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Sep 11, 2018 Roll Call It's good to get a general idea from where people are from (inside NZ and AUS). Dunedin, New Zealand here :)cadmium890 Sep 11, 2018
Jan 30 Clans & Community Roster Welcome Please find below a quick list of the Australian/New Zealand Clan & Community Groups Roster. This has been created from community members to help suit your needs in finding the right clan/community in the fight against Diablo! ;) CLANS COMMUNITY GROUPS MISC AND SOCIAL GROUPS NOTE: Its the responsibility of clan leaders and/or officers to let us no of any changes to your section e.g. change of officers or extra information. If anyone has additional ideas or want there clan, community group, or misc group added please reply to this thread. Credits Azza, NeK, Weegee, Community Leaders and Officers Last Updated: 15/06/2015 Last Updated: 09/12/2015 Last Updated: 31/03/2016 Last Updated: 20/08/2016 Last Updated: 14/02/2017 Last Updated: 27/10/2017 (Added Social Groups and fixed Menu)NeK29 Jan 30
Oct 29, 2018 How to connect to US/ANZ servers - UPDATE Hi all, We have had feedback that some players wish to manually connect to either the US or ANZ Diablo game servers. Before we go into the process on how to connect to a specific gamer server, there would only be a few reasons you would wish to do this. If you are in the rare minority based in ANZ whose IP does not automatically connect to the new Australian game servers. If you are located outside of Australia and New Zealand and connect to US hardware but wish to try out the Australian servers to see if your latency is improved. If you are currently playing on ANZ servers but wish to join the larger North American public player pool and you don’t mind the associated higher latency. First up, make sure your Blizzard game launcher is running and you are logged into the application with your server set to The Americas. This will ensure your client will always be up to date. ********** UPDATE ********** Prior to this post it required a customized shortcut to be made. Now with the updated client you can add the correct strings into the Blizzard app itself, removing the requirement to create a short cut. Think it's technical? Well it's really quite simple! Narull has uploaded some screen grabs that make the process easy. Here is his post: 1. Close Diablo III and open the launcher, click the little arrow up the top left and select 'Settings': 2. In the new window select 'Game Settings': 3. Tick the box for 'Additional command line arguments' and in the new command line put the following: If you want to always connect to the ANZ Server: OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 If you want to always connect to the US Server: OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default So it should look like this: Click 'Done' and run Diablo III, BAM done! It's that simple. ********** Below is the old method that is not required ********** To manually tell the game which server you wish to play on you will need to create a customized shortcut. Go to your folder that has Diablo III: Reaper of Souls installed. The default for this on a Windows PC is C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Right click on Diablo III.exe and click ‘create a shortcut’. Right click on the newly made shortcut and choose ‘properties’. Go to the Target field, it should say something similar to this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" You will need to add one of the commands below after "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" in the Target field. To manually connect to the Australia servers add the line -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 To manually connect to the US servers add the line -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default So for example, if I wanted to make sure I connected to the US hardware, even if I’m in Australia, my shortcut target field would end in: ...\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default *Note there is a space between Diablo III.exe" and -launch Click ok. The shortcut you have made will now be the method you use to launch the game if you wish to manually connect to a specific game server. Keep in mind once you launch the game through this shortcut you will need to log in with your username and password. If you run the game through the Blizzard game launcher the changes will not be in effect, you will need to use the shortcut to ensure you connect to a different game server. Keep in mind creating this shortcut is not something we would recommend to everyone but it may be helpful for some. See you in Sanctuary! <em/>Arcagnion99 Oct 29, 2018
Nov 14, 2017 HardCore Australia: Update Good to see their is a Hardcore community. It would be cool to get some small teams together to play co-op. Anyone interested in teaming up with some more HC players post in. Alvis#6948Alvis840 Nov 14, 2017
Oct 17, 2017 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid Diablo 3 streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus20 Oct 17, 2017
Dec 10, 2015 Welcome! Please Read First Before Posting. Greetings- Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand forums for Diablo III. Here you can meet and discuss any regional topics and generally link with like minded players from your area. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct: Posting Guidelines: If you are looking for a Clan or Community to join check out this thread here.Arcagnion119 Dec 10, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 Officially(unofficial) ANZ ingame Community Update: With the latest patch you don't have to rejoin chat every time you logout and back in, so join chat and be friendly. =D Greetings fellow ANZ players, We now have an officially(unofficial) ANZ Community ingame and I hope everyone will join so we can play and chat together. I've put this guide together so that people can see some of the FAQ I'm getting and have a good guide for how to join in case you where unsure. Q: Why a community instead of a clan?A: Clans have a member cap of 120 but Communities are unlimited, plus you can only join 1 Clan but can join 5 Communities at the same time. Q: Is there an ANZ clan I can join as well?A: There is no 'ANZ' named clan, however several other players have taken it on themselves to create ANZ Clans for smaller 'nit' groups of players, seek one out and I'm sure they will be happy to have you. Q: I've seen you in game with a <ANZ> Clan tag! You just said there wasn't one so why?A: I admit to making an ANZ Clan, I did so to reserve the name so that people wouldn't get the Clan and Community confused and then miss out on joining up with a lot of ANZ people. Within 24 hours of release we already had over 120 members in the Community, so as you can see a Clan wouldn't be enough. I will be keeping the ANZ named Clan on my Best Friends(who doesn't play D3) account just to keep the name so people don't get confused. Q: How do I join the Community?A: Below I have done an in depth guide in joining the Community and joining chat. Joining the Community 1. Log in to Diablo 3 and look to the bottom right of your screen, you will see an icon with a chat bubble, this is the Clans & Communities tab. 2. Finding a Community is down the bottom of this window, this is where most make the small mistake of looking at the top which is for Clans. 3. Make sure you are set to English in the dropdown box, not English(SEA). 4. Search for ANZ, the ANZ clan should show first, however if it doesn't you can click on Communities without joining them to display it's leader and officers, I am the Leader and I have selected a few trusted ANZ members as officers(more to come). 5. Once you have hit Join you will have the ANZ community in your Clans and Communities window. Don't forget to join chat so you can discuss things with your fellow members. 6. If you click on the ANZ Community you will bring up the Community Information window, this will display messages from officers in the News section(I'll be trying to post maint etc here). Unfortunately due to a database issue because we have over 100 members the Roster will only display Officers so you cannot see a full list of members. Currently there is no / command for Community chat, if you're talking in another channel and wish to talk in Community chat you will need to open the Clans and Communities window and click the Chat icon. [/b][/i] I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you all ingame in the Community, if you ever have any questions or issues feel free to post or message me ingame. ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull30 Jun 20, 2015
Jul 7 Casual playthroughs for XP Hi all, I am an Aus player who is looking for anyone who play on PS4 to do some quick rifting or playthroughs to level up my characters quickly. Anyone interested? I have a paragon level 70 wizard hero as my main (probably nooby). My PSN ID is brendlol, feel free to chuck an add Cheersbrendlol0 Jul 7
Jul 6 7 Sins Clan - Limited Spots as at 04jul18 Hi ANZ, We’re a casual clan that enjoys a lot of banter, teasing and laughing, but all in good spirit. That being said, we also have quite a wealth of knowledge within this clan, whether you’re new to the game, back from hiatus, or a veteran, you’ll find a place here. Any of these guys can add you to the group. In order of awesomeness: The 8th Sin Ryoka#1646 Pussag@ys (in alphabetical order) Bastich#1850 Derf#6334 Highlander23#6644 Hodor#6703 NickBaldyM#6414 Mugsy#6765 Oakover#6193 Soul#1481 Sweetpea#6404 Waz#11929 So where the bloody hell are ya? :> To the Pussag@ys: Sometimes life will get the better of us and we just have to attend to irl stuff, and that’s cool. But to keep the flow of the clan running smoothly with adding new players, culling inactives, helping ingame with plvls or answering queries/builds, we need pussag@ys ingame in real time. In light of this from season to season, I may rotate officers in and out of serivce. Don’t worry, I will be open and upfront and will speak to you before hand (if opportunity permits). Waz was a great example of this. One of the longest standing officers but he made a baby last season and had to be a dad so I rotated another officer in to fill his shoes in that time. He took like it champion. And now he’s back in the ranks! What I’m trying to say is, if I rotate you out, don’t get mad or offended. You still maintain you lifetime member flag. Just go and do your irl stuff. When I see you back in full force, you will eventually get rotated back in. Happy to discuss if you have any questions about this matter. Cheers C*nt, RyokaRyoka1244 Jul 6
Jun 19 No connection Can't connectsorcier19486 Jun 19
Jun 16 Power level Anyone able to help seasonal power level me on switch? Currently level 50. Please and thanksDAYMOE2021 Jun 16
Jun 13 The Fallen <Star> - Recruiting My friends and I recently started a new small clan "The Fallen <Star>". We have a couple of high level players and some more casual players (primarily SC). If you are interested in a more laid back, casual clan, please look us up and request an invite. Cheers! If you'd like to join our clan: - Use the Clans search in game to search for us and request an invite - Add one of our officers Darksend#11947 and ask for a clan invite from him, and he will invite you when he can (My friends list is full, so I cannot add people for clan invites.)TrepChains60 Jun 13
Jun 11 Exile <The Forsaken Ones> Exile <The Forsaken Ones> is looking for the best Oceanic has to offer. Exile is a Seasonal and Non Seasonal softcore based clan hoping to reunite those that were disbanded and others looking for a great clan. As officers formally from <Rogue/OPOG/7S> we look for players that share the same vision and goals as us. We seek players that have a competitive mindset and perfect gameplay. We want players to have a main class and also a class that can compete in the current group leaderboard meta. We look for players that have an in depth understanding and knowledge to their main class, Diablo III game mechanics, and class mechanics. We welcome players that are highly active and are able to learn and adapt quickly. We strive to find players who will capitalize on and contribute to Exile and most of all have fun at the same time. Our clan entry requirement is: Some knowledge of playing the META Frequent player who logs in every week or thereabouts (unless on holidays) (800+ Current Season 10) 1500+ Paragons for dps (Non-Seasons) 1500+ Paragon for zdps plus, (Non-Seasons) GR90+ 4p Season 10 or GR100+ 4p (Non Seasons) top 200 3p OR top 150 2p OR top 100 in a solo leaderboard Otherwise a referral from a current Exile Clan Member is also considerable: We always play in groups with each other to not only make the game more enjoyable for ourselves, but to also help out clan members who need a bit of love on some of their classes.We have a Curse channel available and encourage its use whenever possible. We will accept Season 10 players who have a good track record in previous seasons if they dont meet the requirements due to not playing in the previous season. This will be the only exception. Exile is using Voice Comms on cursevoice. Anyone need help give me a holler. Mallory#6773 Officers: Andr3w#6720 onimaru#11907 robwin1974#6355 PoPoPoado#6600 Kobe#1653 Pressure#1346Andr3w24 Jun 11
Jun 4 Exile Clan - S14 Recruitment Hey Everyone, Season 13 is over and we slowly journey into S14. We are looking for some enthusiastic and regular players to come join us and group up. Clan regularly runs Rat Runs and are always looking for players to run 100+ and some meta ( if we find the time ) We even have a Seasonal Journey rush team each season that you are more then welcome to join to run non stop for 24 hours to consistently complete the seasonal journey faster each season. Exile has moved (mostly) to discord now. You can join us at Come join a great clan, leaders below will answer any of your questions. Keyblade#6785 ( feel free to add me as Friend and we can have a chat ) Mallory#6773 Bazinga#1676 Clan Requirements: Be an Active Seasonal Player We have players running all different classes within the seasons and are always looking for players for both Rat Runs and Meta if thats what you enjoy Please add yourself to the "Exile Community" so that its easy to keep in touch and get back into the Clan.Keyblade8 Jun 4
May 29 Australian guild, Meta and Push +grifts <Omnipresence> are looking for members. We are pushers, optimists, build writers and class competitors who play an exhilarating play-style of high tier content. We are offering players to join our roster, preferably mature players. If you have any questions feel free to post. If you do want to join, we ask that our players all add each other via Real ID, so we can work with a tight network offering our members a strong foundation of friendship. Add me CoeXane#1340 to apply for trial.CoeXane2 May 29
May 27 <Exile> S15 recruitment Hi everyone, We're recruiting again for Season 15. We're hoping to fill the ranks out with regular players, especially people who are interested in grouping for rats and meta runs. Most of us are ANZ-based and play seasonal softcore, but there are a few of us who do NS and/or hardcore stuff. Our only requirements are that you be active, and be respectful to your fellow players. We have a lot of members scattered across the entire casual-hardcore spectrum and most will be willing to help with the 4man/rat meta if you're interested in learning or taking part. Feel free to add one of our officers if you have any questions, or jump onto our discord: Chiawhey#6777 kuller#6651 Goldielox#6608 Alternatively, just do search in the clan interface for 'Exile' and send us a request! Thanks, and have a great season 15!Chiawhey8 May 27
May 18 Season 17 start - ANZ times Season 17 will begin on the dates below: North America: Friday, May 17 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT/Qld: Saturday, May 18 @ 10am SA/NT: Saturday, May 18 @ 9:30am WA: Saturday, May 18 @ 8am NZ: Saturday, May 18 @ 12 midday Season 16 will end on the following dates: North America: Sunday, May 12 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT/Qld: Monday, May 13 @ 10am SA/NT: Monday, May 13 @ 9:30am WA: Monday, May 13 @ 8am NZ: Monday, May 13 @ midday May 18
May 17 Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney Players Looking for people to play with preferably from Adelaide, but elsewhere is also fine :) Especially interested in powerlevelling and farming goblins. Please post if interested!subtleglitch39 May 17
May 13 Wizards 2.0.5 Vyr farming 2.0.5 has made it clear that Vyr Set is the going to be great for nearly all types of Wizards. Currently I am able to farm T3/4 comfortably and was wondering if other ANZ Wizards in the same boat as me wants to try their luck at farming for Vyr set together.Dathremar7 May 13
May 8 Baldy Gone MIA Nick you there fella? Log in sometime. Peace out.Bastich10 May 8
Apr 17 Best hero names So, as I was creating a plethora of different characters, I realised that the most difficult decision I have is naming them. So I'd just like to create a thread where people can post their favorite names :) Let me begin: * SirSchmoopy * SpookyMulder the Witch Doctor Now who can top this? (NB it has to be the names of characters you have actually created)MadIceQueen50 Apr 17
Apr 3 <Immortal Guardians> recruiting Hey all, we're a (mostly) Oceanic based clan with an active Discord server supporting multiple games. We're looking for more active Diablo players to join our ranks to push GRs, help new players and generally have fun. Msg me here or via Bnet for an invite. Acheronus#11353Acheronus4 Apr 3
Mar 1 server dissconnect? ive posted this in the hardcore forums, but ill try here too. we were running some speed grs and our entire party disconnected and game froze up. everyone died. Spoken to a few others all around Australia, and everyone seems to have had the same issue. Was there a quick server outage? that disconnected us? because a lot of us have died, heros with 80+ hours played and fully augmented with high gemsBigMattyKane4 Mar 1
Feb 14 Clan <UNDEAD> LF New Members Hello, we are looking for active new members(p1000+ in season, have at least one meta toon). We are not 100% Aus/NZ clan, but many members and officers(inc myself) are from Aus/NZ. We usually do group GR runs(meta and speed) and also do split GR/Bounty runs. Ideally we want experienced players, but we'll welcome all active players and can help you gear up and get ready for high GR. :) Feel free to pm me in game or request invite through Communities/Clan. (just search for UNDEAD) Anime fans welcome :)OV3RL0RD0 Feb 14
Feb 11 ANZ FACEBOOK Community - ~1,700 members now! I have created a facebook page for Aussies and Kiwis: Please join it and invite anyone else you can think of! Doesnt matter what clan you're in! There, we discuss builds, announcements, datamines, helping new players....etc. NOTE - we're no longer accepting proxy/gimmick accounts. We're a close community, and share a lot of family/friends pics. If your account is only weeks/months old, you'll get blocked.Ryoka85 Feb 11
Feb 7 @ Camsau Are You OK? @ Camsau Are You OK?SilentSword2 Feb 7
Jan 31 Nems etiquette... Just something I love to examine in game. We all know that most of us don't wear Nem bracers... you just keep a pair in your inventory, swap them in before you activate a shrine/pylon and swap them out to continue fighting. And it's not always clear who's got a pair of Nems on them and who doesn't. And everyone's usually too occupied with slaying to always communicate. So I ask... a) Is it the responsibility of players without Nems to pay attention to work out if someone has Nems? - usually someone with Nems can be seen to be standing still next to a shrine because they're fumbling around with their inventory switching to Nems before that elite closes in. And if you don't have Nems, you could always ask before grabbing that pylon. It's not always on the mind of players who carry Nems and they're already doing the group a service by carrying those stupid things around. OR b) Is it the responsibility of players with Nems to make it known? - Just pause for 5 secs, type "I have Nems" and everything is good. Though, this might get a tad repetitive when everytime a new player comes in, you have to repeat the message. Do enough people keep Nems in their inventory so that we just assume that someone has Nems and if 4 players are standing around a shrine for 15sec and no one's popped the thing, that it's safe to assume that no one has Nems. Or is it the duty of the player with Nems to communicate this, despite them already using up inventory space holding a pair of Nems to benefit the team?Mugsy14 Jan 31
Jan 27 Active clans any active clans around? nearly 800 Para and can play anything. Feel free to chuck me a msg or invite Chimaira#1201Chimaira1 Jan 27
Jan 25 Tribute to Amalfia Every December, I pay tribute to a dear friend and fellow clannie, Amalfia who unfortunately lost her battle to a medical condition 2 yrs ago. She still sits in my friends list with about 600-700 days inactive....I check it every now and then ....and a part of me hopes to see "Offline 4 hours". This is her fb profile: She will never be forgotten. RIP Amalfia. RyoRyoka3 Jan 25
Jan 23 How have you found the fresh start? I think this is going to be a tedious season. I think I'm finally over the fresh start now that I have most of my favourite builds in NS SC ready to go. Really, the only builds I want still is a pull barb which I'm sure I have the gear for in NS but I'll assemble it in Seasons first. I'd also like to make a Jade Doc which I'll leave for S17 where the free WD set is Jade. But beyond that, there's not much more I feel I can squeeze out of the D3 experience. This season's fresh start on HC was a bit different... using Nats and got to pair it up with Rapid Fire which I've never done before. But it's a clunky build so I can see why this isn't the meta. As far as HC in the long run goes, I have all the cookie cutter builds I like playing in HC NS... I just keep playing for the company. But running two accounts is getting to me. The level of stash management required because there isn't enough stash space to make for an enjoyable end game experience is something I don't want to keep dealing with before and after each season. I'm at the point where I'm hoping they start recycling the seasonal cosmetics... this would mean that I'd have no reason to make a seasonal character on this account anymore and I can just play NS for my SC experience (I have a tonne of gems to level up for augmenting in NS). I'd probably continue playing seasons in HC... the fact that I do RIP from time to time means that I'll be freeing up character slots and losing gear as part of the experience. Anyway, that's where I am. How are you fairing this season start?Mugsy3 Jan 23
Jan 22 Power leveling people!! Hey if you want a power level hit me up on Jan 22
Jan 20 Season 16 start - January 19 Season 16 start has been pushed back to January 19 ANZ time: Q: When does Season 16 start? A: Season 16 begins Friday, January 18 at 5:00 p.m. PST in North America, 5:00 p.m. NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Saturday, January 19 @ 12 midday Qld: Saturday, January 19 @ 11am SA: Saturday, January 19 @ 11:30am NT: Saturday, January 19 @ 10:30am WA: Saturday, January 19 @ 9am NZ: Saturday, January 19 @ 2pm Q: When will Season 16 end? A: We currently anticipate that Season 16 will be ending on Sunday, March 17 at 5:00 p.m. NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Monday, March 18 @ 11am Qld: Monday, March 18 @ 10am SA: Monday, March 18 @ 10:30am NT: Monday, March 18 @ 9:30am WA: Monday, March 18 @ 8am NZ: Monday, March 18 @ 1pm Only a 2 month season planned it seems!TrepChains15 Jan 20
Jan 15 DON'T DO THE CHALLENGE RIFT! Just a reminder to not stuff up day 1 for yourself :-)Mugsy7 Jan 15
Jan 9 Until S16 starts... Group Torment HC Darkening of Tristram runs with fresh lvl1 characters!Mugsy2 Jan 9
Jan 4 Beginner looking for nurturing Clan Just started Playing D3. Looking for a good Clan to learn inPlumster4 Jan 4
Dec 13 ANZ communities Are any ANZ communties (not clans) active? If not should we revitalize it for both seasonal and ns playerbase? --> is this sticky (narull's com) still working? ANZ seasons probably lead by trep's gang and others. What about NS, who is on top farming tiers besides stormy and YD 's crew?celtic0810 Dec 13
Dec 13 Dear AUS/NZ On behalf of America, I apologize profusely for allowing such a monstrosity as Immortal to be created, let alone thought about among several other Americans as a good idea. The American demographic does not condone such lazy marketing and game architecture and will do the best we can to get something good released for D3 soon.Oculon6 Dec 13
Dec 8 Have urself a bountiful xmas... S15 not ending till after the new year so keep enjoying those double bounty caches... Dec 8
Dec 3 Looking for clan/players (AUS/NZ) Hi all I primarily play non seasons (just do seasons for cosmetics). Usually log on 8pm QLD time and depending on games usually spend 3-4hours playing. I play all classes and all meta toons (dps/zdps) and have voice chat Getting harder to find free players on the native server to do runs when I am on. Taashish6 Dec 3
Nov 30 (DRW) New Clan Looking For Members This Is a New Clan (DarkRaven Warriors)- Based In Australia More Specifically In Tasmania, This Is a Mature Clan So That Means Only 18 And Over, I Made This Clan For The Aussie's And The New Zealand Players, But We Do Accept Anyone And Everyone From Any Country And New Player's And Veterans, Just As Long As You Can Speak English Fluently We Will Welcome You With Open Arms, Even If Your a Solo Player Or You Love To Group Up And Play We Want You, Are You a Seasonal Or Hardcore Player? We Want You To Join And Build Our Ranks. So If You Are Interested In Joining - Do So We Would Love To Have You. :) If You Don't Want To Go To Diablo 3's Main Menu And Press Shift - O To Bring Up Clans Just Leave Your Name Down Below And I Will Send You a Clan Invite.... Thank You For Your Time. P.S Because We Are a New Clan Take In Mind We Do Not Have Members.....Yet, But Every Clan Has to Start Somewhere :) P.P.S I Have Made a Discord Server For The Clan To Get To Know Eachother- And Play Together. Discord Invite Link: My Discord Name Is: Rabbit1995b#7676 Add Me :) My Name is: DarkRaven#11898 Add me :)DarkRaven0 Nov 30
Nov 30 Damn... which class to roll for S16 now? PTR patch notes out.... I can't decide which class I wanna play. Was originally gonna roll Barb so I could run support too but I think I might have a more interesting time with other classes now.Mugsy13 Nov 30
Nov 29 Season 15 Start times Season 15 starts on Saturday, 22 September 2018 at 10:00:00 am AEST: The Haedrig's Gift sets should be: Barbarian – Wrath of the Wastes Crusader – Roland’s Legacy Demon Hunter – Unhallowed Essence Monk – Raiment of a Thousand Storms Necromancer – Bones of Rathma Witch Doctor – Helltooth Harness Wizard – Tal Rasha’s Elements So, who's gonna be here on season start?Mugsy30 Nov 29
Nov 29 D3 Switch Amiibo Anyone know where you can find these Loot Goblin Amiibos in New Zealand? Had no luck getting one, actually no luck finding copies of the game either... Seems to be absolutely sold out.Nomembrane2 Nov 29
Nov 20 D2 Servers Little off topic, but recently started playing D2 again. What servers do you guys play on if at all? Seems to be quite harsh latency wise compared to the luxury we have had with Oceanic servers. Been really enjoying going back through it, has been quite a long time.Nomembrane0 Nov 20
Nov 19 Do you guys have phones? Just wanting to know what you guys think about the Blizzcon announcement regarding Diablo, and how many of you have turned to PoE (likeMe) to scratch that ARPG itch... Blizzard cant seem to get it right so im done, PoE is amazing BTW and regular content updates!FrankstonKid7 Nov 19
Nov 17 Lore Question about D:I Sorry guys, original concept needed a bit more time to mature. Assumption: Lore will be written in the east When translated will this be westernized, if so will this create two sets of lore for the Diablo universe?char9 Nov 17
Nov 13 (DRW) New Clan Looking For Members This Is a New Clan (DarkRaven Warriors)- Based In Australia More Specifically In Tasmania, This Is a Mature Clan So That Means Only 18 And Over, I Made This Clan For The Aussie's And The New Zealand Players, But We Do Accept Anyone And Everyone From Any Country And New Player's And Veterans, Just As Long As You Can Speak English Fluently We Will Welcome You With Open Arms, Even If Your a Solo Player Or You Love To Group Up And Play We Want You, Are You a Seasonal Or Hardcore Player? We Want You To Join And Build Our Ranks. So If You Are Interested In Joining - Do So We Would Love To Have You. :) If You Don't Want To Go To Diablo 3's Main Menu And Press Shift - O To Bring Up Clans Just Leave Your Name Down Below And I Will Send You a Clan Invite.... Thank You For Your Time. P.S Because We Are a New Clan Take In Mind We Do Not Have Members.....Yet. :) P.P.S I Have Recently Made a Discord Server For The Clan To Get To Know Eachother- And Play Together. Discord Invite Link: My Discord Name Is: Rabbit1995b#7676 Add Me :) My Name is: DarkRaven#11898 Add me :)DarkRaven1 Nov 13
Nov 5, 2018 I KNOW WHAT THE NEXT DIABLO GAME IS CALLED! It's Diablo: Mineral Wash! Just look at the following link... 3 rows down: Confirmation that is what the next game is called peeps! (hope you read that with a heavy dose of sarcasm)Mugsy16 Nov 5, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 Hit their wallets Merging us into a unified force. Join us.Zagara0 Nov 3, 2018
Nov 3, 2018 Switch hardcore players! Hey guys, Haven’t played since 2012 release so I decided to start up on switch. Currently level 25 in act 2 and wondering if anyone wants to play through the story / do some rifts as we grow in hardcore season!Pepsiman0 Nov 3, 2018