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2d Roll Call It's good to get a general idea from where people are from (inside NZ and AUS). Dunedin, New Zealand here :)cadmium889 2d
Nov 14 HardCore Australia: Update Good to see their is a Hardcore community. It would be cool to get some small teams together to play co-op. Anyone interested in teaming up with some more HC players post in. Alvis#6948Alvis840 Nov 14
Oct 17 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid Diablo 3 streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus20 Oct 17
Aug 25 How to connect to US/ANZ servers - UPDATE Hi all, We have had feedback that some players wish to manually connect to either the US or ANZ Diablo game servers. Before we go into the process on how to connect to a specific gamer server, there would only be a few reasons you would wish to do this. If you are in the rare minority based in ANZ whose IP does not automatically connect to the new Australian game servers. If you are located outside of Australia and New Zealand and connect to US hardware but wish to try out the Australian servers to see if your latency is improved. If you are currently playing on ANZ servers but wish to join the larger North American public player pool and you don’t mind the associated higher latency. First up, make sure your Blizzard game launcher is running and you are logged into the application with your server set to The Americas. This will ensure your client will always be up to date. ********** UPDATE ********** Prior to this post it required a customized shortcut to be made. Now with the updated client you can add the correct strings into the Blizzard app itself, removing the requirement to create a short cut. Think it's technical? Well it's really quite simple! Narull has uploaded some screen grabs that make the process easy. Here is his post: 1. Close Diablo III and open the launcher, click the little arrow up the top left and select 'Settings': 2. In the new window select 'Game Settings': 3. Tick the box for 'Additional command line arguments' and in the new command line put the following: If you want to always connect to the ANZ Server: OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 If you want to always connect to the US Server: OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default So it should look like this: Click 'Done' and run Diablo III, BAM done! It's that simple. ********** Below is the old method that is not required ********** To manually tell the game which server you wish to play on you will need to create a customized shortcut. Go to your folder that has Diablo III: Reaper of Souls installed. The default for this on a Windows PC is C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Right click on Diablo III.exe and click ‘create a shortcut’. Right click on the newly made shortcut and choose ‘properties’. Go to the Target field, it should say something similar to this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" You will need to add one of the commands below after "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" in the Target field. To manually connect to the Australia servers add the line -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=AU1 To manually connect to the US servers add the line -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default So for example, if I wanted to make sure I connected to the US hardware, even if I’m in Australia, my shortcut target field would end in: ...\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch OnlineService.Matchmaking.ServerPool=Default *Note there is a space between Diablo III.exe" and -launch Click ok. The shortcut you have made will now be the method you use to launch the game if you wish to manually connect to a specific game server. Keep in mind once you launch the game through this shortcut you will need to log in with your username and password. If you run the game through the Blizzard game launcher the changes will not be in effect, you will need to use the shortcut to ensure you connect to a different game server. Keep in mind creating this shortcut is not something we would recommend to everyone but it may be helpful for some. See you in Sanctuary! <em/>Arcagnion96 Aug 25
Feb 14, 2017 Clans & Community Roster Welcome Please find below a quick list of the Australian/New Zealand Clan & Community Groups Roster. This has been created from community members to help suit your needs in finding the right clan/community in the fight against Diablo! ;) CLANS COMMUNITY GROUPS MISC AND SOCIAL GROUPS NOTE: Its the responsibility of clan leaders and/or officers to let us no of any changes to your section e.g. change of officers or extra information. If anyone has additional ideas or want there clan, community group, or misc group added please reply to this thread. Credits Azza, NeK, Weegee, Community Leaders and Officers Last Updated: 15/06/2015 Last Updated: 09/12/2015 Last Updated: 31/03/2016 Last Updated: 20/08/2016 Last Updated: 14/02/2017 Last Updated: 27/10/2017 (Added Social Groups and fixed Menu)NeK25 Feb 14, 2017
Dec 10, 2015 Welcome! Please Read First Before Posting. Greetings- Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand forums for Diablo III. Here you can meet and discuss any regional topics and generally link with like minded players from your area. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct and guidelines before posting. Code of Conduct: Posting Guidelines: If you are looking for a Clan or Community to join check out this thread here.Arcagnion119 Dec 10, 2015
Jun 20, 2015 Officially(unofficial) ANZ ingame Community Update: With the latest patch you don't have to rejoin chat every time you logout and back in, so join chat and be friendly. =D Greetings fellow ANZ players, We now have an officially(unofficial) ANZ Community ingame and I hope everyone will join so we can play and chat together. I've put this guide together so that people can see some of the FAQ I'm getting and have a good guide for how to join in case you where unsure. Q: Why a community instead of a clan?A: Clans have a member cap of 120 but Communities are unlimited, plus you can only join 1 Clan but can join 5 Communities at the same time. Q: Is there an ANZ clan I can join as well?A: There is no 'ANZ' named clan, however several other players have taken it on themselves to create ANZ Clans for smaller 'nit' groups of players, seek one out and I'm sure they will be happy to have you. Q: I've seen you in game with a <ANZ> Clan tag! You just said there wasn't one so why?A: I admit to making an ANZ Clan, I did so to reserve the name so that people wouldn't get the Clan and Community confused and then miss out on joining up with a lot of ANZ people. Within 24 hours of release we already had over 120 members in the Community, so as you can see a Clan wouldn't be enough. I will be keeping the ANZ named Clan on my Best Friends(who doesn't play D3) account just to keep the name so people don't get confused. Q: How do I join the Community?A: Below I have done an in depth guide in joining the Community and joining chat. Joining the Community 1. Log in to Diablo 3 and look to the bottom right of your screen, you will see an icon with a chat bubble, this is the Clans & Communities tab. 2. Finding a Community is down the bottom of this window, this is where most make the small mistake of looking at the top which is for Clans. 3. Make sure you are set to English in the dropdown box, not English(SEA). 4. Search for ANZ, the ANZ clan should show first, however if it doesn't you can click on Communities without joining them to display it's leader and officers, I am the Leader and I have selected a few trusted ANZ members as officers(more to come). 5. Once you have hit Join you will have the ANZ community in your Clans and Communities window. Don't forget to join chat so you can discuss things with your fellow members. 6. If you click on the ANZ Community you will bring up the Community Information window, this will display messages from officers in the News section(I'll be trying to post maint etc here). Unfortunately due to a database issue because we have over 100 members the Roster will only display Officers so you cannot see a full list of members. Currently there is no / command for Community chat, if you're talking in another channel and wish to talk in Community chat you will need to open the Clans and Communities window and click the Chat icon. [/b][/i] I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing you all ingame in the Community, if you ever have any questions or issues feel free to post or message me ingame. ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull30 Jun 20, 2015
20m Your S13 plans So what's your goal for S13? Chase the leaderboards? Try a new class? Play for a week then head off?SwankyDevil78 20m
3h Another round of maintenance... Scheduled for Wed 28 Feb at 4am AEST (Brisbane time) if I'm reading things correctly. Hopefully it's to deal with the lag and drop outs some are experiencing, and those gelatinous sires that don't drop anything because they're killed too quickly.Mugsy3 3h
2d OLDEST PLAYERS Just wondering how many oldies like me are out there I am 68 still playing Diablo 3 never played DA2 well can add to this still going am 70 now but mainly play DH M6 set but have done a 75 GR in HC and a 80 in normal so still hard at itDaymo147 2d
2d 7 Sins Clan - Limited Spots as at 08nov17 Hi ANZ, We’re a casual clan that enjoys a lot of banter, teasing and laughing, but all in good spirit. That being said, we also have quite a wealth of knowledge within this clan, whether you’re new to the game, back from hiatus, or a veteran, you’ll find a place here. Any of these guys can add you to the group. In order of awesomeness: The 8th Sin Ryoka#1646 Pussag@ys (in alphabetical order) Bastich#1850 Derf#6334 Highlander23#6644 Hodor#6703 NickBaldyM#6414 Mugsy#6765 Oakover#6193 Soul#1481 Sweetpea#6404 Waz#11929 So where the bloody hell are ya? :> To the Pussag@ys: Sometimes life will get the better of us and we just have to attend to irl stuff, and that’s cool. But to keep the flow of the clan running smoothly with adding new players, culling inactives, helping ingame with plvls or answering queries/builds, we need pussag@ys ingame in real time. In light of this from season to season, I may rotate officers in and out of serivce. Don’t worry, I will be open and upfront and will speak to you before hand (if opportunity permits). Waz was a great example of this. One of the longest standing officers but he made a baby last season and had to be a dad so I rotated another officer in to fill his shoes in that time. He took like it champion. And now he’s back in the ranks! What I’m trying to say is, if I rotate you out, don’t get mad or offended. You still maintain you lifetime member flag. Just go and do your irl stuff. When I see you back in full force, you will eventually get rotated back in. Happy to discuss if you have any questions about this matter. Cheers C*nt, RyokaRyoka1159 2d
2d Season 12 end / Season 13 start local times Official announcement is up here: I've converted to ANZ timezones below. Season 12 will end on the following dates: North America: Sunday, February 11 @ 5:00 p.m. PST NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Monday, February 12 @ Midday Qld: Monday, February 12 @ 11am SA: Monday, February 12 @ 11:30am WA: Monday, February 12 @ 9am NT: Monday, February 12 @ 10:30am NZ: Monday, February 12 @ 2pm Season 13 will begin about two weeks afterward on the dates below: North America: Friday, February 23 @ 5:00 p.m. PST NSW/Vic/Tas/ACT: Saturday, February 24 @ Midday Qld: Saturday, February 24 @ 11am SA: Saturday, February 24 @ 11:30am WA: Saturday, February 24 @ 9am NT: Saturday, February 24 @ 10:30am NZ: Saturday, February 24 @ 2pmTrepChains26 2d
2d If ya cant wait Asian severs(new season) are running if your hanging PS dont forget to untick au command in game settingsjules23230 2d
3d Code 317002 Hi, For the past few hours all I've been getting is an error code unable to create game I have looked on the forums to see if there is a solution I have done so far clear my cache done a scan and repair still unable to create game is anybody else experiencing this? Could one of the Blizzard moderators or Dev came being a blue post on how to fix this as it is quite annoying that I am unable to play a game since this new patch went live. In saying that I have been able to join other people's games yet when I go to invite somebody into the game server that unable to join even though all of us are on the same version that you guys a Blizzard have released. I would really like to see a response from Blizzard on how to fix this asap as I dare say there is more than just myself having this problem I have spoken to people online and they are having the same issues yet you guys still haven't fixed the problem. It looks to be the same issue that you guys had in 2016.codyconan1234 3d
6d S12 chat How is everyone's S12 going? For the first time in many seasons, I leveled my character the old fashion way. Grouped with Cranky and Mugsy for a while I think on Friday but didn't get to finish the 70 grind until Saturday. After around 5k shards I finally found the HOTA bracers, found a GoJ quite easily (first rare upgrade infact) and this morning got Fury of the Ancients shoulders. Found the second Istvan's sword too, and I'm rolling away now. Only sitting at around P230, but I have had fun so far. Will be on again tonight to level Ryo if he finally logs.Waz183 6d
Feb 16 Hummus Vege Chips verdict At least for the lemon sesame flavour, for those in chat who were wondering about this, they're not bad. I wouldn't say they're the most flavoursome chips... kinda like prawn crackers but a notch or two up in terms of flavour. For 'healthier' chip options, I personally prefer Woolies' Macro range such as the tzatziki lentil corn chips below... Don't knock em... they're great sustenance for day 1 of seasons.SwankyDevil4 Feb 16
Feb 6 The Fallen <Star> - Recruiting My friends and I recently started a new small clan "The Fallen <Star>". We have a couple of high level players and some more casual players (primarily SC). If you are interested in a more laid back, casual clan, please look us up and request an invite. Cheers! To join: - Use the Clans search in game to search for us and request an invite - Add one of our officers Haadesda#11742 and ask for a clan invite from him, and he will invite you when he canTrepChains17 Feb 6
Feb 1 Does anybody here remember OZWL? The Australian Warcraft 2 League Played over Kali Garfield was the manager of the league. Anyway, anybody here remember it? Anybody used to play in it? Am I showing my age now? :)Whisper15 Feb 1
Jan 28 Exile Clan - Spots Available 24th Feb Hey Guys/Gals, Season 13 is upon us. We really would love to have some enthusiastic and regular players to come join us and group up. The clan is really friendly so drop me a message and I will be happy to add you. Exile has moved (mostly) to discord now. You can join us at We are still on Twitch as well. Come join a great clan. Leader: Mallory#6773 Officers: PoPoPoado#6600 Pressure#1346 Badger333#11747 Bazinga#1676 robwin1974#6355 Andr3w#6720 Ratmanaus#1329 Raz#6427 Clan Requirements: 1500 paragon in NS. A couple of notes regarding inactivity in the clan. As much as we don't want to remove you from Exile please remember that the Clan's have a limit of 150 players. To this inactive members are removed to make way for people wishing to play in the clan. By ALL means if you get removed and want to come back to the game then see the leader or one of the officers. If you feel like you need a break/holiday then let us know and we can put a clan note on your account saying you will be on leave till XX/XX. Please add yourself to the "Exile Community" so that its easy to keep in touch and get back into the Clan.Mallory123 Jan 28
Jan 25 Early Maintenance Thursday 25/01/18 ~4 Hours Greetings all, On Thursday night (25/01/18) we will be having server maintenance and it's an early one this time (been awhile since we had maint!) This is expected to last four hours total, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc Server down will start at 2:00am PDT which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Thursday 25/01/18 6:00pm - 10:00pm Perth 7:30pm - 11:30pm Darwin 8:00pm - 12:00am Brisbane 8:30pm - 12:30am Adelaide 9:00pm - 1:00am Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 11:00pm - 3:00am New Zealand Additional time zones can be found here: Note that this maintenance will go for four hours, till 6:00am PDT (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maintenance).Narull6 Jan 25
Jan 25 Issue with lagg Hi all, i'm currently experiencing lagg in this game, Latency is around 25 to 28ms, I installed current GPU driver (Nvidia), Still having issues, PC is high end ish, ie GPU is a g-force 980ti etc, water cooled blah blah, Running out of things to try... Any help would be good Cheerssteve29 Jan 25
Jan 19 Think there will be a PTR? I'm leaning more towards 'no' in that: - they had nothing to show at Blizzcon - we're past what would normally be the halfway point for the game which is when PTRs historically have started I do hope that they will do a minor PTR with a few changes that 2.6.1 didn't capture. I'm thinking more along the lines of at least one revamped/new item for each class like what it use to be. Something along the lines of: Barbarian: Some of the generator based mighty weapons could do with a buff to work better with LON (since there's no generator set). Or they could rework IK to work with generators. Crusader: Darklight reworked to bring back the Firestart build (i.e. needs a damage modifier). I also think Justice Lantern may need a slight rework to be viable for more builds. Demon Hunter: Crashing Rain and Strafe weapons needs a damage buff. More importantly, Rapid Fire needs to be made relevant again. I'm thinking Sinseekers need a rework to turn RF into a generator so it synergises with Nats. Damage buff also needed. Monk: Band of Rue Chambers reworked to include a damage reduction element in addition to the increased spirit generation. Monk's are over reliant on Unity. Necromancer: Maltorious' Petrified Spike to turn Bone Spear into a generator so it can be spammed... damage needs to be rebalanced but as it is, we have two Corpse Lance sets and neither Bone Spear nor Bone Spirit are used for any endgame builds Witch Doctor: Needs a damage reduction ring. Like monks, WDs are over reliant on Unity. Rhen'ho flayer could also do with a damage buff to make a toads build relevant again. Wizard: Wizard hats need a rework... at least make one of them apart from Swarmi useful and synergise with existing sets. I kinda want the Mirror Image one to be better with them channeling when you do and against the same target. If there's nothing new for S13, lets hope that a major rework patch like 2.6.1 will drop for S14.SwankyDevil18 Jan 19
Jan 18 ANZ FACEBOOK Community - 860 members now! I have created a facebook page for Aussies and Kiwis: Please join it and invite anyone else you can think of! Doesnt matter what clan you're in! There, we discuss builds, announcements, datamines, helping new players....etc. NOTE - we're no longer accepting proxy/gimmick accounts. We're a close community, and share a lot of family/friends pics. If your account is only weeks/months old, you'll get blocked.Ryoka78 Jan 18
Jan 8 Darkening of New Tristam Just in case you missed it last year, the event is now live. Please note that only the pre-cursor event is now live, i.e. hunting for cultist for tomes that will net you the angel portrait frame. The portal to the Diablo homage dungeon is still not live until 4 Jan (US time) or more likely than not will be on 5 Jan (Aussie time). Happy New Year everyone.jtcdgroup6 Jan 8
Jan 7 Scruwaps . how do I solv My diablo 3 Bug ??? when u did not solve it .... r u stiupid ?? Scrwaps !!!Sharcky4 Jan 7
Dec 27 Rubber banding. Has this been really bad lately? Maybe because blizz games are on sale and the servers are hurting? Been getting 80 - 150ms until the last week or so, now it starts normal then balloons out to 800 - 1000ms. Then goes back and forth.TarkusBlack1 Dec 27
Dec 24 Where is Diablo I have completed the game and never ran into diablo WHERE IS HESnakpak586 Dec 24
Dec 19 1016 Who here have been experiencing 1016 or in laymen's terms disconnect errors? This have been occurring for the past week for me. Very random, it could hit a minute after login or an hour after login. My connection bar is green and the next thing I get a disconnect without warning, no drop in ping whatsoever.jtcdgroup2 Dec 19
Dec 14 For all those jaded by D3... I just heard that Titan Quest will have a new expansion, with Nordic influence. TQ is one of my favourite ARPG, ranking up there with D2 and Diablo. The franchise was taken over by THQ, but the original was developed by Iron Lore, if you don't know Iron Lore had developers who were previously in Blizz North. Apart from the name, I really saw TQ as the natural progression of what Diablo should have been with the dynamic skill system. The game had flexibility and diversity in the skill trees.jtcdgroup15 Dec 14
Nov 30 HC armory not linked to character Topic says it all... but what would it take to make it happen? Unless you are happy to play HC and not push the limits, it can be frustrating to set up a few builds on the one character - RIP - then have to rebuild your builds in the armory again for on new character... same gear... same stash... seems a bit silly reallyNickBaldyM5 Nov 30
Nov 20 Little help When my pc froze and restarted got the msg it couldn’t find the driver with the operating system. I am wondering whether it would be better to put it into the shop and hope. Or salvage my GPU and PSU and anything else and look at upgrade costs. ThanksGiantAxe22 Nov 20
Nov 17 Game semi freezing So i can get thru the menu fine i get into a game and then 30s in my skeles stop moving and my follower stop following me and i cant click anything or anyone but my char can still run around... my internet is fine it was playing fine 2 days agobliggy2 Nov 17
Nov 17 Clan Looking for clan members to join my clan AUSTKOJordan6193 Nov 17
Nov 15 Season 12 Memories Well It's almost a full week into Season 12 and already there's been a lot of memories to remember. I had my first HC death within a few hours of getting max level at Torment X (group wipe), then dying a second time to mortar while doing stupid, killing bandit shrine, seeing a rainbow goblin and dying again for the third time to the same thing I died to the first time. Here's videos for lols: 4man group wipe - Bandit Shrine - RIP Power Level - RIP 2nd WD Death - How's your season going?Chopnblok2 Nov 15
Nov 14 Experience Cap I was told and found that experience need after 2000 doesn't rise and I can tell you this is wrong as at 2003 and the Experience for each level is still rising does any one know where the cap is nowSnoopy1 Nov 14
Nov 9 ANZ Season 12 start times Just wanted to post the Season 12 ANZ start times here. Based on it starting Thursday Nov 9 at 5pm PST (I assume this is correct, although the post says PDT): NSW/VIC/ACT/TAS: Friday Nov 10 - 12midday QLD: Friday Nov 10 - 11am SA: Friday Nov 10 - 11:30am WA: Friday Nov 10 - 9am NT: Friday Nov 10 - 10:30am NZ: Friday Nov 10 - 2pm ___________________________________________________________ Note, if instead it starts at 5pm PDT, despite the fact PDT will no longer be a current timezone, then: NSW/VIC/ACT/TAS: Friday Nov 10 - 11am QLD: Friday Nov 10 - 10am SA: Friday Nov 10 - 10:30am WA: Friday Nov 10 - 8am NT: Friday Nov 10 - 9:30am NZ: Friday Nov 10 - 1pmTrepChains6 Nov 9
Nov 9 Intereting video on the state of D2 Pretty honest lowdown. Kinda makes me appreciate the current state of D3 more. Nov 9
Nov 7 S12 start day... So it's gonna start on a Friday in AU/NZ again... 10th Nov. Won't have the day off as, if things go my way, I'll already have Mon to Wed off that week. Might jump in on Friday night, do the challenge rift to get some shards and try my luck getting the HOTA bracers and band of might on a lvl1 toon to cube and maybe get a power level if anyone's offering. Saturday I'm out for the first half of the day tending to mum so I don't expect to start playing till that evening. How's everyone else tracking?Mugsy23 Nov 7
Nov 6 Small changes you'd like to see... I'm enjoying 2.6.1 so far but there are still some skill mechanics that annoy me. I think the change to Soul Harvest refreshing all stacks every time you use it is a good thing and would like to see more of these little changes make their way into the game. 1. Skele mages for Necro... would be great if the expiration of all mages would reset upon casting mages. I was just looking at Anthony Evans latest vid where he gives a tip on how mages snapshot damage. The above change would synergise with the snapshotting and I feel this would be a nice balance between what we have now and having mages potentially last too long. I'd be happy with casting mages once every 8-10sec to keep them up but with the potential to lose all them if I missed it. The mages will still be lasting longer than they do now. Even with the buff icon, there's like a 2-3sec window before you need to recast which is still spammy gameplay. 2. Marauders for DH support Rapid Fire... there's just no love for Rapid Fire at the moment and if they're keeping M6 the way it is (i.e. it fires when you do, rather than auto firing like what so many players would like to see), adding Rapid Fire to it would be so much fun. 3. Star metal kukri gains fetish damage bonus on the legendary effect... this was a godly item back in the day but it's next to useless now. With the recent zuni buffs, gargs is well supported but a pure fetish build isn't viable. I believe SMK is the best item to put the fetish buff on as it'll cater for both a melle fetish build as well as potentially buff Carnevil builds. 4. Maltorius' Petrified Spike: make it convert Bone Spear to a generator please. May need to tone down the damage buff but it's so unsatisfying not being able to spam Bone Spear. 5. Spirit Barrage: make it count as a channeling skill. Would be good if Zunimassa 6pc had a damage buff to channeling skills too so that it would feel that bit more satisfying to cast your spender as it won't be solely for tagging enemies. 6. Shadows set: include a buff for Chakram, Bolas and Grenades on the 6pc... yeah I know, we're sick of grenades dominating DH builds but as a means of giving Shadows some options for trash clearing, adding a buff to Chakram, Bolas and Grenades on Shadows 6pc set would give us some options. 7. Darklight: needs a damage buff to Fist of the Heavens. 8. Rhen ho flayer: needs a buff to toads on it. 9. Many Wizard Hats need a rework. Archmage's Vicalyke... Why not make Mirror Images last until they die and they cast your channeling skills when you do? The Magistrate: too gimmicky and Frozen Hydra isn't competitive. Maybe just make a nova of some sort cast once a second based on the element of the hydra so we can add in some AOE damage that way. 10. Delsere's Magnum Opus: Please add Electrocute to the set. That skill is hardly supported at the moment and DMO is the set I feel is best suited to support signature spell/generator builds.Mugsy15 Nov 6
Nov 5 Looking for someone to chill with I recently got back into D3 and I was looking for someone who wanted to do some rifts and etc with and just have a good time. I'm still a bit rusty so anyone who wanted a hardcore player wouldn't be interested but if you are feel free to add me BreakReality#11656BreakReality3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Skill activating Hi Guys from Blizzard, I have an issue that want to discuss with you. I play Demon Hunter last season and kind of frustrating issues i have are that I have to bang on the keyboard like ironmonger to activate ready skill and when the skill is ready and I press to activate is not reacting to my command(not always). Second when I use vault my DH is acting strange instead of vaulting towards the direction of my mouse pointer is going back and forward with one time pressing that key, or it is not reacting again on my command to vault. This issue with hitting the keyboard with hammer to activate skill suck bad time (I have expensive laptop it is not just some old crappy keyboard we are talking!)and it is not only with my DH, it is with all heroes type. Playing long hours its like gym to my fingers by hitting as hard as i can my keyboard to activate the ready skill. I do not need to damage my laptop keyboard, why it can be much simpler and easy to activate the skill by light press of it and then the cool-down of it to start?!?Rejev3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Blizz Desktop App AUS/NZ Group Created! Hey I just notice the new groups for the blizz app! I made a Aus/NZ Group for all peeps old and new to come join. Oh you can also voice chat here and TBH its kinda like blizz is trying to incorporate a discord style to there Blizz desktop app!. This also has voice chat although I have not tried it and unsure what the guilty/service is like while playing Join here - Cheers NeKNeK3 Nov 5
Nov 5 Looking For AUS Seasonal Clan Looking For AUS Seasonal Clan...i haven't been playing for a while but I'm going to hit this season pretty hard. Should have the day off on friday and looking for some like minded people to get going with. Will be rolling a Sun WOL monk.Tazzin2 Nov 5
Nov 4 What else do you play outside of D3? So, what other games do you guys get into when not playing D3? (like now... in that lull before a season starts) I use to put a bit of time into HOTS but I think I've got burn out with that game just doing Daily Quests. I only have so much time to play games these days and having to spend so much time doing dailies in order to gain enough gold to purchase future characters is something I'm pretty sick of. Recently got myself a SNES mini so am enjoying some retro gaming atm.Mugsy19 Nov 4
Oct 30 Necro pack AU$14.50 atm... ... just for the two of you who haven't purchased or if anyone needs it for their alt accounts.Mugsy1 Oct 30
Oct 29 Save those puzzle rings... Double Goblin event 7-9 November based on the email I got yesterday from Blizzard. I'm away on the 7th Nov but will be around o the 8th and 9th at least. Got so many puzzle rings on my main account but used up my last one last night on my alt.Mugsy5 Oct 29
Oct 27 Diablo 3 Australia Hardcore Social Community Diablo 3 Australia Hardcore Community Our perma community link is If you are a hardcore seasonal player looking to play metas we want you!! If you are new to hardcore, want to play metas and can take/accept advice we want you!! If you just want to be social with HC players or thinking about staring HC we want you!! We are a friendly community open to all season/non season softcore players but our focus is seasonal hardcore.hj02 Oct 27
Oct 26 Hopefully 2.6.1 drops soon... Coz I have over 2k shards on my alt account I'm not touching till then!Mugsy8 Oct 26
Oct 19 AUS/NZ Discord Community Hi all. New season is coming up and I can see lots of people are looking for active clans and players to play with. I have a few friends who will be joining me on the new Hardcore Season since it's been a while that we've played we thought it would be a good time to give it a go again. I know there are a few Diablo communities and servers around, though I thought it would be a good idea to put one together that focused on AUS/NZ both HC and non-NC specifically so that we can play within our timezone. Anyway try to keep it short the link above is a direct invite to the Discord server I started, anyone and everyone is welcome. If you're keen on HC hit me up! Cheers Regards, Chopnblok#1675Chopnblok3 Oct 19
Oct 19 “3 leg race” community challenge So if you’re like me and are somewhat bored with grinding GRs for a <10% chance of upgrading gems or trying to shave a few seconds off your PB, here’s something to try. The challenge can be done against friends/clan mates, or, you prefer the Principal Skinner approach, attempt the challenge yourself then try to beat your previous effort the next time. Overview of rules: Firstly, the race is a 10hour challenge for a fresh character which you can play leisurely. The change character screen will show you how long you’ve been playing that character for. The aim is to get as high as you can in GRs using only 3 legendaries at any given time that was found by that character in those 10hrs. Secondly, before you start, you will need topped up resources and upgraded blacksmith, jeweller and mystic. You don't want to worry about mats or gold. Move all your gems (regular and legendary), ramaladni’s gifts, and GR keys out of your stash and onto another character. Thirdly, Kanai’s cube and the shared stash is not to be touched… only the three main artisans, vendors, and Kadala can be used and you only have access to your inventory for storage. You cannot create legendaries using the cube nor select legendary powers from it. Lastly, you can craft rares, legendaries and set items from the blacksmith and jewellery but only one Hellfire legendary item can be used at any given time. Process to play: 1. Create a fresh HC character. Must be HC as you have to decide between damage boosts or damage mitigation amongst the limited number of items you’re allowed to use. No SC as everyone would just go glass cannon. 2. Grind away at rifts to lvl70 to unlock GRs and keep hitting GRs up until the 10hr mark. 3. When you drop new legendaries, you must decide if you are to replace an existing equipped legendary with it or not. If not, it is to be salvaged… no hoarding the item in your inventory. 4. At any given time, your character is to only have 3 legendary items equipped. This includes crafted sets. All other slots can be padded out with rares 5. 6pc class sets, 2pc jewellery and 2pc class weapon sets are not to be used and are to be salvaged immediately. Blackthornes is allowed but, again, you’re limited to just 3 items from the set at most. 6. Rares can be kept in your inventory as a means to quickly pad out gear slots when you equip a new legendary not of the same item type as the one you’re replacing. But legendaries cannot be kept if you don’t intend to use them immediately. 7. You are free to change skills at any given time to leverage off your loot. Remember, these community challenges rely on honesty. Post below how high in GRs you go in the 10hrs! GL and HF!Mugsy5 Oct 19