Jan 8 Looking for NON-Archon Firebird build Are there any good firebird "NON-ARCHON" builds? I"m tired of archon. if so what are some Ideas?TCPIPGEEK3 Jan 8
Jan 8 BotT and paralysis? so like many wizards this season i'm sure, i plan on making my own custom manald heal build but i had a question, will the attack that procs paralysis benefit from BotT, or only subsequent attacks on the stunned target?Zarono0 Jan 8
Jan 8 I've hit a wall I'm a novice at the game. My wizard was doing really well, but now I'm on Act 4 and really struggling. I have 70 paragon levels, but even on "normal" difficulty I cannot get through the Greater Rift lvl 20 solo quest. If someone could look at my character and tell me how to make them better, I would appreciate it. ThanksDragonflight261 Jan 8
Jan 7 Firebirds has been indirectly nerfed After at least 50 rifts I've noticed a huge issue, the rifts are less dense and are always long caves or maps that represent long corridors. The worst part is that elites are even more rare and on average it takes me 4-5 levels just to spawn the rift guardian. Blizzards new grift changes contradict this set entirely and should be changed now that Grifts have fewer elites and are always long corridors. Apparently other classes are taking a hit too but firebirds feels the effect the most because of its elite chasing design. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752569605Wilson16 Jan 7
Jan 7 Reflect changes and wizard skills ... Has anyone tested if this reflect projectile works like other projectiles and is slowed by slow time, reflected by wave of force, or sucked in by blackhole? ThanksEmmetOtter3 Jan 7
Jan 6 Tal6/Vyr4 MH optimizing gear I've been playing it a bit and this is surely with new crappy GRs much better setup for "speeds" (if anything like that will be even possible) 90-95 gr than FB archon. Damage is definitely there for the 8 seconds of Tal buff and AoE is better than FB archon if you run with zmonk. So, what you think would be the best weapon combo? It seems to me that having Starfire in hand + Furnace cubed should give the biggest dps boost. Also I suppose MH can roll much better than rorg, so good MH roll should always be better dmg wise. But getting good rolls AND close to 14k roll will be really hard to get.Notrius7 Jan 6
Jan 6 Item drops at GR40 vs GR49 Perhaps people already know this, but just in case, I dropped to GR40 to upgrade some Leg. Gems. You get a 100% chance to upgrade, even up to lvl 30. Anyway, I found that the drops from bosses were just as good, if not better, than they are at GR49. In fact, I got an Ancient FB Set item on T5. Of course, exp. is less, but who cares. They can be completed very fast to get the gems upgraded and there's no chance of failing, if you can complete GR49 or so.Dragonflight5 Jan 6
Jan 6 LoN Wizard GR Builds Just curious as to what LoN Builds anyone has tried and how high you were able to push with it. I'm playing with a LoN Comet build at the moment and I just cleared a 69 and im sure I can get a GR70+ I love seeing LoN builds! As the Cromulons say, Show me what you've got! http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ham-1685/hero/75125729Ham0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Near/Mid term goals for a new(old) player I've picked up playing after dropping the game back in 2012 (before paragon levels even). I've brought one character, my wizard, up to paragon 165. All other chars are still at the old level cap of 60. I've read through several of the the guide's posted here and think I have a handle on more end game strategy & targets. (Particular thanks to PieHole, Cratic, and TinneOnnMuin). I'm a bit more at a loss on where I should be focused now. Currently running T3/4 and GRifts around 20-22. Any higher and it's just too slow or I can't survive. Here's my build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dangermouse-1415/hero/82953764 So my question is, where should I be focusing in the more near term? Is there an obvious flaw in my build/gear? Should I be running mostly GRifts or doing bounties? What's the best bang for my buck? In particular I wonder about my weapon, but it's the only ancient I've found and the damage is just significantly higher than any other I've come across. I do have a full Vyr's set, and half of Firebird (all non-ancient) but nothing else really to speak of setwise or legendary. Side question - I've watched a number of YT videos of high level runs where the players don't even bother to touch legendary drops. Do they really just not care because they have literally everything? I can't see a way to tell that the items are not ancient versions without investigating them. Or all all but a few ancient/legendary item types irrelevant at the end game?Dangermouse1 Jan 6
Jan 6 im getting destroyed as firebird archon armory is wrong, i have aquial cuirass in my cube even with parhthan procs im just getting absolutely shredded in grifts and really have no idea where to improve my survivability other than getting compass rose+travelers pledgeHarryTasker3 Jan 6
Jan 6 Firebird Wizard just seems boring now... Hey guys, I took a hiatus from Diablo 3 at the very start of Season 1 and I'm just now coming back. The build I left off with at the time was a partial firebird build with Furnace. I used primarily blizzard with fire + mammoth hydra. Apparently the stacked DoT build was decent at that time but not any more. I looked up the best builds and right now it looks like people are using nearly full firebird set with fire blades + archon. Personally, I'm disappointed in this build. I get that this build might be good for solo wizards running high level grifts, but the spell combinations just aren't interesting to me. I think Archon is kind of clutch/boring even though it seems core to all of the builds surrounding Firebird gear right now. I'm not super extreme and I don't care about being best of the best and hitting 80-90 level grifts. I'd be happy with 60-70 if it means I can play a more fun build. I'm OK with Firebird gear, but it's the spells I'd like to see more variation of. Can anyone recommend a decent, less Archon-dependent build for Wizards right now? Again, doesn't need to be the best, but something useful. Hydras are amazingly fun IMHO, but I haven't seen any builds using them. Just as an example. Thanks in advance for any advice!Holy8 Jan 6
Jan 6 DMO and Arcane Orb - Wishlist on Patch 2.5 DMO Set Bonus 2 Set Casting Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Explosive Blast, Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, or Wave of Force reduces the cooldown of Slow Time by 2 seconds. 4 Set You take 60% reduced damage and increase the attack speed of Arcane Orb,Energy Twister and Wave of Force by 30% while you have a Slow Time active. Allies inside your Slow Time gain half benefit. 6 Set When you have Slow Time Active enemies take 3000% increased damage from your Arcane Orb, Energy Twister, Explosive Blast, Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, and Wave of Force abilities. I really hated the enemies will take damage inside slow time condition it really blogs down the set. Arcane Orb Changes Obliteration - Increase Aoe from 8 to 12 yards Arcane Orbit - JESUS CHRIST the damage is so pitiful please buff it to at least 480% weapon damage and reduce the ICD of orbit explosion. Spark - Remove the Lob effect and i also notice its not hitting mobs in close range not sure if you guys also encounter it. increase the Weapon damage to 400 - 500% + Scorch - Rework needed to work properly with unstable sceptre Frozen Orb - Rework needed to work properly with unstable sceptre Items Bracer [Arm of Delsere] - Rolls with a default % Arcane Skill Damage - Your Arcane Orb attacks 30% faster and deals 100-150% increased damage for the first 5 enemies hit. "I have purple balls... - Delsere"ilov2violate2 Jan 6
Jan 6 Para 2000 Challenge Wizard Video list for the Para 2000 challenge Build name.......................GR level....Submitter........Video url (example)Carnevil LoN.....80............Hamiltonz........https://youtu.be/35j1FG-iMtQ (request sticky)Hamiltonz4 Jan 6
Jan 5 DMO - Oblitaration Patch 2.4.3 [Inquiry] Hi guys i just switched from orbit DMO to Obliteration DMO, i see some potential on obliteration DMO but since it's AOE is reduced to 8 yards it might need some crowd control. but i dont know what skills to drop or items to replace but any ways i need you opinions on what items to replace or skills to tweak. or am i already using the right items? thanks in advance! Here's my Wizard profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ilov2violate-6297/hero/82119843ilov2violate1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Manaldo Mechanics Just did some Manald Heal testing and here are some findings: 1. Damage is applied even when Paralysis stun effect is ignored due to CC resistance ramp (tested with max CDR cold snap/zodiac to ramp CC resistance to point where Calamity Stuns and Paralysis stuns are ignored) 2. Does not appear to have a cooldown (this is just my qualitative obs watching health bars and dmg from close/overlapping procs). 3. Lightning Hydra (typically thought of as a 'no proc' skill) can proc it. Lightning hydras from images cannot. 4. Storm armor bolts from sky can proc it. Shocking Aspect procs don't appear to proc it (tested with fire forked lightning rune). 5. Yes, it still sucks. It still needs more DPS. It will never be an effective Torment farmer due to low minimum dmg (RNG RNG), terrible AOE, and poor mobility. It will never be effective AOE dps at higher GR due to absolutely terrible AOE/area damage. It will probably never be effective single target dps at higher GR due to low APS/stricken stacking. It has no niche. There is almost no way this ring will be viable unless its weapon dmg is shot through the moon.Vox171 Jan 5
Jan 5 Is illusionist bugged? In 2.4.2 I never got frozen yet now I'm consistently getting frozen and killed by elites because of it. Something feels off and it seems like illusionist isn't resetting the cooldown on teleport consistently like it did in 2.4.2 from frozen. Has anyone noticed this?Jumpman4 Jan 5
Jan 5 How strong is Firebirds Archon? I played this build in season 6 or 7. I forget which, back when you could double stack archon stacks by getting back into Archon quickly enough. It was super explosive and did really silly damage. I know the double stacking was fixed but is it still as explosive as it used to be with newer improvements or am I better off playing that new Manald Heal Tal/Vrys variant?Darkinsanity4 Jan 5
Jan 5 Goldfind So, while waiting for Season 9 to start, Once 2.4.3 went live, I created a new wizard. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Luciffer-1358/hero/83214125 While playing Season 8 I found alot of goldfind gear. As you can see I used some other gear, did a bit of swapping at the Mystic. Swapping gear was a bit annoying which will be alleviated once the Armory is released but in the mean time, I just decided to create the new wizard to stop the gear swapping.. While not very powerful, Yet. she is very tanky on torment 5 so it is a slow process but, with Paragon points maxxed out for gold as well as the extras in the cube, I am running at about 9,000% gold find in my stats sheet at T5. I have been very lucky and collected quite a few puzzle rings in season 8. My latest run, I raised myself to T10, dropped a ring in the cube and collected 300,000,000 gold. I died once as I mostly just ran, Haha, and did not bother even trying to fight Greed, just exited. I guess my point is, if you have issues with running out of gold, this is a good build and good gear, "at Torment 5" for survivability. ;) You'll notice the sage set, I use this build for the Deathbreathe farming too. As always, I know there is more gear with better stats I need to farm to make this better but, it was fun to do it.Luciffer2 Jan 5
Jan 5 High level wizard, too weak. Please help. Now as the title says, i play with a wizard, i am at 626 paragon level, and i just can't play on full torment difficulty yet. I'm still at Torment XI. I'm new to this game, and the wizard is my first character. I believe i've reached the highest possible stats, i have the best items i could find and yet i find it impossible to play on Torment XII. Even on Torment XI that i now play on, i die very easily if i stay still for more than one second. On Greater Rifts, i can't play on more than 46, and yet i see others at my paragon level, going over 70. Just in case, because i can't see any buttons to post an image, i wanna say that i have the Tal Rasha set (with five Flawless Royal Topaz), The Traveler's Pledge set, Pauldrons Of The Skeleton King, Nemesis Bracers, Nilfur's Boast, Convention of Elements, Rimeheart (with Flawless Royal Emerald) and Gem of Efficatious Toxin, Bane of the Powerful and Bane of the Trapped. On Kanais Cube, i have The Furnace, Aquilla Cuirass and Obsidian Ring Of the Zodiac. On passive skills, i have Blur, Dominance, Elemental Exposure and Evocation. Active skills set accordingly for this build to achieve the stack bonus of Tal Rasha. All this and my character dies like nothing. Any help?Echetlaeus2 Jan 5
Jan 5 Arcane Dynamo Visual Flash Mod? I am seeking any information on whether or not this type of thing exists. A flash mod is something nicknamed in WoW that would flash something visually on your screen so that you knew a spell was powered and ready for use at the time you required. So this leads to my struggles with Arcane Dynamo as the clutter and higher rift pushing. It seems I am having problems noticing it on my buffs bar whilst also navigating very dangerous enemy ground spells. If there is something that visually shows you the spell is up without needing to direct my eyesight away from the combat then it would greatly increase my gameplay and enjoyment. I feel like I spend more time watching the buff of Arcane dynamo then I do fighting enemies.SiKiN1 Jan 5
Jan 4 Manald Heal, retroactive or new? Has Blizz indicated if they are going to add this secondary power retroactively to all existing manald rings or if the existing ones will be left untouched and we have to farm new ones? They've done both in the past. Couldn't find what their plans are this time.EmmetOtter7 Jan 4
Jan 4 non conventional firebird build hey guys trying to come up with a build not revolving around archon and i dont know if this has been thought up before or not but wanting to throw my idea out here and see what people have to offer for ideas to make it better or tell me off... non the less. http://www.d3planner.com/178476910 found this sweet planner and honestly was able to help me somewhat understand the direction i wanted to take my build in since it allowed me to actually customize right down to what i wanted each thing to be with what would be considered for people "perfect rolls" this is type one of the idea which im calling firestorm. type two replaces etched sigil in off hand with firebirds source and removes deathwish from the cube for etched sigil. seen here: http://www.d3planner.com/746303070 tinkering in game a bit i have removed teleport for meteor molten impact. and possibly moving rorg around to remove firebirds boots for nilfurs boast. to make meteor even more powerful. seen here: http://www.d3planner.com/305049241 sadly this build does revolve around using rorg as it gives it the ability to use other legendaries to help this build do what it needs to. thanks to all who took a look and even more thanks to those who respond!Doommarine3 Jan 4
Jan 4 Firebird's Finery Does is still NOT work??? i'm not getting ignite on anything w/ 6 piece.Llorien6 Jan 4
Jan 4 Dovu Energy Trap and Manald Heal From what I have observed. It appears that whenever Manald Heal procs from channeling spells, as long as the channel is maintained, Manald heal will continue to proc for approximately 1.5 seconds. If this is indeed what is happening, could any peeps with Dovu Energy Trap observe to see if this increases the damage duration, thus increasing the damage output of Manald Heal by 25%?Christos7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Tal-Rasha Set Mechanics (updatedfor 2.3) Bonuses: ... ... Each time you cast a spell with a new element, you gain one stack of the buff and its duration is set back to 6 seconds. The spell does NOT have to hit a target to grant a stack of the buff. Once you reach 4 stacks, you've run out of new elements to cast and the buff expires after its 6 second duration. You must then start over again. Each element's buff stacks additively with the other ones, but are multiplicative with everything else. Each one increases the overall damage you deal by an additional 150%. With 4 stacks that is a 1 + 1.50 *4 = 7x damage multiplier. It is a buff that shows on your buff bar, does not display in your sheet. ... Generally anything that takes a button press to engage each time you want it to do something. See below for a list of such skills/abilities that do not count. ... Any and all item procs Frost Nova (except frozen mist) Teleport (except calamity) Diamond skin (except diamond shards) All armor spells Magic Weapon (even its proc effects) Tal Meteors (or any item or skill procs) Mirror Images or their casted spells Familiar  Anyone else have input? This is what I've seen so far, pretty confident in most of it. I haven't extensively tested the buff to see if there is any known category it stacks with additively.BDF205 Jan 4
Jan 4 Firebird Ignite Duration I was wondering if someone could clarify something for me. It was my understanding that once ignited a monster would continue burning until it died. If I ventured too far away, or if I died, the monster would continue to burn but not take any damage until I returned. Is this not the case? Last night I noticed that when I died or ventured too far away from elites, they would no longer be ignited when I returned and therefore I would not have my 20 stacks. Thank you in advance for you help.totalEnigma2 Jan 4
Jan 3 current state of tal/vyr wizard Hi guys, Has any1 tested this build? is it any good? cheers!BigBoss1 Jan 3
Jan 2 Some quick noob help I took an extended break from D3 and missed seasons 5-7 and came halfway through S8. I'm still adapting to the newer playstyles and strategies, but enjoying it. So far, this forum has been great with build ideas and guidance. Thank you. I could probably be considered a casual player (despite being obsessed with the lore and having played Diablo games since 1997). Anyway, just real quickly, some guides speak about having low, moderate, or high amounts of X attribute. It had me curious and I'd appreciate the help. What would be considered low, moderate, and high for the following attributes regarding a wizard: Health Toughness DPS Recovery CDR CHD CHC Intelligence Armor Feel free to throw in a few other attributes you think may be relevant (I'm aware certain builds require focus on certain specific attributes. Just keep it general if you can). I understand some builds may sacrifice one attribute for another and how they all interact, I just wanted to get a good idea on the numbers for when I put together different builds for different situations. Thanks in advance.Deak21121 Jan 2
Jan 2 Disintegrate Vs. Ray of frost So with the new patch I broke a light of grace in the cube and started using ray of frost, since making it pierce enemies should make it a superior ability to disintegrate. However, when I actually started using it it was immediately obvious that it was doing a lot less damage than disintegrate. I checked my gear, and I did have some items on that increased disintegrates damage as well as arcane damage. I took those off and compared the 2 again and found ray of frost was still doing less. I sure would like to know why.Exaltas16 Jan 2
Jan 2 Is old school Blizzard Wiz viable?? Hey guys, took a long break from diablo 3, got back and already bored of the meta archon builds. I miss diablo 2 type skills, is it possible to go Full Tal rasha and play a cold focused blizzard Wiz for solo GRS?Silentdecay6 Jan 2
Jan 2 Manald Heal LoN Hey guys, made something like this. It feels fun on PTR, even with wrong/bad gear. D3planner: http://ptr.d3planner.com/740696145 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0mt5Cv6Xns Going to try it in next season, should be enough dmg for 90-95 gr in 3-4 man party.SurpraiS3 Jan 2
Jan 1 S8 Conqueror - 5min TXIII Rift solo with Wiz? I'm currently trying to get the stash tab in season, true solo. That means without any kind of group play involved. Task: T13 Normal Rift in under 5 Minutes true solo with my Wizard I'm close to P700 in season right now and have everything ready for Conqueror, including conquests (I did cursed chest with a weird Disintegrate build on the first try with 380+ kills and the GR75 solo, a walk in the park with FB). Now I'm stuck at this dumb time trial thing. I once had a dream rift with a crowded graveyard map and six pylons, two of them (shield and conduit) right at the entrance and I did it in under 4 minutes... hell yeah, but on T12 -.-" I tried the T13 rift a lot of times and failed - honestly, it's always the time related stuff I fail at and the very reason why I failed to get the tab twice. I don't want it to happen a third time, not if I'm that close and still have time. I don't care if I have to fish for a good map or need to farm for certain items (don't mind the profile, I have a lot of decent stuff stashed, like a 3k ancient InGeom) or if I simply need more paragon ranks... I will do that. But fishing for the godly rift is kinda annoying, so if I get one, I want a build that is reliable and gets the job done no matter what - it must be able to do it solo, that's the only condition. So I guess it's time to ask the guys with more insight. Any ideas?Lexa19 Jan 1
Jan 1 Am I screwed? Need help with planning... My situation: Just started 2 weeks ago, I used to play on xbox1 a long time ago but no seasons, so when I saw the deal I couldn't resist. So I got about 48 hours total of solo only. Now I got 5 days to try to get my stash, here's what left: TXII under 6 TXIII under 5 Greed TXIII (no idea how) Izual TXIII (no stress) One 30+ augment Two 40+ augment ( I can skip the 30 and just do 2x40?) 3 gems to 55 (im at 52-51-51) 2 Conquests (ouch) Ok so 5 days left, I can grind a couple more hours tonight, another 3-4 tomorrow and then i'll have some more time before the end. How would you do it, to maximize your time? Where should I start?? I'm thinking speedfarming empowered GR to do both 40+ augments first... Then it will help my stats a bit for the progression? Hoping to drop a traveler's pledge? Check my build here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/JHCGaming-1744/hero/82672115 anything that I should do? Or should I just give up and start thinking about next season? I think if I get the Traveler's pledge It would greatly improve my damage cause right now there's no way I can GR75 or tXIII under 5...JHCGaming20 Jan 1
Jan 1 Can someone explain best way to increase DPS? I'm still noob at this game, and my DPS (buffed) is just under 250k. I don't understand how it's possible people can get such high DPS numbers. Are they farming a particular area? Or is it just something that comes after playing for a really long time? I'm also never sure which stat to look for in gear. Intelligence obviously, but past that, I'm lost. Can someone help me out? It'll be much appreciated. Thanks :) *EDIT*: I was able to beat the game on Torment 1, but it took a very long time. Should I be playing on a difficulty setting where I can just melt all the enemies?n0ah23 Jan 1
Dec 31 New Vyrs mechanics - weigh in I would love to see this set get some love, but the current design mechanics end up having the set balanced off that 1/100 rift where you get insane density and lots of kills stacks. So most the time the ceiling is much lower. What are some new mechanics that would make archon fun, and viable top end? Balance is tough with current Fazulas and swami legendary powers. Vyrs 6 piece. many options here. Really comes down to if they will allow perms archon, or allow us to actually use skills.aloc2 Dec 31
Dec 30 Wizard dead class There is a 3rd, A 3RD ARCHON build on top leaderboards going on ptr. And they see no problem. They buffed delsere which changed nothing. Thanks for ruining my fav class. 0 diversity in skills all sets same build. DisasterKaelos4 Dec 30
Dec 30 FB Archon Main - What to farm with? Hi guys, I plan to main a FB Archon wiz in season 9, but I'll need a good farming build to get DBs and crafting materials. Usually I farm with a Wand of Woh Tal's build. But now it looks like you can get fast clears with Manald Heal Tal's. this is the video I found. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRhrQq3hNOg My question is, should I stick with what I know can work, or put my resources into getting this new build? One thing I'm worried about is, I can only survive T13 with Orb of Infinite Depth with the Wand of Woh build, and this Manald Heal build doesn't use the Orb. What is keeping this character alive in t13 besides having all ancient items with caldessan's? Is it just a "kill things before they kill you" kinda thing?ExtraVision2 Dec 30
Dec 29 Firebird suggestion Hi everyone, We currently have 4 set, 2 of them focusing on specific skills and 2 on element usage, Tal'Rasha and Firebird. It seems the addition of new set will be done over a very lengthy period of time and, on top of the many skill themed set frequently asked such as a Mirror Image or Hydra, it is unlikely we will see a Frost, Lightning or Arcane set anytime soon. Since Firebird is already all about one element, what would you guys think if instead of being about Fire, this set would instead boost one single element being either frost, lightning, fire or arcane. The affix and effect of the set would remain unchanged, only which element applies the DoT would differ. The only problem I see is the method used to decide which element grants the DoT. I thought that it could simply be the element having the most %bonus on your gear. For instance, if you had +20% Lightning damage on your bracer, then it's going to boost lightning. Since this set is already about boosting one element, I don't think it would feel like the set would "force" you to get specific stats on your gear. Beside the mean of choosing the element, what do you guys think? Would you like it or rather wait... a lot of time... before new elemental themed set emerge. TyCmagik1 Dec 29
Dec 29 Taeguk and a channeling TR/etched sigil build FYI: referring this living (as of 10am Dec 28 -- status subject to change without notice) hardcore wizard http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/EmmetOtter-1358/hero/82948814 I keep going back and forth on this gem, at first glance it seems perfect and as I teleport through trash, channeling away, getting meteors to rain everywhere, the stacks stay at 10 and it looks great. But invariably on tougher fights I lose the stacks during the fight (my right-click attack always seems to consume too much time or I move one step too far) and I'm guessing that on average my stacks are at 5 during the fight. Not so great. At 10 stacks, it's combo of offensive and defensive buffs seem better than alternatives. At 5 stacks, no, it's doesn't seem enough either way to justify using it. I think I would be better with stricken or toxin. ugh... I need some advice. I don't mind watching Perdition dance over my corpse(he did the running man last time, very entertaining) but I do mind second guessing myself afterwards. EDIT: interesting... I moved meteor to my 4-key and blackhole to my right-click and I'm losing the stacks much less in longer fights. But I guess my question remains, is taeguk "worth it"?EmmetOtter9 Dec 29
Dec 28 [Suggestion] Redesigning Familiar/MWeap One of the big things I hate about the Wizard is the fact that between armor, familiar and magic weapon, the bar is full with passive skills. IMO, Familiar and Magic Weapon should be combined into one skill that provides a more substantial passive benefit, freeing up a skill slot for something more fun (like a hydra, or meteor, etc). Additionally, the new skill should also have an active component, similar to the way the Demon Hunter pets work. With this active component wizards can finally have an 'aura-like' support skill. I suggest: FAMILIAR Cooldown: 45 seconds Active: Split your Familiar in four pieces for 5 seconds, imbuing your allies’ weapons with its magical energy and granting you and your allies 10% within 60 yards increased damage for 5 seconds. Passive: Summon a Familiar that attacks your enemies for 240% weapon damage as Arcane. This companion cannot be targeted or damaged by enemies. SPARKFLINT Active: Your Familiar bursts into flames for 5 seconds, burning all enemies in a cone and increasing their chances to be critically hit by 10%. Passive: Summon a fiery Familiar that grants you 30% increased critical damage. Your attacks have a chance to burn enemies, dealing 300% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds. ICICLE Active: Your Familiar raises into the air and gathers all the kinetic energy around you, freezing all enemies within 60 yards and turning you and your allies into water for 2.5 seconds. While in water form, your movement is unhindered. (like a group smoke screen, or spirit walk, but you can still get damaged. just immune to CC and walk through monsters) Passive: Summon a frozen Familiar that grants you 20% increased attack speed. The Familiar's projectiles have a 35% chance to Freeze the enemy for 1 second. ANCIENT GUARDIAN Active: Your Familiar moves in front you and creates a barrier that can be attacked. The barrier absorbs up to 25% of your health in damage. (not as a shield on yourself, more like a forcefield that can be targeted; only 25% shield because the passive from deflection is already very good) Passive: Summon a protective Familiar. When you perform an attack, gain a protective shield for 3 seconds that absorbs 4% of your Life in damage. When you are below 50% Life the Familiar will absorb damage from 1 attack every 6 seconds. ARCANOT Active: Split your Familiar in two pieces for 2.5 seconds. While the effect lasts, you and your allies do not consume any primary resources. Passive: Your Familiar regenerates 4.5 Arcane Power every second. Enemies hit by your attacks restore up to 3 Arcane Power. CANNONNER Active: Your Familiar rises into the air and overcharges for 5 seconds. While overcharged you and your allies gain 20% movement speed and 20% area damage. Passive: The Familiar's projectiles explode on impact, dealing 240% weapon damage as Lighting to all enemies within 6 yards. Your attacks have a chance to cause lightning to arc to 3 nearby enemies, dealing 61% weapon damage as Lightning.Wyrmheart6 Dec 28
Dec 28 2.4 Wizard Wishlist Blizzcon is coming and I'm hoping for some good news (really any news) on how they plan on balancing wizards into group play. Hopefully they do a tavern type talk like they did last year and we can put in some suggestions. My QoL wishes Legendary Gems in Kanai's CubeReason - Switching back and forth between characters to find my bane of the trapped (because it's "best" for most builds/classes) gets very annoying on top of server stress from entering/leaving game. Putting them in the cube clears that up since it's account wide. It also frees up some stash space. Right now, we have 20 Lgems and counting that spots cleared up in stash by moving them to the cube After paragon 800, +2 to main stat instead of +5 (Vit still does +5 up to 50 stacks then +1 after)Reason - Paragons rule the leaderboards this allows some more casual players compete. This will narrow the gap between the high paragon levels and mid paragon levels. Buffing Goblin ShrinesReason - I haven't seen one since they were nerfed. I'm doubting they even exist anymore. Goblin shrines were fun. Place them outside of rifts making bounties more worth running since you can double up on farming mats. Remove/Cap +XP gearReason - You should have noticed a huge gap between those who solo and those who group play. +XP is already granted for playing in groups and even more when you can run with 2-3 XP players. Capping or even removing will lower the gap a decent amount. Remove Caves from Grifts tile options.Reason - These maps are quite challenging. They usually have multiple dead ends and loops which kill your chances at completing a Grift successfully. Furthermore, they usually have a very poor density making it even harder on tap of the map layout. Removing them from the tile options should reduce fishing and server stress. Update sets/items with pointless general affixes (I.E. +MF on Cain's set)Reason - affixes like +MF, +GF, and +MS should be removed off set bonus/gems. Since these affixes fail to give the same bonus as going up in a Torment level. Changing a Topaz in helm to RCR and Emerald to Area Damage will give more bonus than other affixs. Additional Legendary Gems for weaponsReason - Emerald is by far the best option to put in the socket on our weapons. Legendary gems offer some diversity there. They should probably beat an emerald after level 50-ish. Sage set now actually gives double DBsReason - T9/10 are not worth running when farming death breathes. I can clear faster and net more DB because it's not a true double of DBs. Allowing 4 DBs when 2 drop naturally would make T9-T10 worth running IMO. My Wizard wishes Wand of Woh rolling Melee redux as an additional secondaryReason - Wizard does not have the 30% damage redux that other melee classes have. This is a big hit on the rarest item for wizard since it requires us to go melee. Adding melee redux as a secondary for this item (since it really is special) would allow us to run this item in higher grifts. Updated affixes for: Slorak's, Valthek's Rebuke, Smoldering Core, Broken Staff, Autumn's Call, Starfire, Blackhand KeyReason - These items either have bad affixes or no affixes. Slorak's - Channeling spells no longer have a ramp up (item now can roll +Dis, RoF, or AT) Valthek's Rebuke - Energy Twister now travels at half or double it's normal speed and circles around you (think Arcane Orb) Smoldering Core -let this item affect elites or redesign it to all meteor's now come in a shower (Meteor Shower becomes bigger) Broken Staff - Mirror Images now deal X% of you damage Autumn's Call - Blizzard now stacks X times Starfire - Star Pact no longer drains your AP and damage increase is calculated at your MAX AP pool Blackhand Key - Removes the Cooldown on blackhole but costs 25 AP Magic Weapon and Familiar work like Laws with some type of active buffReason - I know somewhere at sometime someone said that these were going to be looked at. I feel 2.4 should be the right time or "soon" as you guys put it. Cast MW or Familiar and forget it is really really boring. Making them like Laws and Matras would be nice. Make most/all of them buff party to make us wanted in group play. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/16773747583#8 Reworked Firebird's setReason - DoT is boring. Hit a marker then stay within distance and watch it die. This set needs to be redone completely. There are alot of good posts in the past about possible changes. AW procs F/R bonusReason - Simple: It just should. It's a teleport is a "spender" once AW is equipped. Tal's buff can restackReason - Why the buff falls off to begin with is begin with is beyond me. Change the icon for buff bar to be slices of pie in colors if it would be too hard to see which needs to be restacked. Tal's 4pc should be changed from a specific element to All Resist and amount should be comparable to straight damage mitigationReason - Most classes get mitigation to all forms and a flat redux, but wizard get a buff to 4 elements and less overall. If you get a wasps or bogan greater rift, might as well restart because you are automatically SOL not to mention majority of RGs are of the poison element. PROC-COEFFS worked onReason - They were nerfed to the ground because of CM. CM is gone, but proc-coeffs were never adjusted. Diamond Skin to work like Ignore PainReason - Shields do not scale well in greater rifts and this skill is one of the least used skills in the game. Please just make this skill work like Ignore Pain. Give it a cooldown. Unruned - Become encase in a diamond shell decreasing incoming damage by X% for X seconds Healing Cocoon - Gain X life per second while Diamond Skin is active Cutting Diamond - Gain X% damage while Diamond Skin is active Encasement - Project your shell outward. giving all allies w/i your extended shell diamond skin benefits. (this will look kinda like a slow time bubble) In The Rough - decreases cooldown by X seconds The Shining - While diamond skin is active, your Arcane Power o Critical Hit is doubled Item to make non - mammoth hydra worth usingReason - All hydras are crap compared to Mammoth hydra. Please update Magistrate or add a new item to make non-mammoth more competitive. New Affix can be Aerial attacking hydras now cast Arcane Orbs of their element. Channeling plans (would be nice to know how they are going to fix skills that don't work with the gameplay)Reason - Channeling spells honestly feel like they have no place in the end game. It requires us to stand still but the game meta is to move and kill fast while channeling is for long battles. I'm really curious on how you guys plan on making this spell work because it's really it's core principles that don't work with the game. EVERYONE would like to see a channeling set. A complete overhaul of our armoursReason - Our Armors are really not that great. Outside of Energy Armor (runes Prismatic and Force Armour) they provide little to no defense. They really need to be looked at. There are multiple posts in the past on the ptr and wizard forum on possible changes or ideas. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/15005461524#7 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13595440012#1 Other's wishes Proctection Bracers - Suggested by JennyReason - Channeling makes up 1/2 of our spenders and they are almost usuable because we can not stand still to take damage Gain a Shield for 300% of your Life after casting a Signature Spell. (this has a 3 second cooldown) or While Channeling all damage is reduced by 30% APoC is a secondary roll on Wizard Helmets, Wands, and Sources - Suggested by TheDutchManReason - Could open up the ability to spam more and some builds we wouldn't be required to use MW-Conduit or Familiar-Arcanot or Storm Armor-Power of the Storm Passives need a overhaul - Suggested by MuzReason - We have really good passives (Audacity, Elemental Exposure, Illusionist to a degree), but majority of our passives are lackluster. I will post other threads with previous ideas. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13568066930#3 Wizard set helms changed to Wizard Hats - Suggested by MalakaiReason - they should capable of rolling APoC and Max AP. It can be build-limiting at times always having to choose Magic Weapon: Conduit for just about every single build that uses AP regularly.kasper301615186 Dec 28
Dec 28 Which direction for Firebird archon? I have my gear for Firebird archon now and have been running GR rifts in the 60's. Just looking to upgrade my gear to have more ancients and level my paragon. There's 2 different Firebird builds I've come across and would like to know which one is better at this level and getting into the higher GRs. Here's one I've been looking into: http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-firebird-archon-build-patch-2-4-2-season-8 But I've also tried out this one by Rhykker: https://youtu.be/130S0s2Z70o I'm currently geared for the former, but I ran a GR faster in the latter build. It didn't really make much sense to me that the Deadset version spent so much time out of archon since there was nothing besides a passive for CDR. The one i see from the Rhykker video utilizes ORotZ, which makes sense to me. My wizard, Bakkus, is currently geared towards the Deadset version, but just seeing which would be better to pursue or should I plan mine differently?Deak21124 Dec 28
Dec 28 Tal Rasha Set Dungeon team up I would really like to finish this. I was wonder if someone who is very good at it, could go in with me? I can avoid the Rockworms, but I can't kill everything in the allotted time.Dragonflight14 Dec 28
Dec 28 Dev discussion, Wizard news? Anything interesting from the panel yesterday?Gbrav1310 Dec 28
Dec 27 A little assistance please http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Luciffer-1358/hero/80854969 I can complete GR46 but the boss is hard I can play Torment 10 but can not beat the bosses, Diablo, Maltheal, ETC. I realize it may be my playstyle, I'm not a keyboard pounder and I love Disintegrate, it's simple and worked well with Tal's 4 stacks up until now. Before you say I need to switch out to Firebirds, DSO or Vyr's RNG is not my friend on the other sets, I have them all but they have horrible stats. And yes, my weapon is not the best, it does not even have a legendary affix, I have yet to see a better one though, even with a legendary affix, the stats are just to low. RNG right? LOL So, the question, your thoughts on skills I should look at would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a math guy though so if you could keep it simple that would be great, Haha! Thanks in advance ;)Luciffer87 Dec 27
Dec 27 Wizard items Quick rant. Was looking at wizard staves and saw the FB staff. So this item is everything deathwish should have been. Why are most of the wizard items just crap? why are we stuck with the furnace being our most potent cube choice? It's like they always scale the numbers down so that the furnace is on top. Grrrr deathwish should double AS while channeling, and half resource cost of channel. All damage increased 35%. Qiunblades are supposed to be mighty. The deathwish bonus seems to just scale the damage up to being a 2H. Hah, that's funnyaloc2 Dec 27
Dec 26 DMO 6pc damage increase on 2.4.3 PTR ... Source: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20362179 Damage increase as noted from 2000% to 2800%. Will this make DMO builds viable / competitive again? Would be great if so.Cratic61 Dec 26
Dec 26 Follower question All the gear that drops has INT for primary stat. Does that effect the Templar a lot? are you looking for strenth instead? What do you do with that?JHCGaming2 Dec 26
Dec 26 Question on (4) Firebird's Set... "Dealing Fire Damage with one of your Skills causes the enemy to take 1000% WD. This effect can be repeated a 2nd & 3rd time by Different Skills" Are they referring to 3 Different Fire Skills? Or Any 3 Skills once I acquire the (4) FB Set? TIAGoldenKnight1 Dec 26
Dec 25 Wiz forumers - what do you miss the most? Me personally: 1. yodatoy's threads 2. Melkor's rap 3. BDF's sarcastic tone 4. Boozefficient guides Ehh....RoGeR62 Dec 25