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Sep 13, 2012 Act 3 runs - 850k pp Route: Act 3 Depths - lvl 1,2,3 Bunker - lvl 1,2 Cursed - lvl 1,2 + spider queen Core of arreat + azmodan Elite estimation = 30+ ---------------------------- Only taking in 2 players at a time since you might be running with 2 DH'ers. You will be running alongside with us and it's up to you if you want to engage with the elites or stand back and watch. Cost = 850k Availibility: when ever I'm online (just add me and if I'm free we can do the run)HELLRAZR5 Sep 13, 2012
Sep 13, 2012 Memorable Item Names Hiya, Just wondering what are some of the most memorable item names that you have come across? My favourite is the "Heartless Desire", a 1200+ dps wand. Unfortunately, the stats were not that good and were sub-standard when compared to my 700+ dps wand. No wonder that "Monkey... butt" guy gave it to me. Note to self... why are you still holding onto it!!! =^_^=Tifa22 Sep 13, 2012
Sep 13, 2012 play with me i'm bored and my friends aren't online. i can do any act.Jasian5 Sep 13, 2012
Sep 13, 2012 Australia and NZ General Discussion Forum Is sooo dead.... Back about a month there use to be sooo much activity now nothing.qonvict13 Sep 13, 2012
Sep 13, 2012 Unusually high amount of shield affix I've been doing full act 3 runs and as of lately I have encountered elite/champions with Shield affix a lot of times in a row. There are even a few occasions where I encountered at least 4 shielded elite/champs in a row. Might be just me and my luck but just making sure hereBillyXq5 Sep 13, 2012
Sep 13, 2012 i have all day and want to farm. who wants to join me?? i have access to a vent server, or we can use the aus/nz provided by Narull. hit me up in game. poisonswork#1388Poisonswork2 Sep 13, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 It's been real... Fun! But its time to say farewell for a while! I haven't been on much in the last week because I have been organising my most recent round the world'er, tomorrow I'll be leaving for 4 glorious months, doing most of Europe, UAE, and finishing off in Nepal. I have had heaps of fun playing here, its a good community, met heaps of people I have played with. Diablo 3 has it flaws (I played D1 heaps when it came out and D2 extensively, I still have them both installed, (still have few high end runes lying around unused in D2, like zod's lol), I would consider D3 it a departure from those 2 games, but it is great nonetheless in its own right, a good community makes it even more so! Don't know if I'll continue playing much when I get back, but will when an expansion is released, because as we can remember, D2 was fairly unplayable without the expansion, so I have high hopes. Thanks to Narull, and the other regulars here for making this place awesome.LightBringer3 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 7th Legendary - 6th bad Legendary :( /sigh Oh well, on the plus side I have now progressed to Belial on Inferno without using either of the AH's.Nicko25800 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 Low/No AH Roll Call Fellow Australians, I've noticed quite a few people have been rolling NoAH, Crafting Only and *Low AH characters. Including myself! Since we probably have crappier gear than the majority and I don't fancy the idea of being carried by sellouts in Ah gear I thought we could start a little sub-community, trade war stories and battletags so we can play with eachother. Get in on the action: - Leave a battletag with your No AH characters and levels - Leave a rough idea of when/how often you play. If you want to get in on the action but haven't played No-AH before: - The game is not significantly harder than playing with the AH until Hell. It's not really a challenge, just a playstyle. - If you have a AH character in Act 1 hell or below I think you can just quit the AH cold turkey and not be missing out on anything. At the moment on my profile I have a level 52 WD (Low-AH) and a level 52 Wizard Full AH (found Cluckeye on my Barb), take a peak, they are only differentiated by a small amount of stats. Dynamin#6631 Samedi: Level 52 Witch Doctor I play on Monday nights and rarely on Wednesday/Thursday. Wish I had more time! *Low AH: Only buy crafting reagents and you can only buy gear from the AH that is equal to the highest ilevel item that character is wearing (from drops/crafting). You can only buy gear for slots that were previously equipped with items that have a required level/ilevel lower than you character level -15 in NM, and -10 in Hell/Inferno.Dynamin11 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 Hit/Sh!t V1 a little concept taken from other forums. may or may not work here. only one way to see :P posts your hits and !@#$s in here, diablo or not diablo related. SH!T -getting d/c with 5xNV just before killing Gholm (about 25% life left) -still d/c occasionally. -its only thursday tomorrow. want weekend now HIT -indoor soccer tomorrow night. love thursday nights -the help and feedback the ANZ D3 community givesWAZZ0 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 Other Games Game Night. Hello Diablo 3 community. Just wanted to see if there was a bit of interest in grouping up tonight and playing a game other than D3. I would like to get something going tonight around 8PM AEST or whatever suits the majority of people. I have a TS3 server we can all jump on, I'll post details later or PM them out. Games I have installed are: -Left 4 Dead 2 -CS:GO -TF:2 I have a few others I could probably download and install before then. If no one is keen for this, maybe we can do a farm run on D3. Either way I'm keen for some community action. E: Gamer tage Daseti#6932Daseti1 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 What should the next patch have? well first up is the next patch coming out some time next month? and does it have pvp? and i was thinking like a gladiator mode where its like survival mode against waves of mobs/elites and u can team up and stuff anyone think this would be cool? What do u think would be awesome in next patch?JeIlySickLe30 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 Kiwi LFG Looking for some peoples to run with, most likely act3 farming for lewts and paragon. If anyone has a farming grp with a spot, or wants to team up and pew pew, you can find me at abcdefy#1342. Just msg and lemme know :) Run almost everynight from 6pm NZ, until bored, or annoyed @pugs >.<abcdefy4 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 Legendaries... I <3 U Hiya! I guess it's human nature for people to post their negative experiences (rather than the positive ones). Anyway, I thought I'd be different and share this with you. I was playing with my friends last night, doing Act 3 Inferno and 3 Legendaries dropped - literally within 30 minutes of each other. And yes, they were all i60+ items. =^_^=Guardian27 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 magic find is it caped ok so ive been reading a lot of repoerts the magic find is caped at 300 if so how does it work ?Scott5 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 12, 2012 Australian Diablo Stream Just farming some act 1 if anyone wants to tune inSeeeds1 Sep 12, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 My First Set Item! Check out my gloves on my profile... apparently worth a pretty penny :) Hang in there people! I was getting pissed off after suffering for so long with no good drops.DCYPL18 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 monk advice (again :P) Hey guys, just after some advice on what gear i need to upgrade in order to finish inferno. really struggle with act 3 lately. it could be because of all the latency issues or it could be bc the character is under geared (im opting for the under geared). ive been told that life per spirit spent is more important for a monk than LOH. is that correct or what? im looking for a new off hand weapon with much higher DPS, but not sure what stats to opt for. also the armor. not sure what needs to be upgraded. thinking i may have to dish the inna's pieces in order for some more resis stacksWAZZ11 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 Legendaries Hi all Curious if anyone has actually found any awesome legendaries when farming act 1 inferno (i.e. manticore or windforce). Just to give some hope since i can't farm act 2 or 3. Thanks.ant2ny55 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 problems on MF currently, my total MF without stack is 328%, but as i change my gear with more MF, the number 328 does not change any more? anyone knows whats going on?RogueKnight2 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 What Stats Are Important For Witch Doctor as title says above whats stats are best for witch doctor in inferno take note that im in hardcore not core so i dont want a glass cannon stats build and what abilities should i use, right now im using!ace!aabaZZ just wondering what stats i should focus on most and ones not so muchJeIlySickLe3 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 Where are all the tanks barbs gone Just noticeing the amount of ww barbs around who is still running a tankkonday7 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 New Aussie, likes long Grinds in the Keep Greetings all fellow Diablo players and gamers! Been reading around the Aussie and NZ thread for some time and decided too introduce myself and meet some new gamers that share a simular passion in Diablo and all things gaming. Ive been playing Diablo mostly in the last 2 months and decided the game will be a lot more enjoyable with like minded players. A bit about me, well Im 31 and enjoy a balanced life with a good career, home and social life plus never grew out of gaming, I prefer to jump on xbox or PC rather than watch the swill on TV these days. I play fairly often during the week and have currently been grinding lvls out in act 3 by myself of with randoms. Im looking to meet mature gamers who are interested in working together as a group to help each other rather than looking out for themselves. Anyone interested I can be found at BestestMates#6281 Inlcude a msg with friend request so I know who you are. I dont accept random invites as I know I'm not that popular:) Hope too catch up with you in game soon BestestBestestMates18 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 A problem Hi there, I just sold a item in AH, but I did not get the gold, what is the problem here? the number is 915786275 thanksHarry0 Sep 11, 2012
Sep 11, 2012 Inferno Advice Thread Please feel free to post here if you would like to give or receive any advice on your gear/build. I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable of people but will certainly help out if you have any early inferno Wizard or Monk questions. As for me, I know I need to upgrade my Wizard's belt, chest and helm so I can do better in Act 3. Those upgrades are pretty standard though in that they will just be increasing my int, vit and resists so I would appreciate any advice on what I could do to improve. Budget isn't massive, I think I have around 10m atm. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sep 11, 2012
Sep 10, 2012 ...Monks: 2 quick 1h weapon vs 1 slow 2h weap Hey all... I have the ability to use both styles if I wanted to but am just curious to know what the general consensus was on the subject? When would you pick a slower 2h weapon over faster 1h weapon(s)? Is there a certain build that favors using one over the other? Cheers! Moahmoah1 Sep 10, 2012
Sep 10, 2012 help need help killing beliel please someoneJackson4 Sep 10, 2012
Sep 10, 2012 Shared stash - downside of levelling all 5 HC A few of us are trying to level all 5 character classes in Hard Core. One of the biggest downsides of this is a lack of stash space. When you are levelling one or two chars you can keep a stash of re-levelling gear for when (not if) you die. When you have all 5 classes on the go, your stash gets full pretty quickly: a couple of class specific items for each class e.g. DH 2 xbows and 2 quivers and one cloak Monk 2 fist weapons, 2 spirit stones WD 2 knives, 2 mojos and a mask Wiz 2 wands, 2 scources and a hat Barb a couple of mighty weapons and belts Then armour: Something of every armour slot every 10 levels - either have to be very generic (+ all vital stats) which means they are normally avearge rather than godlike or you level up using an item not suited to class (+100 Dex on a L30 Wiz). I never really have a shortage of gold to re-equip if necessary (I try to keep 500,000 - 1,000,000 on hand at all times). As you can guess, my stash fills up pretty quick as I level and I'm constantly dumping gear. Some goes to the HC AH and some goes to others on my friends list (ANZHC) who I'm sure are very appreciative of benefiting from my storage problems :) Most just gets salvaged or vendored in game though. Perhaps we need an ANZHC gear "library" thread?smurfynz1 Sep 10, 2012
Sep 10, 2012 LF - Hardcore friends who drink Hello, If you have a sense of humor, drink and know how to game then add me. (If you don't drink but are funny then all g) I mainly solo, but enjoy having an active friends list but unfortunately this has dwindled recently. Holla Klanks#1340 p.s I'm a kiwi in SydneyKlanks4 Sep 10, 2012
Sep 10, 2012 WTS> tal rasha's unwavering glare PLEASE MAKE DECENT OFFERS ONLY! SELLING IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF HOURS Sep 10, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Auction house broken ?? Hi guys, does anyone experience some weird thinks going on in the auction house ? It started yesterday that I wasnt able to search for items anymore. I always received results which where already sold or expired. Who cares about sold or expired auctions ??? Also I put quiet a valuable item up for sale which gone now, its not sold or in my inventory or in the selling section. Am I the only one with these issues or do you guys have have the same problems. // playing on the asian server as the latencies where much better from aussi.teejayhh2 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 Unscheduled Maintenance *Complete* Ok guys, we have an unscheduled Maintenance tonight. It is short(1 hour) but still very annoying for Aussies on a Friday night, I'll be emailing blizz just to 100% point this out and that they should avoid this maint even more so then normal ones if at all possible. Remember this is not normal weekly maintenance thats why I called it 'Unscheduled' something has clearly popped up which is not intended and that is why this maintenance is needed to fix it. Server down will start at 5:00am PDT which is: Australia & New Zealand times/dates: Friday 07/09/12 8:00pm - 9:00pm Perth 9:30pm - 10:30pm Adelaide, Darwin 10:00pm - 11:00pm Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra 12:00am - 1:00am New Zealand You can work out your local time zone here: Note that this maintenance will go for 1 hour, till 6:00am PDT Lets keep it civil and show that while downtime does indeed suck, we can still be a good community! Taken from Service Status forums: ... ________________________________________________ @Narull - ANZ Diablo III MVP - The Most Valuable Poster program info There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'Narull14 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 any other NZ players feeling the lag 800-1200 pings all evening - just wondering if any one else is seeing this ? Playing Auction House III it can be quite fun :PKaptainKhaos12 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 WHAT TIME IS IT!!?? .........................................,-""¯""-, .....................................,~"..........\ .................................,~"............,..\ ...........................,-"......................| .......................,-"......................../..| ....................../..........................'...| ..................../...............................| .................../.......................,„_„...| ................../.....................,-,-~-,-~', ................./...................,-" ( . . o)_º) ................/.................../ . . ."-~" . . ¯¯¯¯¯""~-, ...............|....................| . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,-~"~, ...............|....................| . . . . . . . . . . . . /::::::::\ ...............|....................| . . . . . . . . . . . . |:::::::::l ...............|....................\ . . . ._ . . . . . . . . "-,„„„-" ...............|..................."-, . .(.."~,————~" ................|._...................."~,.."~-'—,..................,--~~-, .............,~" . ¯"~,...................¯"~~-",-\.............,-"-,"~, . ."-, ..........,-"....,~",-~"\.....-'.,„„„.................."-,..........| . . "-, "-, . ...........\,,-",~"....../.....,-" . ."-,..............'-,."-,........) . . . ."-,,- .............'-,........(,--,.,-" . . . . |................"-,"-,,("-~"-,""~~~" ................¯"""¯,-", .), . . . . ,-"..................."-,\,."..,-" ......................'-, .".,"-,_„„~"........................"."-," ......................."~"-,.\,...,--~~~-,..................,~', ..............................¯"~/ . . . . . .)...............,"-~', ................................./ . . . . . . |--„„„„„„--,~""¯ . . .qonvict0 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 9, 2012 HURRAH Manticore! Come at me AnonymousOne! jk hahaha but price check anyone?Hazza18 Sep 9, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Godly 2-hander Skorn FS + 221 Minimum Damage + 240 Maximum Damage + 50% Damage + 221 Strength + 340 Intelligence Critical Hit Damage Increased By 139% 95.2% Chance to inflict Bleed for 6243-11910 Damage over 5 seconds. + Socket Gemmed with Radiant Star Emerald for Extra 100% Critical Damage. Make Reasonable offer please.qonvict4 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 PvP- Thoughts and Ideas "Blizz take notes" First may I ask people to comment on what you think of my ideas and not add your own. And if you like be sure to 'bump' this thread. Okay first to jump into it ill start from different modes in PvP. Ranked-PvP : Essentially my idea on a Ranked Ladder is this,to keep it simple this mode needs to put every player as equal as possible. So how to do that?,Well first no personal gear is allowed,weapons and Armour are obtained either from a selected list in PvP or having only weapons allowed,no Armour and with the weapons everything is equal. Personally I think that this should showcase skill over gear. and for gods sake please dont make a PvP currency,this will just overburden the game,keep it simple and equal! Un-Ranked-PvP: This is simple,allow Personal Gear,and put players with players via stats,for example 40k DPS - 40k DPS Just allow us to use our own gear but still be shown some sort of recognition as in a wins tally or something. So Basically we start of with PvP Ranked or Un-Ranked,Then from either decision we have options-Here is a Few -1v1 : Hell Yes! simple,One on One,we want to be able to either search for this type of game or simply if some in dude our game is talking smack,we can be like "Wanna 1v1?". -2v2: Simple we want to kick !@#$ with our best friend. -4v4/or Team: Allow people to strat with others,this will add diversity with PvP by having team based PvP it will be gold. -Free For All: My own twist on this,players start off with a Terrible weapon dependent on there class i.e Demon Hunter-hand-crossbow,and from killing other players your weapon is upgraded automatically,and if you die its downgraded. First to get to a certain amount of kills wins All of above works with one another,as for searching allow us to either search for a random match,or allow us to set up our own. Rewards: Now with Ranked I think we should be rewarded with either Gear on certain milestones i.e 25,50,100 wins Give us a bad-%^- Axe for a Barbarian or something, depend on the class we are using mabye? And achievements add lots of PvP achievements. Now with Un-Ranked I believe the only Reward should be in the form of a wins tally or something. You will want people to 'Work' for a reward and you dont want everyone to be coming into Un-ranked with god gear and taking all rewards,make us go into Ranked Arenas: Key word "Diversity" I want Flat battlegrounds,Small,Large,Complex and simple,add Traps,or Destructible environments,Have upper ground and lower ground surprise us, don't just take something from the levels already,re create entirely. As always thank you for taking the time to read this.qonvict7 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 i'm 'king hardcore tryin' monk...awesome.....RobdaFrog1 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 darkmoon island stormrage? does anyone know what that is? because i saw it from someone on my friends list when they just logged in.JayDAWG3 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Inferno is hard yo.. So I've been letting my boy rip through Hell the last few weeks and hes convinced hes pro, so he decided it was time for an Inferno run. His face says it all. Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Your Personal Inferno Guide [UPDATING] So as well as giving away gold,I've been getting a lot of questions,may it be what gear,stats,weapons is needed to clear inferno,best farming spots the whole 9 yards. I have decided to make a thread for those that wish to ask a question and im 90% sure ill can help you out. Questions What stats should I stack for Inferno? -Theres 2 things Needed for Inferno one is 'survivability' and second is 'Gear',Now I've put some thought in what benchmark stats are needed for Inferno and this is what I've come up with. All Resistance: 500 Health/ HP: 30,000 Armour: 5000 DPS:20,000 Now these are the lowest I would go to solo Inferno. What Gear should I look For to Clear Inferno? The question I get asked the most now, Depending on your Skills set up,I've generally always looked for my gear like this. First,I will demonstrate what i mean with my Wizard. Now you need to know your Characters 'Primary Attribute'. Barbarians: Strength- As a gear stat or from Ruby Gems. Monks & Demon Hunters: Dexterity -As a gear stat or from Emeralds Gems. Wizards & Witch Doctors: Intelligence -As a gear stat or from Topaz Gems. Okay now my simple method for Finding gear is like this. If you Copy & Paste the link below you will see it is my Wizards Pants Now see I take my Primary Attribute which is Intelligence and have it at a low number which would be in the double digits. Then I have a High number of Vitality which is in the triple digits. Then having All Resistance 40 and up is generally good,but the higher the better. Now with my low stat of Intelligence I make up for it by socketing these pants with the gems that gives me intelligence,In this case I have 'Radiant Star Topaz x2'. So by doing this your gear will be cheaper to purchase,now you can obviously go vise-versa and have a high primary attribute stat,and low Vitality then socket your gear with Amythests. For gear that has no Sockets you need to make the decision wether or not you want more Life or more DPS,I simple balanced my gear to have one Item with high Intelligence and another with high Vitality. Hope im not confusing you guys yet :/ Now I found with Amulets you can find them with both High Primary Stat and High Vitality. This is the one I have. If you can find one like that,I would highly recommend it. Any other questions be sure to ask away !qonvict15 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 About to hit Lvl 60 (Character Help) Im about to hit level 60 with my first charachter ive never played diablo before 3 so dont know much about it so was wondering if anyone could help me with what i could do to improve my charachter for inferno. Cheers, AndrewAndrew1231007 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 ...Inferno!!?!? Alright, so I cleared through the Act4 of Hell last night and progressed into Inferno. When I say cleared, I mean mowed through Hell (I had next to no trouble in any of the Acts to be honest). I feel like I've been Rick Roll'd now that I've jumped into Inferno. I can't believe the change in difficulty. Every time I experience my 5th-6th death on a pack of elites I see Rick Astley's face on the back of my eyes - as if to think the elites are singing this...taunting me over and over again. Don't get me wrong I have no complaints and am looking forward to the challenge. If someone could take a look at my gear and give me some pointers that would be awesome! Also, if you want to group up and quest with me, feel free to add me :D -Moah P.S. Are my currently equipped skills recommended for Inferno or should I make some alterations anywhere?moah17 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 Need help killing Ghom :(( Hi Guys I know he has been nerfed, but I must have tried 100 times today and I can not get him down to half way, I have a Demon Hunter, and have tried all the tricks people have mentioned. Tried 80k dps with 350 resist and 13k dps with 850 resist and still get my !@# handed to me. Tried every combo under the sun with stats etc. I also have 2 X 1 hand crossbows both with 550 life on hit I can handle most of the elites fairly well in Act 3, but just can not get past this fat slob, and quite frankly I really do not want to fight him again, he is no fun what so ever. It also has not helped that my pings have been all over the place today, but even so I do not think I have a hope. thanks in advanceHellrazer0018 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 8/9/2012 10:10am Unable to log on still? Just for the Update everything should be working fine now.qonvict2 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 8, 2012 LF Players to farm inferno Hi, I got a wizard with decent gear. I would like to find some people who are ready to farm pretty constantly. I am farming act 2 inferno right now. Im in Nz. santaclauze#2291Santaclauze5 Sep 8, 2012
Sep 7, 2012 Nightmarish plan, mushrm/bone gvwya Not sure can it be given to someone, I have plan, mushroom and shinbone. Anyone wants let me know.ruslanec3 Sep 7, 2012
Sep 7, 2012 JUST AN IDEA only an idea dont kill me lol we should hae a diablo radio station so we got music to listen to in the game. be fun i reckon. lolDJDANPEARCE5 Sep 7, 2012
Sep 7, 2012 Crowd Control Change Anyone see this yet? Possible plans to change how CC works in patch 1.0.5. Personally it annoys me because Barb in a way is getting another buff... and I'm probably just bitter over this because of the many nerfs DH have sufferedHayaku8 Sep 7, 2012
Sep 7, 2012 Pathetic Customer Support What's up Blizzard, To put it blankly, your customer support sucks. Whether or not it's just me, or there are others out there, we shouldn't be made to wait TWO WEEKS to have a query answered. I mean, come on. It's understandable that you may be swamped with tickets, but two weeks seems a bit TOO long for a response. So here's my situation, my account was suspended for god knows why. Last thing I did was dump some items and gold up on the RMAH, and I got an email saying that I had sold 10 million gold, then shortly after that, I get an email saying that the transaction had been cancelled to protect us blah blah, THEN I get an email saying that my account had been suspended due to some bullcrap reason in regards to the auction house. Come on, Blizzard. Two weeks later, two tickets submitted, and still no word at all.MolarBear2 Sep 7, 2012