Apr 4 Etched Sigil https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/etched-sigil Just in case you do not know what item I am talking about. But I wonder why it has 0 Synergy with Tal Rasha's set. It casts all the spenders, but it does not stack Tal Rasha's, it also (seems) to not proc the Elemental Exposure passive. First, why? Second, is that Blizzards intent? Because I had the idea to use these three items https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/etched-sigil https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/deathwish https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/hergbrashs-binding All in with Tal Rasha's set. Maybe the skills I picked have something to do with it? Electrocute - Surge of Power Disintegrate - Intensify Energy Twister - Gale Force Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb Magic Weapon - Deflection Ice Armour - CrystaliseTracersBum2 Apr 4
Apr 4 Vyrs/archon question So I just found a pair of vyrs boots with 15% disintegrate damage. Does this effect my skill "disintegration wave" when I'm in archon form? I assume no, but worth checking. Will effect how I re roll them.Bucs55Brooks1 Apr 4
Apr 4 Lacuni Prowlers or Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer Hi, good people, I came here to ask for a advice. I'm actually playing with lightning wizard (duh). My DMG is fine, but I'm dying A LOT and I can't pass through GR80. Here is my question: I'm actually equipping "LACUNI PROWLERS" because of the IAS. Do you guys think worth equipping "ASHNAGARR'S BLOOD BRACER" for more def? EDIT: I just tried "ASHNAGARR'S BLOOD BRACER" and it didn't make a reasonable difference. Maybe I'm doing something wrong with my VIT. Can you guys take a quick look at my char? My hero: https://us.battle.net/d3/pt/profile/Rizzini-1232/hero/86513032Rizzini2 Apr 4
Apr 4 Can frost hydra proc rimeheart? Hello all, Once rimeheart are being updated and lightning hydras works very well with the ring Manald Heal I was corious about if frost hydras can work at the same way with rimeheat to proc 10.000 damage, it has less damage but higher chance. Blizzard is also making some skills works even if monsters reaches cc immunity at least the bonus. So perhaps....LORDSANSUI7 Apr 4
Apr 4 Perfect rings for a CoE Hydra Wizard Hey fellow wizards, I was wondering, what perfect rings for a CoE Hydra Wizard would be like? Obviously, we use a CoE, RoRG and Manald, and also each ring has to have a max CDR roll and of course a socket. So, my first question is about two other stats: CHC, CHD, or AS? In other words, should the ring be like: + 50% CHD + 6% CHC + 8% CDR + Socket or: + 50% CHD + 7% AS + 8% CDR + Socket or: + 6% CHC + 7% AS + 8% CDR + Socket Is it worth replacing CHC or CHD to AS? And if so, for both rings or just one would be enough (assuming also having 7% AS in the weapon and Lakuni bracers)? And my second question is about reforging: which of these rings is better rerolling in the cube (also hoping to get a Primal)? As far as I know, RoRG always rolls with AS so perhaps it's might be the best candidate? Any help will be very appreciated.Anike5 Apr 4
Apr 3 Help for a returning Wizard As an old CM Wizard, I've only really played Wizard properly during he early days of RoS and during the first half of patch 2.2 when Tals and FnR were king. I've decided to roll Wizard this season and so far am enjoying the class again. I've hit a snag with progression though. Short of getting a few more items to make the Lightning Hydra/Archon build, I'm having a tough time finding an intermediate build to do T13 efficiently. I don't have the Endless Walk set but I do have FnR. I also am lucky to have an OK Manald Heal as well as the power in the cube. - Originally I was running DMO with spectral blade/EB with FnR along with Lightning Hydra and MH in the cube. This was OK up till T8-10 but Hydra didn't seem to pull it's weight after that. So I decided to work in a 6pc set that would buff MH damage. - I tried Firebirds but it was never a set I liked and my frustrations with burning enough enemies to get the damage buff/mitigation shows that this set isn't for me. - I decide to forgo MH and try a DMO spectral blade build. This is my current build and most successful one. It doesn't have enough damage mitigation and short of Blizzard quickly giving us an amulet that does a similar level of damage mitigation as Halo of Arlyse (so we're not stuck with using EW and can use FnR too), I'm definitely lacking a bit of damage mitigation in order to do T13 efficiently. I've tried the old Arcane Orbit build but straight Spectral Blades/EB does better. Anyone got any advice on any other paths I can take before making the jump to Tals/Vyr lighting hydra? I have the full Tals set and missing the Vyrs shoulders and an obsidian ring atm. My serpent sparker isn't ancient (under 2200 dps). Additionally, for my own understanding, the only 6pc sets that buffs MH damage are Tals and FB right? Thanks for any help with this.Mugsy5 Apr 3
Apr 2 Need some help in rerrolls on my Wiz. Hi, good people. I have now about 45 hours played with my Wiz and I can't push GR higher than 80. I think that I have low CDR and a lot of AS. Can you guys take a look at my hero and give me some advice on rerolls? I think that is the key to improve my char! Thanks, guys. https://us.battle.net/d3/pt/profile/Rizzini-1232/hero/86513032Rizzini2 Apr 2
Apr 2 Small Question www.d3planner.com shows a x3 damage factor in the first line of Spectral Blade's tooltips that I'm unable to relate to any skill or item I know. Doesn't seem to be the FoD dmg bonus. I think it's just a d3planner bug, as ingame experience feels more like a third of d3planner's claimed dps. So, does someone know what it is and is it for real?Azalith1 Apr 2
Apr 2 Greater Rift 118 Hydra Wiz Clear (No Conduit) Was tinkering around with Hydra in 4P last night, got some footage of a 118 clear. So people can get a better understanding of how to play wizard at higher tiers. Take notice that I'm not dropping Hydras during the actual clear at any point, as I don't want to be interfering with any of my WD's Area Damage to kill the elites, nor causing any unwanted lag. This is pretty important. Not only that, but once you reach a certain point, the wizard will be doing very little damage and they're better off playing the support role and helping barb with globes, generating density and crowd controlling. I made a mistake or two on the RG, but other then that it went pretty smooth. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VxT9ZjnfdRpPjDnaSZEIwImmortalKing14 Apr 2
Apr 1 State of wizard I'd love to play D3 again I really feel the rush to kill monsters but every time I check the state of the game, I still see an archon build dominating the meta and no other Wiz build are viable. I hate so much the archon skill I'm not willing to play the game until there's something else. How in the hell did blizzard came with the idea to make the worst designed skill of the game overpowered and mandatory. I feel like removing the skill entirely without even replacing it would make for a better game, even if the wizard doesn't compete anymore with other classes, this is just how bad it is... Of course redesigning the skill or make other changes to give other build without archon a chance to be viable would be better. Cmon Blizz there are a lot of people hating it, listen to your customer. I wanna play the game again and enjoy it sometime soon. Archon has been dominating for too long.Lethan28 Apr 1
Mar 31 Fire still good? Trying to come back after a break, i know before i left fire builds were really good for wizzards, wondering if that still good or i will have to farm another setSuperMiguel3 Mar 31
Mar 31 CDR How do you compensate for the CDR from Obsidian ring when swapping with CoE?odingits3 Mar 31
Mar 31 MH Lwiz Video Guide for Beginners Lwiz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfvXZ7qN04U&t=9s Hope it helps and see you in Season 10!Tee5 Mar 31
Mar 31 Should I use MH in the cube? I am running a manald heal/hydra archon wiz. Should I use my current manold heal ring with only 13486% damage or use a cube version for the perfect 14000%? The reason that I ask is because my best Ring of Royal Grandeur which has Int,vit,IAS and an enchanted socket is a 106k loss to my profile dps if I swap out the MH. I have no idea which is better to use. To summarize, is 100k profile dps less, equal or greater than 500% Manald heal proc damage? Thanks!KillerElite8 Mar 31
Mar 31 Need Advice, Trying out MH Wizard. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CoolSam-1453/hero/38235913 This is the hero I'm attempting to get going. I managed some nice finds and had the required parts so aside from ancients and better rolls I have the core down for Archon MH wizard. However I need more-so playstyle and skill set-up advice between the Archon rampages. As I'm having trouble surviving even in T13 when outside Archon.CoolSam6 Mar 31
Mar 31 Element % bonus damage bug? Hi all, I've heard something about elemental damage not working for the archon wizard? What exactly is the bug? I just found a sweet lightning tals ammy but guess I shouldnt use it? Thanks!Fritter4 Mar 31
Mar 31 My 70 level wizard is in trouble I'm having a problem: I'm a level 70 now my female wizard. I'm in all the bounties and challenges. I have entered a dew rifts. I entered a rift , the one below the first rift the easy one. My wizard was equiped with some some heavy gear and skills, Here's my problem: My wizard has been "killed twice . She's lost 20 % of her skills and such. But in her armmory she has slots for her equipment ( forgive my typos's) and from all indication and her inventory she is still equp with her gear and such yet there is no evidence she has these. Does any one know what I'm getting at? How do I requip her with what she has lost ? Help I've worked to hard to get this far and lose my wizard.Linda22 Mar 31
Mar 30 Getting raped in Grift 64 Can someone give me some advice on perhaps what I'm doing wrong? Running a Non archon lighning/tal hydra build and 64 is bashing my head up against a wall! Is it my gear? Just wondering cause everyone talks about how Wizards can just sneeze their way to grift 70 lol take a peek and dont be shy. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Maplepiper73-1921/hero/86482480 thanks in advance!Maplepiper734 Mar 30
Mar 30 Reforge advice for my MH HYDRA build? Anyone give me reforge advice for my MH HYDRA build? Obviously don't have the essential primary yet... https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Raspu2n-2558/hero/3502480Raspu2n6 Mar 30
Mar 30 Help improve this MH+DMO build I might be asking too much with DMO here but I wanted to see how I could improve the build to push as far as possible -- just an alternative to Archon lightening. I know the gear isn't great so I'm searching for upgrades in the meantime. Here is the build: http://www.d3planner.com/108644589 The idea is to slow time everything, arcane orbs for additional damage while attempting to proc manald heal ring with extremely fast spectral blades. Strategy thus far is to drop a slow time on the mobs, teleport in, freeze, spectral blade + arcane orbs (rinse and repeat).Taoru6 Mar 30
Mar 30 Thankyou Cratic Thankyou Cratic for your continuous, thorough testing of wizard mechanics and bugs. For piecing together clear consice videos, explaining in detail your methods and findings. For sharing them with the community. I and am sure many others really appreciate all the hard work you put into it.Christos14 Mar 30
Mar 30 Theorycraft: DMO Archon We all know that the skills boosted by DMO can't be used while in archon form. But what about the damage bonus you keep with swamis? So the idea is basically to have the invert gameplay of the usual archon builds: While in archon form you teleport around looking for Elites + mobs. Once you are out of archon you have 20 seconds to burst them down with your DMO build + (edit) 300% damage multiplicator on top of that. The cost: Aguila Cuiras that you have in Cube (or whatever you are using) for Swami, Shame of Delsere for Fazulas and one Skill for Archon. Sounds not too bad to me, did anyone try it, is there something i'm overlooking there?Serge7 Mar 30
Mar 30 Asking for advice for GR I recently started playing Diablo 3 / wizard and aim to solo GR 65+. I started with Disintegrate and could not go further than 40, so switched to my current build: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/sc0r-1210/hero/86566723 and saw huge difference in dmg and speed. I can clear 55 fine with this but struggle a lot at 60! I keep hearing about power of Archon builds, and would like to solicit ideas opinions on how I can go higher. Thoughts please? Also on D3 planner: http://www.d3planner.com/774022471sc0r4 Mar 30
Mar 29 Mirror Image Why not give archon access to MI since it has the other two illusionist skills? Also, is MI good for anything? cheersaloc2 Mar 29
Mar 29 Frost Nova Freeze Stacks? Hi all, recently my wife's HC sorceress (wizard) died and, as she always does, started another wizard. I decided to play one as well, never have tried this class before. We both use the freezing ability - I believe its frost nova. Curious, do these stack in terms of duration or do they overwrite? I believe its the later with very limited testing but wanted to confirm. Thanks.solomani7 Mar 29
Mar 28 Spectral Blade, goodbye? My DPS Sheet 3,120,000~3,600,000 (MH Talsere w/CoE) Lightning Hydra hits 320,000M ~ 1,500,000M Average Summon a Lightning Hydra that electrocutes enemies for 255% weapon damage as Lightning. vs Thrown Blade hits 30,000M ~ 42,000M Average Extend the reach of Spectral Blade to 20 yards and increase its damage to 231% weapon damage as Lightning. Can someone explain to me why hydra gets a different damage calc. formula compared to spectral blade? For those on SB build (Talsere build like me), Hydra interrupts SB MH procs. - 1 Hydra alone does higher over DPS than SB - 2 Hydra makes SB a rotten piss, the only downside is you can't control hydra to hit your preferred target - DMO isn't worth it if hydra interrupts other MH procs. With DMO you can have three lighting spells, hydra, spectral blade, energy twister. - Those on archon build, swami stacks makes hydra on steroids. Hopefully these two builds can find some hope on SB: MH Hydra + Firebirds Set Flameblades MH Hydra + Rimeheart Ice bladesjinyonglee2 Mar 28
Mar 28 RIP Gen Monk, Hello Lightning Hydra Wizard Hey guys, Zhanji Bear and I did some more testing on the PTR which I think will make you excited. I did a writeup on my site, which has a link to the corresponding video and builds. TL;DR Gen Monk might finally be out of the top push meta https://troupster.com/diablo-3-rip-gen-monk-season-10-hello-lightning-hydra-wizard/Troupster124 Mar 28
Mar 28 Lightning wizard Question Hello, bought this game long time ago played it a lil bit, didn't kinda like it and than rediscovered it in s9 which was my first season(unbelievable, i know). So i went vanilla manald wizard with twister build, learned all about gearing play-style etc and managed to clear gr88, than i got stuck, managed to clear few times 30s+ late tho. My stats were around 13k intel, 1,9mil dps(4,3mil in d3 planner? ) 18mil toughness, lvl80+gems (gogok, bot, zsv) 67%+ cdr... What should my next step be or do i simply suck and gr89 could be beaten with this stats tyKaanKazaan0 Mar 28
Mar 28 Elemental Exposure mechanics Does EE give your whole party 20% damage buff? Or did it used to and now they changed it? Because the current wording doesn't seem like it would Damaging enemies with Cold Fire Arcane Lightning will cause them to take 5% more damage from YOUR attacks for 5 seconds Whereas something like Energy Twister - Gale force says Enemies hit by Energy Twister take 15% more damage from Fire, much more clearly a party buffTbone1 Mar 28
Mar 28 Disintegrate question Quick question - Does the +%Disintegrate damage that can be found on some items work for the Disintegrate spell in Archon mode too?SandFish3 Mar 28
Mar 28 Soloing 80+ I am having a severely difficult time staying alive while trying to solo a 80 greater rift. The second I'm out of archon form I get sneezed on and I drop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Luridbane6 Mar 28
Mar 27 Manald Heal nerf The number of procs generated by channeled skills while using this item has been reduced by 25% If my math is correct, that makes the chance from 1.5% to 1.125%. 3:<NeighFox21 Mar 27
Mar 27 Non Archon Lightning Wiz I apologize if this might show up as a duplicate post. I made a new topic about this and don't see it in the topic list so... Are there any viable non Archon Lightning Wiz builds out there that can take advantage of Manald Heal and Lightning Hydra? I don't care if this build can't run low 100's like the Archon version. I just hate Archon, and don't want to play it, so its perfectly fine if they can only do 80's or whatever. Thanks.terascque2 Mar 27
Mar 27 Hydras, DW bug or Intended? In my own testing and seeing other posts and what Hydras/DW do in GRs is disturbing. I hope there is a bug or something, as it seems rather silly to cast DW Away from RG while hydras are up, or in a dense pack you cant use both Hydras and DW at the same time, as it appears one cancels/reduces others damage. Bug or intended, or did I miss the committee meeting on why we can't use Hydras and DW at the same time? If intended, it would be one of the biggest fails next to the Barber fiasco.REAPER3 Mar 27
Mar 27 Thx for killing lon completly Before patch I was able to do to 77 GR with a lon-electrocute build, it was fun for me as I do not want to play archon or another mainstream-build. Now even 70 is no longer possible, thx for wrecking this game for me. Thx for your abilities to balance stuff.Tom2 Mar 27
Mar 27 Wizard Nerf This is a last cry for help pointed towards the Devs, in hoping they will nerf the Wizard(focussing on Hydra Wiz) for s10. The top 100 solo leaderboards has been dominated by the Wiz with an overwhelming 85% in s9, the fact that it clears over 8GR levels over any other class says enough(knowing that doubling a builds power will increase it by 3/4 GR levels). Before people start talking about don't ask for nerfs but for buffing other classes, yes that would be the perfect world but there is no way that will happen knowing s10 will start in 2 weeks(so calling for a nerf is the only solution). The slight nerf to the Manald ring isn't enough knowing they will focus on the hydra procs in s10, the worst part is that that build is even stronger than the Archon Wiz in s9. On top of that, the Wiz will also be the strongest rift guardian killer for s10.. so it will also be the strongest addition for s10 meta and will now dominate solo AND groups. Don't start about the fact that there 3 classes that can fill that roll, the Wiz has come on top out of all test(BY FAR), people don't wanna show the absolute best set-up on the PTR to get a slight edge. To sum it up Blizzard has made excellent changes for the upcoming 2.5 patch, I just hope they can fix this 'problem' so s10 won't be absolutely dominated by 1 single class. I hope this gets noticed..Fatal1ty50 Mar 27
Mar 27 Season 10 DMO build for fast GR 70 solo Hi, for anyone interested in making the DMO set work for your initial GR 70 solo clear aside from the meta Manald/Hydra build, this is an alternative. It is a horrible feeling to spend over a week gearing up a specific build, min maxing it but still struggle to survive GR 65+, hence I have already tested and refined this build after 3 days of a game play on a fresh non seasonal server without any need for ancients. I'm posting this build and hoping that someone can use this build to show that maybe a GR 70 solo clear is just as viable within a 24 hour marathon. I farmed for the gears without any Haedrig's gift as I tested on a fresh server lvling through the campaign during off season so it should be even easier during Season 10 with Haedrig's gift. Much time was spent on collecting all 4 sets and experimenting their ability to survive and finally fine tuning this build to the current version during these 3 days. If you are an ex Monk/Crusader fan of the EP/Invoker build or a hardcore player looking for new viable tanky build, please push into this build as high in Season 10 as possible and drop a reply on your progress if you may. The purpose of this build is to avoid builds focusing on Archon mode or staring at the Convergence of Elements buff icon before doing something. Instead, you jump into the thick of the fray and smash things combat mage style. Link to the guide is below. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/88520-2-5-s10-dmo-tank-wizard-for-fast-gr-70-soloMoonyaco3 Mar 27
Mar 27 Wizard Reversal Rune Bug So, I was trying to grind for my accidentally rebirthed character from a while ago to level 70 and was against Infernal Maiden. I kept dying and was wondering why because although I deal so much damage to her, she keeps catching me in her fire volley. I have the Teleport (reversal rune) ability equipped, and found while looking at my abilities mid-combat that when I cast Teleport right on the dot/a little bit after for the timer that shows how long you have for teleporting back to your previous location, that it starts the cooldown again, but with the actual teleport cooldown. Here's an example. In the first attempt, it shows a regular teleport w/ reversal rune activation, whereas in the bug..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCPiQ62MsDY - if it isn't clear in the video, what happens is that I do two successful teleports, then on the third attempt, two cooldowns occur after I hit E a little bit after the timer ends (which is apparently possible), and then two cooldowns transpire. This causes 2 cd's to occur at once, which can screw you up in the middle of juking mobs. Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug (I think it's a glitch lol). I know this is unlikely to happen for some/most, but with how often I'm jumping around and attempting to juke enemy mobs, it happens to me more often than I would prefer. I feel like the option to be able to cast teleport after the timer is kind of weird, too.Zadok0 Mar 27
Mar 26 cooldown% why does my cooldown% only say 40.7% on my profile char okoyen. 6 piece full cooldownbodeen3 Mar 26
Mar 26 Wizzard or Witch Doctor is more fun? I am trying to get into this game again but i would probably need a really fun class to play (i love to watch enemies ragdoll mostly) So far i played Barb,Crusader and Monk, my favorite were barbarian and crusader, i found the monk a bit silly looking with the giant bell striking from the sky, so i wanna try a range class now, so which one is better on the long run?Legion2 Mar 26
Mar 26 DMO Arcane Orb - Smoother Variation Hello. I wanted to share a variation of DMO set (Arcane Orb build which is kinda old by now), which is currently the seasons beginner set. This variation is for those, who -like me- gets annoyed by too much buff tracking, specifically casting Explosive Blast every 6 sec for a 6 sec buff (while also trying to hit something with it.) Note that this is not a guide, technically. The aim of this variation is to compensate the 60% damage reduction from Orb of Infinite Depth (since we are going to get rid of explosive blast.) Here is my 1st variation; -Use Magic Weapon (Deflection) instead of Explosive Blast -Use Blood Bracers instead of Ancient Parthan Defenders. You will gain a total of 4 times normal shield -Use Fragment of Destiny in cube weapon slot. This is mostly to generate shield 50% faster, and add a minor damage bonus. This little damage bonus + Magic Weapon more or less compensates the loss of 20% damage from Orb of Infinite Depth. Result; i've personally performed better and had much more fun with this variation. I can tank molten blasts (several in fact) in GR82 as long as i keep attacking. Better yet, my 2nd variation; (recently tested, liked it even more) -All the above, except in cube, use Aether Walker -Instead of Illusionist passive, use Galvanizing Ward. Here is the trick; MW Deflection and Barrier Blades shields stack ON TOP OF Galvanizing Shield, which means; GW refreshes itself IF it's shield is not damaged but ignores damage to shields from other sources. (Sorry for my English) -Since you use a bit Mana now, i suggest using Topaz on Helm for RcR for lesser Aquilla Cuirass downtime. Here you have less buffs to worry about and you now have huge, on demand mobility. Tested myself and liked it alot. Enjoy.Conlan5 Mar 26
Mar 26 Surviving in higher GRs (100+) in Group Hey fellow wizards, I'm a Lightning Hydra Wizard mostly playing a in group with the standard setup like a zMonk, zBarb, and a DPS WD. And what I found is, especially starting the patch 2.5, all of a sudden I started to die a lot during the rift clear at GR 98~101. It's kinda funny to die from the Orbital elite affix when the lightning ball touches you literally just 1-2 seconds, while having 14000 resists (in the Archon form). In the CoE variation of the build, it's even worse. I was wondering, how does those wizards who doing GRs 110+ survive in a rift? Sure physically avoid those nasty affixes helps, but sometimes it's just not possible when fighting with 3-4 elite packs especially when all of them are Arcane, Orbital etc. Any tips, tricks, tactics or gear/runes suggestions? P.S. Just in case, here is the link to my profile: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Anike-2252/hero/64504527.Anike3 Mar 26
Mar 26 Season 10 HC looking for Builds, need help Back for Season 10 after more than a year off. Looking for advice on Seasons HC builds with survivability being most important. What would you suggest? I expect to be in dual play most of the time (unknown character). Is there a viable Bubble(forgot what its called)/cold build support build that can be fund to play and SAFE? Thank youHalt0 Mar 26
Mar 26 2.5 Which Wep to use for MH Hydra Archon Serpent? Starfire? Pigsticker? something else?obviously rolls will play a big factor but overall what is the ideal weapon? what stats trump? is the extra hydra worth a little less overall to a starfire?Weezy7 Mar 26
Mar 26 Damage is too low I need to increase my Damage without sacrificing my tankiness. I am running a Disintegrate build. https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/SuperHellus-1414/hero/84910317 I have completed a GR57 without dying, once. I realized my damage is too low to go much further. I am working on getting unity and the Follower can 't die item.SuperHellus2 Mar 26
Mar 25 Tals Set Damage vs. Attacks Been playing Wizard this season. I just noticed this morning that there is a difference between the 2 piece bonus "damaging enemies" and the 4 and 6 piece bonuses "attacks". I use Storm Armor (Reactive Armor) to deal out lightning damage. Because there is so much graphic spam I didn't notice it doesn't count as an attack. It sounds crazy to me. Can anyone offer a suggestion for a replacement lightning skill for Storm Armor? I was thinking Lightning Hydra but any input is appreciated. Thanks, JJJimmyJames5 Mar 25
Mar 25 GR 97 DOWN... At last...took about 100keys...finished at 13.38..not a really good map but good mob type...it is clear that this build can clear 100+...Leontokardos31 Mar 25
Mar 25 How to play DMO w/o hard to find supp. items? I would love to start with a wizard, but I HATE DMO. Any advices to have a nice, fun start with that gifted set?Cybah1 Mar 25
Mar 25 Manald Heal reroll advice For background I'm pretty much a noob on Wizard as I haven't really played it since CM Wiz was on top back in Vanilla days. Converted Barb (thanks Tee) and I really, really do not want to screw this up by just willy nilly rerolling it. Been messing around with it for a few days and this just dropped in a speed 71: http://imgur.com/nLV6URL For those that can't jump the link, it's a Primal Manald Heal that rolled with Int, IAS, CDR, and a native socket. I have no idea what to roll on it and again, really, really don't want to screw it up. Thanks in advance.Foamy75 Mar 25
Mar 25 Mask of Jerum Would the mask of jerum legendary affix work for a pure hydra pet build?SmokEm1 Mar 25