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Oct 22 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista ...Eloemaz0 Oct 22
May 17, 2012 Welcome! Please Read Before Posting Welcome to the Technical Support forum for Diablo III. This forum exists to provide Diablo III customers with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Blizzard Tech Support staff members. While Blizzard Tech Support staff regularly monitors and replies to this forum (between 7am-8pm Pacific, 7 days a week), it is not meant as a place to resolve complex issues, because of the nature of forums. If you cannot resolve your issue through the forum, we recommend checking our Knowledge Center for resolutions and workarounds for common issues. If you wish to contact our Support team directly, you may do so through the following channels: - You can keep track of all your communication with Customer Support through your Blizzard account. Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. Bug reports should be directed to the bug report forums: Game discussions, criticism, or commentary should be posted in the appropriate gameplay forums. When requesting assistance with or discussion an issue, please create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists. Please refrain from using profanity in your subject lines or thread body. While we do employ a filter that obscures offensive language this does not give license to use it freely. Please make new posts for your own issue, except where a solution has already been posted. Otherwise, please do not change the subject. Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but distinct from the original topic means that replies must either ignore your post or that of the original poster. Please post a subject title that provides a clear indication of the problem you are experiencing. Posting something like "Major problem!! Look inside" does not communicate anything about the issue you are facing. Unless addressing an issue not already covered in the in-game alert or the server status forum, please do not create posts relating to server stability or down time. Please refrain from posting commentary or complaints about the game, the support process, or policy enforcement. We understand that emotions can run high while dealing with technical issues, but such posts do not advance our goal of providing assistance to the widest audience of customers in this forum. Please do not post direct contact info for other companies. It is OK to post links to websites where contact info can be found, but posting actual info here on the forums is not permitted. We hope that this forum can continue to be a place where users can find quick resolution to their issues. To help do this we ask that the above guidelines be observed at all times when contributing to this forum. Lastly, please remember that Blizzard provides these forums as a venue for our customers to discuss our games. Posts can be deleted and users may be banned from this site, without prior warning or explanation, at the sole discretion of the forum moderators.Omrakos2 May 17, 2012
May 10, 2012 Basic Setup Troubleshooting Greetings, This thread is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve installation, patching and connection related type issues. We recommend taking all the steps below before creating a post or contacting Technical Support. Additionally, we recommend checking out our Known Issues sticky (Coming Soon) to make sure you are not running into an issue that has already been reported. 1. Downloading 2. Installing/Patching 3. ConnectingRoraks3 May 10, 2012
Jan 15, 2015 Patching and Installation Troubleshooting Patching and installation issues are some of the more common issues that we come across in the Tech Support Forums. This thread will highlight some troubleshooting steps that have been proven to resolve most of the patching and installation issues that you as a player may encounter. Most of the support articles linked below will include steps for both, Windows and Mac systems. However, if you require further assistance with a Mac Installation or Patching issue that has not been mentioned in this sticky thread, you will want to post in our Mac Technical Support Forum. Installation Troubleshooting Steps Patch Troubleshooting StepsDankorii2 Jan 15, 2015
Jun 22, 2012 Diablo III common errors and solutions Below are error codes and messages you may experience during installation, gameplay, and client log in. If you are experiencing any of these errors, please follow the steps provided. Installation, Setup and Patching issues "If your installation disc has been ejected, please reinsert and try again. If not, or if you keep seeing this error, log in to the Blizzard App and install Diablo III digitally" - If you downloaded the installer digitally, this error indicates that it did not convert the files correctly. This can often be caused by closing the downloader early. Though the downloader may show 100%, please allow some time for it to fully complete. To resolve this issue, log into the Blizzard Desktop Application and re-run the downloader. Error 108 or "An unexpected decryption error occurred" - This can be caused by corrupted, damaged or incomplete installation files. It can often times be caused by closing the downloader early. Though the downloader may show 100%, please allow some time for it to fully complete. You may be able to fix this by running the downloader and pointing it to the same saved location so that it may scan and download any missing files. Unable to Initalize Streaming - This error can generally be caused by security software on your computer. During this time, however, it's possible that the error is caused by the number of people hitting the servers. Please double check your firewall settings and try again. Updating Setup Files - If you're stuck on "Updating Setup Files" try these troubleshooting steps, as well as these. Some other players have had success with this workaround, but be aware that it is not something we can suggest. Error BLZPTS00007 - This indicates that the Agent support program was unable to run. Try waiting a few minutes, then reattempt. If that fails, restart the computer and try the game again. Should the issue persist, uninstall your current copy of the game and download again from the Blizzard Game Downloads page. Error 3012 and 3014 - Please be sure to uninstall the Beta, and ensure that the Diablo III Beta folder is deleted.Velnrak3 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 14 Common Connection and Latency Issues Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpDrakuloth5 Jun 14
Apr 10 Crashing and Windows 10 Creators Update Hello all, We have seen that the latest update to Windows 10 has been re-enabling the Xbox Game DVR. Heroes of the Storm could crash and have other performance issues when the Xbox DVR is enabled. To disable the DVR, please try the steps below for disabling it: 1) Open the Start menu. 2) Click Settings. 3) Click Gaming. 4) Select Game DVR from the sidebar. 5) Toggle Record in the background while I’m playing a game to Off. If disabling the game DVR does not resolve the issue, please also ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date: NVIDIA video cards AMD video cards Intel video cards After that, you're still experiencing crashes please create a new post with a DXdiag attached or contact customer support. DxDiag: 1) Press Windows + R Keys. 2) Type DxDiag and press Enter. 3) In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information. 4)Name the file "dxdiag" and click Save 5) Paste the DXdiag into the post, select and highlight everything you just pasted, and hit the "code" button (</>). That'll make the information much more readable. Eloemaz0 Apr 10
Nov 6 Characters Missing or Logging Into The Wrong Region - 3/21/17 Hey folks, We've recently seen some reports of people logging in and noticing that all of their characters are missing. This mainly happens when logging into the wrong region. For example, if your characters are on the US servers and you happen to log into the EU servers, no characters are going to show up because they are saved on the US servers, and not on the EU servers. To resolve this, you would normally just log out and verify that you are logging into the correct region. However, the reports we've been seeing state that setting the client to the correct region in the Blizzard app has not been working. We're aware of this issue, and we're currently investigating the cause of it. In the meantime, if you have verified that your app and game are set to the correct region, and you are still missing your characters, please try the launching D3 manually, since that workaround seems to work. Here's how to do that: 1. Navigate to the Diablo III folder. 2. Locate the Diablo III.exe, right click on it and select Create shortcut. 3. Move the newly created shortcut to the desktop. 4. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. 5. In the Target field, leave a space after the last quotation mark and add -launch The target line should now look something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch 6. Click on the Apply button and use the shortcut to launch the game. When the game loads up, you should see the old login screen which you can now use to log in. Before doing that, check that the correct region is selected. You can seen the region in small font below the login button. If the wrong region is selected, click on Options > Account, and change the region in the Server Region Selection drop down menu. For Mac users please try the steps here: ______________________________________________________ Customer Support Contact InformationDankorii147 Nov 6
14m cant log into diablo 3 I cant get on diablo 3 keeps having error window FBA0CB9D-7F6F-406C-9E7E-267C86638BD9 with this crap what can I do. this happens when I click playDARKDEATH7 14m
25m Missing game data for achievements When I bring my achievements up it says "!!Missing!!-0" and that "This text should be replaced with game data". It's been like this for like 2 days now and i can't view my achievements.. anyway to fix this or anyone know what the issue is?zeke0 25m
57m Error 1016 / DC I created a post about this yesterday, but it never showed up here. So here I go again: When is Blizzard going to address the Code 1016 / DC issue? -Despite the problem being worldwide over multiple ISPs -Despite over 67 threads on the matter when you do a "search" on the Tech forum (and more each day) -Despite there being 15 threads on the first three pages of the forums (and more each day) -Despite players saying their computers / ISPs have NO issues with any other games -Despite the fact that Diablo 3 did not have this widespread issue until a patch was pushed Blizz / Blues have still taken the stance of "it's not us, it's you (your ISP)." Well, it's NOT us. It's YOU. We all see it's you because we all played this game on the same ISP's before the glitch started without issue. We all now are playing other games on the same ISPs with no problems now because, well, your game won't work. If this large of a portion of your customer base suddenly can't play a game, then YOU need figure out why that suddenly happened- it worked before and doesn't work now. I see post after post of people being pushed aside- "It's your ISP's packet loss, out of our hands, in fact maybe out of everyone's" Try running a real world business where this amount of your customers are affected by an outage, and see how well it works out. All we want.......ALL WE some acknowledgement that you have a problem and are working on it. I will happily play your game, and have since Diablo 1. But I seem to recall there was more to Diablo 3 than hitting the "CLOSE" button when I DC constantly.KIDVENOM8957 57m
1h Game Won't Install Been trying all day to install Diablo III, and the bar barely starts moving, before it stops. It just says "Waiting" and it's been doing this all day. I can't uninstall the game, as it hasn't even really begun to install. I managed to install WoW and SC II just fine though. edit: i restarted my comp and noticed it was fully installed and ready to go. not sure what happened, but it seems to be okay now.Avalionis0 1h
1h Game stuttering after 2.4.3 update Wow Blizzard did you even test the patch or are we as your game base your beta testers... The game is unplayable now. The game freezes and lags all over the place. There was none of it just prior to the patch so don't come at me with try updating the driver or anything like that. This is entirely on your end and unacceptable.HawksClaw150 1h
1h TESTING ERROR 1016 This seems to be a common occurrence each new season. Last season lots of people were having this same Error 1016 problem and I did a bunch of testing to try and find the cause but about 3 or 4 days into the season a patch was released that seemed to fix it, for me at least and a lot of others. Now with the new season and the return of Error 1016, its back to testing! Please don't forget there are countless combinations of hardware + software + connections that could be causing this so you wont necessarily be experiencing the exact same thing as everyone else but here are some things I've found so far while getting Error 1016: Logging into DiabloIII disconnects me from Battlenet not just the Diablo servers. - While having Overwatch or WoW open and then logging into DiabloIII , I get disconnected from all Blizzard games, not just DiabloIII . - The launcher will also lose connection. - Non-Blizzard games were not affected. Other computers on the same network can still connect. (I have 4 PC's to test with) - Logging into another account on another computer connects fine with no issues. - Trying to log in my account on another computer gives the 1016 error still. Other accounts on the same computer still connect. - Logging into another account on the same PC that had the 1016 error connects fine with no issues. - Trying to log in with my account after successfully logging in with another account on the same PC still displays the 1016 error. After many many hours of trying different accounts on different PC's it seems that my account will not connect on any of my PC's but my son and daughter's accounts can both connect fine. Also this was the exact same scenario last season, my account kept getting the 1016 error and their's connected without any issues. So it seems (for me at least) that its neither a connection or PC issue but an account issue. I thought maybe it would then be some local files for my account data that's been corrupted, but switching computers then would work as it wouldn't have those local files yet (unless its account data that's being retrieved is somehow getting corrupted). If anyone else has noticed something specific that may be contributing to this please post it. It's quite frustrating not being able to play the first few days of every new season and I'm sure there's a lot of people that gave up because of it.NIVA16 1h
2h The application encountered an unexpected error. Hi, I'm an avid fan of Diablo since Diablo 1 until now, and I post this tread because I am having some difficulty of an unexpected error after I click the PLAY button. I laid-off for a month/s of playing Diablo and am trying to play tonight just to kill time. But due to some technical difficulties, i have encountered an unexpected error. I have no problem with my VC, anti-virus software or anything in software particularly. Tried to Scan/Repair the game and no issues found. Trying to restart my Laptop and still the same. One last resort in my mind is to uninstall/reinstall the game which would probably take me about a day/s because I am not always connected to the net or in my house all the time. So if anyone encountered the same as me. Please do comment and Help a fellow Nephalem continue his journey :) Thank you 735DF289-A78B-4443-ADDF-82989C45A275 (REPORT ID)Melabrega1 2h
2h 1016 error 1016 error again and again, just a simple question how many are getting a 1016 error again ,, its real enoyingRaven57 2h
2h Diablo III64.exe - Bad Image? Hi all, I have been getting this error message for a few days now and not to sure how to correct it. What happens is, when I open DIII from the Blizz App or the DIII Shortcut, The launcher opens and I hit play, but then this message pops up. c:\Program Files (X86)\Diablo III\x64\icuuc57.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0x0000020. So I close the launcher and then reopen it after. When I do this the launcher initializes and quickly downloads something and the play button is active. I then click play and I can enter the game fine. I was just looking or a way to clear this error, and fix the problem. I have run the in game scan and repair, but the error persists. Any help would be great. Thanks.Ickabod7 2h
2h Game becomes unresponsive/freezing randomly hi, since the start of this season my game will randomly become unresponsive/completely freeze for around 5-10 seconds on average then it seems to catch up and unfreezes, my game never actually crashes. my mouse is the only thing that can move in game, things in the background ie - music, streams, my computer in general etc run normally while d3 is frozen, no stutters or freezes there. i've tried just about everything i can think of - 32/64 bit client, ini tweaks from ppl having similar issues, uninstalled/reinstalled d3, formatted my harddrive, prevented windows from installing the fall creator's update, turned off all the windows game mode garbage. none of my hardware is anywhere even close to overheating, my ram usage overall seems to hover around 50-60% while in game which seems fine to me. so yea, kind of at a loss on what to do at this point, kind of ruining the season for me. pushing greater rifts is a bit of a dice roll and it's getting very annoying seeing potential clears go down the drain due to game freezes, probably end up quitting this season over this unfortunately. should probably mention i've played all seasons prior to this one and have never had an issue like this before, seems like something with the patch is causing this. any help would be appreciated.Lagger1 2h
10h Game launching attempts end in crashes Hi i just got the weirdest of interactions...I just left a public rift game went afk for 5-10 mins and when i got back i saw white screen with the message:"Diablo III was unable to initialize D3D.Click ok and retry." after clicking ok a couple of times another window pops up..."Diablo III was unable to initialize D3D.Restarting the PC might help fix the issue" with a possible "retry"button and "cancel"button.As u can guess clicking "retry" just brings the window over and over again and clicking "cancel"exits the crashed window of the game leaving me in battlenet.exe.I did restart and nothing changed.Bad thing is i didn't see anything happening bcs i went afk.Any idea for a solution? P.S. add an attempt to reinstall the game...still doesn't fix the problem same error...Legendinho7 10h
12h Game freeze. No error screen I've been having this issue for a number of weeks where my game freezes as if i was disconnected from the server but I can communicate in the the general chat but enemies don't render and I can't leave the current location. Normally the game would log you out and restart but i would have to leave the game myself but it takes around a minute and a half. If i were to wait it takes up to 10 minutes for the game leave on its own. Its extremely inconvenient and makes me avoid season and hardcore play for obvious reasons. There is no change in my connection status during these times. Blizzard, please help.DaGeezrPlzr5 12h
15h mouse buttons broke my mouse buttons were working fine about a week ago. i had buttons 3, 4, and 5 mapped to specific commands and had the wheel up and down mapped too, but this weekend it quit functioning. the wheel up and down are accelerated too much and waste resources. my mouse works fine outside of diablo 3 but in diablo 3 only left and right click work correctly, all drivers are up to date thus it is a glitch in diablo 3 and it is a running glitch that is fixed occasionally then it get broke. why cant you fix it and keep it fixed.illyanya2 15h
18h Game started crashing My game started crashing today. I've crashed 3 times in grifts. I ran a repair the first time and it has happened twice sense. Once was when a friend joined my game the other times where just random.Malakyte7 18h
18h Character takes too long to respond to change in skill cast Been running a necro this season and when I play solo, I've noticed that when I cast a skill with 1-4/right click and go to left click either to move or to cast my primary skill, my character just sits there for 1-2 seconds worth of me continually clicking before he decides to do something, and in GR60, that means death. It is making the game completely unplayable and just started happening this afternoon.McLobster1 18h
19h Application has encountered an unexpected error 1D837B0E-F9DB-4DA9-8B1B-3189E5903A98 I do not know how to fix this, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and I have restarted my PC and i keep getting thisVajounder0 19h
19h Game freezes and crashes Hi Peeps. Ever since i came back from a long break of Diablo 3, I've been having some serious freeze and crashing issues. I believe i have located the reason to be connected to the communities somehow, but I am unsure of what i can do to prevent this from happening. As long as I am not connected to any community chats, all my problems seems to be solved. But i don't really want to leave and join them each time i need them. Anyone got any idea what could trigger this? There's no crash report or nothing, game just simply closes down with no further notice. What I have tried: - Blizzard Repair Tool - Reinstalling the game - Updating drivers - 32bit / 64bit client Specs: - NVIDIA GeForce 1080GTX - Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz Please dont hesitate to ask if you need any further information. Any assistance in this matter would be much appriciated.Max0 19h
20h Blue screen of death Season 11 I used to have it all the time to a point that i didn't play HC anymore. This season I managed to play with out BSOD for a while... until I got one and lost my HC hero. Any solutions on how to prevent this from happening again? What do you need from me? reports?Shintakui1 20h
20h 243A9F85-CFF5-4BBD-8E33-529A46833DF9 I could not install the game, it reported error 243A9F85-CFF5-4BBD-8E33-529A46833DF9tuan0 20h
21h Common [SOLUTIONS] to Performance issues I know a lot of people (my wife included) are experiencing some unexpected poor performance from hardware one would expect is very much capable of playing Diablo 3. It seems there is a strange stutter that's rather common, along with some infrequent crashing. I'm just hoping to compile a list of common solutions, so that those experiencing the issues can quickly reference what worked for others... If you've found a solution to an issue that worked for you, please contribute and I'll update the OP. Sorry the quotes aren't always working. I'm trying to give credit as best I can, but sometimes get lost in the madness. <3 General Tips: . [Strange Stuttering & FPS drops] - Try Disabling Windows Aero: ... - Set processor core affinity ... - Try Windowed Fullscreen instead of Fullscreen in Video options ... - Several other suggestions here: - Bypass CPU Throttling / Force multiplier: Warning! Any software that tweaks your CPU/GPU comes with a risk factor. If your cooling isn't quite exemplary, and/or if burning up your hardware would make life miserable for you, this may be best left as a last resort, or not explored at all. Proceed at your own risk! ... - Record with FRAPS - Yah, seriously... Some players have had success quelling the stuttering by actively recording with FRAPS while playing! Seems very strange, but worth a shot!: - Set your shortcut to run in Compatibility Mode for WinXP SP3 (If on Vista/7) ... - Try the "Unsupported Video Card" solution (From ImmortalZulu) ... - There is a lot of speculation that this issue may be caused by HDD access delays as well. Try updating firmware, any related software, etc. if possible. Some players have had success with upgrading to an SSD, but that's quite a costly attempt. - Lots of great input from Dionkey: - Great Network tweak advice from Kevron - Great RAMDISK guide from minuteZERO! ... - Reverted video drivers ... . [Screen turns Black, game client crashes/exits] - Graphics card tweaking (May want to try with less severe of a downthrottle): ... - Successful d3prefs edits and setting tweaking: . [Artifacting in 12.4 ATI Drivers] Displays like this: - The most common solution seems to be rolling back your drivers to 12.3 for now . ["Unsupported Graphics Card" Errors] 21h
21h Leaving Multiplayer Games Cause Freeze Only happens when in a multiplayer game for an extended amount of time (more than 5 mins) I have seen 2 error codes but their generic DC codes (3006 & 1016). Only happens when leaving games. ZERO problems in game. Zero Random DC. If I switch users in windows, then log back in i can dodge the DC and fix the freeze.BitBam1 21h
23h GRIFT death no choice to res Grift problem, died but no option to res. meanwhile the countdown timer carried on so it wasn't my computer that was frozenZephyryn0 23h
1d Unexpected Error Unexpected Error - unable to open Diablo 3 F8907F6D-F47F-48FE-9D7D-7D88067AC581 Any help would be greatly appreciatedRoyalFlush3 1d
1d The application encountered an unexpected error Hi, i couldn't launch D3 after installation. There was a pop up with "The application encountered an unexpected error" and this code was given"1B5ED006-FE50-40C3-9F02-C57A0B9C6C0E". Please assist, thanks!MJOLNIRMARKV11 1d
1d Game still stuttering!!! Would be nice to see a blue respond about this. Been going on for a while now. Changing to 32 bit doesn't work for me. All drivers are up to date. Getting really annoying to have the game freeze on you for a few seconds at a time every minute of game play. SEVERAL people are having the same issue, but yet it seems you continue to ignore itSpencetron19 1d
1d why is reset your router the answer to everything? Why is this always the answer? I don't understand. After decades of having a world wide web, routers, modems, cable, satellite and all that jazz; the answer to all our internet problems seems to consistently be reset your router. Why?mysticrhino13 1d
1d Timeout after Authentication block passed Hello all Ever since the end of season I have been receiving the error message "Your request has timed out. Please try again. (Code: 3006)". I receive this error AFTER I have received all three ticks in the authentication dialog box (connecting to Blizzard, Authorising, Receiving character list) and am waiting for the character list. This does not occur every time I log in but it is frequent enough to cause concern since I have never received this error before. I had thought it may have been related to end of season, with the ladder being inactive however I get the same issue now that the new season has started. Interesting observations: - when receiving this error, the character list in the background is all blank (even though I received a 'tick' on the receiving character list check). - After a short while, the character list is actually populated, even though I still have the 'timed out' dialog box displaying ---- if I click OK on the dialog box after this, my character list appears in a 'state' that was similar to just prior to the end of last season (i.e with my last season Necro character selected, not my existing character). ---- If I play without exiting the game, all 'Options' within the options screen have been reset to defaults - After completely exiting the game and trying again, I have received the time out error message again - I can sometimes enter the game without issue (although the wait time between passing the authentication block and selecting my character to play is longer than usual). I can run a tracert but I'm not entirely sure what server address I should be checking since the error occurs seemingly after authentication has been successful! I can usually manage to play the game eventually but I'd still like to have the issue resolved. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Rickety0 1d
1d Friend Cannot Interact with Objects/Rifts only load a tiny bit My friend cannot interact with any objects. We have re-installed the game and know its not the internet because we can play Destiny 2 no problem. If i open the rift he can go into the first floor but then the game stops loading for him and he is just stuck. Ends up having to exit the game completely. How else can we troubleshoot this issue?Ifritt0 1d
1d Rebirth restoration I am curious if it is possible to refund a rebirth at all? I unfortunately re birthed the incorrect character, and would like to change that if at all possible.Rumu5 1d
1d Evga 1080 crashing issues having a issue with diablo randomly crashing about 30-45 mins after starting the game. i have recently upgraded to Evga 1080 Classified when this started happening. i have upgraded the drivers not sure what the problem could possibly be. when i use my old gtx 970 i dont have any issues with that card but only with my gtx 1080. any other game that i play i have no issues with. this is just a diablo problemAshyzon0 1d
1d Game completely locks up after character selection 4 out of 5 times i start up the game lately, i select a character, get past the load screen, and this happens. had to take the pic with my phone. was the only way i could get an image of whats happening. note that my character is missing from the center of the screen, and the ability bar is empty. and it stays like this forever, i cant minimize the game to close it, cant open task manager to force close it, nothing. the only thing i can do is hard crash my pc. EDIT: also, scan and repair works. but only once. if i try to load the game up a second time, or after a reboot, it happens again. EDIT2: scan and repair doesnt work anymore...Moysa1 1d
2d Memory Leak/VERY high RAM usage. I had been playing for around 10 minutes, and have noticed SOME problems with latency, and speed retrieving info from the database for character list, and inventory (A few seconds, to around 30 seconds). This is not a problem with my internet connection, I have already ruled that out (experienced tech professional, qualified). Diablo 3 also crashed (Windows error), due to RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY. I checked the useage, and Diablo 3 was using 5.5 gigabytes RAM for the primary executable (Diablo 3 retail). I was playing a public game, with 2-3 other Necros, in a rift, in a bounty room, and we had just closed the rift; I brought up the map, and started to TP to Leorics Manner Courtyard to search for XP pool, and the system crashed out before bringing up the level. My system is- Intel 2500K, slight overclock, power saving options off Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance RAM 8gb, XMS profile Gigabyte Z77 board with latest OEM BIOS (UEFI) Samsung 850EVO SSD - Stock Drivers & firmware, no OEM software loaded Gigabyte 970 WF3 GPU (no overclock or "tweaks") Sound Blaster X-Fi - Basic Drivers (was using HDMI sound to monitor in THIS instance, but Processor still active with drivers running) Logitech mouse drivers WITHOUT the "control software" installed, just basic drivers no "bling" (rgb, or "gaming" accessories / software) Windows 7 Pro, 64 Bit, SP1 with latest updates as of mid-may this year Firefox with YouTube running in background Nothing remarkable in Windows error log besides the O.O.M. Error No other "non-essential" processes running No Anti-Virus loaded Hope this helps you narrow down the problems that seemed to pop up with latest patch, at least a little. If you need more info, please let me know.Gerff57 2d
2d Crash on Start-up Hello sirs, I have a problem with my Diablo 3 game. It has been crashing on start up, and it does not load the first screen of the game. Drivers have been updated, I have no overlays on my games and this game has run on my machine in the past without problem. Error code: 0E299B4A-DCFA-454B-A5E6-C9349584ACE5 Thank you for your time.Aphrodites3 2d
2d You have been muted Hello all my Diablo III has recently been muted from speaking to everyone for some odd reason. Does anyone know when the mute ban will be raised? Please and thank you, Ethernity.Ethernity0 2d
2d seasonal character freez/crash Hello, When i'm logging in on my seasonal character, i have a problem, game freezes at exact moment when i get into it. I have on screen written "Checkpoint reached" my skills are not set (skill bar is blank) and i cannot do anything. Trying to close game is not working, i was using task menager for this and i cannot reach it. Only hard reset is helping. When i'm logging in on not seasonal character, everything is ok, no problems with this. I was checking after 3rd time if this affects everything. I saw that rest is ok, i have had no problems. After trying logging in on season was still freezed. After 4-5 time logging is succesfull. Please, help me! Sad NephalemLustmord0 2d
2d Lag and disconnect's Lag and disconnect's is there anyone having major issue of lag and disconnects and try to teleport to a nother chapter and it disconnect as wellbladekiller23 2d
2d all in one error error code 3006 loading licence code 395000 DF648190-74B6-4D82-B2E8-14D57D2A9E79 i done reinstall .. restart wifi .. change dns all over done confuse !.. when login to EU and ASIA server its ok smooth ! pls help me out what wrong my char at US server!Deathstar0 2d
2d cd exe cd executable - so I went on vacation and at my moms I didn't bring my d3 discs. Is it possible for me to get an exe link or do I have to physically have the disc.. thanks in advanceHellswraith2 2d
2d disconnect and laag hi blizzard, iam tired off ur scam, we are actually paying alot to this game, so we can have a nice time after work, but it seems like u guys didnt and will never fix one thing, lag and disconnecting. i never ask for this, but now its enough, i want my characteres back for this season 12 or iam done.. with regard a loyal customer.Azog2 2d
2d can't join a public game For some reason even though i can see that there are players in public games i can't seem to join a public group on my new season character. level 58ish monk, doesn't seem to matter what difficulty I use, i just can't seem to join a group when there is clearly room (2 players) and when i make a group no one joins in.braylien0 2d
2d I have resolved my stuttering/freezing issues. Fix Inside. Edit: So I did some digging, and testing to try to resolve the issue, and I have resolved my stuttering/freezing issue.. I will provide the steps below, but please remember that your stuttering/freezing issues may be being caused from a completely different issue than mine was Step 1: If you are running an Nvidia graphics card. Navigate to your desktop. RIGHT CLICK on the desktop and select "NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL". Once that opens, look on the left hand side for "SET UP DIGITAL AUDIO" Select that option. Once you do that , to the right on the drop down menus for "DVI" and "HDMI" select " TURN OFF AUDIO" and then hit save. Step 2: Search your PC for a text document named "D3PREFS.TXT" Open that text document, and look for "DISPLAYMODEREFRESHRATE" If this is on "59", change it to "60" Those were the 2 steps I took, and I have been lag/stutter free ever since. Hope this helps some of you, as I know how annoying this can be. Hello, ever since patch 2.6.1 I have been experiencing terrible Stuttering and sometimes complete freezing of the game. It is not bad when I first log in, but the longer my play session is, the worse it gets. If I play for more than an hour or two, a restart of the game becomes mandatory to get rid of the stuttering and freezing. I have read through all support pages and followed all steps, and even uninstalled/reinstalled 2 days ago. This fixed nothing.. I would also like to add that this happens on both 32 and 64 bit clients.. I'm not sure what else I can try to resolve this issue, but I am at the point, that I think it is something on your end, or within the code of the game.. Can you please look into this, as A LOT of players are having this issue, and it makes the game unplayable ( Unless you want to restart the game every 45 minutes ).Gimpzor3 2d
20h Can you add right click to move? (hand/finger pain) Blizzard, can you please add a right click to move option? I want to play this game so bad, but for some reason holding down/clicking the left click button for an extended period of time seriously hurts my hand. This is a known issue for many people: The force move is an alright option, but it's quite obnoxious to have to hold a key down. (I just tape a key down). If there was a force move toggle- like turning on and off caps lock, that would work. Please Blizzard, this game looks spectacular, but I physically cannot play it.Cheesefruit13 20h