May 17 Serpent's Sparker advice I'm doing a V4/T6 MH build. http://i.imgur.com/BeaGJwS.png?1 2816.6 dmg +1473–1773 dmg +6% IAS +865 INT +997 VIT +13 Arcane Power What would be the best reroll strategy here?Vanadin773 May 17
May 17 GR 100 shard up Hi guys been a minute since I've tried playing with my Lwiz. I have been gearing up my ninja DH and thought I'd play my Lwiz again tonight. I moved my logo for those who wanted to see my health and/or AP. Hope you guys enjoy. https://youtu.be/mXw6MogqaL8Tee5 May 17
May 17 Returning Wizard Returning Wizard with some questions. In playing just a bit it seems to me the wizard is quite a bit weaker solo than it used to be. Did they change something? What is the best solo build/skill these days for the wizard.Byrd1 May 17
May 17 Wiz Monk gr Push - need advice Hey guys I need advice about my current build. My damage is a little underwhelming in GR 82. Any advice would be appreciated. My mate does as much damage as I do. I don't have an ancient Serpent sparker so I've been stuck with ingeom to keep me in avatar for the survivability. Thanks in advance I've logged out of my mage in the gear that i'm using.Nadir0 May 17
May 16 Hydra Mechanics - 4Man Setup I need some insight on this - When I use Stretched Time bubble for Aspd bonus, do I buff myself first with that before casting Hydras or Hydras themselves can be buffed directly when they're already on the ground?odingits5 May 16
May 16 Wand of Woh viable build? Just wondering if there's any good wand of woh builds out there - from my understanding wand of woh affix doesn't work while in archon so was just curious if it is still worthwhile using and if so what kind of build would you be going for? Love messing around with it.ICStars7710 May 16
May 16 4-Man GR : How to play ? What is my job ? Hi, first sorry for my bad english im from EU and your forum is more vigorous. Im wondering how to play the best in a 4-man GR group as a wizard. I know that im the boss killer so i bring my hydra build but during the progression : . Do i must search pack of monster when i don't have my burst ? Be the scout sometimes ? . Do i must follow my group every second or can i finish off the trash mobs that my teammate leave behind to get some Stack + progression bar ? Also, some people say that there is a bug with hydra and i must never use them against a big pack of trash mobs ... still true ? Thanks, and if you have any other advise for 2-man/3-man GR don't hesitate !! :)Nalfein3 May 16
May 16 MH Wizard Cdr questions How much cdr should i have for my lightning wizard if i have obsidian ring? And how so i calculate it? Does paragon count, as well as Evocation?Arcane3 May 16
May 15 Why enemies have to kiss my Arcane Orbit? I always wanted to make a nice build with Spectral blade, it looks I finally found some cool ways to make it worth, but they all required Arcane Orb - Arcane Orbit. But this spell is so clunky. When you think about a cool melee build what comes to your mind? Arcane Orbit right? Yes, that should work not only in theory, but in practice. The problem is that I have to keep getting SO close to enemies to make it explode that I lose way too much time, it's radius is way smaller than a normal spectral blade hit (15 yards), so even when I have enemies in a nice spot, I have to keep moving forward towards them, and therefore losing time, and exposing myself more than I should. Also, I'd really love to see "Arcane Orb - Nova" back, sometimes I'm running a build With arcane orb without any rune to have a nice damage with a decent radius.Shiva6 May 15
May 15 Serpent sparker reroll Hi all just looking for some advice on my MH hydra vyr/tals wand. Cubed a nice SS with stats approx as follows (not home for a few days may be on toon anomander) 1538-1850 lightning +7% damage +830int +7% attack speed Some crap secondary like exp iirc So I want a 10% CD-R roll is it worth removing the int? That was what I was leaning towards any how on paragon 1050 n/s Thx inadvanceDeadlyKitten4 May 15
May 15 Reroll primal CoE, expert's advice needed :) hi guys, i need an advice on what to reroll in this primal CoE. int 650 ias 7% cc 6% socket I'm not sure at all if i should reroll int or ias for 8%CDR. Searching the ladderboard and asking to friends, it seem that i should roll out int->CDR. But.....i can't understand why! As far as i know (reading the mechanics thread end other topic here...) the IAS is useless past a the 3.33 breakpoint that is easy to reach (i have 7% ias on weapon). IAS is also additive with the archon stack, so the effective gain of 7% seem really low with respect to 650 int. Can someone explain to me why to keep IAS is the better solution?? There are difference for the solo build (e.g. no hydra) and the group build(Hydra)... (profile: https://eu.battle.net/d3/it/profile/Phoenix-2432/hero/91831544 ) thank you in advance :)Phoenix8 May 15
May 14 Well over-thought Archon fix (+other buffs) Since the beginning of time I have been a wizard player. I mostly play on console though. I am not the first to post something like this, but I think most ideas given will not work very well, or are just thematically unappealing. I would like to share my accumulated thoughts. While I am having a lot of fun as a wiz, there are some ideas I have for making Wizards balanced, and even more fun! (with a fix to archon ofcourse, and buffing other playstyles). Not all these are my own, but I am not looking for credit anyways. Would be nice for me to know what you all think, and be sure to like / upvote if you think it's nice. I've been lurking around these forums for ages, and have given it a lot of thought. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARCHON FIX: Fazula's Improbable Chain archon gains the effect of every runeVyr's Amazing Arcana 2pc: Archon Stacks now increases damage by 12% (instead of 6%) 4pc: Archon Stacks also increase armor / attack speed / resist all by 0.5-1% 6pc: Gain 100 stacks when activating archon, hitting an enemy will also add a stacknotes: This change will give Vyr a baseline of 2400% increased damage when having Swami stacks from the previous rounds, and 200% increased attack speed to accumulate more stacks very fast. The 4pc might be a bit insane in practice with all the extra stacks from the 6pc. So the 1% might have to be changed to 0.5%. Firebirds and Tals can still use archon with fazula's, but will now only gain stacks on kill, and start at 0 stacks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DELSERE: Delsere's Magnum Opus now also buffs Electrocute and pets (Mirror Image and Hydra)notes: I have seen many posts about including especially Electrocute. I think it is genius. It combines well with Myken's (further down), and a possible changed Fragment of Destiny (Further Down). I'm undecided if Hydra should also be included, but tend to want it. Though I don't know if one set should buff all generators, some casters, and also pets. If there would be a big new patch giving all classes an extra class set, it would be fun to have one for the wizard designed around pets, but I doubt that *sad face*, and including it here feels complete in that case. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETS: Archmage's Vicalyke Mirror Images now last twice as long, and up to 2 Images cast your spenders and channel when you doThe Broken Staff Mirror Image gains the effect of the duplicates rune and deal 150-200% increased damageThe Magistrate Enemies hit by your signature spells take 50-100% increased damage from Hydranew ring The first time your pets hit an enemy, an identical clone is created that disappears when the original doesnew bracers Gain 6% damage reduction for every active petnotes: There needs to be some love here. The wizard is the master of illusion in Sanctuary, and Mirror Images should be the cherry on the cake for illusions. Having them channel and cast spenders would be that cherry. Besides, The Magistrate is one of the worst items for the wizards currently. Being able to freeze with so many different skills and items already a damage increase should be in place here. I have thought about a mobility power for Hydra on this item. But it doesn't feel right since I think Hydra should thematically remain a sentry type skill. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGNATURE SPELLS: Myken's Ball of Hate Electrocute also chains through pets, and enemies that have already been hitFragment of Destiny Signature spells attack 50% faster and deals 150–200% increased damagenew orb Spectral blade gains the effect of the Barrier Blades runenotes: I read the chaining through pets somewhere before and I think its fantastic. Making Electrocute work very well with single targets. It will also make electrocute combine even better with Manald heal. Buffing all signature spells instead of only Spectral Blades opens op new things, and having Barrier blades while also doing damage does too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANNELING: Deathwish While channeling your damage is increased by 90-100%notes: Making sure it is not used to buff pets, as there are other pet items. This is intended to make nice channeling builds dealing direct damage, possibly combining it with one of the new 'elemental items' further down. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- METEOR: The Smoldering Core Casting Meteor draws enemies to the impact location, enemies receive 50-100% increased damage from Meteor after being hit by meteor for 4-5 seconds.(up to 3 stacks) Reduce all Resource Cost by 50-60%new Meteor Shoulders Hitting an enemy with Meteor reduces damage taken by 5% for 10 seconds,  stacks up to 5 timesnotes: Needing a Meteor power item. Having reduced resource cost will also add mobility if using Aether Walker, and makes Blizzard Frozen Solid a bit more attractive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANGED: Storm Crow Storm Armor conjures a storm around you that has a chance to knock back all enemies within 30 yards the first time an enemy hits can now roll every kind of elemental damage increaseHalo of Karini You take 45–60% less damage and deal 45–60% increased damage for 3 seconds after your Storm Armor electrocutes an enemy more than 30 yards awaynotes: I feel the Halo of Karini should have more reasons to use it. While it is a nice item already, a damage increase will make sure it is a valuable item for caster and channeling builds. Storm Crow will have a similar effect as the Witch Doctor's cat Mojo with an automatic knock back feature instead of a charm. Anyone who has tried channeling / caster builds knows how difficult it is if mobs constantly jump on top of you. I'm not sure how big the chance for the proc should be, as it might be a bit overpowered if it always procs. Also 'loosing a percentage of life' could be a nice implementation of this power. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLACK HOLE: Blackhand Key Black Hole now absorbs lesser enemies for up to 6 seconds, casting blackhole within this time will create a white hole that releases the enemies (cooldown starts after 6 seconds or white hole)Jang's Envelopment Enemies damaged by Black Hole are also slowed by 80%, and receive 15% increased for 6 secondsnotes: Tired of the pulling Barb? Now get your freak on with a black hole wiz. As some scientists have already hypothesized, there is a white hole on the other side of a black hole. With 62% cool-down reduction, you can now relocate mobs with 2.X second cool-downs. This will give you the opportunity to make big groups if needed, or to take away trash from elites if needed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COLD: Winter Flurry Deal 50% increased damage to frozen enemies, enemies killed while frozen always release a Frost NovaLight of Grace are bracers now Ray of Frost now pierces, and gains the effect of the Black Ice runenotes: I have seen so many topics of players wanting to play a cold wizard. This new power makes cold more attractive. It can be combined with many other items. And directly buffs Rimeheart, Though Rimeheart could use another buff. Besides channeling with this, you could Archon with this. You could even cube it with a Delsere's Frozen Orb build, possibly using Frostburns in the cube too. Light of Grace shouldn't be an Orb, because there are already 2 orbs or even more orbs that combine well with Ray Of Frost (Winter Flurry, Etched Sigil). If we want to use Rimeheart, one wants to use Deathwish and Winter Flurry, leaving no space for another off-hand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARCANE: new ring Enemies under the influence of Temperal Flux release a short range Wave of Force every second dealing 1500-2000% weapon damage as arcane to all enemies within 15-20 yardsnotes: As the Wizard is the only class mastering the element of Arcane I feel there should be an extra item which increases arcane damage. Making it fun for a disintegrate build, or an arcane archon ranged build ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRE: The Grand Vizier Enemies killed while under the effect of Conflagration cause an explosion,  dealing 8000-10000% weapon damage to enemies within 20 yardsnotes: I feel that two 2-handers for Meteor is too much. This 2 hander should be fun to use with Firebirds / Vyr. Im expecting cascades of explosions like an EP monk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIAMOND SKIN: Dark Mage's Shade Diamond skin gains the effect of every runenotes: Always dreamed of this all-runer, could be nice to use with a shielding build, or for speedruns. Having also the rune of 6 seconds will allow for perma Diamond Skin with mobility and extra toughness, and making it an arcane spell usable for Tal Rasha and Elemental Exposure. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SLOW TIME: Gesture of Orpheus Slow time deals 2000% weapon damage per second to affected enemies reduced cooldown of Slow Time by 40-50% (now a secondary)notes: Re-add the old 4pc delsere bonus as a new item, as an ode to the old del-rasha build, also opening the possibility for slow time use as the 4th element of Tal Rasha's 6 piece bonus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKILLS: Arcane Orb Increase arcane orb base damage for all ranged runes (leveling with the power of the orbit rune)Mirror Image Remove the 'jump' mechanic when summuning Mirror Image, actually remove any summoning animation, making it less cluncky and easier to use while on the move or while channelingSlow Time Let the color of the slow-time bubble be determined by the rune chosen, so that it isn't always yellow when using the crown of the primus.new passive Equipping a 2 handed staff increases all damage and attack speed by 15%.new passive after spending arcane power your signature spells deal 30% increased damage for 6 seconds.eakingdevil2 May 14
May 14 Balance Wizard / Fazulas Testing the necromancer has me thinking beta. I sure would like to see some wizard balancing. I think the first place to start is to fix the archon supremacy. Changing Fazulas to deal double archon dmg, reduce archon CD, add CC while archon stacks are active, or extend the life of archon a few seconds are all viable options. This would tame the FB and VyrRasha builds to be on par with Vyrs. Put the 50 stacks in the Vyrs 6 piece. Change Chantodos to buff archon dmg at least 100% and maybe multiplicative 50% AS bonus. Let's not have all our dmg always be procs Also, give some legendary support to other skills. Not going to start the laundry list, but one in particular that I would like to see get some love is MM Think we will only get Nevro out of this next patch? Cheersaloc15 May 14
May 13 Advice for my Build? I tried to copy a build from someone to helped me get gear in the beginning and then verged it in a different way. This build isn't complete and I'm still looking for Obsidian Ring. Right now I've tried up to T8 and one shot everything. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Valmek-1613/hero/88671041Valmek0 May 13
May 13 If archon is the only way then.... So if archon is going to be the only way that mages can be competetive with other classes. why do you not make it so that it can be more competetive, as well as more flexible. I argue that tal rasha shouldnt be the only set compatable with archon. Firebirds, as well as delseres should also be viable options. By allowing the time warp set bonuses to stack with archon would compete with tal rasha stacking with archon. These do not have to be the only builds either. Though cold enhancing items or lightning enhancing items could also be viable. WITHOUT the use of tal rasha to amplify. on the flip side to the arguement as well, why not make other NON archon builds be viable as well? Delseres would totaly be a viable option if you: 1. Just made time warp stick to the wizard exactly like archon does. so the buffs are applied at all times without having to recast time warp all the time. 2. Made a version of Etched Sigil that applied to signature spells. This would mean by attacking, things like the tornodo/Ranslors folly would auto proc. or Arcane orb or both. Currently interupting your auto attacks in order to cast one of the 3 spells, interupts your dps. Likewise it is INSANELY annoying to have to constantly recast these over and over again. It slows down your ability to clear through the dungeon. 3. Make an item that while casting a signature spell it sucks monsters in. exactly like ranslors folly. This would eliminate the need to cast that spell. and free up that slot for something more useful like survival. all of these suggestions are about making delseres more mobile. because currently it is frustratingly slow, while all of the other classes are just blowing through content without even stopping at all in their movement. firebird is in a decent spot ill admit, but some slight adjustements on the damage would make it competetive with archon. Perhaps some survival as well. I also personaly would like to see sets or builds separated as: fire/ice/lighting/arcane/combination. currently firebirds is for fire. and tal rasha is for combination. Delseres is supposed to be for arcane. (i would classify archon as the epitome of arcane, except with manald heal everyone is running lighting. and lighting archon just doesnt feel right.) This leaves a straight up lighting set, and a cold set. It would be fascinating to see how these could play out. Id love to see a cold set that capitalizes on the cold spells that create spheres of damage. without relying on blizzard.Albeido7 May 13
May 13 How to wash this SS for Hydra Archon How should I wash this Ancient Serpant Sparker... 2711.8 Dmg 900 Int 845 Vit 6% CDR 1. Vit -> Atk spd; or 2. 6% CDR -> 10% CDR This is my first ancient SS (after spending 500 FS to reforge) I have no more FS to reforge it at the moment.... I would be CDR overall if this SS is at 10% CDR...CaptainNoddy3 May 13
May 14 Archon sometimes shoots blanks Anyone know why Archon seemingly shoots blanks, i.e., no damage? It's completely random. One minute everything will be melting away and the next nothing. I can literally stand still and shoot a mob right on top of me and nada. I've tried adjusting my aim, moving my cursor frantically back and forth, reposonitioning, everything and anything I can think of, but literally I'll sometimes waste and an entire cooldown doing nothing. What's wrong and why does this happen?BeerBeerBeer30 May 14
May 13 Can Frost Hydra Trigger Rimeheart??? topic^^robbebol15 May 13
May 13 I hate the current wizard class please fix it Introduction Wizard is leading the greater rift leaderboard. Seem like the class is very op and there is no reason for a revamp on wizard. However, if you play the class for a few hours with any non archon build you will find that the class is actually underperforming. That is why all the top build of wizard is an archon build. Wizard have very weak passive, weak itemization and the lack of defence option. The only reason that wizard is playable is because of the huge damage bonus in wizard set and archon skill. Passive skills: Prodigy: problem: weak and becoming outdated because of the shame of delsere suggested change: original effect added to arcane dynamo. redesign to: gain 10% elemental damage bonus, this bonus is increased by your chance of control and impair effect on item Reason: with this change those useless secondary control impair effect like 5% chance to freeze and enemies will become the sort after item for wizard. Item like blind Faith will suddently become very interesting option for wizard. Beside wizard is a kiting class, he/ she should use control to keep enemy at bay and kill them with AOE skills. Glass cannon: problem: super weak passive when compared to passive of other class, demon hunter got steady aim and cull the weak passive which provide 20% multiplicative damage bonus with no shortcoming. Suggested change: Increase all damage done and reduce resource cost by 20%, but decrease Armor and resistances by 10%. Reason: most of wizard skills are very expensive, by providing resource bonus and damage bonus will actually give a huge incentive for us to use this passive Illusionist: It suppost to be a deffensive skill, but it do not provide any defense bonus suggested change: When you take more than 15% of your maximum Life in damage within 1 second, the cooldowns on Mirror Image, Slow Time, and Teleport are reset. When you use Mirror Image, Slow Time, or Teleport, your movement speed and dodge chance is increased by 30% for 3 seconds. Other buff: Dominance is now on critical hit instead of on killing enemies Elemental exposure is now 7.5% per stack and can stack beyond 4 stacks with all elements by using weapon or proc effect of other damage type, e.g. using a physical weapon, mirinae and efficacious toxin Active skills: General changes: The damage of all non archon skills have been increased by 25% and the damage bonus for all set have been decreased by 20%. This change is to allow the use of Legacy of nightmare set for wizard. Channel skills reforming: ray of frost and Disintegrate are too similar to one another there is almost no difference between these 2 skills suggested changes: Disintegrate Rune - Volatility has been removed, Replaced with - Ray of frost (Black Ice rune) Ray of Frost: Renamed to Sleet storm Cost: 16 Arcane Power Create a swirling storm around you that grows up to a 22 yard radius, dealing 300% weapon damage as Cold to all enemies caught within it. Sleet storm damage is increased by 220% weapon damage every second, up to a maximum total of 740% weapon damage as Cold. New rune: Storm armor - Gain 30% damage reduction while channeling sleet storm (replace sleet storm) Other runes are still the same as the current runes, except that it modify sleet storm instead of ray of frost Support legendary: Light of Grace: Ice armor gain Frozen storm rune. Frozen storm now channels Sleet storm when active. (proc all channeling item effect) Mirror image: Problem the current skill is not useful and too resource demanding Suggested change: now only summon 1 mirror image and the damage is increased to 25% Skill rune – Duplicate has been removed, Skill rune – illusion has been added Gain 40% dodge chance when mirror image is active. Mirror mimics: increase damage to 50% Mocking Demise: stun chance increased to 100% Support legendary: Archmage’s Vicalyke: mirror image deal 100% of your damage and duplicate all your attacks. Conjuration skills: current they are just an icon on the par that need to be push every 1 - 2 minutes. Wizard suppose to be a class that is very complex to play but it reward you for having complex game play. Skills like this is a contridiction to this gameplay design. They have to be changed to something to something else. The should behavior like a passive + active skills. Ice armor: passive effect unchanged new active effect: gain a shield equal to 5% of your maximum life the shield amount is increased by your life per seconds Magic weapon: passive effect unchanged new active effect: your next attack deal 20% more damage, 3 seconds cooldown Familiar: new active effect: absorb all damage for 1 second, 12 seconds cooldown. Critical Hits have a chance to reduce the recharge time of familiar by 1 second. Rune changes: ancient guardian: store up to charges of familiar Storm armor: Rune changes: Scramble: Increase your movement speed and dodge chance by 25% for 3 seconds when you are hit by melee or ranged attacks. New active effect: For 4 seconds after casting storm armor, any damage you deal will also deal 175% weapon damage as Lightning. Energy armor: passive effect unchanged, no ap cost new active effect: restore 1000% of your maximum arcane power, 20 seconds cooldown Teleport: Since wizard is a glass cannon, the ability of kiting is essential for our survival. The cooldown of current skill is just too long Itemization General New shoulder or bracer Glass cannon also cause all projectile skills to release 3 times more projectiles (doesn’t buff Archon at all) Affect magic missile, shock pulse, arcane orb, arcane torrent and energy twisters. This item is a 3X damage modifier. It could potentially offset the damage buff from archon and allow non archon build. Buffing magic missile and arcane orb may allow us to create a ranged arcane orb build when use with DMO. Buffing energy twister may allow us to bring back the raging storm build Buffing arcane torrent may allow us to use a non archon Manald heal build Ice climber You take 50% reduced damage while you have a Blizzard active. Another problem with wizard is the lack of ranged damage reduction option. In melee range, we have halo of the Arlyse, Orb of infinite Depth. However, for ranged damage reduction, the Halo of Karini is not working. the reduction duration is too inconsistent. This item would help in making kiting fire bird build and Tal Rasha build Halo of Isendra Energy armor gain all rune and increase the effect by 100% Dark Mage’s shade When every you use 20 AP, you cast diamond skin Tal Rasha Element Black hole Cosmic Strand: Black hole can be cast up to three times within 2 seconds before the cooldown begins. Black hole now channels death blossom, and its duration is increased by 3 seconds (proc all channeling item effect) When black hole consuming any object, It creates debit of death around the the black hole. http://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/PIA17562.jpg Hydra build The Magistrate: Arcane, cold, fire and lighting skills change the type of Hydra summoned for the next 2 cast Serpent’s Sparker: Now roll with 200% Hydra damage Sleet storm Winter Flurry: Ice armor gain Frozen storm rune. Frozen storm now channels Sleet storm when active. (proc all channeling item effect) Meteor New bracer: Meteor you cast triggers Explosive blast of the same type on impact. Electrocute and primary skill Fragment of destiny is now applied to all primary skills Halo of Karini - You take 45–60% less damage for 8 seconds after you or your Storm Armor electrocutes an enemy more than 30 yards away. Your storm armor now cast electrocutes at a random enemy. This make make electrocute - Manald Heal build viable for end game. Delsere's Magnum Opus Twister sword build and arcane orbit build are great, but I want to have ranged option Moonlight ward Double the amount of Arcane orbit summoned, each orbit also increase your damage and armor by 10% Wave of force Blackhand key: Wave of force now create an mirror image in target location and use wave of force,also roll with 200% wave of force damage. (like heroes of the storm one) The flavor of time You are surrounded by slow time with stretch time rune (affected by DMO for wizard) Crown of the Primus Slow time gain the effect of every rune, enemy affected by slow time also take 2000% weapon damage as your highest elemental damage type per secondXelNagaIvan18 May 13
May 12 MH wizard stuck on 85. as the title suggest, ive been banging my head on 85 for days now. did a few augments yesterday and still struggling. which variant of MH should i be using? heres the best weapons i have available. my cdr is at abnout 62.50-64.04 depending on which weapon equiped http://imgur.com/mEC1459 http://imgur.com/q5zrago those are the weapons i currently have. any insight is appreciated!Batman3 May 12
May 12 Teleport / Hydras - Bug or Normal? Is this a bug or normal game mechanics. Cast teleport first and summon lightning hydras. You get 2 without the serpent wand. Thank youZub2 May 12
May 12 Lightning Hydra no survivability? I keep getting 1 shotted in 90 gr solo with lightning hydra. Is it supposed to be this squishy?Raven6 May 12
May 12 Good Solo Build - *With OUT Archon* I'm looking for a good solo build, ideally one the uses disintegrate. The only real restriction I have is that I don't want to use Archon (I don't enjoy it, and that's the whole point of any game, right? :))! Currently, I'm running Disintegrate (two 'beams' for more enemies) with Magic Missile (higher damage). Plus Diamond Skin ( 6 seconds). The rest are familiar (+10% damage), energy armor (+20 AP), and magic weapon (+20%). I was doing pretty well, but once I started doing even normal rifts, I very quickly realized I'm not getting much survivability out of it.Altyran17 May 12
May 12 Stricken lvl 25 not work with MH Nomal monster and boss(guardian) is same damageNamsse1 May 12
May 12 Primal Aether Walker - What do I re-roll? Hey, Got my first primal item of the season, from kanai's cube. I basically never played wizard until this season. I assume I should re-roll resource cost. What should I re-roll to? CD or Attk speed? http://imgur.com/a/9TkCTConxile6 May 12
May 11 wizard build options I am trying to figure out what type of wizard I want to make but not an sure what type of builds are out there.WJmonego4 May 11
May 11 3.34 breakpoint is easy to hit. Why stack AS? I don't even need IAS on chest to hit it. Wand with 7% + 10% IAS in paragon points + 100% from Fazula's/Swami + 15% from Gogok is enough for 3.34 APS. (6% IAS on wand also achieves the breakpoint in this scenario) Losing Swami stacks requires 50% more IAS, which cannot be achieved on gear alone. So IAS doesn't help there (see note below about this)** From the above setup, in order to hit the 4.00 APS breakpoint, I need another 43% attack speed, which also cannot be done with gear alone. So IAS on gear doesn't help vs the RG without buffs or additional stacks to push me over 4.0 APS Lightning Hydra breakpoints are a slightly different story. The relevant breakpoints are 3.053 and 4.017. Unless I'm trying to hit the 4.017 breakpoint, everything above is true for hydras as well. **In this scenario, having 16% additional attack speed (like chest + 2 other pieces) allows me to stay above the 2.857 breakpoint when Swami stacks fall off. So maybe 7% wand + 26% sheet IAS (with no buffs whatsoever) is a reasonable min/maxxing goal for all but the most extreme APS hydra builds. This allows me to hit the 3.34 breakpoint easily, and it allows me to hit the next highest breakpoint when Swami stacks fall off. OToH, that requires 2 slots besides chest, so I still don't see it as ideal... shrug. This post isn't super organized, but I wanted to throw it out there to get some discussion and to clear up my own thinking around this.Agency16 May 11
May 11 Need help:( stuck at grift 88 Hi everyone, I have stopped playing Diablo since season 3 and started again in season 10. Currently stuck at grift 88, I can't seem to kill the mobs fast enough. Using the manald heal tal/vyr build but with aether walker instead of serpent. Is my gear not good enough? Should I reforge legendary or run rifts for better gear? My profile https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MrCkJh-6390/hero/86746389 Ps: first post. Not sure if I am doing this right.MrCkJh10 May 11
May 10 DMO and AD builds Hello. How close is a DMO build to the WD AD builds? I would like to be able to play an AD build with my friends, but don't feel like trying to gear a WD. I don't mind if it's a few GR levels behind the WD. I guess the two builds I'm considering are the AO builds, and ET builds. Seems like ET builds could pass the AO builds with WW rune. Using the OID source would help. I figure you would have to maintain 11 twisters and then your WW could pass AO. Might be tough to manage resource though. I guess MW conduit and some good Reaper Wraps would do it. suggestions? Edit: goofed off with a DMO AO build. Had hits over 90 billion pretty easy. Didn't even have the right element on my bracers. Had around 120% AD.aloc1 May 10
May 10 Need Help - How to get beyond G rift 45/50 Hi everyone, Looking for tips from the experts here on how to proceed with my Wiz: 1. What item should I look to replace next with blood shards / cube upgrading? 2. Are there improvements I should make on my current skills? I want to push past G rift 45-50 and get to 70 for those primal drops. Profile: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Renegade-1707/hero/88462231Renegade6 May 10
May 10 Aether Archon build, am I missing something? Newer to wizard, but I dont think I'm understanding the playstyle of this build everyone seems to be using. I just learned that Archon's damage type comes from your highest rolled extra stat which took a lot of digging and solved the "where the eff does your lightning damage come from?!" problem. Now I seem to be getting stuck in GR60ish/T13 because things don't die fast enough. I know the 4 stacked Tal is your highest burst point before Archon, but once that falls off I don't really get where your damage is supposed to come from. Paralysis seems like too low a % chance to stun and proc manald reliably, when it does its great but it seems like I waste a lot of time waiting for it to proc sometimes. (Like just now, I killed one mob in a rift and got him to half health in like 5-6 seconds, then manald proc'd and he insta-died.) While in Archon I basically button mash upon entering to get slow time up and port away, then just focus on DW spam and Teleports. Once out of Archon I basically run away and hide until Arch is back up, which is totally lame but is probably because my CDR isn't where I need it to be yet. Basically, could someone just verify that I at least get the gist of this? Is there some combo or piece of gear or talent that I am just not understanding? Heres my prof: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Fablezim-1460/hero/85730521 (Using RoF atm to help with Zodiac/Archon cdr)Fablezim6 May 10
May 9 Reaching GR100 Do you think this is capable of reaching GR100? https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/frzzt-1193/hero/85285288 I'm sitting on 96 in 13 mins at the moment, but 100 is really the personal milestone I'd like to reach. Aside from obvious Caldesann's augs, are there any improvements to be had? Any specific stats I should be rolling?frzzt9 May 9
May 9 After 5 years, I've returned. Hi, I'm not really new here but am new to the forum. I last played this game 5 years ago and made it as far as to fight Diablo as a Wizard. I've comeback to the game and bought its expansion, my questions are these: What is a good solo wizard build? and what are the pros and cons to being a wizard with the latest expansion?Talyn824 May 9
May 8 Teleport responsiveness and other changes Hey guys, Ive been seeing a few things in game and want to know if you have as well. First: Teleport seems a lot less responsive than it used to. Delays between clicking the skill and the actual teleport, occasional non activation, etc. This is something I noticed on the PTR and posted on the bug forum. (Note, 64 bit client only) Second: How about all those ranged mobs! What a fantastic change to greater rifts.Gbrav1356 May 8
May 8 LoN Electro Wiz needs love 4 amulet/pants https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CptKrnch-2154/hero/73017369 Holla - I just need suggestions for the Amulet and Pants is there any pants that increase attack speed? I'm don't have a clue what amulet would benefit this build the most I will be changing up the bracers for Krelm's Buff Bracers as knockback kills me most by stopping my attacks/manald procs I'm keeping the Lightning % for Conduit Pylon buff I am also going to drop my Electrocute buffs as its doing almost no damage - also why I need to drop Depth Diggers for something better Thanks, cheers.CptKrnch12 May 8
May 8 How does one "Wizard"? Umm, I'm not sure what to do with my Wizard. I've given them a bunch of "Life per second" equipment, and even the "Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard" (Legendary life per sec gem), and I still regen nothing. Are Wizards supposed to use life on hit or something? Am I missing something?MiracleMilk12 May 8
May 7 Wizard stuck on GR75. Archon Manald Heal build https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Polygemus-6706/hero/87486861 Something wrong? Even after switching Galvan Ward for Power Hungry, I still keep dying. CDR too low? In the YouTube videos all the experts seem to have overlapping archon stacks. That only happens for me once in a while.Polygemus11 May 7
May 7 Need Advice - Wizard Build 2.5 MH Channeling Hey all. Just started playing D3 for the first time a few weeks ago. Played D1 and D2, but never got around to D3. I've been playing as a Wiz and would like some help...there's still so much about the game that I don't know. Just realized you can farm pets to pick up your gold :o) I'm using the meta 2.5 MH Channeling build because that's what my gear is best suited for...I believe. Tried using a MH Archon build, but just don't have enough CR to make the build viable. With my best rolls, I'm around 45% CR and most of the gear is non-ancient. So I decided to stick with the Channeling build. My highest grift clear is 60 (10min with 0 deaths). However, it was painful getting it cleared. I can probably do another 1-2 lvls dying a few times, but I clearly don't have enough toughness. I'm dying to mostly ranged attacks and it only takes a couple hits to kill me. What should I focus on for my gear. I feel like my Resource Reduction Cost isn't high enough to always stay above 90% for the Aquila. I'm at 32%. Also, don't feel like I have enough Life on Hit. Recovering health is slow and painful. Any overall look at my build and tips/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also open to other viable builds if you think I have the gear for it. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Erighan-11852/hero/86851075 ThanksErighan5 May 7
May 7 Should I switch build to hit GR70 Hi fellow Wizard and Mage. Yesterday I made great progress from clearing T4 Solo to T10 Solo. Now I'm looking foward to hit GR70 and can see some issue already. With Aquilas curtain and set ring im around 64k thoughness when moving, which sound good. But I don't know about my disintegration build; I will probably need Archon on my bar. But I do have all the others set and thus; should I switch? Is there a build that have it easier gearwise?Kelmort1 May 7
May 7 Desintegration build Thanathos or 2-handed What is best for Desintegration? Higher black damage (2-handed weapon) or a source with CC and Thanatos? And which 2 hander would be best? Currently using Burst of Wrath hoping to cube something esle in my weapon slot. (etched sigil right now)Kelmort8 May 7
May 6 Stuck on GR 35, what am I doing wrong? This is my wizard: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Norwin-2563/hero/92924712 I focused on fire damage a lot & all my skills are set to fire (except Electrocute which I use to regenerate arcane) so I can ignite outside of arcane form too. I deal a lot of damage, enough to kill an elite pack on T12 under 10 seconds if I survive that long. Problem is, I usually don't... I die from 2 hits on T9 already. What should I get/change to improve?Norwin5 May 6
May 6 Looking for advice :) Hello all! This is my wizard https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Basinwind-1502/hero/88180209 So far I've been able to do a 83 solo, but I am struggling to do anything higher. I feel like I either don't do enough damage or I am way too squishy. Mobs seem to stay up for too long and I end up getting swarmed and dying over and over. If anyone could give me some advice on reroll or maybe build variations that may help that would be much appreciated . Thank you!!Basinwind2 May 6
May 6 Help me build my Wizard:) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/shereev-1701/hero/88480680 I really just want a powerful build using as little buttons to activate powers as I can. I just got the ring of grandeur as well. I don't want to use the Tal Rasha gear because I do not like having to worry about trying to use different damage types. I didn't like using the firebird set because of having to worry about using different kind of damages because I was never sure if the damages were stacking. I like the etched sigil because it automatically triggers my fireballs. I like using disintegrate because I can just continually press the button without having to hit it over and over again to make it activate, however, I read that this cannot take you far in the game. Any ideas? Am I playing the wrong character maybe? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!shereev2 May 6
May 5 Area damage and channeling skills Hi all Could anyone give me some insight on whether area damage works with channeling skills, namely ray of frost, disintegrate and arcane torrent? Not talking about MH, just the damage portion of these skills. Topics from 2014 haven't been helpful. Thanks in advancealex1 May 5
May 5 TR Source: Vit or APoC ? Just got a decent source with CHC & Vit & AP on Crit. So either roll Vit or ApoC for CDR. I haven't found a thread for this question..so, sorry if there is one already. I know that you need APoC for the solo build. But do you need the survivability of the Vit at higher 4man-Grifts? Or is the APoC the best choice anyway?Lylli13 May 5
May 5 Lwiz Amulet - int or lightening damage Hi, I have a question and I am really confused about this. For lwiz, which is better on Tal-rasha amulet : intelligence stat or lightening damage stat? I see youtube videos done by veteran player. They say " manald proc is important so no need for extra lighting damage." My hypothesis is : if your damage is important, lightening damage should give more damage after a certain number of int stats. So, lightening damage is better. If your damage is not important, only manald proc does damage, then damage on paper is not important. And, as I know, this is wrong. Damage matters a lot. Otherwise, all wizards should have same power as long as they have same cdr and As etc. They don't need to make caldesan int if damage on paper doesn't matter. If wiz damage matters, %20 lightening damage on amulet should give more damage than 1000 int after 9000-10000 int stat. Where am I wrong? Could you help me to understand? ThanksKASIRGA12 May 5
May 5 zWiz main tank/support build? Anyone has a build that is very tanky and viable for the main support in duo or trio (usually Wiz + 2 DH dps) running GR80+? The ones I see are 2nd or 3rd support that needs monk and barb like the 2 links below. I'm looking for something very tanky to support my 2 DPS. I don't want to roll a zMonk because I want to focus on my Wiz and still get my Wiz drops for my main Archon build. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82996-2-4-2-gr100-group-support-wizard http://www.diablofans.com/builds/85479-best-supwiz-build-endless-teleport-very-toughXrande17 May 5
May 5 Ghosts and lashers I'm wondering how people deal with these enemy types. Lashers grab you and mass jump on your head before you have a chance to really do anything about it, especially on open maps where they come in groups of 25-30. Ghosts drain your life and there's not a whole lot you can do about it. Especially, again, on open maps where there can be a dozen at a time. Evasion isn't really an option with these two enemies because of the nature of their attacks. Lashers you can keep moving, but eventually you either get caught or fall too far behind the timer from not killing anything. Any tactics would be appreciated. Playing a hydra/archon build.RichieDagger5 May 5
May 5 Show off your sexy primals! I'm unable to play diablo, as I'm currently abroad on a work trip. So in the meantime, make me jealous by showing off all your sexy primals!Christos66 May 5
May 4 What wand What wand should i use. The CDR not a big deal 8 or 10 im over 64% right now with 10 only drop to 63 somthing with the 8 https://imgur.com/a/yGMqRDreaper2 May 4