Oct 10, 2012 Lonely Wizard looking for upgrade advice Hi I'm looking for other people to farm and do whatever else with. I've only ever played d3 single player and public games really are not my thing. You can add me Kurt#1373. I'm also looking for advice on what to upgrade next, I have 20m to spend. I'm not feeling chest or pants upgrade since it seems I'll pay millions for not very much DPS and EHP. I'm looking for bang for the best buck type deals. I play exclusively Archon right now and not really looking to play CMWW. Thanks.Kurt1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 WTS top shelf Tal Rasha's Relentless Pursuit +196 Intelligence +76 Vitality +75 All Resistance +8% Attack Speed +69 Dexterity 3 Open Sockets http://imgur.com/tpufw I reserve the right to accept any bid I want. 150m starting bid. No BiN as of yet. I am open to in game negotiations, however I would appreciate you posting your bid before doing so. Thanks and good luck.Unorthodox6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Was this a good deal? Bought these bracers for 17 mill: 414 armor 71 strength 118 intelligence 69 vitality 53 all resist 185 armor (414 total armor) 6% crit chanceilovezil0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Selling WAND 845 Dps *Black*2.5LS*10APoC*OS* Selling 845.3 dps black 2.5 life steal 10 APoC Open Socket OfferSticKyGreeNz7 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 [PC] Tyrael's Might (Int, 15% Dmg to Demon) Price Check , and interest in trading for Zuni Chest, Please post stat here. The Tyrael's Might: Armor 449 188 Int 72 All Res 15% to Demon 12% Movement Speed Health Globes Grant +10628 Life Dmg against Elites 4% Ignore Durability Losslawfui1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Energy Twister and Build Diversity I'll miss the play mechanics of storm chaser if I revert to wicked wind after the patch. Wicked wind is boring to me compared to the roaming tornadoes that sweep through destructible objects and collect debris. It's also a fun challenge to optimize positioning for maximum twister effect. Storm chaser has been so much more fun. The simple fact is that wizards are going with energy twister primarily to generate procs for critical mass builds, so wouldn't it be better design to make the different rune variations an even trade-off so they're worth considering, and individual players can choose according to personal preference? Identical proc coefficients fail to do that in this case. What about giving a slightly higher coefficient to the unruned version so we have two viable choices? What about lowering the damage of meteor: star pact and raising the coefficient so we have three? What about choosing numbers that don't necessarily divide evenly into .5 like .18 or .207? Having the coefficient the same for all forms of energy twister will likely result in disproportionate use of wicked wind, while all the other cool stuff sits idle on the shelf. I would really love to use raging storm for my build, but I don't think it would be worth the loss of performance.Shaydin11 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 4.5 CRIT, 18MF 143 VIT, INT, LOH RING FS! pretty solid ring for sale: http://i1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj626/pthuener/ScreenShot2012-10-09at81507PM.png bid starts at just 5mtokenflip0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Please comment on my gear:) I am a archon/CM/SC build. What upgrade do I need? I have been bidding a witching hour for 5 days, always outbidded:( and i only have 55mil to spend. I cannot manage to get a good weapon with base crit dps and socket. I am clueless on what source I should upgrade? Should I wait for 1.05 and see? All comments appreciated:)bigjohn2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 how much tal rasha source i have equip worth the source i have equiped just found it today not sure the valueKillasin1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Tried mp10 2.5 mins per elite pack kill Just tried mp10, took me 2.5mins to kill per elite mob pack, it's doable although they have more life nowRobinJack1 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Chantodo's Force with APOC and decent damage 58-352 damage 189 Int 8% IAS +15 Max AP 9.5% CC 6 APOC 9% Spectral Blade Damage On GAH now. Current bid: 66,150,000. Just over 6 hours left! Thanks.Marruk0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 WTS 1200+DPS Int/LifeSteal Scorn CHEAP 1214 DPS +145 Minimum Damage +358 Maximum Damage +46% Damage +294 Int +Crit Hit damage increased by 154% +5.70% Life Steal +97.5% Chance to inflict bleed damage for 6431-7759 Damage +Empy Socket Willing to sell for only 70mil, anything comparable on AH will be atleast 80-90mil, I'll sell for as low as 65m If anyone comes quick, have to go soon.Keegan5 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Selling awesome CM/WW wizard as a set. Gear and equipment as per profile Starting bid 500m Thanks Full act 3 runs less crater 1 in 40 minutes. About 2-3 deaths. If you want to see the wizard in action, PM and I'll try to upload.RWK0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 S> TAL RASHA'S RELENTLESS PERSUIT http://i.imgur.com/46pay.jpg 167 INT 154 VIT 9% IAS 22%GF 25M, PM me or leave a message here.Melgorath2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Please take a look at my CM wiz ( mf geared) I know Im missing out on AS, but I think I do well. I kill fast, dont die much unless our group gets rolled by a bad mix. Overall can solo most of my way in a 4 player act 3 game, facetank azm for the most part, sometimes die about 3/4 of the way in. RAte my CM MF wiz plz!Battlebuds3 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 AMAZING Archon Weapon (LS +OS + CritDMG) Trying to sell this weapon: http://i.imgur.com/IU8Th.jpg 932.1 DPS +201 Min +370 Max +30% Dmg +44% Crit Dmg +2.7% Life Steal 1.8% chance to freeze on hit open socket Black damage so works great with the triumvirates. Starting bidding at 9m. BIN set at 15m or a good offer. Trying to sell this ASAP!!!Kieble57 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 153K dps wzd seeks advice from +200K dps wzd 2818 int 49% cc 263% cd 1.91 ats (1.65 wpn + 16% atk speed items) spark flint, glass cannon and force weapon total display damage, 153K... i tried using the diablo 3 damage calculator and substituting with SKORN. The +300 int will offset my wpn + source intel, but the xtra CD damage didn't boost to 200k dps. how are people getting past 200K? if i add witching hour belt with +9% ats and more CD, that's not an additional 50K dmg.ChoseOne6 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Selling awsome amy ! CC, CD, IAS, Int, Vit... http://i49.tinypic.com/ng4ihj.jpg -91 Int -101 Vit -Attack Speed Increased by 5% -Critical Hit Dmg 48% -Critical Hit Chance 5.5% -Life Regen 206 per second Make your offer!Abhyasin3 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Next upgrade- Tal's Chest or Zuni Boots? Or something else? I plan on running RoF build in 1.05 (either Cold Blood or Black Ice). I have 6%/30% Frostburn Gauntlets and and RoF crit Storm Crow and Skull Grasp banked (may sell Andy's to upgrade something else then). I have 20M gold laying around- any input from the usual or unusual suspects is appreciated!DoctorDoom0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 Selling Sexy Sage Seekers http://imageshack.us/a/img607/6775/sages.png Dunno what to price them at, as the ah only has one comparable match.Thoriden0 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 10, 2012 S>Good Tals Source with 18% MF http://i.imgur.com/v8J0q.jpg +111-351 66Dex 180int 46Vit 18%MF 9%CC 9APoC Shock Pulse +5% Post your offer BiN 80mMelgorath2 Oct 10, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 WTS Andy's, SOJ, Lacunis, Trium, Gloves Hi all, Liquidating my wizard and looking for offers. Selling the following SOJ 6% Holy Damage 15 Arcane Power 24% Increase Damage to Elites 11% Increase Damage to Magic Missle Lacuni Prowlers 64 Dexterity 79 Intelligence 99 Vitality 9% Increased Attack Speed 12% Movement Speed Melee Attackers take 1044 Damage Per Hit Andariels Visage 159 Intelligence 47 Poison Resist 49 All Resistances Regenerates 229 life per second 9% Increased Attack Speed 4.5% Increased Critical Hit Chance 11% More Fire Damage Taken 37% to cast Poison Nova on Hit Chantodos Will 1059.2 DPS 1.65 Attacks Per Second 192 Intelligence Critical Hits Grant 9 Arcane Power 141 Strength 145 Dexterity Wiz Gloves 353 Armor 33 Dex 69 Intelligence 157 Vitality 37 Physical Resistance 9% Increased Attack Speed 10% Critical Hit Chance Belt 143 Intelligence 80 Vitality 42 Cold Resistance 49 to All Resistances 4% Life Regenerates 161 Life Per Second Triumvirate 60-287 Damage 6% to Fire Damage 5% to Lightning Damage 6% to Arcane Damage 162 Intelligence 15 to Maximum Arcane Power 8% Critical Hit Chance Increases duration of Blizzard by 1 seconds Please leave an offer below for any (or all) or message me in game. Thanks!NEMMES1S5 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 awesome source? how much do you guys think i can get from this, The Oculus? 119-281 +194 int Crit chance 9.5% Crit grant +10 arcane power inc damage against elites by 5% Reduce cool down of Teleport by 3 sec Reduce cost of Meteor by 3 arcane power +1 socket http://i.imgur.com/inp3f.pngWhatDah1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Triumvirate Not That Good In My Case? I have a "normal" source with 268 INT, 128 Vit + Socket, which yields me over 300 INT from that source. The dmg is 103-305 and 8% crit. No question, this source is pretty hot for a normal "rare". So i am using the dmg calculalator what a "budget" Triumvirate would do for me, assuming 160 INT, 8% crit and 90-300 ish dmg. The loss of approx 150 INT would cost me 6K, and the added 6% for whatever dmg would barely make up for it, ultimately making such a triumvirate worse than my current source? can that be right? Edit: lol@calculalatorFlexyana2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Intelligence vs. +Damage I've had a look at both pieces of gear, but I'm still not sure. On certain pieces (Ring with +2-4 damage bonus) and another ring with +9 intelligence, the flat bonus damage is showing a larger increase for overall damage output (according to the "Change in stats after equip"). What I'm wondering is whether its better to go for a flat +damage item or a +intelligence item? According to the game's stat checker, a +damage is better, depending on the amount boosted. Of course, this is also assuming I can't find an item that does both. Anyone have any info regarding this?RYGON9115 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What's so good about Triumvirate? Hello, I'm wondering, is it the added elemental damages thats making this source good? Thanks PS: I am using this one and don't really know if I should buy me a triumvirate... profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MrPom-2246/hero/833887MrPom3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What am I supposed to be doing now? Hello, I've recently been playing and have come back from pre-paragon levels and many patches before that. I'm wondering, what am I supposed to be doing now? I'm very lost as to what the most recent good builds are, as well as where I should be farming and what items I should be upgrading. If someone could give me a little push into what I should be doing for now, that would very much appreciated :) Thanks! -Poruku Here is my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Poruku-1312/Poruku0 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 wizards in 1.05 hey guys i have a question. Im thinking about getting my wiz to 100 paragon and im wondering if i should hold off on buying gear until 1.05. do you guys think i should wait until 1.05 to start gearing my sorc or do you think it wont make much of a difference?Enlis4 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 wts bonus to et gear sloraks and skull grasp so i had bought some gear to make my cm wiz viable but i think im gonna be retiring my wiz for a while (suffering some D3 burnout i guess) I have for sale a sloraks madness and a skull grasp Sloraks 853.2 dps 80 crit 194 int 10 apoc 7 bonus to et crit 1.54 atk speed Skull grasp 146 int 205 armor 217 loh 7% atk speed 5% bonus to et crit 48 life per sec both can be viewed on the rmah as they both have $50 dollar buyouts (a guy can hope cant he) open to more realistic offersSteelPhantom3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 S>EQUIPS QUITTING WIZ http://tinypic.com/r/2h3o3yw/6 leave offerstrackYOUdown6 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 WTS 1337 dps warmonger 240 int 84 crit dmg 1337 dps +9% attack speed (already factored into dps) 1.20 attack per second 240 int 84 crit dmg 5.7 life leech instant survivable archon with decent gear. 10mil or OBOBelmont3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Closed ClosedLouis6 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 So no old school Caster builds in D3? This is something I feel is missing from the game. I feel like it's impossible to make a Wizard w/ a typical Mage casting build like we would use on our Sorceress in D2 (Say Meteorb). It seems like the only builds that can keep up w/ other classes are CM and Archon. Those are both fun builds, but they're not exactly very mage like (Ok CM kind of is since it spams, but it's still kind of a tank/melee build). Is there a casting build that does good enough damage to not need CM or archon?OnSugarHill18 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Time bubble stacking I wasnt gonna post this because of the nerf hammer. However, since we are being gimped on so many spells maybe this will be a way to keep people interested in playing wizard. So today I was able to convince 2 other wizards in a public game to use Slow time with the stretch time rune. It was nuts when all 3 time bubbles went up at the same time the attack speed buff icon at the bottom of the screen says 3 my attack speed per second went from 1.61 to 2.06. I think its a cool thing for group collaboration in a multi player game. I wonder if the Time Warp rune stacks as well? Anyway I know the first rule of the wizard club lol, but since this build requires more than one wizards to work together and the chances of multiple wizards in a public game even listening to what you have to say or even understand English is pretty rare. I dont think blizzard would bring down the nerf hammer yet. Just trying out different builds and possible team play is what I enjoy, I would like to see if more people are willing to test this out with 4 wizards in a group.Paradox0 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 With around 2.6-3 aspeed what's the min LOH I can get away with post patch. I see lots of cm wizards with very LOH.JellzRoc7 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Wizard Build idea update Hi, I have been away for a few days and came back to see if anybody had any updates for wizard builds. After a quick scan all i can find is D3 selling for 10 bucks, wizards getting more nerfs... So whats the summary on wizards for upcoming patch? Is this game even viable anymore?MahDingo2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 S> Pretty Good Trifecta Wizard Bracers 6%cc Garrison Lash: 144 Intelligence 74 Vitality 72 All Resistance 80 Life Regen 45 Fire Resistance 6% Critical Chance In Auction house atm: c/o 101m 1 hour remainingRaince7 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 I need some suggestions - disentigrate build So I actually enjoy playing this game of ours but I need some suggestions for what to upgrade next or how to proceed. I've never had a ton of gold. In fact, for the most part I've spent my time leveling each class in stead of farming (each through inferno act 1 but w mediocre gear). I don't have a ton saved up (4 mil and change) and I've never sold any big ticket items. Wiz is my main and every piece if gear on him is either self found or purchased for 600k or less. I play a different build. I'm trying to use lesser used skills like disentigrate and WoF because I like them. I can easily solo farm act 2 right now but act 3 is pretty rough by myself. I recently found out that I do ok in a group though. I'm excited about the upcoming patch changes to my skills but am hoping for some critiques on what I can improve gear wise, considering my current gold restrictions as well as possibly some skill changes w/o completely changing everything. I'm just not interested in running some of the cookie cutters even if it would help me. I really need new rings but am waiting for the patch. A nice skorn would help as well, but still out of my range. Thanks for any help.Lycaeus4 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Looking for helpful tips and advice. So I decided to reroll into a Wizard from a DH, reason being that I get too annoyed using like 80% of my money on repairing and such, haha. I'm just wondering if there are any other builds besides the CM/Archon that would work now and after the 1.05 patch, (most likely looking for a kiting build, since I enjoy kiting rather than sitting in one place spamming 1,2,3,4). Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated, thanks!Dustin13 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Best Build for MF Geared Kiting Wizard??? Sold my wizard, then realized I had a whole MF set-up that is still viable to farm act 2 / 3. However, need some suggestions for the best build for a MF geared kiting wizard?SuperSaberHo3 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Wizard 2h Glitch? I just noticed something while browsing crit damage profiles. Some wizards have a high amount of crit damage (700%+). Was looking at the profiles to see where it was all coming from and noticed they were equipping 2 two-handed weapons. Seems like they all had the following criteria: 1. Equip Skorn in main-hand 2. Equip a Rare Two-Handed Axe The off-hand doesn't show up in the profile picture, but the name shows up. Is this a bug or am I missing something. If it stacks Crit Damage, does it also stack the other attributes of the item? Below are the profiles that I saw with this setup. SkyQuake#1457 LordSmoo#1815 COELCO#1938 ~ChugChuggychug2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 What is this "Black Damage" with a wand? How do you use this "Black Damage" with the use of a Wand? I tried a cracked 1h weapon and then equip the wand. Nothing happened. Anyone know?TomD5 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Attacks speed and CM/SC Wizards How does attack speed help with Storm chaser?Muved5 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 what source to buy ? what source should i upgrade to? or what should i upgrade next ? thanks , im not that rich tho , have like 30milhuelson2 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 This triumvirate a good deal? http://i50.tinypic.com/1078m69.png Paid 2.5m for it on bid.Snarentear5 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Need some advice... Hey everyone, I've been trying farm act 3 so I can buy better gear but I can't find a build that is fast enough to actually call it "farming. It takes me about 2 hours to get through all of act 3. I don't have any CC/CD gear so a critical mass build is out of the question for me. Anyone have any good build ideas that can work with my current gear?Cardiganzx1 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 Need some suggestions Hey all, I know I need some new gear and perhaps some suggestions on abilities. I can roll A1 pretty easily now and die maybe 3 times on an A2 run. A3 is obviously beyond me right now. My gear compliments my game play however, but am missing a few things. I try to bargain hunt. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your time.Moribund5 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 PTR Feedback 450+hr Wizard http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/schenko7-1939/Aaridan/846533 Not the best wizard nor claim to be....just an experienced one that would like to offer what I have experienced on the PTR thus far. Build: Forked lighning Storm Chaser Archon-Improved Force weapon Energy Armor-pinpoint/force-mp 6-7 Sparkflint Mp lvl 4-5 Did not notice a difference here, though at times even with my DPS monster health seemed silly high. Other then the monster health, damage wasn't very noticeably different than the current setup in 1.0.4 Mp lvl 6 Big jump in health and slight damage difference from mp 5-lower. This was to be expected, but I did not expect such a huge jump in my inability to keep Archon up. White mob began to slightly take more damage and was generally not a good flow. When facing Elites....due to the Reflect damage change....it felt anything with extra health/health link mixed with reflect damage owned me. Mp lvl 7 Still doable...but would be a lot of kiting for even an Archon wizard. You would need to remove sparkflint and place teleport/illusionist on your toolbar. White mobs were harder than mp lvl 6 due to health not so much their damage. Elite bosses were the same exact story(as mp 6) facing anything with extra health/link with reflect. Update: Even went with the classic kite build with just....basically kiting around the map for a very long time and having minimal success....not dying...but again the pace just feels terrible at this stage for a glass cannon. Hydra gets me killed with reflect mobs in seconds.... MM-Seeker Hydra-Venom/Arcane Blizzard-reduced ap EA-Force Teleport-Fracture Force weapon mp lvl 8+ Just silly attempting any type of Archon/kite build unless you are a very patient person. Summary: Pros: Extra health globe heal + adding it to potions Fixing the Elemental Bonus stat adding to Dps properly. Mp 5 w/2 stacks got me a green crossbow lvl 63 Xp gain past lvl 4-5 seems to be well worth the patch alone Enjoyed the new Armor modifications, it did seem like more of buff since I do run pinpoint barrier. Cons: MP lvls 1-7 should be adjusted with their health scaling...it is silly that a 270k(patch dps) Wizard cannot do mp lvl 7 at a comfortable pace. Damage seems low....I would like higher scaled damage, but lesser health. (i think this would balance out us range/glass cannon classes vs barbs....at least somewhat even the playing field.) Really disappointed in mp 6-7, I felt this would be the idle spot for an Archon with above average DPS....but I don't see one farming it unless they have 350-400dps+. Energy Armor still feels like it is the only armor worth it...especially past mp lvls 4-5. This is just my experience with the PTR....I feel that a good change would be lower the health scaling by 10% per level and upping the damage by 10% in turn. Thank youSchenko764 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 act3 cm wiz farming hey, i would like to know which places do u farm with ur cm meele wiz on act 3? i think i can do alot better without all the deaths from the fallen maniacs, or from places with few creeps(cant proc well). thanks for help :)NivogaL7 Oct 9, 2012
Oct 9, 2012 s>trifecta gloves 97 int, 5 ias, 46 cd, 9.5 cc and is currently at AH with 20m starting bid and 150m buyout. Check it out. :)JaqenHghar0 Oct 9, 2012