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May 29, 2012 The server works very well now Start enjoy this game now!JusticeSword1 May 29, 2012
May 29, 2012 GAME Refunded! just got my ticket updated that i will be seeing my refund in the next couple of days and got a free upgrade to the CE edition =D Thanks heaps blizzard this has made my day.TopObject6 May 29, 2012
May 28, 2012 All Day Memorial Day Hardcore Streamathon! Greetings, heroes and warriors! Today I bring you something special. I am dedicating the entire day to streaming hardcore Diablo III action. Yes, you read that correctly, all day! Join WingedBear and myself as we finish out Act III in Nightmare, do a bit of farming, then go for the Hardcore Nightmare clear. Hell difficulty awaits! Tune in here so you don't miss any of the action! Get comfortable, because we're going to be in it for a long haul today, folks! We'd love to have you along for the ride!Pouncival1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 LF Aussies/Kiwis to farm Act I Inferno Hi guys I've been playing through the first act without too much issues. But no chance in act 2, so I thought it'll be faster/funner playing with a regular group of people. I'm a witch doctor (13k DPS). madbaogao#6918. Feel free to add me if you're keen on doing some runs after work (ie 7pm+) or on weekends!madbaogao1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Is this lag or slow comp or diablo in general Everytime i play diablo3 i get 60~80fps on 1680x1050 high default settings but when there are a large group of mobs charging me, fps drop to 5~10fps and i start fighting in slow mo. It doesn't help either when rubberbanding comes into play and i appear 10 yards from where i was to a grave stone. So is it my comp or d3? Comp specs: Asus P6T deluxe motherboard HX850 watt corsair PSU i7-920 stock 6GB 1333 ddr3 ram XFX GTX260 core 216 2 x 1TB hard drives Btw, if it is my comp what would you guys recommend to upgrade my comp? i was thinking a GTX670 :P Thanks in advance :PGregith4 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 20k Dps DH LF Inferno group Hey guys, im a skilled player looking for a good group that use vent/skype/mumble to farm inferno with.Sinzz1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 ~150ms for AU/NZ now obtainable Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms Vigor.router [] 2 38 ms 39 ms 39 ms [] 3 39 ms 39 ms 39 ms [] 4 140 ms 136 ms 137 ms [] 5 138 ms 138 ms 137 ms [] 6 * * 119 ms [] 7 137 ms 136 ms 137 ms [] 8 * reports: Destination net unreachable. Trace complete. That there folks, is Blizzards South East Asian servers in Singapore. Blizzard had the foresight of settings up Starcraft 2 servers in Singapore as they knew SC2 needs low latency and they respect their SEA and, to a lesser degree, AU/NZ customers. Lucky for them most ISPs in AU/NZ have got it together and route to Singapore markedly quicker than to the US (it's geographically much closer after all). Given it would cost Blizzard next to nothing to drop some D3 servers in Singapore where they already have a presence, all I ask is why they can't copy SC2's implementation for D3 - especially as it also requires low latency for maximum enjoyment. I invite you guys to tracert to the above IP and compare that to the abysmal results you'll get from the US servers, and take the fight up to Blizzard in asking for a Singapore based server. I know most would love an AU based server, but I doubt that's ever going to happen. Singapore is ready now, could be live within a week, and would make most of us happy. There is NO excuse. -spore.spore40 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 left forum left forumdarren4411 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Why still so lag??? Is there any body gona to do anything for this, Blizzard?Vince2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Fed up with crappy AH Way too buggy, Can rarely search for artisan mats or gems. Keep getting failed buyouts, whilst still taking your money - you have to send it to stash to retrieve it. 10 day average price is based on somehting other than a 10 day average - everytime you hit search the value changes by a significant margin, such that what you thought was an average 10 day value (to base your purchase on), just isn't. AH often unavailable.Seti3 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 D3 data usage? Hi all, I have a question about D3's data usage... I installed D3 on my laptop over the weekend - I've just moved house, so am without broadband at the moment and am tethering through my mobile. The connection and speed through Telstra have been good, but with about 4 hours play yesterday, I went through 2.3GB of data. Is this normal? Or are files (a patch?) being downloaded in the background that are spiking my data usage? Searching through Google, I found a few posts that seem to indicate the data usage I'm seeing is too high, but I haven;t come across anything definitive. Any advice?StealthyOne4 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 "You have been removed from the game" Yesterday this game was fine and I was having no problem with it, but today I keep getting the error 'You have been removed from this game' This is the first problem I have had with this game and it is really starting to bug me, Blizzard can you please get onto of the problems people are having, this is getting out of control and people have payed top-dollar in Australia. If anyone knows of any hot fixes on how to fix this problem could you please let me know?Phenom14 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 **Formal Request For A Responce RE: Lag** The last thing that I want to do is make this another whinge thread, much like the others out there that all speak the same thing over and over again. Therefore, I ask that if this rings a bell with you, please click the button at the top of this post that says "request sticky". By International standards, a ping of around 200 - 400ms means that gaming becomes difficult, we experience lag issues that may in some cases deem a game "unplayable" for certain periods of time, depending on what is happening within the game at any time. In Australia, it is reasonable for people to expect a ping rate of say, 20 - 30ms between each other, however with servers based in Asia and in the USA, pings often come in at much higher than this - more around the 150 - 400ms rate, which is well within the rate that I mentioned before, where problems can certainly arise. A ping test to just came up for me at 201ms, however this has varied up to and above 400ms, with the majority of this morning consisting of pings high enough where gameplay is affected severely, to the point of unplayability. Before I go on... let me speak about un-playability so that my point here is very clear. I'm not talking about the odd occasional jolt here and there, I am talking about attacks not responding, much in a "Power Ranges" style, where attacks occur seconds after they are visible on screen. I'm also talking about freezes where you are dead before you see an enemy. I'm talking about it being impossible to proceed until the ping lowers. Under Australian law, goods must be sold in appropriate condition so that they can do what it is that they promise to do, to an acceptable standard. When goods have services attached to them (as does Diablo 3 with its reliance on external servers), these same rules apply. Of course this is dumbed down terminology that I am using, but at the end of the day, I believe that there may be a problem here with Diablo 3 and its release in Australia, especially with these lag issues. I want to make it very clear that I am not referring to downtime for server maintenance here. It is having said that - I would like to hear from a Blizzard representative on these boards, and receive an explanation about their approach, moving forward, for people within the Oceanic region, and how they are going to provide us with an internationally acceptable ping speed so that we are able to play Diablo 3 without limits, as it was intended and advertised.redthehat70 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 The Australian Diablo Herald going live Hi all, Episode 5 of the Diablo Herald is about to go live at 7pm AEST. Tonight we have Hwaygo, Rounder and myself. As always, talking all things Diablo and covering local issues (like lag. :P ) Hope to see you guys there!Highlander0 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 1200 ms + latency: What's the deal? Trying to play tonight but experiencing crazy latency. Difficult to stay alive with this lag... On another topic... bit disappointed with d3.. I had imagined after spending 3+ years developing it that it would be considerably better.dustman0 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Support Aussie Stream, i will support u! Heya guys, trying to get stream viewers up and would love to help anyone out that is watching. Basically streaming from 3pm-11pm weekdays and anytime on weekends (brisbane time) So all i am doing is farming nonstop inferno if anyone viewing sees an item they would like i will do item cheap as compared to AH quick and easy. Will do giveaways every weekend on items aswell! Help support aussie streams!!!Mayo0 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Aussie HC Players - Clean start After recently having my 51 DH die to some champ Leapers last night I'm starting my journey again. If there are any other Aussie HC players who wish to start new then feel free to add me iUsurper#6994 or post your battle tag and I'll add you once I'm home from work.iUsurper3 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Oceanic Barbs. Just wondering how your play experience is. I recently made a barb but have been rubber banding beyond crazy. Not just every few mobs. Basically just wondering if its the same for others or if I drew the short straw. Thanks.Catixie3 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 A work around for the lag issue! Blizzard While you guys are working on the latency issue. There are some quick fix that can be done for the OZ players in infernal mode: Reduce the game difficulty base on the latency of the player! I.e. Movement/attack animation slow by % based of the player's current latency. In long term, you should consider to work on a hybrid server mode for Aussie player, so that player were allowed to host game at their own computer and allow other players to join BUT users are still required to send information and login to US bnet server. This model should bring addtional security concern but can totally resolve the latency issue. Pass the message to your server/network and the game design team!Barry4 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Alternate bnet universes? I have the weird situation where I seem to have 2 separate sets of chats under my bnet account. When I play at home, I have a monk a wd and some online mates. When I'm at the internet cafe near work, I have a dh and no mates. ;) I first thought I'd been hacked or something, but the seem to live side by side quite comfortably. Could they be on different realms or something? This seems pretty weird. I'd hate to have completely separate sets of chars for every pc I played on...Turiya1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Apology to Americans from an Aussie Hi all fellow Diablo devotees, I would like to apologise to all the people who have had the unfortunate experience of being partied up with me on public servers. When I join the game the monsters "grow stronger", but due to the general lag and lag spikes I am getting in Australia, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to contribute at all to killing these monsters. I must also thank those who have revived me a number of times due to these spikes. The Diablo community is generally very caring for their lag-challenged antipodean brothers and sisters. Sorry (and thanks) in advance. The Rubber-banding Barb.freebeema5 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Nightmare Runners Hi guys and girls i'm looking for people to run with in Nightmare, i'm in ACT 3 and just want some decent people to play with the public games suck. No one talks or they are AFK i'm lucky to join a game with 2 other people in it at all. I'm a casual player due to the lag but i'm easy to work with, i also want to try and get the staff of hearding to play the secret level just to see what it's like. luciferian#6716 add if you feel like.luciferian1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Rerolled a tanky class, thanks Blizzard Just wanted to share my story to everyone, I used to play a DH and I was up to Infernal Act2. At this point I found that the class was unplayable anymore because the class cannot take hit and blizzard expected DH player to have perfect kiting skill in infernal. Mobs in act2 such as the stealth snake avenger, they only pop out to attack when they were like a few yards beside you and they can kill a DH in no more than 2 hits. To counter this, ideally blizzard has given DH player around half sec reaction time to use smokescreen/roll away/traps+walk off etc... As you can see, there are many actions you can perform but with our lag (I am getting 200-400 in general). It is extremely hard to pull that action off. Its not just the stealth mob... sometimes I got killed by fireball, missle when they were still half screen away. I reckon infernal could be challanging and fun only if I live in the state or in offline mode... if there is such thing... Therefore I have re-rolled a Monk... so I can at least take some hits before the server register my reaction. Which turned out to be a much much more enjoyable experience for me. After reading my story, I hope all the OZ player who wish to play kiting class think twice if they plan on playing infernal difficulties. Good luck to you all :)Barry2 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Disappointed in D3 Literally 5 friends of mine said, 'Get Diablo 3! You will not regret it!' I do regret it. Bought it from ebgames for $89... tried playing it and every 5 minutes i get 3007 error. 3007 Will be the death of me! --- ... --- I played for about half an hour straight without it disconnecting, and loved it, now I can barely play it.. Will there be a fix?nuberg31 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Out of interest: Is this playable for anyone? After having a look at the sticky Blizz thread, a thought came to mind: Is this game actually playable for anyone in OZ/NZ?Shnig41 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Australia/oceanic servers Okay blizzard you just made X amount of money from D3 + sc2 and a heap monthly from wow..dont you think its about time you bought ATLEAST one server in australia or atleast SG seriously.. the latency in WoW is horrible even at 250 and playing d3 at 250 is just as bad... Something comes at you.. you try to move still get hit when your around a corner.. its becoming a joke its 2012 and your company makes alot of money come on..nesten17 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Dick Smith Electronics are selling D3 for $59 Just a quick post to let those of you that have mightn't have brought the game yet (or are wanting to buy a second copy) you can get the boxed copy of the game from DSE for $59. You can check the online and local store stock on their website: http://#%*!\ ^stupid profanity filter, replace the filtered out word with the relevant one for the comapanies site.Mackk10 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 NZ/AUS, HC PvE progression & PvP Ok, This thread has been started as a general discussion of the topic labelled in the subject line. Now before I get into this, the main point in this thread is to discuss NZ/AUS viability for D3 PvE & PvP progression. I am also well aware that there is a very large possibility that this subject has been discussed extensively but I wish to write it in a fashion that directly questions Activision Blizzard itself. To start the major point, I would like to ask a question, when you designed this game what did you envision your player base achieving?? Was it the eventual conquering of all aspects of the game, including HC, softcore (including Inferno difficulty) and having equal chance to compete in a enjoyable and satisfying PvP environment? As far as I can see as a NZ (New Zealand) player who has enjoyed Blizzard games for many years this in its current situation does not seem an achievable goal. Let's start with the very simple fact of ping, for those of us that play in Oceania, ping over 200-250 has become a fact of life (very often in the range of 400-600), now as a ex-WoW player especially during the peak of the discussion of having a server in Australia, I came to realise the fact that those of us down-under (though having a currency that is not american, is still obviously considered a desirable one) will not likely receive that server. Back to the main point. People in Oceania, though regular and loyal customers of American published games, are consistently shafted when it comes to performance. An analogy that occurred to me was that of two Football (Soccer) teams facing off against each other. Both with equal abilities and capacity to play the game, yet one of those teams was stuck with an unjustifiable rule where each player would have to have X amount of blood (I am not a Sports physician but stay with me) drawn from them, reducing their capacity to play. Less blood (more ping) running through their system, resulting in delayed responses. Now as a revelation in the sporting world, this would be devastating. In the gaming world though not as currently relevant as this, this is totally acceptable. How is this the case when a world wide, highly acclaimed development studio makes a game which a decent chunk of its community is severley gimped compared to another. At what point did Blizzards higher-ups sit there and say "We shall attach NZ and AUS to our US servers and expect them to keep up with our elite customers regardless of ping" without saying it directly they are saying, nz/aus customers are all casuals and those of them that wish to reach a competitive level of gaming are !@#$ out of luck and we shall not, ever address a situation where it is otherwise" How is it possible where a company can produce a product where the majority of its customers are serviced (though alot of them do not feel that way) yet a large player base is near completely disregarded for the mere fact they are not considered as important because their population to square 100 Miles is not as valuable as other regions. To summarise, when did it become a case of QQ you existed in the wrong region yet we still like your money, and we shall serve those who are more convenient to our purposes. Tbh I wrote this while rather inebriated and am totally open to additions/edits/criticisms contained within. thank you for your time. Word up for NZ/AUS gaming community putting up with this %^-* wordlessly for so long yet competing with the world on a equal skill level. P.S how the hell we supposed to do hell/inferno content HC with near 0.5 sec (or more) server reaction. BLIZZARD I will seriously donate both my testaculars to the Lich King if you can give me a legit answer on this. EDIT: Just wanted to add the fact that when I talk of latency affecting HC/Inferno progression I mean even when it comes to NZ/Aus ideal ping around the 200 Range. NOT the spiking to horrendous 500+ situationsHoboHansol019 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 A big up for Blizzard. (bring on the haters) I want to start by saying I'm a very long time Diablo fan. I killed the butcher a million times in the D1 demo, had 3 Lvl 50 3 dot chars on bnet in d1 (without duping godly plate of whale even once) Have played d2 more than I care to admit, rating it the greatest game of all time. And have literature set in the glorious Diablo universe. So like many many other fellow nerds, I have been dying for this to come out like no tomorrow. And when it did I was like....whaaaa? It was not what I was expecting, granted the graphics are gorgeous, the style and music felt good and diabloish, the story, whilst not groundbreaking was very engaging and the diversity of characters is great! But the beloved stat increases were gone. The potion crunching goodness was all ruined and it felt so... Casual. we flattened the final boss (no spoilers) in minutes without taking a scratch. That was until I finished normal. All of a sudden @$"& got real. The gameplay has become a lot less button mashing and a lot more strategic. Techniques such as kiting, flanking, and using crowd control abilities are really coming into their own, and are necessary in some elite fights. Pure dps abilities are no longer the only ones worth using, and I'm finding combinations of skills are the key, as opposed to d2 and d1 where u may use 2-3 abilities over and again, I'm finding myself utilising all 6 in quick succession with the new and refined skill bar. The restricted use of potions forces more advanced decision making rather than just smashing potions u must actually use all the afformentioned skill combos and strategies to win each combat. It almost feels like it has elements of RTS gaming thrown in. Rather than simply putting points into a build you want you must utilise kit to get to stats you want, which sometimes means making decisions and sacrifices to make gains, leading to some fantastic number crunching reminiscent of paper and dice RPGs. Having weapon damage directly correlate to skills also accentuates this number crunching. I'm currently in hell and enjoying every minute of it, the fights have had to rely on the elements I had noted even moreso, my mates and I just had a battle against an illusionist damage returning lightning enchanted yellow which ended up in an epic 15 minute battle against 30+ charging bulls, our vent channel was going into melt down with the barking of tactics and cries of terror, so much fun. I know there are issues, the auction house is a busted !@#$. The intermittent lag we get from playing in Australia is more than mildly annoying, the launch server issues were hideous, and the lack of PVP is starting to show (let us duel in town please, it would be a great way to kill time while waiting for AFK mates). But I have faith in Blizzard due to their previous track record that you will work on these issues and not leave us high and dry like other developers have in the past. Sorry for the wall of text (wall of zombies is much cooler I know) and I know there are some haters who disagree with what I have said, but I just wanted to give u a pat on the back blizz in amongst all this hate! Bring in some competative PVP (a Starcraft like leagues system for teams would be epic) and I can see myself still playing this for a long while.Kuragh15 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 HC Nightmare Hunter & Barb Streaming Live Hello again, everyone! It's 5:00, so you know what that means: Time for more Hardcore Livestreaming. Tonight we're back with WingedBear to finish off Act II on Nightmare and push onward. Assuming Belial doesn't kill us first... If you'd like to catch all the Hardcore action, tune in here! We're going to be streaming for a good 5 hours tonight, so grab your snacks, pull up a comfy chair, and join in on the fun. We'd love to have you!Pouncival1 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 ANYONE FROM GATTON OR TOOWOOMBA REGION !!!? Since this game has come out I have just had little to no sleep and have had to drag my zombie looking self to work, I also spend less time with my family, kids and its all because of Diablo 3 That's when you know its a good game, I mean really I played Diablo 2 to death when that came out 12 years ago, so its been a big break between hardcore gaming. Anyone else feel the your just soooo absorbed and may be taking over your life ???OscarKahn7 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Idiot scammer I just added an authenticator to my account because I'd read a lot about people being hacked lately and was starting to get paranoid (though TBH I've got nothing worth taking since I don't use the AH and upgrade the BS and Shen). Anyway in the process I watched the youtube vid that explained what to do and noticed some more "related" vids of people who had been hacked, and from there I noticed another vid called "Diablo 3 gold exploit revealed" or something like that anyway. Now I'm a games programmer myself and understand the basics of how blizzard have set things up in D3 and know it should be pretty much impossible to conjure up gold out of thin air so I was curious as to how they'd claim to do this. After watching the vid it was pretty obviously a scam (which is why I won't post the link, though a google search would probably find it) it was a tool that you had to enter your username and password and selected an amount of gold to "hack" then hit the magic button, that made a progress bar look like it was doing something with the status text of something like "adding gold" come up while you were waiting. Now onto the fun stuff, why this was so blatantly a scam: 1. The gold hacking stuff all happens when the "game" (I'll explain the "s in a min) is not shown to hide the fact that it is not actually adding the money to the game at all. 2. The "game" it shows is actually just a screenshot, but amazingly it's not immediately obvious at first, when ever he switches to the game he VERY quickly brings up the hacking tool over the top of it which conveniently obscures his character and all the NPCs which would normally be animated leaving a rather convincing view of the inventory and not much else. But if you look carefully at the few frames where the characters are visible it's clear they aren't moving at all. 3. In light of 2, the proof of money being added to the game where you can see the gold in his inventory has increased is likely just a photoshop, which is easily done given it's a still image. 4. While minimal effort was taken to hide the account name and password he enters by putting a mosaic filter over the username and password text boxes, he fails to update the position of the mosaic filters as it zooms in, so at the end of the 54th second there's 2-3 frames where the username and password are clearly visible for anyone to read and obviously fake (though I won't post just in case it's real and against some forum rules). Also no one with real programming skill (like what I assume is required to make hacking tools) would have a password text box display the actual password instead of *s. Anyway the main reason I wanted to post about this is that I was sacred into getting the authenticator by the sheer number of players reporting they were being hacked, and on the off chance that most of them were just idiots I wanted to make sure anyone else tempted to use any hacking tools for D3 (or even any other games) don't even try. 99% of the time you are going to be the one getting hacked by using them so don't do it. Diablo 3's servers give you the items, not the client so I seriously doubt it's even possible to every make those sorts of hacks work anyway. I don't care what reasons you might have for trying them, none are justifiable and you'd just ruin things for legitimate players and take a lot of the fun out of the game for yourself too. DON'T DO IT! And if you are an idiot and you do use one of these programs then when your account is hacked then for the love of god (or any thing you might love) don't post about it to scare people like me >:(.AusSkiller7 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 inferno belial > ping ? so i cant for the life of me dodge phase 3 i can see that im not standing in anything and i just randomly get 1 shot. Anybody been able to do this easy enough or am i doomed to farming the oasis in act 2 forever due to higher ping? im a wiz so i cant take any hits in phase 3 or its just instant death with lolforcearmor brokenSil5 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 Blizzard sort your s**t out. i'm not one to complain, matter of fact i hate complaining i'm on of those "don't be so entitled" kind of people. But this issue just can't be ignored. Before i start i would like to say yes i am sorry for yet another thread about Blizzard servers im sure you have all heard it before and starting to get sick of it. However it has gotten to a point where i think it is necessary for me to personally write this thread just to show Blizzard that i am Royal f***ed off. So anyway, May 15th Diablo 3 is released and i brought it (went the extra mile and got Collectors Edition since i grew up playing D2) knowing full well that the game will be online and that there will be server issues due to the amount of traffic that blizzard servers will be receiving. On the launch date it took me about 3 hours to log in (as i'm sure it did for a lot of people) and even after i logged in my ping was never went below 600, i was expecting this though so no complaints there. I am currently living with 3 others who also use internet regularly, however Diablo 3 isnt the first online game i have played and i have never had any issues with ping before (apart from living in new zealand). Anyway getting back to my story, so Diablo 3 is released and im playing with about 600- 1500 ping (400 on good days) and i'm thinking that this will issue will disappear with time so i will just wait it out. Fast forward a week and with a lot of frustration i make it to inferno with a wizard, and my ping hasn't decreased but instead has increased to about 1000 (now im lucky to get a 500 or 600 ping on good days) i know that the game has only been out for a week and that this is all expected, i understand that. What i don't understand is that it hasn't gotten better but it has gotten worse, and to be honest with you all i'm f***ing f***ed off. Diablo 3 coming from the same company that created the most successful and largest MMO in the world i expected a lot more. Even the Cata release for wow was better than this and i'm sure that cata had a lot more traffic than D3. I have tried to play inferno on my wizard with my very high ping but sadly it has become un-playable (due to the fact that Inferno relies heavily on kiting and it is very hard to kite when to have a 1.5 - 2 second delay on everything) i am currently halfway through act 1 and cannot go any further until this issue has been dealt with. What im trying to say is that i am very disappointed about this whole situation and have lost faith in Blizzard as a company due to this. i know this probably means nothing to Massive Company like blizzard having one F***ed off customer but by reading through forums im not the only one. if it were not for this issue Diablo 3 would be a 10/10 game even go as far as 11/10. Sadly i can not say that this game is 10/10 simply because it is un-playable for me. Again i am sorry writing another thread about the servers issues, and i am well aware that that blizzard are trying to fix it, but in the fast paced world of today i think its just taking too long. Thank you for reading this and i hope that no one else suffers from this problem. EDIT: Forgot to add that i am now getting Regular Dc's from the game. Also that i am not very good at writing either.Phcuk14 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 The solution to everything! First off, im from NZ so im going to post here because blizzard just auto deletes if i post in general.. I could write and essay about all the things that i dislike, all the things that have gone wrong, all the things that blizzard could have done better but what good would that do? Nothing! Everytime i go onto the forums, I see pages and pages of angry people voicing their opinion. its called criticism blizzard! i see these pages and pages of rants and rages but thats all i see, THERE IS NO CONTACT BETWEEN BLUES AND THE COMMUNITY. Everything in the game that has gone wrong no one will be able to fix by raging about it. The only way we can fix things is if we have direct contact with blizzard so they can acknowledge what the community wants as a whole and how they should achieve those goals. What needs to happen is more contact between the community and blizzard! This is extremely frustrating because to be honest, it feels like they have abandoned us! They are supposed to be apart of the community. it feels like they gave us a hand-me-down and forgot to wash it. But then they neglected to feed us that night so we are smelly AND hungry. BLIZZARD IF YOUR READING THIS! you need dedicated blues that will discuss issues on all aspects with people from the community. Dont degrade us and stereo type us as just another rager. Most of us who are here actually have vaild opinions which you seem to be ignoring!!! The game feels like a linear generic run of the mill rpg with no sense of community because you chose to have randomized games???? whos brilliant idea was that? your plain stupid. it gives no sense of achievement and no sense of identity to players who have worked for their characters. If this game is ever going to be what it should be then the first thing blizzard needs to do is acknowledge that the community is here for the benefit of you! Its us who are going to be here for the next 15 years playing this game. But only if you LISTEN TO US!!!! LISTEN TO US BLIZZARD!!!!!! STOP SILENCING US!!!!! TAKE OUR CRITICISM!!!!! INVOLVE YOURSELF WITH THE COMMUNITY.... any everything else will follow....Ares6 May 28, 2012
May 28, 2012 error 3005 + 3007 Always have these 2 errors in the first step "Connecting to" Then fail Is that because i living in campus? have been trying for 2.5 hours! HELP!!! Same problem when i tried to log on WOW, but WOW has a option in the "connect" can solve (Not p2p) this problem.Chris3y5 May 28, 2012
May 27, 2012 Disappointed in D3 .. Part 2 :) So, my previous thread was about how I kept getting disconnecting and getting 3007. Just then I was able to play for about 15 minutes and then I got 3007'd again.. Log back in, and my Hero has been deleted :) Made a new Hero, went to switch hero.. deleted :) Diablo 3 - My first Blizzard game, and my last. I'm going back to EBGames and getting my money back. I tried with this game, and greatly disappointed. <3 <3nuberg2 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 GIVE MY WEAPON BACK AUCTION HOUSE TOOK MY 1200k two handed axe....... will i be able to get it back or is AH just being !@#$ atmDzae5 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Streaming WhismyShire Hell Mode Team Streaming WhismyShire Hell Mode Team in this chanel: May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Disconnected from server and then game freeze Sometimes when i log and click to resume my game it takes ages to load but then it says i'm disconnected from the server and the game freezes and i cant do anything and have to force shut down. Is this because blizzard need to fix the game at the moment or is it because Americans are playing and its make us not able to play it?Stephaniee4 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Sooo much lag!!! When are they going to fix this!!!! Ive been playing a 1 player game with constant 800-1200 latency and its been 2 weeks since launch!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if blizzard did make oceanic servers they would probobobly force us to make another hero -_- anyone else lagging hard or just me??dragondude3 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 AH problem I buought 3 items by clicking "buy out", the items are not in my "completed" category. And my coins are charged. Please Help ;(Xhris16 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 servers fixed soon lag free Please hurry and fix the servers this is just ridiculous. There is way to much lag to even attempt to try and play inferno mode, i have held my tongue all the way through hell playing with this lag from day 1. You cannot make a online only game and have servers in this condition you just made like half a billion or something of this game spend the money buy a few extra rigs untill the popularity dies off BLIZZARD THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY after all you guys made the game online only. Or put a few rigs in different locations i meen seriously this is a joke and your company is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the entire online gaming community. this is a URGENT MATTER and should have been fixed within the first 7 day GET YOUR !@#$ TOGETHER.Executioner3 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Party Up :) anyone wanna party up ? Lvl 56, up to act 2 hell, and as you cant tell, its hell for me -.- lol so yeeah add me if you like :)lilsushiiXD0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Where are the Oceanic Servers? Well Blizzard? Care to explain? Why do I have to contend with an unstable ping because I live in the oceanic region? How is it Bioware can do this and a company as large as yourselves cannot? I decided to get back into my MMO gaming for a bit a few months ago while I patiently awaited the release of D3, however I decided to give Biowares SW:TOR a go, why? Because of the rave reviews my online gaming friends have said about the low ping they get while playing thanks to the dedicated oceanic servers they set up. And how glorious it has been, to play an MMO with a ping sitting at 20 instead of between 200-700. Now D3 arrives and I'm ready to go bash my way through countless of demonic minions and what am I hit with, crappy, unstable ping FOR A ONE PLAYER GAME. Now there is a lot of QQ about the launch, the fact that we have to have an internet connection to play, blah blah blah. I honestly have no problem with any of this, I understand the launch didn't go as smoothly as hoped. What I don't understand, is after what, 7 or 8 years or so of WoW and requests to have dedicated oceanic BASED servers, you guru's at Blizzard still don't have the foresight to think hey, we're releasing one of the most anticipated games this year and its going to be BASED ONLINE, lets set up dedicated servers in other parts of the world so everyone can get the most enjoyment out of it? No this didn't occur to anyone? Hmmm, and here I was thinking of returning to WoW... Yours Truly, Another Disappointed Customer.HOWITZUR30310 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 AH missing sales/gold? So I sold 4 items, tried to send money to my stash, then the items disappeared after 5 or so mins and I didn't get any gold. This happen to anyone else? My theory is server side lag with AH atm :(BAEuro6 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 NEED> Act 4 inferno way point - for pony plan Wondering if someone is willing to spare 60 seconds of their time so I can make a game that I can join in A4 Inferno to buy the Inferno staff plan? Many kudos and love hearts will be provided. Thanks for your consideration.Jider0 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 I see what your did there. Killing twinkleroots in Whimsyshire. Kill 7 in one hit, character says: "You wilt against my blows!" While this is not limited to just twinkleroots, I see what you did there.Telcis2 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Petition for Oceanic Servers! Please SHARE This petition is to spotlight the fact that OCEANIC PLAYERS NEED OCEANIC SERVERS. Please spread this link around friends, guildmates, forums and any social communities. Let's be heard for once!Bushido2 May 27, 2012
May 27, 2012 Latency Okay well this is my first ever created thread of complaint but yeah I guess we all know what its about as there are and have been similar threads on this topic. This has become a joke... as the game progresses in difficulty the need for improved latency grows. E.g I currently am at the end of act 3 inferno and as you all no there is no room for error in such difficulty one wrong move can result in lights out and im fine with that as it is part of the mechanics, however when the wrong move is a result due to latency of the server that I am not okay with. Recently it has been somewhat 'playable' but ever since yesterdays patch I seem as if it is no longer bearable. Yes I do know blizz don't care about our thoughts and opinions but I just felt so helpless that I needed a place to voice myself. Cheers!iTzGeeZee20 May 27, 2012