Bug Report

Oct 9, 2014 Leoric crown problem i found one with 89 % bonus effect and i put in a diamond with 12.5% cdr and with the bonus it is only going to 19.07 % bonus which is only about a 60% increase.Bloggins2 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 HoA 3 Boneslag the Berserker While doing bounties the marker that displays the location for Boneslag was way off. It was marking, I believe, the exit to The Butcher.a1970gto0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Shrine Event in Icefall Caves: Possible bug This has happened to me a few times: I get the shrine event, which is always five waves of enemies. Lacuni warriors spawn as the enemies. By the second or third wave, one Lacuni burrows until after the clock has wound down, effectively making it impossible to complete the event successfully. I mean, everything is behaving as it should: The shrine is spawning waves of monsters, Lacuni are able to burrow, etc. But the combination results in automatic failure.Ashleigh0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Errungenschaften buggy Die Errungenschaften "Sprinter" und "Geschwindigkeitswahn" sind verbuggt. Gleichwohl ich sämtliche Akte I-V in unter einer Stunde abschloß (30.09.+01.10.2014), und die Erfolge auch alle gewertet wurden: I) Keine Zeit zum Ausruhen II) Sandgleiter III) Schneller Abstieg IV) Auf Engelsschwingen V) Keine Zeit zum Wunden lecken werden mir die Errungenschaften Sprinter und Geschwindigkeitswahn nicht anerkannt. Ich habe die Erfolge mit lvl 70 und Saison Hardcore absolviert. Wozu dann die Errungenschaften einbauen, wenn sie nicht funktionieren?Golestand0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 un-hittable fallen I have run across several fallen since 2.1 that can hit me, but that I cannot target or hit with aoe attacks, they seem unkillable. Pets don't target them, notthing. sometimes a bunch, sometimes solo, while rifting, g-rifting, and bountying.Dunno bout questing, haven't done much since 2.1 came out. Seems to occur when I kill a bunch of stuff at once with a big flashy spell, seems like they die but still live on as painful ghosts, they can still hit me, but they're fallen, don't hurt very much.JesterDoobie2 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Never received a key for completing Grift Hey guys, last night I was in a party of 4, we completed Grift 42, opted to upgrade the key, but the key never made it to my inventory. My inventory wasn't full, since not that much loot drops from the Grift boss anyway, so I know it didn't drop on the ground or anything. Should I open a ticket for this?Acky0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Boosting on Diablo III Dear Creators of this fine game You really should look into the subject Boosting a player. I mean i have been playing the season from start and have use a long time to get where i am. Then some players who are above 70/400 in level are boosting noobs so that with in a week they are at same level as the people like me who has spent months to get where we are now. Thats crap, you really have to look into this. Should be easy to see on the profile how many hours they spent to get from Zero to level very high. Its one of those Things that really ruin the game.... Thanks WhimperWhimper1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Unable to target Hell Bringer with RayofFrost I am unable to target Hell Bringers (the 'structures' that vortex you to them and then light themselves on fire) when using Ray of Frost, forcing me to use a secondary skill to kill them. This is the wiki to the enemy in case you need to see what Im referring to, they are prevalent in Act 3 and 4. Theres another mob as well that I cant target but for the life of me I cant remember what it is, Ill come back and note it when I find it again. http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Hell_Bringer When I say Im unable to target them, I right click and ray of frost just shoots past them like they dont exist. It does absolutely no damage. I have tested and seen probably a hundred of these across multiple play sessions for the past 2-3 months (since seasons started) so this isnt just an anomaly. Im using Ray of Frost with the Cold Blood rune, tho, I dont think the rune has anything to do with it.LittleWierdo0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Mantra of Salvation - Perseverance rune I have Inna's with all Mantra base effects going. If I make Salvation active and select the rune Perseverance, the rune does not activate unless you Resurrect or Quit/Re-enter the game. The active portion works fine, the passive is a bit bugged. I'm going to amend this to include Mantra of Healing; run Passives are not active when you select them. I can't check right now if resurrecting or quit/create game fixes it since I don't want to lose my progress in the bounty run.grakky1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Environment bug - Stuck in chest against wall I opened a loot chest flush against a wall, ran into it while it was animating and got stuck right as the animation finished. Encountered in The Keep Depths Level 3 while playing my Crusader Oatf, see this screenshot: https://imgur.com/TK0xYxz My battletag is LordOaty#1620. At a guess this would probably have to do with the collider on the chest being changed to the 'open' state and/or a simple physics bug where the player character is squished between two physics objects. What worked to get out: -Using Steed Charge, probably to do with the unit/debris walking. Other potential method: -Any jump/leap/teleport such as Falling Sword. What didn't: -Rotating around, it !@#$led me around a bit thanks to my turn speed but I was still stuck in the chest. -Recalling then returning, spawned me in the exact same stuck position. Good luck solving this, hope my info helped!LordOaty0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 No bloodshards no legendaries.... This was from a 48 greater rift 3 man... i was not able to screenshot this since one of my buddies closed the rift before i could screenshot what had happened.... This happen to anyone else?Existencex0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Unkillable resurrected Fallen Several times in a day's worth of playing, resurrected Fallen will be unkillable, but still able to attack. One or two of them aren't so bad, but get too many more and your only real option id to hoof it to an exit.Rigdanir0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Can't close urshi So I have all rank 50 gems. I just did a greater rift 32. I picked upgrade gem and since I had 0% chance to upgrade I couldnt close the greater rift. Please fix this thanksAngel0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Chaingmail doesn't work This doesn't work, I even tested my self and saw this video on youtube. I wan't it to be fixed thanks for reading and have a good day (i'm not sure if it's ok to link the site though) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By9fT3setFMLIEV0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Wiz Bug banner + dynamo If you toss out a banner at 5 arcane dynamo stacks, it will consume dynamo but 60% of 0 dmg is sadly... still 0 dmg. The banner also doesn't appear to last 60% longer, 60% bigger and also isn't 60% cooler. Not game breaking but kinda funny.Phorn0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Closing a Rift Resets the Puzzle Ring http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/puzzle-ring The number of items the goblin has picked up is reset to zero after closing a rift. This causes the goblin to never drop anything since finding 12-16 white items in a single rift is very rare.FreeWilly0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Etaryu Bug? When rerolling stats on my Etaryu i saw that it was possible to roll elite damage. I burnt through almost 30 souls trying to get the stat on the weapon only to find out (by looking at forums and junk) that it is not possible to get elite damage on that particular weapon even though the "possible properties" clearly says increases damage against elites by 9.0 - 10.0% Is there anyway for me to get those souls as well as the gold i wasted due to this bug back, Blizzard? I can provide a picture upon request.Ralgarog1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Low-level drops from Greater Rift Guardian? Apologies if this has been posted before (I didn't see anything), or if this is actually WAI and I'm just having a dumb moment, but... At approximately 4:55PM MST, myself and a friend finished a Greater Rift (level 23 I believe, but I might be wrong on that one). Torment 6, we're both level 70 Seasonal characters (Wizard and Demon Hunter, if it matters). Unfortunately, I wasn't paying enough attention until after the fact, so I don't have screenshots. If it happens again, I'll update with screenshots. What happened was, I picked up all the loot (lego gem, lego staff, "fluff" drops, etc), ID'd the gem and staff, then upgraded one of my gems. Left the rift, salvaged the staff... And got a Fiery Brimstone. Turns out, it dropped a (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/maloths-focus), which seems to cap at level 50. I'm not particularly upset or anything (although the Soul would have been nice...), I'm just confused as to why a level 70 boss on T6 is dropping a level 50 2-hander. Huh?Aceramic1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Urshi never spawned. I just completed a Greater Rift and Urshi did not appear to give me the gem/key upgrade. After I killed the Rift Guardian I received the updated quest text to speak to her but she was nowhere to be found.Auvrey1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Killed by "!!! MISSING RARE NAME" on GR http://i.imgur.com/7oxwVMl.png Basically that. One wave ended, as soon as the other wave spawned nothing appeared on screen but I got instakilled. Then the monsters appearedDaemon2 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 bug Furious Charge My character hardcore named Layless due to a bug in the game using the skill "Furious Charge" the character is stuck in the corner between a pillar and the wall continuing to make the charge, I couldn't use any skill for this bug and my character died. Another problem I've moved it to the hall of fallen heroes but it don't was no more visible in my profile and I've deleted it and after I've tried to restore it to make it visible in my profile I've failed because that option not appear..an hardocore character cannot be restored?? Anyway I know that an hardcore character cannot be resurrected..it was level 70 with 28 excellence levels but this character died for that bug problem..AndreaGordon0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Fist of the heavens- fissure Hello, guys. D3 is a wonderful game and I enjoy playing it. Now I face a prolem. Fist of the heavens- fissure is a very powerful spell.When I cast a dozen of this spells they can deal lots of damage. But on the other hand, they are too bright. After half an hour my eyes cannot bear them any more. I tried to turn down the brightness of my screen but that did not work. I send this to ask you guys if you can make the lightening spells more eyes friendly. ^_^LordDominick0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Un-targetable monster in greater rift... Had to quit my greater rift before even finishing it because I had an un-targetable mob following me through the whole damn dungeon and I wasn't going to keep dying just trying to find the door. Very annoying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm_dj7HUsSs Oh and while we're at it: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14729493609 That needs fixed too please. I've died to that a couple of times now solo and party.Bradly1 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 seasonal class achievements bug. From Arreat to Xiansai shows my monk and crusader lvl 60s, (missing the DH) Warriors of a Broken world only shows 2/5 lvl 60s. I have 3 lvl 70s DH Monk and Crusader It is showing completion for all 3 on Dream Team thoughBlizardSpree0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Keywarden Twins While doing my usual keywarden runs, I suddenly bumped into 2 Odeg the Keywardens instead of just 1, in the same area. http://i.imgur.com/Rsa6Cif.jpg http://i.imgur.com/cZn4vv4.jpg I also found both their keys in the process. Has this happened to anyone before?Silvernext0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Immortal King set bug. 3 pieces of ik set state that it wil regen 2 fury. so it should regen 1 fury per second. i have 2 pieces combined with ring of royal grandeur and this isn't regenerating. when i use warcry, i will get 20 fury from warcry and then it start to regen fury and i only get 10 fury generated then it stops generating. is it a bug with rorg or overall bug? blizzard, you have to look into this. really crappy since barb already has problems generating fury.SickPaulwer2 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Farming the Keywardens, Wrong Key drop? I was attempting to get the Key of Gluttony, Which is suppose to drop off the Keywarden in Dahlgur Oasis, he dropped a Key of Bones. How the hell am I suppose to farm for a Machine if the Keywardens drop the wrong keys?! Anyone? Please?Stands2 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Cant get the Gold Gem Hey! Since the last big patch, i cant the the Gold gem... how can that be? Is there a way to contact blizzard in some way, so they can take a look at my account and check if this is normal?MrOuija861 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Custom Engineering 3 sentries I have CE skill but only get three sentries. What gives?Surfeit1 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 caracter died after game dropout hallo i just started diablo 3 up and started t4 rift when game stoped working ditnt think there whould be any problem only just went down rift restarted game to find my caracter dead could you please help meJaz1 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 hellfire amulett I cant belive in this... i craft a dex amulett and get wd passiv on it, why do i get wd passiv if i craft dex... "random charakter passiv" why dont you write that it depends on the char your crafted with... i cannot even change the abilitys because this item is allmost useless and verry bad now..... could you PLEASE delete this item and give the mats back that i can craft it with another char to not get a whicht doctor passiv on an dex item!!? i spend so much time in these mats and now i got some useless item i farmed for hours.... please give me the chance to craft in with my death hunter... its so embarressing!!SaTTeK3 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 New Xploit. Goblin Realm Feel free to exploit this since blizz doesnt care or wont make any kind of rollback to exploiters. Im posting this so Blizz fixes it. As in most other ocasions Blizz will only fix their bugs & exploits if their main page is filled with threads about it, well HF. You can "stack" the goblin realm Boss when he charges, causing a bug where he stays stacked and keeps spawning gobling forever at a 1gob/15sec rate. Please everyone share this and any other exploit, its the only way blizz will fix it soon... Remember T6 Season leveling bounties? Or the GR exp exploit where people reached Plvl500 in >week? Yep! None got fixed until the community raged and flamed the official main forum.Alex16 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Low Level players in Torment VI It's a real hassle sometimes to get a Torment VI game where every player has at least 250 paragon points. What happens way too many times is one or two of our players are just not strong enough to contribute much of anything. It makes it harder (no big deal-I like hard) but it's also unfair to the rest of us. What if the game gave you 2 choices for Torment VI - 1:Anyone can play or 2:All players must have at least 251 paragon points?pedrovaca2 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Sun Keeper Missing 4 Affix! Hi I was excited to see a Sun Keeper drop for my witch doctor. It actually was a small upgrade but I noticed something strange... it only rolled 3 main affix's. I was wondering if someone could help me... I couldn't find the right ticket path so I'm hoping someone could help me here. I'd love to have my 4th affix! Ty! 1224-1401 Holy Damage 686 Intelligence Increased damage against elites by 25% AND 77% extra gold from monsters Monster kill gets +163 experienceFlyT2 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Imperial Gems not dropping in Grift I've run several Grifts, (10 -20 per day) over the last week, and noticed that there were absolutely no Imp Gems. I know the Imp Gem rate is lower than Marquis, but they drop 2 or 3 in the course of a single bounty set, or a single rift. Why zero in Grift?Phaelanx1 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Barbar Stufe 60 kommt nicht auf 61 ect hallo, habe das spiel und komme nicht auf Level 61 und höher, ich besitzte einen aktiven account mit reapor of Soul sowie dem patch Version 2.1höher... Bitte um HilfeSylver3710 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 *salvage all* Bounty items hi devs, just wanted to let you know, that the *salvage all (yellows/blues)* somehow doesnt work for (all) yellow/blue items dropping out the cache :)Thrâle2 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 powerleveling exploit/bug I was powering a friend, and if they're party leader and I pay riftstone, apparently they can just stay in town without paying a stone, and get all kill xp. for everything I do in rift. Undoubtedly a bug.Autumnal0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 CRITICAL BUG - Mantra of Salvation Mantra of Salvation is bugged when more than one monk is using the same mantra + switches to different runes. Scenario. Monk 1 enters game with MoS / Hard Target Monk 2 enters game with MoS / Hard Target Monk 1 keep MoS / Hard Target Monk 2 switches to MoS / Perseverance Monk 2 gets increase in resistance, Monk 1 does not Monk 1 has to switch to a totally different Mantra then back to MoS in order for mantra to reflect both runes. Monk 2 (MoS / Perseverance) leaves game, Monk 1 keeps both runes until switching mantras or starts a new game. very very bugged right now and unless both monks are in close communication with coordinating the skill swaps, skill will more than likely not provide the benefits listed in tooltip in its current state.DtwoJade6 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Monk- Wave of Light- No Spirit= Cast Attack Hi, When I use Wave of Light without enough spirit to cast it character will normal attack instead. Even when holding primary (spirit generator) attack. This is problematic because game is fast paced so it is hard to keep track of spirit. Using normal attack over primary spirit generator (if button is pressed down) feels punishing and frustrating. Character should say that he "does not have enough spirit" like with other spells instead of using normal attack over primary spirit generator attack if we are holding that spirit generator attack button down. Thanks.tigerija1 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Game Terminated So at Approximately 9:40 PM PST Tuesday night, my game suddenly kicked both me and the other person who was in the game with me out; with the error message "Game Terminated." Going to try to give more detail over less here. Our softcore group consisting of a monk using inna's 4 set, sunwuko's 2 set and a flying dragon daibo and a mage using firebird's 6 set was working on a greater rift trial. Near the end of wave 32 when we both got the "Game Terminate" message and were kicked out of the game to the character select/group screen. My understanding is that this is a feature (an awesome feature at that when it functions properly) used to save hardcore characters from death if they are lagging a lot, but neither of us were experiencing any lag, nor playing hardcore characters. We were immediately able to start a new game but we lost our keystone with it neither resetting back to the trial stone nor giving us a previous wave level. The stone was just gone. Other Feedback: VERY disappointing that for an in-game issue, there is NO way to open a ticket and talk to a GM. All options lead to we don't do that (reasonable) or the forums.Valakas0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Invincible monsters in GRift I just finished a GRift lvl 25, and at the end there was a monster that i could not kill, and he did damage to my char. I have recorded a video of the bug http://youtu.be/vON6DKxFdmMAgar0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Act 4 bounty T6 Just completed a T6 act 4 bounty and NO legendary dropped from cache.Penta0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Glow bug on yellow potions Glow of yellow potions keeps glowing after the pot has been taken.Solitarius0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Mob spawns in wall in Den of the falen lvl 2 Encountered a bug today, in adventure mode, that stopped me from completing a challenge in Act 1: As the titles states there's a mob that spawn in the wall making it unable to complete the challenge. Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/xIUYcvN.jpg Had to start a new game.Solitarius0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Achievement Grammar Fail This is a very small thing, but I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff so I'll point it out: On the achievement "Filet Minion", the text reads "Kill Iskatu at max level..." On the achievement "Not So Endless After All", the text reads "Kill THE Iskatu at max level..." Both of these achievements are under Act IV challenges. Petty, but there you go.Haanuvae0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Unable to close Grift (Speak to Urshi...) I have been unable to complete any greater rifts since I logged on this afternoon. After I have spoken to Urshi and upgraded gems, the status of the quest remains at "Speak to Urshi to claim your reward". No other members of my party can close the rift, even though they have also claimed their rewards.MrTESOL1 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Bane of Trapped not proccing(charmed enemies) I believe I may have found a combat bug regarding the bane of the trapped legendary gem and charmed enemies. I have not been seeing much of an increase in damage when playing a witch doctor build revolving around charming enemies ( with rhen no flayer) to proc bane of the trapped's damage buff. To test my theory out i summoned 1 singular fetish with fetish army (dismissing the several other fetishes) and equipped mass confusion. I have a level 25 bane of the trapped gem and therefore have the 20 yard slow aura. On normal mobs with no control impairing effects applied the fetish would continually crit between 8-12 million. when charming the enemies with mass confusion the fetish continued to to deal approximately 8-12 million crits. When the slow effect was applied from the gems secondary effect the fetish began to crit for between 11-14 million. unfortunately I do not have the equipment to video my testing and show you, but i believe i am very accurate in saying that the damage buff from bane of the trapped does not seem to effect charmed enemies at least for pet damage anyway. Kind regard Dean ( RenagadeXIII#2965 )RenagadeXIII0 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Malthael Bug ?!?! I just killed Malthael and it will not let me talk to Tyrael. It keeps trying to send me to the main menu.Now I cannot finish the quest I have restarted the game and it is still doing it. Thanks!Dream1 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Chest Bug !!!! http://youtu.be/mLpnL_TI1dI View it & repair itAkuma0 Oct 8, 2014