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Jun 30 RoS Wizard Tools (updated for v2.4.2) I created this set of tools for my own use and decided that they could be of benefit to others. The tools are designed to remove a lot of the guess work from gearing choices and give you a as accurate an estimate of your wizard's potential in various aspects as possible. What it includes: -Tool to help with calculating the eDPS of various spell combinations -Tool to calculate the APoC and LoH returns of spells and their "spam-ability" -Tool for calculating Mitigation and Sustain -Tool that calculates changes in DPS, Mit & eHP with stat changes. -Tool for calculating Cooldown Reduction and Cost Reduction -Tool for calculating the Firebird 6-piece DoT damage and infinite DoT threshold -Tool for calculating damage within a Tal Rasha 6-piece skill rotation. -Tables for all breakpoints (Yes, they still very much exist in RoS). -Reference page of stats for skills with some notes on behavior (Requires Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet software) Download location: http://www.olynick.net/d3/tools VOD of the Wizard Tools Workshop on April19, 2015: http://www.twitch.tv/vizjereiclan/c/6569262 Let me know what you think. -dolynickdolynick244 Jun 30
10h Proc Coefficients What are the proc coefficients currently for wizard? I've searched google and the earliest thing I can find is from 2 years ago.Arcterious8 10h
16h Star Pact Does the formula work just like the Singularity Mage or is it additive instead? For reference, the Singularity Mage's formula is: (Essence - (Cost - RCR)) * 3% = Multiplier or with 20% RCR (200 - (40 * 0.8)) * 0.03 = 5.04x So the Singularity has 400% * 5.04 with this essence cost. Which is 2,016% damage. If Star Pact is the same thing (kind of doubting because the damage is really high) it would be say: (120 - (40 * 0.8)) * 0.2 = 17.6x 740 * 17.6 = 13,024% If it's not like that and it's additive, this formula would be closer to 2,300% damage. Which is correct? Additive or multiplicative?Arcterious2 16h
18h Archon Disintegrate Not Hitting Anything HI, Since last week, I have not yet been able to hit anything consistently with Disintegrate in Archon form. I used to be able to move the beams around and hit everything quickly. Now, the beam is not hitting anything consistently even if I am shooting the mob directly. Is this just me or anyone else is experiencing the same thing? If it's just me, can anyone teach me how to aim? Thanks.danielhcy36 18h
1d Why not add a big damage bonus to Mirrorball? Seems like all the items are getting those 300-400% bonuses but not this one. Magic Missile is always fun, right?ChangBooster4 1d
1d Vyr6 ICD/Breakpoint Mechanics So I've spent a ton of time going through recordings frame-by-frame, and I think I have the Vyr6 ICD/Breakpoint mechanics figured out. With the Archon Strike, the mechanics are about what you'd expect: you gain a stack every time the strike hits and the stack gain occurs on the frame where the strike first makes contact. With the Archon Disintegration Wave, my data didn't match any of my guesses for the mechanics going in. What it's not: If it was ICD=FPA, you'd expect a stack every third tick. If it was ICD=ceiling(60/APS), you'd expect a stack every fourth tick if you have APS < 5. If you aren't capped at 5 APS, then the tickrate of the beam would be slightly faster than the ICD so the ICD will expire shortly after every third tick, so you'd get a stack every fourth tick. Except it's not on every third tick exclusively or every fourth tick exclusively. Sometimes it's every third tick, sometimes it's every fourth tick, sometimes it's even every fifth tick. But it definitely changes when you cross over a beam breakpoint. It took me a while to figure it out, but I came up with something that fits all my data: for the beam, there is an ICD for the Vyr6 on-hit stacks where ICD=ceiling(60/APS) and it is snapshot when you first enter Archon (includes both Swami stacks + new stacks from Fazula). And you can only gain a stack on a tick from the beam. So you get some desync from the ICD to the beam tick rate. Here's some of my abbreviated data for some key breakpoints (sorry for the screenshot, I couldn't get it to format correctly in a forum post): https://i.imgur.com/ejzav85.png I'm getting some frame variance, but even with the noise the trend seems pretty clear. A Vyr6 ICD of 1/APS for the beam, snapshot when you enter Archon, was the only thing I could come up with to fit all my data. Anybody see anything I might be missing? (Oh, and in case anyone is thinking it: I did try breaking channel to see if the ICD was snapshot when you start channeling, but it didn't match up. Stopping and starting channeling didn't seem to change the ICD.) If it's right, this has a few cool implications: 1. if you have 5 APS when you first enter Archon and 5 APS while single-stacked, beam stack count = strike stack count. 2. if you have 5 APS when you first enter Archon and 4<APS<5 while single-stacked, beam stack count > strike stack count. 3. if you have <5 APS when you first enter Archon, generally strike stack count > beam stack count. Oh, and I still need to update and play around with my simulator, but if you intend to use the beam and find that taking attack speed on your weapon pushes you from 4.xx to 5 APS when entering Archon for a 15/14/13 -> 12 frame ICD upgrade so you get stacks every 12 frames instead of every 16 frames, it'll be a pretty substantial DPS boost and will almost certainly be better than CDR / % damage etc.TinneOnnMuin26 1d
1d About archon element.. Shouldn't it choose the element by which rune we have on action bar instead maximum roll on equipment?Kaelos6 1d
1d My LoN Build My goal was to create an LoN build that could clear a GR60. Well, I have now done that, so I thought I would share it. My profile is here: (look at Loni) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/storytime42-1253/hero/94450162 Please keep in mind, I also had a lvl 80 Bane of Trapped, and a lvl 80 Bane of Stricken equipped as well. I'm just not willing to let them go off my other builds just to show off. :) I know I don't have video, so sorry about that. I'm also NOT claiming it can push. I feel I got lucky with a lot of arcane enemies, and open spaces to go, so in other words, RNG was on my side. But I had a ton of fun, and I thought I'd share something that is different. Thanks in advanced for not trolling.storytime4215 1d
2d What happen to the old build list? I know it's been a while since I've visited this sub forum but I expected to still see the old post with all the builds. Sad panda.Hamiltonz2 2d
2d Help on completing GR 90+ Hi guys, so I've just started playing like 2-3 months ago. I'm really curious on these videos im seeing on youtube where players using wiz can easily complete GRs 90+. Do I still lack the right equips? How about paragon level? Does it have to be 1500+? Thanks.Ken4 2d
3d APoC Wizard *SET* Helms Are there any citations from the developers out there explaining why wizard set helm's can not roll the Arcane Power on Critical affix? Was it forgotten?McCloud211 3d
3d What do you guys think about Twister+FO? Sorry if this has been mentioned before (BossDogg? few others?) but spamming FO just doesn't do it for me in a group setting..just seems to lack that extra umph. So what if we were to combine Ranslors, Twister Sword, Unstable Scepter, Triumvirate drop OoID and Explosive Blast (not really needed in group with any type of supports) and picked up WW and mixed it all together? You shouldn't be spamming much Frozen Orb anyway outside of the Cold COE cycle, so this will allow you to cast Twisters in the arcane (or cold for mistral but I think arcane is better for CC and AD purposes) and then blast with Orb mainly in cold cycle. It would theoretically do a lot more damage than Frozen Orbs alone and all you're really dropping for it is mitigation, yes a ton but in a group setting you really do not need that much, hell in high solo Cratic and others have shown you don't need the triple whammy of mitigation (DMO+Karini+OoID). Cubing Primus would make up for at least 1/3rd that and give your group more benefit as well. Pretty much it would be the exact build I was trying to pull off with Spark awhile back just with Frozen Orb instead and adding in Twisted Sword. I'll put a planner up in a bit but wanted to hear some thoughts and criticism first.MasterJay2 3d
4d Woh in 2.6.1 How much higher can it go? Looking to have a good run with it. PS. No one talking PTR here?rahl32 4d
4d Hi Blizz, Can I come back yet? I was a day 1 wizard. I stopped playing Wiz when the best build for every set was Archon. I want to come home. Can we make Hydra, Meteor, Channelling a thing again?Ryoka49 4d
4d Thank you Looking forward to working on my main meteor shower caster/shield-er build once again, in six months, Thanks for buffing meteor items. (^o^)Kiss Maybe end game content will be better by then to.DragonsBlood0 4d
5d LWiz,105-107 Clears Greeting fellow wizards! I would to share my latest clears and the last ones for LWiz, since in a few days we will have a new patch with many interesting updates! 105 clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Jg6xmUEB4k 106 clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWfzunF2EEQ While I was pushing 107, I upgraded a trifecta Aether, with only 5% IAS though. On paper it is like +4% DPS, but it felt much much stronger in reality. 107 clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvNWah_Onh0 In terms of gameplay, I think the 107 clear is better, smooth and aggressive. Many credits to all these people for contributing on this build and the corresponding mechanics and to those who pushed it very hard providing inspiration.Dragonfire0 5d
5d Can Wizards hold both a sword and wand? TopicKnight1 5d
Oct 15 Archon question Why do we have 2 sets dedicated to Archon while some spells are yet to have any supporting sets ? I think chantodo set bonus should be rolled into Vyr's or simply moved to a new / existing legendary item and the chantodo could get new bonus for any other spell Here are few spells that have no sets, you can choose any of them: Electrocute Black Hole Blizzard Mirror Image Hydra Familiar All armor spells Magic Weaponabdo0 Oct 15
Oct 14 Vyrs buff?? What do you guys think? Looking at ptr it looks like vyrs is still to far behind tals and firebird set ups.... Would be nice to see a little more of a buff for some of the people that like the archon setup.karma8 Oct 14
Oct 13 Explosive Blast: Zodiac vs CoE This is a follow up to a post I made in a post about Explosive Blast: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759247608#post-9 NOTE: Again, didn't consider upcoming 2.6.1 150% extra damage on Etched Sigil. There I provided some pictures about comparing Explosive Blast runes Flash and Chain Reaction with and without Etched Sigil. I also compared the use of Explosive Blast with and without Etched Sigil. The plots demonstrated that, when using Etched Sigil, for certain optimal CDRs (34%, 67%), Flash would realize its theoretical 21% increased damage advantage over Chain Reaction. And for other CDRs (e.g. particularly CDR = 50%), Chain Reaction would be similar to Flash in damage when using Etched Sigil. These optimal CDRs correspond to when Flash's cooldown is nearly integer which means that Etched Sigil's casts will align well with the cooldown (since it casts every 1 second). This means that having even slightly less than 34% or 67% is most harmful. It is better to have slightly more than 34% or 67% than to have slightly less! Using similar reasoning, Chain Reaction also has optimal CDRs = 17%, 34%, 50%, 67%, 84% when used with Etched Sigil. The plots also show that Etched Sigil provides roughly between 50% to 100% increased damage, depending on your CDR. Noteworthy, in the absence of Etched Sigil, Flash always realizes its theoretical advantage over Chain Reaction for any CDR. Etched Sigil has an unusual effect on Explosive Blast damage! Now, we've all wondered whether CoE or Zodiac is better. And admittedly, this is a challenge to objectively evaluate. I expanded the gnuplot script prepared in the above post to include special handling for Zodiac. Instead of considering a crude approximation of Zodiac with a high CDR, I instead considered a configurable Zodiac proc rate (ZRATE). The setting is meant to represent on average, how often 1 second is subtracted from Explosive Blast's cooldown. For example if ZRATE = 0.8, that corresponds to 1 second being subtracted from the cooldown every 0.8 seconds. Now using ZRATE, I determine the effective cooldown by finding the root of an objective function. The math is TeX'd up and detailed below https://imgur.com/a/WJAGW It is noteworthy that the function is not generally continuous (unless ZRATE is large). A solution does not necessarily exist! What I do to work around this limitation is first I apply Bisection method which is simple and makes few assumptions about the function (i.e. no smoothness assumptions, although it does assume a continuous function!). Then I exploit the fact that the objective function is monotonically decreasing. I know the solution will tend to be toward the larger side of the interval. I take the effective cooldown to be the largest time with non-negative objective. If a root cannot be found, Bisection method will find the interval with the discontinuity. Since I do 64 iterations, the resulting interval will be very small (a ~ b in this case ... if not exactly equal in a machine precision sense!). Then the selected value will closely correspond to the point where Zodiac would zero out the cooldown in the game. Then I use the root as the effective cooldown for Flash+Zodiac and Chain Reaction+Zodiac. Bisection method is described well on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisection_method Of course, this simple formulation presents with a mild limitation: If ZRATE exceeds the skill cooldown (after CDR is applied), then the effective skill cooldown will be found to be the skill cooldown. The effect of Zodiac will be completely ignored. Realistically, in this case, this would mean that Zodiac would only apply in some Explosive Blast periods and not others. This model cannot account for this! A more sophisticated model/script would be needed. Luckily, ZRATE would probably be <= 1 if you're using something like Arcane Torrent. I chose 0.8 because it still seemed reasonable and works for 67% CDR (ZRATE = 1 will not since Flash's CD < 1 in this case). You might be surprised, but Zodiac was relatively simpler than CoE! CoE is tricky to get right with this mathematical formulation. I use a similar approach as before, but now I scale by another function that simulates CoE. Like CoE, this function is periodic with period 12 and has a box with width 4. The function evaluates to 1 everywhere except for inside boxes which evaluate to 3. See the math below to see how this function is defined and how cumulative damage is calculated. The latter is the tricky part until you realize that you can exploit the Dirac delta function. Cumulative damage with CoE math: Corrected: https://imgur.com/a/BVMWV 12 second CoE cycle (still valid for Necromancer): https://imgur.com/a/EGN39 Now I did two experiments, both consider situations with and without Etched Sigil: 1) Zodiac vs Vanilla -- What kind of damage can we expect out of Zodiac alone? 2) Zodiac vs CoE -- How does Zodiac compare to CoE? I examined all the CDRs I did in the original post except for 90% CDR. I did only asymptotic plots since I wasn't sure how useful the local plots are. The local plots do reflect a more realistic time scale though. Zodiac vs Vanilla Zodiac is most beneficial without Etched Sigil. Etched Sigil about halves the advantage of Zodiac. The big winner for Zodiac use is Chain Reaction. And this is probably because Chain Reaction has a relatively long base cooldown of 6 seconds. Zodiac's effects are probably most efficient with Chain Reaction since it will likely always be able to reduce the cooldown by a full second. Flash has half the base cooldown and with a modest 50% CDR is already 1.5 seconds cooldown. It's then possible that Zodiac will only realize a fraction of its 1 second cooldown reduction. This is consequently less efficient. There is still a modest gain for Flash, although about half as effective as Chain Reaction. But all curves are consistently above 1 for a variety of CDRs. NOTE: These links are to galleries of plots, so be sure to scroll down to see more plots. Asymptotic (T=100): https://imgur.com/a/DbHvJ NOTE: CoE mistake does not affect this graph. Zodiac vs CoE I was quite surprised to see that CoE all but mops the floor* with Zodiac in all cases except for Chain Reaction or sometimes Flash when not using Etched Sigil. That could be useful if you want to use Orb of Infinite Depth instead of Etched Sigil. But you'll want to run CoE if you use Etched Sigil! * With the 16 second correction, CoE still outperforms Zodiac, but Zodiac is now closer to CoE's damage for lower CDRs (< 0.65). It remains similar with CoE for Chain Reaction even at higher CDRs. Asymptotic (T=100): Corrected: https://imgur.com/a/5Glh1 Incorrect (assumes 12 second CoE cycle): https://imgur.com/a/5V3hT gnuplot Scripts I've uploaded the updated scripts. It's even more of a mess now! I tried my best to comment everything and make it readable. Gnuplot does not provide a very good scripting environment and it was quite a hack to make it perform Bisection method! https://pastebin.com/x21Fr3jA EDIT: Update post to correct 16 second CoE cycle. It was erroneously 12 seconds before. Trends do not change much, although Zodiac is now slightly closer to CoE in the second comparison.nslay36 Oct 13
Oct 13 Comet build (2.6.1) for HC I'm excited to try Tal/Meteor in 2.6.1 but there's an issue. I play HC and Tal/Meteor doesn't have room for OoID. I need to worry about defense and surviving even at the cost of a few GR levels--such is the HC life. I played around with a Comet build on the PTR until I died and lost all the testing gear. So was looking for thoughts/comments on something like the following:' https://ptr.d3planner.com/647384042 The idea is comets rain down frequently and freeze and APD gives defense. I'm still not sure what the 3rd gem should be. And I'm open to suggestions on anything else. The above link is just a first pass at the build.Xyzzy5 Oct 13
Oct 10 Full vyr for archon? Hi guys. Anyone feels that full vyr might be much better for archon than vyr rasha? Or is it still vyr rasha still the best Combi for archon?Dennos6916 Oct 10
Oct 10 Sheild UI please? So I know that shields are now a large part of wizard game play, and I would like to submit that Blizzard revisit implementing a shield meter so wizards know where their shields are at. In the past there was a pale overlay on the health globe which served as a shield amount, but it was not practical as you could not see your health through the overlay. Perhaps not a complete orb, but rather a growing and shrinking magical shield icon over the health globe? That way you could see health amounts around the edges of the shield, since it's not a round shape, more like a kite shield maybe. Finally, in order to deal with the scaling problem, perhaps there could be an internal gauge, almost like a dps meter that records your maximum shields for the past five minutes or so. That way you could have as much or as little shields as you need, and the shielding icon would still be full when at "full shield health." Would this be something that is accomplish-able? And to the other members of the forum, could you think of a better way to implement this?Mastermind8 Oct 10
Oct 10 50 million gold? Any idea how can i pass this? Thanks in advance...Leontokardos18 Oct 10
Oct 10 need help :) with EB numbers hi all. EB flash rune with ES and 50% cdr VS chain rune with ES and 50% cdr what will deal most damage ???? lets say ES is max rolled 150% for calculation and i have no clue on the method to do that any help will be great thx allSyhler18711 Oct 10
Oct 10 When does Patch 2.6.1 arrive ? As per title. Do we have an estimated date ? Also, do you know if our legendary items such as Woh and The Grand Vizier will be changed retroactivelly ?Machado6 Oct 10
Oct 9 Archon DW problem and advice Hey guys! I am facing a problem with my wizard this season. My friend who supports and I also realized that there are times when my archon disintegration wave just doesn't want to hit the target. It is quite obvious at times when we are fighting rift guardians or elites. (Important to note that I am not talking about the times when the Tal stacks fall and the damage obviously drops a lot) It happens quite often that I am channeling the Archon:Disintegration Wave, and the RG or elite simply takes no damage, no numbers show up or anything. Not even when I have just entered archon and have 2 stacks from swami + 4 stacks of Tal'rasha + even a power pylon. 5-10 seconds can pass without anything happening, then the Tal stacks fall, the power pylon expires, and then when I only have 1 stack suddenly the RG gets melted in some seconds while I still only have 1 stacks of Tal on me. It didn't really make sense to me, so I started testing around. Let's take an example: I am facing Butcher on a GR83. I just enter archon, I have 2 stacks from swami with some decent numbers and 4 Tal stacks. I always pay attention to stay between 40 to 50 yards away from my targets to make maximum use of Starfire + Zei. So there I am, channeling all my might onto the Butcher, who seems to not even give a damn about what I try to do to him(meaning he takes no damage). So after some frustration I am trying to aim around him, and what really amazes me that when I am hitting under the Butcher's character model, damage happens at some immense rate, but the moment I move my cursor a tiny bit or the mob moves, 99% of the time damage stops again. This weird behavior can be noticed on lower rifts also, but less often. First I thought that simply MH isn't getting a proc and therefore I have no damage in overall. However when the boss is standing still, there seems to be a spot where it will take damage, and by moving the cursor away(while still being ON the actual character model), damage numbers simply stop showing up and obviously, the boss will not receive any damage. Moving the cursor back to the spot, damage flows again. I could repeat this numerous times. This however, requires so small movements that are rather hard to execute when the target is wandering around. I totally understand that the problem stated above seems totally crap and made up. Please believe me when I say it that it does actually happen to me. I do not think that it is the games fault, more like that I am doing something wrong. And that's why I am writing here so I could get some advice if I am doing something wrong regarding my play style, gear, or anything in general. If you have any advice, please share it with me as I would really like to push further on in GRs both solo and duo. My wizard: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Furyee-2303/hero/81334076Furyee11 Oct 9
Oct 9 Season 11...stuck in Part 5 Please check my wiz 70 build. Apologies if I am doing something wrong as I just bought D3. Got one wizard through campaign and then started this one for season 11. Torment 7 crushes me. I barely can get by on T4. Usually find it more efficient to drop to T2 and farm rifts or even bounties. Tried a Wand of Woh Explosive build with Tal Rasha. Granted wand is L61 but another hasn't dropped or crafted yet. Thinking maybe I need a new build? Or change of tactics with current one? I cannot really upgrade my gear further unless I get more slots for gems or if the 70 version of the wand drops. I run with Enchantress...should I switch? Templar is who I switch to for boss fights but otherwise Enchantress is extremely useful in crowds. All advice welcome and thanks!Tiltowait2 Oct 9
Oct 9 Help with Rasha/Vyr Lightning build Guys, I need some help. I've got (what I think) is some pretty good gear, including some ancients, in my build. I've got everything that 'Icy Veins' says to use for this build, and I'm following the rotation, etc. However, when I'm in Archon form my damage really sucks. It doesn't appear that I am doing lightning damage in archon form. The ray that I'm cast out is either red or purple, which indicates to me that it is fire or arcane. Any insight from my gearing/rotation/cube/etc would be great. This is getting frustration. I do more damage outside of archon than in. PS. I don't know how to switch my character in the list that shows up. The character I'm looking for help with is my season wizard. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/neoWizard-1256/hero/93481130 thanks.neoWizard3 Oct 9
Oct 9 Ideal Build Is there a world in 2.6.1 where this build will work: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NRlQk!!bYZcZ Last slot doesn't matter much. I'm assuming it has to be an armor skill for survivability. I'm guessing you probably need a primary skill or Conduit to keep the arcane power up, so I doubt the build would work in practice, but maybe there is a combination that does. The actual runes on Disintegrate and Black Hole don't matter too much, I only really dislike Disintegrate/Entropy (thinking in a Tals set where the element might matter.) It certainly wouldn't have to be a pushing build, but if it could do whatever the equivalent of a GR 80 today (I'm assuming that gets pushed a bit from the all the buffs in 2.6.1) that would be my dream build. I used to use that a while back before sets became dominant.GunnersDream3 Oct 9
Oct 8 can disintegrate make a come back in 2.6.1? with so many old builds coming back in 2.6.1 is there any chance for disintegrate builds? i saw firebird got a little buff but dont know if thats good enoughGehenna52 Oct 8
Oct 7 Etched Sigil Proc Mechanics (AS & ICD) There was a 2.6.1 PTR bug with Etched Sigil's ICD that was uncovered and fixed: ... ... After the bug fix, our good Wizard Dolynick tested, and confirmed the following formula below, which is given with some advice: ... Note: this formula is the same as: ... Generally this means you'll want to gear at attack speeds that correspond with Frames/Tick rates that are 60 frame divisors. Use the charts to help guide you as to what the best breakpoint for your build will be. Breakpoint tables with corresponding fSigil rates, again courtesy of Dolynick: Tick/Speed Coefficient 3 (Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate) Min APS Max APS Tick/s Frames/t fSigil 4.000001 5 15 4 60 3.333334333 4 12 5 60 2.857143857 3.333333333 10 6 60 2.500001 2.857142857 8.571428571 7 63 2.222223222 2.5 7.5 8 64 2.000001 2.222222222 6.666666667 9 63 1.818182818 2 6 10 60 1.666667667 1.818181818 5.454545455 11 66 1.538462538 1.666666667 5 12 60 1.428572429 1.538461538 4.615384615 13 65 1.333334333 1.428571429 4.285714286 14 70 1.250001 1.333333333 4 15 60 1.176471588 1.25 3.75 16 64 1.111112111 1.176470588 3.529411765 17 68 1.052632579 1.111111111 3.333333333 18 72 1.000001 1.052631579 3.157894737 19 76 0.952381952 1 3 20 60 0.909091909 0.952380952 2.857142857 21 63 0.869566217 0.909090909 2.727272727 22 66 0.833334333 0.869565217 2.608695652 23 69 0.800001 0.833333333 2.5 24 72 0.769231769 0.8 2.4 25 75 0.740741741 0.769230769 2.307692308 26 78 0.714286714 0.740740741 2.222222222 27 81 0.689656172 0.714285714 2.142857143 28 84 0.666667667 0.689655172 2.068965517 29 87 0.64516229 0.666666667 2 30 60 0.625001 0.64516129 1.935483871 31 62 0.606061606 0.625 1.875 32 64 0.588236294 0.606060606 1.818181818 33 66 0.571429571 0.588235294 1.764705882 34 68 0.555556556 0.571428571 1.714285714 35 70 0.540541541 0.555555556 1.666666667 36 72 0.526316789 0.540540541 1.621621622 37 74 0.512821513 0.526315789 1.578947368 38 76 0.500001 0.512820513 1.538461538 39 78 0.487805878 0.5 1.5 40 80 Tick/Speed Coefficient 2 (Ray of Frost) Min APS Max APS Tick/s Frames/t fSigil 4.285715286 5 10 6 60 3.750001 4.285714286 8.571428571 7 63 3.333334333 3.75 7.5 8 64 3.000001 3.333333333 6.666666667 9 63 2.727273727 3 6 10 60 2.500001 2.727272727 5.454545455 11 66 2.307693308 2.5 5 12 60 2.142858143 2.307692308 4.615384615 13 65 2.000001 2.142857143 4.285714286 14 70 1.875001 2 4 15 60 1.764706882 1.875 3.75 16 64 1.666667667 1.764705882 3.529411765 17 68 1.578948368 1.666666667 3.333333333 18 72 1.500001 1.578947368 3.157894737 19 76 1.428572429 1.5 3 20 60 1.363637364 1.428571429 2.857142857 21 63 1.304348826 1.363636364 2.727272727 22 66 1.250001 1.304347826 2.608695652 23 69 1.200001 1.25 2.5 24 72 1.153847154 1.2 2.4 25 75 1.111112111 1.153846154 2.307692308 26 78 1.071429571 1.111111111 2.222222222 27 81 1.034483759 1.071428571 2.142857143 28 84 1.000001 1.034482759 2.068965517 29 87 0.967742935 1 2 30 60 0.937501 0.967741935 1.935483871 31 62 0.909091909 0.9375 1.875 32 64 0.882353941 0.909090909 1.818181818 33 66 0.857143857 0.882352941 1.764705882 34 68 0.833334333 0.857142857 1.714285714 35 70 0.810811811 0.833333333 1.666666667 36 72 0.789474684 0.810810811 1.621621622 37 74 0.769231769 0.789473684 1.578947368 38 76 0.750001 0.769230769 1.538461538 39 78 0.731708317 0.75 1.5 40 80 0.714286714 0.731707317 1.463414634 41 82 0.697675419 0.714285714 1.428571429 42 84 0.681819182 0.697674419 1.395348837 43 86 0.666667667 0.681818182 1.363636364 44 88 0.652174913 0.666666667 1.333333333 45 90 0.638298872 0.652173913 1.304347826 46 92 0.625001 0.638297872 1.276595745 47 94 0.612245898 0.625 1.25 48 96 0.600001 0.612244898 1.224489796 49 98 0.588236294 0.6 1.2 50 100 0.576924077 0.588235294 1.176470588 51 102 0.566038736 0.576923077 1.153846154 52 104 0.555556556 0.566037736 1.132075472 53 106 0.545455545 0.555555556 1.111111111 54 108 0.535715286 0.545454545 1.090909091 55 110 0.526316789 0.535714286 1.071428571 56 112 0.517242379 0.526315789 1.052631579 57 114 0.508475576 0.517241379 1.034482759 58 116 0.500001 0.508474576 1.016949153 59 118 0.491804279 0.5 1 60 60 Thanks again Dolynick for the testing, BDF for the advice, and sVr (just cuz'). ----- Will leave the rest of my original post to preserve post history. Note that some of the below information is incorrect or inaccurate, namely that channeled skills only attempt to proc etched sigil once every so often, this is false. However, Etched Sigil was taking 20-30 extra frames to proc, and that was true during the 2.6.1 PTR. ----- EDIT (10/1/2017): ORIGINAL POST BELOW (INFO might be false or inaccurate) In regards to Etched Sigil, channeling skills are only attacking (and attempting to proc it) once every attack cycle. Arcane Torrent and Disintegrate are speed coefficient = 3 spells (ticking 3 times at 1 APS). These will only attempt to proc Etched Sigil once every 3 ticks. The implications for timing your Etched Sigil properly are worth noting. For full channeling builds, you might have to account for this gap of time (several ticks' worth in duration), and possibly optimize your Attack Speed so as to limit the amount of time wasted. EDIT: after looking at results, it looks like the 12 Frames / Tick BP is best. This BP happens to also be the easiest to gear for (with a 1.4 AS weapon, only need AS from paragon to meet it). It also happens to be the BP most builds that require this type of full-on channel behavior have been gearing towards for quite some time. Below will be an analysis of Etched Sigil, and the effects attack speed have on proccing this item in regards to channeling. NOTE: The scenario described below only applies to full channel (never stopping). It does not account for interweaving manual casts of your spender (such as Meteor) between your channel. Note that EB can be cast manually without interrupting channeling, which is one of it's strengths, but for EB you also have to account for the CDR reducing your etched sigil EB procs (which is a different calculation altogether). ----- Other Notes: Times in seconds were taken from the video clips, as such they serve only to mark the difference in time. Times are approximate. My video software was keyframing, so these are a rough estimate. After some other charting, I figured out the slight variances for the odd numbered Frame intervals. Basically, for 11, 9, and 8 frames / tick tests, there are partial ticks that are being wasted in addition to the listed number of ticks wasted. For example, on the 11 frames / tick listing, we would expect 22 frames wasted, but there are alternating partial ticks of 6 and 4 frames each. These get added in to the 22 frames, to give 28 and 26, respectively. ----- Video of Testing (tested on PTR): https://youtu.be/o4KXa0Y6dYU PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47251 I've only tested speed co = 3, since I felt those were the most relevant. I can go back and test speed co = 2 (Ray of Frost), if needed. The results below are in relation to Speed co = 3. 20 Frames / Tick | 3 Ticks / s | 0.95239 to 1 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 0.35 1.633 0.633 2 40 1.983 1.65 0.65 2 40 3.633 1.667 0.667 2 40 5.3 1.683 0.683 2 40 6.983 1.683 0.683 2 40 8.666 2 40 12 Frames / Tick | 5 Ticks / s | 1.53847 to 1.66666 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 39.733 1.45 0.45 2 24 41.183 1.35 0.35 2 24 42.533 1.4 0.4 2 24 43.933 1.4 0.4 2 24 45.333 1.417 0.417 2 24 46.75 1.4 0.4 2 24 48.15 2 24 11 Frames / Tick | 5.45455 Ticks / s | 1.66667 to 1.81818 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 20.35 1.416 0.416 2 28 21.766 1.467 0.467 2 26 23.233 1.483 0.483 2 28 24.716 1.467 0.467 2 26 26.183 1.483 0.483 2 28 27.666 2 26 10 Frames / Tick | 6 Ticks / s | 1.81819 to 2 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 39.55 1.45 0.45 3 30 41 1.5 0.5 3 30 42.5 1.5 0.5 3 30 44 1.516 0.516 3 30 45.516 1.5 0.5 3 30 47.016 1.484 0.484 3 30 48.5 3 30 9 Frames / Tick | 6.66667 Ticks / s | 2.00001 to 2.22222 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 20.716 1.484 0.484 3 30 22.2 1.516 0.516 3 30 23.716 1.5 0.5 3 30 25.216 1.484 0.484 3 30 26.7 1.5 0.5 3 30 28.2 1.55 0.55 3 30 29.75 3 30 8 Frames / Tick | 7.5 Ticks / s | 2.22223 to 2.5 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 35.4 1.45 0.45 3 27 36.85 1.45 0.45 3 24 38.3 1.483 0.483 3 27 39.783 1.467 0.467 3 24 41.25 1.466 0.466 3 27 42.716 1.467 0.467 3 24 44.183 3 27 Cratic61 Oct 7
Oct 5 Are Mirror Images Affected By Enforcer? hey. as the title says i'm just wondering if mirror images are affected by the enforcer gem, both the dmg increase and reduced dmg taken aspects.Berronax0 Oct 5
Oct 5 spectral blade this season? It remains my favorite spec, but not tried for a long time, would be fun to see spec of someone where spectral blade is main damage :)Sortvind26 Oct 5
Oct 5 Is this correct? 1. Full Vyr @ 200 Stacks 2. Endless Walk + COE 3. Wizardspike, Triumvirate, Unstable Scepter(Kanai) Gives 1 ~ 100+ Trillion Damage? And this is just from Frozen Orb proc off Wizardspike?jinyonglee2 Oct 5
Oct 5 Buffing past builds instead of balancing current good builds are being buffed past in 2.6.1 instead of closer balance? I hope they tweak the numbers a bit or MH wiz is going down :(Baine2 Oct 5
Oct 5 S-12 PlayTime splitting btwn Seas/Non-Season Wrong forum... moved to => https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759337975#1BossDogg0 Oct 5
Oct 4 Do Etched Sigil casts give Ignite stacks? Title. I know that abilities cast through the Etched Sigil don't proc Manald Heal, but I don't know if they trigger the Firebird Ignite effects because D3's proc rules are kinda inconsistent when it comes to Etched Sigil.Kith10 Oct 4
Oct 4 Found my Cosmic Wings Close enough right? Can I be happy now? https://imgur.com/2anqvUrCratic4 Oct 4
Oct 3 Help with my Lightning Archon Build Hi everyone, I'd like some advice and/or pointers for progressing my wizard in the greater rifts. I've managed to clear up to rift 83 and do feel I can probably go to 85 after an attempt or two. But I feel like I must have something wrong with my wizard or haven't been playing them correctly. Every time I look at other people's gear and equipment, their Int is usually a few thousand below where I am and they've managed to clear rift 90. Seeing that really makes me feel like I'm not effectively playing the wizard the right way for 80+ rifts. In game, I've asked a few folks to look over my gear and give me pointers and so far what I've been told is that I'm mixing two different builds by using the Aether Walker with the Zodiac ring. To me, the difference between the In-Geom and the AW are minor enough to where I don't really see it as a problem. I have considered farming for a good CoE ring to take the place of the Zodiac. But I'm confused by the skill changes. People using black hole instead of arcane torrent as that causes the loss of one of the elements for the tal rasha set bonus. could someone explain this or link me to a good site explaining rotations?Ragnarok8 Oct 3
Oct 2 ugly old wizards hi gents :D any viz players still around?OGlameboi13 Oct 2
Oct 2 Stricken Data - PTR Tests, Odd Results? ... Hey all - I periodically retest Stricken. I wanted to share my latest results from PTR, as I had curious results. These numbers are using fixed dmg basic attack (5.32k per hit) for comparison before/after 60 seconds of stricken-stacking skill spam (generally Barrier Blades, in a few tests Barrier Blades + Orbit + EB Flash, and for control just basic attack spam). Sheet APS = 2.27 Stricken lvl 130 = 2.1% per hit Fixed basic attack dmg = 5.32k Basic attack spam, w stricken: t=0 --> 5.32k basic attack dmg t=60 --> 21.4k, 21.5k basic attack dmg Barrier Blades spam, w stricken: t=0 --> 5.32k basic attack dmg t=60 --> 22.0k, 22.0k basic attack dmg FoD + SoD, w stricken: t=0 --> 5.32k basic attack dmg t=60 --> 39.6k, 39.3k basic attack dmg FoD + SoD, Flash, Orbit, w stricken: t=0 --> 5.32k basic attack dmg t=60 --> 34.8k, 34.9k basic attack dmg Note: Flash and Orbit do not have attack animations and were each activated about 1 time per second. All tests included Zodiac. The only gear change was swapping Shame of Delsere belt for identical sheet dps belt (FoD was cubed and swapped to Coven's Criterion). I won't say much about the data other than: 1. Using Barrier Blades, Stricken stacked much more with the two 50% APS mods from Fragment of Destiny and Shame of Delsere (39.45k vs 22.0k) at same sheet APS (2.27). This is consistent with reports that Stricken has no ICD. 2. Using Barrier Blades while spamming no-attack-turn skills, Stricken became noticeably less effective (34.85k vs 39.45k). This is not consistent with reports that Stricken has no ICD. How to explain #2? Is there actually some weird ICD tied to skill activation at work here? In any case - If you are running orbit or explosive blast and are trying to kill the RG with stricken, expect stricken to become less effective the more you spam these no-attack-turn skills. With channeling now en-vogue I also tested stricken stacking of various channeling abilities (Static Discharge, Flame Ward, Sleet Storm, Cold Blood, Entropy, Chaos Nexus, etc.). They all came in same ballpark of 12.5-14k after 60 seconds of just channeling. Channeling at 2.27 sheet APS is considerably less effective at stacking stricken than basic attack spam. I wonder if stricken stacking with channeling even scales with APS? EDIT: Tested Flame Ward Stricken stacking peformance at 2.27 APS vs. 1.26 APS (1.26 achieved by unequipping 1.80 dagger for 60 s of Flame Ward, then re-equip at 60s for basic attack dmg; also verified that removing/re-equipping weapon does not drop stricken stacks). At 2.27 APS, 60s of Flame Ward channeling netted 12.6k basic attack. At 1.26 APS, 60s of Flame Ward channeling netted 12.2k basic attack. APS does not appear to affect Stricken stacking while channeling... Final Note: These Stricken mechanics are very different from Zodiac procs, which do scale with APS while channeling. Spamming Arcane Orbit during channeling increases the number of Zodiac procs over not spamming orbit while channeling. Same goes for Necromancer command skeleton spam while spamming a spender.Vox2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Wand of Woh Greetings! Is there any way that this wand could turn Explosive Blast into a passive skill/aura that is continually active and consumes some amount of mana? Anybody who equips this item is going to want to press that button repeatedly. In fact, every time it's off cooldown (while not in town). There will be no reason to conserve it, except to save damage to your wrists.Stinkyfinger6 Oct 2
Oct 2 Need to beat Gr70 Need advise pls :) Can you please give me advice on my build. I'm stuck at GR 67. I would like to at least beat GR70 for primal. And please dont say change your build for Lightning Archon. I hate Archon you have no idea :) Any advice on gear/skills/stat would be appreciated. In my cube i have a Unity but i dont know if its still good or if i should change for anything else. Still working to get my Ancient Serpent's sparker but i have no luck with reforge (50 times and still nothing) Here's my build : https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Savvy-12916/hero/69851066 Thanks in advanceSavvy2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Does anyone want to play the old CM Wiz? I was wondering if i'm the only one who feels that i want to play the old CM Wizard where perma-freeze was still available and critical mass was still usable. I wouldn't mind being stuck with the old set of skills and sets that wizards used to have. Those days were fun! Anyone feel the same way? God bless, ShellShell23 Oct 2
Oct 1 A different Approach to Wizard Procs Quite a few people on PTR have been crying out about Wizard Procs so here is another Way they could "fix" wizard procs with an item. Fluffy Dice of Chance (Amulet) (Looks like Fluffy Dice!) ** Decrease your Maximum Possible attack speed to 2.5 but Increase all Proc Chances by a factor of 3. Proc chances would include both skill proc's and %chances on items and Passives. This would be good in that it would lower the reliance on Archon without killing archon builds while increasing our procs and making other builds more viable. With this the proc chance of Rimeheart would be 30% on the weapon plus the extra Skill procs perhaps making Cold Builds more Viable. Also MH builds could shine a little without Archon because of the increased chance of paralysis. Then we have the increased Procs from Legendary Gems too.Jenny2 Oct 1
Sep 30 Help! I Need Somebody I have two questions for the more experienced wizards out there. EDIT: The wizard in question is named freakBeast. 1. What upgrades should I be prioritizing? ... 2. How do you farm upgrades efficiently? ... p.s. I can run GR55 comfortably and quick, GR60 isn't as quick but is still comfortable, and GR65 is tough but doable.FREAKbeast3 Sep 30
Sep 30 Damage Buff Amulet Idea Unsettling Rivière (Wizard Neck) ** Signature Spells increase all Damage by 35-40% for 5 Seconds, Force Spells increase the duration of the effect by 5 seconds both Stacking up to 10 Times. The number of effective stacks is decreased by 2 for Each Set Bonus you have active. { Changed from ** Signature Spells increase all Damage by 35-40% for 5 Seconds. This can Stack up to 10 Times. The number of effective stacks is decreased by 2 for Each Set Bonus you have active.} While Mostly I was thinking of this for LoN it could also be used as an alternative to F&R and Endless walk. How it works. You cast a Signature Spell you get a damage stack, casting again (Same Signature Spell or another) gives you another stack. Casting a Force Spell increases the duration of the Buff up to a maximum of 50 Seconds (5 Seconds * 10 Stacks). After Hitting the 50 Seconds (Or 10 stacks of Force Spells) the buff timer continues to count down until the buff ends and you restart the processs. This makes the buff something you have to work for while Basing it around Force and Signature Spells makes for more interesting Game play. The Amulet also would not fit in well with Archon Builds and could not work with 6/4 Multi set builds which I think is a good thing. To calculate the damage buff this formula would be used. TotalBuff = (stacks - (Number of set Bonuses * 2)) * Buff%. (The 35-40%) If TotalBuff is less than zero then TotalBuff = 0% So if your wearing this with a 6 Piece set you need to get to 7 Stacks before you get a buff. (Max buff 160%) If wearing with LoN you need 3 Stacks before you get a Buff. (Max Buff 320%) With No sets you start getting the buff on the First stack. (Max Buff 400%) If worn with a full set with F&R as well you don't receive a Bonus until you get to 9 stacks and now have a Max buff from it of 80%. So while a nice buff isn't OP and is harder to maintain.Jenny8 Sep 30
Sep 29 Mindmapping for the next Archonplaystyle deleted by owner*Jatitan2 Sep 29