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Jan 10, 2017 2.4.3 Known Issues List - Updated 1/6/17 Hello everyone, and welcome to Patch 2.4.3! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 2.4.3 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 2.4.3 patch. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance that are under investigation and (in most cases) are expecting a fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III! Console Newly created characters are not receiving Angelic Wings or Infernal Helms on log in Please note: the Angelic Wings will now be found in the Cosmetics section of your Inventory if any characters had them in their Inventory or Stash prior to the patch. Additionally, any Infernal Helms in your Inventory or Stash prior to the patch will still be there General Players with large friends lists may occasionally only see game icons in their chat feed instead of full names when multiple friends come onlineNevalistis1 Jan 10, 2017
May 19, 2015 How to report exploits, hacks, and cheats Greetings Heroes, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of our forum policies regarding reporting issues involving exploits, hacks, and cheating: According to the Forums Code of Conduct, under NO circumstances should a hack or exploit be reported on the public forums. Because of the sensitive nature of hacks/exploits, posting on forums only ensures that other people are going to attempt to use them. Any poster who breaks this rule will have his/her thread deleted immediately and may be reviewed for a forums suspension. If you would like to report a hack, cheating, or other activity against the Terms of Use, please send a detailed e-mail to hacks@blizzard.com. If you've discovered an in-game bug that you feel is sensitive in nature and may potentially be used to exploit game mechanics for personal gain, you may also feel free to contact me directly at tsarnis@blizzard.com with a full report of how to reproduce the issue. Thank you for your due diligence with this. Reporting these issues is incredibly important, but at the same time please remember to report them through the appropriate channels.Tsarnis0 May 19, 2015
May 19, 2015 How to Write a Good Bug Report Greetings Heroes, Welcome to Diablo III Bug Report Forums! I am very much looking forward to working with all of you to get any bugs that you may find during your travels through Sanctuary reported to our development team. To get started on this forum, please read through this guide as it explains some Do's and Don't's for bug testing and reporting. Ground Rules Feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in another forum. My team and I read every single thread that is posted on this forum. However, I will not always respond to every thread. If you do not get a blue response, please DO NOT bump posts. I will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says "Bump" or demands a response from a Blizzard poster. When reporting a bug, please make a thread for each bug you find. Threads that contain multiple bugs are difficult to manage, especially if we are unable to reproduce any of them on our end. Please use the Search feature to search the forum and see what bugs are post. If you have a duplicate thread, I will lock it and point you to the current thread where the bug is being discussed. Please specify which character on your account experienced the issue you are reporting. If you are posting using a different game account (WoW/SC2/etc.) please include your battletag in your post. Finally, please only discuss bugs within the threads. Avoid off topic discussions or other things not related to the bug in the thread. Don't use bug report threads as a platform for discussing game balance, design, or to provide feedback or other subjective opinions about the game. Bug Writing Ok, you found a bug, congratulations! But now what? This guide will explain how to accurately write a bug report. When posting a bug, please begin with a one or two sentence Summary that attempts to accurately describe the bug. We should be able to understand at least 75% of the issue you are reporting simply by looking at your Summary. I understand that the size of the Summary has to be short, but please do your best. Good summary: The tooltip for the Barbarian's Bash skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with smash After your Summary, include a brief description of the bug you experienced. Include as much RELEVANT information as you can. Where you in multiplayer? Could you reproduce the issue? Specifics are preferred as we need to know as much as possible about the issue. If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help Quality Assurance get a much faster turn around time reproducing the issue and reporting it to the Diablo III developers. Finally, it always helps to attach a link to Imgur (or another picture hosting site) that displays a screenshot of the bug. If you need to include a video, link to a video as well. Types of Bugs Below are some different types of bugs you may encounter in Diablo III. I also have included the specific information I would like for each bug reported of this type. Combat bugs - These are pretty simple. If there is a broken skill in the game, include the name of the skill and the class that uses the skill. Example: The Barbarian's skill Bash does not knock enemies away. Quest bugs - These can be complicated. For quest issues, we request that you include two things: 1. Please include the name of the quest and quest step that you were on when you encountered the bug. The name of the quest is the name that displays at the top of your quest log, while the quest step is the specific instructions for you to complete in the quest. 2. Please specify weather this occurred in multiplayer or solo play. Example: During the quest "The Fire From The Sky : Slay a Wretched Mother", you cannot kill the Wretched Mother in multiplayer. Environment bugs - Finally, Environment bugs round out the specific types of bugs I need more information about. For Environment bugs, please describe the issue you found and tell me what level area it is located in. The level area is simply the name of the sub-zone you are in and can be found above the minimap. Every location in the game has a level area, and it helps to know this before I start looking. Screenshots are perfect for Environment bugs as well. They will accurately display the issue you are seeing. Screenshots can be taken by pressing Print Screen and can be found in the Screenshots folder in the Documents/Diablo III folder. Uploading a screenshot to an online photo site like Imgur and linking it back to your thread would help me a lot as well. Example - In New Tristram, one of the houses is bright pink. Crashes Crashes are getting their own section because of their complexity. One major way you can help Blizzard out is by filling out the crash box that appears if you crash. Simply write a description of what happened when you crashed. Were you in multiplayer? Again, specifics are key and can really help us narrow down the cause of any bugs you encounter and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Again, welcome to Diablo III!!! Following these guidelines will allow all of us to work together as efficiently as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!Tsarnis0 May 19, 2015
47m Bugged 'Life Per Second' and Death's Bargain My monk character (Varalor) currently has a value of 0 in 'Life Per Second'. He had a 'Death's Bargain' in his inventory. When the 'Death's Bargain' was equipped, there was a value (around 4800) in 'Life Per Second'. The value would return to 0 after unequipping 'Death's Bargain'. I extracted the legendary power from 'Death's Bargain', but the issue is still occurring (without having the Death's Bargain selected in the cube powers).SkewedThinkr1 47m
5h Bugged Bounty - Binding Evil Act V In a public game doing bounties. Come across 'Binding Evil' in act 5, sends you to Greyhollow Island to kill unbound evil trees. I go there first, do the small event and kill a few trees that spawn, then nothing. Party and I clear the map, nothing. Can't progress the bounty. It's also odd that the bounty 'Binding Evil' seems to be non-existent as far as the rest of the internet goes. This must be a brand new bounty.Artman20 5h
6h Killing Uber Bosses before Cutscene It is possible to kill some Uber Bosses before the Cutscene. I was able to do this with all Bosses spawned from the Act 2 Machine on TXIII on Chapter 10, Act 1 with some variant of the Impale build. If you do this, the game bugs out, meaning - You do not obtain any Drops from the Bosses you killed - You are still in the Bossfight, meaning you cannot teleport to town or otherwise leave the area without leaving game. Note: If that happens to you, just invite a friend into your game, leave the game and rejoin. Since you did not actually complete the Fight, you can just do it again. Make sure to not kill anything before the cutscene though.Equations2 6h
9h guardian Gem quest I just leveled my third Legendary Gem to level 70. I have Enforcer level 78, Bane of the Trapped level 70 and Boyarsky's Chip level 77, but the guardian quest to level three legendary gems to 70 didn't trigger. Please help.Wolfram2 9h
10h DIABLO 3 NEWS FEED (RSS) I posted this over in General Discussion, but Blizzard Support suggested I also post it here: The Diablo 3 News Feed (you can get to it by clicking on the RSS icon at the bottom of most any page on us.diablo3.com; the direct URL is https://us.diablo3.com/en/feed/news ) is returning a 500 error with what appears to be a random Error ID (the most recent one is 1FSJ7, but it changes every time). The last time it worked for sure was 3/29, when the "Patch 2.6.5 PTR Preview" entry was originally released. I contacted Blizzard support and was told my best bet was to create a forum entry here and perhaps someone associated with the website would see it. Thanks,Bork0 10h
12h All my characters in D3 are missing All my created characters are missing. When I log on I am asked to create a new character. When I try to back out of the character creation screen I do not see my existing characters. When I back out of the character creation screen I am asked to log onto the system again. All my existing characters are unavailable for selection. Please help.bennye4 12h
12h Hunting for Sinners Hello! The execution of the task “Hunting for Sinners” is not counted (to kill Azmodan in less than 30 seconds on torture XIII).docentck2 12h
20h Crusader changed to Barbarian?!?! 1 sec ago Sooooo... I had 1 Crusader that was max level, then a couple of others.. Now all my crusaders are gone? Whaaaaaaa?!?!?! I haven't played in some time... and now, thinking i may uninstall if my main's no longer available.. wait, looking over now.. it seems that all my crusaders have been changed into Barbarians? (no clue how to play a barbarian...they are even wearing crusader armor...)Worwolfe1 20h
21h bug bounty act 1 jar of souls So me and friends was doing bountys and this happened. http://snag.gy/u41YM.jpggamemaste78936 21h
22h Shop menu error PTR Shop menu error PTRLaksen1 22h
23h Lost my Crusader Last season (13) I played a WD and Crusader and got them on the leaderboard , fully equipped with some primals, after the season , a few weeks again they were transfer to my normal account like everyone else ... I played both Wd and Crusader in the last 2 weeks and after the two updates early June , I notice my Crusader was gone from my list , I was left a few items and primals in my stash . Having several discussions with the techs from Blizzard and getting absolutely nowhere they told me to put my issue in here . They basically told me after like 10 emails I had no Crusader at all ... I’m 57 yr old computer technologist and i didn’t find that very amusing to get told I had never had nor played a Crusader .. but I gave Crusader primals in my stash but they won’t reply to how they there lol ... I told them the issue is not mine and it is Blizzard , cause I spend many hours building this Crusader so don’t take me as a liar ... very frustrating to hear that from the techs ..... find the solutionDiakklar13 23h
1d Swamp Land Waders only Int Is this a bug? The game guide says it can natively roll Str and Dex. Online (old?) loot table I saw said it only drops smart for WD. If I roll one in cube with a DH or Sader, I get Int. SOMETHING is wrong, here. Just not sure how it is supposed to be.ViolateThis4 1d
1d Seasons Journey: In For The Kill When completing In For The Kill, killing Azmodan at level 70 in Torment XIII, I got the pop-up saying it was completed and after opening the boss chest my game crashed. It isn't showing in my Season Journey as completed and the next tier isn't unlocked, and it isn't completing when I try to do it again. I'm definitely level 70 and in Torment XIII, and I'm definitely killing him in less than 30 seconds. EDIT: Just discovered it wasn't being completed possibly because he was dying too fast. I tried again and waited for him to move then killed him, now it has been completed. However this would still be a bug, plus the game crashing and the accomplishment no longer being filled in.Lem2 1d
1d PTR characters gone. What??? All my PTR characters are gone. WTF happened?Nefertiri2 1d
1d Bounty: Kill fangbite There is currently a problem with this bounty. the bounty says to kill fangbite and 150 enemies in the blood marsh. However, the bounty takes you to the path of the drowned. I found and killed fangbite, but because it wasn't the blood marsh, and the blood marsh was nowhere to be found, it was impossible to complete this bounty.Morronic12 1d
1d Extracted power not available I sincerely hope I'm not repeating a topic here. I did search a number of pages for results for similar bugs to no avail. My bug is I extracted a legendary power in the Kanai's Cube from the Kyoshiro's Soul on my Monk, Azrael. The sound effect happened and the item disappeared from my bag as per normal. It was actually the only item in my bag which I had just received from Kadala via Blood Shards. However when I go to turn on the power it is not highlighted as available. I restarted the game even and it is still not available. If it makes any difference I was in a group with 2 other people at the time and we were in adventure mode. Thanks in advance for any help. Battle Tag: Codex #1112Codex8 1d
1d Chantodo’s Will Bug Chantodo’s Will PTR Wave of Destruction damage now scales with Attack Speed have this tested in the PTR before the patch works now that the pressure wave is always the same slow since the updateSimu862 1d
1d "Female" barbarian seems to be weaker...why? "Seasonal 70 female" barbarian seems to be weaker than "Seasonal 70 male barb". I've carefully copied/moved all talents/paragons/gear/followers gear & talents. I'm totally confused, why female is weaker. I thought i'd try the female barb this season, so i power-leveled only to be very disappointed! Surely this is a bug. I've doubled/tripled every setting on spells/talent/gear to be EXACTLY the same.Jinx5 1d
2d Diablo III savegame data Diablo 3 lost savegame data! I am currently playing Diablo III Battlechest and I'm 11 level but for some reson the game start from the beginning. I lost my savegame data for some reason. How can I restore it?armsBD1 2d
2d Legendary Potion drop in Challenge Rift 96 I just completed "Challenge Rift 96" (some kind of Uliana Monk)and in the Rift a legendary potion was droped ! I could even pick it up ! After the Rift was completed i then received a message telling me that some item (the potion) could not be put to my inventory because there was not enough space and that i could pick it up via message (like when seasonal characters become normal characters.) When i entered the game later with one of my normal characters the message was gone, so i could not get the potion for myself. I just wanted to report this because i think item drops, especially in Challenge Rifts are not intended. PS: I also made a screenshot, but i don't know how to add it here.Pipsqueak2 2d
2d Gelatinous goblins gone Just got gelatinous goblins in the western channel level 1, killed them all and they glitched and nothing dropped. wthWixxy951 2d
2d Star of Azkaranth broken? Star of Azkaranth not working Still taking fire damage Star as cubed jewelry. Broken?Nefertiri2 2d
2d Legendary Potions removable in Greater Rifts Hey there! The 2.6.4 update added a potion management menu, which is great! But, while running a greater rift, I accidentally managed to drag my legendary potion from the action bar, causing me to remove and drop the potion while in the rift. While able to pick it back up, I can no longer use the potion for the duration of that rift, as the system to add it back to my action bar is locked behind the "You can't change equipment while in a greater rift" system. I'm guessing the ability to remove the potion while in a greater rift is unintended, since you can't remove any other gear while the rift is active either.Norumu3 2d
2d puntero de raton en resolucion 4k se hace muy dificil ver el puntero del raton,lo que hace el juego injugableRAFALLONS1 2d
2d Stash Issues.... Parts of my stash not responding... Cant move or exchange items in certain spots inside my stash.... HELPtsouther1 2d
3d Star of Azkaranth Have Star of Azkaranth cubed in jewelry slot, still taking fire damage. Broken?Nefertiri3 3d
3d PTR Bugged Can't Log in Can't create a new game or join any games without it kicking me firsti180PaPaBlue1 3d
3d death 3 time when disconnected i'm death 3 time when on other sharware bug and take priority in my computeur, my screen past in Windows and when i return in diablo i'm disconnected whith message (in image i'm not die) and after when i clic in ok, i return in selection screen and my hero is death, in heroique season it's so bad.benzenium3 3d
3d Problem loading the map Hello. From the very beginning I have a problem with loading the map. The problem is when I log in to Diablo III again. When I click the TAB button, I do not have map that I discovered in the earlier phase of the game. I am counting on considering my problem. Thank you.Lovelyy0 3d
3d Logro de conquista He conseguido subir 4 gemas legendarias de temporada al 65 + y no me dan el logro de conquista.GarCor0 3d
3d Game shutdown suddnely DA145791-85E9-4D6A-9F9B-7A4DDF3AE038 Game shutdown suddenly with this reporting codeJack5281 3d
4d Quest Bug - Bounty:Resurrection Received Act 5 Bounty: Resurrection and could not complete it. After entering the Occupied Ruins and killing all the monsters, nothing happens. The angel will still follow me around, even after going to another map. Pandemonium Fortress level 2 was the last bounty, and after completing it, I went back to the Occupied Ruins to try and trigger the bounty again, but it would not do anything. If it matters, it was a solo game.Poochie514850 4d
4d Black screen at startup/Unexpected error When I hit ''Play'' then my screen turns black and I get an unexpected error message 7DC795BB-77F9-4BE5-96E6-7398F42AA4AFAdrien1 4d
4d 'Escape the Imperial Palace' quest bug Doing the 'Sprinter' conquest, we two dash monks and dh left Belial's area (barb staying in town to click NPCs), dashed south-west to destroy the four pillar things that block the way, but the bug that has happened to us twice now in two attempts, is that the four pillars are not appearing as red dots on the radar, and we are unable to destroy them, thus making it not possible to proceed. We all went in and out of Belial's area, but it didn't help. The 'Escape the Imperial Palace' objective (I think that was the name of it, as well as the quest?), remained unchecked. When we remade the game to test that particular quest, it worked, but of course it was too late for Sprinter. The same problem happened to us before with Deckard Cain in Act 1 near the beginning, where you click him before he goes through the bookcase - he was unclickable, so we had to remake the game. I'm not sure if the big yellow skeleton appeared just before you click him before the bookcase. The other dash monk was from the Czech Republic, I'm from UK, the barb in town is from Germany I think, 4th player don't know. (if latency was a factor)CrowdControl2 4d
4d Lost Chest. The lost chest in southern highlands - act 1 does NOT count as an openable/chest.ihaveshirts1 4d
4d Life Per second not regenerating health I've got about 15k life per second regeneration on my character stats, but I have not been regenerating health at all. I stood still on one spot for like 3 minutes and my health did not move.ruffboi1 4d
4d Items not tradable on PTR cant trade items on the ptr Server with my friends. please help.VinViesel1 4d
4d HOTA not working As a Barb when equiping the HOTA in the hot bar it becomes a movement, following the cursor as if it becomes a mouse button instead of being a attack skill. It stated after the season 17 PTR insallation. Before it worked fine. I need a fix, as it is my favorite build.Jakman2202 4d
4d faltan 3 piezas del set he completado los cuatro capítulos de temporada y solo me han dado el yelmo de conjunto, que he de hacer para tenerlo entero? saludosCreicon0 4d
4d HOTA not working for me. After the start of the PTR patch, the HOTA will not work for me in any hot slot neither equiping it. This occurs in both the PTR and the standard game. No one else seems to have this proble.Jakman2200 4d
4d bug jogo ola, alguem poderia me ajudar? to com um problema que meu diablo nao abre, simplesmente aparece o logo do diablo 3 e abre uma tela preta e dps o jogo fecha automaticamente, ja reparei, desinstalei e nada da certo, drivers da placa de video atualizados e eu tenho um setup consideravel, nao eh falta de componente grafico, desde ja obrigado.EndsNear1 4d
4d Death by unknown HC seasonal Hello, I have died on a hardcore seasonal from an unknown reason. I was talking to your guys customer support team(very kind), and he had no clue how i died. He recommended that i come here for some help. Like i said i died from an unknown reason out of know where. My character legit went from 100 to 0. the customer support said they could not even see that my character never existed. Here is a pic of my character: https://imgur.com/a/gZqdgK7 The advice he gave me was to Re roll back a day. I was perfectly fine with this because this would save me quite a few hours anyways. I rerolled my account and now it shows the character never existing like he was saying. The only way I can see the character is thru my seasons tab. it also still shows him still alive and not dead. here are screen shots after I rerolled the account back: https://imgur.com/a/6wWqgSlRawhiders19 4d
4d Error loading the hero. (Code: 395002) I have seen a few reports on this error as well but for mine, here's how I got this exactly: Steps: 1. open a portal in New Tristram to Realm of Putridness, the one in the Skeleton King room. (unsure if it's Putridness) 2. walk a few steps forward and before the screen fades, I managed to cast meteors. 3. While the screen fades, I can heard Maghda's dying screams and Skeleton King is dead too. 4. The screen stays black, maybe because they were dead before the fading in. 5. Nothing happens and I closed the client. 6. When trying to login, I now get the above error. -- There was an error loading the hero. Please try again. (Code 395002). I've seen this reported a while ago, but not sure if this can be fixed. I can load my hero list at all.Jarbl6 4d
5d Act V Bounty: The lost legion. Unable to complete bounty. Killed everything but chest would not unlock.Remidin1 5d
5d Primal didn't spawn after first rift lvl 70 I finally completed my first ever lvl 70 rift in solo, but in the patch note it says that each season, the first lvl 70 rift completed gives at 100 % chance a primal item. But it didn't.Poliarea4 5d
5d No gold or loot dropping. I came back to Diablo after about a three month hiatus this week, and I'm growing increasingly confused and frustrated. Regardless of level, difficulty, class, mode, or map, nothing is dropping. Gold is few and far between, but not even white items are dropping. I've made four season characters to check - two demon hunters, a crusader, and a wizard - and it is almost impossible to progress with the game as no gold is dropping so the characters have only half slots filled or are wearing items many levels below what they're on. Loot dropping is so rare currently, not including weapon racks etc which always drop a white which I then need to sell to try and get armour to stop my characters from being wiped out - that the game isn't even fun to play anymore. I die every 10 feet since my gear is so low, but I have no way to fix this. If I do a scan/repair on my game, gold starts dropping again for the first fifteen minutes then disappears again. It doesn't have any effect on loot drops. This is on the PC. What do I need to do?Dauntless3 5d
5d 2.6.5 PTR bug PTR 2.6.5 bug during GR rift: - I can drop health potion but I cant put it back to menu to use it [Q] - after death I didn't get ress window. happened only once till now TTristaver1 5d