Nov 18 Primal Tal Ammy, CC or Fire%+ It’s the ammy on my character. If I chose fire% my cc would be 52.5 now it is 62.5. Thanks for help!Tmayorga2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Manald heal and new Hi all, New to wizard. played this game since way back... season 11 ;) Have a rather Nice archon build and can steadily do torment x. But I cant seem to get a manald Heal ring (not by kadala, cube or just find it). Any tips on how to get it? Maybe someone can give me feedback on how to get my archon build better? And other tips that are good to follow? I did read the enormous long thread with all kind of build for wizard but its really much and written to the more knowledgebale (is that a word?) player.Rothgar6 Nov 18
Nov 18 Item suggestion for Hydra build. Perhaps a legendary affix something like "Gain 100% increased damage for every Hydra within 30yrds" would be pretty cool for a Hydra build. Mirror Image and Haunt of Vaxo come to mind, too.Druss0 Nov 18
Nov 18 Molten Wildebeest's & Ashnagarr's Bracer The shield buff from the Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard legendary gem based on Health Regeneration is not being buffed by the Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer shield buff. The Ashnagarr's Blood Bracers "Increases the potency of your shields by X%". The secondary bonus from the Molten Wildebeest's legendary gem is "gain an absorb shield for 200% of your total life per second". When I have both items equipped or as a cube power, there is no increase in the power of the Molten Wildebeest's shield. Is this meant to be or a bug?BigFatHo1 Nov 18
Nov 17 Channeling skill for etched meteor Hi all. I have a question regarding the optimal channeling skill for a Tal etched meteor build, since the obvious choice of AT:flameward with the 25% dr won't fit. Is there a non-AP reason to choose between disintegrate, arcane torrent and ray of frost? Or is it just the cheaper option? Thanks in advance.alex8 Nov 17
Nov 17 "Carpet Bomb" - Tal's Channeling Aether "Carpet Bomb" - Tal's Channeling Aether [edit: full build with some notes on alternative gearing at http://www.diablofans.com/builds/96066-carpet-bomb-tals-channeling-aether-solo-group-100] [edit: My GR 90 run - https://youtu.be/Ng1ZwxZptyw] [edit: this build has a flaw in that any button press other than the one for channeling drops the 4.25x damage boost from Deathwish while channeling. Use The Grand Vizier instead if you expect to use Teleport heavily during combat.] This build continuously fires off a channeling skill while it quickly teleports through the dungeon. The items Aether Walker, Hergbrash's Binding are crucial to this build's core functionality. Worn: full set of Tal's (minus the off-hand) Aether Walker Etched Sigil two of the following rings: Manald Heal, CoE, and Halo of Karini. Mantle of Channeling (BiS) one of the following wrists: Nems, Ancient Parthan Defenders or Strongarm Nilfur's Boast Cube: Deathwish [edit: or The Grand Vizier] Hergbrash's Binding (The third ring not being worn) Skils: Left mouse: Magic Weapon:Conduit (APoC gen) Right Mouse: Arcane Torrent:Static Discharge(lightning type, paralysis synergy) Keyboard 1: Storm Armor:power of the Storm (Cost redux, Karini:Damage Redux synergy, paralysis synergy) Keyboard 2: Meteor:Meteor Shower (fire type, Nilfur's:2nd damage synergy) Keyboard 3: Teleport:Clamity (arcane type) Keyboard 4: Blizzard:Frozen Solid (cold type, stun/frozen) Passives: Astral Presence (AP gen) Unstable Anomaly (extra life) Paralysis (Stun, Manald Heal synergy) Elemental Exposure (Tal's damage synergy) Paragon Points: Core: Intelligence: all points here, always Offense CHC CHD don't care AS don't care CDR Defense Armor Life Life Regen Resist All Utility RCR LPH GF Area Damage (lag when sheet total over 50%) Gems: Regular gems Head: topaz Body: topaz Weapon: Emerald Legendary Gems: Taeguk (required - continuous channeling synergy) Bane of the Trapped (required - stun builds best in slot) Bane of the Powerful (recomended) Notable gems that are not recomended Bane of the Stricken (useless for one-shot kill builds) Gem of Efficacious Toxin (only for groups that use four) Gogok of Swiftness (IAS does almost nothing for this build) Iceblink (redundant: Blizzard skill) Invigorating (maybe for HC due to immune to CC effects) Pain Enhancer (IAS does almost nothing for this build) Zei's Stone of Vengence (almost all damage within 20 yards)Hamiltonz22 Nov 17
Nov 17 Quesition:Ray of Frost and Arcane Torrent Why top player in season 12 use both skill in tal/meteor instead of AT/frost nova because Frost nova doesn't interrupt AT . I think It was a bug a in ptr when using 2 channeling skill but the bug is fixed.Maas1 Nov 17
Nov 17 Primal Aether Walker - Help! Just found my best item of the season so far...Primal Aether Walker!!! it rolled int cooldown resource cost reduction Looking for advise on what to roll OFF of this weapon, not sure exactly what builds it could fit into so i'm unsure of which prop to remove!!! holy mollyMarteen9 Nov 17
Nov 16 Good partner for Meteor Wiz (2player) Hi people, my friend wants to play Meteor Wiz in S12 and we are looking for a good 2man composition. What would be a good partner and how high could we clear with ~1.500 paragon? I guess sup monk or sup barb would work. Whats with double dps like Necro, Impale Hunter or Shotgun crusi as bosskiller? Someone has some 2p experience?Melancholy9 Nov 16
Nov 16 3rd ring for Tal build ? Hi I M using Tal meteor build. In multi (can t use unicity) I have tested : - karini + COE + zodiac - karini + focus & restrain - karini + rorg + endless walk - karini + COE + MH But I don t realy what to chose. ..SuperFrog13 Nov 16
Nov 16 Some tips from seasoned pros (Wizzard) TY Loving the archon build but question to seasoned wizzard players is there a way to keep myself alive outside of archon. The set gear makes me feel a little to reliant on it. I don't need to speed run GR i usually get them done 5-7 min but i just feel a lil too vulnerable outside of archon. ThankyouLoomingDeath3 Nov 16
Nov 16 Slow Time Bug ? i noticed when someone else puts his slow time above mine, i lose my dmg buff from dmo set. My question now is, supposed to be so or it is a bug ? I noticed it only that late because not many people play with that set. But to be honest, bug or not...that's annoying as hell if you meet someone who plays the same style, even when it's rare these days...*99% Archon cough* :DGroot2 Nov 16
Nov 15 Attribute Distribution for Wizard Priority? How should one disperse attributes (int, vit, armor, res all, etc.)?Tmayorga0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Vyrs 6p non-coe 110 viable! Hi guys, I wanted to share the laziest possible lwiz build I tested the past week that's 110 viable. You can see it here: https://www.d3planner.com/761408697 The build plays the exact same as a regular lwiz non-coe build but now has insane burst out of archon using blackhole into channelling AT buffed up by Deathwish. I regularly do 108s with it with 2-3 minutes to spare and the RG dies in under 40 seconds using AT; this is at least 2-3 times faster than the coe variant (although the rift clear is a bit slower). How to play the build First off the build plays and feels best at 65% cdr as you won't have gogok and so it's recommended to have cdr on your ammy. That said, the basic rotation out of archon is simply : 1) Get some range from the pile of mobs in the last second of archon 2) Blackhole 3) Diamond skin prism 1x 4) AT channel into the pile 5) Go into Archon if there are still whites around or keep spamming Diamond prism and AT if there is only one yellow left and you want to burst it down For the RG, I usually spend 2 full archons meleeing it and stacking stricken, then will use the full 20 seconds of post-archon buffs to AT channel it keeping my AP up using diamond skin prism. The benefits of this build over a coe variant The main advantage this build has is that ash bracers and higher uptime on double archon stacks make you basically invincible. The playstyle is also more casual as there's less of an impetus to squeeze the most juice out of a small 4 second coe window. Lastly, the single target burst fits in more neatly into doing group speeds at 95 as you can usually kill the RG without stricken within 2-3 seconds of AT channeling. Conclusion With 6p vyrs extending the window where we can do damage in from 8 seconds to almost the full 20 seconds of archon, coe lwiz variants have gotten a relative nerf compared to zodiac builds as coe captures and multiplies a smaller proportion of the rotation. As a result, zodiac builds are likely only 1-2 GRs under coe builds now. When coupled with the fact that zodiac builds aren't reliant on Aether Walker and can now make use of the new Deatwish channeling AT (wich does roughly 4x more dmg than mh procs in archon), zodiac lwiz feels a lot more powerful and with arguably a lot more fluid of a playstyle to boot than do all the coe variants. Let me know if you have any questions about the build, and I welcome any changes or modifications to it. Happy loot hunting! Edit: There is also a coe group version of the build where you stack stricken during archon phases and channel AT for 20 seconds of swami stacks in between. It can kill 4p 115-120 RGs in roughly 2 minutes at para 2500+. https://www.d3planner.com/447528611 .Apocc42 Nov 15
Nov 15 Dear Blizzard... Please please PLEASE make lightning wizards viable again! That is all.Arcanum4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Could someone critique my gear? Title. Thanks!Dennos695 Nov 15
Nov 15 PSA: check your attack speed for Etched Sigil Now that the build is meta, this is a good time to bring up this little methanic tidbit. Etched Sigil doesn't actually cast spells once per second as advertised. Instead, on every "tick" of your channeled skill it checks it's internal cooldown and decides whether or not it should cast the next spell. If your FPA is not a factor of 60 (i.e. 12 is fine, but 11 is not), you will lose out on a significant chunk (~10%) of damage. Good breakpoints: 12: 1.5385 - 1.6666 10: 1.8182 - 2.0000 6 and lower: 2.8572+ If your attack speed is not in these intervals, you're losing damage.Riv2 Nov 15
Nov 14 FB meteor vs DMO FO Looking through the leaderboards and I dont see any FO builds. Is this no longer the anticipated top build? Was something nerfed? Looks like everyone is running a meteor build with FB or talsJAW10 Nov 14
Nov 14 How do I break out of the T6 hole? So I had a friend help me level a new wizard. I don't have a ton of mats to craft gear but running pub T6's is really boring and slow. Almost no legendaries drop and it feels like it will take forever to progress. I have mostly stuck to melees and dh so I have little knowledge of wizard play. Is there a build that I can work towards that is easier to gear for that will let me solo the grifts to get to where I can join pub TX?RedPanda1 Nov 14
Nov 14 The legendary power of Winter Flurry? I am interested to read how do you find the Winter Flurry's legendary power. I myself use a frozen orb build with Magnum Opus set and Winter Flurry as an off-hand (Triumvirate from the cube and Unstable scepter in the other hand). Winter Flurry, because of the +15-20% cold damage hereditary property. But I dont find the effect of the legendary power itself tangible at all - the 15-20% chance for a frost nova on kill (or rather say "on death"?). I feel it like with it or without it at all makes almost no difference? There is neither any damage boost in it, nor a good protection; even the frost nova on death, released from the item does not profit from the rune, chosen to the frost nova in your skill build (in contrast to Halo of Arlyse, which acquires the rune, if u have the frost nova in your skill build). I find the legendary power itself weak and even useless... Lets just compare it to some of the other sources' legendary powers: 1. Orb of the Infinite Depth - up to +40% damage and practically +400% toughness (and with the incoming damage reduction respectively +400% recovery also) 2. Etched Sigil (irreplaceable for channelling builds) - up to +150% damage of your chosen spells, and free cast every second (by the way I have the feeling, the interval is somehow a bit longer than 1 second) 3.Triumvirate - +900% - 1200% bonus damage to arcane orb and the stacks get refreshed with no efforts - u can have the bonus damage practically always, when u need; besides the bonus is multiplicative! (I am not absolutely 100% sure about whether it is multiplicative, but it is quite logically to be so - I am almost sure) 4.Primordial Soul - up to +40% damage instead up to +20% (this bonus is practically multiplicative) (It's a pity the elemental exposture now works only for your attacks and not also for the allies...) The rest of the sources I dont find that strong as these first three, but I don't feel in position to comment, because I havent played with them. Do you use Winter Flurry? How do you find it - useful or useless? I have several suggestions about how the legendary power of the Winter Flurry could be reworked to make it more tangible, so that it can be really felt in the game play. But I prefer first to read what some other people think about the Winter Flurry. If you show interest, I can post my suggestions about the possible reworkings. But later. By the way, I notice, that the drop rate of Winter Flurry has been significantly increased - this item used to be so rare before and now it comes one after another.iv4omoliv4o7 Nov 14
Nov 14 Does Etched Sigil Proc Zodiac? Title. To be specific, if I have a teleport in cooldown, and the ES proced an AP spender and hit, does this reduce the cooldown of teleport by 1 sec? Besides, does ES proc teleport if Aether Walker is equipped? I tried to google the answer but can't find one. Any help will be greatly appreciated!chensi96753 Nov 14
Nov 14 Needed Changes - Bullet Points Ice Armor now reduces all damage Ice armor: frozen storm radius increased by 7 yards and its damage by (+)300% Blizzard: frozen solid now has a 100% chance to freeze for 5 seconds. Blizzard all blizzards damage increased to 3100%, and 4200% for unrelenting storms and now triggers damage every second (down from 2) Paralysis now has a 35% Chance to stun for 3 seconds Sleet storms is now a toggle on/off ability. While on, the wizard may move and it will drain arcane power while dealing damage. Damage increased to 1200% Blackhole : Absolute zero now freezes all targets for 5 seconds after it detonates. Hydra All base damage increased by 150%Items Rimeheart now has a 20% Chance to trigger damage on chill effect MalardHeal now has a 20% chance to trigger damage on a stun effect Halo of Arlyse Now reduces all damage by 70%, and has a chance to release a nova Serpents Sparker now increases the maximum amount of hydra by 4, and summons all hydras at the target location Sets Mystery set bonuses now extend to electrocute New Sets Tempest 2PC: Your frost attacks now have a 50% chance to freeze, and your lightning attacks now have a 50% chance to stun for 2 seconds. 4PC: When taking fatal damage you now are in cased in ice, protected from 200% HP in damage and restored to full health. Releases a frost nova when triggered. 90 second cool down. 6PC: Your blizzards damage may now stack up to 2 times, and your electrocute has a 15% increased chance to trigger paralysis. Blizzard, Ray of frost and Electrocute and Tornado deal 3200% Damage. Illusionist 2PC: Mirror images now deal 50% of your damage, and have 200% of your health. Your mirror images now last twice as long. Teleport gains fracture rune. 4PC: 25% damage reduction for each mirror image out, and when you take fatal damage you are healed 25% HP, and one of your mirror images is sacrificed. 15 Second internal cd. Familiar now gains the effects of all runes. 6PC: Magic missile and wave of force now reduces the cool down time of teleport and mirror image by 1 second for each enemy hit. Magic Missiles damage is increased by 5200%, and gains 3 extra missiles. Wave of forces damage is now increased by 3200%.Izrahfil2 Nov 14
Nov 14 Firebird Speed 90s & GR 102+ With Low Paragon For anyone looking for a good easy fun build that lets you tank and speed through 90's in 4-6 mins. (and even faster clears with more paragon/arguments/gem levels) With this version of the build the idea is to let the normal mobs surround you and proc orb of infinite depth and use teleport to stay at least 30 yards away from the elites hitting them with maximum damage. If you dont have low enough CDR you'll also want to manually cast EB to maintain the buff. ... Alternatively if you prefer more of a melee play style like me, i created this speed build that works for melee and works very well in groups (especially with necros with krysbins sentence) I've done a 90 in a little less than 4 mins on a good rift. Average for me is about 4-5mins with arguments and paragon 1200 and gem 100's on good rifts. Eventually you get bad ones that take you 6-8mins if you reach 6+ floors or have a game full of juggernaut. ... There are many other variations that can be used, but i wanted to share these for those who are new and want an easy GR gem leveling build that helps you stay alive and maintain that extra free gem leveling chance for not dieing. EDIT: 11/9/2017 ...Jumpman10 Nov 14
Nov 13 Easy T13 w Vyrs - low req I haven’t played too much so my gear is pretty bad. I made some tweaks on my Vyrs gear and ended up with absolutely insane mobility and killing speed. Less than 600 k dmg. Nothing revolutionary, but more of a throwback to the gloves of worship. Gear. - full Vyrs set, minus the gloves. Use gloves of worship instead Rings - MH, RRG, EW if you have it. I keep a zodiac in my inventory in casr I lose buffs. Weapons - Any decent weapon will do. In-geom is needed. Source - Crafted singularity. Gameplay - check a few shrine locations and try to find empowered. Start running. Once your stacks get up there, your teleport almost feels like dashing strike. It’s crazy how fluid it gets. Happy hunting.aloc0 Nov 13
Nov 13 AW Tal Etched Speed build. This is a build that does T13 and speed GRs with great mobility and great fun. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95938-2-6-1-speed-farm-tal-rashas-meteor-etched-sigilSteve4 Nov 13
Nov 13 This has been an awesome patch Just reached my personal goal of GR 100 as a sub 1K paragon. I had one requirement and that was to use Disintegrate - Intensify because it's my favorite spell. I started climbing in the 80's with a twister variant that I enjoy but the multipliers just aren't there. Then I switched to starpact and while the damage was insane when it crit, it just wasn't reliable enough. If they un-nerfed starpact it would be the best for climbing imo. I was able to get to GR 99 with meteor shower and black hole - event horizon. This was such a fun build because I was able to eat away all the BS from elites but unfortunately mobility is just too important. Switching to teleport makes all the difference in the world. I feel I can probably climb to 105 once I optimize and all that. But before I do I'm determined to make my FO build work. Its definitely stronger but it's positioning is a pain the !@#. What have you guys been pushing with?Zenmuron2 Nov 13
Nov 13 Explosive blast button trick? Is there a trick to spamming Explosive Blast without having to continually push a mouse button? I heard there was a trick to set it up so that it will be on autopilot. Please give me some advise on how to do this better/more efficiently. ThanksHardrake23 Nov 13
Nov 12 Vyr Archont and Compass Rose problem Hello, I am doing speed rifting in 80s in current session. However, I have a problem with jewelery. When I put of Karini and go for Compass Rose set I just cant play the same lvls of gr because I die much often. Compass Rose in Vyr is equiped for dmg or for toughness primiairly? Isnt better to go for Aurialisa/Karini if it goes about toughness? But if that is so, which amulet would you recommend? Some of the immunity amulets? Helfire amulets? Does anyone played that or just everyone go for Compass Rose?Karolek5 Nov 12
Nov 12 Speed Build for bounty etc? Help! Hi people. Casual D3 player here; I want a non-vyr speed farming build for say Bounties on highest torment to about greater rift 70-75. Is flashfire still the best such as https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-explosive-blast-farming-build-with-tal-rasha-set-patch-2-6-1-season-12 http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95938-2-6-1-speed-farm-tal-rashas-meteor-etched-sigil Or maybe something like this instead? Im also going with frozen orb and might try out the new meteor spec as well.Djuntas3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Getting a Primal weapon Hey fellow wizards, I guess like many others I'm trying to get a primal weapon. So far I've spent: ~ 600 bounty mats (120 reforge tries) ~ 10 000 Death Breath (400 upgrades from yellow to legendary) ... and got zero primals. None. Not a single one. So I was wondering, which is the most efficient way of getting primals? And if it's a reforging using bounty mats, which weapon is better to reroll for a Hydra build — Seprent Sparker or Starfire? Is there any difference between these two in terms of default stats, e.g. that Starfire always rolls with +AttakSpeed or something like that?Anike20 Nov 12
Nov 11 Can we get a Star Princess transmog? Just for laughs, I'd like to go through Greater Rifts wearing a Mahou Shoujo outfit.darkdill0 Nov 11
Nov 11 Annoying Teleport Sound in Archon form Does anyone know how to disable this sound? If I mute all game effects it goes away. It only happens when I'm in Archon form and use teleport. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrdB7hhATx0& Edit: I fixed it by rebooting, just a bug?Mad2 Nov 11
Nov 10 Wizard Set Feedback Hello guys, I wanted to drop a line to help improve the wizard sets so that we can have more class diversity. Here is are list of recommended changes for the Wizard class sets. [New] Illusionists Mirror 2PC: Your Illusions now last until death, and gain the effect of the Hard Light rune bonus,(200% HP). Your Illusions now deal 80% of your damage. 4PC: Your Illusions now share damage taken by you, and your damage reduction is increased by 35%. Teleport Received the Fracture Rune bonus (spawn Two Images) 6PC: Your Magic Missile, Wave of Force deal 3500% Damage. Additionally, Magic missile now gains Split rune Bonus (3 Missiles), and every time you hit a target with magic missile you reduce the cool down of teleport and Wave of force image by 2 seconds. Note: its been long time we've needed an illusionist build back, like the above mechanics. It would also see magic missile take a role in the meta for fun and lore. Wave force also seems to largely be out of the meta. [New] Winters Tempest 2PC: Your Periodic (sleet storm, blizzard, hydra) Ice Attacks now have a 30% increased chance to freeze targets, and frozen targets take 50% more damage. 4PC: Ray of Frost now obtains sleet storms rune, and blizzards damage now stacks twice. You take 30% less damage for 6 seconds after dealing damage with a ice or lightning based attack. 6PC: Your Ray of Frost, Electrocute, Blizzard now deal 2500% Damage and an additional 1500% to Frozen. Additionally, Your Storm now obtains the benefits of all Storm runes. [Redesigned] Tal Rashas 2PC: Your Max Hydras is increased by 3 and its Duration Increased by 5 Seconds. 4PC; Meteor Now Instantly Falls, and for each enemy hit by Meteor, you gain 5 Arcane Power. 6PC; Hydra, Incinerate, And Electrocute Now deals 3500% and Meteor now deals 1500%. Additionally, you deal 10% more damage with Arcane Stacking up to 3 times. Notes: Changes were created to help build diversity with abilities like arcane incinerates, Arcane Meteor, Hydra, and other rarely used abilities. [Balance] Firebirds 4PC: Fire birds will now ignite all targets hit by fire attacks for 2500% Damage. Note: I felt like the consistency was a big issue for making this set competitive in a large way. Its inconsistent nature really hurts this set (i believe a large amount of it might have to be with the duration you have with ignite stacks) So as a result i recommended the removal of the stacking process from the set and a stream lined Ignite option, which will over all help with stability of the set. Izrahfil5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Best build for new season? Icy veins has frozen orb as number 1, will this be ranked 1 for new season?Undertaker10 Nov 10
Nov 10 Blizzard always forgets to buff Blizzard Blizzard, why do you always forget about blizzard!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE MAKE THIS ABILITY FUN AGAIN!Swiftwind1 Nov 10
Nov 9 Gr 106 down Not by far good maps but i think it has potential for Gr 110+... I would like to hear your thoughts or suggestion regarding gearing or even gameplay... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X71Eqt6opMs&t=30s Thanks in advance..Leontokardos1 Nov 9
Nov 9 frozen orb has a very samll explosive area People know that the explosion part of frozen orb has the highest dmg(not including the shreds). But the highest dmg area of this skill is not as large as the animated explosion we see. It's just a small area that is about the same size as orb, and that's why the dmg is somtimes lower than we expect. Is this an error, or just a deliberate unfriendly design?Nyeis2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Importance deathwish's secondary roll Hi fellow wizards, this is a question about the Firebird Meteor build. As the meteors seem to be the main DPS source of that build so far, how important is the secondary roll to you ? Is it worth having a high second roll than primaries or the contrary ? Is it balanced (how ) ? All views on that are welcome.Orwell17 Nov 9
Nov 8 Recommend Could you guys recommend me what should i hunt for my wizard build ? Here is my current build but i want to push to obtain full Firebird set... Thank you <3 https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Arson-21565/hero/100160129Arson1 Nov 8
Nov 7 Did Chantodos ever get fixed? Apparently Chantodos damage is always arcane, regardless of your highest elemental damage on your gear. Just watch the first 2 minutes of the video, Alkaizer covers why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmSQM_lOE_EAnimalMan2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Anyone Main WOH EB Build? I solely play this build. Anyone do the same? With all the new changes to WOH and Orb of Infinite Depth, I am looking to get tips or exchange knowledge.Tmayorga5 Nov 7
Nov 7 Vyr6 ICD/Breakpoint Mechanics So I've spent a ton of time going through recordings frame-by-frame, and I think I have the Vyr6 ICD/Breakpoint mechanics figured out. With the Archon Strike, the mechanics are about what you'd expect: you gain a stack every time the strike hits and the stack gain occurs on the frame where the strike first makes contact. With the Archon Disintegration Wave, my data didn't match any of my guesses for the mechanics going in. What it's not: If it was ICD=FPA, you'd expect a stack every third tick. If it was ICD=ceiling(60/APS), you'd expect a stack every fourth tick if you have APS < 5. If you aren't capped at 5 APS, then the tickrate of the beam would be slightly faster than the ICD so the ICD will expire shortly after every third tick, so you'd get a stack every fourth tick. Except it's not on every third tick exclusively or every fourth tick exclusively. Sometimes it's every third tick, sometimes it's every fourth tick, sometimes it's even every fifth tick. But it definitely changes when you cross over a beam breakpoint. It took me a while to figure it out, but I came up with something that fits all my data: for the beam, there is an ICD for the Vyr6 on-hit stacks where ICD=ceiling(60/APS) and it is snapshot when you first enter Archon (includes both Swami stacks + new stacks from Fazula). And you can only gain a stack on a tick from the beam. So you get some desync from the ICD to the beam tick rate. Here's some of my abbreviated data for some key breakpoints (sorry for the screenshot, I couldn't get it to format correctly in a forum post): https://i.imgur.com/ejzav85.png I'm getting some frame variance, but even with the noise the trend seems pretty clear. A Vyr6 ICD of 1/APS for the beam, snapshot when you enter Archon, was the only thing I could come up with to fit all my data. Anybody see anything I might be missing? (Oh, and in case anyone is thinking it: I did try breaking channel to see if the ICD was snapshot when you start channeling, but it didn't match up. Stopping and starting channeling didn't seem to change the ICD.) If it's right, this has a few cool implications: 1. if you have 5 APS when you first enter Archon and 5 APS while single-stacked, beam stack count = strike stack count. 2. if you have 5 APS when you first enter Archon and 4<APS<5 while single-stacked, beam stack count > strike stack count. 3. if you have <5 APS when you first enter Archon, generally strike stack count > beam stack count. Oh, and I still need to update and play around with my simulator, but if you intend to use the beam and find that taking attack speed on your weapon pushes you from 4.xx to 5 APS when entering Archon for a 15/14/13 -> 12 frame ICD upgrade so you get stacks every 12 frames instead of every 16 frames, it'll be a pretty substantial DPS boost and will almost certainly be better than CDR / % damage etc.TinneOnnMuin27 Nov 7
Nov 7 Channeling meteor, FB vs. TR Hello fellow wizards I want to get back into wizard in season 12 since we can finally play something else besides that awfully dull archon. What I wonder, though.. Is what set is more pleasant to play and feels smoother, meaning less manic button mashing and offers more relaxed and streamlined gameplay? Thanks in advance!LordVega8 Nov 7
Nov 6 Double Hydra Build? Is there any space in the meta for Double Hydra, Elemental, Tal Rasha build with taskers?Fox1 Nov 6
Nov 5 Ideal deathwish roll? What's the ideal roll on deathwish for talrasha static-discharge channeling build?FrankWLaughs20 Nov 5
Nov 5 DMO Build for T13 (rifts/bounties) Bored by VYR, Tal, rotations and cooldowns? Try this DMO orbit build for T13 rifts & bounties: https://youtu.be/tWJoOvjEhzk Pros: - no annoying rotations (think CoE, Tal) - does not depend on CDR - pulls mobs - high damage/mobility Note: build should work for lower para chars as well, can be further optimized (augments, gear, cube etc)void4 Nov 5
Nov 5 Zero cool down Archon Just wondering what the actual % needed for zero cool down on archon. I understand you are looking for a total of 80% but the % is diminishing with every piece you put on. So I get 20% from passive which takes 20 seconds off. Every piece after that takes off the remaining number and not the original number(100). makes sense? So you just cant add up all the reduction on pieces and that's your total. Wondering if anyone has done the math to figure this out.Tippycanoe9 Nov 5
Nov 4 DMO FoD What is the ideal AS for stricken stacking with fragment of destiny? I tried it the other day with arcane orbit, and it seemed quite powerful for high rg'sGodling0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Channeling DMO Orbit+BH group meta capable? NEW UPDATED 11/4 (Note this is no longer an ET build, just uses Orbit for main damage changed based on feedback thank you guys! Also gear switched based on feedback as well, yes MoC!) https://www.d3planner.com/569053385 I've come up with a group DMO build that will not use the following and potentially do the most massive AoE dps during CoE arcane! It also has crazy good CC, like the best! And here's the crazy thing, it does NOT use the following: No Orb of Infinite Depth No Armor spell No Frozen Orb No Halo's No fricken CDR (the biggest cue, max that AD out!) I honestly believe nothing can stand against this build for group trash+elite kills for wizard and it won't be completely useless on RG either, it should still do about 10T a second on RG which isn't too shabby compared to an actual RG killer but it's better than the FB WD! If you get Hamelin or Saxtrix you'll do a lot more to it. Here's the planner: https://www.d3planner.com/941070561 Let me know what you think! I'm going to play around with it get the gear and see how it goes, all goes well I'll put up a diablofans build guide.MasterJay17 Nov 4
Nov 4 Orb of Infinite Depth move to another item ? Can we please get this on a bracher ??? Orb of Infinite Depth Each time you hit an enemy with Explosive Blast your damage is increased by 10% and your damage reduction is increased by 20% for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times. (Wizard Only) [8 - 10]% there is no way to run EB ( woh DW ES and OOID together )Syhler1873 Nov 4