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Feb 5, 2018 CROWDS on Twitter - Season 7 Ep25: All Good Things About half a year ago, we've begun a little experiment to tap into the potential of the playerbase to help itself when it comes to a variety of issues that may not necessarily require contact with Blizzard customer support, such as technical issues or game-related questions. A number of volunteers, experienced at Blizzard games and interested in lending a helping hand to fellow players, have signed up over the months, contributing to our efforts in seeing our players' problems resolved. This CROWDS program was a player-based support initiative that allowed volunteers to help their fellow adventurers via Twitter, using an Android-based mobile app tied to our own social media channels. This app allowed participating helpers to see and respond to tweets that were asking Blizzard for help. You can find more detailed information on CROWDS and how to use the app on our support site article. Alas, the initiative has run its course and we are preparing to lay this program to rest as we proceed to look for other ways to improve the reach and efficiency of our support. Before this curtain will close, however, we wanted to run one last season in order to give everyone a chance to assemble one last time, to make use of this tool for a few more weeks, and to have a last shot at qualifying for our rewards. No matter whether you're a veteran CROWDS helper or want to give this a try before the opportunity fades, all are welcome to subscribe to the app and help their fellow gamers! These are the rewards from which you may pick, should you manage to outshine most of your fellow participants: Hearthstone: Card Packs (x7) Heroes of the Storm: Loot Chests (x12) Overwatch: Loot Boxes (x11) StarCraft II: Co-op Commanders (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) StarCraft II: Announcers (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) NOTE: Please be aware that using protected Tweets may prevent others from viewing your responses, disqualifying you from participation. Be sure to set your Tweets to public in order to remain visible and eligible for potential rewards!Vrakthris0 Feb 5, 2018
May 17, 2012 Welcome! Please Read Before Posting Welcome to the Technical Support forum for Diablo III. This forum exists to provide Diablo III customers with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. While Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum (between 7am-8pm Pacific, 7 days a week), it is not meant as a place to resolve complex issues, because of the nature of forums. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Center for resolutions and workarounds for common issues. If you wish to contact our Support team directly, you may do so through the following channels: - You can keep track of all your communication with Customer Support through your Blizzard account. Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. Bug reports should be directed to the bug report forums: Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the appropriate gameplay forums. When requesting assistance with or discussion an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Please refrain from using profanity in your subject lines or thread body. While we do employ a filter that obscures offensive language this does not give license to use it freely. Please make new posts for your own issue, except where a solution has already been posted. Otherwise, please do not change the subject. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but distinct from the original topic means that replies must either ignore your post or that of the original poster. Please post a subject title that provides a clear indication of the problem you are experiencing. Posting something like "Major problem!! Look inside" does not communicate anything about the issue you are facing. Unless addressing an issue not already covered in the in-game alert or the server status forum, please do not create posts relating to server stability or down time. Please refrain from posting commentary or complaints about the game, the support process, or policy enforcement. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but such posts do not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is OK to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting actual info here on the forums is not permitted. We hope that this forum can continue to be a place where users can find quick resolution to their issues. To help do this we ask that the above guidelines be observed at all times when contributing to this forum. Lastly, please remember that Blizzard provides these forums as a venue for our customers to discuss our games. Posts can be deleted and users may be banned from this site, without prior warning or explanation, at the sole discretion of the forum moderators.Omrakos2 May 17, 2012
May 10, 2012 Basic Setup Troubleshooting Greetings, This thread is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve installation, patching and connection related type issues. We recommend taking all the steps below before creating a post or contacting Technical Support. Additionally, we recommend checking out our Known Issues sticky (Coming Soon) to make sure you are not running into an issue that has already been reported. 1. Downloading 2. Installing/Patching 3. ConnectingRoraks3 May 10, 2012
Jan 15, 2015 Patching and Installation Troubleshooting Patching and installation issues are some of the more common issues that we come across in the Tech Support Forums. This thread will highlight some troubleshooting steps that have been proven to resolve most of the patching and installation issues that you as a player may encounter. Most of the support articles linked below will include steps for both, Windows and Mac systems. However, if you require further assistance with a Mac Installation or Patching issue that has not been mentioned in this sticky thread, you will want to post in our Mac Technical Support Forum. Installation Troubleshooting Steps Patch Troubleshooting StepsDankorii2 Jan 15, 2015
Jun 22, 2012 Diablo III common errors and solutions Below are error codes and messages you may experience during installation, gameplay, and client log in. If you are experiencing any of these errors, please follow the steps provided. Installation, Setup and Patching issues "If your installation disc has been ejected, please reinsert and try again. If not, or if you keep seeing this error, log in to the Blizzard App and install Diablo III digitally" - If you downloaded the installer digitally, this error indicates that it did not convert the files correctly. This can often be caused by closing the downloader early. Though the downloader may show 100%, please allow some time for it to fully complete. To resolve this issue, log into the Blizzard Desktop Application and re-run the downloader. Error 108 or "An unexpected decryption error occurred" - This can be caused by corrupted, damaged or incomplete installation files. It can often times be caused by closing the downloader early. Though the downloader may show 100%, please allow some time for it to fully complete. You may be able to fix this by running the downloader and pointing it to the same saved location so that it may scan and download any missing files. Unable to Initalize Streaming - This error can generally be caused by security software on your computer. During this time, however, it's possible that the error is caused by the number of people hitting the servers. Please double check your firewall settings and try again. Updating Setup Files - If you're stuck on "Updating Setup Files" try these troubleshooting steps, as well as these. Some other players have had success with this workaround, but be aware that it is not something we can suggest. Error BLZPTS00007 - This indicates that the Agent support program was unable to run. Try waiting a few minutes, then reattempt. If that fails, restart the computer and try the game again. Should the issue persist, uninstall your current copy of the game and download again from the Blizzard Game Downloads page. Error 3012 and 3014 - Please be sure to uninstall the Beta, and ensure that the Diablo III Beta folder is deleted.Velnrak3 Jun 22, 2012
Aug 29 FPS Optimization and Basic Troubleshooting Thread! Introduction Hello everyone! There seems to be a lot of players coming to the tech support forums asking for ways to increase their FPS. Instead of repeating ourselves over and over, I've decided to compile all of the tricks and tweaks we've learned into one spot. I see many users with top end gaming systems complaining about low and stuttering frames, yet others with 5 year old systems that run Diablo with flying colours. Before you give up on Diablo 3 and blame Blizzard for not developing a game that's compatible with your computer, take some time and go through these suggestions. I'm also going to include a troubleshooting section. If you have any questions feel free to ask here! Sections Chapter 1: Basic Setup for Diablo and Windows Performance Tips Chapter 2: Hardware Tweaking 1. GPU settings 2. CPU and RAM tweaks Chapter 3: In game settings , D3prefs Config File and Performance Suggestions . 1. D3prefs.config file settings. 2. In game settings 3. Suggestions for performance increases Chapter 4: Troubleshooting 1. Low FPS , Stuttering Frames, Massive FPS drops (Go here first !! ) 2. 40 FPS cap fix 3. Crashing to Desktop , Unresponsive program and error messages 4. Crashing to black screen, crashing to random colours, BSOD's and system lock ups. 5. Testing hardware components Chapter 1 Basic Setup for Diablo and Windows Performance Tips In this chapter we will go over preparing D3 as well as tweaking your operating system for better performance. 1.) Before starting Diablo , take the time to update all of your system drivers. Video card, Chipset, Soundcard, Network card and SSD- drivers if applicable . You can find out which components you have by looking in the manual your computer came with, the box your motherboard came with or by typing in your motherboard / Computer name and model into Google. Nvidia Geforce drivers - AMD Radeon drivers - 2.) Fully update Diablo 3 . Open up the D3 launcher to begin updating . If the downloaded does not start or is unreasonably slow, try disabling peer to peer transfer . If that does not work, make sure your ports 3724 and 6881 are open through your firewall or router. 3.) Update and configure Windows. If Windows is not configured right it will bog down your system and in turn slow down Diablo . There are numerous settings within Windows that can help improve FPS and performance . I'll list them below Run MSconfig MSconfig is a powerful tool built into Windows that allows you to choose which services and programs your computer starts with, freeing up RAM for Diablo to use. Disable any services you do not use and stop most programs from opening up (Exlude Video , Sound and network applications ).To get there ...Open start menu > Search programs and files > MSconfig. **Note- Windows 8 and 10 users. MS config has been replaced by "startup" and "services". Check your task manager for these tabs. Adjust Visuals for better performanceAn old tweak that isn't as relevant these days , but will help out older Video cards and users with low amounts of RAM. Right click My computer >Properties > Advanced system settings > Performance > Select "Adjust for best Peformance ". Adjust power settingsThese settings control various system components (Including CPU) to help reduce power consumption . Unless your conserving battery power on a latoptop or you're trying to cut down on your power bill, make sure you set the Power Mode to "High performance" . Go Control Panel > System and Security > Power options > Select High performance Remove GPU Power Saving Features*** Nvidia users only ! This Widows registry tweak will remove all of the Video Card power saver features. Forcing your video card to work at full potential at all times. This is mostly for desktop users as battery life will suffer when used on a laptop Go Start > Searchbox > type "Regedit" > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video In this you will see several keys. The one you are looking for is folder "0000", which most will have. it will also have a ton of registry values in it. in this folder you will create the following DWORD and values. PerfLevelSrc, HEX 3322 PowerMizerEnable, HEX 0 PowermizerLevel, HEX 1 PowermizerLevelAC, HEX 1 ---Thanks to user Morogoth for this suggestion! --- Download all Windows updates and Service packsNever hurts to be up to date and secure . Some service packs are required just to install Diablo . Defragment your Hard driveThis will help ensure the hard drive isn't searching for fragmented Diablo files while you're playing ! Go Start Menu >Accessories > System tools > Disk Defgragmenter . *Note* - Do not defragment an SSD drive, doing so can lead to damage - Thanks TheTias for this warning**. Disable all Anti-Virus software or Windows defenderGamers shouldn't need an Anti-virus anyhow. Only run them if you're not in game. Windows defender is Microsofts built-in antivirus. It works very well, but can slown down older PC's. To disable it, Windowskey+R, type defender in searchbox. Chapter 2 : Hardware tweaking In this Chapter we'll go over GPU, CPU and RAM tweaking. These are to be done at your own risk ! Anticipate some of these changes will increase the temperatures in your computer. 1.) Video card settings . Although Diablo 3 is mainly a CPU dependent game, it is important to adjust the GPU settings to better reflect your system as opposed to what the manufacture suggests. This guide will be based around Nvidia cards . AMD settings will be relatively similar. Start by entering the Nvidia control panel . Right click Desktop > Nvidia control panel Anisotropic filter and Anti-aliasing Are both used to smooth out edges on 3d models . If you have a low end card ( GTX 260 and below) it is best to keep these turned "Off". Otherwise, set them to "Application controlled" . Anti-aliasing- Transparency This setting can have a massive effect on FPS. Unless you have a powerful video card , turn this setting off . Maximum per-rendered framesA great setting for low end cards that allows the GPU to have have a smoother image when the FPS is low. Set value to "2" . Lower to zero if you experience any mouse lag. Multidisplay/ Mixed GPU acceleration Unless you have a dual monitor setup , Set to "Single Display Performance Mode" Power management modeThis setting can be detrimental for laptop users. Always make sure it's set "Max Performance" to make sure the GPU is working to it's fullest potential. Texture Filtering QualityThis setting dictates how the GPU will process textures. Set to "Max performance" if you have a low end GPU , "Quality" for high end GPUs Vertical SyncVertical sync locks your GPU's Frames per second to your monitors Vertical frequency or "Refresh Rate" . For a standard T.V or low end Computer Monitor the refresh rate is 60hz. Use Vertical Sync if you see excessive tearing on your screen or your frames keep jumping "Adaptive mode" has given better results for most users. **Note - See chapter three for info on changing Diablos Refresh Rate. Physx ConfigurationDiablo 3 does not utilize the Nvidia Physx, Unfortunately . These settings are irrelevant . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pixel Overclocking Believe or not , you can overclock your monitor! Well, at least the refresh rate of your monitor! This can be useful for users with old monitors or LCD T.V's that want that extra bit of performance. Increasing your Refresh Rate will allow your true FPS Cap to rise. Remember that although you're getting 120 FPS in Diablo, if your refresh rate is only 60 , you're really only seeing 60 cycles of images per second. To create custom pixel clock settings and refresh rates follow these steps. Nvidia control panel > Change resolution > Customize > Create Custom Resolution > Under "Timing" change the automatic setting to "Manual". > Raise Refresh rate in 1hz increments >Test settings. One of two things will happen when you reach a clock your monitor can't handle. Your monitor will crash and display a warning stating that frequency can't be used OR you will start seeing artifacts all over your screen (Random colours, scrambling images). To use this custom refresh rate in Diablo, you must set the value in your D3prefs config file or use the "default" setting in game.**Note Can damage monitors if not used properly !! Use this at your own risk!!! SLI and Crossfire usersMulti-GPU systems are NOT supported by Diablo and usually cause FPS issues and or tearing screens. I would suggest trying to disable these features for Diablo or change their settings to see which gives the best results. !!!!Advanced users only!!!! Overclocking GPU. Overclocking the GPU for Diablo can yield some decent results. Focus on the memory clocks as opposed to to the core. Bump up the voltage to handle higher clocks . Use MSI afterburner , do not exceed 95'Celsius under load - Be careful. 2.) CPU and RAM Tweaks and Settings. Diablo 3 is a CPU intensive game. It relies on the CPU for most of it's graphics, physics and sounds. Here's a few things you can do to get the most out of yours. Most of these suggestions involve increasing heat and power consumption. Please use at your own risk. Unpark your coresI've been doing this for the past year and I'm loving it. Basically, if you have a multi-core CPU this program will force your processor to make sure all of it's cores stay active- no matter what. Create a system restore point if you feel you might be at risk to overheat and crash . Laptop and netbook users monitor temperatures closely or avoid all together. Download @ > Unzip and run the program >Restart computer. Large Address AwareThis program can force any 32 bit Windows application (D3 is 32 bit) to use more than 2 gigs of RAM . This can help with stuttering issues on high end P.C's and can also solve crash issues on systems with low RAM. Only use if you have 3 gigs of RAM or over . Download @ > Unzip and extract > Launch Large address aware > Browse for the Diablo 3.exe . It is usually in Program Files(x86)> Diablo 3. Make sure you choose the main .exe and not the launcher! Once completed you'll see a message "Updated successfully" **Note**!! There is a lot of controversy if LAA is already implemented into Diablo 3 or not. See "TheTias" post on page three for more information** Timer ResolutionAnother CPU program that sets the time it takes for Windows to give instructions to the CPU . The standard rate is 15ms . This program will reduce that time all the way to .5ms, increasing system response times and possibly removing the stutter associated with lower end CPU's. Download the Free version of the App here. Download the free version or Windows XP version as it's labeled (Will work fine with other O/S) Unzip the .exe > Click Maximum > Keep program open to keep maximum resolution time (As soon as program is closed default values are reset . **Note will decrease battery life and increase power consumption for all CPU's, use at own risk !! Set Diablo to "High priority"In the task manager. Results will vary. This essentially lets Windows know that Diablo has permission to use almost all the resources it wants. Press Contol+Alt+Delete to enter the task manger. Right click Diablo to set the priority. *Note Diablo can also be set to Real-time for 100% CPU priority. However , your system may become unstable if you have multiple applications running. Disable Speedstep and Powernow! TechnologiesBoth of these CPU settings from Intel and AMD essentially lower your CPU's speed and voltage when it thinks you don't need the power. Disabling them will force your CPU to always perform at it's maximum . Will not increase frames, but can make Diablo more stable and increase overall system response times. These settings can found in your BIOS under "Advanced CPU settings" ---Thanks to user Nikuya for the suggestion --- ***Note Will decrease battery life for Laptops as well as increase Idle temperatures for all users ! OverclockingBecause of Diablo's dependency on the CPU, overclocking can give huge boosts in performance. If your CPU overclocks well (Do a quick Google search to find out ) and your motherboard supports it, I would definitely recommend it . Chapter 3: In game settings, D3Prefs Config File Settings and Suggestions 1.) In game settings To perfectly honest, not all of these settings will drastically increase or lower performance. As mentioned before , Diablo 3 is such a CPU intensive game. There's only so much you can change graphically to get better frames. Either way let's go over them and see which ones give us the best increases. Display mode This setting can cause huge headaches. Some users have reported frame increases using Full screen (Windowed Mode). I recommend trying both setting and see which one best suits your setup. Keep in mind using any mode other than Full-screen will force Diablo to use your computers desktop resolution and refresh-rate. ResolutionChoose your monitors native resolution to start. You can lower your resolution to increase frames but image quality will be greatly reduced. Max Foreground FPSThis is important, I like to keep my max background capped at 75 . This is because my monitors refresh rate is 75hz. This keeps a smooth frame rate without the use of V sync. I would suggest setting the value to "60" to start. Go up from there if your system can handle it. Max Background FPS This controls the frame-rate of Diablo while minimized. Lowering to "1" will increase O/S performance when Diablo is running in the background. Textures ,Shadows and Clutter quality These settings are GPU related and won't have much affect on performance unless your GPU is a low end card. Set to your visual desire. Low FXThis setting does increase frames slightly on my system, but at the cost of visuals. Try it out for yourself PhysicsThis setting Relies on the CPU and lowering it will give a nice increase in performance. Personally, the physics is one of my favorite things about Diablo 3 graphic engine so the performance hit is worth it! Sound settingsIt is important to note that if you DO NOT have an aftermarket Sound Card , the sound processing gets dumped entirely on the CPU. Diablo is full of high quality sounds with lots of channels firing off . On low end CPU's , lowering the sound qaulity all the way can give a huge increase in performance, especially in large group fights. 2.) D3prefs Config File Settings The D3prefs config file has a lot of different settings you can change. To get there go Documents > Diablo 3 > D3prefs.txt. I'll list the settings known to have an impact on performance below - "Displaymodebitdepth" value from "32" to "16"This setting can have a big impact on performance, but at the cost of the amount of colours available to Diablo. If you don't mind taking the visual hit, use this setting. "Hardware class" valueTry values 1-4 to see which gives you the best performance. The exact use of this setting is unknown but it sounds like Diablos way of generalizing your video cards performance. ---Thanks to user Wrain for this suggestion.--- "Disable TrilinearFiltering "1".This will disable the filtering responsible for smoothing out blown up pixels. This can boost performance significantly depending on your card. The amount of visual loss depends on your card as well . ---Thanks again to user Wrain for this suggestion ---- "MipBias “X.XXXX” valueI have not personally tested this but have seen a few websites mention increasing this value will decrease texture quality and in turn increase performance. Play around with it and see if it works for you. "Reflection Quality" to "0" for low quality and "1-3" for high. Reflections can be tough to handle for lower end cards. Keep this setting at 0 unless you have a powerful GPU. 3.) Suggestions and tricks for performance increases Install Diablo onto a Flash DriveThis will reduce hard drive access times, preventing the initial lag some users experience when entering new dungeons, casting a new spell or engaging a large group of mobs. Only use if you have USB 3.0 and a high quality flash drive with 16 or more Gigs of space. A Solid State Drive will also stop this lag from happening. A detailed thread explaining how to do this can be found here - ----Thanks to user Edstroyer for this solution ---- Increase your monitors refresh rateIncreasing this can make Diablo look and feel a lot smoother . First, find out your monitors maximum refresh rate with the resolution you intend to use , then set the "DisplayModeRefreshRate" value in the D3prefs config. Run the repair UtilityWithin the launcher go Help > Repair tool . If you're experiencing stuttering frames, game crashing to desktop and many other headaches, try running this tool to correct any files that may have become corrupt over the patching process. Razr Game BoosterThis program combines a lot of my suggestions into one application and makes it easy to change advanced system setting without digging through your control panel. You can also use it to monitor almost all system temperatures. I do not use this personally as you have to make an account with Razr to open it. Use at your own risk. Letrix Latency FixThis latency fix has been floating around Blizzard games for years now. It changes the Windows TCP/IP settings to better reflect gaming. Some users report their Latency cut in half! Others, including myself notice no difference at all. Use at your own risk . Download @ Restart computer or disable / enable Network adapter to activate. Keep components dust freeSpray down the all of the opening on your case, especially fan outlets and inlets.Also spray down the CPU's heatsink with a can of air from your local computer shop. If you're comfortable enough, take off the heatsink, clean everything out and re-apply a high quality thermal paste . Lower temperatures keep your performance consistent . Clean your Video card at the same time RAM is probably the biggest bang for your back as far as upgrades are concerned . To run optimally with Windows 7 you should have 6 gigs of RAM or more. **Note -You MUST have a 64 bit operating system to use more than 4 gigs of RAM. Purchasing a Sound Card and Network Card is a good way to take the load off of your CPU , increase frames and all around system performance. The difference in sound quality between On-board sound and an aftermarket Sound Card is night and day . Chapter 4: Troubleshooting In this chapter we'll go over a few of the most common issues and possible fixes for D3. This section will always be updated and suggestions are welcome ! 1.) Low FPS , Stuttering Frames, Massive FPS drops Framerate issues are very frustrating and happen on old and new computers alike. It is not uncommon for a brand new rig to have low FPS in Diablo. Below I will list possible fixes , try to follow them in order. -First and foremost .Update all System, Network, GPU and Sound drivers (See chapter 1). -Make sure no programs and or Anti-viruses are running in the background. Use Task Manager to see which programs are using which resources and use MSconfig to stop them from launching(See chapter 1) -Make sure all Windows Power Saving features are set to "Maximum performance . As well, make your GPU is set to work at maximum performance. (**This can be detrimental to Laptop users** (See Chapter 1) - Confirm that Diablo is utilizing all of your CPU's power. In Task Manager set Diablo to "High priority" and set it's affinity to use all cores. Unparking cores and Disabling Step features in the BIOS are also good tools to help insure the CPU is always working to it's fullest (See chapter 2). -Re-configure In game and GPU display settings (See Chapter 2) -Re-configure or Delete/Move D3prefs.txt . (See chapter 3) 2. 40 FPS cap fix -This issue is caused by your USB overpolling the system. An HID device (controller,gaming keyboard, etc.) is interfering with your system and causing it to bog down your frames. To fix this go into Device manger>Human Interface Devices> Disable all HID complaint devices. This will fix the issue, but could disable your components, make sure to re-enable after diablo is closed. 3.) Crashing to Desktop , unresponsive program and Windows/ Diablo Error messages. - Most , if not all of these issues are software related (Diablo 3 ,Windows or driver issue ). First things first is to check all system drivers and make sure they're up to date. Also try rolling back to an older Video Card driver to see if the new one is causing issues. -If the error message is specific and has a code, search the forums or Google for a solution. Chances are somebody has had the same problem you have! -If that fails, run the Blizzard repair tool in the Diablo launcher. When that doesn't work, you could try to re-install Diablo 3 . -Although it's a headache, sometimes the easiest fix for software related errors is to Re-format your P.C. This is a last resort and should only be done if you're comfortable doing it. 4.) Crashing to black screen, crashing to random colours, BSOD's and system lock ups. ***Before troubleshooting this section , you must know if the problem only happens in Diablo 3 . Try running other intensive games or run a stress test on your video card and CPU. If only Diablo is crashing, we can assume the problem is still software . If other games and applications crash , it's more then likely there is a hardware fault somewhere in your system . *note -Corrupt or incompatible drivers, although uncommon, have been known to crash like a hardware fault -Pixelated screens, random coloured dots and lines prior to crashing is almost a sure sign of a Video Card fault and or overheating. !!Advanced users only!! Remove the card from your computer . Spray down the exterior of the card removing all dust and wipe down the golden PCI connections with a damp cloth. Re seat the video card and screw it in tightly . Make sure all power connectors are snug. -BSOD or Blue screen crashes, if not a software problem, are usually associated with the hard drive or RAM. Your best bet is write down the error code that comes up and figure out what exactly it pertains too. Most Blue screens will restart the computer as soon as it pops up . There is an option to change this so you can have time to catch the error code. Go Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Start up and Recovery Settings > Uncheck "Automatically Restart" 5.) Testing components. -Checking for Hard-drive errors can be achieved through Scan disk. Go to your hard disk properties and run the tool. -RAM can be tested with various programs or the system BIOS. An easier way is using the built in Windows application . Type "mdsched.exe" into the Start menu search and press enter. You will be prompted to restart your computer . -Power supplies. In my 15 years of working on and building computers , almost every time a friend brought me a gaming computer that kept shutting off at random, the power supply was the culprit . You can test these with Multimeters and paperclips if you're electrical savvy, the better way how ever is to try it in another setup . If it does the same thing, you know where your problem lies. You can also check your Hardware Monitor in the BIOS, pay attention to the Voltage rails . They should be in line with what voltage they pertain to (3.3v should be close to 3.3 , 12v should just above 12, etc etc. A Quality PSU makes all the difference in a gaming rig. Pay close attention to the 12v+ rail numbers and weight of the power supply when purchasing a new one, not the watts . -More trouble shooting and tips will be added soon! Good luck and enjoy Diablo! [i][/i]JoshLancergt122 Aug 29
Jul 17 Crash - Black Screen Crashes Due to Razer Chroma Software Crash - Black Screen Crashes Due to Razer Chroma Software We've received a number of recent reports of crashes with recent builds of Razer Chroma SDK. Razer has been working on the problem for a while, and it appears to have been fixed with Razer Synapse 3. Below are steps to resolve the issue. 1. Attach your Chroma compatible device and install Razer Synapse 3. If you no longer have your Chroma device, please contact Razer for help or follow the manual installation steps below.) 2. Retest the game. 3. If that doesn't work, uninstall your current build of Razer Chroma SDK Core Components. Instructions are under the header for The Chroma SDK supported games and applications aren’t showing any Chroma effects. How do I fix it? If you do not have this installed, please contact Razer for help or follow the manual installation steps below. 4. Retest the game Manual Chroma Installation Steps If you cannot install Razer Chroma SDK Core Components because you no longer have your device or run into an error, install it from this link. Under step 1, the second hyperlink will download the installer. If these crashes persist, please create your own thread or contact our support team directly for more help. When doing this, please ensure that you list all steps you've tried to troubleshoot your crash, and link this thread if you have followed the steps above.Drakuloth0 Jul 17
Jun 14, 2017 Common Connection and Latency Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jun 14, 2017
Jun 28 Characters Missing or Logging Into The Wrong Region - 3/21/17 Hey folks, We've recently seen some reports of people logging in and noticing that all of their characters are missing. This mainly happens when logging into the wrong region. For example, if your characters are on the US servers and you happen to log into the EU servers, no characters are going to show up because they are saved on the US servers, and not on the EU servers. To resolve this, you would normally just log out and verify that you are logging into the correct region. However, the reports we've been seeing state that setting the client to the correct region in the Blizzard app has not been working. We're aware of this issue, and we're currently investigating the cause of it. In the meantime, if you have verified that your app and game are set to the correct region, and you are still missing your characters, please try the launching D3 manually, since that workaround seems to work. Here's how to do that: 1. Navigate to the Diablo III folder. 2. Locate the Diablo III.exe, right click on it and select Create shortcut. 3. Move the newly created shortcut to the desktop. 4. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. 5. In the Target field, leave a space after the last quotation mark and add -launch The target line should now look something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch 6. Click on the Apply button and use the shortcut to launch the game. When the game loads up, you should see the old login screen which you can now use to log in. Before doing that, check that the correct region is selected. You can seen the region in small font below the login button. If the wrong region is selected, click on Options > Account, and change the region in the Server Region Selection drop down menu. For Mac users please try the steps here: ______________________________________________________ Customer Support Contact InformationDankorii152 Jun 28
2h NA clan servers have listing issues NA side can't seem to press 'n', and when leader pops up list LIVE on stream, it doesn't appear that some people are not on the list even though there was clearly at least two active members who were clearly not booted off the list at all but some are somehow unable to press 'n'.Identless45 2h
9h Up to 700+ connections Hello, I'm having a strange problem. Agent.exe, Battle,net,exe and DiabloIII64.exe are making an absurd amount of connections to, and The state of the connections is always CLOSE_WAIT. On a good day there're about 200+ connections to those domains, on a bad day, up to 700+, this of course, ends up introducing lag since the processor and the network get clogged. This also happens when playing destiny2, although the executable for that game doesn't establish these weird connections, only Are those connections trying to download a patch? Or did I get my battle net app and diablo3 installs infected by some sort of malware? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can't play a decent run.Verciretti3 9h
1d Clans and communities are still bugged? How is this not fixed yet? I am missing 100 members of my clan, I can't see who is online half the time, the community that joins all the SE clans together still is not functional. It was never fixed properly after last time you guys broke it, and you show no signs of getting it fixed this time either. I rarely come here to complain, but come on! FFS, guys. You created clans and communities, you promote them in your start up splash screens, and then you let them sit broken for what, a week now?FireVixen1 1d
1d Clans and Communities diablo 3 asia Why can't we see the clans and communities anymore says this clan is unavailable also the same for communities this has been going on for over a week nowrodgere2 1d
1d lagging issues in Diablo 3 repear of souls Ever since the deployment of Season 16 in Diablo 3 I have been having lagging issues. in the clan I am in there are other players that are having the same issue.... please fix this issue.KillEMALL7 1d
1d Game Crash ^^; Fix it plz C2A0BDD8-4096-4D1C-BDD8-9810CA71DAD6kingdavid726 1d
1d Lag after Vaulting Hello! I have noticed significant lag on my DH. The game will be fine but then will jump up to 1200+ ms and then back down to normal. I've tried it in groups, solo, bounties, GR, etc. Did not start until this weekend. Any suggestions? It's rather annoying when you're trying to vault out of crud and then end up dead :(Kailina1 1d
1d enchanting bug i got me a primal dead mans legacy and went to change health globes for max discipline, but instead it changed evasive fire i stat that i could use. how do we fix this issueblzdragon4 1d
1d Really? This freezing bug is STILL a thing? Hey Bliz; going to keep hoping that some day you'll fix your game and stop it from freezing and having to be closed via sign out or hard restart whenever I have the temerity to dare and try to open Diablo and Discord at the same time. It's only been a problem for oh... a year and a half now. kaythanksbye. /sarcasmLucasShark5 1d
1d Problems to play Diablo 3 After 03/22/2018, it was the last day I played Diablo 3; after that day I could not play Diablo 3, I try to open it from the Blizzard interface, but only appears a window where it said "What were you ding when the error produce". The only think I was doing was loading the game, nothing more. Really would like your help, to keep enjoying this game. Regards. DiegoChugoxD17 1d
2d CLAN MEMBERS MISSING ! Where are my Clan Members ? ? ? ? Half of them are missing !!!!!Brian3 2d
3d Constantly Kick out to desktop in High GR & Crushes Error on crushing: 25e9f29-85d8-4d51-8ae1-06b9fa83b3bb I am constantly struggling in Higher GR 105+ in Group play as a support monk. Game will often minimised, or flashed & I am out of game, & worse, just crush.Kiadaw1 3d
4d Game won't Launch Game won't Lauch i have tried everything it says to still it goes to lauch to black screen to white to black then right back to desktop.. this worked about a week ago help if this is somewhere else here please direct me to itskull1 4d
4d Constantly installing Hi, I've had D3 since its release. However every couple of months i have to reinstall it, its the same with Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. I've never uninstalled the game, but i have to constantly reinstall it every couple of months. Any reason as to why this happens? And how can i keep it installed so i don't have to keep installing it? Only game that I've never had to reinstall is World of Warcraft.Wildfire11821 4d
4d Game crashes on startup I can't get my game to launch, When i try to launch the game i get the D3 logo then a grey screen followed with a crash (no error message nor any Diablo 3 activities are running). What iv tried: * Restarted pc * Reinstalled Diablo 3 (tried on different disks) * Reistalled battle net app * Disabled the battle net streaming options * Disabled and uninstalled overlays (Discord, razor chroma sdk, GeForce Experience) * Updated drivers (GeForce GTX 1080 ti) * Reinstalled drivers * Changed resolution and settings for Diablo 3 to every imaginable combination (GeForce Experience) * Reset the ingame settings for Diablo 3 Tried launching in 32-bit mode, only then i get an error message "35002C0F-7F52-46D3-8795-0AE697E99C35" I'm all out of ideas, please helpTheDiscoBro24 4d
5d I do not agree the new eula,how to get refund hi Blizzard. I DO NOT agree the new eula REVISED AS OF SEPTEMBER 17, 2013. according to the new eula , ==================================== IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO INSTALL, COPY OR USE THE GAME. IF YOU REJECT THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER YOUR PURCHASE, YOU MAY CALL (800) 757-7707 TO REQUEST A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE. ==================================== How do i get the refund?HoPiPi6 5d
5d 'Clan Not Available' error 319045 Cannot type or interact with clan at all. Throws up this error.Starbird62 5d
5d There was a problem joining the game I can't join/invite my friends to play with me. That error message always pop up. Yes, we have the nintendo online subs. Yes, we connected to the bnet server. Yes, we are playing on the same game mode. I tried to google the issue, and i saw a lot of PS & Xbox post the same thing but no solution.Zervo7 5d
5d Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch problem joining game Diablo 3 Nintendo switch playing with friends. I know this has been posted already but quite honestly from the lack of response from blizz or the canned response of a link sending you to Nintendo online subscription it needs to be fixed. My brother and I (as well as countless others from what I've read online) cannot play online with each other. We were able to connect once last night and once this morning after trying countless times, it seems it was just luck we were able to connect. We both have Nat type A connections, I have set my switch to DMZ via router he has forwarded ports as suggested by another user in another post. We have tried: Changing connection settings from friends only to public Deleting wifi from switch and re-adding Switching from local connection back to online Hard reseting console We can connect to random matches via quick match when we can find other players doing the same search, once one of us is in a game we can invite each other and play that way. This is not ideal as once the host leaves we both get disconnected and often times the matches are laggy due to other people's poor internet connection. Some posts I've seen, Blizzard seems to suggest this is a Nintendo side issue but we have absolutely no problems connecting on other games, how is it that this is the only game that gives us and many others a problem. Please at least acknowledge you're looking into this. Thank youandrew1 5d
5d Gray Screen when loading game When i open my diablo 3 it loads into a gray screen then crashes, i have uninstalled the game and then downloaded it again but nothing seems to work. Please help, would really like to play this gameJLS6 5d
6d Clan roster affected by system maintenance? Logging in today the first thing i noticed is clan roster dropped from over 100 to 47 members. Could this have been caused by system maintenance yesterday? Are there backups? Clan id is Staggers Daggers clan tag <dagger>StaggerLee0 6d
Mar 19 Crazy lag when i join a game sometimes When i join a game I sometimes get crazy lag where the game basically freezes up. Sometimes after 30 seconds or so it will settle down and i can play sometimes it dc's me, sometimes i have to alt tab and close diablo 3.Drew1 Mar 19
Mar 18 [5 March 2019] - Connection problems for Southeast Asian players Hey folks, We have received reports of increased latency and disconnections due to an undersea cable cut on the way to our servers. This is primarily affecting players in the following countries: China Hong Kong Malaysia Singapore Taiwan Until the cable is repaired, players may experience connectivity issues. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot to be done to fix this on your end. You can try using a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to work around the issue if this sort of program is legal in your country. Thanks to our players for reports of the issues, and feel free to post tests, information, or work arounds in this thread if you suspect you are affected. We will not be able to resolve this issue from our end, but perhaps the community can help eachother out to work around the problem. If you are not a member of one of the countries listed above, your issue would be different. You'll want to post on another thread or create your own in that case.Drakuloth4 Mar 18
Mar 18 1 Second Server Queue I am stuck at a 1 server queue connecting from the south east.Sithicas2 Mar 18
Mar 18 Error in Archievement Hi again, I haven't got a error fixed did earlier post on my error/problem. Got a issue with my adventure mode archivements upon bounties to make it hit 100% I have earned 10.000 bounties, but not earned 7.500 bounties is it possisble get this fixed so my archivements under adventure mode can be corrected to 100% . All my archievements is on 100% except set dungeons which im working on, but my adeventure mode is stuck on 96% because 7.500 not earned and I have have earned 10.000. I have contacted Blizzard by phone and email they told me to put it here because only Developers can solve this error, did earlier post on bug forum but can understand this must be Technical issue. ThanksPhenex0 Mar 18
Mar 17 Unusual Lag on East Coast Servers I have a lot of playtime on this game, since the East Coast servers were launched I've never really had a problem with them but for about the last two weeks I have had major issues and most of my friends play exclusively on East Coast .15. games. West coast is like this 30-35 ms and constant East Coast is like 70-200ms > randomly 1.0 -4s completely unstable and unplayable (even if I played softcore) East Coast used to be 90-100 ms constantly and absolutely as stable as west coast.. I used a VPN which only has a trial period for free and if I launch it through the VPN the east coast games are stable again. I ran a tracert to an east coast game and it went to 13 different locations before hitting and timing out from there. This lag happens with solo but intensifies to an extreme in group. If I cant play on East Coast, my team will get a different monk most likely, because the East Coast players have a harder time on West Coast generally and we are going for rank 1 world 4's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can also post screenshot of tracert Thank youDarth9 Mar 17
Mar 17 3 Network Nodes Having Ongoing Issues The three nodes right after the line seem to be having problems. They continually report large, yet sporadic lag spikes of several seconds. This has been going on for a long time now. I am in the upper Midwest, and my ISP is called MIDCO. | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 1 | 2 | 22 | 3 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 7 | 11 | 128 | 10 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 8 | 12 | 189 | 10 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 10 | 14 | 101 | 14 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 16 | 20 | 145 | 20 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 18 | 22 | 176 | 21 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 19 | 23 | 165 | 22 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 38 | 43 | 212 | 60 | | - 1 | 4747 | 4741 | 82 | 96 | 3739 | 83 | | - 1 | 4751 | 4746 | 82 | 94 | 4608 | 85 | | - 1 | 4587 | 4548 | 82 | 113 | 3993 | 105 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 81 | 85 | 210 | 83 | | - 0 | 4782 | 4782 | 81 | 85 | 249 | 89 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud ProviderDudleyDR7 Mar 17
Mar 17 Game Freezing on Start Up [SOLVED] Hello, Has this happened to anyone since the last update? My game keeps freezing/crashing on the authentication server page. It completely freezes the computer. I can not alt-tab out of the screen, I just need to restart the computer by holding the on/off button on my lap top. I have checked all the ways suggested by the mod in the EU help topic started by ackhie, except for re-installing the game or running the Memory Diagnostics. I will be trying these later today. Last time I was able to login was the 10th of September. I assumed it was something to do with the new patch but the patch is up to date, same with graphics cards. If anyone has had this problem or can suggest another solution it really be appreciated. ThanksBuddaLeBeau26 Mar 17
Mar 17 System Requirements Hi i use windows vista and in the system requirements it says i can use xp/vista/7/8/9/10 but the launcher wont operate on windows vista Is there a link to directly download diablo 3 to bypass the launcher? Or an older version of launcher that works on vista? Everytime i try to download it from my account it tries to launch the app to download diablo 3 and it wont work on vista. You should update your system requirements to reflect this if there is no workaroundboltron5k3 Mar 17
Mar 16 Connection Issues on Laptop Plugged into AC Adapter For a seemingly unknown reason, when my laptop is plugged into the power outlet, I am unable to connect to any Blizzard game. My internet runs perfectly fine and I'm able to connect to other games that are not in the ecosystem. However, when I am running on battery mode, I can connect to the game just fine. I have tried all of the various connection troubleshooting tips that Blizzard offers at this article: I have also uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for my network adapter, utilized the Windows 10 built-in network troubleshooter and network reset (this one worked briefly before the problem resurfaced) functions, alter power management settings/profiles and performed a full reset of my laptop to factory settings to no avail. The problem continue to persist. Any and all advice would be very much appreciated.Pillows2 Mar 16
Mar 16 Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Not working I can play in random games but not with friends. Nintendo said it was for problem and have me this ticket number as reference: 181109-004615 My friend can play with me if we are in local mode.LilTreeWater8 Mar 16
Mar 16 Game freezing upon entering world, happening daily I've had to run a "scan and repair" every day (once in the morning for the past 4 days now before playing, otherwise when my character enters the world, the game completely freezes to the point I have to force shutdown my machine. It's the same situation each time - I log in to adventure mode, and right as the "Checkpoint" appears, the entire client just stops. Can't alt tab out, can't bring up task manager to kill the process, nothing. Then upon restarting my PC, I have to run a full "scan and repair" which causes the issue to go away and I can play normally. Nothing has been installed or modified on this PC in the past week that would even cause this to happen.Puscifer17 Mar 16
Mar 16 game crash 0973B4B0-03C4-45D8-9D25-2AC44A12FDF6 game crashesNinjaFlip3163 Mar 16
Mar 16 Waiting on another installation or update Yup, got that. This was after a forever odyssey of trying to get D3 loaded onto my desktop here, as the laptop is going senile auntie. I'm thinking of letting it sit here overnight and think, but I just got some pretty dang speedy intarwebz through Verizon and am clocking in at over 40meg downloads, but this puppy isn't moving. My only guess is there might be a mix-up with my sister having gotten me Reaper of Souls....? And it's trying to download that but something is stopping it. Eh?Sileas3 Mar 16
Mar 15 Cannot add friends after buying new game I have had a blizzard account since World of Warcraft Classic. I just purchased Diablo 3 and suddenly I am not allowed to add friends.... WHY? (it says new licences cannot add friends but i have loads of friends just cannot add new ones at the moment) Why has purchasing Diablo locked my account down and why was i not warned?TheresaJayne7 Mar 15
Mar 14 Missing Legendary Gems Missing Legendary gems from stash that should have been transferred at end of season in Dec. Strangely after a GR they show as available as upgrades. Where could they be>flapper1 Mar 14
Mar 14 Constant Disconnect from games but not always to login. Constantly dropped from games, but not always back to login. Sometimes I get error 1016 in which case I am dropped back to login. I have configured router to disable ipv6, have set this PC to the DMZ+, disabled ipv6 on all network adapters, and removed historically problematic Razer software except for Synapse 2. My devices are not supported on Razer Synapse 3 beta. What is causing this and how can I troubleshoot these disconnects? I usually do not get an error code, and I can only on very rare occasion finish a Rift. Doing bounties is hopeless at this point and I do not know what else to do. Please advise.Normous8 Mar 14
Mar 14 Whole My Network Crash Hi, Whenever i try to launch diablo 3 my whole connection just gone i mean not just my computer, all of it gones. I dont know what is causing this but im pretty sure its about diablo 3.Dragonair1 Mar 14
Mar 14 [Corsair iCue] K70 Mk2 - Wrong key is highlighted Hi all, I'm using a Corsair K70 MK2 Low Profile keyboard (MX Red) and in Diablo 3 the wrong key is light up for the potion. Indeed I'm using a French keyboard (AZERTY) and I think that the system kinda mixes everything. Indeed, instead of lighting the Z, it lights up the W (between AZERTY and QWERTY those keys are switched). So it seems like it is applying QWERTY by default. So either the SDK doesn't give the correct information, either you guys aren't checking for other regions. Or maybe something else :) In the CUE software, I specified that the disposition is in French. How can this be fixed? I can add a picture if it isn't clear enough. Is there any logsd that can help? Thanks for your help!Matssa2 Mar 14
Mar 14 BLZBNTAGT00000840 Error I've completed all the troubleshooting steps in this article: After deleting the Tools folder, Overwatch immediately found the installation, got the installation manifest and is now playable. Diablo 3 however will get the installation manifest and then show "Initializing" before throwing the error message. I've previously played Diablo 3 on this PC but it has been a couple of months (not since last season). I tried moving the installation folder and data from my SSD to HDD and the issue persisted. I would like to avoid having to reinstall the game (or large portions of it) as I've got extremely slow internet and it would take several days.Indoctrine2 Mar 14
Mar 14 Unable to open game on fresh windows install I am getting error 44EBD6AA-1E96-4A43-A299-2998577C9605 when I try to run D3 on my computer after doing a fresh install on a new HDD.Rowen4 Mar 14