Nov 4 [Suggestion] Vyr set additonal piece, Bracer Please add an additional piece to the Vyr set, preferably a bracer (2nd choice would be neck, 3rd belt). This alone would allow much more diverse builds, such as utilizing Firebird 6 / Vyr 4 (with RoRG). Currently this is impossible as the Vyr set shares every item slot with the Firebird set (obviously Firebird has the additional 7th piece, a Source). Additionally, the bracer could have a legendary effect as: "For every 10 kills while in Archon form, extend the duration of Archon by 1 second." This would allow an extension of time in Archon form (which is obviously the strength of the wizard class), but do so reasonably, and by not utilizing the other stacks, would not allow infinite stacking via Swami and/or Fazula's. To focus on the Vyr set, the extension bonus could be excluded from the Kanai's Cube list (as other items obviously have been excluded). If included, this would present another tool for LoN builds in paticular, which would be welcomed by the community. Thank you for your consideration.daiablo3 Nov 4
Nov 3 Use Frost Nova and Diamond Skin? I've been reading up on some builds to tweak my Wizard and I'm confused. Some build articles talk about using skills that are on the same skill bars like Diamond Skin and Frost Nova or Storm Armor and Magic Weapon. This http://www.diablofans.com/builds/68408-2-4-t10-fire-rasha-speed-farm-build even shows some skills being on keys different from what I see when I go into game. Is there a way to change these bindings in game or am I reading old articles? One talks about Season 8 so I didn't think the article was old. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!SweetChastit2 Nov 3
Nov 2 Any obvious holes in this FB-Orbit build? http://www.d3planner.com/624554253 Just playing around in there a bit this morning. I think the Tal's version is simply more powerful, but was interested in making something others weren't messing with. If you see something, make the change and save/post it back here please! EDIT: Shouldn't Thundergod's Vigor trigger EE like Wreath of Lightning does? http://www.d3planner.com/948380140cknopp2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Wizard help. Sup guys, vanilla player here just got back recently. Ive been following the Vyr Archon build and have been getting some mixed results. Been struggling to clear level 50 GR, any idea what i can do to improve my build? I have around 43% CDR and 42% Crit, not sure why its 35% crit on profile page. I also have a set of Firebirds ready but i really like the ability to port around when im in archon mode.Shortizz5 Nov 2
Nov 1 FB Archon positioning The builds are solid enough but I struggle with positioning sometimes. 2 things are problematic. First, is it just me or is the character's hit box size a little weird while in archon form? In normal form I feel like I can squeeze through dense packs of mobs, but once I pop into archon I find myself getting stuck between mobs and can't move at all. I really miss the mobility of teleport archon. Second, Templar has a tendency to obsess over mobs across the room rather than where I am. I'm trying to round up the herd to prep for the next burst, meanwhile he's literally blocking the doorway, preventing density. The only way to get him to move is teleport far away so he'll join you. Just get out of the way Kormac!mcdundee0 Nov 1
Nov 1 Etched Sigil Build Is this a viable thing? I've always wanted to try it but I'm not sure where to even start.ToxicPrint5 Nov 1
Nov 1 FB what can tricker the burn buff?? With 3 fire skills in 3 sek what can and will start a burn buff?Code1875 Nov 1
Nov 1 Magic Weapon - Force weapon vs deflection Which rune is better? The 10% dmg from FW seems obvious, but i see a lot of people running Deflection. Does that small of a shield even do anything when mobs hit for 10's of thousands? I know you can pretty much keep it on permanently but seeing as it's not really preventing dmg taken, just reducing it, is it worth giving up 10% overall dmg increase?ForceComdr25 Nov 1
Nov 1 CDR or 10% dmg on this wand? Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/StoleOwnCar-1814/hero/79705440 At the moment I have 60.5% cdr. I don't even think I need that much for 4p, and the only thing I care to solo on this char is up to 75 to get the journey done. I have an identical one on my NS wiz that I rolled 10% cdr on, too (plan is to give this to my NS wiz for higher 2p-4p runs, too). Is there any good reason to roll up to 10% cdr instead of just grabbing 10% dmg?StoleOwnCar3 Nov 1
Oct 30 Bounties Hello, How do you handle bounties? With both Vyr and FB the goal is to be strong, go in kill an elite. They suck at long events; even killing diablo is tricky since the fight has lots of built in waiting which forces you to do 2 or 3 archon cycles. With FB (60% CDR, 120 sec cooldown, 20 sec uptime) downtime is 48 sec; 20 sec effective archon, then 28 sec not doing any damage at all. Vyr is slightly better, but still 15-20 sec downtime for every 20 sec of being able to deal damage. With the other classes I've tried previous seasons (Monk: Raiment, Sumi, Inna), (DH: UE), (WD: HT, Zuni) you have strong builds that works both in farming (aka killing 150 mobs) and for pushing (even if DH: UE peaked for me at GR 70 or so). HT for example can push really well, but if you change just a few items you can go chicken and be an excellent build for speedfarming. So, the question is. How can Firebird speedfarm; or is the answer simply that wizards have to use completely separate builds for farming and for rifting?Ophe2 Oct 30
Oct 30 Vyr Archon: which attack? Hello! As a Vyr Archon I have all archon skills: but which deals the most dmg against a single enemy? Which builds up stacks the fastest against a single enemy? We have Lightning blast Lightning strike Disintegration waveOphe6 Oct 30
Oct 29 Wiz friends playing Monk? Hi, Just started Monk, after whole season break. Monk looks like it rocks now. But... The forums are terrible! Any help from OGs appreciated: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20749858746 Rob outRobertVarga1 Oct 29
Oct 29 Two New Wizard Abilities Ice Lance - Deals 800% weapon damage as cold. 5 second freeze all enemies 20 yrds upon denotation (can denotate early by pressing button again ) 30 second cool-down (big projectile like bone-spear) Arcane Intellicent - restore all mana by 100% increase damage by 50% buff lasts 10 seconds 90 second cdSakurarosa1 Oct 29
Oct 28 Firebird question What are some good weapon options to use in the cube slot with the Firebird Archon build until I get a furnace? I'm currently using the Ingeom. ThanksNightCrawler4 Oct 28
Oct 28 [Request]Change Meteor Shower rune to channel I was playing around with my drops today and i noticed i found my first ancient of the season, a perfect rolls Grand Vizier, i also had a Nilfur's Boast and a Smoldering Core which i extracted. After immediately changing my secondary for meteor shower i found out i could spam it with little consequences just like disintegrate. But then i realized something.. Taeguk wasn't stacking. This felt unfair, i have played all the classes since launch just like the majority of the forums, and when i look at other classes like wd or barb which can channel ww or fire bats to use with some of their sets, it feels like meteor shower should be channel instead of single cast seeing as it can be spammed just as easily as ww or fire bats. Well at least that's my opinion. Input? Edit: Dont want to bump since no one is answering so i'll just edit, i had the idea to add a third effect to Grand Vizier (aside from the meteor damage and cost reduction), of making meteor shower a channel skill, i hope this sounds appealing, since i would really like to use this combination with rasha and some other legs that affect only channeling skills, and meteor shower consumes almost nothing after using Grand Vizier..WorkWork0 Oct 28
Oct 28 1st time Wiz Hi All Playing Wiz for the first time. Jumped into Season 8. Is there is a consensus build out there that is easy on a newbie Wiz?Kauboy2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Best setup for GRifts? What is currently the best setup for Wizard to do GRifts? I'm currently running Delsere set which is pretty good. I can do GRift70, but in terms of DPS, I feel slow and barely completes it on time, but my gear is obviously nowhere perfect. And in group play, we are able to do 78, but I start getting melted completely at GRift 80 even with near 500mil toughness with all the buffs activated. I see some of the ladderboard Wizard all running Firebird. Is it much better? Can you run 100% uptime on the Firebird and still do higher rifts? How's survivability? I personally don't like getting one shot like the DH. Continue to improve my Delsere set or try to transition onto Firebird?Chiuy1 Oct 28
Oct 28 Suggestion for "LoN Electrocute Wizard" Hi! I currently use the build "LoN Electrocute Wizard" (you can see on my profile), and I succeeded (with difficulty) to make solo rift/GR T10. The main problem is on elites and bosses who are without mobs around (like GR guardians), where the damage is ridiculously low. I would suggest to transform the skill and rune "Hydra - Hydra Lightning", to make hydras become pylon for the skill "Electrocute". I try to be clearer; so that when using "Electrocute" on a Hydra, the skill functions as if it was used on a mob. And another small suggestion; a small boost in damage does not hurt to build, which is so satisfying to play (only at low level for the moment). Sorry for my bad English!Enslaught9 Oct 28
Oct 28 Returning player looking for build advice Hello all! I haven't played since S1 started and I'm just getting back into the game. My favorite build was always a cold wizard but it seems like I'm doing absolutely no damage and just getting one hit by every mob. Here is a link to my current character profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Aeniklast-1835/hero/80757823 - What should my paragon stat point priorities be? - Are there any specific pieces of gear I should be trying to acquire? - What should my gear stat priorities be? - Any suggestions on skill points? - Also, IIRC when I last played +Cold damage from items wasn't calculated in the characters stat sheet. Has this been resolved or is it still an issue? Thanks guys! I appreciate any sort of guidance you can give!Aeniklast12 Oct 28
Oct 27 Tal Rasha's Prodigy I was goofing around with CoE builds and I naturally got drawn into tal rasha's combination of set bonuses and item flexibility. so just thinking, desiree belt, tals 6 piece, aether walker, dept diggers, coe, something like this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NQaUbW!RfgZ!baZZcYFourty2DNAD34 Oct 27
Oct 26 Returning player Hey all, long time no talk I posted this in general board, it was suggested I post it here as well. I have not played in close to a year and a half, Gaming PC died, no funds to rebuild. Anyway, I'm back. Logged in and created a Seasonal character for Season 7 before it was shutdown, played for about a week to get a feel. Once season 7 closed, I moved what little I collected and ran my NS Wizard the entire time until Season 8 started. Friday I created a new Seasonal Wizard and solo'd her to 70 in about 15 hours, on and off Friday and Saturday, I have a life, Got to hate it, LOL. I did it through adventure mode only, I skipped the campaign completely. Since I hit 70, Sunday and Yesterday were Paragon days. Paragon has been flying, almost at 63 now. Gear has been a grind as always, I can not do Greater Rifts yet but bounties and Nephalem Rifts I am doing Torment 2 slowly, Torment 1 with ease. The new content I am seeing has been fun, especially Greed. Hilarious, I got it 3 times Sunday and once yesterday. I've already knocked out 3 of the Journey requirements, working on 4th now. got the cube and have played with it a bit Hopefully I can get to Torment IV to knock those out. So, the question, being a casual player, (all my old clan mates are into the other Blizzard games now). Can you make recommendations for my skills, that can better help me get to Torment IV and higher as well as GR22. Obviously Gear is RNG and will come eventually. TIALuciffer3 Oct 26
Oct 26 T13 - Minimum stat guidelines? Hello all! Returning player here with some questions about T13. I prefer to play Cold Wizard but have yet to find a decent build or good advice on where to start so I figured I'd try to get a more generic idea of what I need. I'm currently working my way up to T13 but I'm getting obliterated on T10 and doing practically zero damage. Hopefully you guys and point me in the right direction! What would you say the minimum (roughly) stat requirements are for T13? Resistances? HP? Armor? Damage Reduction? +Damage? +Crit damage? +Crit hit? etc Or any other "must haves" while doing T13 GRs. Movement / mobility skills? Stun immune skills? Any "must have" gear? Generally speaking. Please keep it general purpose, I'm really trying hard not to be Pidgeon holed into an EB / Archon / meta build. I REALLY want to stick with a cold wiz! Thanks!!! P.S. It's been awhile since I've played, so I don't understand or recognize any abbreviations of skills or items so if possible please use full item, skill or stat names :dAeniklast6 Oct 26
Oct 24 Question about shields Are absorb shields affected by stats or are shields based on their own multipliers. Should I switch out unwavering will for dominance to further boost my shields or are the shields I have now more effective when standing still because of unwavering will? I made another post explaining my situation in more detail but I didn't see it go up and I didn't feel like typing it all out again.Saw2 Oct 24
Oct 22 Is this a bug? Zodiac ring I was toying with Zodiac ring and Etched Sigil (love this legendary!!) and I was hoping Zodiac ring can reduce cool down while I channel Arcane Torrent so I can cast Molten Impact (since it has 15s cool down). Nope. Zodiac does not work with Etched Sigil. :( And also, is Arcane Meteor the worst during Etched Sigil because it doesn't consume my arcane power?Jibikao1 Oct 22
Oct 22 Please fix Scorch Please fix this skill. Currently it passes through mobs and walls and does not explode until it gets to max range.WitchesStone8 Oct 22
Oct 22 Upgrading for Twisted Sword I don't know if I was lucky or what but I tried cubing a 1h sword for the first time I got Twisted Sword legendary right away. But when I try it again, it's something else. Do I need to find a Rare sword that looks like Twisted sword so I have 100% chance to craft it or I was just lucky?Jibikao3 Oct 22
Oct 20 How to make this build tankier Hi all, I am planning to roll wiz next season and have been playing around in d3planner. I came up with this build with some references from other builds, but am stuck with damage reduction which is extremely low... http://www.d3planner.com/357250475 My main inspiration is DH's LoN FoK but they have higher DR. I have never played Tal Rasha before so I do not know whether having such high AR covers the deficiency in DR. Should I drop Audacity for Galvanizing ward or unstable anomaly? It will hit my Star Pact damage quite a bit though... Any ideas how to increase survivability without compromising damage too much? EDIT: New build: http://www.d3planner.com/751176332Doraemon19 Oct 20
Oct 20 what happened to wizard being a ranged class I don't post much on the forums, but I had to ask this question: w.t.f. happened to wizards actually being ranged class? I am sick and tired of melee wizards that are the only viable option to play in this game now. I've played arcane orbit wizard in S5, but I've got so sick with that build that last season I played ranged bell monk. But the build for wizards was Vyr's archon. Now in season 7 the only viable build is Firebird archon. Explosive blast again. Again toe to toe with monsters. When will we be able to play wizard as a f..king ranged class? (Rant over :) )Drazen28 Oct 20
Oct 19 I can kill the elites, but die when they do. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Worldoflies-1835/hero/80198830 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NQSPjT!edfX!YcZYYZ Why do i keep getting one-shotted? I've stacked vitality but the same happens. I have firebird's 6p but i just trade with elite, i can kill them in less than secounds but they can do the same. I die to any elite projectile or melee ambush. i often use the FB revival and the unstable anomaly, and their cooldown goes away because dying resets it. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/molten-wildebeests-gizzard Does this gem or shields in general just suck? should i stack % life? is my health too low to benefit from it? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/moratorium I tried using a low rank version of this (rank 1) and the same happened, was the gem too low, will i just die regardless. I hope i don't come off as whiny, i'm just confused, i thought Wildebeests would tank the confrontations long enough to kill the elites, but after a few hits it just goes away, the regen from it is useless when i'm dying so fast. i can kill them fine. Is it because my resistence and/or armor are weak? Also this is happening in tor7, and thanks in advance for the advice, i know people are not and haven't been happy with this class for a while.Worldoflies2 Oct 19
Oct 19 Are all wizards like this?, or am i bugged? I had this issue for a while now, its just my wizard. when i move, my damage, toughness and recovery decrease, when i stand still, it returns to normal, i removed all items and passive skills, it still is happening, its acting like "endless walk" does, but decreases everything, whats up with that?, i have searched and found nothing, or maybe i just don't know how to word it.MARIN2 Oct 19
Oct 18 help me choose a gem? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Worldoflies-1835/hero/80198830 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NQSPjT!edfX!YccYYZ http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/bane-of-the-stricken http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/pain-enhancer http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/gogok-of-swiftness http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/molten-wildebeests-gizzard I love using BotS, Gogok and pain enhancer becanse of the attack speed that it gives to the vollies of meteors, it makes the metor shower feel complete, the problem is i keep dying, so i need to fit Wildebeest there..which gem would least effect my killling power out of those three? or is there some item that will help me keep the three gem?Worldoflies2 Oct 18
Oct 18 The Disintegrate Build [Guide] - ------ --------------------- -------------------------------------- The Disintegrate Build [Guide] By Piehole#1628 -------------------------------------- Arcane: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RQNYSO!ZbUS!YZccZc Fire: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RQNYSO!ZbRS!aZYcZc (or variations thereof) The Disintegrate build is a simple and straightforward build. It is centered on the channeling skill Disintegrate as the major damage dealer and AP spender. If Resource cost reduction, APOC, and AP regeneration are properly allocated and balanced on your gear choices, then no active or passive abilities need to be used to support the disintegrate AP consumption; this keeps all of your abilities open for use. Newcomers to the build, or to the wizard class in general, will find is easy to gear around for low torment levels since no special legendary items are required. Mid torments gearing begins to require crafting or finding one of several legendary set items, weapons, or sources. High torments require the use of all of them. With the 2.1 patch, farming on Torment 6 is now certainly doable. Even Greater Rifts ("Grifts") of 30+ can be attained with this build. But no single item makes (or breaks) this build. . Ia. Arcane Power (AP) Management - General Ib. Arcane Power (AP) Management - Attack Speed Breakpoints II. Gear Choices III. Skill allocation IV. Fire Build Alternative V. Glossary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ia. Arcane Power (AP) Management -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They way in which you choose to manage your arcane power (AP) is crucial to the success of this build. As you put your gear together and choose your skills you must have a plan for recovering AP. This build does not use a Signature spell (free to cast) which means that when you get down to 0 AP….you are doing 0 DPS. There are several schools of thought on this topic. Some believe in “infinite channeling” – i.e. you recover AP at the same rate that you spend it so your AP is always full. Others tilt the other way and spend it as fast as they can burning down enemies with a higher power beam. Both of those I find unrealistic, so I sit in the middle: something like 12 seconds of disintegrate beam (in town) is just about right*. It allows you to channel long enough to fight off most elites without wasting resources channeling beyond that. Yeah….it won’t get you through a boss or Rift Guardian without kiting and waiting for you AP to fill….but that’s such a small portion of the game. That’s my tradeoff. [*This works out to about a 15 s channel against Gohm and longer than that in-game where there are more enemies for the Chaos Nexus beams to proc off of and generate more AP.] . -- There are several active and passive abilities which affect the length of time that you can channel. I list here the relevant ones: Energy Armor (EA): decreases your max AP pool by 20. It’s just a fact of life. You need to keep this in mind because you will always be using it. Magic Weapon (MW)/Conduit: Attacks have a chance to recover 3 AP Familiar Arcanot: increase AP regeneration by 4.5 per second Astral Presence: Increases your max AP by 20 and increases AP generation by 2.5 per second. -- There are several affixes on items which affect your AP: Wizard items (wand/staff, wizard hat*, sources, and some legendary rings) have an affix to add to your max AP. Typically you will be using a wand and source, but not necessarily a wizard hat. *i.e. Tal Rasha's Guide of Wisdom is a helm....not a wizard hat. Resource Cost Reduction (RCR) decreases the amount of AP spent. It is found on shoulders, rings, amulets, weapons, and sources. It can also be allocated in the Paragon Points menu. While extremely useful, just remember that it does not scale with the number of enemies like APOC does. Arcane Power on Crit (APoC) will generate AP on critical hits. This affix is found on helms and sources. Although not as powerful as it was before the ROS expansion, it still has the ability to scale with the number of enemies...unlike RCR. Increased Attack Speed (IAS) will INCREASE the rate at which you spend AP. Minimize when possible.. -- There are several set items which can be used to benefit channeling spells: Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit 3-piece set bonus increases your AP generation by 2 per second. Captain Crimson’s Set (crafted) 3-piece bonus has a RCR of 10. . - Paragon points can be allocated toward RCR. If you spend 50 points you get 10 RCR. . . . So…there’s a formula for how to calculate how much Disintegrate costs to cast…and one to calculate how fast you recover AP. Then you have to subtract them and divide by your AP. Screw that. Here’s a link to Dolynick’s spreadsheet that will calculate it for you. Download it, go to the APOC-LoH tab, and put in your information in the box in the upper left-hand corner. Look for Disintegrate below and notice the column for “Channeling Time”. You can make speculative changes to your gear and see the effect here. I kid you not, the estimation here is spot on, so trust it. If you want to prove it to yourself, channel on Gohm and record your channeling time. If it’s not +/- 1 second, you’re doing something wrong. ... General things to consider: 1) Try to minimize attack speed. Sure, it increases your DPS, but decreases your channeling time. If you want to add IAS try to balance it by adding RCR somewhere as well. 2) Try to not use, in the end, any active or passive abilities to manage your AP (use items, sets, and RCR to do that). I think it’s better and easier to swap abilities for DPS and toughness than to also be worrying about swapping for AP management. At least try to keep that one thing constant. 3) Play! Watch your AP globe and see how full (nor not!) it is. Everyone’s playstyle is different. If you keep running out of AP…then add RCR or decrease IAS to help. If it never runs dry (except on RG and bosses) then perhaps you could drop some RCR and squeeze in some more toughness or DPS. 4) If you want to test gear choices, try channeling in town and record channeling time with a stopwatch. This is good for head-to-head comparisons. Just remember, if you have an item with APOC your channeling time will be longer when you are killing enemies. If you want a better test, then kill Gohm and record your channeling time. Also remember, your channeling time will be even longer in-game…where you are killing lots of enemies and your Chaos Nexus beam is critting a lot, and proccing APOC. So, ultimately, Play!...and adjust from there. . My recommendations as you start…or for low Torments: Use your first 50 paragon points in Utility to get +10 RCR. Craft Captain Crimson’s set for the bonus. All three if you have to. Or two plus Ring of Royal Grandeur. Use a source with APOC. . My recommendations for medium Torments (in addition to the above): Look for RCR on at least 2 items. Definitely shoulders. Gloves, source, and wand are good also. Start looking for Gesture of Orpheus (GoO)/Slorack’s Madness, At least 2 pieces of Tal Rasha’s set, and a Ring of Royal Grandeur (from Act one bounty cache). Start stacking +arcane damage: bracers, ammy, ring (SoJ), maybe helm (Andariel’s Visage). Start stacking +disintegrate damage: boots, helm (maybe source). Start stacking +familiar damage: shoulders, maybe chest.. My recommendations for higher Torments: You should have GoO or Slorack’s Madness (preferably), 4 piece Tal set bonus, and craft 3 piece Captain Crimson’s bonus. You should have either +damage from arcane/disintegrate/familiar appearing on nearly every item. You should have RCR on 2 items and APOC on one. Stack AR, armor, and single element resistances where appropriate. I’m not (at this time) going to make recommendations for toughness or AR or Armor here though. . . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ia. Arcane Power (AP) Management - Attack Speed Breakpoints -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, yes....Attack speed breakpoints will always be with us. They have to do with.....lots of complicated mathematical stuff that I don't understand. [Check out apo's sticky on the front of the wizard page for specifics as well as Dolynick's discussion on page 2 and 3 of this guide for more in depth information]. What I do know is how to optimize for them and I'll present that information here. Just like in the old CM/WW build, damage/LoH/procs/etc are tied to Attack Speed Breakpoints. Being just under or over a specific attack speed garners advantages and disadvantage. For CM/WW it was tied to LoH, CM procs, and freeze strength and you needed to be just over the breakpoint. For Disintegrate, it is mostly tied to damage efficiency and LoH with the requirement to be just under the breakpoint. NOTE: Adding attack speed does not necessarily mean that you will channel for less time (as you see repeated on the forums). Whereas crossing a breakpoint results in a large decrease in channeling time, adding or subtracting attack speed within a breakpoint has no effect on channeling duration. You need to know where you are with respect to your breakpoint. There are things that happen not only just above and below a breakpoint....but within it as well. Luckily, one piece of advice sums it all up: ---->If adding IAS on an item pushes you over the breakpoint....then go all the way to the top of it. Here is what happens as you cross over a breakpoint: Increased DPS (from the added IAS on your item) Increased LoH (about 8% more) Decreased channeling time (about 18-20% less). Here is what happens when you add IAS to reach the top of the breakpoint: Increased DPS (from adding even more IAS. About 5-7% more (when comparing the bottom and top of the breakpoint) Increased channeling time (About 2-3% more if using Chaos Nexus). Summary (TL;DR): Going up a breakpoint will cost you channeling time while increasing your LoH and DPS. You should add more IAS (using Paragon Points) to get to the top of the breakpoint since there is no penalty and will increase your DPS even more. If you want to maintain your old channeling time you will need to add more APOC/RCR/etc to make up the loss. Basically you have to balance whether or not an adding IAS for more DPS is worth it with respect to either a loss in channeling time or the gear affixes that you will have to add to negate that effect. . Breakpoints . ----------------------------------1.818 breakpoint---------------------------------- Just under the breakpoint at 1.817 AS (+29.8% Attack Speed Increase) Just over the breakpoint at 1.668 AS (+19.2% Attack Speed Increase) ----------------------------------1.667 breakpoint---------------------------------- Just under the breakpoint at 1.666 AS (+19.0% Attack Speed Increase) Just over the breakpoint at 1.540 AS (+10.0% Attack Speed Increase) ----------------------------------1.538 breakpoint---------------------------------- Just under the breakpoint at 1.537 AS (+9.8% Attack Speed Increase) Just over the breakpoint at 1.431 AS (+2.2% Attack Speed Increase) ---------------------------------1.429 breakpoint--------------------------------- How to use: Check to see what your “Attacks per Second” are in your details tab and see which breakpoint you fall within. Then add attack speed using Paragon Points until the “Attack Speed Increase” line in the Details tab matches the table below to just “Just under the breakpoint”. For instance, using a 1.4 AS wand and a Ring of Royal Grandeur (6 IAS) puts you at 1.48 AS. You need 3.8 more IAS from Paragon Points for a total of +9.8 “Attack Speed Increase” to get to an overall attack speed of 1.5372 which is “Just under the breakpoint”. To test it yourself: Check your channeling time in town when you are at the top of the breakpoint with a stopwatch. Add an additional 0.2 IAS using Paragon Points and check again. See how much your channeling time decreases!! . . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Gear Choices -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The gear choices are pretty straightforward to begin with, but get more difficult (as they should) as you start to tackle higher Torments. Fortunately, there is no single item that is required for this build (i.e. +2 Mirrorball, WoW, etc). . Weapon: Good: any weapon with an open socket (OS) and INT. Even RCR is good here. A wand is probably the best because of the +Max AP. However an axe, with slow attack speed, is just as good. Better: Gesture of Orpheus – the 15-20% Arcane damage is best in slot (BIS). Best: Slorack’s Madness – the 15-30% Disintegrate damage could net you 10% more DPS over a GoO.. Sources: many are good here. Look for one with APoC. Good: Any rare with INT, CC, APoC, and +disintegrate. Better: Tal Rash’s Unwavering Glare - Versatile, since it could help you make Tal’s set & open gearing options elsewhere. Better: Triumvirate - good for the extra elemental damage.. Jewelry – this is pretty wide open since no specific item is required. For amulets, something with Arcane%/INT/CC/CD would be BIS (even rare possibly). Rings should have INT/CC/CD and maybe even IAS. An SOJ is nice here as well. RORG is almost mandatory in the end. Good: a rare amulet with +arcane/INT/CC/CD. This is really nice, actually. Unlike its legendary counterparts however, the rolls in +arcane and INT are lower. Unless you have a legendary trifecta + arcane damage ammy, this combination will usually win out. Better: Tal Rasha’s Allegience - hard to roll +arcane/INT/CC/CD. Even a bad one may be worthwhile if you need the set though. But only use a poorly rolled one if you need the set. Best: Moonlight Ward (MLW) – This comes with +Arcane (up to 25%), CC and IAS. At worst you could reroll for a trifecta. This IAS isn’t exactly desired, but it’s a freaking MLW…deal with it. At best, your random primary roll will be CD, and you can roll off IAS for INT. Boom. GG. The extra DPS from the arcane energy proc is nice too, but requires you to be in melee range of the enemy. Best: Stone of Jordan (SoJ) – this is pretty much BIS for most builds. Up to 20% arcane damage, up to 30% elite damage, INT, and reroll for either CC or CD. Yes, please. Best: Ring of Royal Grandeur (RORG) – This ring eventually becomes almost mandatory in the end. There are potentially three different sets that you are going to be using…so it makes sense to have an RORG to help complete all of them. Even a bad one is worth it (just reroll something for CC or CD)...or try for trifecta.. Helm or Wizard Hat: will vary, depending on what you find and what sets you need to fill out. Good: The Swami/Dark Mage Shade/rare - anything, really…with INT/CC/+disintegrate damage (the last roll is up to you). If rare, look for a wizard hat with +Max Arcane. Best: Tal Rasha’s Guise of Wisdom - for the set bonus, if needed here. No +Max arcane though (wth?! Its not a wizard hat...). Best: Andariel’s Visage – this helm is the only one that you can roll +arcane damage on. In addition, it rolls IAS, and either CC or +disintegrate damage. The most you can get on other helms is two of those three (and never arcane). You can even talk your way into the IAS being good since that makes for more DPS (just balance the AP consumption out elsewhere). Your random roll is a choice between CC or +Disintegrate damage.. Chest: no real go-to winner here. Better: Aughild’s chest (crafted)…for the set bonuses. Best: Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit – I guess this could be the best, since it has 5 primary rolls. At worst, you could always Haybale the IAS roll for something else. . Boots & Pants & Belt Best (belt): Not sure what the “best” is for belt, it just depends on what gear you have and what combination you have that work. It’s possible you might need the belt from Tal’s set or craft Captain’s set in the slot for the set bonuses….so you might not have much of a choice. Ultimately, I’d say that Sting of Ears would be the best due to the melee reduction secondary roll. Other runners up could be Witching Hour or Harrington Waistguard. Best (pants & boots): Captain Crimson’s Set (crafted) – The boots and pants fit pretty naturally here and qualify you for the 3-set set bonus (for RCR) if have a RORG. If not, you need the belt as well. There are several other belts that you probably want to slot in other than the Captain’s Belt really. The only requirements are that the pants have 2 OS’s and the boots have +Disintegrate.. Shoulder & Gloves & Bracers - These pieces are mostly dependent on what sets you are trying to fill. Bracers should have +Arcane damage and CC. Shoulders ought to have RCR (and would also be a good place for +Familiar damage and maybe even Area Damage). Gloves could be trifecta (if you can handle the IAS) but another good option is CC/CD along with RCR or VIT (since it is a higher roll here). Best: Aughild’s set (crafted) – typically I would use Aughild’s bracers and chest for the set (with RORG). If you are using Tal’s chest, then Aughild’s shoulders (or helm?) could be used to complete the set Best: Ashera’s set (crafted) – (gloves and shoulders only) This is a good place for this set. It’s not the strongest set, but the All Resistance (AR) and %life bonus sure is nice. However, if you need to use Aughild’s shoulders then this set will not work (i.e. boots and pants are slotted for Captain’s set). Better/Best?: Strongarm Bracers - Black Hole counts as knockback....so if you are using Black Hole then it can be a very nice damage buff. . Set Items . Tal Rasha’s set – This set gets a double nod. It has a 3-piece set bonus that grants an extra 2AP/second to be generated and the 4-piece set deals extra DPS in the form of meteors for each element that you are using in the build. The meteor damage gives you a little extra DPS to help with the higher torments and also acts as a monster damage defuff if you are playing in a group. The nice thing is that with an RORG you only need 2 Tal set pieces to get the AP generation buff (which is mostly what you are shooting for). When you find another piece then you’ll be ready for the higher MP’s with the meteor DPS buff. Aughild’s Set (crafted) – This is mandatory for high Torment levels, but there’s no reason not to use it at all levels since it is a crafted set. The reduced melee/ranged damage and reduced elite damage is too good to pass up. You can start with crafted bracers (with arcane and CC) for sure. The second piece depends on what Tal pieces that you have…so work around that. Ashera’s set (crafted) – this is a nice set to have, but not exactly mandatory. The 100 AR and 20% life from the 3-piece set is certainly nice though. Typically, you’d craft shoulders and gloves for the two piece set bonus (three with RORG). Like I said above, this set will not work if you have to have Aughild’s shoulders (since pants and boots are slotted for Captain’s set). Firebird's Set (see below). Legndary Gems Bane of the Powerful - 20% damage after killing an elite and 15% elite damage (at Rank 25) will certainly be useful. Bane of the Trapped - Increased damage when enemies are under crowd control (including when slowed with the bonus at Rank 25) is going to be a very strong gem. You're certainly using Black Hole and maybe even Frost Nova. Moratorium - Incoming damage is staggered over a period of time (or even cleared), is good defensively, just not as good as you maybe want it to be. Still good for a look. Zei's Stone of Vengence - This would seem to be a natural for channeling builds...increased damage the further you are away from the enemy...and a chance to stun as well (at rank 25). Gem of Effacacious Toxin - Has a 2000% DOT over 20 seconds...which is good, but not great. But the rank 25 gem includes +10% damage from all sources, which is pretty strong. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. Skill allocation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . The skills can vary widely depending on what Torment that you are running and what gear that you have. I will go through the 4 active skills and 3 passive skills I consider to be mandatory (with the best options for runes) and give a few options for the other active and passive skills. . --- Mandatory Active Skills (4) . Disintegrate – your main damage dealer and AP spender Chaos Nexus – This is my favorite of the runes. The extra sidebeams lead to a higher proc rate when enemies are range. This leads extra damage, more APOC generation, and more LoH. Moar beams please? Convergence: Damage changed to fire. See Fire Build Alternative below. Intensify – This rune doesn't really give disintegrate the extra ooomph that you think that it might with the +15% arcane bonus....it actually does less DPS than Chaos Nexus. However, the beam does travel to the edge of the screen whereas Chaos Nexus's beam is much shorter. It also has a higher proc rate than Chaos Nexus's main beam. So, basically, it does less damage but lets you stay farther away from enemies while getting good proc rates as well. The bonus only lasts 4 seconds, so just reclick your mouse every 4 seconds to reset this.. Teleport – because teleport. Many times you need to TP away and start channeling again. Safe Passage: Provides 25% less damage for 5 seconds after teleporting. Nice. Wormhole: Really good in group play. Helps you keep up with your team.. Magic Weapon – synergy buff. The base is 10% increased DPS. Electrify (lightning) – Some extra weapon damage as lightning. Will also proc EE/Tal set. Force weapon (arcane) – increases MW buff to 20% now (which is buffed by your gear too). Ignite (fire) - Some extra weapon damage as fire. Will also proc EE/Tal set. Deflection (arcane) – Instead of a DPS buff, this adds a shield to absorb damage when you attack (which is all the time, really). Definitely useful if you need a toughness buff. Conduit (arcane) – This will increase your AP regeneration.. Energy Armor – Protection - Necessary for almost every wizard and every build Pinpoint Barrier – if your mitigation is fine or you are speed farming, use this rune for the extra 5 CC and increased DPS Prismatic Armor – you will clearly need this on T5 or T6 for the increased toughness. [I do not consider Storm Armor/Power of the Storm to be viable for end-game consideration. It really provides no armor, so to speak. Even though it is great for channeling, really great actually, the fact remains that Energy Armor is the go-to for armor spells in high torments] . --- Possible Active Skills for the last slot (Choose 2) . Black Hole – This is almost mandatory. You are going to need crowd control (CC), especially on higher torments, to keep the enemies at bay as you burn them down from a distance. Spellsteal (arcane) – I really like this one for the extra DPS. I try to heard a large group of trash together (hopefully near an elite) before casting it to get the largest damage % increase possible Blazar (Fire) – Good fire damage. I use this mostly in coordination with the elemental exposure passive and to proc the Tal Set bonus. It is also a huge damage boost for the Fire alternative with Firebird's set. Supermassive (lightning) – This one is fun on lower torments, just to pull together a group of trash from a wider area. Helps to clear faster. Will also proc EE/Tal set. Event Horizon (Arcane) – Absorbs projectiles and nearby monster damage affixes. Useful, especially on higher torments to increase survivability.. Frost Nova/Bone Chill - I've been very fond of this lately. You can use Black Hole for far away crowd control...but eventually the monsters will get closer. Pop Frost Nova/Bone Chill for the last bit of crowd control and 33% more DPS to finish the mobs off. Best of all is that it does not use an attack turn so you do NOT break your channel and lose the damage increase that you're build up. Love it!! . Familiar – synergy buff. A familiar fires 179% weapon damage against a single target. Does not hit every enemy in a mob…just the single one it hit. Good for bosses and Rift Guardians....and maybe elites. Keep this in mind. Cannoneer (arcane) – Since this is arcane, and you have +arcane gear, this will buff that damage even more. Sparkflint (fire) – Extra damage and will also proc EE/Tal set. Icicle (cold) – Provides a 1 second freeze against a single enemy and will also proc EE/Tal set. Arcanot (arcane) - Will also proc EE/Tal set. It will also regenerate 2 AP/second for you. Use it if you need to, though I suggest using item affixes and sets to manage your AP. . Archon – I’m not an archon type of guy, but this can provide some burst damage as well as extra mitigation as well. It would synergize best probably with a GoO because of the +Arcane damage (the +disintegrate from Slorack’s would be wasted here). If you are savy, and have the right gear, you can even work in Vyr’s set along with Captain’s and Tal’s sets so you get the bonus of being able to use every rune of Archon. You'll also probably want to try to stack some Cooldown Reduction so that you can use it more often. . Slow Time – This one is kind of fun to play with if you have a GoO. There is no cooldown and you can repeatedly cast it. Time Warp/Stretch Time - Both can be used to increase damage. The latter one buffs the group while the former just buffs yourself. Both decrease enemy attack and movement speed when in the bubble Point of No Return - This is a nice utility spell for CC. Monsters are stunned when the enter or exit the bubble. Thus, if you position the bubble between you and the enemy they get stunned twice before the reach you. Nice while channeling. Useful on grifts when you need extra time to do damage. . Hydra – I’ll throw this one out here just to make you think that you have more options than you really do. You could use the hydras for extra damage and to proc EE/Tal’s set bonuses. . --- Mandatory Passive Skills . Blur – Because Blur. You are going to need the damage reduction. . Unwavering Will – Increased DPS/Armor/AR when standing still. Which is what you do when you are casing a channeling spell. Use it. . Elemental Exposure – I like this one because it is a free 5% extra damage at a minimum. If you have a GoO that rolls an element other than arcane (cold, lightning, or fire) then it is a 10% damage increase. Eventually , for T6 you will need the extra DPS from the Tal Meteor 4-piece set proc. This synergizes perfectly and maximally with the Tal Set meteor proc since you will need active abilities from 4 different elements to proc all 4 meteors. That means 20% extra DPS for free. . --- Possible Passive Skills for the last slot . Dominance – this grants you a shield (stacks 10 times) when you kill an ememy. The kicker is that group members killing enemies also build stacks. This works great for a fast-moving group (that is always killing enemies) if you are in need of extra toughness. . Temporal Flux – I really like this one for crowd control…especially on higher torments. It’s gonna take awhile to burn down enemies, and this slows them down to give you the extra time to do it. The tooltip says enemies are only slowed for 2 seconds, but if you are using Chaos Nexus the side beams fire several times a second and refresh the debuff. Nice, eh? . Evocation - If you choose both Black hole and Frost Nova for 2 of your actives, then this passive might be a good choice to support it. It'll help both of them get off cooldown faster which in turn will lead to better crowd control and eDPS. . Glass Cannon – Gives you a 15% boost to DPS as the cost of 10% AR and Armor. The mitigation loss from GC can really never be made up by stacking more AR and Armor and be competitive on T5/T6. So stop trying...you'll just get yourself killed. Use it to have fun on lower Torment levels though. . Audacity – It’s an extra 15% damage…but only at close range. Need to be able to tank to use it effectively. . Astral Presence – I don’t really recommend this just because I think it’s best to gear for AP management. If you have to use AP here, then you can’t use any of the other possible options above. . Arcane Dynamo (AD) (and electrocute) – This is what you might need to really tackle T6. Disintegrate isn’t exactly efficient at T6…it’s just not enough DPS. If you swap out electrocute for MW or Familiar then you can use it to quickly build up AD stacks. When you do…fire Disintegrate for an extra 60% DPS. As soon as you move…the DPS bonus goes away and you need to rebuild stacks. Knockbacks reset the bonus. Moving because you’re standing in molten resets the bonus. Etc. So, I find it a little clunky and tough to use, but maybe if I LTP it would be really good. It may shine its best in groups where you can kite less if you friends are tanking. . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Fire Build Alternative: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are quite a few differences between the standard Disintegrate build and the Fire Disintegrate build utilizing the Convergence Rune. 1) Using the Convergence rune turns all damage into fire. This now means that all of your items that have arcane% for extra damage now are not beneficial. Only items with fire% will now increase your DPS. Some items include Magefists, Cindercoat, Firebird Off-hand, Stone of Jordan, and any amulet or bracers. There are several fire% weapons....The Burning Axe of Sankis, Devastator (crafted Mace), and Maximus (2H sword). Of course, weapons with elite%, such as Furnace and Sun Keeper, are probably even more desired especially for Greater Rifts. 2) Wearing a cindercoat is almost mandatory to wear. This item reduces the cost of fire skills by 23-30% as well as increasing fire damage by up to 20%. The cost reduction is HUGE - its like having four items that have 7% CDR each. This means that you don't need CDR on your Off Hand or Shouders and don't need to use Tal or Captains set. The drawback is that your roll for Cindercoat will likely be Fire%/3 Sockets/INT and either VIT or Armor or AR. However, you can easily make up for that on other items now. 3) You lose the use of the Temporal Flux passive. No arcane damage....no 80% slow anymore. You'll have to balance standing still and kiting even more than before. 4) You gain the Firebird Set bonus. This set becomes almost mandatory....You will kill things faster and will lessen the loss of the Temporal Flux Passive. You can use this either as the full 6-piece set or as a 5-piece set with the Ring of Royal Grandeur. Since your chest is Cindercoat, that leaves you with: Boots, Pants, Gloves, off-hand, and orb (if using RoRG). If you are not using RoRG then you must use shoulders as well. 5) Other item choices. If you are using RoRG with the 5 items listed above, then that also allows you to use Aughild's set (shoulders and bracers) and get the set bonus as well. However, this means that you will not be able to use a Stone of Jordan (assuming that you and your follower are using a Unity). Dropping the RoRG for a SoJ means that you must use Firebird shoulders to complete the FB set (still using cindercoat, of course) and will lose the Aughild set as well (use Strongarm bracers instead). This will give you a much more offense minded build...but will be more squishy as well. 6) Using the Firebird DOT. There are many articles in the wizard sticky about the FB DOT, so I won't go though it in detail. Basically, the 6-set bonus will amplify your damage in the ramp-up to the permanent DOT...and then continue to do damage after that until the enemies dies. Just look for the FB icon that appears on the head of the enemy. The DOT will continue doing damage until the enemy dies but only if you are within about 2 screens distance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Glossary: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . AP = arcane power APoC = Arcane Power on Crit(ical Hit) AR – All Resistance BIS = best in slot CC = critical hit chance CC = crowd control CD = critical hit damage DOT = Damage over Time EA = Energy Armor EE = Elemental Exposure passive FB = Firebird GoO = Gesture of Orpheus Haybale – too reroll one of the set affixes on a legendary item. IAS = Increased Attack Speed or Attack Speed Increase LTP = Learn To Play MLW = Moonlight Ward MW = Magic Weapon RCR = Resource Cost Reduction SM = Slorack’s Madness SoJ = Stone of Jordan Trifecta = CC/CD/IAS on a ring, amulet, or gloves. WoW = Wand of Who Trifecta = CC and CD and IAS on a ring, amulet, or gloves. ________________________________________________ Diablo III Wizard MVP |My street cred is limited to the friendly confines of the wiz forum Piehole YouTube page: www.youtube.com/user/PieHole1628 Danger: Please do not feed the trolls!PieHole432 Oct 18
Oct 18 Hello I am fairly new to diablo I really like the idea of being an ice wizard but I hear its pretty trash, does this new season mean a chance for them to add new stuff to possibly make it good?Kooriaisu2 Oct 18
Oct 17 who are these people? Do theystart playing Diablo recently? I don't recognize a lot of names here and I'm wondering if they started posting recently even though they have been playing for a long time.yodatoy22 Oct 17
Oct 17 Attack speed from cains or firebirds 6p set? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Worldoflies-1835/hero/80198830 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NQSPjT!edfX!YcZYYZ I really like how ASI works with my meteor sheild build, but firebirds 6p set http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/firebirds-talons would be helpful since i die really easily at gr27, but i still haven't gotten the 25rank wildebeest gem http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/molten-wildebeests-gizzard My focus for this build was to cast as many meteors as possible so the cain 2p http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/cains-warmers set helps a lot with this, and the ASI gem Gogok i can get to 80% ASI http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/gogok-of-swiftness . Which do you think i should go for? Also if you have any suggestions i'd love to hear them.Worldoflies6 Oct 17
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Oct 15 No new patch for Season 8 = suck for Wiz? The title asks the burning question. I'm not much into the current Firebird iteration. For those who enjoy the current Wiz set designs more power to you.BossDogg12 Oct 15
Oct 14 Lightning Archon how to Ignite? So I found this guide. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/82963-s7-gr99-firebird-solo The guide says to use lightning damage in Archon. So my question is, how do you ignite stuff? I don't get it. Icy Veins says to use Fire damage in Archon, that makes more sense. I have played a Vyr's Archon build in the past, so I understand the basics.ExtraVision1 Oct 14
Oct 14 Tal Rasha Help PREFACE: I am NOT an expert player. My pattern has been to pick up d3 every 4-5 months and play for about a month. I rolled a wizard for season 7 and am having a lot of fun with tal rasha set. However, I am hitting a wall at gr65. The only way I am able to do gr65 is by kiting like tommy boy fending off a bee attack. While I enjoy the skills I am using (molten meteor has always been one of my fav d3 skills), I know I must be doing something wrong. Can one of the more experience players please take a look at my seasonal wiz and give me some pointers for playing with TR set? I have found the other sets but I'm trying to make this one work for now. I've never been a big fan of archon simply because it changes all your skills. For instance, I prefer how wob buffs barb but with same skills. I know my gear isnt the best. I'm really looking for advice on what combination of skills and items work the best for TR. thank youKrullux2 Oct 14
Oct 14 Best Wiz Farmer/Speed gr's I made a build on Diablofan's Website, i believe its going to be the fastest farmer for every thing from bounties to gr's for wizards, i like some opinions, if u would. http://www.diablofans.com/builds/83828-poweroverwhelming Im currently using it on and i can clear rifts then most UE deamon hunters and same goes for gr's. right now on good rifts can do gr 60's under 2 mins, but that's just skewed by my paragon probably. it dosent speed farm 70's tho cause u just wont kill fast enough.(may be it can but im on HC so i wont bother trying) 65's ez tho too.Zero9 Oct 14
Oct 12 [Suggestion] Elemental Combinations Hi all! I have an idea that would change the game mechanics a bit, lets call it "elemental combinations" (though it would further buff Tal set and playstyle, it could be implemented to other item sets or classes too): We have some cool debuffs in the game like burn, chill, and other kind of dots and various effects. I will focus on burn and chill since it is a wiz topic. Lets say, your enemies are alrdy burning, and you just applied a chill effect on them. In this case - due to the thermal forces - they will become "fragile", taking 25% more dmg from arcane and physical attacks. Another instance is, when you apply chill effect on monsters, and striking them with lightning. They will become superconductors, and any more lightning dmg overcharges them, making them similiar to when they're affected by the Fluminator. For last one, take an example of fire + arcane, wich will make the enemy affected by "chaos" effect. Affected enemies are become confused, attacking each other for the duration of the debuff. If an unaffected enemy gets attacked by this way, he will become confused too. I could continue this list endlessly, because of the huge number of variations and ideas, but i think that you alrdy got the essence of my explanation, and i'd like to read your opinions about it. I think this would be a real gamechanger for wizards (and for other classes too), and opens up a huge number of new item effects, or helps in the revision of current ones. Sorry for m bad english, hope u understood all :)Ellusion0 Oct 12
Oct 11 Just turned 70; need some assistance (Archon) I just made a new wizard and could use a helping hand - if some experienced folks could tell me how to reroll the gear I have equipped for the best effect for an Archon wizard, I'd much appreciate it. Here is my wizard: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Musashi-1332/hero/74245767 I used the post by this person as kind of a template for the gear I should be using and the skills I should have selected: http://www.d3planner.com/565641057 Basically, I don't know nearly enough about what is good in the way of stats and what isn't on the gear I have equipped, and don't want to accidentally roll something away that is of real use, but don't realize it. I feel kinda like I need to re-learn the game every time I pick it up because there is so much I don't know, so I don't want to make any mistakes this time around. Anyway, I took all the abilities that the uber-mage did (though it might not be reflected on a fresh 70). I also found this guide, but is it any good still? http://www.icy-veins.com/d3/wizard-vyr-archon-build-patch-2-4-2-season-7 I also have a chantodo's will and force in my stash somewhere if folks think that is better.Musashi4 Oct 11
Oct 11 Rasha-Woh Build advice I really love the concept and play style of the Rasha-WoH Explosive blast build( I like to call it the man on fire build) And was hoping someone could lend some advice on my current build. I can farm Tx easily, But moving up to txiii currently is out of the question(Pushing for stash tab). I get nearly insta-killed by elites, and just don't seem to be pushing out enough damage outside of Geom proc. Outside of continuing my hunt for ancient upgrades, is there anything I can change up to alleviate my problem? http://www.d3planner.com/954002202xxJohnDeerxx8 Oct 11
Oct 11 Bane of Powerful vs Pain Enhancer Hi, why every wiz DD in 4ppl use pain enhancer if chantodo wave(main source of damage) dont benefit from Attack speed? Fromanother side BoP gives +15% to elites and +20% dmgAlec8 Oct 11
Oct 8 AD, ASPD, and LoH for Firebird Build 2.4.2 Hi, I just start playing wizard on current 2.4.2 patch. I know Area Damage, Attack Speed, and Life on hit are important for monk, How about wiz? Do we stack AD? Do we need attack speed and LoH in our equip? Currently I dont focus on AD, ASPD, or LoH. But, since I got an ancient Chantodo's Will with below stat: +1411-1709 Holy Damage +945 Int 7% attack speed 17% area damage Please help me which stat to reroll? Thanks.sever6 Oct 8
Oct 7 [Suggestion] Set-Items & Legendaries ... Head, Torso, Legs, Feet, Shoulders, Hands, Off-Hand (2) Set: Enemies hit by your lightning skills are afflicted by „Electrified“, becoming Slowed and taking 2200% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds. If an enemy dies while under „Electrified“, it explodes and deals 3300% weapon damage as Lightning to all nearby enemies. (4) Set: After applying „Electrified“ to an enemy, you take 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds. Furthermore, „Storm Armor“ gains the effect of all runes. (6) Set: After casting „Black Hole“, gain 2250% increased damage for 15 seconds to all your ranged skills. . . . ... Head, Torso, Legs, Feet, Shoulders, Hands, Off-Hand (2) Set: Enemies hit by your arcane skills are afflicted by "Arcane Domination", becoming Slowed and taking 2500% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds. You periodically summon a purple glowing "Arcane-Clone" of yourself (could also be a Ghost Light, a Skull, a Soul, or a Ghost). The "Clones" track enemies that are afflicted by "Arcane Domination" and explode on hit, dealing 550% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies in the area of the explosion. (4) Set: „Mirror Image“ gain the effect of all runes and know use „Magic Missile“ – „Seeker" as Basic-Attack. Removes the "push-effect" when casting „Mirror Image“. Furthermore your „Mirror Images“ and "Hydra" are now real pets. They remain until they die. Your „Mirror Images“ can now move freely. Your "Hydra" periodically pulls in enemies within 30 yards. (6) Set: Your „Hydra“ and „Mirror Image“ in addition periodically release a „Wave of Force“ and „Frost Nova“. You are healed by 5% of the damage, done by your „Hydra“ and „Mirror Image“. Gain 500% increased damage to all your ranged skills for each active „Mirror Image“. . . . ... Amulet Of The Giant Hydra: Your Hydra becomes a more powerful "Giant Hydra" with an Arcane-, Lightning-, Blazing-, Frost-, and Mammoth-Head. Arcane Bracers: Your take 15% less damage for each active „Mirror Image“. Ring Of The Familiar: „Familiar“ calls all Familiars to your side. Electrified Amulet: „Electrified“ enemies periodically release a lightning explosion. The target and enemies within the area of the explosion suffer 550% weapon damage as Lightning. Black Bracers: Decrease the cooldown of „Black Hole“ by 25%. Increase the damage of „Black Hole“ by 300%. When your „Black Hole“ hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 350–400%. Source Of The Magic Flux: „Arcane Torrent (Static Discharge)“ gain the effect of the runes „Flame Ward“ and „Cascade“. Furthermore increases the area of the impact location. Source Of The Magic Ray: When you cast "Ray of Frost" you in addition cast "Disintegrate - Convergence" and "Disintegrate - Volatility". Ring Of The Torrent: „Arcane Torrent“ shoots additional projectiles that automatically track random enemies. Ring Of The Charged Atmosphere: After your Storm Armor electrocuted an enemy, your damage is increased by 50% and your attack speed is increased by 5% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Ring Of The Thunder Crash: Every 6 seconds you call down 3 Thunder-Crash-Meteors in a rapid successionon on random enemies. The Meteors will cause elemental damage, based on your highest +X% elemental damage you have equipped. Amulet Of The Meteor Swarm: Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will trigger a „Meteor-Shower“ of the same damage type. There is a 8 second cooldown for each damage type. Ring Of The Raging Storm: Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will trigger a „Blizzard“ of the same damage type that now deals 2200% weapon damaage over 10 seconds in a 33 Yard radius. Multiple casts in the same area from the same caster do only stack for different elements (damage types). There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type. Source Of The Raging Storm: Blizzard now has a 6 second Cooldown All „Blizzard-Runes“ now deals 2200% weapon damaage over 10 seconds in a 33 Yard radius. When you cast any Blizzard you in addition cast Lightning Storm, Frozen Solid and Apocalypse.Azathoth4 Oct 7
Oct 5 How does it feel? To know that this is it, balance = done, and what we have now is the final iteration of the class?wage11 Oct 5
Oct 4 I have two questions about meteors. If i stack attack speed will it work with a constant stream of meteor shower? Or is the meteor shower proc rate still too bad for it? or dose that not matter anymore? Do you have to have certain skills on to get certain items, like meteor skills for meteor items like grand vizor?Worldoflies3 Oct 4
Oct 4 Firebirds set dungeon Hi, I need help with Firebirds set dungeon. I finish both objectives but i cant master it because i cant kill elites fast enough.Ive tried to post my profile link for my wizard but it seems im a gimp because i cant find my "Diablo III BattleTag in the login box" :P. Ive watched youtube, ive read the tutorials i found on internet but i still cant master the dungeon. I know some of you tried and tried again until you made it and others were successful after only a few attempts but could you please give some tips of how i can do that set dungeon? Many thanks.Nemuriciu3 Oct 4
Oct 4 Need advise on FB wiz I can never kill elites while archon is active, not sure what the problem is besides missing one leg gem and some different gear rolls. Anyone able to look at my gear and give me some advise on what i should change/reroll to have better damage/luck? Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/zeke-1240/hero/80487098zeke2 Oct 4