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May 16, 2012 Vetting a Hero: the Wizard It can be difficult to choose which hero you want to take into battle against the legions of the Burning Hells. To help inform your decision we’ve compiled all of the gameplay and story information you need broken down by class. Barbarian Demon Hunter Monk Witch Doctor The Wizard Wizards are renegade spellcasters who use their bodies as vessels for arcane energy, forsaking the more careful path favored by other magic users. They manipulate all manner of forces to disintegrate, burn, and freeze their foes, and they can control time and light to teleport, create powerful illusions, and deflect oncoming attacks. Wizards grip wands and staves to focus their less potent magics, blasting at their enemies while gathering the energy or time necessary to destroy them in a dazzling hail of arcane might. With few exceptions, wizard attacks are conducted at a distance, away from danger. As living artillery, wizards are well suited to relying on long-range destructive power. Videos Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise - Wizard story and gameplay pre-launch preview Skill Rune Preview - An example of how skill runes augment an ability like Ray of Frost Wizard Reveal Trailer - The wizard class is revealed at BlizzCon 2008 Diablo III Gameplay Preview - Worldwide Invitational 2008 Diablo III first-ever gameplay trailer featuring the barbarian and witch doctor Gameplay Active Skills Passive Skills Skill Progression Skill Calculator Items Images Artwork Screenshots Character Background ... ...Zarhym0 May 16, 2012
Aug 23 RoS Wizard Tools (updated for v2.4.2) I created this set of tools for my own use and decided that they could be of benefit to others. The tools are designed to remove a lot of the guess work from gearing choices and give you a as accurate an estimate of your wizard's potential in various aspects as possible. What it includes: -Tool to help with calculating the eDPS of various spell combinations -Tool to calculate the APoC and LoH returns of spells and their "spam-ability" -Tool for calculating Mitigation and Sustain -Tool that calculates changes in DPS, Mit & eHP with stat changes. -Tool for calculating Cooldown Reduction and Cost Reduction -Tool for calculating the Firebird 6-piece DoT damage and infinite DoT threshold -Tool for calculating damage within a Tal Rasha 6-piece skill rotation. -Tables for all breakpoints (Yes, they still very much exist in RoS). -Reference page of stats for skills with some notes on behavior (Requires Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet software) Download location: http://www.olynick.net/d3/tools VOD of the Wizard Tools Workshop on April19, 2015: http://www.twitch.tv/vizjereiclan/c/6569262 Let me know what you think. -dolynickdolynick241 Aug 23
28m State of wizard I'd love to play D3 again I really feel the rush to kill monsters but every time I check the state of the game, I still see an archon build dominating the meta and no other Wiz build are viable. I hate so much the archon skill I'm not willing to play the game until there's something else. How in the hell did blizzard came with the idea to make the worst designed skill of the game overpowered and mandatory. I feel like removing the skill entirely without even replacing it would make for a better game, even if the wizard doesn't compete anymore with other classes, this is just how bad it is... Of course redesigning the skill or make other changes to give other build without archon a chance to be viable would be better. Cmon Blizz there are a lot of people hating it, listen to your customer. I wanna play the game again and enjoy it sometime soon. Archon has been dominating for too long.Lethan1 28m
43m Help improve this MH+DMO build I might be asking too much with DMO here but I wanted to see how I could improve the build to push as far as possible -- just an alternative to Archon lightening. I know the gear isn't great so I'm searching for upgrades in the meantime. Here is the build: http://www.d3planner.com/108644589 The idea is to slow time everything, arcane orbs for additional damage while attempting to proc manald heal ring with extremely fast spectral blades. Strategy thus far is to drop a slow time on the mobs, teleport in, freeze, spectral blade + arcane orbs (rinse and repeat).Taoru1 43m
1h Manald Heal nerf The number of procs generated by channeled skills while using this item has been reduced by 25% If my math is correct, that makes the chance from 1.5% to 1.125%. 3:<NeighFox21 1h
1h [2.5.0] (S10) MH Hydra Mechanics + Builds Welcome Wizards, adventurers! A new season, S10, is on the horizon, and a new post is warranted. This post will focus on the MH Hydra, specifically the lightning hydra, which can now proc Manald Heal. Mechanics info summed up from the testing and ideas of many players, also including but not limited to: Adria - Darnet - Tee - Vox - xTonyJ - Christos - Cybah - aloc - MasterJay - StoleOwnCar - Zhanji - Troupster - Bear If you were looking for last season's post on most Manald Heal mechanics, here is that link: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109 Definitions Dynamic: MH proc damage will adjust due to the buff or debuff. Same Hydra as cast has it's MH proc damage adjusted dynamically at the time the buff or debuff takes effect. Snapshot: the buff, skill, or item bonus only affects MH damage if the buff was active at the time the hydra was cast. If the buff was not active at the time the hydra was cast, that hydra does not benefit from the buff, skill, or item bonus. Single Stack Swami = One stack of swami, base this is 50 archon stacks with fazulas. One stack icon displayed on UI. Double Stack Swami = Up to two stacks of swami. Note: damage between these two stacks are currently additive. Two stack icons displayed on UI. MH = Manald Heal CHC = Crit Hit Chance CHD = Crit Hit Damage AS = Attack Speed MH Hydra Mechanics Attack Speed is factored in as a damage component for Hydra MH procs. Higher AS will increase your hydra MH proc damage. Hydra MH proc damage scales 1:1 with any AS increase or decrease. Higher AS also increases Hydra attack rate and adheres to Hydra Attack speed breakpoints. See a list of those in the link below: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/15270729572 The 255% Lightning Hydra skill damage (as listed on the hydra skill tooltip) is also factored in to the MH Hydra damage formula. Assuming no changes in dynamic or environmental buffs or debuffs, a hydra that is cast will deal the same amount of MH proc damage throughout it's duration. This amount is an average of damage. Skills and items that have a ranged requirement base their MH Hydra proc damage on the location of the hero, not the hydra. Skills and items that have a location based mechanism base their MH Hydra proc damage bonus on whether or not the hero is located within that spell or effect. Each hydra has 3 heads, this means you can have up to 6 hydra heads active. Each head has 15% chance to proc Paralysis, and therefore MH. (Yes, it's the same chance regardless of which head cast.) Hydra is treated as a speed coefficient = 1 spell. This means when your hydra head procs paralysis it will proc manald heal exactly one time. It does not have a "proc window" mechanism. The extra damage from archon stacks increases MH Hydra damage dynamically. However, the attack speed from Vyr4 that increases your sheet AS (and therefore could be used to increase hydra damage) is a snapshot mechanic. This means the hydra damage that you calculate as gained from AS must rely on single stack swami values. Slow Time: Stretch time - both the benefit to your hydra damage and hydra attack rate require the hero to be positioned within the bubble. However, since the damage portion is snapshot, you need only be within slow time when casting hydra to benefit from this. However, the attack rate of the hydra updates dynamically, so if you're relying on this skill to meet Breakpoints, you'll need to be within the slow time for it's duration. Slow Time: Stretch Time can be stacked twice, by using both the non-archon form slow time and the archon form's slow time. You can get 20% AS gain from this skill when it is stacked up twice. See here for a quick test on that: (https://youtu.be/Xx_PgpYzN1M?t=595) Tasker and Theo (TnT) does not increase the damage of the hydra. However, TnT can be used to push the attack rate of the hydra to higher Hydra AS breakpoints. Note: TnT by itself does NOT increase the base chance for paralysis. This stays at 15%. CHC on gear and from skills (even debuff type skills) does increase MH Hydra proc crit chance. CHD on gear and from skills does increase MH Hydra proc damage. Etched Sigil cast Hydras cannot proc MH. To my knowledge, Mirror images cannot proc MH. These items, gems, gear affixes, and skills increase MH Hydra proc damage and are dynamic in nature: Power Hungry Audacity Starfire Zei's Stone of Vengeance Convention of Elements Bane of the Powerful (Multiplier only) Bane of the Trapped Deathwish Orb of Infinite Depth Slow Time: Time Warp Strongarms (Also noted procs within last 1s of 6s window, confirming increase to 6s duration) Any damage debuffs such as Elemental Exposure or Cold Blooded Mantle of Channeling Oculus Ring These items, gems, gear affixes, and skills increase MH Hydra proc damage but require snapshot: Black Hole: Spellsteal Taeguk Magic Weapon Unwavering Will Familiar: Sparkflint Gogok (Hydra damage AS portion only. The Attack rate portion is dynamic) Pain Enhancer (Hydra damage AS portion only. The Attack rate portion is dynamic) Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan (Note: this item can also decrease MH hydra damage because of the legendary effect) These items, gems, gear affixes, and skills do not increase MH Hydra proc damage: Elemental % damage on gear Hydra %Skill Damage (on gear) Enforcer Gem Furnace (in cube) Bane of the Powerful (elite damage portion only) Arcane Dynamo If you'd like to look at the source of this info or any of my tests please look at my [2.5.0] testing playlist, or reference the MH hydra thread below, where other testers contributed: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KocceLYhS4KU2a0hVSa8JU https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20753187415 The 2.5.0 MH proc 25% "channeling" nerf: The nerf reduced the length of time in which MH can proc once paralysis occurs (to 1.125s down from 1.5s). To restate, the proc rate was NOT nerfed. It affects not only the skills listed on Mantle of Channeling / Taeguk, but also spells which have a speed coefficient > 1. Skills such as: Disintegration Wave (Archon Beam) Arcane Torrent: Static Discharge Electrocute So for your speed farming builds using archon that would destroy almost anything in less than 1.125s anyway, the nerf has little to no impact. Its only for higher GRs, RGs, or high HP mobs that youll notice the drop in procs / damage. Hydra Combination MH proc BUG: When Hydra is used in combination with any other lightning skill to proc MH, Hydra takes precedence, and will interrupt and even prevent your other skills from proccing MH. This has been tested for both single target and multi-target. Bug report: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20753677495 What does this mean? Likely if you are in a group speed setup and you are the Single target DPS, if you want to deal more MH damage with the lightning beam, you'll have to withold casting your hydra (trash clearing). If you want to deal single target MH hydra damage instead, cast hydra (for RG and maybe elites that are at low density). MH Hydra is in a weird position with the MH Hydra bug. Players will have to either work around this bug or neglect it entirely when pushing in a group setup. Wizard might end up simply buffing the WD and helping the barb pull in adds. Possible solo builds also suffer greatly here. It's the reason why my non-archon builds only include the lightning hydra, and not other lightning skills. This isn't to say a solo build with hydra and (likely) archon wouldn't work, skill placement just wouldn't be very efficient. Builds Starting with limited listings, but will update with any other meta defining or really unique / interesting builds as the season progresses. Here is the playlist for my builds in 2.5.0: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KlTnEHs10e4TORyKmbYBQq Archon Builds Zhanji, Bear, and Troupster's builds are a good starting point if you're itching to get started with archon. They put together two ranged builds, one with zodiac and one with CoE. https://youtu.be/S2V5ZyKKqMo Zodiac: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/87336 CoE: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/88079 Tal / Vyr Ranged MH Hydra w/ Zodiac - Variation for Group Speed GRs http://www.d3planner.com/791818321 This is likely the build I'll be running at the beginning of the season for group speed runs. You can swap out Teleport for Spellsteal or Event Horizon, per your preference. Wearing RoRG (INT / AS / CDR) is acceptable until you find a good Manald. Depending on what level of clear you are at for speeds, consider swapping out Stricken for Trapped. This will get more damage for the rift, and should be the better option if you are already killing the RG quickly (~45s-1.5m). I'm working on testing a few other archon builds, most notably the melee archon, Here is my latest iteration and test vid: https://youtu.be/8rv7mCqnSa4?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KocceLYhS4KU2a0hVSa8JU http://www.d3planner.com/274047014 Non Archon Builds: [2.5.0] FB6 Hydra MH solo (with build guide - GR90+): https://youtu.be/99MSj2kW65s?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KlTnEHs10e4TORyKmbYBQq http://www.d3planner.com/918609998 [2.5.0] Tal6 Hydra MH solo (GR90+): https://youtu.be/OZb_Q-1g9F8?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KlTnEHs10e4TORyKmbYBQq http://www.d3planner.com/740723551 Both should be able to hit about GR90 once fully augmented, good gear, 1200+ paragon, etc. The Tal6 has higher damage potential, but has much lower defense, and is harder to manage resource with as well. Between the two, I prefer the Firebird non-archon build so far for soloing. [2.5.0] Tal6 Electrocute Multi-Purpose Farming (TXII) - Guide + Gameplay https://youtu.be/TB-lZhfiOqo?list=PLsBZISJpoL0KlTnEHs10e4TORyKmbYBQq http://www.d3planner.com/933982528 Super fun farming build. Broken Crown / DB farm / Gold farm / Key & legendary farm capable. Can do up to T12 4p fairly readily. Basic idea: blow up packs of enemies with Manald Heal and Electrocute. Use high AS gear + paragon + Legendary gems to proc MH more regular. Lots of utility and room for swaps. Hope you like it. =) ----- Thank you for reading, have fun in season 10! Please comment and share your thoughts, and remember: Embrace the madness within. Surrender your self. Be one with the hydra. =)Cratic36 1h
1h Non Archon Lightning Wiz I apologize if this might show up as a duplicate post. I made a new topic about this and don't see it in the topic list so... Are there any viable non Archon Lightning Wiz builds out there that can take advantage of Manald Heal and Lightning Hydra? I don't care if this build can't run low 100's like the Archon version. I just hate Archon, and don't want to play it, so its perfectly fine if they can only do 80's or whatever. Thanks.terascque2 1h
1h CoE hydra light wiz guide http://www.diablofans.com/builds/88437-s10-2-5-0-gr110-hydra-light-wiz-detailed Please up vote the guide if you find it helpful and you can ask any further questions here or there Because of the hydra bug I have to do some editing to the guide still This is also just the basic speed rift guide basically, for end of season or top end pushes you will be using a slight variation of this to buff the WD more (slow time instead of force armor, ET gale force instead of glacial spike) which requires you to force your archon to do cold damage for the cold stack meaning your only damage output is from hydrasTbone2 1h
4h Hydras, DW bug or Intended? In my own testing and seeing other posts and what Hydras/DW do in GRs is disturbing. I hope there is a bug or something, as it seems rather silly to cast DW Away from RG while hydras are up, or in a dense pack you cant use both Hydras and DW at the same time, as it appears one cancels/reduces others damage. Bug or intended, or did I miss the committee meeting on why we can't use Hydras and DW at the same time? If intended, it would be one of the biggest fails next to the Barber fiasco.REAPER3 4h
10h Thx for killing lon completly Before patch I was able to do to 77 GR with a lon-electrocute build, it was fun for me as I do not want to play archon or another mainstream-build. Now even 70 is no longer possible, thx for wrecking this game for me. Thx for your abilities to balance stuff.Tom2 10h
10h Archon skill positioning I have read that the default skill locations for archon abilities can not be changed, Is this still the case? I find the setup extremely uncomfortable and would like to be able to move the ability locations. If the skill positions can not be changed then I won't bother to use this skill, ever. I would hate to shelf such an epic skill simply because I don't have the freedom to do something so simple.DarkestLight7 10h
12h Soloing 80+ I am having a severely difficult time staying alive while trying to solo a 80 greater rift. The second I'm out of archon form I get sneezed on and I drop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Luridbane5 12h
12h Wizard Nerf This is a last cry for help pointed towards the Devs, in hoping they will nerf the Wizard(focussing on Hydra Wiz) for s10. The top 100 solo leaderboards has been dominated by the Wiz with an overwhelming 85% in s9, the fact that it clears over 8GR levels over any other class says enough(knowing that doubling a builds power will increase it by 3/4 GR levels). Before people start talking about don't ask for nerfs but for buffing other classes, yes that would be the perfect world but there is no way that will happen knowing s10 will start in 2 weeks(so calling for a nerf is the only solution). The slight nerf to the Manald ring isn't enough knowing they will focus on the hydra procs in s10, the worst part is that that build is even stronger than the Archon Wiz in s9. On top of that, the Wiz will also be the strongest rift guardian killer for s10.. so it will also be the strongest addition for s10 meta and will now dominate solo AND groups. Don't start about the fact that there 3 classes that can fill that roll, the Wiz has come on top out of all test(BY FAR), people don't wanna show the absolute best set-up on the PTR to get a slight edge. To sum it up Blizzard has made excellent changes for the upcoming 2.5 patch, I just hope they can fix this 'problem' so s10 won't be absolutely dominated by 1 single class. I hope this gets noticed..Fatal1ty50 12h
14h Reforge advice for my MH HYDRA build? Anyone give me reforge advice for my MH HYDRA build? Obviously don't have the essential primary yet... https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Raspu2n-2558/hero/3502480Raspu2n5 14h
15h Season 10 DMO build for fast GR 70 solo Hi, for anyone interested in making the DMO set work for your initial GR 70 solo clear aside from the meta Manald/Hydra build, this is an alternative. It is a horrible feeling to spend over a week gearing up a specific build, min maxing it but still struggle to survive GR 65+, hence I have already tested and refined this build after 3 days of a game play on a fresh non seasonal server without any need for ancients. I'm posting this build and hoping that someone can use this build to show that maybe a GR 70 solo clear is just as viable within a 24 hour marathon. I farmed for the gears without any Haedrig's gift as I tested on a fresh server lvling through the campaign during off season so it should be even easier during Season 10 with Haedrig's gift. Much time was spent on collecting all 4 sets and experimenting their ability to survive and finally fine tuning this build to the current version during these 3 days. If you are an ex Monk/Crusader fan of the EP/Invoker build or a hardcore player looking for new viable tanky build, please push into this build as high in Season 10 as possible and drop a reply on your progress if you may. The purpose of this build is to avoid builds focusing on Archon mode or staring at the Convergence of Elements buff icon before doing something. Instead, you jump into the thick of the fray and smash things combat mage style. Link to the guide is below. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/88520-2-5-s10-dmo-tank-wizard-for-fast-gr-70-soloMoonyaco3 15h
15h Show off your sexy primals! I'm unable to play diablo, as I'm currently abroad on a work trip. So in the meantime, make me jealous by showing off all your sexy primals!Christos18 15h
22h Wizard Reversal Rune Bug So, I was trying to grind for my accidentally rebirthed character from a while ago to level 70 and was against Infernal Maiden. I kept dying and was wondering why because although I deal so much damage to her, she keeps catching me in her fire volley. I have the Teleport (reversal rune) ability equipped, and found while looking at my abilities mid-combat that when I cast Teleport right on the dot/a little bit after for the timer that shows how long you have for teleporting back to your previous location, that it starts the cooldown again, but with the actual teleport cooldown. Here's an example. In the first attempt, it shows a regular teleport w/ reversal rune activation, whereas in the bug..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCPiQ62MsDY - if it isn't clear in the video, what happens is that I do two successful teleports, then on the third attempt, two cooldowns occur after I hit E a little bit after the timer ends (which is apparently possible), and then two cooldowns transpire. This causes 2 cd's to occur at once, which can screw you up in the middle of juking mobs. Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug (I think it's a glitch lol). I know this is unlikely to happen for some/most, but with how often I'm jumping around and attempting to juke enemy mobs, it happens to me more often than I would prefer. I feel like the option to be able to cast teleport after the timer is kind of weird, too.Zadok0 22h
1d cooldown% why does my cooldown% only say 40.7% on my profile char okoyen. 6 piece full cooldownbodeen3 1d
1d Getting a Primal weapon Hey fellow wizards, I guess like many others I'm trying to get a primal weapon. So far I've spent: ~ 600 bounty mats (120 reforge tries) ~ 10 000 Death Breath (400 upgrades from yellow to legendary) ... and got zero primals. None. Not a single one. So I was wondering, which is the most efficient way of getting primals? And if it's a reforging using bounty mats, which weapon is better to reroll for a Hydra build — Seprent Sparker or Starfire? Is there any difference between these two in terms of default stats, e.g. that Starfire always rolls with +AttakSpeed or something like that?Anike12 1d
1d Wizzard or Witch Doctor is more fun? I am trying to get into this game again but i would probably need a really fun class to play (i love to watch enemies ragdoll mostly) So far i played Barb,Crusader and Monk, my favorite were barbarian and crusader, i found the monk a bit silly looking with the giant bell striking from the sky, so i wanna try a range class now, so which one is better on the long run?Legion2 1d
1d DMO Arcane Orb - Smoother Variation Hello. I wanted to share a variation of DMO set (Arcane Orb build which is kinda old by now), which is currently the seasons beginner set. This variation is for those, who -like me- gets annoyed by too much buff tracking, specifically casting Explosive Blast every 6 sec for a 6 sec buff (while also trying to hit something with it.) Note that this is not a guide, technically. The aim of this variation is to compensate the 60% damage reduction from Orb of Infinite Depth (since we are going to get rid of explosive blast.) Here is my 1st variation; -Use Magic Weapon (Deflection) instead of Explosive Blast -Use Blood Bracers instead of Ancient Parthan Defenders. You will gain a total of 4 times normal shield -Use Fragment of Destiny in cube weapon slot. This is mostly to generate shield 50% faster, and add a minor damage bonus. This little damage bonus + Magic Weapon more or less compensates the loss of 20% damage from Orb of Infinite Depth. Result; i've personally performed better and had much more fun with this variation. I can tank molten blasts (several in fact) in GR82 as long as i keep attacking. Better yet, my 2nd variation; (recently tested, liked it even more) -All the above, except in cube, use Aether Walker -Instead of Illusionist passive, use Galvanizing Ward. Here is the trick; MW Deflection and Barrier Blades shields stack ON TOP OF Galvanizing Shield, which means; GW refreshes itself IF it's shield is not damaged but ignores damage to shields from other sources. (Sorry for my English) -Since you use a bit Mana now, i suggest using Topaz on Helm for RcR for lesser Aquilla Cuirass downtime. Here you have less buffs to worry about and you now have huge, on demand mobility. Tested myself and liked it alot. Enjoy.Conlan5 1d
1d RIP Gen Monk, Hello Lightning Hydra Wizard Hey guys, Zhanji Bear and I did some more testing on the PTR which I think will make you excited. I did a writeup on my site, which has a link to the corresponding video and builds. TL;DR Gen Monk might finally be out of the top push meta https://troupster.com/diablo-3-rip-gen-monk-season-10-hello-lightning-hydra-wizard/Troupster119 1d
1d Mirror Image Why not give archon access to MI since it has the other two illusionist skills? Also, is MI good for anything? cheersaloc1 1d
1d Surviving in higher GRs (100+) in Group Hey fellow wizards, I'm a Lightning Hydra Wizard mostly playing a in group with the standard setup like a zMonk, zBarb, and a DPS WD. And what I found is, especially starting the patch 2.5, all of a sudden I started to die a lot during the rift clear at GR 98~101. It's kinda funny to die from the Orbital elite affix when the lightning ball touches you literally just 1-2 seconds, while having 14000 resists (in the Archon form). In the CoE variation of the build, it's even worse. I was wondering, how does those wizards who doing GRs 110+ survive in a rift? Sure physically avoid those nasty affixes helps, but sometimes it's just not possible when fighting with 3-4 elite packs especially when all of them are Arcane, Orbital etc. Any tips, tricks, tactics or gear/runes suggestions? P.S. Just in case, here is the link to my profile: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Anike-2252/hero/64504527.Anike3 1d
1d Season 10 HC looking for Builds, need help Back for Season 10 after more than a year off. Looking for advice on Seasons HC builds with survivability being most important. What would you suggest? I expect to be in dual play most of the time (unknown character). Is there a viable Bubble(forgot what its called)/cold build support build that can be fund to play and SAFE? Thank youHalt0 1d
1d 2.5 Which Wep to use for MH Hydra Archon Serpent? Starfire? Pigsticker? something else?obviously rolls will play a big factor but overall what is the ideal weapon? what stats trump? is the extra hydra worth a little less overall to a starfire?Weezy7 1d
1d Damage is too low I need to increase my Damage without sacrificing my tankiness. I am running a Disintegrate build. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SuperHellus-1414/hero/84910317 I have completed a GR57 without dying, once. I realized my damage is too low to go much further. I am working on getting unity and the Follower can 't die item.SuperHellus2 1d
2d Tals Set Damage vs. Attacks Been playing Wizard this season. I just noticed this morning that there is a difference between the 2 piece bonus "damaging enemies" and the 4 and 6 piece bonuses "attacks". I use Storm Armor (Reactive Armor) to deal out lightning damage. Because there is so much graphic spam I didn't notice it doesn't count as an attack. It sounds crazy to me. Can anyone offer a suggestion for a replacement lightning skill for Storm Armor? I was thinking Lightning Hydra but any input is appreciated. Thanks, JJJimmyJames5 2d
2d GR 97 DOWN... At last...took about 100keys...finished at 13.38..not a really good map but good mob type...it is clear that this build can clear 100+...Leontokardos31 2d
2d How to play DMO w/o hard to find supp. items? I would love to start with a wizard, but I HATE DMO. Any advices to have a nice, fun start with that gifted set?Cybah1 2d
2d Manald Heal reroll advice For background I'm pretty much a noob on Wizard as I haven't really played it since CM Wiz was on top back in Vanilla days. Converted Barb (thanks Tee) and I really, really do not want to screw this up by just willy nilly rerolling it. Been messing around with it for a few days and this just dropped in a speed 71: http://imgur.com/nLV6URL For those that can't jump the link, it's a Primal Manald Heal that rolled with Int, IAS, CDR, and a native socket. I have no idea what to roll on it and again, really, really don't want to screw it up. Thanks in advance.Foamy75 2d
2d Mask of Jerum Would the mask of jerum legendary affix work for a pure hydra pet build?SmokEm1 2d
2d Mask of jerum for MH pure hydra Would the mask of jerum legendary affix work for a pure hydra pet build?SmokEm1 2d
2d Anyone Else Scared of Armory During Week 1? I love the Armory, but it's a bit scary. Too many potential bugs / deleted gear / dupe cheats. Lots of issues caught and fixed in PTR, but I think it more likely than not that something bad will sneak through. Only so much testing occurs in PTR.Vox11 2d
2d question what to reroll primal SS ok I was lucky enough to get a primal ancient serpent sparker ...( lucky , well spent ALL my mats but at leats got one) it rolled 10% increased damage 7 % IAS and 1000 intel ( everythin perfect of course) my question , do I reroll the % damage or intel for 10% cdr ?? paragon 1750 +/- ( don't even know my paragon ) and I would put a lvl 100 gem augment on it tySoyeux4 2d
3d Teleport responsiveness and other changes Hey guys, Ive been seeing a few things in game and want to know if you have as well. First: Teleport seems a lot less responsive than it used to. Delays between clicking the skill and the actual teleport, occasional non activation, etc. This is something I noticed on the PTR and posted on the bug forum. (Note, 64 bit client only) Second: How about all those ranged mobs! What a fantastic change to greater rifts.Gbrav1352 3d
3d Getting raped in Grift 64 Can someone give me some advice on perhaps what I'm doing wrong? Running a Non archon lighning/tal hydra build and 64 is bashing my head up against a wall! Is it my gear? Just wondering cause everyone talks about how Wizards can just sneeze their way to grift 70 lol take a peek and dont be shy. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Maplepiper73-1921/hero/86482480 thanks in advance!Maplepiper733 3d
3d Coming back to Wiz... Hello, Just coming back after a few years, and ive been doing some research on the top wiz builds which seems to be Hyrda/Archon. Not too sure about the fine details.. Would you be able to look at my Wiz and see what I need to work on or improve? Ive done my best to copy the top of the leaderboards and im still getting crushed in like GR 60. Any help would be appreciated thanks!Lanfear0 3d
3d Thankyou Cratic Thankyou Cratic for your continuous, thorough testing of wizard mechanics and bugs. For piecing together clear consice videos, explaining in detail your methods and findings. For sharing them with the community. I and am sure many others really appreciate all the hard work you put into it.Christos13 3d
4d Legacy of Nightmare Idea What if LON increases damage by 250% per Primal Ancient? I mean it just makes sense to me seeing as LON is about rare legendaries. What do you guys think? God bless, ShellShell5 4d
4d Does Wyrdward Ring help proc Manald Heal? Just as the title says, has anyone tested if manald heal will proc more with this ring. Many thanks. God bless, ShellShell2 4d
4d Etched Sigil in MH Archon Wiz I've been testing out different configurations for MH Archon Wiz. My recent tests involve using Starfire and cubing Etched Sigil. The crowd control while off Archon is leaps and bounds better with and without Ranslor's (free blizzards/twisters and black holes!) and it makes the few seconds waiting for Archon to come back on considerably more fun (and safer). I do, however, have an important question: Do Etched Sigil free-casts trigger the obsidian ring of the zodiac? In my testing it 'feels' like they do but I am not sure given that the procs off of arcane torrent are pretty quick. OROTZ does say that it procs off of a resource spending attack so a free cast might not trigger it.Atreus4 4d
4d Legacy of Nightmares and Wizard I constantly hear people saying "LoN is sh*t for wizard", which when compared to our main sets @2000% dmg bonus is understandable BUT still coming in @ 1300% dmg bonus and 65% dmg reduction it still gives a damage bonus higher then other class sets altogether and the damage reduction here is higher then dmo and many many other sets. So in conclusion i thought LoN must have it's place for the wizard but where? Channeling http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/WyrmSlyr-1873/hero/885265 Dmo, FB's and Tal's are all poor options for channeling imo, dmo gives dr but no channeling dmg bonuses, FB's is broken and needs 6pc tal for dmg bonus and tals make u cycle elements and isnt the best for maintaining a channel. Im still playing around with some channeling specs, still need Ancient ice climbers or boots of disregard+death bargain combo with a molten gizzard as my 3rd gem. (dunno if dmg will be any good but with gizzard and already 18k ish lps with no rolls even 100mil or so can supplement the dmg on this non set wiz. Just picked up a sub par bifecta st..archews gage for another shield bonus synergy to the build, havent tried them out yet, but i already have upwards of 1.4million shield with a low roll ashnaggars. With dominance, galvanizing ward, deflection etc i have a lot of shields and Prides Fall bonus is almost always active (really nice for AW bounties) So far I've beat GR 60, still need to optimize my gear though. all around pretty fun imo P.S. If anyone is wondering about efficiency/rift speeds, i cleared 55ish in 4 minsWyrmSlyr17 4d
5d Trying the lightning hydra My serpent sparker kinda sucked so I cubed it and have a starfire in hand instead of pig sticker. We'll see. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DaveJr-1928/hero/63336125 Aslo, I really dig the new armory!DaveJr2 5d
5d [2.4.3] (S9) Manald Heal Builds + Mechanics Gather 'round fellow wizards, it's a new year, and time for new builds. =) Season 9 brings the Manald Heal ring (pff Manald, right? ...WRONG). Manald Heal can deal tremendous amounts of damage if used properly. GR builds with MH will be clearing in the 90+ range. While I still think Paralysis chance should be adjusted a tad higher, and some item interactions could be better, overall I feel MH is a great improvement for the wizard class, introducing many new builds that are approaching FB archon levels of play. Note: if you're looking for any Season 10 / MH Hydra related mechanics, I've started a new thread for those: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20753695205 Big thanks to anyone and everyone who assisted and researched manald mechanics or gave advice for making these builds better. Including but not limited to: Vox - Malakai - GBrav13 - TinneOnnMuin - Christos - StoleOwnCar - MasterJay - aloc - Angry - Davlok - Adria - Wudijo - xTonyJ Loves! Without further - lets dive in. Here is the playlist for my build videos if you'd prefer that method. Note there are some videos below that are not mine though. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy ----- Mechanics. General list of Manald Heal (MH), Paralysis, and other related mechanics, mostly taken from the Manaldo thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752207091 Edit (1/31/2017): Important testing just in: These do not increase MH proc damage: Elemental % damage on gear Skill % damage bonuses Furnace Elite damage Powerful (BoP gem) Elite Damage These do increase MH proc damage or Crit chance: Powerful (BoP gem) Multiplier Sunkeeper Elite Damage Unity Elite damage Strongarm Bracers Audacity Power Hungry Bane of the Trapped Zei's Stone of Vengeance Starfire Orb of Infinite Depth Slow Time: Time Warp Black Hole: Spellsteal Taeguk, Magic Weapon, Sparkflint, Unwavering Will Stone of Jordan Elite Damage Bane of the Stricken Deathwish Pig Sticker - Beast Damage Pig Sticker - Human Damage Elemental Exposure Bone Chill Cold Blooded Glass Cannon Pinpoint Barrier (+5% CHC buff) Conflagration (+6% CHC debuff) Deep Freeze (+10% CHC buff) Iceblink (+10% CHC debuff) Broken Promises Gem of Efficacious Toxin Convention of Elements Lightning phase Oculus ring spawns Bastions of will set Endless walk set For more info on the tests I did to find the above, see these links: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109?page=8#post-160 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109?page=11#post-203 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109?page=11#post-220 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109?page=14#post-264 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109?page=15#post-284 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109?page=15#post-285 All my d3planner links now updated, in general, try for AS or INT on amulet. Bracers updated to not have Lighting %, the exeption being Archon builds. These will still need to have Lightning % on bracer to tell the Vyr2 bonus to assume that type of damage when in archon. Continuing with MH mechanics: Paralysis applies on cast. MH damage appears to be applied on hit (based on testing, deals damage in line with spell damage ticks). Paralysis is a static 15% chance to stun. Chance is NOT multiplied by skill proc coefficients. MH can deal damage multiple times per Paralysis proc, assuming the player is channeling or continually attacking the target. If Paralysis rolls "true" on cast: multiple spell ticks per attack cycle can be sent that will apply paralysis to any enemy hit. Spells of speed coefficient = 1 can only proc MH from the first cast that procs paralysis. If that cast has the ability to tick or deal damage multiple times, MH can proc up to that many ticks from that cast. So, for example, with Spectral blade, MH will only proc on the first cast upon paralysis, but MH can proc up to 3 times from that one cast. For spells of speed coefficient > 1: Per target, if an enemy is affected by paralysis, they can take damage from MH within 1.5s of time. Any spell damage tick that hits them can potentially proc MH, assuming that spell is allowed to proc MH (more on this below). MH can only proc on targets that have had paralysis applied to them. Damage from MH is applied instantly, from the same cast / tap of a spell that procs paralysis. You don't really need to hit twice to proc MH (though it can proc MH more times on targets already affected by paralysis for speed co > 1 spells). MH can proc on different targets at near the same time. See: http://imgur.com/v6mDX6N Paralysis passive or a hellfire amulet with Paralysis is required for MH to work. Any skill that can proc Paralysis can proc MH (Note: does not include MW:Electrify). This means you must use lightning skills to deal MH damage, and the skills have to be cast by you. Additional damage from non-lightning sources does NOT proc MH any faster. MH damage is applied even when Paralysis stun effect is ignored due to CC resistance ramp (Credit Vox and Adria). CHC on gear and paragon will increase MH proc crit chance. Crit chance is not included in damage formula (Manald Heal can critically hit). CHD on gear and paragon will increase MH proc crit damage. CHD from Emerald in weapon will increase MH proc crit damage. MH likely has no ICD in place. MH does NOT proc area damage. Skill damage on gear does not increase MH proc damage. MH does NOT proc from Etched sigil casts. AT:SD can proc Manald in sets of two at the same time, on the same target. See: http://imgur.com/cY1Txhx Electrocute chains can proc Manald in multiples of two at the same time, on the same target. See: http://imgur.com/tHDwcSB. EDIT: After testing consecutive procs from AT:SD I found that the MH procs from AT:SD seem to average out over time to match tick rate of the spell, but this still makes damage more bursty. Shame of Delsere AS bonus does affect (increase) the rate at which MH can proc. Items that deal lightning damage do NOT proc MH. (Fulminator, Shard of Hate, Thunderfury, etc.) Wreath of Lightning does NOT proc MH (but can still proc Pain Enhancer). Wyrdward % chance to stun is multiplied by spell proc coefficients. Wyrdward % chance to stun does not apply towards increasing Paralysis chance, and does NOT assist in proccing MH. Same thing with Zei's stun: multplied by proc coefficients. Does NOT help proc Paralysis. Does NOT assist in proccing MH damage. Delsere 6 piece bonus will NOT increase the damage of MH. Dovu Energy Trap does NOT increase the duration that MH can proc. (Credit Adria) Mirror image spell casts cannot proc MH. Still to confirm: Using multiple paralysis capable skills, how do they interact with MH procs? For 2.5: Hydras & ranged and pet buffs (gems / skills) ----- The fact that MH can't proc Area damage means it may not scale into the highest of group GR. When you combine this with archon builds having a hard time getting stacks at the higher GRs, the wizard class might not make it into the group meta as a DPS role. This isn't to say it does terrible damage, I'm just saying the scaling of the damage is limited by these mechanics. ----- Attack Speed & Most known suitable skill choices. Since Paralysis is decoupled from proc coefficients, this makes skills with speed coefficients > 1 more appealing. This means, AT:SD, Electrocute, and Disintegration Wave (Archon) all are prime picks. It also makes stacking AS to meet higher breakpoints incredibly appealing for both: Proccing Paralysis more often. Proccing MH damage more times within each Paralysis window. MH can proc very rapidly at high attack speeds. In slow-mo vid testing, the lowest time noted between MH procs on the same target was .066 seconds (less than a tenth). This was from a Tal/Vyr archon test at the 15 ticks/s Breakpoint. This is why all the builds listed below utilize attack speed. You'll want to hit max AS rolls on all gear required + Paragon. Breakpoint tables and charts for speed co = 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/8770117237#post-11 Above post is by APO. Breakpoint table for Shame + Fragment (or just Shame) can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20042886074?page=5#post-84 Above post is by Dolynick. You can also use the wizard tools that are stickied on the forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/10971757476 Post by Dolynick. I use my own custom spreadsheet that I've built up over time. Just easier for me at this point. =) As an aside, I think that it would be great if we had a disintegrate lightning rune of some sort, as suggested by RoneNeffect here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752207091?page=2#post-28 This would allow disintegrate builds to exist with MH that aren't archon based. ----- Torment & Bounty Builds. Your bread and butter, these are hopefully entertaining enough to keep you interested, while still making farming an easy task. If you're like me, and don't like archon as much for Torment farming and bounties, these might pique your interest. [2.4.3 PTR] (TXIII) Tal Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW http://www.d3planner.com/197686568 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85734 https://youtu.be/dRhrQq3hNOg?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Get close in to dense packs and proc Pain Enhancer with Frozen Storm and Chain Lightning. This will bump you up a breakpoint or two and get you quicker paralysis and MH procs. PE bleed helps take out low HP mobs as well. Big multpliers from Tal6, Bastions of Will (F&R), Trapped, and Audacity. Power Hungry included as well for the off chance you get a proc at range. All the crowd favorites for easy farming: Aether Walker for mobility, Nemesis Bracers for extra elite pack spawns with pylons, Goldwrap Hoarder for easy defense, and Corruption shoulders for increased pickup radius. Keep FN:Mists and EB:Chain Reaction on autocast, and coast through the rift, casting Teleport and Chain Lightning. Shame of Delsere is Mandatory for AS bump and AP gains. Myken's is also required for the chain to same enemy effect. Boot slot is fairly open. Nilfur's is a go-to, but you could opt for Ice Climbers if you prefer. Keep homing pads on swap and make sure to bring out your cosmetic pet for additional gold pickup. Alternate Jewelry is Endless Walk + RoRG. Typical solo clears for this build will be in the 2.5m to 4m range. [2.4.3 PTR] Tal Electrocute Manald Heal Bounty Build http://www.d3planner.com/780054573 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85746 https://youtu.be/KF2axNupOMI?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy For TX to TXIII bounty farming. Well balanced - can handle single target boss fights, or crowd clearing bounties equally. The basic idea is to leverage multpliers and elemental damage bonuses to clear 4p games well. To handle bosses, engage them at range. To handle normal mobs / group clearing, engage close up. Similar to the build above, we use Frozen Storm + PE to get more MH procs when engaging groups of enemies. Multipliers: Tal6, Endless Walk, Trapped, Audacity, Zei's, Power Hungry Elemental Bonus: Starfire Mykens for chain to same. Defense is provided by Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers + MW:Deflection + Galvanizing Ward. Use Calamity to stun enemies as needed. Aether Walker for mobility. RoRG to meet 6 set bonus. When at range, Trapped is procced by Paralysis. Test run as seen is performed on T13 solo, since it's on the PTR (not many people on doing publics). Picked a few randoms out of each act. Handles T13 solo easily, even at my power (12.5k INT). Should be easily capable of 4p TX in early season. After you augment, and get better gear, expect to be able to clear up to T13 4p fairly handily. I killed Malthael at the end just for funsies. Found a menagerist goblin during the run with the Friendly Gauntlet drop. Blast! Why?? [2.4.3 PTR] (TXIII) (650+ DB/hr) Tal Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW + Sage's http://www.d3planner.com/243624048 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85922 https://youtu.be/bdtnKUUIPSQ?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Death's breath farming build that can clear TXIII in 3-4 minutes. Average DB per run will typically be between 35 and 50. In place of Goldwrap + Hoarder + Boot slot we place Sages + Wreath of Lightning. Energy Armor is used instead of Frozen Storm. I prefer the Pinpoint barrier rune for this one, but you can slot Force armor or prismatic if you want the defense. Attack speed is slotted (as is Pain enhancer + Wreath of lightning) to give quicker paralysis procs. Enchantress is recommended. Even with the ABB + GW combo, still a very touch and go build, so take care when engaging enemies. [2.4.3 PTR] (TXIII - 200p @ 3min) {HC} Tal Electrocute Manald Heal + AW for Hardcore http://www.d3planner.com/584412299 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85928 https://youtu.be/WbL0Uvj06TI?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Hardcore build for those who want more defense in their farming build. As seen, the clear speed is slightly slower on TXIII, but does include more defense for torment farming. A few swaps compared to the SC TXIII rifting build: Uses ABB + MW:D + GW to get massive shields. Slots OID for added defense, especially needed when engaging elites and the RG. Homing Pads for quick escape if you proc, or just at the end of the rift. Ice Climbers so Frozen doesn't necessarily wreck you. Black Hole for CC'ing monsters - especially good for swapping Nemesis bracers in for pylons, just pick up gold and cast BH before clicking the pylon. Keeps you from getting insta-gibbed. Avarice Band for easy pickup. Still slots Goldwrap + Hoarder for huge defense when picking up gold. Alternate Shoulder + boots combo is Firebirds for the extra second life. ----- Greater Rifting (GR) Builds. The main event so to speak, MH offers up many builds that can reach GR90+ with relatively low effort in gearing. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR94+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal + Aquila + Deathwish http://www.d3planner.com/359733445 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85735 https://youtu.be/GvUH_UsIkjg?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR90 @ 12k INT This build leverages the fact that AT:SD can proc MH twice on the same target at the same time. We slot high AS + PE like the Torment farming builds do to hit increased breakpoints. Tal6, Endless Walk, Deathwish, OID, Mantle of Channeling, Trapped, and Audacity make up the bulk of your damage multipliers. Taeguk is great for the extra damage boost. Typically MH doesn't proc immediately when engaging enemies, so dropping stacks isn't so bad of a thing. The idea is to clear the rift faster, spend a little more time on an RG (RG with adds like Saxtris would be king), but overall spend less time in the rift compared to having Stricken. Aquila is placed in the cube for extra damage reduction. With OID, Tal4, Mantle of Channeling, and the Halo + APD combo this makes for a very tanky build. LoH on weapon / bracer adds nice recovery. Resource is managed with many sources: RCR on Shoulder, Paragon, Topaz, and (possibly) source. APoC MW:Conduit +Max AP from paragon and source. These allow you to keep up Aquila at all times, even on single target. Blizzard: Snowbound is used to assist in PE procs, keep up the Tal4 bonus, and is great for helping proc Trapped at range. Feel free to sub whatever cold spell you prefer though, as this is fairly optional. The RCR roll on source is not 100% required, VIT is a good alternative if you feel fine with Aquila buff uptime. Same thing with LoH on bracer vs VIT, I prefer the LoH for the good recovery. Another potential swap is to go without MW:Conduit, and slot FN:Bone chill or ST:Stretch time. This would give more damage, but at the cost of having to need density to keep up your Aquila buff. So, this is more of an advanced option. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR90+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal DPS Group Build + Guide http://www.d3planner.com/428954774 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85948 https://youtu.be/5D0iIhlZCGg?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows a 2p GR85 clear. This is a Tal6 AT:SD MH build for group. Core damage comes from MH / Paralysis with high AS gear / skills. Stacks as many multpliers as possible to achieve huge damage. Core play involves keeping your Tal bonus up, popping slow time when support pulls in density, casting Spellsteal for big buff in time for CoE lightning phase. Works well with heal + pull support builds, since AT:SD allows you to stand in place. For added damage, defense, and group utility, we use the OID and Crown of Primus with Slow time. I think the Primus + OID combo offers more defense and group utility overall than a Hergbrashes + Furnace + Force Armor setup would be able to. Elite damage on the furnace setup would be slightly higher (~8.3% according to sim), but overall the ST + OID combo provides more damage and utility for clearing the rift. May not be the highest Damage build for a group compared to Firebats WD, but it's mighty fun, and works well at these GR levels. Wudijo's Tal6/Vyr4 MH Archon Meta Guide - the "Lightning Wiz" https://youtu.be/YSWV5xjk7yQ Take a look at this video guide for more info regarding the current Tal6/Vyr4 MH archon meta builds (as of 2/15/2017). The video description includes links for d3planner with Torment and GR speed farming variants, and the solo build. Thanks to Wudijo for putting out this very detailed and impactful guide. Tal / Vyr MH Archon CoE Solo Guide by xTonyj: https://youtu.be/NhDecAZRcEU Tal / Vyr MH Archon CoE Group Guide by xTonyj: https://youtu.be/3qWsuWudnsc Adding xTonyj's guides for CoE manald group and solo to the listings. These seem high damage, but pretty hard to play, and the solo build especially will require a lot of fishing, as it makes it so that you can't even skip floors with the archon build pretty much - rely on getting good open maps with good mob type. =) [2.4.3] Firebird Archon Fire and Lightning Group Build (by StoleOwnCar) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/86483 http://ptr.d3planner.com/510299188 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMAYECGxv48 https://youtu.be/yyeHQ_SlIA0 While it is FB archon based, this variation for group by StoleOwnCar uses the Manald Heal ring to deal lightning damage. GR100 in first video. GR95 cleared in 9 minutes at ~1700p shown in 2nd video. Skills MW:Ignite, Chantodos Wave of Destruction, and Mammoth Hydra are used to ignite elites for the 6 piece FB bonus. Mammoth Hydra continues igniting and dealing damage when you go into archon. CoE for even larger damage multiplier. AT:SD is also a high damage dealer in this build when outside of archon. You need max CDR on every slot, and the ideal elemental % distribution will be 20% fire (on bracers), this is to give chantodos fire damage. Attack speed is highly valued. If you find a pair of gloves with CDR/IAS/CHC/CHD, you're lucky. Weapon benefits from having IAS on it too. It will increase your manald bursts considerably with more IAS. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR93+) FB AT:SD Manald Heal + Aquila + Deathwish http://www.d3planner.com/987377148 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85738 https://youtu.be/aVRXM0yZSLs?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR89 clear. Similar to the Tal Rasha AT:SD Manald build, here is the FB version which is more tanky, but dishes out less damage. This is due to having a lower damage multiplier and lower base AS breakpoint than the Tal setup. Suprisingly, being able to stand and channel longer due to the DR somewhat makes up for the lower damage. It's a little more clunky than the Tal build, less mobile, and less efficient, but it works. Defense for the build is provided by FB6, Safe Passage, OID, Aquila, Halo + APDs, and Mantle of Channeling. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR89+) Vyr6 Manald Heal :{Ranged}: Zei + Starfire + EE + Zodiac + AW + Crystal Shell http://www.d3planner.com/510924647 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85741 https://youtu.be/KqNx41mwCkY?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows gameplay - GR85 @ 11k INT. Lost this particular rift due to bad RG - but at 4-5m ahead of the timer, can easily clear once you get a good RG spawn. This build uses Starfire + Zei + Power hungry with Archon beam attack to deal damage with MH at range. Primordial Soul + EE is used in place of UA to get even more damage at range. DS: Crystal shell + Zodiac + Aether Walker are used to gain additional defense when outside of archon. APDs are also procced by Calamity when outside archon. When inside archon, Ice Reflect and Cold Archon attacks are used to freeze and proc APDs. Planner shows two variations: high paragon and low paragon. I included LoH on weapon for both of these since I felt the recovery was needed. As far as gameplay goes, use the beam and make sure you are standing next to enemies whenever possible to get extra stack buildup from your blast attack. Attack the RG from range. Make sure you have Cold (or arcane) damage on wand. Be sure to also use cold archon for the stuns (with lightning % dmg on gear). Ice armor is the Ice Reflect rune, not Crystallize. +Max AP is recommended on paragon, wand, source. Potential swaps for Crystal shell include DS:Shards, ST:Exhaustion, and BH:Spellsteal. If you want to go more tanky, you can swap out endless walk for Halo of Arlyse + Hellfire with UA (or any of the other 4 passives & swap out that one for UA). Use Ice Armor: Crystallize with this swap. This will get you up to about GR80. Special thanks to Christos, TinneOnnMuin, and aloc for their help on this build. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR91+) Tal Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW + EW http://www.d3planner.com/438406970 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85743 https://youtu.be/3z_P0FR1Dw8?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR87 clear. With the increase to small mob progress on the PTR, Electrocute is pretty good at pushing higher GRs. This Tal build skips most elites. It's very much a melee electrocute build. Includes PE for higher breakpoints. Stricken is fairly mandatory for the RG with this build. Halo + APD combo is the bulk of your defense, so you really have to look for good mob types. The double second life from Unstable anomaly and FB2 bonus come in handy for this reason. Frost Hydra is placed to proc Trapped and the Tal4 bonus. Could be any cold spell (as preferred) though. Absolute Zero, Snowbound, and Frozen solid are also good options. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR91+) FB Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW + OID + Aquila http://www.d3planner.com/150952173 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85744 https://youtu.be/IWm2dsvg7lU?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR87 clear. Super Tanky FB electrocute build. Typical FB style of play - kite to density, consume the density with the elite giving FB6 buff, then possibly finish off the elite. Aether Walker for high mobility. Lots of defense to be able to ignite easier (have to get close to hit them with EB). Cast Apocalypse only when needed, since it does cost significant amount of AP. Make sure you're channeling into density (for high AP returns) when casting. Though they are close, I prefer this FB electrocute build over the Tal Electrocute build for GR. AW definitely makes it easier to find and ignite elites, and the defense is great. ----- XP Speed / Gem Leveling Builds for GR. Gems, gems, who has the gems? [2.4.3 PTR] (GR75-85+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal + Ranslor Gem/XP Speed http://www.d3planner.com/973776741 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85745 https://youtu.be/F5U09GwJZaQ?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR80 @ 6m. This build can handily take on GR75-85+ for gems/xp. Timed 6m on a good run, but can take as long as 8.5m if you get a bad rift. Keep in mind you can always reduce your GR a few levels to increase your clear speed, if your gear is unoptimized. Pain enhancer allows for quicker Manald Procs. OID + Esoteric + Halo/APD for defense, allows you to engage most elites. Ranslor pull is amazing for assisting in APD procs and quick trash kills, even with a bad mob type (shamans, wasps, etc.) Aether Walker for increased mobility with Conduit + RCR on shoulder, paragon, and Topaz in helm to handle AP costs. I've placed Illusory boots for positioning within enemy hitboxes and ability to run through waller, but you can opt for other boots, probably Nilfur's, if preferred. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR60-75+) Tal Electrocute Gem/XP Speed w/ Manald Heal http://www.d3planner.com/975016649 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/86592 https://youtu.be/lpt3-4E-D28 (4p GR 60 2m clears) https://youtu.be/l_Ob2-8CnAc?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy (3.5m GR70 solo clear) This build is quite adept for clearing lower GRs (even in group play) fairly quickly. The extra defense from ABB + GW + OID help to keep you alive to get that "no death" bonus gem roll. Edit (1/17/2016): updated build to include FB 2pc from shoulder / boots. The double second life helps even more with staying alive during the rift. Thanks to Malakai for core ideas. Altered his original build to be melee oriented (with PE). With the additional placement of Gogok, the build is very capable at getting Paralysis and MH procs in a timely fashion. AS rolls are mandatory, and Enchantress is recommended. Wish I could have included nemesis, but the drop in defense was too much with that swap. Alternate gems to Gogok would be Zei's or Powerful. [2.4.3] Tal Electrocute MH - Velvet Camaral + Black Hole (GR60-70 Speed Build) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/87727 http://www.d3planner.com/937253882 https://youtu.be/IxepJ52VPCI?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy A fun speedy build for GR65 ish and below for those quick gem-ups. VC works well at these levels, however, RG kills, especially if you try and push higher than ~GR65 start to take a long time. Video shows 1 GR65 run, and then 1 GR 60 run. Gear is at the end. The Halo of Arlyse + APD combo along with the double second life (UA + FB2pc) help ensure you stay alive for that extra bonus gem roll. I recommend you bring a friend to kill the RG for you if you want to run GR70 speeds. This build handles the trash at that level still fairly efficiently though. Wanted to get this out as I know many of you have been asking what I would do if I would slot VC. [2.4.3] Tal Electrocute MH - Velvet Camaral + EW (GR65-75) Speed Build http://www.diablofans.com/builds/87819 https://youtu.be/PgaBvtEAbKQ?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows 2p GR 70 carry @ 5m. fun build, capable efficiently up to about 75 solo. More glassy, but still agile, and more damage with the EW. Can use ABB instead of Nemesis if preferred. ----- Here's to hoping these ideas help your wizard in the upcoming patch. Happy new year, and Good luck in season 9!Cratic410 5d
5d Stuck at GR85 I cant seem to get to get past GR 85. I cleared GR83 during seasons at paragon 800, now that seasons are over I upgraded to ancient helm and off hand, and added the paragon points into int for more damage - I thought all that would = me being able to do close to 90. The problem is if I drop Galvanizing Ward for Power Hungry, I die left and right. But at 85, my beam of death seems so inconsistent I have a hard time killing things in a timely manner. Can you guys look me over (Spanky) and tell me if I have something not set up right? Or do I just need full ancients and more augments to progress? I know they are nerfing this build on the new patch so I wanted to see how far I could take it.Exiter8 5d
5d Tasker & Theo Hi all, does anyone know if this gauntlet still works for hydra aspd in season 10? thxAventador2 5d
5d Tal Rasha, Disintegrate Question So, last season, I ran the Tal Rasha build centered around Disintegrate. I got the gear so created a DMO build as well. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them, got the Torment 12, farming 11 and GR equivalent. This season I started with Crusader and built a DH as I was getting alot of DH gear. I can farm T13 with both my Crusader and my DH and I got to GR 69 on my Crusader and 62 so far on my DH. Anyway, I decided I wanted to go play my Wizard, I missed her. For some reason I can not compete in T11 more or less 12. So, the question, Was Tal Rasha and or Disintegrate nerfed and I missed it?Luciffer6 5d
5d Returning player lost to all the changes Back when I played critical mass was the go to wizard build. I took a 3 year break and just reinstalled the game a few days ago. Currently, my main interest is to push solo greater rifts and speed farm. Without getting into too much detail explaining builds( I can google it), what is popular right now and going into the next patch? What are the gear pieces that I should focus on first? For any archon build, I know I need the obsidian ring of the zodiac and the swami which I do not have. I do have a 5 piece firebirds, 4 piece vyr's, and 3 piece tals as well as a starfire wand and a ring of royal grandeur. I do have the cube and I am currently farming at least 50 of each of the act mats to reforge a weapon first in the hopes of an ancient. I am really lost as to which weapon to attempt to reforge. I see the starfire is the choice for the lightening archon build. I see others with the pig sticker. Any help would be appreciated.KillerElite25 5d