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May 16, 2012 Vetting a Hero: the Wizard It can be difficult to choose which hero you want to take into battle against the legions of the Burning Hells. To help inform your decision we’ve compiled all of the gameplay and story information you need broken down by class. Barbarian Demon Hunter Monk Witch Doctor The Wizard Wizards are renegade spellcasters who use their bodies as vessels for arcane energy, forsaking the more careful path favored by other magic users. They manipulate all manner of forces to disintegrate, burn, and freeze their foes, and they can control time and light to teleport, create powerful illusions, and deflect oncoming attacks. Wizards grip wands and staves to focus their less potent magics, blasting at their enemies while gathering the energy or time necessary to destroy them in a dazzling hail of arcane might. With few exceptions, wizard attacks are conducted at a distance, away from danger. As living artillery, wizards are well suited to relying on long-range destructive power. Videos Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise - Wizard story and gameplay pre-launch preview Skill Rune Preview - An example of how skill runes augment an ability like Ray of Frost Wizard Reveal Trailer - The wizard class is revealed at BlizzCon 2008 Diablo III Gameplay Preview - Worldwide Invitational 2008 Diablo III first-ever gameplay trailer featuring the barbarian and witch doctor Gameplay Active Skills Passive Skills Skill Progression Skill Calculator Items Images Artwork Screenshots Character Background ... ...Zarhym0 May 16, 2012
Aug 23 RoS Wizard Tools (updated for v2.4.2) I created this set of tools for my own use and decided that they could be of benefit to others. The tools are designed to remove a lot of the guess work from gearing choices and give you a as accurate an estimate of your wizard's potential in various aspects as possible. What it includes: -Tool to help with calculating the eDPS of various spell combinations -Tool to calculate the APoC and LoH returns of spells and their "spam-ability" -Tool for calculating Mitigation and Sustain -Tool that calculates changes in DPS, Mit & eHP with stat changes. -Tool for calculating Cooldown Reduction and Cost Reduction -Tool for calculating the Firebird 6-piece DoT damage and infinite DoT threshold -Tool for calculating damage within a Tal Rasha 6-piece skill rotation. -Tables for all breakpoints (Yes, they still very much exist in RoS). -Reference page of stats for skills with some notes on behavior (Requires Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet software) Download location: http://www.olynick.net/d3/tools VOD of the Wizard Tools Workshop on April19, 2015: http://www.twitch.tv/vizjereiclan/c/6569262 Let me know what you think. -dolynickdolynick241 Aug 23
37m Question with FB set and Spectral Blade Why do everyone use spectral blade when pushing GR? I have been following the top leader board, and had some success with FB set (pushing gr 88 now). But with new patch and thousands of range units at high greater rifting, I was wondering why spectral blade would be the best choice (vs. magic missile or some other ranged attacks). After all, all the damage is done in archon form, and spectral blade (or any other primary attack) doesn't do any damage. It is solely to stack 20 stacks of Chantodo wand, and stacks additional damage for 5 seconds that we get from spectral blade seems negligible. Can anyone explain why every FB leaderboard uses Spectral Blade? Am I missing something here?NeoLegend2 37m
1h Manald Heal Build, seems squichy I have created a new Wizard and started building him into a Lightening Manald Heal build. Current build is here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FrogSkin-1511/hero/84387698 At the moment, doing GR30 I clear them no problems, however am dieing at least 2 to 3 times. Like BAM, you dead from full health. I've still got to add my third piece of Vyr's, which I have, however am still chasing the Tal amulet. Does this improve, or will this build always be squishy and prone to instant death?FrogSkin5 1h
1h T13 Bounties builds? What are the most efficient builds for T13 bounties (season)? Looking for a good combo of damage, mobility and easiness to play.Andrey7 1h
1h [2.4.3] (S9) Manald Heal Builds + Mechanics Gather 'round fellow wizards, it's a new year, and time for new builds. =) Season 9 brings the Manald Heal ring (pff Manald, right? ...WRONG). Manald Heal can deal tremendous amounts of damage if used properly. GR builds with MH will be clearing in the 90+ range. While I still think Paralysis chance should be adjusted a tad higher, and some item interactions could be better, overall I feel MH is a great improvement for the wizard class, introducing many new builds that are approaching FB archon levels of play. Big thanks to anyone and everyone who assisted and researched manald mechanics or gave advice for making these builds better. Including but not limited to: Vox - Malakai - GBrav13 - TinneOnnMuin - Christos - StoleOwnCar - MasterJay - aloc - Angry Loves! Without further - lets dive in. Here is the playlist for all build videos if you'd prefer that method. I will list out links for each build below as well. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy ----- Mechanics. General list of Manald Heal (MH), Paralysis, and other related mechanics, mostly taken from the Manaldo thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752207091 Paralysis stun applies on cast. MH damage appears to be applied on hit (based on testing, deals damage in line with spell damage ticks). Paralysis is a static 15% chance to stun. Chance is NOT multiplied by skill proc coefficients. If Paralysis cast rolls "True", every enemy hit by that cast will be affected (and therefore vulnerable to MH procs / damage). MH can proc on different targets at near the same time. See: http://imgur.com/v6mDX6N Paralysis passive or a hellfire amulet with Paralysis is required for MH to work. Any skill that can proc Paralysis can proc MH (Note: this includes lightning hydra, does not include MW:Electrify). This means you must use lightning skills to deal MH damage, and the skills have to be cast by you. Additional damage from non-lightning sources does NOT proc MH any faster. MH can deal damage multiple times per Paralysis proc, assuming the player is channeling or continually attacking the target. MH damage is applied even when Paralysis stun effect is ignored due to CC resistance ramp. MH damage increases when you slot more CHC and CHD. MH likely has no ICD in place. MH does NOT proc area damage. Skill damage on gear does not increase MH proc damage. MH does NOT proc from Etched sigil casts. AT:SD can proc Manald in sets of two at the same time, on the same target. See: http://imgur.com/cY1Txhx Electrocute chains can proc Manald in multiples of two at the same time, on the same target. See: http://imgur.com/tHDwcSB Items that deal lightning damage do NOT proc MH. (Fulminator, Shard of Hate, Thunderfury, etc.) Wreath of Lightning does NOT proc MH (but can still proc Pain Enhancer). Wyrdward % chance to stun is multiplied by spell proc coefficients. Wyrdward % chance to stun does not apply towards increasing Paralysis chance, and does NOT assist in proccing MH. Same thing with Zei's stun: multplied by proc coefficients. Does NOT help proc Paralysis. Does NOT assist in proccing MH damage. Delsere 6 piece bonus will NOT increase the damage of MH. Still to confirm: How MH procs (in tick sets, or possibly during any tick when paralysis is active)? Does Dovu Energy Trap increase paralysis duration, therefore increasing the window of time for MH procs to 1.875s (assuming a 25% Dovu)? lightning skills cast by Mirror Images can proc MH? ----- The fact that MH can't proc Area damage means it may not scale into the highest of group GR. When you combine this with archon builds having a hard time getting stacks at the higher GRs, the wizard class might not make it into the group meta as a DPS role. This isn't to say it does terrible damage, I'm just saying the scaling of the damage is limited by these mechanics. ----- Attack Speed & Most known suitable skill choices. Since Paralysis is decoupled from proc coefficients, this makes skills with speed coefficients > 1 more appealing. This means, AT:SD, Electrocute, and Disintegration Wave (Archon) all are prime picks. It also makes stacking AS to meet higher breakpoints incredibly appealing for both: Proccing Paralysis more often. Proccing MH damage more times within each Paralysis window. MH can proc very rapidly at high attack speeds. In slow-mo vid testing, the lowest time noted between MH procs on the same target was .066 seconds (less than a tenth). This was from a Tal/Vyr archon test at the 15 ticks/s Breakpoint. This is why all the builds listed below utilize attack speed. You'll want to hit max AS rolls on all gear required + Paragon. Breakpoint tables and charts for speed co = 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/8770117237#post-11 Above post is by APO. Breakpoint table for Shame + Fragment (or just Shame) can be found here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20042886074?page=5#post-84 Above post is by Dolynick. You can also use the wizard tools that are stickied on the forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/10971757476 Post by Dolynick. I use my own custom spreadsheet that I've built up over time. Just easier for me at this point. =) As an aside, I think that it would be great if we had a disintegrate lightning rune of some sort, as suggested by RoneNeffect here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752207091?page=2#post-28 This would allow disintegrate builds to exist with MH that aren't archon based. ----- Torment & Bounty Builds. Your bread and butter, these are hopefully entertaining enough to keep you interested, while still making farming an easy task. If you're like me, and don't like archon as much for Torment farming and bounties, these might pique your interest. [2.4.3 PTR] (TXIII) Tal Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW http://ptr.d3planner.com/115009590 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85734 https://youtu.be/dRhrQq3hNOg?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Get close in to dense packs and proc Pain Enhancer with Frozen Storm and Chain Lightning. This will bump you up a breakpoint or two and get you quicker paralysis and MH procs. PE bleed helps take out low HP mobs as well. Big multpliers from Tal6, Bastions of Will (F&R), Trapped, and Audacity. Power Hungry included as well for the off chance you get a proc at range. All the crowd favorites for easy farming: Aether Walker for mobility, Nemesis Bracers for extra elite pack spawns with pylons, Goldwrap Hoarder for easy defense, and Corruption shoulders for increased pickup radius. Keep FN:Mists and EB:Chain Reaction on autocast, and coast through the rift, casting Teleport and Chain Lightning. Shame of Delsere is Mandatory for AS bump and AP gains. Myken's is also required for the chain to same enemy effect. Boot slot is fairly open. Nilfur's is a go-to, but you could opt for Ice Climbers if you prefer. Keep homing pads on swap and make sure to bring out your cosmetic pet for additional gold pickup. Alternate Jewelry is Endless Walk + RoRG. Typical solo clears for this build will be in the 2.5m to 4m range. [2.4.3 PTR] Tal Electrocute Manald Heal Bounty Build http://ptr.d3planner.com/283838970 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85746 https://youtu.be/KF2axNupOMI?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy For TX to TXIII bounty farming. Well balanced - can handle single target boss fights, or crowd clearing bounties equally. The basic idea is to leverage multpliers and elemental damage bonuses to clear 4p games well. To handle bosses, engage them at range. To handle normal mobs / group clearing, engage close up. Similar to the build above, we use Frozen Storm + PE to get more MH procs when engaging groups of enemies. Multipliers: Tal6, Endless Walk, Trapped, Audacity, Zei's, Power Hungry Elemental Bonus: Starfire Mykens for chain to same. Defense is provided by Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers + MW:Deflection + Galvanizing Ward. Use Calamity to stun enemies as needed. Aether Walker for mobility. RoRG to meet 6 set bonus. When at range, Trapped is procced by Paralysis. Test run as seen is performed on T13 solo, since it's on the PTR (not many people on doing publics). Picked a few randoms out of each act. Handles T13 solo easily, even at my power (12.5k INT). Should be easily capable of 4p TX in early season. After you augment, and get better gear, expect to be able to clear up to T13 4p fairly handily. I killed Malthael at the end just for funsies. Found a menagerist goblin during the run with the Friendly Gauntlet drop. Blast! Why?? [2.4.3 PTR] (TXIII) (650+ DB/hr) Tal Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW + Sage's http://ptr.d3planner.com/907883885 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85922 https://youtu.be/bdtnKUUIPSQ?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Death's breath farming build that can clear TXIII in 3-4 minutes. Average DB per run will typically be between 35 and 50. In place of Goldwrap + Hoarder + Boot slot we place Sages + Wreath of Lightning. Energy Armor is used instead of Frozen Storm. I prefer the Pinpoint barrier rune for this one, but you can slot Force armor or prismatic if you want the defense. Attack speed is slotted (as is Pain enhancer + Wreath of lightning) to give quicker paralysis procs. Enchantress is recommended. Even with the ABB + GW combo, still a very touch and go build, so take care when engaging enemies. [2.4.3 PTR] (TXIII - 200p @ 3min) {HC} Tal Electrocute Manald Heal + AW for Hardcore http://ptr.d3planner.com/866196831 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85928 https://youtu.be/WbL0Uvj06TI?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Hardcore build for those who want more defense in their farming build. As seen, the clear speed is slightly slower on TXIII, but does include more defense for torment farming. A few swaps compared to the SC TXIII rifting build: Uses ABB + MW:D + GW to get massive shields. Slots OID for added defense, especially needed when engaging elites and the RG. Homing Pads for quick escape if you proc, or just at the end of the rift. Ice Climbers so Frozen doesn't necessarily wreck you. Black Hole for CC'ing monsters - especially good for swapping Nemesis bracers in for pylons, just pick up gold and cast BH before clicking the pylon. Keeps you from getting insta-gibbed. Avarice Band for easy pickup. Still slots Goldwrap + Hoarder for huge defense when picking up gold. Alternate Shoulder + boots combo is Firebirds for the extra second life. ----- Greater Rifting (GR) Builds. The main event so to speak, MH offers up many builds that can reach GR90+ with relatively low effort in gearing. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR94+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal + Aquila + Deathwish http://ptr.d3planner.com/444399829 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85735 https://youtu.be/GvUH_UsIkjg?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR90 @ 12k INT This build leverages the fact that AT:SD can proc MH twice on the same target at the same time. We slot high AS + PE like the Torment farming builds do to hit increased breakpoints. Tal6, Endless Walk, Deathwish, OID, Mantle of Channeling, Trapped, and Audacity make up the bulk of your damage multipliers. Taeguk is great for the extra damage boost. Typically MH doesn't proc immediately when engaging enemies, so dropping stacks isn't so bad of a thing. The idea is to clear the rift faster, spend a little more time on an RG (RG with adds like Saxtris would be king), but overall spend less time in the rift compared to having Stricken. Aquila is placed in the cube for extra damage reduction. With OID, Tal4, Mantle of Channeling, and the Halo + APD combo this makes for a very tanky build. LoH on weapon / bracer adds nice recovery. Resource is managed with many sources: RCR on Shoulder, Paragon, Topaz, and (possibly) source. APoC MW:Conduit +Max AP from paragon and source. These allow you to keep up Aquila at all times, even on single target. Blizzard: Snowbound is used to assist in PE procs, keep up the Tal4 bonus, and is great for helping proc Trapped at range. Feel free to sub whatever cold spell you prefer though, as this is fairly optional. The RCR roll on source is not 100% required, VIT is a good alternative if you feel fine with Aquila buff uptime. Same thing with LoH on bracer vs VIT, I prefer the LoH for the good recovery. Another potential swap is to go without MW:Conduit, and slot FN:Bone chill or ST:Stretch time. This would give more damage, but at the cost of having to need density to keep up your Aquila buff. So, this is more of an advanced option. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR90+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal DPS Group Build + Guide http://ptr.d3planner.com/288395915 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85948 https://youtu.be/5D0iIhlZCGg?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows a 2p GR85 clear. This is a Tal6 AT:SD MH build for group. Core damage comes from MH / Paralysis with high AS gear / skills. Stacks as many multpliers as possible to achieve huge damage. Core play involves keeping your Tal bonus up, popping slow time when support pulls in density, casting Spellsteal for big buff in time for CoE lightning phase. Works well with heal + pull support builds, since AT:SD allows you to stand in place. For added damage, defense, and group utility, we use the OID and Crown of Primus with Slow time. I think the Primus + OID combo offers more defense and group utility overall than a Hergbrashes + Furnace + Force Armor setup would be able to. Elite damage on the furnace setup would be slightly higher (~8.3% according to sim), but overall the ST + OID combo provides more damage and utility for clearing the rift. May not be the highest Damage build for a group compared to Firebats WD, but it's mighty fun, and works well at these GR levels. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR93+) FB AT:SD Manald Heal + Aquila + Deathwish http://ptr.d3planner.com/190655006 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85738 https://youtu.be/aVRXM0yZSLs?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR89 clear. Similar to the Tal Rasha AT:SD Manald build, here is the FB version which is more tanky, but dishes out less damage. This is due to having a lower damage multiplier and lower base AS breakpoint than the Tal setup. Suprisingly, being able to stand and channel longer due to the DR somewhat makes up for the lower damage. It's a little more clunky than the Tal build, less mobile, and less efficient, but it works. Defense for the build is provided by FB6, Safe Passage, OID, Aquila, Halo + APDs, and Mantle of Channeling. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR94+) Tal6/Vyr4 Manald - No Halo - APDs + Ice Reflect + Trapped/Zei's/Gogok http://ptr.d3planner.com/183743918 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85740 https://youtu.be/4uRRz4UrcPw?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy https://youtu.be/B5iUz0LQyBk?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Videos show GR90 @ 11.5k INT and GR88 @ 11k INT. My preferred variation of Tal6/Vyr4 MH. No Halo of Arlyse, instead uses Zodiac ring for quicker archon resets. AS on gear + Gogok is used to hit the 12 t/s BP when in double stack swami. Trapped / Zei / Gogok is used for max damage during the rift, and quicker resets. Basically means you take longer on the RG (no Stricken), so better pray for a shielding, power pylon, or good RG spawn. Ice reflect is used with APDs to help survive when in archon form. Out of archon you use Calamity with Paralysis and Zei's. Use Templar with Intimidate. AS rolls on gear need to be perfect + at least a 49 Fazula. Make sure you have your highest elemental damage % as lightning. This determines your archon element. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR89+) Vyr6 Manald Heal :{Ranged}: Zei + Starfire + EE + Zodiac + AW + Crystal Shell http://ptr.d3planner.com/149419617 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85741 https://youtu.be/KqNx41mwCkY?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows gameplay - GR85 @ 11k INT. Lost this particular rift due to bad RG - but at 4-5m ahead of the timer, can easily clear once you get a good RG spawn. This build uses Starfire + Zei + Power hungry with Archon beam attack to deal damage with MH at range. Primordial Soul + EE is used in place of UA to get even more damage at range. DS: Crystal shell + Zodiac + Aether Walker are used to gain additional defense when outside of archon. APDs are also procced by Calamity when outside archon. When inside archon, Ice Reflect and Cold Archon attacks are used to freeze and proc APDs. Planner shows two variations: high paragon and low paragon. I included LoH on weapon for both of these since I felt the recovery was needed. As far as gameplay goes, use the beam and make sure you are standing next to enemies whenever possible to get extra stack buildup from your blast attack. Attack the RG from range. Make sure you have Cold (or arcane) damage on wand. Be sure to also use cold archon for the stuns (with lightning % dmg on gear). Ice armor is the Ice Reflect rune, not Crystallize. +Max AP is recommended on paragon, wand, source. Potential swaps for Crystal shell include DS:Shards, ST:Exhaustion, and BH:Spellsteal. If you want to go more tanky, you can swap out endless walk for Halo of Arlyse + Hellfire with UA (or any of the other 4 passives & swap out that one for UA). Use Ice Armor: Crystallize with this swap. This will get you up to about GR80. Special thanks to Christos, TinneOnnMuin, and aloc for their help on this build. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR91+) Tal Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW + EW http://ptr.d3planner.com/745641381 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85743 https://youtu.be/3z_P0FR1Dw8?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR87 clear. With the increase to small mob progress on the PTR, Electrocute is pretty good at pushing higher GRs. This Tal build skips most elites. It's very much a melee electrocute build. Includes PE for higher breakpoints. Stricken is fairly mandatory for the RG with this build. Halo + APD combo is the bulk of your defense, so you really have to look for good mob types. The double second life from Unstable anomaly and FB2 bonus come in handy for this reason. Frost Hydra is placed to proc Trapped and the Tal4 bonus. Could be any cold spell (as preferred) though. Absolute Zero, Snowbound, and Frozen solid are also good options. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR91+) FB Electrocute - Manald Heal + AW + OID + Aquila http://ptr.d3planner.com/702083285 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85744 https://youtu.be/IWm2dsvg7lU?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR87 clear. Super Tanky FB electrocute build. Typical FB style of play - kite to density, consume the density with the elite giving FB6 buff, then possibly finish off the elite. Aether Walker for high mobility. Lots of defense to be able to ignite easier (have to get close to hit them with EB). Cast Apocalypse only when needed, since it does cost significant amount of AP. Make sure you're channeling into density (for high AP returns) when casting. Though they are close, I prefer this FB electrocute build over the Tal Electrocute build for GR. AW definitely makes it easier to find and ignite elites, and the defense is great. ----- XP Speed / Gem Leveling Builds for GR. Gems, gems, who has the gems? [2.4.3 PTR] (GR75-85+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal + Ranslor Gem/XP Speed http://ptr.d3planner.com/623971426 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85745 https://youtu.be/F5U09GwJZaQ?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR80 @ 6m. This build can handily take on GR75-85+ for gems/xp. Timed 6m on a good run, but can take as long as 8.5m if you get a bad rift. Keep in mind you can always reduce your GR a few levels to increase your clear speed, if your gear is unoptimized. Pain enhancer allows for quicker Manald Procs. OID + Esoteric + Halo/APD for defense, allows you to engage most elites. Ranslor pull is amazing for assisting in APD procs and quick trash kills, even with a bad mob type (shamans, wasps, etc.) Aether Walker for increased mobility with Conduit + RCR on shoulder, paragon, and Topaz in helm to handle AP costs. I've placed Illusory boots for positioning within enemy hitboxes and ability to run through waller, but you can opt for other boots, probably Nilfur's, if preferred. [2.4.3 PTR] (GR60-75+) Tal Electrocute Gem/XP Speed w/ Manald Heal http://ptr.d3planner.com/807956977 https://youtu.be/l_Ob2-8CnAc?list=PLsBZISJpoL0I1rZLcEc1Q5jQ1QKzkW8qy Video shows GR70 @ 3.5m. To be honest, I'm not quite sure why you would use this build over the Tal AT:SD speed build, other than to clear lower GRs a tad quicker for guaranteed 5th gem roll, but I think it is still worth listing. Thanks to Malakai for core ideas. Altered his original build to be melee oriented (with PE). With the additional placement of Gogok, the build is very capable at getting Paralysis and MH procs in a timely fashion. AS rolls are mandatory, and Enchantress is recommended. Wish I could have included nemesis, but the drop in defense was too much with that swap. Alternate gems to Gogok would be Zei's or Powerful. ----- Here's to hoping these ideas help your wizard in the upcoming patch. Happy new year, and Good luck in season 9!Cratic104 1h
1h Teleport responsiveness and other changes Hey guys, Ive been seeing a few things in game and want to know if you have as well. First: Teleport seems a lot less responsive than it used to. Delays between clicking the skill and the actual teleport, occasional non activation, etc. This is something I noticed on the PTR and posted on the bug forum. (Note, 64 bit client only) Second: How about all those ranged mobs! What a fantastic change to greater rifts.Gbrav1325 1h
2h Are Wizards really as bad as they say? I just got one to 70 and with fresh gear, so I decided to do a Torment II adventure mode since I leveled up in Torment I just fine (though some bosses did take a few tries). I could not kill Siegebreaker in 5 tries while it was I believe not buffed by the barb that joined mid fight the 5th try. The last try I did get the fight down but the enrage killed me. Then the barb probably being geared killed it in 10 seconds and then said it was my fault for rolling the weakest class. That guy is probably just a douchebag that didn't account for the fact that I was only 70 for less than an hour, but is there some truth to wizards being bad now?Zman8 2h
3h Magic Missile Dreams, Blackhand Key Love magic missile. I think any wizard toon will always have some sort of MM skill. Anyhow, I had a few thoughts I'd love to see happen. Let me know what you folks think! I'd love for this skill to see some love. Magic Missile Skill change Seeker to Supercharged Magic missile has a 10% chance on hit to explode for 975% weapon dmg as lightning over 8 yard radius. seeker is a waste as it is currently, and this adds in a lightning dmg skill which is needed. Mirror Ball Magic Missile gains all runes. Magic missile fires 1-2 more missiles. This adds in a nice amount of dmg to the skill, but does so in a fun way! - dmg increased to 325% from charged blast - freeze enemies on hit and 4yrd AOE from glacial spike - 2 extra missiles from split - 10% chance per hit to deal 975% as lightning over 8rd AoE from supercharged - Missile dmg stacks 3 times and pierces from conflagrate with a well rolled MB you get 5 missiles dealing nice dmg that pierce and have some AoE. Combine with Depth Diggers and Shame of Delsere and you have some Magic brewing. Blackhand Key or Wizard Spike Magic missile has a 20-30% chance to replicate on hit. Missiles can replicate up to three times. When magic missile hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased 200%. It's time the Blackhand key got some love. I also like the idea of this being on wizard spike. I still think the WS should have been the AO weapon. Anyhow, the end result is a pretty nice MM build. Especially in density. You get tons of Magic Missiles replicating all across the screen causing pretty explosions and such. Plus, MM has a great proc coefficient. Can't help but wonder how Rimeheart might do. Edit: The replication chance and number would have to be tuned. I'm guessing this would be very OP in higher GR groups. Edit2: nah, this is pretty balanced i think. Replication has a chance of only producing 3 more missiles per parent missile. So a multiplier of 4 in large groups.aloc1 3h
3h Is this a Manald Heal Bug or Electrocute? I know Manald heal has a 15% chance to proc because of paralysis so you expect many procs and periods of no procs but during my gaming I've now noticed something very strange. While channeling electrocute and teleporting around to gather mobs (with ather walker) during this period I'm basically moving my mouse all over going from mob to mob and I'm still continually holding down Electrocute non stop and when I do this I noticed mobs dieing a lot faster than if I sit there and channel by concentrating on a single mob even though electrocute chains to others. So I did some more testing and by moving my mouse in a circles around the mobs or by moving the mouse back and forth in the groups of mobs they definitely die faster. So after this I moved onto elites and noticed the exact samething! If I move the mouse from elite to elite making sure not to channel long on a single elite all the elites die much faster. So I did another test against a lvl 75 RG with 4T health using the same technique (circling the mouse around the boss and moving the mouse on and off him) and I was able to kill him in 1 minute (using shield pylon). Then it took a few Grifts but I eventually found another shield pylon right before the RG (same lvl 75) and it took me 2 mins to kill him. Probably 1:30 if I didn't loose my shield. There is definitely a noticeable difference when using this technique. So at this point I've come to the conclusion that there has to be a bug with either Manald heal or electrocute since Manald heal procs a lot more if you move the mouse around from mob to mob not concentrating on a single mob but instead concentrating on the whole group with circling. It's similar on the RG by moving the mouse on and off of him you seem to have more Manald heal procs than if you continuously channeled on him. Anyone else notice this?Jumpman5 3h
7h Manald Heal procs bugging out? Has anyone else noticed that sometimes in Archon form, manald heal won't proc for upwards of 10+ seconds? I first noticed it a few days ago but today it's been absolutely horrible. Normally i run through rifts and kill elites in under 2 seconds but i just died 7 times in a 5 minute rift clear because for the entire duration of archon none of my abilities would proc Manald Heal more than once or twice every few seconds. That's with 4 sheet APS. I even went and tested it on trash mobs that should be 1 shot by manald heal and i consistently had to channel archon beam on trash mobs for upwards of 6-8 seconds just to get a single MH proc. And they didn't have any stun DR on them. First i thought it was my templar bugging out with TF/CCs. So i disabled him but it kept happening. Then i tried changing archon rune to lightning but it still kept happening. I know the proc is RNG but with high attack speed there should never be any significant amount of time with zero procs happening. The only time i was actually killing anything was when i dropped out of archon and suddenly AT proced a bunch of MH damage.CoffeeMaid17 7h
11h MH archon range & dmg Hi I have done a little picture about dmg and range and just want to share it with the community :) http://imgur.com/S5IfFAG gl&hfmarsoon1 11h
11h Fazula's Legendary Affix Range Priority Hi all - I am currently running Lightning Archon Vyr/Tal build with MH. I have 2 Fazula's belts... one ancient with a crappy legendary affix roll (41) and one normal with a decent legendary affix roll (47). See below for comparison as well as detailed stats: http://imgur.com/a/zR19Z My thoughts are that the normal version is better because the 6 extra stacks are allowing me to start with 36% more damage @ the start of Archon, but I am not sure if my thought process is right here. Is the range on the archon stacks the most important stat for the belt? Or is the ancient verison better?VaniLaGoriLa1 11h
16h Firebird set issue The Firebird set's burn until dead used to work on my wizard. I stopped playing for a long time. Came back to play in the last week, and I cannot get monsters to burn until dead They seem to have changed the rules, but I interpreted the new rules to mean that any 3 skills damaging a single creature with fire damage in < 3 seconds should burn to death. I see no evidence this works for me. They do burn, but not until deadqed1 16h
18h How does Manald Heal apply its damage? Hello. I understand the basics of the item, but there's one thing that bugs me off. I can't seem to understand when and why the damage is applied. The item's description states that everytime paralysis procs you'll deal 14000% WD to the target. But it feels like what really happen is that it's every hit on a paralysed target that has a chance to proc the damage. Any information on that? Thanks.Somehow4 18h
19h weapon question sorry if this is a stupid question ive been away for a while is the shard of hate proc worth using over bonesaber of zumakalis even though its a 7% attack speed loss? I am using Tal rasha with MH ring and thought that the Tal stacks would make it worth while or am i just gimping myself with the 7% attack speed loss and choosing the procorthrus3 19h
19h Broken Promises Leveling a new toon and I had this drop. New toon its pretty easy to have no CC, so I thought why not. Using hydra and disintegrate. I pulled up my sheet and noticed it seemed to be up a fair bit. So I thought, i wonder if my hydras can proc it? So i cast one and let him work. I couldn't believe it when my hydras were keeping BP up. Sure enough it worked. I wondered how this might work with serpent sparker or with a WoW. I remembered hearing this ring was no good for wizard, but it seemed to work pretty good for mine so far. I have very little CHD, but its still doubling my damage in almost every elite fight.aloc0 19h
21h No Set GR45 Hola! Haven't played a wizard since vanilla early days. Enjoying it this season with tals/vyr archon MH, but really at a loss for a decent no set GR45 build. Anyone got a link? Thanks in advance.Fitz5 21h
21h firebird ignite not working for me? So I'm using the firebird set and I'm having trouble getting the permanent ignite to apply consistently. Here's what I do: First, I hit a group of enemies with Electrocute: Forked Lightning a few times. I'm using Myken's Ball of Hate, so it's easy to hit all of them. Next I hit them with Disintegrate: Convergence. This also automatically casts Blizzard: Apocalypse since I'm using the Etched Sigil in the cube. That should immediately ignite them all but it only ignites some of them, and I can't tell the difference between the ones it worked on and the ones it didn't. It seems completely random. Someone help me out here please? Here's my character: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/draconicman-1125/hero/83411833draconicman20 21h
23h SB/Flame blades + Archon. Does it snapshot? "Each enemy hit increases the damage of your Fire spells by 1%, up to a maximum of 30%, for 5 seconds." -- is the whole duration of Archon considered as one "spell cast" or will the stacks expire 5 sec into the Archon?Andrey1 23h
23h Starting with Firebirds in S9 Hi there, has anybody a setup that can do better than T6 early in the season when just the FB-6pc is available? I found the set really lackluster when it doesn't have any supporting items and no matter what I try it doesn't seem to work. The stack mechanic is really akward, I think, where I rarely manage to stack up more than 3 with regular mobs. If I hit an elite it will burn down super fast and leave me with no stacks again. This makes it so, that without an elite around I feel super squishy and the damage is underwhelming. So, assuming just the 6pc set + some random legendary and yellow items, is there a way to make it somehow working?Shiimiish11 23h
1d STARFIRE!!!!!!!!! New starfire wand is amazing, it adds max 60% damage to gems that deal damage. also storm armor makes a great dps skill now. try for yourself I one shot everything in T10 now, great for farming or speed GR 55 runs http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/YORI-1440/hero/74534620 Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzsmC-JcnCU #1 wiz YORIYORI18 1d
1d MH Tal6/FB2 HC build question http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/emazing-1156/hero/83705357 My current build^ Struggling to find a way to get a 4th stack of tals(missing fire) while keeping up survivability. Currently clears t10 pretty easily. Should I just say screw the FB2 and go tal6/vyr4? Was also thinking about going VC. Any suggestions?emazing7 1d
1d Quick wizard question Hey there fellow Wizards ! I have been wondering. Does the %Meteor damage you can get on your items (such as the boots, for instance) work with the 2-piece Firebird set bonus ? (that is the reviving meteor) Kind regards, EckyEckynoxe2 1d
1d Can't get past Grift 77 Hi I'm having some difficulty getting past Grift 77 right now. I'm almost doing no damage at all to enemy minions and I was wondering if people could give me some tips/advice on what Items/stats I need to improve on to be able to run higher G-rifts. Gear and Items: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/joe360y-1250/hero/83716505 Stats: http://imgur.com/a/oW2tJjoe360y5 1d
1d Does IAS/CDR increase Etched Sigil cast rate I know Etched Sigil respects the cooldown of spenders but does IAS or CDR decrease the 1 second timer on casting spenders like meteor/etc? Thanks!SixSigma2 1d
2d I Feel Squishy in 2.4.3 When Nothing Changed My Wizard never squishy in 2.4.2, but for some reason I feel squishy in 2.4.3 when I didn't change anything on my wizard. I didn't touch any of my Items, skills, runes, passives, gems ect... Something really feels off and Even force armor now feels worse and I've noticed that my life regeneration feels like it's no longer instantly healing but taking a short 1-2 second break after being hit before kicking in. It feels as though monster damage was changed from burst to dot damage and it now ticks down our health in chunks instead of one big hit which could explain why it feels like I'm being instantly killed with force armor without being 1 shorted like it's dot damage or ticking damage. What do you guys think? Did blizzard cause a bug? Or did blizzard make a secret change to the way damage is dealt that it has caused wizards to be less effective at the same level of ego as we were before inprevious patch( like the dot idea I just mentioned) when nothing else changed on my character at all? I used to tank T13 and go all day without ever dieing once and now I've noticed that I'm dieing at least once a rift and sometimes more than once in normal rifts which never happened before. Id test with another class but ive only ever played a wizard enough to recognize that something feels different. Has any other wizards noticed this? If so, did you notice the same thing with other classes when not one item on your character changed?Angel13 2d
2d Frost/Cold Wizard Any one know of a decent build in this patch with cold spells, or some way to make frozen orb decent. Doesn't have to be god like just decent enough to use in group play.hekumzx5 2d
2d WOW, this is crazy. I'm still a newbie and this season have decided to run up a wizard. I really like disintegrate skill with convergence and the effects it has. So in all my newbie glory I got my firebirds set and started upping the torment level, only to find that my tactic of just burning enemies down with disintegrate didn't scale very well. So I read these forums and how ignite works. So I decided to play with my build as I just dont want to be a cookie cutter. When I discovered the current build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FrogSkin-1511/hero/83512130 Now theres nothing special about this build except as a newbie I discovered the power of the firebird set. See if I use magic missile with conflagrate it sets them on fire and then I hit them disintegrate, they literal explode. Elites Im talking about. In fact to finish chapter four, as your may know, you have to kill Malthael on torment level 4 or better. Well before this discovery, he would smoke me before I got him past half way and it would take me literally 3-4 minutes to burn him down to half way. Now with this new found understanding of the suits set, I blew him up inside the first thirty seconds. I hit him with magic missile, then disintegrate and then I activated Achron and bam, he blew up. Currently I have only cleared up to GR 21, and am farming for Amulet of the Travler and the Compose Rose to help reduce my damage. Im not sure how far I can push this build, but hell, once you get the mechanics of the suits set, the game completely changes. Anyway, I thought I would share my tales of a newbie wizard as I haven't been this shocked at how badly I was playing a build as I am after this discovery. I used to be constantly out of arcane power as I was literally blasting everything with Disintegrate, now I run around setting things on fire so the suits multipliers start to apply when I light them up with disintegrate. The bonus with magic missile with conflagrate, is it passes through mobs to hit all of them in a line. Now to work on items for the cube and round out the holes in my current suit.FrogSkin6 2d
2d Convention of Elements/archon I read somewhere that with Vyrs and convention of elements, the damage bonus would shift depending on what the ring rotation was on. But now I can't find what I originally read, and I can't find anything that proves one way or another. Has anyone actually tested this or point me to where I could find this out?Taedryn5 2d
2d Ray of Frost - Supporting items. I've been playing WD this season and I've seen everyone using the Firebats - Cloud of Bats rune. now, I know that Ray of Frost has a rune that gives the same mechanic in a wider area and i was thinking: can we have items that support this playstyle? short answer: of course. it's all up to Blizzard. as far as what they can do, you can update the existing item Light of Grace and add a bracer or a weapon to go along with it. Light of Grace - Currently, makes Ray of Frost pierce, which makes it just like Disintegrate. nice, but not that useful. you can Change it up to "Ray of Frost deals X% increased damage to enemies hit by {placeholder skill}". that in itself will make Ray of Frost - Sleet Storm a viable LoN build. what do you think?KushiSensei3 2d
2d This class is garbage and I am sick of it. I have mained this class for several years and I am at my breaking point. I just... I can't even rant right now. Doing content with wizard is like hard mode for people who are bored with this game. I just don't understand why wizard DPS, mobility, and toughness all has to be so gimmicky and dilemma based. It's almost like wizard is the only balanced class in this game and everyone else is dog sh!t broken. I still don't understand why wizards have to waste a cube slot on mobility. Going demon hunter, Hardcore Wizard vet of 3 years out.LoBsTeRfOrK2 2d
3d Identifying number of FB stacks I'm new to Wiz so this may be simple answer, but I couldn't find it when I Google'd... How do I know how many FB ignite stacks are currently active? Is there a buff indicator I am missing somewhere? Thanks.Shooter1 3d
3d Some Wizard skills and items Hello. Firstly i apologize if my english makes no sence, because its not my native language. Some suggestions for changes regarding possible items & skills for the Wizard class. Im no good with numbers/math. So numbers below may be off! Here it goes. __________________________________ Skills Storm Armor: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/storm-armor Now reduces missile damage by 12%? by default. Now stuns or slows ranged attackers for 3? seconds by default.I want a rune for this skill like Ice Armor-Crystalize, maybe not exactly armor also but something with similar benefits. So i suggest give storm armor "Thunder Storm" rune dmg as default. And rework Thunder storm rune to something similar to Ice Armors Crystalize. How about Rune: Thunder Storm All enemies within 20? yards from where Storm Armor strikes deals 10%? less damage for 10? seconds. This effect stacks up to 3? times on enemies affected. (effect refreshes)__________________________________ Archon: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/archon Transform into a being of pure arcane energy for 20 seconds. While in Archon form, your normal abilities are replaced by powerful Archon abilities. Your attack speed, damage, armor and resistances are increased by 50%?. Rune: Improved Archon Replace this with rune "Black Hole". Black Hole (archon): Archon form can cast Black Hole with a 2? second cooldown.__________________________________ Slow Time: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/slow-time Change 3-4 runes element type to cold, fire & lightning. (See Gesture of Orpheus below) __________________________________ Teleport: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/teleport Change 3-4 runes element type to cold, fire & lightning. (See The Oculus below) __________________________________ Mirror Image: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/mirror-image Summon 2 illusionary duplicates of yourself that taunt nearby enemies for 1 second, last for 7 seconds and have 50% of your Life. Spells cast by your Mirror Images will deal 20%? of the damage of your own spells. Rune: Mocking Demise Your Mirror Images now charge towards enemies and explodes, dealing 309% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 10? yards, and stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds. Rune: Mirror Mimics Enemies attacking your Mirror Images gets confused, causing them to be Charmed and fight for you for 2? seconds.__________________________________ Meteor: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/meteor Remove the delay before Meteor comes crashing down. Rune: Thunder Crash Increase Attack Speed of Meteor by 50%? Rune: Star Pact Expend all remaining Arcane Power. Each point of extra Arcane Power spent increases the impact damage of Meteor by 30%? weapon damage as Arcane. Rune: Comet Freezes enemies on impact, remove the chilled requirement. Rune: Molten Impact Greatly increases the size and increases the damage of the Meteor impact to 1648% weapon damage as Fire and the molten fire to 625% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. Adds a 15 second cooldown. Cooldown is reduced by 3? seconds for every enemy hit.__________________________________ Arcane Orb: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/wizard/active/arcane-orb Now explodes at the point where your mouse cursor was when cast. Rune: Scorch Launch a burning orb that deals 221% weapon damage as Fire. The orb leaves behind a wall of Fire that deals 441%? weapon damage as Fire over 3? seconds. (Also, wall of fire now stacks. Same burn time as Meteor.)__________________________________ Sets Chantodo: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/chantodos-will Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 500%? weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 10? times. Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing 500%? weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards.__________________________________ Firebird: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/firebirds-plume (4) Set: Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy to take 2000%? weapon damage as Fire per second for 5? seconds. This effect can be repeated a second time by a different skill. If an enemy is burning due to two different skills simultaneously the enemy will Ignite, dealing 4000%? weapon damage per second until they die. (Now 2 stacks to ignite, cuz why not) (6) Set: Your damage is increased by 290%? and damage taken reduced by 6%? for each enemy that is Ignited. This effect can stack up to 10? times. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited.__________________________________ Vyr: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/vyrs-sightless-skull (4) Set: Each hit with Archon abilities now also increase your Armor and Resistances by 2%?. (6) Set: Each hit with Archon abilities now also increases your Attack Speed by 2%?, and damage of Archon by 12%?.__________________________________ Tal rasha: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tal-rashas-guise-of-wisdom (4) Set: Attacks gives you 20%? damage reduction for 8? seconds, stacking up to 3? times from different elements. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each add one stack. At 3? stacks, each different elemental attack extends the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 seconds. (Now 3 stacks for full DR, cuz why not) (6) Set: Attacks increase your damage by 1000%? for 8 seconds, stacking up to 3? times from different elements. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each add one stack. At 3? stacks, each different elemental attack extends the duration by 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 8 seconds. (Now 3 stacks for full dmg boost, cuz why not)__________________________________ Delsere's Magnum Opus: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/shrouded-mask (2) Set: Reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by 80%? (4) Set: You take 60%? reduced damage while you have a Slow Time bubble active. Allies inside your Slow Time gain half benefit. (6) Set: Each of your active Slow Time bubbles increase your damage by 1400%?, This effect stack up to 2? times.__________________________________ Items Manald Heal: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/manald-heal Energy armor gains the effect of all runes. Socket. Random. Random.__________ Increase healing from all sources by 20-30%?, and resource regeneration by 20-30%?. (cube affix) Random.(current affix on PTR is moved to a variant on Velvet Camaral, see below) __________________________________ Velvet Camaral: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/velvet-camaral Increase chance to inflict Paralyzis to 25-30%?, and enemies afflicted takes 50-60%? more damage from lightning for 5? seconds. (Current affix is moved to Mykens ball, so it gets both affixes. See below)__________________________________ Mykens ball of Hate: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/mykens-ball-of-hate Double the number of enemies your Electrocute jumps to, and Electrocute can chain to enemies that have already been hit.__________________________________ Fazula's Improbable Chain: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fazulas-improbable-chain While in Archon form, you deal 50–60%? increased damage and take 25%? reduced damage.__________________________________ Storm Crow: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/storm-crow Storm Armor gains the effect of all runes.__________________________________ Halo of Karini: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/halo-of-karini Your Storm Armor now reduces damage from missile attacks by 50-60%? and automatically casts a Slow Time bubble at your location whenever you take 10%? of your life in damage.__________________________________ Star Fire: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/starfire Blizzard damage is increased by 50–60%? for each Blizzard you have out up to a maximum of 5?. (move old affix to The Broken Staff, see below)__________________________________ The Broken Staff: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-broken-staff Lightning damage is increased by 6–8%? for every 5? yards you are from the target up to a maximum of 50? yards.__________________________________ The Smoldering Core: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-smoldering-core Lesser enemies are now lured to your Meteor impact areas, and reduce the Arcane Power cost of Meteor by 40–50% (cube affix) Increase Meteor Damage by 50-60%?__________________________________ The Grand Vizier: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-grand-vizier Black Hole gains the effect of the Event Horizon rune, and each object absorbed gives you a protective shield for 3? seconds that absorbs 4%? of your Life in damage.__________________________________ Blackhand Key: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackhand-key This should be reworked to a Necromancer weapon. __________________________________ Deathwish: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/deathwish While channeling Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate, or Ray of Frost, you deal 50–60%? increased damage and take 25%? reduced damage.__________________________________ Slorak's Madness: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/sloraks-madness Removes ramp up time of Channeling Spells. Attacks have a chance to incite paranoia in enemies, confusing them and causing them to be Charmed and fight for you for 5? seconds. (cube affix)__________________________________ Nutcracker: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/nutcracker Wave of Force now stuns enemies above 80-83%? health for 3? seconds. (cube affix) Increase Wave of Force damage by 150-200%?.__________________________________ Eun Jang Do: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/eunjangdo Attacking enemies below 17–20% Life freezes them for 3 seconds. (cube affix) Increase damage of Cold skills by 20-30%?.__________________________________ Light of Grace: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/light-of-grace Ray of Frost now pierces. (cube affix) Ray of Frost gains the Sleet Storm rune. (= can now attack both with ray + sleet storm)__________________________________ Fragment of Destiny: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fragment-of-destiny Primary Skills attacks 50% faster and deals 150–200% increased damage.__________________________________ Telrandens Hand: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/telrandens-hand Familiar now summons all Familiars to your side.__________________________________ Gesture of Orpheus http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/gesture-of-orpheus Increase radius of Slow Time by 30-40%?. Enemies affected by your Slow Time take 300-400%? weapon damage each second. (cube affix) (Damage type is will be determined by choice of skill rune. If Crown of the Primus is also used, damage type is based on your highest % elemental damage. See rune changes above.)__________________________________ Rimeheart http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/rimeheart 10-12%? chance on hit to instantly deal 10000-12000%? weapon damage as Cold to enemies that are Frozen. 20-24%? chance on hit to instantly deal 500-600%? weapon damage as Cold to enemies that are Chilled.__________________________________ Valthek's Rebuke http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/valtheks-rebuke Energy Twister now travels at 40-50%? speed and in a straight path. (cube affix) Reduce resource cost of Energy Twister by 40-50%?__________________________________ The Magistrate http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-magistrate Frost Hydra now periodically casts Frost Nova, and Frost Hydras attacks leaves behind a mist of frost that deals 200-300%? weapon damage per second as Cold to enemies caught on the frozen ground. (Effect makes frost hydras attacks similar to mammoth hydra)__________________________________ Serpent's Sparker http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/serpents-sparker You may have one extra Hydra active at a time. (cube affix) Increase damage of hydra by 75-100%?.__________________________________ Archmage's Vicalyke http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/archmages-vicalyke Mirror Image last until they die, and you automatically replaces one of your images if you die. This effect may occur once every 25–30? seconds.__________________________________ Dark Mage's Shade http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/dark-mages-shade Automatically cast Diamond Skin when you fall below 60%? Life. This effect may occur once every 6–8? seconds.__________________________________ The Oculus http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-oculus Teleport gains the effect of the Calamity rune, and each enemy hit restores 1? Arcane Power. (damage type is based on your choice of Teleport skill rune. See rune changes above.)__________________________________ Winter Flurry http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/winter-flurry Frost Nova gains the effect of the Cold Snap rune, and Frost Novas explosion of ice now deal 500-600%? weapon damage as Cold. (This + Halo of Arlyse & The Magistrate, Serpent sparker etc. Could it work..)__________________________________ Mirrorball http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/mirrorball Your primary skills now attack in 3? directions. (= 3 attacks per cast, imagine a ~60° cone in front of u)__________________________________ Jang's Envelopment http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/jangs-envelopment Enemies damaged by Black Hole are also slowed by 60–80% for 3 seconds. Increase damage of Black Hole by 75-100%?__________________________________ The Witching Hour http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-witching-hour Gain 15-20%? Cooldown Reduction and 15-20%? Resource Cost Reduction when there are no enemies within 30? yards.__________________________________ This could be extended..DeG24 3d
3d Was the electrocute bug fixed? Deflection seems to still stack way slower than other signature spells and life per hit also seems to proc lower. Did they even attempt to fix it or was it ignored? This was posted in theory but forum.Jumpman2 3d
4d Need help with damage calculation This is my current build I will have questions with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ham-1685/hero/75125729 I am bad at figuring out effective damage but basically I am trying to figure out which will net more damage Current setup - wearing deathwish 30% damage from channel, cubed Furnace 50% elite damage, and bone chill nova enemies take 33% more damage (comet is the main source of damage) Proposed new setup - Wearing Wand of Woh, Cube orb of depth for the 20% damage and tankyness, and change bone chill to explosive blast cold rune and have that trigger every 4 seconds from the sigil while I channel. I am pretty sure when EB triggers it will deal more damage then a comet but I don't have an ancient wand of woh to test this yet. Thanks for anyone that gives input! Edit, I think I can get 50% cool down relatively easy changing blue to 20% CD passive. So EB would be casting on a 3 second cooldown with etched sigilHam1 4d
4d Weapon procs without ICD? Hi all, This season I'm building a lightning Spectral blade with Manald Heal wizard. I'm using tal rasha as well, but I'm having trouble deciding what weapon or offhand to cube. With the insane attack speed of Spectral blade, I'd love a power that procs on attack and doesn't have an internal cooldown. I'm open to any suggestions you might have!Dreyda8 4d
4d Back from a few years ago! :) Hi guys, For those that still remember me or are still around :P, i am back from a couple of years of break. Will spend the next couple days looking through the forums to catch up on whats new (plenty i would think). If anyone is kind enough to donate some gears (instead of salvaging) to get me started off, i would be really appreciative!Liquid10 4d
4d MH invalidates The Thrill Not like this conquest was hard for wizards but with the ring it was too easy. I did it without an armor and leg slots with 700k sheet in 6 minutes. (Halo+bracer to not die). On a side note the tal6 vyr4 combo is as insane as everyone says it is. Got it set up around p300 and got around 124plevels running gr60 leveling 2 gems from 35 to 45.... This is going to be the fastest season journey by farAndrey0 4d
4d Manald Heal... (Twisted sword in disguise) :/ Instead of boosting skills, we're playing with procs, dumb mechanics, attackspeed and tal rasha's stupid damage modifier. Again. Archon is the best version of doing this. Again. DMO is completely useless with this item. Again. One stupid OP item to rule them all and, to be quickly and horrifically nerfed. Again. I'm surprised more of you aren't angry. WTF is happening to our class?wage14 4d
4d Tal Rasha Requiring Manual Casting Is Tal Rasha supposed to require manual casting of each of the elements to work? I have the Etched Sigil, which casts an arcane power-spender each second while channeling, but I only get credit for the six-piece damage bonus if the spells are manually cast. Is it a feature or a bug that the sigil doesn't work with the set?Areski3 4d
4d Sluggish game play The wizard seems so sluggish to me, as I move around the world. I do use teleport but it still seems extremely slow to move from mob pack to mob pack. I'm wondering if there is a talent I'm missing, or maybe I need to use another ability to speed up movement? This then gives me the feeling that I'm not killing things fast enough, which then gives me the sluggish feeling. I usually play a monk or a crusader and it feels like I move much faster to each group of mob when I play those toons. Am I alone on this feeling?WhoMe4 4d
5d Now that we have MH, maybe revisit Rimeheart? Blizzard, I know you read these forums. I've seen ideas discussed in the Wizard forum that coincidentally end up in the game (even if modified or generalized slightly). You added a Manald Heal legendary effect that essentially gives a straightforward 15% probability to trigger. It does up to 14000% damage. Rimeheart, by contrast does a measly 10000% damage under conditions that are incredibly difficult to meet even with items like Halo of Arlyse or skills like Blizzard/Frozen Solid. A monster first has to be frozen (which already diminishes in duration due to CC resistance), hit while frozen, and then through unknown (to me) proc-rate coefficient factors, then has a 10% chance to trigger. By itself intersection of both events (hit while frozen and 10% chance to trigger) is already less than a 10% probability. Additionally the proc-rate further reduces the probability that the item triggers. In other words, this is not a simple 10% probability event like MH's 15% straightforward probability. Theoretically it already triggers with a probability less than 10% regardless of the proc-rate coefficient and even further reduced probability when using Wizard which is said to have a low proc-rate coefficient. I get it, Rimeheart is an item usable by all classes. And it may be difficult to fix for Wizard without empowering another class. And tuning Wizard's proc-rate coefficient may unintentionally empower some unusual Wizard build. But please give it a thought Blizzard. Maybe rework the legendary effect to be more straightforward? It's really deceptive with its claim of "10% chance on hit." Reference: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/manald-heal http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/rimeheartnslay4 5d
5d Tal Rasha nerfed?? 24 hours before 2.4.3 hit, I was doing grift66 for quick gem levelling without a care in the world. Now all of the sudden since 2.4.3 hit, it feels like the armor/res bonuses from the Tal Rasha set have been wiped out and I'm running around without an armor spell on. Where previously Frozen would gradually drain my HP, now it rips whole chunks off it in each tick. Same goes for Poison Enchanted & Desecrator. This is after having turned it down to 60-62 because I'd started dying far too often for my liking. Yet even in those I've had far too many near-deaths. Either Wizards have received increased incoming damage or base damage of all enemy attacks has been doubled or something. I was unlucky enough to get a grift60 with nothing BUT Goat Spearmen and Goat Shamans spamming Spear Throw & Ice Blast. 2 spears almost killed me - 1st spear took out my full Dominance stacks and 2nd spear took my HP down to around 10%. I was fast enough to use a potion, only to get my HP taken back down to 10-15% by an Ice Blast from a Shaman. And supposedly the spear attacks have had their damage reduced.......NOT. Nothing had changed, still used the exact same items & bonuses the day before the patch. But whereas before T13 enemies would literally melt at my feet, now I actually have to actively dodge spears & Blood Stars from the 6+ Succubi in each monster pack. *update* I've just seen someone else mention a Tal Rasha nerf, but there's nothing in the patch notes about it. The set bonuses pertaining to defense still look the same to me. But nothing is in fact the same as I now can get easily one-shotted at T13 that I previously melted through in my sleep. I'd do grift 66-68 for quick gem levelling, now I've had to turn it down to 60-62 because of the significantly increased chance of one-shot deaths.JedN78 5d
5d Does Archon-MH-Para do this ?? Howdy I am wondering if Archon lightning will proc MH with paralysis ?? I am not new , but haven't got into this does that and such like some of you have .. I rather read and use what you come up with . some of ya been around long time .. I have gotten some really fun builds from ya's .. So is why I am wondering if Archon with a Lightning bracer will proc MH or Para ? With a Tal/vyr set being used. Or maybe Archon - lightning bracer - 100min lightning = proc MH/para Any help with that be appreciated Thanks muchMCchum2 5d
5d Sigil skills for FB6 Anyone have suggestions? I've been using Convergence, Apocalypse, and Heat Wave. Meteor Shower doesn't seem reliable enough, and is too slow. Overall it feels to me like you want fast ignition more than you want added DPS. But I'm still only in the 50s. And I don't have Nilfur's yet. Explosive Blast seems to have a bit too small AoE to reliably light up a clump of whites.grippgoat7 5d
5d LoN Electrocute Generator Wizard http://ptr.d3planner.com/432329323 Gonna be a time consuming build to put together but the dps output is pretty high considering, may not be able to push extremely high level GR's but will still be fun to playCart20 5d
5d Arcane Orb (Spark) Question... I have a question about the Spark rendition of the Arcane Orb ability... When you use the orb and it hits an enemy, it is going to do more damage with the next ability, Is the spell that is amped the next one you press or the next one that hits the ground and does damage. scenario: I had been casting the Spark orb to get stacks, then I cast Spark Orb again and quickly cast meteor (thunder storm). the meteor hits before the Spark Orb, so is the Meteor amped because it damages first or is the second Spark Orb amped because it was the next spell I pressed after the first Spark Orb?Cromahn1 5d
6d Manald heal and Vyrs So I tested out manald heal with Vyrs archon today. The results where a little disappointing to tell the truth. The damage seems to be there. It's not as high as firebirds archon (obviously) but it does seem like a healthy damage boost up. The issue is that the procs themselves are so sporadic and. Most importantly, in order to utilise the ring properly you need to drop halo. It's s huge defensive loss. I tried the build with both blood bracers and APD (procing with stuns) Tried with high hp and galvanising ward, and I just couldn't survive easily at all. Even with defensive gems. I know vyrs archon on live with galvanising ward and blood bracers has cleared 84 (EU) with CoE so perhaps it's just my play style and the terrible ptr lag that let me down. Ultimately howeve I found that APD was the way to go. I almost cleared gr80 and played terribly throughout so it's definitely possible. I've cleared a max of 83 on live with Vyrs and do feel this build is stronger so I should be able to hit 83-85 with practice. The build is here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#megQSf!Vihb!bYZccZ http://ptr.d3planner.com/755511187 The only way to stay alive is to jocky between packs of stunned mobs, it's very active and aggressive in comparison to halo Vyrs where you'd remain in the thick of packs and soak up the damage thanks to mitigation. You have to keep on teleporting between packs. Calamity rune in teleport is an absolute must. AW or some other form of teleport reset is needed also, as you'll need to teleport between packs as soon as archon drops to keep APD up and to keep alive. But the damage does seem to be there. Archon blast is also meant to be freezing mobs with Vyrs but doesn't currenttl (it's a bug that I've raised here. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752367339 If you care about Vyrs archon please raise awareness for this bug, as the extra freezes will help this build immensely) If someone with more skill and less ptr lag then me (im from uk) would like to test this build out further and provide feedback that would be much appreciated.Christos89 6d