantodo's Solo Push requires more advanced skill to play properly, but may end up pushing higher than the Cold build by about 2 GRs, also assuming a good rift spawn. I've estimated GR130 at about 1600 paragon, simply to be equivalent with my other estimations, however: It's recommend that you run this build at higher paragon, preferably 2500+, as having a higher base toughness will benefit this build more. Note: likely GR133+ @ 2500+ paragon. Build by Lo0Lo0 / LouLou. Here is the author's description of the build: ... I will add that CDR is fairly strict with this build as you have to have enough to sync up with the CoE rotation. Point of no Return + Ancient parthan Defenders provide toughness both inside and outside archon. While the same is true with OID, OID will only last 6-7s into archon. As mentioned, the double Exhaustion rune is also very beneficial for survival here. The idea is to both deal tremendous burst from the Flame Blades + OID + Spellsteal + Primus stack during Fire CoE, and benefit from synced up CoE cycles and the additional damage from Lightning CoE. This is because Chantodo's damage type dynamically updates based on the max elemental % on gear. Gear is set up with a base 19% fire, 20% lightning, so that we are guaranteed to change the element type to fire when using flame blades. Note also the choice of Combustion on the archon rune, so that we boost Chantodo's damage with the better of the two elements. Chantodo's won't benefit from any of the Lightning% on gear because of the bug (see bug's section for details). Spectral Blade will also help stack stricken faster on the RG when outside Archon. [2.6.5] (GR132+) LoN Star Pact Push: A variation of LoN star pact will most likely be the meta push build for wizard next season, but not by much (a few GRs higher than Vyr Cold Chantodo). Consider also that these clears will most likely be from highly skilled, dedicated players. While the same can be said on the top end with Vyr's, I think that most players would do better to try and push with Vyr Chantodo's rather than try and push with LoN Star Pact. Note: This section to be updated later as required. Estimating GR132+ at 1600 paragon. If interested, I recommend watching the below guide from Lexyu, reviewing clear videos as required, and reading into the below in-depth guide from sVr. LoN Star pact Guide from LexandCes: https://youtu.be/rC27Ow4Tc18 GR127 S16 clear from Lexyu: https://youtu.be/VTJgxKY65TU sVr's | In-Depth Star Pact & Bazooka Wizard: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/atpfnc/an_indepth_analysis_and_guide_on_star_pact/ [2.6.5] (GR117+) Vyr XP Speed Meta (4p Group) sVr, clan, and friends theorycrafted and tested the following 4 player composition on the PTR as an attempt at the Vyr XP speed meta. Note: still ~3-4 tiers less than LoN Skeletal Mage XP speed meta, however, the Vyr composition will likely be much easier to both acquire and run in season, especially closer to season start. ... Video Guide by Lexyu: https://youtu.be/x7NGMkTW-dM A general description of the setup: One wizard uses Stetch time and EE, the other uses Time Warp and CB. Both Wizards run Strongarms (w/ knockback secondary) - amazing because of the low additive pool and absolute zero. Flash for the quicker resets on archon and stacking of Chantodo's. Monk for Transgression, Sanc, heals, and Cyclone pulls. Necro for Brittle Touch, Frailty, Brigg's Wrath pull, and Globe healing. Swapping out the zNecro for an RGK Shadow Impale DH is an adequate swap, especially if you are not as precise in your speed runs. You can also slot a third wizard, but this may result in slower RG kill times. A note also on multiple Wizards and the slow time buff, by sVr: ... LoN Wizard Builds: I mean to play most of these at some point in the season. The T16 builds will be nice to run as an alternate to Vyr's - something different to play while keyfarming. Excepting the LoN FO Speed Build, these are very interesting, and most allow for unique playstyle, or skill or item options that would only be available due to the S17 bonus. [2.6.5] (TXVI) LoN Frozen Orb Of the LoN T16 builds for wizard, this is the most capable, due to having the more capable item and skill multipliers, requiring the least setup, and allowing for the most additional bonuses. This allows for a smoother T16 run, even at a lower power level compared to other LoN builds. Will still require paragon or augments to rock T16. Biggest negative is having to refresh Triumvirate, IMO. Includes Broken Crown for higher normal gem collection. Also has room for gold find items, should you opt for those, though the base build runs Tal Chest for the AS. Uses Goldwrap with Avarice and Hoarder for toughness, gold, pickup. Karini for extra toughness. Gloves of worship for extra duration with Shrines. Being less defensive than some other LoN T16 builds, I've opted for Calamity for the extra control. Act 2 Bounty Items: Illusory Boots, Gloves of Worship. Act 3 Bounty item: Avarice Band. [2.6.5] (TXVI) LoN EB High mobility via run speed with this build. LoN allows us to take advantage of both Sleek shell and Scramble. Spellsteal assists the build with a pull and damage increase. Really smoothe for an In-Geom based build. No goldwrap, yet still very steady defense with having both OID and Karini, this allows for Wormhole on teleport for extra mobility. Includes Broken Crown for higher normal gem collection. Gloves of worship for extra duration with Shrines. Act 2 Bounty Items: Illusory Boots, Gloves of Worship. Act 3 Bounty item: Avarice Band. [2.6.5] (TXVI) LoN Lightning Meteor High damage from the meteors but does require longer set up in comparision, considering you have a smaller attack and no way to quickly group enemies aside from Twister and Ranslor. Twister and Calamity work to proc Pain Enhancer, providing bursts of attack speed (and therefore DPS) when attacking with meteors. Includes Broken Crown for higher normal gem collection. Gloves of worship for extra duration with Shrines. Act 2 Bounty Items: Illusory Boots, Gloves of Worship. Act 3 Bounty item: Avarice Band. [2.6.5] (GR85-GR100+) LoN Frozen Orb Speed While this build functions, and performs better than it's Tal counterpart, it is still fairly squishy even with the Unity, and clears slower than the Vyr Low GR speed build can. Build includes Frostburns and Witching hour for some extra AS, CHD, and Cold%. Leoric's Crown is the optimal choice for RCR, considering the high cost of the build. Also, while Andariel's could fit in well, it is difficult to get a good ancient Andariel's, whereas almost any ancient Leoric's should work fine here, and bring more VIT for toughness. The amulet chosen is Rondal's Locket. While Hellfire amulet could work here too, it's very difficult to get +Pickup secondaries on gear with LoN. This is also why the Firebird's shoulderpiece was chosen: pickup radius. [2.6.5] (GR95-GR110+) LoN Meteor Shower Speed I'm most interested to run this as an alternate for solo GR speeds. Performed almost as good (up to 1 min slower) than the Vyr Speed Build, arguably easier, lazier with the meteor shower channeling setup, and oh so satisfying to play. Unique playsyle vs Tal Meteor. We run sleek shell, Scramble, and Wormhole for high mobility. Partial CDR allocation via Diamond in helm, Amulet, Shoulderpiece, and the Evocation Passive. This CDR makes sure your teleport and diamond skin come off cooldown that much faster, even when there is not much density to help proc your illusionist. Pivotal placement here is the Ess of Johan. While we do sacrifice an Elemental % affix here with this choice, the impact is huge. It's a fairly large pull that affects elites and doesn't soak Etched Sigil, and you don't even need to actively cast it. Elemental % is not as important here because of the placement of Magefist and Swamp Land Waders (note: Witch doctor item). Invigorating gemstone allows immunity to Crowd control effects, making it super smoothe. Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer's (ABBs) for the extra shielding and toughness. Deflection and Diamond Skin (with the CDR base) provide more than enough when you consider the ABBs. VIT is a valuable affix where possible, especially on Source, Gloves, and Weapon for this reason. Other toughness provided via double Unity and follower cannot die token, Halo of Karini, and Aquila, with a balance of resource: Hergrash's Binding, RCR on shoulder, +Max AP from source, paragon, and APoC on source. ----- So Cratic, why the large focus on Vyrs!?! You aren't even planning to use LoN with Wizard that much! Vyr Cold Chantodo will allow the smoothest and quickest acquisition of Paragon in season. It's also a build style I happen to love. Also, as historically shown, any season / patch can potentially rebalance items. I intend to use Vyr as a staple this season to gain experience and paragon, and level gems with. I will enjoy the LoN bonus for GR speed and push with other classes. What? Other Classes!?! Yes, other classes DO exist. I will opt for Witch doctor and Crusader next season. This is so I can run Dagger of Darts and Blessed shield. Both of these builds have not been prevalent in quite some time, are going to be buffed with the [2.6.5] patch, and benefit uniquely via the S17 season of nightmare's bonus. Both of these builds have been historically difficult to play due to toughness issues, so having the potential benefit from Unity and Justice Lantern will be great. Fitting in CoE with ease on these builds will also feel great. Trying out Witch Doctor will also be nice because this is the class that drops Swamp Land Waders (required ancient for a lot of LoN builds). WD is also INT based, the same as Wizard, so there are likely a lot of shared items. I'm excited for next season! ----- Credits: Filthy Casual Venaliter EagleHD Lexyu / LexandCes sVr Rob2628 MarwanD3 Lobo Framez Lo0Lo0 / LouLou / LooLoo Rob Riv Bagstone Rudi1337 To all Wizards discussing Chantodo's in the PTR Chantodo thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771336971 and to those that tested PTR, thank you! ----- Changelog: 5/13/2019: Initial Version. 5/13/2019: Added small section after informed decision to note the minutia and revel in the season. 5/14/2019: Added and then removed Goldwrap / ABBs bloodshard w/ lvl1 char option. We should be getting these even if we didn't find them otherwise by rolling blood shards at 70 for fazula / nems, etc. While rolling a second character is a trick I've used in the past, with ancient items being so valuable next season, I don't think going that method will be worthwhile. Stay on target. 5/15/2019: added section for Vyr XP speed meta. 5/16/2019: Added link to LoN Starpact S16 GR127 clear by Lexyu. 5/17/2019: Added section for [2.6.5] Vyr Fire / Lightning Primus Chantodo Solo Push, a multi-element Chantodo's build by Lo0Lo0. Edited estimate for LoN archon star pact at 1600. 5/17/2019: added note for Impale RGK with Vyr XP setup. Added quote from sVr on the multiple wizard slow time rune interactions. 5/22/2019: Revised vyr cold low gr build to have Time warp + CB instead of Flash 5/22/2019: Added lexyu group video guide link 5/26/2019: Added quote to bug description for answer to multi-element. Added GR138 clear video link by LouLou. 5/26/2019: Expanded description for LoN FO Speed build.Cratic47 May 24
May 24 Star Pact Archon Question In solo you cast meteor on fire to kill an enemy off to the side to proc Oculus ring. Would you skip this cast in groups to save as many enemies as possible for area damage on arcane, or cast it middle pack? Also, does it matter if you one tap or two tap electrocute for 1 or 2 stacks of dynamo after casting meteor? I've seen both ways. ThanksVanquish2 May 24
May 24 Q. about Chantando Hi. What element is the chantando blast? Is it affected by what dmg type you chose as your archon rune? Or can I simply roll cooldown or attack speed on amulet? Thanks, hope this was not too unclerar. CheersUnisexbrian8 May 24
May 24 Sprinter/Speed Racer (mini) build guide Hi all, Seeing as the Sprinter/Speed Racer conquest is back in S17, and since the other two conquests require a second class, I thought I'd post a quick build guide specific to wizards for anyone thinking of trying this. One of my clanmates maintains a general Sprinter Guide: http://paulius.50webs.com/diablo3.html. It includes some very handy maps as well as notes on where to go and who you do/don't have to talk to. So I'd recommend giving that a read and studying the spawn locations of things like Khazra Den, the staff locations in southern Highlands, Vault/cave in Desolate Sands etc. Knowing exactly where to go and not needing to search the entirety of the big maps can really save you a lot of time. I'm just going to highlight what I think are the best two wizard builds for the conquest. The first one is a little more straightforward and it's easier to gear for. The second one is more complicated and more difficult to gear for, but can be faster under the right circumstances. ----- Build 1 Aether Walker + Cosmic Strand + Obsidian Ring + TP: Calamity w/ lots of AP regen. Stack movement speed on top of that for when that split second you are running while TP is on cooldown. The idea behind variant 1 is to be able to spam TP as much as possible with Aether Walker, along with the Wormhole rune so you only get the cooldown every second teleport. But the secret to really push the build faster is Obsidian Ring. You use Cosmic Strand to get the Wormhole rule so you can put Calamity on your bar. Then, with Teleport as your only cooldown skill, if you manage to land your TP: Calamity on an enemy, since it costs Arcane Power (via Aether Walker), it can proc Obsidian Ring. And an Obsidian ring proc will actually wipe out the short cooldown between Teleports with Aether Walker. So you can teleport again faster. Obsidian ring is the secret to this build. After that, you can use pretty much whatever you want for gear, the requirements are pretty relaxed as long as you can spam TP and you stack some movement speed. You don't really need damage because you'll be running on normal, but usually I'd run this build with Tal's (just because you can). But in S17 I'd just do it with the LoN bonus. Honestly, you don't even really need the LoN bonus for dps, but why not do it in style? You'll also want a fast-hitting AoE skill to kill stuff. I usually use Disintegrate: Convergence, but it's your preference here. It just needs to hit stuff fast (so not Frozen Orb) and have decent AoE (so not Ray of Frost). Frozen Storm is there to break stuff and proc Warzechian's. TP: Calamity can do this too, but Frozen Storm gives hits a bigger area. You can run Scramble, but I find you are moving so fast you almost never get hit, so in my experience Frozen Storm is more beneficial. Galvanizing Ward is there to keep Krelm's belt up (alternatively, Dominance, Deflection, or a level 25+ Gizzard). You don't actually need that much resource cost reduction for perma-teleport, but things like Leoric's Crown + Topaz and/or Pride's Fall can help if you don't quite have enough. D3planner link: http://www.d3planner.com/160761486 ----- Build 2 Vyr4 + Cosmic Strand + as much attack speed and CDR as possible. Like, literally. All the CDR. The secret to this build is that, while the regular teleport animation is fixed, the Archon teleport animation scales with attack speed (added in 2.4.3). And the Archon teleport can inherit Wormhole from Cosmic Strand. If you've ever played Vyr6 MH with Cosmic Strand, you might have noticed how blazing fast the second teleport becomes once you are stacked up. It's insanely fast. You still have to contend with the global cooldown every second TP with Aether Walker, which limits the potential of this build. Without the cooldown, this would easily rival a dash monk. But alas. It's still fast, and potentially faster than build 1. Especially in stretches where there are no enemies around to hit to proc Obsidian for build 1. I've tested a few variants, and in my experience you don't attack regularly enough to benefit from the extra stacks with Vyr6, so I just run Vyr4 to get the IAS. This lets you slot in Captain Crimson's for extra CDR. Frozen Storm is there to break stuff for Warzechian's, but also applies Efficacious Toxin and Pain Enhancer which will kill stuff to grant you extra Archon stacks for more IAS from Vyr4. In-Geom is optional, and you won't go out of your way to kill elites, but when you do kill an elite as you run by you'll be able to enter Archon again right away instead of needing to wait a couple seconds. You can't quite get enough CDR to get Archon right away without In-Geom, at least not in the variants I've tried. The build below maxes out at 77.5% CDR, and you'd need 79-80 to get Archon right away. After that, just roll attack speed and CDR on absolutely everything. Since you'll be running on normal, you don't need that much in terms of crit stats. So even on amulet, prioritize attack speed and CDR over crit. As far as CDR vs. attack speed goes, if you can't have both you'll prioritize CDR over attack speed. You already get a decent amount of attack speed from Vyr4, so attack speed is less critical than CDR. You really want that Archon uptime. But 7 IAS on weapon is essential, so you really want a weapon with both 7 IAS + 10 CDR. Everywhere else I'd say attack speed is optional, but take it where you can get it. Oh, and slot Slow Time: Stretch Time for a little extra IAS. And don't forget to bubble up in Archon. Second ring and amulet can be anything you've got with a socket, IAS, and CDR. One possibility is dropping one of PE/Toxin for a level 25+ Hoarder for a little extra movement speed and running Avarice Band. D3planner: http://www.d3planner.com/440429820 ----- That's pretty much it! I soloed it a couple nights ago, I'll post the video below once I get a chance. If you haven't tried it before, I'd recommend doing it in a group as it's significantly easier. But if you're motivated, have good map knowledge, and know the campaign quests pretty well, wizard can solo it too!TinneOnnMuin4 May 24
May 24 Selling Godly Tal'Rasha Chest (72res 189int) 189 intel 47 vit 72 resist 224 Armor 9% +3 open socket. Looking for anything close to 450mil only (edited) For any negotiation, @dd Phantazy#6964Phantazy94 May 24