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5d Characters Missing or Logging Into The Wrong Region - 3/21/17 Hey folks, We've recently seen some reports of people logging in and noticing that all of their characters are missing. This mainly happens when logging into the wrong region. For example, if your characters are on the US servers and you happen to log into the EU servers, no characters are going to show up because they are saved on the US servers, and not on the EU servers. To resolve this, you would normally just log out and verify that you are logging into the correct region. However, the reports we've been seeing state that setting the client to the correct region in the Blizzard app has not been working. We're aware of this issue, and we're currently investigating the cause of it. In the meantime, if you have verified that your app and game are set to the correct region, and you are still missing your characters, please try the launching D3 manually, since that workaround seems to work. Here's how to do that: 1. Navigate to the Diablo III folder. 2. Locate the Diablo III.exe, right click on it and select Create shortcut. 3. Move the newly created shortcut to the desktop. 4. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. 5. In the Target field, leave a space after the last quotation mark and add -launch The target line should now look something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch 6. Click on the Apply button and use the shortcut to launch the game. When the game loads up, you should see the old login screen which you can now use to log in. Before doing that, check that the correct region is selected. You can seen the region in small font below the login button. If the wrong region is selected, click on Options > Account, and change the region in the Server Region Selection drop down menu. For Mac users please try the steps here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20753695395#1 ______________________________________________________ Customer Support Contact InformationDankorii134 5d
Jan 10 2.4.3 Known Issues List - Updated 1/6/17 Hello everyone, and welcome to Patch 2.4.3! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 2.4.3 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 2.4.3 patch. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance that are under investigation and (in most cases) are expecting a fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III! Console Newly created characters are not receiving Angelic Wings or Infernal Helms on log in Please note: the Angelic Wings will now be found in the Cosmetics section of your Inventory if any characters had them in their Inventory or Stash prior to the patch. Additionally, any Infernal Helms in your Inventory or Stash prior to the patch will still be there General Players with large friends lists may occasionally only see game icons in their chat feed instead of full names when multiple friends come onlineNevalistis1 Jan 10
Jan 25, 2016 AMD - Desolate Sands crashing If you currently use an AMD video card able to use the latest Crimson Edition drivers, we encourage you to do so as the crashing issue should be fixed with them. If you have a legacy card not supporting the use of the newer drivers, you have the option of using the 16.x Beta Crimson Edition drivers. Note that AMD states "This driver is provided "as is"​ and will not be supported with further updates, upgrades or bug fixes." Please note that this is just for the issue of the game crashing when entering the Desolate Sands area primarily. It is not for another issue we're seeing where the game will suddenly "black" out while the user continues to hear the game sounds in the background. That particular problem is not brand specific, happening to Nvidia and AMD users alike.Omrakos0 Jan 25, 2016
May 19, 2015 How to report exploits, hacks, and cheats Greetings Heroes, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of our forum policies regarding reporting issues involving exploits, hacks, and cheating: According to the Forums Code of Conduct, under NO circumstances should a hack or exploit be reported on the public forums. Because of the sensitive nature of hacks/exploits, posting on forums only ensures that other people are going to attempt to use them. Any poster who breaks this rule will have his/her thread deleted immediately and may be reviewed for a forums suspension. If you would like to report a hack, cheating, or other activity against the Terms of Use, please send a detailed e-mail to hacks@blizzard.com. If you've discovered an in-game bug that you feel is sensitive in nature and may potentially be used to exploit game mechanics for personal gain, you may also feel free to contact me directly at tsarnis@blizzard.com with a full report of how to reproduce the issue. Thank you for your due diligence with this. Reporting these issues is incredibly important, but at the same time please remember to report them through the appropriate channels.Tsarnis0 May 19, 2015
May 19, 2015 How to Write a Good Bug Report Greetings Heroes, Welcome to Diablo III Bug Report Forums! I am very much looking forward to working with all of you to get any bugs that you may find during your travels through Sanctuary reported to our development team. To get started on this forum, please read through this guide as it explains some Do's and Don't's for bug testing and reporting. Ground Rules Feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in another forum. My team and I read every single thread that is posted on this forum. However, I will not always respond to every thread. If you do not get a blue response, please DO NOT bump posts. I will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says "Bump" or demands a response from a Blizzard poster. When reporting a bug, please make a thread for each bug you find. Threads that contain multiple bugs are difficult to manage, especially if we are unable to reproduce any of them on our end. Please use the Search feature to search the forum and see what bugs are post. If you have a duplicate thread, I will lock it and point you to the current thread where the bug is being discussed. Please specify which character on your account experienced the issue you are reporting. If you are posting using a different game account (WoW/SC2/etc.) please include your battletag in your post. Finally, please only discuss bugs within the threads. Avoid off topic discussions or other things not related to the bug in the thread. Don't use bug report threads as a platform for discussing game balance, design, or to provide feedback or other subjective opinions about the game. Bug Writing Ok, you found a bug, congratulations! But now what? This guide will explain how to accurately write a bug report. When posting a bug, please begin with a one or two sentence Summary that attempts to accurately describe the bug. We should be able to understand at least 75% of the issue you are reporting simply by looking at your Summary. I understand that the size of the Summary has to be short, but please do your best. Good summary: The tooltip for the Barbarian's Bash skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with smash After your Summary, include a brief description of the bug you experienced. Include as much RELEVANT information as you can. Where you in multiplayer? Could you reproduce the issue? Specifics are preferred as we need to know as much as possible about the issue. If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help Quality Assurance get a much faster turn around time reproducing the issue and reporting it to the Diablo III developers. Finally, it always helps to attach a link to Imgur (or another picture hosting site) that displays a screenshot of the bug. If you need to include a video, link to a video as well. Types of Bugs Below are some different types of bugs you may encounter in Diablo III. I also have included the specific information I would like for each bug reported of this type. Combat bugs - These are pretty simple. If there is a broken skill in the game, include the name of the skill and the class that uses the skill. Example: The Barbarian's skill Bash does not knock enemies away. Quest bugs - These can be complicated. For quest issues, we request that you include two things: 1. Please include the name of the quest and quest step that you were on when you encountered the bug. The name of the quest is the name that displays at the top of your quest log, while the quest step is the specific instructions for you to complete in the quest. 2. Please specify weather this occurred in multiplayer or solo play. Example: During the quest "The Fire From The Sky : Slay a Wretched Mother", you cannot kill the Wretched Mother in multiplayer. Environment bugs - Finally, Environment bugs round out the specific types of bugs I need more information about. For Environment bugs, please describe the issue you found and tell me what level area it is located in. The level area is simply the name of the sub-zone you are in and can be found above the minimap. Every location in the game has a level area, and it helps to know this before I start looking. Screenshots are perfect for Environment bugs as well. They will accurately display the issue you are seeing. Screenshots can be taken by pressing Print Screen and can be found in the Screenshots folder in the Documents/Diablo III folder. Uploading a screenshot to an online photo site like Imgur and linking it back to your thread would help me a lot as well. Example - In New Tristram, one of the houses is bright pink. Crashes Crashes are getting their own section because of their complexity. One major way you can help Blizzard out is by filling out the crash box that appears if you crash. Simply write a description of what happened when you crashed. Were you in multiplayer? Again, specifics are key and can really help us narrow down the cause of any bugs you encounter and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Again, welcome to Diablo III!!! Following these guidelines will allow all of us to work together as efficiently as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!Tsarnis0 May 19, 2015
20m Lost gems in the Armory I just lost two gems (highest level ones of course) in toggling between toons using the armory. They are no where to be found on any toon. Is there any way to recover the lost gems from the armory bug. I absolutely love the armory, but losing a rank 92 trapped and a rank 90 powerful took a good deal of fun out of the experience.TimeWaster198 20m
36m Enchantement +10% de dégât qui nerf l'arme Bonjour! Le titre expose déjà bien mon problème mais je vais quand même raconter ma vie : - J'ai looté la "faux crânienne de Jesseth" en primordiale - Après au moins 200M de Po d'enchantement, je tombe enfin les +10% de dégâts tan désiré - Mais mon arme est passé de environ 3K de dps à 543,2... Avant de virer cet enchantement qui semble être la source du problème, vu qu'il a été très dur a obtenir, j'aimerai savoir si ce bug peut être arrangé? ***thanks google trad...*** Hello! The title already exposes my problem, but here are some details - I have looted the "Jesseth Skullscythe" in primordial - After at least 200M of enchantment, I finally get the + 10% of damage - But my damage is passed from 3K dps to 543.2 ... It was very hard to obtain 10%, I would like to know if this bug can be arranged?narkho0 36m
39m missing primal I lost my primal ancient dead mans curse. after farming in the ptw for 7 hours. it's now now equipped into my main equipment.Hyteria0 39m
58m First step death Yeah, so when i walk into a greater rift and my passive procs with NO MOBS around, thats a problem. Fix this or take it down and push through making Diablo 4. Really just re release diablo 2 since it worked, thank you.Ertai570 58m
1h Disappearing Amulets I wanted to switch my neck piece between my Season 11 inventory and what was already equipped on and my toon. However when I right mouse clicked on the amulet in my inventory it disappeared. And of course it contained a gem that I had been leveling. I then took the amulet off my character and put it in my inventory and tried the "right click again" to reinstall it into the now empty slot and it disappeared. One of the amulets was an ancient with a "green" gem and the second on contained a "gold" gem that was maxed out to level 50. I would appreciate having the 2 amulets restored with their gems. Thank you.Rareone1 1h
1h Stuck after dying I just was about to clear a 71 grift, but then i died which is fine, but when i appected the revive i was stuck, so i am currently stuck as death. :(Skull0 1h
2h Command Skeletons losing focus I have encountered a bug with the Necromancer skill Command Skeletons (Frenzy Rune, have not tried to reproduce it with any other), where they sometimes lose their focus as if you havn't cast the skill on a target. It usually happens in longer fight where the skeletons are focused on a single taget for an extended period of time such as vs a Rift Guardian. You can't recast the skill on your target, but you can cast it on other tagets. In my experience this usually happens more often after a death against the target and it starts working as it's supposed to if you go back to town. I'm using the Jesseth Arms set while this is happening. Sign that this is happening is that the skillicon looks as if you havn't activated the skill. Please resolve this quickly as it pretty much makes the Jesseth Arms set and Bone Ringer useless in harder content.Fonzy1 2h
3h season 11 season journey task destroyer of rifts is not getting marked as complete. I have completed the torment X greater rift in under 6 minutes on several occasions but the task is still incomplete.InsaneSOB1 3h
3h Dying at same time as killing Malthael Just killed Malthael at the same time as he transitioned (when he leaps to the centre of the room and sends a volley of fireballs before casting an arc of fire). I got hit and one shot by a fireball and died. I know Malthael died because I got the bounty complete message popup and I saw the loot pop out and the bounty chest spawn. I had to revive at the last checkpoint and when I zoned in to collect the loot Malthael was alive again (bounty was showing as complete) and the loot and chest were gone. When I killed him the second time the bounty chest didn't spawn though he did at least drop loot. IF this happens either the bounty shouldn't complete or when I zone back in he should be dead and loot and chest should be available.Carnacki3 3h
4h Revive skill feels too weak Tried to make a build with Mask of Scarlet Death and it feels utterly weak compared to skeletal mages, even without singularity, but with Circle of Nailuj's Evol. Testged with Trag'Oul's I was collecting data in this window and there was an error, everything lost and I don't feel like doing it again. I was thinking, if skeletal mages are viable on their own with Trag'Oul's, then so should be Revive with the Mask, but they feel utterly weak, maybe because most of them have slow attack animations, like once every 2 seconds, even if they hit hard, it's not enough for T13. Anyone can confirm this and/or share their thoughts/experience?Mate2 4h
5h Necro Set Achievement Bug Was trying to finish all the set conquests today on my necro, and I received all the achievements and banners that go along with mastering each instance except in the season conquest set achievements tragouls never got checked off? How can this be fixed? I made sure I mastered the dungeon and have the banner to prove it.Cholomonga0 5h
6h We are the champions - no blue fallens I've been trying for a few days to do achievement, which is called: "We are the champions" With friends on HC on EU region. We noticed that a certain group of monsters does not appear in any version, regardless of the location, ie: rifts or bounties or campaign. The problem is about fallen champions. Among the list of non-occurring blue fallens are: Fallen Hellhound - A3 Skycrown Battlements, Upper Ramparts Fallen Mongrel - A3 The Barracks, Skycrown Battlements Fallen Grunt - A3 The Barracks, Skycrown Battlements Fallen Soldier - A3 Rakkis Crossing. Skycrown Battlements Fallen overlord - A3 The Barracks Fallen Cur - A2 Ancient Path, Desolate Sands, The Storm Halls, The Unknown Depths Fallen Peon - A2 Caldeum, Dahlgur Oasis, The Storm Halls, Unknown Depths Thank you for the potential fixmeethoor106 6h
6h Necromancer final service passive bug? Hi, I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this problem. But the passive "Final Service" should be triggered right before dying right? This passive has been triggered when I have full hp, got hit by one common monster, one hit! And then I still have almost full hp... (This passive should only return 10% hp and will prevent damage for 4 sec), and the 4 sec no damage buff wasn't triggered. On top of that, sometimes that passive won't trigger and my char would just die from an ordinary hit from a common monster. Please inspect and fix the sudden death bug....JacLi17 6h
6h Killed Greed unable to get loot Hey all I just killed Greed and went to get some coffee to celebrate that ;-) When i come back (30secs tops) i see my character being transported back to "town" and i am unable to teleport back to Greed to get my loot.I lost all that loot.Anyone else seen this bug/feature?finjafjant3 6h
7h Helltooth Set The % dmg to gargs and pets is not proccing from wall of death. ANyone else have this issue?Fantara0 7h
7h Hellcat Waistguard craft/drop I don't know if this is a bug per se, but I have spent an insane amount of shards and DB crafting for one and have practically gotten every other regular and set belt (ancient included) except this one belt. Am I missing something or is that really, really, really terrible luck?Lagash108 7h
7h Inability to obtain useful items in game Tired of not getting legendary, and/or powerful items such as Weapons, armour, rings, necklaces, or anything else uselful. I played as a guest on another players account and was impressed by the obtaining of good itmes, but when I bought it and then started playing my own character it seems uninspiting and very difficult to obtain anyting of any use, worth and/ power.OdynsWrath2 7h
8h Met an invincible burrowing leaper So I get to floor two of the Scavenger's Den for one of my bounties and halfway through I notice I'm taking shots from something. I then notice a burrowing leaper taking pot shots at me. Hovering the mouse over him didn't display a health bar, AoEs didn't hurt him, I couldn't hurt him at all. He was just there preventing me from TPing out or even using the channeling pylon at the end of the floor. Was kind of hoping this game had an in-game bug report system so a GM could see it for themselves. I'm actually still there at floor one. Going back to floor two doesn't change anything, he's still there nibbling at me feet when I get close to him then he starts following me around nibbling at my feet. Fortunately I managed to get credit for the bounty so apparently he didn't count towards it. I guess that's why he's upset. :PMrSpongecake1 8h
10h Achievement tab bug Hello When I open my achievements tab it gives a weird error and I can't see anything Here is the screenshot of the issue: http://imgur.com/myr5mlbArda1 10h
10h Problem with necro-wardrobe I tried to look if this has already been reported, but no results. I have my Trag'Oul configuration with Convention of Elements ring on saved in my wardrobe. As I switch to Rathma Bones Set, then switch back to Trag'Oul, Convention of Elements always gets replaced with a Circle of Nailuj's Evol (having correct Trag'Oul assigned gem though, which is different from the one selected for Rathma). I have to switch the ring manually all the time, changing gems as well, this is annoying bug. Sorry for english and thank you for further assistance.HammeR0 10h
10h Enemies taking little to no damage (TOPIC) After doing substantial damage to enemies for trillions of damage at the start of a battle, their health bar gets just about to the half way mark, they stop taking damage for about 8-12 seconds. This bug also happens to rift guardians. The rift guardian will get down to just a sliver of health and then magically stay alive for 8-10 more seconds of constant trillions of damage before finally dying. You guys need to fix this.tx30001 10h
11h WD angry chicken bug i have had a few problems playing angry chicken build. when being in the chicken form i have had trouble looting, teleporting to town, shifting between lvl's in rifts entering portals like the ones in pandemonium fortress..serupmartin7 11h
11h Witch Doctor's Hex Angry Chicken Click Issue Hi, While in the angry Chicken mode, I can't always click items, doors, etc. Usually it always works while in angry chicken, but sometimes it just doesnt do anything, resulting in me standing just still besides an item or door Extra info: When this occurs, there is no lag at all, i never experience any lag(good job blizzard) I'm running manajuma set so angry chicke lasts 15 seconds, and i cant click anything withing these 15 seconds. FOr what it's worth, also running the new Arachyr set. Kind regards, BoarBouncyBoar7 11h
12h [Fix it!] Known Issues/Bugs for Necro There are still some major and minor issues, which needs to be fixed in the near future (patch/hotfix)! Please upvote and participate on the discussion if you like and share this thread and topic outside of this forum aswell, to highly increase our chances, that sooner or later (better sooner) one of the devs/blues catch an eye on this! Thank you all in advance! Sharing is caring! 1.Fueled by Death https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/passive/fueled-by-death stacks still not add up over the 25% movement cap, which you reach via paragon/gear pretty easily. This passive skill is completly useless right now! 2.Haunted Visions https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/haunted-visions the 5% life drain per second not count towards Blood is Power Passive https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/passive/blood-is-power 3.Leech https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/leech Monster cursed with the 'Cursed Ground' rune, don´t spread the base effect of 'Leech' (all other runes does!) to other Partymember(s)! "Cursed enemies heal the attacker for 2% of their total health." (Updated! Thanks bear! Thanks Ozelot)----------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 Leech https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/leech - charmed monster and mobs/bosses who do friendly fire to other monster, are able to heal themself, if they are cursed by Leech. See reference: http://i.imgur.com/tgUFCX1.gifv https://youtu.be/sPKzFaom1Tc (Thanks Bozhidar Todorov) https://youtu.be/p4mTnLNJRTs?t=1m44s (Thanks Klakson / Empyriangaming)----------------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 Leech - Cursed Ground https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/leech does not recieve the damage bonus from 'Trag'Oul's Correded Fang' https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tragouls-corroded-fang and 'Spreading Malediction' https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/passive/spreading-malediction References http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170815/hr3vq8zs.jpg https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20758627553#post-1 (Thanks OGRE) 4.Command Skeletons https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/command-skeletons skeleton(s) just "die"/get refreshed after they recieve 24 hits/ticks of damage from any monster on any difficulty level (even with 'Enforcer' gem equipped). This 24-hit-mechanic especially hurts for high ticking aoe attacks from monsters and/or riftguardians! And also make the legendary gem Enforcer https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/enforcer rank 25 bonus kinda obsolet/useless for the damage mitigation. Video Footage: https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousSucculentGarageTheTarFu (Thanks Zhanji, Bear and Co) Please note: (personal opinion) Make changes accordingly to Bone Ringer https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/bone-ringer aswell, otherwise the bonus over each second grows unlimited.------------------------------------------------------------ 4.1 Command Skeletons https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/command-skeletons while 'Command Skeletons' is used on a specific monster/target and you get killed, you are not able to use it on the same monster/target again after you have revived. 'Command Skeletons' is not illuminated anymore on the skillbar and while this issue occurs and you have 'Jesseth Arms' https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/jesseth-skullscythe equipped you lose the 400% increased damage bonus aswell. References: https://youtu.be/VC4wZAIyTAs https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/6po9gh/possibly_discovered_whats_breaking_command/ (Thanks Loserbro NA/hockeyfan4life)------------------------------------------------------------ 4.2 Command Skeletons - Dark Mending https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/command-skeletons "Skeletal minions will heal you for 0.5% of your total health per hit while being commanded." forces an issue in combination with 'Jesseth Arms' Set https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/jesseth-skullshield ,since the healing of the player stops when the target of your Command Skeletons dies and your skeletons are automatically commanded to attack a nearby target. 5.Iron Rose https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/iron-rose free Blood Nova does not benefit from the 6-piece Trag'Oul's 3300% bonus https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tragouls-hide unless you have Death Nova https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/active/death-nova with the Blood Nova Rune in the skillbar selected. 6.Blood is Power passive https://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/necromancer/passive/blood-is-power "After cumulatively losing 100% of your maximum Life, all ability cooldowns are reduced by 20%." actually are not flat 20% CDR! See this following link: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20757696114#post-1 (Thanks aleylad and sVr!) Example with base(sheetCDR) of 62.84% CoolDownReduction with Blood is Power Passive = 65.60% CDR = ~41sec CDR left for 120sec CDR skills with Decrepify Borrowed Time = 70.27% CDR = ~35sec CDR left for 120sec CDR skills with BiP and Decrepify BT = 72.04% CDR = ~33.5sec CDR left for 120sec CDR skills 7.Boyarskys Chip https://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/boyarskys-chip "Taunt the first enemy hit by your Primary skills for 2 seconds. (Requires Rank 25)" does not proc the taunt with any of the necromancers primary skills at all. (Thanks bojang)Loque235 12h
12h Chroma Apps - DeathStalker Chroma not working Hi, My DeathStalker Chroma used to work flawlessly when the dev team implemented Razer Chroma Apps. However, few patches (before 2.6.0) have seemed to disable this functionality just on the keyboard itself. My mouse (Razer Diamondback) works great with the Chroma App. Also worth noting is that my keyboard also working flawlessly in Overwatch's Chroma App! Cheers.JKMichaelson1 12h
13h PTR 2.6.1 Отображение питомца "Старое полено" PTR 2.6.1 Steps: авторизироваться в игре => перейти к "коллекции" => вкладка питомцы Exp. res: отображаются все питомцы. Act. res: "старое полено" не отображается. Windows 10; 64-bit; ver. 1703 сборка 15063.483JorJo1 13h
14h Dead Monsters Don't Die & more The last two days occasionally a monster will be reduced to no life, but not "fall". Just stands there static, not moving, not attacking. Clearly my character killed it but it doesn't fall. In the same session I first noticed this there were items that I could not pick up no matter what. It has now happened in multiple sessions with several restarts of both the app and the computer I play on. Most recently the last elite in the last scenario of a bounty wouldn't drop as has happened before. But in this case the cursed chest wouldn't release because that last guardian wouldn't fall. Therefore the quest wouldn't complete and the bounty wouldn't complete for the reward. Frustrating.Snefalke0 14h
16h Bandit Shrine summoned a powerful Vault Peon Bandit Shrine summoned a super overpowered Vault-Peon that procced me, then one-shot me on T11 with 500M toughness http://i.imgur.com/lo14Vw4.jpgSatyrium2 16h
16h Necromancer/Training Grounds/Skeletons Bug When I enter the training grounds as a Necromancer, my skeletons turned on me. The same happened when I came back to town. They started attacking the people in my party in the Hidden Camp.NocturnBear0 16h
17h error Disappeared and no longer beat out in any way not displayed in inventory such as a forgotten soulGaDo1 17h
17h Block to change ability panel My demon hunter is blocked to change, cursor to change the ability panel don't appear, exemple put a primary ability on the secondary button, on the firsts level i was able to do that but today when i go to the skill panel that function not was able. Is this a bug? I removed all the items and passives but the problem don't stop.Jonh2 17h
17h Scavenged scabbard bug... Once again, the scavenged scabbard quest can't be completed in a t7 bounty run, therefore preventing the rest of the bonus bounties. Scabbard drops but can't be picked up, by any character. Please fix. Thanks!LAMBofGOD5 17h
17h Game Freeze when Diablo III is first launched The game starts just fine and then when I enter my first game, the game freezes. When opening the task manager, I can see that "Antimalware Service Executable" is at 14%, which means one core is used all the time. I have to Alt+F4 the game.inexcitus0 17h
18h Greater Rift Set Bonus achievements Greater rift set bonus achievements do not include the Necromancer setswadzwigidy0 18h
18h Can't complete "The Three Guardians" quest. Doing bounties in the Ruins of Sescheron, came across The Three Guardians event. Killed all three guardians in all the encounters, but the objective of the quest (the ceremonial drum) isn't there. There's a drum that's at the start of the event that was destroyed during combat, but no quest completion.Snorlax17 18h
19h No Cain's Destiny set plans [season 11] [potential bug] Cain's Destiny set plans have not dropped for me in season 11. playing necromancer, paragon 670, 196 bounties completed, clearing GR 75.Naeture0 19h
20h can't find / didn't receive? the armor reward finished season 11 and found my pet and the portrait frame... but no armor? :( is it just somewhere I'm not looking?ReignOfOrion1 20h
21h Brigg's Wrath ring is not dropping Am I the only one who encounter this? This ring doesn't seem to drop anywhere no matter if it's NR or GR or bounties. Crafting doesn't help either.Vaeril9 21h
21h Couldn't receive Season 11 Chapter 1 Bag I clicked on the mail to receive the bag from completing the season chapter but never received the bag in my inventory. I tried looking if it dropped on the floor but it is nowhere to be foundPolygonHeart2 21h
21h Rathma's Set Bonus/Dungeon Bug Hello, I use Rathma's 6 set and have all the bonuses. The 2nd bonus states that minions hits have a chance of lowering the cool down on AotD by 1 second. One of the Primary Objectives of the Set Dungeon is to reduce the cooldown by 500 seconds. This has led me to discover that my cooldown is never lowered by my minion hitting anything...and if it is it is an incredibly low amount. The 0/500 ticker in the Set Dungeon does not change throughout, I have successfully completed all the other objectives multiple times.theg000 21h
22h Bonusize and Class Action Icons The icons for the two achievements above aren't connected to their respective achievement goals. Class Action: "Reach Greater Rift 25 Solo with the full bonuses of two of the following Class sets." However, the icon shown for this one achievement only shows one set icon as if it were the Fighting the Rift Tide achievement which requires reaching 25 solo with the bonus of a single Class set. http://i.imgur.com/m0FmgHH.jpg Bonusize: "Reach Greater Rift 25 Solo with the full bonuses of three of the following Class sets." Similar to Class Action, the icon for this achievement only shows two set icons instead of three like it should, which is the icon that should be in place for Class Action. http://i.imgur.com/FYCcbEa.jpg Additionally, these are the only two icons for the line of achievements that aren't correct, the others (15, 20, 30, 35, 40 solo) are all the correct icon.Brettops0 22h
22h ser fail I bought the Death Summoning set but because companion and the wings did not getFzudemO1 22h
22h game freeze game freezes and kicks me out then says server is busy. I have to leave diablo all together and start overROSEBUD0 22h
22h set fail ich habe das totenbeschwörerset gekauft aber denn begleiter und die flügel nicht bekommenFzudemO0 22h
22h Problem with Set Trag'Oul and Conquest I have the following problem, the conquest of doing the 8 sets, does not tell me the set of Trag'Oul, nor staying marked, even if I have done it whole. I hope solution. Thank youArnauPT5 22h