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Jan 12 [2.6.1] (S12) Builds + Mechanics Hello adventurers! This season we are not tricked, but treated instead with a huge assortment of balance changes. These balance changes bring most wizard builds into the GR105+ range, with a good choice of builds exceeding GR109+. These estimates are set conservatively at a mere 1400 paragon, which should be attainable if well motivated, even if you are strapped for time in season 12. I think the wizard is in fairly good position for the upcoming season. Wizard now has near the highest variety of builds, and some of the highest pushing solo builds. That said, we're probably on the lower end of the totem pole when it comes to solo speeds, with fairly decent Torment farming capability. While wizard performs well in off-meta speed group variations, at this point, it's looking unlikely the wizard will be included in the group meta in S12. EDIT (12/26/2017): Glad to be proven wrong about the group meta. Now seeing star pact wizard as a viable trash clearer in 4p setups. See meta section below for more info. ----- Many Thanks: Dolynick, BDF, sVr, TinneOnnMuin, Dolen, haixinyan, Bluddshed, Wolfcryer, Horrax, Riv, Tougeznut, Vox, StoleOwnCar, Masterjay, Aloc, Apocc, Ged, fuczzang, Lo0Lo0, for helping out, and thanks to anyone who was involved in PTR testing for 2.6.1. Big love for helping make the game better, and for preventing exploits. ----- Mechanics Shortlist: Not many mechanics changes, however, there are some notable changes and information that has been researched by different players. Etched Sigil. An Etched Sigil ICD issue was reported and fixed during the PTR. Sigil AS and ICD breakpoints were retested by Dolynick. These are useful because they could save you time in between etched sigil procs, depending on your build. Click this post for full breakpoint charts and more information on the fix. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759186011 Meteor Shower Cast Rotation. Yes. You will want to manually cast meteor, even on a channeling build. This will bring down more meteors over time, and since we can channel during those impacts, this will bring more damage to the table than just channeling. However, you only want to manually cast meteor about once every 3 seconds. Why 3 seconds? I timed both manually casting meteor shower and using meteor shower in combination with Etched Sigil + Arcane torrent (@ 1.54 APS). Manually casted meteor took 138 to 141 frames to have all 7 meteors impact from the initial time of cast. Channeled + manually cast meteor took 155 to 176 frames to have all 14 meteors impact from the initial time of cast. Since 60 frames is equivalent to 1 second of game time, and 180 frames is 3 seconds, this puts the rotation for manually casting in between our channeled abillity at about once every 3 seconds. Rotation: Channel. Immediately manually cast meteor. Continue holding down your channeling ability. Note that ES will continue to proc every second while holding down channeling. Wait until Meteors from both your initial ES proc and your manual cast finish impacting. Decide if you can stand and continue dpsing, or if you need to move your character (either dodge attacks, grouping, or for oculus) at this point. Rinse and repeat. Note that manually casting a second time (before 3 seconds have passed) will likely decrease your overall damage, as you wouldn't be benefiting from the multipliers of DW + ES as often during your meteor impacts. This is why it is very important to not manually cast too often either. The impact time between the first meteor (out of the set of 7) and the last meteor (of the set of 7) was also notable. Two different tests showed 41 frames, and then 47 frames, meaning it takes up to about 50 frames for all of the meteors from the meteor shower rune to deal their damage once they start landing. This doesn't change the rotation, but it is worth noting, especially if you have to move mid rotation. You might be clipping some of the meteor impacts, and losing the DW + ES multipliers by stopping your channel to reposition. Vyr6 Archon ICD/Breakpoint Mechanics - Beam Stack Rate Snapshotting. The mystery of the slow stacking beam has been somewhat put to rest by our good wizard, TinneOnnMuin. Tinne suggests that the beam stack rate is snapshot when entering archon. Only the stacks from the prior swami holdover and the new stacks from your Fazula count towards lowering your ICD. In a basic sense what this means is that higher AS upon entering archon will grant you faster stacking with the archon beam when inside archon, with 5APS on sheet when entering archon granting the fastest stacking possible. The ELI5 version of this is: If you intend to use Archon beam, you will want 7% attack speed on weapon for Vyr6. With only AS from weapon and paragon, and assuming a 1.4 base AS weapon, such as a wand, you will want to have at least 174 stacks by the end of Archon. This will allow the fastest stacking possible from the archon beam. If you have fewer stacks than this at the end of archon, your overall potential DPS may take a hit. More attack speed from gear, items, and skills will lower this stack amount breakpoint, and may be preferred to limit the amount of rift fishing required for your build. Read more about this here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759209193 Vyr2 Freeze. Per PTR patch notes, the Vyr2 bonus now allows arcane strike and blast to freeze. This increases crowd control and CC of Vyr2 piece based builds. "Fixed an issue with the (2) Set power of Vyr's Amazing Arcana where your Arcane Blast and Arcane Strike would not Freeze enemies unless you had the Slow Time rune chosen". Hydra skill damage multiplier removed from MH proc damage. In 2.6.0 and prior, hydra formula included AS as a damage multiplier, but also included a skill damage multiplier of 255% within the formula. sVr's latest test shows that while the AS still scales as a damage multiplier, the skill damage multiplier was removed in 2.6.1. In a basic sense, this is a fairly significant decrease to MH Hydra proc damage. Read more about his testing and commentary here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20758776120#post-8 Frozen Orb. The base skill damage of the Frozen orb rune was increased to 950% damage as cold. The range on frozen orb was also increased to 40 yards. This allows for a more ranged playstyle, which I think will make the skill more enjoyable for most players. We hardly ever see base skill damage changes, so the increase on frozen orb is quite notable here. Testing from Dolynick on the damage of frozen orb: ... Drop chances increased. Rejoice! Many Legendary and Set items have had their drop chance increased. This means those hard to get items like Furnace and Wand of Woh should be easier to acquire in season. ----- BUFFS BUFFS who's got the buffs? Many items and sets had their power increased during the course of the PTR. I won't go over specific values, but will list out here the items and sets that have been changed. Note that if there is a legendary item here, and you play on non-season, you will have to refarm or reacquire new versions of these legendaries. Set items update dynamically though, so you won't necessarily have to reacquire those. Many multipliers from items, such as Unstable scepter and Wand of Woh, are now multiplicative, whereas they were previously additive with that skills' damage % on sheet. This is important because it means your additive % skill damage rolls on items (source, chest, helm, shoulder, boots) are more valuable in 2.6.1 for these builds than they were previously. Deathwish Etched Sigil Nilfur's Boast The Grand Vizier Orb of Infinite Depth Halo of Karini Unstable Scepter Triumvirate Ranslor's Folly Wand of Woh DMO6 FB6 Vyr6 Chantodo's Resolve For information on these latest changes and more, see the 2.6.1 patch notes: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/21115840/ ----- [2.6.1] Builds I get asked quite a bit what builds I prefer and which ones I'll be running in season. Here it is! I will begin by listing out my build preferences and some early season recommendations. Listings for all builds I've tested will be at the bottom of this post. Just because a build isn't listed as a preferred build, doesn't mean it's a bad build. There are many builds that are fun that I would love to play, but unfortunately they lack the power to farm efficiently, and I simply won't have time to gear them up. I gave all of these builds quite a bit of attention when it came to testing and pushing them to their limits on the PTR. I do hope you enjoy them, or at least use them as inspiration for ideas when going to create your own build. Most of these are solo builds, and while they aren't balanced specifically for group, I did try to keep the possibility of group play in mind. Be sure to check each build guide listing for alternate options. I did include one dedicated off-meta group meteor shower build below, be sure to check that out as well. ----- What is Speed? A GR speed build in my mind is a build that can push higher than your torment build could if it were ported into GRs, but clears faster than your GR solo push build could at a lower difficulty. For wizard in season 12 this generally means builds that are about GR70-GR95, give or take a few GRs. Unfortunately this season, the most powerful builds for wizard are hog tied by weapon slots. All weapon slots are required for these huge damage multipliers. Swapping them out for say, Aether Walker, one of our only mobility options in non-archon speeds, significantly reduces the damage of the build, and in many cases isn't even worth going for. I think a speed build should be clearing a rift faster than 5 minutes. Of course, 3-4 minutes would be better, but 5 minutes or less still fits my idea of a speed run. Keep in mind that you can always run most solo push builds at 12 or so GRs below your top push capability, and still clear with reasonable 6-7 minute times. These will get you those higher gem levels as well. ----- Build Preferences: Early Season Starter, TXIII: (TXIII) Vyr MH + Cosmic Strand || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95526 Vyr6 is the starter set. It's a really strong starter set. Combine with some fairly easy to acquire items: Manald Heal, Obsidian ring of the Zodiac, Fazula, Swami, and youll be ready to go. For season start consider slotting Bane of the Powerful and Boon of the Hoarder. Also check out my wizard season starter tips below. Early Season TXIII: (TXIII) Frozen Orb - Sage + AW - DB Farm || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94765 When you have time, build out the sage + Frozen orb as gathering DBs will be important for rerolling and acquiring items for your builds in season. Having Aether Walker on this build makes it really fluid, as you don't depend on elite pack kills for mobility and damage. I now use Karini and Avarice band with this build. These allow for higher defense and increased pickup radius, making the build even more fluid, especially as you level up in paragon and get better gear. Focus and Restraint can be placed instead with some skill swaps for a more aggressive, though less defensive build. For groups, Stone of Jordan with Bane of the Powerful is also an option. I recommend you check the build out and play around with some of the swaps, as there are many variations to this setup that can work well. Late Season TXIII: (TXIII) Infinite Blast Redux (EB / Woh / In-Geom) || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94755 Late season is mostly about farming Keys and Gold, and this build does that job very well once properly geared up. It also requires some level of paragon to perform as expected, so it fits perfectly into a late season build. TXIII Bounties: (TXIII) Frozen Orb Bounty Build || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95383 When taking on bounties, Frozen orb with Aether walker will be better than Archon or Woh based builds that rely on In-Geom procs for movement, IMO. Frozen orb also doesn't rely on stacks for offense or defense. GR Speed: All of these speed builds perform very well (for wizard that is). (GR80-95+) Tal Channel Meteor Speed || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95583 Tal Channel Meteor is a tad slower moving, but is super chill, and can tank and power through most any enemy, even at slightly higher GR as compared to the other speed builds. There is something to enjoy about summoning those meteors and rejoicing in the craters after their descent. Added Invigorating Gemstone to the build. Makes it really smoothe with having cc immunity. You can of course swap in Powerful if your group takes care of the CC immunity for you. If you're interested in Tal Solo Push builds, this is not one of my favored configurations for solo push, but I've included links near the bottom of this post, in the build list. (GR75-90+) Vyr MH Zodiac Speed || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94945 Vyr MH is very quick moving, agile, and can pack a punch, but it's damage and defense scales dynamically with rift density, and is also a proc based build, meaning it's clear time ranges can be wider than the other speed builds. It's also one of the more challenging speed builds to play, but feels very rewarding to get right. (GR75-90+) Tal Frozen Orb Speed + Aether Walker || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95608 Tal Frozen orb is a very quick moving build that shreds enemies fairly effectively. More consistent than it's counterpart, Vyr, it unfortunately does not hit as hard as Tal Meteor. However, it makes up for this in movement. If you're looking for a non-archon Aether Walker build with some nostalgic D2 vibes that can still get you very efficient clear times, this is a great pick. In a sense, a balance between the previous speed listings. GR Solo Push: These were the Builds I had the most fun testing and solo GR pushing over the course of the PTR. (GR112+) FB Meteor Etched Ignite || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95151 This Meteor shower build is fairly tanky, and hits pretty dang hard. Magic weapon ignite makes it extremely easy to ignite enemies and elites with the Firebirds' set bonuses. Timing, grouping, positioning, and ensuring you aren't interrupted while channeling are a big part of the strategy in play. A melee build, you have to seek out opportunities within density and whittle down elites. (GR109+) Vyr MH Chantodo || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94869 (GR108+) Vyr MH - Pig Sticker + OID || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94733 (GR106+) Vyr Cold Chantodo || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94899 Vyr6 is more engaging than ever. The stacking mechanic and the challenge of maintaining those stacks on a good rift is engaging and fun. The dual melee / ranged components of this build also set it apart from any other archon build I've ever played. You not only have to position yourself for optimal stacking, but also optimal damage both up close via Chantodos, and far away with MH (though MH does do some damage up close as well). If you're not a fan of the Chantodos MH combo playstyle, I've listed some alternate Vyr6 builds above that are also a lot of fun to play, and still perform well. (GR108+) Vyr6 Deathwish || https://www.d3planner.com/761408697 GR107 Clear: https://youtu.be/qgH4cipTwpc Deathwish is also an option with Vyr6. This build by Apocc. Additions by Masterjay and aloc. This build is also GR80-95+ speed capable. With this build, we leverage the attack speed from Vyr4 to proc manald heal when outside of archon, while channeling Arcane torrent: static discharge. However, lingering too long outside of archon can result in severe stack loss upon your next rotation, so be careful. The challenge when pushing is that stacks are harder to come by. Staying too long outside archon lowers possible stack count, and killing off density outside of archon also lowers possible stack count. That said, this build shreds RGs. If the rotation and RG are good, you can get some mean sub 1m RG kill times. Build source: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759330501 (GR108+) Tal Frozen Orb || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94799 Tal Frozen Orb is much more enjoyable than DMO in my mind. It offers higher attack speed, higher mobility, as well as the ability to slot both Black Hole and Teleport. The toolkit is high intensity, placing importance on positioning of your character and that of enemies, encouraging a kiting playstyle that is fast and frantic, and hard to pass up. (GR108+) FB EB Etched Ignite Redux || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94599 Explosive blast really shines in this Firebird variant. It's relatively simple to play, but somewhat difficult to master. The build emphasizes standing and channeling, whilst dealing damage to as many high priority targets as possible. Manipulating enemy position, prioritizing elites, and knowing when to tank favorable oculus spawns are a big focus when pushing. (GR105+) FB AT:SD Manald Heal || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95318 Manald heal non-archon is just as fun as its always been, and the damage increase to Deathwish helps this build in a big way. Though Tal still works with AT:SD MH, I've chosen the Firbird set for its increased 6 set multiplier and added tankiness. The build uses Pain Enhancer to gain higher AS, and proc paralysis and MH more often. Interestingly, the 60%+ Additive Damage from Taeguk is better here than having stricken. It allows faster rift clears, but does generally restrict high end clears to RGs with adds or those which spawn a power pylon. The build just feels very rewarding when played right. I feel like I've accomplished what was thought impossible when clearing GR100+ with this build. Group GR Off-Meta: (GR110+) FB Meteor Off-Meta Group Build || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95550 While this off-meta group build can go as high as GR110+ (Was able to clear a 110 on PTR with Wolfcryer & co.), it might also be well suited for GR speed runs. Meteors work well for both area clear role and single target RGK, which makes it a very flexible off-meta setup. Can use Powerful, Stricken, or Esoteric for the Third gem slot. AdamADisco's (GR100+) FB Meteor Group Build || http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95115 AdamADisco's group variation is more defensive, using Karini + Witching hour. This makes it slightly harder to manage resource, but very tanky, and a highly capable build for group speeds. Meant to be used in a 4p group composition with zMonk, pull zBarb, and another DPS (possibly another FB meteor wizard). (GR110+) Vyr6 Deathwish CoE RGK Group || https://www.d3planner.com/447528611 Apocc also put out this companion version of the Vyr6 deathwish build that uses CoE for increased damage vs. the Rift Guardian in a 4p group setting. The idea is you stack stricken when in archon, then attack the RG at range when outside of archon using AT:SD, dealing massive damage. ----- Season 12 start tips for Wizard: The week of season start, save your challenge rift. After season opens, create or rebirth your seasonal character, enter at least one adventure mode game, then back out and complete the challenge rift. Enter an adventure mode game and collect the challenge reward from in-game mail. Upgrade the blacksmith. Craft a level 70 two handed weapon. Make sure you craft a weapon that rolls with one of the secondaries as "% chance to" stun / freeze / fear / immobilize / etc. While that particular affix will still roll with 11 different affixes in the pool, the other secondary listed on this weapon will only roll with 4 possibilities. This makes rolling the Reduced level requirement affix really easy. Reroll that secondary at the mystic. You want as close to -30 level requirement as possible. I also suggest putting it in the stash so it doesn't accidentally get disenchanted. Credits to Bluddshed for this wonderful tip, btw. Level your wizard to level 27. Roll blood shards at kadala on rings until you get a manald heal. If you have excess blood shards you can opt to roll them on helms. The list here reports Swami is available at 27, my test on the PTR below for swami was rolled at level 30 though. Just make sure you don't hit 31 before rolling as that level and higher increases the pool size. http://d3planner.com/game/kadala/ Swami is one of the only legendary hats in the pool at this point in the leveling process. Unfortunately, you cant roll wizard hats separately from normal hats, and kadala doesn't always cooperate. I tested rolling 10,000 blood shards on helms at level 30 on the PTR. I got 6 swamis in return. That's an average of one swami every 1,666 blood shards, or the chance of about 24% that you'll get one within the first 400 shards rolled. This seems low, but you're not going to get a better chance at a Swami, or any other archon supporting legendary. Once you hit level 40 (thereabout), don't forget to equip your level 70 weapon. Also check out guides online, this one from Bluddshed is very helpful for season start leveling tips: https://youtu.be/EIOZEUZwF5g ----- Solo Meta Builds: While I cant be 100% certain, there is a good chance these alternate builds will be pushing the absolute ceiling of the leaderboard next season. So if you are in that category of players, I would look into these builds. I did not put out guides for them because they are both less defensive and mechanically challenging to play, meaning you'll have to have both great skill to pilot them and be willing to rift fish more to get the high clears. (GR114+) FB6 Meteor Shower with Karini, Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers, Deflection, Sparkflint to ignite, and CoE as the second ring, possibly witching hour also for the added CHD. (GR114+) FB6 Meteor Shower with Halo, APDs, Deflection, Sparkflint, CoE. The above builds revolve around fitting in and utilizing CoE, which make them less defensive than Unity, and really difficult to stand still and channel with. Sparkflint makes it much harder to ignite elites, and it can be frustrating when trying to ignite in high density. Even with these, on the right rift, FB6 CoE Meteor will likely be able to clear higher than Unity. Horrax' Build is one example of this configuration, with Ashnagaar's: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95299 Here also is Blatty's GR113 clear at 1400 paragon, with Halo / APDs: https://youtu.be/a1wn1-1lR00 (GR114+) FB6 Meteor Shower with Karini, CoE, Point of No Return, APDs. This variation would clear similarly high, and utilize the stun rune on slow time to gain additional defense, instead of using shielding. (GR114+) FB6 Meteor Shower with CoE, Spellsteal, and either Halo of Arlyse + APDs, or Karini + Strongarms. Defense on this build would be an issue, but incorporating spellsteal in addition to CoE can be a huge boost. Spellsteal will soak up etched sigil procs (most definitely not my preference). This additionally makes it hard to manage CoE cycles, but with extremely good play, it might also clear high. You'd want to remove CDR from paragon with such a setup. (GR115+) DMO Frozen Orb with CoE, Absoloute Zero, Witching hour, Strongarms, and Illusory boots. https://www.d3planner.com/227217528 Dropping Teleport makes it tough to manage positioning in this build, seeing as you still need to stand still to take advantage of Endless walk on CoE burst phases. Without Shame of Delsere, you also have much lower resource regen. AP management will also be a challenge. A large part of the RNG with this build is elite affixes. Any elite pack with vortex, knockback, Frozen, or waller can really ruin a good pull. Even with these, on the right rift, will push high if played by someone with skill and deep knowledge of the build mechanics. Example d3planner is listed above. Astral Presence is the optional passive slot. This can be swapped out for many options, including but not limited to: Illusionist Elemental Exposure Cold Blooded (GR117+) Vyr6 Frozen Orb with CoE, Strongarms, Absolute Zero. https://www.d3planner.com/189474235 GR120: https://youtu.be/ZCMsUDL7DVI GR121: https://youtu.be/IVbdwm3GgJk An archon variant, this build uses the Vyr6 set to build archon stacks which boost the damage of spells when outside of archon, using the Swami legendary bonus. Careful timing must be made to both position your enemies as needed, and line up your attacks with the CoE rotation. Defense and damage outside of archon is also increased by the Orb of Infinite Depth. The attack speed from Vyr assists in putting out as many Frozen orbs as possible within the short 4s CoE window with which to deal damage. The rest of the time is spent increasing stack count via the archon punch (or beam if on the move), or grouping for the next cycle. CDR is pretty strict with this build, and it also scales well with Area damage, though it is pretty hard to fit Area damage in the build. Note: d3planner above is a rough guide for affixes and spells, I did not put this build together. Thanks to Lo0Lo0 and Fuczzang. ----- Group Meta Build (Firebirds 4p Star Pact Wizard): A lot of work went into testing out star pact and finding a viable trash clearing build. Thank you to anyone and everyone involved. I had no hand in putting this together. I've posted here the d3planner for star pact wizard, and will link some gameplay. To be clear, the wizard is functioning as the trash clearer, replacing the witch doctor in 4p meta group composition. Dfans Link by Rob2628, details the rotation: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/97220 https://www.twitch.tv/rob2628 This GR135 clear by Blackbirdd3 and team. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/212050411 Video repost by Meta new: https://youtu.be/D77yTF2uKAc https://www.twitch.tv/blackbirdd3 And here's the d3planner. I went ahead and included a few variations based on leaderboard clears. Perfect gearing will be difficult, due to requiring quad rolled gloves and source (no INT on either). There are a few options, which the different d3planner listings attempt to show. https://www.d3planner.com/874361013 Star pact thread and discussion is below. Thanks to mcdundee, Vox, WorkWorkWork and everyone for forming and following the build. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759528719 ----- Build Listings: Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsBZISJpoL0Lcra47gZI06V8NtDj8JYyp Twitch Home Page (also has the build list with links and other helpful mechanics listings): https://www.twitch.tv/cratic1321 Torment Builds: (TXIII) Vyr MH + Cosmic Strand http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95526 (TXIII) Frozen Orb - Sage + AW - DB Farm http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94765 (TXIII) Frozen Orb Bounty Build http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95383 (TXIII) Infinite Blast Redux (EB / Woh / In-Geom) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94755 (TXIII) Tal Lightning Meteor + Sage's http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95480 Speed Builds: (GR80-95+) Tal Channel Meteor Speed http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95583 (GR75-90+) Tal Frozen Orb Speed http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95608 (GR70-90+) Vyr MH Zodiac Speed http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94945 (GR70-85+) Tal Lightning Meteor Speed http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95359 (GR70-85+) Tal AT:SD MH Speed http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95352 (GR70-85+) FB6 / Vyr2 Archon Speed http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95333 Solo Push Builds: (GR112+) FB Meteor Etched Ignite http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95151 (GR108+) FB EB Etched Ignite Redux http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94599 (GR110+) Tal Meteor Solo Push Build variants - Thanks to Bluddshed and Ged http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95421 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/96537 (GR108+) Tal Frozen Orb http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94799 (GR110+) DMO Frozen Orb http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94704 (GR109+) Vyr MH Chantodo http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94869 (GR108+) Vyr6 Deathwish https://www.d3planner.com/761408697 GR107 Clear: https://youtu.be/qgH4cipTwpc (GR108+) Vyr MH - Pig Sticker + OID http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94733 (GR106+) Vyr Cold Chantodo http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94899 (GR108+) DMO Channel Twister http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95446 (GR106+) DMO EB Flash http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94856 (GR105+) DMO Orbit Redux http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94577 (GR105+) FB AT:SD Manald Heal http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95318 (GR104+) Tal AT:SD Manald Heal http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95321 Off-Meta Group Builds: (GR110+) FB Meteor Off-Meta Group Build http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95550 AdamADisco's (GR100+) FB Meteor Group Build http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95115 (GR110+) Vyr6 Deathwish CoE RGK Group https://www.d3planner.com/447528611 "For Fun" Builds: (GR95+) FB Twister http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94543 (GR99+) DMO Twister (Wicked Wind) http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94575 StoleOwnCar's (GR91+) Vyr6 Thorns http://www.diablofans.com/builds/94968 ----- That's it for this season. Have fun in season 12 Adventurers!Cratic116 Jan 12
Nov 15 RoS Wizard Tools (updated for v2.6.1) I created this set of tools for my own use and decided that they could be of benefit to others. The tools are designed to remove a lot of the guess work from gearing choices and give you a as accurate an estimate of your wizard's potential in various aspects as possible. What it includes: -Tool to help with calculating the eDPS of various spell combinations -Tool to calculate the APoC and LoH returns of spells and their "spam-ability" -Tool for calculating Mitigation and Sustain -Tool that calculates changes in DPS, Mit & eHP with stat changes. -Tool for calculating Cooldown Reduction and Cost Reduction -Tool for calculating the Firebird 6-piece DoT damage and infinite DoT threshold -Tool for calculating damage within a Tal Rasha 6-piece skill rotation. -Tables for all breakpoints (Yes, they still very much exist in RoS). -Reference page of stats for skills with some notes on behavior (Requires Microsoft Excel or compatible spreadsheet software) Download location: http://www.olynick.net/d3/tools VOD of the Wizard Tools Workshop on April19, 2015: http://www.twitch.tv/vizjereiclan/c/6569262 Let me know what you think. -dolynickdolynick253 Nov 15
3h Star Pact Wiz - A brief Intro Hi folks, Since a lot of you've gotten interested in this build, and found google translate too humorous sometime, I think I have to translate my post on bbs.d.163.com to here. I only cover the important part here. You can check the original post if you read Chinese. http://bbs.d.163.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=173531275&extra= General Gameplay 1.On the way - In narrow passage, monk and wiz go different roadsides. Barb shall avoid charge mobs too much in case you need to pull them. - Portion of Fear helps. - If wiz got stuck, monk leaves (DO NOT heal wiz). Wiz controls HP <50%, triggers Multilation Guard, and barb now try best to protect. 2. Fight - Barb: pretend you're playing with a mega LON WD. Try to pull elites w/ wormhole or helicopters away. - Monk: Try to group mobs around elites that qualify all of following: melee, small-size (< 6 yards), non-teleport. You should wait wiz to get close to the elite, then group, otherwise wiz will get stuck. - Nec: You are a fine corpse. - Wiz: Wait till 30+ stacks of WoF. First 2 SP must be in arcane COE. Then, if enough mobs, continue rotation, otherwise wait for next COE or go. - Wiz: DO NOT focus on giant elite. If have to, land SP right next to them instead of on them. - Wiz: DO NOT attack helicopters, they are your BOOOOOSS! 3. Rotation Ignite elites, meanwhile not to ignite too much mobs. 4 electro, WoF, wait till arcane COE, SP, several electro (depends on APS), channel till SP lands, WoF, electro till full AP, next round. Main variants I list the main variants in D3P, including zDPS. Check it out. Please try and adjust the timing based on your mouse and latency. https://www.d3planner.com/661886073 1. Fast APD I think it's the best variant. High overall dmg, and fine toughness. Barb needs to proc APD for wiz. Timing: press SP 0.1s release, press electro 1.056s release, press AT 0.333s release, press WoF 0.1s release, press press electro 1.056s release. 2. Fast Lacuni A good alternative to #1. Stable toughness. Same timing as #1. 3. Balanced APD Most balanced and easy-to-gear build. Timing: press SP 0.1s release, press electro 0.98s release, press AT 0.4s release, press WoF 0.1s release, press press electro 1.6s release. 4. Speed Run Need high plvl and still squishy. One of the highest dmg build. Insert BH before the first WoF. Same timing as #3. 5. Archon Completely different build. Relies on fire archon to ignite, AT to regen AP. Super short rotation, and super picky of rifts. One of the highest dmg. No timing. 6. 2Man Go check LouLou Lou's videos. It's more about strategy than build. 7. Solo I dunno. I'm surprised it works. Maybe go check LexyuTV's channel. I might update the science behind this build, and compares with FBs WD and LON WD latter.WorkWorkWork26 3h
11h Firebird Channeling Build question So basically this build only need to use the channeling spell? It will cast both the channeling skill and meteor so the Meteor shower skill is just for show ? Equip with death wish and Etched SigilEternalglory2 11h
1d Tal Meteor Question Looking for more of a mechanic type question. Do i have to keep arcane torrent channeled then cast meteor to get damage buff? Do the meteors that are auto cast get the buff? When i encounter mob or elites first thing to do is channel arcane torrent then meteor, frost nova, teleport? I run low of arcane power alot from channeling and that kinda leads me into the next question of is there anything else besides aguila cuirass for cube?RammerJammer6 1d
1d Show off your sexy primals! I'm unable to play diablo, as I'm currently abroad on a work trip. So in the meantime, make me jealous by showing off all your sexy primals!Christos68 1d
2d Is the Wizard too easy or is it just me? Just to give you guys an idea of my background, I'm a Diablo veteran but not an expert or pro or anything. I played 1 & 2 casually with friends back in high school and got Diablo 3 at launch. The only class I've played is the Demon Hunter, and I remember having to dodge, lay caltrops, etc. just to survive on normal difficulty back in the day when the AH was still a thing, and this was with twinked out gear. I found the bosses difficult back then also. Recently I decided to start a Seasonal character and play a Wizard, playing on normal difficulty, and it's been sort of a cake walk. The only two times I died were when the game lagged while enemies around me were exploding or when I just went afk and something killed me. All of the bosses, including the likes of Belial, Azmodan, and Dialbo have died within a few seconds. I'm aware that I can just turn up the difficulty, but seeing as I'm just trying to rush through and get the seasonal rewards for Wizard, I don't see the point. The wizard seems able to just walk through fire and acid traps and disintegrate enemies instantly by randomly right clicking while the demon hunter has to constantly dodge and pin-point the strongest enemies just to survive. Is the game just easier now? Is the Wizard just a lot easier to play? Or is this just because I've managed to "git gud" and know which enemies release snakes, which ones explode, how to min/max gear, how to kill the ones with lightning chains between them, etc.? It is just really disappointing when the titular boss of a game goes down like a sack of potatoes after 2 seconds of you right clicking him.WuHsin26 2d
2d Need more DPS Could I get some helpful tips on setup? I've hit GR 96, and I'm guessing what will help most is empowering gems on all ancient gear. Anything else I could improve on? I see a lot of people talking about a manual meteor casting, I do everything manual. Does this relate to the auto-cast numer lock trick?Aquintasii2 2d
2d Archon + Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac ? Hello! I am trying to master the VYRs wizard set dungeon. I need to have Archon up as much as possible, because when I am out of it I cannot do much damage, and also I am slow and cannot finish the set dungeon. I saw here: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Set_Dungeon/Guides They say that an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, should cut the remaining waiting time of the cooldown of Archon. I finally found such a ring. I am trying to do as they say, by using for example Disintegrate and I also have this: Hergbrash's Binding. But unfortunatey, and I have tested it also in some dense monster areas. While I am out of Archon form, and by spamming Disintegrate, the cooldown of Archon does not cut. It just goes normally and I have to wait a long time. Do you know if there has been some change from Blizzard about those things. Any help appreciated. I am frustrated a lot, as I cannot finish the set dungeon. PS1: I have put out any other skills except Achon and perhaps a Meteor, in my skill bar. Nothing. Archon does not get cut in any way, it just goes normally. PS2: I have also for this purpose, put Cooldown reduction on my gear, so I have something like 40%. Still, its a long time for the next Archon duration. For some reason, Disintegrate does not influence the Archon cooldown in any way.M2evorah3 2d
3d Meteor. Cold or Lightning? Hello, I am kind of tired of Meteor Shower rune and I was glad other runes are also capable of something (in Tal Rasha Meteor build) I have a question on rune/damage mechanics: No Rune Initial Skill (fire): Does 740% dmg + 235% over 3 seconds. Lightning rune: dmg turns to lightning, delay is removed. +235% not mentioned but nothing is said they are removed, and we see post-impact sign on the ground. Cold rune: Again, mentions +235% over 3 seconds. Does it mean that Lightning does not have them then? Or are cold +235% additional to initial +235% post-impact? As a side note: I tried running with cold meteor and I was surprized at its performance: Elite often dies faster than from Meteor Shower. White trash dies less and this will probably result in slower progressing but I do not think Cold will lose to Fire more than 1GR while pushing. And I like channeling with flaming Arcane Torrent and have extra 25% reduction, and freezing meteor - helps at Hardcore.Cuthalion5 3d
3d Gr 100 down, with a manual MS caster (o-'.'-)>O Q(X.xQ) at paragon 1514. Am I the only manual meteor shower caster build up here in NS (O.o)? Thank you diablo team for making it possible, it's all I wanted was to make it to GR 100 with a manual meteor shower caster build. Still room for improvements, so back to grinding. (^_^) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DragonsBlood-1589/hero/61316995DragonsBlood0 3d
3d Star Pact Wiz = No Lag, and it dominates! Hi WDs, recently Star Pact Wiz has dominated the LB world wide except for US server. EU seasonal has 141 with plvl-4100 wiz. The current #1 in Asia Server is SP as well. Chinese NS #1 is 141. Someone in Chinese server seasonal cleared 139 with plvl-2450 wiz. This build has higher potential than Firebats, and it Lags Not! If you guys are interested, please take a look. D3P of one of the variants: https://www.d3planner.com/411439317 A brief description of the build on diablofans: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/97080-firebird-star-pact-meteor-for-group-push My post on a Chinese forum: http://bbs.d.163.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=173531275&extra=page%3D1 I'm considering translate my post here, if I have time. You can always ask me questions.WorkWorkWork9 3d
3d Rimeheart + Manald? I am having fun with my channeled Wizard build that focuses on Manald. Then I run into survival problem and try to put Blizzard into rotation. The Frozen happens often so then I think about Rimeheart. Question. When an enemy is Frozen and I see the "stars" from Paralysis, does he take BOTH proc damage? It's a bit hard to tell. lol Or the enemy either takes Rimeheart or Manald damage (because the enemy can only be stunned or frozen)? Question 2: Does Chance for Area apply when the proc damage goes off?Jibikao9 3d
4d Fun single target DPS / group GR build? Me and a few friends are done with the meta grind and want to try something fun for a change. We have a zmonk in the group, and my other friend is covering the AoE DPS / trash clearing role (condemn crusader). So I thought it would be good if I picked something that can finish off the elites and kill the rift guardian. What would be a good build to try? I know that the wizard used to be used as a RG killer a few seasons ago, but I'm thinking that's probably a bit overkill. Ideally, I'm also looking for something that would be fun to play as well (i.e. no latency/FPS dependence, no glass cannon dies-to-everything builds). Are the hydra / manald heal wizards still viable? Those always seemed interesting.nand6 4d
4d FB meteor wiz dmg consistency question i have been trying FB channeling wiz, and i feel that meteor impact damage is somehow inconsistent, even versus a single RG. sometimes, an impact deals a huge chunk of damage, but some other times, the damage is negligible.. am i missing something in the build?churinga15 4d
4d Twister Wiz vs Necro Would the old twister wizard be able to compete with the Necro as Rift Guardian killer? Can we please revert the twister nerfs?AnimalMan2 4d
6d Wizard Builds Hello Wizards, in season 13 I want to play wizard again (free set seems to be firebird). It's my most played class, but the last time I played it was season 1. (most of the play time was before seasons were introduced). I want to ask you for the best builds for several situations, as I only play one class every season due to limited time for playing. I need a build for following tasks: - T13 speedfarm - GR speedfarm ~3-5 mins - GR push If such a build exists: - bounties - 4men meta Can you help me out?lib2 6d
6d 4m GR126 down Star Pact trash clear wiz Finally got something up on the NA 4m board, based on the cool Star Pact group build from WorkWorkWork, but made a few tweaks based on input from other wiz players. With some paragon points in vitality you can survive without Karini, so replaced Storm Armor with Energy Armor Energy Tap rune for the extra 20 AP. Replaced Karini with RoRG in cube and equipped Illusory Boots for much needed mobility and to allow you constant access to sanc. Also allows you to easily reposition into oculus circles (ask monk to move sanc to oculus). If you happen to land a holy grail Star Pact with all buffs (WoF, Dynamo, Arcane CoE, oculus) it will still one-shot mobs in high 120s. Also chose PE gem for the fastest possible AP regen in density. There may be a better option. Still trying stuff. We fished a bunch of 127s but got RNG’d hard with endless keeps, sewers, 9 floors, end pylon, etc. Now if a para 4-5k can please make one and fish some 135s I’d love to see what the potential could be.mcdundee167 6d
Jan 12 Damage range for a Tal wiz Hey all, I got pretty lucky last night and got a primal ancient Halo of Karini after messing around with the basic tal meteor channeling build for only a week or so. I'd appreciate some rerolling advice so I don't screw it up. The options are: regular Halo, already rerolled: int 5.5 CHC 46 CHD vs the primal halo: int vit damage range Would you roll off the int or vit, and would you go for crit or crit damage? Also I'd appreciate any opinions on damage range in general. I can't find much discussion on it except that it performs better the more main stat you have, but there wasn't really a consensus on when that kicks in. Thanks for your time.Eschotaeus6 Jan 12
Jan 11 Bane of the Stricken boost while channeling. Hello, I asked this question in Items section but had no reply. Maybe wizards can help better :) So I use BotS and a channeling skill as my main skill (Meteor build with Etched Sigil) As far as I understand, Bane of the Stricken affects only first mob hit by skill. So when fighting my way through rifts, I need to target elite bosses rather than just hit them with area attacks. When I channel with Ray of Frost - it is more or less evident (I hope), because it hits only one target. But when I use disintegrate or arcane torrent: Let's say an elite boss is on the other side of the screen, I target it with my mouse cursor and attack with channeling skill - such as Arcane Torrent. It may hit other monsters on the way to the boss, but it is extremely important to know that it is elite boss that is affected by BotS, not some random white mob. Can anyone explain how to achieve that goal better? Thank you.Cuthalion1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Are there any viable Firebird T13 builds? I don't like gearing two different sets for different purposes, so I'd love to be able to use the Firebirds set in T13 as well, rather than having to keep both TalRasha and Firebird set pieces. Is there any Firebird build that can clear T13 in reasonable timeframes (3-5 minutes)? I was thinking that I could maybe make a Zei's-oriented build that just focuses on getting the 4-piece bonus onto monsters as fast as possible and then letting them die off-screen. The one downside of this tactic is that it means all legendaries will drop when I'm long gone - but I don't care about the loot, just the rift guardian drops. Edit: ... Hmm, I gave it a try but the problem I have is that the fire DoT simply doesn't deal enough damage; and apparently it despawns if I get too far away. By the time it does, the elites have only taken a fraction of their life as damage.nand4 Jan 11
Jan 10 Bounty Woh build, how to maximize damage? This by far my favourite build to play for split bounties, mobility is amazing, I just wish it did a bit more damage. This is what I currently run: https://www.d3planner.com/339095134 All I'm trying to do is stack as much CDR as possible, I have 68%, 73% with Gogok, 84% with empowered shrine. I don't know what other way I can really increase my damage. Would a different legendary gem be better? Firebirds? I don't want to run in-geom and be dependant on elite kills and lose my mobility when it's not up.Tahqa0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Invincible follower items + Unity So the items like Enchanting Favor (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/enchanting-favor) that say "Your follower cannot die" actually make it so your follower never goes below 100% health. This is achieved by them taking no damage whatsoever. I just found a second Unity today and threw it on my follower thinking that it'd be horrible, and I'd still take 50% of the damage that my follower would have taken. Nope! If he gets hit nothing happens to me. If I get hit my damage taken is reduced by 50%. Tested both practically playing the game and standing in flame vents in Arreat Core. This needs 3 very specific items but it's clearly broken as all hell, so yeah.Mitosis57 Jan 10
Jan 9 Wall of d3planner Simulators on Star Pact I'm going to keep this as concise as I can (though I will inevitably carry on). The simulators are in the simulation tabs of related builds. The rotations are a tad imperfect, but mimic the average player's expertise. The mob size has been set to a static 44 whites and 2 elites (tad generous but whatever). These builds are all 4p oriented, though they can probably be used in 2p and especially 3p. If you're interested in the ultimate strongest result here it is: Firebird Archon Star Pact DPS: 75.8k Trillion D3Planner: https://www.d3planner.com/809338773 All of your ignite comes from archon, and your aim is to cast as many meteors as possible during Swami Arcane COE cycle. This will do a lot of burst damage. It's basically like casting multiple meteors that all benefit from the exact same amount of AD each (so none of the mob density is wasted due to deaths). Furthermore, the CDR requirement is a bit lax because archon is just meant to supplement your damage. Though there might be a variant that uses 3 igniters and lightning archon rune, and then runs more CDR to always get 2 arcane cycles after every archon. It might be possible. Otherwise just transform whenever I guess as you'll get one swami arcane cycle regardless. Or you could try for having an arcane with max dynamos and wave stacks as soon as you come out of archon by aiming for lightning (I think it's lightning anyway), so you'll come out on arcane. Depending on the GR level, out of archon it might be beneficial to simply stay the hell out of the middle of the mobs. Very tanky in archon, very squishy when out of it. Change magic weapon to deflection if necessary. mcdundee and I tested a variant of this in 2p GR110 (with some more defense due to a missing zbarb and necro debuff). Basically he overkilled every elite pack, and oneshot the RG (with a power pylon, though), using one meteor. Juuuust to give you some idea of what the damage potential looks like. In case you're playing in 2p or 3p, you might need to make some damage concessions. But this build's damage (especially burst) is so much higher than the base version that you can afford that while still being much stronger. On 3p and 4p, we have not gotten a chance to test. Also here is the purely theoretical PE variant: DPS: 95.2k T(rillion) https://www.d3planner.com/264865032 For the reason as to why this is purely theoretical, see below on the normal firebird PE version. Now to move on: Firebird variants: Base (slightly modified version of WorkWorkWork's post); DPS: 28.5kT https://www.d3planner.com/453613842 I don't need to explain this Purely theoretical PE variant: DPS: 62.6kT https://www.d3planner.com/983152526 The reason this is theoretical is that you get max AP and Dynamo in roughly 0.4-0.5 seconds. Which means you basically cast meteor every half a second and have multiple meteors in the air, which you somehow need to channel just right to make sure they all get the bonus. Possible, but kind of macro territory. Although it might be more possible for this version than the archon version simply due to less things to keep an eye on. That being said, the problem is that this is DPS. In many rifts, you'll have small mobs that die much faster than big mobs. But for the purposes of AD, they're all equal. So just throwing down a crapton of meteors is detrimental because your PE stacks go down at the same time as your damage. If you can run this absolutely perfectly on the perfect map, you might actually touch or beat the Firebird Archon variant above... supposing that it can't survive at all while doing the same (if it can, it flies ahead...). Ah but that being said if the archon variant simply sacrifices some damage, it would still come out ahead. Base version without Arcane Dynamo restriction: DPS: 37.4kT https://www.d3planner.com/969943931 Same as the usual version but it turns out that without PE, the base version benefits more from not waiting for 5 dynamo stacks. With that much AP refill, you get max AP long before 5 dynamo stacks, so it's better to just cast as soon as you get AP. Random reaper's wraps variant: DPS: 38.9kT https://www.d3planner.com/461617590 This is simply supposing you have a znecro. I haven't done enough testing either way to really say which way this goes, but honestly I think this might even benefit from dropping Arcane Dynamo. With enough globe spawn, you'll have a meteor out freaking constantly, so you'll just be interchanging meteors with channeling. I guess it bears some investigation. Obviously there can be an archon variant as well. Vyr's: Roughly only option: DPS: 28.9kT https://www.d3planner.com/108619186 Unfortunately the problem with Vyr is that yes it does have archon and higher base IAS, but it spends half the time in a useless archon state and only gets ADDITIVE damage from archon. At least with the way the simulator works, that basically means archon stacks just give some base % and then Vyr adds 50% to each. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why that really sucks compared to how archon stacks are multiplicative with FB. On the other hand if you can mix in PE while still staying alive, it damage is slightly more than the base firebirds build (41.5kT DPS), and its burst damage is of course a decent amount higher. Tal: Without PE Tal's sucks at star pact... but adding it in works some magic... About the only thing I could come up with using the base variant: DPS: 25.6kT https://www.d3planner.com/365398911 As I said, balls to the wall. With PE: DPS: 70kT https://www.d3planner.com/582513194 With PE, Tal's is a different beast. Suddenly the resource fills up much faster without even needing Delsere, Dynamo stacks get refilled instantly. For tal's it's kind of interesting too. Although it drops defense to do this, its unique amulet slot can also fill it in partially by using string of ears. Mantle of Channeling also helps, as does Unwavering Will. However it doesn't really have base defense built in. I'm not sure if this build could survive even with all of these defensive additives. You can also use EW set with CoE if you put an RoRG in cube. Unfortunately this does all of nothing for the spec. Bonus: DMO DMO Archon Arcane Orbit: DPS: 32kT https://www.d3planner.com/294780420 I think my rotation for this is much more imperfect than it is for the star pact builds above. Vox noted that technically AO can be cast every 0.5 seconds. So this cast rate is very low compared to the theoretical max. You basically have to play hopscotch between the frost ray and arcane orb buttons when you're not filling up dynamo. Supposing it can even survive... A note on DPS vs Burst Importance You'll notice that I don't value DPS quite as highly as burst damage. The reason for this is because you'll notice that many FB docs even now wait until fire cycle to start doing most of their damage on a large mob. The reason for that is that you do not want to waste AD (and PE) by killing off small mobs near you with small meteors, essentially guaranteeing that the elite(s) gain(s) nearly no damage. Burst is valuable because regardless of individual HP, they all take the same amount of damage from AD bounces. Even if that one boggit has 10 HP left, it can still proc over and wreck something next to it... at least that's how I think it works. >_> Conclusions I saw some interesting trends while doing these simulators. It was fun. Tals' sudden explosion of damage with PE is also something I didn't expect considering how much the base form sucks. Firebirds archon outstripped all of my expectations for damage as well. I realize the sims aren't quite perfect, but have fun looking through them.StoleOwnCar29 Jan 9
Jan 8 Wizard with what other class in a 2 man? I'm pretty boring, I've played D3 since launch, on a Demon Hunter. I've never done a seasonal character or anything. I've always played with one other person, who is also a DH. We are capped at 95. We both want new classes, it's time. I was told Monk for support and Barbarian, but I am thinking Monk and Wizard may be the best for highest DPS based on research. Opinions? Thanks! AprilApril2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Blizzard needs a Legendary!! I am really enjoying my Manald + Rimheart build with Blizzard (frozen heart) but Blizzard doesn't have any legendary item. Wizard only has one legendary boots for Meteor? Wish they could create a new one. Something like Blizzard now stacks 2-3 times. Or something more creative like enemies standing in Blizzard take some random high damage. Any ideas?Jibikao2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Master of Arcane Power? joke? Wizard is supposed to be the power of Arcane Power but it seems Arcane is one element that is getting the short stick if you ask me. Tactics for Arcane is 80% slow... okay. Not horrible but not great either. We have Rimheart for Cold build and Paralysis with Manald. What does Arcane have?? We have a full set devoted for Fire element. I really like Arcane Hydra (it looks beautiful) but I find most Arcane damage build is not competitive enough. Your thoughts??Jibikao0 Jan 8
Jan 7 I want to be a better Wizard. New to Diablo III, would like feedback on my Wizard, please. Any constructive criticism welcome. Brianoir631 Jan 7
Jan 7 Ideas for Wave of Force Legendaries Introducing Wave of Force into DMO builds would be a nice alternative to the standard Frozen Orb build, but presently there aren't any legendaries for WoF. I've got a few ideas for some. ... Pretty much like other ability legendaries that enhance the ability when used against single targets, this would let you handle Rift Guardians. ... Just lets you pick out the utility extras without forcing you to take Impactful Wave (which I'm sure some people would dislike). Also extra damage, which is always nice. You'd couple the aforementioned two with an Orb of Infinite Depth, as any WoF build would have Explosive Blast as a secondary damage source. But of course, we'll probably need a third legendary to go with this. ... Double the power, double the procs, double the win. Could have some extra effects if needed, but double-casting is already very powerful. If you have other ideas, feel free to suggest them.darkdill4 Jan 7
Jan 5 Firebird SP has dominated meta FYI, EU seasonal has 141 with plvl-4100 wiz. The current #1 in Asia Server is SP as well. Chinese NS #1 is 141. Someone in Chinese server seasonal cleared 139 with plvl-2450 wiz. When will we see more SP in US meta?WorkWorkWork24 Jan 5
Jan 4 DMO or Rasha meteor? https://imgur.com/a/IWYva is my gear set up for both. I clear a noticeably faster with rasha meteor, but with all the DMO in top non season it makes me feel like im not playing DMO to the full potential. Is DMO just naturally slower given the same gear? Im to the point now where i want to attach the gems to my gear for the int boost, not sure what set to start it on. I like both, pretty equally, except my only gripe with dmo is frost orb doesnt do its FULL damage till it reaches max range and explode, No TP and affixes make that challenging to do sometimes tl;dr What is objectively the better build?Andrameda3 Jan 4
Jan 3 Need some help with improving Hi. I am currently playing HC seasonal and trying to climb the leaderboards. I would like to get higher up in the rankings,so could anyone offer some good advice on gear or rerolls I should get on my gear? I am aware that getting ancient boots,shoulders and bracers will help but other than that I am stuck. I cleared 92, can probably go 93,but feels its a risk at the moment. https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Auron-2868/hero/103082656 Thanks in advance :)Auron12 Jan 3
Jan 3 Deathwish + Sigil Tal Meteor. Why iAS? Hello, I am kind of stuck at GR106 (https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cuthalion-2437/hero/103208626) I noticed top players above me often have increased AS on Tal Rasha Chest. There was a link to Etched Sigil proc table, it read that if I channel with RoF, Sigil procs most if I have speed between 1.45 and 1.50, which means weapon + 6.6% from paragon, and no gear. if I channel with AT, Sigil procs most if I have speed of 1.53, which is again, reachable with regular 1.4 AS on weapon and 10% iAS on paragon. So I have a question - is there a reason that they wear +iAS chests, and do not reroll speed for another stat? Thank you.Cuthalion3 Jan 3
Jan 2 Etched Sigil + BotS. Tal Meteor perspective. Hello, I push with Tal Meteor these days (europe hc) I'd like to understand Bane of the Stricken mechanics better. So I have a couple of questions: 1. If I channel with Ray of Frost, does BotS ignite only the first (and only) mob it actually hits? 2. If I channel with Arcane Torrent. Do I understand it right that only 1 mob (first mob hit) is ignited at a time. And main thing - if elite leader is behind a mob of whites and minions, can I still ignite him and what shall I do? Is it enough that my coursor indicates that I target him with AT? Cause it is hard to understand whom AT actually hits 'first'.Cuthalion0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Returning Player - Need some Advice So i am still using the vry/Tal archon build would it be easiest for me to go Vyr6 and stick with Pigsticker?Calarian1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Firebird Wizard Hi this is my firebird wiz https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lidrach-11534/hero/85491343 I was rebuilding it so my skills might not be good. Ok so I have found the great vizier butI hesitate to cube as I saw in many builds. My previous wand was fragment of destiny. So anyway is it better to cube great vizier instead of furnace ? For the skills and passives what should I put? Unfortunately i do not have the chatandoo item. Thx.Lidrach0 Jan 2
Jan 1 Mirror Images Anyone have any thoughts on items that could make this skill more useful? I think it has to be one of the worst skills, but I like the concept. I wish the skill was more comparable to horrific mimics. thoughts?aloc6 Jan 1
Jan 1 Returning Player seeking advice Hello everyone! I used to play a year or two ago and I have no idea what I'm doing. Can anyone guide me in a direction to start destroying everything in sight? I have no idea where to begin. ThanksNukemp31 Jan 1
Dec 29 Off Meta - fun builds So I've been playing around with some builds, I don't really enjoy the current Wizard top tier builds all that much so I figured I would go for some flavor: The Sith Lord: https://www.d3planner.com/539462655 Clears GR80 in 7-8 mins or so on average with similar gear shown (worse stats on most, using weak Aether Walker), did some test runs on lower GRs and T13, pretty fun if you like the theme, clears T13 with Starfire instead of Viser just using Electrocute. The goal was to make it a fun theme while being effective without using Manaldheal, there can definitely be some more tweaks but considering the cap on it, probably not worth much gear investment. If you want to go straight up Sith, I would switch out Teleport for Wave of Force - Force Push, Use Starfire or Fragment instead of Grand Viser switch Blizzard to Spectral Blade - Ice Blades. If you want to go further, you can convert it to a non-channel Meteor spec; Change to Lacuni to ABlood Bracers, Change Depth Diggers to Aquila or even Magefist, change Simplicity to Zei's, go for Electrocute - Chain Lightning and change Audacity to Power Hungry (probably drop Elemental for Unstable). For higher GR rotation, I Teleport in holding down Electrocute, cast Meteor for 60% bonus, cast Blizzard for freeze follow-up, build up Dynamo and repeat Meteor or cycle depending on situation. Take advantage of Occy rings as much as possibly, this build is pretty flexible with Teleport and takes advantage of the rings quite well. APS - Since I wanted the build to be legitimately strong for lightning Electrocute, I recommend getting 2+APS sheet so you take advantage of the Primary. The higher you got GR wise, probably better investing more points in overall damage instead, since it's only a couple billion per hit on the generator, vs x100s on the meteors.Toclmi2 Dec 29
Dec 29 Arcane Orb Why did only Frozen Orb get the damage increase in this patch? It seems simple enough to just increase all the runes’ damage…… And with the same reason that Frozen Orb was added to the game (iconic from D2), they should turn the Fire Rune into a straight up Fireball. Ie, explode on impact to X-radius. It just seems to bloody obvious mate.Ryoka12 Dec 29
Dec 29 TalRasha - 2 piece + CoE. Smart Use? Hello, I have been playing with TalRasha Meteor build, and I noticed 2 things: 1) One-time cast of anothe skill while channeling with RoF (in my case) does not delay next meteor in any way. 2) Evidently, automatic meteors triggered by TalRasha 2piece benefit from CoE. Sometimes the boost is noticable - a fat mob starts dropping much faster despite the fact that CoE is not on fire phase. Teleport and RoF are mandatory for use whenever possible. But 2 other skills - Lightning Torrent and manual meteor - may be used for their meteor type to fully benefit from CoE phase. Usually I do no have time to pay attention to it. I wonder if there are players who do? It's not a huge damage boost overall, but still, it is will be a couple % increase if you count total amount of meteors falling during full CoE cycle.Cuthalion2 Dec 29
Dec 28 Lighting Meteor - Viable! Just did GR 108 @ P1267 as Lightning Meteor Wiz (Season NA Rank 67 atm). After a good deal of experimentation, I would say lighting meteor in an etched sigil build is slightly weaker overall than meteor shower...but if you can't stand the screen spam of shower [like myself] I think this proves that lighting meteor is a legtimately viable alternative. Trying to evaluate the potential of this build overall I would note the following for prospective lighting wizards: - I could fish another 1 level above this one with my exact current setup ***but only one...already I am fishing for only "great rifts". - I could gain another 2 grifts if I fully maximized my remaining gear ***significant time investment required. - Adding ~650 paragon would gain another 1 level ***looking at top leader board paragon they are all nearing 2k == I would say this build caps out around grift 112 ***vs Meteor shower in a similar position capping around ~114. Summary of analysis: Lighting Meteor is only about ~2-3 levels behind meteor shower in overall effectiveness. Happy hunting all!Destroyer3 Dec 28
Dec 27 New to D3 - ? about gear and spells Hi, friends. I am brand new to D3 - started playing a few months ago after tiring of WoW which became more of a "daily chore" than FUN. My main D3 char is a Wizard. I like spell-slingers so want to do well with a Disintegrate Build (not interested in Archon). Here is my "main" character: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/WizardBob-1983/hero/93327816 I have a sense that my spell selection is not taking advantage of the gear sets I am wearing. I have Tal Raesha 6-set bonus and Firebird 4-set bonus, yet I am having trouble progressing. I am farming T9 content just fine. T10 is doable but slow. FYI, I am a 100% solo player (by choice). Any thoughts on how I can improve? Either new spell selection (yet keeping Disintegrate as primary damage dealer) or maybe swapping out Tal Raesha for a full Firebird set? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I really appreciate your taking the time to reply! -BobWizardBob5 Dec 27
Dec 27 Vyr's Channeling MH build (and T.Crash) https://www.d3planner.com/563408105 (UPDATED/REVISED) I've also made a variation that uses Thundercrash: https://www.d3planner.com/558091126 instead but I find this has a lot more pure potential considering how much AT:SD will proc (and double proc, see Cratics OP for details https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752649109 and further Apo's for even more indepth numbers: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/8770117237#post-11) It is VERY difficult to gear for, you need an Apoc/CC Swami (thankfully I got a Christmas gift from RNG yesterday and got one!), you need a pretty GG MH and you need a pretty well rolled Halo of Karini, a CDR/CC/CHD Hellfire amulet or CDR/CC/CHD/AS Flavor of time (lol gl!) and of course either a really nice Starfire or Deathwish (Starfire preferred for Max AP for singles). Worth it? Well, out of archon you can channel non-stop (yes even at 15 tick 4.01+AS BP) and thus non-stop get MH procs and absolutely melt the target you're attacking. I really think this has the potential to be a great elite sniping and RGK build for wizard! Need to run some bounties for a good MH, but I'm just posting it beta form for now, I like the damage potential vs what EW + Meteor spam can put out. 64% or higher CDR is mandatory here, so unfortunately CDR on amulet is mandatory with that as soon as Archon drops you'll be able to get back into archon and build stacks, even better if you can manage to get a few second headstart on it but not necessary. Till you get that you can use Gogok but you'll be dropping 60% damage by doing so, but best to get it functional first. Channeling w/o Vyr's stacks will be no damage, so think of it that way. CoE isn't very ideal in this, you'll only have stacks for 20 seconds before going back into archon (not a lot of damage but at least some decent triple billion MH ticks 10 seconds or so in), therefore you'll only have the double damage of CoE for 1.5 cycles with 20 seconds of downtime so it's no where near 1.5x more damage. You want to try and hit the 4.01 AS BP so you can proc MH at 15 ticks/s, thus you'll need a quad Vyr's gloves (hard to get, have one), AS/CC/CDR MH (easier as AS is native rolled), and AS on your chosen amulet. It's nice to have Crusaders along, they'll kill trash for more archon stacks and their IAS buff will ensure you hit your 4.01 BP. This isn't a very necro friendly build because A) Necros skip everything under the sun and B) They'll compete with your DD (although I've seen MH double bursts outdo the CL!) so it shines with them not around unless there's a random znecro. Zwiz is also nice for the bubble buff, that will also help you hit your BP. Otherwise you'll just have to hit it yourself with hard gearing and making sure you always get 125+ archon stacks, its really easy when anything is killing trash for you but pretty difficult by your archon attacks alone. Not saying this build falls apart with the 3 AS BP, it's still pretty nice, I mean I did my dps role in the mid 100's and soloed a 95 first try at this BP, but it really starts shining at 4 AS BP.MasterJay5 Dec 27
Dec 26 Firebird Meteor Storm Armor w/Karini Hi, I'm a new Wizard, never played it 'til a couple weeks ago. I did a lot of reading, in fact made three Wizards, Vyr Archon, DMO Arcane Orb and this Firebirds Meteor. So after playing with this a bit and many different feelings through those 3 play styles... I decided I like this Firebird's Meteor the most. One thing I wonder though... I have chosen to play with Halo of Karini cubed with Storm Armor-Reactive armor and use Blackhole Spellsteal in place of Frost Nova. I notice I sit around 300-500 million toughness and it never drops and the Black Hole spell steal, especially if I wad up a bunch of trash my damage will double or even triple depending the pull. Is there any good reason this isn't better than the latter? With Frost Nova and Halo of Arlyse?przy1 Dec 26
Dec 26 Delay in using Arcane Blast when spamming it when im spamming the button 1 to use arcane blast, there's a small pause before it uses it, but when im using it right when the cooldown spinning thing is done, it's perfectly fine. Is this normal? Kind of annoying having to watch for the cooldown in the corner of my eye while attacking mobs and maintaining the rhythmDoctorPlague0 Dec 26
Dec 26 Tal ammy decision Tal/meteor build, still upgrading gear - slowly. Found/rolled this Tal amulet: 20% fire dmg 8.5% CHC 65% CHD socket Currently using: 10% CHC 99% CHD 662 Int socket Which would you go with? Neither is ancient.Greer2 Dec 26
Dec 26 Valthek legendary needs reworked! I really want to like Energy Twister but I really wish they could improve its traveling pattern. In a close area, it works decent but in an open area, the Twisters keep going forward. Going Forward is not good to get the most DoT damage. This Valthek should work like Twister now travels in the Targeted Area or now Traveling Back and Forth in a straight line. Just traveling in straight line is hard to get enough DoT damage. And while we are at it, please have +Energy Twister damage or resource reduction or better yet, you now cast two Energy Twisters. Casting two Energy Twisters would make Raging Storm rune very interesting.Jibikao2 Dec 26
Dec 25 Wizard Legendary Gems Hello guys I'm having trouble determining which legendary gems would increase my damage the most. I'm not sure how to actually calculate the increase dmg. The one's I'm considering are: Bane of the Trapped Pain Enhancer Gem of Efficacious Toxin (GoET) Bane of Stricken (BoS) From what I understand, GoET is the only one that gives me an actual 10% increase to dmg which seems to by far outweigh the other legendary gems I've listed here. Bane of the Trapped % increase would be added in with all my other multiples which doesn't seem to be good. So basically does anyone have any insight on these Legendary Gems or know of a calculator or tool of some sort to understand how the damage works? Thank you in advance. I also added BoS (which seems really bad tbh).Budaki0 Dec 25