Bug Report

Feb 5 BUG: Dead Enemies still being hit First! Thank you for your time and Epic game Sirs :) Setup: Crusader, Invoker, Season 9, Semi-High to High Attack speed as per class and gear limits. Punish and/or Slash set to Right click mouse button. Issue: Dead enemies are still being attacked in the air when attack speed is over 2.50, lowering clearing times dramatically. Description: When the Attack speed is above 2.50 - 3.00 (as when you proc a speed plyon), You don't stop attacking a dead ground based enemy that pops into the air until the corpse touches the ground. This issue is making clearing lower level Great Rifts take about two times longer then pre-patch 2.4.3 (when the ability to hit an enemy in the air was introduced) causing an enemy that takes 1 hit to kill, to absorb 3 to 4 hits before the crusader moves on to the next target. Thank you for your time sir. We really appreciate your long hours and hard work that goes into this wonderful game.kkthebeast0 Feb 5
Feb 5 GRIFT- Dark Vessel Elite Bugg? Not sure if worthy to report: Just had a Grift with a couple of Dark Vessel Elite packs. They transformed to normal Dark Thralls and dropped the globes and lost the "elite status" so you can just ignor them and wait a few seconds to collect the globs. Might cause that you can run through GRIFT way faster then you could.DeadChainer2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Haedrig's Gift Possible Bug So I just completed chapter 4 of the seasonal journey on my SC wizard. I saw the mail pop up on the bottom left of my screen for that last Haedrig's gift, but did not claim it. I then switched characters to my HC wizard to try to claim it and there is no mail icon. Any idea what's going on?Onim6 Feb 5
Feb 5 Mace of the Crows transmog missing Mystic is missing the Mace of the Crows transmog - both on Live (2.4.3) and 2.5.0 (PTR) servers. If you already have the transmog and used it on weapons, they appear as they should. Still, you can't choose it from the Mystic. Here is a short video: https://youtu.be/qkeP2Xi8eKIDimcho3 Feb 5
Feb 5 2.5.0 test realm bug. patch 2.5.0 public test realm bug. i having a warning poping up in game play. it happens 2 times when i return to town. this is the warning. 2/5/2017 11:30am sunday central time. warning your requst has timed out please try again (code 3006).chaos1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Character can't move (or was unable to move) I come to report certain error that happened to me today in the game and want information or advice on the bug . I was playing with my hardcore mage in a rift in Torment IX , when the guardian of the rift appeared (in this case Zoltun Culle ) my character has been completely rooted to the spot without letting any commands other than the primary attack from the archon . All my efforts to try to move, teleport, portal to go home or using skills another skill have been unsuccessful so I decided to try rushe the boss but unable to do anything but attack and use a potion have finished succumbing and losing the character. Does anyone know what this problem is? It is that in the English forums are some of these issues .Abhel2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Diablo Reap of Souls Hi , i have bought Diablo Reap of souls , on online shop, but i have just only 1 part , second part of game is apsent, what i need to do ?CrazyCat4 Feb 5
Feb 5 Jar of souls Bounty glitch. I was in torment x. Jar was activated, enemies were killed but not marked as completed or so I was told (I was in the game but not in the area). I verified it by going back into the area and there was items and the enemies were dead but no credit given.TheJiffiness1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Indestructible hasn't been triggered Greeting folks, while playing D3 in the current season with a hardcore crusader it now occourred the second time, with the second crusader, that my character dies, because the passive skill "indestructable" hasn't been triggered. The first death was against some trash mobs. My HPs dropped to "zero" aaand... a short delay of 1 second, as I looked forward to "Indestructable" to get triggered, but lol, no. I died. Second time was a few minutes ago against Azmodan. He spawns his giant fireball, I didn't dogded it, because of the knowledge that my passive skill will save me, but, same procedure as described above, a little delay around 1 second and I died. I'm a little bit frustrated now and won't play crusader for some time. Hope you guys can avoid this bug and I look forward that this one get fixed.Aldrich0 Feb 5
Feb 5 I need help with an achievement Hello, I need help with an achievement, precisely with the one of "wells of ambition" in spanish "pozos de ambición", which does not tell me the wells that I am taking. It stopped at 450 and from there it does not go up. What can i do?Cupido0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer bug Ashnagarr's Blood Bracer is not working with the 25 rank bonus of the Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard legendary gem. No matter what order I equip anything, the shield from the gem does not get multiplied by the bracer.Asu3 Feb 5
Feb 5 lACUNI HUNTRESS this mob have a bomb that cant be canceled by blind or when it is channeling HAVE UNLIMITED RANGE so its more like a ugly bug youve made thereArDoK0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Need for Speed Conquest bug Has just completed Rift on t10 less than in 2 mins, git awarded with the "2 min alarm" but not with the "Need for speed" conquest. can you fix it somehow please??Hunuz0 Feb 5
Feb 5 The Darkening of Tristram The portal never showed up for me for the entirety of January. Further, there doesn't appear to be any notification that an event even took place this month. Must be a bug.Ahti2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Monkey king (Sunwuko) set dungeon timer bug I just completed a few runs in the monkey king set dungeon trying to get the mastery. The last run, I made the objectives and cleaned it out with a second to spare. Yet I get the message saying I didn't make it in time. I took a screenshot (but don't see an option to post it here) Am I alone in having this timer issue?Gerwald5 Feb 5
Feb 5 Items disapeared from stash 1. Got Travelers set in inventory with Gogok of Swiftness imbued in amulet. Now I dont see any of both items. 2. Thought that I accidently destroyed it, but after I finished GR, particular stone was not dropped. 3. Checked my inventory very carefully, relogged, restarted game - no success. Neither items neither stone are presentKamelija1 Feb 5
Feb 5 NO SE GRABO LA PARTIDA Y TODO NUEVAMENTE use la version de prueba del diablo 3. jugue hasta matar al rey esqueleto y me pidio que pagar el juego la version completa, lo hice, y cuando volvi a iniciar, el juego dejo a mi personaje tal cual estaba en nivel 13 con su companero templario, pero volvio al comienzo de todo ... como pueden ayudarme por favorbjjshop0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Offline play Can I not play this game offline like I did with Diablo 3? I would really love to start playin,I currently have no internet at home.Amptron251 Feb 5
Feb 5 Final mob not dying I have attempted several times to do bounties today (2/4/17) and it is most predominately in Act IV. When I do the bounty on a cursed shrine or chest, in one of the waves, the final mob of the wave goes to near 0 hp's and then won't die. It doesn't attack anymore and is frozen in place. My companion and I can hit it and it shows "damage" but the mob won't die, leaving it so I can't finish the bounty or the event. I can zone out and come back in and the mob is still stuck. I then have to leave the game and start it again and hope I don't get that bounty again.Leandrum1 Feb 5
Feb 5 Molten gem shield not working with Ashnagarrs I have 60K health regen with Molten gem. That gives me 120K shield with Ashnagarr's equipped, which doesn't add up. Is this gem's shield not intended to benefit from Asnagarr's bonus to shields?minimacho0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Shadow mantle 6th bonus is bugged The impale damage is not 40.000% weapon damage more or like 10.000% or less weapon damage. and it doesn't proc bane of the trapped.Exiled0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Ptr Greater Rifts PTR when finishing a Greater rift give a timed out error code every time. I run 4 Straight GR's nowWildhammer0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Immortal Enemy During a Master difficulty, Solo regular Rift while on my lvl 48 Seasonal Witch Doctor this morning, minutes before I wrote this, I encountered an immortal Lacuni Huntress. (name found via one of its sister creatures that could be killed in the same level of the rift) Untargetable, cannot be hit by AoE effects, health does not show or drop at any point. Chased me over the entire map, attacked with all moves its kind has and could utilize those to damage me and my summons. Did not re-appear in the next level of the rift, thankfully, but when I went back to the previous floor to check if it was still there or had been made targetable, now two of it attacked me, both immortal. Could be that I missed one beforehand, because repeated tries of moving floors had no effect, staying to 2 immortal lacuni ladies attacking me each time I went back to the first level of the rift. Oddly, this is the second bug I've encountered this same night, with earlier the Alchemist's Brother quest bugging out when for the first time ever for me the chamber lead into the brother's location from the side instead of the top, causing the alchemist himself to be end up unmoving in the passageway just before the chamber his brother was in. I had to restart the game to do bounties for the bonus cache again.Eppon3 Feb 5
Feb 5 Set item is not able to be properly set. Hello. It seems a bug. I tried to set an set arms, Shield of the Steed and Frail of the Charge. Then I put Shield, then Frail drops. When setting Frail, then Shield drops. Both cannot be set properly.ems2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Invoker 6pc conflicting with Hack/Invoker2pc I've been running around in the recent season, leveling myself as a thorns crusader in hardcore, working towards getting Thorns of the Invoker. Got myself a "Hack" Legendary Axe at level 70, and have been enjoying clearing lower rifts. When I got my full set bonus for Invokers, I was quite excited, until I found an issue with how the set interracts with Hack. Prior to the 6pc bonus (800% thorns dealt to first target hit), the legendary effect of Hack had caused my attacks to trigger the AoE proc of the Invokers 2pc, allowing me to clear rifts in a reasonable time. On higher difficulties, where the 800% damage does not kill the target outright, it still deals AoE damage. The issue is that the old functionality ceases when the first hit kills the target outright. The damage from Hack is applied after the Invoker 6pc effect, rather than before it. This prevents the AoE from applying in several situations. As such, in order to clear lower rifts, I must remove pieces of my armor. In summary: Hack - x% of your Thorns damage is applied on every attack. Invoker 2pc - Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius around you.[These two combine to make the AoE attack effect.] Invoker 6pc - ... Punish and Slash ... deal 800% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit.[This effect applies before the previos interaction, and if it enemy hit is slain, that interaction will fail to occur.] The character that has come across the conflict in question is Ophilia, my hardcore Crusader. I believe this situation is quite odd and unintended, and as such I am reporting it as a bug. I hope it may possibly be an easy fix, to change which interaction is applied first. Thus, I can easily enter lower GRifts and Torments without having to take armor pieces off just to clear at a reasonable pace. Thank you for your time!zshiflett0 Feb 5
Feb 5 Skywarden still not working... Hi.Today I extract a power in Kanai's Cube - Skywarden.In the discription of this power I must get every 60 seconds a random Law buff.But this is not happening in any case.I tried to play Campaing,Adventure mode,remove Law from skill bar,but nothing help - the power is not working.I readed in forum that this problem is persisting from 2014 year.My question is - IS THIS REALY WORKS,or to chose other power?Deluchi2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Corruption shoulders only 2 yard pickup Corruption shoulders only rolling 2 yard gold pickup. A few seasons back these shoulders were changed to always roll with 7 yard gold pickup but now they seem to have lost it.JunoBug2 Feb 5
Feb 5 Bless You Bug Reporting as Blizzard suggested. Despite finding multiple applicable shrines, Bless You is not registering and completing as an achievement. The shrine that is not checking is Fortune (Increased chance to find Magic/Gold).taliyn1 Feb 5
Feb 5 No dye? Why do no merchants sell dyes any more?ShenaNagans7 Feb 5
Feb 4 error at grift endboss hello, my Problem was: in fight with endboss of grift I have left to town with wd and after mage has killed Boss I can't speak with ursi!! only got the loot!! WTF many thx in advanceTörtel0 Feb 4
Feb 4 KEYWARDEN OBJECTIVE REMAINS INCOMPLETE Chapter IV keywarden objectives are not completing in torment setting. Any one else have this issue?StinkKING1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Jade Harvester Bug Alright, hopefully this post makes sense. I'm using the Jade Harvester set (full 6 piece w/bonuses). Every so often when I cast Soul Harvest the mob (or mobs) hit 1 HP and then become unkillable. You can still see the damage numbers popping above its head, but it never dies or drops below 1 HP. Also, it doesn't seem to happen to bosses or elites. Only 'standard' mobs. I originally thought it was when I charmed a mob using the Henri’s Perquisition offhand and it was bugging out mobs that way. But I just recently bugged out a couple of mobs and I'm pretty sure I didn't have that mojo on at the time. It doesn't happen often, maybe 1 run out of 10-15, and for rifts and GRs I can just skip those mobs, but when it happens to key mobs in stuff like bounties, then you have to restart the entire game (since you can't kill the mob, complete the bounty, etc.) Since it happens so rarely, it's hard to tell if it's solo and multiplayer (I don't do very many solo runs). But I can leave the game, restart the client and my group mates still can't attack and kill the mob. Anyone have an idea what's going on? I main witch doctor and this Jade Harvester set is awesome. Would prefer not to have to switch sets just to keep from bugging mobs out.Jophon0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Rift Guardian For some reason just had a game where the rift guardian half spawned. His character showed up but no name or hp. The mobs also did not despawn. Someone in the group used nemesis braces on a power pylon right before we hit 100%. This bug locks up the right and makes it unable to be finished as the guardian never spawns.slipknot78011 Feb 4
Feb 4 Archon does not work When I shoot my archon skill with the lightning rune does not work, the rune is not activated and I still shoot with arcane instead of rays can fix it plzeWiNaZo0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Reduced damage from my barb...suspected bug. I don't know whether its due to the new PTR patch but a few days ago i was cruising through torment XII greater rifts and now that i have logged in i can't even beat torment VII GR's. What is going on? i tried to unequip and re-equip my items, checked my skills and still all looks bad. Is there anything that I'm missing?Uldyssian1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Upgrade to full game and progress lost? So I'm about to request a refund. I played on PS3 a while back and decided to try it out on PC. Bet the Skeleton king when I was asked if I wanted to buy the full game. I went through to purchasing, went with the full edition with the expansion.. Go back to the game, can't progress - no way to continue my quests. Decided to restart, and upon restarting I'm now back to the beginning quest and cannot pick up where I left off. I'm level 12 and have the Templar with me, and have all of my items from beating the skeleton king.. but I have to start at the beginning. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I want to contact Blizzard support but literally have no way to as it directs me to these forums. If I can't find a way to get back to where I left off in an hour or two I'm just going to get a refund. Really don't want to spend my weekend doing the same thing 2x over.Meatwad0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Maggot Brood kills not counting for achievs I've killed them twice already, both maggot brood champion pack and rare one, but the achievements "no time for losers" and "the trophy life" won't acknowledge it. Yes, I did it in hardcore. Only that I did it in nephalem rift. Which shoudn't be a problem, since I've got achievements by killing stuff the same way.Reingp10 Feb 4
Feb 4 Season 9 - Cursed Chest of the Meteor Season 9, Act IV, the Cursed Chest of the Meteor is still bugged. Even if I manage to kill all the Elite components, the chest won't open and I fail the event. Still there in Season 9MoonRainbow1 Feb 4
Feb 4 PTR armory Gems socketed into items are returned upon storing a set which I think is really unnecessary and also creates a loophole where people can set an armory slot config with all items they want to unsocket and simply swap sets, thus bypassing the need to have the jeweler remove them. Oddly though the snapshot still shows which gems you had socketed into the itemsKharn1 Feb 4
Feb 4 Item causing fps drop The item Deathseer's cowl cause my game to drop from 130 fps to 30 fps. Transmog to something else fixes this issue, and transmog another item to cowl cause the same issue. I play male monk and have not tried to replicate this on any other character.Markiin0 Feb 4
Feb 4 can`t see the pointer on the screen I can`t see the pointer on the screen while playing or in the menu so I can barely play...masterjuan3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Manald Heal have major bugs. Manald heal dont work with, % lightning damage, Furnace 50% dmg to elites, Bane of the powerful, and more i heard. when will this be fixed? thxStormtiger0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Recipe Plans Bug since 2015 ... After a lot of Bounties/Green Goblin i still didnt get Sage's Recipe and 3 more, almost 2 years and this isnt fixed yet, 1st time in 9 season that this happen to me, i created another toon and got powerleveled did bounties and got the same result NO recipe, FIX THIS ASAPDarthNihilus4 Feb 4
Feb 4 Lost some Kanai abilities after switch hero. I have lost some Kanai abilities e.g. nemesis bracer, Kyoshiro 's soul, Lefebvre soliloquy and more. It seem to be happen when I enter my friends game then I switch to my DH I play rift my DH wear nemesis but when I active shrine there is no elites comes out. the I use my DH to put legendary gem in to my stash. Then I switch back to my monk again. But I found that I have lost my Kanai abilities e.g. nemesis bracer, Kyoshiro 's soul, Lefebvre soliloquy and more. What's wrong???SuperiUm0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Crusader - Fist of the Heavens Hey, guys. Haven't played Crusader in a long while. Noticed not one, but two apparent bugs with the following skills: Fist of the Heavens: Divine Well I'm not seeing any zaps happening - just bolts travelling outward. Fist of the Heavens: Heaven's Tempest Doesn't create those 8 yard fiery storms. CheersDarquan2 Feb 4
Feb 4 Fauds Journal Fauds Journal is still not dropping for me. after all this time. Is there a fix or does it drop somewhere else these days. ? Edit : there was no drop or xp given. however after checking now i have been awarded the journal..Kaltorak0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Missing hero list I have been playing for almost 2 weeks and when I login my hero are gone and the game ask me to create new hero and start from the beginning. Please look into it ThanksChongy5 Feb 4
Feb 4 DARK TRISTRAM!! WHHHHYYYY i did the "dark tristram" run like 8 times with 3 different characters and even killed the last unique i needed to get the last achievement and still never got it. i dont know if its a bug or if i just got shafted but is there anyway this event will come back? i only need one and My OCD is killing me right now lolEpicTemplar1 Feb 4
Feb 4 2 bug season guest - champion 1) destroyer of rifts - finish X n. rift unde 6 min 2) UP AND AT GEM - lvl legendary gem lvl 35+ 1) i finish nephelem rift X many times under 6 or 5 min and the q still not complete 2) i have 2 gem lvl 40+ and this same problem, q not completeSonDraken1 Feb 4
Feb 4 [Achievement] "The seconds", probably bug. Help. Hi everyone. I was trying to do the achievement "The seconds" but I can't complete it. I killed 12+ thralls in less 5 seconds between each one for nothing. Please, someone tell me how to do it.Cuyi3 Feb 4