Jan 26, 2013 143k Archon - question abt upgrading weapon Currently using Echoing Fury (1243 dps) with no socket. I want to get my crit dmg up so I'm looking into Echoing Fury with a socket but my budget only affords socketed Echoing Fury's with ~1100-1150dps. My question is, how much crit dmg % will I need to make this an upgrade and not a waste of money. In other words, at what point does an 1100dps weapon with X% crit dmg (from a gem) balance the dps provided by a 1243dps weapon? I currently have 47.5% crit chance (50.5 w/ follower) & 168% crit dmgBJS7 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Another "What to Upgrade" CM/WW Post I hadn't played since early July until about a week ago. I've read numerous guides / have seen multiple BIS lists and have been poking around the AH. I only have 37M right now and I'm not familiar enough with prices / fluctuation in prices to know what to watch / what item provides the best bang for the buck. I know my rings/boots need to be upgraded the most, but any other criticism would be very much welcomed. Opinions on sets? What gear to prioritize first?Kozu5 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Anyone running 50% CC, 19 APoC and 2.74 aps? I am wondering how well your freeze works and if there is a noticeable difference between say 51% and 57% CC? I currently have: 804 AR 4800 Armor 36k hp 1100 LOH 2.82 APS 57% CC unbuffed 242k dps unbuffed I am looking at dropping the nat ring and boots for my old rare ring and a pair of ice climbers. With the boots I am looking at I will have: 828 AR 4700 Armor 40k HP 2.75 APS 1000 LOH 51% CC unbuffed 254k DPS unbuffed The armor loss is .5% mitiigation and the AR gain is .5% so they cancel each other out. A loss of 100 LOH should be acceptable. A gain of 12k dps is fantastic and a gain of 4k is also a bonus. My big concern is losing 6% CC. For multiple targets, it should not make a difference but I don't want to see my ability to lock down a single target, such as an uber, be reduced. I also don't want to start running out of arcane power on single targets. Are any of you guys running 50% CC and 2.74 APS with 19 APoC having issues? BTW, I use cold snap on ubers. My other question is how is RD working on the PTR? With my current stats and 20k less unbuffed dps, RD + another affix was tough even with safe passage. Is the entire pack RD when the shield is active or just a single monster? I don't want to kill myself faster with all the dps I am trying to stack but I do want to be able to try to be somewhat efficient farming mp 10. My goal is to stack enough dps to farm mp 10 and be somewhat efficient since monsters have a 100% chance to drop a bonus item + max mf + max % to drop demonic essence in 1.0.7.KillerElite22 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Where is Aimless? I kinda miss him.yodatoy39 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 How many times can you wormhole teleport? When clicking as fast as possible I get 3 out of it sometimes 2 and sometimes 4. This has to do with lag I'm guessing? A friend told me he's getting 4 so I had to ask...Harrower2 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Just started lv60 wiz.. Yea, so i just got onto 60 on my wiz. Anyone can giv me some pointers.. i do not have any intel items at the moment...fatalxll0 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 MP10 Freeze & mitigation help I'm having issues permafreezing ubers and also needing to take more defensive skills for MP10. MP10: Have to take prismatic armor & crystal shell diamond skin the stay up primarily vs ghom. SK can't take his whirl hits unless I'm hitting 2 or more targets for LoH to stay up. MP8: I can swap crystal shell to shards for added dps MP7: Able to go SNS Sheet 123,214 DPS + ring 4% elite damage + bone snap + cold blooded = 173k actual Defensive stats unbuffed: 4928 armor = 62.16% mitigation 500 lowest all res (phys, poison & lit) = 62.48% mitigation 1,277 LoH. Seems a lot higher than what I've been reading people using ~800? 54,730 HP 547 life regen per sec 2.84 attacks per sec 47% CC With prismatic armor: 6473 armor = 68.66% 624 lowest res = 67.55% With barb shout armor is over 7k and all res over 700+, yet still find I'm needing crystal shell for ghom I don't take slow time often since it makes the flies stack up with mag/sk fight and people get 1 shot when they run through the fly stack or when the bubble runs out the fly glob 1 shots as well. Though with time warp: stretch time I can hit 3.00 attacks per sec yet still unable to permafreeze ubers. APOC isn't an issue and sometimes when i press the skill button it goes grey but doesnt cast. Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Astynax-1904/hero/28911675 What am I doing wrong? :( Is SNS supposed to be usable at MP10? Is there a point where I can use shards over shell? Why can't I permafreeze at 2.74 break or 3.00 break? PS yes dps isn't super high but some slots are hard to change: - Source gets too expensive with 200+ average damage w APOC - Wand could use OS, but for OS + 1100+ dps is crazy expensive. Content with 65%CD atm - Amulet no CD, but I really like the BT 2 set bonus in addition to LoH, Life%, CC & IAS on it - Gloves CD not the highest but pickup radius is epic when running in archon. <3 those mitts Rather get my build to work a bit better than huge dps too for now Thanks wizards! EDIT: just got new VW with str as the other roll for more armor. Stats above updatedAstynax2 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Offering helps to ubers As mention in the title u can feel free to add me if you need some help in ubers. If i am avaiable i would galdy help. MP7-8 shd b fairly easy anything higher might take some tries. No charges no fee jus bring your machine. I have made a decent ring for myself and just wanted to help any one tt have some difficulites for thier start. Peace out~ Krathozen#6652Krathozen6 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Looking for CM Wiz looking for cm wiz who can permafreeze to do some key runs on mp7/mp8 add me Nived#1902Nived0 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 I like being a wiz because... I can permafreeze, farm high MP's and help other classes with Uber MP10 run. and it's the only class I rolled and know how to play. Others?yodatoy32 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 CM wiz and goblins Going on mp5, i m 0/5 in goblin catching because the cheeky little bugger is immune to CC! Any tips on goblin killing for me or should i just ignore them from now on?kira4 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Can we officially rename CM/WW to Weatherman? Honestly, it is WAY better then having to type CM/WW. Even though I don't run the Weatherman build, it is downright hilarious. I will never type/say cm/ww again. Weatherman from here on out.James1v128 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Couple Questions I came back since a sabbatical since like 1.03 but after getting back into the swing of things I have a few noob questions. I have a level 60 wiz, paragon 11 and a level 60 monk. My main question is I know for monks life on hit and attack speed is critical, so what are the critical "sub"stats for wizards? Also, how do I find gear?! I mean besides the outrageously expensive AH, where do I find weapons/armor that will improve my dmg? I am stuck at 96k which is okay, but it isn't where I want to be. So I am kind of stuck in the under 100k range, how do I get there? And if you say "farming" please be decent enough to let me know where to farm and what items I am farming for. -ThanksHeineweis3 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 What to upgrade..... I've got 450mil to spend...would like to up my CC and CD do I go for a Nats ring/boots? I've already got better AR gear without AS that I can swap out for running melee builds (Shaggy,Blades etc) But I've been enjoying SNS lately. I could go find a pretty good Dun-Cross....at this point i'm in the "by increments" stage I think.....Gcanum3 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 What's the point of armor/res all for cm? All I have to do is swap in a chantodos set with bt pants and I can do mp10 ubers without dying and still have 2.8 aps with higher DPS than any cm wiz here. You don't see me with 5k armor or 1k+ res all thoeric1 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Wiz vs WD PVP After hours of duelling i still cant come to a conclusion: - I am badly geared or - WD is by far the most OP class against Wiz in pvp The best example was a WD with 200k ehp and 230k dps. It was pretty much impossible to kill him if both of us had everything ready (so no cooldown). WD tactic is pretty easy and straight forward: - Run up with >+80% walkspeed while being invisible. - Fear - Spirit barage/Darts + Haunt IF i survive that with like 3 - 20 % hp obvious things that follow are: hex and more spirit barage or darts. He had EF as a bonus so even more fear for the lulz. Now the question is how to fight something that has a lifesaver move (which makes stacking ehp for him almost obsolete) while he can dps for a couple of seconds in his invisible mode? If the WD has at least one single braincell he WILL get you with his fear for 1000% sure. My ehp are around 730k (slightly more) and dps around 150k. Any thoughts on this? http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/imperial-2358/Rapetrain/321010 Note: Pants missing, SOJ isnt calculated/im using a different ring at ptr atm. EDIT: fear cannot be broken by mirror image, haunt is dirt cheap and can be recast, same goes for spirit barage. Did i mention the >+80% walkspeed?????. Im not using the skillset shown in the profile. EDIT2: Rend + Haunt = biggest BS in the game period. People just stack ehp and dont need more than 80k dps. EDIT3: Blizzard definetly didnt test pvp even for one week. Otherwise the above mentioned BS wouldnt have made it to PTR. Yeah, i'm mad right now.Imperial48 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 3aps100% CDvs3.33vs2.73 aps 200% CD+21% ET/CC Please Discuss! End my frustration my fellow CM/WW's, need your advice ! This will not utilize time stretch, completely unbuffed aps and assumes 60%+ CC (58% unbuffed) and utilizes MW Electrify. 2.73 aps also is minus 7% elite damage reduction and 130 INT (INT gets eclipsed by CD, but 13 less AR). Also loses massive EHP from no mempo but might reconsider that as I go into final gearing because I believe with enough ET CC @ 2.73 10 apoc will work well. No wormhole obviously. But for now it would be a storm crow. 3 aps is with socketed for 100% CD 3.33 is APS chants with all AS slots and possibly end gaming with 5-6% ET CC (skull grasp) but not banking on it. I've felt 3.33 before and wasn't really too impressed, but that was when I had 50% CC, not 60 + ET CCMasterJay10 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Rare ring BIS over Hellfire ring? What do you guys think? I think hellfire rings are overrated. Once you hit 100 and the exp gain is a worthless stat it loses its appeal fast for me. After close to 50 rings, I have not rolled one with any 2 of IAS,CC,CD on the same ring. I have been holding off on buying a new rare ring in the hopes that I would get a good roll one of these days and I finally said to hell with hit. Check out the ring I found in the AH. It has everything I was hoping for in a hellfire ring and I didn't have to farm hundreds of hellfires to get it. Honestly, I didn't know rare rings could roll main stats that high or I would have looked for one sooner. Also, before the RD change announcement, I really couldn't have stacked any more DPS so that also kept me from looking. BTW, unbuffed is 242k......I am using the scoundrel. FYI, I am stacking dps because I plan on staying entirely in mp 10 once 1.0.7 hits. Well, I think I will farm plans on mp 1 but that will be it.KillerElite49 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 SNS: How to beat Belial on higher MP? Hi SNS wizards. I have been running game mode through the MP levels. After learning about SNS and seeing how great it was I jumped over to MP8 from MP2 and got through Act 1 just fine, Act 2 right up until Belial. The guy does not freeze. I tried throwing twisters and dodging but it was going to be pretty hopeless that I could dodge all those shots. Is there a way to beat Belial on higher MP using SNS? Without perma-freeze it would seem pretty difficult. Or is there a spot to stand where he does take the freeze? I don't need to do this but it is kind of fun. For now I have skipped to Act 3. Thanks!Theoldred2918 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Late to the FA nerf party I read some forum where they mentioned low hp + force armor + diamond skin would give you a guaranteed 15-17 hits before death. And by this point I'm probably being laughed at because this was nerfed a looong time ago. But the idea (before belial 1shot me through crystal shell & force armor) seemed really cool. The build depends on utility skills and living lightning- probably the weakest wizard skill behind the mirror image rune that does damage. If we're doing no damage, shouldn't we be gaining survivability? Being hit by a ton of mobs at once or a few that hit rapidly makes the build difficult without the nerf. Why is it really necessary? Apparently the pro players already overcame the nerf to resume being overpowered with it, so blizzard really only hurt the players using the build because it was the only build they (or we, myself included) could afford. A lot of people flamed earlier posters with this issue "you can see where belial is going to hit and his arms move slowly. Just step out of the way". Stepping out of the way is not a skill that requires certain gear and occupies a skill slot. What advantage does using force armor & living lightning & diamond skin have over a player who wants to just dodge? None. In fact, there is a deficit of 3 occupied skill slots that do very low damage or none at all & negate damage at 0% effectiveness against belial. Does anyone consider this at all? Dodging is easy and requires no resource or skill slot or anything. Even without the nerf, force armor would be occupying one slot and only make you stand 2 additional hits. Some of you might then be thinking force armor just isn't the right approach to belial or any high hitting monster. Pre-nerf, it was at least arguably viable. Now, you just occupy a bunch of slots with useless skills to be 1shot anyway. Any thoughts on this? Even with Wilson gone I doubt anything is going to change. There will be new content, % increases in skills, new mechanics that make them overall nerfs, and then an expansion with an announcement of diablo 4.Tomnnn1 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 26, 2013 Need ideas on what to upgrade for my cm/sns I've spent the majority of my funds already on my cm/sns build and I have less than 100m left for upgrades. 1 scenario I can go with is, -Apoc chant force, high ar andy, high ar bracers, and get loh somewhere but with my budget I won't be able to get a decent apoc chant force. I'm not even sure it's worth the trouble to do all this.Shoe1 Jan 26, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Wicked Wind+Temporal Flux = SlowsDownEnemies? Does this work? Since Wicked Wind is arcane?RAGNAROK4 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Will someone please explain http://i.imgur.com/Mm4lHJI.jpg Europeans......Azodeus8 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 For the numbers Hi, Just wondering how many times you you guys manage to teleport with Wormhole? My max is 4. As for the streak, my most is around 64 (Massacre Kills) which I know isn't much. But whats is yours max? And is it possible to cast 5 Wormholes. Thanks Lap ChiLapChi8 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 d3up.com vs diabloprogress.com for Wizards Hello, Does anyone know which site is more accurate for calculating DPS and EHP for Wizards? I have been using d3up.com and diabloprogress.com, and there are large differences between them and even the diablo profile on battle net. This is for my character Rupa (lvl 60 softcore). http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/bsz-1397/hero/28584989 http://d3up.com/b/244499 http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/bsz-1397/Rupa/28584989 For DPS, here is what they have: battle.net: 85k d3up: 70k diabloprogress: 61k For EHP, here is what they have: d3up: 450k diabloprogress: 570k Thanks in advance!bsz14 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Tyreals underrated for archon Just swapped out Zuni armor for tyreals as it had comparable AR stats. Lost about 10k dps but figured it try it out for the increased pickup radius while farming mp1. Then I noticed I was doing surprisingly quicker, easier runs with 0 deaths. So the 13% damage to demons and 3-4% to elites is huge in act three as at least 75% of monsters are demons in an Alk run. The only exception is in the keep depths where it's mostly undead but those guys are weak anyway. So I bumped it up to mp 2 still able to melt trash and pawn elites. Have on average .5 deaths an entire run with this gear and build. Plus pickup radius helps keep me alive with health globes. I highly recommend this for archon farming even if it lowers Ur dps. I don't think many people are able to do mp2 and keep archon up the whole time with only 130k dps buffed but its possible and even easy. Wondering why it sells for less than 5 mil on AH. Leave it to the d3 team to mess up one of the best and rarest uniques from d2 right? Let me kno w what u guys think.DarkSayain42 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Gearing advice? Looking for some quick upgrades to substantially increase my damage. I don't really know what to go for next. Funds are limited, but are continually proliferating. Thanks for help in advance. From what I've heard, it seems that CM is a solid build to farm on so I will most likely be gearing for this build, with PvP in mind. Thanks in advance.fleegay3 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 0-dog WD at your service -- Globes Galore! BLUF: I'm looking for a very high DPS partner to try some mp7+ runs to farm legendaries, I spawn a metric poop ton of health globes and know a Wiz can do crazy damage if they have endless globes. INFO: For those who have no idea what a 0-dog WD is, we basically have the spell "Summon Zombie Dog" down from a 45 second, to a 0 second CD. We rune this spell with the chance that our dogs have a 15% chance of dropping a health globe when they die. We then use the spell sacrifice which explodes each of our doggies for 275% wpn damage each. I can repeat this indefinitely since neither spell consumes mana. The reason I'm looking for a wizard partner is twofold: 1) I know you guys have great dps and take good advantage of health globes 2) To make this spec work, I took a 50% cut in my paper dps. I can farm the high mps solo but it takes too long to kill to be more efficient than just going with a traditional spec and mowing through low mps. Anyway, if this interests you hit me up in-game: Silentmike69#1275SilentMike6934 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Frigid Impact > Wiz Build *note this build requires a cold meteor soj, synergize with spectral blades for 20% bonus dmg Frigid Impact: Wizard LC: Spectral Blades: Healing Blades RC:Teleport: WormHole 1. Diamond Skin: Crystal Shell 2. Meteor: Meteor Shower 3. Frost Nova: Bone Chill 4. Energy Armor: Prismatic Armor Blur, Cold Blooded, Critical Mass Originally ran blood magic but frost nova is invaluable, and u get a dmg buff anyway from bone chill, is doable without cold soj is you choose to use frost nova but the cold soj is really nice, especially against goblins, so easy to kill them, currently using this in mp6, havent really tried higher mp although im sure its doable, in my gear anywayEnthronE0 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Please help me make my cm wiz!!! Hi, I am trying to make a decent cm wizard for a reasonable amount of gold. I was wondering where I can get the most bang for my buck and what I should look for in upgrades.Khrushchev1 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Belial Inferno/Hell - Solo Wizard Spec Belial has consistently been the hardest encounter for me as a solo wizard (even in normal...); and after testing a number of specs I found one that works brilliantly, so I thought I'd share for critique and the benefit of anyone stuck on this encounter: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WZRlXO!XfW!cZYbYY . The first two passives (Arcane Presence and Armor) are a matter of personal preference, everything else is specifically selected to work together for the encounter. This spec made Belial a breeze on Hell mode, and I look forward to testing it out in Inferno. Any suggestions/comments are very welcome. And if anyone has a particular spec tuned for Belial, let's hear it. Edit: Incase the execution on this spec isn't obvious; drop hydra, drop blizzard, RoF Belial or Spectral Blades the adds. In phase three I save Diamond Skin for when the whole floor lights on fire.Grimbles12 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Found a Legendary DAGGER! Just found this badboy during an Act 1 MP4 run.... Was SO excited till I looked up what it could be.... A Wizard Spike. These things (from the looks of it) have horrible stats. Yeah, I might just leave it UNID just to leave it a mystery. /EndRantPain13 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Can you get banned for using autohotkey? Anyone?MerchantAB18 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Rare gloves or Mempo? Would appreciate your thoughts on whether I should upgrade my gloves now to a pair that costs 300M: Armor 581 Int 196 Fire resist 49 All resist 77 Armor 227 Attack speed 9% Crit hit chance 9.5% These gloves give me 10.5k dps and I lose about 18k ehp. Or, continue saving and spend 600-700M for an average Mempo: Armor 455 Int 195 Life % 11 All resist 77 Attack speed 9% Crit hit chance 4.5% With a +18% vit gem, that gives me +1.5k dps and +102k ehp.QIpcquebec4 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 5 is the word a shout out to aph for showing me the 5 guy knows his stuffpichapiegal4 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 [Mechanics] Add&Multi Buffs *Updated* Updated findings: ... Hi all, these tests were carried out with a low dmg weapon and +min dmg rings to guarantee min=max dmg. 1. Arcane Dynamo The 75% additional damage is ADDITIVE to your other buffs. Meaning If you have Glass Cannon on, the attack will do 1.15+0.75 = 180%. Rather than 1.17*1.75=201% This is most significant when you have lots of dmg buffs (GC+FW+Spark)+42% dmg Dynamo will boost this to 1.42+0.75=217% -> An effective boost of 53% dmg rather than the misleading 75% Arcane dynamo also doesnt not proc when you pop Arcane destruction on Archon. 2. Archon Arcane destruction does 1600% WEAPON dmg. Not sheet DPS. Assuming 2 APS, thats only 800% sheet dps on blast. Improved Archon's +25% is Multiplicative. 1.25x 300% x sheet dps. 3. Cold blooded Also multiplicative. 1.2x sheet dps x spell Conclusion: For sustained dps (eg ubers) Improved archon over 15 sec is 15sec beam+2arcane blasts [300*15+ 115*2]*1.25 = 5912.5% Dmg Arcane destruction archon over 15 sec is 1600% weapon+15sec beam+2arcane blast (1600/aps+300*15+115) @2 APS = 5530% dmg @1.354 APS = 5912% Dmg TL;DR: - Improved Archon > Arcane destruction if you are > 1.354 APS - Dynamo is additive to "Damage increased by Skills" like GC or FW - Improved Archon and Cold Blooded are multiplicative to sheet DPSskyQuake37 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 CM/WW Stormcrow vs Mempo I keep seeing Mempo being taunted as the BIS and I am not entirely convinced. Lets look at what we have involved since they come together Assuming all things being equal, we can remove base armor and crit from the comparison Storm crow versus Mempo (crit version with int main stat) Mempo Plus side 8-9ias ( one ring/amulet roll ) 70+RA ( one ring/amulet/armor/belt/bracer roll etc required) +90 int Main stat ( one ring/amulet/armor/belt/bracer roll etc required) +Socket which would likely be 11-18% life 90+vit 90+dex vs 10+% life SC plus side 90 strg/armor 7-8% Ele 3-4% Elite Force (Random Roll x 1 for APOC) Amulet/Ring/Ring 1-2 rolls ( Loh) so in the end 3 rolls and a socket Vs 90armor ele/elite dmg and 2 rolls? mempo wins because socket > 90 armor? Is that all?Comrade74 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Almost awsome items you rolled.... So guys, on top if your heads what was the most epic "almost" item you rolled? You know that item that if it had one more stat it would be worth hundred millions? Don't need to remember all the afix 100% correctly, just enough we can curse RNG for trolling us. On top of my head I got: 1 Desolator Wand that is something like (I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but is pretty close) Max increase Ias 10 AP on crit Max Increase AP 600~ LoH 2~ LS OS 100 and something int. What screwed the item? 200 damage.. If those wands didn't have that stupid Mas AP increse garanted and rolled me some big damage.. Dagger: 10% Ias 150 Int 100~ Vit 2,2~ LS OS It was either knockback/fear or freeze chance the last afix.. Again no damage, it was 400 something.. Amulets: 250 dex 9 Ias~ 50 Phis resit 300 LoH If it had rolled at least a CC or CD..Paladino7 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Archon Slow Time Is SO badass! Why didn't I try this sooner!? 60% snare, 60% attack speed reduction, AND huge projectile reduction, AND moves with you! Sweeeeeet.Saythe6 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 PTR forum thread for fixing Tal Rasha's set. Wizards, It's me again. You may not know me, that's quite alright. I seek not personal fame, but the betterment of Wizards all over. This time, I have taken the time to create a thread on the PTR forum seeking to address the issues and inconsistencies of our beloved class-set bonuses, which are just awful. I beg of you, if you share this opinion, post in a CONSTRUCTIVE way here, and make sure Blizzard hears your voice and that they are made aware that something needs to be done. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7710222369?page=1#0 Yours truly, Coxis.Coxis9 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Henri's amazing budget - Part 4 Hello peeps, it's been a while since my last amazingly purchase, so here we go: This was the offhand's time, as follows: +103-399 Damage +191 Intelligence Attack Speed Increased by 9% +15 Max Arcane Power Crit Hit chance Increased by 10% Critical Hits grant 10 Arcane Power Increases Duration of Blizzard by 2 Seconds Price: 96m. http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/4364/forcei.png Please leave your comments below. :-)Henri5 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 CM am i doing this right? i got lucky yesterday found this nice chants OH which prompted me to make a cm set as a break from my normal archon build. I ended up with 53 CC and 2.87 AS with timewarp rune. Is this not enough to perma freeze on MP 9 because mobs still move just a little.horned6661 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 new CM/SNS, gear check please! Hey Wizard forum, I've recently reached 60 on my 3rd character (after DH and monk) and I dropped about 80-100mil on gear for the wizard, following the CM/SNS thread and whatnot. While I'm still plowing my way through inferno, I'm basically asking for a gear check and a bit of help on how to upgrade from where I am after 1 night playing on the AH. My initial goal was to reach 3.01 attacks per second (mostly to see if I could... and I can!) with high resists and decent crit chance. 1- Should I swap to a Chantodo's with LS? 2- Should I try to get 2piece nat's bonus with boots+ring? 3- Where can I get more apoc and vit on my gear? 4- Can I do higher MP key/uber runs with this wizard yet? thanks for the feedback!antiacid1 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Looking for Wiz buddies I'm looking for wiz buddies for uber, key run, alk run, and hmm.. anything. I'm a wiz my self and can be CM as well. Looks like most of old timers quit or moved onto different toon and i ran out wiz buddies on my list. I usually play 6pm - 10pm Tokyo standard time if anyone is interested.chingchong697 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 How much do 4.5cc intel mempo with 9% cost? How much do they go for now a day? Thanks.GodOfDiablo5 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 need some help... i wanting to farm higher mp..i am currently farming mp5 which is super fast and i don't tend to die much maybe the odd one time on a run due to a bad position or something..i lately been trying to do mp7-8 but it takes a lot longer and damn maniacs keep one shooting me lolzz what do i need to upgrade to make life easier? damage or mitigation? i rarely tend to take damage, i would say i am pretty good at kiting myself in good position and getting the mobs tgt and kill all at once kinda thing..so i am not quite sure i should just go all out for damage or not.sHiZzlEr1 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Need help with my cm wizard Hey everyone was wondering what is wrong with my cm builkd i have tried using it mulitple time and to no luck. Can anyone let me know what gear i need to chnge and what needs to be improved. Thanks everyone in advance for your helpsteerlover3 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 Mirror image doesn't break all MIEs It does not break blind. Is this a bug? Any other moving impairing effects it does not break?TheLittleOne2 Jan 25, 2013
Jan 25, 2013 New to the class, hints and tips? Hi i just leveled up my wiz to lvl 60 and now need some input on the build that i should be running and what i should be aiming for. Also any ideas on the gear i should focus on upgrading? Skills to use?kira27 Jan 25, 2013