Nov 5 Ideal deathwish roll? What's the ideal roll on deathwish for talrasha static-discharge channeling build?FrankWLaughs20 Nov 5
Nov 5 DMO Build for T13 (rifts/bounties) Bored by VYR, Tal, rotations and cooldowns? Try this DMO orbit build for T13 rifts & bounties: https://youtu.be/tWJoOvjEhzk Pros: - no annoying rotations (think CoE, Tal) - does not depend on CDR - pulls mobs - high damage/mobility Note: build should work for lower para chars as well, can be further optimized (augments, gear, cube etc)void4 Nov 5
Nov 5 Zero cool down Archon Just wondering what the actual % needed for zero cool down on archon. I understand you are looking for a total of 80% but the % is diminishing with every piece you put on. So I get 20% from passive which takes 20 seconds off. Every piece after that takes off the remaining number and not the original number(100). makes sense? So you just cant add up all the reduction on pieces and that's your total. Wondering if anyone has done the math to figure this out.Tippycanoe9 Nov 5
Nov 4 DMO FoD What is the ideal AS for stricken stacking with fragment of destiny? I tried it the other day with arcane orbit, and it seemed quite powerful for high rg'sGodling0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Channeling DMO Orbit+BH group meta capable? NEW UPDATED 11/4 (Note this is no longer an ET build, just uses Orbit for main damage changed based on feedback thank you guys! Also gear switched based on feedback as well, yes MoC!) https://www.d3planner.com/569053385 I've come up with a group DMO build that will not use the following and potentially do the most massive AoE dps during CoE arcane! It also has crazy good CC, like the best! And here's the crazy thing, it does NOT use the following: No Orb of Infinite Depth No Armor spell No Frozen Orb No Halo's No fricken CDR (the biggest cue, max that AD out!) I honestly believe nothing can stand against this build for group trash+elite kills for wizard and it won't be completely useless on RG either, it should still do about 10T a second on RG which isn't too shabby compared to an actual RG killer but it's better than the FB WD! If you get Hamelin or Saxtrix you'll do a lot more to it. Here's the planner: https://www.d3planner.com/941070561 Let me know what you think! I'm going to play around with it get the gear and see how it goes, all goes well I'll put up a diablofans build guide.MasterJay17 Nov 4
Nov 4 Orb of Infinite Depth move to another item ? Can we please get this on a bracher ??? Orb of Infinite Depth Each time you hit an enemy with Explosive Blast your damage is increased by 10% and your damage reduction is increased by 20% for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 4 times. (Wizard Only) [8 - 10]% there is no way to run EB ( woh DW ES and OOID together )Syhler1873 Nov 4
Nov 4 console vs PC, channeling builds In attempting to make a twister Wiz, i found out that you can actually cast the twister while channeling disintegrate, making etched sigle with high AP regain an awesome way to go. When attempting to make the same build, my cast was interrupted every time i clicked the spell. Turns out that on console, you can cast while channeling while on PC, you cannot and your disintegrate or arcane torrent is halted to cast slow time and twister. As a pc player this made me a little upset, as the twister build i found looked fun, but sadly is unplayable on the PC version. I understand that console is a different beast than PC, but...Russell0 Nov 4
Nov 4 DMO Channeling Twister I just cleared a GR100 with 8 seconds left, with sub-optimal gear with this build. What do you guys think of this build, this build has a difficult time killing elites, any recommendations to squeeze out more damage? Thanks for any help in advance! Here's a link to the build and my current gear: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/AnimalMan-11923/hero/919367AnimalMan2 Nov 4
Nov 3 Woh in 2.6.1 How much higher can it go? Looking to have a good run with it. PS. No one talking PTR here?rahl43 Nov 3
Nov 2 Orb of Infinite Depth Exp blast damage should be a fixed roll on this item. I have yet to have one drop with exp blast on it. Not to mention, it seems to be the more rare of the sources.HELLBOUNDMAN2 Nov 2
Nov 2 My LoN Build My goal was to create an LoN build that could clear a GR60. Well, I have now done that, so I thought I would share it. My profile is here: (look at Loni) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/storytime42-1253/hero/94450162 Please keep in mind, I also had a lvl 80 Bane of Trapped, and a lvl 80 Bane of Stricken equipped as well. I'm just not willing to let them go off my other builds just to show off. :) I know I don't have video, so sorry about that. I'm also NOT claiming it can push. I feel I got lucky with a lot of arcane enemies, and open spaces to go, so in other words, RNG was on my side. But I had a ton of fun, and I thought I'd share something that is different. Thanks in advanced for not trolling.storytime4217 Nov 2
Nov 2 DMO doesn’t feel like it’s working correctly Still feels way underpowered - unless I’m doing something wrong - monsters in the bubble just will not die - don’t feel like 3800% increased damage is working. Running TX -ZeddLadd4 Nov 2
Nov 2 Channeling wizard I've been playing some firebird Meteor recently, and I noticed some other player manual cast Meteor quite frequently, but all I was doing is holding down Arcane torrent after the ignite. What's the best course of action here? Edit: nvm, should've checked Cratic's thread before post lulDolen0 Nov 2
Nov 2 "empty shots" with wands First I have to say, that I tried to post this topic yesterday, but I cant find it in columns of articles in the forum and I doubt that the post has somehow gone nowhere, so I am writing it again - excuse me, if it is not so and I am actually posting the same topic twice. I want to suggest two small things. 1.The shooting with a wand - the normal attack for 100% weapon damage, which takes place, when there is not enough arcane power or the cooldown of the spell, desired to cast, has not finished yet - this "empty shot" can be simply removed. This is "shooting in vain" and it is actually an undesired parasitical action of your hero. When you are low on resource or the spell, you click on, is still on cooldown, instead of this "empty shot" simply the signature spell of your build can be set to be cast automatically, (if there is no signature spell in the build - then just do nothing - "empty click" like when you are holding not a wand but a melee weapon). Most signature spells not only deal more damage than 100% w.dmg., but they also provide specific bonuses, depending on the rune chosen - so in all cases casting the signature spell of your build is the better option than the "empty shot" of your wand for 100%w.dmg. with no bonuses. I dont find this is some kind of cheating the game - this is just a control adjustment. So why not do it in the soon future? (For me personally this was the reason, because of which for some period of time I had been using to prefer swords, maces and axes for my wizzard instead of a wand... - and this is simply stupid.) 2. A button for always walking can be added. Like there is a button for standing still and attacking, when leftclicking or leftholding with the mouse pointer on the ground, the same way there should be a button for ignorring the leftclick on a monster and just walking toward the direction or the location of the moster (as if there is no monster, but you just click on the ground). Reason: Sometimes the crowds of monsters are very thick and at the same time you need to get away faster. So you leftclick to move somewhere, but the mouse pointer runs onto a silhouette of a monster, which means that by leftclicking, instead of just walking, your hero stops in place and performs an attack - and, because of this small delay, the next moment your hero dies. This again is just a control adjustment, which could be very convinient and useful. Say what do you think about this. I dont find this is a petition - this is just a suggestion and whether it will be taken in mind by those, who are supposed to do so, it is not up to me. I just suggest - I do not harrass, importune or pester anybody, so I don't find I have violated the forum's conduct. I am just saying what I find inconvenient in the gameplay control of the hero, and I dont find this is a bad conduct or violation of the rules here - violation would be, if I try to force people into thinking like me or if I try to addres the topic directly to the "Name of the company, which is a great sin to be mentioned here", and I am not doing neither of these two things. I am only stating my opinion and giving arguments for it, I am not imposing it to anybody - everyone is free to agree or disagree with me. Yet obviously the topic was deleted again...?! (Don't worry - there won't be a 4-th time; I have no desire to pester.)iv4omoliv4o2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Ice Orb Build Hi I'm interested in trying the ice orb build, but I'm confused as to why it uses explosive blast with the orb of infinite depth? Everything in this build seems like you want to stay as far away from enemies as possible, why would you want this in the build? Is there just nothing better/as good to replace it?ToxicPrint3 Nov 2
Nov 1 Archon Disintegrate Not Hitting Anything HI, Since last week, I have not yet been able to hit anything consistently with Disintegrate in Archon form. I used to be able to move the beams around and hit everything quickly. Now, the beam is not hitting anything consistently even if I am shooting the mob directly. Is this just me or anyone else is experiencing the same thing? If it's just me, can anyone teach me how to aim? Thanks.danielhcy42 Nov 1
Nov 1 Primal Deathwish At last i got one with int vit and LoH..what do you think i should reroll? I am at 2k paragon..I think i should keep LoH and roll vit or int for 10%dmg. Propably vit for 10% dmg?Leontokardos6 Nov 1
Nov 1 Fb meteor build multi http://www.diablofans.com/builds/95856-fb-meteor-110-so-easy-and-tanky So easy to do gr105+ with this build. ..SuperFrog3 Nov 1
Nov 1 Ruby or Topaz in a Weapon? First, sorry if this has been posted before. I couldnt find an uber post discussing weapons/dmg/stats and which gems do what re:numbers. Do we benefit more for straight Weapon damage via the ruby or Int increase via the topaz when gemming weapons?TrapX16 Nov 1
Nov 1 Life on hit vs. straight vitality on weapon Disregard lolChapmanyo0 Nov 1
Oct 31 One in 2 hands or 1 in each [answered] I have wondered this for a very long time... I have ALWAYS used 2 handed weapons and have found them to be incredibly superior, but feel that I miss out on builds to to it because of very nice off-hand items. My damage just DROPS hardcore when i try to do one in each hand. Could someone give me info as to how I can make using 2 weapons (or a weapon and a focus item) do as much damage?Xlaythe7 Oct 31
Oct 31 Do mine eyes deceive? On PTR a Frozen Orb Wizard replaced Witch Doctor for GR 132 clear in 12 min? Anyone else see this?Vox11 Oct 31
Oct 31 What happened to the Hydra in 2.6.1 In the 11th season I was able to clear GR95 in an average time of 10 mins using a lightning hydra build. It was roughly the same when the season ends, and before 2.6.1. However, after updated to 2.6.1, I found that with the same build (exactly the same items and skills, around 100 more paragon) I can not finish GR95 five times in a row. I carefully reviewed the patch note and found nothing relevant. Anyone here knows if this is an intended nerf or a bug? Thanks!ecore17 Oct 31
Oct 31 Archon mode? More like.......CAN'T HIT ANYTHING mode haha gottem. No seriously, what is with the freakin hitbox on disintegration wave and often times having it not hit anything despite being right on the stupid enemy. This seriously needs to be fixed. I'm no mathematician here, but I feel like the number of MH procs we can get is actually getting ruined by the hitbox delay issue on disintegration wave, which, with how ridiculously often it happens, decreases damage output overall by a massive margin. I'm also willing to bet that should a fix go through, with how much more often MH would actually proc, we would most likely see archon players go up by atleast another 3-5 GRs if not more. Thoughts?Senpai10 Oct 31
Oct 30 Deathwish: what to reroll? Finally cubed a decent Deathwish (on wizard). What would the experts here advise to reroll?Greer1 Oct 30
Oct 30 Are Tal/FB Sources Trash? I hoard gear. I keep everything that even has a whiff of being useful. Despite this fact, I am strongly considering melting all my Tal and FB off-hands. I cannot think of a reason to keep them anymore. The legendary powers on the OiD and ES are just so damn good. In what world are you running a Tal or FB off-hand? Are there any reasonable builds that run a Tal/FB source? Bounties? T13? Speed GRs? Push GRs? I think the updates in 2.6.1 made the set sources obsolete. Do you agree?Ivan8 Oct 30
Oct 30 Full VYR or Tal Rasha? After last patch which one do you prefer to use? Chantodo set with full VYR set or Starfire with full Tal Rasha set? Thanks for all answers!Zemheri3 Oct 30
Oct 30 Best weapon for Vyr Archon 1) Chantodos set? 2) Pigsticker? 3) Aether Walker? What offhand is preferred?Crysister7 Oct 30
Oct 29 Meteor ninja nerf or bug? did anyone else play Meteor on PTR and notice a big difference in dmg output now on live? I do and try to figure out why (there's nothing in the patch notes). Was able to clear 110 comfortable on PTR and now I just barely managed to clear a 101. I noticed a big decrease in my crits and therefore dmg output (would say around ~65-75% but that is only my estimation). Which would explain the drop in GRs. There is obviously almost no difference in stats if I compare my PTR wiz with my live wiz. I tested w/o Setbonus, Nilfurs, GV, Etched Sigil, Deathwish, but all multipliers seem to work. I wonder what it is. I re-checked a video I made during the PTR, where I got Oculus CoE crits of 18-20T, now my Oculus CoE crits are somewhere between 4-5T.Horrax6 Oct 29
Oct 29 T13 Speed Firebird EB build ... I've been playing this lately on t13 and I can down an elite in 1-2 seconds with in geom on. I have the skills setup in such a way that you immediately ignite all mobs with firbirds once you hit them with your primary skill. There are many variations you can do with this build, but if your looking for a super fast T13 speed farming build solo, or in groups this one defiantly achieves that. I choose to use more CDR that way i can still easily kill once ingeom ends, but if your fast enough you can have less CDR. Alternatively, if you want to use Halo of Karini you can instead of COE and use the rune scramble for even more speed. You can also choose any belt you want, i choose the witching hour for the extra damage, but krems also works good for speed. EnjoyJumpman5 Oct 29
Oct 29 Strongest Tank for Wizard I like deviant characters and so if I sacrificed all damage, would the strongest tank (most dr, +armor, +resist, +life, etc) be resultant from? Left-Click: Spectral Blade-Barrier Blade Right-Click: Arcane Torrent-flame ward Force: Wave of Force-Debilitating Force Defense: Diamond Skin-Crystall Shell OR Teleport-Safe Passage Conjuration: Energy Armo-Prismatic armor OR (force armor?) Mastery: Mirror Image-Extension of Will (Will the mirror image include your thorns for instance?) Passives in order of priority: Unstable Anomaly (2nd chance, for HC build) - Dominance - Blur - Unwavering Will I was thinking of implementing this with a thorns build to just tank the damage?IDNeon8 Oct 29
Oct 29 Vyr Manald Heal Archon. Newbie questions. Hello, I am trying Archon build first time since Archon ceased to be permanent. A few short questions on skill mechanics: 1. Enemies blow much faster if I tickle them with the tip of my ray, though I thought roasting them with broad beam is more reliable + I can use Blast together with ray at short range. So is long range better? 2. I am using Halo of Karini cubed and Storm Armor - I like straight 5x to toughness, and it's almost always on. Question about Storm Armor rune: I am using -3mana per Arcane Torrent cast. It helps to reset Archon cooldown much faster, and also Arcane Torrent itself does good damage. Is it a good choice, or still another rune, or another Armor is still a better choice? 3. I have Chantodo set but I do not enjoy it very much. While 20 stacks do blow everything surrounding me at 70-75 rifts, getting all 20 takes much longer than resetting Archon cooldown, and I am not sure it is worth it. So I turned to Lightning wand + just highest damage source I have. Do I miss something about Chantodo? 4. Is using BotT a good idea? If I act at long range, I do not benefit from socketing it. But probably at higher rifts, where Manald Heal does almost all damage, it is useful? cause I believe paralyzed enemies are affected by BotT. 5. What is better - 10% increased damage or 7% increased AS on my weapon? I rolled damage but as I understand, attack speed is crucial for MH checks so 7% iAS may be better? Thank you.Cuthalion8 Oct 29
Oct 28 Question to wizard experts Hello together , I just have a question to wizard experts: I'm a hc player and have nearly experience with the wizard, so I want to ask you which build would be the best (survive ability and damage) for season 12. Atm I watched a lot of videos and it seems like etched - blast seems to be good. - I haven't found any topic for this in hc forum - Ty for any helpful answerNaganti2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Familiar Sparkflint + Archon: Multiplicative? Hi, I am using Familiar skill in my build and I want to choose between +10% damage and extra mana regeneration. The latter helps to reset Archon cooldown faster using Obsidian Ring of Zodiac. But if 10% damage is multiplicative with Archon stacks, then I'd prefer damage still. Does anybody know how Sparkflint rune works?Cuthalion0 Oct 28
Oct 27 Kadala gave me Chantodo's force Thanks my sweetheart, I needed an upgrade. now just to re-roll that int higher! Also new tough belt. She was rather kind, though cost over 1,000 shards! Has she been kind to you?Slabocans10 Oct 27
Oct 27 Are Wizard Skills persistent? For instance, if I cast Ice Armor which lasts for 10 minutes, can I between battles switch it out for Magic Sword to use that for its 3 second buffs while still keeping the Armor buff?IDNeon2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Need some advice for archon light hydra I hit a wall at GR 87. I cannot get any better than a 16 minute finish. Looking at some of the GR 90 clears on the leaderboard, there are a few with less damage and toughness than me who have done it. Is there something I am missing? Other than going with a COE variant since I don't have enough CDR. Did I hit the limitation of my gear or is it poor skill combined with bad rifts? If I don't take galvanizing ward, I die very quickly when out of archon...within one or two hits. Even if archon, I still need to move a lot and be careful. With galvanizing ward, my damage is pitiful. Even if I take power hungry over GV, it still takes a long time to kill. I am talking multiple paralysis procs just to kill trash mobs.KillerElite13 Oct 27
Oct 27 Patch 2.6.1 Archon fire bird Patch 2.6.1 archon fire bird chantodo set, recenty i have played that build and with paragon 1400 i managed to clear gr 96 when chantodo bonus was 20 times 350%. In patch 2.6.1 bonus have been incrresed to 20 times 1000% so its 13000% more then before and my paragon is 2400 no and i managed to clear 100 gr with struggle ? Please advise why is that? Do that big bonus not working or what? I know how to ignite fire bird set to get max dps but...wheres that big incrres from chantodo set? Is tjis is a bug? ThanksZaToichi8 Oct 27
Oct 26 FYI Deathwish up and running Just now un-disabled https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20759369840Vox4 Oct 26
Oct 26 Q on Archon Blast Autocast Greetings! Since 2.4.1 and until 2.6.0, I was using the following setup for autocasting Archon abilities: Key bind Force Move on MouseWheelUp and MouseWheelDown. Hold Right Click (Beam), hold [1] (Blast) and scroll mouse wheel. This way I was standing still and "autocasting" both Beam and Blast. Now, on 2.6.1 this is not possible! I noticed this behavior in PTR, but I thought it was some PTR setting and ignored it. Testing Vyr on PTR was really hard because of this. Also, Numlocking [1] also does not work. If I numlock, Blast is on autocast, but when I right click Beam, the Blast is interrupted. So again, it is unplayable to manually cast all day long Blast or Beam. Do I miss some setting? Anyone has any advice? I do not want to use scripting. TY in advance.Dragonfire1 Oct 26
Oct 26 Proc Coefficients What are the proc coefficients currently for wizard? I've searched google and the earliest thing I can find is from 2 years ago.Arcterious15 Oct 26
Oct 25 Why not add a big damage bonus to Mirrorball? Seems like all the items are getting those 300-400% bonuses but not this one. Magic Missile is always fun, right?ChangBooster6 Oct 25
Oct 25 Frozen Orb Anyone got the attack speed breakpoints?Sectorn9ne2 Oct 25
Oct 25 Meteor build Which set do you prefer and which is technically better, Firebird or Tal?gambler4 Oct 25
Oct 24 Deathwish Has anybody seen it? I've ben farming a TON and have pretty much got everything I've wanted aside from ancient Frostburns, but have yet to see even a single Deathwish. I can't even find a picture of it in English on the Internet.Charmander16 Oct 24
Oct 24 About archon element.. Shouldn't it choose the element by which rune we have on action bar instead maximum roll on equipment?Kaelos10 Oct 24
Oct 23 Star Pact Does the formula work just like the Singularity Mage or is it additive instead? For reference, the Singularity Mage's formula is: (Essence - (Cost - RCR)) * 3% = Multiplier or with 20% RCR (200 - (40 * 0.8)) * 0.03 = 5.04x So the Singularity has 400% * 5.04 with this essence cost. Which is 2,016% damage. If Star Pact is the same thing (kind of doubting because the damage is really high) it would be say: (120 - (40 * 0.8)) * 0.2 = 17.6x 740 * 17.6 = 13,024% If it's not like that and it's additive, this formula would be closer to 2,300% damage. Which is correct? Additive or multiplicative?Arcterious3 Oct 23
Oct 21 What happen to the old build list? I know it's been a while since I've visited this sub forum but I expected to still see the old post with all the builds. Sad panda.Hamiltonz2 Oct 21
Oct 21 Help on completing GR 90+ Hi guys, so I've just started playing like 2-3 months ago. I'm really curious on these videos im seeing on youtube where players using wiz can easily complete GRs 90+. Do I still lack the right equips? How about paragon level? Does it have to be 1500+? Thanks.Ken4 Oct 21
Oct 20 APoC Wizard *SET* Helms Are there any citations from the developers out there explaining why wizard set helm's can not roll the Arcane Power on Critical affix? Was it forgotten?McCloud211 Oct 20