Bug Report

Dec 14, 2014 Corrupted Angel Elite Health Scaling Too High All elite versions of the corrupted angel enemy type have far more health than they should. I was running rifts a lot this weekend, cutting through all elite packs on T2 in less than 10 seconds per pack. All except for corrupted angels, that is, which took anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes of constant attacks to kill them. Compare that to 1-2 minutes for the rift guardians themselves. They did not have the shielding, extra health, or health link affixes which might have explained the difference.Terminsel1 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Name of Monk- Spell displayed false(Tiny Bug) In PvP when you get killed by the Mystic Fire ally special ability the spell wich killed you is displayed as some weird "not found" thing. It says !!Missing!! - 52026:X1_Monk_MysticAlly_RuneA_Explode_name ...Ehmbar0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Breastplate of Akkhan enchant problem? I have enchanted this piece of gear roughly 25 times now and there are a total of 8 possible outcomes according to ingame. I wanted select the enchant reduce damage from elites by 10-11%. Just would like to make sure it isn't a bug and it is possible otherwise im wasting lots of resources... At a rate of 2 possible enchants each time and I want just the 1 out of 8 possible, it seems like I will never get it. I should have received it by now.Cram4 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 In-game chat spam Due to the constant bombardment of gold selling spam, I think a good solution would be to simply disable general/trade chat for trial accounts. I somehow doubt that buying a new account every time one gets muted would be a very profitable venture for these people. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't seem to find one dedicated to game feedback.Herbivore0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Can't Create Clan w/ Same Name After Disband I created a clan, then decided to disband it so someone else can create it rather than just transferring leadership. I can't seem to create a new clan by the same name; it says it's already taken. Will the name be released and allowed to be created again? If so, how long do I need to wait? If not, anything I can do about it?Chaoticaa0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Diablo: Greater rift failed pickup key Suddenly after killing the greater rift guardians I can pick up everything EXCEPT a bag glowing purple (which I assume are greater rift keys) and it tells me my bag is full. But my bag ISN'T full, because I can pick up everything else. This has happened on 3 or 4 greater rifts now. The objects just stay on the ground and glow purple.TraumaJunkie2 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 delete deleteMalgalad0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Seasonal Transmogrification losses Hi everyone, I 've created same topic on EU forums and no one bother to answer, I lost the seasonal transmogrifications if a blue can help cause I don't know why, I got all classes 70 on first season, Any characters I play seems not havent the transmog, I remember having the transmog a few days after the season's release, If someone can help me out ? Regards,Blairiole0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 link europe server to australia server hi, i am an Australian player who's now playing in Europe reagion, i really wish to have Europe region be able to connect to the up coming Australia server, or can you please have my account transfer to America server? i am winning to pay for the transfer if it cost! thanks!balloon2160 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Game Crash I got this code 3F849B94-F7AA-457A-B3C6-934FBBCCC0D6 when I was playing my game please help!daMonkZ0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Diablo 3 NPC Name bug I was in multiplayer, Dahlgur Oasis in Diablo 3, and while fighting the Keywarden that appears in this area.. I believe his title is "Sokahr the Keywarden" When i died to the NPC instead of stating what i died to.. it gave the message "SinDragon was slain by "!! MISSING RARE NAME!! MISSING RARE NAME!" It was listed all capital letters. I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not.. or something that is a known issue. i just thought i'd let someone know. I also have a screen shot of the incident. Thanks, Map.SinDragon3 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Punish runes don't proc gems Punish AoE or lightning (single target) proc nothing including toxic gems and pain enhancer (crit gem)... I think this is bug as the main attack for these runes was given reduced proc rates (I assume because effects are intended to also be proccing?) and because the toxic gem and pain enhancer gems proc off of literally every other skill in the game including other procs (wreath), pets, AoE, etc. These gems should either be proccing on the rune damage or the rune should have the per hit proc rate boosted to 100%, as there is no reason to reduce the proc rate on a skill that is single target.Hepcat0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 ROS Xbox One 2.1 Crashing The game will crash when playing coop with my wife. It will randomly crash, and put us back to the Xbox dashboard. We can solo play without issues though. Any ideas?lgwells10 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Some minor bugs: http://i.imgur.com/cim4GPh.jpg The double message of engagement. Could it be because of the two players in the game (me and the ally)? The boss did not have the illusion spell (usually that message bug pertains to them). http://i.imgur.com/IfsRHqK.jpg If you look at the message box, down, in the left corner you'll see two separate messages of two Corpse Raiser groups encounter. After they were defeated the "killed" line did not kick in although the elite packs were eradicated. This happened before in normal rifts in the same type of dungeon but with other flying units.deepstrasz0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Gem Upgrade failed 3 times in a row at 100% Hi. I was doing public greater rifts. The first was lvl 27 or something like that and my gems at lvl 26 failed 3 times in a row at 60% - this can happen but is bad luck. The rift after was at level 37 and I had 100% chance of upgrading my gems. I first tried my Gogok gem twice - both attemps failed. Then I tried my toxin gem (also showing 100%) failed as well. I guess it shouldn't be like that.Visible0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 crusader reusable parts dropped.Can't pick up When I want to collect grey weapons from weapon's rack , they drop and then disappear like health potions, but don't register in my inventory..I can't collect them.vinko1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Urshi MISSING In greather Rifts Lvl31. I finish GR lvl31 in time, but Urshi are Missing. I can't finish te GR and can't recive my reward. I Lose 32lvl stone and reward to finnish GR (gold and experience). 1/12/2014--about 16:00PMTadyus811 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Stuck in wall with my Witch doctor I got stuck in a wall in a greater rift lvl 20 named Greater rift floor lvl2 while fighting the rift guardian with my witch doctor ( Voodoodoll ), luckily my pets and spells were able to kill him but Urshi didn t appeared so I didn t get the rewards and could not close the rift.I had to teleport to town and come back by the main entrance of the rift to collect the bounties on the ground.vinividivici1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Bug in 4K resolution support Hello, There appears to be a bug in the support for 4K resolutions. If I play at 4K (i.e., 3840 X 2160), the game stutters whenever my mouse cursor hovers over an object or NPC that is highlighted. In other words, the game will work just fine, but will stutter as long as the mouse hovers over the blacksmith or his anvil (so that the text it shown). The problem is substantially reduced if I run the game in Windowed (Fullscreen) mode rather than Fullscreen mode. It's also slightly improved if I set the "Max foreground FPS" to 60. Even with both of those settings corrected, however, the problem is still pretty bad. The problem is not affected by any other settings - if I set everything to low, turn shadows off, and use "low FX" mode, the problem remains the same. And, of course, if I drop down to the next resolution (2560x1400), the problem immediately goes away. Thanks!Try0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Couldn't pick up rift stone When I pick up a normal rift stone. The number of rift stone didn't change. I'll be soon out of rift stone. I can still pick up great rift stone. Is this a bug?BhgTiger0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Gibbering Gemstone Hey I am searching for the Gibbering Gemstone. but I got te fieling a had i before some 3 years ago but dropt it is this even posible? greetings JeroenJeroen2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 RoS Orders from Azmodan bug This may just be me, I did a quick search and couldn't find anyone else reporting this, and it may very well only be an issue in adventure mode. When I click on a messenger of Azmodan in adventure mode it will always drop #6 making books 1-5 inaccessible. I've tried this with multiple characters, but only in adventure mode. This has only recently been an issue that I've noticed this, while replaying the game with new characters since RoS came out.rapeseedoil4 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Bounty bug(double elite mob) In one of the bounties i've seen a duplicated elite mobs. They're both was displayed on the map. Screenshot (i killed one of them.)Mother0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 rimeheart bugged It doesn't do anything 99% downtime on proc. Surely this wasn't intended?Toymachine1 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 no credit for killing skeletal crawler In solo game, T6. Last blue mob for achievement is skeletal crawler, have killed several times. I keep hearing/reading how this is going to be fixed for check box items not being checked off when completed..but patch after patch it is not fixed. When will this REALLY be fixed?Zendiablo0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Code 5016 - Cannot add new friend I restarted playing Diablo 3 again and purchased Reaper of Souls. I have noticed that I can no longer add any friends. I get an error Code 5016 stating that my friend list is full. I have removed all my previous friends, having zero right now, but still experiencing this same error. Can you please assist and provide a fix please?DKSILVER0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Grift guard problem PTR monk in great rift lv2, when the bar's full, the creatures near me were killed but rift guard didnt show himself, i ran half the map to look for him, however, i found creatures not killed in other part of the map. rift guard disappeared. the map is the tunnel of westmarchZioYang0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Act 5 Uniques I've not found with any certainty in these forums or on the wider net that confirms all uniques can spawn or of anyone actually getting them all. A recurring shortlist of unique monsters keep coming up as the ones that cannot be found. In particular: Gout Foot Johnson Fearby the Prowler Gozmol Yellow Ledbiter Johnathan Muddlemore Can Blizzard please confirm that these monsters spawn. And if they are bugged... well.. fix it. please.cleaner6675 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Screen flickering when launching D3 I start diblo with the battlenet client (with administrator priveleges), the game sound is working ok, but the screen is flickering: desktop - black screen with diablo hand shaped cursor - back to desktop. At some point a system message may show: "An error occured resetting D3D. Click ok to retry." Rarely, the flickering stops, and everything works as supposed to. Quite rarely. I'm running Win7 home premium on i7-4770K / 8gb RAM / SSD intel 530 / MSI R9 290 GAMING 4G. Two screens with different resolutions. All the drivers are up to date. Before installing the SSD I had Win7 premium, and D3 was functioning just fine then.TeedsonASUS0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 TRENNUNG VOM NETZWERK! hallo seit geraumer Zeit funktioniert mein Diablo nicht mehr richtig ich spiele ein paar Minuten und dann Bekomme ich die Meldung ``Trennung vom Netzwerk`` das verdirbt mir ziehmlich den Spaß am Spiel vorallem weil ich z.B. meine Portalschlüsselsteine dann verschwendet habe vieleicht kan mir da jemand helfen. danke im vorraus: Talitabitalitabi0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Merciless witch/ uber magda still bugged I'm on the ptr just messing around and doing ubers. Uber diablo spawns über magda. At 25% life she has a shield up that won't go down and I can not kill her. INVINCIBLE MAGDA. bug still exists blizzard hope you can fix it soon.devilcrys4me0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Leoric's Crown is Buged The % of effect of gems socketed to Leoric's Crown doesn't add up. Do the math yourself.CaptAmerica2 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 Just lost everything on one of my mules 1) make game 2) invite friend to the game to "hold down the fort" 3) drop everything from my mule onto the ground 4) leave game and create new char to pick up items 5) everything on the ground no longer there. Friend watched them all disappear I was still in party this whole time. I haven't done anything wrong :/ The character I dropped them from is "Bogart." She's now powered up to lvl 70, but you can see what she was carrying from her PTR copy (which is still a mule at lvl 28). Please help. Thanks!Balrog0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 It keeps kicking me off during g rifts? After about 5 g rifts it kicks me off nearing the end of the 6th consecutive rift. I keep loosing rift stone/ gem upgrades cause I loose all of my highest keys. I know it's not my connection and I have had several clan members complain of the same issue.JazzmynRayne0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Arcane Torrent - Flame ward + Treasure Goblin During single player Act I bounty farming, I noticed that engaging a treasure goblin with Wizard's Arcane Torrent - Flame Ward, the treasure goblin does not retreat or even notice being attacked. It simply stands there until it dies, dropping loot normally, however, their cosmetic portal (the portal they open normally during escape or first encounters) remains open until reaching their dying location. They do start to run if a follower or pet get in range, but otherwise show no intention of moving while arcane torrent and Firebird's melt them away.Aristaan0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 [Bug] Blink Mobs And CC Mobs with blink abilities (e.g. Morlu Incinerator, Xah'Rith Keywarden) can use blink ability even under heavy crowd control.Bauble1 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Legendary 2handedsword Scourge Bug? The scourge I have has a 41% chance to explode with demonic fury attacking when attacking and my critical hit chance is 25% and I noticed that my critical hits trigger more often than the exploding of scourge.. especially when using whirlwind it is really obvious that critical hits trigger more than the exploding of scourge.. it's like it just hast 15% chance to explode. Please check out the sword devs thanks.niccooo0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 sale del juego a battlenet en acto 2 arenas buenas. me envian a este foro desde asistencia tecnica. comentar que en el acto 2 el juego se me "cuelga" y se sale a battlenet en el acto 2 tan pronto como empiezo a descubrir mapa al comienzo de la aventura arenas olvidadas, justo despues de la parte de la historia donde rescatamos a sven el avaro. agradeceria respuesta y ayuda ya que no me deja seguir jugando un saludo...ELFOO0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 fallen peon revived stays lying lol maybe that's why they sometimes revive undead? either way its surely not intended see the clock i waited a minute and nothing happened so i "killed" it http://i.imgur.com/Vmn4fvm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Ujw6C6r.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gIyIZC6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VhKWBjZ.jpgKuroNeko0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Oldest Characters drop rates different I have tested this on three wizards tonight. My youngest wizards with around 100 hours running from Grifts1 through 28-31ish averaged 4 legendary items per grift. My oldest wizard received 1-2 legs per grift in the same runs. I alternated between them, moving the grift keys around between through the stash during the second run to test this. Like clockwork, the two younger wizards received more/better quality loot. The oldest wizard received junk and/or a poor quality legendary. I do not know if this is an account based bug, but it is aggravating to see these results. "RNG is RNG is RNG," except when reproducible on cue, every time. I ran into this problem with my oldest monk, oldest demon hunter, and barbarian as well. It seems that characters that were around during early vanilla are afflicted by this strange issue. Characters that were created after ROS simply receive more/better loot. Youngest Monk was able to locate the Raiment set within 10 hours. The whole set. I had spent two+ weeks trying to get the pieces with my old monk--finding only the pants. Youngest Demon Hunter was able to get the whole of the Marauder set within 15 hours. I had spent weeks trying to do it with my oldest demon hunter, finding only the gloves (through Kadala). Barbarian has never known the joy of equipment since ROS, as I do not have two. There simply has to be an issue with my account. I have heard of account specific problems before. I would open a ticket, but I can't, because I'm directed to this forum.Halcyon0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Achievements broken after patch 2.1.1 I know you did a great job to fix most of achievements bugs in the last patch, some of them are still broken though. I suggest to list the broken achievements here. Thanks. * Trophy hunting (Hardcore) (Killing skeletal archer didn't show up.)Jirik771 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Trophy Hunting challange Have killed all but the skull cleaver and enraged phantom. Found both of them numerous times and killed them with no help from followers with no luck in achieving 100 percent in the hard core challenges. I have lost numerous char's due to lag and game crashes and plan to give up hc play due to this frustration, but would like the 100 percent; please and thank you.hfc4r1 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 DELETE ME. DELETE ME.Mayhem0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Mouse Wont Work My mouse doesn't work at all for Diablo 3. I can't log in! Ive updated drivers, keyboard works and types fine, but mouse curser won't move.Nygard22 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Game won't start with task manager open Game won't get past the splash screen if task manager is open prior to pressing start on the battle.net game launcher.Szyphoid0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Loss of combat ability PTR Rift at t5 in Battlefields of eternity somewhere towards middle. Fighting Zoltun Kulle with an addition elite pack. Force stand still quits working as well as mouse input. The 1,2,3,4 still worked so finished the last 15% using sweeping wind about 30 times. Then couldn't pick up anything. No caps lock/num lock/ or sticky key. Exited game / started new and everything was fine.Jdubbbb0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Monk: Near Death Experience It appears that this skill no longer works. I've just tried standing still and allowing myself to be killed with Near Death Experience selected, and I just die. Previously (a few weeks ago) I've been killed and it has worked.Beetleburst0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Higher quest rewards can be claimed Currently I'm wondering about a little thing: In the campaign you can do any quest on a low difficulty and before getting the reward you can change the difficulty to torment 6 to get higher rewards. Is this an intended behavior? Maybe if a player wants to change the difficulty on an active quest the game should simply reset the quest (with warning the player before if he wants to proceed).Sworddragon0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 Loot dropping on a single spot... When I defeat a rift guradian or elites the loot tends to drop on top of eachother in a single spot and I cannot tell how many legendaries or sets I got... For some people they like to see their loot in a single spot to make it easier to pick up, but I love seeing the huge pile all over the place and I miss it.Paratica0 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 11, 2014 Choker Bug Hi, I've noticed twice now when fighting 'Choker' in a rift (I think one was Grift, one was normal (on T6), but not sure), if you stand on a right angle corner to it, you can just spam spells at it until it dies and it won't attack you - I was using my wizard, casting Hydra at it, then just using blizzard. It didn't even kill my follower (no 'no death' token on him, he always dies), or anything. It just stood there, eating my spells until it died, I didn't even have to move once. It's good in a way, as it makes life easier, but yeah, figured I'd report it. TLDR: Standing on a right angle corner where you can still see it (was in one of the graveyard like areas from RoS), spam spells, Choker doesn't move or try to attack you or your follower.NightRaven0 Dec 11, 2014