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Mar 1 Looking for active clan Looking for an active clan that does basically everything from farming bounties through to higher level grifting, I have just hit paragon 1000 and have experience in both DPS and support classes and have a wide variety of toons and gear to fit almost any role. My Bnet tag is ragnarok#1261 I have both Curse and Teamspeak and use them regularly so comms isn't an issue for me,ragnarok6961 Mar 1
Mar 1 Maintenance Tuesday 01/03/16 *Complete* Maintenance has completed, get killing all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all, We will be having scheduled server maintenance week. Even with the ANZ server we have to keep the same US server maintenance times, this is to enable us to still be linked to the US so we can still play with each other. On Tuesday night (01/03/16) we will be having server maintenance. Which is expected to last 3 hours total, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc. Server down will start at 6:00am PST which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Tuesday 01/03/16 10:00pm - 1:00am Perth 11:30pm - 2:30am Darwin Wednesday 02/03/16 12:00am - 3:00am Brisbane 12:30am - 3:30am Adelaide 1:00am - 4:00am Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 3:00am - 6:00am New Zealand Additional time zones can be found here: Note that this maintenance will go for 3 hours, till 9:00am PST (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maintenance) Also remember that Blizzard does this while there is the least amount of connected players on the US servers, while it is unfortunate that it falls in a good play time for ANZ it has to be done. ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ MVP There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull10 Mar 1
Mar 1 Speed Rift Barbarian! Legacy Avalanche Quake. One Punch Barbarian (Close as you'll get) - Legacy Avalanche Earthquake. Two Versions! Fire first, then Physical. This is the Barbarian version of the One Punch Monk. Not as effective since Quake and Avalanche are DOT skills but it's the same style. There are two versions. Bolder Toss Physical and Frenzy Fire. How it works is you Furious Charge to the next boss and smash them, then repeat. This is basically Might of the Earth build but a Legacy of Nightmares version with charge instead of leap. Yes the Wizzard, Monk, and Witch Doctor are better BUT, if you really want a similar barbarian build that does a pretty good job for a T10 speed rifts, this is an option. Insane Items! Average Items. Now for the fire build: Insane Items! Average Items. Mar 1
Feb 28 Wanting to buy reaper of souls, US or EU? Which on works for australians? They both say they are restriced to their particular regions. On kinguin they have EU for $20 and US for $28. Can anybody advice me please?Rillstone3 Feb 28
Feb 25 Problem.... hi, I'm playing in Asia server. At morning, afternoon and after midnight, playing allright, no lag at all. But,, During the evening time even with good internet speed, there is high ping, and disconnected, even the other players stopped on my screen. is there anyone who having same problem with me? any solution?호주스끼3 Feb 25
Feb 24 need gilded baron - avarice looking to get a gilded baron kill for avariceMoot9 Feb 24
Feb 21 I am in Australian..which server should i go? Hi there, I am from Melbourne. I just started Diablo 3 yesterday. I wanted to know when you guys choosing Service...Should I choose Asia? As I only could see., American, Europe & Asian thats all. Thanks JCJCrazy3 Feb 21
Feb 19 hc season looking for gr players hi, i got 70+ gr solo for monk and bab, also got a csd can get higher, if any1 wants to pro high gr with me, add me or msg, thanksdos3500 Feb 19
Feb 17 . My main interest is getting as high as I can on solo season leaderboard, I've currently done gr78 solo, just looking for a group to level paragon/gems efficiently. eyan#1255 if you feel like carrying a noob xoxoEyan9 Feb 17
Feb 16 Top QoL improvements you want to see... Now that patch 2.4 has been out for about 5 weeks, I think we can all say that overall, it's been a big improvement. Lots of new items, all class sets are now 6pc (though quite a few have a bit of work still), a means to get more stash space (even if it does shaft longterm NS players)... overall, lots of things to play with. The buff bar improvements have been most welcome on the QoL front but this has only been one item players have been asking for on the QoL front. Short of asking for stash space to be given to all (as we know where Blizzard stands on this) what are your top QoL improvements? Mine: - Auto-assign paragons post P800: I hate it when that blue + button pops up and blocks my view of the buff bar... it's also annoying that it won't just assign the point to main stat... I mean what have I been allocating paragon points to for the past 100 paragons? A check box next to the class main stat or vit would be good to designate where to put the point post P800. - Slightly relaxed trading: Yeah, we have the 2hr window... so what happens when that item your mate has been looking for finally drops but he's not in game with you (despite the two of you playing together for the past week or two)? Would love to see a small group of friends (say 3) you can assign as part of your 2h trading window so if they're not in game, you can still pass it to them. Make this non-changeable so if you add someone, you can take them off the list and add another person. The other player must also be on your friends list for at least 2 weeks. Would also like to see a Donations option... say for the clan. So if you drop something good that no one in the group wants, you can put it into a Donations bin for your clan so some who finds use for it can make use of it. Donated items stay in the bin for 2 weeks at max before being deleted, and cannot be salvaged for those wanting an easy source of souls. You can only take 5 donated items per fortnight, and can only donate 5 items a fortnight. - Easy switching between builds: another commonly asked for QoL feature. That armour rack idea that's been floating around lately seems OK but it would need to be on a class or account basis, not character basis (would suck for HC players to lose 3 or 4 builds on death). Would still be cumbersome for two builds that share items but it would help free up stash space/inventory. - Increase stack sizes... significantly: Yeah, so not too many of us have 20 stacks of yellows (I'd use them up if my rate of DB gain increases). It's annoying. Same goes for gems. I've been converting Marquise to Imperial but it's annoying to do it so often still. - Character name changes: As it is, we need to delete a character and powerlevel a new one of the same class if we want a name change. Would be nice to do this easily (maybe limit to one name change per character... like our battletags). - Seasonal Character Retire: As a NS player I'm only doing the season for the stash tab. I admit, seasons is a great way to focus on one class and gear up for a build. But there comes a point where I'll want to bring my Seasonal character back to NS to use with my NS pool of characters/builds and mix my Seasonal loot with NS loot. Being able to retire a seasonal character at any point and take everything equipped on them, in their inventory and on their followers back to NS would be so good. - Dynamic chat window: We all know this one... when you're clicking on enemies on the bottom left corner of the screen, you'll occasionally click on the chat window and send gibberish to someone. How about a dynamic chat window that moves to the bottom right corner where there's a bit of space too when the mouse cursor gets a bit too close to it on the bottom left corner? Vice versa could happen when we move the cursor too close to it on the bottom right corner. - GR objectives: gets in the way but if you minimise it, the progress bar is hidden too. Need to keep the progress visible or give it its own minimise button. Anyway, these are first world problems I know but I'm at a point where I'm more interested in seeing a patch focused on the little things to make the game more enjoyable. The last two patches have been big ones item wise so if we see 2.5 and/or 2.6 ease down on the item inclusions and add some QoL improvements instead, that would be excellent IMO.Mugsy5 Feb 16
Feb 15 Free HC power level for Season Journey As i did last season i am offering HC power levels if you require it for the season journey. I know alot of SC players may not have any HC friends so im happy to offer it as i have completed my season journey. Just add me and ill be happy to help you out. Sasha#6803sasha5 Feb 15
Feb 14 Non season P668 support/globe monk LFG Hey peeps, Ive got a pretty sweet set (nearly full ancient) for support but noone to play with. Havnt played support before but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it pretty quick. CheersRagnar2 Feb 14
Feb 14 Looking for seasonal group to clear rifts :) Hey guys, Looking for a group to clear some rifts with get some more greater rift keystones. im a level 70 Paragon 479 Crusader add Andrew123100#1244 if you are interested. Thanks AndrewAndrew1231000 Feb 14
Feb 13 Any monks using CoE? Hi Peeps, I was gifted an ancient CoE during some GR's the other night, i have tried to build a SWK/INNA monk around it... ideally would like SWK ammy to drop for me, so that I can swap helms SWK for INNA's and put Crudest's back on for twin followers, plus ancient Inna diabo with gift My thoughts are: Only elemental bonus comes via CoE... gives more toughness on bracers (or AS via Lacuni's) Keep one skill as defensive (inner sanctuary or serenity), balance of skills to be of different elemental damage in order to catch CoE boost With good timing all skills could be pushing good numbers Do you all think it is worth the time? Any advice on areas of gearing that i need to put immediate attention to? TYVM and have fun :)NickBaldyM10 Feb 13
Feb 12 Error code 34200 Please help!! Is anyone else having this code? It won't let me play the game just sits me in the menu and I cant do anything.Spartacus3 Feb 12
Feb 12 Disconnecting on first login every day As the topic says, when i first log in EVERYDAY it disconnects me back to the character screen and then its fine after that. Also if i totally leave the game and come back in, the first time it will disconnect and then be fine after that. Any ideas?Mar3 Feb 12
Feb 11 A little FYI on Windows 10 Starting from Windows 10 1511 Build 10586, users will be able to clean install and activate Windows 10 using their Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 product keys. So for those who haven't made the change its now a bit easier to update with clean installYDFWM6 Feb 11
Feb 9 Stash tab unlock via seasons look to stay In case anyone missed this thread over in General: Skip to the 55min mark or so with the mp3 for the reasoning. It really sounds like they're low on resources. I wonder if we'll end up reaching that max target for handing out stash tabs before anyone has got a full stash of 10 tabs?Mugsy16 Feb 9
Feb 8 Destop App Skins? I wonder if blizzard will at skins for the launcher for owning a game, i.e. a d3 skin for purchasing d3 for example, because i loved the old launcher for d3 and i would love to see an inclusion similar to this.jamezor0 Feb 8
Feb 5 Thorns sader - piggy reroll advice??? Heya peeps - this ancient piggy sticker dropped for me last night - rolled off the socket and used a gift for the extra stat - question is - which should I aim for??? Area damage - which I understand is multiplicative with BoS Or CDR - which helps massively in the DPS department with bombardment, iron skin and consecrate TY in advanceNickBaldyM4 Feb 5
Feb 4 Mastering set dungeons as a team... In case anyone doesn't know, players can join another player's set dungeon. I believe only the player that the set dungeon applies to can do the main objectives relevant to their set but for the "kill an XYZ enemies" objectives, the rest of the team can help with this. Might make mastering some set dungeons easier.Mugsy2 Feb 4
Feb 3 Looking for Hardcore Seasonal Aussie/Nz Clan Hey guys, I can't seem to find any active clans. I intend to group up and farm higher paragons and push leaderboards. Currently Para 788 at time of posting. In 4-man groups, I play the zdps monk position. Let me know if there are any clans looking to recruit. :)QuickFade0 Feb 3
Feb 2 Maintenance Tuesday 02/02/16 *Complete Maintenance is complete, get back to demon slaying! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all, We will be having scheduled server maintenance week. Even with the ANZ server we have to keep the same US server maintenance times, this is to enable us to still be linked to the US so we can still play with each other. On Tuesday night (02/02/16) we will be having server maintenance. Which is expected to last 1 hour, this is done to maintain the servers and do any general fixes etc. This is Tuesday night as normal however as it's later maintenance only Perth actually has it Tuesday, other regions it's technically Wednesday morning. Server down will start at 7:00am PST which is: Australia & New Zealand times: Tuesday 02/02/16 11:00pm - 12:00am Perth 12:30pm - 1:30am Darwin 1:00am - 2:00am Brisbane 1:30am - 2:30am Adelaide 2:00am - 3:00am Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 4:00am - 6:00am New Zealand Additional time zones can be found here: Note that this maintenance will go for 1 hour, till 8:00am PST (Barring any unforeseen issues that may extend maintenance) Also remember that blizzard does this while there is the least amount of connected players on the US servers, while it is unfortunate that it falls in a good play time for ANZ it has to be done. P.S. I've now been doing these maint threads for three and half years. Are they still useful? I know the ANZ forums aren't as active as they used to be and am happy to keep it up, but thought I'd ask the regulars. ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ MVP There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull8 Feb 2
Feb 2 seasons P645 barb looking for greaters I've solo'd greater rift 67 and done a few 4 man 70's, I'm just looking for some aus/nz based players to farm 70-80 or possibly push higher greaters with. add jamesfc#1893 if interested.jamesfc2 Feb 2
Feb 2 HELP Hey, I have just recently started playing D3 again after a very long break stopped even before the expansions. I am looking for a easy rundown on what has happened and what you do after finishing the main story line, I am currently a barbarian on normal difficulty on a seasonal character . I play many online games like this so understand the basics easily enough but there doesn't seem to be a simple explanation on what to do after finishing the first time round. If anyone would have the spare time to explain this to me it would be greatly appreciated thankyou.StuSlaughter3 Feb 2
Jan 31 4 man GR95 Done So we got this done last night. Team composition Reakors barb (gameover rank 1 solo barb) Demon hunter (Azza) Zbarb (orbz) Zmonk (ydfym) NB - No Wizard No WD Look outside the current meta you just might discover something different as we haveYDFWM22 Jan 31
Jan 31 Clans devoted to Cow and Puzzle Are there clans that exist, who's mission it is to inform members when a puzzle ring or bovine baradiche have been found/crafted to then share the wealth?DrWho3454 Jan 31
Jan 31 Looking for a NS (or mostly) HC clan I am in a clan atm but I am the only NS player and it is getting rather lonely and so if there is any Aus HC clan that mostly plays in NS PM me. I am on most nights.BigGuns1 Jan 31
Jan 31 LF GR70+ clan P659 CA Mara DH Looking to join a seasonal clan that can 4-man GR70+ competently. Currently P660~, CA Marauder DH, have soloed GR73 on a first attempt. Almost full ancients. Completed DH mastery. I believe I could complete GR74-75 solo if I bothered to rift fish, however I'm much more interested in partying up to level gems and paragon. Best rank I think was 467. Currently ranked 707. Played since day 1 vanilla - over 1000 hours played on DH. Not focused on any other class this season, however have played a fair amount of Wiz and Barb. Mature aged. astral#1102astral0 Jan 31
Jan 29 Looking for People to play with, Currently 760 para zdps support globe barb. my gear is pretty decent im currently 83 grift and i'd like to find some people that i can push past it with. if you're interested hit me up hype#1768Hype9 Jan 29
Jan 29 It's taken me 5 seasons to reach this point! like the title said...Its taken me 5 seasons to reach this point! All previous seasons was a struggle! Season 5 has been my game changer. To the devs, Please dont ruin this with a nerf! To my clannies of 7 Sins, you guys are awesome :) Being a gamer with disabilities in this game has been a long journey for me, Im so freaking stoked to reach this point solo in a week :)RomireOnline7 Jan 29
Jan 28 Litany of the undaunted and the wailing host Hey guys currently playing a seasonal WD and have had my Litany and wailing host drop for me so i went about to collect ancient pieces to incorporate with the 2 set bonus. My understanding of this set bonus is for EVERY non set item ancient legendary that you have equipped while these rings are the only set item in use u gain a 100% dmg increase per item and a 4% dmg reduction per item now as my rings are not ancient yet but every other piece of my gear is ( 11 items ) the math should work out to be an 1100% dmg increase and a 44% dmg reduction, am i correct?? If i am correct then the issue i have is i am not seeing these numbers either on paper stats or in combat the only significant change i have seen is with the equipment i have on my toughness has risen to over 100 million from the normal 20+ mil that it sits at but my damage output has not increased accordingly. By example one of my clan mates also has a WD running the JH set he has a feew ancient set items but is not running Litany and Wailing his paper stats are significantly less than mine and he is able to run a lvl 62 greater rift solo yet i am struggling to complete a lvl 50 greater. Can anyone give me any insight on this? is it a bug , am i just a complete noob and have no idea how to play or whatMeatpocket3 Jan 28
Jan 28 Now that I've unlocked the stash tab... I feel that my opinion as a NS player on the whole stash tab unlock requirement being gated behind seasons may have some validity now that I've gone through the journey. I did my unlock in just under a week and spent roughly 55hrs on the task. Probably the most I've played D3 in a condensed period. I rolled Crusader. Here's my opinion on the whole matter: Positives: - The chance to gear up the Invokers Crusader and find the Seeker of the Light set pieces which I stopped doing last patch due to storage space constraints. This is probably the biggest factor in my enjoyment in the whole process. - The camaraderie between players in the clan to help reach a certain goal. - Haedrigs gift made gearing for end game much easier. But has a big caveat. - The community resources available for unlocking the stash tab. Drahque's compilation of work done by the community was invaluable for the task. Negatives: - Having all my Seasonal loot stuck in seasons now, and not usable in NS for almost 3 months. We have a Rebirth feature. A Retire feature would be cool. If we could retire a seasonal character and bring them and what's in their inventory and followers back to NS, that would be awesome. - Haedrig's gift not as effective for all classes. For Saders, Invokers is more than capable of the task of unlocking the stash tab and this was proven on PTR. I know Wizards needed to farm up DMO, some barbs had an annoying time with MOTE (highly dependent on complimentary gear dropping). - Sore back from all the sitting. Yeah, I know, I could have spaced out the task and I could have got a powerlevel instead of doing 11hrs on start day but I did want to get the job done whilst there are sufficient players in Seasons to help each other out. - 55hrs for me if I play my normal hours would take 5-6 weeks so potentially half the season thus taking half the year away from NS play. Playing a high number of hours in 1-3 weeks won't always be an option for me. - Limited variety in conquests for players who only roll one seasonal character. The complete GR55 with 6 sets should have been 4 sets only. Same with the set dungeon mastery. Yeah, I know, I could have deleted my 1 seasonal character and made another but that defeats the purpose behind rebirth in retaining your character stats. Nor do I want to delete my Sader as I use it to help others out. Reservations/Undecided Matters: - My level of enjoyment for future seasons. I play the game to find NEW sets and gear them up. Invokers and Seeker of the LIght were my two missing sets. Now that I've gotten all class sets, Haedrig's Gift in next season holds less value and will mainly be there as a boost for progressing up the seasonal journey. - Jumping through hoops with the seasonal journey isn't my idea of a fun time. Though I don't want the tab to take more time and effort to unlock than it took me. Probably best to keep it as is. - There was a level of satisfaction with the GR45 solo without set items. Avarice was annoying though. Couldn't find an avarice band and didn't want to farm bounties any more. Could find a gilded baron when I had all my GF gear, and couldn't get a good run in ruins of corvus. In the end, while fishing for barons in rifts, I found a map dense enough so I wasn't running between mobs and slayed my way to 50mil. Overall Thoughts and Hopes for Season 6/Patch2.5: Overall, I think Blizzard made a decent enough attempt at creating an unlock path for the extra stash tabs. The time required is doable but does err on the high side for someone like me who is a NS casual player (that doesn't equate to noob either). If I was to play my usual hours it would take me out of NS for potentially half the year. Some ideas I feel would make the experience better for future seasons: - loan out an extra character slot for seasons only. This character will be deleted at the end of seasons but all gear will be mailed to the NS inbox. It's the Bloodshard mentality in that players gamble because shards aren't usable on anything else. If you can't use that character slot for anything else, you'll find a NS player will probably consider starting a seasonal character to unlock the tab if they weren't thrilled to this season. - order of rewards could be more satisfying for the tasks required. Whilst I do hold the stash tab as the most valuable reward, it's not something that I can show off for completing Conqueror. I feel that the tab should be unlocked at Champion and pets/wings/pennants should be the reward for Conqueror. The cosmetic pet or wings would be a more satisfying reward for Conqueror. - I love the idea for LoN to be used to enhance the seasonal journey. If we're to gear up a new character, I want it to feel fresh and unique. Why not provide a pair of ancient LoN rings as part of the first bag of Haedrig's gift? This way, we can gear up using what gear we find along the way allowing for a fresh experience. I also believe the LoN rings should provide 50% damage increase for every regular legendary and 100% for every ancient legendary equipped. Only getting a bonus for ancients wouldn't facilitate progress in the seasonal journey. - Updating Blackthornes. I do feel that the game needs a non-crafted 6pc set usable by every class that's a bit unique. I'd update the 2pc to add 500vit for it to be more substantial, and the 4pc to include all ground effects. Add in a 5pc bonus where every point of vitality the player has grants x% damage reduction, and a 6pc bonus where every point of vitality grants a X% damage increase. Invokers leverages off vit but rubies still won out at the end of the day. I'd love for a pure vit focused set. This could also be given out as part of Haedrig's gift so the player has the choice of playing wtih LoN, BTs, or the class set for that season.Mugsy16 Jan 28
Jan 27 Battle chat now live! Good morning ANZ, Today we have a nice little update for the app which has enabled battle chat. What is battle chat? Well it's simple out of game chat via the application. To experience the full features and make sure nothing bugs out you will need to restart your application, but when you do you should notice a friends icon on the top right which if you click on will bring up your friends list and let you chat to people without being ingame. This is a handy little feature of the new application which should help with staying in touch and also let you contact a friend for that run you wanted to do but they are not online yet. ;) Remember to adjust your settings as you please in the settings menu: See you all ingame! (or chat to you while outside of the game!) ________________________________________________ Twitter: @Narull | ANZ Diablo III MVP - Keep track of all Official Blizzard posts. There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Olde English'Narull8 Jan 27
Jan 23 612 paragon wiz looking for clan just looking for a clan that play every day thankspriesty3121 Jan 23
Jan 23 Question for the techies - CPU temps Playing D3 for the last few days, I've noticed my laptop getting hot. At what temp range should I be worried? It's an older i7 CPU. Thanks in advanceNikki32 Jan 23
Jan 22, 2016 Bombardiers Rucksack Bug? Guys Just wondering if this is a bug or if I am in fact a complete scrub when it comes to crafting. But I have recently cubed a Bombardiers and am trying to use the passive, but for some reason I can only have a total of 3 sentries. Even when I have the quiver selected in the cube it wont let me use the passive and I am only allowed 3 turrets. Is this some sort of bug? Or again am I a complete scrub when using my cube? Cheers, TSTroubleshoot6 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Aiming to build/join a group 4 Grift Pushing Hi guys, I'm an immortal/raekor barbarian, currently sitting at 568 paragon levels, who is looking to build or join a group, for the purpose of grift pushing. Currently i have obtained the following builds: - Earthquake Build And am one item off obtaining the support zdps build. I currently game from around 9am to 3pm Sydney Eastern Time, however am super flexible. If you are in need of another player, or if you yourself are in need of someone to grift push with, add my battletag: Leviticus#1109 Thanks in Advance LeviLeviticus1 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Need friends to do rifts with! Australian player, playing on Asia server, getting really boring playing by myself all the time. So.. come play? :) Message me in game, or on here, eitherDoYouSquat2 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 Slow and Lag big time Is it just me or is the asian region very laggy and just stops?adam1 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 Slow and Lag big time Is it just me or is the asian region very laggy and just stops?adam0 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 extreme lag & constant d/c anyone else experiencing a lot of lag + constant disconnecting..its starting to get beyond a joke and the amount of posts that have been made im surprised blizzard haven't done anything about it yet. All this ping stuff obviously isn't working. just wanting know to if anything has been done or if anyone knows a way to stop it!ShadowStorm6 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 16, 2016 ELI5: Why is Australian Internet so bad? Was just reading this reddit topic and thought you guys might want to see this reply: Jan 16, 2016
Jan 16, 2016 NZ Stream - Season 5 w/friends :) Jan 16, 2016
Jan 16, 2016 Aussie Streamer HC Jan 16, 2016
Jan 16, 2016 Lf1M Aus servier 1-70 S5 levelling sifu#1370Sifu0 Jan 16, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 LFG for Season 5 SC Prefer a group that can play for a long time after 70 Battletag is Adstar#1977Adstar1 Jan 15, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 Any idea when South oz starts AArrrghhh wrong dayjules23234 Jan 15, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 LFM For season 5 us server Looking for someone who is keen to go hard from start to till we cant play no more 12 to 18 hours add my bnet Grimloch#1466 if anyone wants to join or ask questionsGrimloch0 Jan 15, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 LF aussie clan~ wasssup aussie d3 folk, im looking for an aussie clan leading into taking down season 5 and hopefully topping ladders, give me an add if there are any spots open. Kayoko #6425Kayoko1 Jan 15, 2016