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Jul 5 Season 7 dilemma, what would you do? Haven't played Monk since forever so am considering rolling Monk this season to get the stash tab. Here's a bit of research I've been doing on what I'll need to do if I go Monk: 1. GR45 setless: there's a modified LON one punch monk build that'll do this. See link below. 2. Set Dungeon Mastery: R6 looks easy enough. 3. GR60+: I'm not sure R6 is good for this. My R6/S2 build on PTR struggles under certain situations on T13 (which is equivalent to GR60) and I've got mostly optimised stats and even ancient Sheng Longs. It is more than likely I will need to farm up another set for the task and it's looking like Sunwuko is the ideal set. So now I'm a little torn... I could go Monk, get to play a class I haven't put much time into for a while. I'm confident I'll have fun but it'll take a bit longer to get the stash tab esp with the nerfs, harder seasonal journey requirements, and need to farm up a better set to replace R6... and I'm not guaranteed a good Wuko ammy. Or I can roll DH... I know the class inside out, I don't need to farm another set and the complimentary items for UE I'll use for setless 45 anyway. Avarice is easier with a MS UE build. I can get the tab asap and then I can go back to playing alone in NS to make my Monk builds with my optimsed gear and enjoy the game there. Decisions, decisions. All up, here's a link with setless GR45 builds for everyone to do their planning with: Jul 5
Jul 4 Extremely high latency issues in game I am hard wired on ethernet and this is not just me effected by this, latency in game right now is SO HIGH that we are literally freezing. Meaning monsters and players are frozen in place everything except any area affects such as ground effects or debuffs seen on mobs. those will swirl around still while everything else is just frozen meanwhile people from US to brazil to aus are experiencing upwards of 1400MS latency in game. PLEASE fix this blizzard. PLEASE.Killgannon3 Jul 4
Jul 4 Massive lag spike on D3 :( Hi Team, I am in NZ (the capital of Australia) :P I have been having massive lag spikes with D3 while my other blizzard games are fine. I can't even run pass GR 59 due to the lag spikes that I get, and I always end up with time running out cause I get at least more than 20x spikes in one run at GR 60. My last game I stood on the same spot for full 1 minute and died twice cause as soon as I res the spikes are at it again and have to wait for the green light before I res. Anyone else have this issue? I live in Auckland. ISP is Orcon My brother who lives in Christchurch NZ, have no issues. Edit: I have re-installed D3 to see if that would fix the problem but still no luck :(SuperSalad2 Jul 4
Jul 2 D3 Offline mode? I dont think i need a better description than the label itself..MytrollFace133 Jul 2
Jun 29 Recommendations/tips for new laptop? I'm looking to buy a new laptop in the next month or so. If anyone has some tips or recommendations they would be greatly appreciated, especially because I've been on Mac for the past 15 years and am really out of touch with PC architecture. I've got a $2,000 budget, which puts me in mid-high range. It looks like I should be thinking about the following specs: - Intel i7 (at least 6700HQ) - GeForce GTX 960M at least 2GB (pref 4GB) - SSD + HDD storage - Full HD (based on my current external monitor) Because I'm also going to use the laptop when travelling for work I need: - Bluetooth - WiFi - Compact design (15-16 inch) - Decent battery life (4-6 hours on a plane, i.e. no WiFi) - Quiet (normal tasks) - Professional aesthetics (i.e. can turn off backlighting, no fluoro on case, etc) A couple of laptops I'm considering early on are: Acer Aspire V Nitro: Dell Inspiron 15 7559: At this stage, I'm leaning towards the Dell. It seems to have superior performance in its class and has almost all the features I want except a dual SSD+HDD config. So I'd have to shell out an additional couple of hundred bucks for that. But thankfully the maintenance panel is super simple - one screw to get access to all major components. It comes with 8GB DDR3 RAM compared to the Acer with has 16GB DDR4, but I'm assuming that is going to make little to no difference? Any thoughts?abend19 Jun 29
Jun 20 Lf whiz - wdoc support for grift progression We are looking to find a well geared whiz to form a friendship as well as to push higher up the ladder in season grifts . We both live in Brisbane and our current whiz is capping out at 89 grifts and we are carrying our wdoc as she is a new player to d3. Myself and my dH buddy (bloodkhan) are geared supports as you can see via our profiles , we are friendly gamers just trying to find 2 other like minded gamers with a urge to push into the the higher U.S. Rankings. Don't hesitate to add me in game otago#1911 or bloodkhan#1415. Look forward to hearing from you guys .Otago5 Jun 20
Jun 19 Re-Roll speed up anyone? So you get a new leg (finally) and with CHD it'll be awesome. You begin the re-rolls and 45 mins later YES!! you get the roll you wanted. I don't care that it costs what it does when you lucks not in but hey there's room for 2 more re-roll options (at least) in the space so just give us 4 choices instead of 2 each time so we can get on with it. Double the cost sure, of course, but half the down time please! You fixed Gem rolls so get this sorted. And while I'm in the rant zone, can we just put the !@#$ing item in the cube and hit go? Shoving all the crap in with it each time pisses me off. Hee Hee!squiddly4 Jun 19
Jun 17 Datamined PTR notes out... does not bode well by the look of it. Minor patch by the look of it similar to 2.4.1. Another 1 dps 3 support meta AGAIN. Plus point is that we are getting T13 normal rifts. Hoping its just early days for the patch and they get rid of this meta which is getting old real fast. Monk looks promising: Raiment of a Thousand Storms 6 pieces increases damage by 1250% (up from 300%)jtcdgroup15 Jun 17
Jun 14 New Monster - Narull Check out the new Monster names from the Diablo Fans data mining: New Monsters DiabloFans Quote: RareGenericPrefix069 - Araxom RareGenericPrefix070 - Rubakh RareGenericPrefix071 - Leviathan RareGenericPrefix075 - Rhykker RareGenericPrefix074 - Rashkovsky RareGenericPrefix073 - Shambo RareGenericPrefix072 - Quin RareGenericPrefix076 - Qelric RareGenericPrefix077 - Narull RareGenericPrefix078 - Tiraco RareGenericPrefix079 - Barahona RareGenericPrefix080 - Abaxxter RareGenericPrefix081 - Scarredwell Wonder if this one will be a Maroon Bogan :- RareGenericPrefix077 - NarullPoinard0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Server Maintenance Tuesday 14/06/16 ~2 Hours Greetings all, It's been awhile but it's time for a little maintenance this week! Only 2 hours and decent times though. Even with the ANZ server we have to keep the same US server maintenance times, this is to enable us to still be linked to the US so we can still play with each other. On Tuesday night (14/06/16) we will be having server maintenance. This is expected to last 2 hours total, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc. Server down will start at 7:00am PST which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Tuesday 14/06/16 10:00pm - 12:00am Perth 11:30pm - 1:30am Adelaide, Darwin Wednesday 15/06/16 12:00am - 2:00am Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 2:00am - 4:00am New Zealand Additional time zones can be found here: Note that this maintenance will go for 2 hours, till 9:00am PST (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maintenance). Please remember that Blizzard does this while there is the least amount of connected players on the US servers, while it is unfortunate that it falls in a good play time for ANZ it has to be done. A full list of Blizzard game maintenance times for this week can be found here: ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP & Heroes fan. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull3 Jun 14
Jun 13 lf a clan to join any clan recruiting that i can join? sorry i just got back into playing d3 againxgraex5 Jun 13
Jun 12 Rift Orbs get rid of them!! I'm sure I'm not the first to ask for this but well anyway. I mean why the !@#$ are they even there? You kill an E and get progression cool. Why must we then run around and hoover up the globes often spread from %^-*!@# to breakfast? Do we NOT want the extra they give? And consider this, you get fatties in a push GR. That's OK they are a challenge, you finally kill it, hang for it to explode, oooh! wait it's a fireball one, wait for those to go off,THEN you run around and do the hoover, what fun! Come on Blizz you trashed the tedium of Trials, Piss this crap feature off too please!squiddly28 Jun 12
Jun 12 Windows 10 Hi all Got a quick question. Is anyone running Diablo 3 on Windows 10? I recently upgraded and now the load times between locations are really long and I usually end up disconnected. Is anyone else having the same problem? Thankszhicni9 Jun 12
Jun 11 1300+para player lfg gr100 xp grp As title says i'm just a player looking for some chill people to do some gr100+ exp grinds with. I mainly wiz but i can play support classes too. Hit me up on Ender#14630Ender1 Jun 11
Jun 10 Thursday cant come fast enough hey Bastich? Hey mate, Hope you are coping OK without the game these last few days... the wait for a new PC can be a long one when you know the ETA :)NickBaldyM5 Jun 10
Jun 8 NA 730 Paragon Monk LF people to play with Hi everyone im on the NA server looking for friends to come farm some Rifts or even Grifts or split bounty farming, all my irl friends dont play this anymore and i really enjoy d3 and dont want to give up because im lonely! Btag: irexxy#6364Irexxy1 Jun 8
Jun 6 From AUS, and i'm having 50 latency ping? After 2.0.3 patch, i logged in as usual to see things and what in the world? I'm using vault with no delay. I was very surprised and hover my mouse over my latency bar and guess what. I see 50 ~130 latency ping. I used to have 200~300 ping at best and 400~500 for the worse and higher for unplayerble. What is this? I finally seeing my DH Vaulting with no such delay since D3 launch. I'm using optus btw. and this never happened in my D3 life. Anyone help?Maniac166 Jun 6
Jun 2 Watch the player participation plummet!! Well for a little while at very least Blizz will see a huge drop in the player participation. Lets not dance around the subject too much, the thing that made the game sooo much better is at least temporarily down/gone and well.............. So much information that enhances the D3 experience has been taken away and by comparison the game sucks !%@!*@*% without it. I tried for ages to run blind and turns out didn't like the game. So much information available that Blizz just don't have in the game it's madness. This will be interesting over the coming days/weeks.squiddly13 Jun 2
May 31 JDJ- Synergy - Looking for 5 more regulars JDJ- Synergy - Looking for 5 more regular players - NON Season- (we do seasons for tab etc) Need OZ/NZ guys- small clan- we only want about 10 people (Have 5 now) Basic concept: 2x4 man's with couple spares- each willing to play 2-3 meta classes and willing to swap in/out for sharing runs when not all on... Do u fit this?::: 1. Not a drama queen! :P 2. At least 800P over 1000P better 3. At moment mainly need 2nd support monk and mebbe a geared wizz 4. There is no point 4 :P 5. Speeding 90's - looking toward 100+ push 6. 3 Oz and 2 NZ at moment. 7. Play a few nights a week and more over the weekend- we arrange next game times on TSpeak. 8. Be a regular reader of fan sites and aware of meta related issues for grp play. Watch Utube etc If u r interested hit me up on IMMootable#1392 BTag Other notes: We are all about 45 FYI (Old codgers!) Our Paragon levels are about 12-1300 Totally against botting U have to use TeamSpeak Softcore If u want a respectful, serious and fun group drop me a msg. Moot.IMMootable0 May 31
May 31 Need a regular 4th team member! Looking for a regular 4th person NON Season- could this be u? U can join our clan or not- doesn't matter to us really- Friends list is fine..... Do u fit this::: 1. Not a drama queen :) 2. At least 800P over 1000P better 3. At moment for main we need a zdps WD- but can work with support barb or geared wizz and one of us will do the WD role... (we will mix and match roles for speed runs) 4. Our 3 man has done 91- heading to 95+ 5. When we have a WD have done 95- heading 100+ 6. 2 Oz and 1 NZ at moment. 7. Play a few nights a week and more over the weekend- we arrange next game times on TSpeak. 8. Be a regular reader of fan sites and aware of meta related issues for grp play. Watch Utube etc If u r interested hit me up on IMMootable#1392 BTag Other notes: We are all about 45 FYI (Old codgers!) Our Paragon levels are about 12-1300 Totally against botting U have to use TeamSpeak Softcore If u want a respectful, serious and fun group drop me a msg. Moot.IMMootable5 May 31
May 31 Authenticator cost and issues 1. I don't own a smartphone as i don't feel i need one for everyday use and therefore wont be purchasing one in the near future (so using the free app authenticator is not something i can do). 2. I understand there a ways around issue #1 by installing software on a separate computer/device (they don't suggest installing it on the same computer for security reasons), but again the only other device i have at home is another laptop which travels with my wife regularly and may not be available should i need it to input a code for my bnet account. 3. To purchase a Authenticator costs $6.50. This isn't a problem for me and i would gladly pay this if that was the final cost. It isn't however! Add the international shipping to this ($20.68) and suddenly the cost is alot more. Maybe since we are already paying more than every other country it might be nice to send one out for free? or for Blizzard to send a bunch to their office/s in Australia and let them ship it out to us for our national or state postal costs? I would happily purchase one if this was the case. Anyone else feel the same way or am i alone in this boat?Hitman15 May 31
May 30 Looking for a clan. Hi all. I'm looking for an active Aussie clan, or some laid back people to play with. Have played pretty sporadically over the last couple of years, but a bit more seriously this season - hence my non-seasonal p level is a bit low at 857. I would like to get into non-seasonal more tho. I play mainly zdoc - been doing speed 95's on my seasonal zdoc lately. Made a non-seasonal zdoc a couple of days ago, that now has a similar level of gear and would like to find a group to run with. If you are an easy-going, but competitve clan - or just a good group and could use a support, give me a yell. Cheers.macca76 May 30
May 24 New to D3, looking for people to play with! Started playing about 2 weeks ago, don't have many friends that play it so everyone is free to add me! I have no life so I'm always be down to do something or chat! Jake#13842jake3 May 24
May 21 Looking for a level boost (SC Seasons) hey guys wondering if someone would be kind enough to give my monk a quick boost in seasons?? online now zxhombrexz#1441 Thankszxhombrexz0 May 21
May 20 Looking for AU/NZ Season clan. Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for a AU/NZ seasonal clan (softcore), nothing super hard out but not one that's dead after the first 10 days of a season either like my old one. Currently around 840 paragon and have exp playing supp Monk, WD & Barb. Hit me up on my Btag Dave#6297 or just reply to this post. I'm also Kiwi if that matters at all. Thanks.Dave1 May 20
May 20 Attention CLANS! Hey guys, Sorry for the click bait LOL, I just thought it would be good if all the clan leaders (and members) were aware of a new application they can run for their clans. TSL uses it, and we love it. SO i just wanted it to be out there for everyone else that has or leads a clan. Curse has a great VOIP called curse voice I have been using it for many games and was in the beat for it over a year ago, now that it has gone live it's great. And for certain games (D3 included) there is an overlay built in the game to make navigating easy with out ALT+TAB'ing your game. But the thing that is the best is you can now make servers for your clan. You can make them private or public, it works like Team Speak, but you don't have to pay for a private server (I am assuming you do in TS).It's 100% percent free, you can make a server to host your games and it even links to your streaming if in fact you stream on twitch, they are working on getting it to sync with YouTube soon as well. I you haven't checked it out I HIGHLY recommend you do because I find it is just like Team Speak except they "doubled it" Cheers guys, TS.Troubleshoot20 May 20
May 20 Monk Ally Hey guys quick question regarding my monk. Does his Mystics Allys count as pets? Wondering if I can use Enforcer gem since it got buffs + Innas 6 piece. Is this a thing now?Troubleshoot8 May 20
May 19 Higher gem leveling roster So I'm in the process of leveling up my gems past lvl40, hoping all of them hit 50. As I understand, gems have 100% chance for upgrades when upgrading on GRs at least 10 levels above the gem level. So, for certainty, you need to be doing a GR60 to upgrade a gem from 47 to 50. Whilst I have had some luck with higher GRs with the awesome peeps in 7Sins, availability of well equipped players with desire to run higher GRs at the time I'm on doesn't always play out for me. So, I had a look for communities for leveling gems to higher levels... nada. I've created an English (SEA) community called ANZ Gem Leveling for those who want to find people to help each other level their gems up to 50 and beyond. Purpose is to level up gems so don't go joining games here expecting everyone to recycle GR keystones; and be prepared to do trials. Additionally, I'm happy to manage an in forum roster for players to indicated Seasons or NS, and those who go zdps or have high dps (say, hitting 6bil crits and above) so people know who is capable of what. Simply reply with your tag, and state if you're seasonal/NS, and zdps or dps. Or both! (sorry hardcore folk... too many categories already). Word of caution to those looking for a carry to upgrade their gems; a 4 player team needs to be able to deal sufficient dps to get up to GR60. If you haven't geared up an effective zdps build or can't deal out sufficient damage and survive at such high GRs when in a group, signing up will be wasting your time and those who are well geared for the task. If you're after a carry to level gems in the 20-ish/30-ish range, just join the community and see if someone is able to help when you're on. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mugsy22 May 19
May 17 Server Maintenance Looks like we will have maintenance tonight (17/5) or tomorrow morning depending on where you are located. "We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, May 17th, 07:00 (PDT) and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 09:00 (PDT). Click Continue Offline to open the App in Offline Mode." That's 10 pm for Perthians. You can check your times here: May 17
May 17 Invoker saders tips Had a few people ask me in-game about rolling stuff for Invokers and what to concentrate on. This build is not what people are normally use to in terms of rolling items. First off about thorns and how it works: Thorns does not benefit from any modifiers such as attack speed (caveat 1), CHC/CHD, elemental damage (caveat 2). Caveat 1 = Thorns does not benefit from attack speed, but Invokers 6 pcs bonus does. So you want quick attacks because of the set bonus. Caveat 2 = When there are abilities modified by thorns or your thorns becomes modified by a skill (e.g. Consecration : Bed of Nails) it can benefit from modifiers. Element damage you want is Physical. How much Str gives thorns? 1 Str gives 10 thorns. Weapon-wise, you want a weapon that gives the quickest attacks, for now Pig Squeal is the weapon of choice. Hack is a close second, but losses out in 5 primaries Piggy gets and Piggy is much quicker. Weapon average damage is useless for a thorns build, so if you need to re-roll a primary and all other stats are preferred, than roll off average damage. For my lowly pig squeal, I had to decide to roll off average damage or reduce resource cost, since Punish build does not have any resource spender skills I rolled off reduce resource cost for CDR. You still get some minimal damage benefit from average damage on weapon when using normal non-thorn skills like Punish. Like most sader builds, you want high CDR % to keep Akarat's Champion "on" most of the time, also Iron Skin and your Laws during crucial moments. Should I choose Vit or Str? Always choose Str over Vit even when you have Heart of Iron equipped. Reason being Str multiples your thorns damage and increases normal damage. In terms of gearing you can use this as a guide: I'm no pro on Invokers and still learning, but these tips will get you started.jtcdgroup16 May 17
May 16 "Display driver stopped responding" "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered." What is up with this error? I don't have the best computer, but it should be able to easily run D3. Congratulations, your system passes the Recommended requirements! You should have a great experience running this product. Video Card VIDEO CARD Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT or ATI Radeon x1950 Pro You Have: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics + R7 200 Dual Graphics Icon Pixel Shader version Required 3.0 You Have 5.1 Icon Vertex Shader version Required 3.0 You Have 5.1 Icon Dedicated Video RAM Required 256 MB You Have 3.0 GB CPU CPU Minimum: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2 You Have: AMD A10-7700K Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G CPU Speed CPU SPEED Minimum: Info You Have: 3.2 GHz RAM RAM Minimum: 2 GB You Have: 15 GB Free Disk Space FREE DISK SPACE Minimum: 12 GB You Have: 724.6 GB Free Disk Space Click here for the latest Free Disk Space drivers.Hexlord7 May 16
May 13 Lf active aus/nz players to add as friends I'm on the East coast of Aus and I'm looking to add active players, can be casual, semi casual or a no lifer it doesn't matter. I play all seasons (may have missed one) and i'm on fairly often. I'm most familiar with barb, wizard and wd. I love a bit of friendly competition and I'm basically looking for ppl to group with, chat about the game and ppl from my time zone. I love to help out others with pwr lvls, gearing alts and carries to help boost paragons. My bnet is gonehollow#1568. Look forward to meeting some of you.GoneHOLLOW1 May 13
May 12 What is the point in having a SEA server? So I've been reading around the forums looking for a reason why my ping is 200-300ms in a SEA server. I play World of Tanks also on the SEA server and my ping is usually 100 - 120. Then I found a thread saying that sea players get transferred to US servers.. If this is the case, why is there a SEA server?Hexlord11 May 12
May 12 So I haven't logged in since Season 2 What have I missed in the game and around on these forums? Any dramas good and bad?kyokei1 May 12
May 8 685 Monk looking for group/guild Hello just looking for a group for grifts if I do find a group I will work on support monk for the group ty :)priesty3120 May 8
May 8 MERCY WINGS EFFECTS (PLEASE READ) I have some suggestions for the Mercy's Wings (Please Support This Post) 1. While MOVING or ATTACKING please make the Mercy's Wings Pop out always -Because its weird when it looks like LOOPING effect, While your Attacking the wings shrinks down, Can you make the Mercy's Wings Effect Program Intelligent enough to detect while players are moving or attacking monster, so the Wings will Pop out always... 2. While NOT MOVING, can you make the wing effects Pop-Out and Pop-In effect like the normal LOOPING effect on mercy's wings.. Thanks, This will help players play more, and Love the Wings More, because its Intelligent... Please change the Program, While Moving and Not Moving USING MERCY'S WINGS...TheOne2 May 8
May 7 Looking to trade powerlevels Looking to trade a powerlevel, I plvl 1 of your toons you plvl 1 of mine. Lmk if interested.Fardeki1 May 7
May 5 Australia Seasons (AUSeas) - Recruiting Clan for experienced players for SEASON 6 SC (season only) Not accepting any gimps, only experienced players who want to push leaderboards and need a good group to run with. Additionally if you want to play ET tals wizard in season 6 apply now as there is a spot straight up for fat leaderboard progression in my group of frenzy/zdps barb, zdpa wd and zdps monk. This is a clan for players who want other good players to group with, not for helping new players or any of that. Just good like minded players who want to progress the greater rift tiers.ekelz7 May 5
May 3 2900+ para players Ban wave comming Now that I have your attention be rest assured I have no idea if there is a ban wave coming for higher paragon level players. Most likely you are safe. Just want to say, take some time out and say hello to the scrubs left behind. That's all, lolJohnnyDingo26 May 3
Apr 30 Tomorrow... How many of you will be spending the day in your PJs? :-PMugsy16 Apr 30
Apr 29 LF people to play with Iv wanted to get to teir 10 and play this game witha group of players because the game gets boring playing solo. But Idk how you are meant to find a group of players to play with. Help Plox. Not terrible at games just a retard at finding people to play with.Itstomuhohh4 Apr 29
Apr 29 LFG Transmog/portraits/wings doing runs for goblins/whimsy/wings add and join (IGNORE THIS, got them all)ElDiablo0 Apr 29
Apr 29 How do YOU powerlevel a fresh seasonal player Those who know me know I only do seasons for the stash tab... and I have a penchant for helping clan mates get there asap esp if they want to get back to NS asap too so I try to set them up for a quick win. This is what I do to powerlevel someone fresh in a season: 1. T6 rifts... collect all yellows, blues, whites and legendaries for them and they do the same. It's a little slower to 70 but they get there with a bunch of mats so they can craft rares to compliment the 2pc set. 2. Run them through the T2 boss to get 4pc. Ideally, they shouldn't craft items until they get the 4pc... saves on mats. 3. Run them through one or more T4 rifts... maybe higher. This unlocks GR20 and I grab mats for them too. And if I have a puzzle ring or bovine, I'll do that to top up on more mats and gold. Can't really help them with the GR20 solo but they'll be in a good position for it at least. Should only take an hour to accomplish all this.Mugsy12 Apr 29
Apr 26 Shouldn't 2.4.1 be out already I'm a bit confused the blue post say 2.4.1 rollout will be April 25 at 5 p.m. PDT, searching PDT in google that was a couple of hours ago ??Thantos3 Apr 26
Apr 23, 2016 Need 2 more for Sprinter Achievement We have a runner and a guy to sit in town, looking for 2 more runners. Add me if interested. LoRDRoast#1337LoRDRoast3 Apr 23, 2016
Apr 22, 2016 2.4.1 group Meta Some guy reckons this is it after the FB nerf. ... Looks like Tals back. Looks like same zdps composition (boring). And capable of GR 114+ GG Blizz, nerf does not mean kill. They always kill a build when the nerf hammer hits.Jsachun23 Apr 22, 2016
Apr 20, 2016 Season 6 Start Times Greetings all, *Edit: Just season 6 start times now as season 5 and the patch have past. Season 6 will begin at 5:00pm PDT which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Saturday 30/04/16 8:00am Perth 9:30am Adelaide, Darwin 10:00am Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 12:00pm New Zealand There will be no downtime for season start however you may need to relog if you can't make a new seasonal hero. Full seasonal details can be found here: I look forward to seeing you all in Season 6! ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ MVP There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English' ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ MVP There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull4 Apr 20, 2016
Apr 19, 2016 Do we need more build variety per set? So I was thinking of some the sets lately and there seems to be only one way of playing that set for most part. I was thinking of M6... the dominant setup is to use the Manticore and spam CA. Sure, you could use MS instead but that's optimised for UE. Impale is more of a Shadows thing, and Chakram and Elemental Arrow don't dish out as much damage as CA. In the end, it's still the: drop sentries, and alternate between generator and spender gameplay. I'd love it if they added the following two items in 2.5... - a new belt with the affix: "Sentries will automatically cast you hatred spenders and won't cast them when you do. Each sentry deployed will give you 6-7% damage reduction", and - a reworked Kridershot: "Elemental arrow now generates 3-5 hatred per cast. Each enemy hit with elemental arrows marks the enemy for 15 seconds. Each marked enemy takes X00% more damage from your sentries" We'd get that old M6 feel back but we'd have incentive to do some attacking instead of the "lay 5 sentries and then run and hide game style of the old M6. And it would be balanced to not outdo the current M6 style of play of course. I just feel that a variant of the old M6 set's playstyle could really make M6 feel less stagnant than what it is currently. This can obviously extend to legendaries extending variety with other sets.Mugsy6 Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016 Connection Dropouts Online On! Is anyone else experiencing what I am going through and knows how to help? Everytime I play either SC2 or D3 I am having my net connection drop! When however I am on the net say browsing websites, I am perfectly fine, I have no connection errors or disconnects, is there an issue with Bnet at the moment or something I can do to work around? Because right now it is really frustrating.Ubermensch7 Apr 19, 2016
Apr 17, 2016 Casual D3 Player Hey All, I've just started playing again too, I haven't played since the first release. I am pretty much a casual gamer, playing a couple hours every couple of nights, would definitely be keen to join an Aus Clan (if I can be accepted, since being pretty much in noob status), or even just to get together with some fellow players! BTag - Asmordian#1431. I'm in Perth too by the way!Asmordian1 Apr 17, 2016