Bug Report

Jul 3 PARTIE DÉCONNECTÉE MAIS PERSO EXTRÊME MORT Bonsoir, je vais essayer de garder mon calme pour ce post. J'étais en train de faire ma faille tranquillement quand tout à coup j'ai eu un reset de box. Généralement, avec une dc, la partie s'arrête, un message d'erreur s'affiche en m'indiquant que j'ai été déconnecté mais jamais mon perso n'est mort. Or, là, je me reconnecte et qu'est-ce-que je vois à ma grande surprise ? Mon perso extrême mort. Je souhaite donc qu'un membre du staff me réponde, je veux ticket pour que mon perso soit rez ! J'accepterai absolument pas qu'on me dise que c'est le jeu et que je dois en recommencer un alors même que c'est un bug. Je veux que mon perso soit rez donc si un membre du staff pouvait me répondre ce serait vraiment l'idéal, Cordialement.Aeternia1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Icon over pylons I'm not seeing the icon over pylons for some of the pylons. I can only see conduit and shield.MerLock2 Jul 3
Jul 3 Loot Bug hi my diablo 3 account is having problems were i cant trade white blue or yellow items with my friends or even legendary that drop when we in the same game. i can see the ones they drop but cant pick them up but when i drop one on the floor they cant even see it. even when the item is in the 2 hour trade able windowNecessitas3 Jul 3
Jul 3 community chat BUG "that player is offline" hi. Im having a problem on community chat and answering players on chat. im trying to do a WHISPER CHAT to a player and then it always says that "that player is offline" even tho the player is not offline. i also try to chat other players, and still says that "that player is offline" in short everyone i chat on community says "that player is offline" i also try to PM chat an added friend, and its good he receive my chat. i hope you help me to fix the problem. thanks blizzard. ill wait for a quick responce.PRIMAL1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Inarius Set Bug Inarius Bug When using the usual Inarius Build, with Scythe of the Cycle, the Iron Rose, etc, I have noticed that randomly my bone armor stacks have decayed at a greatly elevated rate, the entire bar fading in maybe 5-7 seconds. This has almost caused my death a couple of times and is quite frustrating, has anyone else encountered this? Yes, I know that Scythe reduces the duration by four seconds, but this decay rate is quite alarming, far greater than it should be.Chris7ian1 Jul 3
Jul 3 Cursed Chest Bugged Difficulty: Any Play Mode: Campaign and Adventure Location: Pandemonium fortress level 2 Bug Details: Cursed chest when clicked does not trigger the quest event. Instead enemies drop but after killing them the chest disappears. This has happened with multiple characters.Jegudiel0 Jul 3
Jul 2 no challenge rift reward I did not receive a challenge rift reward after completing the task , it show that it is complete but I did not receive the rewardNuffers2 Jul 2
Jul 2 NINTENDO SWITCH - CAN'T CONNECT TO FRIENDS We both have Nintendo Online subscription but both get the error message "there was a problem joining the game". Both of us are from the same region and have no restrictions in our multiplayer settings. Please look into this.Huntzard1 Jul 2
Jul 2 Gyrfalcon's + Obsidian does not work I am reporting an issue that I think is important. The weapon the crusaders can use, "Gyrfalcon's Foote" removes the resource cost of blessed shield. The tooltip on blessed shield stays the same however, mentioning it still costs 20 wrath per, with that knowledge, the obsidian ring mentions, "Reduces the remaining cooldown of one of the skills by 1 second when hitting with a resource-spending attack", so while blessed shield may be free because of the weapon, the tooltip for the actual spell still says 20 wrath. This causes an issue with obsidian ring not reducing the cooldown of the skills by 1 second.AutoOP6 Jul 2
Jul 2 Conquests for the conquest Years of war I am trying to do the Natalya's Vengeance set and it will not give me the credit for doing the GR 55 solo and I don't have any other set bonuses on. Does anyone know if its a bug or am I just super slow?Infusso2 Jul 2
Jul 2 Caldesann's despair I used caldesann's despair to add int. to my item. It was successful but it didn't add int. my item. and 112 lvl gem gone. What can I do for this? It's my season character Edit: Problem solved. Post can be deleted.Bacchus4 Jul 2
Jul 2 Rabid Strike Ancient Item bug Finally had an Ancient Rabid strike drop for me and it only has a DPS of 392.... A level 70 item...Jonesy2 Jul 2
Jul 1 Things That Are Not Bugs Since I see so many of the same exact posts for the same exact "bugs" that are not bugs, here's a short list of things that are NOT BUGS so don't post about it. Will be updated. Handy Link as well to posts. NOT BUGS 1) Gem Level Requirements for Season Journey: Urshi has to see 3 gems above the required level at the same time. If you used one as an augment or transferred to another character, it no longer counts. Once the 3rd gem reaches the requirement, it will complete but all must be available either equipped/inv/stash at the same time. 2) Achievement/Conquest Window Doesn't Checkmark Boxes (I.E. GR55 with 6 sets) The Achievement/Conquest Window is slow to update and at times will not reflect say a GR clear with the required set. It will update sometime but it is still considered complete and if you meet the requirements for the achievement/conquest, it will still finish even if the check boxes are not updated. 3) Not Getting Primal Drops Primals are a RARE drop. Bad RNG is not a bug. Primals are about 1 in 400 drop chance. If your max blood shard count is greater then 1200, the primals drops are activated on that account type (Non-Season, Non-Season Hardcore, Season, Season Hardcore). If it is a season character, then you should get a primal drop on your very first GR70 clear. Non-Seasonal does not get the guaranteed drop but they will still unlock. 4) Cannot find Legendary Gem but can upgrade it at Urshi. If Urshi can see the gem and you can upgrade it, it exists somewhere. Most likely it can be in one of your follower's slots is a common hiding place. You can search for the gem by placing a different legendary gem in the top left slot of each stash page then clearing a GR. Note which gem is directly to the left of the missing gem and go to that stash page and the gem is somewhere on that page. If its on an end then its either in your inventory or on your follower. 5) The Cube ate my legendary gem and did not give me an augmented item. If you use a GEM OF EASE, BE SURE ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED. If your missing just 1 thing, the transmute will still complete but you will reduce the level requirement of the item to 1 instead of augmenting it. Any other gem and it wont transmute an incorrect augment recipe. PSA: SAVE THE HASSLE, DO NOT USE GEM OF EASES FOR AUGMENTS. 6) Season Journey Not Showing Up Try this : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20758335880#post-2 7) No Reward from Chapter 1 of Season Journey There is no reward from Chapter 1 of the season journey, only chapters 2,3 and 4 award the set pieces and they come in the form of mail which you have 1 month to claim before they are lost. 8) This Forum is for the PC Version of Diablo 3 Game Bugs a)ERROR Codes are NOT BUGS, they are TECH SUPPORT issues. This is not the forum for ERROR CODES. b)There is a seperate forum for CONSOLE BUGS, please post there for any bugs relating to the CONSOLE VERSION. 9) My Weapon Went from 2000+ DPS to 400 Go back to the mystic and enchant the +xxxx-xxxx element damage back onto the weapon and NEVER roll this affix off ever again (unless you want to be zdps). The +xxxx-xxxx elemental damage is a main component for the damage of the weapon. 10) Gibbering Gemstone (or other rare item) is not dropping Bad luck is not a bug. This item has a very low droprate. It may take many tries before one drops. -Credit Timberwolf 11) My Character no longer Regenerates Life You either have equipped or selected in the cube "DEATH's BARGAIN". Read the power of that item and you will understand why. -Credit Perusoe 12) Some Parts of My Screen is Not Responsive (paragon, inventory, skills etc). If you are using Windows10, try swapping the display from fullscreen to windowed and vice versa. If you still have issues, then it is a tech support problem, not a game bug and post it in the appropriate forum. 13) Season Journey Level Not Giving Me the Rewards from Slayer/ Champion/Destroyer/Conqueror/Guardian. You cannot get the Guardian Rewards until ALL prior chapters are complete. Slayer must be complete before you can complete Champion which is also then required to complete Destroyer, etc. So for the extra stash tab you MUST complete Chapters 1-4, Slayer, Champion, Destroyer & Conqueror challenges as an example. -Credit Perusoe 14) I equipped <insert item> that has a damage/toughness multiplier. My Damage on the Sheet did not change. Damage multipliers (like focus/restraint, set bonuses, etc) will not be displayed on the character sheet and will not change the damage value. Toughness & recovery modifiers ARE reflected on the character sheet (exception is melee/ranged reductions). KNOWN ISSUES & WORK AROUNDS 1) Blue Gob Despawns & Drops No Loot / Invincible Enemies This is due to doing too much damage to the gobs when they split. There is a fraction window of during a monster spawning (like when the blue gobs split) where it is not classified as a monster and if you kill it during these few frames, it will not split again or drop any loot. Slow your DPS down during these guys when they split. This also affects ANY monster that is revived or spawns and these monsters will be invincible since you killed it during its spawn frame and its considered both alive and dead.Dragonmaster23 Jul 1
Jul 1 caldensan items.. transmute failed.. cant caldensan my ancint primal gear whit a 120 gem and whites ofc and yes did it right.. have repaired , installed the game again .. took monk dh baba.. nothing works... what to do elsejulle1 Jul 1
Jul 1 Transmute itens I can't transmute itensClark19793 Jul 1
Jul 1 L59 Monk in Torment XIII public game Preface: I tried using the report exploit form, but it simply doesn't do anything. The site do NOT progress when hitting 'Submit'. This is across two browsers on my laptop and Chrome on wife's laptop. https://us.blizzard.com/en-us/submit/hacks.html --------------------- A level 59 monk named "nemriel" was in a Torment XIII public 'Bounties' game. He had ZERO Paragon levels, which is impossible if he completed Greater Rift 70 solo, as a fresh level 70 would have gained at LEAST 20-40 Paragon levels from that alone. It also begs the question how a fresh 70 beat something that difficultly, while also gaining zero experience, and then getting in a stupidly high Torment public game on a level 59 character. I am reporting it here in the (likely vain) hope that it was a bug and not exploiting. -HateHateborne2 Jul 1
Jul 1 Can't join public games I came back after some years without playing, purchased the necromancer pack and tried to join public games, but i can't. It's not that there aren't any servers to join, i've seen 5, 10, 2 players at my desired difficulty and still the game creates a new session for myself I am playing with a seasonal necromancer (currently lvl 37)AlexStrasZ2 Jul 1
Jul 1 Bounty A5 Bounty: The lost Legion is bugged, cleared the room and I still can not open the chest, there for can´t complete all act5 bountys so no reward....MarioJugo1 Jul 1
Jul 1 % Life on Shields % Life on Legendary Shield Vs. Ancient Legendary Shield seems to be bugged? Max for Norm is 18% and 15% on Ancients. Sorry if this is already posted - I didn't see it.MorbidAngel1 Jul 1
Jun 30 erreur 1016 bonsoir ou bonjour ra le bole de cette erreur qui nous déconnecte du serveur diablo a n importe quel moment je calcule même plus le nombre de gr qui se sont fermé en plein milieukantard4 Jun 30
Jun 30 Bounty Bounty: The lost Legion is bugged, cleared the room bu cant still open the chest, there for cant complete all act5 bountys so no reward....Eloso3 Jun 30
Jun 30 Achievement Good day! I need help. I received an achievement (with the world on the thread) in the game of Diablo 3, but in PSN it was not given. What to do?Dexter2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Witch doctor set dungeon competed all objectives within time limit and it says not master. can send screen capture of end of dungeon for your review. playing zunimassaTKD14 Jun 30
Jun 30 No buttons after death. Grater portal at 31%, character died, no buttons to click available. Demonhunter; Natadeur build; lvl97 grift; plenty of Fallen Shamans + their critters and Dankmoon Clas cows around.schurkus2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Unhallowed Essence Set Dungeon bug There have been lots of reports of missing mobs in various Set Dungeons over the years, but I finally found one myself very early this season, so I went back to see if I could get it to happen again. It took about 10 runs but I was able to get an elite to spawn on an island offscreen, (but was still able to kill it). https://i.imgur.com/0aVShmB.png https://i.imgur.com/kiyVYiR.png Although the required number of mobs did technically spawn, it would appear to anyone attempting to master the dungeon that there was a single mob that did not spawn in this instance. It is not my intention to validate everyone's claims of mobs not spawning in Set Dungeons, but it can occasionally happen in the UE Dungeon at least.VitaKaninen0 Jun 30
Jun 30 Gear won't go into slots Gear won't go into slot in Season 8 !Arya1 Jun 30
Jun 30 The Shadows Mantle 2pc Set Bonus is broken I have the shadow (chest) and shadow (boots) for 2pc bonus. Should increase damage by 6000% with melee weapon (crossbow is used). I got into a T6 and it is taking me forever to kill mobs. Take the shadows boots OFF, and put on a lower grade leg boot and my damage is back where it should be, killing mobs in one or two hits. Almost feels like its working in reverse, reducing my damage by 6000%. The shadows boots are better stat wise than the leg boots i was using. So equipping the 2pc should two fold my damage output.FireFoX8 Jun 30
Jun 29 season gear broken Hello I was working on hardcore season achievements with someone we both completed it at the same time I got 4 pieces of gear he got 6 for a full set, cannot progress further into the game without the 6 pieces set(firebird wizard build) please advisepreesh5 Jun 29
Jun 29 Season my season Journey is bugged wont let me complete cubedMossey2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Почему так? персонаж чародейка,610 уровень,при нажатии на кнопку 2(телапортация) умения срабатывают так:2(телепортация)-3(черная дыра)-1(метеорит)-3(черная дыра),так они срабатывают при одном нажатии кнопки 2MIDNIGHTDOG2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Transmute Gem Lost I tried to transmute a gem into my ring, which already had a socket and gem inside of it and I lost my gem, and it did not add stats to my ring. This is total BS as I just spent hours leveling up this stupid gem and now it is lost. if this isn't returned I'm not even going to bother playing anymore. Screw this game, what a waste of timedarkrider2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Boon of the Hoarder bugged Start of the season i raised it to lvl 50, played a few with it until i had enough gold, didn't use it since then. Now im' all out of gold, played a few games with it, tried to dc betwen each, tried to put it on different rings or amulets. I don't get gold on monsters, at least not more than without it, and when i do get some, i don't get the boost of movement speed It's on the same character i first dropped it, haven't tried with a different characterpeanuts2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Gelatinous Goblin death bug Killed a Goblin in archon form with chantodos only the initial goblin died, didn't spawn any of the other goblins. A3 Rakkis Crossing.iLLWiL1 Jun 29
Jun 29 Set reward for complete Ch. VI season chapter Set reward for complete Ch. IV season chapterbadnewzbearz2 Jun 29
Jun 28 Minus 3k topazes Yesturday i sorted out gems a little, took off the gems i have on my main chars to make a third pile of marquise topazes in my gem's stash's tab... Tonight, I open my stash, the pile is just gone... 3,xxx gems desapeared just like this... i can't find them anywhere. I already had to rollback my account last year to recover my BoT... I m just gonna sit on 3k marquises gems this time but gee, do something. Why collecting things if you can't put them in a safe place ?Orwell15 Jun 28
Jun 28 Monsters unable to die Over the past week, I have had this issue occur 3 or 4 separate times, with two different characters, in nephalem rifts and while running bounties. I will be fighting a group of monsters, and one of them will 'never die'- they will stand in place and not move or attack me, and I can do damage and hit them a thousand times and they are never officially killed. It has occurred with both elite monsters and regular monsters. This has prevented me from being able to complete bounties properly.Saffronstar4 Jun 28
Jun 28 taux d'obtention ancien sur reforge ... bonjour, je farme depuis plusieurs jours les primes pour pouvoir reforger mon sceptre du mage pour un ancien .... cependant... cela fait deja 32 fois que je lance une reforge (sois 160 de chaque compos, c'est juste enorme ...) : vrai chiffre ... et toujours aucun ancien... au derniere nouvelle le taux d'obtention d'un ancien en reforge n'est pas de 0.1% ... et me dite pas "continue sa va bien finir par tomber ..." .... pas apres 32 reforges ....Dreak2 Jun 28
Jun 28 Flesh Golem bug 2019 (PC) I can find posts about this issue easily with google but it seems this is still an issue. Whenever I am trying to command my Golem to jump and explode to a pile of corpses, golem just disappears with no corpses erupting. Cooldown starts but I am left without corpses. This happens every second or every third time I am trying to command the golem. It's still too early for me to describe the issue perfectly, but in General Discussion Keyblade seem to have witnessed it more thoroughly: ... Not sure if this is the case but naturally there doesn't have to be corner for this to happen. If this is the case, some stone will do the trick as well.Ruined0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Flesh Golem Sometimes corpses didn't appear with the flesh golem i see the animation but nothing on the ground and that happen often.TakeTwo5 Jun 28
Jun 28 Item Stripped of Ancient Attribute I obtained a Convention of Elements, placed it in my stash, and it went from an Ancient item to a standard non-ancient. This is not the first time I noticed this behavior.sudopkill1 Jun 28
Jun 28 SAND DWELLER INSTANT KILL BUG, SEASON 10 So, I tried to clear gr81 with impale demon hunter, I got instant killed by Sand Dweller, not once, not twice, not 3, but total of 4 times in the roll to verify this bug. Note that I got Awareness passive on, and it didn't even proc once, Sand Dweller don't even have Reflect Affix on. I even survive 3 elite packs together before this fight, and these blue Sand Dweller can kill me with a single hit out of nowhere, and the worst part is, I don't even see the animation that any of them did hit me at all.Mango27 Jun 28
Jun 27 Deluxe Edition Roary1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Pandemonium Tremens Events Hi file:///C:/Users/Usuario/Desktop/Screenshot007.jpg Pandemonium Tremens Act V. Event; The temporary trap. This achievement does not come out, there is no way to get it out. Two times I have made the Event in Cooperative game and I do not skip the achievement. To demonstrate that I have made the aforementioned event in cooperative game, attached photo or screenshot that proves it. <TDD> MAURICIO has completed the Event: The Temporary Trap Nothing happens, but at the same time if it could be fixed I could do that event and thus have my achievement (this one resists me, it's irresistible). And I see that it's not because of not attending to it I .............. rather it smells like a bugMAURICIO6 Jun 27
Jun 27 Multiple Bugs The bugs changes from time to time. Right now I can't change the torment difficulty because the button to go to the right does not work. I also can't click on the upper left case in my inventory. I have difficulty to view the details of my equipment when I put my mouse on the items. I can't put paragon in one of the 4 defense paragons. And a lot of times my attacks won't work on my mouse. it's not a latency problem because the other attacks works. What should I do about it ? I can't play any caracters right now since I can't change the torment difficulty...Fendergirl071 Jun 27
Jun 27 "That player is offline" "That player is offline" After immediately responding to players posting in game chat windows I receive this message. Apparently this is some type of bug. Does anyone have a fix?PapaSmurƒ1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Errungenschaften ich bekomme die Errungenschaft Sprinter nicht obwohl ich es unter einer stunde und auf qual 16 gespielt habeI3alu3 Jun 27
Jun 27 No Items Received From Horadric Caches Yesterday I opened 35 chaches, 7 from each act. I received no crafting materials from the chests. Are the materials not guaranteed? Or did something go wrong?krosanfist1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Years of War Conquest not registering set After completing GR55 solo on my seasonal wizard with the Firebird set the conquest achievement did not update to reflect the completion with the Firebirds set. I tried using just the 6 pieces necessary, then all 7 pieces. Also tried doing GR56. None checked off the box. Both Vyrs and Tal Rasha sets seemed to have worked fine previously and were checked off.Caulayflames1 Jun 27
Jun 26 Royal ruby bug "FIXED" I was upgrading my gems and i noticed i cant craft my rubies into royal rubies. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/458328033258897422/593528509150789643/unknown.png?width=1202&height=677b4rr4c02 Jun 26
Jun 26 Weapon rolled to lvl 1 has reset to 70 Hi, I re-rolled a Sword to lvl 1 using Kanais cube and fitted a Gem of ease. I fought my way quickly to lvl 50, I then removed the Gem of ease and now the weapon has reset to 70 - Character Skellesa, please fix.CeePee5 Jun 26