Bug Report

Jan 15, 2015 Leoric Crown increase gem effect not working It is a level 70 item, but has required level reduced by 17.Girondin2 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Crusader Combat Bug - Shield Bash - Pound The skill activates 1st with rooted CC and then damages one enemy far out of charge range and even on different height levels that are on edge of screen. Also in some instances can hit through walls using this as long as a door is open for mob or player to reach each other and you are out of charge range. Screenshots: Before: http://imgur.com/G1wQbu5 After: http://imgur.com/3Obzq4zOreas0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Clans communities editing issue... Im the leader of my clans "Ces Gars-Là", but somehow I can't no longer edit/add/remove/invite players or see my other members in my clans. I have them in my chat and they still have the CGL in front of their names. When I check my status in communities it says I'm a member (not the leader). Whats happening?Traçeurs1 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 error code 319045 I can not leave my clan and the clan chat is not working. It will not let me leave the clan..Timmygonepc0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Monk Unity passive not working? The monk unity passive skill does not work as previous to patch. When I had it equipped, both my follower and my mystic allies showed up as "damage" increase. Now nothing happens when I run around killing with unity, it does not show up at all in my damage as a boost. Ive unequipped it, re-equipped it, left game, came back in, restarted computer, and then restarted game. The monk Unity passive does not show up as a damage increase at anytime. Previous to patch, worked fine.Legion0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Curse of Resistance bugged with Harmony passi Still happens in 2.1.2, quoting from PTR bug report forum: ... ... ... ...M510 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 ???? no puedo jugar mas de media hora que se cuelga y tengo que reiniciar la maquina.y otra cosa.no compre este juego para entrar a un portal y que me salgan ositos,nuvesitas,arcoiris y todo tipo de pelotudeces.en vez de hacerlo mas gothico no entiendo como hacen ese tipo de mariconadas.etehoc0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Enchant - Barb enchants Intel as main stat http://i.imgur.com/OHMcZzj.jpgQtriNitY1 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Zuni's Boots Spend a lot of time trying to get these... Rolled about 5000 Blood Shards done many t6 rifts... I've gotten about 5 jade boots 6 helltooth and about 10 blackthornes boots... no zuni... Anyway to get some feedback if maybe the drop rate is glitched or something? I thought these were fairly common...Heyduk0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Rift Boss not spawning Good day captains. The rift bosses havent been spawning for me on the Elite Rift Floor 11. This is the 2nd day in a row when ive gotten to floor 11 they have not spawned. (lost 2 key stones and I would have just made it in time too). Seems to be just floor 11 though. It's spawned on every other floor for me.XenoMarkov0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Rift Keystone Stacks Rift Keystone Fragment stacks only stack to 100, but other materials are stacking to 1000. this is probably just a simple typo in the coding where someone left off a zero, but it seems bugged that not everything is stacking equally.Morogoth10 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 My ancient items seem to deal incorrect dmg I was crafting an ancient "Devastator" on my wizard, and I got an ancient "Firebird Source" as well. I tried it out in a greater rift and noticed that the dots damage didn't increase, even though it increased alot on paper (Increased by 1 000 000 elemental dps). I also noticed while playing my barbarian that I was dealing very little damage as well, after I found an ancient weapon that should do 33% according to stat changes. While I was playing in a party with my friends I did very little damage to the mobs (using The "Legacy of Reakor" set). When I found a champion and an elite pack I could charge several times only to reduce the HP of the mob by a small amount. Then another partyplayer came by and steamrolled it like nothing.Macci0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 failed to complete Shrine of Rakanishu bounty I finished the event, but I did not get a success message and it is still marked as an uncompleted bounty on the map. screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/0mjRUYm.jpgcuriousbob1 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Help! I cant see my mouse pointer in game? I can not see my mouse pointer anymore. I have made no changes to my settings. Its there but cant see it. I dont know what to do.Durka1 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 100 Paragonlvl didnt view Hi, after downloading the new Patch i lost 100 Paragonlvl ... from 560(non Season) to 460 and 432(Season) to 332. The Paragonpoints are from the real lvl i had.Lincotas780 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Bounty epic fail While doing bounties in act V, after 2.1.2 update. The first bounty(Rebellious Rabble), entered the Contested Villa, but couldn't open the doors. So, EPIC FAIL, again.MiniTitan0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Ancient item rolling with incorrect values An ancient hellcat waistguard dropped for me and rolled 4% damage to elites (range was 3-6%). After reroll i got 8% and now the range shows 5-8%.EZmode0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Clan interface unavailable! Hey there, Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this bug where your clans interface isnt an option? My clan tag is visible in chat but we are unable to load our interface and view logged members and post news ETC! Anyword on a hotfix?PheralRage2 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Goblins Do Not Flee Into Portal This only happens in The Goblin Packs of like 10+ goblins but ill test another pack when i find it But the goblins do not enter their portal to escape Hit the goblin it flees hit it again flees bet then i leave them alone and they never go through the portal i had a pack of like 10 goblins they all spread out figured def wasn't gonna get them all but nope ran around a lil and they were all just sitting in spots so far got 100% goblins kills in 2 diff packsDark0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Catastrophic Gem of Efficacious Toxin Bug I've looked through several of the threads posted on this bug but none of them point to any concrete cause of this character killing glitch. However I think I've discovered it. Every time the gem has tried to kill me it has been when the effect is applied to an elite or champion that has the reflect damage affix and possibly any monster that can reflect your attacks back at you, such as the Dervishes. If the effect is applied to a monster while this affix is active it's game over. Over several characters I have noticed that when the poison is applied to the player they will stay poisoned until they die. Not even the passives that let you cheat death will save you. So far the only thing that has saved any of my characters from permanent death (HC player) is the Firebird set resurrection bonus, probably because you actually do die and all buffs/debuffs are removed. If and until this character killing bug is fixed I'd advise against using the Gem of Efficacious Toxin. If you want a gem that applies a similar effect the Pain Enhancer's bleed effect seems to be safe from this bug.Biohazard0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Clan error. Code 319045 Since maintenance the clan that I am part of has been unable to clan chat. Get Code 319045. Is there some kind of easy fix to this?false0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 15, 2015 Clan functionality broken or non functioning Since the Tuesday's patch on Jan 13th, it seems that the clan functionality is broken or non functioning. My clan members are all gone, clan chat elicits an error, and everyone has disapeared from the clan team list. i get a code "319012" when trying to get on clan chat as well. Would someone advise if this is an isolated incident or more global. I tried to open a request, but it appears difficult to actually open a ticket under most D3 topics. Thank youTony0 Jan 15, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 No resurection bar in Nephalem rift I die in Nephalem rift and I do not have a resurrection bar... I was forced to quit and restart the game :( http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=15/03/gegj.jpgShagad2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 loot disappearing from game right after patch Loot in the game is disappearing before it hits the ground. Not getting gold either. The flip animation of the loot shows up but nothing appears. Video of the bug in action: http://youtu.be/hoRH_pcQSgEkryokon7 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Heretic's abode secret Okay, so I noticed something a couple of months ago concerning the Heretic's abode. If the wizard uses his Black Hole skill inside the building, in the middle of the circle, he'll hit a corpse that was hidden underneath the floor. Damage counters will pop up, the corpse will fly across the room for a bit, yadda yadda. That's all fine and dandy, and I used to think Blizzard just left that thing in there as a bit of an easter egg. The problem with that is that actually attacking the corpse like that removes the functionality of the room itself. You can no longer open portals there once you've attacked it. I'm not sure if any portals already opened disappear once you attack it and I'm not about to try it out for myself (it takes a while to gather the materials, y'know) but that seems like a weird function to put on an easter egg. I'm guessing whatever is underneath the floor there might be the object holding the script that handles the portals, but I can't be sure. Googling it didn't give me any results, but I'm sure other people have noticed this too. Is there anyone who can actually shed some light on this? As some additional info: - The part of the corpse that pops up is a human torso. - There are two of these inside the building, hitting either one causes the "bug". - Damage counters pop up like normal, not sure if it has any resistances. - I haven't personally tried this with any skills besides Black Hole, but not just any AoE skill works. You need an AoE skill that also has something going downwards.Rejuvenation12 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Corpse Raiser elites not dropping loot It seems everytime I defeat corpse raiser elites and the vile bats that spawn afterwards, no elite loot is dropping. I am not getting the message "Corpse Raiser was slain by Sinfonian!" nor is Bane of the Powerful being triggered. Yes, I am making sure all the vile bats are being slain so that is not the issue.Sinfonian0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Clan functions are messed up When I hover over my clan, it says: This clan is unavailable at this time. I can't chat with my clanmates either. I get error code 319045. Please fix.Grimed2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Cannot see names above players anymore I'm playing on PC, and for some reason suddenly I am not able to see player names above players anymore. I have "display player names" enabled in the options. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any clue what might be causing this?devastat3 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Smashing a pigme swarm causes loot lag! I'm not quite sure if this problem can even be fixed or if this is even a bug, but I was on my Raekor barb running through a t6 rift in a party when I happened across a beautiful herd of many a pigme. So I charged through them slaughtering 90% of them within 2-3 seconds, got a good chuckle out of them all dying so fast, but i noticed when I killed more and more with every charge my latency jumped to 600+. At first I thought it was just me, but I asked the other people in my party and also asked around my friends list a bit. As it turns out other people are having this problem as well. My theory is that either client side bandwidth or server side bandwidth cannot handle the amount of loot generated in such a short amount of time. Any thoughts?Fate0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Не корректно работает легендарный камень. Здравствуйте. На мне одет сет "Мантра Инны" и вставлен камень "Тхэнгык" . Исходя из описания этот камень должен увеличивать урон на 0.5% при каждой трате духа, но этого не происходит от использования умения "Хлещущий Ветер" которое за счет сета стоит для мня 5 духа. В случае с остальными умениями это эффект срабатывает.Мэдбрат0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 mein kriderschuss ist verschwunden?! hy erst lezte woche ist von meinen WD die sumpfland hose verschwunden und jz gerade eben ist der kriderschuss von meinen DH verschwunden bitte um hilfe.DrKaOz1 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Not getting Nefalem Valour Hi! I have a problem with Nefalem Valour... briefly I can't get it! I'm 60 lvl Barb and when I kill some elite or sth I don't get any NV although I'm playing on Torment 3 (single mode). Did you encounter this problem before? DO you know how to fix it? Just to add, I'm playing with RoS.BASIOR2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Trash mobs present after RG Spawns Exactly as the title says, was playing a Greater Rift (level 39 if it makes a difference) with my DH, RG spawned (he spawned faaaar away on the map as well) but all the enemies in the level were still present, had to fight my way thru 1/2 the level full of enemies to even get to RG. wasn't able to beat the timer as a consequence.borlosky0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Collision/stuck issues Playing after the patch, my seasonal monk seems to have an incredible number of issues colliding with terrain, or sometimes when nothing seems visible at all. I get stuck in doorways, crossing bridges, running into pillars, and I even noticed not being able to pass through "molten" mobs explosion animations. I was constantly needing to take change direction, back up, move around, etc. in order to get un-stuck. I don't recall having these issues before, and certainly not to the point where it was frustrating me when trying to play. This was in rifts, in the general world, in town, everywhere. I will try with different characters to see if it is specific to my monkChalmus0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 RG spawned - all other mobs stayed Not sure if this is a new bug, or an old one... I just did a GR33, and when the RG spawned he ended up 10-15 screens away from me. To make matters worse, none of the normal mobs disappeared. I had to waste an extra few minutes just searching for the RG, while still fighting everything else.Rath2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Calamity is not applying the mark My sentries and pets use to apply the mark, but with this latest patch the mark is only applied by my personal shots. Please fix.VykinG0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 monk cant move hi. in the last month and now after the new pach, I having a problem with my monk player, that he stuck and you cant move, and cant go town... you need only to reset the game.zappa840 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Greater Rift/Bounty Boss Battle issue I'm having the same issue I was having in the PTR with entering bounty boss battles while in a co-op game. I play with the same 3 people every time I play. We start at Greater Rift level 1 and work our way up. We wait to kill the rift boss until less than 60 seconds left on the timer, so we level up 1 keystone level at a time. We do bounties in the mean time to kill time while the timer goes down. We've been doing it since before PTR came out. Something we've been experiencing is that whenever someone clicks the boss encounter in a bounty, it only lets 1 person in, and doesn't show the boss encounter pop up...even when everyone is standing next to the person who clicks it. Once they click accept to enter, it automatically lets them in, and nobody gets the pop up. It doesn't matter who clicks it, it only lets the person who clicks it in. Nobody else. As far as I know, this only happens when there's a Greater Rift open.MissyChrissy1 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 40 Goblins :3 Screenshot 1: http://i058.radikal.ru/1501/a7/39f2b1b89a91.jpg Screenshot 2: http://s018.radikal.ru/i507/1501/4d/69084972d4f9.jpg Screenshot 3: http://s019.radikal.ru/i620/1501/2a/c5ba2ee17477.jpg Screenshot 4: http://s017.radikal.ru/i407/1501/7d/b42b4ef8a93c.jpg Надеюсь я вам помог. :)GCI2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Disconect !!! Bin gerde vom sever geflogen und hab dabei mein invernale maschine verloren bitte um ersatz!Neobit0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Normal rift map - no exit/end. Patch 2.1.2. Dalghur Oasis map on a normal rift has no exit to next level or exit obelisk. I ran into this map two times last night and both times no exit. I think one time it was level 1 of the rift and it was big enough to spawn the guardian. The other time it was higher than level 1 (rift guardian spawned on this one too but forgot which level).TheDude0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Boon of hoarder dropping in Greater Rift My buddy got it twice, two different chars. Intended? If not, get it while it lasts.TheIrishOne2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 All item affixes not showing at the enchanter All item affixes not showing up at the enchanter. Here is an example of this. http://i.imgur.com/pY529FX.jpg See this screen shot. I thought I can craft this quiver and just re-roll the attack speed into something else. But no. The game will not let me. If an item has more than 6 affixes, then not all of them will show up at the enchanter. And there is zero way to scroll through them to pick the one I want to change. Also it's strange that it's not the bottom ones (secondaries) that are cut from the enchanter's list. it's the 2nd affix that is not shown. So if you have an item with more than 6 affixes you have to hope that the one you want to re-roll is shown. For me it is not. For my loss till this bug is fixed.the8thark2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 This Clan Is Unavailable At This TIme Everything concerning my clan is unavailable. However, my avatar still displays my clan's name.CosmicBlue2 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Can't Resurrect-T6-Liv2 Rift-SinglePlayer Simply, i died and i could not choose an option for resurrection. Had to exit game and start again to continue playing. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/5kTMj03MeRLoZ0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 3006 error on america server Im having problems with the ping and lost of data, sometimes getting 3006 error on retrieving hero list step to sign in. and when i do enter is impossible to have a good experience in-game. This has never happened before. When i change to europe server i get no lag at all. Scanned and Repair the game Flush DNS And still with the lag. Plz HelpCoolio0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Minor Bug - Lost Mine Bounty Running Act 1 Bounties, Lost Mine in F.O.M - Tashun the Miner had no merchant functions - he could repair gear, but you couldn't sell him stuff or buy from him though the buback button was still enabled. Hit it twice, same both timesspacecadet130 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Achivement bug after patch 2.1.2. Greetings form Poland and excuse me for my English but i have a small problem. I am an achivemnt hunter in Diablo 3 and in the newest patch you removed Lord of Bells from the requirements for the achievent to kill all rift bosses. So now I have everything ticked however a still don't have the achivement. Can you refresh my account or do sth to get it work properly? Please if a player has 99% of achivements every 10 more points is priceless. Can you please do something about it? Changing the password method doesn't work. I know you can :)Yaruzel0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Resurrect UI bug in Neph Rift The timer to ressurect at corpse is displayed in Normal Rifts. Pic http://dev.mongokatten.nu/d3/d3bug.jpg (the counter is stuck at 27) What might have triggered it: 1. Die in GR and increase timer(to 30?) 2. Die after GR timeout(get revived by friend straight away - the ressurect at corpse is red(clickable) and counting down) 3. Ressurect at corpse 4. Kill guardian 5. close rift 6. open normal rift 7. die :( 8. ???? 9. profit(image above) 10. die again >:( 11. same UI bug A few minutes after writing this post, die again: http://dev.mongokatten.nu/d3/d3bug2.jpg EDIT: Reproduced by doing the same above, seems like the text on the "resurrect at corpse" button isnt properly updated after it has displayed "resurrect at corpse - XX" with XX being the countdownMongokatten0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 Legendary gem drop when i already heave it Hello, i have 4 seasonal characters. Most of the time i play on crusader, and sometimes on mage. On mage i have socketed 2 leegndary gems - Zei’s Stone of Vengeance and Gem of Efficacious Toxin. I was playing on crusader before patch and in grifts i was getting a default drop of items. After patch ive cleared 2 grifts with my crus and Zei's dropped in first grift, and after that in second grift Toxin gem dropped, while i have both of them socketed on my another seasonal champ. I guess thats a bug, thanks. P.S. Sorry for poor english.Sevatar1 Jan 14, 2015