Nov 30 FB channeling + meteor Has anyone done a firebird channeling build? I'm not looking to push super high, but I wanted to try firebird with etched sigil, nilfurs, and the meteor staff siphoned. Are there any builds out there for something like this?Dreyda1 Nov 30
Nov 30 Looking for fast wiz, not for climbing Looking for a wiz build to farm fast and super super fast tybunnyriven3 Nov 30
Nov 30 My Sage Rasha speed farming build I made a build and want to share it. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/96756-sage-rasha-meteor-speed-farm-deaths-breath-2-6-1 This is my goto build for 4 man T13 rifts (solo too). Extremely mobile, plenty of damage, plenty of toughness. let me know what you think.AlienAdonis8 Nov 30
Nov 30 Best weapon type for wizard? I'm now level 52 with my wizard and just realized that two handed mace is the best weapon type for wizard? I just equipped one and was able to cast disintegrate forever. Makes sense if dps is same but with slower attack speed meaning you're dealing bigger damage less frequently and therefore using up less arcane power for same amount of damage. But I just think it's wrong to see wizards running around with big ol' mace.Venutian7 Nov 30
Nov 30 Best build to complete Curses! conquest? Conquest: Curses!/Stars Align: Kill 350 or more monsters in a Cursed Chest event at level 70 on Torment X difficulty or higher. What build are you using solo to complete this? ... at the Cursed Chest on top of the tri-level rectangular compound in Paths of the Drowned (aka The Cursed Peat event). Came close the 1st time with 329 with Tal Meteor with lvl70 gems ... will keep trying.Graveheart10 Nov 30
Nov 29 DMO FO Wiz having trouble on GR97 Guys, I need help. I am constantly running for my life at this level, it is insane. I can do the DPS, but surviving is damned near impossible for me. It has gotten to the point that I'm cubing St. Archew's Gage What I doing wrong? I know my weapon and source are far from ideal, I'm desperately trying to find a Tri with APoc, Should I consider switching to Orb of Infinite Depth and take that over Black Hole? ThanksKhalARon5 Nov 29
Nov 28 Lightning Meto Rasha I've been playing with Manald heal (thunder crash) instead of the standard CoE (shower) and I dropped illusionist for paralysis. I did this mainly because shower isn't aesthetically pleasing to me and its been working very well. However, I cannot tell how well manald is doing compared to CoE b/c things die far to fast to notice and I play HC so when I'm in GR80+ I tend to pay attention to whats going on and not look at weather something go killed from a stun or the meto itself. I've seen some obscene numbers flying around like 1086B crits while standing in power rings from the oculus ring, but I don't know if that's manald or maybe the fire variant of meto casting and I'm having trouble debating if this build can push GR100 Has anyone tested/or able to test this and actually got some info on the comparison?Boxxerz5 Nov 28
Nov 28 Serpent Sparker buff idea You may have SIX extra hydras active at a time, and whenever a hydra expires, TWO more hydras of random runes will spawn in its place. EDIT: in case multiple mammoth hydra spawns caused lag - You may have SIX extra hydras active at a time, and whenever a hydra expires, TWO more hydras of random ELEMENTS will spawn in its place. (the fire element hydra will always be Blazing Hydra)Wyrmheart7 Nov 28
Nov 28 what about VYR FBO##GR121? hard to gear? hard to play?Tuti2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Weapon Reroll help hi. as title. weapon in this character https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dhezabear-6645/hero/96256301 what do you guys suggest? i am meaning to reroll vit to attack speed to hit the breakpoint, but im still not sure. hope for some advice.. Thanks!dhezabear0 Nov 28
Nov 28 The Grand Vizier How rare is this staff? I am Paragon 500 and I have seen it dropped once! :(Lloyd4 Nov 28
Nov 27 Tal Rasha Machine Gun Frozen Orb alternative Has anyone played around with this setup? Didn't see anything like it on DiabloFans and not sure if this combo was discussed before. Lots of Frozen Orb mayhem without Meteor explosions impairing your view. It doesn't depend on Slow Time cast targeting. Tal Rasha/Triumvirate stacks are easy to maintain. With two fast channeling skills (with no build up delay), screen coverage is vast and more directed. SUMMARY: This Hybrid variation that brings Frozen Orb to Tal Rasha which adds unlimited channeling of Ray of Frost and Disintegrate, combined with free casts of Frozen Orb to obliterate anything in your path, including death blossoming 360 degree coverage. It shines with long corridor type maps and bowling down trash. Area splash dmg from Frozen Orb is amazingly effective. Similar to its Meteor counterpart, you channel to get your Frozen Orb casts. Two alternating channeling skills = more unlimited Frozen Orbs everywhere (with proper RCR). Shock Pulse can easily get Triumvirate stacks up. Currently using as a fun alternative while farming and lower gem leveling. GEAR: * ARMOR+AMULET+BELT - 6-piece Tal Rasha set 4-element centric dmg reduction + dmg boost * JEWELRY - CoE (rotating elemental dmg boost) + Halo of Karini (Storm Armor dmg reduction) + Unity (dmg reduction with follower) * BRACER - Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers (dmg reduction boost to shields) * BELT - Hergbrash's Binding (RCR Ray of Frost / Disintegrate channeling) in CUBE * WEAPON / OFF-HAND - Unstable Scepter (dmg boost to Frozen Orb) + Triumvirate (dmg boost to Frozen Orb via 3x Shock Pulse) * Off-HAND - Etched Sigil (dmg boost to Frozen Orb + free cast of Frozen Orb when channeling Ray of Frost and Disintegrate) SKILLS: * Ray of Frost Cold Blooded (Tal Rasha #1 element = channeling cold dmg + Taeguk+Zei's dmg + free Frozen Orb spam via Etched Sigil ) * Disintegrate Convergence (Tal Rasha #2 element = channeling fire dmg + Taeguk+Zei's dmg + free Frozen Orb spam via Etched Sigil ) * Shock Pulse Piercing Orb (Tal Rasha #3 element = lightning dmg enemies + AP regen+ 3x increases Frozen Orb dmg via Triumvirate + Tal Rasha+Taeguk+Zei's dmg) * Teleport Calamity (Tal Rasha #4 element = mobility + stun on landing + BotT dmg) * Arcane Orb Frozen Orb (primary dmg dealer + 2 types dmg : Manual Cast (Tal Rasha+UnstableSepter+Triumvirate+Taeguk+Zei's dmg) and Auto Cast (Unstable Septer+Triumvirate+Taeguk+Zei's dmg) + Tal Rasha dmg boost * Storm Armor Power of the Storm (Dmg reduction via Karini ring) PASSIVES: * Blur - Dmg reduction or Unstable Anomaly (extra life) * Unraveling Will - Armor, AR, dmg boost standing still * Power Hungry - Dmg boost for enemies 30+ yrds away + Zei's dmg * Galvanizing Ward - Dmg reduction boosted by Ashngarr's Blood Bracers GEMS: * BotT - dmg boost from CC slow/freeze/stun * Taeguk - dmg boost from channeling Disintegrate * Zei's - dmg boost based on max distance from target (match with Frozen Orb distance explosion) * Helm - Topaz (RCR); Chest/Pants - Topaz (Primary Stat) or Ruby (Armor) or Diamond (AR) as needed PLAY-STYLE: * Tal Rasha #1 element Arcane = Teleport around to find crowds and density * Tal Rasha #2 element Lightning = Shock Pulse at least 3x to get Triumvirate dmg boost active * Tal Rasha #3 element Cold = Ray of Frost into crowd (with free Frozen Orb casts) to clear ... alt with Disintegrate * Tal Rasha #4 element Fire = Disintegrate into crowd (with free Frozen Orb casts) to clear ... alt with Ray of Frost * Tal Rasha additional element Cold = Frozen Orb to finish off targets (not needed since cast for free) * Rinse repeat to maintain/refresh Tal Rasha 4-element dmg boost / dmg reduction at all times ALTERNATIVES: * BOOTS: Nilfur's Boost (Meteor dmg); Illusory Boots (walk anywhere); Ice Climbers (immunity to cold/freeze) * RINGS: Unity (for SOLO dmg reduction + elite dmg paired with Follower wearing one); Stone Of Jordan (for GROUP, Cold elemental + elite dmg). * CUBE: Deathwish instead of Triumvirate to not have to worry about Shock Pulse 3x stack maintenance ... TRADE-OFF: all dmg increase vs higher (3x) Frozen Orb dmg. * CUBE: Aquila Cuirass instead of Hergbrash's Binding ... TRADE-OFF: Channel Spam RCR for toughness. NOTES: * Frozen Orb DMG boosted by Unstable Scepter + Triumvirate + Etched Sigil + Zei + Taeguk + BotT + Tal Rasha (similar to Meteor build) * DMG REDUCTION from Tal Rasha set + Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers Shields + Mantle of Channeling RoF/Disintegrate + Unraveling Will + Taeguk armor boost + Karini / Storm Armor shock + Blur (if used) * Channeling Ray of Frost and Disintegrate also casts Frozen Orb every second like a machine gun via Etched Sigil (without casting Frozen Orb manually can be done infinitely without running out of Arcane Power ! ) ... like a mini Archon * Increased Attack Speed is good for this build ... stack where ever possible (e.g., gloves, rings) * Stack Cold Elemental dmg where ever possible (e.g., amulet, bracers) * Equip best rolled items and cube the alternatives * Gear int rolls can be replaced as recommended (if higher paragon) only. External link: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/96781-2-6-1-wizard-talrasha-machine-gun-frozen-orbGraveheart2 Nov 27
Nov 27 All Frozen orb build variations So frozen orb seems to have 3 builds. Cratic's recently shown speed sage (youtube), with sage or no sage for bounty/rift. A speed greater rift (What build ? Maybe using restraint/focus aka more dmg and shields/2 piece firebirds) And lastly Delsere frozen orb greater rift push. Am I correct to say all 3 builds should be made, like they are all viable? Is meteor builds, or other builds better than F/O variations at anything in particular (Speed etc), or are they even, fuss just play what you like? Also does meteor have the same deal with speed builds and push? Haven't tried that build yet, still need a new deathwish...Having problems enough with a scepter, had some good once before patch...sigh retroactive changes:/Djuntas4 Nov 27
Nov 27 powerful vs stricken I don't understand how stricken can be better than powerful for pushing my best attempt with stricken is ~16:00 but so far I did 106(1550paragon,15500int and 3 augment) with 11:30 with powerful+nemesis. I hunt mainly elite and skipping a alot trash(less than 10 mobs) to keep powerful buff up almost all the time and trying to finish elite pack before to spawn boss to get 100% buff for boss. I take around 2-2.20 minutes to kill at 106.Maas2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Stuck 4Vyr/6Tals Archon I played the same Vyr/Tal 2 seasons ago and felt so much stronger then than I do now even though I feel like I'm doing the same thing. Can solo GR 70 in ~6 min but when doing GR80+ in groups I feel like I'm not doing much damage at all Manald Heal just doesnt seem to proc as much any more? There's some times where I'm sitting there doing almost no damage waiting for a stun proc to go and before when the target got stunned they would get nearly instagibbed. Now I see them get stunned and sometimes just sit there with HP bar barely dropping. Whats happening? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Astynax-1904/hero/87862404 Looking at Seasonal wiz For ref the wiz ran 2 seasons ago is the non seasonal setup. Hydras swapped out and has some lesser items than now Also read people are saying to just go pure Vyr or pure Tals. I tried straight Vyr with ancient Chantodo set and Endless Walk set doesnt feel like the damage multipliers competes that well vs the Tals 6 peice + meteors. What am I missing? https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-vyr-archon-build-patch-2-6-1-season-12 ranks straight Vyrs to be much lower than Vyr/Tal but if straight Vyrs is better then which is right?Astynax4 Nov 27
Nov 27 Advice on gear please for grifting Hi al, I cant seem to get past grift 65 solo. Have a channel tal meteor build. Amy tips for beter upgrading niet gear? Have almost all items top builds use (inclusing all set items). Eu player here. But the board here seems more responsive :)Rothgar3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Fire ball Build-help I am wanting to make a decent fire ball build for the wizard and i need help with it. So far i got it to clear a gr 70 with 7m left. Thats with Bs gear and barley any of it enchanted/rolled. I do not main wizard but i like the class and i thought this would be cool if it worked and 70 isnt very high(now anyways XD). If anyone could thats better than i am with the wizard and has good gear try it out to see if it works. Here is a concept build for it on the planner i made up. https://www.d3planner.com/872991786 Yes i know the frozen orb build is the best i run one my self but i wanted something different.Volatile11110 Nov 27
Nov 26 VYR 6P Hi guys 1/Do you think i can push 100+ with 6p vyr and pigger strick? Can you see my stuff? 2/I have full ancient FB meteor but im still stuck at 92gr. I m playing unity but i prefer COE, but i can't understand how survive without unity.Tuti2 Nov 26
Nov 26 Manald Heal Mechanics? Curious how Manald Heal works with other items.. for instance, the channeling shoulders add 25% dps.. does this turn the 14,000% just into 14,025% or is it 17,500? thankseMeRGeD4 Nov 26
Nov 25 DOM FO - PlayStyle question. Good morning guys, So I'm currently trying the DMO FO build. However I have hard time getting use to it. I feel like I'm not playing it well. My issue are distances. If anyone is around the landing area of the Arcane Orbs, that's alright, however if mobs are closer it just go through them without barely any damages. So I spend most of my fight trying to go 30ft away from anyone and praying that they won't leave the Arcane Orb area damages. Even with a Slow Time, some elites seems to rush through it, some other comes from everywhere etc... What is it that I'm doing wrong?Aly5 Nov 25
Nov 25 tal's meteor ancient deathwish enchant Hey i'm not sure what to enchant on this ancient deathwish. it took me like 20 reforges so i want to be careful https://imgur.com/a/KktG2 1723 damage 840 intelligence 962 vitality 6% increased damage to elites (1.3% chance to blind on hit) Socket - giftedNightOwlZzz9 Nov 25
Nov 24 Change Halo of Karini So I've had horrible luck this season with item drops. Took me 2 weeks to get a pair of TR pants (over 50k shards and 500 DBs). APD is even harder to get for some reason. RNG hates me the season. Anyways, with that off my chest I'd like to discuss one of the only usable rings I've gotten this season: the Halo of Karini. While my experience with this ring is mostly negative, I must admit in fairness I am using it for a poor mans (Mouzetc) Spectral Blades DB farm build. Despite this, I have run enough rifts to get a feel for Karini. ______________________________________________________________________ Now obviously the ring is focused on ranged build, but even then it fails in comparison to Halo of Arlyse and even other class equivalent defensive rings. Sure the DR from Karini may be higher than other class defensive rings, but the fact that the ring is tied to Storm Armor really brings it down. Band of Might and Elusive Ring are tied to highly mobile and already heavily utilized skills for every difficulty and Justice Lantern doesn't need much change build-wise (don't need to slot a skill, although I would say this ring is also somewhat niche). These other rings "fit" into builds. Halo of Karini forces you to use a niche skill that really only has 2 useful runes. Storm Armor offers marginal damage(/utility depending on rune) in exchange for a huge loss in survivability from Arlyse+APD or Force/Prismatic Armor. This ring needs significant change if it wants to compete. Here are some suggestions: ... Just some ideas for possible changes. I underlined the suggestions I would personally like to see. I think the second underlined suggestion would synergies well with shielding and ABB since both would be reliant on attack speed. TL;DR: Halo of Karini is very disappointing and needs better utility or longer uptime.iAVITN9 Nov 24
Nov 24 Does Ice Armor Frozen Storm proc? I havent played Wiz for like 5 seasons now and have lost touch with it. Does Ice Armor Frozen Storm proc Tals 4pc and 6pc bonuses? I dont see why it cant....but I've seen sillier things in D3 :>Ryoka4 Nov 24
Nov 24 Which wizard build are pushing higher GR? Hi, people! I was out in about 6 months and now I'm kinda lost. Which wizard build are pushing higher GR solo and party? I'm still using Manald Heal Hydra: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Rizzini-11961/hero/86513032Rizzini6 Nov 24
Nov 24 Solo 118 Frozen Orb Clear If any one is interested I recorded it and added some funky tunes to the background. (use headphones or turn up the bass!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m58rWZmyjag Hindsight is 20/20 but I'm open to constructive criticism to help fine tune my abilities. I'm also able to offer any advice for anyone trying out this build. It took some getting used to the 40 yard fixed detonation but I'm having a blast now.Sectorn9ne24 Nov 24
Nov 23 Vyr Frost Orb Anybody using this set up? Unstable Scepter + Wizardspike with MH vyr? To me triumvirate is only good in lower grift. And only good when you have 150+ stacks before new archon. (at 5.00APS cap Wizard Spike seems to proc every second)jinyonglee14 Nov 23
Nov 23 etched sigil what? for tals, is 15% meteor damage > 25% increase spenders during channel damage? i have a sigil with 125% and 15% meteor and another with 150% but can't get meteorEyan6 Nov 23
Nov 23 When is a skill's damage calculated? Is it calculated when you cast it or when it hit the enemy? For example, if I have a Deathwish and I cast a Meteor. Then I channel ray of frost. Does the damage of the Meteor get increased when it hits the enemy?chensi96752 Nov 23
Nov 22 Why does DMO - Orb require IAS? All the guides recommend it. For the life of me, I don't understand why. I'd get Area damage or RCR? What am I missing?Venaliter5 Nov 22
Nov 22 Set Dungeon Mastery Firebirds I’m trying to Master Firebirds Set Dungeon and I can’t get the meteor that saves me to go off. Any thoughts on how to make that happen? I can get the other stuff, just not that objective. What passive skills do I need? Any help would be awesome and appreciated.GhostDog2 Nov 22
Nov 22 Eirhead's Ultimate CM Build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#ZQYkVX!gYX!bbZbYa For gear I have: 44.5% Crit Chance 265% Bonus Crit Damage 29 AP on Crit 1.89 Attacks per Second I don't think I need to explain WW Twister / Frost Nova & Diamond Skin RoF has a few uses, kill single targets, kill goblins and better dps attack than wanding which basically costs 0 AP at my stats. Teleport - Reversal, Arcane laser about to swing into you? Pesky Frost bombs? NOVA / Teleport out / Teleport back, continue to freeze lock. Got another CM wizard with you? EHHHHHHHHH why put yourself in melee range of mobs when you don't have to? SPAM WW Twister until it's max stacked. Now spam meteor shower about 10-20 times sequentially :D!!! If it's an extra HP elite, just go 2-3-2-2-3-2-2-3-2-2-3-2-2-3... Basically it's a rain shower of death. Elites will fall 3 times faster than what you're used to. Anyway, you look super pro kamehameha'ing enemies then reversal teleporting for kiting purposes when it's single target VS the current CM build offerings. WW on single target trash is so dumb.Eirhead1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Which trium is better here? Which orb is better, I lose lots of life but gain damage after I roll AD on it. How important is life on wiz? https://imgur.com/a/WCUTZ The build is DMO redux orbsLLutsb5 Nov 22
Nov 22 My Wizard has a passive Cold Damage modifier? Not really sure what's going on anyone have any idea? http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b640/vbchris/What_zpsph9lsl5h.jpg?t=1511247883aSleepyPanda1 Nov 22
Nov 22 Hellfire Ring Is the hell fire ring a good investment ?TangoLima3 Nov 22
Nov 21 Chantodo Stacks I noticed we can often reset archon cooldown way before reaching 20 stacks of Chantodo. That kinda cripples the purpose of the Archon/Vyr build, as to reach maximum Chantodo damage we are losing archon stack duration from The Swami. My idea to fix it is pretty simple: instead of requiring 20 attacks adding 1000% damage each, change to 10 attacks adding 2000% damage each. I think it's a fair request for the next PTR.gambler4 Nov 21
Nov 21 Primal TP reroll help For my console account Primal Traveller's pledge +20 Lightning +1000 INT +100 CHD Socket I suppose you could always get more int through paragon so re-roll that to CHC? Lighting is used in quite a few builds at the momentJeff1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Tal Rasha meteor build help needed my Wiz is missing the belt, the Deathwish, The cubed Grand Vizzier, cubed Halo of Karini, no unity, using a RORG for 6 piece bonus for now. So yes I still have a long way to go. The build I have been following has Frost Nova Bone Chill as the cold skill for adding to the Tal stacks. During play I was unable to achieve 4 Tal stacks, only getting 3. I experimented and found that Frost Nova was never triggering a Tal stack. I checked the Leader boards and found the two top players were using Ray of Frost instead. Using that I was able to get 4 stacks, but I seemed to be burning through my arcane power way to quick switching back and forth with arcane torrent. I then tried using black hole instead of Ray of Frost and found that the etched Sigil was casting random black holes instead of always triggering meteors. Since Ray of Frost is a spender also, and is never in cooldown I can only assume that it is also eating up some of the Sigil meteor strikes. Once I reach full gear should I be using Ray of Frost as my main channeling skill and casting arcane torrent to trigger the 4th stack, or vice versa? What is the best way to minimize the Sigil triggering one of them instead of Meteors? I am really at a loss in deciding what to do, and not having full set of gear yet makes it very hard to figure it out.Beast10 Nov 21
Nov 21 storm armor & Ashnagarr's interaction Can anyone explain how the 2 interact? Unlike ice or force armor, storm armor do not actually increase your armor or DR, so what exactly is being enchance? The shock damage seem negigibale if thats being enhance by the 'potency'Kiadaw2 Nov 21
Nov 20 where is DMO FO on leader board? So I know its only day 3 but where is DMO FO? I do not see it on the leader board at all. Is it not as good as people thought it was going to be? Is tal meteor better? Is it something people are going to switch to late season? I was hoping to see more diversity on the leader board then just one spec. Can anyone explain to me why people arn't playing it?Balo17 Nov 20
Nov 20 What if spell procs triggered AD? It occurs to me Etched Sigil, Manald, Chantodos (plus whatever other classes have) are held back by inability to benefit from a major DPS stat - Area Damage. What is the possibility going forward that the d3 devs allow item procs to trigger AD to level the playing field? Would that majorly unbalance the game? Would it generate too much additional server lag?Venaliter3 Nov 20
Nov 20 Tal/Vyr Archon build dying quickly..help? I blazed rather quickly to 13, got to solo 75 without much hitch, and now, rather suddenly, I'm dying REALLY quickly unless I build up the archon stacks with Swami...not sure if I swapped out paragon points or an item incorrectly...can any wizard masters take a look and offer any opinions?? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CaptainChaos-11997/hero/95499623CaptainChaos3 Nov 20
Nov 19 DMO: Frozen Orb or Explosive Blast? Wondering if EB is viable for DMO. Personally, I can EB and attack blades at the same time while I cant with frozen orb. Anything I am missing? Can anyone explain why FO is superior? Thanks!Astig2 Nov 19
Nov 19 Set concept - Wrath of the hydra Hello guys, just a little concept about a new set i think could be great in Diablo 3. It's a set base on the hydra and type of damage link to the hydra rune you choose 2 peaces : - Hydra stay forever - You can select another active rune for hydra [4 to 6 heads depends of the runes active] 4 peaces : - Damage -60% when you have an hydra active 6 peaces : +400% damage for your hydra and any spell witch the same element of your hydra runes Ex : I choose arcane hydra and frost hydra. 6 heads : Three shoot arcane and three other who shoot ice All my ice spell and all my arcane spell are boostFitz0uille4 Nov 19
Nov 19 Etched Sigil Proc Mechanics (AS & ICD) There was a 2.6.1 PTR bug with Etched Sigil's ICD that was uncovered and fixed: ... ... After the bug fix, our good Wizard Dolynick tested, and confirmed the following formula below, which is given with some advice: ... Note: this formula is the same as: ... Generally this means you'll want to gear at attack speeds that correspond with Frames/Tick rates that are 60 frame divisors. Use the charts to help guide you as to what the best breakpoint for your build will be. Breakpoint tables with corresponding fSigil rates, again courtesy of Dolynick: Tick/Speed Coefficient 3 (Arcane Torrent, Disintegrate) Min APS Max APS Tick/s Frames/t fSigil 4.000001 5 15 4 60 3.333334333 4 12 5 60 2.857143857 3.333333333 10 6 60 2.500001 2.857142857 8.571428571 7 63 2.222223222 2.5 7.5 8 64 2.000001 2.222222222 6.666666667 9 63 1.818182818 2 6 10 60 1.666667667 1.818181818 5.454545455 11 66 1.538462538 1.666666667 5 12 60 1.428572429 1.538461538 4.615384615 13 65 1.333334333 1.428571429 4.285714286 14 70 1.250001 1.333333333 4 15 60 1.176471588 1.25 3.75 16 64 1.111112111 1.176470588 3.529411765 17 68 1.052632579 1.111111111 3.333333333 18 72 1.000001 1.052631579 3.157894737 19 76 0.952381952 1 3 20 60 0.909091909 0.952380952 2.857142857 21 63 0.869566217 0.909090909 2.727272727 22 66 0.833334333 0.869565217 2.608695652 23 69 0.800001 0.833333333 2.5 24 72 0.769231769 0.8 2.4 25 75 0.740741741 0.769230769 2.307692308 26 78 0.714286714 0.740740741 2.222222222 27 81 0.689656172 0.714285714 2.142857143 28 84 0.666667667 0.689655172 2.068965517 29 87 0.64516229 0.666666667 2 30 60 0.625001 0.64516129 1.935483871 31 62 0.606061606 0.625 1.875 32 64 0.588236294 0.606060606 1.818181818 33 66 0.571429571 0.588235294 1.764705882 34 68 0.555556556 0.571428571 1.714285714 35 70 0.540541541 0.555555556 1.666666667 36 72 0.526316789 0.540540541 1.621621622 37 74 0.512821513 0.526315789 1.578947368 38 76 0.500001 0.512820513 1.538461538 39 78 0.487805878 0.5 1.5 40 80 Tick/Speed Coefficient 2 (Ray of Frost) Min APS Max APS Tick/s Frames/t fSigil 4.285715286 5 10 6 60 3.750001 4.285714286 8.571428571 7 63 3.333334333 3.75 7.5 8 64 3.000001 3.333333333 6.666666667 9 63 2.727273727 3 6 10 60 2.500001 2.727272727 5.454545455 11 66 2.307693308 2.5 5 12 60 2.142858143 2.307692308 4.615384615 13 65 2.000001 2.142857143 4.285714286 14 70 1.875001 2 4 15 60 1.764706882 1.875 3.75 16 64 1.666667667 1.764705882 3.529411765 17 68 1.578948368 1.666666667 3.333333333 18 72 1.500001 1.578947368 3.157894737 19 76 1.428572429 1.5 3 20 60 1.363637364 1.428571429 2.857142857 21 63 1.304348826 1.363636364 2.727272727 22 66 1.250001 1.304347826 2.608695652 23 69 1.200001 1.25 2.5 24 72 1.153847154 1.2 2.4 25 75 1.111112111 1.153846154 2.307692308 26 78 1.071429571 1.111111111 2.222222222 27 81 1.034483759 1.071428571 2.142857143 28 84 1.000001 1.034482759 2.068965517 29 87 0.967742935 1 2 30 60 0.937501 0.967741935 1.935483871 31 62 0.909091909 0.9375 1.875 32 64 0.882353941 0.909090909 1.818181818 33 66 0.857143857 0.882352941 1.764705882 34 68 0.833334333 0.857142857 1.714285714 35 70 0.810811811 0.833333333 1.666666667 36 72 0.789474684 0.810810811 1.621621622 37 74 0.769231769 0.789473684 1.578947368 38 76 0.750001 0.769230769 1.538461538 39 78 0.731708317 0.75 1.5 40 80 0.714286714 0.731707317 1.463414634 41 82 0.697675419 0.714285714 1.428571429 42 84 0.681819182 0.697674419 1.395348837 43 86 0.666667667 0.681818182 1.363636364 44 88 0.652174913 0.666666667 1.333333333 45 90 0.638298872 0.652173913 1.304347826 46 92 0.625001 0.638297872 1.276595745 47 94 0.612245898 0.625 1.25 48 96 0.600001 0.612244898 1.224489796 49 98 0.588236294 0.6 1.2 50 100 0.576924077 0.588235294 1.176470588 51 102 0.566038736 0.576923077 1.153846154 52 104 0.555556556 0.566037736 1.132075472 53 106 0.545455545 0.555555556 1.111111111 54 108 0.535715286 0.545454545 1.090909091 55 110 0.526316789 0.535714286 1.071428571 56 112 0.517242379 0.526315789 1.052631579 57 114 0.508475576 0.517241379 1.034482759 58 116 0.500001 0.508474576 1.016949153 59 118 0.491804279 0.5 1 60 60 Thanks again Dolynick for the testing, BDF for the advice, and sVr (just cuz'). ----- Will leave the rest of my original post to preserve post history. Note that some of the below information is incorrect or inaccurate, namely that channeled skills only attempt to proc etched sigil once every so often, this is false. However, Etched Sigil was taking 20-30 extra frames to proc, and that was true during the 2.6.1 PTR. ----- EDIT (10/1/2017): ORIGINAL POST BELOW (INFO might be false or inaccurate) In regards to Etched Sigil, channeling skills are only attacking (and attempting to proc it) once every attack cycle. Arcane Torrent and Disintegrate are speed coefficient = 3 spells (ticking 3 times at 1 APS). These will only attempt to proc Etched Sigil once every 3 ticks. The implications for timing your Etched Sigil properly are worth noting. For full channeling builds, you might have to account for this gap of time (several ticks' worth in duration), and possibly optimize your Attack Speed so as to limit the amount of time wasted. EDIT: after looking at results, it looks like the 12 Frames / Tick BP is best. This BP happens to also be the easiest to gear for (with a 1.4 AS weapon, only need AS from paragon to meet it). It also happens to be the BP most builds that require this type of full-on channel behavior have been gearing towards for quite some time. Below will be an analysis of Etched Sigil, and the effects attack speed have on proccing this item in regards to channeling. NOTE: The scenario described below only applies to full channel (never stopping). It does not account for interweaving manual casts of your spender (such as Meteor) between your channel. Note that EB can be cast manually without interrupting channeling, which is one of it's strengths, but for EB you also have to account for the CDR reducing your etched sigil EB procs (which is a different calculation altogether). ----- Other Notes: Times in seconds were taken from the video clips, as such they serve only to mark the difference in time. Times are approximate. My video software was keyframing, so these are a rough estimate. After some other charting, I figured out the slight variances for the odd numbered Frame intervals. Basically, for 11, 9, and 8 frames / tick tests, there are partial ticks that are being wasted in addition to the listed number of ticks wasted. For example, on the 11 frames / tick listing, we would expect 22 frames wasted, but there are alternating partial ticks of 6 and 4 frames each. These get added in to the 22 frames, to give 28 and 26, respectively. ----- Video of Testing (tested on PTR): https://youtu.be/o4KXa0Y6dYU PTR PATCH 2.6.1 - v2.6.1.47251 I've only tested speed co = 3, since I felt those were the most relevant. I can go back and test speed co = 2 (Ray of Frost), if needed. The results below are in relation to Speed co = 3. 20 Frames / Tick | 3 Ticks / s | 0.95239 to 1 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 0.35 1.633 0.633 2 40 1.983 1.65 0.65 2 40 3.633 1.667 0.667 2 40 5.3 1.683 0.683 2 40 6.983 1.683 0.683 2 40 8.666 2 40 12 Frames / Tick | 5 Ticks / s | 1.53847 to 1.66666 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 39.733 1.45 0.45 2 24 41.183 1.35 0.35 2 24 42.533 1.4 0.4 2 24 43.933 1.4 0.4 2 24 45.333 1.417 0.417 2 24 46.75 1.4 0.4 2 24 48.15 2 24 11 Frames / Tick | 5.45455 Ticks / s | 1.66667 to 1.81818 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 20.35 1.416 0.416 2 28 21.766 1.467 0.467 2 26 23.233 1.483 0.483 2 28 24.716 1.467 0.467 2 26 26.183 1.483 0.483 2 28 27.666 2 26 10 Frames / Tick | 6 Ticks / s | 1.81819 to 2 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 39.55 1.45 0.45 3 30 41 1.5 0.5 3 30 42.5 1.5 0.5 3 30 44 1.516 0.516 3 30 45.516 1.5 0.5 3 30 47.016 1.484 0.484 3 30 48.5 3 30 9 Frames / Tick | 6.66667 Ticks / s | 2.00001 to 2.22222 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 20.716 1.484 0.484 3 30 22.2 1.516 0.516 3 30 23.716 1.5 0.5 3 30 25.216 1.484 0.484 3 30 26.7 1.5 0.5 3 30 28.2 1.55 0.55 3 30 29.75 3 30 8 Frames / Tick | 7.5 Ticks / s | 2.22223 to 2.5 AS Time(s) Time Between Time Wasted Ticks wasted Frames Wasted 35.4 1.45 0.45 3 27 36.85 1.45 0.45 3 24 38.3 1.483 0.483 3 27 39.783 1.467 0.467 3 24 41.25 1.466 0.466 3 27 42.716 1.467 0.467 3 24 44.183 3 27 Cratic80 Nov 19
Nov 18 Best stats for a wizard weapon(wand)? Hey guys I've been farming a bit on my monk and came across a (hopefully) decent wand. Problem is i have no idea how good some stats are for wizards such as + max arcane power and arcane power on crit. Is it as good as Discipline for DH's? So I guess I'm asking what would a perfect wizard 1h look like. And also how would you rate this wand. 772.8 DPS +236-527 fire damage. +105 dex +219 intelligence +2479 life after each kill +14 max arcane power Critical hits grant 10 arcane power I realise the DPS is average, the intell boost is excellent but I have no idea about arcane power. Thanks guys :DInvictus8 Nov 18
Nov 18 Primal Tal Ammy, CC or Fire%+ It’s the ammy on my character. If I chose fire% my cc would be 52.5 now it is 62.5. Thanks for help!Tmayorga2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Manald heal and new Hi all, New to wizard. played this game since way back... season 11 ;) Have a rather Nice archon build and can steadily do torment x. But I cant seem to get a manald Heal ring (not by kadala, cube or just find it). Any tips on how to get it? Maybe someone can give me feedback on how to get my archon build better? And other tips that are good to follow? I did read the enormous long thread with all kind of build for wizard but its really much and written to the more knowledgebale (is that a word?) player.Rothgar6 Nov 18
Nov 18 Item suggestion for Hydra build. Perhaps a legendary affix something like "Gain 100% increased damage for every Hydra within 30yrds" would be pretty cool for a Hydra build. Mirror Image and Haunt of Vaxo come to mind, too.Druss0 Nov 18
Nov 18 Molten Wildebeest's & Ashnagarr's Bracer The shield buff from the Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard legendary gem based on Health Regeneration is not being buffed by the Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer shield buff. The Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers "Increases the potency of your shields by X%". The secondary bonus from the Molten Wildebeest's legendary gem is "gain an absorb shield for 200% of your total life per second". When I have both items equipped or as a cube power, there is no increase in the power of the Molten Wildebeest's shield. Is this meant to be or a bug?BigFatHo1 Nov 18
Nov 17 Channeling skill for etched meteor Hi all. I have a question regarding the optimal channeling skill for a Tal etched meteor build, since the obvious choice of AT:flameward with the 25% dr won't fit. Is there a non-AP reason to choose between disintegrate, arcane torrent and ray of frost? Or is it just the cheaper option? Thanks in advance.alex8 Nov 17