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Jan 25 AMD - Desolate Sands crashing The older sticky post we had up for this topic has been removed for the time being as it was advising an unsupported workaround of inserting older driver files into the Diablo III game folder to prevent crashing in certain areas of the game. It now appears that doing so is causing another problem for users who've updated to AMD's new Crimson Edition drivers, prompting the need for those older files to be removed. If you currently use an AMD video card able to use the newer Crimson Edition drivers (currently release 16.8.1), we encourage you to do so as the crashing issue should be fixed with them. If you have a legacy card not supporting the use of the newer drivers, you have the option of using the 16.x Beta Crimson Edition drivers. Note that AMD states "This driver is provided "as is"​ and will not be supported with further updates, upgrades or bug fixes." Please note that this is just for the issue of the game crashing when entering the Desolate Sands area primarily. It is not for another issue we're seeing where the game will suddenly "black" out while the user continues to hear the game sounds in the background. That particular problem is not brand specific, happening to Nvidia and AMD users alike.Omrakos0 Jan 25
May 19, 2015 How to report exploits, hacks, and cheats Greetings Heroes, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of our forum policies regarding reporting issues involving exploits, hacks, and cheating: According to the Forums Code of Conduct, under NO circumstances should a hack or exploit be reported on the public forums. Because of the sensitive nature of hacks/exploits, posting on forums only ensures that other people are going to attempt to use them. Any poster who breaks this rule will have his/her thread deleted immediately and may be reviewed for a forums suspension. If you would like to report a hack, cheating, or other activity against the Terms of Use, please send a detailed e-mail to hacks@blizzard.com. If you've discovered an in-game bug that you feel is sensitive in nature and may potentially be used to exploit game mechanics for personal gain, you may also feel free to contact me directly at tsarnis@blizzard.com with a full report of how to reproduce the issue. Thank you for your due diligence with this. Reporting these issues is incredibly important, but at the same time please remember to report them through the appropriate channels.Tsarnis0 May 19, 2015
May 19, 2015 How to Write a Good Bug Report Greetings Heroes, Welcome to Diablo III Bug Report Forums! I am very much looking forward to working with all of you to get any bugs that you may find during your travels through Sanctuary reported to our development team. To get started on this forum, please read through this guide as it explains some Do's and Don't's for bug testing and reporting. Ground Rules Feedback is NOT a bug. Anything related to feedback, class balance, boss suggestions, etc. belongs in another forum. My team and I read every single thread that is posted on this forum. However, I will not always respond to every thread. If you do not get a blue response, please DO NOT bump posts. I will ignore and possibly delete any post that simply says "Bump" or demands a response from a Blizzard poster. When reporting a bug, please make a thread for each bug you find. Threads that contain multiple bugs are difficult to manage, especially if we are unable to reproduce any of them on our end. Please use the Search feature to search the forum and see what bugs are post. If you have a duplicate thread, I will lock it and point you to the current thread where the bug is being discussed. Please specify which character on your account experienced the issue you are reporting. If you are posting using a different game account (WoW/SC2/etc.) please include your battletag in your post. Finally, please only discuss bugs within the threads. Avoid off topic discussions or other things not related to the bug in the thread. Don't use bug report threads as a platform for discussing game balance, design, or to provide feedback or other subjective opinions about the game. Bug Writing Ok, you found a bug, congratulations! But now what? This guide will explain how to accurately write a bug report. When posting a bug, please begin with a one or two sentence Summary that attempts to accurately describe the bug. We should be able to understand at least 75% of the issue you are reporting simply by looking at your Summary. I understand that the size of the Summary has to be short, but please do your best. Good summary: The tooltip for the Barbarian's Bash skill contains a typo. Bad summary: Bug with smash After your Summary, include a brief description of the bug you experienced. Include as much RELEVANT information as you can. Where you in multiplayer? Could you reproduce the issue? Specifics are preferred as we need to know as much as possible about the issue. If you have steps and can reproduce them consistently, write them out. This will help Quality Assurance get a much faster turn around time reproducing the issue and reporting it to the Diablo III developers. Finally, it always helps to attach a link to Imgur (or another picture hosting site) that displays a screenshot of the bug. If you need to include a video, link to a video as well. Types of Bugs Below are some different types of bugs you may encounter in Diablo III. I also have included the specific information I would like for each bug reported of this type. Combat bugs - These are pretty simple. If there is a broken skill in the game, include the name of the skill and the class that uses the skill. Example: The Barbarian's skill Bash does not knock enemies away. Quest bugs - These can be complicated. For quest issues, we request that you include two things: 1. Please include the name of the quest and quest step that you were on when you encountered the bug. The name of the quest is the name that displays at the top of your quest log, while the quest step is the specific instructions for you to complete in the quest. 2. Please specify weather this occurred in multiplayer or solo play. Example: During the quest "The Fire From The Sky : Slay a Wretched Mother", you cannot kill the Wretched Mother in multiplayer. Environment bugs - Finally, Environment bugs round out the specific types of bugs I need more information about. For Environment bugs, please describe the issue you found and tell me what level area it is located in. The level area is simply the name of the sub-zone you are in and can be found above the minimap. Every location in the game has a level area, and it helps to know this before I start looking. Screenshots are perfect for Environment bugs as well. They will accurately display the issue you are seeing. Screenshots can be taken by pressing Print Screen and can be found in the Screenshots folder in the Documents/Diablo III folder. Uploading a screenshot to an online photo site like Imgur and linking it back to your thread would help me a lot as well. Example - In New Tristram, one of the houses is bright pink. Crashes Crashes are getting their own section because of their complexity. One major way you can help Blizzard out is by filling out the crash box that appears if you crash. Simply write a description of what happened when you crashed. Were you in multiplayer? Again, specifics are key and can really help us narrow down the cause of any bugs you encounter and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Again, welcome to Diablo III!!! Following these guidelines will allow all of us to work together as efficiently as possible. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!Tsarnis0 May 19, 2015
18m PTR Season 9 hero disappeared My PTR Barb (completed Season 9) disappeared when I copied my Americas account into PTR. I can't find it anywhere, although all my Americas heroes are there.RoamingEmpir1 18m
31m Russian support Why Russian support? they can not do anything stupid to solve all the time sent to the English forum! only occupy space and eat at someone else's expense!Thunderer0 31m
36m Not recieving level 70 set items I have heard from one of my friends that you are supposed to get set items at level 70. But when i reached level 70 i just got a message but no items. This would not be a biggie if it werent for the fact that progression is now extremely difficult in master mode. I am wondering if there is something i can do to recieve those items or if i missed something.Knaberfresh1 36m
51m Lag killed hardcore seasonal! I was purposely under-leveling the campaign. Suddenly the game froze. I could run around, but nothing was moving. I ran until i hit an "edge" where there was nothing beyond. Then the game sorta hangs like it's dropping out. Next thing I know, I have an option to archive my DEAD Demon Hunter with all my set gear. I would like this character restored please.Muncher6 51m
1h Blacksmith lag + Troubleshooting done Reliable as well as Valid troubleshooting is essential in providing information to the would be fixers of a 'bug'. I believe this will be helpful. To my blizzard buddies on the backend of things within the context of this journey we have had since the beginning, I hope this tiny little thing helps: Is this a 'bug'? I don't know, it might not fall into the exact definition and I know correlation is not causation but it does seem to suggest a relationship worth looking into (if you're not already fully aware which you might be in which case sorry for the wall of text). Latency seems to spike real high when the blacksmith's menu(s) is set to "All" - Happens right when visiting the blacksmith every time. - Perceived to persist and/or be happening regardless of visiting the blacksmith or not Latency seems to be lower/stable when the blacksmith's menu(s) is set to "Highest Usable" - My latency as indicated by that little bar next to the resource spender (as well as the other obvious symptoms of 'lag') has since dropped significantly in general when not touching the blacksmith at all - My latency as indicated by that little bar next to the resource spender (as well as the other obvious symptoms of a lag spike) has ceased to spike when visiting the blacksmith. Tested on more than one device and ISP with the same results.EazyE6 1h
2h Playing slowly Since several time my character doesn't make damage to the enemies: to kill an enemy I spend a lot of hits (and a lot of time!). I tried to go down of level, but nothing change. How can I do?filus1 2h
2h shield bash doesnt work {[Flail of the Ascended]} the sheild count doesnt rise properly with [Golden Flense] equipped using rolandsarturian010 2h
2h Random Graphical Glitching and Freezing After the latest 2.4.2 patch, I started seeing some weird glitching issues with the graphics. These included random floor tiles disappearing, and then the entire world disappearing, and then getting redrawn. The game seems to continue playing as indicated by the audio still somewhat responding to my frantic "click click oh god I hope I'm hitting something and not dying in HC mode". I have not lost a character yet to this, but it's happening every 6th or 7th rift/bounty that I've played so far. Only happens outside of towns in rifts, grifts, and adventure mode areas with bad guys. Does not happen in towns. Video Drivers for my GTX 980 Ti are up to date according to Windows 10 device manager. 32GB of ram also passed memcheck tests.Sakamoto1 2h
5h Blacksmith Craft weapons/Gear Lag Im not sure if this is a bug or maybe its my system. Anyhow i figured id write it up and see if its just happening to me! Anytime i go to craft an item at my blacksmith (gear/weapon) my MS goes from 60-100 up to 500 and up. This is only happening when i go to open the list of craftable items. If im only using him for repairs and salvage there is no issue what so ever! Once my item is crafted and i walk away my ms goes back down to its original number. Would this be considered a bug? Is anyone else having this issue, or is it just me?SerenityDawn4 5h
5h Blacksmith Lag Spike - Lagging - Laggs i always had some laggs at the blacksmith but since 2.4.2 it's almost unplayable. it seems to be a problem while in Crafting Weapon - or Crafting Armor Tab. no problem at Repair - or Salvage Tab. if i craft a lvl 70 yellow weapon, it takes me about 30sec to finish... weapon even worster than crafting armor. the lagg instant disappears if i switch to repair or salvage tab or quit blacksmith menu.Kralle3 5h
5h blacksmith lag?? All i know is i open the blacksmith and i get a red lag bar unless im salvaging or repairing.. why is the game lagging so bad crafting something? I am not getting any lag at all anywhere.. took over 30 sec just to craft a dagger to cube upgrade later... any other aspect of the game wont lag.. I mean when I open to craft weapons or armor.. i go from a green bar to red instantly? Anyone know why? soon as i close the blacksmith out or switch tabs to salvage or repair lag is gone :(Domaorn9 5h
5h Bug in achievement Achievement "Lost in Time War". This achievement does not give credit.Емеля3 5h
5h FPS drop("lag") Blacksmith All recipes window When opening Blacksmith all recipe window, that now is set to opened by default always even with that all recipes window/page/tab first, we have huge FPS drop This BUG FPS drop started with latest mini patch, it was ok since the start of 2.3 till 1 week ago 2.3 addressed and fixed the FPS drop that existed before with opening all recipes page on Blacksmith and Ladder page But this new patch 2.3.0a http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/18695103092#4 made the FPS drop form blacksmith come back as a problem Crafting The Blacksmith UI now properly displays the number of items that can be crafted when using the "Show All" filter (9/22) maybe that thing "fix" ruined back again the FPS dropEnoone38 5h
5h blacksmith lag hello.i have been dealing with this problem for a while now,every time i go to the blacksmith the game slows down when i am in the crafting area for weps and armor it would be extremely slow at crafting.would like if this can be fixed ty.sneekyshadow2 5h
7h Hardcore - Near Death Experience, R.I.P? I was just playing my Monk in Hardcore on the assumption that Near Death Experience would give me a brief chance to survive a fatal hit, but I guess I was wrong - I died, jailed on the edge of a Molten blast in a Greater Rift on Torment IX. Perhaps Near Death Experience doesn't work on Hardcore or only if you are ONLY "near death" and not actually at risk of dying or really receive a truly fatal hit.. Or it's a bug? I hope it's a bug and perhaps one that would restore my character, which would be nice of course, but I am not counting on it. I had not been near death at any point prior to this fatal incident, but then again, I am not really sure at what percentage this skill triggers or how it's actually supposed to work visually and what kind of messages, if any, it will show. So.. Erm.. Fix it, please - the bug or the description of the skill.Janmanden0 7h
8h Raiment of a Thousand Storms is half working Set bonus "Your Spirit Generators increase the weapon damage of Dashing Strike to 12500% for 6 seconds" is not working at all while second part of set bonus - "Dashing Strike increases the damage of your Spirit Generators by 1250% for 6 seconds" is completely working.lertvinkloss0 8h
10h My friends list is not listed on the website On my friends page it says: ... Even though i have 7 friends, that show in my battlenet friendslist. But on the friends web page, i get none. Whats going on.Dragosvr9210 10h
12h вылетает игра вылетает игра на уровне кровь и песокСуперНиндзя1 12h
17h No Friends... sigh Hiya: On my Battlenet Account page, there is no one in my Friends list? And I have Friends... really... unless... http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/albabe-1508/hero/64342613albabe11 17h
18h season set pieces I did not receive my set pieces after chp 1 completionSmithBoys1 18h
19h WD attack bug I was playing my WD and encountered a attack bug with the pets on a bounty in Act V. I was in the Westmarch Commons doing The Angered Dead, and after the gates closed and the MOBs spawned my pets would not attack them at all. I resummoned the pets, still no go. I have had this happen to me several times since I started this WD this season, where the pets will not attack despite the enemies attacking me. I wanted to try and zone, but I was locked in and could not TP out.JediLounger0 19h
19h Characters Freezing My characters keep freezing up. They can use abilities but they can't move. I have heard that other people are having the same problem. I also heard that there might be a patch or something. Is there anything Blizzard or Diablo III or anybody who can fix this problem permanently?Ciar2 19h
20h Diamond Skin reset when In-Geom runs out. Bug with In-Geom and Diamond Skin (potentially other abilihties). I noticed today that when I have diamond skin on/activated and the In-Geom buff runs out the diamond skin buff/active gets reset. I do not think this should be the case.root0 20h
22h Wave of Light Bonus Damage Apologies as maybe i'm just being stupid here but on my Monk i have two items that increase my wave of light damage that should add up to 267% however my character screen says just 152%, is there a maximum of some sort?Phears0 22h
1d Character Freezing My characters keep freezing up. They can use abilities but they can't move. I have heard that other people are having the same problem. I also heard that there might be a patch or something. Is there anything Blizzard or Diablo III or anybody who can fix this problem permanently?Ciar0 1d
1d Vyr's arcane blast and strike not freezing. When utilizing Vyr's Archon. Archon's arcane blast and strike moves are not freezing a target unless the slowtime rune is chosen. Selecting a elemental rune for archon also forces combustion and chantodo's wave to damage in this element. This is an issue for those of us who have geared for a different element other than cold, but still wish for our Archon attacks to freeze the target. This will be especially useful for those wishing to drop Halo of Arlyse for the new Manald Heal.Christos2 1d
1d Character Freezing My characters keep freezing up. They can't move but they can use abilities. I've heard that other people have been having the same problem and that there might be a patch or something.Ciar0 1d
1d Campaign mode I have a problem. I have pass campaign mode but yesterday I decide to try some builds but... when I try to play on it, I see that the game clean my campaing mode and now I have to start another time my campaing. I don't want to pass another time the campaing, can someone solve it?darkzerodj1 1d
1d Glitch in Bounty - Kill all Underbridge I have one enemy left, the map is showing him in a corner of the back room, but there is nothing there and none of my critters is reacting to that corner so I cannot kill it, cannot finish the bounty Suggestions?Dorris00372 1d
1d drop me from the network waht is it for a !@#$??? he drop me from the networt, i dont can Play 1 Minute... i pay for this %^-*.....notorius1 1d
1d Bug with commerce and items share Hi everybody,i've got a problem while trying to commerce with other players in my party and when i try to take an item thrown away from another player in my group.The message says "the item belongs to the other player" and cannot be taken from me.The problem is,the other players in my group can commerce and take items even thrown away without any kind of trouble,except for me.Any suggestion on how to fix this? ThanksThocthar2 1d
1d G. Rift - Unable to Advance to Next Floor I just completed a greater rift 45 where I was unable to advance past the 2nd floor. When I clicked the door of the 3rd floor instead of advancing me to the 3rd floor like I expected my screen flickered black but did not bring up a loading screen or generate another floor. My character simply stood in place in front of the door. I was able to complete the rift by running back through the first 2 floors and finding straggler mobs to kill to fill up the progress bar and after the rift guardian spawned I was able to kill it and complete the rift as usual. I apologize that I'm not able to write a more useful bug report. I have been unable to reproduce the problem and don't have much more information. However I figured it would be best to bring it to your attention in case anyone experiences the issue.SwingDoom3 1d
1d Angry Chicken occationally doors dont open , unable to pick up items or open chests in chicken formhaug1 1d
1d Вылетает игра Игра вылетает стабильно каждый час, после выполнения поручений и прохождения нефалемского портала. Получить награду не успеваю. Код ошибки: AC75B809-9006-47B8-AD14-10264F247EA3Sherdi0 1d
1d Leorics Manor/Royal Quarters Bounty bug Leorics Manor Bounty does not apply to Royal Quarters. I was tasked with killing a special enemy and 100 other enemies. The special enemy spawned in the Royal Quarters along with many enemies and the bounty objective was not met when I killed it. I also only received progress to the 100 enemies objective when killing the enemies in leorics manor, not the Royal Quarters.NORRRRRRR0 1d
1d Boon of the Hoarder Broken? Only seems to work when it wants to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNph7-SKHKk&feature=youtu.be A brief video of my lvl 50 boon.WickedOdie2 1d
1d Bad Time To Be A Beast - 2 Years Unresolved Hi - people have been posting on this issue since almost 2014 with still no resolution Here's the issue: -Many people credit for "Killin' It" or other achievements for credit of 500K, 1M, etc. monster kills in rifts -Despite this, "Bad Time To Be A Beast", the achievement for 250k kills, still does not show up as earned or shows as 0/250K -There have been almost 300 posts on this over the past 2 years with no resolution -Tech tickets do nothing as they keep saying they can't do anything and they keep saying to post in QA -Please do somethingBigAlChubbs16 1d
1d Never received mail containing stash items Hi, I spoke with a GM earlier today and he told me this is a bug and to post a thread here. According to him last night was the first time I have logged onto Diablo3 since season 4 ended back in November, which is true. However, when I log onto my non-seasonal characters none of them have a mail icon to retrieve all the items from my seasonal stash during the transition. I have the gear those characters were wearing and what was in their inventory but nothing from my stash. From what I understand there is supposed to be a mail icon when I log into my non-seasonal characters containing all the stash items from my seasonal characters after the season ends. But I have no mail on any characters and they are not in any inventories. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. The GM did offer the option to roll back my account but he said I should post here first. I dont have a reference number but the GM's name was Rodburdel. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!dankem12 1d
1d crafting recipes nonworking not sure where to put this so hoping i get an answer here. playing diablo 3 on ps4. got Plan: archon armor of intelligence for the blacksmith. its in my inventory but pushing the button does not teach it to the blacksmith and it does not say i already know the recipe any help on this is apreciatedpeacebringer2 1d
1d Boss Mode timer still bugged any fix? The boss mode achievement is still bugged and I've yet to see a Blue response for this. I've repeatedly done this with a timer and have beaten it by anywhere from 15 seconds to a full minute and yet I always get 1-2 bosses with no credit. The timer seems to either speed up the last minute or stops giving credit around the same time. This is annoying as heck since it means in group or solo you're screwed. It's bad enough having to wait for all the death animation to finish on Diablo, Malthael, Belial etc to finish before you can port. It's even worse having to wait for Maltheal, Diablo, Urzael etc to stop talking so you can either continue to damage them or have them change phases. Now despite Blizzards comments to the contrary the death animations of Diablo, and Malthael especially do count against you on the timer. The same is true for phases not going because of talking etc. Edit: Just to make clear I'm starting my timer from the moment I enter the game. This has been tested solo, duo and 3 player wise using the other members of party to find boss entrances trick. I've also been present for every kill and had someone else time it as well and same thing.Malamess2 1d
1d Flail of the Ascended This item seems to be bugged sometimes and makes Shield Glare deal 0 damage even when consuming 5 stacks of Shield BashIulian6 1d
1d Seasonal stash gone as per http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/20275888/season-7-ending-soon-9-30-2016 "Items that are in your Seasonal stash will be sent through the in-game mail system to your non-Seasonal heroes. These items can be claimed by any non-Seasonal hero up to 30 days from the time you first log in after the Season ends." First time logged today after season 7 and have no mail. Thank you. edit: Looks like only solution is account rollback https://us.battle.net/support/en/rollback/d3/Vudu8 1d
1d Nemesis bracers and Kanai cube Hi ! I'd like to report a bug that occured to me tonight... When I tried to destroy the unique Nemesis bracers with Kanai cube and extract its power, the bracers vanished and no power was added to my collection... Can you explain me the phenomenon and/or help me to repair that bug please ? Thank you !Aewin1 1d
1d Friends List Disappeared Hi, I filed a report https://us.battle.net/support/en/case/detail/58044184 regarding my friends list having disappeared from my profile. In response, the person answering my query (Asmoranom), said he too is having this same issue. When I go to the us.battlenet site and click on my profile, my friends have suddenly all disappeared. They were there 2-3 weeks ago, and always have been. Something has happened 2-3 weeks ago to cause them to disappear. I can still view them in game, it is just at the us.battlenet site (my profile) that they can not be seen. I am in the Americas region, and have confirmed that I am logged in there. Please help. Many thanks, DWDarkWolf1 1d
2d WD gargantuans disappear after closing NR When doing Normal Rift speed runs for season 8 journey (6, 5,4 minutes) with two players (one is just about to kill the Rif Guardian while the other ports to town to close the rift), the Witch Doctor pet Gargantuans disappear after the timer expires and the player is returned to town. The Zombie Dogs are not affected and return with the player, but the Gargantuans seem to un-equip. They were not killed and visible before returning. Definitely repeatable and disconcerting when going into next NR and not having Gargantuans equiped ... Anyone else notice this?Graveheart0 2d
2d Corrupted Angel Bug with Video This has happened quite a few times now...maybe 12 to 15 times over this season and last which suggests a bug. When playing s2\m2 I sometimes get one shot by white corrupted angels or elite corrupted angels. It happened again just now with elusive up, dark heart and full travelers DR. This is a total of 4.2 billion toughness and was taken away in one shot by a corrupted angel. I can stand in the midst of 5 champ\elite packs and be fine but a single corrupted angel can one shot? Edit Just started an arreat map that had two angels near the entrance so I hit vengeance and elusive and ran around the two. Sure enough boom, 4.2 billion toughness gone in one shot. *UPDATE* I was able to take another video that shows full life to proc with all toughness buffs. You can clearly see the overhead strike by the angel on the far right is what does it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxhDFQ76dls&feature=youtu.beCyLaNt9 2d
2d Black Screen Black Screen when trying to go to next level im doing a rift and can not complete every time i try to go to lvl2 it just go's black and will not load up i can not complete occurred 2 times today getting rather annoyed blizzard game quality recently is getting poor hence i cancelled my wow subscription thought i would give this a go think i may start looking at playing rift instead or any other non blizzard game!Twag5 2d