Jan 26 Firebird vs MH archon for solo grift Which of the two is a better build for pushing solo grift? My paragon is about 1000. I recently somewhat geared up for firebird archon build; and started trying grifts. I finished 88 and felt I could push a few more even with current stats. For me, there's still LOTS of room for stats improvements (from gears). With that, I'm confident I can push quite a few more. I have some decent gears for MH build but maybe still missing some items (and augmentations which take the longest time). I'm wondering how the two builds compare. So I can decide if I should focus on further improving FB gears or switch to MH archon (only if it is SUBSTANTIALLY better). If you have tried pushing rifts with both builds, I'd appreciate if you can leave a note to let me know. Thanks & cheers.Aggressor6 Jan 26
Jan 26 Archon slow time I don't suppose archon slow time bubble inherits the benefits of your separate slotted slow time rune? For VyrRasha MH build I've seen some people slot stretch time over magic weapon. I know AS is king for MH but the usable window seems pretty short, of course you could time it to align with the Tal4 double-stack Swami burst. Had me wondering whether the AS benefit was maybe getting more uptime by applying to the archon bubble. My guess is no because it's technically a different skill (like archon teleport) but wondered if anyone could confirm. Thanksmcdundee4 Jan 26
Jan 26 Mirror Image Gloves for Electrocute Maybe we thought about Mirror Images the wrong way. Obviously we will never see our images ever taunt or attract enemies and they're really dumb and do very little damage. Now, you know those awkward moments where you're stuck electrocuting one monster? What if we make our mirror images turn against us! ... This would help providing extra lightning rods for Electrocute and maybe can be helpful for other skills and effects that need monsters or damage. But maybe this is too good by itself. Maybe you need to pay a price for having such convenient monsters. ... EDIT: This is very general and has obvious applications with skills, items and gems like Spellsteal, Static Pulse, Firebirds, Ancient Parthan Defenders, Pain Enhancer, Gogoks, etc... Since you can summon the images on demand and use them in interesting ways. Depending on the skills the Mirror Images have in relation to your own, it may make useless items like Krede's Flame useful.nslay1 Jan 26
Jan 25 Non-Archon builds First off, I fully understand that the most powerful wiz builds will involve archon. To my knowledge MH light archon and Firebird archon are pushing the highest GRs. Just wondering if I'm the only one who isn't a huge fan of archon builds? I just don't find them as fun. Besides that, is a Woh wiz still one of, if not the most powerful non-archon build? is DMO worth my time at the moment?Deak211210 Jan 25
Jan 25 How to Create a Build It seems like some people are having issues figuring out what they want to do or how to get started in creating a build for their wizards. This guide is designed for beginner wizards and it is highly, highly advised that one plays through the game from levels 1 through 70, experimenting along the way, in order to get a better grasp of what's in the wizard's arsenal. Complementary Video: ... 1. What's the focus? What are you building around? First understand the term "spender." Every class, including the wizard, has spenders. These are spells that consume your resources and are regarded as your primary damage dealers. Common spenders include Arcane Orb and Meteor. These are traditional spenders and they generally have no cooldown and can be cast in succession for big damage as long as you have the resources to sustain them. Another type of spender is the channeled spell. These include Arcane Torrent, Ray of Frost and Disintegrate. The goal is to try and stand still without moving so you can continuously dish out heavy damage. The more you move around, the more you're not channeling, the less damage you'll be doing. So we pick a spender to build on. Let's say we pick Arcane Orb - Frozen Orb. This skill will be our primary damage dealer. We will kill the majority of the content with this skill. If we're running multiple spenders (say, Frozen Orb along with Energy Twister - Mistral Breeze), chances are we're going to run out of resources very fast and we'll be sitting around wondering what went wrong. This also applies to combining a traditional spender with a channeling spell. If we're running Frozen Orb with Ray of Frost, we have an issue. If we're channeling Ray of Frost, we're not using Frozen Orb. If we're casting Frozen Orb, we cannot channel Ray of Frost. So a skill is wasted. So generally speaking, we focus on one spender. Now we have to figure out how to sustain this spender to keep it going constantly throughout a fight. Build progress: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#c!!c 2. Supporting the spender There are several ways to go about this. The most basic way is to run a signature spell that aids in recovering resources. Skills like Spectral Blade - Siphoning Blade, Electrocute - Surge of Power, and Shock Pulse - Power Affinity all have their uses. You can also use any signature spell with the Prodigy passive to aid in resource generation. There's also resource cost reduction and arcane power on critical hits (APoC) on gear. But to keep it simple, let's say we're going to support Frozen Orb with Spectral Blade - Siphoning Blade. The situation is that we're running Frozen Orb, spamming it on enemies. At some point or another, we might run out of resources. Now's the time to recover the resources by hitting a few targets with Siphoning Blade. You'll recover a lot of resources in a short period of time, allowing you to start casting a series of Frozen Orbs again. Now that we have this little combination going, we can focus on controlling scenarios. This means running spells that aid in defense, especially positioning, or supplementary damage. Spells like Teleport, Mirror Image and Slow Time are phenomenal for defense and setting ourselves up in a good spot. Blizzard, Hydra and Explosive Blast are samples of supplementary damage. These skills tend to be "cast and forget." Remember, our main damage dealer right now is Frozen Orb. Let's say we're running Slow Time - Point of No Return as a defensive spell. We can use it to stun enemies, allowing us to reposition ourselves as necessary. We can also pick a spell to add supplementary damage, like Hydra. We have to think carefully now. Frozen Orb is a ranged AOE spell, so we'll likely be doing our best to cast the spell at a distance to maximize damage before enemies get too close. That means we can go with two different play styles. We can run Blizzard as supplementary damage (since we can't stack it), casting it before Frozen Orb to set up a snare. We can also run Explosive Blast, just to cast when enemies get too close. Or, we can forgo the supplementary damage and pick a second defensive spell. Do we want more mobility in the form of Teleport? Or do we want Mirror Image for breaking crowd control effects? One thing about Mirror Image is that illusions are able to cast certain spells, which I will cover in the next part. Build progress: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#cWg!!cZY 3. Managing synergies Every build needs synergy. Take a look at the old CMWW build. That build was the epitome of synergy. Wicked Wind triggers Critical Mass, Critical Mass refreshes Frost Nova for repeated crowd control and refreshes Diamond Skin for pseudo-permanent invulnerability. It also refreshes Explosive Blast to turn a spell meant for supplementary damage into the primary damage dealer. Wicked Wind also triggers Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect for significant supplementary damage. Everything clicked together to form the build that functioned with different engines churning simultaneously. So what kind of synergy can come from a build focusing on Frozen Orb? Frozen Orb slows enemies by default because it's cold-based. Keeping that in mind, remember we're also running Slow Time - Point of No Return as a way to position ourselves and to also stun enemies. A spell that works very well with Slow Time is Mirror Image. Illusions from Mirror Image can cast their own Slow Time (meaning more stuns in this build) and they can also cast Frozen Orb. They only deal 10% damage, though (with the exception of the Mirror Mimics rune, which allows illusions to deal 20% damage). So now what rune do we pick for Mirror Image? Do we pick Duplicates so we can get five extra Slow Time casts up? Or do we pick Mocking Demise for added stun a little more damage? Let's go with Duplicates so we can get more layers of Slow Time to stun enemies. Now, if you're familiar with the wizard class, know that the Illusionist passive can reset Teleport, Mirror Image and Slow Time instantly if you take 15% or more of your max HP's worth of damage within 1 second. This means if we're in a situation where we cast Mirror Image, which then results in 5 extra Slow Time bubbles to stun enemies, we can instantly refresh all the bubbles and Mirror Image if we intentionally try to take some damage. In the scenario where we end up taking too much damage, we can repeatedly cast Mirror Image and Slow Time to escape. This is where running Teleport (instead of Mirror Image or Slow Time) can also help. By slowing enemies with Frozen Orb, constantly stunning with Mirror Image + Slow Time, we have a build that's capable of maneuvering around the map to capitalize on attacking from a safe distance. In other words, it makes for a solid kiting build. Build progress: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#cWgk!d!cZYZ 4. Rounding out the build With a spender in place, a way to sustain it, along with basic synergies to keep a build running, all that's left for us to do is to start padding the build and rounding it out. Usually the options are buffs, in the likes of Magic Weapon, Familiar and/or an armor spell, or with one of the aforementioned spells in addition to a source of supplementary damage (like Blizzard). Magic Weapon is a common choice just because of the straight damage boost that costs nothing but an active skill slot. For the sake of simplicity, let's pick Force Weapon. Now for the last slot most people pick an armor spell. Do we want Storm Armor - Scramble to help with mobility? Or do we want Pinpoint Barrier for added crit chance to aid with any APoC we have on gear? Or do we want Prismatic Armor for added survivability? I wouldn't recommend Storm Armor - Power of the Storm because there's really not that much of a difference between an Arcane Orb that costs 30 AP versus 27 AP. We're going to run out of resources by the time we cast ~4 Orbs unless we stack bonus max AP and plenty of resource reduction stats so it's more gear dependent. In addition, since we're already running Siphoning Blade to aid in managing resources, Power of the Storm is likely not needed at all. Let's run Scramble to aid in mobility. Now we need to pick the last couple of passives. Blur is always nice for added survivability. Power Hungry could be worth looking at for resource management, but that involves moving around the map to pick up health globes, which costs us time in casting more spells to deal more damage. Perhaps Glass Cannon or Cold Blooded for more damage? Or Astral Presence to aid in more resource management (if necessary)? How about Dominance for more survivability? The thing about Dominance is that shielding wears off quite quickly on higher difficulty levels, where it's also less likely to ramp up the shielding effects in short periods of time due to higher HP levels on enemies. There are plenty of options, but we'll go with Blur for defense and Cold Blooded for offense. Build progress: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#cWgkST!dZW!cZYZZY 5. Notes and variations The way to play the build is very simple. We start off at a distance to cast Frozen Orbs while our enemies make their way to us (if they survive). At any point where resources become scarce, we cast Siphoning Blade a few times to recover AP, then repeat with more Frozen Orbs. At any point where enemy numbers start becoming a little overwhelming, we defend ourselves with Point of No Return. If necessary, we cast Mirror Image for additional Slow Time bubbles. If one cast of Slow Time is enough to stun enemies long enough for Frozen Orb to finish them off, that's good, we can save Mirror Image for other situations. And that's really it. Here's an older video of a variation of the build running during RoS Beta: http://youtu.be/OYsWWxDCZPo?t=3m52s *Build uses high resource reduction so spamming Frozen Orb is a lot easier and straightforward The play style is similar in the build we put together, though ours might be a little slower in terms of performance (based on standard gear). Now we can talk about variations. Instead of Frozen Orb, we can use Meteor instead or any other Arcane Orb rune outside of Arcane Orbit (which sort of serves the role as a spender/supplementary damage source). Then the build looks like: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#PWgkST!dZW!bZYZZY Still works, we just need to manage the resources a little more closely as Meteor costs 10 more AP than Arcane Orb. We can also shift one of the defensive spells to Teleport so it looks like: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#PWgQST!dZW!bZYcZY Note how I selected Calamity. If we take enough damage to trigger Illusionist, Calamity can be cast multiple times to chain stun enemies. This can be combined with Point of No Return for even more stuns. Now what if I change Meteor to the Thunder Crash rune? And swap out Cold Blooded (since we're not using cold spells) to Paralysis? Now the build looks like: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#PWgQST!dZVc!aZYcZY We can also sub Siphoning Blade for Electrocute - Surge of Power: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#PUgQST!dZVc!aYYcZY Now we have a lightning wizard build. It focuses on chain stunning with Paralysis and pumping out some good damage with Thunder Crash. We can also add supplementary crowd control via Calamity and Point of No Return. These builds all follow the same simple template: 1 spender (traditional or channeling) 1 support spell (e.g. signature spell) Combination of supplementary damage source (Blizzard, Explosive Blast, Hydra), defensive spells (Diamond Skin, Frost Nova, Teleport, Mirror Image, etc.), and/or buffs (Magic Weapon, Familiar, armor spell) that can synergize with each other and/or with the spender. A build like the following will likely not perform optimally: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#RePiSO!UZYX!ccZaZZ Looks like a massive arcane-centered build, but there are issues. Two channeling spells mean one of them cannot be used while another is active. If you're Disintegrating, you cannot cast Arcane Torrent nor Meteor, meaning spells on the active bar are wasted. If you're dropping Meteor, especially Star Pact that consumes all your AP, then two channeling skills aren't being used. This is why we focus on one spender, traditional or channeling. By moving a few skills around, we can get something much more focused: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WRQdjT!UZdX!bYZbcZ The build has a spender in the form of the channeled Disintegrate. Thrown Blade, perhaps in combination with a healthy amount of APoC, can be enough to recover resources. Teleport serves as a repositioning and mobility tool. Arcane Attunement is a supplementary damage source that can buff up Disintegrate (the ability snapshots, too, so the entire channeling duration is buffed until you let go of the mouse button... or get interrupted). Familiar works very well with channeling spells, so there's the synergy. Cannoneer happens to deal very solid AOE damage so it's a great choice to serve as supplementary damage. Power of the Storm aids in sustaining channeling spells, so that's a good pick to round out the build. Temporal Flux allows all arcane damage (in this case, every damaging spell in the arsenal) to slow enemies. Blur for more survivability so you can stay in one spot longer to channel. Illusionist, as mentioned before, to allow multiple recasts of Teleport. Let's use another example of a focused build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aZQjSO!WcdS!ZYacYc This is one of the more recent renditions of the Sleet Storm build. Sleet Storm is the spender. Glacial Spike aids in recovering resources with Prodigy. You don't necessarily have to use Prodigy either. Safe Passage reduces damage, allowing you to stand your ground with Sleet Storm for a longer period of time. You can also run a different defensive spell, maybe Fracture/Reversal Teleport or Slow Time - Time Warp. Magic Weapon works well. Force Weapon may or may not be the ideal choice considering it knocks enemies around (it can potentially knock enemies outside Sleet Storm's AOE). Ignite makes for decent supplementary damage. You probably get the rest by now. There's not too much synergy in this build other than the good ol' Familiar + channeling spell combo. Let's look at a more up-to-date example, a variant of the Firebird build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#lQPNSO!Zbdh!YacYZc In this build, Blizzard becomes the main spender while Molten Impact and Blazar, both cooldown-based skills, act as supplementary damage. In addition, the build revolves around the 6-piece Firebird set so most of the damage will be coming from the gear. The defensive spell is Safe Passage, which provides mobility and positioning, shining most when combined with Illusionist. Evocation supports Molten Impact, Blazar and Safe Passage. Closing statements Hopefully this helps some newer wizards out in constructing a functional build. Too many times have I seen builds centered only on supplementary damage sources (Blizzard) that cannot stack with each other or cannot be cast successively while maintaining reliable performance. Too many times have I seen builds running multiple spenders (e.g. two channeling spells), conflicting with each other for sustained use. ________________________________________________ Diablo III MVP | Forever a Wizard YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/Jae7ch Twitter: @Jaetch | Twitch: http://twitch.tv/jaetchJaetch109 Jan 25
Jan 25 Wand of Woh is not dropping Season 9 Wand of Woh is not dropping for me after over 600 paragons and constant crafted rare item upgrades and kadala purchases. I've spent all of my crafting materials repeatedly on upgrading rares and many thousands of shards with Kadala. Last season I was able to do 55 grifts in 2-3 minutes. I miss it. Is anyone getting wand of woh drops this season? Has it been rarified or deleted?Culleton11 Jan 25
Jan 25 Make Wizards great again. Remove Archon.Katastrophy12 Jan 25
Jan 25 Spectral Blade build is fun This is already existing build with my adaptation. Mostly for beginners like me who needs to farm higher torment levels to get to endgame Archon Build or endgame Spectral Blade build 1. No Ancient Legendary required to reach T10 - GR 40 Solo www.diablofans.com/builds/86925-spectral-blade-mh-build I don't have a Manald Healing myself yet, but I hope to see it make synergy with this build. Pros: 1. Super fast mobility - fun to see rest of the allies catching up on you 2. Under T10, ranks top in damage and mobility 3. 100% uptime Cons: 1. Finger hurts spamming Slow Time + Explosive Blast + Teleport 2. Survivability requires some skill especially from elemental damages - Teleporting in and out, hitting lesser mobs to leech life and coming back in to fight elites 3. You only fight in the circle. (Mirror Images casting their own Slow time doesn't work with set bonuses) Getting the right gears took me about 3 days of rift and bounties in T6. For those who have higher end gears with this build please point me the right way, I'd like to push higher torment levels.jinyonglee3 Jan 25
Jan 25 Does Halo of Arlene work while in archon? Does Halo of Arlyse work while in archon? I haven't been able to find the answer to this question via forums or google. Can't play right now or I would test it.Muzzy1 Jan 25
Jan 25 2 New Concepts for Wizards So I'd like some feedback from the community about 2 things I think might make the Wizard a bit more interesting. To be perfectly honest there are a lot of Wizard skills that are never used just because the damage values have been butchered and no one has bothered to rework them in years. The changes to the game in the past years has made a rework for the wizard skills almost a necessity. Sure I'm sure everyone loves seeing 1 million and a half Archon builds every season now using relatively the same build every season for the last 3 or 4 seasons proving that there is no play your way, BUT I digress. The 2 concepts I'd like to breech are as follows. Firstly what would you guys say to making the wizard skill Mirror Images actually usable? For example we all know that the skill is basically dead in the water. There is only one legendary item that I know of that does anything with them and no one uses it, and to top it off there are only a select few skills that they can cast as is. Plus they don't last long (Skill Time-wise) and the die WAY too fast. Now what if for example the MI cast the exact same skills that you do WHEN you do? Granted at a lesser damage value but what if there were a new set or legendary item based on MI that can mitigate that lesser damage value? I have more ideas but I'll leave this up for debate my second concept though is something I think would change the Meta somewhat. Second Concept, I'd like to see a particular channeling skill to be augmented slightly. Whether or not its a rune augment or new legendary piece or set bonus, but what I'd like to see is Frost Rays - Sleet Storm ability being unhindered. AKA While channeling Sleet Storm you can still move as you normally would instead of being rooted to the spot. I believe if this were introduced into a legendary item, lets say boots since its an unhindered effect, that this alone could change a very large portion of how people play the wizard. So what are your guys thoughts as a community on these two concepts.Aarius2 Jan 25
Jan 24 Gogok 25+ and "dodge" on a Wizard. I hope this doesnt sound like a completely foolish question, is there a reason to level Gogok past 25 on a wizard? seeing as any further levels only increases dodge, and not even by that much. Obviously i am using the gem for MH Archon attack speed breakpoints, and the CDR to get back into Archon, but being uncertain how dodge works, or even its value on a wiz, i am reluctant to level it any further than 25.Morph3 Jan 24
Jan 24 How does MH archon build really work? Hey guys, long time Monk here. After seeing an MH archon wiz dude (over 200 paragons lower) in our group completely annihilating mobs and elites alike in GR80, I've all but decided to give up on my dream of the GG genmonk who is honestly pretty useless outside of a group with BOTH zmonk and zbarb mitigation, and save up augment gems I've been leveling for an MH archon wiz. This is a 2-part question regarding this particular build. 1) After literally just throwing the build together with Swami helm still missing, I tried a T10 rift. Maybe I'm not understanding how to play this build yet, but the playstyle honestly feels clunky and extremely slow. Outside of archon the arcane torrent is slow to fire and wiz cannot kite as quickly and responsively as DH so I keep getting interrupted by encircling mobs while waiting for teleport on cooldown. While inside archon, sure teleport has a much less cooldown time, but it still feels slow overall and the Beam has zero AOE. It took me 3 times as long to finish the rift compared to my ltk monk with similar damage. Is this build really meant for group support (albeit strong af) DPS, not solo speed runs? 2) So manald ring. The massive damage boost has 1.5 seconds to be useful after Paralysis, assuming you can even stun enough mobs while zmonk and zbarb are already cc-ing the hell out of mobs and elites, enlarging cc diminishing returns. Add to that, my understanding is you want to maximize your time in archon. So you Paralysis mobs with torrent, stack Tals, activate Archon, teleport out of sanc and start your Beam...by then the manald ring proc would've pretty much gone off already right? So is the ring really just there so your damage doesn't completely suck when out of Archon, even though your goal is to minimize Archon downtime, diminishing the usefulness of the ring even more? So why not use something like CoE that's more predictable? Sorry for the long post, any help is appreciated!Bumblebee20 Jan 24
Jan 24 Focus on MH or FB Archon? Hey guys, new to the archon builds and really to wiz in general here... I am building the MH archon right now that seems to be all the rage at the moment. But I also still see a large presence of FB archons on the leaderboards (more so for solo though). I have augment gems I'm saving up for my main dps focus this season (gave up on my genmonk), and I kind of need to pick one build to focus on to maximize efficiency. I've all but decided on Wiz as the main dps, but I'm not sure which archon build I should go with. Does FB still reign supreme? If so, by how much compared to MH? My concern is also the alleged bug with MH not proccing when it should, which would tip favor towards FB considerably if that's true (and it not getting fixed any time soon).Bumblebee3 Jan 24
Jan 24 Am I the only one that misses... Apocalypse, Black Hole, Hydra firebirds set up? I used to have so much fun with it, even if it was a little slow paced.Deuce1 Jan 24
Jan 24 Avaliação da Build Vyr+rasha Bom dia pessoal, estou com a build tal rasha e Vyr, estou com itens bons CDR boa, mais nao consigo passa da fenda 80, alguem pode avaliar e ver oq posso melhorar.SaylarBR1 Jan 24
Jan 24 Wizards got a new skill? I saw this on the chinese forums and became really confused. It sorta looks like disintegrate but that wouldn't make any sense to have a different icon for just that skill and keep the icons of all the other skills that exactly match the us version. If anyone here reading this happens to speak chinese, does this skill say disintegrate? http://f.bbs.diablo3.com.cn/forum/201606/08/202505zva0iaoovulacibl.pngJumpman5 Jan 24
Jan 24 New Wizard Any Wizards running Grifts tonight? Looking for get a few pieces of gear.Joshua0 Jan 24
Jan 24 Wiz Tal- Haunt of Vaxo, shadow clones hello, im new, just wondering on how strong are the shadow clones of haunt of vaxo amulet, they seems to spam multiple meteors too, its kind funny i was like smiling they can even kill an elite LOL. i wonder if they are based on 100% of my power level or a bit lowerPhMessi1 Jan 24
Jan 24 Firebird + Etched sigil lazy playstile Found DH marauder boring to play, decided to create a Wizard again (last season i played one was season 4 i think?). Had some friends to carry me while i was gearing up. Got firebird first, and cubed the first things i could use. One of them was the etched sigil source. Now I can do T13 solo on my own using some gear from my DH and some whatever random loot I found so far. It's lazy but it's fun i think lol. With folly, mantle of channeling, that belt that reduced AT arcane power cost plus a cubed aquila cuirass, I am pretty tanky without archon. I use BH, twister and blizzard for the sigil proc and AT as my main attack, all fire damage. Not the fastest build, not the best, I know, but man I am happy I don't need to be carried with such mediocre gear. I just keep walking, channeling AT and everything start to ignite because of other skills being cast. It's a crowd control fiesta too with two BH to use often and twister. I only wish I could play this beyond some point, but Archon mode is mandatory for GR pushing, so my fun is killed if I want to progress, unfortunately.calavera2 Jan 24
Jan 23 Archon Lightning Problem/Bug? I don´t get the Lightning in Archon.... I got my Sets allready but don´t cast Lightning with my right click... whats the problem? I tryed so many things... Frustrating, because it works, when the vyr set isn´t geared and archon rune on lightning... :/HamLeTo4 Jan 23
Jan 23 Blizzard Is it possible if you could fix meteor shower while using pain enhancer. Was doing GR 100 with a group, every big group pull would just give insane delays to the group. You really don't get this type of lag in 80+ cause of the OP builds out there killing quickly. You really notice it at 90+. I Would be very great full if possible.DragonsBlood4 Jan 23
Jan 23 Does "another stun" affect on MH damage? CC immune does not affect on MH damage. But does "another stun" affect on MH damage? Another stun means Stun from another skill, or freezing, blindness etc. look at this. https://youtu.be/D2ovERbZgJw this movie's wizard said, about 00:10 at movie it didn't deal a damage because of ice meteor 'freeze' the monster so interrupt STUN from paralysis. he also said CC immnune does not, but another CC does. Is it true?Teo2 Jan 23
Jan 23 Reroll Advice on Helm for MH Archon All - Recently picked up an ancient Guise of Wisdom, but need some advice on the reroll: Piece and stats: http://imgur.com/a/Hd1vd Thinking rolling the CHC to 6% is best, but it is definitely on the lower end of range for INT. Basically, what is better for my character: 1% CHC, or 141 INT. FYI I will drop a diamond in there, just posted this before doing so!VaniLaGoriLa3 Jan 23
Jan 23 Action Bar Skills: Two skills from same tree? Maybe a dumb question... but I see builds where people are using Action Bar Skills with two spells from the same tree like Defensive for example. But in the actual game, it does not seem to allow you to use more one spell from each tree. Stuck trying to kill normal Diablo btw.Seraphic2 Jan 23
Jan 23 MANALD HEAL BUILDS LON Build anyone? Is there MANALD HEAL Lon Build?? I don't know if that's possible thanks for your help/tikibomb2 Jan 23
Jan 23 TR/Vyr Lightning Wiz reroll questions Hey guys, need some reroll and gear advice on few items. http://i.imgur.com/6JoiDio.jpg 1. Starfire - reroll 8% dmg to 7% attack speed? OR reroll 950 int to 7% attack speed? 2. Gloves - use TR gloves or VYR gloves(also got 4.4% stun)? - if i use TR gloves, keep 8% cooldown or get 7% attack speed? 3. Boots - reroll movement speed to armor? OR reroll meteor to armor? (if I reroll armor to meteor then its gonna be almost identical to my current ones) I get: 1.82 aps(1.86 with enchantress), 58.89% cooldown with TR gloves(with 8% cooldown) 1.92 aps(1.96 with enchantress), 58.45% cooldown with VYR gloves But my aps will increase once Starfire is rerolled oc. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/OV3RL0RD-1135/hero/84425922 Thanks in advance. :)OV3RL0RD8 Jan 23
Jan 22 Returning, need wiz help Have been gone from the game for I think a couple of years. Always had fun with magic missile build, can that be viable with improvements to my wiz? I can solo gift only up to lol 23 at this point. Just lost on what path to take now. Thanks everyone.brindle1 Jan 22
Jan 22 Need some advice Need some advice on my seasonal whizzy gear check plz and how should I go on about optimizing ?? I did gr65 in like 8 minutes how can I improvefocuzz018 Jan 22
Jan 22 I wanna play Vyr-Archon! I dont wanna play FF Archon, nor Tal Archon, I wanna play Vyr-Archon. But it suck like crap!Astig3 Jan 22
Jan 22 Question from a noob wizard I'd spent most of my D3 time on DH and decided to try out a wizard. Last time i tried a wizard was 3 years ago. My question is about builds. Is there a single build that can do all 3 of these things? -speed rifts -solo grifts -group grifts Or do I need to make separate builds for each? I won't be trying to top the charts, but I still want to be able to push reasonably high.Primate3 Jan 22
Jan 22 Speed 70 Electrocute MH Build. I don't recall seeing anyone posting this build so I'm posting it for those who are interested. This is a speedy fun electrocute build that's focus is on buffing manald heal from attack speed and increasing all possible damage to the proc through (F&R, Orb) ect... Currently the build is a tank when played correctly, but its also feels extra squishy if you get screwed by the teleport bug. If played correctly you'll be bale to keep up all your ehp buffs (orb, bracers, Goguk) which will prevent you from being 1 shorted and works well in conjunction with low life with high life per hit (or life per second if you prefer that gem) with force armor. If you don't keep up your EB orb buffs you will find your self being 1 shotted a lot and this is why I choose to use 2 cheat deaths because of the teleport bug and electrocute ias stacking bug. If you loose your orbs stack while fighting an elite move onto trash and get your 4 stacks then merge the trash with the elites for faster kills. The key to this build is to concentrate on trash and always stay within 15 yards of your enemies because of audacity and teleport in place every second to gain a defensive buff from Ancient Parthan defenders. Build link and video link. ... The build is quite fun and speedy when your not being cheated by the teleport bug. I average between 4mins-5mins a grift, but if I get bad map rng and end up with caves/keeps it ends up in the 5-6min mark and sometimes it could go higher if you run into the juggernaut affix and not realize it and your teleport fails to work and you loose both cheat deaths and still die. With full arguments and high end gear I could easily see this doing speed 75's or higher depending on paragon level/gem/argument levels. If you haven't seen the teleport bug or electrocute 2.4.3 bugs check out this thread. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20752470380 If anyone has any questions feel free to post and ask.Jumpman7 Jan 22
Jan 21 Elemental Skills + colored Bubble mechanic Does anyone remember the Delsere's + Tal Rasha's build with the Aether Walker and Nilfur's Boast build? You could Teleport around, creating Bubbles everywhere, raining Meteors on your enemies' heads almost non-stop? I used that build a lot during Season 4. However, I do remember a very specific thing, a "mechanic" with that build. It was as follows: whichever dominant Elemental Skills damage type you had (for example if it came - and usually did come from - the Bracers' own Elemental Skills roll) would in turn result in you creating Slow Time bubbles of THAT particular Elemental type. For instance, Fire Skills damage would result in the creation of orange Bubbles, and enemies inside them would take Fire damage (you'd actually see them burn with flames on their body). If you had Cold Skills damage, you'd create pale/light blue-colored Bubbles, and enemies inside them would take Cold damage. The same applied with Lightning, and the Bubble looked different, had different 'shading' to it and would be of darker, mariner-style blue. I think those were the three variants though, because as far as I can remember there was no variant for Poison nor Physical either (and that would make sense too). Now here's the thing... The reason as to why I bring this back to ya'll memories (because that build on its own hasn't been talked about for... a long time) is because I clearly remember that the mechanic in question I described above was NOT always there for the Wizard, or at least not when a Wizard would specifically go with those items that formed the build in question. Then, it was newly introduced for I think one to three Seasons max, and then it was removed. Because, yes, perhaps some of you Wizards don't quite remember by now but that mechanic doesn't exist anymore. However, it has been removed many months ago. By either Season 5 or 6 it was already gone (I think it wasn't there anymore as early as S5 but I might be mistaken). So, main questions (and the gist of all this): 1) Does anyone actually remember exactly when that specific mechanic was - in fact - introduced to start with? Was it for Season 3? 4? I for one know I've used the build and saw that mechanic for the entirety of Season 4 but it might have been there earlier (I just happened to try the Wizard for that Season so I wouldn't be aware if that build along with its mechanic was there already for earlier Seasons). 2) Does anyone actually remember exactly when, and more importantly WHY was that mechanic removed? I'm asking this because (and it's also why I made this thread) I just checked my Wizard (non-Season) a moment ago and realized that she was still wearing everything I had during Season 4 for that specific build. So I took the opportunity to test the Bubbles and the Elemental Damage types but the mechanic is clearly still gone (Cold Skills damage on Bracers, but the Bubble appears as 'default' color, orange, which wasn't the case during Season 4 when that mechanic existed). The thing is that build, to be honest, has been the BEST, most fun build I ever played for the Wizard, ever (and I've tried a good bunch over the years). It was able to clear respectable GRift levels for solo'ing too (at the time I mean). And one could use it to help for some group GRift pushing (up to a certain point of course, it was a fun build, but not a very powerful one past a certain point you'd just hit a kilometer-thick wall). And it was super fun to grind in Torments with it (at the time I think we still had a Torment X limit though). But unfortunately not only was that build not played by most Wizards I knew (it was kinda generally popular at the time yes, but not in my Clan) but the fairly unique mechanic with the Bubbles and the corresponding Elemental damage type wasn't quite "defended" by the Wizard players (I.E. I don't recall people claiming how fun it was nor that it was a good idea from Blizzard nor if people actually wanted it to stay, etc). I'd love to see that build back to glory. But the main thing I'm curious about is why in the Grand Heck was that Bubbles mechanic removed?Lyrondor4 Jan 21
Jan 21 Bug? Ashnagarr doesn't boost Molten Gizzard? Molten Gizzard creates a shield.. Why doesn't Ashnagarr increase it? Or does it only apply to the shields granted by Wizard's spells?Andrey5 Jan 21
Jan 21 Ancient Starfire Reroll Need reroll advice please! Ancient starfire base dam: 1326-1637 (very low) INT 22% AD (not very useful stat) 6% CDR (low CDR roll) I get 15% dps gain just raising base dam. AD to IAS is useful. or 6%->10% CDR is good. Suggestions?Shooter1 Jan 21
Jan 21 Starter build for (just) 6 pc Firebird set Thanks to Haedrig seasonal players will get their full Firebird set pretty early. But at this point they're unlikely to have all/any of the other required support items to make the standard Firebird Archon build viable. I'm wondering if anyone has found a build they like that makes good use of the just the 6pc Firebird set bonuses, without the other gear to back it up yet?Briala2 Jan 21
Jan 21 Frost/Cold Wizard Any one know of a decent build in this patch with cold spells, or some way to make frozen orb decent. Doesn't have to be god like just decent enough to use in group play.hekumzx7 Jan 21
Jan 21 Question for Returning Wizard Decided to install D3 again, I haven't played since S4. Seems like this season wizards are probably doing the best. Is the manald heal build and lightning builds the top builds for this season? is one build easier to gear than the other?Chinners1 Jan 21
Jan 21 Chain Lightning Build Help The reworked Manald Heal has finally made my favorite wizard skill a viable build: chain lightning. The build I'm aiming for primarily uses CL with suplimental damage from Tal's. I've only gone as high as 65 though I think 70 is possible with some tweaking and more augments. I just had some questions: - are Depth Diggers helping in this build? - is the damage from Tals meteors enough to warrant the Nilfurs Boast? - aside from Skeleton Kings Pauldrons what other options on shoulders? Other general tips would be greatly appreciated. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/zoothe-1918/hero/17110888zoothe13 Jan 21
Jan 21 Coming back, need some help Hello All - I just starting playing again after a long hiatus. I feel my Wizard has very decent gear and I run archon build. I'm able to run up to Torment 10 L 46 rifts. I was wondering what I need to do to go higher. This is as high as I can get. Any advice appreciated.TheGilliom3 Jan 21
Jan 21 Help with Lightning Wizard So I am terrible at playing Lightning Wizard and I feel like he dies so digustingly easy, it's obnoxious. Any pointers on that?Darkinsanity14 Jan 21
Jan 20 Getting Ancient gear? Just a quick questions, as I must be doing something wrong. Whats the best, method for getting Ancient Weapons: 1. Use the Kube to roll a rare into a legendary (Reasonably cheap) 2. Reforge a Legendary into (fingers crossed) a Ancient version. (Not cheap at all) 3. Prey an Ancient version drops from rifting In regards to armour: 1. Gambling blood shard? 2. Reforging in the Kube 3. Upgrading rares in the kube (Not sure if you can do this or not) My current build (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/FrogSkin-1511/hero/84387698) seems capable of putting out the DPS I need, however I am now to squeshy to progress past GR52. I finish it under 10 minutes, but die a number of times, often from a single hit. Things Im currently working on: a. Replacing the Vitality gems in my chest and ensuring their all flawless royals b. Getting and Ancient Main hand and off hand version of what I have c. Replacing my armour with Ancient versions. (Hence the reason for my question, as I seem to be lucking out on finding the right Ancient gear). Anyway, appreciate the help if someone can offer some.FrogSkin7 Jan 20
Jan 20 Explosive blast does not proc tal's? Hello been trying to set up a build with EB, AT:SD, Teleport:Calamity and glacial spike. It seems that EB cannot proc the 4th element is it working as intended?edmund2 Jan 20
Jan 20 Need some wizard help so since cousin cant post for some odd reason im here to ask for help on his behalf lol. heres his current wizard http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Redemption-11756/hero/78080391 any advice on what gear to hunt for and how? certain spells and gems and so on? the build hes wanting is a time slow build or an archon build. thanks all for any advice you can give and happy hunting!DrSexy1 Jan 20
Jan 20 I Feel Squishy in 2.4.3 When Nothing Changed My Wizard never squishy in 2.4.2, but for some reason I feel squishy in 2.4.3 when I didn't change anything on my wizard. I didn't touch any of my Items, skills, runes, passives, gems ect... Something really feels off and Even force armor now feels worse and I've noticed that my life regeneration feels like it's no longer instantly healing but taking a short 1-2 second break after being hit before kicking in. It feels as though monster damage was changed from burst to dot damage and it now ticks down our health in chunks instead of one big hit which could explain why it feels like I'm being instantly killed with force armor without being 1 shorted like it's dot damage or ticking damage. What do you guys think? Did blizzard cause a bug? Or did blizzard make a secret change to the way damage is dealt that it has caused wizards to be less effective at the same level of ego as we were before inprevious patch( like the dot idea I just mentioned) when nothing else changed on my character at all? I used to tank T13 and go all day without ever dieing once and now I've noticed that I'm dieing at least once a rift and sometimes more than once in normal rifts which never happened before. Id test with another class but ive only ever played a wizard enough to recognize that something feels different. Has any other wizards noticed this? If so, did you notice the same thing with other classes when not one item on your character changed?Angel17 Jan 20
Jan 20 Are Wizards really as bad as they say? I just got one to 70 and with fresh gear, so I decided to do a Torment II adventure mode since I leveled up in Torment I just fine (though some bosses did take a few tries). I could not kill Siegebreaker in 5 tries while it was I believe not buffed by the barb that joined mid fight the 5th try. The last try I did get the fight down but the enrage killed me. Then the barb probably being geared killed it in 10 seconds and then said it was my fault for rolling the weakest class. That guy is probably just a douchebag that didn't account for the fact that I was only 70 for less than an hour, but is there some truth to wizards being bad now?Zman12 Jan 20
Jan 20 Manald mobs vs solo, is it me or .... I'm currently somewhat messing about with a build from Cratics thread. ... I'm not sure but at times I would stake money on the fact that this a lot more effective when you're dealing with a group then when dealing with a single target (like the RG). What I think I see at times is when I am tangling with a group and all of them are hit by lightning (because of Myken) and I get a MH proc on ONE of them, MH applies the damage to ALL of them. Am I just imagening things here?Sardaukar13 Jan 20
Jan 20 Unstable Scepter and Scorch rune Does it work? With the scorch rune the orb does not explode, it just flies through enemies.Torm2 Jan 20
Jan 20 ABB vs APD tal/vyr Saw a huge difference in survivability switching from APD to ABB+galvanizing ward. I was proccing about once a rift on GR55-60 and now I'm up to GR63 and haven't procced once yet. Just a FYI for people who are having survivability issues with their lightning builds. Give it a shot. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/emazing-1156/hero/83705357emazing2 Jan 20
Jan 19 Lightning wiz - gear check Hey Cleared gr 75, tried 80 like 6-7 times, no luck. I could use some help from more experienced players. Stats : Paragon 736 Vitality : 5500 Intelligence : almost 11k Damage : 1,437M Toughness : almost 16M Recovery : Almost 700k Chc : 58% Chd : 420% Area Damage : 50% CDR : 61.82% Lightning damage : 19% Here's the build : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Dem0n-2492/hero/88096079 Thank youDem0n11 Jan 19
Jan 19 DMO manald I am thinking of a Manald DMO build, I don't have the full DMO set yet, so before I go farming for it, I'd like to know whether this is effective. Can manald proc inside Slow Time? The build I'm thinking of is using spectral blade to proc manald, stacking AS using Shame of deseree and Fragment of destiny, and also taking advantage of the 2800% damage boost from DMO slow time. Maybe also throw in depth digger. So the main damage will come from both SB and manald.mofocheeto6 Jan 19