Bug Report

Oct 17, 2014 Lag et déconnexion importante ce matin. Impossible de jouer à cause de forte latence et de déconnexion intempestive. Quand le problème seras il résolus ?DeAdShOOt0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Tyrael Reward act 1 maybe bugged. Hello, is some day, after pacth 2.1.1, that I am trying to have the ring of act 1 and with other player have tryed it, they have the ring, me no (in some party of 4 person, 3 ring on 4 and me nothing or other parts), but this is OK the % to have it is low. You may think ok and so?..... all natural.... Yes, you are right, but when i go to Eadrig Eamon to destroy object so found with other object received while the run to do the 5 quest, the object found in the Horadric bag with massive destroy (the new option) will not be destroyed. Other player said to me that they don't have the tipe of problem as me. May you verify please? 1000 Thanks Kermadec I hope, however my bad English, you can resolve.Kermadec2 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Odeg the Keywarden (RoS) Key of gluttony Odeg just dropped the key of gluttony. Please explain, Key of Gluttony is supposed to only be dropped by Sokahr. Please explain/help?Alexknight3 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Region Europa server failure System errors on the Europa server. Long delays. Disconnects.MisiekGoGo0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Massiv lagspikes Even makes me dc :SAce0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Gidbinn legendary affix not working I have just picked up the Gidbinn Legendary knife for my WD character Eyrie. I did not notice the affix working, so i turned off all my fetish summoning and even zombie dog auto summoning skill/weapons. i have been running around for 40 mins with it and have not seen a single summoned fetish, zombie dog or anything. The reason i suggest zombie dog summon as the Diablo Wiki site lists the following "This item's legendary affix adds a crowd control effect to Zombie Dogs, stunning nearby enemies every time they are summoned. This works best with a build that sacrifices Mongrels regularly, giving many chances to summon new ones." but the affix clearly states 'Chance to summon a Fetish when attacking.' they have it listed at 40% on wiki. Is the chance that low that i have just been unlucky or is there some kind of fault with the weapon?UnseenMenace4 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Bug at Greeds Treasure Realm (can't loot) Hi, I encountered a weird bug at Greeds TR. After killing Greed the chest dropped so awkward that I can't get the loot. I made a screen shot if a blue is interested. 3 Legs for me and 2 Legs and a Set Item for the other player. That's more than annoying. If you ever have the chanse to get to Greed, try not to kill her near the entry door if you want to get your loot. :(Sl3ipnir6 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Urshi did NOT appear just finished GR 29 Hc and Ürshi did NOT appear... there was 3 lvls of the GR, and she wasnt in none of them...matariel2 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 impossible complete act 5 ultimate strength the captain did not open the storeTONY690 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Wierd Game freeze dropped item i didn't toss So I attempted to toss blue gloves on the ground and the game strangely froze immediately when i released my click onto the ground. I log back in and my buddy told me my Nemesis Bracers were on the ground but faded (account bound) so he couldn't pick them up. And when I logged in they disappeared immediately. Blizzard halp please D: I did NOT toss these on the ground! I'm suspecting the game freezing is related. Character: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Terranwolf-1342/hero/51819050 Battle Tag - Terranwolf #1342 Seasonal character.Terranwolf0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Unique Enemies Disappear on Achievements Over the course of the last two days I have completed a number of Unique Enemy Kills and Act V Cooperative Events that build up to rewards only to see those check boxes disappear. It is extremely frustrating to see the hours I have spent finding these unique events and enemies to disappear, especially considering these are some of the most time intensive things to complete.PrinceofHavo0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 Invigorating Gemstone u dont get 20% life from knockback or Frozen Pulse from Invigorating Gemstone (Heal for 20% of maximum life when hit by a control-impairing effect.) or u need to change the text on itMaldion1 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Wizard Teleport Fracture bug Mirror Image's from Mirror Image skill DO proc cc skills such as frost nova. However mirror Images from Teleport Fracutre rune do NOT proc cc skills such as frost nova. They do the animation but do NOT proc the cc effect. I think this needs to be fixed asap. Also I only tested with Mirror Image Duplicate rune so other runes might or might not work.Gomgomi0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Item level to low Hello, this weapon droped for me this evening: http://imgur.com/G8YNXtG The Dps and other stats are to high for item level 29, are they? Also I could reduce the level for using for 30 level, what means the weapon requires level -1. That shouldn't be possible! (I didn't try what happend) http://imgur.com/EuL2nIA I drooped the weapon in a multiplayer game in a greater rift after the boss fight. We played level 70 characters in season. Sry for my bad english but as you see, I am not native speaker.Ferusvir0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Phalanx Shield not effecting Rise of Brothers I was messing around with my bowmen build earlier today and I noticed something odd. Unrelenting Phalanx shield does not effect the falling sword rune - rise of brothers. My eternal union ring does however, so I think this is some sort of bug. The rise of brothers rune summons 3 phalanx avatars when you hit the ground after using falling sword. With the Unrelenting Phalanx shield that doubles avatars, you should spawn 6 instead of 3. It does not. Eternal union which increases the duration of phalanx avatars does work on rise of brothers rune. It's just disappointing because that skill could be somewhat powerful with the right build and gear.Shades9980 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 About set items compatibilty Hi guys, I've got a Blackthorns set item since before the expansion and now I've just found a second item from that same set (note that I've haven't upgraded to ROS)....beside the name of the set...witch coincide on both items, the specs on set bonus are different and if i equip both of them i get no bonus at all. Any idea on what is going on? Thanks in advance!Kittros1 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Losing Items In Stash Today i was organizing my stash. I clicked on a pair of Rolands Gloves and went to move them to the bottom left corner of the screen, and they moved there but deleted the item that was already there. Has anyone else had an item just disappear if you click the wrong spot in your stash? The second item had no where to go, but it didnt go to my inventory nor the ground. So i tried it again to see if it would happen again, (with another pair of Rolands Gloves) and sure as heck it disappread again. Its not in my stash, inv, ground, its gone. So thats 2 pairs of Rolands Gloves that i lost due to the stash. Again it happened in the bottom left hand corner with another item already there. Please help, can i get my items back? Is this happeing to anyone else? (And no im not trying to get anything for free, this is legit i could careless about the gloves)ForeverMark0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Notification popup covering Rift buttons Friend notifcation popup covers the Rift Accept/Cancel buttonsodaxium1 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Kill Bashface the Truncheon Only contains 71 monsters out of 75 needed to complete quest. I had been from start to finish and back again smashing all boxes and crates in case, but still only 71 monsters out of 75. http://imgur.com/mAoacNd http://imgur.com/SPeRbAU http://imgur.com/wQi8zASShadow0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Frozen, jailer and thunderstorm Are these three attacks, really meant to deal INSANE dmg at higher grift? everyone i speak with gets killed by oneshot. or arent they mostly there for CC, i think THIS is way above what is acceptable compaired to all other dmg. DECREASE DAMAGE FROM FROZEN, JAILER AND THUNDERSTORM TY :DSnowsheep1 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Wand of WoH disappeared from my stash Hi, I just found my first ever Wand of WoH and I put it into my stash right away. I went to my enchantress and as I returned back to my stash it was gone. What the hell... do something about this items getting missing part and give me back my WOH. A friend of mine lost his 44 gem the same way...demz4 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Speak to urshi... Well today I finished a GRift with 3 others. One of them left the game immediatly when urshi appeared. He had no time to lvl up his gem/key. So we couldnt go to orek because we weren´t able to finish this "speak to urshi..." quest!Radikal0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Rift Guardian Orlash With the monk, while using the Serenity, Orlash's Terrorize debuff still gets applied.Lumin0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Follower bug Not sure if this is a bug, anyway End of a T6 rift and I engage RG. Clan mate joins my game, my follower stays unitl RG death (using double unity, so a kind of a big deal). Is this supposed to happen?westweasel0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 pet witch doctor HELLO, i want to report a BIG issue about pet witch doctos, pets are just looking and doing nothing at all.. me and my 2 brothers are playing together right now, just did a greater rift and lost it becouse pets just watching and doing nothing.... 80% of the pets are doing nothing at all, but when all the pets are attacking the creeps are also dyeing... also the pets seems to have a problems about the "door ways" when they are fighting in the door ways they can't get in and attack.. then they just staying outside and "watching"... freaking annoying... also i dont remember this issue in diablo 2 about the necromancer, so could u please take a look into this ?! i mean, a "pet wtich doctor" is kinda useless without he's pets..Xanario4 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Bug Report Hello, I believe the two things I am mentioning fall under the same category.. Firstly I have completed 500++ GRifts and only once (which happened recently) have I encountered act 1 Monsters.... Secondly to prove my point peps after peps have mentioned in games I have joined or created that this is the hardest game they have been in (and apparently run the same Level of GRift constantly..) Quite simply my highest GRift (single player) is 33 which I see as sad considering the highest of players are geared close to me.. Secondly after 500++ GRifts I have had one level where there was act 1 monsters on the second level.. Apparently these levels are common, but not for me??? Please explain what gives!!!!!! I should should complete and be ranked better then I am...Gandog1 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Environment Bug - Urshi Spawns in Wall On map Greater Rift 2: Rift Difficulty 30 (appears like Ruins of Corvus), the rift guardian was slain and the quest lists "Speak to Urshi and claim your reward." Urshi is not found in the area and is not available for gem/stone upgrade, but along the wall next to a door a blue aura is shown. It appears that Urshi can spawn inside the wall of the area and is then inaccessible, which in turn does not allow the completion of the Greater Rift or access to rewards. http://i.imgur.com/NqQytPG.jpgZyxx0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Sentries stop firing! I don't know how to trigger the conditions that make them not attack, but play 2-3 rifts and you'll notice this soon enough. Sentries would stop firing even if the enemy is just 10-15 yards away and with a clear/unobstructed line of sight.krio0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Unity Damage on other player When unity is on, other people with an unity share the damages taken. So far so good. But it appears that damages dealt on a shield (like the one on healing mantra) still get shared even if i don't get any of them at all, the shield take them for me leaving me with no actual damage. Are those damages considered as taken ? If not is it normal that they are shared ? Situation (no so sure it's a bug after all) experienced on my monk Ithena in normal soft core. Once again sorry for my english if I made some mistakes Thank you in advanceSiméon2 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Wyrdward Doesn't Work With Lightning Damage Wyrdward doesn't proc with lightning damage. It does proc with lightning spells. Reproduce: make crusader. Use provoke with rune that adds lightning damage to all attacks. I tested with condemn. Use your skill over and over. Nothing will ever be stunned. Did entire grift alone with constant provoke and condemn, with only defensive messages shown. NEVER any stun. Solution: update tooltip to say lightning skills (which arguably should still include provoke damage), or fix to actually do what the tooltip says.Darkness0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Killed GRIFT guardian, urshi never shows up. http://imgur.com/a/MrQJG I can't even close the portal until I find her.kreativitea0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Died in GRift with no way to Res Was running GRift lvl 33 and died fighting RG... The death cross was placed on top of a rail banister and the Resurrection selection buttons never came up, Had to exit game to recover, thus losing GRift. Can provide screenshot if needed.ShaunaBair0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Achievments doesnt work Some achievments doesnt workRado1 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 The Rebellious Rabble A5 Bounty Bug. Entire map uncovered, all mobs killed, the bounty is not in the zone.Geezer0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Meticulous bolt bug When switching out MB for another quiver, it still procs ball lightning. Not sure if other abilities are there. Not good if switching for other procs. Just not a good bug, IMO. Check it out, peeps.TrunkMonkey0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Blackhole + Paranhas Bug Currently right now as a Witch Doctor when playing with my friends Wizard we are unable to both use Black hole and Paranhas. When we both use these skills in conjunction the monsters will frequently be unkillable (drop down to 1HP and stand there doing nothing). At this point our only viable work around to this issue is one of us taking one of these skills off our bar when playing together.Dexblader1 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Rift Guardian never showing up the rift guardian never showed up and i was 100% done in 6 minutes my best time ever and the boss never spawned when he says he did....chernobylk80 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Rerolling a Socket on my Crossbow I understand that enchanting items is totally RNG, I get it. But I've been enchanting my Danetta's Revenge on my seasonal Demon Hunter since I made him not long after the season started. When the cost to enchant gets up to 1.2 million gold per enchant, which is where it's at now no exaggeration, and all it seems to choose whenever I enchant is Vitality or Hatred Regeneration (seriously, every single reroll has been both of those, all 30+ rerolls have been those 2 stats, every time). It makes you wonder if there's something else going on. It's extremely frustrating because I have very little gold on my DH (luckily I found a gobby portal so I'm not hurting as much for gold anymore), and I have 0 Forgotten Souls and I need a ton of them to enchant the rest of my gear with, since none of it is enchanted my stats and damage are suffering greatly. I've never had this much trouble rerolling a socket on my weapons since RoS came out, ever. Hasn't ever taken me more than 10 rolls. But as I said, 1.2 million gold per enchant now. Think of how many times that is. I can't find a Gift for the life of me, haven't found a single one yet even though all of my friends have found multiple, so that isn't an option. Please consider taking a look somehow to see if maybe there is some kind of bug with the weapon, or character, or account, if you can. I would greatly appreciate it!Fenix0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 how about we fix these mob glitches 3rd hardcore player destroyed by this mob glitch I'll encounter one or two guys and bam out of no where there are about 20 different guys. and then you cant even move...getting sick and tired of this crap and losing a guy every other day. how about we do something about this. close to just calling it quits with this gameoblivion3140 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 computer locking up during game play/idling. Hi, I just purchased diablo 3 (39.99). I play for about 15 mins and my computer locks up, i can't pull up task manager can't even push caps lock on??. I have all required specs for this game in my comp, did all necessary updates to my windows system and still lock ups.. can anyone please tell me what is happening or can i get my money back please........ Thank you.CerebralBore0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Game Glitched I am currently in Diablo III with expansion on my computer. I am in a rift (Etheral flight level 3) on torrent II with my level 70 barbarian. The game glitched and i died around 655 pm mountain time, while fighting Rime the Rift Guardian. When I died, the resurection menu never popped up, however Rime is still sitting there recieving damage. It is currently 725 pm mountain time, Rimes bar is completely down I have not been able to resurect, report to town, report to the beginning of the level or anything. The mouse is still letting me scroll over items on the ground waiting for me to pick them up and I am wondering if I can at the very least have the rare item plan that is on the ground credited to my inventory or stash as well as a reliquary or something as compensation for loosing out to the drop that Rime would have given me. The items currently on the ground that i have not been able to pick up: 1x death breath Yellow 1x Conquest spectrum Yellow 1x war treasure yellow 353 gold 1X plan Ultar’s Roar Rare I have a screenshot of what my screen currently looks like in game, contact me and I will email to wherever you would like. MattEllimist0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Mystic not offering % Chance to Freeze on Hit I am trying to Enchant a Blackthorne's Notched Belt that has a [1.0 - 5.1]% Chance to Freeze on Hit listed in the Possible Properties section. I have spent 60-80 Forgotten souls and millions in gold but % Chance to Freeze on Hit has never showed up in the list to replace. Thanks for looking into this.zard0z0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Missing Achievements - switch region not help Hi all, i have this problem "Missing Achievements" I try this: ... but without results :,( When my friends look on my profile so still see only 0 Is here some other fix for this problem please?PepeCZ0 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Invincible Maghada This bug was while fighting the realm of fright on hardcore. Diablo, Seigebreaker and Maghda spawned and after killing the first two maghda seemed to get stuck and didn't lose health after 10 minutes of hitting her on torment 2. We escaped by leaving game.Nykoppsh0 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Frenzy + sidearm + gem of efficacious toxin The sidearm portion of the skill does not proc the poison damage.Laktesh1 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 not able to see 10-13 char in profile Deluxe version have 13 characters last 3 can not be seeing on the website at view profiles please fixYanYu0 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Ramaladni's gift doesn't work I found Ramaladni's gift and it works on all my weapons but NOT on my Rimeheart ( http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/rimeheart ) and I really don't understand why. They're all weapons I got after the patch. I'm really mad.Sabry2 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Achievements don't register correct I've been trying to do the following Seasonal achievements A unique collection, A rare phenomenon, Trophy hunting, I've been using my seasonal HC char for this and noticed the achievement doesn't register the kill or remove it the next time I log in. For instance on "A unique collection" I killed Soa'Thall and Jezeb the conjurer couple of days ago and the game registered it, but to my surprise when I logged in the next day they showed up as not registered. Also with the "Trophy Hunting" achi I killed a couple of rares which are also required for "A rare Phenonemon" but it doesn't register.Flankspank3 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 Public game join filter Public game were stay set to BOUNTIES. I select game difficulty, public, bounties, then save/close. Won't stay on bounties. I never had issue with such until in the past few days. I used to always be able to set and it would stay set. I uninstalled, deleted folders d3 install and d3 programdata, rebooted, then downloaded new copies of battlenet app and d3. Still an issue.SilverFox0 Oct 15, 2014
Oct 15, 2014 UA not proccing- FB 4pc did(bug) Yesterday I lost another HC Wiz to something that has now happened to me twice. I lagged into a loading screen for a Rift and found myself dead. Now, the FB did proc and showed the debuff, but the UA never did. I never had the debuff from UA. It is just not right that I have lost ~20K elite kills worth of time to something that is a bug. No I am not asking for something stupid like to be revived, but I do hope this gets fixed. Again, I hit a banner of someone not in combat, but as soon as I hit their banner they engaged an elite. I had loading screen lag- as I often do on the first rift of the night- and within a few seconds the screen loaded with me dead and no UA proc. Dark#1181Dark0 Oct 15, 2014